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Note- A proposed new series featuring female celebs and their sex addictions. Both in the UK and USA.


Prologue. Featuring Emma Watson, Kelly Brook, Amanda Holden, Carol Vorderman.   

It was the brainwave of that enchanting English celebrity Emma Watson, forever remembered for her starring role in the Harry Potter movie franchise, that raised the hopes of a surprising number of female celebrities who had admitted that they had out of control sex lives.

Emma herself had been fascinated by the online website that she once subscribed to that featured instructional videos on the female orgasm, and how to achieve one.
The vivacious and elegant young woman had famously declared herself to be self partnered, in other words she did not advocate having to marry or bear a child just because she had turned thirty.

Emma had contacted another like thinking individual, the American actress and businesswoman, Gwyneth Paltrow, who had publicly revealed she believed in open relationships and even living apart from partners or spouses.

Despite their modern views on relationships and non-monogamy they did realise that there was a very real danger for one to become obsessed, or even addicted to lust filled compulsions.

The two intelligent women, in an inspired act of compassion, had gotten their heads together and formed two separate, but allied services, offering help and support for those celebrities who were brave enough to admit to having compulsive sex lives.

They had come up with simple but structured programmes for the selected females who needed the most help, and thus formed were the two services.

C.S.I. UK, and C.S.I. USA. Or, Celebrity Sexaholics Incognito.

Emma would operate in London, and Gwyneth in her home in the Hamptons.

All in attendance would have no fears of being outed or having to air their problems in public. All would be discreet and guarded.


On the morning of Emma's first meeting in a hired room in West London she entered the rather sedate looking room and seated herself in a chair opposite three nervous looking women.
She had chosen a sparse room with plain white walls and just a few seats arranged in a circle.
The emphasis being on the women and not the surroundings.

On her left was Kelly Brook, the English model and actress, highly regarded as a global sex symbol and style icon.

Beside her was the equally busty Carol Vorderman, best known for co-hosting the popular English game show 'Countdown' from 1982 until 2008. The so called television maths queen had an IQ of 154 and a penchant for fucking young and virile men.

Emma nodded hello and turned her gaze to the third lady, the slightly agitated Amanda Holden.
Now in her mid forties the alluring English actress and television presenter was stylish and attractive and had a one track mind.
To fuck as many men that it was humanly possible to do so in a short time.

"First of all I want to say thank you all and well done for coming forward and facing up to what is a very real, and very disconcerting condition known as compulsive sexual behaviour."

Emma stood and paced the floor in front of the rapt audience of three.
She had chosen to wear a sombre white blouse and grey mid length skirt and with her hair back in a ponytail.

"This is a self sufficient project and we ask for no fee from any of you. Your happiness is our goal and we will be more than happy if we succeed."

Emma sat back down again and crossed her willowy legs and folded her hands in her lap.

"Gwyneth and I are confidant that our programmes are going to be the first steps in helping you all. Initially, a coming to terms of your problem, and then treating that problem with meetings, help sessions and even visits to our retreat in Sussex by the sea.
There, you can relax and pamper yourself in a sort of rehab, away from the temptations of the flesh."

Emma saw the glimmers of anxiety on all three faces.

"We're not saying stop having sex. Not in the slightest. Sex, with men or women, is wonderful and to be enjoyed. But we need to cut back on the meaningless one offs and lousy shags and try to appreciate the joys of the body and mind. So, I'd like to begin. I think it best if we all introduce ourselves and then each of you give an example of the problem. So, Kelly. Shall we start with you?"

Kelly jumped in her seat and looked at the others in turn.
All eyes were on her as she sat and hugged her knees in her tight blue jeans.
The room became silent and the soft patter of rain on the window was the only sound to be heard. 

Kelly Brook had never had a problem getting the attention of every red blooded male in her vicinity.
The dark haired bombshell had a shapely hourglass figure with a slender waist of 25 inches and distinctive 34 DD cup breasts.

Born in Kent she had begun modeling straight after finishing school, appearing on page three of The Sun newspaper, and working for a well known company that specialised in selling bras and lingerie for large breasted women.

From that starting point Kelly began to breakthrough into television, including breakfast shows and reality type programmes.
She had never married but had dated Jason Statham for a number of years before the pair decided to call it a day.

Kelly had been crowned FHM's Sexiest Woman in the World in 2005, and this is when she admitted her sex life had shot through the roof.
One night stands, quickies and even threesomes were normal behaviour for the rampant sex bunny who never seemed to get enough.

Now she was in a long term relationship with Italian boyfriend Jeremy she had admitted to Emma Watson that she needed outside help to combat her compulsive sexual activity.

