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Author Topic: Austen Prouder, The Spy Who Got Shagged  (Read 1291 times)


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Austen Prouder, The Spy Who Got Shagged
« on: January 20, 2020, 08:22:48 AM »
Note- Inspired by the second Austin Powers movie, 'The Spy Who Shagged Me.' Haley Atwell is Austen, Heather Graham is Felicity and Gia Carides is Robin. Rob Lowe is Number Two.


England, 1969.


Austen Prouder was having a smashing time at her fifth dance party in five days and was surrounded by many admirers, male and female.

In her purple romper jumpsuit and over the knee suede boots the buxom secret agent, the best in England, looked very shagadelic.

Voluptuous and blessed with an engaging smile she mingled and danced with the enthusiastic guests.

It had been two years since anyone had heard of Doctor Evil and things had been quiet of late in the spy game, but information was coming in that he was planning a comeback.

"It's true Austen. Doctor Evil is planning a comeback and he won't be content until you are out of the picture. There is a female agent of his in town and she plans on killing you this week at a party. Her identity is unknown so be on guard. Good luck old girl."

The warning had come the previous week from Basil Exposition, head of the Secret Service, and Austen was on battle stations.

The attractive and confident brunette was grooving to the latest sounds when a big breasted female in hoop earrings sauntered over.

In a black and white chequered mini dress and white go go boots she shimmied and butt slapped with Austen.

"Oh, behave!"

"You are a good dancer, Austen Prouder."

The English agent eyed up the woman with the bob hair that sat just above her neck and narrowed her eyes.

"No shit, Sherlock. I'm the best in the country."

Austen did a twirl and grinned broadly.

"I'm Robin, Robin Swallows."

"That's an interesting name."

"Maiden name was Spitz."

Austen did a double take.

"Ex squeeze me? Which is it? Spits or swallows? Hah, hah!"

"I have information that you may find interesting. It concerns Doctor 'you know who.'"

Austen pricked her ears up and moved closer to the stacked stranger.

"Meet me at my personal pad at eleven." She said in an aside.

"I'll be there." Replied Robin.

With that Robin danced off, just as a tall woman in an orange and pink crocheted mini dress bopped over.

Her strawberry blonde hair was blown back high and parted in the middle, and her doe like grey eyes twinkled under the mirror ball that hung from the ceiling.

She had an ample bosom, slim waist and very lean legs that never seemed to quit.

"Hello baby. That's a tight dress you are squeezed into. How do you get into it?"

"You can start by buying me a drink." Answered the blonde with a wink.

"Oh, you saucy bitch! Saucer of milk at table two! Do you swing then baby?"

The blonde came up close and whispered in Austen's ear in an American accent.

"Both ways. Men or women, matters not. You?"

"Me baby? I put the grr in swinger! Yeah!"

"My name is Felicity Shagwell, CIA. You better play it cool, your new friend is working for Doctor 'you know who.'"

"Meet me at my personal pad at midnight."

"I'll be there. Later, Austen Prouder."

With that Felicity danced off leaving Austen with a poser. Which of these women planned to kill her?


An hour later Austen pulled up outside her trendy pad in Chelsea and parked the E type Jaguar in shocking pink and sat still.

With a quick check on her Walther PPK with the pearl grip she composed herself and entered her apartment.

A faint scent of Chanel number nine wafted to her nostrils.

"So there you are. I hope you don't mind but I slipped into something more comfortable. Your water bed."

Austen reacted to the voice of Robin Swallows and entered her bedroom.

There, on her back in the circular bed, was the big boob brunette with the bob.

As Austen kept eye contact she nonchalantly unzipped her jumpsuit and rolled off her suede boots and Robin tore open the duvet cover.

Under the bedding she was stark naked and pointing a similar Walther pistol directly at Austen's exposed pussy as she dropped her panties. Robin noted the brown pubic hair had been nicely trimmed.

"Am I missing something baby?" Said Austen who stood proudly naked, hands on hips.

Robin eyed up the five foot seven brunette secret agent with the heavy tits and toned legs and licked her lips.

