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Re: The Adventures of Scarlett Holmes
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Note- My merged versions of Conan Doyle's 'Adventure of the Six Napoleon's' and 'The Naval Treaty.' Although the characters bear the same names in name only. Featuring Scarlett Johansson as Holmes, Emma Watson as her trusted companion, and pornstar Susy Gala as Lucretia.


Chapter seven, Scarlett and the Six Napoleons.

London, 1890.


"So, Doctor Barnicott, pray tell at what time in your life did your wife cease to love you, and at what hour this evening do you intend to make love to your mistress?"

"What! But, but this is preposterous! Who has told you about me? Go on tell all!"

The middle aged man in suit and tie stood up, outraged and befuddled, as Scarlett Homes tapped her clay pipe out at the fireplace calmly.
Her trusted companion and lesbian lover, Doctor Emma Watson sat opposite and drank in the exquisite beauty of the blonde who smiled at her audience. In the warm glow of the crackling fire she radiated elegance and grace.

"I merely put into practise my expertise in observation and deduction. It was a trifling matter."

The five foot three woman had her fair hair back and up and she wore a high neck, floor length dress that had a pretty floral motif.
Full figured with a thirty six inch bust she was curvy and rounded in all the right places. She had a diamond shape face with prominent cheekbones and narrow chin.

"Do tell us how you came to these conclusions, Holmes. 'Tis most astonishing." Said Emma on the edge of her seat. "I am utterly taken back."

"Ah, Doctor. I ought to make you sign a paper to that effect. Because in three minutes you will say it is all absurdly simple."

"I cannot see myself saying that."

Emma Watson was also in long dress and low heeled shoes.
Her light brown hair complimented her glowing complexion and bright eyes that were wide and alert.
She had recently returned from nursing duties in the war and had settled once more in her native London.

"You see I merely observed the gentleman's hat. It has not been brushed for weeks and has an accumulation of dust. Not outdoor dust but the fluffy brown sort of the house. If his wife sees this object every day on the rack I fear that the fellow has lost his wife's affection.

"And my date with my...ahem...my cousin later? How in good fortune could you know that?" Wondered Barnicott as he fidgeted nervously in his chair.

"As I emptied my pipe I saw your inane grinning whilst you waited for me, your licking of the lips, constant checking of your pocket watch and the light sheen of sweat upon your brow. Last but not least the salacious rubbing of your nether regions with your right hand tells me that you are in a state of sexual excitement. Two plus two equals four and so forth."

"How absurdly simple!" Cried the Doctor.

"Well I never! I thought you had done something clever, but I see that there was nothing in it after all." Barnicott relaxed and mopped his brow.

Holmes sighed and spread her hands, her clear green eyes reflecting the flames of the fire.

"I begin to think that I make a mistake in explaining. I should stop."

Doctor Barnicott had called at the personal lodgings of the great private detective, Scarlett Holmes, who resided at number 221B Baker Street in the heart of London.

"It is a curious matter that I put before you. I have informed the police that my home was burgled last night, I live in Kennington Road, but nothing was taken."

Scarlett sat in her favourite chair and gazed into the fireplace.

"This is very odd." Said she.

"The only significant thing is that one of my collectors items, plaster bust of Napoleon, had been smashed to fragments. I am an avid admirer of the former French Emperor and my house is full of his books, pictures and relics.
I purchased the bust not two days ago and now find it destroyed. As if the culprit was looking for something inside it."

"Oh yes, this is very novel. Well I am delighted in your tale, Doctor Barnicott but can do nothing to help in this singular matter. Good day."

The detective dismissed the man with a nonchalant wave of her hand and the second the man had left Scarlett jumped up and clapped her hands.

"Excellent, excellent. Oh, this is capital."


"Only this morning my sister Mordred informed me, in the strictest confidence, of the theft from the Foreign Office of a vital document, a naval treaty, that is of International importance.

She, in league with the Government, have given me the task of retrieving the said article. The thief was almost caught in the act, escaped and was last seen in the vicinity of the manufacturer of the plaster busts.
Gelder and Company I believe. It is my reasoning, in light of what Barnicott has related to us, that the thief has concealed the treaty in one of the Napoleon busts as they were still being dried. Since the culprit fled the scene and then returned for his reward he must have discovered that the busts have since been scattered over London. He must be searching even as we speak."

"What a strange state of affairs!" Said Emma as she joined Scarlett and sat by her side on the arm of the chair.

"We must venture to Stepney and to Gelders and ascertain just how many busts there were and who purchased them. Come my dear, the game is afoot."

The two lovers kissed and then readied themselves for their latest adventure.


Having had a printed list of the owners of the six Napoleons they decided to split it between them.
A Josiah Brown, Lucretia Venucci, Mister Sandeford and Horace Harker, who had bought two of the six finished busts.

"First I shall endeavour to trace Brown who resides in Chiswick, while you interview Miss Venucci. The Italian lady lives in East London. Are you game?"

"It would be an honour. You can rely on me Holmes. Good luck."

Within ten minutes Scarlett had arrived at Laburnum Villa in Chiswick and entered through the garden gate to the big front door.
The pleasant house had a fan light over the hall door as the detective rang the ornate bell.
A window opened and a face appeared to scrutinise her and then it closed. Then the door opened and a young and fresh faced man with a trim moustache presented himself.

"Mister Josiah Brown, I suppose?" Said Holmes.

"Yes Miss, and you are?"

"A fellow admirer of the once powerful French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. May we talk?"

Scarlett was led in through the hall to the library where all manner of relics and books of the once powerful European ruler were on proud display.
There, on the mantle shelf, sat the bust in question just like the one Doctor Barnicott had described that very day.

"Thank you Mister Brown."

The man had his maid bring in a tea trolley and Scarlett sipped a cup of the finest Earl Grey as she reposed in a plush armchair.

"Most pleasant." She set her cup down. "I'll come straight to the point young fellow. I have traced the whereabouts of six busts of Napoleon and I simply must have them all. I adore his visage so. I see your one on display over the fireplace. I will pay you handsomely for the object in question."

"Indeed, it is a fine likeness and I am loathe to part with it. As you can see Miss Holmes I am not in want of funds. I live well thanks to my late father's inheritance."

"Can I not persuade you just a little?"

Scarlett fluttered her eyes and flirted outrageously. Brown, who looked barely twenty years of age, blushed bright crimson.

The reason being the attractive blonde had drawn a handkerchief from the front of her low cut dress, so revealing an inch of deep bosom.
She parted her wet lips and raised her chin up proudly. Her right hand came up and she pulled a out hairpin and her shoulder length hair fell loose about her long neck in one curl.

"Please, for me."

"I...I don't..."

His nervous gaze narrowed on her huge breasts that seemed to swell as she breathed. He crossed his legs and felt the neck of his shirt with his fingers which had suddenly become uncomfortably tight.

"Is that, I mean, are you?"

"Don't say another word Josiah. May I call you that? Do you have a female companion?"

"No I don't, never met a girl I fancied."

"Such a shame, and you so masculine and handsome."

Scarlett rose from her chair and crossed the carpet to his seat.

"You look decidedly heated my poor lamb. Allow me."

The mischievous blonde yanked the tails of his shirt free of his trousers and removed it, much to his surprise and joy.

"Well! Hello Josiah."

He had a youthful strength and muscled physique and a ripped back. Scarlett took of her five button gloves and traced a line from his upper chest to his abdomen where she lingered, her eyes fixed on his. She felt the tips of her tits peak against her stiff bodice under her skirt and stood directly over him.

"Would you mind terribly if I removed my dress, the tea has made me desperately hot and bothered."

"Please! I mean, if you so wish."

Scarlett never let her eyes wander from his as she undid the pink ribbons at the front of her gown and opened the material.
He had the first look at a pair of female breasts when she tugged her ribbed bodice down and he was in awe of the soft swell of her hefty boobs.
He felt his cock harden in his trousers as she bent to kiss him, moving both his hands to her mammoth tits.

"Do I please you?" She spoke in a little girl voice.

Without awaiting his answer Scarlett kissed him long and deep as her hands busied themselves with the buttons of his fly.
He gasped as his straining erection emerged from within. It throbbed with an acute desire to pop the tip into Scarlett's pouting lips.

"This is exceedingly hard, young man."

Her right hand moved over the foreskin of his erection and expertly peeled it back to reveal a shiny purple hued crown that had a tantalising blob of pre cum. She rubbed the smooth shaft as he pawed at her tits, wallowing in the large and firm globes that filled his sweaty palms.

"You are quite beautiful." He told her as he thumbed her stiff nipples.

"As are you."

Scarlett tightened the grip on his hot length and, starting from the base, she jerked her fist in a spiral twist that caused him to squeeze her breasts hard.

"Would you like me to suck it?"

"Yes, very much so." He murmured.

Brown tore his trousers down and his big cock jutted forward and his hips nudged to her desirable mouth. Scarlett grinned and her opened mouth embraced the fat crown.
She felt so wet on his hot flesh and the pair of them moaned with the contact. Scarlett closed her eyes as her tongue ran circles around the head before taking the plunge and sucking him all the way in.

"Heavens! Such sweet bliss!" He exclaimed as his moustache bristled

"Mm, hmm!"

She hummed as she released his prick and used her flattened tongue for one, long, slow lick that finished with her pursed lips clamped on his bell end.

Scarlett tongued her way around the sensitive rim of the glans where the foreskin ended and then drove the man insane as she scraped her white teeth in a downward direction. His resurgent cock twitched and pulsed and he thought he might cum right then.

"There, how was that?"

She jiggled her tits and dutifully tweaked her nipples, intensifying his desperate arousal, and turned to leave.

"What? Are we done? But...why?"

Brown wanked his cock which dribbled with the woman's saliva as he became most anxious.

"Well, I suppose I could give you a tit fuck That is, in exchange for the Napoleon bust."

Scarlett pointed with a long finger to the desired plaster bust.

"DEAL." He cried in a high pitched voice.

Scarlett pulled back and separated her breasts with one hand and inserted his pulsating pole into the resultant channel.
Immediately Brown eagerly moved his cock back and forth in Scarlett's huge cleavage. Dry initially, his prick squeaked as it drove up and down but the topless beauty dribbled a line of spit down the fat cock head as she bent her face forward.

"Try now."

He sighed as the wide slot between her tits embraced his length and he slid in and out like a well oiled machine.
Scarlett pushed both her massive globes together to make one giant tit and grinned as the inexperienced man thrust his hips up.
With each upward plunge his swollen glans was met by the pink snake of her tongue which wound around it and slathered it with saliva.

"That's the way. Faster now." He said with his heart in his mouth.

Brown grunted as his cock found its way into her wide open mouth every time it emerged from the vast depths of her cleavage. Scarlett pressed her tits harder as he picked up the pace, his climax growing ever nearer.

"Cum on my big tits, shower my boobs with your seed."

Urged on by the green eyed beauty the young man shot his load into the awaiting mouth of Scarlett who gulped and swallowed his hot cum. He jerked several times until his cock receded from her gorgeous breasts now awash with semen.

"Do you perchance have a fresh handkerchief?"

"Of course, at once."

Scarlett buttoned up her bodice once cleansed and stood to leave.

"A pleasure to do business with you Mister Josiah Brown."

She took the offered bust and turned to take her leave.

"Oh, and by the way. You should leave this museum of a house more often and find your Josephine, just like Napoleon. You have a most handsome penis. It would be a shame not to use it more often. Good day."

The second the detective got outside she placed the bust on the ground, covered it with a cloth from her purse and smashed it into fragments with a leather cosh. As she sifted through the shattered remains it was crystal clear it hid nothing.

"Oh well, maybe the good Doctor will have more luck than I."


Emma arrived at the front door of the terraced house of Lucretia Venucci.
The Doctor had travelled to Stepney in the east part of the city and had stopped in the narrow street where she perceived the row of houses. The last one of the row had a high pitched roof and coloured brickwork.

Emma knocked on the front door under the brick porch and waited patiently. Looking through the stained glass window she saw the bust of Napoleon looking out proudly. This was the place. Finally the door opened and Emma composed herself.

"Si?" Said the tenant as she stood in the threshold. Lucretia Venucci was wearing a smocked nightgown in pristine white cotton.

The gown spilled to the floor and had ruffled collar and cuffs and five opalescent shell buttons up the front.
Emma could hardly fail to notice that the top two were undone to show the upper half of the woman's ample cleavage.

At five feet nine in her carpet slippers the Italian woman looked down on Emma who was barely five feet five in her heels. She had dressed modestly in a purple satin skirt and short, hip length jacket. On her head she had a pretty purple bonnet that tied under her chin.

"Oh, excuse me. Have I woken you from your slumber?"

It did seem odd that the woman was still in night attire.

"I have been unwell of late. How may I help?"

The brown haired lady spoke in a honeyed voice with a Latin accent, Italian or maybe Spanish.
Her lustrous hair was loose and cascaded about her shoulders, and her dark feline eyes had a seductive smouldering look that held Emma in awe.

"Please forgive the intrusion, but I noticed the plaster bust of Napoleon in the window and was intrigued by the odd object. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Doctor Emma Watson."

"Doctor?" The woman became more animated from her initial doldrums and her fulsome lips curled into a warm smile.

"Do come inside. I am most happy to see you."

They came into a bright room with parquet wood floors and simple decorative features. They sat opposite each other and Emma spoke as she removed her bonnet.

"Are you Italian, Miss?"

"Si. Venucci, Lucretia Venucci. Well, my father was from Italy but my mother was from Barcelona.
I take after her the most, she was very beautiful. Her family fought gallantly in the Peninsular War against Napoleon and his empire. That is why I was taken by the plaster bust."

Emma was spellbound as she listened to the Latin chica speak in her charming accent. Blessed with high cheekbones and an olive complexion she was a spectacular creature.
The English rose felt an instant attraction and fanned her face with the back of her hand as she became heated.

"I am glad of your company Doctor. I have had a feeling of pensive sadness in recent times and have an air of melancholy. Is there a medicine to alleviate my discord?"

"Why? What has occurred within recent times to bring this woe upon you?"

Lucretia turned her head to stifle a sob and bent to the small table for a kerchief, inadvertently letting her busty cleavage into full view of a mesmerised Emma.

"I find it hard to put into words, I..."

Emma joined her side and took her hand as she tried to soothe the glamorous female.

"Is it...a man?"

Lucretia looked up and gazed directly into Emma's soft eyes, heavy lidded and dreamy.

"A woman, Doctor. My lover. She has left me to marry and I am most lonely. Yes, I am of the persuasion that I prefer and adore the female form, but alas she has run off to marry an Italian Count."

The pair grew closer and closer on the two seat sofa and Emma gasped as the other gently stroked her left cheek.

"You have soft skin, so white and translucent. My lover was the same."

Emma fought to control her breathing as Lucretia bumped her left thigh with her right.
So transfixed on the sultry woman's face she did not notice her unbutton the front of her nightgown.
The fully rounded breasts of Lucretia rose and fell as she panted and Emma was quite taken aback by the two huge globes of flesh that were presented to her. The young Doctor felt butterflies in her stomach and a tingling in her loins.

"Why do you cover your neck? You have an elegant neck."

"Thank you." Emma managed to answer as her collar was lowered and the nape of her neck was nibbled and kissed.

She took advantage and cupped the D cup tits held them tight. So big were they that Emma's tiny hands were inadequate to smother them. The tremendous globes stood proud with a perky lift and the areolas were like chocolate.

Then they kissed and Lucretia took control and dominated the petite Emma with a darting tongue and rolling lips. She felt her pussy throb and her heart race as expert hands undid the jacket she wore.
Emma rose from the seat and unhooked her skirt so that she stood in her lace up bodice and bloomers.

"I want you, badly." She said in hushed tones.

"Si. I also want you."

Lucretia stood too and brushed off her nightie and let Emma take in her tall, slim and naked figure. Her legs were tapered and slender and never seemed to end.
She had a most appealing round bottom that stuck put somewhat behind her narrow back, both cheeks lifted and firm.

At the apex of her legs where her thighs met her hip was a dark but trim triangle of black pubes that covered a fleshy pussy. Lucretia saw the desire in the others eyes and they both stared without speaking for several moments.
A clock on the mantle struck noon and broke the ice.

"Come to my bedroom, mi amor."

They flopped to the bed and kissed with probing tongues and soft moans. Emma pawed the mammoth tits as Lucretia slid her hand over the midriff of Emma and wormed inside the top of her bloomers. Emma bit her lower lip as long fingers found the wet labia of her pussy and she bucked up with her hips.

"Love me." Hissed Emma and in a split second the smoking hot senorita was all over her.

The bodice was roughly unlaced and under garments removed as Lucretia straddled her smaller body with her butt and legs.
Emma, now naked, shivered in delight as she was laid upon by Lucretia's heavier frame. Their breasts pressed against one another firmly as Emma felt a warm hand between her thighs and cup her muff.

"You are really wet there"

"Yes, senorita wet for you! Oh!"

Lucretia parted the soft folds of Emma's cunt and she squirmed on the welcome digit as pure lust overtook her. She never quite knew how she did it but the flexible Spanish woman pushed her finger in and out of the slick pussy of Emma as she moved her hips down to meet the English girls humping body.

"Oooh, fuck!"

Emma smiled inwardly as she reached around and successfully found Lucretia's pussy and rubbed on the erect clitoris vigorously.

"Mucho, me excitas mucho!"

Emma increased her motion on the tiny nub as her own cunt was stroked with two frantic fingers.
The pair rocked and writhed on the bed as they squirted and leaked fluids from their nether regions.
Lucretia nibbled each of Emma's nipples which made her breathing heavier as her sensitive buds grew rock hard. The Spanish hussy slid her flattened tongue between the divine perky breasts and slowly moved down, making sure contact was kept all the way until she reached the hot and ripe cunt of the darling young Doctor.

"Oh, yes!"

The ministrations had Emma delirious and her eyes closed in bliss.
She did not see but rather felt two hands flip her onto her belly and a chilling but superb nail scratched her along her spine to her tailbone.
A small amount of dribble fell into her upturned crack and Emma lifted her cute derriere as a finger circled her puckered anus.
Her thighs were then firmly parted and two fingers proceeded to enter her wet cunt and drive in and out.

"Your bottom is perfect, little one."

"Th...thank you."

Emma was helpless with pure lust as a tongue licked her slit from top to bottom as a thumb simultaneously pushed inside her asshole. With cunt and ass licked and plucked Emma screamed the house down as her backside undulated on the bed.

"Now, fuck me little one."

"Fuck you?" Said Emma as she sat up on the bed, her medium sized tits heaving.

"Si, like this."

The two panting women both flipped over onto their sides and parted their legs.
They intertwined and Emma opened her mouth in amazement as their cunts made contact. Lucretia, again the more dominant, moved her hips back and forth and rubbed her pussy into Emma's.

"I think I like that." She purred and tilted her head back.

They bumped and humped as they matched each others eager grinding motions as they became lost in a mutual heaven. The pair of them ached. Ached for their release, that sublime climax that was their reward.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Emma intoned as their lower bodies gyrated in the erotic and stimulating manner.