"Can you provide us with an example, Kelly?"

Asked Emma and Kelly sat up straight in her chair and lifted her chin.

"Alright, I will."

To be continued?




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Re: C.S.I.UK- Celebrity Sexaholics Incognito.
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I call myself 123z and I am a sex addict. When I'm not watching sport ( not much chance of that at the moment ) or listening to rock music, I have sex, write about it, and watch it online. Spankbang being my favourite website for that.
I just watched a video by my current favourite porn star Chanel Preston called 'Sexaholic' and my brain kicked in.
Next thing I know I have a dozen scenarios coming out of my head. I plan to write about English and American celebrity sexaholics sometime and just wanted this teaser up to get the ball rolling.
What with my four other projects I have going I need 25 hours a day to get it all done! Having kicked cancer in the ass I welcome each day with enthusiasm and enjoy life to its fullest. And thanks to anyone who likes to read my stuff.     
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Re: C.S.I.UK- Celebrity Sexaholics Incognito.
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Chapter One, fearturing Kelly Brook.


Emma Watson and her guests, Amanda Holden and Carol Vorderman were all ears as they listened to Kelly Brook relate her problem with compulsive sex.

Kelly explained that in her experience and personal opinion, the most satisfying sexual experiences were the spontaneous ones. Those erotic moments that just occur and which you simply cannot plan.
But those seemed to be few and far between these days.

She had been with her current boyfriend for five years now and things were plodding along steadily.
Jeremy was an Italian model, six years younger than she.

He seemed to be always busy these days as he spent a considerable amount of time in France, while she remained at their shared residence in Kent. Kelly had in fact proposed marriage to him herself, only to be told no.

The voluptuous model got quite lonely over time and began to look elsewhere for satisfaction.
She needed attention, and gratification, so she had been forced into this decision she had not meant.

The television celebrity and model had been feeling her old self again after shedding several pounds and admitted she was at her healthiest in a long time.
And her sexiest.

The pair shared an old house and a few months ago Kelly decided to rent one of the spare rooms to Jeremy's best buddy from Rome.
At first it was to be for just a couple of weeks, but it turned out to be for a couple of months.

At first Kelly had been a bit annoyed but he was good company and fun to be around.
She had never dreamed that anything would happen between them.
Well, that's what she kept telling herself as she masturbated in bed, thinking about how he would sneak in and just take her right there and then.

Then, one morning when she was alone yet again, using her vibrator under the sheet she opened her eyes to see none other than
Diego at the foot of the bed.

"Diego? what are you doing?"

"Scusi, I thought you were out. I heard noise and thought I would check it out."

"Have...you been watching me?"

Kelly slowly turned the sheet back to expose her hefty tits and licked her lips as she sized him up.

"I have, for some minutes."

"You have? Do, you like what you see?"

"Yes, I do."

Kelly could not fail to miss his boner that had severly tented his trousers and she kicked back the sheet to let him see her in all her naked glory. The horny brunette spread her legs to display her wet pussy and tilted her head.

"Would you like to do anything else besides watch?"

"I would like that very much."

"Then go ahead."

Diego removed his shirt and Kelly was pleasantly surprised at his impressive physique.
She felt her body heat up and her toes curled as he approached the bed.
She just had to have him!

Also a model, the twenty nine year old the Italian moved to the bed and slid his hands across her legs and inner thighs and Kelly duly pushed them out further.

His hand cupped her wet cunt and looked at her with dark and brooding eyes.
Kelly shivered and she instinctively raised her hips as he inserted his middle finger inside her.
He finger fucked the hot brunette and then bent his head to kiss her pussy.

Kelly closed her eyes as Diego kissed all around her labia whilst still giving her finger.
His touch was gentle yet firm at the same time as he impressed her with his dexterity of finger and tongue alike.
She marvelled at the way he licked that sensitive strip of flesh known as the perineum with long swipes that ended at her anus.
Soon he had her dripping and she was eager to return the favour.

Diego stood and took off his jeans and Kelly got her first good view of his full naked body.
Smooth chest, flat stomach, and nice legs. Between which jutted his huge erection at a very healthy 90 degree angle.
Kelly admired his organ immensely. The length and girth were ideal for a good fucking and the horny model gasped as she gripped the shaft and felt it pulsate in her palm.

She bent to his groin and put the tapered head inside her mouth.
He was much bigger than Jeremy and she sucked on the swollen glans as she stroked his hot shaft with vigorous hand motions.