With her gun in her right hand she sat up and used her left to caress her own inner thigh as she parted her milk white legs.

Her boobs hung heavy on either side of her ribcage as she raised her noble chin.

"Not from where I'm looking. Come to bed lover and make mad, passionate love to me."

Robin laid down her weapon and hooked her index finger at Austen who padded over bare foot with a seductive roll of her wide hips.

The stranger in the bed toyed with her soft labia as Austen laid next to the informant who wasted no time in giving England's finest a French kiss.

Austen returned the kiss and sought out the other's tongue post haste.

As they hugged their busty upper bodies meshed to one another in a hot embrace, and the water rippled under them.

"About Doctor..."

Robin put her finger to Austen's red lips to silence her and looked into her bright brown eyes.

"Later lover. Later."

Robin rolled and laid on top of Austen who brought her arms around the others neck as they writhed together.

The sensation of soft flesh on flesh was astonishing as they hugged tight and ground their hips.

Austen felt the woman rub her pussy mound against hers and their pubes blended into one dark mass.

Robin humped her hips and Austen reciprocated as they enjoyed a divine mutual pussy rub.

"Oh baby, sweet. Yeah, sweet."

Austen moved her thigh then as pussy undulated against thigh, and thigh undulated against pussy.

Their skin prickled and became damp as the water flowed under them.

Robin began to slide down Austen until her face drew level with her dark pelt framing her glistening pussy, the lips parted and pouting.

Using two fingers Robin spread the petals wide exposing a sizeable clitoris nestling in the upper regions.

Austen began to breathe heavily as Robin hit her clit spot on with her pointed tongue.

The action brought the English woman's trembling legs around the others ears and clamped them shut, the motion pushing her pussy up.

"Mmmm..." She purred as her nipples stiffened under her own palms as she cupped her hefty boobs.

As always Austen juiced up like crazy, she always loved oral and she squirmed under the relentless lapping of the female spy between her legs.

Robin showed just who was in control as she teased up one side, and down the other, then back and forth across the exposed nub.

Austen felt her heart race and her breath gasp as she arched her back and squeezed Robin's head between her legs.

She experienced the tingling upward and spreading down her thighs as her orgasm thrashed through her.

Her vision coloured as her climax turned her pussy into a mess of juices.

"And I'm spent! Your turn darling."

The women switched position and Robin opened her legs wide to accommodate Austen as she slid down her body.

Austen tugged on her stiff nipples as she went, her boobs slick with sweat under her palms.

Robin bucked uncontrollably as her naked body became taut and her breathing made rasping noises.

Austen now had three digits inside the writhing woman who bucked more and more begging for her not to stop.

A tongue was added to the mix and Robin's swollen clit nibbled on with some gusto

As Austen lapped away she tensed as the tell tale feel of cold steel made contact with her vulnerable anus.

"Either you have a remarkable reach lover or someone is holding a Walther PPK up my asshole."

"Good observation, Austen Prouder. Meet Number Two. Second only to Doctor Evil himself."

Both Austen and Robin rose up from the bed and turned to see a surprisingly handsome young man dressed all in black, armed with a pistol.

"Delighted to meet you finally Austen. The bane of Doctor Evil no less. Well, prepare to die."

"Wait! Isn't the condemned woman allowed a last request?"

Austen sat on her haunches with her hands up and her big boobs heaving as she panted and looked down the barrel of the gun.

"I suppose. Within reason. What is it?"

"You look fab baby. Really turned on. I would love to suck your cock, what do you say?"

Number Two looked the English agent up and down with his one good eye, the right was covered with a patch, and felt something stir in his purposely chosen tight black pants.

Every detail of his cock and balls were outlined in the Italian cut trousers.

He paused in thought and exchanged glances with his ally who shrugged her shoulders.

Beside Robin Swallows the pair of top heavy women were too much of a good thing to turn down and he decided to grant Austen her final wish."

"Alright. It's a deal, only no funny business."

The aroused male began to strip off his shirt and unbuckle his belt, keeping his eye on Austen the whole time.

