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Mary Poppins Does Dallas
« on: January 29, 2020, 11:14:10 AM »
Note from author- I can only picture Emily Blunt as Mary, not Julie Andrews. I do not own the rights to the novels by P.L. Travers nor the Disney movie, this is fan fiction for other fans.


Texas 2020.

Mary Poppins was as timeless as the hills, and as wise as an owl. Several decades old she still looked about thirty years old. The magical and mysterious blue eyed brunette looked quite prim and proper as she waited in the hallway of the Circle XXX ranch. Situated in the rolling hills north of Dallas, Mary had literally blown into Texas on the wind, her soft landing anchored by her trusty umbrella.

"Thank you my dear." She spoke to the parrot head atop the brolly.

"You're welcome," it answered with a twitter.

"Well, bless me, I seem to have popped over to the Colonies. No matter."

Sitting in a wicker chair with her carpet bag by her feet, she waited for the owner and her prospective new employer.

The opulent stone and timber building stood in the centre of 12,000 acres of land, cattle of Texas Longhorns could be heard in the distance. Built by a wealthy Texan named Wilberforce Jackson, now retired, Mary had designs on giving lessons to the mans eighteen year old son.

"Good day to you, Miss?"

The seventy year old owner entered with his son, both dressed in the usual attire of cowboy boots and Stetson. He scrutinised the odd young woman through his horn rimmed spectacles.

As she stood the two men did a double take as they looked at the chestnut haired woman in the Edwardian get up. A long sleeved navy blue jacket with white piping was worn over a navy cotton skirt that came down to her boots. The black boots had lace up fronts with two inch heels and were ankle high. A white cotton blouse could just be seen under the jacket, and a blue pork pie hat was plonked on top of her head. She held out her right hand which was covered in wrist length lace gloves.

"Good morning to you, Mister Jackson. I've come about the position of private tutor for your son. I'm Mary Poppins. I can commence immediately."

Jackson scratched his nose and again looked the quaint woman up and down.

"You are sure this is the job for you? My son has led an insular life these last few years and he needs advice and coaching on pleasing women in bed."

Mary had spent decades as nanny and governess to the upbringing of children. Now in this modern age she taught young men and women in advanced sexual technique.

She was aware young Albert had hardly ever strayed from the ranch and had concentrated on rearing the cattle and helping his father. Now Wilberforce was anxious for his only son to marry and raise a family.

Somewhat inexperienced in the ways of the world, Albert had begged his father to hire him home help to avoid humiliation and embarrassment when he ventured out in search of female company.

"Absolutely, you can rely on me. Just show me to my room and within the week Albert will have all the confidence he needs."

"Please, call me Bert." Said the timid young man. "Will it be just written, or can I expect practical lessons too?"

The sandy haired six footer was certainly a handsome sort, and the physical labour of cattle driving had paid off in dividends. His chest filled out his plaid shirt, and his developed legs looked quite ripped in his blue jeans.

"Oh, you'll find that I am very thorough once I get down to it."

Her eyes twinkled as she spoke in her educated English accent.

"Just a week, or until the wind changes."

"Let me show y'all to your room, just up the stairs. May I take your bag?"

"That will not be necessary, thank you." She kept a firm grip on the bag.

Mary Poppins followed the man as they climbed the spiral staircase to the next level. Nice bannister she thought, such a pity to waste it, utterly boring having to go up step by step. She took a glance around the modest bedroom and nodded with approval.

"Splendid. This will suffice nicely. Well, until tomorrow then."

She watched intently as Bert left, her big blue eyes especially lingering on his tight ass in his Levi's. Her carpet bag on the floor twitched a few times as if it contained something living.

"Alright, alright, don't get jittery."

Mary took her hat and jacket off and then clicked her finger and thumb.

"And...wait for it! And unpack!"

The bag opened and Mary's personal effects and change of clothes rose up and danced in a merry way and settled on the bed in a neat and tidy fashion. She looked on with a scowl on her face and admonished the carpet bag with a big sniff.

"I'm watching you, very closely. Mark my words you can be replaced any time."

The bag closed by itself and jumped into the corner of the room. Right, thought Mary. Rest up and then the fun begins.


After breakfast, Mary and the eager young man made themselves comfortable in a large front room with dark panelling and tan wood trim. Plants and lamps were all around two leather sofas, a fine rug was on the floor between the seats.