Lucretia tightened her legs on the diminutive Emma as her cunt soaked the other. Their inner thighs and pussy mounds were awash with their love juices with each roll of their hips.

Emma came first, quivering and soaking the quim of the Latin woman. Lucretia smiled and pinned Emma to the bed and ground her cunt and belly on her until she cried out at her own orgasm.

"Heavens!" Groaned Emma when her illicit lover slipped down between her upper legs to lick her dripping cunt from anus to clit.

Each new stroke of the tongue made Emma grit her teeth and arch her back as her clit was sucked and nibbled with continuous swipes and swirls that saw every pore in her body perspire.
Her pert butt was gripped and Lucretia buried her face against Emma's pussy until she exploded from her second orgasm.

As they laid in each others arms Emma nuzzled the sweet smelling neck of the olive skinned honey.

"Come see me again, dear Doctor. Promise me. You have lifted my gloom."

Emma thought of Scarlett Holmes and wondered what her reaction might be if she were here.

"I cannot promise my darling, but I will remember this day. May I...may I take the bust?"

They kissed one more time and Emma rose from the bed and stood in that graceful pose of hers.

"Si, take the bust. And I shall keep your bloomers as my favour."

Barely two minutes after leaving the house Emma broke open the plaster model only to find nothing concealed within.

"Three to go."


Scarlett had taken the 12.55 train from Paddington Station and arrived at precisely 13.12 in Reading Town.

A short but brisk walk brought her to the home of a Mister Jack Sandeford, recently the proud owner of the fourth Napoleon.
The list she had been provided with said he lived at number one Barnaby Street and as she neared the little house she observed two hulking men, shirtless and digging the front lawn.

"I say, I'm looking for a Miss Sandeford. Is this her home?"

The one with fair hair and smooth torso wiped his brow and shook his head. He laid down his garden spade and looked at Scarlett in her wool dress.
The fitted bodice had a round neck and a high waistline. The skirt was box pleated and was faced with glazed cotton.

"There is no Miss Sandeford, but I am MISTER Jack Sandeford. May I be of assistance?"

"I appear to have been given erroneous information. I was led to understand that she was prepared to sell her plaster bust of Napoleon."

"Ah, I do possess such an object, purchased from Gelder and Company, but it is not for sale at any price."

"Pity. I was prepared to pay five pounds for it. No matter. Do you live together perchance?"

"Yes, my friend Henry Culver and I both live here."

Both men were dappled in honest sweat from their exertions and sported impressive physiques.

Jack was at least six feet three, extremely lean with a bulky torso and wide clavicles.

Henry was approximately the same height with a big forty eight inch chest, wide back and bulging arms. Darker haired he had a full beard and moustache.


Although she loved the feminine wiles of Emma Watson and would happily lick her sweet pussy all the day long on occasion it was nice to have a bull of a man between her open legs and a hard cock driving in and out of her steamy cunt.

"Yes, I see how it is." An idea began to form in her head of how to purloin the object.

Scarlett tilted her chin up and gave them a knowing look.

"What? What are you referring to?"

"Come now, do not be ashamed. Many fellows are like you two these days. Seeking solace in the company of their same gender."

"Are you inferring we are queer? We play rugby football for Reading Varsity!"

"Why, then the matter is settled. It is common knowledge that Reading University is a hotbed of homosexual activity."

"Absurd! It is not! Confound you woman! Jack and I are only to happy to entertain the ladies."

"You? I highly doubt it. Why I'd wager that neither of you have ever brought about a female to sexual climax."

"We most certainly have! Most assuredly!"

"Prove it!"


"I do not believe that either of you are capable of pleasing a woman in the bedroom. I would bet ten pounds that neither you could give me an orgasm within an hour."

"Ten pounds! Why it would be like taking sweets from a child."

"Very well. The bet is on."

The men looked on dumbfounded as Scarlett entered their home by the open door.

"I presume the bedrooms are upstairs?"

"Has she just invited us to fuck her, Jack?"

"It would appear so. Nice filly. too."

The pair looked at each other and then bound up the stairs two at a time. In the bedroom Scarlett noted the shelf with numerous sport trophies and busts of famous military men.

The Duke of Wellington, Admiral Horatio Nelson, and of course Napoleon Bonaparte. Then the men burst in and looked upon her as she stripped out of her dress.

"Gentlemen, how do I look?"

The stunning blonde had let her hair down and stood with hands on hips, proud and defiant. Their eyes were led to her black tightly cinched corset with whalebone lines and a lace up front.
Agonisingly tight the garment had the effect of flaring her hips.
Her upper hemispheres threatened to spill out at any given moment.
On her well shaped pins were silk stockings with red garters at both knees, and her well turned out feet were in a pair of ankle high boots with a two inch heel. Most noticeable of course was her exposed muff that pouted sensuously between her upper thighs.

"Don't forget boys, either you," she pointed at Henry. "Or maybe you, will be ten pounds richer by the clock on the shelf chimes three o'clock. Shall we?"

Scarlett laid on her back as the men ripped off their trousers and revealed two massive and twitching erections.
Along with their general ripped upper bodies they both had the huge thighs and calves of sportsmen. Her thighs had opened and the men ogled her hot and moist wetness of her downy covered cunt.

"Make love to me, you naughty boys!"

Jack fell upon the ravishing woman with a mutual wanton desire and held her left leg wide and kissed her stomach just above her nether regions.
Then his palm moved south and cupped her pussy mound. Scarlett moved her knees up and out as her muff was stroked and caressed. Slowly but surely Jack closed in on her soft labia and he began to finger fuck the writhing slut.

"Oh, yes! Suck me, bite me, kiss me!" Henry joined in and between them both hunks pleasured the alluring woman.

Hot breath was blown on her loins as both men became totally engrossed in her pussy.

Queer they were not!

One mouth descended on her and a tongue slithered on her entire pussy, running around and around the oozing slit with vigour. A second tongue merged with the other and in an instant they were everywhere.

In her cunt, over her lips, circling her clitoris and painting her anus. Hands, rough and callused, pawed at her amazing tits and removed them from the confines of her corset. One teased her left nipple and the other ran lovingly over the light brown circles of her areolas.

"Keep up the good work, gentlemen."

Their saliva trickled down her crack as two mouths luxuriantly bathed her mound with wet, slurping sounds that made her grin like a Cheshire cat. Scarlett's legs flailed in the air and her stockings rolled down to her boots.
She squealed like a girl as every crevice was explored with tongue and lips and every swipe brought her impending orgasm that much nearer.


As Henry swept around and around her hard clit, Jack found her g-spot and Scarlett raised her pelvis from the bed as exquisite shock waves made her pussy awash with her orgasmic juices.
Her breath caught in her throat as she wallowed in her sexual release and curled up in a ball.

"That was sterling work my boys. Oh! I am quite flushed."

All three laid back and then after a few moments Scarlett rose abruptly and adjusted her stockings and popped her boobs back into her corset.

"The event is a tie. I cannot claim one or the other gave me my climax. It was too close to call. Perhaps another time."

Scarlett looked about for her clothing as she blanked the men out and began to hum a happy tune.

"Hold fast!" Jack jerked his hard on and looked on in shock. "Are we not fucking you? You cannot leave us in this sad state! 'Tis most cruel."

"I shall stay on one condition," said she as she contemplated the poor wretched men. "That I take the bust of Napoleon as my prize."

"Take it, take it, by all means! Just suck our cocks!"

"Capital! Now, where were we?"

Scarlett unlaced her corset and let her spectacular boobs bounce free.
The men sat expectant on the edge of the bed side by side, their eyes riveted on her voluptuous figure.

Now she could see clearly their sizeable pricks, not to mention the hunger in their eyes. Scarlett took Jack in both hands and held it up as if it were a snake and she the charmer. His foreskin peeled back and the amorous detective folded her lips over the fat crown and moistened his knob with a drizzle of spit.

"Saints alive!" He roared as his cock was sucked into her mouth with an audible slurp.

Scarlett kept eye contact at all times and her wide green eyes sparkled as inch by inch the top half of his hose entered her mouth. She took a deep breath through her nostrils and then sucked hard on the whole length. When the tip of his cock bumped the back of her throat she gagged but held steady and moved back up slowly.

"Fucking hell!"

Scarlett wiped her lower lip and turned to Henry who wanked his cock frantically. Then she smeared some saliva on her palm and lubricated his rigid shaft.
She squeezed the cock and then slid up and down the length. Her head bent and the mushroom sized head vanished inside her mouth. Her cheeks hollowed and the vacuum created caused his prick to swell even more.

"'Pon my soul, the woman is a devil!"

His cock slid in and out at a furious rate as she pumped his shaft with her tight fist. Then she rose to her feet again and Scarlett got on her back and spread out her legs, digging the heels of her boots into the mattress.
Her wet slit seemed to wink as Jack wasted no time and stretched out his heavy bulk over her. His stiff cock slipped inside her dripping cunt and her legs crossed over his lower back.

"Come on big boy, give this whore what she deserves."

"Patience woman, now we shall see who is queer!"

Jack braced himself and shifted his body for a better balance. His body rose and fell as his cock dipped in and out of Scarlett's well oiled cunt.

Big balls slapped on her firm ass with each stroke and her head tossed from one side to another. As he banged in and out her pussy made obscene sucking noises above the sound of the bed frame hitting the wall.
Her breasts bounced with each thrust, with each breath, as he rammed into her. His muscles flexed and his tight butt clenched with every inward push.

"Fuck. Fuck. Fuck, I want fucking!"

Jack kept on pounding her into the bed, his cock buried deep inside her quim and Scarlett squeezed her legs around him and held him to her tightly.
Henry loomed over the humping couple and Jack noticed and slowed up and then eased out of Scarlett who looked up with a pout on her lips at the sudden end of her rut.
Then she yelped as Henry pulled her along the bed so that her butt burned and rucked the sheet up her ass.


The bearded hunk pushed her shoulders down until her back met the bed and her boots dangled over the edge of the bed.
With a hefty lift he grabbed her ankles and raised them over his broad shoulders. Her boots perched on his shoulders and her backside came high off the bed and Scarlett was then impaled on his cock.

"Heavens! So big!"

Henry was all muscle and no fat as his hips gyrated and he inched his pole back and forth with a concentrated effort. The sublime friction from the incredible incline of the angle made Scarlett weak as jelly.

Simply a toy in his grip Scarlett was pulled and pushed effortlessly and fucked silly. Every thrust in made her whole body jolt up on her back.

"I've never been so stuffed." She cried as his prick surged up into her cunt.

Henry was sweating buckets as he bucked his hips up with slow but assured thrusts. Then he pushed his legs back and he was on top of her, chest to tits, hip to hip.

Now he fucked her, balls deep with heavy snorting and exhalations of air. His toes were up and his legs straight as he power fucked the delirious blonde. Scarlett realised that the fit young men had the strength and stamina to fuck her all day, and she was, after all, on a highly important case.
One on International importance no less. She had a notion to conclude this particular session.

"Gentlemen. Have you ever double dipped a maiden?"

Henry stopped in mid stroke and looked up, his cock half in, half out of Scarlett's honey pot. Intrigued the two men became alert.

"Pray tell." Asked Jack.

"It is one of the most gratifying and stimulating ways to enjoy a threesome in bed. Both of you lay on your backs, side by side and as close as possible to each other."

Scarlett waited patiently as she cupped her dripping cunt and watched the rugby players lay on their backs with their legs intertwined.
Both men had their upright poles pointing up next to each other as Scarlett clambered up and straddled both men as they inched towards each other. With a concentrated effort and expert precision she lined up both cock heads and trapped them with her wet cunt. Heaving with excitement the blonde detective hovered just above their knobs and let both of their bell ends penetrate her pussy.
At the same time!

"'Tis a miracle!" Cried Sandeford as Scarlett pushed down and her stretched out quim swallowed up both men.

"Ooooohhh!" Moaned the blonde as she sank down into a crouching position with her huge tits dangling over the amazed men.

"What a feeling!"

Not one, but two big cocks were deep inside her and her pussy contracted with a powerful pulsating surge. She braced herself with her hands palms down, one on Jack's chest and the other on Henry.
As she eased herself up and then down firmly she screamed out and she came hard and squirted over the men.

"That was intense!"

With her overflowing cunt Scarlett moved up and down, her quivering frame savouring each exquisite thrill of the double vaginal penetration.
Jack and Henry looked into each others eyes as they felt their organs rub against each other inside the incredibly tight cunt of Scarlett.
Then she felt eager hands wander all over. Holding her ass cheeks, grabbing her hefty tits, and fingering her anus.

Deeper and deeper, over and over, the two cocks plundered her cunt and her body shivered with multiple mini orgasms that made her quite dizzy. Then, when she though the pleasure could not intensify the men thrust up their hips and drove into her hard.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!" She screamed as she responded to the tremendous in and out and in and out of two pricks in the same orifice.

She saw the look on their faces as they contorted with delirium. Jack came first and his cum flooded her pussy and gushed out of her as he pulled out. Scarlett let out a scream of ecstasy as Henry convulsed under her and he fired his cream inside her until he withdrew and the sticky cum collected on her gaping pussy. She collapsed on the bed and laughed in contented bliss as her pussy oozed fluids onto the sheet.

"That was decidedly pleasurable."

She still wondered about their sexuality as she slowly got onto her feet and fumbled around for her dress. Both men had fucked her pussy together, their members rubbing against each other at the same time and she wondered how they had felt about that.
Well, no matter, she had the bust of Napoleon and eagerly smashed it in, only to again find nothing of importance within.


Back at Baker Street Holmes and Watson were together as the clock struck seven. There were but two of the Napoleon busts to investigate and both were now owned by one Horace Harker.

"I shall have need of a bath and sleep, Watson. My adventures proved most fatiguing."

"Oh? How so?" Wondered Emma with a raised brow.

"All will be explained. We shall visit the residence of Harker under cover of darkness. Wake me at eleven."

"As you wish, Holmes."

At the given hour the two women dressed in the garb of men, each in dark derby hats with their hair tucked under. Both wore trousers that were tight around the bottom and Emma found it hard to refrain from checking out Scarlett's desirable ass. Scarlett readied a swag bag containing a length of rope, crowbar, hammer, and a hunting crop.

"You seem to be quite prepared to burgle the place. How do you know so much about these things?"

"Elementary my dear Doctor. I attended burglary school."

"What! How preposterous indeed. Burglary school, why there is no such thing."

"On the contrary. I spent an enjoyable weekend in the company of Arthur J. Raffles. Cricketer and gentleman thief. He was most accommodating. Oh, and mind to bring your trusty service revolver."

They went our into the street where a four wheeler waited at the door and rode the short distance to number 131, Pitt Street in Kensington.

It was a quiet little backwater just beside one of the briskest currents of London life. 131 was one of a row of dwellings as Holmes and her trusted companion arrived. In the light of a street lamp we read 'Pitt Street' and all was dark. They both donned scarves about their faces to hide their features as they prepared to break into the house. 

"Hold! There is someone else."

Without the least sound the garden gate opened and a lithe figure rushed up tne path to the hall door.
Then a gentle creaking of a window being opened sounded followed by a long silence. There was a flash of a lantern inside and a man with something white under his arm was seen.
Then came a terrible commotion and cries of help and the two intrepid women burst in. As they found the study Scarlett saw fragments of the shattered plaster busts under foot.

"Harker!" Cried Emma as she found a middle aged man in a chair with a gag around his mouth, and rope around his wrists.

She untied him and examined him for injury.

"You are well, Sir. Go and lie down in your bedroom awhile while we inform the police."

"Watson! Here!"

Scarlett was like a tiger as she fell upon the intruder and together they managed to hold the tall man by both wrists. Watson tapped him on the temple with the butt of her gun and he moaned and hung limp in their arms.

"Get the rope from my bag."

In an instant they had secured the man to a wooden chair and tied his arms behind his back. Scarlett lit the gas with a whisper of a hiss and the room became illuminated.
When the man looked up he glared at the women who removed their scarves with his blue Teutonic eyes.

"Professor Moriarty!" Said a surprised Emma.

"Ah, the rascal! And caught red handed with the naval treaty."

"How the devil did you know where to find me?" He said in a groggy voice.

"Same as you. From a list provided by Gelder. Only six busts were made in the factory and you could not tell the morning after your theft which one contained the paper you had concealed after you had purloined it. Only by breaking each one could either of us know which one was valuable."

"What shall we do with him, Holmes?"

"I still have not forgotten the ordeal with the obscene sex machines. I think a little comeuppance is in order."

"You mean to castrate him!"

Moriarty shrank in his chair at the mere thought.

"Nothing so drastic my dear. Just some tit for tat. He is truly a sexual maniac and needs to be taught a lesson."

Scarlett whispered to Emma and then took off her hat and fluffed out her fine hair. She removed her coat and let the tied man observe her white shirt with the ruffled sleeves and tight bosom.

Likewise the famed detective scrutinised the man in the chair. Good looking, broad shouldered and remarkably fine postured. Taking the gag used on Harker she secured around Moriarty's face as he protested in muffled noises.

"Now for his trousers."

Scarlett bent low and unbuttoned the front of his black pants and drew them down to his boots. There hung his well endowed penis with the foreskin hiding the flared glans. With her eyes glued fixedly to his she undid the oversized man shirt and bared her enormous boobs, heavy but firm.

"I detect some arousal Doctor."

She unrolled her high waist trousers and shucked them off over her boots. Stunning in her nakedness she saw the Napoleon of crime look on her shapely figure and his cock snaked up his left thigh slowly but surely.
He then turned to Emma who had undone the side buttons of her tight fitting pants and had peeled them down over her narrow hips and the delectable curve of her pert rump. Moriarty eyed her flat stomach and the subtle curves of her hips that led him to her trim pussy mound.

"Is this fully hard?" Said the naked Scarlett.

Moriarty yelped when she slapped his cock with her right hand. He strained in the seat, unable to move as she smacked his pecker a second time.

"There we are, splendid." Said Scarlett as he rose to full erection.

He sucked in air and his gag blew in and out of his sealed mouth as he tried to protest. He looked down at his own erect cock with the foreskin half pulled back and the sweat began to trickle down the crack of his ass.
Scarlett walked around the back of the chair and unseen by him she reached over his shoulder and held on hard to his stiff prick.

"Come along Doctor, let our illustrious fellow see your naked form."

Emma stood barely three inches from his seated view. He drank in her loveliness, her rose tipped tits that rose and fell seductively as she inhaled through flared nostrils.
Her left hand idly rubbed her moist sex and tweaked the pussy hair as her stomach muscles flexed suggestively.
His mind went back one year when he had sodomized the woman when she and not he were the submissive one.

"Like what you see, Professor?"

Emma turned her back to him and displayed her tight bum with the two dimples on either side of her scrumptious buttocks.
The divine gap at the lifted cheeks and juncture of her upper thighs gave the teased man a birds eye view of her two holes, cunt and anus.

The good Doctor backed up to his unhappy seating until she stopped just one inch from his face. The scent of her pussy made his exposed cock bob and twitch all by itself.

'Allow me," said Scarlett behind his ear as she grabbed his length again and caressed his hard flesh between finger and thumb.