Her head nodded at a furious pace as she drooled down his mouth watering cock, taking great care to flick her tongue along the underside in teasing motions that made Diego bite his lip.

All the while she licked and sucked she kept her eyes on his and the sight of her purring on his rigid rod while she stared at him had a huge impact.
Diego was well aware of the effect his body had on females and Kelly was no different, and when she paused for air he noted her stiff nipples and flushed face.

He laid back and held up his pole for her to sit on.
Kelly fluffed her hair up and sighed as she flung her left leg over his right hip and clamped her thighs to his desirable body.
She wanted this so badly, to have his huge dick throbbing inside her wet cunt.

She experienced an immense wave of pleasure warm her loins as Diego gripped her by the waist and urged her to take his length.
Her nether regions bumped his hard on and she dry humped him with rolling hips and pelvic thrusts.

"You tease me. Fuck me."

Kelly grinned and gave him a kiss on the nose and then popped his cock head inside her.
She shifted her backside and sank down slowly down to his root, each inch of him scraping her inner depths.
Her hands settled on his abdomen as she began a languid yet assured ride on his cock.

"Oh, fuck yeah!"

It was everything she imagined and more.
Diego moved his hands to her outstanding tits and pawed and fondled them with wide eyes.
Her boobs were magnificent and he was riveted to the perfect globes of flesh.
The sublime vibrations in her pussy made her pussy awash with her love juices and the more wetter she became the more she quickened the rate of her strokes.

Kelly took his entire length and her bottom smacked against Diego as she rocked back and forth.
Her moans became louder and her face flushed as his cock reached parts of her inner walls Jeremy never did.
Her tits bounced madly as her entire body shuddered and wriggled on his lap. 
She started to rotate her wide hips to put pressure on her clit and she wailed loudly from the sheer ecstasy of the moment.   
Extremely aroused by her ministrations, Diego flipped Kelly over and now he was in control.   


Diego put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her onto her back firmly.
He sprawled across her curves and his chest pressed into her hefty boobs.

"Put it in." He ordered. 

Kelly reached down beneath him and tugged on his slick cock and placed it to her gaping cunt.
Together they merged. He with a firm shove forward. She with a buck up from the bed.
As he settled his weight on her Kelly placed her arms around his neck and met his mouth with hers.

Diego's cock bored into her deeper and deeper once he found his prime position.
Kelly felt a hot flush from his invading rod of steel and soon her welcome orgasm overwhelmed her.
As she melted in his arms Diego shifted gear, spread her legs out wider and stroked in and out of her foaming pussy with hammer blows of his turgid cock.


Kelly kissed him hard on the mouth as she became lost in a sexual euphoria that she had not known in years. She vowed to herself that she would not sit idle in the coming months and that she seek out more and more gratification.
Why not? She deserved it.

Now Diego fucked her like there WAS no tomorrow and his tight butt was a blur as he neared his own climax.
Kelly grabbed onto his buns and helped him drive his superb dick into her molten cunt.
It had been beyond her wildest dreams and Kelly was in heaven as Diego's hips jammed against her upturned bottom.


Her second orgasm was even more intense than the first and Kelly's stomach did flip flops as her pussy contracted around his boner.
That did it for Diego and he slid his erection back out and ejaculated over Kelly's ample bosom.
Streaks of white cum sprayed her boobs and formed a river down her deep cleavage.

Kelly looked at the wall clock and saw that ninety minutes had passed. Twice the usual time that she and Jeremy had ever been in bed together.
For Kelly this was only the start of things to come.


"Since then I've fucked about thirty men, and each time it never comes close to that time with Diego. Emma, I just can't quit having meaningless sex. I need help."

Emma Watson finished taking notes and placed her hand on Kelly's.

"We'll do our best, I promise. Now, Carol? Let's hear from you. How can we help?"

Carol Vorderman sat up and blew a stream of air out between her lips.

"Well, for me the sex is just the cherry on the top because I'm addicted to foreplay. I love being turned on by a man, having my body explored by different lovers, seeing if they can bring anything new to the game. I need that build up otherwise I can't get off. I have to be soaking wet by the time we start to fuck. In particular I love a man's hands on me, strong and young hands, all over my body, touching and fondling. Sometimes I want to be kissed all over, sometimes I like toys when I feel a bit kinky."

"Well, that's certainly descriptive, Carol. Quite a vivid picture indeed. Can you give us an example?"


Emma Watson poured her three strong class cups of Earl Grey tea and sat back down again.
The charming actress listened to Carol's detailed compulsions.   
Carol took a sip of tea and sat and crossed her legs.

"Well, only last week..."

to be continued.