"Well now, this is perfect. I like to keep it informal when I teach, no stuffy classrooms and chalkboards."

Yet Mary had appeared from her repose and looked stiff and imposing in a long sleeved white button up cotton blouse with a ruffle front. A red bowtie was at her elegant neck, and her dark brown hair fell to the top of her shoulders. Her midi length skirt now had a white apron over the front with two little pockets and a bow at the back.

"First things first Bert. There's a difference to making love and having sex. I'm going to attempt to show you how to make love to a woman, and later have mind blowing sex. Wild sex is enormous fun, but most women enjoy slow, romantic sex with someone they care about. We will discuss foreplay, which can be more pleasurable than the act of sexual intercourse, especially for women. Then oral sex, different positions and advanced. Any questions?"

Bert had listened intently. Did this odd stuffy woman really know all about steamy sex?

"I'm all ears."

"Excellent. Now, each man and woman differs in tastes and choices. But some things are common. You need to know how to arouse yourself. Women like physical contact for the most part, men like the visual. How many times a week do you masturbate?"

Bert gasped at the direct approach in the question and stuttered as he ran his hand through his mop of hair, his fine golden lashes fluttering.

"Do you wank daily? Three times a week? Come on, answer me."

Mary began to get rather cross and stood up with her hands on her hips. "I guess every night, I like to watch Pornhub.com."

"What do you mean? Blue movies? Let me tell you, young man, sex on film is not like real sex. Now, how long is your penis when fully erect?"

"I, I don't rightly know."

"Dear me, this won't do at all."

Mary dipped into her apron pocket and whipped out her trusty tape measure.

"Come on, spit spot, let me take a look."

"Who me!" Bert visibly shrunk in his seat.

"Look, time is money."

Mary blinked twice very quickly and his zipper at the fly of his jeans lowered by itself.

"Huh, how did that happen? Did you?"

"What?" Mary feigned ignorance and bent over the broad chested man and fished inside for his cock.

"Can you get it up? We don't have all day."

Mary took hold of his semi erect knob and rubbed it vigorously in her slender right hand.

"Just close your eyes and fantasise, think of what you might like to do to a young blonde with a large bosom."

Sure enough Bert got hard in no time, the woman's hand felt marvellous on the virile mans rigid prick. Mary studied it up close.

Good size and girth, clean and smooth with a splendid tapered glans. One thick blue vein ran down the upper right of the impressive shaft.

"You have a nice member, the ladies will certainly be pleased believe me. Lets see, hmm, yes, a majestic seven inches in all. First rate."

"Thank you, Miss Poppins." Bert managed to utter with a dry throat.

"Call me Mary. Now, show me how you masturbate. Any lubricant?"

"Usually some, yeah."

"Allow me."

Mary held his stiff hose upright and bent her head to dribble on the rosy crown. Then she looked him in the eye and smeared it over his length.

Bert took his cock and gave his hard on a spiral twist in a clockwise motion which was his favourite. Mary took his jeans down to his ankles and looked at his tanned thighs and calves.

"I can see most women are going to love your body, all we need is to give you some confidence and some basics."

Bert was quite aroused by now and his inhibitions of being naked with a woman were waning.

"Try placing one hand at the root of your penis, and use the other to stroke up from the bottom to the head. Firm, yet gently at the same time. Good work, now rub the head with the palm of your hand and go back down. And then up again."

Bert never took his eyes of the brunette, her baby blue eyes sparkled as she spoke.

"For men, visual stimulation is vital in getting aroused sufficiently to perform the act of sex."

In a heartbeat Mary untied her apron and proceeded to slowly unbutton her starched blouse. Every button came undone with an enticing and sensual display that made Bert beat his meat more quickly.

She licked her thin lips and made them wet as her fingers brushed her pale skin under the blouse. Finally the top was undone and Mary shook it off her creamy shoulders and tossed it to the sofa.

"You have pretty tits." Bert nodded, his fist clenched around his throbbing cock.

Left in bra only from the waist up, Mary went behind her back and unhooked the navy bra and let it slide down her arms. Her pert 32B cup boobs pointed at him with hard nipples that looked like they could cut glass.

"Thank you, my good man." She supressed a smile, flattered by his remark.

"Keep masturbating please, don't be nervous."

She said calmly as she gently massaged her nipples between finger and thumb.

"When you are comfortable with yourself, you can concentrate on pleasing your woman."