His lower body bucked up from the seat as he reacted to being jerked off. Her pumping hand gave him such delight that he forgot his desperate predicament. Then Moriarty felt hot breath and sighed into his gag as soft lips encased the cock head of his rigid organ and then slowly slither down with a wanton abandon.
Emma's drooling mouth left a long smear of saliva on his tool as he looked on in awe at her sucking on his cock. So good was she that he neared his climax.

"Now!" Cried Scarlett as the pair of them pulled on his long shanks together.

"Observe his hips, Watson. How they buck and jerk? He is close to orgasm."

Scarlett wanked his cock hard again as he mumbled into his gag.
As he neared his end she let his cock snap back to his belly and the loss of bodily contact sent him insane with frustration.
The women looked on with satisfaction at seeing him suffer. His eyes looked into theirs in pleading as his euphoria came and went.

"Bend him forward, my dear."

Emma pushed the tall mans head down so that he looked directly onto his own upright flagpole of a cock and his eyes grew wide with fright.
Scarlett and Emma gave him a four handed hand job with fearsome jerks of their tight fists until he gave a muffled scream.

"Aha!" Yelled the women as they relinquished their grasp as he finally ejaculated and the lack of friction from their hands contributed to a humiliating and frustrating ruined orgasm.

Not only that but he splattered his own face as spurt after spurt erupted from his twitching cock and the sticky cum coated his features.
He bucked up from the chair and fucked air which caused the man to sob softly as he remained hunched over.
The glans of his penis had developed a singular mottled appearance of purple and red blotches.

"Now look at him, Watson. Look at his face. Hah! And look! The speckled band on his glans! Oh, this is too rich. It is a capital mistake to take on Scarlett Holmes and seek to humiliate her. There is nothing more stimulating than a case where everyone gets a roll in the hay."

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Re: The Adventures of Scarlett Holmes
« Reply #16 on: January 07, 2020, 03:44:41 AM »
Note- Just watched the animated movie 'Gotham by Gaslight' which got me thinking. Apparently set on Earth-19, an alternative world where Earth is still in the age of the Industrial Revolution. As usual Scarlett Johansson is Holmes, Emma Watson her companion and I am introducing Mae Claire as Selina Kyle.  Feel free to imagine your own Bruce. DC Comics own Batman and Gotham related subjects. This just a parody intended for fun only.


Scarlett and Batman by Gaslight, part one.


The year was 1889, the month November, when Scarlett Holmes and her trusted companion and faithful lover, Doctor Emma Watson set sail for America.

They had left London to board the 'SS City of New York' passenger liner moored in Liverpool docks, British built of the Inman Line, and which was the largest and fastest on the Atlantic Ocean.

And they had set sail a week before Queen Victoria herself planned on her first visit to the Colonies and Mordred Holmes, Scarlett's older sister, had charged her with the task of making sure there were no threats of assassination or unrest.

Once docked in New York City the famous private detective and her friend liaised with several of her most trusted confidants and discovered a credible rumour of unruly behaviour and threat to Her Majesty in one Gotham City.

"Never heard of it Scarlett. You?" Said Emma as she bit into a slice of apple pie.

"A modest Metropolis my dear Doctor, consisting of some 200,000 souls. Apparently it has seen a dramatic increase in criminal gangs operating unlawfully. I have heard of a costumed vigilante who prowls the night sky in search of wrong doers and miscreants in total disregard for the police department. Calls himself Batman."

Emma laughed heartily in the railway carriage of the sleeper train that journeyed to the said city. They were ensconced in the dining coach as it rattled along at sixty miles an hour through the snow covered landscape.

"Batman is it? A most unusual moniker to say the least."

"Quite. Anyway we should be arriving in the morning. We are to liaise with Mister Bruce Wayne, a self styled playboy and industrialist who has accrued the sum of one million dollars in personal wealth. We shall be guests at his Manor house."

"One million dollars! Rather like John Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie."

"Yes, except Wayne is considerably young and quite the ladies man. He is considered to be the most eligible bachelor in the United States."

Scarlett sat back as she finished her cup of coffee and looked across the table at the angelic face of Emma.

"May I enquire my dear Doctor, as to whether you have made love on a fast moving railway train? The rolling of stock and the clatter of wheels over the sleepers is very stimulating."

"Then, my dear Holmes. Let us retire to bed this very instant."

The two young and very virile women left the dining coach and hurried to their berth as quick as their pretty legs could carry them.


Stately Wayne Manor was an opulent brownstone just on the outskirts of Gotham City.
The Wayne family wealth had been accumulated from real estate and shipping generations ago and young Bruce had never known poverty.

Oddly the large mansion had been built over a long network of caves which had been useful in colonial days for many reasons. Now it served two purposes.

A home for thousands of bats, and a secret base for Wayne's alter ego, Batman. That costumed crime fighter and defender of the law.

"Why, it's so huge." Gushed Emma as she and Scarlett arrived in their horse driven carriage.

The two elegant ladies got out and were ushered inside by the valet at the front door. They were an hour late for the dinner party and made haste in their expensive gowns. The temperature was in the single digits and the air was decidedly crisp.

"Good evening and welcome to America. Alfred Pennyworth at your service."

The elderly and distinguished gentleman bowed gracefully as the women curtsied.

"Are you English?" Asked Scarlett.

"Most definitely, born and bred. Have a most pleasant evening."

Scarlett and Emma entered the warm house and saw dozens of others at the dinner party. Most of which were dressed in their finery, both ladies and gentlemen.

The two English women had taken the whole afternoon to get ready.

Scarlett had chosen to wear a silk and satin evening dress with a cream front and pink trimming around her very generous bust.
Two panels on each side of the upper bodice had the erotic effect of pushing up her ample bosom so that all eyes were focused only on her breasts when engaged in conversation. The dress had short puff sleeves and a floor length hem. With her fair hair back and up her diamond shaped face with the prominent cheekbones was radiant and alert.

"You look so glamorous, my love." Beamed Emma as she gazed into clear green eyes.

"Thank you Doctor, you also."

Emma was a slight figure compared to the more curvaceous blonde but still looked most desirable in her pale pink and cream satin dress that reached the floor.
Trimmed with tulle and lined with whale bone the front had laces that led the eye to her square neckline.

Her exquisite neck and peaches and cream complexion were highlighted to perfection in her excellent choice of attire. Her fine hair had a braid that kept her tresses from her forehead and her groomed brows furrowed atop of her doe like eyes.

A hostess presented a tray of champagne flutes and they both took one each.

"We missed dinner."

The guests were all now gathered in the main room with the enormous chandelier in the high ceiling. Dozens of gaslights helped light the room and a small group of musicians on a modest stage played light chamber music. Quite who the guests were was a mystery to Emma and Scarlett, but obviously they were affluent and noted in local high society.

"Ah, here comes our distinguished host if I am not mistaken." Noted Scarlett.

Emma looked to her left at the same time as about a dozen other young and giggly women also gazed at the square jawed man.

Bruce Wayne was a dapper black haired man with grey, blue eyes and an enigmatic smile. Elegantly attired in a charcoal top coat and black trousers, immaculately pressed. He wore a white dress shirt with a gold vest and silk puff tie and his sideburns were full.

He towered over Scarlett and Emma at six feet two and 210 pounds and they craned their necks to look him in the eye.

"Miss Holmes, and Doctor Watson I presume. I'm delighted you could make it. We have much to discuss."

To their educated English accents his baritone American tones sounded like music to their ears.

"Likewise, Mister Wayne. You have a beautiful home."

All three shared a brief moment that only they understood realising the gravity of the situation with the impending Royal visit. They huddled in a close group as other guests mingled around them.

"I have learned of a new visitor to Gotham, also English." He said.

"A one Colonel Moran who has made contact with Baron Gruner who arrived not twenty four hours before. My reliable sources inform me that Moran has some singular luggage. A long narrow case which is twenty inches in length, perfect for the size of a regular rifle."

"Colonel Sebastian Moran!" Exclaimed Scarlett Holmes.

"The right hand man of Professor James Moriarty himself. I consider him the second most dangerous man in England."

Moran, born in London in 1840, had served in the military and was an accomplished marksman and big game hunter.

"We have crossed paths before," continued the alert detective.

"He has an iron nerve but a black heart. And he has perfected a silent air rifle that fires revolver bullets, especially crafted for he and Moriarty."

"And the Baron?" Asked a curious Emma.

"Aldebert Gruner, a Russian born Baron who now resides here in America. He is particularly nasty to women, and is known for his loathing of England and our Royal family."

"Interesting. Do you suppose they are here for a special purpose?" Wondered Bruce.

"Mister Wayne, I do not believe in coincidence. Nor luck. Only pure fact and logic. Luck is an offensive word, an abhorrent concept. No, I think we are in for an intriguing couple of days before the Queen arrives."

"Bruce? Who are your new guests?" A light lilting voice interrupted the small huddle.

"Selina! Hi. These are special visitors from England. Miss Holmes and Doctor Watson. They are here to expedite the planning of the Royal visit. Ladies, this is Miss Selina Kyle."

The smouldering woman with the dark hair and slanted, almost feline eyes looked each woman up and down with a haughty stare.

Her luxurious mane of jet black curls sat high on her head like a nest of vipers and her green eyed gaze mesmerised anyone who stared at her. Under her slinky evening gown of eggshell white was a lithe, slim figure that seemed as angular and flexible as a cat. At five feet ten she was a tad taller than the English ladies.

"Doctor? You look so young my dear."

"I served as a nurse in the Afghan war, things for me looked up thereafter. Are you and Mister Wayne acquainted?"

Selina shot Wayne a knowing look and then burned her eyes into Emma's.

"We are...aware of each other." She purred like a kitten and unconsciously made a gesture to her cute nose in the manner of a cat.

Bruce shifted uncomfortably as he became somewhat cagey.

"And Miss Scarlett Holmes indeed. I hear you like to solve a mystery or two by pure deduction and logic." Said the curious American woman.

"That is true. Take yourself for instance. A fascinating subject I do declare. I would hazard a guess from your agile and athletic figure that you were raised in a small circus perhaps. That was where you formed an affinity with cats. Possibly orphaned when young, the scar on your left hand leads me to believe some trauma occurred when you were but a child. A tragic accident?"

"Good lord, Holmes," cried a wide eyed Emma.

"You were led to Europe where, with your obvious beauty and resonant voice, you became a night club performer and singer, always vowing to become a champion if you will, for other helpless unfortunates like your good self on your return to America, with the help of the Wayne Foundation. That you have a sexual attraction for Mister Wayne is obvious from the goo goo eyes you constantly make at him."

Scarlett dismissed her stunning observations with a wave of the hand and swigged some champagne. Selina scowled at her and moved from one foot to the other in hushed silence.

"That was astounding, Scarlett. Most amusing!" Said a grinning Bruce.

"Downright patronising!" Hissed Selina with a growl in her throat.

The American woman turned her back as Bruce whispered to Scarlett.

"Miss Holmes. Shall we continue this in privacy?"

"Most certainly. Watson, you keep Miss Kyle company. Mister Wayne and I have some business to discuss."

Wayne took Scarlett by the elbow and steered her to a discreet distance from the carousing party. Emma was left in the company of Selina who drew slightly closer to her than society dictated.

"You smell divine. May I?"

Selina leaned in close to Emma and took an exaggerated and lingering sniff of her long and bared neck, her lips barely a half inch from peachy skin.

"Mmm, like English strawberries. Tell me, how long have you been fucking the busty blonde?"

Emma recoiled in dismay and surprise turning bright red in the process.

"How could you, that is how did you know..."

"My dear Doctor. It's as plain as the pretty nose on your face. You're infatuated by the woman. Admit it."

"I declare that Scarlett Holmes is the most remarkable creature I have ever had the pleasure to have known, yes."

"I find her quite boring, unlike you. So, you HAVE had the pleasure. Is she good in the sack?"

"Sack? Oh, you mean in bed. Miss Kyle, I do protest in the strongest terms."

"Come here."

Selina grabbed Emma in a firm grip and led her to a secluded corner of the room. With a surprising firm hold she pinned the slight English woman with her back to the wall and kissed her hard on the mouth for a full thirty seconds.

When they separated Emma was acutely aware of her pounding heart, not to mention her heated loins.

"You know that Bruce is at this very minute seducing Miss Holmes in his private chamber. Are you jealous?"

Selina whispered close to her ear as she softly stroked her cheek. Emma regarded the extraordinary beautiful American woman with her perfect features and classy poise.

Yes, Emma was in fact jealous of Scarlett, and peeved to be kept in the dark as she bedded Wayne. She had always accommodated Scarlett in her pursuits of case solving even if it meant either she or herself had to use their womanly wiles.

Emma had slept with men and women at Scarlett's behest in their investigations and under her tutelage had enjoyed, sometimes endured, some wild sex. In fact she had realised some of her most personal sexual fantasies during the course of their relationship.

Selina kept Emma pinned to the wall, licking her cheek and neck like a kitten laps at a bowl of milk.

"I'm jealous even if you are not. I love him and hate him at the same time. He cannot keep his cock to himself."

Emma was naturally drawn to the fairer of the sexes and felt an exorable attraction she felt difficult to ignore.

"Let us continue in my bedroom. It is for my use and mine alone for when I visit Wayne Manor and is right next to Bruce."

Emma nodded in agreement and they walked up the wide stairs to the next floor. They made their way down a long hall with many doors. Portraits of stern faces, presumably generations of the Wayne family, looked out under the dim light of the gas lamps.

Then they came to the bedchamber of Selina and Emma paused a second to regard the door next to this. Was Scarlett inside fucking Bruce Wayne?


Bruce Wayne stood by his bed and removed his top coat and vest. It was evident to the famed female detective, and her feminine inquisitiveness, that he dressed to the left from the big bulge of his cock that pressed against his thigh.

He cupped the back of her head and tilted it up so they could kiss. Her arms came up and around him as she was pretty much lifted onto her toes in order for their mouths to connect.

"I want you, Scarlett. I've never been with an English woman before."

"I know." She whispered and opened her mouth as his crashed down on her.

The warmth of his breath on her hot lips made her widen them and he took the opportunity and his tongue met hers.
Scarlett savoured the taste of him as his mouth closed over hers and she inhaled his rich scent, unmistakably masculine.

A ripple of pleasure coursed through her as she clung to him for fear of losing balance. Her hands did not remain idle as she removed his shirt tails from his waistband and unbuttoned the front.

They remained in a deep smooch as she slid the shirt from his shoulders and let it fall behind his back. They backed up and Wayne hurriedly dropped his trousers and underwear and kicked his shoes off.

Scarlett stared at his naked form and was decidedly impressed.

"Not bad. Rich and well endowed. You are quite the man."

Indeed his erection was hard, long and upright with a flared crown and a slight upward curve in the shaft rather than being straight. A rare thing but not uncommon.

She ran her right hand up the underside of his thick shaft and grinned as she brought forth a hiss through his gritted teeth. She lingered a moment to study a perfectly round mole in the centre of his scrotum.


Naked, Bruce was well formed thanks to his daily regime of physical exercise and strict diet he had honed remarkable attributes.

Not particularly muscular like a bodybuilder but strong and athletic nonetheless. Scarlett Holmes was not only a calculating genius but she loved the physical side of a relationship very much.

Primarily she adored women considering men to be inscrutable and not worthy of her trust. She did however get sexually attracted to men from time to time and had enjoyed the odd dalliance with them.

This was going to be one such time.

"Now you undress ME." She ordered.

Bruce was happy to oblige and he reached behind her back as he unhooked the eyelets of her dress. His big prick brushed on her dress as he pressed against her and pushed the gown open and tugged it down to her shoes.

Left in a simple chemise and a pair of drawers he moved to the bed and rested on his right arm as Scarlett stripped off completely. Once naked Bruce whistled at the sight of her magnificent body.

"You must have men hammering on your door every day of the week. You're fantastic."

Not only men thought Scarlett as she unpinned her buttery blonde hair and let it loose. Her full lips parted slightly to reveal her pink tongue as she let the naked hunk leer at her.

Large thirty six inch breasts heavy on her chest but still seeming to defy gravity and his eye was to her splendid frame. With shapely legs and gorgeous ass she had the classic hourglass figure.

But Wayne had eyes only for that small gap between her inner thighs where she had a tiny V of pubic hair above her bewitching pussy mound.


He beckoned to her and held out a hand which she took in hers and he flung her down beside him.

Bruce kissed her again as he massaged her right nipple. As their tongues explored and probed he held her large boob and squeezed hard, loving the fullness in his hand.

Then he bent his head to lick the dark areola with circular motions and she found the sensation absolutely delightful. Then he kissed her other tit and repeated the same.

Scarlett sighed and writhed under his bulk.

"Is there anything else you might like to kiss?" She asked as she ran her fingers through his thick hair.

He chuckled as his hands ran down her body lower, lower, lower.
Past her hips, inward to her soft stomach and then out to the tender and sensitive inner thighs which she opened enticingly.

Scarlett laid back and gasped as he touched her light downy pubes and parted her folds at her pussy entrance. He licked his middle finger and drove it up deep inside her moistness.

Eyes locked on hers he skilfully stroked in and out with deftness and gentleness and Scarlett dragged the heels of her shoes along the crisp sheets.


Bruce shifted and kicked his long legs back as his face came to the level of Scarlett's pussy. He parted her thighs and his tongue slipped in and out of her wet folds as she trembled and gasped harshly.
She fought the urge to scream as his head nodded up and down, increasing his lapping of her divine slit.

"Amazing, darling. But let me suck your cock for you."

Scarlett slipped her hand between his powerful thighs and trailed her fingers upwards. Then she spun around so that they ended up in a 69 position.

As Wayne licked her out she let his curved cock enter her mouth. The manner of his upward curve allowed Scarlett to easily take him in deep and the unique shape conformed perfectly to the shape of her throat.


Scarlett nodded her head up and down and drew in breath through her nose. She sucked hard, long and deep with an head spinning combination of lips, tongue and throat which just made Bruce tighten his grip on her thighs and probe her wet cunt the more. Her eyes squeezed shut as his face became glazed with her juices.

"Let us fuck." She said as his slick appendage emerged from her deep throat oral treat.

Scarlett straddled him, shuddering as his rock solid cock slid up into her cunt. She felt him twitch inside her slick tunnel as she glided up and down with a gyration of her pelvis that forced him to grip the sheet in both fists.
His hips bucked up in wild abandon which made the English blonde thrust as well and their bodies ground together in a glorious fuck.

"Lovely, lovely." She cooed as her voluptuous figure pushed down on his body which reared up into hers.

Bruce gripped her hips and helped her to ride his prodigious prick, drawing her back and forth on his length. The curious bend in his cock meant that it stimulated Scarlett in ways a straight one could not emulate.

Her eyes never left his as she placed her hands palms down on his broad chest. She noted his neck strain and his striking eyes grow wide as Scarlett was totally impaled on his entire cock.

"So, so...we need to, oh my goodness! We need to see what the B...B...Baron is up to. Shit!"

His hair appeared black under the gas lamps and she now noticed the small cleft in his chin. She fell across his chest as the sublime friction in her pussy caused her to squirt fluids on his pole.