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Note- Not a true story but one born out of imagination.


Chapter Two, featuring English media personality, Carol Vorderman.

David arrived at the home of Carol Vorderman right on time. He had always been one for punctuality and was even very early for most of his appointments.
He was a young and happy soul just getting established as a home renovater and amateur designer.
The famed TV presenter and media personality had answered his advertisement and he had duly arrived at the honey brick mansion.
He rang the doorbell and the man literally did a double take when the voluptuous Carol opened the door stark bollock naked.

"So glad you made it," she smiled back. "Pardon my appearance, I simply don't have a thing to wear!"


"I confess that I have a very active sex life. I get up to a lot of mischief. But hopefully nothing out of the ordinary."

Carol addressed Emma Watson, Amanda Holden, and Kelly Brook in this first session of Emma's sex addiction therapy.

"Everyone I fuck is single and good looking, and they're all very young.
The only thing I think about all day is wanting a virile young stud to guvk me senseless with his big cock. I don't wish to settle down but I would like to curb my desires. I'm becoming a cradle snatcher!"

Emma nodded and took notes.

"Do go on."

Carol explained that having already knocked off ten thousand pounds off the price of her home in Bristol she had decided to redecorate the five bedroom detached house in an attempt to lure more potential buyers.
The 2,500,000 price included four acres of grounds with a heated outdoor pool and gym. She considered it too large for a single woman and had plans to relocate to a smaller property.

"I'll be right back. Feel free to set up."

David closed his gaping mouth and slowly snapped out of his temporary shock of seeing the stacked woman in the buff.
He proceeded to unload his paint rollers and brushes, tarps and metal stepladder.
He planned on starting in the upstairs bedrooms and began to lay out a large roll of canvas on the floor of the smallest room.


The sweet scent of a bouquet of flowers assailed his nostrils as Carol returned wearing silver high heels, a silky camisole over a busty black bra and matching pink panties.
Since she hit the limelight in her early years on the daytime show 'Countdown' she had now hit the age of fifty but the so named maths whizz did not look her age.
The honey highlighted brunette still looked incredible although now more rounded and curvy.

"Ah, there you are. My laundry machine is on the blink and I have only underwear to put on. Hope I didn't shock you before. My, but you're so young."

She turned her back to him momentarily and he noted how her panties barely covered her curvy cheeks.
Carol sat down on the dust cover that was spread out over the big bed and she crossed her shapely legs.
David had to blink several times at the sight of her striking figure and attire and felt the distinct stirrings of a hard on.

"Are those some of the samples?" She asked as she pointed to a thick book on the floor.


Carol bent down to pick it up and her creamy thighs parted to display a rather plump pussy mound under the tantalising triangle of her gusset.

"Come here and sit a moment."

She smiled broadly and swept her long tresses over her right shoulder.
With the big book on her lap she turned some of the pages and David pointed at one particular colour of paint he liked.
Carol bent over and placed her hand on his and hummed in approval.

"Yes, that is a nice one."

David made a furtive look to his left and peered down the plunging middle of her bra and he gulped hard at the ample flesh of her thirty six inch sized breasts.
He inhaled deeply and her perfume made him positively giddy.

"It's nice and early, I like that you came on time. Do you come on time a lot?"

David opened the neck of his shirt with his fingers as he felt the heat rise in the room.
Her dreamy dark eyes had a definite gleam in them and her lips drew back in a teasing smile.
His breath caught in his throat as he struggled to answer and he felt the older woman press against him firmly.

"How old are you?"

David could feel her the heat from her near naked body as he told her he was twenty three.
Her hand slithered up his thigh and rested at his left hip.

"I think we need to work feeling fresh and focused, don't you agree?"

"Uh, huh." He grunted with a dry throat.

"So, I thought we would deal with this before we start."

Her voice sounded downright sinful as she suddenly gripped his bulge that threatened to burst out of his zipper.
David had never had a woman over the age of thirty and would never have considered having sex with an older woman, but he had no qualms over Carol Vorderman as she looked directly at him.

"You look to be in a little discomfort down there."

Carol tugged the bottom of his shirt out of his waistband and undid the front of his paint stained jeans.
She pulled the jeans and his Y-fronts down to his knees and his erection sprang out and swayed in mid air.

"Ha! Look at that! Did I cause that?"

Carol laughed as his thick boner throbbed and bobbed with a mind of it's own.
David squirmed on his backside as Carol gripped him by the root and popped his spongy tip inside her pursed lips.
The sensation of his dick being sucked in was amazing and his lower body jerked as if he had been electrocuted.

