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Author Topic: Moonshine starring Ariana Grande  (Read 4284 times)


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Moonshine starring Ariana Grande
« on: September 07, 2021, 08:32:02 PM »
All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a word of it occurred, nor would it.

Starring Ariana Grande
(MF, Cons, Oral, Anal)
By MaxwellLord

A surprising amount work went in to casual sex. The name itself implied the term to be something with no thought to be put into it. Sure it could be like that, however like most things effort went a long way. Or that's at least what Fred Batson and Ariana Grande found.

Though at this point it wasn't THAT casual. There was no misunderstanding between them. This was lust, not love. They had nothing in common except the desire to cum with one another. That much was obvious when they first met at some big gala, the kind where everyone pretends they're having a good time at and actually wearing comfortable clothes. The moment they locked eyes everything was understood.

It wasn't love at first sight. Neither saw growing old with each other, surrounded by generations of spawn around them with smiling faces. What they saw was him fucking her in a variety of positions. They saw his head between her legs and Ariana gagging on his cock.

That initial eye contact ended with Ariana swallowing his cum after being fucked in a broom closet that night. It wasn't the first time either. However it wasn't a daily thing or even monthly. They both had real lives outside of their trysts and loves of their own.

Despite that neither considered what they had any kind of infidelity. To them that would have required some semblance of feelings aside from the desire to cum. Such a thing just didn't exist. They barely spoke aside from formalities. Speaking ate up valuable fucking time.

Still, just because they didn't consider it that didn't mean their spouses wouldn't. They were both married and while they were both able to add the adverb of "happily" to that statement there were however some things they couldn't get at home. It wasn't much.  Both Fred and Ariana had partners who were remarkably sexually open.

However, Fred and Ariana had other needs. They both liked things a little rougher. Dirtier. Filthier. The kind of things they wanted they didn't know if their partners could provide. The filthy talk, the roughness, the lack of rules. It's the kind of desire recognized once you cross eyes with another person who shares the same hunger that's been chained up too long.

The people they loved had fire to the them. The passion between them burned still, but it was a different burn. It was the burn of a good bourbon, a preamble to an intoxicating time.

What existed between Fred and Ariana was more like moonshine. No preamble, all intoxication with a white hot burn.

The lack of rules was what made it fun, though Ariana did have one unbreakable rule. That rule? No one got to cum in her pussy but her husband. In her mouth, in her ass, anywhere on her body but just NEVER in her pussy. It wasn't so bad as Fred had two wonderful internal options and Ari's face looked nothing short of perfect completely covered in cum.

The location was always the same, an apartment that Fred and his wife kept in the city. It was a studio that they kept for those night when they didn't want to drive an hour back in shitty traffic. All it really had, all it needed was a king size bed, a couple of chairs, a coffee table and fridge stocked with the barest of bare essentials. The bathroom was similar. It just had soap, shampoo and some travel kit sized tubes of toothpaste and toothbrushes with two unopened as back-ups ready to go.

It was the perfect place as Fred's wife would never have reason to show up unannounced and Ariana's husband had no clue of its existence. All it took was a simple excuse from each to cover their absences from home. For Fred he was working late, dead tired and didn't feel like driving. For Ariana, late night at the studio. Simple and effective.

That was the hard work. The easy part was next, then the best part. In the apartment, Fred was waiting for the easy part to be over with. He always arrived first at the apartment. It was a precaution more than anything else. He'd be the first to arrive and wouldn't leave until morning. Ariana would leave at the first and best opportunity, which tended to be an hour after they were done using each other.

He sipped a bottle of water and sat in a chair, waiting. Not obsessively. Every so often he'd watch a quick YouTube video or look up something on his phone. Just to kill time until Ariana arrived. The buzz of the intercom signaled it, but he went to answer it just to be sure.

"Yes?" He asked into the intercom.

"I'm here." Ariana replied. He buzzed her in. The countdown to to the ending of the wait had begun. He took a seat on the corner of the bed, facing the door and awaiting her. The door was unlocked. No need to knock and she'd lock up behind her. This was the routine.

