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Try Me Pt. 2 (Kelly Brook)
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Try Me Pt. 2
Starring: Kelly Brook

Codes: MF, Oral, Tit Fuck, Anal

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

This story was written for my friend Galva82. The idea was his and and credit to him for the scenario.

Nassau, Bahamas

Exhaling breath was audible in the white room. The walls matched the ceiling with a dangling light above that was deactivated. There was no need to flick a light switch when the sun was up and shining rays through an uncovered window across the right side of the living room. Anthony had tilted his head up, letting out another moan as he sat comfortably on the plush supreme foam black couch. His clothing had been removed from his body, strewn across the floor of the living room an hour earlier. It wasn't soon after he had knocked on Kelly Brook's door and entered, she gave the command for him to begin taking his clothes off. Anthony didn't expect to be greeted to her lustful hunger as the first thing in the morning, but here he was. Taking in yet another deep breath, he was living what was a dream to many men.

Down on the floor, resting on her knees, Kelly had situated herself down between his legs. Her right hand fingers gripped his shaft from the base as she bobbed her lips up and down. Her long brunette hair was curled up in a pony tail, freshly dried from a quick shower when she had first awakened. Staying true to her word and honoring her end of the deal as the loser to his lustful game, Kelly wasn't bothered at all. She meant every word of what she had told Anthony yesterday after finishing their fuck session in the spa room of the hotel resort. Saturday had come and by now she had forty-eight ours left to complete her short weekend vacation in the Bahamas. Kelly didn't seem to have a care in the world, at least to Anthony's mind as she was satisfying a lustful craving she had for his cock.

Slowly bobbing her head up and down, she glared up at him with her big brown eyes before pulling his cock out and spitting across the head. Teeth barred, she gave him one of those classic looks of hunger while wanking his cock back and forth from the touch of her hand. Knowing those kind of looks from her glamour modelling shoots, all Anthony could do was stare back at her while she pumped his shaft up and down with her hand. Like him, no clothes covered her body. She had only come out of the shower when he arrived, wrapped in a towel that now lay ditched in the kitchen floor. Little did he know she would want to start the day off with sex as soon as he knocked on the door, but that was her. Anthony could've never guessed Kelly Brook to be such an insatiable woman.

As she slid his cock back into her mouth, she moved her hand away and instead used both palms to push down into his legs. He saw a clear opportunity to take control and fuck her mouth, but Anthony wasn't prepared yet. The clock hanging on the wall read a few minutes past 9 AM. Anthony didn't let it phase him, knowing that any other day during the work week he would be wearing his usual uniform for the job and heading down to the office near reception. Rarely did he ever call off work, but today the first thing he did was call in sick. He knew that he had a number of days saved up, so he didn't expect a manager to call up and verify his claims. Anthony wasn't going to waste a single hour of the day, knowing he had Kelly Brook all to himself from her hotel room. There was no better way to start the day with his cock in her mouth.

"That's it, babe, ohhhhhh fuck... Keep going, keep sucking it."

A muffled moan was heard from her heavy English accent, as she began to bub her head up and down. Inch by inch, Kelly sucked his dick like a peppermint stick. She pulled her lips back to the head and released it with another popping noise before grasping it with her right hand. A big grin emerged across her face as she flashed those perfect pearly white teeth.

"Mmmmmmm, I said I was gonna drain you of every last drop of spunk today."

"That's about the fourth time you've reminded me."

Kelly giggled at his reply, still wanking his cock back and forth with her hand. Anthony smiled down at her, raising his hands and throwing them behind his head. He wanted to slightly mock her with a pose of leisure, as Kelly was the one doing all the work down on her knees. Thinking to himself as she moved her lips back down to his cock, he spoke up.

"Did you even have breakfast before I came up? I'm starting to think you want a mouth full of cum instead of anything else to eat."

Once more, Kelly laughed at him. She continued to wank his cock as she replied.

"Nope, no breakfast yet. We can call up for some food after I'm done swallowing down a hot creamy load of your spunk."

He should've known how she was going to answer him back, all before going back down on his cock. Anthony let out a moan as Kelly was now aggressively sucking him, inch by inch. It was easy for him to guess now that she was going to force him to bust a nut and explode within her mouth, but Kelly surprised him by pulling her lips back to the head. She released it with a popping sound and then let go of his cock, allowing it to flop freely. With her hands free, Kelly reached down and moved them to her massive breasts. Anthony finally unfolded his arms from the back of his head, watching as she brought those big tits up. He used his right hand to quickly shove his cock between them and then hear her sigh at him. Kelly's eyes glared at him as she squeezed his cock between her epic boobs.

"Come on. You're gonna fuck my titties since you think you can sit there and relax while I do all the work."

Anthony laughed. His attempt of mocking her had paid off with this subtle reaction. Kelly broke eye contact to glance down at the head of his shaft poking up. She spit on it and then bit down on lower lip while gazing back up at his face. It was over to him now, as he had control. Pushing the palms of his hands down into the foam sofa, Anthony began to buck his hips upward. No matter how long his shaft was, the entire length had disappeared between the folds of Kelly's boobs. He could feel every inch of it pumping forward as she let out a moan and called for him.

"Mmmmmm, yeah. That's it... Fuck my titties, mmmmmmmmmm..."

Closing her eyes, Kelly gasped and let out a soft moan. It was evident to him that she loved this pleasure, as Anthony had told Kelly yesterday that this was what she was built for. Over and over, he thrust his cock between her boobs. Starting off slow, Anthony couldn't hold himself back as he began to pump his cock with all his might between those tits. What better way than to start the morning off with a blowjob? A titfuck was the answer for him.


He screamed and then promptly gritted her teeth. Kelly moaned and tilted her head down after feeling the head of his cock smash up to her chin. She parted her lips, allowing his rod to slip between them and then back out. Pop. Pop. Pop. Kelly had squeezed her lips around it well enough to produce a popping sound each time his cock was pulled from her lips. Not even bothering looking back up at his face, she knew that she had this man at her absolute mercy with the sheer power of pleasure that only her tits could produce.

"God! Yes!!"

Anthony's words came out with a grunting sound as his teeth were still gritted. He took a deep breath upon slowing down and then Kelly's eyes finally shifted back up to his face. Not unlike before, she gave him that classic smug grin that he knew so well from her modelling photographs.

