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Re: The New Adventures of Scarlett Holmes
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Chapter Eight. A Study in Scarlett.

In which Scarlett and Emma encounter the Domino Lady. Featuring Stormy Daniels as the masked blonde bombshell.


It was only natural that after six months of trying to adjust to the modern world of 2019, Scarlett Holmes was feeling decidedly melancholy. Her comfortable life and career as the country's best known, and most successful consulting private detective, had gone. Gone, in the swirling mists of the Reichenbach Falls of 1891, as she plummeted to her presumed death, only to mysteriously emerge in the future.

"Bored, bored, bored."

Emma Watson turned her head momentarily by her side, frowned, and then continued her conversation with her personal booking agent.
The famous actress and model had graciously taken the confused and isolated Holmes into her home and had even shared in some of her latest, and unique, adventures.

They were attending another corporate event, the subject of which had eluded the uninterested Holmes, but was something Emma had agreed to appear at as a guest speaker. Although she was best known for acting, the young filly was also a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, an advocate for the promotion of gender equality, and a certified yoga instructor.

Holmes had never been one for parties, nor had she sought new acquaintances, enjoying her close relationship with her trusted companion and lover, Doctor Emma Watson, the young Emma's great-grandmother. Granted, the bodacious and attractive blonde, did have an excessive desire for sex with either men or women. Sometimes with both.

Scarlett hated change. Old faces had gone. Familiar locales had changed, or even vanished. Only to be replaced by eyesores like sky scraper buildings, motorways, and mighty aircraft choking the very skies. She tried to avoid large gatherings, and only sought company if it involved solving a crime, or having sex. Casual sex mind, no ties or romance. Pity that Emma was going steady with her current boyfriend as she was the spitting image of her ancestor.

"What was that, Holmes?"

The slim light brunette looked her dazzling best in her white Ralph Lauren halter dress with the scooped out back and sexy slit up her left thigh that was in full view when she walked. Her pert buttocks were clearly visible beneath the fine fabric leaving no doubt in anybody's mind that the delectable young filly has chosen to forego wearing underwear. She had her hair up in a French twist which perfectly displayed her elegant neck and kissable shoulders, something Scarlett dreamed of nuzzling, if only she had half the chance.

"I want to leave, Emma." She said as she curled her lip at the indifferent glass of bubbly in her hand.

Emma now gave the pouting female her full attention. She had helped the reluctant guest to get ready, dressing her and doing her hair. The curvy blonde bombshell looked unbelievable in a sleeveless plum gown that fell to the floor. Her large bosom strained under the tight fitting dress, and her nipples were just about observable. Her fair locks had a fresh tousled look that suited the occasion.

"Look. Just relax. You really do need to get out more. No sense moping at home and wishing for the past."

Emma took a sip of champagne and looked aground the crowded room. The party was in full swing and various groups of guests mingled and chatted as waitresses offered drinks and canapes. More than one accent could be heard amid the pitch of laughter and general frivolity.

"I LIKE moping. My mind rebels at stagnation. Give me work. Give me problems. I crave puzzles, encryptions, mysteries that are unexplainable. Give me a real dilly of a pickle I cannot bear this atmosphere. I want a case to solve to stem this tedious existence. Either that or you and I can just jump into bed."

Emma gripped Scarlett by the elbow and didn't let go.

"Do behave! Look, there is the organiser of the party. Let's say hello."

"No. Don't want to." Scarlett huffed, gluing her shoes to the floor.

"You silly woman. Come ON."

Emma steered the reluctant Scarlett in the direction of Sir Peter Phist, an Anglo-German diamond dealer of high quality stones, and rough cut ones as well. The Embassy of Germany is located in Belgravia in the heart of London, and occupies three terraced houses in Belgravia Square. Phist resided in one of the houses, preferring the dependable German security of the Embassy to protect his collection of certified gemstones.

"Who is he with?" Wondered Holmes at the welcome sight of a tall blue eyed blonde with a curvaceous figure and outstanding 36DD boobs.

She felt her heart race as she grew nearer to the host and his fabulous guest, perched at a small table.

"No idea. Sir Phist. So nice to see you."

"Emma! How kind of you to attend. Makes all the difference to our evening."

"Allow me to introduce Scarlett Holmes. She's been dying to meet you. Say hello to the nice man," whispered Emma to Holmes whose eyes were fixed on the buxom honey hued blonde.

Scarlett shook hands with the short, somewhat corpulent man with a receding hairline, beady eyes and pendulous lip.

'And this is Miss Stephanie Daniels, a...casual acquaintance."


Scarlett noticed how the man's eyes were strictly at bust level as he introduced the smiling woman and leered at her own ample bosom.

"Phist. Yes, of course. One of the Hannover Phist's no doubt. (Say it fast-author)

The renowned, but dubious diamond brokers and traders from Germany. I had some bad fortune in meeting with one Jerken Phist, an unscrupulous Prussian diamond smuggler and general sex sadist, back in 1887. I enjoyed seeing him put behind bars. Presumably one of your ancestors."

'What? Surely you jest."

"Phist by name, fist by nature, I perceive."

"Holmes! Not here!" Exclaimed an embarrassed Emma.

Undeterred, Scarlett continued.

"Yes. It's quite clear that you overdo the solo sex act. Do you find yourself in the men's room at work a lot? I observe that you have an unusual amount of skin chaffing on your right palm. A sure sign of excessive masturbating. How many times a day do you wank?"

Scarlett pointed to the gobsmacked Phist's trousers.

"I should try to tone it down if I were you. It's most uncivilized to appear at such functions with the tell tale signs of semen splotches on your pants. A clear indication that you recently bashed one out in the last half hour. Tit man, are you not?"

Scarlett indicated Stephanie's eye popping plunging neck line and generous breasts and then spread her hands.

"This is an outrage! Never have I been so insulted!"

As Phist turned on his heels, an outraged Emma fumed at how briskly her companion had reduced the German organiser to a poor excuse of a man.

"Bloody hell! Was that necessary? You have a total lack of tact and diplomacy. I truly despair."

"I am what I am. I make no apologies."

Emma chased after the host as Stephanie looked at Scarlett with an acute interest.

"And exactly what do you make of me?" Asked she with an accent.

The American had sat down with a glass of bubbly in her hand. Her right leg was crossed over her left and a fair amount of thigh was unveiled beneath the hem of her short dress as a result. The muted whisper of silk upon silk was highly suggestive to the always horny detective.

With her ears still burning, Scarlett chose to tone down her deductive prowess.