Bert was VERY relaxed, so relaxed that as he ogled the pretty tits of his tutor he ejaculated into his right hand. He shuddered as his cum splattered on his groin and stomach and blushed furiously.


"Hey now, young man! No need to curse!"

Mary Poppins picked up her bra and blouse and got dressed again.

"Satisfactory start, you have no problems with your genitals, this is good. We'll take a break and reconvene this afternoon. Lesson two, oral sex."

Fucking A! Thought Bert.


Later in the afternoon, around two, the Texan returned to the same room in a blue and white Dallas Cowboy's football jersey and sweat pants.

He saw Mary Poppins in her seat in the same attire, straight backed and alert. Bert began to take the view that the English woman was quite a looker, and he was totally up for anything the lesson might bring.

"Howdy." He smiled and spoke in his southern drawl.

"Good afternoon, I trust you have recovered from this mornings introduction."

Bert sat and crossed his legs, his manhood beginning to stiffen already.

"Raring to go."

For the next hour she explained and outlined the erogenous zones of both the male and the female, emphasising the need to build the arousal and not to rush straight with all guns blazing.

"Right, the act of oral sex on a woman is known as cunnilingus. Arousing your partner is a way of building one up for what is to come. First thing to know about your lady friend is if she is not relaxed, she won't enjoy it. She will know her ideal position, lying down is the normal way, but there are alternatives. Here."

With that Mary stood and reached behind her back to undo her skirt which fell in a heap at her black ankle boots. Bert looked on with his mouth open as she stepped out of her granny bloomers, white cotton knee length pantaloons with a lace trim.

She kept her blouse on and stood naked from the waist down. Her Mound of Venus was neatly trimmed and sat tantalisingly between her upper thighs.

"Now I will sit on the edge of the sofa, like so."

The ageless brunette did so and slipped a cushion under her cute butt to lift up her pelvis.

"Slip those pants off, my good man and kneel in front of me."

Bert lost his pants in a split second and stood before the impatient woman with his erect cock poking up at the ceiling.

"Excellent, you are stiff. Now pay attention. I want you to put your face to me and lick my thighs from the inside of my knees and up to the inner thigh, making absolutely sure to tease me by NOT touching my vagina."

The excited young man placed his hands on her legs and did as she asked, his rigid prick bumping her soft skin as he knelt. Her womanly scent was intoxicating as he worked his lips and tongue on her flesh.

"Good, good, now increase speed and switch between each thigh, and grip my legs harder."

Mary bit her lower lip as she became flushed in the heat of the moment, her head moving from side to side.

"Kiss my belly." She asked as her lower body writhed on the cushion.

Bert moved up, his big cock brushing her loins as he did so. He planted tiny butterfly kisses on her abdomen, and baring in mind what she said before avoided her pussy.

"I'm getting very aroused and needy, so at this point you may make contact with my vagina."

Bert needed no further encouragement as he pursed his lips and kissed her moist outer lips lightly. Peeking through the fine hairs the lips were plump and pink.

"Relax your jaw and flick out your tongue. Concentrate on the outer labia before moving inside."

Mary let out soft moans of pleasure as kissed her skin of her folds and then traced out slow circles around and around tasting the viscous fluids that coated them. Her excitement was building nicely, the man was a natural she thought.

"Oh my, how delightful, yes. Now there are no hard and fast rules here, if the woman directs you to do something she prefers do it. Myself, I like two fingers inside, so, gently if you please, insert your index and second finger inside my inner lips."

Bert licked his fingers and pushed them in, his eyes wide at the incredible sight of Mary Poppins legs spread out wide for him. He darted in halfway never taking his eyes off her muff which utterly fascinated the young man.

His digits twirled inside the wet confines of her tunnel and his cock bobbed with the thrill of his intimate exploration. Mary was almost dying from the anticipation of his tongue on her clitoris.

"Can you see my little hood at the very top of my labia?"

"Yes I can."

"Good. Now very, very gently pull the hood back."

Bert did as asked and gasped at the sight of what looked like a tiny button,

"This is very sensitive, you will make a lot of women very happy IF you treat it properly. Now keep your fingers inside me and swipe your flattened tongue from the bottom to the clitoris."

Bert steadied his lower body as he concentrated on her instructions. After a few big swipes he made an arrow of his tongue and flicked up and down on the little nub alone.

