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Try Me Pt. 1 (Kelly Brook)
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Try Me Pt. 1
Starring: Kelly Brook

Codes: MF, 69, Oral, Titfuck, Facial

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

This story was written for my friend Galva82. The idea was his and and credit to him for the scenario.

Nassau, Bahamas

White walls were visible beyond the halls and every room locked behind maintenance and personnel only. The Rosewood Baha Mar hotel required a large staff to operate the luxury hotel resort. The Rosewood hotel was only part of a three-piece mega luxury holiday resort in the Bahamas under the Baha Mar name. The buildings combined, almost as if to create their own mini city within the island of Nassau. The five star hotels required a hefty fees, charging thousands of dollars per weekends and extended stays. For the staff, all of this was well known for anyone who had been hired on as an employee to the Baha Mar company name. A sometimes hectic work schedule followed, as that was something Anthony Johnson knew all too well for himself.

Four years ago he attended a university in the United States, finding himself intentionally stuck in the Bahamas after a wild Spring Break trip. All paid for by the university on a break, Anthony had entirely forgotten about his goals of becoming an English teacher, all through several drunken nights of partying. His class mates had left the plane without him, as he chose through a hard hangover to stay behind back on Nassau island. From there, he had spent a few years gambling with the locals and chasing women, all before he stumbled into a hotel room with one special woman who had a job to offer him. It wasn't the ideal way of getting hired on to the staff belonging to a company worth billions of dollars, but he had nothing to complain about.

Now at twenty-six years of age, he had come to terms with the fact he had given up his life and dreams back home in the US. Anthony felt he had nothing left anyway. Going through something of an existential crisis when he had first entered college, he had always dreamed of getting away from the place he knew as home. Material conditions and a familiar environment were meaningless to him. Never was he close with his family or parents, nor did he have a friend to rely on. Walking the back alleys and dark roads between the cracks of society was where he had found himself after coming to terms with life after a spell of depression. A trip to the Bahamian island of Nassau was simply the perfect escape and entry into a completely new life.

Those first few months were brutal to him, as reality had come with a harsh slap in the face. Anthony had been robbed and beaten by thieves who had taken him as a sucker wandering the streets. Gambling was something he had picked up on back in college, as he felt that luck was occasionally on his side with blowing through his college funds with online poker matches. On the island, the cards were rarely in his favor as he learned early on. The one stroke of luck he managed was falling into the lustful hands of a dark haired older woman who had willed and seduced him from a local bar. Anthony liked to think of himself as a man with skills at seduction, but Susan humbled his arrogance quick. If not for her job at the Rosewood hotel resort, he may have suffered a fate worse than anything back home in the US. She managed to pull him together for a full time job at the resort.

Those years had passed as Anthony had paid off his debts and managed to get his head straight to work out problems created back home from his sudden departure and choice of place to live. Susan may have helped get his life straightened out, but Anthony knew he was nothing more than a fuck toy to the older woman. She had other men across the massive hotel resorts and on the island whom she used for her own desires. Anthony had learned from Susan, while working seven days a week, often with long schedules. As time went on, he had to learn new skills as part of his job. It all began with room service for the first four months, but he went on to spend most of his first year in a kitchen among other chefs that had to be trained.

Cooking duties soon became a masseur job that he had now maintained for two years. The Rosewood hotel contained a spa among the upper floors of the hotel building. The floor was located just below the top floor with the twin bedroom suites, reserved only for guests who had the most cash to burn for an extended stay. The white walls were so common whether he was venturing around the maintenance rooms of the hotel or walking off on a journey to the elevator. Despite all the beautiful places around the Nassau island, Anthony found himself living at work more often than not. When he had time off, he liked to take his chances seducing women out by the swimming pools outside or making a go back in the spa rooms. Womanizing adventures were one of his past times, fulfilling the need to constantly chase a fun time thrill.

Standing in front of the bathroom mirror, the faucet ran below as he gazed back to see his face. Standing tall with short blonde hair, Anthony slicked it back while studying his own dark eyes for a moment. His face was clean shaved, fitting the habit for daily shaving. With a skinny body, he didn't have physical features that stuck out upon appearance. The hotel uniform he wore was of a white button up shirt featuring the company logo just beneath his gold name tag. Black pants went along with the outfit, matching shoes that were provided by the company as the final piece of the required uniform. Back in his room, he had casual clothes he could slip into but that wasn't for today. Friday had come and Anthony was aware of schedules for booking families and visitors into the hotel as the weekends always made for busy times.

Finished washing his hands, he pulled a few paper towels from the dispenser to quickly dry them and then it was time to depart from the restroom. Down the short hall led to the desks for staff. A receptionist had stepped into the room, carrying a clipboard of guests that had previously checked in during the morning without booking ahead over the phone. Across the room was another desk, a man sitting there on the telephone, taking calls for bookings. This wasn't out of the ordinary for the staff room downstairs near the lobby. Anthony had his own instructions from the manager, as his job was still to work in the spa when he wasn't on clean up duty for room service. Rather than having a desk or any sorts, he kept his schedule and other work related items back in his room. As he went to exit the room, he was approached by another staff member. A tall man with a heavy build, short black hair and a matching beard.

"Hey man, you ain't gonna believe who dropped in today. You should've been outside at the reception desk a few minutes ago and you would've seen her."

Scott had been one of Anthony's coworkers now for two years, living on the same floor as him with a residency suite. Another American around the same age as him who moved onto the island. Anthony often chatted with him after hours, having a few beers from time to time. Looking back at his friend, he replied.


Stopping in his tracks, Scott replied in an almost low voice.

"Kelly fucking Brook."

Anthony gazed back at his friend, noticing the excitement that was hard for him to contain. Chuckling as he stepped past him, Anthony responded as they both walked out the door.

"You're shitting me, right?"

"No, of course not! Why would I be shitting you, man? She just came in off the plane. Booked a weekend stay."