"What's the matter, sweetie? Gonna cum for me already?"

Kelly had the moment now to taunt him in return. Anthony swallowed his breath, coming to a complete halt and then making one last upward thrust. She leaned her head down, flicking her tongue across the head of his cock before letting go of her breasts. Sitting back on the couch, his eyes were greeted to Kelly quickly shifting gears as she grabbed his dick with her right hand and wrapped her fingers tightly around it. Wasting no time at all, she enveloped her lips back around his shaft.

"Ohhhh, ohhhhh god!"

Once more, Anthony was grunting and crying out in pleasure as Kelly began to wank his cock back and forth. She sucked on the head, eagerly anticipating that hot, creamy load that awaited her. Swallowing his breath again, he began to breath frantically before gasping. Anthony balled his fists up and pounded them down onto the couch as he felt his cock erupting from beyond Kelly's luscious lips.


Closing his eyes, he began to wail cries of pleasure at the feeling of his orgasm. Kelly's efforts had paid off as she felt the thick blast of cum to the back of her throat. She continued to stroke his cock, nice and slow as she milked it of every last spurt of his cum. His legs trembled as Anthony had to curl his toes up and maintain them from moving about. He bit down on his lower lip, whimpering as Kelly refused to break her eyes from him. She only quit stroking his rod until she felt the last spurt of cum fall onto her tongue. Finally pulling his dick from her mouth, she leaned up and awaited his eyes to set sight on her gaping mouth. Anthony witnessed his cum mixed with her saliva down into her mouth. Slowly catching his breath, but unable to take his eyes off her, he watched her pink lips suddenly close.

Her throat muscles moved as Kelly swallowed down what may have been the first load of the day. She had constantly reminded Anthony that she planned to drain his balls of every last drop, as he was tempted to tease her about that again, but not this time. This moment was all hers as she swallowed down that thick and creamy load and then opened her mouth to reveal how it had disappeared. All he could do was relax back on the couch, quietly letting out a moan as he attempted to catch his breath. Kelly began to rise up from her position down on the floor. She pushed the palms of her hands down onto his legs to help raise herself up, ignoring Anthony's aiding hand as he had reached out for her. Once Kelly was standing in front of him, she turned her back and left him there on the couch while stomping her feet down across the wooden floor below.

"I reckon now we could both use some breakfast, yes?"


Anthony's quick reply had made her chuckle under her breath. Kelly turned to glance back at him before replying.

"Maybe? I figured you would be more hungry than me, given I just got to swallow down something."

"Well, it's almost lunch hour about now. I wouldn't mind skipping breakfast and waiting for something better."

"Typical man. I should just call you lazy. In fact, you work at this hotel so if anything you should be getting off your arse and serving me."

She turned away and began to stomp off to the kitchen leaving him there naked on the couch. Kelly had a way with words to tease him back and forth. Anthony should've known by now, but was only coming to realize how taunting and almost intimidating she could be. Any other woman would've possibly made him blush after talking back to him like her, but he didn't want to give her that satisfaction with a vocal reply. Reaching down for his robe, he picked it up once he had stood on his feet.

"So what do you want, babe?"

He called out for her, only to see that she had left the room. Near the couch was a metal lamp post that had a white phone attached to it, ready for any time to call room service. Anthony grabbed the phone and awaited Kelly's reply. When she didn't answer back to him, he yelled for her.

"Hey! I'm calling room service for you! Tell me what you want besides ordering breakfast!"

Raising the phone up to his ear, Anthony's sense were met with the sound of a dead line. It didn't matter that Kelly had not responded to him yet, as the phone seemed to be broken. He glanced down at the black number pad and began pressing random digits. Nothing interrupted the constant blare of the dead line noise. From the distance, Kelly re-entered the room with a transparent white gown covering her voluptuous body. Her hair was still curled up in a high pony tail. The robe had arm sleeves, pulled back revealing her wrists and buttoned up the middle allowing an ample view of cleavage. Her huge breasts could be seen through it, as she didn't bother putting on anything besides the robe. She noticed the distraught look on Anthony's face as he played with the phone.

"I know what I want, but... what's wrong?"

"The phone don't want to work today."

Kelly placed her hands on her hips, quirking her eyebrows up at him. To make one last ditch effort, Anthony pressed a few more buttons before he hung the phone back down. He glanced over at Kelly who spoke again.

"I guess you're gonna have to go out and get us room service."


"Yes, you! You work here, don't you?"

Letting out a sigh, Anthony rolled his eyes at her. All Kelly had to do was move her hands from her hips and then grin at him with her perfect white teeth. The woman knew how to play her part as an ultimate tease.

"Go put on some clothes and find someone to call breakfast down here."

She had the last word, commanding him in such a manner that all Anthony could do was look away from her and sigh. Here he thought that he would be in complete control for a day of non-stop fucking, but there were other priorities to be attended to throughout the day. Across the floor was his underwear, a pair of black shorts and a simple purple T-shirt. The casual clothes he only wore when he was off work and outside the hotel resort. Kelly left the room, retreating back to the bedroom as Anthony was left to collect his clothes and get dressed. He discarded the robe she had given him when he first entered the room for the day, tossing it back on the couch. Once he had slipped his feet back into the brown flip flops he wore, he went to the door and made an exit.

It took everything in him not to slam the door upon stepping back out into the hallway. Frustrations were boiling that he had to leave like this. It was nothing for her, but Anthony had to run the risk of bumping into his coworkers who would catch him on an obvious day of skipping work. At the bare minimum, someone could ignore it, but at the worst he would face a write up and potential punishment with his wages. Not thinking too much on the fear that was within the back of his mind, Anthony stomped his way down the hall. He had made his mind up that the first thing he would report was the phone not working in Kelly's room. With the phone fixed, they could call room service later with no hassle. Once he made his way to the elevator, Anthony's mind wandered around. A trip down to the hotel shop would be in order soon.



"You smooth bastard! You're fucking her! I should've known!"

