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Author Topic: Sweet Pain starring Madelaine Petsch  (Read 2708 times)


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Sweet Pain starring Madelaine Petsch
« on: September 02, 2021, 02:04:47 PM »
All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a word of it occurred, nor would it.

Sweet Pain starring Madelaine Petsch
(MF, BDSM, Cons, Oral, Anal)
by MaxwellLord

Madelaine stared at her phone. She was alone, save for her dog Olive, in her bedroom. She felt like she'd been staring at the screen of her phone for days, despite being just fifteen minutes. It wasn't the whole screen either, just one section, one app icon in the upper righthand corner. A black square, rounded corners with a thorned white rose running diagonal across the app just above the letters "LS" written in red.

Her thumb hovered over it, feeling as though it weighed tons and needed to drop down and activate the app but something was holding her back. The redhead was wracked with desire and nerves. There was a war going on in her head between a mighty need and a powerful anxiety.

Madelaine couldn't quite place where she'd heard about the LifeStyle app first, but she learned the basics about the app in the make-up room. It was an open secret the kind of things Madelaine was into. It seemed like it was a daily event on the Riverdale set that the make-up team had to cover up bind-marks on Madelaine's wrists. Little bits of rope burn most of the time, handcuffs others. They'd joke about it of course. They were all adults after all.

While Madelaine could guess she first learned about the LS app there, she was 100% sure it was Trevor, a member of that make-up crew who first discovered she had it. He saw over Madelaine's shoulder that she had just downloaded the app and in the mirror in front she looked more than a little confused. She had no idea how to put in her profile. Except the name. She went with Madame. It sounded regal but not necessarily dominant, which she was most definitely not in the bedroom. I wasn't the mechanics of it either. That was easy. It was the content. She wasn't even sure it was right for her. She wasn't the ball gag type. Madelaine was more into being tied up, being dominated. Pleasure spiked with pain as opposed to the reverse.

Trevor decided to help her. It was aid Madelaine had no problem taking as she knew Trevor wasn't doing it just to get in her pants, given what she lacked under those pants. The set up was easy. Like, dislikes, sexual desires, a quick bio, a profile picture, all the usual trimmings but just with a BDSM flavor.

That was months ago. Madelaine hadn't checked it since. She'd even kept her profile to private so she wouldn't even get notifications. As much she wanted too, the idea of meeting someone like this still stressed her out. Just because someone read he likes and dislikes didn't mean they'd agree or be honest when contacting her. There was a lot of trust to be had with her sexual activities and something about a dating app made things all the more difficult in her head. How was she to know whether the guy was legitimately in to what she was and not much more extreme? Or if he was just someone who was experimenting and she was the extreme one, which was less dangerous but potentially much, much more embarrassing. So, she forgot about it. Months went by and she didn't even look at The LS.

Then a dry spell hit, and hit like a freight train and after two solid months the shower massager just didn't do the trick in killing the craving. Then she remembered the app and tried to fight against the urge, the curiosity. However, desire ended that battle which led Madelaine to where she was at the moment; dressed in her pajamas on her bed, staring at her phone and giving her dog a belly rub.

"Fuck it," she said, pressing her thumb to the icon and re-opening the long-dormant app. The black screen with red letters reappeared and Madelaine signed back in to her private profile. She did a quick scan of everything she and Trevor had put in all those months ago and looked at the picture she uploaded. Madelaine opted to not show her face in the profile pic. It was shoulder down and had her strawberry blonde locks on full display and her body adorned in her favorite play time outfit. It was a two piece of tight leather. The top covered her breasts, with a zipper running down the front with a silver circle as the pull. The bottoms were similar, making her already amazing ass look unearthly. To top it all off and the only thing that could really be seen above the shoulders was a choker with a chrome circle hanging off of it.

Madelaine remembered thinking this was too cliché to include as her profile pic on a BDSM hook-up app. Trevor of course pointed out cliché's didn't really matter when Madelaine had the body she had. It was just the kind of ego-boosting advice that convinced Madelaine Trevor was right. As she saw the profile picture again, she once more couldn't help but agree with Trevor.

She took a deep breath and flipped the switch. Private profile. After that she exited the app and got off the bed. She wasn't going to wait by the phone for notifications. Instead she went to the kitchen to feed the dog and make herself a quick dinner as well. Just plain old normal activities to trick  the butterflies in her stomach into calming down.

Once the redhead was done making dinner she ate the quickly made pasta dish at her coffee table in the living room while editing a new YouTube video. Doing everything she could not to rush to the phone and see if she got any notifications. She ran through a checklist in her head, anything to occupy her time and not make her seem desperate for the throngs of people who'd never know how eager she was to see if she got a bite.

Wash the dishes? Check.

Walk the dog? Check.

Answer emails? Check. Everything she could come up with ended with its own unique checkmark and it had only taken an hour. She exhaled deeply and decided to tap out. The anxious redhead went back to her room and re-opened her phone, tapping the LS app as soon as the phone was unlocked.

She got some bites alright. One hundred. One hundred responses to her profile going public. That was an ego boost. What brought it down were how many of the responses just plain sucked.

There were the usual ones who were just garden variety, one pump chump perverts wanting nudes and telling them how much her profile picture made them cum and imagining what her face looked like and how it would look covered in said cum. The kind of people who clearly were not part of the lifestyle that even a sub like her would eat alive in the bedroom.

Then there were the men who despite her profile clearly marking her as a sub were asking her step on their balls or peg them or piss on them or any other things that clearly were not in her orbit. She didn't kinkshame but she did wish others would at least respect her kink and not waste her time.

It was seeming night one of her search was to be filled with nothing but duds who sent her messages that read Ur so hotttt!!!11! and PLEASE PUNCH MY BALLZZ until something unique caught her eye; proper grammar. Once that shock wore off, Madelaine found herself more intrigued by the subject line which simply read, "Read this." Nothing else. Nothing designed to impress, nothing flashy. It was simple. It was direct. And maybe best of all, it wasn't a request...it was an instruction. It was a demand.

She pressed on the message and began to read.


I'm sure you've gotten plenty of messages today. I'm most likely one of hundreds. However, I also think most of those messages are from people who don't speak our language.

I know, it must seem presumptuous to think we're on the same wavelength. However I'm guessing a woman like you and I have had similar experiences on this app, though to varying degrees. You're probably getting a lot more base requests than I ever have.

Where I believe that we meet however is our desires. Just from reading your bio I can tell the chances of our tastes aligning is rather high. From what I can tell the more...extreme sides of this thing of ours isn't what either wants. There's nothing wrong with a little pain as long as its sweet. But I think we both know how quickly it can go sour.

I'd rather have lemonade than bite into the fruit. Though, if you don't mind the comparison I would mind a bite of your peach. While I'm sure that's cliché and you've read more than your fair share of variations before getting to this message, I feel it simply had to be said. You know what you have and I'm sure you know how much it's admired.