Turning to face his friend, Anthony offered a smile. Simply hearing the name Kelly Brook spoken from someone's voice had brought back many college memories. He had often spent time alone in his dorm, browsing the internet and looking at her photos and other British glamour models. In the past, other famous names had often checked in to the Rosewood hotel, so it wasn't so much a surprise to hear of someone with her wealth and fame to come in, but Kelly Brook wasn't who he expected. Walking alongside his friend towards the half oval shaped reception desk, Anthony waited a moment before replying.

"You sure it was really her and not just someone with the same name?"

"Dude, I would know cause I rang her up on paper and gave her a room key. She had a British accent, so yeah it was her. You should've seen her rack, then maybe you'd believe me."

Standing on the left side of the two men behind the desk was a female receptionist. Short with blonde hair wrapped up into a pony tail, she stopped what she was doing and turned to give Scott a dirty look while Anthony chuckled at her reaction. Scott had a habit of sometimes embarrassing himself around their female coworkers, all thanks to his mouth. Ignoring him for now, Anthony looked over the computer monitors for the recent check ins for guests. Scott moved in front of him and showed him, pointing directly at the name Kelly Brook over the screen. As he sat down in the chair, Anthony leaned over him, noticing that Miss. Brook was properly booked into a room on the 8th floor, number 867. After learning of her room number, he stepped away.

"Where are you going?"

Glancing back at Scott, Anthony couldn't help but give his coworker a smug grin in return.

"I'm gonna go check up on her. Make sure she's happy with the hotel's service."

When he realized just what his friend was going to do, Scott let out a frustrated sigh and shook his head. It could've been him going up to check on her. Anthony turned his back, still grinning as he walked across the lobby and made his way towards an elevator. If Scott didn't want to take a chance with her, that was more than fine for Anthony. He saw an easy opportunity to offer his services for her, if she wanted to go up to the spa room for a relaxing visit. In the elevator alone, he pushed the button to head up to the 8th floor. The doors shut quietly and now he was alone, only with his dirty thoughts about the woman. Kelly Brook had been something of a blast from the past for Anthony, but he had seen recent photos of her online to know she had the appearance of a bombshell stunner.

In the past, other famous names had checked in to the hotel. John Legend and his wife were the recent ones. Anthony remembered when most of the men among his coworkers had went crazy for a day over Kate Upton booking a weekend stay with her husband just a few years ago. For a day, he had witnessed Kate but didn't have it in him to speak with her knowing that her husband was present at the hotel. Kelly arriving and booking a room all to herself was another story. The elevator came to a stop on the correct floor and Anthony stepped out, greeted to the same white walls down the hall that he was all used to. Down below was a red carpet filling the floor. He walked his way to her door, looking over the gold engraved numbers before raising his hand to knock.

"Just one minute! I'll be right there!"

A voice yelled from behind the door with an English flair. Anthony's heart beat began to race, as he knew for sure who was about to open this door. The gold knob rattled and then came open as he was greeted with Kelly Brook's face and her deep brown eyes gazing back at him. Her eyes matched her wavy hair, split down the middle and overflowing beyond her shoulders. Standing there behind the door, she wore a white button up shirt with the first few buttons undone revealing a heavy bit of cleavage. Offering a smile, he spoke up to greet her.

"Hi Miss. Brook, housekeeping at your service."

She stepped back, opening the door to invite him in. The single bedroom room contained wooden floors beneath the rugs near the door and living room. Every room had the same plush leather couch, oval shaped glass coffee table and large flat screen television set. Kelly shut the door, as he glanced for a moment to see the denim skirt she was wearing. A pair of black high heels were close to the door, as she had taken them off and walked barefooted. Anthony offered her another smile as he spoke.

"Is there anything I can get for you? I just wanna make sure that everything is fine and dandy in your room."

Kelly shook her head, placing her hands onto her hips below upon answering him back.

"Yes, everything is fine here. The room looks excellent, don't you think? I have to unpack some of my clothes soon. I wouldn't mind getting myself comfortable now that I'm checked in."

Her words came off with her sultry English accent, almost causing Anthony to blush. Once again, he remembered his days in college when he would indulge himself lustfully to British glamour models. One could say they were his ultimate weakness as he certainly had a 'type' of woman in preference. He saw an opportunity from her words to offer a bit of stress relief for her.

"If you wanna get comfortable, you can always head up to the spa."

Curving her lips into a smile, Kelly flashed her teeth as she moved her hands away from her hips.

"That's where I was planning on heading first here. I wanted to go out and do a bit of sight seeing tomorrow. It's been some years since I've last visited this island."

"I work up there at the spa, you want me to keep an eye out for you? I can clear a spot on my schedule."

"Oh, that would be lovely."

She giggled softly, still studying him with her eyes before nodding.

"Perhaps around five, will the spa still be open around then?"

"Yeah, I'll make sure it's open."

"Guess I'll see you then... Anthony."

Her eyes glanced down to read his name tag, all before offering a small grin. Finding himself caught in a blush for a moment, Anthony began to walk to the door. He turned back around to wave at Kelly while grabbing the knob with his other hand.

"I'll have a table prepared for you in advance."

"Thank you, see you later."

Turning back around to walk out, Anthony waited until the door shut before exhaling for a moment. He didn't anticipate a moment such as this to have this woman openly flirting with him upon meeting her. As he walked down the hall and brushed past another staff member, he was left to consider his thoughts upon how Kelly behaved in his presence. After all, she did arrival at the resort alone. Perhaps she was looking for some kind of company? It didn't matter one way or another, as he planned to try his absolute best shot at landing her. So much time had passed since he last was able to enjoy the lustful company of a woman. There was always Susan whom he knew he could call, but he didn't like competing with the other men she kept around to please her. Before heading up to the spa, he had to check in with his manager to make sure he was not needed for anything to do with maintenance. Anthony quietly hoped to himself he wouldn't bump into Scott on his way down to the main floor.