"That feels great, try side to side."

Mary began to breathe in ragged gasps as she raised her pelvis up from the cushion.

Bert kept his strong forearms around her thighs as he ate her out, his confidence growing with each second.

"Faster now, faster, faster!"

Mary was taken aback by the novice, a born natural if ever she knew one. She felt the welcome warm rush as the blood rushed to her pussy and her heart beat fast in her bosom as the muscles in her legs tensed.

"Don't stop, don't stop."

Bert now made frantic licks on her dampened twat, his chin positively soaked with his spit. Then Mary shouted out as her body shook and a series of intensely pleasurable waves hit her pussy.

"Keep licking!" Mary demanded as she opened her eyes and observed the sandy haired mans head in her crotch.

Finally he surfaced for air and rubbed his aching cock in his right fist.

"That was really hot! How did I do?"

Mary sat up, her legs still wide open. Her boots toe down in the thick carpet. She wiped her brow and inhaled deeply.

"Nine out of ten, extraordinary start. Practically perfect in every way."

"Thanks, any chance of a blowjob?"

"What! Blow...job? You mean fellatio my dear chap. Tut tut. Since you have brought the subject up I can see you are in need of some relief."

Mary stood up and pushed him back onto his bottom on the same cushion she had just vacated, still warm to the touch. She made no effort to cover her nakedness, just smoothed out her waist high blouse.

"If you are lucky you may meet a lady who is willing to give you oral satisfaction. Please be aware a lot of women don't like to do it so be understanding."

Mary put another cushion under her knees and settled down at his feet. Her eyes on his she took hold of his root with both hands and jerked his shaft with spiral twists.

Then her head dipped and she took the big top inside her warm mouth. Bert shrieked unashamedly, the feel of being enveloped by her was too perfect.

The English woman held still, his bell end inside, as her amazing tongue alternated between swirling and flicking at him.

"Holy shit! Oh, please excuse my language."

Mary made a muffled reply, totally focused on her task at hand. With her left hand at the base of his seven incher she moved her head down his shaft about half way, lubricating it to her satisfaction.

He felt good and hard in her mouth she was not ashamed to admit and began a very joyous bobbing motion on his impressive stiff. Her right hand reached up and scratched his groin with her fingertips.

"It's so good." Bert sighed, his toes curling up in the carpet.

Mary Poppins was proud of her oral technique and sucked and licked with various speeds, sometimes pursing her lips on the fat crown, sometimes swallowing up his whole length.

All the while she made lewd noises, spluttering and humming on his hot prick, sending incredible vibrations all along the shaft.

"I like your penis very much, most pleasant."

Mary took a deep breath then deep throated him until his cock head hit the back of her throat. Her eyes watered and she gagged once but recovered with sheer expertise.

She felt her pussy twitch as she mashed her nose against his pelvic bone. Then she released him and left a string of spit that stayed connected by her lips to his knob, finally breaking and running down the underside of his twitching stalk.

"Now the question might arise when you have reached the point of no return of your partner will suck or swallow. Are you ready?"

FUCK YEAH, Bert screamed in his head.

"Quite ready, Mary," he actually whispered.

"Then, I think I shall swallow."

She gave a sniff with her nose and then Mary resumed her sucking and salaciously slid her mouth down on his length once more.

Her slippery tongue was all over the plum like head, darting here and there, teasing and tickling him. He looked down at her fine head of hair as she knelt at his feet, moving up and down without a care in the world.

His balls ached for relief and he couldn't last any longer, and he roared loudly.


Bert shot his seed and spurted down the throat of the accommodating woman. Expecting a big load Mary held still and felt her mouth fill with the hot, thick goo. There was certainly a lot and she had to choke the salty stuff back with several big gulps. She kept his cock in her mouth until he stopped pulsing.

"Strike me pink! You ARE quite the pistol!"

"Born and raised in Texas."

Mary stood and put the back of her hand to her chin.

"In the morning we shall discuss sexual intercourse. Theoretical and practical I think."

Fucking A! Thought Bert.

Bert rose and ate breakfast of a bacon and egg taco and coffee. When he entered the room where Mary Poppins had been giving him lessons she was nowhere to be seen. He noticed a hand written note on the rustic wood table which read simply 'come up to my bedroom.'

"Gee, I could sit still for that."

