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Emma Watson does CSS
« on: March 12, 2020, 07:39:57 AM »
Note- This story is totally fiction and any resemblance to actual persons is purely coincidental. Apologies to dear Jane Austen.


Emma was pleasantly surprised to have received excellent reviews for her latest movie role as Meg March in 'Little Women.'
She had gone back in her spare time to read the classics from the 19th century and had a particular fondness for Jane Austen's 'Pride and Predujice.'

Emma read the story twice in a week and then gazed out of the window of her London home deep in thought.

"Most interesting." She mused.

The young and successful movie actress had recently been busy online researching the advancement of female sexual pleasure, and was constantly browsing the internet for new and exciting ideas. After an afternoon of online research she felt she had an idea of her own for an erotic story she would attempt to publish. A classic historical bodice ripper loosely based on the good Jane's novel.


'Torn between two lovers. A naughty tale of pride and prejudice.' By Emma Watson, featuring herself as Elizabeth Bennet.

London, 1812.

The Regency age in Great Britain was considered to extend from 1800 to 1830. George, the Prince of Wales, ruled the kingdom while his father, King George III was unwell and unfit to rule. Famous names such as Wellington, Byron, Wordsworth and Constable were popular in society, the upper class that is, which flourished despite the war with Napoleon.

Elizabeth Bennet, second eldest daughter of five unmarried sisters, had been instructed by her impatient father, that she must be betrothed and married before the end of the year. If not, he would choose her suitor for her, and he had a horrid choice in mind. None other than the obese and flatulent Duke of Meckleburg in Germany.

She herself, only twenty years of age, had two better options in mind. The first being Fitzwilliam Darcy, the twenty eight year old owner of the Pemberley family estate in Derbyshire.
Despite his wealth he was also handsome, tall, and intelligent.
But he lacked essential social graces and furthermore was quite the novice in the bedroom, much to her chagrin.

The other choice was George Wickham, equally good looking as Darcy, but considered to be a ne'er do well wastrel, compulsive liar and a rake.

Wickham, heavily in debt due to his gambling and womanising, desperately needed to marry into money, and quickly.

Elizabeth was torn between the two radically different gentlemen. One, a kind and shy man with good intentions and love to offer, and the other, a carefree aristocrat who was considered to be the best lover in England. Blessed as he was with an enviable large penis.

The young filly was herself lively, witty and intelligent. And had from a tender age dreamed about the pleasures of the flesh.
Her hands had found their way to her sex all by themselves as she reached puberty and longed for the day she could wed.

"Good morning, Elizabeth, your visitor waits without."

The maid the patient female a tray with a calling card. She had been expecting Darcy to visit that rainy afternoon and had heard his horse drawn carriage arrive outside the family home.

The elegant and tiny woman, barely five feet four in flat pumps, stood and awaited him and fussed with her long hair. She had chosen her primrose full length dress with the low and round neckline edged in lace. The short puffed shoulders and shaped bust ensured she exuded a daring sensuous allure.

"Pray, send him hither." The maid curtsied in acknowledgement and left.

Elizabeth paced across the drawing room and paused by the large portrait of her father that hung over the mantle shelf.
Then she whirled around as Darcy stood in the doorway. The epitome of the stylish man about town, the well dressed young gentleman gazed at her with clear blue eyes.

His fair hair was immaculately groomed and he stood in a single breasted tailcoat over a white muslin shirt. His breeches looked quite snug around the privates and Elizabeth could have no doubt that he dressed to the left.

"Your obedient servant, my Lady. Simply wonderful to see you once more, my dear, dear Elizabeth. The occasion of the grand ball will forever be etched in my mind."

He bowed low and gave his radiant smile that had endeared him to her the first time they had met. Indeed that evening, a month ago had seen them dance all evening, oblivious to anyone else on the crowded ballroom, caught up in the music and gaiety. Fatigued, they had ended up on the veranda where the young couple had enjoyed a delightful half hour in each others arms embraced in slow, melting kisses.


