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All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a word of it occurred, nor would it.

All Harlot's Eve 2: Cabin in The Woods Starring Hailee Steinfeld
(MF, cons, oral, anal)
by MaxwellLord

Edited by Slyguy

"You know if you're going to do this silent treatment bullshit the whole trip we can just turn around and forget the whole thing," Rett said. He was driving himself and his girlfriend, one Hailee Steinfeld, to a cabin in Big Bear for a long weekend. It was a private cabin that had been in his family for years and was nothing short of perfect for not just a surprise holiday between two lovers, but a perfect Halloween weekend given the lore surrounding the place.

Hailee did not agree. She had originally made other plans for them. A nice night on the town each night of the Halloween weekend. Making the rounds, dressing up in something sexy and scary and all the other fun involved in the spookiest time of year. Instead, this gets sprung on her. Then the argument happened and she got reminded this was a little fantasy of hers. Just a few days in the woods with her man. No one but them. Not a single flashbulb going off in her face.

She agreed to go along upon that reminder, but she wasn't happy about it. She wasn't happy about canceling the plans. She didn't even know why she did. Rett said several times she didn't have to, but she did it anyway. Could have been passive aggression, wanting to get him alone in his truck for a four-hour drive and not talk to him the entire time. That would show him for surprising her with something she'd told him she wanted to do.

And that was the sticker. She'd asked for this. Rett had asked months ago what her dream weekend away would be, seemingly out of nowhere. Now that she had time to think of it, the question clearly was far from out of nowhere. There was some thought put into this. More thought than a weekend of getting plastered with acquaintances and blinded by flashbulbs.

As she looked out the window Hailee acknowledged at this point, she was more embarrassed by pulling this, her own reaction to it than her man thinking of this. Rett didn't mean to piss her off and that he really would have cancelled if it bothered her that much. But why did it HAVE to be Halloween?

With all of those things running through the brunette's mind she didn't hear a word Rett had said. Her silent treatment had essentially gone on automatic. Of course, Rett was no mind reader, so he took it another way.

"Okay then." He set the car up for a U-turn and the sudden movement jerked Hailee out of the labyrinth of thought she found herself lost in.

"What the fuck are you doing???" She yelled, holding tight to the seat belt as the car turned around.

"Going back home."

"Why? We're already halfway there! Just keep going so I can get in a bed and get some sleep without having to wait not just the two hours it'd take to get back but also L.A. traffic, okay?"

"Fine." He replied curtly before getting them back on course. The mood in the car was so cold it was icy and neither knew how to turn up the thermostat.

After two more hours of silence that neither knew how to break the couple arrived at the cabin. It looked perfectly lovely and bigger than Hailee was expecting. Not crazy large by any stretch of the imagination but it being two stories wasn't something on her checklist of things to expect. The big porch with the porch swing bench, lanterns...it was like something out of a movie and as an actress she'd know what to expect from a movie.

"Wow...." She said upon exiting the truck. Rett followed her and opened the front door for her.

"Bedroom is on the second floor, last door at the end of the hall," he said coolly before grabbing their bags from the truck's hatch. Hailee wanted to try and calm the situation but she was just too tired to even think about it. She was on autopilot as she made her way up the stairs and to the bedroom, flopping down fast first onto the big comfy bed still in her jeans and sweat shirt, not even bothering to kick off her shoes.

When Hailee awoke the sunlight that at one point shined through the bedroom window, of which she only saw for the briefest bit of moments before falling into the realm of dream. She was however, sure it was there, now replaced with darkness. Not total darkness as moonlight shone a little light on the bedroom, and she could see some light leaking through the cracks of the bedroom door. It was enough for the starlet to be able to navigate her hand to the lamp on the nearby nightstand. The light rushed on and she squinted her eyes at the sudden brightness, rubbing the sleep from them before they could completely adjust.

Now that she was awake, she finally pushed her boots off with a soft thud to carpeted floor and finally take in the room. It was quite wonderful. The bed itself had wooden frame intricately carved with what looked to be representations of some kind of mythology, but what kind she couldn't quite pin down. All of the furnishings looked to be the same, but only the bed had any kind of wood carving of that nature.