Her body stayed still and only her backside moved up and down in a salacious manner that made the pair of them pant and perspire.

"Yes. We must find out, yes, oh yes! Find out what the nefarious devil is do...do...doing."

Scarlett inhaled deeply as she rocked on his knob as fast as she was able. Bruce leaned up and flipped a startled Scarlett onto her back and the burgeoning swell of his cock was firm between them.

With a pelvic thrust he lodged his stiffness just inside her before ramming it in. He began to hammer her hard into the mattress.
Scarlett thrashed her head from side to side as she was ploughed with urgent stabbings of his throbbing member.

Her legs lifted up and settled on the backs of his taut thighs so she could draw him in all the more. The heels of her shoes bounced on his ankles as his toes dug in for further balance and the bed creaked under their rocking bodies. The oak headboard thumped against the bedroom wall with loud thumps.

"Bruce, oh Bruce!"

Because of his curved cock it seemed to her that his hot organ was actually double its actual size. The inside of her vulva was filled superbly and her G-Spot was scraped with an additional pressure that drove her insane.
Each thrust home brought forth more and more vaginal juices that literally bathed his cock.


Bruce lifted her up slightly as he plunged into her ever deeper as her hips churned from side to side. Scarlett rose up to meet him harder and harder as he pounded back and forth, their mouths met over and over as they fucked, neither of them wishing the moment to end.

"And...and...oh don't stop doing that! And we must s...st...stop the evil Moran t...too."

"Fuck...fuck...we will...fucking make sure Her Majesty stays, oh lord. Stays s...s...safe."

She sensed his end was near as her fingers clawed at his back. His weight shifted as he gathered strength for his pounding back stroke which made his inward thrust ram her body into the bed.

Her cries of "oh, oh, oh, oh!" Signalled her own joyous climax as her juices squelched audibly and ran out of her and down the valley of her ass.

"Come inside me, darling."

He grunted, clenched his buttocks and buried his length right up to the hilt and stayed motionless before roaring and biting her collarbone as he came inside her.

His body fell atop of hers and his chest mashed to her bountiful boobs. Gush, gush, gush, his cock sprayed her cunt for what seemed an eternity to Scarlett.

Finally he withdrew with an embarrassing pussy fart and his seed spilled out in a torrent that ran like a river down her ass crack.

"That was delightful, Bruce."

Scarlett was cradled in his arms, her huge breasts crushed against his broad chest, their legs tangled in each others.

"I should make myself scarce and get back to Doctor Watson. She'll be wondering where I got to. Tomorrow we shall investigate Baron Gruner."

"I already have my main source active in that matter even as we speak."


Emma Watson looked out at the marvellous view from the bedroom window. Outside the moonlit lawn was white and sparkling from the light dusting of snow. Some leaves rustled in the chilly wind but the sound could not be heard through the window pane.

From behind her Selina Kyle pressed to her back and nuzzled her pale neck. Two hands wandered over her shoulder blades and Emma closed her eyes in bliss.

"Your body is most desirable, my beauty."

Emma turned to face Selina who put her fingers to work and unlaced the front of her evening gown. The English woman had a slight roundness to her perky breasts that were now bared and free.

Two bullet like nipples poked out at Selina who smiled in delight. She tugged down the dress to the lush carpet beneath their feet and nodded in approval at

Emma's tiny waist that had no need of a clinching corset like others of her age. Emma reached up to her braid and loosened her light brown hair and fanned it out.

"Wait for me on the bed. I shall be but a moment."

Selina vanished into a nook as Emma dropped her undergarments which fluttered to the floor and she laid out prostrate on her back.
Her left hand idly ran through the curls of her pubic hair and she felt the downy hair to be moist to the touch.


How she wished to be fucked! She contemplated the various china statues of cats that adorned the shelves as she waited.

"How do you like me?"

Emma's jaw dropped when Selina stepped back into the room.
Dressed now in a tight black corset with conical breast cups, stiletto heeled knee high boots and a lace face mask.

Her well toned body was astounding, bountiful breasts, firm ass and long, long legs. Her black hair, thick and wavy, was now down and reached down her back to that peach of a butt.

"You might want to put your tongue back in your mouth, Doctor."

Emma was taken aback as she looked at the face of Selina in a Venetian Masquerade mask of black and glitter with two pointed cat ears.
Around her pale neck was a matching choker necklace with silver studs. It did not go unnoticed that Selina's Mons pubis was bared and the black wiry hair was amusingly trimmed to resemble cat whiskers.

"Do you like my pussycat? I think it's purr fect."

Selina licked her fingers and toyed with the three distinct lines of hair made to look like whiskers. Before Emma could answer Selina pounced on her and smothered her pert tits in both hands.

Emma felt them respond and stiffen to the warm touch. They kissed as Selina dug long fingernails in the soft flesh of Emma's left breast and the English woman rubbed her thighs together as a fine tingling took hold in her nether regions.

"I just love kissing you. So sweet."

Emma just moaned in answer as the masked woman bent to her tits and flicked a long dextrous tongue at her nipples, tracing the outline before concentrating on the hard nubs.

Emma regained some composure and moved her left hand between their wriggling bodies and slid her middle finger into the pussy of Selina.

"Mmmm! Naughty, but nice!" Squealed Selina as she nibbled Emma's perky tits.

The sexual heat began to radiate from their ripe bodies as they rolled in each others arms. Then Selina rose from the bed leaving Emma wanting and frustrated, her pussy damp and aching for attention.

"I have a little something that I think you'll like."

Emma sat up as she watched Selina hold up a white fur glove and fit it to her right hand. Both front and back had tiny raised hair and Selina grinned like the proverbial Cheshire cat.

"It's so soft, I love it so. I call it my tabby tamer. Made from the fur of a Persian cat, the softest of all kitty cats. May I?"

Emma gulped and then relaxed as her body was stroked lightly with the glove. It glided over her stomach and gave her butterflies as Selina made small rotations over and over.

Then she moved up to Emma's breasts and cupped the left followed by the right and the sensation of the warm fur was most exquisite. She fell back onto the bed and raised her arms above her head as she wallowed in the divine attention with throaty moans.

Selina made endless circles on her tits, occasionally moving down to her abdomen, making sure not to touch the plump pussy mound between Emma's spread open legs.

"You are driving me out of my mind." Purred Emma who positively glowed.

"I know," came the smug reply from the cat loving woman.

Emma was tipped onto her belly and Selina moved the glove along her shoulders, gently massaging the spine before heading to the firm and ripe buttocks of the squirming woman.

The soft fur felt sensational on Emma's inner thighs as each one was caressed in turn from behind. Her pussy leaked fluids as the English girl humped the mattress as she tried to rub her aching clitoris on the sheet.

Her legs opened wider as her cheeks were squeezed at the same time, the left by a hand, the right by the glove.

"How does that feel?"

"Fantastic! Such a soft feel."

The glove fit perfectly in the space between buttocks and Selina sawed up and down while Emma sobbed in pleasure into the fluffy pillows. Then Selina smacked her peach of a bod and Emma was rolled onto her back again and her legs automatically opened as Selina finally laid the Persian cat glove on her damp mound.

Selina made smaller and smaller circles inwards as she focused on Emma's pussy, brushing and swiping with the fur as Emma spread out her legs wider and wider. In an attempt to make a more firmer contact with the glove she lifted up her hips and knees.

"Mercy me!" Cried Emma as a steady rhythm of strokes of the furry mitt pressed onto her clit.

Emma gasped for breath as wave after wave of exquisite sensations washed over her. The pace increased and Emma shook in muted bliss as she snapped her head back into the pillows.
The concentrated pressure and the sublime feel of fur was making Emma quite giddy as every pore in her body perspired.

"Nearly there, nearly there." She gasped.

"Not yet, pussycat."

The glove was removed from between Emma's thighs and she raised her head and pouted as she saw Selina discard it without another thought.
She saw her own clit had swelled and was peaking out of the protective hood, wet and pink and Emma buried her right hand between hot thighs.

Her eyes widened when Selina held up a long and wobbly double headed dildo. Each end had a tapered head and had been crafted to resemble the faces of a cat.

"Say hello to my pussycat romancer. Want to try it?"

Just try and stop me, thought Emma. Already lubricated Selina adjusted her mask and scooted up to the curious Emma.

Selina slipped her left leg under Emma and her right over the others left. Then Emma groaned as the head of one end of the unique sex toy entered her cunt with a squishy sound. Selina grinned wickedly as she inserted the other end into her own sopping muff.

"Now, move your hips."

Lost in a lustful haze Emma ground her pussy against the dildo and her exertion was matched by Selina.

Together they rode it in tandem with rotating gyrations that caused the pair of them to virtually gobble up the thick length.
The odd shaped head rubbed Emma's tunnel with an exceptional friction as she stared directly at Selina who fucked herself with fast humps.

"Isn't it just divine?"

Emma could only grunt as her hair fell across her pretty face as she thrust harder into the false cat cock. Both were now filled with the double dong and their pussy mounds were almost touching.

"Now try this."

Selina reached between them and started to thumb Emma's clit. Emma reciprocated and as they humped to and fro on their butts they rubbed each other to ecstasy. Loud whimpers and moans filled the room as their heads lolled from their arousing ministrations.

"I'm coming, Selina!"

Emma screamed as her orgasm took hold and she held the dildo tightly in her hand as she kept it from withdrawing from her convulsing cunt.

Selina also came and her mouth gaped open in silent euphoria as her pussy bathed the cat head end of the dildo. When they recovered their wits they untangled themselves and slowly pulled the twin fucker from their slick cunts.

They huddled together for a long while in silence and Selina removed her face mask and unbuttoned her boots. As they laid in each others arms the wall reverberated from the thump of the next rooms headboard banging against the wall. Muted sounds of a couple engaged in coitus filtered through.

"Bruce! Bruce, oh yes! Don't stop. Right there, right there!"

Bitch! Thought Emma.

"Alright then Doctor. Off you go, I need to have a little catnap. And thank you for a most enjoyable hour."

Emma collected her things accordingly and made it back to the room that she and Scarlett were sharing.


Scarlett returned to the bedchamber Wayne had provided for the two visitors a half hour later. When she crept inside the dark room she undressed and made to get into her nightgown.

Then the gas went up with a hiss and Emma sat up in the twin bed as the lamp illuminated a guilty Holmes. Scarlett was caught out naked standing at the foot of the bed, her gown in her hands.

"So, how was our host? Any good? Did he bring you to a climax?" Asked Emma coldly.

"Dear me no. We just spoke and discussed the Queen."

"Holmes! You liar! You just fucked Bruce Wayne!"

"Not I." Said Scarlett sheepishly.

"Very well. Have it your way. I shall prove it using your methods of deduction I can observe that you have a fresh love bite just above your collarbone.

Your labia are puffy and red and your nipples look like they could cut glass. You have hurried with your toilet and the distinct smell of semen combined with a masculine after shave cologne lingers about your person.

You, my dear debauched Scarlett, have just had sexual intercourse with a male."

Scarlett shrugged her night attire on over her head and paused a moment. Then she burst out laughing and clapped her hands. She jumped into bed beside Emma who sat with arms crossed.

"Bravo Watson, bravo! A capital deduction. You have come along in leaps and bounds and I am heartily impressed. We may make a detective out of you yet. Yes indeed I have slept with Wayne. And he is rather good in bed."

Scarlett got cosy and caressed Emma who laid on her left side and made coo coo noises in her ear.

"Don't worry your pretty little head. He's only a man. By the way, I hope Miss Kyle didn't bore you too much?"

"No. Not too. And you were right. She adores cats."

Emma smiled to herself, snuffed out the light and within seconds both were sound asleep.

End of part one.

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Re: The Adventures of Scarlett Holmes
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Scarlett and Batman by Gaslight, part two.


It was the beginning of the age of the skyscraper.

Already New York City had the tallest building in the country and many other cities were starting to follow suit.

Gotham had a few, and Batman stood atop the highest as the clock struck one. The Metropolitan and Municipal was a fifty apartment building of brick and red stone complete with Gotham City's first and as yet electric elevator.

"Quiet tonight."

On occasion the city had moments of relatively little crime and this night was one of those.

The bat garbed crime fighter looked down as the bitter November wind made his floor length cape flap behind his back and a few snowdrops whitened his navy costume.

His face was hidden beneath a navy cloth cowl complete with two bat ears and his solid torso was under a tight grey and dark blue body suit. His gloves and boots were buccaneer style and he had a yellow utility belt about his waist.

"Cold nights mean no ne'er-do-wells abroad on the streets."

Inspired to operate as a vigilante to protect the citizens of Gotham he had chosen those outfit to instil fear into the guilty and the innocent alike.

He would never forget how his own parents were senselessly murdered before his very eyes when he was but a child.
He had been invigorated by his little tryst with Scarlett Holmes, and once he was alone had traversed the underground tunnels to reappear in downtown Gotham.

He fired a lengthy piece of cable from his Bat grapple gun into the air and heard the Batarang take hold in the next building. His hands held on firmly to test the traction and then swung his frame into the air and landed successfully on the nearby roof.


Batman crouched low as he scanned the area, above his head and below to the street.
He was on top of a six floor triplex apartment building that was half completed.

This was the main route of the procession that would bring Queen Victoria from her suite in the residence of the Mayor of Gotham to the Town Hall where the midday luncheon in her honour would take place.
And he was standing on the roof of Baron Gruner's property he rubbed his chin as the vigilante calculated the distances and wind velocity.

Yes, this spot would be ideal for an assassination attempt on the life of Her Majesty as she rode in her open carriage with a rifle triggered by a crack shot. He pulled his high collar up around his neck and shot off into the night.


Scarlett and Emma had awoken to find their host out and Selina Kyle gone.

They dressed for their investigation by donning men's clothing, reason being that women behaving in the manner they were about to would draw less attention. To keep out the cold both had wool frock coats with padded shoulders and silver buttons. Under this they had white shirts, waistcoats and Ritter wool trousers with a button fly and waist adjuster.

Emma wore a stiff Homburg hat blocked in chocolate brown wool felt. For some reason Scarlett had on a tweed Deerstalker hat with two peaks and the ear flaps down.

"Where the devil did you get that ridiculous headwear?"

"In New York. At a store called 'The Marble Palace' on Broadway. The hat is warm and practical. Now let us get on."

Having driven in a Hansom cab to the east part of Gotham they arrived at the property of the Austrian Baron.

Under a pallid grey sky they quietly made their way to the rear and Holmes studied a lock on the door that took her no time to unpick.

They found a stairwell and climbed up to the top floor and made their way to the room that looked directly onto the main thoroughfare. Empty and dusty it felt cold as the snow fell in light flurries outside.

"We must be ten floors up, Holmes. Feeling giddy?" Emma said enthused by the experience of the tall height.

Apart from Saint Paul's Cathedral and the Monument in London, this was the highest they had ever been.

"Quite. Well, this would be an admirable spot for a snipers nest. If one would be that way inclined."

"Moran and Gruner?" Said Emma as she gazed into the adorable ocean green eyes of her true love.

"We must assume so. The day of the procession by the Queen will find us both here. Armed and ready. Come Watson I crave to taste Gotham City's finest Blue Claw Crab. Last nights bedroom activities have given me a ravenous appetite."


On the day of the Queen's open carriage procession Scarlett and Emma returned to Gruner's building suitably dressed for anything physical.

Emma had her revolver in her pocket as they tentatively climbed the stairs. When they got to the same empty room they waited in silence outside as they observed a figure on his stomach looking out of the open window.
In his hands was an air rifle with a long range gun sight.

Scarlett put a finger to her lips as the pair of them crouched down ready to pounce. Before they had their chance to act however a large shape smashed through the next window suspended on a cable.

"It's Batman!" Cried Emma.

The figure in grey and blue and masked in a cowl kicked out at the rifle, breaking the firing pin in the process. Gruner leapt up in surprise at the outrageous costumed man and cursed.


Gruner threw a punch at Batman who stepped back just out of reach. The Baron threw a second and then a third but the caped vigilante saw them coming and ducked under both.

Batman lifted his right leg and make hard contact with the soft groin of Gruner. As he dropped forwards in acute pain Batman brought his elbow across the back of his neck and he crumpled to the floor groaning.

"Swine!" Spat Colonel Moran who emerged from the shadows.

Moran drove his boot into Batman's abdomen and he was knocked backwards. The costumed hero tucked into a ball and rolled off to the side. Holmes attempted to grab the assassin in a bear hug but the lean Moran shrug her off effortlessly.

"Doctor! Your gun!"

Emma fumbled in her pocket in a state of shock at the violent events but managed to drop her army revolver.

"Baron! The gas!" Screamed the Colonel.

Gruner crawled across the floor and found a case from which he brought forth a hand held device. As Moran withdrew the Baron smashed the object hard against the wooden floorboards and also left the room.

"Have a care, Watson!"

A yellow cloud billowed out and Scarlett, Emma and Batman collapsed under the influence of the noxious knockout gas.


Scarlett Holmes was the first to awaken from the gas and was instantly gripped by panic.

She, Emma Watson and Batman had been placed in a circular shape facing each other and were seated in three wooden chairs.
All three were tied with rope and securely fastened as they sat.

Batman looked slightly the worse for wear as she watched his magnificent chest rise and fall as he breathed in and out.
He still had his face hidden under the cowl but unfortunately for him his costume was ragged and torn in all the wrong places.
His leggings were in strings on his muscled thighs and his trunks were just ribbons of material about his groin.

"'Pon my soul!"

In his half asleep stupor he sported a half erection which poked up on his belly giving Scarlett a decent view of the underside of his prick.


Scarlett then looked to the broken windows and noted the useless rifle that had been abandoned, then she expressed alarm when her eyes went to the crude, but deadly time bomb next to their feet.

Six sticks of red dynamite were stuck together and along the sticks was a mechanical alarm clock which had two bells at the top of the round face and a metal handle fixed atop of the bells.

Next to that were several barrels of flammable printer's ink that would cause a terrific explosion that would most likely devastate the nearby locale.

Including Her Majesty!

The time on the clock was five minutes to noon. The Queen was due to pass this very spot at that time.

"Watson! Batman! For pity's sake wake up!" Yelled a desperate detective.

The two other captives slowly came to their senses and snapped awake once they had digested the grave situation.

"A bomb! This must be their plan B, Holmes. Whatever shall we do?" Said a terrified Emma.

"We must ensure the dynamite does not go off in the vicinity of the ink. Look, below us. The River Gotham."

Their was a big hole in the floor of the unfinished building and the river was flowing directly under.

"Well, not the river but the water is winding its way toward it. If we can dump the bomb into the water it will be taken away by the current and we should be safe."

"But how?"

"Try to move your chair in the direction of the device."

They all had their hands pulled behind their backs and were bound by rope around their bodies. Their ankles also were tied to the front legs of the chair.

"Er, Holmes. Batman appears to have a stiff cock."

"Ignore that for now my dear Doctor and rock your chair."

All three scraped and teetered their chairs to get nearer the clock bomb.
Then Batman toppled and he fell on top of the device, his erection, almost full by now, had somehow looped under the handle of the clock.

"Hold! I have an idea!" Said Scarlett excitedly at the odd occurrence as they all stopped.