Scott yelled back at Anthony as the two men stood outside the hotel gift shop. They were down on the first floor, a hallway outside the main lobby and reception. After finding someone to report Kelly's phone troubles, he called up breakfast for her and decided to wander around the hotel for some time. Anthony was content with skipping breakfast and instead going for a lonely lunch back at his own residency room. It would take some time away from Kelly, leaving her alone but he wasn't concerned about her. For now, Anthony was standing in front of his friend and coworker who couldn't get over the fact he had called off work to spend a day with Kelly Brook of all women in this world.

"Life is just not fair. I should've never let you go up to her room and meet her yesterday."

Again, Scott spoke up in his frustrations. All Anthony could do was grin as he clutched a small black gift box in his hands. He had just left the shop when he bumped into Scott in his work uniform, going about the usual day of duties on the clock. Anthony couldn't help but to smugly grin back at his friend before responding.

"You're right, life ain't fair. Sometimes you just gotta take chances with a woman like that."

"Fuck you man!"

Anthony bust up laughing as Scott cussed at him. He couldn't help but find it amusing to see his friend's flustering up with such hard pressed frustrations. Scott had a heavy build to him, slightly taller than Anthony and with short red curly hair. He kept his face clean shaved, always sporting something of a goofy smile. Anthony always had the impression in the back of his head that Scott had to have been someone fun to keep around back in college. There was something about his overall appearance and demeanor that made him believe he had to be a good drinking buddy, or perhaps even a stoner. Not having many friends at work, Anthony enjoyed having Scott's company even if it came at the result of acting as a pain in the ass towards him like now.

"Stay in reception and maybe she'll call up for room service."

"Oh great, now you want me to come up and knock on the door while you're railing her?"

"I guess you could say that."

Scott rolled his eyes as Anthony laughed again. Maybe he was being too harsh on his friend, but Anthony wouldn't have minded if he opened the door to be greeted to Scott's silly mug. He had a feeling that Kelly would be calling for room service more than once throughout the day. After all, they had to have dinner sometime in the evening as the day progressed. Anthony said goodbye to his friend, waving at him, as Scott forced a fake smile back at him before turning his back. With the gift box cradled in his right arm, Anthony was prepared to make that short trip across the hotel and head for an elevator so he could return to Kelly's floor. By now, he figured that she had her late breakfast or lunch alone as she anticipated his return. The day had only begun, as he was considering all the potential positions he would be putting her in for a day of non-stop fucking.



Kelly was amused to open up her gift box and be greeted to the sight of a lingerie outfit and sandal shoe high heels. Her immediate reaction was to joke about a hotel resort selling such gifts she would expect from a high end store. All Anthony did was blush, as he informed her that he was still the one in control and would be happy if she at least wore it. His color of choice had been black for a small G-string that easily disappeared down the crack of her thick booty and then a matching push up bra. His guess for her bra size had almost paid off, going for the only E cup that was in the store but winding up to be slightly too small for her bust. Kelly couldn't help but tease him, almost taunting the man that he just wanted to torture her with a bra that made her tits look as if they would come busting out at any given second.

Anthony had better luck guessing her foot size randomly for the sandal heels. They had a clear plastic heel piece with a matching translucent piece up front. Her toes were visible, showing off a fresh color of red across her nails. The paint was still fresh, as Kelly had made it a point she had to burn some time after breakfast while he was still away, so she treated herself to nail painting. Kelly made sure to tell Anthony that her feet would be in the high heels for the remainder of the day, as she liked having a pair of them to wear in the bedroom. She couldn't say the same for the bra or g-string. Going as far as to tease him about the possibility of more tittyfucking action as the day progressed. He didn't waste any time stripping back down and bringing his robe into the bedroom to wear later on throughout the day.

The bedroom was cast in those same white walls that covered the living room, as the simple look that went for the suites. The bed was in the middle of the room, overlooking a large television set with a nightstand on each side. The queen size mattress was ideal for couples who had called in for a holiday resort vacation. Kelly didn't bother making up her bed after crawling out of it to start the day. The yellow blankets were pulled back to reveal the white sheet, matching the pillows. Anthony wasn't in the habit of tidying up the bed, as he was called out from work. Room service wasn't on his list of duties today, as his mind was racing back to the many ways he wanted to make Kelly scream and moan for him. She went off to the bathroom on the left side of the room as he stood naked in front of the bed, awaiting her.

"Are we doing a real round of fucking now or are you hungry for more of my cock?"

He couldn't help but to tease her with such dirty talk. Kelly's heavy English accent could be heard from beyond the bathroom, as she seemed to be humming before stepping out. The gown she wore had been stripped off and she stood in nothing more than the lingerie outfit and heels Anthony had gifted her. Biting down on her lower lip, she smirked at him. At long last her brunette hair had been unleashed from that high pony tail, flowing down her shoulders and spit down the middle of her forehead.

"The order of the day was for me to drain your balls of every last drop of spunk. I'm gonna make you cum so hard when you're fucking me... so hard your just gonna collapse and have no energy left."

Her eyes locked onto Anthony as she pranced towards him, strutting her hips and allowing her huge tits to bounce from within the small bra. Anthony stepped forward, wrapping his arms around her to pull Kelly in for a passionate kiss. She responded by throwing her arms around his neck and shoving her boobs against his bare chest. As they traded kisses, she slipped her right hand down below to grab his cock below. Anthony moaned into her mouth upon feeling her touch. Those long slender fingers wrapping around his semi-erect pole, now jerking it back and forth. Once their kisses broke, Anthony stepped back and gazed forward into Kelly's eyes. She quietly teased him by glancing down momentarily before smirking at him. He knew what she was about to do and there was no need for him to stop her.

Falling down to her knees, Kelly continued to wank his dick back and forth her hand. She squeezed it tightly with her fingers before situating herself down onto the carpet floor. Using her free hand, she cupped his hanging ball sack down below and parted her lips to twirl her tongue around the head of his cock. With his full attention now focused on her, Kelly had the idea to throw his expectations off. Anthony figured she was about to suck him off, but the glamour vixen caught him by surprise when she loved her head below his cock and began to lick his balls. Taking a deep breath, Anthony moaned as her hand began to wank once more, jacking him as Kelly parted her lips and began to suck on his balls. She used her left hand to help herself, stuffing her mouth with his balls.

"Yeah, suck on those fucking balls! Keep stroking it too!"