"Mmm, lovely." Mumbled she as her tongue flicked out to the swollen cock head.

Her mouth and lips slid down the underside of his upright pole as she gently lapped away.
As she moved back up her hand stroked him with a clockwise twist of her wrist.
She nodded her head over his dick and she engulfed the top half with ease.
His hips responded and he grabbed the bed cover with two fists.

"Holy shit!"

Carol's face was a picture, with half closed eyes and a dribbling chin.
Her nails dug into the meat of his thighs as she devoured more and more of his generous length.
Now and again she paused for breath before diving on him with a renewed vigour.
He was amazed at how her tongue danced on his knob as she deep throated him an unstoppable lust.


Carol reached behind her back and unhooked her bra to unleash her mammoth tits.
She wrapped the large globes around his stiff rod and began to give him a tit fuck.
She dribbled a line of spit down the home made channel and his dick made a neat wet line in her stunning cleavage.
As she clamped her tits together firmly David pushed up into the welcome chasm of flesh.

"That's it, big boy. Fuck 'em."

Carol made a small O with her mouth and met his emerging glans when it popped up like a turtle head breaking the surface of the water.
His bell end was gobbled up with Carol's yummy sound that she emitted when he was lovingly sucked on.

"Feel like returning the favour?" Asked the hot brunette as she looked him in the eye.


Carol stood and lifted her left heel and stepped out of her skimpy panties, leaving her in just her camisole.
She laid on her back and put her left hand under her head to watch David strip out of his work clothes.
His cock twitched as he thrilled to Carol's exposed pussy between her splayed legs.

"I love foreplay before a good fuck. So, show me your stuff."

David put both hands on her thighs and widened them as far as possible.
He scrutinised her trim muff and then lightly kissed her inner thighs to the point where they ended and her pubis started.
With her arms above her head Carol writhed on her back like a cat and shuddered when the young man's tongue swiped the outside of her puffy labia.

"Nice start."

Her pussy lips were already quite wet and when he ran his tongue up the vertical seam of her slit he was greeted to her heady scent and taste.
He shifted onto his front and with audible sloppy sounds he pressed his tongue firmly along her pussy from top to bottom.
His lips were engulfed by her pussy heat as she humped up from the bed to meet his face.


Carol sighed his name as he licked her pussy all over, from top to bottom and then from side to side.
Her legs surged up and the toes of her heels dug into his back as she moaned in abject pleasure.
David clasped her cheeks and quite literally ate her pussy as his face became buried in her soaked snatch.
She drew in deep and desperate gulps of air as she felt the on coming rush of her orgasm.

"Right there, right...there! 0h!"

Carol climaxed with a powerful push up from the bed before sinking back onto the dusty cover, gasping for oxygen.

"I'm so turned you lucky boy, now give me that cock."

She helped him line up his dick which jutted up hard as a poker between their heaving bodies.
Carol flung her arms up and around his neck and pulled him on top of her.
He made a forward thrust and sank into her lush cunt.
The smoothness of his penetration surprised him as he went all the way in to the hilt.

"Don't hang around, fuck me hard."

Carol slapped his buttocks as he quickly found his pace and rolled his hips in a steady groove.
Carol stretched and kicked her high heels up and crossed her ankles behind him.
The angle caused her to open up and his entire length plunged into her slippery tunnel.
Her hair had fanned out and in the heat of their wanton desires David ripped her camisole open and he heard the fine threads rip.

"You wild beast! I love it!"

Carol's big boobs swayed beneath him, rippling on her chest as he banged her hard.
David kissed her left boob and sucked the nipple until it was hard and wet.
Sweat trickled from his brow and dappled the pale white of her body as he pushed on into her with forceful strokes of his turgid cock.
The midday sun came through the window and cast shadows on Carol's hefty tits and them appear to dance in the playful light.

"That's perfect! Oh my goodness!"

Carol giggled with glee as she was flipped up and made to assume the doggy position on the dusty bed.
David looked at her generous rounded bottom and smacked her buttocks to clean them up from the grime of the old cover.


He grabbed her buttocks and pulled them wide apart and gazed at her dripping pussy.
The older woman gripped the headboard with both hands as David snorted and pushed back into her with his slick cock.
As he slammed in and out her backside quivered from his hefty thrusts.
Her head dipped and her boobs hung heavily under her as she screamed out in total pleasure.


Carol yelped as David flattened her to the bed so that his entire weight was on her back.
His inward strokes pinned her on her front and the bed creaked under their frantic rut.
She managed to reach under her body to rub her clit as he fucked her.
Carol felt a sublime rush through her loins and in a instant she came with a shrill yell.