The day carried on through the afternoon hours transitioning into the evening. Outside the hotel, the blue sky had begun fading into an orange hue with the sun beginning to fall. The pool was always busy with many guests of the hotels outside, same for staff tending to needs within the kitchen. On a day like this, Anthony was thankful he didn't have duties within a kitchen having to cook alongside other chefs and deliver room service meals. It wasn't the fact he had something to look forward to back in the spa room, but that the place was more relaxing. Air conditioned and not requiring the full uniform of work, he was allowed to take his shoes and socks off and comfortably walk his bare feet across the marble stone floor. Comfort was all that truly mattered when spending hours in the spa room.

Like anywhere else inside the resort, the spa contained those same white walls. Sunlight would shine through the oval shaped windows from the right side wall, visible beyond the curtain veils that led into the back supply room. Anthony knew the layout of the rooms all too well, for he had spent years there working. Kelly's arrival was all he anticipated through the day, regardless if he had other visitors to tend to. As he was the only masseur on duty today, it made the situation easier as he considered how he could play his cards right and get lucky with Kelly. As the hours carried on with no visitors, he sat around thinking about the way she spoke to him through their interaction. There was something seductive from the manner in which this woman carried herself. Once again, he considered if she had come to the Bahamas looking for some kind of erotic thrill.

"Have you been waiting on me, Anthony?"

Her voice alerted him from the distance, as Anthony was standing near one of the four massage tables across the room. Kelly had welcomed herself in, opening the door quietly and catching him by a complete surprise. Standing in the door way, she had changed her outfit from earlier. Long brunette locks of hair curled up in a high ponytail, revealing small gold hoop ear rings from her lobes. Her curvy thick body was now only contained in a one piece white robe outfit with a small skirt and sleeves running down her arms. His eyes immediately glanced down below her face, noticing the bulging cleavage of her giant tits that nearly popped out. Her feet were pushed down into a pair of white high heels with her toes visible from a hole in the front. Anthony looked back at her, smiling as he nodded.

"Yeah, you came just in time. I was starting to wonder if you'd show up at all."

Kelly giggled in her thick English accent, stepping the door and shutting it behind her. The heels clacked and clicked across the marble surface of the floor. Sitting beside the door from the left side was a white sign with printed black letters stating 'Closed'. Anthony pointed over at the sign, quietly motioning for Kelly. She glanced over, noticing the sign and then chuckling as she grabbed hold of it.

"Looks like you wanna close shop for the day. Don't want anyone to disturb us, huh?"

"Nope, I don't wanna touch anyone else after you today."

Once again, Kelly laughed at him. She turned around and opened the door, hanging the sign on the outside knob before shutting it again.

"You sure no one will try to come in, like any janitors on duty?"

Anthony shook his head at her.

"No. That's my job after I close this place up."

"Nice, so we're indeed all alone together."

Her teeth flashed in a smile as she began to walk over to him, heels clicking and clacking loudly on the floor below. Once again, Anthony couldn't help but think how strange it was that she flirted with him so heavily. He thought that it would be up to him to seduce this woman but so far, she had seemed to have her own plan. Moving in front of him, Kelly gazed back into his eyes as she moved her feet out of her heels. Still starring back at his face, she moved her hands to the folds of her robe-like outfit and began to peel it from her body. As the white silky outfit dropped to the floor, Anthony stood there and gazed at her naked voluptuous form on full display. Kelly placed her hands onto her hips, modelling in front of him as she watched the expression change on his face.

This wasn't something he expected at all upon her arrival. There was a small door leading to a bathroom and changing room off to the right side, but Kelly didn't need it at all. The thought of her coming up to this floor wearing nothing but a sheer robe was one thing, but Anthony didn't hesitate her to silently strip from it while standing in front of him. His eyes trailed upward, noticing her pussy on full display, clean shaved and with a fresh layer of wetness around her pink folds. Her massive all natural breasts were on full display, nipples appearing to be erect on sight. Not uttering any words still, Kelly curved her pink lips into a smug grin. She knew very well what she was doing to this younger man now as she turned around, showing her backside to him.

"I take it you like what you see, yes? Have I taken your breath away, dear?"

Now he was the one chuckling. Anthony gazed down at her ass, noticing the plump size of each cheek. Kelly bent over, lightly shaking it as he responded to her words.

"Well, yeah. I just wasn't expecting you to strip down in front of me like this."

"You're not complaining are you?"

"Fuck no!"

Once again, Kelly laughed in her sultry English accent. She turned around to smirk at him before placing her hands down onto the front of the massage table. The padded surface was white with a cut out hole at one end for the client to be able to comfortable place their face. Kelly noticed his eyes glance down at her breasts and then she grinned at him.

"Why don't you take your shirt off and get comfortable with me? Come on, it's not fair that I'm the only one in her naked."

Just like that, the control of this seduction game had shifted and Kelly was the one calling the shots. Anthony didn't expect this from Kelly at all, but he should've considered the possibility after meeting her hours ago. Pulling at the ends of his shirt, he began to pull it off his body, revealing his skinny stomach to her and slightly tanned skin. Throwing the shirt to the floor, he was greeted to Kelly's smirking face. She climbed onto the table, laying on her front with her back exposed and glancing at him with her head turned to her left side. Underneath the table was the metal poles holding it up and a black rotating device to lower or raise the table itself. Anthony leaned down, grabbing at the piece.

"Hold on, I'm gonna lower the table down a bit."

"Not much hair on your chest, dear. How old are you?"

"I'm twenty-six."

He replied while adjusting the table, lowering it down slightly. As Kelly moved her head to fit her face through the hole of the massage table, she spoke back.

"Yes, that's it. Lower it down a bit so I can sit up later."