She threw her legs over the edge of the bed and set her bare feet on the soft carpeting of the room and headed towards the attached bathroom. It was large enough to be in a luxury suite in New York. A huge mirror with three sinks, widely spaced on a marble counter with faucets that shone like gold. The room even had separate arenas for baths and showers, with the tub option easily serving as a party-size hot tub if the mood struck. The shower was big and spacious too.

Hailee opened the glass sliding door of the shower and looked in. It was fully stocked. And freshly fully stocked at that. None of the body washes had telltale water stains of having been used and felt full when she lifted them. That's when it fully hit her how long Rett had been planning this. He had to drive an eight hour round trip without her knowing just to stock this up. Knowing that melted away any remaining negative feelings, of which there were already few.

Hailee knew there was an apology coming, but first she needed a shower to wash away the day. Even if she hadn't been grumpy a four-hour car ride followed by a much-needed nap always needed to be topped off by a nice, warm shower. It was a law of the universe, in her books. The moment the warm water hit Hailee's body she felt everything melt away. She was refreshed and awake again and knew the moment she walked out how to smooth things over get this Halloween weekend off to the start it should have had.

She turned the shower off and reached for a towel, getting dry enough for her tastes then grabbed a nearby white terrycloth robe. Her hair was still wet but the cabin had an amazing enough heater so she didn't get so much as a chill from the cool Autumn air influencing the cabin's insides. Hailee made her way downstairs wearing only that robe. Just as had happened in the bedroom, being awake allowed her to really look at the cabin and the bedroom was just a preview for the rest of the place.

"Wow," she said softly. The fireplace was simply epic and she could almost feel the fire that would soon be roaring in it if she had any say. The furniture was of the same high quality below as it was above, though in different styles. Less rustic, far more modern save for what was near the fire place which was all much more aligned with what was in the bedroom and formed a spacious half-circle around a big, fluffy and most likely very comfortable shag rug.

The lights were all off or dimmed save for the kitchen, which was brightly lit with Rett dead center in it, sliding a cookie sheet into the oven. As she got closer, she saw a big platter of four burger patties to one side of him and a makeshift toppings bar on the other. On the stove there was a cast iron skillet. She smiled as she approached him, Rett not remotely aware his girlfriend was on the way as he began to season the patties.

"Looks like quite a feast," Hailee said, surprising him a bit. She leaned on the counter top in front of her, smiling warmly at him.

"Yeah," he said. "Thought some cheeseburgers would ease the tension before I apologized."

"No tension anymore." She moved around the counter into the kitchen, kissing him sweetly. "And the only apology coming is from me. This…this is really nice. Wonderful even. And it's not like I didn't tell this is exactly what I'd call a dream weekend right down to the soon-to-be roaring fireplace and the seclusion. It was just a surprise...a big one...which also is exactly what I asked for months ago. Which you remembered."

"But those parties..."

"Will be there next year. This weekend? Once in a lifetime. Though I do think I at least need to know why Halloween weekend was the time to do this. But that can wait and I don't want to waste another moment with you on anything negative...so I am very, very sorry."

"Thanks babe," Rett said. "Even though I'm pretty sure it's all because of the burgers."

"Not all," she assured him. "Only like...sixty percent. Barely over half." She got a laugh out of him and joined in before slightly breaking their embrace to look at the feast in progress. "Those are some damn big burgers."

"I know what my woman likes."

"You do?" She asked. "Then please tell me everything you're doing for this menu. Just to see how well you know what your woman likes."

"Well, for starters just because I'm seasoning these burgers doesn't mean they're going in right away. Salted and then they rest for thirty minutes."

"Good so far, now how about that skillet. No grill?"

"Nope, my girl likes just the right bit of crust on that burger and more than a grill can give."

"Perfect score continues...now how about the cheese?"

"One slice American for the melt, one slice medium cheddar for the flavor. And as for the toppings, those are optional but the preferred method is them going beneath the burger for even temperature in every bite for the veggies."

"Perfect marks across the board," Hailee said. "How about for extra credit you tell me what's in the oven."

"Fries." Rett replied. "Chose the oven over deep frying just because of the kitchen. Didn't want to make too much of a mess. But they too have been pre-seasoned. They'll be ready right when it's time to put the burgers in the pan. Low and slow…for French fries at least."