I'd like to see where this might go and how much our tastes truly align. If you do as well, then write me back.


Good Sir"

She liked what she read. The tone of it. Kind, but making it clear he was in charge. Not a single request. He never asked her to do anything. Conditions? Yes. But if conditions were met, she was given instruction. Madelaine liked that. Even the name. Good Sir. It had a ring to it. Of course it helped that it wasn't xXxAssFucker42069xXx or PegMeMommy or anything explicitly begging for attention and screaming about what was understood; that this was all about sex.

She wrote him back, hoping she restrained her eagerness enough and came across just as pleasant as Good Sir had, volleying back his opening salvo.

It was a fun round of email tennis for the next couple of days, Madelaine opening the app each and everything with an excited smile and giggle. Whether relaxing on the couch, in bed, or in the bathtub, Madelaine found time to respond to Good Sir and his buttery texts. And they were texts, not sexts, no matter how much they danced around it.

However by day three things got a bit more concrete. Good Sir proposed a meeting. Madelaine readily agreed. He said steakhouse and it was the one time Madelaine had to give a flat "no", being vegan. Fortunately Good Sir understood completely and asked if she could pick the place, as he had to admit he didn't know any good vegan eateries in the Los Angeles area. That made the ravishing redhead very happy. She liked it when a guy could just go with the flow. At the appropriate time of course. She was still hoping, rather confidently in fact, that in the bedroom he'd decide the flow and everything else.

Once the location was decided upon the waiting game was upon them both and while Madelaine for some reason couldn't imagine the man she'd been talking to was as air-kickingly giddy as she was, the perky starlet could only hope he was at least excited. The dinner was three days away and those days turned out feeling like three months. Throughout those seventy-two hours she went through her entire wardrobe a dozen times over before finally settling on the right number. Black skirt, open-toe strapped black heels, black jacket with a red and black patterned blouse. From her hair to her lips to her wardrobe on set, she just couldn't seem to escape the color red. However, as she looked herself over in the mirror, she couldn't deny that it looked damn good on her.

Dressed to the nines, Madelaine called a cab. Good Sir was not coming to pick her up. He suggested-yet-told her they were to meet at the restaurant separately. He believed him picking her up would set up some kind of expectation. Meeting there would set nothing like that, at least in his view. Madelaine went along with it. No real skin off her nose. It did however just making the tension that much higher.

It took anywhere from ten minutes to eternity for the cab to arrive and almost two forevers in the car before she arrived at the restaurant. She paid the driver, got out and headed inside. Though she didn't know exactly what Good Sir looked like, or even his name, he was in the same boat. They did give each other descriptions though. Madelaine detailed her outfit to the moment it was put together and he afforded her the same courtesy. With that information she scanned the lobby of the restaurant for men in greyish blue jackets, matching pants with a button up black shirt underneath. And glasses. Black-rimmed glasses.

Her eyes scanned the small lobby of the eatery, stopping for a few moments on any man who fit the bare bones description she had but came up short until her brown eyes met a matching pair behind a set of black-rimmed glasses.

There he was, but he didn't quite fit he image of him. That wasn't bad or anything. Rather, she found the actual good sir quite handsome. He was tall, which was a plus, and lean. The lean was what surprised her. He wasn't skinny or lanky by any means, but Madelaine had expected someone a big bigger to match the soothingly imposing aura put off by his words.

However, the way he carried himself as he walked over to her revealed that confident and gentle dominance. He knew it was her, the was no doubt and that was all in his stride. He wasn't pushing anyone out of his way. True, it wasn't crowded but there were a few people in his bee-line to her. However, they seemed to pass out his way without looking at him, sensing the same thing about him she did.

As he got closer Madelaine noticed Sir's hair. Black with a little bit of length but not too much. There was product in it as well, some strands hanging down in perfectly placed chaos. It was loose enough to appear as if it was random, but 100% under his control. She tried to surprise an excited smile as he finally came up to her.

"Madame?" he asked, confident he was right.

"Good Sir?" He nodded and smiled.

"Since I think it might be a bit rude for me to ask your true name first, namely because I know it already, allow me to introduce myself. Wayne Richmond."

Wayne stuck his hand out and Madelaine clasped it, his firm yet gentle grip making her melt a little. "You know my name?"

"Of course Madelaine," he said. "You're on TV; pretending I didn't know it would be insulting both you and me. Why dance around the issue?"

"Fair enough," Madelaine said. "Did you know the whole time or..."

"Just now," Wayne assured. "And even then, needed that last bit of confirmation. Would have just asked for a photo otherwise." That got a smile from her. "So, table for two?"

Madelaine nodded and the pair went to be seated. It wasn't long in getting a table, one for two in the middle of the room. The dining room itself was sparsely populated, the typical Tuesday night crowd. Once the host left them with their menus, the two were left alone, waiting for their server.

"So, what do you consider small talk?" Wayne asked.

"Stuff that doesn't really matter." Madelaine answered honestly. "The kind of back and forth about nothing that doesn't tell people anything about each other except all they can think of to break the ice is traffic and weather."

"Same page. I mean, how's that supposed to help me know you? I mean what a coincidence, we both hate traffic, that's a foundation to build something on."

"That's why I always think the questions should start with work," Madelaine said. "People always assume if you do that you're asking about money. Far from it. To me, what you do for a living is a good way to maybe find something out about a person, you know? I mean I'm not saying your job is your life or anything but it's something of some kind of substance. You can find out what people know how to do, what they really want to do."

"I agree with that," said Wayne. "However, the work path does leave me at bit of a disadvantage. I mean, I already know what you do. You vamp it up as a town's resident red-headed femme fatale. I know there's more to it than that but still, it's a healthy bit of info."

"And how's that an advantage?" Madelaine leaned in, smiling as she waited for his answer.

"Well, I would hate to think of shooing you away due to boring conversation, let alone monopolizing the boring."

"Doesn't that depend on my attention?"

"I suppose," Wayne admitted. "But you're a professional actor. I mean sure, downtime and all that but it's got to be at least fun more often then not."

"It can be," Madelaine said. "Friends to talk to, dogs to play with, someone usually has some kind of game system in their trailer. But still, sometimes weather makes the days longer and you just hit that wall where even fun seems like the single most draining thing on Earth and everything feels boring and tedious, regardless of something being your dream job. I mean I think that's a common thing, at least if someone loves what they do."

"Well I can't disagree with that."

"Well, how about some better frame of reference then?" Madelaine asked. "You know, just to see how much we relate on this subject."

"I sculpt and designs toys for a living," Wayne said. "Mainly collector level stuff. The really detailed stuff."

"Big companies?"

"For that niche market yeah. McFarlane, NECA, Super 7, guys like that. Mainly on accessories but I've done some of the main stuff."

"Nice. Sounds like you get your creative juices flowing on a daily basis. I think some of my friends might even have stuff you've worked on if you're in the collector market."

"I kind of double dip in it," Wayne said.