Faster than greased lightning he ran up the stairs two steps at a time, kicking his boots off as he went. The door to her room was half open and the young Texan cautiously entered.

There, reclining on the bed was the seductive tutor in a crepe satin step in chemise in salmon pink. The short hem was rucked back to her nether region as she bent her left leg at the knee provocatively. Up to knee level she wore black stockings of flawless silk with a seam effect back.

Bert thought she looked like something from the 1920's, as in the Great Gatsby, yet the slim, leggy woman was surprisingly enchanting.

"Welcome to my boudoir. Take off your clothes as I tell you about the Kama Sutra."

As Bert stripped eagerly he looked around the room. The bright Texas sun was blotted out with the drapes drawn, and several lamps made the room dimly lit, presumably for a more romantic feel.

Once naked Bert sported a raging hard on in anticipation of what was to come. Mary crooked her index finger to him and he sat by her on the bed. As he drew closer he realised the alluring woman wore no underwear under the chemise. A suggestion of lavender wafted to his nostrils.

"Despite being centuries old the Kama sutra is just as relevant today. To add some spice to your relationship, and keep your partner interesting in the bed, different positions help matters."

Without thinking Bert rubbed his erection, his attention rapt. Was she going to let him fuck her? He saw her left hand at her snatch seemingly applying some Vaseline or lubrication as she spoke.

"We'll take the foreplay as read, agreed? Now the most popular position in the world is called missionary, the male settles between the woman who lies on her back. Let me demonstrate."

Mary hiked her garment high up on her stomach and exposed the welcome sight of her trim pussy. Bert rubbed his stiffness harder, they were going to have sex! He smacked his lips at the erotic picture before him, her lithe straight pins and her flat belly.

Mary was equally pleased at her first look of the mans naked physique. Not overly muscled like a body builder but he had strength in his biceps and a whip like figure.

Together with his sandy hair and lightly tanned complexion his chest and groin were virtually hairless, his pubes almost transparent. His massive erection swayed as it jutted up from his crotch, the angry looking head pulsed as it turned nearly purple.

"Are you ready?"

Bert nodded, the sight and smell of the bewitching woman lying there with legs apart made his head whirl. He knew he was going to be naughty.

He gently ran his hands along the outside of her thighs, just above her stockings, and then dropped his body atop hers. Bert felt her shuffle beneath him, then her arms came around his neck and her legs about his waist.

"You should now be in a perfect position to penetrate my vagina. Rub the head on my entrance and wet it with my lubrication."

Bert rubbed his aching knob up and down her greased muff and then he pushed up with a strong pelvic thrust and he was in. His chest crushed her tits under the chemise and he could feel the s swollen nipples through the flimsy material. Mary offered no resistance as he moved up and down on her, his weight on his elbows.

"It's wonderful." He uttered as he stared down at her heart shaped face.

Indeed her pussy felt divine around his hard shaft as he slid deeper into the wetness. Bert thrust home over and over, stuffing every inch of his cock inside her then withdrawing almost all the way. He was excited and nervous, eager to please but determined to enjoy himself.

"You're doing fine, relax and enjoy, performance is not important at this time, just the experience."

Mary looked into his eyes and squeezed her vagina as their excitement grew, each insertion of his cock in her quim made the pair of them moan.

Bert continued to drive in and out, his pace increasing with each minute. His breathing became ragged and the perspiration ran down the crack of his tight ass.

Mary was immensely impressed and turned on by the virile young man between her thighs. His balls pressed hard against her bottom as he squeezed every single inch of meat into her slick pussy.

"May, may we kiss?" He asked with a slight trepidation. "Yes, you may kiss me."

He slowed down his grinding and pressed his lips to hers. His heart quickened as her soft mouth met his, her chestnut hair swirled around her bare shoulders as they kissed long and deep.

"Have you gone soft?" Said Mary as she broke the kiss.

Bert blushed. His cock was still inside her but he had softened somewhat.

"Gee, I guess I'm just a lousy fuck!"

Mary slid and slithered under him, her feet back on the mattress. She wiggled her hips and his limp cock slipped out.

"Nonsense, this is only the beginning, we have the whole day free. Lie down."

Bert pouted and laid on his back, his prick on his left thigh. Then he sucked in his breath as Mary's mouth sank all the way down on his cock which hardened in her hot mouth in an instant.