He made haste and joined her and kissed the back of her right hand tenderly. She went to the drinks table and poured him a glass of port from a crystal decanter.

"It's a little early perhaps but just this once if you would be so kind."

They settled side by side on an upholstered sofa and he bade her good health as he drank his wine. Darcy bent closer to his intended and breathed in her floral scent deeply.

Elizabeth sat composed in a graceful manner as he admired her enchanting looks. She had come to bed eyes of light brown with heavy lids and perfect brows in groomed arcs. She looked back at him with a smile of an angel and crossed her hands in her lap.

"My dearest Elizabeth, I have grown very fond of you these last few weeks and I humbly request that I ask your father for your hand in marriage."

She smiled politely and swept a coil of brown hair from the pale nape of her slender neck.

"I'm most grateful for your kind offer, Darcy. It is true that my father does desire some urgency in my being engaged to be sure."

Elizabeth studied his face as he spoke. The man was handsome in an understated way, and well mannered to say the least. She tried hard not to show any signs of apprehension on her face as she listened to him describe his considerable prosperity and assets.

But the question that burned deep in her heart was how was he in the important matter of sexual prowess. She was young and possessed a healthy interest in all things of a carnal knowledge.

"May I be so bold as to ask you how many women you have invited into your bed?"

Darcy was taken aback slightly at the very notion of such a personal question and became speechless for several moments.

"The reason I ask is that I am very much a tactile woman and enjoy the pleasures of the flesh. My fingers found my sex all by themselves when I was younger and I have never looked back."

"My Lady...I."

"Come, Sir, I am no blushing virgin I assure you. I have no desire to be frustrated in the bedroom for the duration of my marriage."

With an unhidden wanton haste, Elizabeth leaned to the surprised suitor and kissed him hard on the mouth, a persuasive pressure of her lips on his. In an instant his erection began to swell in his breeches and he fidgeted on the seat nervously. A light sweat broke on his brow and his pulse raced at the suggestive behaviour of the young woman.

"You are singularly flirty this morn and no mistake."

"Flirty be damned, I crave your sword my good man, and this very day."

Darcy realised this young woman was a rare sort indeed, refined, sophisticated and passionate about the bedroom. If there was another combination of beauty and lack of chastity in a woman he was unaware of it. This was a ripe young thing to be in love with and to make love with, and a more suitable bride would be hard to find.

"There is no other in the house today, only the maid and she will pay us no heed until I wish him to. My bedchamber is just upstairs. Darcy, will you join me?"

Elizabeth stood and held out her hands to him.

"My Lady, it would be my pleasure to do so." He took her hands in his eagerly.

He was amazed by the sound of his own voice as he followed the petite girl up the spiral staircase to the next level like a lapdog.
Elizabeth Bennet and he were about to make love!


The dominant feature of the bedroom was undoubtedly the big bed with a mattress stuffed with feathers. Beside it was a table with looking glass, an armoire and chest of drawers. Darcy noted the bathtub in the corner and large jug of water. As he stood motionless, the young woman shifted a room screen to the foot of the bed.

"This will keep the draft out." She said as a matter of fact.

Her simple statement made him realise that in mere seconds the young couple would be as naked as in the breeze.

"Come on Darcy, don't be shy. This is the nineteenth century after all."

"Two." Said he as he started to undress.


"The answer, to your question. I have bedded a mere two women in my pitiful life."

"Then permit me to be your third. And best."

Darcy removed his shirt and breeches, followed by his top boots of leather. His chest was without hair but nevertheless was nicely sculpted and lean.

Elizabeth held her gaze on the man whose smooth, white tail poked up stiff and prominent, not overly large but adequate. Her belly fluttered and the little minx felt a rush of heat between her upper legs. She approached the aroused man and pressed herself to him, her arms around his neck.

"I want you Darcy, no, I NEED you."

She lifted her face and kissed him with a heated urgency, caressing his naked form with wandering hands, revelling in his warm nakedness. His mouth brushed her pale cheek as her slender fingers circled his rigid member. He groaned accordingly as she put his shaft in her warm palm and squeezed.