"Charming, most charming. Miss Daniels."

What she thought was that the woman was a classic femme fatale. A woman so breathtakingly beautiful as to appear almost taboo and off limits to most men. She oozed sensuality and sophistication, and was not likely to entertain fools. In fact, back in more familiar Victorian times, Holmes would have labeled her a wicked woman. Scarlett focused on the woman's mouth and imagined their wet lips smacking together.

"Please. My friends call me Stormy."


"Sure. Baton Rouge. Ever been?"


Scarlett blinked hard as she stared at the others ruby lips which parted seductively as she smiled.

"Come on. I need a smoke."

Holmes nodded and the pair of golden haired beauties made their way to the rear of the building and exited into the cool night air.
As they stood under an archway Stephanie took out a black cigarette holder but then lowered it as she curled her lip at the offered Karo filterless brand.

"You smoke that German shit?"

Stormy handed her own packet of Virginia Slims Lights to Scarlett who took one, letting her fingers brush against the American's as she did so.

"Light me." Said Stephanie, her voice low and sexy, as she set one smoke into her holder.

Scarlett took her lighter from her purse and held it to the end of the holder as both women held direct eye contact.

"That was quite amusing the way you humiliated Phist, the Kraut bastard. He's a total bore and only ever wants to fuck my tits. You and skinny a couple?"

"Skinny? Oh, you mean Emma. No, we just room together. Why? Do you think we're gay?"

'Well. I know you are." Stephanie pointed her holder at Holmes. "You've practically been mentally undressing me from the moment you set eyes on me."

"Well, considering that your evening gown is barely there, it leaves little to the imagination."

"Touche." As they smoked they felt the night air become chillier and they drew closer and closer in a natural move to stay warm.

"Come here."

Scarlett didn't need asking twice and glided across the floor and welcomed two light hands squeeze and fondle her tits.
Their faces came close and Scarlett inhaled the heady perfume that assailed her nostrils.

Their lips made light contact and then both pursed and kissed for a full minute. Scarlett felt her body heat rise as they sought out each others tongues in a lustful urgency. A little pool of creamy wetness formed in her cunt as she realised the gorgeous American wanted her as much as she did.

"MMM, no panties. I had a good feeling about you when I first saw you, and it just got a whole lot better."

Scarlett emitted a soft cry of delight as a warm hand cupped her mound through the lustrous dress material and squeezed. Fantastic sensations shot through her and she humped back into the firm palm on her pussy. She slipped her tongue into Stephanie's mouth as their kissing grew fiercer. Then they broke and the moment was gone.

"Easy kitten. You wanna make out here?"

"You want to 'make out?'"

"Sure, honey. Make hubba hubba. You know, bump uglie's. Eat beaver and form the two backed beast."

I really must make a study of modern euphemisms for sex, thought Holmes as she finally got the drift.

"Your place near? I have some stuff to do, and when I'm done I'll head on over."

"Fine. I'll leave now."

Scarlett took out her Nokia and gave the blonde the address of Emma's riverside flat in Canary Wharf.
The pair left each other, and Holmes hailed a black taxi and made her way home in a buzz of sexual excitement.


Once home, Scarlett stripped off her evening dress and stood naked in her silver high heels. Although only five three in bare feet, she was proud of her voluptuous breasts that sat firm and rounded on her chest. Her upper body tapered to a fairly trim waist which flared out to feminine wide hips and luscious buttocks. Her lips had a perfect symmetry, the upper being of the same proportion as her lower, giving her a perma-pout which was the envy of most women she met. Her pussy mound had been trimmed back in the modern way, but anyway, her fine and light pubes were pretty much invisible.

"Not bad for a 160 year old." She quipped at the irony of her unexplainable time travel trip.

She made sure her room looked presentable and plumped up the half dozen or so fluffy pillows. She waited a full hour and then sat up as the intercom buzzed, signaling the arrival of her new lover. Slipping her shoes off, she padded naked to the door phone mounted on the wall and pressed the button to open the door to the complex twenty five floors below. She returned to her bed and laid on her back with acute anticipation.

"Hello?" Came a greeting in an American accent.

"Come on in, and close the door behind you."

Moments later the already open bedroom door widened and Scarlett rubbed her thighs together as her pussy gave her an expectant spasm.

"Naughty. You started without me."

Stephanie's magnetic sexuality held Holmes in a trance as the stacked blonde entered and then turned her back her way. She painstakingly removed her skin hugging dress and let it shimmy down to her four inch heels.

Once naked, Holmes checked out the smooth skin of her back and her alluring bottom that lifted up and separated to show that enviable cleft in between that drew the eye to her sweet slit. The honey blonde spun on her heels to let Scarlett get a good eyeful of her opulent breasts with the large areolas and protruding nipples.

Holmes did not need any of her excellent deductive powers to note the gleam of moisture on Stormy's succulent mons. Scarlett felt her own pussy tingle like mad as she practically salivated over the drop dead gorgeous American.

"Hit the lights." Suggested Scarlett, in a mood for a leisurely tryst.

Stormy flicked the switch and the only illumination in the room came from the lights of the nearby buildings which gave an odd on again, off again effect through the window. The tall blonde sashayed her way to the bed and settled on her back. Her fair hair fell back to her shoulders and her pendulous boobs rose and fell as she breathed. Her legs parted and as Scarlett moved closer she leered at the moist outer labia that parted slightly to hint at the desirable pink inner lips.

"Touch me."

Scarlett inhaled deeply and reached out to run her fingertips over the two jutting peaks that were the woman's erect nipples, and down the soft and slightly round belly in the shadow of her heavy tits.

"Suck 'em."

Scarlett moved up to kiss those rosy lips while her palm brushed both erect nipples from side to side. Stormy squirmed on her back as she welcomed Scarlett transfer her pursed lips from mouth to her oversized tit.

The famed detective suckled on the left nub first, pulling it into her mouth hard, almost as if she were trying to suck it right out of the big globe of flesh. She turned to the other and both huge mammaries were soon bathed in warm spit. Her eager pink tongue rolled around the erect nubs as drool slithered out of the corners of her mouth.

"I can tell you've done this before."

"You've seen nothing yet."

Scarlett had both boobs in her hands as she sucked on each nipple with a hint of dominance on her reddened face. Then, she ran her hands down to the trimmed muff of the impressed American, which was damp with tantalising droplets of her pussy juice.


"YEAH! Fuck my cunt!"

Scarlett licked two fingers and thrust up Stormy's sopping quim, her thumb found her tiny clit at the same time. Fisted knuckles banged up and down on the quivering American babe as her hand sped up her pussy fanning.