"You are aware of my published treatise on the one hundred and fourteen varieties of tobacco ash. Less known is my other treatise on how much weight the male penis can hold when erect. Just one of my little fancies."

"Really. You never cease to amaze me Holmes."

"It appears that an exceptional male in his prime can hold up to twenty pounds from his erection with a silk scarf tied to the middle of the shaft.
I calculate that the bomb of clock and dynamite here weighs about ten troy pounds. Batman could easily lift it with his impressive appendage and dispose of it into the river below."

"Wait," said Emma as she looked directly at Scarlett.

"Did you conduct a practical experiment with male volunteers?"

"Yes, it was a most unique afternoon. Long before we met."

Emma rolled her eyes. The woman was simply unique in every way.

"Batman? What say you?"

The caped vigilante had kept a discreet silence throughout the last few minutes. New to the role of masked avenger he had no practise in disguising his voice to maintain his secret identity. When he spoke he spoke like Bruce Wayne.

"I'll do it. But it is going to be difficult to keep my erection under such duress."

He spoke in a whisper and hoped that he was not recognised.
The ladies understood his dilemma as he shifted onto his knees, still tied to the chair and with his cock lodged under the handle of the alarm clock.

"He is quite right Holmes. The male nearly always needs a visual stimulant to keep erect for intercourse. Pity we were not stripped off as per the usual in this instance."

True words from Emma. Scarlett had lost count of the number of times the pair of them had been forced to strip naked by various nefarious villains.

"I...that is...I do respond to dirty talk. It does something to me to hear pretty women curse and utter profanities."

Scarlett raised an eyebrow. Indeed, she thought, the man is clearly remarkable.

"Very well, you try to manoeuvre to the hole in the floor while the Doctor and I talk to you."

Batman grunted as he tried to keep a stiff, but already he was wilting.

"Come on my good man, keep it up. How are you going to fuck the Doctor and I with a soft sword. Do you want to fuck me or her? I do declare that Watson has the tightest muff I have ever had the fortune to lick."

Good start thought Emma as she listened to the hot blonde talk to the costumed man on his knees. Batman seemed to be responding as his thick cock pointed up with that odd curve in the middle.

"I wish I could spread my legs to show you my dripping cunt, Batman. Would you like to see me fuck Emma's cunt with mine? I want to lick her pussy until she comes and then lap up all the cream from within. I want your big fat cock, Batman. I want to suck it until you ache to shove it up my wet hole."

Batman loved it and was rock hard and the bomb hung in the centre of his shaft. His hose did have a worrying sag as he tried to manage the weight.

"Have you ever spanked a woman? My ass is meaty and soft and the good Doctor has two firm cheeks that just scream out to be smacked. You can bend her over and fuck her from behind while you watch her backside jiggle. Would you like that? A big, virile man like yourself? We are so wet for you big man. Give us your cock. Fuck our brains out. Cum on our tits. Cum on our faces. Give us that cock cream."

Batman was close to the hole in the floor, sweat permeated his outfit as he toiled and staggered doggedly on.

"Watson, you try."

"Very well. Batman, I can see you have a generous length. How I should like to suck it hard until my saliva dribbled down your hot stalk. Then I would love for you to fuck my mouth until the crown of your organ was at the back of my throat."

Both Emma and Scarlett had by now aroused themselves and the sight of Batman's purple tipped prick.

Emma rubbed her thighs together in her seat as she felt her loins leak. She stole a look at the other woman who licked her lips, her eyes totally glued to the mans hard cock.

Batman rolled over in a spin as he deposited the bomb through the hole and a muted splash was heard. At the same time a gathered crowd in the street below roared as presumably the Queen passed by in her coach.

"Capital work. Batman. You have saved the day. Bravo!"

As he rolled over again his bonds unravelled and he managed to break free and stood up in relief, his erection pointing at the two ladies.

Now somewhat embarrassed the six foot plus man picked up Scarlett's long coat and covered his ragged costume.

"If you don't mind I shall use your coat to stave off exposure."

He untied the ropes about their bodies and leapt out of the window on his tossed cable.

"Fare you well ladies."

Scarlett and Emma brushed themselves off and ran to the broken window just in time to see his figure vanish across the rooftops.

Below in the street the Queen's procession also rode off, now safe from incident.

"I wonder who he really is?" Wondered Emma.

"Why, Bruce Wayne is Batman." Said Scarlett with a wave of her hand.

"What? How do you know this? We've only been in Gotham City two days and nights."

"Put it this way. I never forget a penis."

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Re: The Adventures of Scarlett Holmes
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Note- My wife and I laughed ourselves silly as I outlined the plot to this next chapter of my X rated spoof.
Scarlett Johansson as Holmes and Rachel McAdams as Irene Adler.


Paris, 1881.

"Can you do the splits, Miss Adler?"

"No, I certainly cannot. I do declare this to be the most idiotic idea that you have had thus far."

"I quite disagree, my dear Irene. It is exceedingly clever. Would it possible for a man to infiltrate Le Cabaret Artistique?"

Located in the bohemian Montmartre district of Paris the exclusive club was nothing short of legendary even in its own time. Created in 1881 the club encapsulated the thrill of the 'Belle Epoque' or the beginning of a Golden Age, through its music and dancers.

The Parisian bourgeoisie flocked to the club every night especially to enjoy the new high energy chorus dance known as the Cancan. Within a short space of time the dance had been considered scandalous as the chorus line performed nightly dressed in open crotch pantalettes, necessary for the high kicking.

"And let me add the fact that you paint a pretty picture in your outfit. You have rather nice legs."

Irene Adler huffed and then stole a sidelong glance at her new companion. The talented opera singer and adventuress had tumbling auburn locks which framed her striking face. Her blue calf length full circle skirt had a lining of lots and lots of layered white ruffles.

The slim looker had her bodice high at the back of the neck and low at the bosom. One large feather was pinned to the top of her head and she wore a check choker around her neck as a compliment.

The nature of the new dance was for the girls to swing up their skirts to offer quick glimpses of their drawers, petticoats and stockings.

"Thank you."

The two paired up young females had taken the train to Paris from London. They had been tasked by Scarlett's sister Mordred, on behalf of the British Government, with retrieving a unique key hidden in the heart of Paris, France. Not only that but specifically behind the scenes of a cabaret club in Montmartre.

The plan was for the two women to go undercover and follow the clues to discovering the secret location of the said key which would unlock the recently discovered safe of the Napoleon of crime himself, Professor Moriarty.

"Who know what untold secrets are to be unearthed in the man's safe?"

"So, we just wait with the other dancers?" Asked Irene.

The novice detective possessed a sharp and logical mind that had enabled her to impress the private consulting detective and she had long been admired by Miss Scarlet Holmes.

Forever referred to by her as 'the woman' they had crossed paths several times before and Scarlett's sister had persuaded her to act in liaison with Scarlett due to her knowledge of the fair Capital of France and her numerous male acquaintances.
And they each had considerable skills for disguise.

Since Doctor Watson, Scarlett's trusty companion, was somewhat indisposed with a broken foot, it seemed that one such as Adler act as substitute.


Scarlett adjusted her headdress with the red plume and admired herself in the mirror. The dancers dressing room was small and cramped and was full of girls in various states of undress. Her knee length skirt had red and gold stripes and her petticoat had a daring low bust line that accentuated her generous cleavage.

Her mesh fingerless gloves matched her black fishnet stockings and a red feather boa rested on her elbows. Under her skirt were a pair of split knickers that she had decided to wear after toying with the idea of going without entirely. Very risqué!

"When the opportunity arises then we shall act."

The detective had arranged for the pair of them to gain access to the club by masquerading as Cancan dancers. They would be on standby lest any of the regular girls were incapacitated or ill.

And the logic behind this was that the club had a secret and seedier side that thrived behind the scenes. The bordello was really a number of exclusive and extremely private rooms where those who could afford it could enjoy the delights of the best Parisian whores. Both men and women.

"We must seek out rooms Cinq and Sept. That is where we shall discover our first clues."

Irene looked into green eyes that twinkled in the gas lit room. The striking Scarlett had a diamond shaped face with prominent cheekbones and a narrow chin. Her best feature was undoubtedly her permanent pout that made her seem to always be prepared to be kissed.

Apart from her good looks the self titled consulting detective was known for her proficiency with observation, forensic science and logical reasoning.

"Mademoiselle Holmes. You are needed onstage."

A senior choreographer by the name of Edith peered inside the door as a half dozen of the girls filed out.

"Rather you than me." Said a relieved Miss Adler.

"Right. This is our chance. When we go on you slip into the back and try one of the rooms."

"Very well."

Scarlett joined the others and entered the dance hall to loud cheers and whistles from the excited patrons. The hall was surprisingly big with a high ceiling and many coloured lights. The sound of the girls clunky heels clattered on the wooden floor of the stage as the orchestra warmed up.

Then the conductor tapped his baton and the musicians began the familiar and lively quadrille by Offenbach. Scarlett instantly got into dance mode and joyfully high kicked her shapely legs and flayed her arms around with the others.

She lifted her skirts up provocatively, threw them over her back and presented her crotch less bloomers for all to see. The lead dancer, a long legged blonde stood at the front and screamed 'hoop-la!' which was greeted by enthusiastic whoops from the audience.

Behind her the others danced in unison, arm in arm, with the occasional whoop! Then Scarlett stood into the limelight, did the splits with her legs perfectly in line with each other and raised her arms in the air in triumph.

"OUI!" She exclaimed loudly.

"Bravo!" Yelled one admirer.

"Magnifique!" Cried another.

"Outrage!" Shouted one fellow who found himself bumped to the back of the hall by others.

As the girls left the stage through a smoky haze the sound of clattering drink glasses and the bustle of waiters filled the hall. Many a Franc would be made tonight. When Scarlett returned to the dressing room she duly noted the absence of Miss Adler. The game, was indeed afoot.


Miss Adler waited until all backstage hands were riveted to the show and tentatively made her way to the darker lit rear section of the club. She found a narrow set of stairs, dimly lit and empty. When she reached the top she was confronted by a line of similarly coloured green doors numbered one to ten.

Each door also had a geometric symbol under the number. A circle, square, rectangle and so on. Seven and five were the rooms containing pre planned clues as to the hidden location of the elusive key.

Scarlett had foreseen the inevitable danger of agents of Moriarty also seeking the key and had prepared clues and tasks that required a solution before discovery.

"Whatever the pair of you encounter you must comply with the tasks set out. To refuse might lead to a world war. The British Empire depends on you."

Irene took a deep breath and turned the door handle to room number five.
Mordred's final instructions at the back of her mind as they left Waterloo railway station.

She opened it a crack and then hurried in before anybody noticed. Once inside the bold American found herself in a window less room dominated by a large round bed.

A light fragrance filled her nostrils as she noted the walls adorned with pornographic images of the decadent Roman Empire. The bed itself appeared well upholstered and had a floral needlepoint headboard.

But it was the occupant of the bed that made her catch her breath for on it laid a virile looking young bull totally naked.

"Bon Sour, Mademoiselle. My name is Alphonse, at your service. If you would remove your garments we may get down to business, oui?"

The dark haired man had a fine, muscular physique and looked to be in his prime. Twenty two, maybe? His chest was broad with the slight wisp of hair but his torso was hairless for the most part.

His arms were crossed which gave his upper arms a most powerful image. His lower body was no less impressive and at his groin he sported a half stiff appendage above two low hanging testicles.

It was his eyes that captivated Irene though, being large like moons and of an attractive deep chocolate colour. Sex was not a word mentioned in her life in New Jersey, but that did not mean the young woman had not enjoyed the odd dalliance with men. Of course in these days of Queen Victoria such moments of unmarried merrymaking were usually labelled sin.

"Very well."

Alphonse watched, stroking his cock to stiffness, as the straps of her top fell from delicate shoulders. She removed her feather and softly brushed her hair back from her face and behind her ears.

With eyes locked on each others Irene slid her skirt down over her thighs and let it pool around her boots. Left in bloomers and slip she sat on the edge of the bed and kicked off her footwear. As Irene sat she saw the broad mirror fitted beside the bed and a much bigger one in the ceiling.

The man moved closer to her and began to kiss her bared neck and she felt her heart quicken. As he pressed his naked body to her side he slipped his right hand inside her slip and cupped her left breast. As he nibbled her collar bone he felt the nipple stiffen and a tiny sigh escaped her lips.

"You seek an answer to a problem. We shall make love and the darkness may become light."

Irene's eyes darted around the room. No sign of a clue anywhere. How on earth would having intercourse reveal the location of the said key. Then their lips met in a passionate kiss and Irene felt her desire for the strapping Frenchman escalate.

His lower lip brushed hers with a big swipe as his hands lifted the bottom of her slip and drew it over her head. Her big and bouncy tits with the pale areolas became freed up and the man wasted no time in kissing the perfect swell of each.


The feel of his mouth on her bosom and his fingertips sliding along her shoulders was electric and together they fell back onto the bed in a fevered clinch.

His hands were everywhere as they writhed in each others arms and Irene slipped her bloomers down with her feet. The redhead shivered as he tongued the areolas before sucking in the hardened nipple of each superb orb in turn.


With cheeks flushed and breath ragged Irene let his right hand glide across her stomach to her inner thighs where she automatically opened her legs in invitation.

Alphonse bent down and kissed her abdomen and he felt her tremble beneath his hot lips. He gently rubbed her inner thighs and her breasts rose and fell in anticipation of her sex being touched.


Irene squirmed on her back as his lips met the outside of her labia and a pleasurable tingle went through her. He saw her wetness that moistened her pubes and smiled to himself.

Irene stifled a scream by placing her fist into her mouth as a finger entered her quim. Satisfied by her slickness he added a second digit and slid in and out of her as he settled on his belly. He flicked at her cunt as he fingered her and the delighted American lifted her bottom up off of the bed by a clear inch.

"'Tis heavenly!"

As she was probed and licked her hands became two fists and grabbed big bunches of the sheet beneath her. Her legs weakened as Alphonse increased his tongue action and lapped at the precise spot where her clitoris hid away.

"MMMMM!" She moaned as the intense darts of his expert tongue drove her into a frenzy.

He held her legs by the thighs and pinned them flat out as he ate her cunt as fast as he could.


Irene pushed her head back and moaned as she came and her heart galloped in her chest. She looked sideways at the mirror that ran along the bed and watched enthralled as the handsome Frenchman came between her legs and teased her entrance with his steely cock.

"Oh, my!"

He sank in deep inside her dampness and as he thrust up all his weight settled on her. Her hands cupped his face as she grew accustomed to his thick organ and she bent her legs at the knees.

His chest mashed her breasts as his hips rose and fell in a slow but assured fuck. Each time he drive in he paused and drew out almost entirely before pushing back in to the hilt.

Irene had not been fucked this way ever since her first time back in '70 when she had been seduced by the local lothario after a drunken summer night.

"Cheri, you are beautiful."

Irene smiled and opened her eyes and looked up at the ceiling mirror to view the erotic sight of her lover atop of her. His back was magnificent and his butt tight and muscular.

He felt heavy on her but it was a good sensation and she revelled to the touch of his flesh on hers. Which was when she noticed the most curious thing.

He had some words written on his ass cheeks!

As she bounced beneath the rutting man she tried to read the message. Of course not only was it in French but back to front and upside down!

'Etrat al ed tse'c.'


'C'est de la tarte.'

"AH, it is as easy as pie. All done with mirrors, indeed!"

His thrusting became more urgent now as his hips became a blur as he hammered her into the mattress.

Irene saw the tendons in his neck strain and his biceps flex as she held him in tightly in her arms and legs. Then he cried out and snapped his head back as he pulled out of her gaping cunt and painted her belly and tits in hot bursts of cum that arced up high over her. He collapsed on top of her and they became glued to each other in a mix of sweat and sperm.

"Miss Adler! Miss Adler!"

The voice of Scarlett Holmes could be heard outside and Irene lifted the panting fellow off of her and padded to the door.


Scarlett had earlier found the section of the club up the back stairs where the bordello was supposed to be and perceived ten numbered green doors. As she and Miss Adler had agreed in their prior plan the blonde would enter room seven.

Without any apprehension she opened the door and entered. There, in a long corridor, were two lines of stalls, three on each side. The only illumination were the red lights above each stall.

Giddy with excitement Scarlett saw one light begin to blink and a small round slot opened about waist high and a male member poked through the aperture.

"Ah, a junk drawer. How amusing."

"We do not know your identity, Mademoiselle. Therefore to complete the test and find the clue you seek you must bring this cock to ejaculation. All will be revealed then, and only then."

A disembodied voice echoed in the corridor as Scarlett saw a semi hard cock slowly enter the hole and twitch for attention.

"A most singular challenge, to be sure."

The detective reached out and felt the warm member and instantly it began to stiffen. She began to pump the thick shaft in her right glove and studied the swollen pink tip.

There appeared to be nothing out of the ordinary there and so presumed it was the shaft that concealed a clue. As she rubbed the head with thumb and forefinger she could resist no longer and took the glans between pursed lips.


Hidden behind the screen the male prostitute moaned as Scarlett slid around the crown and explored the sensitive ridge with her long tongue.

The man bumped against the flimsy wall between the two of them as he reached full erection. Again Scarlett stopped and gazed on the seven inch throbbing organ and fingered the veins and bumps, all the way down the exposed length.


Scarlett wrapped her lips tightly around the top half of the pulsing cock. With half his length inside her wet mouth she flicked at the underside as she sucked hard.

With deep and slow bobs of her head his shaft became lathered with her saliva and the vibrations she sent along his length produced more and more urgent groans from the obscured male.

She relaxed her jaw and took more and more of him into her mouth until the spongy cock head pressed at the back of her throat. Scarlett sucked her cheeks in and created a vacuum a she pulled back and let him out a pop.

"AH! Now I see! How clever!"

The famous detective could just make out some lines emerging on the heavily veined shaft and realised that there was some invisible writing. Eager to conclude the affair Scarlett took his cock back inside her mouth and rapidly sucked him to orgasm.

With a loud grunt the cock erupted and she closed her eyes as she welcomed the thick cum down her throat. He jerked several times as his load fired off in huge globs. Before he finished dribbling and waned Scarlett quickly held up the soaked member and read off the clear words.

"It is as easy." And that is where it stopped.

She turned the shrivelling prick this way and that and surmised that was all there was. Together with his organic fluids, namely his semen, and her saliva the ink had developed enough to read. Then another hole was opened and another erect cock poked through for her attention.

"A postscript methinks."

She stood and removed her boa and headdress and stepped over to the new cock. The creamy taste of the first was still on her tongue and coated the inside of her mouth as she looked at the challenge.

Presented was a thick, black monster with a prominent vein that ran down one turgid side. Almost nine inches long it swayed in mid air with a huge purple glans that was already moist with pre cum.

If she didn't know what it was she could have imagined the specimen to be carved from ebony teak. She bent at the waist, brushed her medium length fair hair away and gripped it in her fingerless glove.

"Certainly one of the biggest I have encountered."

Her spit bathed the glans and then she hummed him into her mouth. Her breath sent a wave of pleasure through the man behind the screen as she blew out air as she reversed.