"How very unladylike." He murmured as he nuzzled her graceful neck.

She responded to his searching lips with hisses of hot breath as her arousal grew.

"There is no such thing as a lady in bed, as you will soon discover."

She steered him to the bed and made him lie back in the middle and settled beside him. Her tongue darted out and she moved it up the shaft of his erection toward the head that emerged from the foreskin. His thighs became taut as her lips grazed the tapered head and she tasted the saltiness.

"Perhaps you shouldn't," he said despite his obvious arousal.

"Nonsense, my sweet, lie back and enjoy."

Darcy felt her hot breath and sighed contently as her soft lips encased the head of his organ then slithered down and down with a wanton abandon. Her saliva left a long smear on his tool as her lips and teeth scraped him with a decidedly wicked intent to tease him.

His head pushed out her left cheek as her head angled that way and he gasped at the erotic sight of his intended relishing the taste of his sword.

"I beg thee, good lady, cease or I shall explode."

Determined to enjoy his manhood, Elizabeth ignored his plea and made speedy bobs of her head, ensuring his entire length was sufficiently slick for entry in her aching womanhood.

"Very well, now pray do me the honour and lick my juicy cunnie for me."

"By all that is good I tell thee I cannot. Please forgive my pitiful state."

Elizabeth pouted as she stripped off her dress by the shoulder straps and stepped out of it. Then she shed her petticoats and linen under garment and stood before the man as naked as he.

"Truly you are a dream come to life. Uncommon handsome."

The lucky man drank in her loveliness as she stood in front of him without shame. His cock throbbed and bobbed as his eye ran along her rose tipped perky tits and flat stomach.

Her skin was like a delicate porcelain and her slender limbs and dainty feet made him inhale deeply at the winsome beauty. Her nostrils flared and her breasts rose and fell steadily as her left hand idly rubbed on her moist sex.

"Are you certain you wouldn't like to dip your tongue right in here?"

She tweaked her trim pussy hair and the muscles in her stomach flexed suggestively. She went to the bed and as Elizabeth laid back her lengthy brown hair tumbled around her shoulders, her pert breasts lifted up with every quick breath and Darcy joined her and sucked on the hard points.

Less shy now his fingers skimmed the pleasant globes as he jiggled them gleefully. A steamy desire from between her thighs caused her flawless skin to flush in anticipation of his lips and tongue on her cunt.

But the somewhat innocent gentleman could not bring himself to enter into the uncharted territory of oral sex. Darcy lifted his frame up so that he settled on top of her, his erection stiff against her stomach as he suckled on both her tits more forcefully.

"Elizabeth, my sweet, my cock is ready."

"Enter my cave then, my dear one."

She closed her eyes, the long lashes fluttering as she rubbed her damp loins against his rod of iron. Her legs came up and formed a tight lock about his waist as his fat organ found the wet entrance of her slit and followed through. Both young lovers felt the delightful thrill of penetration as the virile male impaled her with his shaft, inch by inch, eliciting soft groans.

"Now move, I crave your dart to move inside me." She urged him with tiny jerks.

Darcy buried his face in her breasts as the delicious friction made the pair of them shudder. Their tender bodies melded into one as he began to shift his hips to and fro along her diminutive figure. He inhaled the fragrant smell of her fine hair as he shifted his weight.

Elizabeth was so wet, yet tight as Darcy fought to control himself as he guided his length in and out. They kissed as she wallowed in his lustful surges, her fingernails digging into his flesh, feeling his body heat atop of her.

"I love you inside of me, don't you dare stop." She shivered as she broke the kiss.

The doe eyed beauty was surprised by the power in his body as he fucked her with ever increasing strokes. The dreamy English rose had a preference for strong men and he did not disappoint. His cock glided in and out of her now very slick cunt and her feet drummed restlessly on his back as her pleasure intensified. She made little noises at the back of her throat and her head tossed from side to side.

"I fear I am close." Darcy announced.