Anthony grunted after calling out in excitement. Kelly had done her job to get his heart beat racing now as the sounds of her slurping and slobbering all over his nut sack became louder with each passing second. She continued to wank his cock up and down with her right hand, still using her free hand to aid herself with shoving his balls into her mouth. Kelly would suck on one, then alternate to the next all before lapping her tongue across his hanging sack. She didn't stop until drool strings dangled, falling down to the carpet floor below. Biting down on her lower lip, she softly giggled before looking to look back into his eyes. Kelly then shoved her right hand down to the base of Anthony's cock and parted her lips, going down on it.

"Ohhhhh, yeah... That's it..."

He moaned to her, calling out as Kelly kept her eyes locked upward at him. She wasted no time bobbing her head up and down at a steady fast pace. It became clear to him as she bobbed her head up and down, Kelly wasn't starting out slow and building up anything. She had the right mind to go all in and begin devouring him on sight to begin this fuck session. Unable to hold back the urge, he moved his hands down to her head, planting his palms on both sides of her head. Anthony took control and began thrusting his cock into her mouth, reminding who was in charge for the day as he fucked her wonderful mouth.

"Suck it. Suck this fucking cock, Kelly, that's it!"

Grunting, Anthony bucked his hips forward to drive his cock into Kelly's mouth. She sucked it, inch after inch with his balls smacking against her chin with each full thrust. Over and over, Anthony thrust into her mouth, soon hearing the audible slobbering and sucking noises that this movement produced.


Saliva strings began to leak from the corners of her mouth and Kelly's lower lip, dangling and then breaking off to slather across her skin down below. She moved her hands to grip her breasts that bounced and moved with each thrust Anthony made. Pinching her own nipples, Kelly closed her eyes and continued to gag on his dick as he fucked her mouth so thoroughly. Anthony moaned before stepping back and abruptly snatching his cock out of her mouth. Kelly gasped as a flood of saliva fell ran from her lower lip, streaming down her neck and to her giant tits below. She expected he would want a titfuck next, but Anthony had other plans in mind. He motioned with the fingers of both his hands for her to look up at him.

"Come on, babe. Get up!"

Offering his hands to help her up, Anthony caught sight of Kelly's big brown eyes and then she wiped her mouth before grabbing ahold of his left hand.

"What's the matter? Too scared you're gonna blow your load again from fucking my tits?"

"No, I want you up and on the bed!"

A reminder of whom was in charge came from Anthony's stern tone of voice. Kelly giggled at him, leaving him unsure if she was attempting to taunt him with that laugh or truly mocking him. Once she was standing in her heels, Kelly turned from him and began to climb onto the bed. She pushed the palms of her hands down into the sheets, crawling forward on all fours. Kelly took a glance back at Anthony from across her left shoulder.

"You're gonna have to get up on the bed too if you wanna fuck me! Might as well rip this cheap G-string off too, if you will."

Anthony chuckled at her words. Her voice came out with such a demanding tone. Fucking Kelly was definitely an option for the doggy style positioned she seemed to want, but once again his mind wandered his the possibilities. If he was going to truly spend this day fucking her in every way possible, he had to prioritize her phat ass. Stepping around the bed, Anthony didn't waste the chance to reach out and caress her plump ass cheeks with both hands. He climbed onto the bed as Kelly shoved herself back and began to shake her booty.

"I never would've taken you as a man into butts."

Once again, he found himself chuckling at her words. Anthony grabbed at the G-string, yanking it to pull it off her beautiful body. It snapped with a slight noise before he tossed it to the floor.

"I was gonna ask if you're the type of woman who likes getting fucked in the ass?"

Kelly shoved her ass back again, now pushing up against him and proceeding to twerk. Her firm cheeks bounced together, clapping in a slow but steady rhythm. She bit down on her lower lip before pushing her head down into the sheets of the bed.

"Why don't you find out for yourself, sweetheart."

That must have been her way of telling him yes, at least Anthony considered among his thoughts. Placing his hands onto her ass cheeks to stop her from twerking, he then squeezed her plump cheeks. Kelly responded by cooing in a soft tone of her heavy English accent. Once he was ready, Anthony gripped his cock with his right hand and slid it directly between those plump ass cheeks. He moved his hands to her buttocks again, shoving her cheeks together as he began to thrust forward and tease her with the act of hotdogging. More than anything, Anthony wanted to hear Kelly beg for it. To hear her sexy voice demand to have his cock shoved up her ass.

"You want it?"

He spoke aloud, still rubbing his cock up and down the crack of her ass. Kelly had simply closed her eyes, letting out soft moans. She didn't answer him back so Anthony reared his right hand back and sent it down with a hard spank across her bum.

"Talk to me, baby! Come on, you want it?"

"Mmmmmmm, yeah..."

Still thrusting his cock between her ass cheeks, Anthony spoke again.

"Tell me what you want, Kelly. Where do you want my cock?"

"Why should I tell you what you already know, dear?"

She giggled after speaking. He responded by smacking the palm of his hand across her ass once more.

"Come on, you sexy fucking vixen! Come on and tell me to fuck you in the ass!"

Finally, Kelly let out a sigh and rolled her eyes. Lucky enough that Anthony couldn't see that, as she called out to him in a frustrated voice.

"I wanna feel your cock sliding up in my arse. There, that good enough?"

He smirked to himself, thinking of how sassy she acted and not wanting to give in to a bit of teasing. Kelly had the last word, but Anthony felt he was the one truly in control. Pulling her ass cheeks apart, he spotted her dark little hole with his eye and then gripped his shaft. Pushing forward towards the entrance, he braced himself for that impactful feeling of tightness. It had been quite some years since Anthony had the pleasure of anal sex. It was something he loved to do and he felt Kelly didn't get enough credit for her booty with all the focus centered upon her amazing rack. Groaning, he pushed his cock through her back door hole.

"Ohhhhhh, yeah... There ya go, get it in there!"

Little did Anthony truly expect Kelly to call out to him like that with such excitement in her demanding voice. She gasped, slightly raising her ass up while her head was still down in the sheets. Anthony moved his hands to grip at her hips as he made the first few thrusts, grunting to himself as he realized how tight her ass hole truly was. Once more he heard Kelly let out a soft moan before she called out to him again.

