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In The Crack (Iggy Azalea)
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In The Crack
Starring: Iggy Azalea

Codes: MF, Lap Dance/Strip Tease, Rim, Oral, Spanking, Anal

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

This story was written back in December of 2019 for my good friend Hawk. The idea was his and I want to thank him for allowing me to share this story with you all. Enjoy some booty time!

Miami, Florida

Dark clouds covered whatever could've been moonlight on a special night that featured the sky illuminated from the full lunar. Forecast showed light rain on a winter night, but it was nothing to worry about in South Florida. Even through a cool winter night, it wasn't bad enough to force wearing pants. Hawk had found himself in town on a lucky ride, ready to cash in his chips for some fun at a local strip club in downtown by the name of 'The Ass Factory'. The club's origins were of no concern to him, just as he didn't pay much attention to the aesthetic of red brick walls outside. Graffiti had been painted over the walls long ago with gang signs and artist renditions of cartoon-like women dressed in lingerie and scantily clad outfits. Each painting was of a woman with a curvy build with most of the art demonstrating a back side with a full blown, thick ass, usually tucked between a thong that wasn't visible.

One could've guessed that each piece of graffiti was based on a Kardashian woman, but large asses had become something in style for women spanning back at least a decade in time now. Moving his right hand to brush his long blonde hair beyond his ear, Hawk stood tall outside the club as he was walking towards the bouncers guarding a closed entrance. He had his ID ready to flash, but more than anything his appointment had already been booked in advance by a special woman who owed him an ass-tastic performance. One could consider it a birthday wish, another may have described it to be the million dollar lap dance and strip tease performance that awaited him. Whatever you wanted to name it, the event was his to enjoy and embrace on this special day. Stepping over to the bounces, he stood tall wearing a black T-shirt with the logo for Ghost BC over the front and denim jeans without his shirt tucked in.

"I'm VIP. Iggy called for Hawk."

Speaking in an almost Scandinavian accent, he gave both men a nod. The bouncers were black, standing tall in dark suits that appeared to be double breasted jackets over white undershirts. Hawk didn't pay their clothes any attention before slipping past them. A narrow hallway led into the strip club. The walls were painted black with flashes of blue and pink neon lights from inside the club. With each step he took, the sound of music was heard louder. It was something of vintage style hip hop beats and instrumentals with a sound reminiscent of the nineties. Three poles were lined up over round shaped platforms of a stage with only a mirror reflective wall. Three women, all with curvy builds worked the poles. A black woman was in the middle wearing only a gold G-string, bouncing her thick ass with each step before walking around the pole. Hawk didn't pay much attention to the other ladies as his eyes glanced around the room for the entrance into the V.I.P. section.

It took some time to locate it within his eye sight, but he couldn't be distracted by what appeared over the triple-header stage. Light blinked the hues of pink, blue and green colors painting over any light surface in the club. Men had flocked to the stage, making it rain dollar bills for the performance of all three ladies. The V.I.P. entrance was over on the right side with another suit wearing bouncer guarding the door. Upon stepping his way over, Hawk flashed a smile to the man who did nothing but smile at him. He knew that he was V.I.P. and had arrived for a special surprise. The door swung open and Hawk stepped inside as the music wasn't as blaring to his ears anymore. Inside the halls of the V.I.P. area were white walls, a stark contrast in comparison to how the inner club appeared with it's dark asthetic and boding atmosphere.

"Hey! Are you Mr. Hawk?"

Catching him by surprise, he turned around and glanced to see a tall black man standing behind him. He wore a pair of glasses over his eyes, but had a bald head and short black beard that made him stick out from the other club personnel that Hawk had encountered so far tonight.

"Yeah, that's me."

"Right this way, Miss. Iggy has been waiting on you. When you get to the door, go in. It's already unlocked for you."

Hawk couldn't help but smirk hearing the man refer to her as 'Miss. Iggy'. He stepped in the direction, brushing past him as the man soon grinned and flashed his teeth.

"It's gonna be a hell of a night for you, my man."

"Oh, is that so?"

He didn't reply. The man just turned his back and began to walk off, leaving Hawk there to find himself down the hallway to an open door frame. Stepping through, his eyes wandered around what appeared to be private rooms. The small hallway had two doors to each side, all in a black color around a gold frame. One of them had the name 'Iggy' painted in gold Old English style letters. Grinning to himself, he went for the knob and opened the door only to be greeted with a dark room. Upon stepping in, Hawk closed the door and soon realized that the space for this room was larger than he had expected. Beneath him down below was a dark red carpet over the floor that appeared to be of white tiles in a slanted pattern. Hawk took a few steps until his foot touched the carpet.

"Come on in honey, make ya self right at home."

There was no way for him to mishear that voice calling in a thick Aussie accent, almost slurring her words slightly from the distance. Hawk glanced around the room but Iggy's figure was nowhere to be seen, not even a shadow at this point. In front of him was a large stage with a stripper pole and a set of 1x1 pile mirrors covering the wall. Hanging above from the ceiling was a set of white lights, giving him the impression that this was more than just a private dance room. All in all, the room appeared more fancy than the club outside the V.I.P. halls, but maybe that was because the most expensive price had to be paid for a woman such as Iggy Azalea. His eyes gazed around once more before Hawk called out to her.

