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Stormy Daniel's Erotic Dream
« on: January 21, 2020, 08:20:59 AM »
Note-I love writing parodies and using my favourite females in the story. It's an opportunity to dress the up.
This story is inspired by 1930's spicy pulp magazine female heroine 'Domino Lady' now in the public domain. Any other resemblance to real persons in a pure coincidence.


Stormy Daniels had risen from a young and eager porn star to become one of the most respected in the industry. She had directed the majority of her recent feature length adult movies and had turned her fair hand to writing the stories. Having seen an article on pre war pulp fiction she had stumbled on a forgotten fictional heroine from the thirties known as the Domino Lady. Excited at an idea for a movie she began to flesh out a story right there and then.


'The Case of the Missing Stiff'

Los Angeles, 1936.


"That's it big boy, fuck me baby."


"Wow, you're the best, I'm creaming here."

Stormy Daniels, stunning socialite, educated at the University of Berkley, was beneath the sweating blubbery Monty Adder as he heaved in and out between her legs with wheezing breath. Naked, in just her black silk stockings, the tousle haired blonde sank back into the lush bed and soft pillow as he fucked her.

"I'm good honey, whenever you're ready."

The smouldering looker stifled a yawn just as the wealthy grey haired male shot his load inside her tight muff. He spluttered and heaved and then rolled off with his shrinking member dribbling on his thigh. Stormy gave him a sneer as she reached out to the nightstand and delved into her purse to retrieve her syringe. Loaded with a knockout serum she plunged the needle into his left arm and he was out like a light.

"Heavens, what a colossal bore!" She exclaimed and stood naked by the large bed.

A willowy and sensuous honey hued blonde with rounded curves and slender waist she hiked up her stockings and went to the mahogany table, rifling through the drawers.
Blessed with a flawless and pale complexion her sleek figure turned most heads wherever she went in Los Angeles. Posing as a ditzy blonde who lived for the nightlife and parties, she had an alter ego as the mysterious and unknown Domino Lady.

"Here we go."

Stormy looked at a sheath of note paper tied with a thin black cord and smiled. Dedicated to avenge the murder of her father, Owen, D.A. for the area and gunned down by mobsters, she lived only for this.
She retired to the bathroom and attended to her ablutions before leaving. As usual she left her calling card which stated, 'compliments of Domino Lady.'


The previous evening had begun like many others with Stormy in attendance at a cocktail party on a boulevard a few blocks south of Hollywood High. Clad in a black crepe dress that offset her golden hair, and huge earrings she sipped a glass of champagne and smoked from a cigarette holder. Aloof and bored she shunned any attention from male company as there was only one person of interest to her this night.

"Light me." She said and leaned over to an older gentleman seated at a table with several other similar types.

This was Monty Adder, a well off entrepreneur who had valuable information she needed. Acting nonchalant she knew he was hooked instantly as he eyed her up and down, mentally undressing her. He lingered on her generous 36DD bosom which strained at the front of her drum tight dress and it was fairly obvious by the way it clung to her she had nothing underneath.

"Let's cut to the chase, lover. My place or yours?"

The smoke curled up in his face as he followed her out like a puppy dog. Adder has taken her back to his palatial house in the hills where she had seduced him into bed and then sent him to the land of nod. The femme fatale had no qualms about using her good looks and body to get what she wanted.

Rumours had abounded of late of a fiendish blackmail plot that would reap millions from the silver screen industry, and Adder was intrinsically linked to those mobsters involved.

As she perused the papers it appeared to be true as she read several pending demands from all of the major movie studios to cough up or else suffer the consequences. Infuriatingly the letters failed to mention by what means of blackmail was intended. Only one thing, pay a visit to Rob Wyatt pronto.


Back in the sanctity of her apartment the next evening Stormy rose from her bed after a slumber and peeled the cream silk nightgown from her shapely figure and padded to her ornate bathroom to shower. At five feet seven in bare feet her big breasts swung on her chest as she moved into the stall and turned on the faucets. Once cleansed and towelled she gazed at her reflection in the full length mirror and was pleased with the result.