"Mmmmmmm, that feel good? Having your cock shoved up my arse?"


Anthony panted as he replied, prompting Kelly to truly taunt him now.

"Oh yeah? Really? Mmmmmm, don't sound like it to me. Come on and prove it by ramming me up the arse with that big fucking cock."

It didn't matter how much he felt in control, Kelly knew how to guide a man with her choice of words. Gripping her hips, Anthony began to buck his hips forward and thrust his cock into her phat ass. He groaned again, watching as the length of his shaft disappeared, feeling the tightness around it.

"Ohhhhh, fuck!"

Gritting his teeth after grunting, Anthony moved his right hand. He wanted to spank her ass but became distracted upon feeling his cock pump through her back door hole. Kelly moaned and called out for him.

"Ohhh, ohhhhhh, ohhhhhh yeah...."

Taking in a deep breath, she gripped the bed sheets between her fingers before calling out again.

"Come on! Pound me up the arse with your cock! Pound that arse! POUND IT NICE AND FUCKING HARD!!"

There was a special feeling to hear her choice of words, different from his American English. Anthony was too caught in the heat of the moment, feeling this pleasure to the point he was unable to give in and share a laugh with her. Kelly had moved slightly, using her hands to pull her ass cheeks apart and make the job easier for him. He spanked the palm of his hand across her right ass cheek, listening to her giggle and then moan at the feeling.

"Mmmmmm, yeah! Give it to me!"

This time when Kelly screamed for him, Anthony picked up the pace. He rammed his cock into her ass and thrust at a faster speed, his balls began to smack down between her thighs creating an audible sound that was drowned out by her loud voice.

"That's it, ohhhhhh yeah! THAT'S IT!! FUCK YEAH!! POUND ME IN THE ARSE, JUST LIKE THAT!!"

God, her ass was so tight. Anthony had to still himself and concentrate on the moment, still thrusting his shaft back and forth through her tight dark hole. He grunted, gritting his teeth once more as he felt the pleasure over and over again. He gave her every last inch of his cock, pumping it into her ass and listening to Kelly scream and moan in her sexy voice. Her fingernails raked across the bed sheet as she curled her toes up from within the high heels. Anthony wouldn't be able to take it much longer, this she was confident of. Soon he would blow his load at the pace he was going. He didn't bother attempting to slow himself down, giving in to the height of this pleasure.



Her voice was enough to do him in, as Anthony couldn't hold back any longer. He threw his hands up, taking one final thrust into her tight ass and then grunting as he felt his cock explode deep within her.


As Anthony screamed, Kelly could be heard moaning. His cum blasted into her ass, creating a slippery tunnel that made it easier for the man to pull his cock out of her ass. Quickly attempting to catch his breathe, he gripped his dick while watching the cum ooze out of Kelly's tight little hole. Spurts of his seed slid down the crack of her ass, all while she kept her hands in place to pull those ass cheeks back and allow him to witness the sight in front of his eyes. With a smug grin flashing her teeth, Kelly's eyes looked at him from across her right shoulder. It seemed that she took pride in seeing that exhausted look on his face, knowing that she could truly drain him of every last drop with her sensual body.

"Felt pretty good huh?"

Kelly continued to grin at him, quirking up her eyebrows. All Anthony did was attempt to catch his breath and then move across the bed so he could come down and sit on his knees. He didn't reply to her, as once more she was able to get the last word in. The cum dripped down the crack of her ass, falling onto the sheets of the bed where they would undoubtedly dry as stains. Kelly crawled forward, moving towards one of the night stands where a telephone sat near a lamp.

"I think it's time we called room service again. I'm in the mood for some drinks, how about you?"

She lifted the phone up from the base and then suddenly, Anthony realized that they didn't check the bedroom phone earlier in the day.

"I'll be damned! Let me guess, that phone is working?"

Turning to smirk at him, Kelly nodded her head. Anthony sighed in frustration as he stood up from the bed.

"Fuck! Why didn't I think of that? I could've told you to try the bedroom phone earlier and then I wouldn't have had to leave the room at all!"

"I think I know why you didn't think of that. Maybe it had to do with me draining your balls for some spunk. Gave you a bit of brain freeze, yes?"

Anthony sighed after hearing her taunting words. Whether he wanted to vocally admit it or not, the woman had a way with teasing him and giving the right words to keep him on his feet at all times. Kelly gave him a silent impression that they were still playing a game with one another. She punched her fingers down on the number pad of the phone as he began to stomp his way off to the bathroom. Twice now throughout the day Kelly had forced him into an orgasm, but still had yet to reach hers. Anthony didn't want to feel fatigued, as he felt he still had some strength left to give her a hard fucking. Maybe that was the next order of the day to go along with whatever she was calling up to the room. Either way, the day was far from over.

Standing in front of the sink, Anthony turned the brass knobs to make the cold water spray from the faucet below. He didn't bother looking up in the mirror as he was still catching his breath, knowing deep down he had went slightly overboard with fucking Kelly's ass. He needed to at least have enough strength to give her a hard fucking that the glamour goddess truly deserved. Splashing some water onto his face, he exhaled a deep breath. Off in the bedroom, he could hear her sultry voice talking over the phone and then hanging it up. Anthony quickly washed his face, splashing a bit more water across his cheeks before he shut off the faucet. He stepped his way back into the bedroom to discover Kelly slipping her gown back on. She held his robe in her left hand, tossing it at him.

"Get dressed! We've got room service coming!"

He caught the robe, stepping backwards and nearly dropping it. Kelly didn't give him time to reply to her as she stepped out of the bedroom and back into the living room. When Anthony had rejoined her in the living room, the robe was tied around his waist. He still wasn't sure what Kelly had ordered, but found her sitting on the couch checking her phone. Stepping towards her, he spoke up.

"What did you order? Drinks?"

She ignored him, tapping her fingernails across the flat surface of her smartphone. There was no need for him to see what she was doing, as it was none of his business. Taking a seat next to her on the sofa, Anthony was alerted to the knocking sound beyond the door. He didn't imagine room service would be arriving so soon, but they were here now. Kelly got up from where she was seated, beating Anthony to the door before he had the chance. Gripping the knob, she turned it to open the door.