"Faster, you're making me cream!"

Stormy's hips were clear off the bed as she made loud groans and panted heavily. Her cunt flooded Scarlett's hand and mouth with a mix of love juices and perspiration which dampened her inner thighs and deep cleavage.

Now Scarlett concentrated on her oral onslaught and used her flattened tongue to deftly circle the plump pussy lips in her face.
Stormy felt two hands under her butt as she was unceremoniously pulled up into Scarlett's drooling mouth.

Both lust crazed females moaned in time as Scarlett hungrily explored Stormy's sweet folds whose contents coated her chin and gliding tongue.
Stormy shivered and moaned breathlessly as the tongue plunged right inside of her as hard as was permissible.

"Faster! Fuck!"

Sweep after sweep of her weeping muff had reduced the sweat dappled honey blonde to a trembling mess, whose legs kicked out uncontrollably, and whose tits heaved up and down.

Teeth nibbled on her engorged mound, as three, then incredibly four fingers furiously pumped until her blessed release came with moan after moan after moan. Stormy wearily lifted her head and came as she looked down her own body to see the fair bobbing head buried in her heated snatch.

"Your turn, lover. And I bet I can make you cum quicker."

Stormy scooted up as Scarlett happily laid on her back and watched the busty blonde move her head from side to side to lightly paint the insides of her soft thighs, taking great pains to avoid that wet treasure that begged to be licked and probed. Scarlett screwed her eyes up and licked her moist lips as Stormy sent her crazy with lust as she kept stopping short of her aching mound.

"You're one for teasing."

"You wanna race to the finish line already?"

Stormy leapt up and smothered Scarlett with her soft curves. They used every part of their bodies to rub the other. Tit on tit, limb on limb, belly against belly, and bush to bush. As Stormy shunted up, so Scarlett shifted down, ensuring their cunt lips glued together from their shared love juices and spent saliva. Their moans of pleasure were in very grave danger of being drowned out by the lewd squelching of sopping pussies.

"OH, OH, OH!" They moaned as they planted rabid kisses on each other. Lips, tongues, and hands went everywhere at once. Faces, necks, tits, belly, thighs and hips.

"Wait! It's Emma, shush!"

The bedroom door opened and a decidedly tipsy Emma Watson stumbled into the dark and kicked her heels off, sending them flying across the room.

"She thinks this is her room." Whispered Scarlett to the amused Stormy.

"Bloody Scarlett Holmes, hic! Her and her bloody, 'elementary my dear Watson.'"

Emma unzipped her dress and let it puddle around her feet, huffing and puffing as she undressed, clearly angry at her unpaying roommate.

"Hic! I swear if I hear another 'the game is afoot' I shall scream. And those bloody awful cigarettes she smokes. Smells like sweaty socks, hic!"

The two naked blonde bombshells huddled together under the sheet as Emma flopped into bed.

"And as for the bloody Yank. She's all tits and ass and a bottle blonde. She wouldn't know the difference between a glass of champagne and lemonade. AND her dress was way too small for those big hips."

Emma sighed as she plumped up a pillow and made herself comfortable in the bed. She always slept in the raw, loving the feel of her favourite satin sheets close to her skin. But this felt different.

"Hang on. This isn't my bed."

"Correct, Emma. It's mine."

Emma jumped up and turned on the bedside lamp to see the pair of stacked and naked blonde's lying next to her.

"And for your information, I'm a natural blonde. Look."

Stormy opened her legs to display her trimmed back fine pubes.

You're quite a sexy little thing, aren't you?"


A sense of uncertainty and confusion gripped Emma as four hands gripped her arms firmly and pinned them to her sides. Her lithe frame was then gently guided down and dozens of kisses rained down on her delicate flesh. She craned her neck to see the astonishing sight of the two busty blondes ravaging her.

"Guys, oh. Guys?" She gasped as her doe like eyes rolled back in her head..

Emma felt the delicate touch of a hand rub her left buttock and a shock of electricity hit her loins. The American's bodacious body molded to hers from behind and she responded to the fingers between her legs that searched here and there. She lifted her head to see Scarlett in front of her cup her tits and pull on her hard nipples. She groaned as the detective kissed her on the mouth and Emma arched her body as the pair of women sandwiched her with their gyrating bodies.

"Oh my goodness!"

The pressure of the two against her was overwhelming erotic, and despite her reservations, Emma's pussy leaked down her thighs. Her fuzzy mind reeled from the sensation of Scarlett squashed to her front, and the American pushing into her backside.

Stormy pushed her tongue right up inside of Emma's hot box as she lay there panting. Scarlett had her tits in her hands and was licking the sweet flesh, keeping direct eye contact with the slim sex kitten's own. Emma moaned in delight as the American buried her pointed tongue right up her dripping slit and hummed softly.


Emma's face was a picture as the two ravenous and statuesque women licked and sucked on her most sensitive spots. Four roaming hands pawed at her slender frame as one busy tongue slathered around her clit, as hard teeth nibbled on her swollen mound.


Scarlett clamped her mouth to Emma's muff and sent shivers of delight through her.
Stormy joined in and as she licked vertically along Emma's left outer lip, Scarlett worked on the other. Their lapping tongues became a blur as they slipped and slobbered with deliberately loud noises. Working as a team the two busty blondes licked this way and that, together, separately, in circles, side swipes, and ardent stabs.

"I'm gonna...cum!"

Emma squirted into Scarlett's face as two hungry tongues now lashed out at her pussy in unison. Her upper thighs, ass, and quim were saturated from the relentless flurry of tongue action down below. Her juices oozed and dribbled out between frantic tongue stabs on her buzzing slit.

"Sweet stuff." Said Stormy to Scarlett who nodded back.

The intense overlapping of flicking tongues gave Emma a most welcome second orgasm as lips, kissed her, mouths sucked her, and darting tongues formed dozens of tiny bubbles on her saturated quim. Her lower body was pushed and shoved with tiny thrusts as her cum was eagerly drunk by the two manic blondes.

The slapping of three naked and sweaty bodies cracked the stillness of the air of the darkened bedroom as Scarlett and Stormy pounded little Emma in a lecherous rhythm.

"Up you come."

Scarlett hoisted Emma up under her armpits and down onto her hands and knees. The detective bent over her behind and poked out her tongue to lick back and forth in a line from her upturned anus to that pale strip of flesh known as the perineum.