"I promise you sweetie, I'm only wearing breasts and no other weapons."

Austen grinned and went to the edge of the bed on her knees as the naked man padded over.

In wide eyed astonishment the English secret agent gaped at the handsome mans prodigious organ

She grabbed his half erect cock and gave it a few tugs to make him hard.

In an instant his massive sprang into life as long fingers deftly slid up and down his meaty prick.

"Very impressive baby. Do you have a bone to pick with me? Hah, hah!"

"Just suck it already."

"That's a bit hard to swallow!"

Austen leaned forward and moved her lips up the sloping sides of his cock head in order to make him nice and wet.

She flicked out her tongue in light butterfly kisses around the whole tip dragging and sliding, then she popped the swollen crown into her hot mouth and began to pump her head, working him inch by inch inside her eager mouth.

As she turned up the heat her long hair whipped about as she moaned on his hard length.

Fast and aggressive now she took in as much as possible of his huge cock, gagging loudly.

"Oh you gorgeous bastard! Get that thing in me. Now!"

Number Two was pushed onto his back as Austen Prouder shifted on top of him and rubbed her thighs on his, teasing his length against her hot box.

Then she pushed down, easing his generous meat inside the lush confines of her dripping cunt.

As she sank down her breath was forced out and the rampant male reached up and grabbed her huge tits.

Austen moved her hips gently back and forth before increasing her thrashing and working herself into a frenzy.

"Yeah baby, all the way in!"

Austen sat straight backed on his boner, her lubricated pussy gaining total control over his prick as she rode on him with mounting passion.

"Oh wow, donkey ride, donkey ride!"

The man with the eye patch held her hips to steady her as their state of heavenly bliss went on, his nails digging in her flesh, encouraging her to keep going.

Robin got beside them both and got up on her knees, eager to join in.

Austen moved from atop of Number Two and moved in behind her.

First she licked the inner thighs of her lesbian lover and then up to the dark and revealed pussy.

She flicked and licked as the rampant stud came behind Austen and slapped her on the raised ass with his huge member.

"Oh behave yourself young man!"

Austen returned her thoughts to the aromatic cunt in her face and fluttered her tongue over the moist slit of Robin, just as Number Two directed his stiff cock right into Austen's
steaming quim.

She moaned from the penetration which in turn sent delightful vibrations into Robin's cunt which sent her reeling.

The three of them got into the swing of things quickly, Robin moving her hips hard, virtually fucking Austen's tongue, while the young stud fucked the English spy from behind.

His balls slapped merrily against Austen's bottom, who moved back and forth in sync with his hearty thrusts.

"Smashing fun, baby!"

Number Two increased his pace, slamming in and out to the depths of Austen's soaking pussy as hard as he could.

They were all grunting and loud squishing and slapping noises filled the room.

"C'mon, c'mon. Fuck me harder sweetie, my pussy is about to blow like a cracker!"

Taking on the challenge he decided to switch around and Number Two kicked Austen's feet apart and dropped on top of her.

The dark haired hunk slowly thrust his hard cock into her cunt and followed through.

Each and every time he rammed home Austen moaned with huge satisfaction and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Have you ever shagged on a waterbed baby? Are you getting seasick? Lake Placid it ain't!"

Indeed as Number Two fucked Austen silly the water in the bed moved along with their bodies without pushing against them.

The equal distribution of the water provided no sagging middle or uneven corners.

Spurred on by her moans and groans the one eyed villain got into his rhythm and Austen's legs went limp as she wallowed in his sublime love making.

"Fuck me baby, fuck me good!"

"Freeze! Nobody move a muscle."

Two stopped humping and remained perfectly still, half embedded in Austen's cunt.

She moaned in frustration and peeked over his body at the blonde in the metallic silver bra top and silver thigh high boots.

Her trim midriff was shown off nicely in her silver mini skirt that was decent by about a half inch.

"Crikey baby! Give us another five minutes! I'm so horny, yeah. I'm almost there."