As Carol went limp under him he leaned back and turned the panting woman onto her back once more.
David threw her legs high up over the top of his shoulders as he shoved his aching dick in deep.
Carol's heels drummed into his skin as her moans escalated into wails of bliss and her third orgasm swept over her in a flush of heat.
David was close now himself and he drove into her hungry pussy with pistoning hips and clenching ass cheeks.
Carol's hips rode along with his until he arched his back and came inside her with strong spurts of cum that filled her pussy and leaked out down her upturned crack.


"That sounds amazing." Said Amanda breaking the stunned silence in the room.

"And that's not all. A week later the plumber came over to unclog the blocked toilet. Josh was such a honey as I watched him in the bathroom working. I asked a little about himself and he told me that he played football for Bristol City reserves and hoped to make the first team eventually."

"How old was this one?" Enquired an attentive Emma.

"Eighteen." Answered Carol with a slight amount of guilt. "Am I a cougar, or a MILF? You've made your shirt all wet I told him and took him to my laundry room when he had finished his repairs."

Carol leaned forward as if somebody else might overhear.

"I could not tear my eyes from his extremely fit body and could not resist the urge to caress his stunning torso. He remained speechless as I stripped off my top to let him ogle my bared tits."

"You have great boobs."

"Josh ran his hands over each of my hard nipples and I undid his jeans at the same time. I felt my face flush with excitement as I focused on his scrummy cock which was very thick and longer than David's. We kissed and hugged close and his dick brushed my left thigh where my skirt finished."

"Then what?" Asked Kelly Brook as she fanned her heated face with her hand.

"Josh just spun me around to face the washing machine and I could feel the vibrations of the spinner as he tugged my panties down to my shoes.
He hiked up my skirt over my lower back and rammed two fingers into my very wet pussy. He frigged me fast and then I felt him mount me from behind. I yelled out as his huge cock spread my pussy open. His strong grip held me to the washer and what with him fucking me hard, and my tits against the relentless humming of the laundry machine, I came immediately."

"Brilliant!" Said Amanda in hushed tones.

"I know! I urged him to fuck me harder and he surprised me when he began to smack me on each buttock."

"Oh, I love that myself." Said Emma who made frantic notes in her seat opposite the ladies.

"He rolled the palms of his hands across my rump and beat out a tattoo of spanks that had me dripping down my left thigh. Each strike made my bottom quiver and my boobs bounce."

Carol paused for dramatic effect and continued.

"Now, I've had plenty of cocks in my life but this vibrant young man really stretched me out. Plus his fit body was so robust that he was lifting me up onto my toes. Then I heard him groan in my ear as he shot his load high up onto my back. I went limp and Josh gathered his clothing that was strewn about and left. As he opened the door he shouted back to me, 'postman!' I smoothed out my skirt but left my top off and went to the door to greet the delivery man topless. To my delight he looked to be no more than twenty with a tight fitting uniform and long hair. As he gawped at my tits I dragged him inside where I fucked his brains out until noon."

"Carol! You're insatiable!"

"Precisely why I'm here, doll. I need guidance, Emma."

"We shall do our very best. Now, let's hear from Amanda."

Amanda Holden looked up with sad eyes.

"I need help too. I keep doing bad things and I can't help myself. Chris and I have been married since 2008 and have a happy life together. Much to his dismay I just can't keep my hands off of other men. Chris is such a darling and puts up with my erring ways and turns a blind eye to my naughtiness. I keep no secrets from him and wear my heart on my sleeve when I relate to him all the details of my latest sexual conquests. In fact he just asked me if I regret anything and I said yes! All the time, every week. But I need sex constantly, and in particular, anal sex. Something Chris refuses to even think about."

"Tell us more." Said Emma Watson.

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Note- Purely fiction and has no basis in reality. Featuring Amanda Holden.


Amanda Holden threw her hands up as she explained to the group her sex life with her husband Chris.

"You know how it is, ladies. He'd done and turned over and I'm still dripping, one from his cum, and two from my own juices as I'm still aroused. SO, frustrating. He used to be attentive in the bedroom but now it's just routine. We talked about it and I told him straight up that I was looking elsewhere for sex."

As the sun dipped in the sky Emma Watson closed the blinds of the rented office she had chosen for her first sex therapy counselling for female celebrities who were hooked on compulsive and impulsive sex.

She had heard from the other ladies in the group, Carol Vorderman and Kelly Brook and now they all paid attention to actress and television personality Amanda.