Stormy met her as she swept up from clit to puckered asshole, holding Emma's pert buns in both hands.
Both continued to flick and lick the slick trail that had Emma beat the sheet in ecstasy with her balled up fists.

"Nice ass."

Emma was delirious as one slowed up, urging the other to increase the rate of her lapping, and then vice-versa. Both pressed on Emma with more force and Stormy combined with Scarlett to poke and prod the petite woman's tight starfish that began to yield to the incessant pressure.

"Good girl."

Emma's eyes shot open as her back passage had not one but TWO tongues dipping in and out of her. Her cheeks were parted as wet stabs made her heart pound in her chest. With a loud crack of Stormy's palm across both nates, Emma shrieked as she was tossed over again.

"No fucking way!"

Scarlett and Stormy placed their mouths over the now puffy mound of the exhilarated actress and both exhaled in tandem. Their blissful warm air rendered Emma speechless as her third and final climax tore through the petite woman with a surprising intensity.

Weak and spent, Emma laid still, her slender legs splayed and her tits heaving.

A viscous trail of spit and cum ran down her ass crack, and her pubic region was splattered and glistening. Inside of a minute she was asleep.

"Ah, bless. Let's get her to her own room."

Scarlett lifted the lightweight Emma and made her comfortable in her own bed. Stormy dressed and left, leaving the famous private detective to get some well earned rest.


At two in the afternoon, both Emma and Holmes emerged from their respective rooms.
Emma nursed a hangover as she made a pot of black coffee in the kitchen.
She looked at Holmes and pouted as she recalled the threesome she had just endured.
Scarlett looked like the cat who got the cream as she lit up a Dunhill menthol.

"You look rough. Been up too late?"

"Fuck off!"

"Now, now. No need for gutter language. Tell me straight that you didn't enjoy yourself."

Emma bit her lip and took a gulp of hot coffee.

"I honestly don't remember a thing. I was drunk."

"Really. You don't remember coming three times inside of an hour? Curious." "I...I did? How, but? Oh, oh, sausage!"

Scarlett buried her face in that days edition of the Times newspaper and suppressed a giggle as Emma frowned and poked her tongue out at the deplorable smug blonde.

"I say. Listen to this. In the late evening, at a formal party at the German Embassy yesterday, a large number of uncut and uncertified diamonds were stolen under the very noses of the official security guards. It is unclear just how much the haul is worth, but is likely to run into hundreds of thousands of pounds. A small white card was left at the scene of the crime which read 'Compliments of the Domino Lady.' What time did you leave?"

"Midnight. As did all the others. I would have thought an embassy would be impregnable."

"I heartily agree. It points to an inside job without a doubt. Wait one moment. Have you your tablet?"

Emma poured her second cup of the day and pointed to the table.
Scarlett spent a few minutes reading the London crimes of the past fortnight and then sat up straight.

"Here. On the fifteenth of the month the Audi and BMW motor car showrooms were torched and the entire stock of vehicles were destroyed. The resulting loss of monies will run into six figures. One curious footnote was an apparent calling card left by the thief. A small card that read, 'Compliments of the Domino Lady.'"


Scarlett unwrapped a fresh pack of cigarettes and looked up at the ceiling.

"I need to think. This will be a ten pack problem, and I beg that you won't speak for fifty minutes."

"Make it longer. I couldn't care tuppence." Self satisfied bitch!

Holmes sat smoking, her eyes open but unseeing. Smoke rose up to the ceiling, and the only motion was when the detective tapped ash into the tray at her right side.

Long minutes passed and so Emma decided to relax and soak in a luxurious bubble bath. As she unwound in the warmth of the soapy tub she nibbled on a couple of pieces of Ferrero Rocher chocolate. Gosh. Did I really cum three times in an hour? Everything about her journey home after the party and later was a complete blank, thanks to one too many glasses of champagne.

Am I becoming a lesbian? Surely not, she speculated. After all, her boyfriend satisfied her totally in bed. As she enjoyed her soak and reflected, she heard the bathroom door open as Scarlett burst in.


"Holmes! I'm in the bath!"

"I don't mind. I have solved the case."

As Emma hid under the suds and splashed water onto the floor tiles Scarlett continued excitedly.

"There's a case?"

"Very much so. I've come across this over a hundred years ago. There is a thing known as Teutophobia. A person with anti-German sentiments. I believe that there is someone at large targeting things associated with Germany. First, the auto showrooms, and then the Embassy diamond raid. I am confidant I know the next target."

"And what might that be?"

"I am astonished at how the sport of football has become so popular among the masses. And even more astonished at the outrageous salaries these men get for kicking a lump of leather back and forth."

"Oh, I don't know. I quite like the Spurs player, Harry Kane. Nice legs."

Scarlett waved her hand in dismissal.

"Nonsense. Anyway Tottenham Hotspur are entertaining the German champions, Bayern Munich, in the European Championship tomorrow night in North London. My belief is that our suspect is going to loot the German players of their personal effects. Expensive watches, diamond and gold rings, and the like. Quite a pretty haul I calculate. You have connections. Can you get us two tickets for the game?"

"Shouldn't be a problem."

"Excellent! How exciting. The game is..."

"Afoot. Yeah, yeah, yeah."


Two hours before kick off at 7.45 Scarlett took the railway train from Liverpool Street station to White Hart Lane. There she joined the thousands of other supporters gathering for the big game. Emma had told her she would meet her at the Park Lane end of the stadium as she was intending to test our her new purchase, her Honda 500 motorcycle with the six speeds and 471cc displacement. A perfect beginner bike for new female riders.

"Oh my goodness!"


When Scarlett saw Emma dismount she nearly creamed herself at the erotic sight of the desirable actress in black leathers. With her hair pinned back in a loose chignon, she looked good enough to eat in her biker jacket that finished at waist level. So many zips! Two full length zipper cuffs, a zip up pocket at her left breast, and two at the front, one inside and one bigger outer. A closet leather freak's wet dream!

"It's pretty hot in this."

Declared Emma as she opened the jacker to reveal her lace crop top beneath that barely covered her mouth watering tits. Last, but not least, were her skinny leather pants that clung to her slender pins like a second skin.

"Shall we go in?"

For once, Scarlett was speechless and just nodded as her throat dried from the utterly beguiling sight of her companion.
Emma squeaked as she and Scarlett made their way to their seats and awaited the start of the game.

"Once the game starts, we shall make our way to the team dressing rooms and wait."

"You really think the Domino Lady is going to show?"

"100 % certain, my dear Emma. And this time she shall have a surprise. Us."