"Room service for you, Miss!"

Kelly offered a smile back at the man, stepping her way back to allow him to push in what was a metal cart with a matching steel tray at the top. Sitting alone on the tray was a bottle of champagne and two wine glasses. Behind the small glasses was a metal ice bucket, filled to the rim with fresh cubes.

"Thank you! I wasn't expecting you to arrive so soon."

As Kelly spoke to the man, Anthony couldn't help but stand there frozen. His thoughts had slipped past him, as he completely forgotten about Scott earlier in the day and now he was standing in their suite room. There was no mistaking him, as the same chubby chest was on display tucked into his uniform. That all too familiar goofy grin on his face as he greeted Kelly and now Anthony had to stand there and watch them share a short conversation.

"it's no problem, ma'am. I'm happy to be of service. I hope you don't feel I'm being rude to ask, but are you Kelly Brook?"

Her face lit up, featuring that same signature smile with her full pearly white teeth. Kelly replied to him in joy.

"Yes I am! Are you a fan?"

Scott appeared to become giddy at her question. He flashed his teeth in a smile while nodding his head before answering her back.

"Yeah! I used to look at you in all those old glamour model magazines! You, Lucy Pinder and even Keeley Hazell. I was shocked when I saw your name at the check in yesterday!"

She laughed at him all while Anthony stood there, feeling embarrassed and becoming angry deep down. Maybe Scott had taken his advice when he had told him that he had to take chances in life, but it wasn't that. More than anything, Anthony was bothered that this goof ball had truly taken him up on the offer of delivering room service to her. Taking the tray from the cart, Anthony ignored them for now. He stood back, listening to their conversation as he moved the tray onto the coffee table in front of the couch.

"Well, I am quite flattered that you would recognize me. Those were beautiful women you mentioned, but I am the last one who is still relevant."

"Ah yes, that is true. I wouldn't have had the same reaction had Miss. Pinder or Miss. Hazell checked in. You were always hotter than them, I have to admit."

Anthony cringed hearing Scott's reply. He was such an ass-kisser, flattering the woman as she now laughed. Kelly's vanity had come out in full force, as she didn't seem to enjoy being compared to other models from a bygone era.

"What's your name, sweetie?"

"I'm Scott. Scott Jones."

"Well, it's a pleasure to meet you Scott. It's always a good day when I get to meet a fan."

Anthony turned his head to see Kelly smirking back at him. The look on his friend's face was as if he were going to break out sweating at any given second now.

"Maybe we'll see each other again before my trip is over. Come back later with your phone and we can take a selfie photo together."

She had turned up the heat, playing her role of a seductress to the point Anthony had heard enough at this point. Letting out a sigh, he stomped his way over to Scott, shoving the maintenance cart back at him.

"Nice seeing you dude, but we're kinda in the middle of something. I'll catch you later, Scott."

Stepping backwards, Scott caught the opposite end of the cart. Anthony then stomped his way towards the door, holding it open for him to make a quick exit. Kelly placed her hands on her hips, watching the two men interact in disgust. Scott seemed to get the message and pushed the wheels of the cart to turn and begin stepping back to the front door. He turned to glance beyond his right shoulder, offering Kelly a silly smile and waving at her.

"See you around, Miss. Brook!"

Once he was back in the hall, Anthony slammed the door. Kelly crossed her arms over her busty chest and glared back at him.

"What was that all about?"


She stomped her heels towards him, getting into Anthony's face.

"You! Why were you being so rude to him!?"

"I don't want him in here with you! What the fuck were you thinking? Flirting with him like that?"

Uncrossing her arms, Kelly pointed her right hand index finger at him.

"You don't own me! Let's get that straight right now! You're just my fuck toy for the day. When I leave this place, you won't ever see me again."

Anthony laughed at her, causing her to continue on.

"You think this is funny, huh!?"

As he was still laughing, Kelly placed her hands onto her hips. She knew that his eye sight would fall from her face down to the heavy cleavage on display with her wrapped up gown. Once it did, Kelly took a step back and carried on speaking.

"I know what kind of man you are, Anthony. You can't hide it from me with any act you try to play here."

"Really? Tell me then, since you seen to know more about me than I do myself."

She smirked, turning her back to him and then untying the gown from her body. Kelly carried on speaking as she disrobed to walk nude and freely across the living room. He was left standing by the door, now watching her ass cheeks slightly jiggle with each step she made. The high heels clacking and stomping across the wooden floor below. She moved her hands over her breasts, squeezing them as she finally answered him back.

"You're jealous, that's your main problem...."

Kelly giggled, carrying on her speech.

"Even to go as far as to be intimidated by the presence of another man showing interest in me."

"That ain't true! Stop trying to make me sound bad!"

Turning around to face him, Kelly flashed her smile while still holding her tits. She spread her legs out, knowing that his eyes were about to scan her delicious thick body on full display. Nodding at him, the British glamour goddess then taunted him in speech.

"Wanna play another game with me, sweetie? You wanna try me?"

"Try you on what?"

Eyes locked, Kelly dropped her lower lip to show her gritted teeth. She began to wobble her breasts in her hands, moving them underneath to allow them to bounce up and down within her hands. Taking a moment to tease him with this display of her chest, she finally replied in a low voice.

"I think I'm in the mood to fuck another one of my fans."

Anthony gasped before screaming back at her.

"You would fuck Scott over me!? Are you fucking serious!?"

"Yes... I'm the type of woman who knows what she wants."

Halting her hand movement, Kelly suddenly roamed her hands over her breasts and squeezed them hard. Anthony just let out a frustrated sigh before yelling at her.

"And you want that fat ass cause he was nice to you? Scott is a fucking slacker! There's no way he'd have the energy to fuck you better than me. I can see him right now, huffing and puffing after tiring himself out."

"Ohhhh, so you're not the type of man who would share?"

"Fuck no!"

Kelly busted up giggling at him.

"I'm not asking you to watch. I'm thinking more of a threesome!"

"You've gotta be shitting me."

As Anthony shook his head, he walked back towards her and Kelly stepped forward. She shook her head before responding.

"Oh no, I'm not. I came here to get laid after all. So you wanna play another game with me, Anthony? Let me ask you again, do you wanna try me?"