"For pity's sake Darcy, love me a while longer, I am most anxious for further intercourse."

"Your exquisite beauty overwhelms me, my balls doth swell most uncomfortably."

"Very well, if needs must." Elizabeth sighed and gave a final thrust upwards to further relish his manly grinding.

A cry came from deep within his soul as Darcy erupted inside the woman in a tidal wave of semen, his cock pulsing with his every frenzied heartbeat. She remained wrapped around his heaving frame as they both breathed hard, their flesh dampened by their mutual passion, and her puss sodden with his seed.

"I very nearly came that time." Panted Elizabeth as they eventually disentangled.

Their nether regions were sticky and sweaty, and her groomed locks were dishevelled on the pillow.

"You? A female?" He said with an innocent look.

"Of course, silly, girls experience orgasm too."

"Well, I've never heard of the like before."

E;izabeth rose and sat on the bed and pondered a while. Then she padded naked to the tub and filled it with water from the jug. Now they had made love she felt no romantic feelings nor carnal satisfaction for the unfortunate and bade Darcy to leave her to her toilet. There was much to consider.


Later the same week.

It was dark outside and Elizabeth's thoughts turned to her desirable bed where she intended on finishing reading the latest novel by Maria Edgeworth.

Her immediate family were not home this evening, and the only other presence was the trusty maid. She poked at the dying fire as the clock chimed the hour of eleven and she rose from her chair and made to leave the drawing room.

"You look good enough to eat, my Lady. And I am famished."

Emma jumped and gasped at the figure of George Wickham who stood poised before her, somewhat the worse for drink.

In his expensive evening attire he looked singularly handsome with his raven coloured hair, cool grey eyes and strong jawline. Dressed all in black he struck an imposing figure and confirmed whispers she had heard of women naming him the dark wolf.

"My Lord, how unexpected. How pray did you gain entrance?"

She fought the urge to panic and tilted her chin up proudly as she spoke.

"It matters not, that I am here is enough."

The room became hushed as the bold gentleman strode to the drinks table and helped himself to a snifter of brandy. He drained his glass and approached her with an assured stride that made her tremble with desire.

The tall and overbearing man gathered her in a strong embrace and kissed her like no other had kissed her before. Her lips parted willingly as she responded in kind, her pink tongue seeking out his in his hot mouth.

"By the devil's luck I have had the most dreadful evening at the club."

He shook his head at the awful memory of just an hour before.

"A stupid wager of seven thousand guineas on one turn of the card. Damn it all to hell!"

Wickham held Elizabeth close to his chest which beat fast against her slight figure.

"I am in dire need of funds, and I beseech you to be my bride before the end of the year."

"'Tis a problem my dear Wickham, for you have a rival for my gentle hand."

"You mean that fop Darcy? Why he is as green as your lawn outside. You deserve a strong and virile partner in your life, and I am he. Would it be ungentlemanly of me to hope that I shall find solace in your bed this night?"

Since the most definitely frustrating session with the unfortunate Darcy, Elizabeth's only waking thoughts were of a carnal nature. His heady aroma and manly embrace stoked her loins and she experienced an unstoppable compulsion to be ravished by this unashamed rascal. She nodded consent and the pair of them retired to her room where they did not hesitate in immediately shedding their clothing.

Elizabeth stood in silence, left in nothing but her knee length silk stockings and gazed in awe of the incredible naked man before her.

"I trust I do not disappoint?" He said smugly.

Indeed not thought she as she eyed him up and down under the candle light. At least six feet two in height he had a torso covered with thick black chest hair. His long shanks were sleek and lean and his stiff cock, erect and throbbing, pulsed as he breathed.

"Now wench, lie back and enjoy a real man." She noted the raw lust in his eyes as he ordered her.

Nobody had dared call her thus, despite her tender age of one and twenty and she could barely contain her wicked grin. She did as she was instructed and rested on her side so that the enticing curve of her bared bum widened his eyes.