Her nipples stood out proud, two hard points surrounded by prominent areolas. She turned side on and smiled at the firm spheres of her high and tight ass pushed out behind her on two perfect hemispheres.

Going to the walk in closet she retrieved the slinky floor length evening gown of white satin and slipped into it with a shimmy of her wide hips. Her golden hair fell in loose waves about her bare shoulders as she smoothed out the form fitting gown.

Backless and with a daring plunging neckline she appeared every inch the sex kitten she was, the look accentuated by the big gash up to her left thigh. She donned the black velvet domino mask that hid her features and stepped into a pair of white six inch stiletto pumps. Last but not least she concealed her .22 calibre automatic in a garter around her right thigh. Domino was ready for action!

Driving to the Franklin Arms Hotel on Wiltshire Boulevard in her Cadillac V-16, the blonde vamp took the elevator to the sumptuous penthouse where Rob rented the suite.

Ex big game hunter, occasional actor, but above all else the man was a master of blackmail. If anyone was going to be involved in the take down of Hollywood she would lay odds of him being in on it.

At the precise hour of midnight the Domino moved cautiously through the main room, the cold butt of her trusty gun in her right fist. Despite the fact Wyatt was loaded and had no need for money he had a cruel streak and got a thrill in committing crime.

"I knew you'd come eventually. You've been a thorn in my side for a terribly long time."

Stormy jumped as the room became illuminated and the imposing figure of Wyatt stood with a loaded pistol pointed directly at her midriff! Her sparking blue eyes flashed out from behind the small eyeholes as she realised he had the drop on her. She could feel his burning gaze on her ample bosom that pushed upward and out as she breathed, her blood pounded in her ears.

"I must compliment you, what a charming outfit, you have a killer body."

Stormy eyed him up too, tall, lean and ruggedly handsome. He had that smooth magnetic personality that made woman swoon over and even she felt an instant attraction to the lantern jawed male. Dressed in a dressing gown he closed the door behind him and motioned for her to drop her weapon.

"Drop it or I'll put daylight through you. Now, if you would be so kind as to join young Mister McKane on the couch."

Stormy followed his view and saw her acquaintance, private detective Roge McKane, trussed up like a turkey and gagged.
His dark eyes were wide with fear as she sat next to him, thigh to thigh.

She nonchalantly tossed her gun away and joined the captive gumshoe on the couch, throwing her left leg up over the other with a seductive motion. Her slender bared thigh drew another stare from Wyatt, as well as her top heavy curves.

"You see my dear, things are tedious these days with no thrill or action to be had. The sheer boredom of life itself grates on my nerves. Whereas in Europe, especially in Germany, things are most exciting and I yearn to sail there."

He lit a cigarette and blew a smoke ring at the two on the couch.

"Herr Hitler has conceived a most brilliant plan to belittle and embarrass the United States in a daring prelude to his plans of major rule, lest the Yanks decide to join in. Together with the greatest, and most warped minds in the world there has been developed a wonder drug. An impotency drug no less. The ruse about blackmailing Hollywood was a smoke screen."

Stormy eyed him with disbelief and then roared with laughter.

"What, so our boys have limp dicks and we just stay out of war? A bit delusional, pal."

"The serum has a two told effect. At the same time the drug renders all male citizens with erectile dysfunction, the female of the species develops an irresistible compunction to copulate with anyone in close proximity. The pandemonium caused will remove any unwanted consideration for the US to aid England and France when they get trampled underfoot by the Nazi jackboot."

Stormy looked at the seemingly mad Wyatt as he unveiled the nefarious plot and then at Roge beside her. Playing both sides, subtle twist. Was it possible that every red blooded woman in the grip of sexual fervour would be unable to get laid?

"Fortunately there is another serum that reverses the effect on the male in the blink of an eye. So the lucky ones such as myself will have the cream of the crop of L.A.'s finest women."

He grinned at the Domino Lady and opened his gown to reveal his nakedness. Her gaze lowered to peer at his not too shabby prick that began to rise to the occasion.