"Iggy is that you?"


Taking a few steps forward, her voice was loud and echoed from each corner of the vast room. There was a large black leather couch off to the left side of the room and a matching dark leather chair standing in front of the mini-stage.

"Sit ya ass down for me, honey so I can begin this show. You can take your shoes off too, if that makes you a lil' more comfy."

Once more, her voice loudly echoed through out the room. From the corners of each wall, there appeared to be large surround sound audio speakers but Hawk didn't pay them much attention. For her to tell him to take his shoes off was a map of things to come, for this wasn't simply going to be a night of a private show. Following her instructions, he leaned down and loosened the strings of his shoes before stepping out of them. Hawk left them at the left side corner of the large black leather chair before he sat his buttocks down and felt the cold surface of the arm rests under his skin.

"Alright Iggy, where ever you are, I think I'm ready for this. Wait, take that back. I KNOW I'm ready for this, babe."

Despite her being no where to be seen within the room, she must have heard him call out to her. The lights immediately dimmed, as if the room didn't have enough of a strong and boding atmosphere of darkness. After a few seconds, a curtain that was previously not visible to his eyes from the left side of the stage was drawn back and then the sound of stomping was heard. Iggy Azalea made her appearance just as the lights above shifted to create a row of small lights. She was wearing platform high heels that boomed loudly with each step she made. Hawk leaned up in his chair, temporarily blinded as the lights had forced rays of ricochet into his eye sight. He squinted his eyes, getting a view of her towering figure standing on front of the strip pole on stage. Her long blonde hair was wrapped up in a pony tail that dangled from the top of her head.

There she was in all of her supreme glory. Standing tall in her platform black high heels, fishnet stockings covering her strong roman columns of legs. Hawk gazed up at what appeared to be a large black thong as her outfit down below. A white bra covered her breasts as her pale white skin was mostly exposed and flashing her flat stomach. The look on her face was of one demonstrating a smug level of satisfaction thus far. Iggy had curled her left hand fingers into a fish and shoved it up one of her hips as her ruby red lips remained in that grin. It was an expression of complete confidence, not only in her abilities to put on a private lap dance performance but how she was going to satisfy this man's sensual fantasies tonight. Raising her left hand up, she gripped the pole and then began to turn around. Her backside was the main strength of her luscious body and she knew he wanted to see that big ole, phat white booty.

As soon as she turned her back to him, Iggy wasted no time bending over and spreading her legs out. What little bit of fabric there was from the back side of her thong was easily sucked up from the immense power of her mighty ass. The black end of her fishnet stockings went up to her thighs, just beneath her titanic sized ass. Both hands gripped the pole as she began to slowly sway her hips back and forth. Each cheek of her ass wobbled slightly as the lights began to fade into a new hue of a bright red color. The new visual appearance had a fading color over her skin and then music began to play from the stereo surround sound speakers from each corner of the private dance room. It was the sound of low bass beats followed by a quicker paced trap beat. The instrumental began to play as Iggy moved her feet and then twirled around the pole.

"Dance for me, Iggy!"

Hawk called out to her as Iggy twirled around the pole. She came to a halt from the back, whipping her pony tail and then bending over to shove the metal stripper pole right down the crack of her ass. It fit precisely, pushing her phat cheeks out and then she began to rub up and down. Hawk leaned up from his chair, clapping his hands together as this was the show he had been waiting for. Iggy didn't waste any time showing her supreme ass and doing tricks with it. From the speakers, her voice came in a pre-recorded rap that began to play.

"Left cheek, right cheek."

Right on cue with the lyrics, Iggy smacked both of her hands over her ass. First the left, then tapping the right.

"Damn good hygiene; kill shit, crime scene.

Can't fit in my jeans, ass too big.

I know he's hard, growin' that dick...

So I'm gonna move up, down like a pogo stick!"

After the verse was complete, she continued to move her ass up and down the stripper pole. Iggy was grinding into it while the instrumental hip hop music continued to play. When she finally pulled her ass away from the pole and gripped it again, Iggy looked at him with nothing but fire and desire in her eyes. The lights hanging above shifted colors once again, now fading a more pinkish looking hue as the instrumental beats began to shift into something more in line with 'Retro Wave' synth sounds. The bright synths were heard as Iggy ran both of her hands up to grab her pony tail and undo the small string holding it together. Her hair fell, parted down the middle and then she called out to him.

"You want me to fucking moon you?"

"Yeah, do it!"

Quickly turning her back to him at the edge of the stage now, Iggy turned around and shoved her legs together before bending over and proceeding to moon her man of the hour. After a few seconds, she spread her legs a bit, allowing her to shake her ass back and forth, moving to the left and right. The synth sounds continued to play as Iggy used her hands to reach back and 'clap' her ass cheeks before she began to twerk. Forcing those giant phat cheeks to begin bouncing and slamming up against one another at a steady slow rhythm, matching the pace of the beats playing in the instrumental song. Soon, her rapping was layered over the tracks once again in a pre-recorded playback.

"Bend it over, go low-low to the flo'

Then just like a snow globe, I'm gon'

Shake it fast, shake it slow..."