"Well it's not exactly original work but I 3-D print spare parts for older toys. 70-80s stuff that was easily breakable or with small parts that vanished because kids played with them. Usually Star Wars, He-Man, GI Joe. Nice little business for someone who just wants the toy to look it did when they were kid. 3D printer ended up paying for itself. I mean it's not making me Jeff Bezos but I'm certainly more comfortable."

"Creative and industrious, what a combo," Madelaine said. "This is why real talk is always better then small talk. So many breadcrumb trails to follow. From there, a lot of ways to get to know you."

"And how about getting to know you?" Wayne asked. "Unless you object of course."

"Not at all, thank you." Madelaine was getting more and more relaxed. Wayne still had the air of confidence and authority about him, but there was a built-in sense of gentleness to him. It was a quality Madelaine had found all too rare in many of her men, long or short term in their stays in her life.

"Your profile name, Madame. First off, congratulations on actually getting it. I mean you'd think a name like that would be snatched up within the first hour when the app came out."

"I know right? I got really freaking lucky."

"Any particular reasoning behind it?"

"It's pretty simple, if not a bit of an ego stroke. Big shock right? An actor feeding into their own ego with something no one else will pick up, especially coming from someone who would say "roll" and cut" when their parents would record home movies and ask about my lighting."

"I've heard worse."

"And I've seen it first hand," Madelaine said. "But the short and sweet of it is I think the word Madame sounds sexy and kind of fits into this....little world of ours and it kind of matches my name. Madame, Madelaine...I just like it."

"I don't know if I'd call that an ego stroke," Wayne said with a smirk. "In fact the main thing to mind was I thought it was clever. Sexy as well. You're right on the money there. Something about the structure and sound. Sensual, hot...one Hell of a name."

"You care to spill about what Good Sir means?" she asked, a dash of tease in her inquisitive tone.

"Well, in this thing of ours you hear terms like master thrown around a lot," he said.

"That you do."

"I'm not a fan of that term," he said, taking a sip of the complimentary water dropped off by the busser. "No offense to those that are. I can see the appeal of the term but I never want to be called it. Don't like the connotations. Feels too...sinister. Just doesn't work for me. I never want to hear anyone call me master during our private times. They both may begin with M but I thing Madame sounds so much more appealing than master. Master is far too harsh. Sir however? I think it rolls better off the proper tongues. And it sounds sexier to me. That's what it all  oils down to doesn't it?" Madelaine nodded. "As for the Good, I just needed something to fill the character limit and using it a phrase like Good Sir seemed far more appealing then adding extra Rs, three X's and the number sixty-nine."

"That's what caught my eye," Madelaine said. "It stood out."

"I guess that means I get to be the lucky one this time."

"Yeah, but you make your own luck."

"Don't we all?" he asked, once more sipping from his glass, a gesture Madelaine repeated.

"We're flirting right now aren't we?"

"And having good conversation," said Wayne. "Multi-tasking."

"Mmmm," Madelaine said while nodding. "Should we dig a little deeper then? I mean if we're going to avoid dancing around things maybe that should include where we met, at least virtually. I mean, it's not like it was Christian Mingle. Though honestly you're probably going to find way bigger kinks there once you start digging."

"Ha!" he laughed, deep and genuine. "Fair point. But, as I see our server is coming, how about we give him our order, then we can get into the nitty gritty of getting down and dirty?"

Madelaine agreed and shortly after the server took their order of what Madelaine assured Wayne was the biggest nacho platter he'd ever seen that had vegan queso to die for. He took her word for it and the server said it'd be right out.

"You know a lot of times guys who aren't vegan are hesitant to trust me," Madelaine said. "Like somehow I'm going to secretly order them nothing but bean sprouts using super secret vegan Morse code with my blinks or something. Because that's the vegan agenda of course; bland unseasoned vegetables for every meal."

"I'm familiar with the manifesto," Wayne joked back. "I learned a long time ago, defer to the experts. You're the vegan, I'm not so my tastebuds are in your hands."

"I like that," Madelaine said. "I don't know, I always expect someone who's more on the dominant side side be...resistant to help. Not always the case of course but it's happened enough to be something that crosses my mind every time."

"Not my style."

"Then what is?" she asked with a smirk and raised eyebrow.

"I think I'm fairly ordinary outside of the bedroom. But if we're focusing strictly on the bedroom, I want to be clear about one thing. That thing is dominance isn't overbearing. It's not threatening. Personally when I hear what some do in that position without being asked to or having it made clear the sub is in to it doesn't sound like dominance to me, it just sounds like someone wanting to hurt someone else and call it sex. I prefer pleasure spiked with pain. Just the slightest tinge. Like the salt on a margarita glass."

"Exactly," Madelaine agreed.

"It sounds like every page turned to is one we're both on," Wayne said. "Promising. Of course it also helps that I'm enjoying just talking to you in general."

"Thank you," she said. "You're not exactly boring either. I really do find the whole toy sculpting thing interesting. I mean some of the stuff my friends have, I kind of get lost in looking at them. I love catching all the details. Like a good painting."

"Maybe I'll show you some of my work some time," Wayne said. "I get comps of it. I don't really put it on display because that just seems gauche but I could dig them out of storage if you ever wanted to see. Though not tonight. Inviting you over to my place seems a little forward right now."

"Well, let's just see where things take us," Madelaine said, letting a little bit of her Cheryl Blossom flirtiness sneak out. She agreed with his assessment of course but that didn't mean they couldn't be just a wee bit playful about it.

The playfulness continued through the night of shared nachos. Though the end goal both parties had in mind for this outing was simply finding out if there was enough chemistry there for a sexual partner for a few romps. As hours went by like minutes however, both were discovering something a bit more stable than a fuck buddy.

Still, the pair went Dutch on the meal, Madelaine Venmo'ing the cash to Wayne before they left. Wayne however insisted on handling the tip, which was fine with Madelaine. When she noticed he overtipped, she knew this was going to be something more than a round of fuck and run when it got to that point.

"Want to take the same cab?" Wayne asked as they headed for the exit. "We can even stop by my place first if your nervous about a stranger knowing where you live."

"Well you're not really a stranger anymore, are you?" Madelaine asked with friendly and flirtatious tone. "Yeah, I'm cool with that."

It didn't take long to hail a cab once they were outside. It was an SUV number and both got in the backseat of the car. After getting both their addresses, the cabbie was off to Wayne's place first.

"You know I really don't mind if you see my place," Madelaine told him as they headed off. "I mean I'm pretty confident that's going to end up being a destination for you at some point."

"Really?" Wayne asked. "I did that well?"

"Flying colors." Madelaine answered.

"Then I suppose this isn't an issue." Wayne leaned over and pressed his lips to Madelaine's, a gesture returned and added upon as she insisted on tasting his tongue with hers.

"Far from it," she said as he pulled back, licking at his lips before they were too far away.