Like clockwork, the routine played out. The door opened, Ari locked it. The only variable was always what she wore and in keeping up with that tradition, the routine continued. There was a coat folded on her forearm, obviously what she had used every step of the way before arriving to his front door. It was off now, and her outfit was on display all for him.

It was a white lace number, almost a bodice if not for the skirt on the bottom. A short skirt though, showing a lot of thigh until those delicious thigh high boots hit. Not enough left to the imagination, but that wasn't necessary and both knew it. What was necessary was Ariana to wear clothes that screamed "FUCK ME". And not just for Fred's sake, it was a turn on for her as well. Especially when she saw and felt how horny he was when he took it off of her.

She hung the coat up and locked the door. She looked at Fred with a friendly smile. "Water in the fridge?" Ari asked.

"As always." Fred replied. The sexy songstress went to the fridge and got a bottle of water, taking a few big gulps. For what they had planned, hydration was a must. Ariana set the bottle down on the counter and rescrewed the cap, eyebrow arched as she looked at Fred. That was all he needed. He got up from the bed and rushed Ari, lips smothering hers as his hands picked her up and sat her on the counter.

She bit his lower lip, tugging it while her hands made quick work of his tie and undid the buttons on his shirt at a speed that either made her a super human or an expert at slight of hand with the way they glided over each small button.

Fred wasn't exactly hanging back letting Ari do all the work. He took care of his own belt and zipper, his pants falling away and his hard dick springing forth and ready plunder the petite pop princess' pussy. He roughly felt his way up the skin of thigh and under her skirt, ready to tear her panties straight off. However, his hand brushed up against no lace, cotton, or satin. Just a wonderfully wet pussy.

"Oh you little fucking harlot," he said with a grin and a growl.

"Why waste time," she said, her lovely lips curled into a snarl. "So fuck me already!"

"That's what you want huh?" he said, gabbing her ass and pulling her forward. He rubbed his cockhead against her glistening pussy lips, ready to ram ahead. "Does the dirty tramp want to be fucked?"

"Damn right...so how about you get to fucking this dirty tramp like flithy little whore she is?"

Fred's only answer was the logical one, thrusting forward into the hot and wet confines of Ariana's cunt.

"FUCK YES!" Her voice was like an animal, growling from those snarled lips. She howled, begged for more while her sopping cunt was pounded by the rock hard rod she'd been craving all day. No one fucked her like this. No one. They all thought this kind of thing was too much for her. Too sweet and petite. These people obviously thought all the sexuality in her songs was part of an act. Ariana Grande was a very horny girl and frankly one man wasn't enough and Fred was the one to scratch her dirty whore itch. No tenderness. No "making love". Just pure, unfiltered fucking.

Ariana's licked her tongue his lips and raked her nails against Fred's back, making sure to leave a mark. No need to worry about consequences, consequences didn't matter in the moment. He had scratches to explain and she'd have hickies. She hissed in a breath of air as she felt on form on her shoulder, the hard suction on his kiss and the contact of his teeth; not enough to break the skin but more than enough to leave lovely impact.

Fred roughly pushed down the straps of her lingerie-like dress and pulled it down to expose Ari's petite tits to the open air, though soon he covered them once more with his mouth. He slobbered and licked all over the smallish mounds.

"Mmmmm fuck yeah, bite those titties," Ariana said. She moaned at the tail end, eyes fluttering as Fred happily gave in, biting and and tugging on her diamond-hard nipples. Her back arched, the delightful pain mixing wonderfully with the pleasure emanating from the pounding prick in her pussy.

With an Herculean will, Fred managed to pull his face away from Ari's tits up to her face while his hands took a firm grip on her house. Fred had some ideas, but first, it was time to indulge his own base need. He Ariana tightly in place and began to jackhammer her cunt.

"Take this fucking cock!" he bellowed. "Take in that wet fuckhole you dirty fucking bitch!!!"

"So...so fucking dirty...fuck!!!!" Ariana cried out. Her back arched as her pussy was ravaged in the most sensational way ever. "Don't stop...give me that fucking filthy cock you goddamn pervert!!!"