She adjusted the pace of her movements slightly, bumping her ass slightly faster before moving slowly. At one point she came to a stop and bent over, legs open wide to give him the moment to admire her full ass on complete display. It was a glorious sight as his eyes traced up her legs and studied every inch of that wonderful rump. Iggy remained still for several seconds before she adjusted her legs slightly, then forcing her powerful booty cheeks to begin clapping together in a fast paced rhythm only for a few seconds. Iggy then came to a stop and turned around, grinning down at Hawk before leaning over to tease him with a heavy and ample view of her cleavage. She knew he wasn't concerned about her breasts, all the attention was on that booty. Shaking her head at him, she began to tease him with some dirty talk.

"You want more of that ass, don't you?"


"I bet you'd like it better if it was bouncin' up and down your big fuckin' cock! Maybe I'll just take a seat right on your lap, you'd like that wouldn't you?"

Suddenly she jumped from the stage, forcing her heels down over the tile floor surface below with a thunderous boom. Hawk had leaned up from where he was sitting in the leather chair, unable to move his eyes away from her thick and curvy body. Iggy was in her zone, looking at him as if he were prey for her sexual hunger that would soon be unleashed. Once she got started, this man wasn't going to know what hit him in the power of a sensual wave of unchained lust. Turning her back to him, Iggy began to shake her ass back and forth as she threw her arms out in preparation for climbing down over his lap. Not yet however, as she had to wait for her vocals to kick in from the now synth based instrumental track that was playing.

"Face down, ass up.

Back it up, drop it..."

Shortly after the verse, Iggy slammed her phat ass down over Hawk's lap. He gasped, not anticipating her to move so quickly.

"Slim thick, big butt.

"Tatted up, pop it..."

Like seconds earlier, Iggy followed the end of the verse with a new action. She began to pop her ass cheeks, forcing them to bounce lightly over his lap while she could feel a bulge from the front of his jeans pushing up from beneath her mighty booty. The left cheek of her ass would pop, followed by the right cheek. After a few seconds of 'popping', she began to roll her hips and grind that amazing ass down onto him. He didn't pay attention to her hand movements but Iggy had already shoved her palms down to press into the leather chair's arm rests. Hawk let out his first moan of the night as the rap continued.

"Throw it back up and bounce dat ass..."

From placing her hands down onto the sides of the chair, Iggy was able to slightly move her ass up and then hovering it over his lap before bouncing it. She moved up and down, grinding forward and back as her big booty bounced around over his lap.

"Bounce dat ass! Yeahhhh!!"

The tempo shifted from the music, going into a faster pace as Iggy's bouncing ass over Hawk's lap created an odd sound of her pale skin bouncing over the front of his jeans. Fop. Fop. Fop. The bulge in his pants had grown mightily, poking upward as she nestled her phat ass back down over it. She took a deep breath, feeling the cock that awaited her from within his pants.

"I'm about to twerk on this dick, just watch me."

Staying true to her words, Iggy lowered herself back down over his lap and bent herself forward. She began her 'twerk' rotation by popping both booty cheeks simultaneously. Left, then right. Again, this time moving right to left. Iggy then began to grind her hips, letting out a grunt as her booty began to twerk. Back and forth, her mighty ass cheeks pumped and jiggled over his lap. Iggy demonstrated the power of her booty when she leaned forward pushing both of her hands down between her thighs to touch the white surface of the chair and then grinding along to the beat of the music. Moving her hands back, she continued to twerk while pressing her palms back down over the arm rests of the chair and lifting herself only slightly.

"Watch me drop it!"

Upon lifting her supreme ass up, Iggy then slammed it down over Hawk's ass with a thunderous 'boom' that was heard beyond the music playing, her skin brushing over the front fabric of his jean pants.

"You like this phat hooker ass, don't you? Like it grinding all over your big fucking dick!?"

Her mighty booty had indeed 'dropped' as Iggy swore to do in her previous sentence. Hawk let out a moan as she began to grind down on it yet again. Both hands were still placed over the arm rests of the chair as Iggy slid her giant hooker ass back and forth, rubbing on his crotch that was positioned right up the middle of her crack. A brushing sound was created from her skin rubbing up against the fabric of his jeans while Hawk moaned. The music was beginning to fade out as a silent map of what was to come in the following minutes. Iggy continued to grind on him, flipping her long golden air as she glanced across her left shoulder to see an expression of pleasure across his face. Soon he spoke up, taking control of the situation.

"Stand up and face me, Iggy."

"Sure thing, boss."

That Aussie accent slurred her words a bit in the thickness of her voice. He liked that she referred to him by 'boss'. Stomping her heels down onto the floor below, Iggy got up and then turned around to face him. The music had nearly faded out but could still be heard with synth bass and drum beats in the distance. Swaying her hips, Iggy shoved her thumbs of both hands down to her thong and then began to push it down. Turning to the left, then the right, she peeled the fish net stockings down with it as her sweet shaved pussy was now in full view.

"You wanted to see this, huh? My pussy... The best you're ever gonna see."

Gritting her teeth, she began to move in a new dance rotation. Her booty wasn't the only thing she knew how to grind as Iggy proved that she could make her 'pussy pop' as one of her songs had once called it.

"Left, right, back to the middle. Head on swivel neck 'till I quivel. Open your mouth, later you're gonna taste my skittles and the rainbow. Mmmmm, bad boys like you get a mouth full of pussy, AKA Listerine."