"Then I also hope this wouldn't be too out of place." Wayne placed his hand on Madelaine's thigh. She looked up at him, the brown eyes giving off a very green light message. As his hand went further up the smooth skin of her leg her red lips turned up into a grin. She was about to speak when he shushed her.

"Act normal, Madame," he said, her screen name sounding even more sexual when she heard it come from his authoritative yet-whisper quiet voice. "As normal as you can. Look ahead, look all around...but don't let him know...this is for us. Understood?"

"Yes," she said.

"Yes what?" His hand was up her skirt, his fingertips just barely touching the damp spot quickly forming on her panties.

"Yes...yes sir." Madelaine turned her focus ahead just as the idea of her trying to not sell what was going on. The gentle touch of his fingers on her thigh. They danced there briefly before pushing her panties her panties aside and getting acquainted with her velvet depths.

Madelaine bit her lip and tried to choke on the moan that was desperate to come out. Two of Wayne's fingers were inside of her, conducting a symphony of pleasure inside of her. He may have played as though everything was casual but Madelaine could quite literally feel how his attention was 100% her...or maybe the mathematically impossible 110% as she felt his thumb begin to play with her clit.

The smile gave it away. The barely there smile. He knew full well what he was doing to her, what Madelaine desperately wanted to do. He knew she wanted to lay down and let him have his way with her, back of a cab or not. She wanted to scream in tongues of her passion. Instead, she was doing what he told her, as best she could. This was her test as the dinner was his. And it was straight A's so far. Sure, she shivered when he got her in just the right place. A tiny moan sometimes escaped from between those luscious red lips, but it was stifled. She was looking forward, doing everything in her power to play it as normal as possible while melting in his hands. Just watching her he was sharing many of her urges. He couldn't wait to make her melt in his mouth as well.

Madelaine ached for this as well. Every cell of her being screamed for her to lay back and let Wayne have it, to take her in any way he wanted. But she didn't. And not for the obvious reason. Sure, she was in a taxi and while that was certainly on her mind it was the main reason. That was that Wayne had told her different. Wayne had told her to act normal. To not sell for a moment how good he was making her feel. She was doing all right, though a couple things slipped that Madelaine was able to cover as a cough or yawn. As Wayne turned up the heat on her however she must have seemed dead tired to the driver during a yawning fit.

"I bet you want to cum," Wayne whispered in her ears. Madelaine turned to him, her lips pursed tightly together as she nodded in return. "I'm going to let you...just not yet." Wayne then turned his attention to the driver. "I'm sorry, we must seem like total asses being so quiet and all."

"Nah, not at all," said the driver. "Most people just stare at their phones anyway. No skin off my back but thanks anyway."

"Must drive you crazy sometimes," Wayne said, his fingers continuing in their quest to make Madelaine squirm and shiver. "You know, all the silence."

"You know I see where you'd think that but honestly it just gives me a lot of time to think. I mean now that's there's GPS and all that I don't even need directions or nothing so it's pretty much all me, myself and I. Get a lot of good thinking done."

"I bet." Wayne replied. He continued his conversation with the taxi driver while his fingers operated with surgical precision within Madelaine. The skilled way in which his thumb pressed her button and his fingers waltzed within her, how he hit every sweet spot in her liked he choreographed the dance ahead of time was making the struggle to contain the pleasure a full on war.

A pause in the conversation brought Wayne's full attention back to Madelaine as his lips back to her ear.

"You'll get to cum soon," he whispered. "I promise. You still want that, don't you?"

"Yes sir," she whispered back.

"Good. I just need to ask you one thing."

"W-what is it?" she asked, her eyes on him. "What is it, sir?"

"Do you want me to kiss you?" Wayne asked, his lips barely containing his smile.

"Yes sir." Her full lips were met once more with his as his fingers began to work their magic on her g-spot, casting a spell of pleasure that was fixing to rock her like she hadn't been rocked in far too long.

"You can cum now," he whispered once more. "But...keep it quiet. We don't want our friend in the driver's seat to know, do we?" One more kiss and Wayne turned his attention back to the driver, though that was only surface level as Madelaine could feel within that she was the recipient of his focus, falling deeper into the fog of pleasure her was leading her into.

"Looks to be getting close to the first stop huh?" Wayne said, Madelaine on the edge of orgasmic oblivion.

"Looks like sir," the driver said, oblivious to the situation behind him. "Any second now."

"Sounds about right," Wayne said, flashing a grin at Madelaine who at this point couldn't help but at the very least breathe deep. Anything could push her over the edge at that point and anything did. The cab slowed down to take a speed bump, however what speed couldn't do gravity would take care of with the sudden rise up and down hitting a Konami code inside of the redhead, unlocking everything that had been building up in the fifteen minute cab ride.

Her mind, body, and soul all wanted to cry out in that moment, but she held it for Wayne and his smile made it all worth it as her cunt constricted and squeezed around his fingers. Her pale skin flushed and pink, sweat on her brow, Madelaine was out of breath and exhausted from both the orgasm and herculean effort it took to hold it all in.

Wayne withdrew his fingers from the ginger's snatch and brought them to his lips, sucking them clean, which made Madelaine's hunger grow once more. However, reality was about to intrude on that.

"First stop," the driver said, pulling up to Wayne's apartment building.

"That it is," Wayne said,. He gave Madelaine a kiss goodbye. A quick one, but still enough to taste herself on his lips. "So, see you next week?"

"Definitely," Madelaine said with a big smile. "Can't wait."

"The feeling is very mutual." Wayne got out and handed the driver some cash. "That should cover myself and the lady. Whatever's left, you keep it."

The driver looked at the hundred dollar bill in his hand. "Uh, you know what you gave me, right?"


"Well all right," said the driver. Wayne then gave Madelaine a wink before he entered his building.

As she was driven back to her place Madelaine knew it was going to be a long week. Wayne had left quite the impression. And while it was a long week, it wasn't quite what Madelaine expected. She and Wayne and exchanged numbers and he had called her the next day. His voice calm, but assertive and it made Madelaine melt like butter.

Under his careful direction she masturbated for him. He directed her very movement during these calls. Never harsh nor a cross word but Madelaine knew when he hit a certain tone of voice, a calm and soothing authority, that she would do whatever he said because it was guaranteed to make her feel something beyond words.

On her couch, in her bed, in the kitchen, in her car before driving to her personal training session, and finally on the bathtub. It was almost upon that one week mark and he was given her one last bit of aural pleasure before things got very real between them once more.

"Ohhhhh Goddddd," Madelaine cried out. While the taxi had its unique charm, the at home sessions meant she could more full enjoy herself with Wayne, even if he was a few miles away. She reclined in her large tub, breasts just below the sudsy water of the bubble bath she was submerged in and her hand between her legs, working her pussy to Wayne's explicit directions.

"Feels good doesn't it?" he said, voice emanating from Madelaine's phone, resting the wide lip of the tub. "Tell me."

"Yes...yes sir it does," the redhead moaned, eyes shut tight as the turned her own dial all the way. "Oh....oh my god.....so good...."