After twenty minutes of play, with the game tied at 1-1, the ladies made their way down the stairs to the players area.
At that precise moment they saw their prey.

"I don't believe it! It's her!"

Emma pointed at a tall female in a slinky floor length evening dress of white satin, Her blonde waves fell to her bare shoulders as she turned to Emma and Holmes.

The backless gown was now shown to have a racy plunging neckline that revealed an ample bosom. The woman looked the epitome of the classic sex kitten that she was. She planted her left leg forward to display her thigh through the big slit up that side of the form fitting outfit.

But it was the black velvet domino mask hiding her features that made Scarlett furrow her brow.

"Look out!"

Domino reached down to the garter around her thigh and produced a .22 calibre automatic which she pointed directly at Scarlett's midriff.

The tense moment was broken by the uniformed security guard at the other end of the corridor.

"Hey! You're not allowed back here."

Just then all four were distracted by a colossal roar from the spectators as presumably somebody scored a goal.
All three women took the opportunity to scoot, leaving the guard scratching his head in confusion.

"Quick. That way." Cried Holmes.

Outside, in the cool night air, the The Domino Lady hiked up her dress and kicked the starter on her Yamaha motorbike.

"She's got a cycle! Quick, hop on the back."

"What? On this?"

Emma was already seated on her own ride and was putting on her helmet as she patted the tight space behind her back.


"Don't I even get a crash helmet?" Asked Holmes anxiously.

"Sorry. Next time, eh?"

Scarlett lifted her left leg and straddled the seat. She grabbed Emma about her waist tightly and felt her bottom press into her front.
The warmth and close contact instantly gave Scarlett indecent thoughts and she humped back with her thighs provocatively.
Emma revved the motor and took off in pursuit of the blonde at fifty miles per hour.

Scarlett was scared yet oddly thrilled by the huge beast of a machine she was sat astride. The rumble and whine of the engine vibrated through her lower body like nothing she had ever encountered.

"Saints alive!"

In the dark of night, with only the lights of road side shops and street lamps, Emma swerved this way as she twisted the throttle and reached a cool sixty mph.
Scarlett's knuckles turned white as she held Emma to her trembling body.
Domino Lady ran a red light and Scarlett felt her heart in her mouth as she knew what was coming next.

"Hold on, Holmes!" Yelled Emma as she raced the stop light and dodged other vehicles coming from all directions.

Scarlett saw her reflection in the right side mirror and gulped at the sorry sight of her back swept hair.
The smell of rubber and oil assailed her nostrils and for a split second she considered throwing up.

The roar of the engine was deafening as Emma kept up with the woman in white, speeding through the expanse of evening traffic as if she had been riding for years. She spun once but quickly recovered control, albeit hitting a couple of litter bins by the pavement and spilling the contents.

"Can you believe this is only my second ride?" Yelled a proud Emma.

"Yes! I bloody well can!" Screamed a petrified Homes in reply.

The speedometer read seventy as Emma pushed the cycle to it's limits.
Then she cheered as she saw brake lights on Domino Lady's motor bike.
The suspect stopped and Emma gunned her engine, popped the front wheel on the two inch paving stone and she and Holmes flipped up onto the sidewalk.

"We made it," panted Emma as she took off her helmet and placed it on the handlebars of her bike. "You alright? You look a little pale."

"I feel a bit dizzy. Where did she go?"

As Scarlett stood on wobbly legs and brushed her dusty derriere, Emma pointed to a two bedroom block of flats situated by a quiet turning. They hurried up the communal entrance and took the stairs to the first floor.

"There she goes!"

The woman in white ducked into a door and as she attempted to close it, was forcefully pushed back inside by a bold acting Emma Watson.

"Goddamn bitch!" Yelled the blonde in an American accent.

"Have a care, Watson!"

Scarlett joined the other two as Domino Lady trained her pistol on the bold women.

"So, we meet again, Stephanie Daniels."

"Her?" Said Emma as the woman in white removed her mask. "But, didn't we? You know."

"Indeed. Meet Miss Daniels, Emma. Late of Louisiana, grand-daughter of one Earl Daniels, once US secretary to the Ambassador in London during the Second World War. Tragically killed by one of those experimental German V rockets in 1945. His mistress of the time was the original Domino Lady, one Ellen Patrick who, in her mask and white gown, stole from the rich in order to donate her ill gotten profits to charity. After deducting her cut, naturally."

"Go on, clever clogs," scowled the busty blonde.

"Vowing her own revenge, Miss Daniels has relocated to England to carry out her own twisted form of vengeance against the German community. Blaming the entire race for her father's death. In a bizarre homage to Ellen, she has resumed the masked persona of Domino Lady to wreak her revenge on her imagined adversaries. How am I doing?"

"As wrong as it is possible, Holmes. You have done precisely what I intended. For the real truth of the matter is I have lured you here because it is from YOU, I seek retribution, You, Scarlett Holmes. Once the bitter nemesis of Professor James Moriarty, he who perished in the Falls of Reichenbach. Killed by YOU!"


Scarlett turned to Emma as she felt a sudden gut feeling.

"Who was Moriarty?"

"The Napoleon of crime. A mathematical genius, gifted schemer, and organiser of half the crimes that were committed in London during the 1880's. A ruthless and evil criminal mind never known before. And never known since. I wish him good riddance."

"And I, am his descendant. His great-granddaughter, Jane Moriarty."

"Good lord! I have blundered terribly."

As Scarlett and Emma silently digested the declaration, Domino Lady acted and plunged two syringes of knock out serum into the shocked women's necks. As they both fell to the floor in a heap, Jane looked at the unconscious pair and reached behind her back to unzip her own drum tight gown. The bombshell wriggled out of the slinky confines and her twin mountains spilled out, large and pendulous. Her plump vulva nestled luxuriantly between her alluring upper thighs, a wisp of fine pubes just atop.

"Now, the fun begins."

to be continued...

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Re: The New Adventures of Scarlett Holmes
« Reply #16 on: December 22, 2020, 08:37:53 AM »
Note- This tall tale is purely fictional, with no basis in reality. Just an homage to the famous Sherlock Holmes stories.
Kudos to the classic bondage writer and illustrator, Bill Ward, for further inspiration.


Chapter Nine. Part two of A Study in Scarlett.

This chapter contains graphic descriptions of bdsm.


Jane Moriarty had not been born evil, although she had pondered the fact that her habitual liking for wearing fetish clothing and enjoying certain aspects of bondage sex may have something to do with her malevolent great-grandfather. She had thoroughly enjoyed being the Domino Lady for a while, a persona she had used to lure her nemesis to her eventual fate.