"I see," Hailee said, backing away from Rett and into an empty counterspace behind her. "So, you're saying we have about a half hour to kill?"

"Roundabout, yeah."

"Well then," she said as she pulled the slipknot holding her robe closed. "How about we get to the make-up sex before dinner?" The robe slid off her body to the tile floor of the kitchen. Getting a full view of every inch of Hailee's perfect body, Rett couldn't help but agree with her proposal. He removed his shirt and undid his pants, stepping out of them as her made his way to the single most beautiful woman he'd ever known.

The couple embraced, locking lips as any hints of earlier hard feelings melted away in the heat of their pure passion. Rett's hand trailed down Hailee's spine to her firm, round ass. He took grip and lifted her up, the brunette hanging her arms around his shoulder and wrapping her legs around his waist, loosely locking them with her ankles.

Rett carried Hailee the short distance to a clear section of counter, near where she first looked in on the feast in progress. They gaze at each other, eagerness radiating from their eyes and the sexiest smile in existence on Hailee's face. And while most of the hard feelings were indeed gone, there was a last one that Hailee felt on her thigh which just made her crave that hard feeling to be deep inside her.

"Don't keep me waiting," she said. Rett didn't disappoint. The leggy brunette hissed in a gulp of air as his rigid rod entered her, parting as the breath was released with a moan. Her eyes shut as inch by wonderful inch Hailee savored the familiar feeling. He never entered her too fast. Rett wanted to do his own savoring as well, his lover being a perfect.

He ran his hand up her body from hip the face, caressing it and he kissed her, sweet as sugar and deep as the Mariana trench. As the kiss intensified so did everything else. Rett's thrusts sped up and Hailee's legs held him tighter.

"R-right there...yeah Rett...mmm you know how I like it baby." The words fell out of Hailee's mouth in a way that was almost chaotic if not for the perfect sense it made. It was like her brain was overloaded with too many amazing sensations. it was just how she spoke in these intimate moments. She was the sex talker between her and Rett. Hailee liked being vocal, she liked getting her man off with everything she had to offer and drive each one of his sense wild.

Rett wasn't much of a talker, at least not during the act. It was all action for him, experiencing her and making sure Hailee experienced him. And she loved his efforts, giving him that audible clue when she cried out "YES!" in that certain pitch when he moved in just the right way to hit the sweetest of sweet spots within her.

The counter was spacious enough for Hailee to lean back on her arms, offering her breasts up for the pre-meal feast. Rett dug in, planting hungry and tender kisses over them. Soft and sweet with just a little bit of heat was his style. He kissed her aroused nipples, sucking them softly before gently tugging them with his teeth.

"Mmmmm Rett...more...gimme more..." Hailee asked and Rett delivered, placing his hand against the cupboard door to his left, just above Hailee as he went harder, eyes locked on her as she continued talking, urging him on in between breaths and moans of heavenly pleasure.

"You're gonna make m cum…you always do..." Hailee's left hand went to his right, guiding to her lips for a kiss. "No one does it like...nnnn…not like you..." Her breaths got more ragged, fire melting the sweet affection and burning hot passion grew between them. He was going hard now, slowing down only to really groove and work himself inside, not neglecting a centimeter of her divine tunnel of love.

"Yeah...yeahyeahyeah," Hailee growled, the words now rushing out of her mouth instead of a sweet flow. Her beautiful face had contorted into a lusty snarl, lips curling as she joined him being too drunk on pleasure to focus on anything but the sensations. Their kisses became hungrier and sloppier, sucking on each other's tongues before they broke.

Hailee and Rett were lost in a whirlpool of pure sensation, familiar but always intoxicating. His cock going hard, deep but never to rough. Plunging into her warm, wet depths and bringing her to new heights while for him, her immaculate pussy never didn't feel anything short of perfect. It was always a challenge not to go full blast from the start...but he needed the full package from her. Her moans, her scent, her touch, nothing less than everything.

"Gonna cum...mmm Rett...make me...make me fucking cum...nnnngg baby..." Now Hailee was working her hips as best she could from her position. She was close and her body was hungry, begging for the release Rett's cock was ready to bring with every lovingly powerfully thrust. Her eyes fluttered and she was burning up with the most wonderful kind of fever, sweat making her body sheen in the lights of the kitchen as the conclusion got closer.