"Do you know tomorrow you're going to feel even better?" he asked. "I can guarantee you that...you just have to do one little thing for me."

"Anything sir," she said, desperate pleasure in her voice.

"I need you to not cum tonight." He said. "I need you to stop right now."


"I thought you said you wanted to feel even better than you do now?"

"I do..."

"Then do as I say and I guarantee it."

"Yes sir," Madelaine said, pulling her hand away from herself.

"Don't be so glum. It will be worth it. Don't you trust me?"

"Yes sir," Madelaine said. "I trust you."

"Then know I'm not lying. I only have one last request. Well two, honestly. You can call me by my name now."

"No problem Wayne," she said with a smile, her voice getting casual once more just as his was now. "What's the other thing?"

"Tomorrow, I want you to wear that outfit from your profile. I want you in that."

"Mmmm, nice to know you enjoyed it."

"I can't think of anyone who wouldn't," Wayne said. "So, we on?"

"Like you wouldn't believe. See you then. Bye."

"Bye." The line went silent and Madelaine reclined in her bath, tense from the ending that wouldn't come until the next night but relaxed beyond belief. She couldn't wait for what the following night would bring.

While the night wasn't exactly sleepless, it did take a little longer than usual for the redhead to drift into slumber without the release she was expecting. She told herself something even better was coming the next night and that positive affirmation helped. Though it wasn't so much an escape as it was a slight numbing of her desires. Her dreams were filled with images of what might be. And though her fingers wandered between her legs, even in slumber she kept her word to Wayne.

Sleeping in fact was the easy part. Once she woke up and had her shower and matcha tea the waiting game went into hard mode. The clock even seemed to jump back a minute or two as she waited. Finally it was 4:00, two hours before she had to be over to Wayne's. Close enough to the event that she could start getting ready.

Shower, make-up, hair; she took extra care with it all. Just the right lavender scented soap, the perfect shade of red on her lips and getting every hair just where it needed to be. Then came the outfit. Piece by piece she put it on, finishing up by zipping up her thigh high boots and fastening the choker in place. The last non visual piece of the puzzle was a light spritzing of perfume, just enough to play with the lavender scent from her bath. Sure by the end of the night she's most like be a laughing , sweaty heap, dick drunk with hair all over the place but just because a gourmet meal was going to leave behind an messy plate didn't mean presentation didn't matter.

Everything looked perfect and she looked at the clock. 5:15. It was time. She put a coat on, covering the outfit and grabbed her purse, smiling wide the entire short trip to her car. And that excited smile didn't fade, even in L.A. traffic. Now time seemed to go by in a flash.

It was 5:45 by the time she made it to Wayne's apartment. She pulled into his parking garage and handed the guard her ID as instructed and he gave her a guest parking pass and gave her directions to the assigned spot. Once she parked her car and set the pass in the windshield she headed out towards the elevator, barely able to contain the excitement she felt. She was already wet, desperate to see what he had in store.

Time slowed down one more, teeter tottering like mad as her craving grew. The numbers on the elevator seemed to take forever and a half to change until finally she hit Wayne's floor and walked to his door. Her knocks sounded thunderous in her ears, like time had finally slowed to a complete crawl until she her the door unlock and open, revealing Wayne behind it. He was dressed far more formally than their first date. Black jacket, white shirt, black tie, even his hair was far more coifed and in order. She liked it and the aura he projected, the authority...the dominance.

"Well hello," he said. "Come in." he held the door open for her and once Madelaine was in he shut and and locked it behind her. She took in his place. It was sizeable for an apartment. It was pretty much a loft for all intents and purposes. There were a few unique aspects to it, as in the redhead's experience most lofts didn't have closets or cupboards. His kitchen was unique as well, though not anything she hadn't seen before. It had all the usual things, but also had a flair to it with a higher cabinet and barstools along it. It all seemed to fit though, especially with the assorted posters on the wall among the other knick knacks.

"Hope being early isn't an issue," she said, removing her coat and showing him the outfit that caught his eye live an in person as an added bit of punctuation.

"I'd rather have you early than not at all." he replied.

"Good call." She smiled at him, taking a seat on one of the barstools and laying her coat on the one next to her. She loved these few moments before the real action started, a few fleeting moments of being the one in charge before giving herself over to someone else.

"Can i get you something to drink?" Wayne asked, heading to the kitchen. He went to cupboard and took out two glasses then opened the fridge. "Nothing alcoholic though. I don't really think that's appropriate, to be honest. I want any inhibition you let go of to be 100% of your volition."

"How gentlemanly. What are my choices?"

"Mainly juices and La Croix. I'm just going to have some plain club soda with a bit of lime."

"Sounds perfect." Madelaine said. Drinks were poured, lime was added and the two toasted to the night ahead. Madelaine licked her lips after the first sip, the light tartness of the lime delightful. Then Wayne walked back around the bar to face Madelaine, give her something beyond the club soda when he placed his lips to hers in a deep, sensual kiss. "As was that."

His eyes connected with hers and the switch was flipped. Conversation could wait. There were far more pressing matters to deal with.

"Would you like to see something fun?" Wayne asked.

"Yes," Madelaine said.

"Yes what?"

"Yes sir." She smiled at him and he returned one right back at her. She spun on the barstool in the direction he walked. Wayne went to a wardrobe near his bed, opening it up and taking a shiny wooden box out of it. Her eyes widened in anticipation of this new mystery.

"Come here,' he said, his tone soft but the demand was clearly there, so Madelaine did so. The heels of her boots click-clacked on the wooden floor of the apartment right up until she stopped just in front of him. "You know what I never got the appeal of in this whole...thing? Handcuffs. I mean sure, I get them. Their use is rather apparent. But...the roughness of it. I know, of course, some people love it. The way the metal of the cuff can leave a mark. Or rope burn if that's your thing in restraint. However, me? I'm not the biggest fan. To me the important thing is the restraint itself. Making sure you move just how much I want you to move."

He opened the box to show a pair bracers, connected by a piece of metal. They were lined on the inside with a cushioning over the metal. The outside however was all real steal, shiny and elegant in a way.

"I fashioned these myself. They do the trick. Would you like to see?"

"Yes sir," nodded Madelaine. He kissed her softly and took the bracers out, setting the box down on the floor then walking behind her. The sound of Madelaine breathing deeply as his hand touched her porcelain skin was music to his ears. Gently he grabbed her arms, gentle but in that grip was an order to give in. An order easily followed. He traced down to her wrist on each arm before putting them in each band of his bracer-cuffs, fastening them on her.

"See this...this is what I like," he said, kissing he bare skin of shoulder. "Besides, who would want to blemish a single inch of this perfect body?" The next kiss went to her neck and Madelaine's head rolled back on his shoulder, completely succumbing to his touch. She was clay in his hands as they moved all over her body, ready to be shaped into what ever he wanted.