Raising her right hand up to her mouth, she blew Hawk a kiss and then turned around. Finally stomping out of her fishnets and thong on the floor, her giant booty was now completely naked on full display before his eyes. She began to twerk once more, then using both hands to spread her ass cheeks teasing him with her dark little hole on full display.

"What do you think of that? My booty hole right in front of you, huh? Is it not the most beautiful thing you've ever wanted to see and perhaps... eat?"

Still twerking her ass, Iggy flipped her hair as she faced forward.

"Yeah, bring it over here to me. I wanna devour that big fucking ass, Iggy."

Upon his verbal request, Iggy raised her ass up while Hawk bent down a bit in hovering distance from her mighty, titanic sized booty. She brought it forward, still pulling each cheek back with her bare hands. Fingers stretched across her immense rump and parting right down the middle to her dark little hole.

"My booty hole, you know you want it. Get a good lickin', baby... I wanna feel your tongue go right down the crack."

He didn't hesitate or waste any time parting his lips and edging his tongue down the crack of her ass and to her beautiful pink hole awaiting him. Hawk took his time, sliding his tongue up and down the crack before he wiggled it around her ass hole. He planned on taking his time so they could both enjoy this rimming. Before he knew it, Iggy smashed her ass cheeks over his face, suffocating him in her thickness as she began to rub her ass all over his face. Rolling her hips, she began to twerk on his face while he attempted to dart his tongue into her dark little hole.

"Yeah, I know how to make it clap too. You fuckin' like that, huh? My big phat hooker ass, all up in your fuckin' face!"

A moan was heard muffled between his voice as Hawk was absorbed, blinded and stuck in a world of lustful heat from Iggy's giant ass over his face. She only came to a stop and pulled his head away from her ass after another minute. Hawk could feel her warm fingers roaming through his hair before Iggy moved away from him and now it was time to get his clothes off. Motioning with her right hand fingers, she silently gestured for him to stand up before her. Once his shoes were touching the floor again, that was when Iggy dropped down to her knees. She finished stripping her own skimpy stripper clothes off first, discarding the black bra that contained her pale white tits and perky nipples down below. A boob job had helped elevate her tits into an impressive rack. Hawk watched as her brown eyes glared up at him as she grabbed the front of his pants and busted the from button by the force of her hands.

"Oops, sorry about that. I'm sure you don't mind buying another pair of pants."

He let out a laugh at her subtle words. It was funny, but Iggy had the tone to her voice to tell him that she truly meant business. With both hands, she shoved his pants down along with his white pair of underwear. Hawk's grown cock sprang free from it's clothed prison and flopped towards her face. Iggy licked her lips in a clockwise rotation while Hawk began to step out of his pants and underwear, leaving them as a pile on the floor. Iggy didn't waste any time moving her hands over his cock, wrapping her warm fingers around the pole as she began to stroke it back and forth. He had already stiffened up in erect hardness from her lap dance and grinding.

"Mmmmmm, such a big fuckin' cock and it's all for me."

Those big brown eyes glared up at him with such a devious look as she brought the head to her lips and gave it a kiss. He subtly ignored the tattoos over her right arm, as she had moved it with such speed he didn't have the time to study the artistic designs over her skin. Hawk took a deep breath, gasping as he felt her wet lips over his shaft. Iggy quirked her eyebrows up as she slid the purple helmet between her lips and sucked it. Only for a few seconds did he get to experience it her oral canal before she pulled it out with a popping sound.

"You like my cock, baby?"

Still starring up at him, Iggy nodded her head.

"Mmmmmhmmmmm. It's fucking big for one. For two, it's nice and thick. Just the way I like a big fucking cock, let me tell you that."

Biting down on her lower lip, Iggy let out a soft moan then let go of his cock, allowing it to slightly bounce towards her face.

"There's something I want you to do for me."

"What's that, babe?"

"I want you to fuck my mouth like a vagina. Think you can handle that, Hawk? Use this big fucking dick and fuck my whore mouth like it's a dripping wet vagina?"

A little surprised at her request, Hawk raised his eyebrows a bit. All Iggy did was curve her puffy lips into a smug grin of satisfaction at the fact she had caught him off guard with her desire.

"Grab me by the hair and shove this long fucking dick in my mouth. Fuck it like a vagina. Come on, I know you can do it."

Hearing her utter those filthy words again, Hawk reached down for her hair, gripping it with both hands and causing Iggy to begin moaning.

"Ohhhhhh, yeah. That's it, be a fucking man!"

Mouth wide open, she gasped and made an 'ahhh!' sound to tease him just as Hawk thrust his cock into her mouth, effectively ending her speech with a muffled moan. Iggy broke eye contact as she began to suck inch after inch of his long hard cock. He moved his right hand to the back of her head, holding her in place as he began to thrust forward, moving into a good tempo and rhythm as he began to fuck her mouth. 'Mmmm, mmmmm, mmmmmmm.' Iggy devoured his long dick while Hawk took a deep breath and suddenly cried out to her.

"Fuck, this mouth will serve good to be fucked."

Spreading his legs a little bit further, Hawk's fingers gripped her platinum blonde hair a bit tight as he now began to ram his cock thoroughly in and out of her mouth. Iggy didn't choke or gag, proving that she had good reflexes to handle a proper mouth-fucking.