He lifted his head and looked on as his stiffening shaft vanished between her pouting lips. A sweet chill went up his spine as she massaged the sensitive skin of his balls and close to his puckered anus. He raised his ass as her head bobbed up and down on his rigid pole and smiled to himself.

"Now lets try another position from the Kama Sutra. As we are in Texas we shall attempt the cowgirl position."

Mary pulled her garment off over her head and tossed it aside, letting her perky tits jiggle on her chest.

"This will put the female in control, and is also a boon in helping her achieve her own climax."

Mary laid her body on top of the solid frame of Bert and mashed her boobs to his chest. Then she stretched her long legs out on either side of his developed thighs and raised herself up.

With her weight on her knees the brunette rubbed her vulva and clitoris against his pubic bone, sending tingles of pleasure through her slender body. With her right hand she held his now stiff cock to her pussy entrance and let it slide on in.


The position made for a tight fit, never mind his generous length of a cock. Mary twisted and wriggled her lower half as her pussy snuggled his prick inside. She grew still and then proceeded to ride him with her lovely body.

Bert's eyes were moist with the delicious sensation of being fucked by the accommodating woman. In turn Mary relished the ecstasy of her quim sliding up and down on his delightful erection.

"Hold my bottom."

Bert looked up at her as her boobs bounced around with her bobbing motions.

"Come along, spit spot." Mary gave him a stern look.

He grabbed her buttocks and was pleasantly surprised how firm the lily white mounds of flesh felt. She arched her back and placed her hands on her upper thighs as her stomach undulated with her strenuous efforts.

What a fuck she was! As she moved on him faster, her hips grinding back and forth, his cock swelled in her torrid cunt.

"That's it, that's it!" She cried, well aware of his imminent release.

Bert grabbed her firmly as her lightweight figure thrust up and down with more force. Her hips jerked as his cock spurted cum up inside her quim which overflowed and ran down the insides of her thighs.

Mary felt herself coming together with him, his welcome hot seed triggering her climax. His pent up lust spent, the Texan flopped onto his back exhausted.

"Terrific." He sighed, his chest heaving.

Mary rolled off just as satisfied as he, his sexual prowess was coming along nicely.

"Tomorrow we shall continue to study the Kama Sutra, together with some advanced lessons on breast massage. You may leave, the door is open."

Bert gathered his things and made to leave, surprised by her abruptness. Also he could have sworn that he had closed that door when he had arrived.

Mary laid back with her hand behind her head and inserted a tissue inside her dribbling vagina. She looked over at her parrot headed umbrella and winked at it mischievously, to which the parrot winked back! Leaning over to the bedside cabinet Mary reached for a hip flask and took a welcome swig.

"Lovely, rum punch. Cheers!"


The next day was a dream for Bert as they had sex in the doggy position, reverse cowgirl and something called the spoon.

Mary had made him wear a condom, because as she pointed out the lesson was all about experimenting different positions and not about the orgasm. After a strenuous work out they broke for the day.

"You have come along splendidly, my dear chap. I'm going to give you the book of the Kama so you can study the other forty positions at your leisure. It's your confidence I wish to build upon next. So tomorrow I propose to introduce a third party into the proceedings so I can monitor you in bed with another woman."

Fucking A! Thought Bert.

Bert dined with his father that evening and the old man listened to the young mans progress. Later Bert could hardly sleep, his mind spinning with the last few days experiences and the tremendous expectancy of what was to come the next morning.

Again he visited Mary in her bedroom after breakfast and saw her looking prim and proper in her white blouse and midi length skirt.

Sat in a chair alongside the bed, she wore a pair of horn rimmed spectacles on the end of her nose and her hand was poised over a yellow coloured legal notebook. Then Bert's attention was drawn to the naked figure of a buxom blonde on the bed.

"A little bird told me you prefer big blonde women." Mary peered down the bridge of her nose as she adjusted her glasses and sniffed.

The reclining female had long platinum blonde hair that fell down her back, a few loose strands framed her round face. Her rosy cheeks were as pink as her fulsome lips that parted seductively. Thick lashes fluttered over her blue eye shadow as her gaze remained on his.

It was none other than Ellie May, the home help and cook, someone who he had not thought of as sexual person at all.

"Morning Mister Jackson." She said in a sexy drawl.


Bert lost no time in stripping off his plaid shirt and tugging his jeans and underpants down to his feet. He was fully erect and as he stood naked at the foot of the bed his proud member poked straight up, the burgeoning tip wet with pre cum.