As she got herself ready she wondered if the information in Professor James Moriarty's genes had determined how she thought and acted. Ever since she was little her grandmother had told her how similar she was to the long dead math professor turned master criminal. His genius was only surpassed by his arch-enemy, famous detective Scarlett Holmes. And it was she who had done him in during a fight to the death in the year 1891.

The more Jane heard about Holmes, the more her rage burned in her blood. If only there had been some way to make Holmes pay for that one deed, some way to make her, and all her friends suffer in sweet revenge for the demise of one of the world's greatest organisers of international crime.

Then, the miracle happened. In some strange quirk of fate it seemed that Scarlett Holmes had not perished in the fatal struggle at the Reichenbach Falls, but had reappeared in the present time. The excessively twee actress known as Emma Watson had given her a roof over her head, and even accompanied Holmes in her relaunched career in solving the oddest of crimes. Jane considered the sugar sweet Watson with contempt, and would seriously love her to feel her wrath. Yes, both hated women would pay for that one grave mistake by Holmes, and in the process Jane would have some quality kinky sex as a bonus.


Jane smiled to herself and glanced at her reflection in her bedroom mirror. The statuesque honey blonde always looked her best in leather, and on this momentous occasion she had chosen well. The tight red and black corset molded itself around her waist, drawing it in to breathtaking proportions, and then sitting snugly at the top of her wide hips. The panels of black leather set off the blood red in a pleasing way. Jane had foregone any type of bra but her pendulous breasts were adequately buoyed up as they rested on the top of her garment. Her thick black choker about her neck complemented her long and lustrous hair that hung in loose waves past her shoulders, and her already sultry eyes looked even more dramatic with the applied heavy shadow.

"Let's get to work."

As the vibrant Jane walked down the stairs of her house to the basement, her unbelievably enormous tits jiggled with her steps. She had chosen her most highly polished pair of skyscraper heeled shoes, and she took her time descending to her secret lair.
The cool basement was fairly dark until she flicked a switch to illuminate the scene of the wakening captives.
She felt a wicked hot flash in her loins as she focused her eyes on Holmes and Watson.

"You sick excuse of a woman, what is the meaning of this!"

Scarlett attempted to twist her head around to address the strutting Moriarty who flounced past them in her semi naked form.
She and Emma were trussed up naked on a three seat sofa and made to face each other. Scarlett on top, and Emma beneath her curvy body. Bright red cords had been drawn around their necks and then carefully wound about their arms at the elbows and wrists. From there the tightly knotted cords crossed their backs and finished at the backs of their knees, rendering both wriggling heroines helpless and most decidedly vulnerable.

"Holmes, I'm scared."

"Fear not, my dear Emma. Good always prevails over evil."

"I think not. There will be no escape now that I've succeeded in snaring the pair of you."

"What was in that jab, sleeping potion?"

"Something like that. Boy, you really are a dead weight to move. Your ass is quite big."

Scarlett fumed, not so much at being tied up, but at the insinuation that she had a large behind.

"I do NOT have a big bottom!"

"You sure do. And it screams out to be spanked."

Jane slid her hands over the plump nates and squeezed and fondled the delicious flesh. Then she ran the heel of her hand along the luscious ass cleavage of the quivering detective. Scarlett pressed down, mashing her boobs to Emma's and bumping her exposed pussy mound against the other.

"Holmes, I thought only horrible men were sadists?"

"Oh, you'd be surprised. There have been a few horrible women too. Remind me to tell you of the time that the niece of Lord Byron handcuffed and blindfolded me to her bed and subjected me to an hour of exquisite cunnilingus."

"Shut the fuck up!"

Jane hissed as her open palm came down hard on Scarlett's right lower cheek, making the soft flesh shimmy and redden.
Scarlett felt the heavy breath of the scowling dominatrix as she administered a second blow to her raised posterior.
Stay calm, Scarlett told herself, as she weighed up her options.

"A fair start to proceedings."

Said Jane and bent at the waist and drew her skimpy panties down her gazelle like pins. In a state of increasing raw excitement she cupped her bared pussy with the trimmed back pubes and fingered the now juiced soft folds of her swelling mons.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" Demanded Holmes boldly, watching the high heeled blonde lightly frig herself.

"Your new and final adversary. I seek retribution for great- grandfather. And in the process I'm going to teach you a lesson."

"And, in your perverse way, achieve some sexual satisfaction?"

"In a nutshell. I have acquired some amusing toys I want to share with you. First up is what I call my robo-pounder. It can swivel and glide on the base so it can hit lots of different positions and angles. It's operated by remote control, can give up to 240 strokes a minute, with six inches of length. The arm extension projects out to which I have attached a thick silicone dildo."

"Holmes!" Emma gripped Scarlett's hands in hers and squeezed.

"You wretched creature. For some reason I keep hearing 'punch me in the face' when you speak."

"You English bitch! You shall be first."

The American blonde pushed the ominous looking contraption up to one end of the sofa. The end where the bound pair had their legs poking back, and positioned the piston that bore the dildo to touch Scarlett's muff.
Jane tipped a bottle of lubricant upside down over the detective's rump and watched the slow motion dribble traverse down Scarlett's crack and onto the silicon fake cock. With a sharp push, the realistic looking head of the sex toy parted Scarlett's outer labia and popped inside her.

"Do you worst, Moriarty."

Jane sat back in a chair opposite and held up the hand held remote control.

"Brace yourself, and think of England."

At the touch of a button, the piston began to move. Back and forth in and out easily penetrating the moistened cunt of Scarlett. The initial pace was reasonable as the robo-fucker glided inside Scarlett who tensed her body on top of the anxious Emma.
Smiling to herself, Jane upped the speed and the dildo thrust in and out at an energetic rate, much faster than any man was capable.


Scarlett closed her eyes as she responded to the increasing tingling in her pussy as the relentless fucking motion persisted. Her lower body involuntarily humped up and down on Emma, whose own pussy became damp due to Scarlett's mound rubbing on hers.

"Getting hot, ladies?" Goaded Jane Moriarty who thrust two fingers inside her own heated cunt.

From her view the sight of the robotic arm moving the solid dildo in and out of Holmes was extremely arousing. Now, an obscene squelching noise could be heard over the low hum of the sex machine as it drilled inside Holmes at a regular rate. Scarlett gasped, and the light dappling of perspiration prickled her entire body. Nobody had fucked her like this. The machine was tireless and industrious as Scarlett was hopelessly impaled on the six inch toy cock.