Her mouth began to generate audible slobbering and sucking noises while saliva leaked out of the corners of her pink puffy lips.


Iggy's eyes opened wide, gazing up at him as she teared up a bit, choking on his cock after he began to slam the head to the back of her throat. Hawk clenched his teeth, gritting them as he had moved into a heavy rhythm now of fucking her mouth. After a few more seconds, he came to a stop and shoved his entire length slowly down her throat.

"Take it! Take all of it, Iggy!"

When the head reached the back of her throat, she gagged and choked. Eyes watering up as she closed them with her lips buried into his pubes. Hawk bit down on his lower lip, letting out a moan of pleasure at the sensational feeling of this fat assed Aussie rapper slobbering all over his dick. Slowly, he eased his cock out of her mouth, listening to the pop noise it made upon a watery exit. Iggy gasped while a flood of her saliva drenched down her bottom lip, chin and streaking down her neck. She licked her lips, biting down on the lower one to flash her teeth with a grin at him.

"Mmmmmmm, I ain't done sucking that dick. Fuck my whore-mouth with it again."

Like before, her mouth was begging for it. A solid shaped 'O' in the form of her lips and Hawk didn't hesitate to shove his cock back in. With her eyes locked on him from above, Iggy didn't wait for him to begin bucking his hips as she suddenly began bobbing her head up and down his long shaft. Sucking inch after inch of it, the sucking noises were loud as a string of her saliva dripped from the right side corner of her mouth. Hawk began to thrust, meeting the pace she moved her head as he was suddenly fucking her mouth once again. Iggy stopped and allowed him to properly fuck her mouth again.


Eyes closed, concentrating on the feeling of his thick shaft pumping into her mouth, Iggy made various slobbering and sucking noises as she took every inch of Hawk's meat. She could hear him gasp while the fingers in her hair moved to a tighter gripped, proving that he could give her another round of skull-fucking action.

"Take that fucking cock! Take it, Iggy! FUCK!!"

He grunted, gritting his teeth for a moment to let out a growling moan while slamming the head of his cock to the back of her throat. Iggy had proven herself able to handle his aggressive style of fucking her mouth like a vagina, as she had ordered him. After another minute of choking her with his cock, he pulled out only to hear her cough and watch as a flood of saliva dripped from her open mouth flooding down her chin where it dripped. Hawk felt he was in complete control now. Letting go of her hair with one hand, he used the left hand to begin dragging her up from the floor. He remembered the couch was over on the left side of the room.

"Come on, I wanna get more comfortable now on the couch."

Iggy didn't object, only moaning as the saliva strings were dangling from her chin now. She stomped the palm of her hands down over the floor and began to crawl like a dog with him. He stood back, watching her thick booty jiggle and each cheek move as she continued to crawl. Unable to help himself, he reared his right hand back and sent it down hard over her titanic sized ass.


"Mmmmmm, smack dat fuckin' ass. Do it again! Ohhhh, yeah!"


The palm of his hand stung in pain, forcing him to shake it out as he continued to grip her hair, forcing her over to the couch. He let go of her hair and then ordered her like a dog.


Shoving her knees together, Iggy sat like a dog. Hawk couldn't help but grin to himself as he finally began to take off his shirt to complete stripping to complete nudity. He then climbed up on the couch, laying down over the cold leather surface beneath his skin. Motioning with both his hands, he flashed his teeth still grinning at her.

"Come on, I want a sixty-nine position. I want those big buns up above."

Quirking her eyebrows at him, she nodded while licking her lips.

"Ask and you shall receive."

Iggy began to rise up from the position on her knees, stomping her heels forward before she climbed up on the couch. From where he was laying facing up, Hawk was confident that his vision was about to be swallowed up in a seat of her cunt and that supreme ass up above. Iggy straddled him as she climbed on top, lowering her pussy down over his face that completely blinded his vision but allowed him to feel and inhale the scent of her moist heat. Leaning down between his legs, she let out a moan while Hawk could feel her perky nipples poking over his skin. Her head was laid up against his stomach, just above his ball hair in a position where he could raise his head upward while his tongue darted inside of her tight snatch.

"Ohhhhh, yeah! Open your mouth and taste my rainbow! Here's my fuckin' skittles!"

it was funny to hear her still mixing metaphors in a bit of a rap during the heat of the moment with hard fucking. Hawk could soon feel her fingers wrapping around his slobber coated shaft as Iggy held it upward and enveloped her lips back around the head. He was too busy concentrating on snaking his tongue thoroughly into her slit and wiggling it around. She began to suck his cock in perfect sync, simultaneously bobbing her head up and down between muffled moans as he was eating her cunt. As Hawk continued to eat her pussy, Iggy began to twerk and force her phat booty cheeks to rumble across his face. "Mmmmmmmm', she let out a muffled moan before raising her lips up to release his cock with a popping noise.

"Yeah, eat that pussy! Eat it while I twerk on your fucking face! You love those big buns, I know you do. Feel 'em move all over your face, mmmm yeah!"