Rett slowed his thrusts in her just to thrust deeper, Hailee breathing in deeply as he pulled out as gasping it all out as he pushed all the way back into the hilt.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" Hailee yelped, her mouth hanging open, lips quivering as each deep pump pushed her further and further until the dam broke and the pleasure came out, flooding Rett's cock as he continued to fuck her. "FUCK! FUCK! YESSS!" Hailee cried, throwing her head back and bumping it on the cupboard door. She didn't feel it, not in that moment. The pleasure was too intense, like liquid fire colliding with liquid ice in her veins. And all of it reaching fresh new heights as Ret continued driving into her, chasing that one last spark to burn his fuse away. Hailee was happy to provide.

"Cum," she pleaded. "Please...for me...show me how good I make you feel...all for me Rett baby...everything...everything you have...." Her gaze was sensual, warm, and hotter than the heat of the Sahara. With on last word from her lips, "Please," it was over.

"Hailee!!!!!" He yelled, pulling his cock from her pussy, the hard rod erupting from her navel to her chin, ropes of his hot white lust streaking on her tone body.

"Mmmm good...just like that," Hailee said, her voice seductive yet tired. She licked her lips as her brown eyes focused on her man, darting from his face in throws of passion to his cock, pulsing with every volley of cum shot on her body until it slowed to a dribble. Hailee grabbed it then, letting the head rest and dribble the rest onto her well-trimmed bush.

Their lips met again, gulping for air between kisses. They weren't quite done yet. Hailee wanted to add a cherry on top. This was a habit for her, and one Rett deeply appreciated. He watched with a smirk as she scooped the cum from her stomach and sucked it from her fingers.

"Always ready for a good appetizer," she said. "I love you."

"Love you to baby," he said, reaching his hand to her hair, caressing the gorgeous brown locks. "Sorry about your head. You okay?"

"Just perfect," she said with a smile. "Probably not even going to get a bump. Besides, even if I do? Totally worth it."


The post sex clean-up was quick. Hailee was a hungry woman, especially after sex and Rett wanted to get their food done and plated. Since he started dating Hailee, he'd become a burger wizard. he was already handy in the kitchen but when you're dating a cheeseburger aficionado you brush up on those skills to impress.

The skipped eating at the counter or the kitchen table and instead took their meal to the fireplace, laying down completely nude across from each other on the big cozy rug, plates in front of them and glasses of red wine to drink.

"Color me a an even brighter shade of impressed than usual," Hailee said. "As usual, spectacular, juicy cheeseburger. Perfectly seasoned, wonderful bit of crust, perfect melted cheese...but you also looked for a wine that paired perfectly with cheeseburgers. My compliments to the chef."

"Well, I wanted things to be perfect," Rett said. "I got to admit, it was shaky at first...but I think I always knew you weren't for real mad at me."

"How'd you know that?" Hailee playfully asked.

"You never once called me Jarett. When you use my full name, that's when I know I'm in it deep."

"Very observant. And…I know we kind of handled it but I'm sorry. I was just shocked. This...this is wonderful. But, why here for Halloween? I mean it's lovely but it doesn't seem like it fits the season. Except the Frankenberry in the cupboard."

"You peeked."

"I'm sure you'll find a way to give me a suitable punishment," Hailee said, taking a French fry in her mouth and making its consumption pure sex.

"Well, this place actually has a ghost story attached to it." Rett answered.

"Oooooh," Hailee said, grinning wide. "Give me every bloody detail!"

"Well, I don't know how much blood there is. Witchcraft, maybe a little ectoplasm..."

"I don't care if there's split pea soup dripping off every word, we're in front of a roaring fireplace and I'm on a double high of great sex and a great cheeseburger so spill on the spirits."

"You got it," he said, taking a sip of wine before going forward. "So, my family doesn't just own this cabin, they own a lot of the land. They used to own the cabin site around here too. It's about a couple miles down. Far enough away to not really bother us. My Great Grandfather sold his share in it, with the understanding written than they could not do anything with a certain grouping of land, which is this cabin and…well it's a pretty good chunk of the land. There's a spring that leads to a pretty big pond. Looks beautiful too, kind of has a mini mountain not more than ten feet tall you can use to jump in and all the rocks around the pond are unnaturally smooth. Just lay a towel back and relax for a bit."