"Allow me to give you a unique demonstration."

Wyatt held a syringe containing an opaque liquid and plunged it into the upper arm of the tied private eye who winced in silence at the tiny prick. He was untied and the dressing gown about his person was yanked from his naked frame.

As Stormy looked on she too was stabbed in the upper arm and instantly felt a weird, yet wonderful feeling of euphoria. Her only thought was to strip off and embrace the two men in her presence.

"Oh my, what a pair of ravishing hunks you are," she purred in a trance like state.

Working with the speed of a stripper, the blonde bombshell wriggled and wormed her way out of the confines of her floor length dress which puddled around her stilettos. As was her want she had declined to don any underwear.

Her twin mountains spilled out large and pendulous and her upper thighs opened slightly to expose the plump vulva that nestled luxuriously between her alluring pale thighs. The wispy fluff of fair pubes just at the top already betrayed her arousal with a hint of moisture turning the golden hair darker.

"Will you get a load of this kiddo! What a dame!" Said Wyatt.

Still in mask and heels the mysterious babe cut a fine figure of a woman as she squirmed in front of them with her left hand between her thighs. Her hips swayed from side to side as she strutted for them, her hand grinding into her muff.

Wyatt was highly impressed by her mammoth tits and beautiful ass as she spun around in a circle so they could appreciate her voluptuous form. She snapped her head back and then forward so that her wavy hair flew about.

"Wanna piece of me Roge? I know you always carried a torch for me."

She wiggled her hips to and fro in a salacious humping that had Rob rock hard. But as his gag was removed the cringing Roge sobbed like a baby.

"My cock won't get hard! Look, it's like a babes!"

Indeed his sorry example of manhood looked like a shrunken toy penis as he desperately tugged at it with his tight hand.

"Oh no! Can't get it up? What a shame, Domino Lady is gagging for it too."

Under the maddening influence of the drug her pussy burned and itched with the need to feel a man embedded deep inside her.

"Okay, Wyatt, get on that seat and let me suck that big thing of yours."

Rob grinned and sat on his ass and held up his eight inch erection for the pair of them to behold.

"Great idea, blondie, let Roge watch a real man and a real broad get it on."

The stacked blonde knelt on the carpet between Rob's outstretched legs and took hold of his big stiff. He grinned from ear to ear as Roge looked on, tearing his hair out as his muscular thighs were caressed from knee to the top.

Stormy gave his shaft a few tentative rubs as her piercing blue eyes stared into his from behind her domino mask. Then she ran her flattened tongue lazily up and down, finishing at the flared tip.

"Wonderful, simply wonderful." Rob curled his toes into the carpet and closed his eyes.

The fat knob was then covered by her hot mouth and the only sounds in the room were soft sucking noises along with groans of pleasure from the master blackmailer. She twisted and hopped on her knees and pressed her thighs against her throbbing clit.

Her mouth worked on his burning cock faster as she became consumed by unadulterated lust. Moving up she straddled his leg with her aching loins and shunted on his thigh as her mouth sucked him in further.

"What a hoot, Roge, the dame is humping my leg!"

Roge cut a pathetic figure as his shrunken cock pointed south in shame. Stormy undulated on the sturdy leg with her hungry cunt seeking relief as it squashed on his flesh.

Crazy with the sex drug she swallowed his entire eight inches with a huge gulp of air as Wyatt flung his head back in bliss. Her cute nose was tickled by his pubes as she deep throated him, and it was a toss up as to what drooled more, her mouth or her pussy.

"Best blow job I ever had."

The masked man hunter sucked the iron hard cock with quick fire bobs of her head that let her luxurious mane of wavy locks fall across his hairy belly. The more she filled her mouth with his cock meat, the more she wanted him in her twat.

Her tightly sealed cerise lips formed a seal around his glans and then she exhaled and he popped out with a saliva bubble on his bell end. Spit dripped down the underside in a slow ride down to his balls.

"Eat my pussy big boy!" She demanded with pleading eyes.