Wayne moved back to the front and went to the box, removing a key on a small bit of string.

"You know what this is for," he said. "Before we go any further, safe word?"

"Albuquerque." Madelaine replied.


"Yeah...I mean I'm not going to say Albuquerque when I cum."

"Good point." Wayne tied the key around his neck and approached Madelaine. "Now, do you want to know what I want?"

"Yes sir."

"Well, for starters," Wayne said, bringing his hand to her face, Madelaine instinctively sucking on his thumb as he caressed her face. "I want that mouth of yours."

Madelaine nodded as Wayne took his thumb from her mouth. She carefully fell to her knees, look up at him. "Please sir...please let me service your cock."

He smirked at her. "Well since you're being so well-behaved..." He unbuckled his belt and pulled it off, looping it up and caressing the strip of leather over the bare flesh of Madelaine's shoulders and then down and over her breasts. before letting it fall to the ground.

Wayne's zipper was next, pulling it down and opening his fly. Madelaine's eyes grew wide in anticipation of finally seeing what she'd been hungry for going on a week. And there it was in all it's hard, thick glory when he pulled his pants to his knees. Her mouth was actually watering at the sight of it. She actually pulled against her restraints, aching to feel it in her hand.

"Well, do I need to tell you what to do or can you figure it out?"

The captivated redhead looked up at him, swallowing a bit as she tentatively move her mouth towards his crotch. She didn't however got for his cock first, but to the area around it, softly kissing his left thigh, circling the spot with her tongue before moving a bit closer to the throbbing stalk, her hot breath teasing the borders of pleasure and giving Wayne a taste of the anticipation cocktail.

Madelaine was right at the base of his rod. She let her tongue out and began to lick the base the slowly drug it up his length, planting a kiss in the middle before reaching the tip. Her eyes looked to Wayne for approval, which he gave with a wordless nod. Her tongue, the pinkness of it wonderfully contrasting with the deep red of her now smudged lipstick, extended from her mouth, making first contact with the mushroom tip of his cock. A soft but controlled grunt escaped Wayne as Madelaine swirled her tongue slowly around his cockhead.

After a few revolutions Madelaine traced her tongue down the other side of his cock to the based and back up again. Her mouth then hovered over the head, her eyes gazing up at Wayne.

"May I?"


She barely contained the smile before wrapping her lips around the head. The initial sucking was soft and slowly, giving that throbbing bundle of nerves all her attention. Her tongue ran in slow, sweet circles at the underside before pausing to do another rotation all the way around before resuming the fantastic friction.

Just when it was about to be too much Madelaine changed tactics, giving his glans a brief reprieve as she ventured a bit further down his cock and began the cocksucking in earnest.

"Mmmm so good....doing so good," Wayne said, holding his hands behind him and letting Madelaine do all the work. That's what she was there for and clearly was getting lost in her work. It didn't take long for the skilled redhead to build up a strong rhythm.

Not using her hands was a delightful challenge for Madelaine, one she took on with glee. It was still all about paying the right amount of attention to the right spots. Giving the crown the right amount of polish and not too much, finding just the right spots on the shaft that made him shake like jelly.

Of course with it being hands free, it was a lot messier with saliva and spittle drooling from her hungry mouth. Not that it was a bad thing. It just made Madelaine hotter and made her suck him harder and hungrier, craving the cum he'd been promising her for a week.

Madelaine decided to press the issue, forcing herself further down on his massive muscle and taking him into her throat right to the root. This made Wayne wince. He was expecting it by long shot, especially not so soon. And Madelaine held herself there, his cock throbbing in the exquisite captivity she was now providing. Finally she had to pull back to gulp in some much needed air.

"Very good," Wayne said, caressing her cheek as she breathed in deep. "Impressive even."

"Thank you sir," Madelaine said, her breath regained. That breath escaped her lips in escalation, soft choking moans as he began to run his saliva-coated cock along her face. He smiled as Madelaine got lost in the delicious depravity of it. The redhead genuinely loved the sensation of his dick gliding across her face, spit mixing with precum and sweat before he withdrew.

"Now you're going to do that again," he said, brushing stray locks of ginger hair from her face. "And this time I'm even going to help you. Doesn't that sound nice?"

"Yes sir...please sir. Let me taste your cock again." Madelaine's eyes pleaded just as much as her voice had. Wayne couldn't say no.

"Open your mouth," he ordered. Madelaine complied, opening up as Wayne guided his dick into the hot, wet confines of her mouth. Once her lips sealed around the rim her brought his hand to head head. He stroked her hair back and held it in place as he began to thrust into her mouth.

The redhead moaned, once more pulling against her bonds, needing to touch herself. her pussy was sopping by this point and aching for attention. And still she gave herself to him completely, letting Wayne fuck her mouth and drowning in the desire.

GLAG GLAG GLAG, the sounds of the throat fucking Madelaine was receiving echoed through the loft, silent only for a brief moment when Wayne held her head tight, pushing himself once more in to the hilt and holding himself there. Madelaine added a little garnish to it, extending her tongue out and tickling his balls.

"Yeah...oh fuck yes....oh god...", grunted Wayne, thrusting into Madelaine's mouth, the redhead almost willing the cum from his balls with her mouth. She was his fucktoy until he had to stop, knowing it's be too much for him to keep going...then Madelaine pushed the issue. He stopped thrusting but she refused to stop sucking him and at the end of the day it just felt too good to even think about stopping the miracle mouth of Madelaine.

"Oh shit!" Wayne said, finally yanking his cock from Madelaine's mouth and the redhead dutifully tilting her head back, mouth open and waiting for her reward. Two pumps free from her mouth and that reward came exploding from his cock, splatting on the redhead's face, her tongue, and her cleavage, the hot white streams of cum streaking in her hair and on the black vinyl of her top.

Madelaine was breathless, breathing deep but far from exhausted. The hot warmth of the cum on her only seemed to fuel her even more. She swallowed what had landed on her tongue and licked around her mouth to gather what she could, though there was a lot she couldn't reach. One of her eyes was sealed shut, a rope hitting it diagonally during the cumshot chaos.

That wasn't a problem for two long as Wayne lended a helping hand, first clearing her eye then getting the rest up with his fingers to her mouth, Madelaine happily and hungrily sucking his fingers clean.

Wayne then squatted down, eye level to Madelaine. "Do I taste good?" he asked.

"Delicious sir." She answered.

"Would you like to do a taste test?" Wayne took his hand and slid it down her stomach and under her tight vinyl shorts, dipping his fingers into her dripping wet snatch and pulling them out. He then brought them to her mouth and Madelaine lurched forward, sucking herself off of them. Before he pulled them out. He then returned his fingers to her cunt once more, wetting them then scooped up the cum left on her cleavage and offered her a mixture which she also eagerly sucked him clean again.

"How does it all taste?"

"Like heaven," Madelaine said.

"Heaven? Oh Madelaine...you haven't seen heaven yet. Stand up."