"Sounds nice, but not especially creepy or kooky, " teased Hailee.

"I'm getting there, just painting the picture. Anyway, the cabin is pretty much surrounded by untouched land. But my family is pretty cool with people fishing at the pond at stuff and hiking and all that. This is where the spooky stuff comes in. Because all those fishermen and hikers and stuff tell similar stories, and their stories match up with a really old local legend. And when I say old, I mean people can't even remember the names of the people involved. The only thing that comes through are the broad swipes of their story."

"Which is?"

"There were these two lovers, right? Classic star-crossed thing. No one wants them to be together they go against the grain and flee. And everywhere they go, no one wants them together until they finally come here to the forest and make their own life."

"And let me guess, their families found them and murdered them and the spirits of the lovers haunt the surrounding woods."

"Not quite."

"Wait, what?"

"I said not quite," he said. "They actually lived a long and happy existence here. Kind to travelers, who spread their story around the area until the day they both died. And beyond."

"Ahhh, here come the ghosts."

"See, there are a lot odd things that happen around here. Some of them are things everyone can experience like those smooth rocks at the pond. It's almost like they've been put through a tumbler with how smooth they are, but it's not slippery of anything. And since the pond was the couple's favorite spot the legend is their love was so strong the land made itself more comfortable for them. But that's what everyone experiences. Other things...they seem to target certain individuals."

"What are those?" Hailee was completely invested now, the look on her gorgeous face mesmerizing. Her whole form was as Rett look over her body in the light of the roaring fire. It was enough to put food and stories aside and use the fireplace for its best purpose as romance lighting. But his girl was invested. She deserved the pay-off.

"First is the mist. There's actual photographic evidence of it. No one can see where it comes from but it just seems to appear. Not just in one location either, all over the place. Not everyone sees it though, only certain people."

"What kind of people?" asked Hailee.

"People who are in love of course," he said with a sly smile. "Legend goes those lovers give their blessing to any people who are in love and pretty much instruct the forest to help them. Like if a couple that was truly in love in and they got lost in the woods the mist would show up and miraculously a path would open in the woods. Then there's the other thing about that pond."

"Which would be?"

"Well, like I said, according to legend it was their favorite place here and where they consummated their love. So, it's said if two lovers that are favored by the spirits of the star-crossed pair, rain will fall down on them regardless of whether or not there's a single cloud in the sky. The mist will be seen on the shore and the little rock cliff, signaling the coming of the clouds. This is said to be because when the pair first made love it was in the rain. A baptism of lust."

"Well, it's no Crystal Lake Killer but I think I can forgive that just for the use of "baptism of lust", said Hailee. "Cute story though."

"There's more to it though," Rett added. "Like plants and animals that do not belong here, well, being here. And it is said if you go to the top of a certain hill at just the right time on a given day you can see the ghosts of the lovers in an embrace near where their own home once stood."

"Okay now we're talking," Hailee said. "I take it you happen to have some kind of guide for all these places."

"That's a bingo. Printed out a hard copy of a guide. Ready to go tomorrow."

"Well, that gives us some time to kill," Hailee said, moving to lay on her side and giving Rett a fire-lit look at the body he had just enjoyed. Needless to say, he was ready for even more, but had to add a little something.

"Well, how about we finish our meal and from there I hand the reigns over to you?"

"Well, if you insist," she said smiling. "Is this your first time staying here in the master bedroom?" Rett nodded. "Rett my dear, you absolutely have to see the shower…and I'd be happy to be your guide."


After a lovely meal and an even lovely tour of the cabin's showers, Rett and Hailee hit the hay, sleeping in until about ten in the morning. After a second tour of the shower the two got ready for a somewhat guided tour of the haunted haunts of the legendary yet nameless lovers of legend.

The two were decked out for the rather tame bit of exploration ahead of them with Rett carrying a backpack filled with food, drink and a blanket for a picnic lunch and both hooked water bottles to the loop of their jeans. Aside from that, Rett was wearing a plain grey shirt and a black hoodie with his jeans. Hailee what in a tank top with just a red flannel shirt over it. Both wore hiking boots, though the idea of this being any kind of strenuous hike was out the window.