Scarlett sucked in as she slid down and the inner walls of her cheeks rubbed on his shaft. On occasion her teeth scraped his flesh and sent a spasm through his loins.

She rocked on her haunches as she increased the pace of her movements. Not used to such a generous cock she felt her mouth overflow and a wave of saliva spilled out in a tidal wave.


Gamely continuing she slurped and sucked and bobbed her head energetically as she felt his cock head in her throat and she wrapped her lips around the base and held still.

Taking the hint the unseen black man thrust his hips to and fro and face fucked the famous detective. Scarlett gagged on the huge member and her saliva oozed out in a slow trickle that dripped down all the way to his hidden balls. In an attempt to expedite matters the blonde rotated her head on his length and tossed her locks here and there as she sucked him in.

Finally she felt tremors ride up his shaft and he exploded down her gullet. Scarlett let his cum dribble out of the corners of her mouth and sure enough she saw letters become visible in a line from head to base.

"As pie. As pie. Curious."

She attempted to merge the words into a sentence in her head as she lost interest in the mumbling owner of the shrinking organ.

'As pie it is as easy.' Or, 'It is as easy as pie.' Or, was it Pi. Yes! That was the solution! The mathematical name given to the ratio of the circumference of a circle to the diameter.

She rushed out of the room, cum dripping on her chin and almost knocked over an enthusiastic, and quite naked, Miss Adler and together they both yelled loudly.

"It is as easy as Pi!"

"We must look for a circle." Gushed Miss Adler.

"Really Miss Adler, you excel yourself. Look, on the doors. Each has a symbol. Number one has a circle."

They both bundled into the room through the unlocked door and were confronted by the sight of a stunning, and totally nude, blonde female lying on a circular bed.

"Excellent piece of deduction, mes amis." She said in a soft voice.

"Elementary, my dear woman."

"I am Michele. Are you up for the final solution?"

Her legs widened and she displayed her shaven cunt.


Michele appeared to be around twenty, quite tall, slender and light boned. Her platinum blonde hair had tight little curls and was cut to medium length. Stretched out on her back her body looked soft and curvy with a small waist, round hips and small mound of belly. With her legs open the ladies noted the distinct lack of pubic hair on her Mons pubis.

'After you, my dear Miss Adler."

"My dear Holmes, I wouldn't dream of it. Please."

As they spoke Scarlett had wriggled out her skirt and petticoats and stood in black stockings and dance boots only. Her figure was perfection with hefty thirty six inch tits, well shaped legs and a jutting ass behind her.

Michele's big blue eyes stared fixedly at Scarlett's V of fair pubic hair that only partially covered her mouth watering quim.

"We presume the answer we seek is on her person?" Asked Irene.

"When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains however improbable, must be the truth. We must lick her all over in order to search for hidden clues."

She fell to the bed and was instantly embraced by the Frenchwoman. Irene followed suit and pushed Michele onto her side and got behind her. One hand cupped one breast while her other went to her bald cunt. Michele began to breath heavily as Scarlett brushed her hair with a light touch and started to suck on her tits.


Irene bumped her loins at Michele as she kissed her nape and shoulders and dipped two fingers into her juicy sex. Michele tried to moan out loud but Scarlett put her fingers to her mouth as she sucked on her left nipple.

She rocked at her front and added a third finger to Irene's and all three rolled around together. The two women bathed her with kisses and saliva in an attempt to uncover any invisible ink messages.

"So soft."

Scarlett was in heat as she moved Michele's legs open and slid her own between them. Her own cunt was very wet and she pressed against Michele's and began to grind on her.

From behind 'the woman' joined in and ground her loins at the blonde Frenchwoman as well and they all started to rock from left to right, joined at the hip.

Irene in particular had never felt this sensation before as her soaking cunt rubbed on Michele. Scarlett and the blonde ground their clits against each others and their mutual juices mixed.

"Miss Adler?"

Irene nodded at Scarlett Holmes and mounted Michele's face and pressed her cunt to her agape mouth. As her hips gyrated Michele let her tongue enter the dripping slit and lapped greedily with audible yummy sounds.

Scarlett quickly moved down the bed and mashed her face to the moist shaven cunt. Expertly licking the exposed clit she inserted her thumb inside Michele and sent the blonde to heaven.

"Mais oui!"

Irene's juices seeped out of her and coated the tongue that was firmly pressed inside her dampness. Scarlett licked and flicked even faster as Michele yelped into Irene's cunt.

She was the first to cum and her entire body convulsed from the intense orgasm. Then Michele arched her back and her toes curled into the bed as she thrashed about like a wild woman.

Scarlett leaned in as close as permissible to scrutinise the Labia Minora. Sure enough she could make out tiny words in emerging invisible ink.

'Art is the key.' She read as she let Michele roll over and pin her thighs together.

Irene looked at the mastermind detective.

"Behind a painting?" Mused Scarlett.

"Under a piece of sculpture, perhaps?" Wondered Miss Adler.

"Eureka! I have it! The club sign, is it not Artistique?"

"Of course! Art is the key! We shall find our prize above the front door of the club."

"Come, Miss Adler come. Not a word just get into your clothes and come!"

Once suitably dressed they rushed outside into the night as a steady and chilly rain began to patter on the Parisian sidewalk.

Irene was highly impressed at the agility and above average strength of Scarlett who climbed up the trellis beside the main entrance to reach the illuminated club sign. She jiggled the letter A and cheered when she loosened the desirable key from its hiding place.

"Well done Holmes. Capital, capital."



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Loved your Sherlock Holmes stories, hope you'll continue them.


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Re: The Adventures of Scarlett Holmes
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Loved your Sherlock Holmes stories, hope you'll continue them.

They are REALLY hard to write, maybe one day.


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Africa, 1881.

Scarlett Holmes broke the surface of the clear water and slowly waded ashore through the surf.

Her mass of wet golden hair clung fast to her back and shoulders as she stood on the hot sand and turned her face to the afternoon sun.
The willowy and sensuous honey hued blonde stood to her full height as she gave her backside a sexy shake.

"Doctor Watson!" She called out with a wave of her hand.

Her leopard skin outfit hugged her 36DD sized breasts and curvy hips and also gave her rear end a nice rounded look as she dug her toes in the soft sand. Drops of the ocean water dappled her soft skin and one singular rivulet ran down her ample cleavage and vanished from sight.

As she sighed contently in the heat of the sun she walked bare foot up the beach and joined a visibly sulking Doctor Emma Watson who sat on a towel on the bleached white sand.

"What a complete show off." The infuriated young woman said in a huff.

Emma was similarly dressed in skins but where Scarlett was curvaceous and full bodied she was of a more slender figure with flat stomach and pert tits. Despite her breasts being on the small side they were in fact perfect for her lithe stature and looked quite superb from any angle. Her medium cut brown hair was loose and framed her pretty face with the attractive doe eyes and delicate porcelain skin as she looked up.

Scarlett dropped down beside her and her rump made a sizeable depression in the sand. She had taken a welcome swim after scouting the immediate area.

"What a glorious day! I love the ocean. Don't you, Doctor?"

"No! Nor do I care for prancing around half naked in the outdoors."

Blessed with a remarkable brain and ample bosom Scarlett Holmes, the worlds most famous consulting detective, had advised Emma to dress accordingly for tropical conditions but she had no inkling that it might mean wearing animal skins, and so short to boot!

Scarlett closed her eyes and let the drops of water evaporate on her tanned skin, stretching out and wiggling her toes in the sand as she laid back.
It made for a stark difference to the dirt and stink of London.

"To live as nature intended. Can you even imagine? London is so filthy and foggy and leaves an unpleasant taste in the mouth."

"Well I like London. AND the fog." Emma pouted as she refused to adapt to her new surroundings.

Emma had served as a registered nurse in the second Afghan war of 1878 and had returned to England with the title of honorary Doctor for her bravery. Very soon after she had met the remarkable Scarlett Holmes and immediately became her confidant and lover.
Not only did they share a bed but they always shared their unique adventures. 

"What a wretched place this is." She mused under a red hot sun.

Known ominously to the civilised West as the Dark Continent, Africa mostly consisted of vast jungles that covered the landscape. The dense forests of trees were inhabited by tribes of natives who had, for the most part, never seen white men or women. Only now as the century drew to a close did civilised countries look to Africa for its gold and diamonds.

The two women had spent a restless night on the periphery of the all imposing jungle when they had been dropped off by the steamboat SS Ferdinand.

They had been tasked by none other than Queen Victoria herself to recover a substantial number of industrial diamonds, the means of which the evil criminal mastermind known as Professor Moriarty intended to use to buy off numerous vigilantes needed to initiate a European war.

The ambitious but ruthless nemesis of Holmes wished to force a conflict on a large scale that would see his hired arm, disguised as German soldier, strike at both England and France simultaneously. By blaming Germany the already smoking powder keg that was Europe would inevitably erupt into war, earning Moriarty fame and fortune beyond his wildest dreams. 

Emma and Scarlett had journeyed to the Zambuli Lands in the West African country of Tigora. The diamonds were apparently secreted somewhere in the thick jungle, and Scarlett had been contacted by her sister Morticia, to locate and retrieve those stones from those who sought to cause conflict.
Morticia was something in Government and always had the ear of Her Majesty in times of crises.

There was no other than Scarlett herself who would be able to carry out such a delicate task.

"Come Doctor. Let us begin our quest."

The two scantily clad women gathered their rough boots of hide and Scarlett picked up her knife and bamboo spear. Emma took charge of the water canteens and food rations as they moved covertly to the darkness of the jungle.

"And watch out for snakes."

"Snakes!" Cried Emma as she moved quickly and followed Scarlett as close as could be as they stepped through the undergrowth, her roughly covered feet treading cautiously on the grass and fallen leaves.

Scarlett was as fearless as ever as she probed the leaves and branches with her spear.
Despite never having visited Africa before she quickly adapted to the curious surroundings.
A cacophony of sound filled their ears as they went, insects, animals and exotic bird calls, like a tropical orchestra.

Despite her cool demeanour Holmes perspired freely in the oppressive heat and admired Emma who appeared to be able to weather the gruelling conditions. Constant buzzing of flying insects tested their patience as they swatted away as they walked.

A badly camouflaged spot of ground caught the eye of the blonde detective and she uncovered a thin mat over a shallow pit under the dead leaves.

"Trap." She said abruptly as she prodded the mat with her spear. "I expect more."

Suddenly the buxom beauty heard low voices ahead and stopped dead.

"Down!" She whispered and dropped onto her belly.

Emma hesitated, frozen in fear, until Scarlett grabbed her costume at the bosom and roughly dragged her down beside her. As they clung together Emma seethed with rage as she examined her torn dress. Her left breast popped out without the support of her upper garment which was rent in two.

"You tore my dress! I thought it was supposed to be resilient! My bosom is bared for all to see!"

"Hush! Do you wish us to be undone!"

"I AM undone!" Protested Emma as she stifled a sob and put her hand over her chest.

Up ahead, in a natural clearing stood three members of the Zambuli tribe, a mysterious group who had little contact with outsiders. 

"There! Do you see?"


"A small camp just ahead. They are obviously defending something of interest. We shall wait until they rest and investigate."

"What makes you think that?"

"By the way the men are evenly distributed back to back and their war spears in defence mode."

"Why on earth would Moriarty choose these hostile people to guard the diamonds?"

"They are a proud and honourable race and most loyal once they gain your trust. However, they appear to have reached out and have decided to use the diamonds for trade. Moriarty is most annoyed, apparently. We shall infuriate him further by taking the diamonds for England and Her Majesty. And remember that there may be more traps."

"Wait, you may be right." Said Emma as she prodded another badly hidden reed mat. "Look here...HEY!"

Emma yelled out as she and Scarlett were suddenly hoisted into the air and jostled and bundled up in fine mesh nets. They both realised they were secured as tight as could be as they swung in the air three feet off the ground. As Scarlett hung upside down she saw four tribal men surround the pair of captive women. As the blood rushed to her head she tried to think straight.

"We are friendly and mean no harm. Please, free us!"

She spoke in her own language, hoping to be understood. One man answered and told her to shut up, Emma was cradled in her net with her pert backside sticking out one end and her feet the other. Her already torn outfit was now so ripped her tits were both bared and exposed.

"Holmes! Tell them we are friends!"

As they desperately resigned to their situation two black skinned men in loin clothes thrust a long tree branch through the largest gap in the nets and both women were lifted into a horizontal position and unceremoniously carried to the camp like captured animals.


Emma and Scarlett hung limply by their wrists that were tied together above their heads. They strained to remain on their toes as they tugged on the ropes that bound them. Secured to a wooden beam that ran along the ceiling of the hut, the rope was then tied off to the nearest wall so that they were half suspended, their toes digging into the dirty floor.

Emma was the most frightened as she wriggled nervously to steady her tiny frame, her every joint straining. Her ruined leopard skin dress hung around her waist and her perky tits shook and jiggled in their unfettered state.

Her angelic face was streaked with dirt and sweat and her upper body glistened in the oppressive heat. Three of the black men looked upon them with a certain humour as the white skinned females hung helpless side by side.

"Filthy brutes!"

Emma shuddered as three pairs of big brown eyes scrutinised her delicate form. She was in no doubt that she was the first white female they had ever laid their eyes on.


The door to the hut opened and a white female entered with a smaller man beside her. Both were dressed all in black. The woman wore spectacles and was quite rotund and obese. Scarlett noted the riding crop she wielded in her left hand as she approached. The man was thin and balding and his left leg seemed to be a tad shorter than his right. Pale and blue eyed both these were not tribal folk.

"Allow me to introduce ourselves. I am Frau Olga Flick, and this is my husband, Herr Flick. Until recently we both served His Majesty, the King of Prussia, in his Royal Prussian Army. But now we pledge our allegiance to Moriarty, that glorious and wonderful genius who will liberate Europe and the world from their ignoble leaders."

The chubby woman licked her lips as she looked upon the bemused captive ladies who listened in total puzzlement. Her passable English interspersed with throaty cackling as she spoke.

"We have established a, how do you say, a rapport with the natives in exchange for the items we both seek. It is quite humorous how the black primitives got agitated by our rifles. Must be the loud bang, nicht wahr? Anyway we have half of the diamonds they concealed now, but we know not the whereabouts of the other half. We were hoping you could oblige us with the location, ja?"

Scarlett looked at the ugly woman in the eye and set her jaw.

"I don't know what you mean? My friend and I were just looking for ivory. We hope to make a pretty penny back in England."

"Tut, tut. We know who you are. Holmes and Doctor Watson. Our sources in London are most informed and we are aware of the pair of you. I must advise you that to resist will result in great discomfort."

"You are mistaken. Let this young woman go and I may tolerate your questions."

"Doctor Watson. Freed? I think not. She will be most useful in our little play methinks. Husband?"

Herr Flick handed his spouse a large and very sharp knife which she held up in the light of the oil lamp until it reflected into Scarlett's eyes. She held her chin up as her outfit was then ripped up the middle with one slice of the knife.

Her large and full breasts tumbled out and shook lightly on her chest. Fair pubic hair covered her most treasured spot as she closed her thighs, and her round ass clenched as she hung as naked as the day she was born. Her long mane of golden locks fell across her shoulders and back, stopping at the cute dimples just above her two tight cheeks.

"Ha! Quite the voluptuous one, ja? The diamonds. Where are the diamonds?"

The woman adjusted her eyeglasses and poked out her tongue and made lascivious gestures towards Scarlett's hefty tits. The captive detective turned her head to the diminutive figure of her husband in disgust.

"You are married to this...this trollop? Don't know what you see in her."

"Silence! Do not provoke me any more than is necessary."

Olga glared at Scarlett with fiery eyes that looked out from kohl smeared lids.

"Now, to the good Doctor Watson."

Emma was next as the tattered remains of her dress were cut from her slim frame with quick slices of the knife. She hung suspended in her naked form and her face flushed at the thought of her vulnerable state being ogled by the small group.

As she swung from the ropes that bound her wrists Frau Flick studied her fat free body with the perky breasts topped off by the small rosebud nipples. The stout Prussian spun the hapless English woman around and poked her small bottom with the crop. The humiliated Emma tried to lift her derriere in an attempt to take the strain off of her legs and hips.

"Prussian swine! Leave me alone!" Cried Emma.

"Let her be, you fat bitch! Play with me if you must."

The proud Holmes knew that she were more than for the Prussian than the lightweight Emma. Slick with sweat her amazing body was a superb sight despite being forced to stay in her odd position. Her muscles strained which made her thighs and abdomen flex as she dangled on her binds.

"Perhaps you speak wisely. Your wish shall be granted. My, my. It is so hot in here. I think I need to shed some clothing."

Handing the knife to Herr Flick Olga proceeded to undress until she too stood naked. Emma and Scarlett looked at the perverted woman with the enormously huge breasts that spilled out over her corpulent belly like goat skin bags of milk. Under a turgid layer of extra skin above her nether regions her puffy cunt was seen, covered as it were by a mass of black curly tendrils.

"That is better, ja? This heat is suffocating. Husband, my crop, bitte."

Olga circled Holmes once, twice and then a third time, pausing behind her. She stooped down to take a closer look at Scarlett's vulnerable nether region.

"I find it so much easier to wield my right hand when I am unencumbered by clothing. Observe."

Scarlett gasped as the riding crop slashed her across the backside, striking both cheeks simultaneously. This would be a true test of her strength and endurance she thought to herself. The brave adventuress steeled herself as a second blow landed dead centre on her posterior and left a thin red stripe that crossed the first.

"Fucking whore! Where are the stones?"

"I...I know not. GAGH!"

Scarlett could feel her buttocks burn as her soft flesh was awash with perspiration one stream of which trickled down the sublime crack that lifted and separated her firm globes. Three more spanks of the crop were dished out and she winced from the stings.

"You cruel savage! This is no less than barbaric!" Emma began to sob as she witnessed the blonde bombshell reel in pain and anguish.

"Hush English, lest you want some of the same treatment."

"Do your worst, bitch! I will not break."

Olga began to experiment with alternating blows on both nates. First the left, then the right, and then across the backs of the upper thighs. Scarlett wriggled and swung to and fro with her arms secured above her and her bottom rippled with every strike of the thin weapon.


"Harder!" She cried in defiance.




"Harder, you Prussian scum. I shall not break."

Despite her brave words the toll of the thin and hard whip was beginning to leave the naked woman weak and debilitated.

"I have some delightful soothing balm for you the minute you tell us the location we desire."

"Go to hell." Holmes croaked as she absorbed the unbearable pain in her lower body.

One of the tribal members who had witnessed the cruel and lewd assault spoke in his native tongue.

"The savage says they know of the self styled consulting detective and she is stubborn and will never yield."

Herr Flick translated for his wife who was sweating like a pig as she visibly drooped in the tropical heat.

"Ja. I confess I agree. We will change tack. Fetch Ogogo."

Olga took a welcome swig of water from a leather water bag as she pulled Scarlett's face up to her level.

"You stink like rotten fish, you ugly hag."

Her remark was rewarded with a slap across her left cheek.

"Ah. Here is Herr Flick and Ogogo."