His fingers followed the gentle swell of her abdomen and rubbed in a spiral motion that gradually lowered to her soft snatch. Elizabeth squirmed but did not resist when he reached her moist slot and teased open the outer folds.

"Heavens!" She sobbed. This was what she needed, something Darcy could not deliver.

Wickham moved the flat of his hand up and down on her sensitive twat and applied pressure on her pelvic bone. He smiled at the wetness that began to flow from within and prodded her softness with his index finger. His steely grey eyes mesmerised the helpless woman who clamped her left hand on his and pushed him on her even harder.

"It's too good." She uttered as her bottom shuffled to and fro on the feather filled bed.

His gaze dropped to the sight of her white thighs spread out wide and the dew dappled pubic hair that was so fine as to barely conceal her delectable cunt. He added his middle digit and frigged her passage with great expertise.

Then he bent forward and proceeded to lick the divine pink inner flesh that tasted oh, so sweet on his furred tongue. As he probed further inside her hot interior his finger moved south and touched the incredibly sensitive perineum.

"NO, my Lord, not there!"

He tickled her anus without mercy oblivious to her protestations. But he relented and sought out her sheathed clitoris which yielded to his questing lips.

Elizabeth widened her slim pins and surrendered her most private treasure to the demanding male who flicked and licked with a wild flurry of moves that made the poor girl quite dizzy.

"Oh, this...is...the...devils...work." She whimpered as he teased her tiny nub to an uninhibited climax.

Elizabeth stiffened, then went limp as her lover brought about her much wanted sexual release. Her breathing became ragged and her limbs trembled with the happy knowledge she was able to achieve a welcome climax.

"Methinks, 'tis your turn to pleasure me with your oral delight."

Wickham laid on his back and the inquisitive young woman traced a lazy fingertip along the contours of his hairy torso, the flatness of his stomach, ending at his splendid example of manhood.

What a cock! Upright and straight, the shaft had a large blue vein down the entire length of the upper right, all the way to the glistening tip.

"Words fail me, my Lord Wickham."

"No words are necessary, just suck on it."

Elizabeth grasped it in both hands and admired the hot flesh of the massive appendage.

"Now, if you would be so kind."

With an unnecessary roughness the impatient aristocrat pushed her head to his lap and her lips collided with the huge organ. The sizeable cock slid into her mouth and surprised her as the top reached the opening of her throat.

She clasped her rosy lips tight along the shaft as it filled her small mouth, his fingers tilting her head slightly for a smoother penetration. The thick ridges on his prick were quite defined enough for her to trace out with her tongue as she moved back and forth, urged on by his hand on the back of her head.

"Ever had one this big, my dear?"

Elizabeth mumbled and shook her head a tad, a tear staining her left cheek with the effort of sucking his well endowed cock. He pulled out suddenly and she coughed and dribbled very unladylike down her chin.

With a renewed enthusiasm Elizabeth devoured him once again and shoved the prick deep inside her mouth, choking and gagging as the thick knob vanished inside. She managed to twirl her tongue around and around with noisy slurping sounds that pleased the scoundrel immensely.

"Hah! Milady doth learn fast. We'll make a strumpet out of you yet."

"Please refrain from observing me as a slut."

George Wickham replied with derision and clasped her pretty face by both cheeks, making her lips protrude in a lewd manner.

"When you are in my bed, a slut you are, and you shall behave as such. Am I clear?"

Elizabeth experienced a randy flush through her body and knew in her heart his words were true.

"Quite clear, my Lord. I am your toy to play with."

"Come here."

Wickham laid on his back and Elizabeth obediently straddled his lean frame. He pointed his shiny spear upright and the young woman balanced on her knees, either side of his milky thighs and cupped her tits.

With eyes on his she yelped at his sudden grasp of her hips as he pulled her on his rampant pole. He brought further cries from the slender beauty as he thrust upward and his whole length was engulfed by her wet tunnel.

"So big, so fucking big!"

"And your cunnie is fearsome hot milady."