"Try you on what, babe?"

Kelly raised her hand like before, pointing her finger at him, but this time she dangled it left and right as a way to tease him.

"Now now, I did say that I would spend the day draining you of every last drop of spunk from your balls..."

She stopped the movement of her finger and then bit down on her lower lip. Letting out a giggle, she carried on.

"I've made you cum twice so far today. You look like you can last another round. After all, you have yet to truly fuck me for the day."

He didn't reply, instead Anthony began to untie his robe from around the waist. Kelly carried on speaking again.

"This next round, let's play a game like yesterday. If you can make me cum first, I'll let you have another day fucking my brains out. But if I can make you cum first, then... well..."

Unable to hold herself back, she cracked up laughing loudly before finishing her sentence.

"We're inviting over your chubby little friend for dinner and we'll see if he wants to participate in what I like to call a party for three."

Standing there, Anthony pulled the robe and dropped it to the floor to reveal his naked body. It was clear to him that Kelly was taunting him in such a competitive matter, he felt that he couldn't turn down her game. The look on her face of such arrogance and pride told him that perhaps she had the feeling she could eat him alive. It was difficult for him to deny the fatigue he felt inside himself, but he had to push on. The stakes had been raised, but Anthony knew this was the only time in his life he would possibly ever get lucky with a woman like her. Reaching down, he wrapped his right hand fingers around his cock and began to quietly stroke. Kelly had placed her hands on her hips, giving off a level of intimidation in her body language.

Sharing Kelly with Scott was not an option Anthony wanted to consider in the back of his mind. She wanted a threesome, which only made him consider more dirty thoughts in the back of his mind about how convincing of a seductress this woman could be. He hated to think about what it would be like to share her alongside Scott. Let alone the damned images he could muster in his mind of seeing his friend stand naked besides him. All of that was motivation to drive him to truly fuck her into a screaming frenzy and cum so hard, she would be begging for more the following day. The die had been cast now and another round of what would be a competitive game of sexual warfare was underway. Kelly stepped towards Anthony, reaching down and pulling his hand away from that hard cock.

"Let me handle this for you."

That same look in her eye was visible, as a flare of vanity and pride. Kelly knew what she was doing and Anthony had to think for himself that she could easily work him over and drain his cock at any given moment. Despite this, he didn't stop her as he took a few steps back and watched her fall down to her knees. Kelly gripped his shaft with authority, squeezing her fingers around it and shoving her hand down to the base. Her lips parted and then Kelly wasted no time shoving that long dick into her mouth. All Anthony could do was stand there as she proceeded to devour his shaft yet again for the day. Bobbing her head up and down, Kelly sucked him aggressively.

"Ohhhhh, fuck yeah..."

Moaning aloud, he exhaled deeply. Anthony stood there, allowing Kelly to indulge herself in sucking him off. She bobbed her lips up and down, sucking it inch by inch. Her mouth began to make various slurping and slobbering noises. Kelly let go of the base of his cock, lowering both of her hands down below to play with her giant tits. She pinched her own nipples and began to squeeze her breasts as she pushed her lips all the way down for a bit of hard deepthroating action.

"Oh, shit!"

As Anthony groaned aloud, he began to panic. What if she could force him into a fast orgasm with the talent of her mouth alone? That was the question and variations of it currently pondering through his mind. Anthony didn't need to ask her or hesitate for an answer as she pulled her lips back and released his shaft with a popping sound. A string of saliva dangled from her tongue back to his cock. Kelly broke it off when she bit down on her lower lip and then raised her breasts to shove around his fat dick. Within seconds she had went from blowing him to now lodging his cock right between her tits for another round of tittyfucking.

"Mmmmm, yeah. You can say that again! Oh shit, your cock is back between my tits!"

Kelly taunted him with a giggle at the end of her humorous choice of words. She glared up at him at him before glancing back down as she began to pump her breasts up and down. This time she was the one in control. Anthony watched his rod disappear between the folds of her massive all natural breasts, just like before. He heard her spit, but Kelly missed the head of his shaft, instead coating her saliva across her skin. Letting out a moan in her thick accent, Kelly worked herself into a rhythm, fucking his cock to a pulp.

"Oh god!"

When Anthony cried out to her, she glanced up at him and giggled. Kelly continued to work her tits up and down while taunting him in a low, sultry voice.

"You like that, huh? You like how I fuck your cock with my huge tits? Hmmmm? YOU LIKE THAT!?"

"Fuck yes I do!"

He screamed at her, as Anthony was confident she was trying her hardest to force him into an orgasm as fast as she could. Kelly showed him no mercy, as she pounded her breasts up and down, moving at a faster pace. The way she yelled at him, elevating her voice was enough to get her point across. Anthony took control by moving his hands down to her shoulders and then taking an immediate thrust. She came to a halt, as Kelly may have believed he was about to take over with the titfucking, but Anthony didn't. Instead he reached for his cock and snatched it free from her breasts. Kelly gazed up and grinned at him.

"What's wrong, my tits too much for you!?"

"Get up on the fucking couch!"

Seemingly unimpressed with his commanding voice, Kelly laughed at him as she got up from her knees. Anthony walked his way towards the couch, but she was the one taking control. She grabbed his arm only to get his attention. As he turned to look back at her, Kelly shoved him with both hands. Anthony lost his step as he went backwards, falling down with his buttocks sinking into the couch. Kelly grinned as she quickly moved to get on top. She straddled him, situating her legs to bend and get up on the couch. With both hands, she grabbed his cock and held it upward, all while Anthony aided her by moving his hands to her hips. He knew what position she was going for and now their lustful game came down to this riding position.

Anthony swallowed his breath, eyes gazing down as he looked at the pink folds of her juicy cunt. It glistened in wetness, as the one wonderful piece of her body he had paid the least amount of attention to throughout this day. Now Kelly was going to be using her pussy and this specific position to ride him in control. Everything would come down to which one of them had their climax first. He tried to fight off the feelings from within, knowing he was slightly fatigued. If Kelly was truly going to drain his balls today, Anthony knew deep down that this position would decide it all. His eyes focused on the head of his cock, poking into her as she slowly slid it inside her wet delight. Gasping his breathe, Anthony moved his hands, sliding them across her soft skin as Kelly pushed the palms of her hands down into his chest.