The balding Prussian limped back into the hut with a much taller black man beside him. Over six feet in height the muscular man was in all his naked glory. Emma gasped as she looked upon the fine figure of a man with developed torso and biceps. His waist was tiny compared to his corded thighs and as she studied his ripped abdomen Emma's eyes were drawn to his magnificent manhood that hung down over his large scrotum like a small club.

"It is fascinating to me that the black male is so well endowed, do you not agree Doctor Watson? Take this man. The best warrior in the tribe. Note his sizeable member."

Indeed, Emma had never seen such a large male organ in her life and as she hung suspended from the ceiling she felt a guilty sensation of moisture between her upper thighs.

"What the devil are your intentions, you witch?"

"You shall watch as my man ravishes the jungle bitch until either she or you divulge the information I seek. Doctor, do you suppose a woman can be fucked to death? It will be rather fun to find out. Ogogo!"

The ebony skinned male stepped forward as Olga spread her hand to the limp Scarlett. As the red blooded man took in her marvellous bosom his cock began to move. The fat and greasy Olga grinned and shuddered as she took a seat beside her husband and watched the proceedings unfold.

"The location of the diamonds is all we need ladies and your nightmare shall end."

Both captured women remained silent knowing full well the consequences. Ogogo looked into the stunning green eyes of Scarlett, her angelic face matted with sweat stained fair hair, and lowered his gaze to her glistening breasts.

He placed his calloused hands around each huge pillow of flesh and pawed them slowly. Emma watched agog and squirmed on her binds as she saw his cock rise up until it pointed at the ceiling.


Scarlett moaned softly as her nipples stiffened under his persistent massage and she wriggled to and fro. He moved his hands across the swell of her belly and didn't stop until he reached her supple upper legs. She bit her lip as he pushed his right hand inside the succulent flesh of her inner thigh and made contact with her downy covered cunt.

"Yes, yes!" Mumbled Olga as her pink tongue slathered her thick, wet lips.

His middle digit wormed its way inside her puffy vagina and he fingered the moist inner folds as he looked directly into her eyes. Eyes that flashed with the utmost bravado as she endured the molestation. As her breath caught in her throat he added a second finger which brushed her clitoris briefly. After several probes and prods he withdrew from her sex and held his wet hand under his nose.

"Whatever happens Doctor Watson, say nothing."

"You are in no fit state to dictate terms I think. Show the good Doctor, Ogogo."

The black skinned Adonis shifted to his left and came behind the petite English rose. As he towered over her he pressed his larger frame into her back and his stiff erection settled in between her symmetrical buttocks.


His hands came up her front and he cupped her modest breasts, letting her rosy nipples peak out between his fingers. As he pinched them he dry humped her with forceful lunges of his tapered pelvis which made her move forwards by a clear foot.

The helpless woman felt her head spin as she imagined what his nine inch pole would feel like if he penetrated her cunt. He continued to push his rigid pole up into her magnificent bum crack, leaving a smear of sweat and moisture behind as he did so.

"Fiends! Foul fiends!" Exclaimed a tearful Emma.

"Hah! Splendid sport."

Olga kicked out her right leg and thrust her right mitt against her damp loins. Ogogo ceased his teasing and turned his attention back to Scarlett. His stupendous club of a cock was now sporting a clear spot of pre cum on the bulbous head as he stood behind her.

He mashed her large tits together and used his right knee to spread her legs. Scarlett yelped as his bobbing thick knob made contact with her vaginal entrance and his hard cock plunged up inside her with one push.

"AHHH!" She screamed at the initial thrust as the well hung African held her steady.

He stopped half of the way in and Emma's eyes were riveted to the sight of his shiny black length sticking in her friends cunt. Her labia were stretched out as his shaft moved back a little before slamming back in.

"So...big!" She whimpered as she sucked in deep breaths of air.

Her hands became two fists as she flexed her wrists in her ropes as he began to fuck her tender body with an alarming rate. He still kept hold of her tits as his groin smashed against her backside with every hard lustful thrust.

Pump after pump he gave her every inch of his generous hose and inevitably her cunt became juicy and wet as she howled in a mix of horror and gratification.

"Mmm, oh! I shall not break!" She said to Olga as she bounced back and forth on the biggest cock she had ever taken.

The sadistic Prussian woman fumed at Scarlett's words, while at the same time being immensely turned on. Scarlett gave her best smile as her cunt loosened up and she welcomed Ogogo's stiffness.

Waves of pleasure were now spreading through her hot body as she bucked and twisted on his length. His hands roamed over her curves as he buried his entire length inside her to the hilt.

"What an erotic vision," thought Emma as her vulva became warm and sticky from her own regretful arousal.

Ogogo stopped for a moment and pulled out and contemplated hid erection which was liberally coated with Scarlett's fluids. He kneaded her buttocks and she welcomed his touch on her sore rump.

"Ogogo. Let me down and I shall fuck you like no other woman before."

Scarlett looked over her shoulder and spoke in his language in a soft tone. The man rubbed his chin and then nodded. This white woman was some beauty!

"What is going on?" Asked Olga as Ogogo let Holmes down and helped her get her blood running through tired limbs.

'Now YOU watch this. Prussian whore!"

Scarlett pushed her black lover onto his back and straddled him with her desirable body. She lifted her wide hips and then allowed her slick cunt to let his member to enter.

From this different angle his big cock filled her fully and as she planted both her hands on his broad and hairless chest she rocked back and forth. Her face blushed from the incredible friction as she impaled herself on his black mamba, and she shivered with delight as her clit rubbed on his groin.

"This is wonderful."

Ogogo held her buttocks and squeezed tightly as she rode him with assured strokes of her lower body. Up and down she pumped, her tender bottom nicely cradled by his strong grip.

He looked up admiringly as her huge mammaries jiggled in his face and he thrust up from the ground to meet her downward strokes. Her cunt gripped his shaft as she milked him with concentrated efforts to bring him to a climax.

"Ogogo, nein!"

Olga wielded her crop as she stood up, her blubbery flesh stinking of body odour. But the other members of the tribe blocked her from their champion as he grunted and his seed gushed inside her quivering muff with a series of orgasmic explosions. Unhurriedly they finally separated and Scarlett rose quickly to rescue a near fainted Emma.

"Now for YOU!"

Scarlett bent into a crouch with the fingers of her hands curled as if they were claws.

"AH!" Screamed the naked Olga as both women sprang at each other.

Everyone looked on as both top heavy vixens came together. Their huge breasts squashed against each other as they flung themselves into a violent cat fight. Scarlett clutched the flabby bottom of her rival and pushed the heavier of the two against the wall of the hut.

They both writhed in a lewd, almost sensual grapple as Olga struggled to gain a sure balance. Both sets of tits mashed together as they thrust further into each other, their bodies tightly entwined. They crashed to the dirty floor and Sheens growled as she gained the upper hand. The golden haired beauty managed to scissor Olga's head with her surprisingly strong thighs and tightened her thigh muscles accordingly.


Her sheer weight was to the advantage of the Prussian who merely rolled over as Scarlett thrashed her bare legs wildly. As they wrestled Scarlett somehow found her face in the sweaty crotch of Olga and she gagged loudly. With a supreme effort She overcame the sensation of suffocating and took a big bite on the obese woman's cunt.

"Himmel!" Screamed Olga who released a panting Scarlett Holmes.

With a bleeding crotch Olga flung herself at Scarlett and they became embroiled in a double bear hug. Scarlett scratched both cheeks of Olga in a blind rage as the other tore chunks of hair with bloody nails. They swayed this way and that, their backsides rippling with their exertions.
Then Scarlett brought her knee up and smashed into Olga's nether regions as hard as she was able. Olga wound up on the floor and Scarlett fell upon her screaming.

In her superior position she pounded the fat lump with everything she had. Arms, legs, feet, hips, tits and belly crushed the other into the ground in a violent and oddly enough sexual embrace.
Finally Scarlett dragged the bruised and beaten Olga to her feet by her hair and slapped her across the face once. Her huge mass slumped and then crumpled at the knees as she hit the floor.


Emma rushed into the others arms and hugged her for what seemed like minutes.

"Doctor? How do you fare?"

"Just relieved our torture is over."

"Quite. And now Herr Flick. If you wouldn't mind handing over the diamonds?"

The short man cleared his throat and fished inside the locket of his jacket and handed over the full package.

"Is that it?" Wondered Emma as she looked at the surprisingly small pack.

As soon as the two heroines took possession of the desired gems Flick gulped as he became surrounded by angry looking tribesmen.

"Time we too our leave I think." Suggested Holmes.

The women gathered their leopard skin outfits and boots and left the hut unobserved.


They spent the night on the beach wrapped in each others arms under a starry sky. When they woke with the rising sun they remained joined in a loving embrace.

"Well, the steamboat should return for return for us at the second sunrise. Should be any time soon."

"And you have the other diamonds?"

"All the time. I refrained from letting you in on the fact for fear of you betraying yourself. Having said that I am immensely proud of you."

The gentle sound of the ocean had an hypnotic effect on them both as they recovered from their ordeal from the day before. They had both taken a refreshing swim under a cloudless sky and then eaten a light supper. Scarlett  applied some lotion to her sore bottom and was relieved to find no serious damage done.

"Now," said Holmes. "What shall we do until then?"

She looked into Emma's face for the first time properly in a while and took in her soft doe eyes and freckled features. Her brows arched up under short bangs of her lustrous light brown hair.

Scarlett lowered her gaze and studied the perky peach sized breasts with the hard nipples that jutted out firmly. Emma laid on her back with her knees bent and her slender legs splayed.

"This." Grinned Emma as she reached out her right hand and grabbed Scarlett's arm, her eyes brimming with excitement.

What she had seen in the hut had fired her ardour and lust for the buxom blonde. Unable to supress their mutual passion they kissed deeply for a full two minutes.

Scarlett laid on top of Emma as a light breeze wafted over her sand covered body. Stomach to stomach, breast to breast they moaned into each others mouths. Their soft lips slipped and slid together and Emma let her tongue trace out a line on Scarlett's fuller mouth.

They flipped onto their sides and Scarlett let her hands run up Emma's narrow back, crushing her in a close hug. Emma felt hands fondle her firm bum and surrendered to the probing fingers. They continued to kiss as Emma trembled in the arms of the blonde and spread her legs out wide on the white sand.

"You are such a delicate creature, Emma."

Scarlett again pressed her ample boobs into the petite woman as Scarlett's loins pushed into hers. They rocked gently on the beach as Scarlett wiggled her backside up and down on Emma's muff.

"Oh, that feels rather nice." She hissed.

Emma held onto Scarlett's back as they ground their hips against each other. Scarlett loved the feel of the quivering body under her and wallowed in the silky skin on hers. She rubbed her vagina harder into Emma's who now felt warm juices dripping onto her.

"Heavens! You're so wet!

Holmes chuckled and raised her rump up high and then crashed down hard, causing Emma to make a indentation in the bleached sand under her pert bottom.

"Please, for pity's sake, lick me there."

Scarlett lifted off and saw that Emma's fluff of pubic hair was darkened and wet. She knelt down and let her thumb rub on the hard pearl at the top of her little cunt. Emma was now breathing heavily and grabbed handfuls of sand and let it trickle between her fingers.

"Ooogh, yes!"

She responded to the long and pointed tongue that played out loving circles on her delectable cunt lips. Emma sighed and closed her eyes tight shut as Scarlett plunged her tongue into her velvet soft quim.

She was literally tongue fucked as lap after lap bathed her labia and her cunt hole was stabbed at over and over. Scarlett had her nose in the soft pubes and made satisfied gurgles into Emma's sex.

"It's incredible." She cooed as her young pussy erupted and squirted cum over Scarlett's face.

The sun continued to rise on another hot African day as Emma sat up and put her index finger to Scarlett's stomach.

"Lie down."

As Emma rolled over she put her face to the others voluptuous breasts and swirled her pink tongue over the hard left nipple. As she did so she cupped the other and squeezed the huge expanse of flesh. She switched after a while and repeated the same licking and nipping on the electric erogenous zone.

"I have never kissed such a large bosom." Said Emma between sucks.

Emma began to move south on a quest of her own to seek out Scarlett's wet cunt. She left a trail of saliva on her belly as she arrived between Scarlett's open thighs. She put her lips to the succulent lips and have them a light kiss.

"That tickles."

Emma extended her tongue and gave long and agonisingly slow licks from the offered anus up to the hooded clitoris. Scarlett was amazed at the exhilarating teasing and moaned loudly as she pressed her head back into the sand.

Now her cunt lips were expertly parted by the flicking tongue and her pink inner folds were painted with generous sweeps. On occasion Emma poked out at the hard nub of Scarlett's clit which made the blonde shriek.

"Keep that up, oh! I'm so close."

Emma slid a finger inside the heated cunt as she concentrated on flicking the erect clit. With her face clamped to Scarlett's leaking quim, Emma increased her fingering as she went for the glorious finale.

"Oh fuck! Oh yes! Yes, yes, yes!"

Emma continued the pressure of her mouth to cunt and was rewarded with a face full of squirting cum that erupted like a burst dam.

"I can't begin to describe how that felt." Said Scarlett as she looked into Emma's sticky face.

"Sorry about that. I'm a bit of a squirter!"

"A bit!" Laughed Emma as they both raced off to clean up in the ocean.

As they splashed and giggled in the surf the steamboat slowly came into sight.



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Re: The Adventures of Scarlett Holmes
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Note- This version of Vampirella is based on the Warren Publishing years. Megan Fox as Vampi and Scarlett Johansson as Holmes.


Scarlett and Vampirella, part one.

London, 1881.

Vampirella had always had relationships. Friends, family and lovers. In fact the statuesque beauty had quite the healthy sexual appetite. For men and women alike.

The raven haired alien female had feelings, desires and a taste for blood. She was an inhabitant of the planet Drakulon, a world with twin suns and where the Vampiri race drank the blood that flowed in the rivers. By a quirk of nature the water there was composed of the same elements that constitute haemoglobin thus was born people who depended on blood for sustenance.

When the world began to flounder due to its drying up of blood under the scorching suns she had escaped to Earth in a spaceship in order to investigate the warm blooded human race. Crash landing she was now marooned on Earth in the nineteenth century where she devoted herself to fighting evil of all kinds.

And getting laid as often as possible.

"Very wet there, aren't you my dear?"

"Then enter me, you devil."

Prince Arthur, son of the Queen, stared down at the curvy form on her back and was filled with a strong desire to sheath his manhood deep within her sex. Her jet black hair was spread out on the pillow and her big bosom heaved as she breathed in and out, the nipples erect and rosy against her alabaster skin.

The naked lovers were in a small bedroom off of the Kings Road and the moonlight streamed in through the open window on a hot night. Vampi wrapped her arms around Arthur's neck as he stroked her hips with firm caresses.

He fell upon her as she inched her legs open and exposed her very slick cunt. The amorous black haired enchantress lifted her hips as he shifted into position and his hard prick brushed her inner thigh, nudged her entrance and slid all the way in.

"Yes! Give me that cunt splitter!" She cried at the superb jolt of penetration.

Arthur gave a wiggle of his pelvis until he was adequately inside her wet tunnel and began to move in and out. His hips flexed as he drove back and forth in a slow grind that saw his weight settle on top of the voluptuous alien.

They moaned in time with each other as she melted into his arms and clung on tight. Her hands moved up and down his flanks as his muscles rippled. As his cock became coated in her love juices the Prince took her harder, a signal for her to lock her long pins around his waist.

"Oh, harder than that if you please." She told him in no uncertain terms.

Sweat prickled his brow as he doubled the rate of his thrusting and the bed creaked noisily beneath them. The mysterious woman oozed confidence and had an uninhibited sexuality that he found impossible to resist.

Most women in his circle of friends usually flung themselves at him as a matter of course, he being a Prince of the Realm.

"Very well." He thought and circled his hips and plunged deeper inside her.

He fell into a rhythm as he grew more focused and he snorted loudly with each and every power thrust home. His huge organ rammed inside with a welcome familiarity and her hot cunt muscles squeezed him.

Her legs draped over his shoulders and he gazed down on the beautiful female with a quivering cock. He was so hard and she was so wet that he had to slow down for fear of coming too soon. He wanted more of this extraordinary creature.

"Up, pup."

Arthur pulled the panting Vampiri into a sitting position and let her settle onto his lap. Face to face they looked deeply into each others eyes as she sank down onto his upright pole inch by inch.

Her clear blue eyes mesmerised him as they came to within an inch from each others face, close enough to share hot breath. Her fingers dug into his broad shoulders as she began to grind her lower body in a seductive shuffle that saw his cock buried inside her up to the hilt. Her bright eyes left his as she moved to bury her face in the crook of his neck.

"Have a care, Vampi. I dare not show up at the Palace with a love bite from a vampire.

"Just a little taste, my darling."

"You are an insatiable minx, what are you?"

"Merely hungry, my Prince."

In fact, since she had arrived on Earth she had lived on a special substitute blood serum that kept her thirst under control. Her glossy red lips brushed his flesh and he felt her fangs nibble on him as she fucked him in the intimate sitting position.

His arms cradled her sensuous body and closed his eyes in an almost hypnotic embrace as he inhaled the sweet scent of her hair. Her body almost burned to the touch as she pressed tiny kisses along his collarbone and he gritted his teeth. The angle of penetration made for a maddening friction that saw both revel in mutual ecstasy.

"Oh, that's it."

Arthur cupped her behind as his neck was nibbled and his hair tousled in her busy fingers. Then she surprised him by lifting off and letting his knob slip out of her gaping sex and spun around. Vampirella dropped her vibrant body onto his with her back to him and he held onto her hips as his erection entered her once more.

She duly rolled her hips to and fro, grinding her clitoris on the base of his stiff cock, and his heart missed a beat. She sighed as his fingers moved across her fine abdomen and met her pubes. He pulled on the neatly trimmed dark curly hair and teased her sensitive clit while exhaling on the nape of her neck.

"Ooh, yes!"

She felt him lifting up into her as he slid a finger inside her anus and thrust up hard. Vampi looked over her pale shoulder and her mouth gaped. The thrilling sensation of her two holes being pleasured was sublime and she rode him with renewed vigour. Her huge breasts thrust forward as she moved and Arthur gasped when her long nails dug into his thighs.

"That will make me cum."

"Isn't that the idea?"

Not yet, damn you! I could fuck you all night he thought. Impaled on his thick rod Vampirella felt her own impending climax and tossed her head back.

"Yes! I'm going to cum!"

Fucking knew it thought Arthur as he began to piston up as she ground down with faster strokes. Unable to hold out he erupted inside her and held her tits in both hands as he shuddered to a halt. His cum seeped out and ran down her crack and he inhaled deeply in order to catch his breath.

They fell back and stayed glue together for several more minutes, wallowing in the afterglow. Arthur laid still with a self satisfied grin and watched the smoking hot woman rise from the bed and fluff up her long mane.

"It's nearly morning. I need to rest." Her words were a signal for him to leave.

She turned to the bed as the moonlight illuminated her 34C cup breasts. Pure sexuality radiated off her as her hand casually went in between her upper thighs to catch the dampness that escaped her hot snatch.