Elizabeth leaned in and placed her hands on the bed by his head, palms down, and met his fearsome strokes with her own. The scent of her assailed his nostrils as her face hovered mere inches above his, and he was pleasantly surprised at her determined jaw as he was ridden by her lightweight frame.

Despite outward appearances Elizabeth was quite the passenger in the vigorous love making as her cunt was seriously pounded with powerful lunges. Her body began to prickle with perspiration as her hips undulated with every surge of his cock in her sodden twat.

"I require rest, my Lord." Said the slender beauty as she slumped fatigued on his chest.

Then the mans expression altered and Elizabeth was pulled up effortlessly and flipped face down on the feather mattress.

Wickham widened her supple legs and then rubbed her buttocks with a lascivious sneer. She felt him slide a pillow under her midriff and then settle his chest onto her back. The sensation of his chest hair was something new for her and she smiled to herself as she was tickled. Then he growled like a wild animal and bit into her pale shoulder as he slid his erection inside of her again.

"I am your bull and my dart is yours."

"Then take me like a cur, good Sir, I beg thee."

"Like a cur? I slap curs, like thus."

With his cock fully inserted but unmoving, Wickham smacked her left cheek then the other. Her white flesh turned scarlet and her legs spread even wider as he pushed in hard.

Elizabeth hissed and grabbed fistfuls of the sheet as his cock thrust up into her muff. As he gave her slow grinds of his pelvis she was kissed down her spine with tiny touches of his lips and her body quivered accordingly, Wickham pressed his groin at the soft cushion of her perfect bottom as he buffeted against her, his prick deeply embedded inside.

"Fuck me hard, Sir, I implore you." Said she without shame.

The aristocrat loved her tight cunt and complied with her wishes and banged on her frail figure with some force. He drew her up by the hips onto her hands and knees and he humped so fast that her buttocks shook with each thrust home and her pert tits bounced on her chest.

His hands roamed over her belly and flanks as he filled her quim with his meat and Elizabeth gasped through clenched teeth at his boisterous jolts.

"You fare well, young lady." He observed with some admiration. Many females had given up by this time in his frantic sexual union.

Elizabeth Bennet simply could not get enough of his cock. His strokes were endless as she was driven back and forth on his generous length as if she were a rag doll.

Then, when he decided to withdraw it seemed like her insides were sucked out with his cock. Again Elizabeth was moved, this time onto her back, as he gripped her upper arms in a vice like hold.

"Sir, I beg of you to be of a gentler nature."

"I think not, my thirst for your cunt is never greater."

Elizabeth felt his strong thighs nudge her legs apart and gasped as he entered her dripping slit with a single lunge. His mouth met her quivering lips in a hungry kiss as her arms and legs came up and around his solid body.

Her soft breasts were crushed under him as she surrendered herself to the best fuck of her young life. As their mouths remained locked in a languid kiss her hips rocked up at him as their bodies moved in sync.

"Come for me my sweet, give me your seed."

Elizabeth lifted her weary head as her body began to spasm with her well earned second orgasm. Her warm juices bathed his cock as he moved like lightning in and out of her molten cave.

His butt clenched as he pinned the fragile flower to the bed which creaked and rattled from the furious fuck. Her silk stockings were by now just ragged tatters down at her dainty ankles as the bed under them was awash with their fluids. Then he stiffened and splashed his sperm into her already dripping cunt and the pair of them wallowed in their mutual satisfaction.

For different reasons they both fell asleep beside each other. She from physical exhaustion, and he from the excess of alcohol.

When the dawn broke Elizabeth woke and stared at the naked man snoring in her bed and then went to clean herself in the tub. It had been a wild night of gratuitous sex and she had enjoyed every indulgent second. But what would it mean being wed to such a creature as George Wickham?

And so fair reader, which of these gentlemen do you think would be the best suitor for Elizabeth Bennet? You decide.

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Re: Emma Watson does CSS
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Loved it!!!

Thank you and to answer your question.

George Wickham


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Re: Emma Watson does CSS
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Loved it!!!

Thank you and to answer your question.

George Wickham
1-0 to George!
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