Ellie May moved up onto her knees, her breasts were as big and firm as watermelons and jiggled on her curvy form. He had observed her many times in the house but in her plain uniform she had not turned his head, but here she was with more curves than a barrel full of snakes.

"What's your next move?" Asked Mary as she took notes.

Bert looked to her, then back to the stacked blonde.

"Lick her tits?" He mumbled.

"No, no, no. Good grief man, how about a kiss?"

"Oh, right."

"I do despair, have you listened to a thing I've said? Enjoy the build up, tease her, arouse her and let her enjoyment spur you on."

Bert took the blonde in his arms and they engaged in a lingering French kiss, which he found most pleasant. Ellie May had bee stung lips that slobbered on his, and her tongue dived in with rapid little darting moves.

He let her curvaceous body touch his and her large tits pressed against his solid chest. Bert moved his hands around her waist and pulled her to him, feeling her heartbeat a little faster.

"Now her breasts." Instructed Mary.

Bert felt a thrill as he bent his head to kiss her stiff nipples and they gradually fell backwards onto the bed, he atop of her. He kneaded and caressed the hefty boobs, so much bigger than Mary Poppins. Ellie May stroked his fly away hair as he licked around the very large areolas one by one.

"Oh, Mister Jackson, lick me all over why don't you."

Bert paused and stole a glance at Mary, then went to work, moving slowly down from the big tits to the woman's stomach. Ellie may squirmed under him, his rigid prick brushing her thighs as he moved lower. He studied her fine triangle of golden pubic hair and then brushed his lips on her hot pussy.

"Mercy me, how simply divine," she cooed.

Urged on by her positive reaction the Texan sucked on the puffy labia as the woman purred softly. He stretched out his legs behind him and widened her legs for a better position.

Ellie May threw her head back and gurgled contently as Bert tongued her slit with his pointed tip. First with quick stabs then lingering deep flicks before poking all the way in as far as possible.

"Good work, keep it up."

Mary was pleased and surprised, he had been paying attention in class after all. Bert took a healthy whiff of the womanly scent by his nose and tasted the sweet nectar that moistened the pussy.

"Oh, I love it!" Squealed the blonde who writhed with increasing ardour.

Now Bert flattened his tongue and swiped up and down in great moves from her anus to the clitoris. Then wickedly he moved to her inner thighs, first the left and then the right, ignoring her muff completely. Her flesh was not as silky smooth as Mary's but nevertheless it sent the blonde mad with desire as he peppered her with butterfly kisses.

"You devil! Lick my clit, I'm begging you!"

Bert grinned and winked at the attentive Mary as he proceeded to move up and turn the blonde onto her belly. He pawed her meaty buttocks in both hands and then parted them so he could poke his face in between. Now he concentrated on licking her hard clit with lightning fast flicks that brought urgent inhalations of air from the female.

"Very impressive, nice innovation." Mary scribbled more notes in her yellow pad.

Bert was highly aroused, his cock throbbed insanely, desperate to be shoved inside the sodden cunt in his face. Unable to hold back any more he climbed up and laid on top of the woman's back and distributed his weight on hers. He used both hands to ease her thighs apart and let his manhood nestle at her steamy opening.

"Erogenous zones my dear chap."

Bert acted on the advice from his tutor and moved the fine hair from the woman's nape and nuzzled her neck and earlobes. He shunted his length to and fro in the ass cleavage underneath causing Ellie May to scream for penetration.

"Fuck me puppy!" She cried, then shrieked as he slipped her his cock.

Taking heed of his lessons he began a slow and laborious motion, in and out, in and out, oiling his shaft as he did so. With a powerful tug he brought his lover up from the bed and made the blonde rest on her hands and knees. Ellie May's wet cunt clenched at his prick making for a delicious friction that made both of them groan.

"Faster, puppy, fuck me faster."

Bert reached out and grabbed her pendulous breasts, quickening his tempo. His muscled frame slapped at her butt in measured thrusts, mauling her tits with a rough coarseness as he was driven by a sinuous grind.

His prodigious cock pumped into her steamy cunt and Ellie May thrilled to the big cock rammed up inside her, glowing pulsations coursed through her.

Mary was getting turned on by the sight of the rutting couple and hitched up her long skirt up her thighs and rubbed her granny bloomers at the crotch.