"Mmmmmmmm, right where I want you..."

She spoke in that same low, but hungry voice. Anthony gazed up at Kelly's dark eyes, glaring down at him as she began to roll her hips and thrust herself down on his cock. He should've anticipated her making a move first to put them in this positon but he didn't. She raised her arms up over her head as she began to bounce up and down, the undersides of her phat ass cheeks clapping down on his balls below. For a moment there, he sat still and watched as her great big boobs bounced and wobbled in every direction.

"Ohhh, ohhhhhh yeah!!"

Kelly called out to him, stretching her arms out over her head. Fop. Fop. Fop. The sound of their bodies smacking together was heard loudly and clearly throughout the room. While watching her tits move about, Anthony finally gave in to the urge he had to reach his hands for them and go for a squeeze. Kelly moaned at the feeling of his touch, all while his palms were greeted to the erect feeling of her nipples. She moved her hands to push back down into his stomach, as Anthony then responded by bucking his hips upward.

"Oh yeah, that's it! THAT'S IT!! Don't let me be the one doing all the work!"

"Oh,  shut up, Kelly!"

Anthony's choice of words were enough for her to rake her fingernails across his chest lightly. Kelly leaned forward, moving her hands over his shoulders and almost towering over him in her slight bent over position. Anthony get go of her tits, instead shoving his head between them and proceeding to motorboat them. As he slobbered and sucked on her breasts, he bucked his hips to continue thrusting his cock in and out of her juicy pussy.

"Ohhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhhhhh yeah!!"

After crying out for him in pleasure, Kelly moved her hands off his shoulders. She moved them to her breasts, smothering his face between her giant boobs while still thrusting herself downward. Together they fucked in a solid fast paced rhythm. Anthony couldn't make a word out, not with his face getting beat on both sides with her powerful tits. Kelly eventually let go of her breasts, allowing him the time to breathe and raise his face. She collapsed her chest down on him as Anthony re-adjusted his hands to wrap around her back, all while still thrusting as hard as he could.

"Oh god! Ohhhhh, fuck!!"

Now he was the one crying out in pleasure, breathing frantically as he considered just how long he had left to go before blowing his load. He moved his lips to the left side of Kelly's neck, sucking at her neck in a desperate attempt to find a weak spot and push her closer to her orgasm. Anthony so desperately did not want to lose this battle of lust, but Kelly clearly had the upper hand on him. When he slowed down his thrusts, she continued to roll her hips and work his cock in and out of her pussy.

"Mmmm, mmmmmmm, yeah! That's it, that's it, that's it!!"

The sands of time were running low as both of them were now so close to reaching their climax. Anthony pulled his lips away from here neck and closed his eyes. His face scrunched up as he gritted his teeth. In a last ditch effort, he moved his hands from her back and was going to try to push her off him but Kelly had already broke him with her riding.


His cock exploded inside of her, filling her with his gushing seed as she continued to ride him. Kelly had won, but that wasn't enough to make her stop. She leaned up, allowing him to collapse his back down onto the couch. Only slowing down long enough to feel his orgasm inside of her, the British glamour goddess let out a loud moan.

"Mmmmmmmm, ohhhhhhhh yeah!!"

Dropping her lower lip, Kelly glared back at him and then bit down enough to flash the top row of her teeth. Anthony looked so fatigued. He was down, defeated and breathing heavily, all while his cock was still lodged inside her tight cunt. He expected her to part her lips and start taunting him, smugly declaring herself the winner of this game. Kelly however didn't utter a single word. She balanced herself, sitting up and letting her breasts flop and wobble about as she thrust herself up and down that cock. He hands pushed back down on his stomach and it became evident to Anthony she was fucking him to get herself off too. Picking up the speed once more, Kelly tilted her head up and roamed her left hand through her long brunette hair.

"Ohhhh, yes! Ohhhhhhhhh, MMMMMMMMM YESSSSSS!!"

She gasped her breath, gazing forward and then pushing both of her hands up from Anthony's stomach to slide her fingers and palms across his skin. He gasped right after her, feeling the sudden burst of warm juices flooding his cock from within. Anthony closed his eyes, embracing this moment now as Kelly's legs shook and together, they had shared orgasms one after the other. They both took a moment to gaze back into each other's eyes while quietly catching their breath. Kelly didn't utter a word until she had recovered herself and then she slowly curved her pink lips into a prideful grin.

"Looks like we're having dinner for three now."

He let out a defeated sigh as Kelly winked at him and began to giggle. Anthony wasn't going to say a word, as the last thing he wanted was to hear her brag about evening their series at 1-1. Maybe with Scott's help tomorrow, the both of them would be able to tame this wild goddess and give her one last day to remember as a wrap up to Kelly's Bahamian adventure. She began to climb off him, carefully easing his cock out of her pussy with excess gushes of her juices covering his sticky pole. Once standing up, Kelly stretched her arms out and began to stammer off to the bedroom. Her heels clicking and clacking across the floor below like earlier.

"I'll let you get a shower before you call Scott. Maybe he'll be a kind enough gentleman to bring me a gift too."

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Re: Try Me Pt. 2 (Kelly Brook)
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2021, 03:27:20 PM »
Omg man, f**king awesome. I love how confident Kelly is and the repartee she has the guy.
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Re: Try Me Pt. 2 (Kelly Brook)
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Wouldn't be a trademark Cade series without setting up a threesome at some point.  :Y:
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Re: Try Me Pt. 2 (Kelly Brook)
« Reply #3 on: July 27, 2021, 09:57:34 PM »
Kelly is playing this guy so easily.

I like that she tapped into his insecurities of sharing her with another man. It leaves me thinking she just wants to toy with Anthony's brain and pull his heart strings before she is done with him lol.


Re: Try Me Pt. 2 (Kelly Brook)
« Reply #4 on: July 29, 2021, 09:22:22 AM »
Fantastic part 2. Excellent sequel, Kelly Brook is really too good, more than good in her very game, she is the one who leads the dance, the chemistry and the friction is felt between the two characters but the dominant male is still there. sometimes .. Miss Brook has charisma and confidence that's for sure. And your illustrations are well chosen Cade! A big thank you again !!


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