Fred decided to shut her up by roughly kissing her, sucking on the diva's tongue as he happily went along with her desperate cries. He didn't, however, forget he had other plans.

Holding the sexy little sprite tight he lifted her from the kitchenette to the nearby bed dead center in the studio apartment. He tossed her onto the bed, getting a sinfully sweet giggle from the sex kitten.

"Take that fucking thing off," Fred demanded. "Wouldn't want to soil the pop princess' dress."

Ariana snickered at his comment. "We both know you have no issue with getting me and you very fucking filthy," she said, tossing the dress aside. "Now how about you stop with the fucking banter and stick that fucking cock back in me." Now nude, save for the thigh high boots, Ariana  got on all fours, shaking her ass for Fred and showing off a new detail: a rhinestone-topped buttplug. That little glint in the light made him shed the rest of his clothes and join Ariana on the bed like a flash of lightning.

"FUCK YES!" she howled as hammered his cock right back into her waiting fuckhole. "Harder now! FUCKING HARDER!"

Fred did so, and with relish. The diva thrashed her head back and forth, her chin shivering from the ravaging. Fred was going wild, fueled on by the thought that with the buttplug in Ari's ass, he'd been essentially DPing her the whole time. It was undercover filth and dear god it drove him wild. Combined with the look of the singing starlet beneath him, writhing and growling for his dick, it fueled him.

He pulled out of Ariana's pussy. The starlet was confused for a moment, but on the briefest of them. The moment she was flipped on her stomach, she knew what was coming.

"FUCK." she grunted. She was prone and his prick and just returned to her tunnel of lust. One hard thirst and the jackhammering resumed. Ariana gripped the plain white sheets tight just as Fred's hand grabbed her wrists, pinning her down and lifting himself up as he thrusted like a dog in heat.

"Fuck you dirty fucking slut....tell me you fucking love this! Say it!"

"Fucking take that cunt daddy," Ari said, delivering the words in a sinfully sweet sing-song tone. "Fuck it...use it...fuck me like  dirty little slut princess...yesss...."

Fred went wilder, laying flat on her now, grunting and growling as he buried his face in her hair and shoulders. How she spoke, barely holding back cries of pleasure. All of it simmering underneath, like a pot ready to boil over...she was living gasoline that only made his caveman lust burn brighter.

"Cum...cum on daddy's cock,' he demanded. "Give me your fucking pleasure...GIVE IT TO ME...."

"Yes...yes...oh you fucker...YESSSSSSS!" Ariana grit her teeth, her eyes shut as she savored the sudden rush of pleasure that hit her body like a mortar blast. As she stayed still savoring it all Fred continued to plunder her pussy as it convulsed, gushing cum while the thrusts extended her pleasure.

However a toll had been taken on Fred too. However, despite so deep in the woods he still remembered Ari's rule. He pulled out of her and flipped her onto her back, moving up her chest his cock going right for her mouth. Even while dick drunk, Ariana knew her part to play now.

The singer opened her million dollar mouth so Fred could fuck it, a loud "GLUK GLUK GLUK" sound echoing in the studio apartment while he pounded her throat.

"Yeah....yeah...fuck...gonna cover that fucking...face..aaaaaAAAHHHH!"

Fred yanked his cock from Ari's mouth and blasted his hot cum on her face, the singer moaning from the hot molten contact as she gathered her breath. A lot of women put on a show of loving this, of loving cum on their face, their mouths. It was all a show for the man. Not so with Ariana, not by a long shot. It just made her want more. And Fred knew that and was more than willing to give her exactly what she wanted. First though, Ari had a show to give.

It was a quick one. He kneeled next to her, his cock not dying while his eyes watched Ariana revel in his cum. Her pink tongue snaked from her mouth, getting what ever it could before she took some in fingers and sucking them clean. Anything else got rubbed into her skin.

Ari looked at him, the sexy smile on her face while her hands moved to her boots, removing them and now leaving her totally nude before getting up and heading to the bathroom. Fred knew exactly what was coming next. A tradition. Shower time. And when the light caught the rhinestone on the end of the buttplug, he knew it was going to be extra fun.