Once he was done, Anthony realized he would have to climb atop Kelly when it came to massaging her back. Luckily for him the table itself was large enough that he could get behind her when applying lotion to her back and massaging her muscles. Stepping away from the table, Anthony needed a small walk back around to a wooden table where he kept the bottles of lotion. He grabbed one, stepping his way back to where Kelly was as he shook the bottle up in his right hand. Squirting out a bit of the cold liquid substance into the palm of his left hand. Still holding the bottle, he moved over the table and gently rubbed his left hand down her back. Kelly exhaled deeply as he carefully smeared the lotion across her skin.

"Make sure you get my lower back. That's always the spot that is always killing me."

"What about your shoulders?"

"No need to touch my shoulders. I will want your hands to be elsewhere."

A sudden change in her tone of voice alerted Anthony. Grabbing the lotion bottle, he carefully opened it and squirted a few drops down the small of her back. Anthony now climbed onto the table, carefully bending his knees over each side so he could lean over her. Thinking to himself, he wondered if now was the best time to attempt a conversation with her. Closing the lid on the bottle, he dropped it to the floor below as it was now time to use both of his hands to massage across her now slick skin. As his fingertips touched her back, he spoke up.

"You know, I'm a big fan of yours. I know exactly who you are. The one and only, Miss. Kelly Brook. One of Britain's finest models, if I may add."

"Ohhhhhh, really? You must think you're some kinda charmer, but you don't sound like you're from back home. How do you know of me?"

"I'm from the US. I used to look at your photoshoots all the time, to tell you the truth. Much better than thinking about any girls on campus back in college."

His admission was enough to make Kelly begin giggling in her low and sensual voice. Anthony began to massage her back, nice and slowly as he carefully had smeared the lotion across her skin. It was difficult for him to not glance down and admire her phat buttocks on full display from where he was. Kelly waited a moment before answering him back.

"I wasn't expecting to run into someone who knows me out here."

"Oh yeah? You wanted to flirt with someone who only knew you as a complete stranger, huh?"

She laughed at him, as Anthony continued to massage his hands across her back. He could hear Kelly slightly moan as a result of his touch. Expecting her to respond to his joking question, Anthony was only met with silence from her voice through the passing seconds. As he moved his hands up towards her shoulders, Kelly let out a sigh and finally spoke.

"One more time, let me feel your hands down my back and then I wanna turn around."

"Mind if I touch your ass, Kelly?"

"Nope, I don't mind at all. Make sure you get a good squeeze when you get down there while you're at it." 

What a choice of words, Anthony was left thinking to himself. He didn't expect her to tell him such things. As he moved his hands down to her ass, he carefully began to rise off the table and stand as his hands sunk down into her plump ass cheeks and he squeezed them hard. Kelly moaned out to him with her low, English voice. Once he moved his hands entirely away from her, she began to move across the massage table. Anthony leaned down, grabbing the bottle of lotion he had previously dropped down to the floor. Gazing forward, he saw Kelly's big brown eyes and a mischievous grin across her lips. She lay her back down over the table, leaning slightly up with her elbows pushed down. Anthony's eyes glanced down to her great big natural breasts.

"Massage them for me."

Kelly knew all too well where his eyes had gone. When Anthony looked back up to her face, she quirked her eyebrows in demand that he touched her tits next. She reached for the lotion bottle, taking it from his grasp as he now undid the top and squirted out a bit of the cold liquid substance down onto her right breast. As it dripped down her nipple, she squirted two drops onto her left boob before closing the top of the bottle and then dropping it down to the floor. Anthony moved his knees back onto the table, leaning over Kelly once again as she grabbed his wrists and moved his hands directly to her tits.

"A little impatient for me to touch your boobs, huh?"

"I don't wanna wait and you shouldn't want to either. I've noticed you can't keep your eyes away from 'em."

The moment his palms pressed against her breasts, Anthony had leaned over merely inches away from her face. He broke eye contact to glance down as he began to squeeze her tits as Kelly let go of his wrists. She let out a soft moan as the body oil was smeared across her busty tits, all while Anthony felt her nipples poking up against his palms.

"Don't they feel wonderful?"

Looking back up into her eyes, Anthony could see the hunger Kelly had for him. He squeezed her tits harder as he replied.

"Yeah... I've always dreamed of getting to touch these tits."

She began to laugh as he spoke again.

"You seem to be quite proud of your boobs, Kelly."

"Why wouldn't I be? Aren't they marvelous?"


Still squeezing them, Anthony watched as she threw her arms behind her head to prop her head up while he played with her breasts. He moved his hands to the sides, squeezing them together and quietly considering just how great it would be to have his cock lodged between them in the middle. Kelly just lay there as he continued. She bit down on her lower lip when Anthony made the move to pinch her nipples between his fingers. Giving her breasts one final squeeze, Anthony spoke up.

"Want me to massage anything else for you, babe?"

Kelly slowly shook her head.

"I should be asking if you want me to touch you in return."

Anthony laughed at her reply, moving his hands away from her breasts and slowly sliding them down her stomach now. She winked at him as he was forced to move his knees a bit at the end of the table to properly hover over her.

"I know where you're going next. Mind showing me what kind of skills you have with your mouth?"

Blushing lightly, he couldn't help but smirk at her question. Anthony couldn't believe how seductive this woman was, as she seemed to have all intentions of getting laid on her first day of this trip. Licking his lips, he thought to himself while glancing up at her. All of this had been so unbelievable to him so far, he didn't know how to express his views before her.

"You know, I've always wanted to do something like this with a famous model. You have no idea how badly I've wanted to fuck you throughout the years. If you're asking me to eat you, I'm gonna make you cum hard. What's in it for me?"

"What's in it for you, Anthony?"

Kelly smirked as she leaned herself up a bit, resting her elbows down onto the table underneath.

"I'll make you a deal. I didn't make this trip just to soak in the sun and enjoy pleasant views. You seem to know what I want... and I can guess what you want."

Biting down on her lower lip, Kelly giggled before continuing on.

"You seem confident in yourself, not something I'd expect from a young man like you. Let's play a little game together, shall we? I wanna see which one of us can reach an orgasm first. You wanna try me? Try and make me cum before I make you explode?"