Now in her forties she had gone from appearing in television sitcoms and judging Britain's Got Talent to become a raunchy middle aged nymphomaniac.


"Difficult as it may seem to talk amongst others about your sexual problems, the sooner you are able to open up and address the underlying issues the better it will be for your piece of mind. Now, I believe your husband works in the music industry?"

Emma seated herself opposite the forty something Amanda and waited.

"Yes, Chris is a record producer and we live in Richmond. I'm very much a physical and tactile type of person and, much to my poor husband's dismay, I confess everything to him."

"Everything?" Asked Kelly Brook.

"It's a turn on for me, I don't know. Anyway after another night of unsatisfactory love making I was left wondering what it would be like to have sex with someone else, just for the change. And, someone who was young, was vigorous, and who would fuck me in the ass. I told Chris, as I do, and he brooded on the subject for a week."

"Did he come around?" Wondered Carol Vorderman.

"Big time. I returned home after my broadcast on Heart Radio and hit the bathroom. To my utter shock there was a naked stranger taking a shower!
He looked to be in his twenties and as I stood frozen to the spot I ogled his perfect body, glistening wet from the hot spray.

He was not overly muscular but had nice defined arms and torso and medium length dark hair. But my eyes were drawn to the lower part of his anatomy which was VERY developed if you catch my drift."

"You must be Amanda. Hi."

Amanda went on to relate to the others how his dreamy voice had a rich tone which sounded like he was singing as he spoke.
She blushed and hurried to her bedroom next to her husband.

"His name is Mick. And he's in a rock band called 'The Electric Spiders.'
"I've been making a few demo's of his songs and he's extremely well hung."

"What are you saying Chris?"

"I don't want just ANY young man seducing my wife, so I've chosen for you."

Chris smiled smugly as he fed me a few of his lucid details of that evening. He told me that he was willing to let me fuck Mick on the condition that he watch.

"Are you certain you want that?"


My mind wandered as I day dreamed of Mick's young and virile body on mine, fucking me with his big and beautiful cock. I was trembling with a pent up desire for this man and my thighs tensed with the wild fantasy.

I went through my things immediately and picked out my knock 'em dead black lingerie and sheer black nylons. Chris vanished and then returned with that mischievous grin on his face that I knew well.

"This is Mick."

Mick who came into our bedroom clad in only a white towel around his waist.

"Hi, again."

His eyes focused on my long legs sheathed in my nylons and I realised that my thin panties had a decidedly damp spot where my quim had moistened.
He looked at Chris who nodded back and then Mick let his towel drop.
His scrummy physique was a treat to admire and I was really turned on.
I was mesmerised by his smooth cock that thickened and lengthened before my very eyes.

"Fuck me! That's a big cock!"

"Suck it, Amanda." Urged Chris, and as Mick stood mere inches from where I was sitting on the bed I snapped out of my reverie and grasped his superb erection.

He bent a tad and I held the flared tip between my wet lips. As my excitement grew so did my boldness and I unhooked my bra and sucked him in.
My tits heaved with every suck, lick and nibble that I issued to his substantial prick.

He throbbed like mad inside my mouth and I used my tongue to trail over every inch of his desirable manhood.
He didn't remain idle and kneaded my boobs and tweaked the erect nipples.

"Like my tits?" I asked in between sucks.

"I like."

I cupped his hot scrotum as I took him half way down my open throat.
My tongue slithered this way and that as I frantically gobbled his smooth rod quickly. Saliva dribbled from my pouty lips and I smiled at Chris as I moved my head to give him a good look.

"Fuck, I'm so wet, darling. Look see."

I dragged my panties off and threw them into the face of Chris who held them to his nose and sniffed them. Mick played with my boobs, squeezing and biting my nipples with his hard white teeth until they jutted out invitingly.
I kicked my legs out and he caught sight of my darkened pubic hair over my soaking slit.


Mick deftly held me in his arms and positioned himself under me in a sixty-nine. My quim was barely an inch above his waiting mouth and as he cupped my buttocks his tongue flicked out over and over again inside my molten core.
I gripped his stiff prick and hummed happily on his cock head as he licked my dripping slit from top to bottom.

"Like that, just like that."

I wiggled my rump as Mick embedded his probing tongue in my aching cunt.
He used his thumb to strum my clit and my lips clamped down on his rod of steel in my hungry mouth. I desperately wanted him to fuck the living daylights out of me and I stopped sucking in him and spoke over my shoulder.

"Fuck me, handsome."

My pussy was so wet that Mick entered me with the utmost ease, straight up in a single lunge that filled me to the hilt.
My thighs went up and around his waist and he hooked his arms under my butt and lifted me clear from the bed.