"Very well. I shall depart. Just don't leave town any time soon."

"Heaven forbid, my Prince."

As he gathered his things Vampirella began to tend to her toilet when she saw the hand written note on a table by the bedroom door.

"Come at once. I have a new lead in locating the blueprint. Meet me at the base of Big Ben. Scarlett Holmes."

"Odds bloodkins." Exclaimed the vibrant off worlder.


Unaware of the presence of Scarlett as they made love, Prince Arthur and Vampi fucked their brains out in total bliss. The female private detective had stood by the slightly open bedroom door and watched through the crack as Vampi impaled herself over and over on the man's stiff cock.


Holmes looked on wide eyed as the naked vixen from Drakulon tossed her black wavy hair around and rode her lover like a bucking bronco. The self styled consulting sleuth felt her heart thump in her chest at the erotic sight and focused on Vampirella's cunt that drove down on him to the hilt.

His eight inch erection looked slick and shiny when it emerged from the woman's quim and his large scrotum bounced up to meet her butt crack as he re-entered.

In two minds whether to discreetly leave or witness the pair in sexual congress Scarlett was in a trance as she moved her hand to the laced up buttons of her long dress and opened the bodice. Then she widened the waist and let the dress fall open to her navel.

"Don't stop, lover." Cried Arthur.

Don't stop, agreed Scarlett as her middle finger slid into the front of her bloomers to her hot box. Turned on by the rutting couple she parted her legs and went on tiptoe just out of sight and humped at her digit with a roll of her hips. Her muff grew wetter and wetter with each movement of her finger.

"Mmm." She moaned as she brought it to her lips and sucked on it slowly.

The taste of her own juices only heightened her guilty arousal and she cupped her mound with both hands. As the lovers grew louder she pushed back at the wall and closed her yes.

The sound of groaning and squishing of body parts drove the blonde wild. With two fingers on either side of her erect clitoris she rubbed hard with her thumb and struggled to stay mum.

"Fuck me Vampi!"

As the couple on the bed drew to their natural conclusion so Scarlett humped the fuck out of her hand. With a jealous pang, wishing it were she with either the Prince or the vampire, she brushed her cunt faster and faster until she came and warm fluids dropped out onto her palm.

Silently composing herself she shook her head to clear it and scribbled the note for Vampirella and left.


Having her tried and trusted companion, not to mention lover, Doctor Emma Watson incapacitated due to a broken foot it had been fortuitous when Scarlett had met with the extraordinary female known as Vampirella.

Scarlett was not one to flinch but when her sister Morticia turned up at her rooms at 221B Baker Street accompanied by Prince Arthur and the singular and striking Vampirella her jaw dropped.
Mister Hudson had announced the visitors and looked quite ashen.

"What is the matter man, you look positively ill."

"It's..it's your sister, His Royal Highness Prince Arthur and...another."


"It appears to be a female, ma'am. And what's more, she is quite naked!"

"Stuff and nonsense, man. Show them in."

Scarlett stood by the distinguished fire in her floor length summer dress and put her hands together.
Blessed with a remarkable brain and remarkable bosom, Holmes was known for her proficiency with observation and logical thinking when investigating intriguing cases for her paying clients.
The attractive blonde had garnered quite the reputation in a relatively short period of time and had helped solve some of the most singular and odd cases.

"Good lord!"

Scarlet felt a frisson of a thrill as a cold rush of air filtered into the room as Hudson opened the door.
Morticia entered, accompanied by the Prince, who stepped in with a decidedly unhappy visage.
Behind them a black shape seemed to apparate in a floor length cape.
As this was flung aside a slim female stood tall and straight backed.

"Scarlett, may I introduce the Prince, and Miss Vampirella."

Holmes stared at the woman with the centre parted raven tresses tumbling down her back to the tailbone. The midnight black hair highlighted the perfect oval of her pale face and her dark sensual eyes. The full lips were crimson which contrasted with her high and white cheekbones.

"Charmed, I'm sure," said Scarlett after a moment of reflection.


Her voice seemed to come from deep down in her throat and this gave the word a smouldering richness that bordered on the hypnotic.

Scarlett considered the five feet eight tall woman to be a figure of perfection, revealed as it was in an exotic and very scanty red sheath of a costume that barely covered her breasts and crotch.

Her body was sultry and voluptuous, long of limb and supple. Her legs in particular seemed to never quit and ended in a pair of black spike heeled boots with a severe pointed toe.

Miss Holmes, who chose to live life to the full, could barely hide her attraction to the unearthly female and had to fan her face to relieve her blushes.

"Please, sit." She said eventually.
"Thank you."

Again, Scarlett reeled as she noted the two extended incisors as her lips drew back, both ghostly white and prominently pointed.

"Seems that the Prince and his, hmm, lady acquaintance, have some grave news."

Morticia gestured for Prince Arthur to explain.

"It's like this, Holmes. A certain Professor Moriarty, someone you are undoubtedly aware is the devil incarnate, has in his sights the blueprints to create a most hideous device of death and destruction. An electrically powered airship. Vampirella has come into information that a blueprint exists that contains the means to drop untold numbers of bomb onto armies and civilians alike."
Scarlett raised a curious brow and stood by the fireplace.

"An electrically powered airship? Is some such thing even possible?"
"It is certainly feasible. If unleashed upon an unsuspecting world it would result in a catastrophic number of casualties." Morticia's face looked grave as she continued. "We believe that the fiendish Moriarty means to sell the blueprint to the highest bidder. Germany or Russia come to mind straight off the bat."

"And how was this information discovered," wondered Scarlett, whose gaze was rivetted to Vampirella's ample and bared cleavage."

"I have ways and means." Answered Vampi with curled lips.

I bet, thought Holmes who felt a distinct moistness in her loins.

"Moriarty has gained possession of half of the blueprint and gainfully seeks the other. We need a sharp brain to aid us, Scarlett." Said Morticia as she stood up and paced the floor.

Along with the sharp teeth no doubt, thought Scarlett as she contemplated the off worlder.

"Of course, I'm your girl. The hideous Moriarty must be brought to justice."

"Capital! We shall keep you informed."


One London's newest features was the already iconic Westminster clock tower known as Big Ben, built twenty two years before in 1859. At eleven floors high the Elizabeth Tower housed several bells, the largest of which at fifteen tons was naturally Big Ben.

A little known fact of the tower was that a third of the way up is a prison room, where members of the House of Commons in breach of codes of conduct were imprisoned.

Scarlett Holmes had acted quickly once she had received an anonymous tip that the blueprint needed to create the airship was hidden under Big Ben.

'Go to Big Ben. Once there find the seller in the cellar. Then vault the vault and creep into the crypt. When you have done these to find the sought after document stare at the stairs.'

The message was signed 'an old acquaintance.'

"How odd," thought Holmes, naturally curious, if a little suspicious.

She hurried to Westminster as dawn broke and found a hunched figure clutching a basket of flowers by Big Ben.

"Morning dear. Primroses? Two bundles for a penny. Or maybe violets. Penny a bunch."

Scarlett could not make out any features of the female flower seller as she stood over her in her long coat.

"Actually what I need are directions. How do I gain access to the vault of Big Ben?"

"Creep under the lobby and you shall find where you seek."

Scarlett nodded and found not only one but three exits to the Central Lobby of the House of Commons. She walked briskly to an intricately tiled floor until she came to the great vaulted Royal entrance at the foot of Big Ben. Opening the door under the buttressed porch the female detective discovered a winding staircase that led to a mosaic covered vault.

"Stare at the stairs."

It was at the moment when she received the crack on the back of her head and she fell into a crumped heap.

End of part one.


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Re: The Adventures of Scarlett Holmes
« Reply #23 on: April 22, 2020, 05:29:33 AM »
Scarlett and Vampirella, part two.


Scarlett opened her eyes with a start and shook her head to clear her vision. Completely stripped she found herself backed up to the stone wall of the tower prison. Her wrists were tightly bound together behind her back, with a second length of rope binding her elbows so that they touched the small of her back.
About her neck was a neck chain attached to a metal ring in the wall.

With her upper body thus, her already substantial breasts pushed up and out from her chest as she rose and fell. Her legs had been placed apart by two feet and her delicate ankles had been secured in floor bracelets. The room was perfectly square with walls about twenty feet high and a single door with a tiny window with metal bars.

"Is someone there?" She asked as the shape of a person drew nearer, shrouded in a full length monk's habit that fell to the floor.

The brown robes completely obscured whoever was under the large hood.

"Just who are you? And why am I a prisoner?"

The hood was slowly lowered by two pale hands and a grinning visage was revealed, and it was none other than Professor Moriarty himself!

"YOU! You sent me the anonymous message!"


The amoral male threw off his habit to display his naked form. Scarlett noted his full erection and curled a lip in disgust. Again with the bondage and sex with this fiend! What a pervert!

"What do you want?"

"I have located half of the blueprint, Holmes. All that I require from you is the other half."

Scarlett listened with a grim face and squirmed on her bare feet.

"I know that you have a high threshold of pain.  I could not break you on previous occasions. But I have a rather different notion for obtaining information."

Moriarty began to stroke his cock into an erect state as he ogled the voluptuous naked detective.

"You turned out to be quite a looker, Holmes. Nice body indeed."

The fiend looked at the agitated woman. Her smooth rise of a belly led the eye to her downy covered quim between her parted legs. He approached the straining captive and moved his hands over her bountiful bosom, strumming the nipples at the same time. Then his hands snaked down Scarlett's flanks to her wide hips where they curved inward to the desired target of her tantalising muff.

"So very hot there."

Moriarty slipped one hand between the open legs and touched the moistening cunt. Scarlett moaned and moved with the invading fingers that now delved into her vulnerable sex. The only sound in the dark cell was her heavy panting  as her thighs and most private area were stroked and fingered.

"Are you becoming aroused? You can see that I am."

Scarlett lowered her eyes to the man's rampaging erect cock, now a threatening nine inches proud. It throbbed visibly as it stood out at a sixty degree angle from his body.

"Tell me where I can find the other half of the blueprint."

"Absolutely not."

Moriarty dropped to his knees and leaned in to kiss Scarlett's increasing dampness and let his tongue run over the swollen surface of the outer labia. In her stringently bound position the captive blonde had no choice but to watch her captor between her splayed legs hump in and out with his mouth smothering her nether regions.

"You taste divine. Are you sure I can't persuade you to talk?"

Holmes shook her head as the top of her mound was peppered with kisses before a tongue licked up and down her slit and darted inside her pink, inner folds. Now Scarlett was licked long and deep and she tilted her head back as she felt herself swabbed from perineum to clitoris.

"I need this cunt!"

She stifled a shriek as she realised there and then that Moriarty was going to fuck her! Seemingly he thought that forced sexual intercourse would loosen her tongue. Idiot!

He stood and gave his huge appendage a clockwise twist and Scarlett stared unblinking at the massive shaft. The mushroom sized head was placed at her  abused pussy entrance and her clear eyes widened in sheer surprise as the thick member pushed up into her tight quim.

She gave a huge gasp as the cock moved slowly in and out of her with unencumbered strokes. Moriarty held onto her hips as his pelvis rotated over and over and Scarlett gasped as her cunt expanded to take it in.

"Tight cunt, Holmes. You'll make another man very happy one day I'm sure."

Barely inches apart he looked into her face as she was impaled on the rigid pole. Then she yelped as her tits were slapped from left to right. The professor laughed as the hefty boobs bounced and shook from the blows.

Now Scarlett was fucked hard, the big organ buried in her cunt with every inward thrust. Her tits were alternately kissed and slapped as she tugged on her binds helplessly. Moriarty seemed to be obsessed by a sadistic lust as he shoved the immense organ inside ever deeper.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" He intoned as every muscle in his legs strained with his concerted effort.

As she was fucked harder and harder Scarlett Holmes concentrated on the huge cock and focused her mind on every bump, ridge and vein as her cunt was stretched. Despite her predicament she felt an orgasm build and build and she thought she might very well pass out again.

"Speak Holmes, speak."

I shall not. I shall not. I shall not. The professor pulled out and left the big head just inside her.

"Look at that! How erotic."

Scarlett felt her legs tremble as the glistening wet cock was held still between her thighs, a thin trickle of her juices winding to the man's astonishing scrotum. Back inside the big erection pushed up inside her snug twat and Scarlett felt every nerve ending catch fire.

"Heavens above!"

No longer in control of her emotions Scarlett was hopelessly lost in the sublime throes of an overwhelming euphoria that made her heart leap in her chest. Just one more push, one more push would do it. Her head snapped back as she came and welcomed the glow that followed.

Then Moriarty buried his cock right up to the hilt, his balls resting in the crack of Scarlett's ass and he groaned as his cock head swelled and throbbed inside the bound woman. Gush after gush flooded the exposed cunt as he ejaculated with a blessed relief. He withdrew, still erupting sperm which exited the Scarlett's overflowing muff and splashed on the stone floor.

"Such fun. Now I have to resort to more violent means."

Moriarty stepped away from the sagging woman and produced a eight inch long whip with thongs along the entire length.

"Let us see if this will loosen your tongue."

"Hold, you foul creature!"

The voice came from an unearthly raven haired beauty who flung her large black cape over her back. Revealing her signature costume of a red sling suit with the front almost completely cut out Vampirella stood proud and defiant. Her stunning bosom thrust out from the top of her outfit where two very thin straps were met by a gold ring that attached to her white collar.

Her heavy bust tapered to a small waist and flared hips. Every muscle in her body was taut as she looked at the captive Scarlett and made eye contact. Her full, red lips pouted and a brow raised she planted her feet wide and dug the heels of her shiny black boots into the dusty floor.


The arch criminal's eyes widened then narrowed to two slits as he stood tall and alert. Both moved slowly towards each other like two cats, hissing and displaying their claws.
Vampirella made her first mistake by temporarily lowering her gaze at the rigidly extended erection of the Professor, and she shrieked as suddenly the two of them met, their hands entwined palm to palm.

With their feet dug firmly in the floor they tested each others strength as they both pushed hard. Neither backed down as their noses came to within an inch apart and they stared deeply into each others eyes.

"Have a care, vampire. I shall not yield."

"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorched." Replied Vampi as her right boot locked behind the man's left calf.

Both groaned as they wrestled, grinding into each other so that they were soon belly to belly, cunt to cock. Vampi bared her razor sharp fangs and the Professor gasped and let her foothold slip and she was on her back on the floor.



Vampi fell on top with a fleshy smack and pressed herself down hard as they both reached out for each others hair. Locked together they rolled over and over, arriving at the bound feet of Scarlett Holmes.

"How do you fare, Holmes?"

"Just get a shift on, will you?"

With an unexpected twist Vampirella succeeded in scissoring Moriarty's head in her thighs and they thrashed around wildly on the floor. Vampi squeezed tightly with the others face in her crotch and dug her nails into the flesh of his face.

Then Moriarty bit hard into the dark haired ones thigh and she was forced to relinquish her hold. No sooner had they broken apart they came back together and Vampi had her minimalist red outfit was ripped from her bosom and hung down at her hips. Her mammoth breasts were gleaming with sweat and grime and they heaved as she panted loudly.


The Fiendish Professor was crazed as he attacked with both hands raised. Like wild animals they met and tore into each other again. Vampirella's costume was shredded and fell apart as her creamy flesh developed red scratches. Her hair, swinging tits, snatch and ass cheeks were grabbed and pulled as she fought back with fangs bared.


As their breath came in gasps they locked in a bear hug and with a mighty effort Vampi managed to bite the back of the panting criminal. Saliva dribbled down her ample cleavage as she moved in for the kill.

She straddled the man and gripped her thighs tightly against him. Moriarty's appendage rose up to half mast in a final gesture and he let out a primeval scream as his jugular was torn open by the victorious vampire. Blood streamed down the huge tits of Vampi who got off of her defeated opponent and stood tall.

"Is he dead?" Asked Scarlett, more to break the terrible silence than to affirm the obvious as Moriarty bled out.

"I believe so. Pity he died in vein." Came the droll answer as Scarlett was untied.

She rubbed her aching ankles and wrists as she bent to the motionless man.

"The threat of the airship is over. No more meddling from you Moriarty.

Scarlett and Vampirella left the prison room, both still naked and hand in hand.

"Come on then, let's tell the others."

As they took the stairs neither of them noticed the crumpled body of the Moriarty begin to slowly move.


"Do you suppose there will ever be another evil genius like the Professor?"

Scarlett was on the bed of Vampirella and both had their legs entwined. Both were on their sides in a scissors position as their cunts made intimate contact.

"He was the Napoleon of crime. There was only ever the one Napoleon.

As they spoke the naked darlings ground their nether regions against each other and their clits touched and pressed together. Scarlett rotated her hips and shuddered from the sensational pressure on her clit and thrust her bosom up with a deep sigh.

She looked down and was pleased to see Vampi shaking wildly, her hot and pink inner folds wet and glistening. They had figured out the perfect angle long ago where one could use her slit to rub inside the labial lips of the other. By now the pair of them were wet and slick and the incredible friction has set them up nicely for the next step.

"Hand me the toy."

Vampi leaned over to her left and reached for a large double ended leather dildo. She smeared petroleum jelly on both ends and fed one end inside her opening.

Then she handed the big toy to Scarlett and she slid onto the other end. They edged towards each other by dragging their backsides along the bed and they both gasped at the sublime penetration.

"What a gorgeous feeling."

Two inches had vanished inside the two humping females and that was increased by two more as they thrust at each other. Scarlett raised her hips off the bed as a fifth inch of leather wormed its way inside her quim. Her eyes were riveted on her lovers as she panted from the heavenly insertion of the dildo.


Both concentrated and reached out to stroke each others legs. Almost touching now their wet cunts hugged the dildo as they rocked in a rhythmic motion. Vampi's huge tits bounced up and down and Scarlett watched them closely.

"I've missed this. I was a tiny bit jealous when you and Prince Arthur made love."

She let out a groan as her bottom was dragged along and she was impaled on the sex toy. Vampirella was now in control as she made longer and deeper motions that saw her virtually fuck the famed detective.

"Oh, my!"

Scarlett made louder moans and at a higher pitch. The powerful shafting was now a relentless assault as the pair of them were filled to the hilt. They screamed simultaneously as they experienced crashing orgasms and then collapsed in a heap side by side. They hugged close, feeling their skin on each others and gently kissing.

"Have a care with those teeth of yours, you minx. And take me again," pleaded the blonde as her heart beat fast.

"You're insatiable!"

Vampi licked her middle finger and reached down and flitted over Scarlett's clit. She in turn put her hand between the parted legs of Vampi and started to caress her mound.

Without taking their eyes off each other they inserted two fingers inside each other and began to frig the other. They moved on the bed and Vampi laid on top so that their breasts pressed on the others.

"I love it."

Scarlett ran her fingers down Vampi's spine and stroked her bubble of a bottom as her labia was teased and probed. Her hips thrust up and her legs spread out wide and Vampirella took full advantage and slid her fingers in up to the second knuckle.

Scarlett longed for release and she yelled loudly as her legs trembled and an overwhelming rush shook her body from head to toe.



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