It was a wrench to ignore his raging erection but he rose up and the Domino assumed the position he had just vacated. His face came to within an inch of her gleaming pussy mound and he gulped at the erotic sight as she widened her legs and dug her stilettos in the carpet.

"I changed my mind, fuck me! Ram it in me all the way, I beg you!"

Stormy's ardour raged in her loins as she bucked up from the seat.

"Patience my dear Domino, patience."

Wyatt pulled her fleshy labia with his fingers and breathed out hot air on her hole. She stiffened and her mouth formed an O as she felt a tremor of lust through her body.

He traced out lines along her inner thighs as her cunt leaked fluids profusely. Then his tongue darted out and made a broad swipe from her anus to her hard clit, coating her quivering slit with a film of saliva.

"Heavens!" She cried as she experienced a mini orgasm.

She arched her lower body as she welcomed the tingling that made her stomach do flip flops. Her fingers ran through his thick head of hair as he started to lick her drooling cunt with a steady series of exaggerated licks up and down, then from side to side. As he made progress into her inner folds the point of his tongue tickled her hard nub which set her off into a gibbering mess.

"I need a cock, I need a cock!"

The rasp of his tongue on her sensitive skin made her giddy and her wide hips ground into the seat, leaving a smear of her love juices. His nose became wedged in her downy pubic hair as his jaw flexed as he drilled into her hard and fast.

"Gagh!" She grunted when he inserted two probing fingers into her honeypot.

Her high heels drummed into the carpet as her legs trembled and shook, and Roge looked on agog as the wanton minx came for the second time in five minutes, oozing into the face of her tormentor. He fondled his soft prick and cursed Wyatt under his breath.

"Right! Get on that couch buster and let me fuck your brains out!"

Stormy stood up and adjusted her velvet mask and put both hands on her hips in a dominant stance. Wyatt obliged and in a blink of an eye he was straddled by her curvaceous frame, her pale buttocks pressed firmly on his groin.

Her hand went between them as she fished for his boner and moved her red hot pussy in position. Lost in a hazy rapture she sank down and his turgid cock brushed past her soft labia and she was impaled on his whole shaft.

"It's just how I imagined it would be!"

Without further ado the Domino Lady began to squirm and gyrate on his generous pole and rode up and down with gasps of pure delight.

Up and up he lunged and widened her welcoming cunt as a torrent of wicked pleasure engulfed the steamy blonde.
Her huge tits bounced as she bopped on him with little squeals of ecstasy, loving the feel of being totally stuffed. Her heels were on tiptoe as her rapid motions lifted her clear up off his groin before slamming back down again with louds slaps of flesh on flesh.

"It's so big! I love it, fuck me, fuck me, I need your cock soooo bad!"

His hands took a hold of her slim waist as he steered her rabid strokes on his pulsating prick, and the more they fucked, the more Stormy lusted for his tool.

Stormy whimpered as she looked down upon the muscular body of the sweating virile man beneath her as his great cock tore up inside her tight muff. Now she understood the dastardly plan and knew the terrible consequences would be a national disaster if Wyatt and the Nazi's used the serum.

"Bastard, you won't win...you.. I...oh fuck! Give it to me hard!"

Her smooth ass cheeks were lifted and separated as Wyatt paused with half of his log inserted in her quim. He took her left boob and smothered it with his open mouth and slobbered on the ample globe of flesh. Stormy shuddered and tried to squirm down on his big pole in vain, missing the delicious friction that had sent her to heaven.

"Take me you bastard, take me."

Stormy was helpless, her only thought was to fuck the shit out of the man, despite her fears. She gave Roge a cursory glance as she was unceremoniously lifted up and shoved onto the couch face down. Her butt came up suggestively as she raised herself and rested on her elbows.

"This how you want me? This how you like to fuck broads? Like dogs, you Nazi scum."

"Yes, got a problem with that?"

Stormy cursed and knew he had her. As her eyes became like slits behind her mask she itched for him to shove his stiff cock back in her sodden cunt. Damn this drug! It was quite effective!