His strong pelvic thrusts knocked the breath from my lungs and I loved it.
He pumped and pumped his stiff organ deeper and deeper into my slickness and I was totally, utterly at his mercy.

"Give it to me, all of it, and quickly."

I stole a glance at Chris who had stripped off and was now sitting on the armchair and wanking his hard on. My head was back on a pillow and I felt my perspiration begin to take the volume out of my hair. Mick, in his youthful element, did not slacken for a moment and fucked the shit out of me, so much more forceful than my husband.

"So big!"

Mick let my legs drop as he settled on top of me so that we came belly to belly and chest to breast.
Our limbs entwined as we writhed in our heated passion as he expertly ground back and forth inside my muff.
I combed his long hair back with my hands and we kissed exquisitely as I whimpered in his mouth.


Mick gave me his all with a newly discovered energy and I literally shook under him as he rammed his full length all the way up me.
As he drove in deeper my pussy made audible squishy sounds that made a slightly embarrassed.

Our naked bodies stuck to each other in our sweat drenched rut and we stopped moving for a moment and then switched positions.
Mick sat on the edge of the bed and I hopped onto his lap in a reverse cowgirl, making sure that I was directly in the eyeline of my husband.

"Watch closely, my darling."

Chris jerked his boner faster as I slowly impaled myself on Mick.
The wonderful penetration in this position took me to new heights of ecstasy and I leaned back into his broad chest. He pawed at my jiggling tits as I rolled along his length with my nylons now down below my knees.

"He's so big inside me, Chris. I feel so full."

As I sank down all the way I could see Chris watch in amazement as Mick's balls met the crevice of my ass.
I paused on the down stroke and enjoyed those big plums sit snugly in my loins before rising up nearly all the way off of him.
I gyrated my hips and banged down hard on him which made my bottom quiver in his view point.

"Fuck me in the ass. I want your cock in my bottom."

I stood up and his dick slipped out of my pussy and slapped back on his belly.
I went up on my hands and knees on the bed and Mick shunted in behind me, his hands gripping my firm cheeks.

My eyelids fluttered like crazy as Mick brushed my asshole repeatedly with the spongy top of his dreamy cock.
Together with the sheer excitement and thick tension I got quite giddy as I waited impatiently for him to spear my winking star.

Then he opened my little star and he was in. I gasped and widened my eyes as he followed through and sank inside my poop chute.

"Oh, fuck! You dirty boy! Chris! He's in my ass!"

His dick, already super slick from my wet pussy sunk into the tight depths of my back passage and I had to grit my teeth.
Still holding my hips he began to move and the intense pressure made my cunt leak like a lawn sprinkler.

"I love getting fucked like this," I whispered as I was shunted to and fro on his superb rod.

My tits swayed under me as Mick pushed in firmly and I found myself emitting high pitched gasps that I had never ever done before.
He gave me long and steady strokes, then he changed up to short and rapid ones that made a sublime friction on the walls of my asshole.
Now he grabbed my tits and speeded up his strokes and each hard entry made my cheeks blow out as I exhaled through pursed lips.


He was like a well oiled machine as we moved together in a rocking rhythm back and forth.
My poor husband could take no more and he came in front of me and waved his twitching cock in my face.

We all three moved in a lewd tandem.

Mick fucking my clutching anus with his pulsing shaft and Chris fucking my face off. My ass was truly stretched around Mick's divine knob and in my lust crazed state I pushed back into his groin.


I came hard and my earthly scream was muffled as Chris ejaculated down my throat. Mick moaned as he shot his load up my asshole and I felt every pulsating spasm of his cock as he spurted his seed in me.

When he pulled out, his cum was released from my ass and streamed out like some obscene waterfall. With my head spinning I laid back in a pool of sweat in an unimaginable bliss, truly fucked and sucked.


"We've repeated this twice since with two other young studs, and now Chris is ecstatic. He wants me to have anal sex with a well hung black male, and even with TWO men at the same time. I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew."

"Literally," said Carol Vorderman with a wry smile.

Emma Watson stood up and hugged her notes close to her chest.

'I shall digest all of this in the coming days and I shall endeavour to come up with a few techniques and approaches to help address your issues. And maybe a few more counselling sessions, preferably one on one. Thank you for your time and good night."

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Re: C.S.I.UK- Celebrity Sexaholics Incognito. (Kelly Brook, Amanda Holden)
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Loved it, my apologies i don't know how i missed this.

Are You going to include a chapter where Emma tells her story to Carol, Amanda and Kelly?
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