Bert decided to switch positions and fell onto his right side pulling the woman with him into a spoon. His cock never left her pussy and he continued to push up with assured pelvic thrusts. He lifted the left leg of the woman at the knee as she placed her weight on her right arm.

"Nice move, Bert."

Mary now got a terrific view of the young stud banging the blonde from behind her, his love rod plunging in and out of the heated pussy, the golden pubes now darkened with their combined fluids.

His groin pressed into the curvy ripe buttocks and as he wriggled his hips he fucked Ellie May with semi rotations of his pulsing knob.

"Mister Jackson! Oh baby! I'm coming!"

The flushed blonde let out an enormous groan as her orgasm shook her to the core. Bert did not let up as he rocked back and forth, his shaft shining with her juices.

Mary Poppins could no longer sit by and watch, totally focused on Bert's glorious organ. She stood and whipped her skirt off, followed by the large underwear and moved to the bouncing bed.

"Mind if I join in?" She said as the fucking couple disengaged to look at the half naked brunette.

Mary settled on the bed rather primly, her white blouse concealing her stiff nipples. She glanced at Ellie May whose cheeks were quite rosy, then they kissed each other gently.

The English woman placed her right hand between the Americans open thighs and rubbed her fingertips up and down the soaked folds of her pussy. Keeping eye contact with Bert she brought her moistened fingers to her mouth and sucked them with loud yummy sounds.

"Shall we, my dear?"

The two women rose up as Bert laid back and they both grappled for his rock hard boner. Just a week ago he was a shy, green young man innocent in the ways of the flesh, now he was invigorated and in the presence of two cock hungry women.

He looked into the clear blue eyes of Mary Poppins and watched her open her mouth and close her lips on his crown. Beside her the blonde grasped the base of his cock and held it steady as Mary slid down the slippery length.

"Fuck me, I'm in heaven!"

As her mouth went down further her tongue brushed his veiny shaft before resting with his entire prick in her mouth. As she came up her teeth scraped along the pole which made Bert wince with the glorious sensation.

"Be my guest."

She let Ellie May take over and sucked him all the way in like a vacuum cleaner, inhaling deeply through her nostrils, eyes streaming. She jerked her head back and let him out with a lewd popping sound and his prick slapped back on his belly.

Mary reached out and raised it up to her face and rolled her tongue around the spongy head with exaggerated licks. At the same time the blonde snaked out her tongue and teased his balls.

"Mary, I have to fuck you, please let me fuck you one last time."

Bert was at boiling point and his fine tutor relented and moved onto her back. The fair haired man puffed out his chest as he settled between her legs, feeling the silk of her stockings on his flesh. He forced his rampant erection into her lubricated muff and made her gasp as she accepted the whole seven inches.

"Mary, oh Mary, it's too good."

He flexed his muscles and started to fuck his cock in and out at an alarmingly fast rate. Mary was hammered into the bed by his passionate stroking and tiny sparks rushed through her loins. With hefty rotations of his hips his hot cock reamed her lubricious cave and her hands grabbed hold of his tight butt and did not let go.

"Yes Bert, yes! Fuck me!"

Mary Poppins surprised herself as well as her lover as she used coarse language. He placed his hands on each of her ankles and lifted them high up in the air as he leaned back onto his haunches.

As Ellie May leaned over to kiss Mary and caress her tits, Bert moved his hips until they became a blur to the eye. The position made for a snug fit as he pushed and pulled her slender legs in his tight grip. Sweat poured from the raging young man as he and Mary gyrated in tandem.


Bert pulled out, his back arched and he shot a load of sperm out in a gushing spray that splattered the pale belly of Mary. He shuddered and pointed his spurting cock up so that Ellie May caught the remainder of his white seed in her voracious mouth.

Bert collapsed onto his side, his dripping hose in his fist, his mind dizzy with emotion. When he opened his eyes Ellie May was gone, only Mary was present, looking at him with a smouldering satisfaction.

"How did I do?" He asked between deep breaths.

"Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!"

"Mary, I...I think I love you." He stammered.

"I know." She answered. "But the wind has changed and I must away. You will be fine now trust me."

Bert sat up and his eyes gave her a sad puppy look.

"Please, just stay a little longer."

Mary got up, her figure sticky and wet from the strenuous love making and shook her head.

Next morning when he woke Mary Poppins was long gone, once again she had popped out.

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