Anthony laughed before answering her back.

"Sure, I don't see why I'd say no to this sorta game you wanna play. But what's in it for me?"

"If you can make me cum first, then I'll let you spend all of tomorrow fucking me in my room. How's that?"

"If I win, I can fuck you all day tomorrow?"

Nodding her head, she grinned. Anthony nodded back at her before speaking again.

"And if you make me cum first, what do you win?"

She laughed at him, displaying a flair of confidence in her tone of voice.

"If I make you cum first, then you'll be paying for the expenses of my trip. How's that? Wanna try me?"


Once more, she laughed as Anthony accepted her end of the bargain. He climbed off the massage table and then Kelly nodded at him.

"Go ahead and take your pants off, dear. Show me what hardware you've got for me."

Chuckling at the way she spoke of his erect pole that awaited her, Anthony stepped back and unbuttoned his pants. As he began to tug them down and reveal his white pair of underwear, Kelly had moved to sit up on the massage table. Anthony shoved his underwear down, allowing his semi-erect cock to flop freely as he then stepped out of his underwear and pants down on the floor to join her in complete nudity. Stepping back towards the table, Anthony didn't anticipate Kelly's next move. She reached for his cock with her right hand, wrapping her fingers around it and pulling him closer. As he moved, she threw her left arm around his neck to pull him in atop of her. Their lips met for a soft kiss as Kelly began to stroke his cock down below.

Feeling her slick breasts pushed up against his chest, Anthony kissed her passionately. He moaned into her mouth. Kelly continued to wank his cock back and forth while he felt her fingernails brushing through the back of his hair. She let go of his cock, pulling him down atop of her over the massage table. Their kisses burned with passion and tenderness as Anthony was getting a taste of this woman's sensual flavor. He had closed his eyes, embracing this moment as one before the kiss slowly ended. Opening his eyes to stare back into her dark brown hues, Anthony moved himself off her. Kelly bit down on her lower lip, observing his every moment as if to make sure he had not forgotten where she wanted him for now. Lowering himself down to move his head between her thighs, he spoke up.

"It's been a while since I've tasted pussy."

"And now you get to lick me, isn't that sweet?"

He would've laughed if he wasn't concentrating on the view between her thighs, eying her dripping wet cunt that awaited him. Anthony had already begun considering the possibility of making her cum early by aggressively eating her out, but that wasn't his plan. He wanted to enjoy the taste of this woman despite knowing the challenge he had at hand. Even if he lost this game, Anthony felt that he would be enjoying her well enough to create fond memories of the day. Parting his lips, he embedded them at the pink folds of her entrance, snaking his tongue past the folds and inside of her. Kelly gasped, moving her legs to rest over his hips. Her knees bent, dangling her feet down his back.

"Mmmmmmm, yeah. There you go... Eat me, you cheeky man..."

She exhaled her breath, moving her hands to her giant breasts to smash her palms down against her nipples. Anthony had closed his eyes, living in the moment as he snaked his tongue in and out of her juicy cunt. His efforts were rewarded at the sound of Kelly's moans and cries of pleasure. She continued to massage her own breasts, gazing down to see his short blonde hair slightly move as he endeavored this attempt to pleasure her.

"Ohhhhhhhh, yes...."

Once again, Kelly called out to him. There was something about her British accent of voice that made Anthony's heart tremble. An obvious weakness of his when it came to his kind of woman. Still moving his tongue back and forth into her pussy, he raised his right above and pushed his index finger across her clit. As he began to rub her clit, she panted and leaned back over the table. Anthony soon felt the heels of her feet rubbing down his back as Kelly bit down on her bottom lip and loudly purred.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh, there you go. Mmmmmmmmm..."

Pulling her tits apart, Kelly teased him as if she expected his eyes to glance upward, but Anthony was in deep concentration tasting her. Still rubbing at her clit, he began to believe that he could push the woman into her climax early on without her even touching his cock. Still eating her pussy, going faster and more aggressively now, Anthony didn't plan on stopping. Over and over, he continued to thrust his tongue into her pussy, moving his hand away from her clit in time for Kelly to unwrap her legs from his waist and then shove her feet to his chest. She abruptly forced him to stop, kicking him with enough power he nearly landed backwards on the floor.

"You've made your attempt, now it's my turn!"

Her feet hit the floor and then Kelly offered both hands to pull him back up. She shoved her tits up against his chest as their lips met for a few quick kisses back and forth. Anthony pulled away from her, sitting down on the table now as Kelly fell to her knees. She noticed the small piece attached to the poles of the table that adjusted the level height and she began to rotate it, lowering the table down a bit further. She continued until his feet touched the floor and she was at perfect level with his cock. Kelly then moved her right hand to grip his shaft, pushing her left hand down over his right leg as Anthony adjusted himself on the massage table. He slid himself lightly, just far enough that his balls hung from the edge. Kelly's eyes glared up at him as she wanked his cock back and forth.

"You have no idea what you're in for."

"Oh yeah? Tell me then, you hot fucking tramp."

Halting her hand movements, Kelly glared her eyes up as she slowly curved her lips into a grin.

"Ohhhhhh, you naughty man. You have no idea... I'm gonna drain your balls so bloody hard, you won't be able to walk straight."

Her low voice called out in that strong accent, igniting a fuse within Anthony as his heart beat began to race faster. Kelly glanced away and parted her lips, wasting no time as she shoved his cock into her mouth. Going slow at first, she moved her hand away entirely to begin bobbing her head up and down. Anthony now had this moment to sit there and try his hardest not to cum. Kelly went slow at first, taking her time as if she too wanted to indulge the taste of him.

"Suck it babe, ohhhhh fuck..."

As he moaned out to her, Anthony moved his right hand to the back of her head, silently encouraging Kelly to go further. She glared her eyes up at him, pushing the palms of her hands down onto his legs as she found herself, bobbing her lips up and down. Sucking inch after inch of his long hard cock, she pushed her tongue against the pole from within her mouth and let out a muffled moaning sound. Slowing down to a sudden stop, Kelly pulled her lips to the head and released it with a loud popping sound. The noise echoed throughout the quiet room while his cock flopped down against his stomach. She quickly grabbed it once more with her right hand, stroking it up and down.