"Lead the way," Hailee said as they exited the cabin. Rett took he hand and led her off in the woods. It was an easy trip, though after fifteen minutes walking Hailee noticed something odd.

"Why are you looking at that map so closely?" she asked. "I mean I get you want to get to the landmarks but we're on a trail."

"We are?" Rett asked, pausing.

"Yeah. Baby, look around." He did so and saw a trail behind them and at least a bit of one in front of them.

"Huh...that's weird. But it does look like it ends a little bit ahead, so I think I'm going to keep it out."

Hailee shrugged and continued to follow Rett. He was right, the trail did seem to end just ahead of them...until it didn't. that didn't really register much to her, nor did how it constantly seemed to be that way. The end of the trail was just ahead until it wasn't.

Despite that Rett knew exactly where he was going, and soon enough they seemed to hit their first landmark from the list. Rett had led them to a sizable tree. It had been there for a while as well as the land itself seemed to have formed around it. It seemed to be the center of the world, or at least the forest. The trail also seemed to end here too, so now the guide would be a bit more useful.

"This is it, supposedly at least," said Rett, walking towards the tree. "This was their tree."

"How can you tell?" Hailee asked, joining him under the branches. "Looks like a normal pine to me."

"Look at the branches," Rett said, pointing upwards. Hailee's eyes followed his direction and she saw mistletoe on them.

"Is that mistletoe?" she asked.

"Yep, and it was the woman's favorite plant. The forest allows it to grow here."

"Mistletoe grows on tree branches anyway though. So, unless she's giving orders to forests here and abroad that's just coincidence."

"Haiz, it's deeper than that. Mistletoe doesn't grow like this, not in dense forests. it needs trees further apart so it can get some sun. And you don't really find it in California. Hell in the US you don't find the European variety, the Christmas kind. But there it is. Flourishing in an environment where it shouldn't even exist."

"There is, of course, another option," Hailee said, draping her arms around his neck. "You snuck out before I woke up, hung this here so you could get me under the mistletoe a couple months early and get one of these." She kissed him softly, nuzzling her nose against his as it broke. "Thank you. For this. I didn't know I needed it but I did. And the weekend is only just beginning."

"No problem. Anything to get that smile."

"You're very good at it." They kissed again before Rett moved back. "Let's check out the next landmark."

"What's that?"

"The pond." He replied.

"Awesome," Hailee said. "Might be fun to take a dip. It's weirdly warm out."

"Yeah, noticed that too." Rett was heading out, but not looking at his guide. "Wait, babe, aren't you going to use the guide?"

"Probably after a bit but like you said, there's a trail." Once more Rett pointed and Hailee's eyes followed, but this time she was shocked. There it was...exactly where it wasn't before.


"What?" Rett asked.

"...nothing. Just my mind playing tricks on me." After all, she was the skeptic right now. How would Rett react to her saying that the trail was not their when they arrived...or at the borders of this newly discovered trail she could have sworn she saw mist...mist retreating into the woods?

Rett shrugged, took Hailee's hand once more and led her down the trail.

The walk to the pond was a little longer, but that trail remained and acted much as it had before. It always seemed the end was just ahead but never came. However, as the trail went on Hailee started noticing things that actually seemed strange to her. Namely the wild strawberry bushes. She was no botanist but she knew that not only did strawberries not grow in places like this but October was far from strawberry season.

"Baby, that story...um...do any of the versions you know mention strawberries?"

"A few, yeah." he replied. "Starting to believe?"

"Maybe when it starts pouring rain in broad daylight without a cloud in the sky," she shot back with a smile. "That's part of the ghost story too, right?"

"That it is." He replied. "And honestly with heat like this you can hold your breath." He took off his hoodie and put it in his backpack. Hailee followed suit; except she tied the flannel around her waist. "Weirdest damn heat too."

"Well yeah, it's October and wasn't remotely this warm when he got here."

"Not that, the heat's dry. It's really weird."

"Yeah, I mean with that mist and stuff you'd expect some humidity."

"Mist?" Rett said, walking back to her. "You saw the mist???"

"I don't know...maybe. Or maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me because you suggested it to me in the story. Maybe it was just a trick of the light or something. I mean what did you think it'd be humid for?"

"The pond. It's a fairly big pond so I was thinking that it would get kind of humid the closer we got to it."