After uttering her filthy words, she spit on the head of his shaft, watching her saliva trickle down the underside of his beautiful thick shaft. Iggy then treated herself by shoving it back into her mouth and bobbing her head up and down. The more effort Hawk made to thrust his tongue into her cunt, the harder she was going to suck his long dick. The rumbling of her massive ass cheeks up above sway and bounced almost like the surface of water to a swimming pool. Hawk was in a heaven of big booty pleasure, almost suffocated from her pussy and ass. Iggy didn't stop twerking, still forcing her ass cheeks to bounce and rumble as she began to aggressively suck on his cock. Hawk responded by raising his legs up and squeezing her head in the middle.

This act had completely caught her off guard, forcing Iggy to hold her position in a mild shock. Hawk squeezed his legs around her head, holding her there in place while his tongue remained lodged into her pussy. He then began to buck his hips, forcing his cock to pump thoroughly between her lips and into her mouth. He could hear the sounds of her slobbering and sucking noises beneath the massive thickness of her firm skin laying atop of him. She had stopped twerking long enough for him to raise both hands and smash his palms over her phat ass cheeks and give them a hard squeeze. Keeping her head between his legs, he could feel strands of her hair over his skin, but Hawk didn't pay it no attention. His cock was properly shoved down her throat, his balls flapping up against her chin with each upward thrust he sent into her mouth, all while he had a mouth full of pussy and continued to use his tongue as a weapon on her.


Iggy choked on his cock as the streams of spit began to trail down the underside of his rod. Hawk loosened up his legs and moved them away from her head, soon feeling her hands squeeze his nuts hard. He responded by wiggling his tongue deep inside of her to the point Iggy pulled her lips from his cock. With a soft cry, she belched out a high pitched scream in her thick Aussie accent coming out strong.


Gasping for her breath, Iggy gritted her teeth as her body began to shake. Before he had a chance to respond, she rolled her hips and gently rode his face as the warm sticky substance of her bodily fluid shot into his mouth. Hawk nearly choked from the sudden rush of her juices, but managed to swallow it down entirely. Slithering his tongue of her pussy, he licked over her clit above as Iggy began to rise up from where she was laying over him previously, but not without leaning down and flicking her tongue over the head of his mighty cock. Iggy crawled forward, allowing Hawk to have eye sight again. He leaned forward, still gripping her ass cheeks and pulling them apart to create a passage down the middle of her first skin where he trailed his nose upward to find her dark little hole. As Iggy's hands reached the opposite side arm rest of the couch, she bit down on her lower lip and teased him with her slutty voice.

"Mmmmmm, sniff that booty hole. I know that's what you're going for, baby."

True to her words, Hawk had to have a moment for inhaling deeply at the wonderful smell that her thick buttocks produced. Moving his nose away, he darted his tongue down the crack of her ass, licking it down before trailing back up. He could hear Iggy began moaning in lustful approval before he placed the tip of his tongue at her dark little hole and proceeded to rim her beautiful ass.

"Ohhhhhhh, yeah! Eat that ass! You love it so much, yes!"

Excitement echoed from her voice like he had not heard before. Iggy bit down on her lower lip before closing her eyes and moaning. For the time being she sat there on her knees, enjoying the moment of him leaned down and eating her ass. Hawk was able to inhale another strong scent of her wonderful booty, breathing it in for a rush of pleasure that coursed through his skin. Few things in life came close to the place and importance of booty. Iggy knew deep down she had the fattest ass to go with her bank account, such a booty that could mesmerize men such as Hawk. Biting down on her lower lip, she moaned and began to twerk, swallowing up his face with that giant ass.

"Mmmmmm, yeah! Eat as much as you want like a buffet, baby."

With her thick ass cheeks beating up against his face, Hawk let out a moan and then used his hands to pull them apart. he needed that line of divide, parting the seas of her immense booty as he could finish up rimming her, just before sliding his tongue down the crack of her ass for a final taste to satisfy his hunger. Once he was done he leaned back up and began to move his legs so he could bend them over and rise up. Iggy had already shoved her palms down over the arm rest of the couch and used her knees to elevate herself up a bit into a doggy-style position. It seemed obvious to him that she knew what his current desire at hand was and he was ready to experience it. Glancing at him from beyond her right shoulder, she nodded at him and spoke.

"You wanna fuck me? Then go ahead, boss. Fuck me real good before you shove that big fucking dick up my ass."

"Oh, so you know I wanna fuck that ass too, huh?"

"Fuck yeah, I do! What were you gonna do, boss? Make me beg for it? Don't pretend you were just gonna getting to pound my ass, cause I ain't falling for that!"

Hawk laughed at her words. Whether she tried or not, Iggy had a good sense of humor that was refreshing for a woman in her profession. Turning her head back forward, she spread her knees out over the plush leather cushions of the couch and began to twerk her ass back and forth. Hawk glanced down for a moment, watching as those perfect phat booty cheeks bounced and shook up against one another. His hands were not touching her whatsoever, as he didn't want to disturb the rhythm on display from her mighty ass. Clap. Clap. Clap. Those cheeks twerked together so perfectly, as if he needed any further proof of what a twerk master Iggy had become throughout time. Becoming distracted again at watching her ass bounce back and forth, cheeks slapping up against each other in that perfect rhythm, he licked his lips and finally gripped his cock with his left hand and brushed it between her thighs below.