"You like slobbering all over my cock, babe?"

Kelly didn't answer him back. All Anthony's pointless question prompted was the movement of her hand jacking him faster and harder. Holding his cock up forward, she stopped wanking him and slid her hand down to the base. Kelly then spit on the head of his cock before shoving it back into her mouth. Like before, she bobbed her head up and down, sucking him to a bitter pulp. She moved her hand away, this time demonstrating a flair of her deepthroat skills. Kelly shoved her lips all the way down to the base of his cock, forcing Anthony to groan as he nearly moved his hand to grab her by the hair. He stopped himself, right as she moved her lips back up to the head. Instead of releasing his cock from her lips, Kelly instead glared up into Anthony's eyes.

Perhaps she expected him to say something, but he didn't. Concentrating on her brown hues, Anthony watched as she moved her right hand to wrap her slender fingers back around his dick. Keeping her lips at the head of his cock, she began to wank it back and forth, forcing her fingers to meet up to her lips while sucking on the head. Kelly then moved her free hand down below, cupping his balls against her palm. She rubbed them up and down as she still wanked and sucked him. Anthony didn't know what to think so far, as she remained at this slow but sensual tempo with him. Maybe she wanted to force him to his climax with a slow burn of pleasure? Kelly pulled her lips from his shaft with another popping sound and a string of drool dangling back to the head of his pole.

"Mmmmmmm, a nice hard cock and it's all for me."

After speaking, she let go of his cock and then brought her hands down below. Kelly gripped her giant breasts, holding them up and bringing them forward. Anthony reached down, holding his shaft up from the base as he knew where he wanted it right now. A smile flashed across her lips as Kelly pulled her breasts apart.

"This is where you want it, right? Between my tits, huh?"

"Yeah, that's right."

After answering her, Anthony pushed his cock between her tits and then let go. He watched as she squeezed those giant jugs around his cock, gasping his breath as Kelly simply smiled at him. It was as if she had done this hundreds of times before.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh, fuck.... yes...."

Groaning to her again, Anthony watched as Kelly began to slowly pump her breasts up and down. His entire length disappeared between the folds before the head of his shaft poked up when she shoved them down.

"Mmmmmmmm, feels so good... I love having a cock between my boobs. You like it too, don't you?"

"You're damn right I do. Just like that, babe. Pump 'em up and down. Fuck that cock with your tits."

She giggled at him, shaking her head and whipping her pony tail all around.

"You're gonna be begging me to stop cause I'll probably make you cum before you even get a chance to fuck me. I know how to use my boobs, just watch me."

Confident in her speech, Kelly shoved her tits down for what would be the final slow thrust. Leaning her head down, she glanced at the head of his cock. Anthony moaned as she spit on it, feeling her saliva trickle down the head. Exhaling deeply, Kelly moved her hands to re-affirm her grip over her breasts and then she began to pump them up and down. All Anthony could do was sit there, embracing this moment as he lived out a fantasy he always had. This was a moment he would never forget as Kelly Brook was now tittyfucking him.

"Ohhhh, yeah! You like that!?"

Kelly taunted him, gazing into his eyes as she gritted her teeth and continued to move her tits at a fast pace. Over and over, her giant breasts pumped down with the head of his cock poking up from between them with each full thrust. Anthony panted, moaning out to her as he gave her a nod.

"Oh my fucking god, that's amazing! Yeah!! Work those tits, baby!"

Anthony called out to her as Kelly continued, over and over pumping her tits up and down. He was confident in himself to hold off his orgasm from now, though it was apparent the woman was trying her hardest to make him blast his load for her with the power of her breasts. Breaking eye contact with him, Kelly tilted her head down and parted her lips. Each time she pushed her tits down, the head of his shaft slid into her mouth and came out with a popping noise. Pop. Pop. Pop. The sounds echoed throughout the room between their moans and cries of lust. Kelly began to slow herself down, shoving her tits down and sucking the head of his cock briefly. Pulling her lips off, she let go of her tits and glared up at Anthony.

"I can't take this anymore! I want you inside of me. I don't wanna wait any longer!"

She was still in control and playing this game to see who would cum first. Kelly wasn't going to give him the opportunity to regain control, no longer playing fair as she was the dominant one. As Anthony sat there, she got up from her knees and stood in front of him. Due to how far she had lowered the table, Kelly had to shove one of her legs across when attempting to straddle him. Anthony gave her a helping hand with his left. Using his right hand, he held his cock up so she could easily lower herself down on it and take him for a ride. Kelly didn't keep him waiting, as Anthony soon felt his cock sliding into her wet tight cunt. He let out a moan, moving his hands to her hips as Kelly then raised her arms up to undo the ponytail containing her hair. With her hair flowing freely, she slung the black pony tail piece across the room and then smirked at Anthony.

"You ready?"

"Yeah, go for it. Ride me, baby."

Further encouraging her, Anthony gave her ass a good smack from behind with the palm of his right hand. From how he had previously sat on the table, he was forced to lean up as Kelly began to roll her hips. Feeling his cock pump into her pussy, Anthony gazed forward at her giant breasts and immediately thought to smother himself with them. He shoved his head between them and then felt Kelly's hands at the back of his head. She shook her tits, forcing them to beat up against the cheeks of his face. As he smothered himself there, she began to roll her hips and bounce herself up and down on his cock.

"Ohhh, ohhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh yeah!!"

Biting down on her lower lip Kelly cried out while Anthony could not see with his face still lodged between her tits. She moved her hands to the sides of her breasts, rubbing them up and down against his face as she made the effort to continue smothering him. All the while, she continued to bounce herself up and down, riding that big dick with authority over him. Her long brunette hair sway, bouncing from her shoulders and back. The undersides of her phat ass cheeks slammed down on his ball below with each thrust she made. She raised her head up, belting out a scream as she moved her hands away from her boobs to free his head from between.