"Pardon me, ladies. I've neglected poor Watson. Let's switch things around."

Jane pulled the dildo from Scarlett's gaping fuck hole and noted the mix of lube and love juices therein.
She lowered the long arm of the machine to align it with Emma's juicy pussy, situated just below Scarlett's.

"Will it hurt?" She whispered in her ear.

"Nothing to fear, dear Emma. In fact it's rather nice."

"Shut up!" Said Jane and gave the detective a resounding smack on the ass.

The sopping dildo was aimed directly at Emma's parted folds and nudged just enough to pop inside the pink opening.
A button was pressed and the piston started to move once more, slipping smoothly in and out of the moaning actress.
At three times the rate when it was inside Scarlett, the dildo was a blur as it fucked Emma in it's unforgiving and unswerving diligence.


Emma clenched her teeth and cursed the fact that she was unable to shut her thighs. Sweat built up on her brow as the dildo plunged in and out all the way. With all six inches of silicon shoved up her cunt, she was stretched out to the max, and her hips shifted by fractions as delightful spasm after spasm shot through her vulva.
As she shook from her intense orgasm, the dildo was removed from her puffy cunt and returned instantly to Scarlett.

"Is that, oh! That...all you...got?"

Scarlett sneered at Jane who strummed her clit madly as she watched from her seat.

"Full speed it is then."

Again the machine fucked Scarlett deep and powerfully, pumping in and out of her soaking cunt, and pushing her to her limit.
Jane looked on with a certain admiration as Holmes actually pushed back onto the lubed up dildo, which now teased her pussy into a creamy froth.

"Fuck, gonna cum."

The unflagging piston backed in and out of Scarlett with a louder, insistent hum. In and out, again and again, the stiff sex toy banged into her.
Her heart pounded next to Emma's as they both thrashed in their binds in vain. One tremendous orgasm followed the other as she finally succumbed to the never ending penetration.

"Enough, I think."

Scarlett panted heavily as the device finally ceased moving and was withdrawn from her slobbering cunt.

"I find ropes to be so versatile, I'm sure you'll agree, Holmes."

The bound and exhausted women were effortlessly flipped on the seat and Emma was separated from a frustrated Scarlett, who was left still tied in the biting red cords.
As Emma was dragged to the other side of the room she knew what was likely to happen.

"Be brave, my love." Cried Scarlett in some solace.

Jane stopped at a large metal frame which was bolted to the floor. On each side were rings built for ropes to slide through. Jane expertly grabbed the arms of the weaker Emma and tugged them back behind her. Then, her upper body was pushed down at the waist as thick rope was wound around both wrists, threaded through two of the metal rings and up the sides of the frame. As Jane pulled on them, Emma found herself firmly secured and bent double.

"You sadistic bitch!"

"That's me." Chirped Miss Moriarty as Scarlett watched Emma's taut arms begin to rise up behind her, making her fight to stay balanced on her toes.

She moaned in anger and annoyance as next, her ankles were pulled in opposite directions and more rope bound around her soft flesh. Emma groaned louder as her legs were spread as wide as was possible, and made to remain spread by the strong ropes that looped inside more rings.

"Nice work if I do say so myself."

The frame went under Emma's middle section and this undignified position against the metal surface forced her backside to arch up. With her legs splayed out as well it meant that her pussy slit and asshole were cruelly exposed.

"Mmm, lovely!"

Jane bent until her face was level with Emma's nether holes and inhaled the smell of her. Her light pubes and labia still glistened from the previous fucking of the robo-fucker, and her tiny puckered star sparkled from her juices. Jane studied the pink inner flesh of Emma's enticing pussy and fingered the softness inside.

"Ever been spanked, Watson?"

"Er, yes." Emma recalled some kinky fun she had with her boyfriend one time.

"With a crop?"

Emma turned her head momentarily and then screamed out as if a truck had just fallen on her foot.
The crack of the riding whip echoed around the basement like a pistol shot. Both of her undefended holes clenched up as Emma was torn between fear and an odd thrill.

"Hey, do either of you ride? I love horses myself. This is my latest purchase. It's a black fleck crop of woven nylon with a leather handle and braided cap. It's sixteen inches long and has a two inch leather keeper."

The half naked American brought the crop down hard on her open palm with a resounding crack.

"Ooo! That kinda hurt."

"Leave the girl, Moriarty. It's me you want." Said Scarlett, writhing on the sofa.

"In for a penny in for a pound, isn't that what you Brits say? This is retribution, don't you get it? I want to make you suffer by making her suffer as well."

Jane ignored Holmes and ran a hand over Emma's delicate and pert cheeks and thumbed the visible red stripe made by her initial smack.
Emma bit her lip as she was hit again, right across both half moons at the same time.


"How was that? Hurts right? But at the same time it's all warm and tingly."

Before she could react, Emma wiggled her backside as more staccato strikes of the crop were delivered in quick succession. Two on either of her delectable pale buttocks, and one more on the backs of her thighs for luck.
Emma screwed her eyes up as her smarting bottom bore the brunt of four more short sharp cracks that rang out loudly.
Her cheeks began to display several red lines that criss-crossed this way and that.
Emma bravely tensed her backside as a few errant strikes caught her between the buttocks and stung her asshole.

"Mmm, result. Look, Holmes."

Jane dipped her middle finger inside Emma's wet cunt and held it up to show the sweet nectar from within.
Pleased with herself, Jane used the keeper to gently rub the insides of Emma's splayed out thighs. Then she moved inward with the rigid crop and worked it into the wet cleft of her mons.

"It's a nice pussy, I grant you that. I expect Holmes has tasted it, hmm?"

"Fuck you, you evil bitch!"

"My, my. And I thought the famous Emma Watson was squeaky clean."

Unable too behind her due to her being bound flat to the bondage frame, seconds passed and Emma wondered what was to come.
Then Jane hit Emma on her vertical slit and the wholesome cutie sucked in air as she teetered on her toes.



Another perfect strike on the bottom of her pussy caused her teeny frame to jerk and she cried out in between muted sobs. It was a short sharp blow and the crop showed evidence of tiny bubbles of Emma's inner juices.
Then she was hit directly on the tip of her mound, connecting with her hooded clit, and Emma gasped from the resulting wet smack there.

"Holy shit!"