"Don't make me wait and beg you, Hawk. Get that big fucking cock inside of me and fuck my pussy with it. The way you fucked my mouth earlier, I know you can handle this pussy. You know what to do."

"Don't worry, I wasn't gonna make you beg."

Shoving the head of his cock to her pink wet folds, Hawk took a deep breath as he experienced his first moment inside of Iggy. She proceeded to gasp before shoving back on him, forcing her huge ass to brush up against his skin. That was the gesture she needed to make for him to grab her ass cheeks, give them a good squeeze and then begin to pump his cock in and out of her. Iggy sank her fingernails down into the leather surface of the couch's arm rest and then moaned.

"Ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhhh yeah! Fuck me, Hawk! Fuck me like a boss! Yeah, fuck this phat ass bitch the way you've always wanted to!"

Smack. Smack. Smack. The sound of their bodies hitting together echoed loudly through the room. Raising his right hand up, he sent it down with a hard swat, giving her a good spank that caused her to moan as her thick body began to shake about over the couch.

"Fuck me! Yeah, fuck me!!"

As Iggy began to scream to him, Hawk raised his right hand again while thrusting into her vulva.


"Yeah, spank my fucking ass! HARDER!!"

His hand raised again, this time striking her ass with a hard slap.


Iggy's phat ass cheeks wobbled and shook around from their bodies hitting together and the striking of his palm across her firm skin. Hawk moaned from feeling the tight walls of her cunt as he continued to spank that perfect booty.


"Yeah, do it again! Spank me, boss!"


"One more time, fuck yessss!!"


Hawk cried out in pleasure while his hand was stinging in pain from striking her ass repeatedly. Still thrusting in and out of her pussy, he only slowed down to move his hands to her thick ass cheeks. A subtle hint of where his cock would be going next. Before he could pull out, Iggy began to twerk and bounce her ass cheeks again for a few seconds. She came to a stop and began to 'pop', forcing her ass cheeks to bounce one after the other. First the left cheek, then the right. Somewhat distracted by this movement, Hawk came to a stop and began to slide his cock out of her ass.

"Hold those big buns still for me, baby."

Iggy giggled at his orders in her soft, yet powerful Aussie accent.

"Ohhhhh, why you want me to do that? You need them standing still so you can slide that big... fucking... cock between 'em?"

Her words were enough to tease him and push his desires into overdrive. Slipping his cock from her vulva, Hawk was bound and determined to do just as she said. He shoved his fat cock right down the middle parted passage way of her mountain-like, titanic sized buns. It fit perfectly before getting swallowed up, almost like a pair of large breasts, but even better, it was a powerful booty. Hawk then used his hands to hold her ass cheeks together and began thrusting his cock forward between them. Iggy gasped then let out a hard laugh as she realized what he was doing.

"Ohhhhh, you gonna fuck those big buns too before you take my ass? You're a goofy man, boss. But I like it! Mmmmmm, that feels so fucking good."

Encouraged by her words, he didn't stop. Up and down his cock slid between those wonderful cheeks while Iggy let out a purring moan.

"That's so fucking hot, I wish I could watch you do it, mmmmmmmm..."

With his cock still lodged tightly in the crack of her ass, Hawk didn't want to stop. Up and down, he watched it go, disappearing between the fold before the head popped back up. Iggy moaned again before letting out a sensual laugh. She glanced over her left shoulder to see the look on his face demonstrating the pleasure he was receiving at the moment. It was but another subtle reminder of just how powerful her ass truly was. When Hawk was finally done playing with her crack, he let go of her ass cheeks and gripped his rod with his left hand fingers wrapping lightly around it. His blue eyes looked forward at her brown hues and he gave her a nod.

"Alright babe, you ready for this?"

Nodding her head, Iggy replied.

"Mmmmmhhhhmmmmm. I want you to ram it. Ram my ass with that nice, long and strong fucking cock."

To hear her rhyming words about his cock had only made him grin. Showing it down the crack and poking at her dark little hole, Hawk took a moment to brace himself. When the head of his cock penetrated her ass, he could hear Iggy moan in approval.

"That's it, get that whole fucking dick inside my ass. Ram it up in there, baby. Don't be scared to push a lil' bit."

He placed his left hand palm down over one of her firm ass cheeks, getting a grip before bucking his hips and ramming every inch of his rod into her. Iggy just moaned at the feeling of his cock pumping in while Hawk had to gasp, unable to hold back a cry of pleasure from the tightness of being inside her dark little hole.

"Shit, your ass is fucking tight!"

"Yeah! Tell me something I don't know, boss!"

Before he was able to begin thrusting, Iggy shoved back, forcing his cock further into her ass while Hawk sat there on his knees and watched every inch of his cock get swallowed up by her giant booty. From her body movements and brushing those phat cheeks up against his skin, Hawk was aware that she desired this just as much as he did. Moving his hands down to the small of her back, he pushed his fingertips down and then began to buck his hips, slamming his cock up her ass while grunting. Iggy moaned as her hair began to sway around with her body lightly shaking.

"Yeah, that's it! Fuck my big ass! Ram it with that big fucking cock! That nice, long and STRONG COCK!! GIVE ME EVERY LAST FUCKING INCH OF IT, BOSS!!"