"Fuck! Ohhh, ohhhhhh yes!!"

Once again, her English accent called out to him. Anthony raised his head from her breasts, moving his hands to them so he could give them an ample squeeze. As their eyes met, he grinned at Kelly. She slowed herself down a bit, moaning at the feel of his hands fondling her large tits. For a moment, he thought to himself that he could take control and fuck her until she reached her climax to win this lustful game between them. It was change he was willing to take, as he didn't want to lose. The thought of having an entire day to fuck Kelly and enjoy her voluptuous body all to himself was something he couldn't let go of. Pushing his lips to hers, he threw his arms around her back and began to kiss her passionately as she slowed down. He could still feel his shaft pulsing within her cunt.

Their kiss broke, as Kelly let out a soft moan and Anthony was left to decide for himself how to regain control. To make his move, Anthony had to move his hands. Wrapping his arms around her, he moved Kelly a bit over the table counter-clockwise. Glancing behind his back, he made sure they were lined up on the table where her back was facing the table and she wouldn't fall down. Leaning back up, he kissed her lips again and then moved his hands out from her back. Giving her a full shove forward, Kelly landed her back down onto the table from behind and Anthony was now atop of her, forced to bend his knees at the edges of the massage table. She responded by wrapping her legs around him, gazing up at his eyes and biting down on her lower lip.

"Fuck me! Fuck me, Anthony!!"

He could feel the heels of her feet pushing down into his buttocks, further encouraging him to pound every inch of his long shaft into her juicy pussy. Anthony grunted, moving his hands down to smash across her breasts and squeeze them as he began to buck his hips and pump his cock in and out of her. Kelly moaned, closing her eyes and panting before she screamed at him.


Lost in the moment of pure lust, Kelly yelled at him. Her voice was so loud it echoed throughout the spa room, as she seemingly forgot the game they were playing and Anthony had successfully taken control back. He didn't stop, giving her everything she demanded inch by inch. She panted and exhaled her breath while throwing her arms around his back. Kelly was in the right spot where Anthony wanted her so badly. All he had to do was hold himself back from a hard orgasm in the passing seconds, forcing Kelly into hers and then he would have won.


She screamed at him once more, gasping for her breath as Anthony had slowed himself down. Starring down into her eyes, he so desperately wanted to say something but Anthony remained quiet between breathing and moaning. Kelly was so close to her breaking point, if only he could hold himself back from exploding with her. Anthony picked up the pace, pumping his cock into her cunt once again as she closed her eyes and began to rake her fingernails across the skin of his back. Kelly uncrossed her legs, right in time as her inner walls finally collapsed and Anthony had successfully pushed her into a hard orgasm. Panting and gasping for breath, she glared up at him as he quickly moved up. Anthony was bound and determined to pull his cock from her cunt to prevent himself from reaching his own orgasm.

"Ohhhhhhh, bloody hell! You know how to fuck a lady, that's for sure!"

Kelly moaned, still catching her breath as she attempted to recover from her orgasm. Anthony had pulled his shaft from her cunt as some of her juices squirted out. He wasted no time stepping his bare feet back down over the cold surface of the floor below. Looking down at her, he smiled wide enough to flash his teeth.

"Did you forget about something, Kelly?"

"Forget about what?"

Anthony bust out laughing. He couldn't help himself, as he wanted to mock her in his victory, soaking in the satisfaction at hand.

"Wanna try me, you said. Remember that? You were supposed to drain my fucking balls. Looks like I made you cum first."

As he smugly chuckled again, Kelly let out a sigh and then her expression changed as she suddenly remembered their lustful game. She began to rise up from the table, leaning upward as she answered him back.

"Oh god, I forgot about that! You're so lucky! Let me tell you that!"

Still laughing at her, Anthony placed his hands down on his hips as Kelly gave him a silly expression. She didn't appear to be all that bothered by losing the bet, soon quirking her eyebrows up to him as her gaze caught sight of his hard cock, slick and shiny. Her own juices dripped from it. As Kelly licked her lips, Anthony gave her a nod and spoke up.

"You still wanna drain my balls, babe?"

Without immediately responding, Kelly simply brushed her right hand fingers through her hair and began to fall back down onto her knees. When her eyes glanced up at him, she nodded at Anthony while reaching out to grab his cock with both hands.

"Yeah, after I clean you up. Mmmmm, where do you wanna cum, naughty man? Wanna cover my face or my tits?"

"Your face. I'll be cumming all over those big fucking tits tomorrow."

As she began to wank his cock with her hands, Kelly giggled.

"Ohhhh, ain't that funny? Not even one day here and I'm getting a face full of spunk from a lucky guy already."

She flashed her teeth in a grin before parting her lips and sliding his cock into her mouth. Anthony felt he was in complete now, about to witness the more aggressive side from within Kelly. She moved her hands away from his cock, slobbering her way down the length of his shaft to properly clean it of her excess juices. As she made a slurping noise, Kelly pushed her hands onto the sides of his legs, looking up at him as she began to bob her head up and down. Anthony had moved his hands away from his lips, letting out a soft moan as she was once again sucking him off.

"Yes, yes... Suck it, babe!"

Letting out a groan as he called out to her, Anthony soon felt her hands move down to his balls, massaging them with her fingertips all while Kelly bobbed her head up and down his meat stick. 'Mmm, mmmm, mmm' she made muffled moaning and slobbering noises, closing her eyes to concentrate. Unlike the first time she had sucked him, Kelly aggressively bobbed her head up and down at a faster pace, devouring his shaft inch after inch.

"Ohhhhhh, fuck!"

Moaning aloud, Anthony knew he had only a short time before his cock would be exploding at her will. Kelly continued to aggressively suck him, but he had enough for now. Reaching down for her hair with his right hand, he stepped back and pulled his shaft from her lips. She breathed in with a string of saliva dangling from her lower lip. Letting go of her hair, he spoke.