The redhead got to her feet and Wayne took the key from around his neck and moved behind her, taking the bracers off. She moved her hands to her front rubbing her wrists. There were no deep indentations. No cuts, not a bruise or burn. But the sweet pain was their. The ache to be released and the aftermath. She hoped it wouldn't be the last she'd see of those lovely confines.

Wayne paced back to her front, stopping in front of her. He had slid his pants completely off now and removed his tie, shirt and jacket in a civilized fashion. Folding his clothes and setting them to the side. He then looked at her quizzically. "You know, this isn't right don't you?"

"What's not right sir?"

"You still have those clothes on." he answered. "Does that seem fair to you?" She shook her head. "Then do something about it. And you know what? I'll even help you."

"Thank you sir," Madelaine said. Wayne stepped forward and slowly pull the zipper down from her vinyl stop, opening it and leaving it hanging on her fit form. "You finish it. I'll handled the rest."

Madelaine smiled and nodded excitedly, letting the top slide from her shoulders and down to the ground, her tits out and proud on display.

"Gorgeous," Wayne said, pausing from his mission to unclothe the pale beauty to get up close and personal with her tits and their pink-candy colored puffy nipples. His touch as he cupped them felt absolutely electric to Madelaine, and it went from a shock to a full on lightning storm when he sucked on those nipples, tongue swirling around them and he hopped from tit to tit and back again.

"Oh god...." Madelaine cried when Wayne too her nipple between her teeth. He gave just the right pressure, pulling and tugging the tender flesh. "More...please...please sir more..."

Being the kind host he was, Wayne gave in, happily giving both beautiful breasts equally hungry treatment. He would have happily spent all day there if there wasn't other delicious destination that he wanted to get a taste of. Her breasts, covered in the hot saliva of Wayne were left alone as he began to travel down her body, a trail of bits and kisses going down below her navel where the vinyl pants began. Wayne ran his hand over her vinyl-covered ass, squeezing that lovely apple bottom before moving to the front. Once more there was a zipper between him and paradise, however there were two more barrier added. As sexy as the were on her long legs, the thigh-high boots were a bit in the way of peeling off the ultra-tight vinyl.

He kiss her inner thigh then caressed the spot with his hand before grabbing the zipper on one of her boots and pulling down then repeated the process on the other leg. Both boots were gone and Madelaine lost a couple inches in height but not in desire. The path was clear for her to be just as bare as Wayne was.

It was a sight to behold for sure. While Wayne had already probed her depths with his fingers, seeing her wet cunt was a unique delight on it's own. Wet and glistening lips, pink against the rest of her pale flesh and standing out just as much as the patch of bright red pubic hair, neatly trimmed and groomed into a triangle just above her slit.

It was too mouthwatering for Wayne not to take a taste.

"Ooooohhhh god yessss," whined Madelaine. She couldn't help herself as she moved her hands to the back of Wayne's head as he dined on her pussy. She wasn't holding it in place, not even swimming pleasure would she do such a thing. But she just had to touch him, feel him as his tongue sent shivers up her spin, priming her for something much bigger.

Wayne pulled back and turned Madelaine around to put that perfect pale peach front and center to his face. he ran his hands over the single most perfect ass he'd ever seen, admiring the clear work Madelaine put into making it as round and juicy as it was. If a butt could be considered a work of art then Madelaine was a sculptor on par with Michelangelo. All that and Madelaine's ass was a lot more pleasing to the touch than anything found in a museum.

Madelaine purred like a cat, wanting to melt into the ground when Wayne began to eat her ass. Goosebumps upon goosebumps rose all over her sweat-glistened body as he tongued her starfish, his hands groping big handfuls of her luscious cheeks before he pulled away and rose to his feet, turning Madelaine around to face him.

"You are a work of art, you know that?" Wane said, running his hand through her scarlet locks.

"Thank you sir," she said,, moving her cheek to his hand to feel his tender caress.

"But...I didn't say you cold touch me, did I. And yet you grabbed my head..."

"I'm sorry sir."

"It's all right...but you do know there's a toll to pay now, don't you?"

She nodded, making a show of it by adding an innocent and nervous gulp to her motions.

"Shhhhh," her said, lifting her chin up to look at him. "Something tells me you won't mind in the least." He picked the bracers up and presented them to her. "Want to see something fun about this little toy?" He ran his hands of the middle of the device, where the key went. "There's a nice little feature."

"Will you show me sir?"

He nodded. He pointed out a small bump on the underside of it and pressed it. A near inaudible click was heard and the lock changed position from vertical to horizontal, putting some space between the bracers.

"It's not just cosmetic," Wayne said. "Still locks nice and tight. Would you like to see?"

"Very much, sir." Madelaine replied with stars in her eyes. He looped his index finger around the chrome hoop in her choker and led her to the final destination of the night, his bed. It was large to the point calling it "king-sized" would be an understatement. The sheets were black and satin to the touch when Wayne sat her down. She looked up at hi, her doe eyes asking for the next instruction.

"Lay back," he said, calm yet direct. It was not a request and Madelaine didn't take it as such. She laid her head on her bed, still looking to him for what was to happen next. "Hands at the headboard." She did this as well and watched as he climbed on top of her, re-attaching the bracers to her, the new configuration of them making it very easy to bind her to the headboard. "Comfy?"

"Mmm hmm," she nodded, smiling softly and anticipating what he was going to do. Madelaine's eyes went from his face to read him to his cock, almost back at full mast resting in the valley of her breasts. Madelaine moaned softly, lightly struggling against the bracers already as Wayne grabbed her tits and pressed them around his cock.

"Such a perfect body....I just don't know where to start," he said, softly thrusting between her tits. "I mean technically I started with that triple A mouth...but we both know this is what we've been craving for a week...and these wonderful tits are as perfect a place to start as any.

Wayne reached over to a nearby bed stand and grabbed a tube of lubrication, squirting a dollop on his cock, making it nice and slick before placing it back between Madelaine's titties. As Wayne began to thrust his dick between her porcelain globes Madelaine moaned in response and it wasn't for show. While being titty-fucked was never going to make her cum the scarlet submissive cum it nevertheless added a little sizzle to the steak. It was pure desire, using any part of her body to make him feel good. Every inch of her was viable and it just made her feel all the more wanted.

Of course Wayne's own growls and grunts of satisfaction did that, as well as the look of pure pleasure on his face while his pulsing penis took her tits. The restraints proved just as effective now as they had when she was on her knees when Wayne began to tug, pinch and squeeze Madelaine's nipples. Her body contorted and that pain-spiked pleasure returned as she armed were put to a sudden stop, her arms tugging hopelessly to get free as her body was flashing with neon flashes of pleasure.

Wayne backed off just as Madelaine's enjoyment reached a crescendo. Still not close to coming but the sudden crash down elicited a sexy and desperate whine from the porcelain princess.