The nickel plated smith and Wesson model 1.9 did not waver as the CIA agent moved in closer and inserted the tip of the barrel in the naked mans asshole.

"You shoot, I shoot, capiche? Nod if you do."

Number Two nodded and stayed still.

"Good, now pull out, slowly and stand up, hands in the air."

Austen whimpered as the long cock withdrew from her aching cunt until it gaped from the loss.

"That is so uncool baby. Is this the kind of day where guns are thrust up bottoms?"

"Okay Austen, fetch my handcuffs and secure these two to the dresser."

Austen did so with a visible pout but she soon changer her demeanour when she spun back to see Felicity had stripped down to her birthday suit.

"I say, I hope those aren't loaded baby."

Austen gawped at the American and her seriously stiff nipples that appeared to resemble two bullets.

"I'm Felicity Shagwell by name shag very well by reputation.

Let's hop on the good foot and do the bad thing."

"You read my mind when I wasn't looking didn't you."

The two horny women exchanged a long sloppy tongue kissed as they melted to the waterbed.

Austen immediately fingered the squishy, wet pussy of the American spy who laid back with her eyes closed.

She bit her lower lip when she pushed her hips up for Austen to bury her face between her upper legs.

Breathing heavily her big tits heaved back and forth as her pussy was sucked and bathed in Austen's copious saliva.

"Let me switch around baby."

Austen shifted and planted her own pussy right onto Felicity's face whose mouth licked and sucked on the juicy offering.

Her cute nose bumped the puckered anus above her face as Austen slid her wet cunt up and down.

Austen pushed Felicity's thighs wider apart and inhaled the intoxicating heat from her cunt.

The wetness had made the fine golden pubes glisten and Austen lapped at the pink lips.

"Sweet heavens!"

Both women tensed their legs and the blonde lifted her hips up and smothered Austen as she howled and climaxed.

The English secret agent finished her off with some more swirls of her tongue around the clitoris and they rolled over as the water rippled under them,

"Excuse me ladies." Number Two coughed politely as he struggled against his cuffs.

The pair of spies looked up at the man in the eye patch and studied his big hard on patiently standing to attention.

Then they looked at each other and giggled.

"Do you think it's fun having a cock Austen?" Asked the blonde CIA agent.

"I'm sure it has it's ups and downs," she sniggered in reply.

"Well, I'm game." Said Felicity as she padded over, all rolls of her hips and bouncing tits.

Both knelt at the feet of Number Two and peered at his thick veined erection.

Austen started rubbing his balls as Felicity stroked his shaft, moving in so that she could suck on the bell end.

He looked down at both and squirmed in his cuffs as a tongue ran over his wet head before it was sucked inside the blonde's mouth.

She grabbed his lean hips and bobbed to and fro on his length with determination.

"Thanks for heating up my dinner, baby." Said Austen who joined in and lashed out with her pointed tongue.

Robin looked on jealously and wriggled on her cuffs that tied her wrists behind her.

She rubbed her upper thighs together and the musky smell of her wet pussy permeated the air.

Number Two lifted his hips a little as he guided his cock into the gaping mouth of Felicity who moaned accordingly.

Her nostrils flared as his prick filled her mouth and she gagged a little as
she hopped up and down on her haunches.

"Ready girls?"

Both naked spies braced themselves as he growled and sent his thick, hot cum onto their raised faces.

They giggled as a stream leaked over their lips and cheeks and onto their heaving bosoms.

A while later all four emerged into the faint rays of the sun as it began to rise.

Austen and Felicity led the way with their two captives cuffed together in front of them.

The English secret agent let her jaw drop at the sight of the personal car of the CIA agent.

A 1965 Chevrolet Stingray Convertible draped in the Stars and Stripes.

"What a cool set of wheels, baby. How does she run?"

"Like a bitch in heat, which is a coincidence because so am I."

"Smashing! What say you and I drop off these two with Basil and have an early night?"

"But it's only dawn."

"Never to early for an early night baby, yeah!"

"Oh, Austen, You're so switched on."

"I'm a regular power station, baby! Let's go!"

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