"Yeah...that makes sense...so...why isn't it?"

"I don't know. I mean I'm no weather expert or anything so I could be way off on that thought process."

After that quick pause the two followed the curiously expanding trail until they finally got to the pond and Hailee marveled at it. It was indeed big. Almost too big to be just a pond. It could almost be a lake. And it was indeed surrounded by a small rocky cliff and a rocky shore...on one side. The rest had wonderful grass littered with flowers...some of which she swore couldn't even be found in the US. And gorgeous, big trees dense with leaves that created a shade not even a single ray of sunshine to get through. It was like something from a painting, too perfect to actually be real.

"Let's go there,' she said, pointing to a particularly big tree. "The shade looks too perfect to not talk advantage of."

Now Hailee was the one taking the lead, Rett following her pace as they headed toward the shade of the tree. Once underneath it, the relief was instant. Rett laid his backpack on the ground and took a seat on the grass. Hailee followed suit, reclining completely onto her back.

"Mmmmm," she said, breathing in deep. "The air actually smells sweet. I've heard the phrase before. I mean I've even used it. This though...this is something different. It's like paradise." She sat back up and removed her boots, standing up and walking on the grass with bare feet. "Even the grass feels...different. Good different but different."

Hailee walked closer to him and sat back down. They both laid back, basking in the cool shade. Still though, heat lingered and it was starting to get to Hailee.

"Does the pond have any fish in it?" She asked.

"No, I don't think so," Rett said. "I mean I've never seen them and the fishing is usually done at the creek when people do it."

"Great." Hailee then stood up. "I'm going for a swim."

"Wait, I thought you'd want to do that later. We didn't bring our suits."

"Well, technically this is later from when we started," she said, pulling off her tank top, her breasts bare to the world. "And I if there aren't any fish in there, I'm fine with making my dip skinny." She then peeled off her jeans and kicked them off, leaving Hailee in the duff. She put her hands on her hips, looked at Rett and smiled invitingly. "You joining me or what?"

Rett answered wordlessly by getting up and stripping down. They both initially headed towards the edge of the pond, but Hailee stopped. She could have sworn she saw...something. Something at the top of that small little cliff. It was probably once more a trick on her eyes. It was the best excuse she could come up with. All that was up there was a little bit of mist that was now dissipating.

"You know what?" Hailee asked. "I'm going make a bit of a bigger splash." She and Rett walked around to the back of the large rock. It was easy to scale. It was almost like steps had been formed in the side.

It didn't take long for the couple to scale to the top. They looked over the edge to the water below. It looked like the perfect cure to the oddly intense heat that seemed to be baring down on their skin but was not affecting the rock they stood on at all.

Before Hailee could get ready to jump, she paused for a moment...the mist again. it was at the big tree now. It was slowly swirling now, forming shapes...two humanoid shapes. just as soon as she noticed it, she was brought out of her thoughts by Rett.

"Haiz," he said, gently touching her shoulder. "You okay?"

She looked to him, then the tree again. The shapes were gone and the mist dissipated. She shook it off. What could she say? Admit she might have seen ghosts? She might as well have thrown sasquatch in and buckle up for an evening of "The Truth is Out There".

"Yeah," she said, kissing him. "Just taking in how breathtaking it all is from up here."

"And up close," he said. "You know, I think I'm pretty crazy about. I'd even say I love you Haiz."

"Ditto," she said with a wink. That wink was followed by the leggy brunette yelling "CANNONBALL!!!!" as she leaped over the cliff into the crystal blue water below. If she had been tired the cool liquid would have woken her up. Instead, she just felt relief and a new energy flowing through her as she went under the water, swimming to the surface and shaking her long brown locks from her face as she broke surface.

And if she had her eyes open, she would have seen the mist swirling where she hit the water, dispersing on impact.

"Woo!" she said, wiping her face. "Come on down babe! It feels so good!" If Hailee hadn’t been wiping her eyes, she might have seen some mist swirling at Rett's feet. He didn't notice either, jumping in as soon as Hailee swam away just enough so their bodies would not collide...at least not in that fashion.

"Wow!" he said the moment his head popped back above water.

"I know, right?" Hailee swam closer to him. "It's like when you have really strong mineral water, you know? You get the good tingles...but this...this is...just..."