"Oh, you want more?" Wayne said, kneeling between her legs. "I'm going to make that happen sweet thing." He ran his hands along her tone legs, giving them some TLC and admiration. "Is that what you want?"

"Yes sir." She replied, almost begging. Still...it was just almost.

"Then ask. Beg."

"Pleaseeeeee," she whined, gyrating her hips as he knelt between her legs.

"Please what?"

"Please....please fuck me. Please sir...please I need it....I need you...your cock....fill me...please sir...."

That made him smile and that only got wider as her hand his hand over her stomach, feeling her excited breath rise and fall before lifting her up slightly, her legs instinctively wrapping around him. She was almost like a teeter totter with her arms and shoulders still on the bed and her plump booty being held up by Wayne with one hand. His other hand was busy guiding his cock inside of paradise.

"Fuuuuuck yesss...", Madelaine hissed. She couldn't contain. the craving was too strong. His cock filled her, both a perfect fit and tight. The right kind of tight. The kind of tight she wished was more common.

Wayne would have agreed with that assessment if he could read Madelaine's mind. Instead he settled for reading her body, her face. Both of those were screaming out for more and he obliged, thrusting deep, his cock head hitting against her cervix before withdrawal.

Madelaine writhed on the bed, tugging and pulling against her restraints. Moans, panting, growls and grunts replaced commands and pleading. Wayne was pounding Madelaine's hot, tight cunt at a furious speed, her breasts bouncing to the beat of colliding flesh that sounded like the drumbeat of a death metal song.

"Ahhhhhhh yessss!" she said, words finally forming the mush of pleasure and lust course through her veins like a new drug. She was being ravaged and needed more. Her body was demanding more and a release all at the same time. That release however wouldn't come until Wayne wished it.

He laid her flat back on the bed and pressed her body against her, his cock slowly down, hips swiveling as it happened. "Shhhh," he said, kissing her. As it broke he pressed his index finger to her lips, Madelaine trying to suck it in as he pulled it away. "I want you to cum on my cock baby...can you do that for me?"

"Yes sir," she said, moving her hips with his.

"Do you promise?"

"Yes sir...please sir...make me cum..."

He nodded and switched things up again once more, testing Madelaine's flexibility now. She was on her shoulders now, her thighs on his shoulders as Wayne drove his deepest into, mining new depths of pleasure. Madelaine's moans went low, eyes rolling in the back of her head as he jackhammered down into her. She was beyond speech and so close to her edge all she needed was a pinky to knock over. Fortunately she had a battering ram ready to full on throw her over.

"YES! YESYESYESYESYEEEEEESSSSSS!" she cried, her pussy spasming like a velvet vice around his cock as she fell to the depths of lust.

"Fucking cum!" he yelled, adding his fingers to her clit as his cock continued. "For this cock! Fucking cum for me!!!!"

The redhead shivered like she was lost in the arctic, the pleasure in her blood white hot and ice cold at the same time. While still in the thick of it Wayne pulled out of her convulsing snatch and unlocked the bracers once more. He pulled the dick drunk redhead onto wobbly knees and looked directly in her eyes.

"My turn to cum now," he said. He held her up with one hand while the other told the tale of what he wanted before he could say, squeezing a cheek of her ass extra tight. "You know what i want, don't you Madelaine?"

"Yes sir," she said, her voice delirious. "I...I want it too..."

"Then say it...ask for it."

"My ass. I want you to fuck my ass sir...I want to cum with that hard dick up my ass...sir."

"Such manners deserve a reward," Wayne said, kissing her before turning Madelaine around on his bed and bending her over. He re-lubed his cock and pressed it against her sinfully tight asshole, both of them gasping as he passed the threshold.

"Ohhhh godddddd," Madelaine said, mouth hanging open and eyes shut. She gripped the sheets tight as more and more of his thick mass took up real estate in her rectum. "Ahhhh....that so fucking bg back there....oh wow...."

"So good baby," he said, caressing her round cheeks. "Look how good you're doing....such a good girl...so fucking good..."

"Mmmm thank you sir....oh....oh don't stop...please...fuck me...fuck my ass..."

And he didn't. That thought would never even cross his or any other sane man's mind. But the words...the pleading in it for more? He could hear that all day. And how it all increased as his pace did.

It' was all gradual. He wanted to make sure she was used to his girth before he went anything approaching full blast. Tenderness before the tempest. Inch by inch he worked in, pulling out then squeezing just that little bit more in on the next turn all while her rubbed her clit. More of that sweet pain.

Every stroke, every pump Madelaine got more relaxed and Wayne just went that much harder. Her voice was still light and airy but the grimace faded into a sweet smile, urging him on with soft coos and moans. Before long thing got just frantic enough for Wayne to bind her wrists once more, but now with a far more "hands on" approach.

He leaned over and grabbed Madelaine's wrists, holding them together behind her back with his hand as he picked up speed.

"Oh god!" she cried. "Yes! Yes...oh take me...pound my asshole...make it yours...or fuck make it yours...sir please use it and fucking cum in me!"

He had her like that, at his total mercy, for a while. The redhead crying for more and thrashing her ginger locks all over as he took her request and took her ass. He knew he wasn't going to last much longer, but he wanted Madelaine to earn his cum.

He pulled her up to bring his lips to her ear. He released her hands and roughly grabbed and squeezed at her tits. "You want this cum dear?" he asked.

"Yes sir." she replied, hanging on his every word and movement.

"Then earn it," he said, pushing back on all fours. "Prove you deserve my cum inside you."

She looked over her shoulder and nodded. She pressed her hand against the top of the headboard and began to push back against his thrust, loud clapping as her ass met his pelvis, the rapid rhythm so hard fast the bed was squeaking across the floor.

"Please shoot it sir," she pleaded. "F-fill me up...I need it! I need your cum!"

"Then cum again," demanded Wayne, hammering her ass and diddling her clit. "You cum and I fucking cum!"

It was a request Madelaine's body was ready to give into. The anal and clitoral stimulation made threw her right off that cliff once more, her asshole clamping down tight around Wayne's cock and taking him with her for the plunge this time.

"Fuuuuccckkkk!!!!!" he yelled, his voicing melting into Madelaine's own final orgasmic cry. He slammed once more into her ass and his cum exploded for the last time that night, filling Madelaine asshole with his white hot liquid lust.

His tap empty and cock wilting her pulled out of Madelaine's rump and collapsed on the bed next her. The exhausted redhead found her way into his arms and received a kiss to her forehead for her efforts.

"Mmmm thank you sir," she said in dreamy voice. "May I have another?"

"You definitely earned it," he said. "Along with a good night's sleep."

"I'll take it." Madelaine got nice and cozy in Wayne's arms. All in all, not a bad result from a dating app.
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Re: Sweet Pain starring Madelaine Petsch
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Little bit of a departure from your usual stuff, and I must say, that it absolutely works so so well in this.  The intense build up, the subtle roles of sub and dom expertly played off of one another in a way that felt genuine, fresh and unique.  Bravo my friend!

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