"I want it between your tits again."

Kelly laughed at him with her sultry thick accent.

"Really? I'm sure you're gonna have that cock between my boobs more than once tomorrow."

He sighed at her goofy remark, not taking the joke at all.

"Put it between your fucking tits already!"

"Okay then, Mr. No Patience!"

Getting the last word to tease him, Kelly giggled again as she lifted her tits up and quickly wrapped them around his long shaft. Anthony witnessed his rod disappear like before, only this time he was in control. He began to immediately thrust, bucking his hips forward to drive his cock between her boobs. Kelly leaned her head down and made a desperate attempt to spit on the head as it poked up. When he thrust, she lapped her tongue across the head of his shaft.

"Ohhhhh, fuck yes! A woman like you was built for this!"

"Mmmmm, yeah! Fuck my tits! Fuck 'em hard!!"

Taking a deep breath, Anthony cried out in a complete ecstasy of pleasure. The feeling of his cock stuffed between her breasts was something else. He didn't want to stop though he knew he had only so little time to fuck her tits for now. Over and over, he bucked his hips, watching the head of his shaft poke up and Kelly lick it as he went faster with each passing second. When he began to pant and moan in a crying voice, that was the sign for her that she knew he wouldn't last much longer. Kelly glanced up at his face and then gave him a smug smile as she noticed his face all curled up as he desperately tried to hold himself off. It was a look she knew all too well from men over the years. With one final thrust, he came to a complete halt. Kelly let go of her tits, allowing his cock to flop freely before Anthony grabbed it and began wanking himself.

"Mmmmmmm, cum on my face! Give it to me!"

Calling out to him, Kelly licked her lips and leaned her head up. Anthony was surprised that she didn't seem afraid whatsoever to get her face sticky and drenched. He aimed his cock down, still wanking it back and forth with his right hand. As Kelly closed her eyes, she spoke again.

"Give me a face full of spunk."

Parting her lips, Kelly gasped as Anthony continued to wank his cock. A few seconds passed and then he cried out in pleasure upon feeling his rod explode within his hand.

"Ohhhhh, fuck! OHHHHHHHH, GOD!!"

A thick wad of cum flew out of his dick, splashing across her forehead and trickling into her hair. Kelly tilted her head forward, as the next wad of cum shot up her left temple, dripping down into her eyebrow. Anthony gasped, swallowing his breath as he watched and continued to wank his cock. String after string of cum went flying out, slathering her forehead and drenching down her nose and the left side of her face. Kelly flashed her perfect white teeth, giggling once more.

"Mmmmmm, that's it. Cum for me. Cum all over my face. I want your spunk and I want all of it."

"Ohhhhhh, yeah! Here it is, babe! Fuck!!"

Still groaning out, Anthony was nearly in tears from how his voice echoed into a cry. He continued to wank his cock, but the momentum of a hard blast had faded. Kelly opened her eyes, glancing up at him now as she brought her lips to the head of his cock. He came to a halt wanking it as she began to suck him, bobbing her head up and down to milk out the last bit of cum into her loving mouth. Panting and breathing heavily, Anthony soon clenched his teeth together. The last thing he expected was for her to suck him again after he had his orgasm. Kelly had him at her absolute mercy now, bobbing her lips up and down as the cum trickled down her face.

"OHHHHHHHHHH, FUCK!! You... you are something else!!"

Her efforts in making him scream his lungs out had worked. Kelly pulled his cock from her lips and swallowed the cum she had sucked out. Biting down on her lower lip, she gazed up at him, allowing the man to witness the warm creamy mess he had painted across her face. Finally, Anthony was able to catch his breath and recover. Kelly had curved her lips into a smug grin, looking him straight in the eye as she spoke.

"I said I would be draining your balls. Looks like I get to drain you of every last drop of spunk tomorrow."

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Re: Try Me Pt. 1 (Kelly Brook)
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2021, 11:38:04 AM »
Holy crap. Hot as f Cade.
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Re: Try Me Pt. 1 (Kelly Brook)
« Reply #2 on: June 01, 2021, 05:44:05 PM »
That was so hot!!!
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Re: Try Me Pt. 1 (Kelly Brook)
« Reply #3 on: June 02, 2021, 07:20:27 PM »
Love to see you write another story with KB! Looks like there is something to look forward to with a part 2.
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Re: Try Me Pt. 1 (Kelly Brook)
« Reply #4 on: June 04, 2021, 09:32:10 AM »
Well, this was unexpected judging by the title and all.

I didn't think this story would be some kind of contest between the celeb and the male. Of course the man wins, I guessed that right away since it was a part 1.

You've left a bit of a mystery here with the characters. Will Scott be a key player in future chapters? And what of this older woman mentioned in Anthony's story? These are the little details that I love about your work and what will get me to read the next part.
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Re: Try Me Pt. 1 (Kelly Brook)
« Reply #5 on: July 29, 2021, 09:10:48 AM »
Great idea, then. It's very well developed and written once again, you can feel all the potential in it, this new saga is a colossal success. I like the script. That it was hot but so hot, hot ... This contest of who is in power between Kelly and Anthony in Nassau is incredible! And the tit part is obviously my favorite part. Thank you !!


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Re: Try Me Pt. 1 (Kelly Brook)
« Reply #6 on: September 22, 2021, 03:40:02 PM »
Kelly is such a delightful gamemaster and certainly knows the way to motivate a man to win.
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Re: Try Me Pt. 1 (Kelly Brook)
« Reply #7 on: September 29, 2021, 06:32:12 AM »
Kelly is such a delightful gamemaster and certainly knows the way to motivate a man to win.

Great observation. It has taken me 3 years to figure out how to write her properly. She's the most complex glamour model I've ever seen. I think she fits the role of a seductress who knows what she wants and gets exactly what she wants.
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