The shower wasn't even running long when Fred came up behind Ari, kissing her neck as he pinned her roughly to tiled surface of the shower. His left hand reached around to play with her still sensitive clit while his right took care of the buttplug which was blocking the entry point he wanted of her. The dual stimulation made her let into his rough embrace under the hot water of the shower.

Before Fred could take up residence in his desired location, her brought the butt plug to Ariana's lovely lips. "Taste it," he ordered. "Taste what a dirty little slut tastes like."

"Oh I'm well aware," she cooed. "But I'll indulge." She greedily took it in her mouth, savoring the taste and actually whimpering as it was taking away, her tongue licking for it like it was covered in sweet nectar.

Fred set the plug down and turned Ariana around so she was facing the glass door of the shower. He ran his hand over her little round bottom before smacking it hard, getting a yelp from Ari's smiling mouth in response.

Fred followed up that loud crack on her ass with his cock finally getting where he wanted it. Ariana howled like a wolf at the sudden intrusion, smiling as her body shook from the sudden rush.

"Yeah that's fucking right," she said. "Fucking use that asshole...use it until you fucking cum baby!"

"That's the plan," he grunted in her ear before ramming forward once again. "Fuck...always...so goddamn tight...fuck!"

Ariana pressed her hands against the glass and pushed back against his rough and savage thrust. She squeeze her ass tight, begging him to go harder, faster and flood her bowels with one last shot of his hot cream.

"Come on....you can go harder...you know I won't fucking break," she said. "FUCK MY ASS!"

While Fred didn't need the encouragement, hearing the words from Ariana's mouth was very welcome. He held a tight grip on her hip, pulling her onto him, wet bodies colliding in the hot rain of the shower.

"Fuck...oh fuck yess....gonna fill this fucking ass...dirty fucking ass..."

"Yeah...yeah daddy fill that ass with you dirty fucking cum...do it!"

"YEEEAAAHHHHH!!!" he yelled, hammering himself into the home stretch. Her felt it bubbling in his balls, the volcanic eruption feeling to be stronger than the first that had painted her face.

"FUCKING DO IT!" Ari screamed. "CUM IN MY ASS!"

He pressed her all the way against the door, driving faster and harder in her ass until finally his cock gave in, blasting off inside of her. Hot liquid warmth filled Ari up as his hot breath hit her ear in ragged short spurts.

"Mmmmmm fuck yeah," she said. The feeling of his now wilted cock slipping from her well fucked asshole and the trickling of cum that followed it was simply delicious. The perfect way to end their session. After that is was all casual. Shower, redressing. They were acquaintances again, nothing more.

Ariana checked her lipstick in the mirror. Everything was set back as it should be. She almost left the bathroom until she remembered the buttplug. She picked it up daintily and placed it in her coat pocket before putting that on over her dress.

"That was fun," she said to Fred, lying on the mattress. He was staying for the night. If he came home now his wife would be very suspect. "I'm actually free for another romp in a couple weeks. You game?"

"I think I can squeeze it in," he said. "We looking at a quicky or are we talking a full round."

"Full round." Ariana answered. "Though we both know a quickie between us isn't anything to sneeze at." Fred nodded and laughed. "Mind if I grab another water?"

"Go ahead," he said. "See you around."

"See ya." With that Ari grabbed the water, waved goodbye and walked out the door. Which really was what put the casual in their definition of casual sex.

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Blocboy VC

Re: Moonshine starring Ariana Grande
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2021, 02:30:53 AM »
Damb this was good. You wrote everything with such detail, which is an issue I'm having. In regards to the sex stuff anyway, you really showed everything and really got into their heads. Even though they were cheating, it didn't feel like it was focused on much, which I think could've made it way worse lmao.
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Re: Moonshine starring Ariana Grande
« Reply #2 on: September 08, 2021, 04:14:00 PM »
A fantastic quick and dirty story, excellent job!

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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Re: Moonshine starring Ariana Grande
« Reply #3 on: October 19, 2021, 11:42:07 PM »
Sorry for not really having much to add this time, but I have always enjoyed reading your work MaxwellLord and it was nice to read another Ariana Grande story.
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