Wyatt climbed on her back and settled his long member in the crevice of her butt cheeks and proceeded to kiss the back of her neck and ears. Her passion, already ignited by the drug, nearly made her swoon together with his roaming hands. He moved along the outside of her splendid thighs before making his way to her dampness.

"Shove it in you monster!" She begged.

He smiled and took a good grip on her hips and have her what she craved. His huge cock eased in until her pussy completely sucked his whole length in.

She pushed her rump back against his hot groin, urging him to move as she bit her lower lip. He continued to run his hands over her body as he made long, deep stokes of his pelvis. They rocked back and forth and his own need for release drove him in harder and harder, faster and faster making her big tits jiggle with each thrust.

"That was what I asked for, now was that difficult?"

Stormy turned her face back and her eyes sparkled behind the domino mask. From this angle Rob Wyatt admired her graceful back and sumptuous bottom as he banged her. The stacked babe was really quite a good fuck and her blazing tunnel turned his cock into a rod of steel.

"Harder, faster, deeper!" She demanded as she savoured every wonderful inch of him.

As he gained some of his strength back Roge leapt up as the rutting couple played out their wanton lovemaking and jabbed a hypo behind the mans left ear with the impotency serum and the act of sex was over!

Wyatt withdrew with a wilting erection that dribbled onto his feet. The next thing the private dick did was to inject himself with the antidote drug and miraculously his cock rose up to its full length, the mushroom sized head angry looking.

"Fuck me Roge, fuck my aching pussy!" Stormy looked on with approval.

She moved horizontally on the couch and the desperate form of Roge loomed over the masked vixen and pulled her supple pins up and on his broad shoulders. His knob twitched and throbbed so bad he thought it might very well explode! With her wet and gaping cunt offered up his cock drove up into her and the pair of them contorted in the sublime sensation of his penetration.

"Please my love, fuck my cunt."

With her feet in the air his rigid cock dug in her juicy pussy and her nails dug into his back. They perspired freely as they were overwhelmed by the moment and Roge hammered into the lush pussy of the femme fatale with unrelenting force. She bucked up and met his inward thrusts with equal wildness as they shifted along the creaking couch with frenzied motions.

"Yes, yes, yes, aaah!"

She turned her neck and he took it as a signal to nuzzle her and kiss her nape. Stormy gripped him with her hands and legs and convulsing pussy as her third and best orgasm ripped through her. His slamming cock refused to quit as she had spasm after spasm and she creamed all over his slippery prick.

"I'm close honey, real close." He muttered as his balls crammed up her ass crack.

Stormy felt his cock swell and then gush the beautiful white cream inside her tender cunt. As he spewed his hot stuff into her with a seemingly never ending river of cum she was taken by yet another scintillating climax, and her froth spilled from her overfilled hole and down the damp crevice of her gorgeous butt. The pair collapsed in the afterglow and their heated bodies ran with well earned sweat.

"That was some fuck, kiddo." Said the masked babe.

Wyatt searched around for his discarded gun in an attempt to turn the situation around to his favour again. Stormy made a fist and moved with haste and connected squarely with Wyatt's nose which spurted blood and blinded him momentarily.

Grabbing her own hypodermic filled with knockout serum she plugged him in the ass and he was out instantaneously. Taking a deep breath and cupping her dripping pussy with a silk handkerchief from a table she dialled a number on the black telephone and spoke in hushed tones.

"Okay Roge, the FBI are on their way, I'll leave you to fill them in on the details. It's up to you what you tell them about the juicy bits."

Stormy fluffed her golden tresses and wriggled her curvy figure into her white gown. From her purse she took a tiny black card with the inscription 'compliments of Domino Lady' and sashayed across to the door without a backward glance.

"Just who are you?" Asked the incredulous gumshoe.

"Trouble buster, with a capital T!"


Stormy Daniels stopped typing her story and nodded with approval. This might just well be her next feature for Wicked Pictures. She went to her casting page and ran through the list of potential male actors.

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