The crop came down in repeated strikes, right on the sweet spot of her muff, from the very top and then all the way down to the sensitive perineum.
Scarlett felt a tear run out of the corner of her eye as Emma shrieked as Moriarty used the crop to smack the petite actress squarely on her clit.
Jane laughed loudly as she expertly gave Emma three more accurate cracks on the protruding nub, and Emma came with her mouth open in a silent scream. Tiny squirts of cum spat out of Emma's pouting pussy and trickled down her left thigh. She surprised herself as her guilty climax gave her a perverse sense of satisfaction.

"That was sure fun, don't you agree Watson?"

Jane held Emma's head by her matted hair and grinned into her flushed face.

"You'll keep. Don't go anywhere. I'll be back."

Emma groaned as Jane went to one corner and wheeled out a large object covered in a plain blanket.
Scarlett craned her neck to see the thing unveiled and she furrowed her brows in bewilderment at the rounded contraption on four wheels.

"What on earth is that?"

"You haven't seen one before? No, you wouldn't, not back in the 1880's. This is called a Sybian. It's an self pleasuring invention created to give open minded females sexual gratification. See? The woman straddles the seat on top where a fixed dildo pokes up vertically for her to insert inside her vagina. Then, by remote control, the electric motor is switched on and the cock moves up and down in her pussy. Depending on speed and depth, the exquisite vibrations tend to give the majority a superb climax."

As she spoke Jane half carried, half dragged the bound Holmes to the big box. With a big effort Jane sat Scarlett onto the saddle like seat and aligned her pussy onto the special pad. With the red cords tied at her elbows and wrists, her arms were effectively pinned to the small of her back. She clamped the toned thighs to the sides of the barrel for purchase and looked down to see small bumps and ridges under her loins, presumably objects to stimulate the vulva and clitoris.
What an extraordinary device!

"Do you think a person can be fucked to death?"

Jane asked the question as she quickly loosened Scarlett's binds and raised her arms straight up. From there the dominatrix threw two of the cords over a wooden beam above them and pulled down so that Scarlett arms were secured in a vertical position.

"Wait, wait. That's too tight."

Scarlett's head was forced to tilt back so that her arms weren't wrenched up too drastically.
Jane helped her mount the huge eight inch dildo and pushed her down by her hips.

"There. God, so much fuss, I do declare."

Scarlett sighed at the incredible sensation of having her sex filled by the fake dick, as her legs were strapped on the base of the fucking machine.

"Ready or not, here you cum!"

Scarlett's mouth made a big O as the Sybian was turned on and sent lurid vibrations through her bodacious body. At the same time the thick dildo moved up and down inside her with measured thrusts. The constant buzzing against her thighs and ass had a curious sensation like nothing Scarlett Holmes had ever encountered.

"Any good?" Asked Jane with a smug grin.

Scarlett strained her ears to hear Moriarty speaking.
Any good? It was fucking sensational! Unable to move an inch she had no resistance against the extreme drilling of her cunt. Her usually acute brain was unable to concentrate on anything but the stiff toy fucking the shit out of her.

"This is great fucking fun."

Jane fiddled with the remote and thrust two wet fingers in her own sodden pussy as Scarlett yelled out through gritted teeth as the dildo not only moved in an up and down motion, but also rotated in a haphazard gyrating that sent Scarlett dizzy with pleasure.

"It's unbelievable!"

"I know!" Replied Jane, who tottered over to Emma to untie her from the bondage frame. "Let's have a look at you."

Emma's nether cheeks glowed and her pale skin was now a sorry crimson. Moriarty held up the riding crop and twirled it like a baton.

"See if I can't fix this. How does it go? Ex-smelly-armpits! Nope. Abracadabra! Tut. Magic doesn't work. Hah, hah, hah! You'll have a sore ass in the morning. Too bad."

She turned to see the uninterrupted torment of Holmes, still impaled on the Sybian.
As the sublime vibrations intensified, Scarlett's muff dripped along the eight inch silicon cock as her orgasm blossomed.
The thrum, thrum, thrum, did not abate as Scarlett was fucked and fucked. The dildo remained inside her as her second climax soon followed and the plucky detective became drenched in sweat from head to toe.
The pad beneath her fluttered and flew, and the bumps and ridges electrified her swollen clit tremendously.

"Having a good time, you slut?"

"This...is the devil's work!" Spluttered Scarlett as her clit throbbed.

Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! She groaned as the cock thrust up in a constant rhythm, spinning and boring like a piston into her saturated pussy.
Every pore in her body leaked as Scarlett came once more. Her third back to back orgasm in no less than ten minutes!
In and out drove the dildo, bucking, fucking, tucking itself deep inside the weakening detective.

"Fuck! Please, no. Yes! No, yes! Coming, coming, coming."

"You're actually making me jealous, Holmes. Too much if a good thing, if you ask me."

Moriarty upped the rate of the machine by remote and looked on in fascination at Scarlett's bouncing tits.


The Sybian went into overdrive, humming and vibrating at maximum level.
Scarlett's body was wracked with lustful pleasure as a fourth, then a fifth orgasm thundered through her. Her cum dripped down the sides of the barrel from her battered quim, and her will power began to be sapped.
Would she indeed be fucked to death? Her arm muscles trembled from the strain of being hoisted up above her head, and her legs felt like jelly.

"You'll...never...win." Croaked Holmes, as her eyes blinked back the sweat.

She had lost count of her multiple orgasms as wave after wave washed over her punished form.

"Not long now, I fear," chuckled Jane as she licked her lips in triumph.

At that moment the blonde American tipped forwards from a blow to the head and she saw stars.

"Take that, you evil bitch!"

The still naked Emma dropped one of Moriarty's dildo's by her feet and nodded in approval.

"Knocked out by a cock. Got to be a joke there somewhere."

Emma ran to Scarlett and turned off the whirring Sybian. She untied her wrists and exhaled as the limp blonde fell into her arms like a dead weight.

"Well done, Emma. I knew I could rely on you."

The pair of wasted women rested their delicate bones on the sofa as they gathered their wits.

"Emma, find our clothes and your mobile phone. Call Inspector Lester, and tell her this address. Tell her that she can find the Domino Lady here in three hours."

"Why in three?"

Scarlett dragged Moriarty to the robo-fucker and turned it on. She made sure the groggy blonde was tied at the wrists and then guided the thrusting arm to her cunt. As Jane began to be fucked at a medium speed, Scarlett spread her hands.

"I think she's going to be tied up for a while. Also, ask Lester if we could borrow that for a while."

She pointed to the dormant Sybian with a wicked grin.

"I think I'm beginning to enjoy this modern age after all."

"Scarlett Holmes, you're incorrigible!"

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