Gritting his teeth, Hawk began to thrust with every bit of strength in his body, truly pounding that ass with inch after inch of his long cock. Their bodies hit together as Iggy's impressive phat buns would smack over his skin with rippling waves that ran through her skin. Fop. Fop. Fop. Their bodies created a loud noise that echoed through the room as they were pushing together with each thrust he sent into her. Iggy bit down on her lower lip, closing her eyes while her breasts began to shake a bit from beneath her.


There was no stopping him now. All this time Hawk had dreamed of her supreme, titanic sized ass and now he was finally getting it. Over and over, he pounded every inch of his dick inside that perfect ass. Iggy continued to scream at him, her words nearly slurring due to her Australian accent that came out heavily.


Hawk groaned, moaning loudly as he then moved his hands to grip her ass cheeks as they came crashing up against his body with each full thrust. He didn't plan on stopping, not until he busted his nut and blew his hot load right up her ass. Iggy continued to scream to him.


Over and over his cock pounded, rammed and slammed directly up her booty hole. Unable to hold himself back, he gave her every inch of his cock, again and again. Hawk loved listening to her scream, moan and slur her speech in that cute Aussie accent. As he grunted and continued to thrust into her ass, he tried to slow down to fight off his orgasm. All this time he had been fucking the woman of his dreams and didn't want it to end. The supreme booty, a holy grail of asses was now his with his cock jammed inside of it. Hawk didn't want to stop, but he knew at any second now he was going to blow his thick, creamy wad right up her ass. Pound after pound, pumping inch after inch while the beads of sweat began to drip from his forehead.

"Fuck!! Ohhhh, Iggy!! OHHHHHHHH, YEAH!!"

With one final thrust into that mighty supreme ass, Hawk came to a stop as he felt the cum surging through his veins and then popping inside of her tight ass. Iggy gasped before moaning out to him.

"Ohhhhhhhh, fuck... I can feel your cum in my ass, boss. Fill it up. Give me every last fucking drop of your warm cum.

"Ahhhhhh, fuck!"

 "I want it all in my ass, all of it. Every last fuckin' drop, pretty please..."

Groaning once more, Hawk kept his cock shoved up her tight back door hole, still filling it with spurt after spurt of his warm seed. He didn't want to pull his cock out from her tight hole, but once he felt the flood of his own cum around his rod, that was the sign for him to finally make a subtle exit. Adjusting his knees over the couch, he was ready to stand after his rod shoved up the crack of her ass upon the exit he made. Just as Hawk stepped his right foot down over the floor, Iggy glanced over at him. She had raised her right arm, elbow touching the arm rest of the couch and her knuckles just under her chin. Biting down on her lower lip, she let out a soft grunt before a squirting sound was made. Hawk watched as his cum went flying out of her ass, splattering over the couch to create puddles that would dry into cum stains over the black leather surface.

"Ohhhh, my. That is so fucking beautiful."

"Did I do good, boss?"

Iggy smiled upon asking her question to him. Before he could reply, she strained herself and ore of his cum began to squirt out of her ass and over the sofa. Thick droplets were made of puddles and strings of cum over the black leather surface of the couch. All Hawk did was smile back at her and he didn't need to speak a word. Iggy knew he approved of her naughty behavior, as she had truly done a good job after all. How could she have not? His cock was drained and it was a wonder to her that he had any strength left after such filthy fucking they had done together.

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Re: In The Crack (Iggy Azalea)
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2021, 03:31:38 AM »
That was beyond hot!
You did an incredible job writing Iggy.
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Re: In The Crack (Iggy Azalea)
« Reply #2 on: July 12, 2021, 07:55:57 AM »
Excellent story! Though I would never expect anything less from you!
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Re: In The Crack (Iggy Azalea)
« Reply #3 on: July 12, 2021, 10:03:32 AM »
Thanks for the kind words, fellas. Truly appreciate it!  :))
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Re: In The Crack (Iggy Azalea)
« Reply #4 on: July 13, 2021, 01:48:12 PM »
You are doing the lord's work with stuff like this.
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Re: In The Crack (Iggy Azalea)
« Reply #5 on: July 29, 2021, 11:28:28 AM »
Long live Miami & Iggy! Damn I loved that one too much, what a Cade foot! The spankings, the twerk again and again, the rebons, the lap dance and all the rest ... Grandiose the part of the 'facefuck', slobbery and pulpy at the same time. Without mercy! This singer is a crazy ass, that's for sure.
Thanks again Cade, this story was insane !!
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Re: In The Crack (Iggy Azalea)
« Reply #6 on: July 30, 2021, 02:05:40 PM »
Long live Miami & Iggy! Damn I loved that one too much, what a Cade foot! The spankings, the twerk again and again, the rebons, the lap dance and all the rest ... Grandiose the part of the 'facefuck', slobbery and pulpy at the same time. Without mercy! This singer is a crazy ass, that's for sure.
Thanks again Cade, this story was insane !!

Thank you for the kind words, I'm happy you loved this one!
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Re: In The Crack (Iggy Azalea)
« Reply #7 on: May 10, 2022, 12:25:00 PM »
You're welcome. You deserve this applause.
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Re: In The Crack (Iggy Azalea)
« Reply #8 on: June 15, 2022, 11:27:34 PM »
Fantastic story
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