Words escaped Hailee at that moment, but actions didn't. The feeling was too strong for either of them to resist. The two embraced in the intoxicating water, to focused on their super-nova kiss and the feel of each other to notice that mist once more, swirling abode them on the cliff above.

Rett brought them to shallow waters, Hailee holding on to him tight. Her brown eyes locked on his as her hand reached beneath the water to grab Rett's rod and lower herself down on it. Electric ecstasy flowed from their mouths in the form of moans. A sinner's smile was on Hailee's face as she rose and fell on his cock with every step, he made to the smooth rock edge of the pond. Soon he was just shin-deep in the water, holding Hailee close as they got closer the solid shore.

Rett was about to place Hailee down on the smooth rock when he saw, rolled out and ready for the lover, was the picnic blanket he had packed. If he was thinking about anything but Hailee and the wonderful sensation of being deep inside of her, he'd wonder how it got out of his back pack and perfectly placed like this if he didn't do it. However, that didn't matter remotely as much as the woman he was with.

He laid her down on the blanket. Somehow it felt better than any luxury suite Hailee had ever slept in. She gulped in air and moaned as Ret finally had the leverage to drive his girth all the way inside of her. The moan was captured by his mouth as he kissed her, Hailee sucking on his tongue before it broke. His kisses were like rain drops, smattering from her lips, her neck, her shoulders, her breasts and back again as his thrust gained momentum. She cried out his name, "Rett...Rett...RETT!", each time louder, aching for more with each second. Hailee's voice echoed in the distance, ricocheting back and throwing gasoline on their own personal fire.

Hailee grabbed the back of Rett's head, pulling him tight when his lips met hers again. She rolled them over and rose up slowly, flipping her long wet hair back as clouds suddenly rolled in, the sunny day being drowned out by full storm clouds. Thunder cracked as rain began pour down on them, mini-droplets hitting their skin with the same punch as the water they had just emerged from.

"Ohhhhh god...." Hailee moaned, rubbing the intense raindrops into her already wet flesh. Little fireworks flashed behind her closed eyes as her body went on a rollercoaster. Her skin got that electric feeling again amplified now that she was riding Rett's cock. Hailee felt her hands running over her body, meeting his as his strong hands roamed her thighs, hips and ass and squeezing them and her own tight apple bottom as gripped tight. She began to ride him hard, outshouting the thunder in her cries of passion.

Her body was serpentine she as rode him, her body moving in perfect motion on his rod. Hailee's wet hair clung to her body with a few strands on her face. Lightning cracked behind them. Far away but the flashing light illuminated the lithe lovely from behind, freezing her image in mind; face and body contorting in pleasure, mouth open and moaning. She was an image of pure lust and that image was enough to drive a man insane with desire.

Rett gripped her hard and thrust up in her hard, Hailee freezing as her man took the wheel.

"YES!" she cried out, leaning back as her body gave in to his pulsing member. Every thrust was a new level of excitement, her moans and cries coming out like she was driving down a bumpy road. Then he began playing with her clit, releasing his grip with one hand while moving the other back to her ass, gripping her cheek and teasing one of his fingers towards her starfish while the other hand turned up the voltage by playing with her clit.

"Rett...yes....mmmmbaby...do it...I'm all yours..." Hailee's next moans were muffled by Rett's mouth, her man rising up and kissing her. Hailee's arms wrapped around his back pulling him close.

Rett's lips left hers and moved to her ear. "I love you," he growled, slowing his upward thrusts but giving each one a bit more power behind them. "And I want you to cum for me."

"Uh...uh-huh," Hailee replied, delirious and delighted by the moment. Their bodies colliding, burning up from the inside as they gave each other everything they had. Every pulsing pump of his cock inside her was driving her to give in to her request, to melt away in his arms. "Gonna cum..."

"Cum on my cock."

"C-cum," she grunted "Cum on your cock." Hailee started moving her hips with his thrusts, a perfect rhythm, fast friction building up to a raucous crescendo within the fit brunette.

It came on slow, a fuse being lit she could feel deep within. An "O"-shape formed on her lips, her body tensing as thrust by thrust into her perfect cunt the fuse within Hailee burnt down to the erotic explosion building within her. Then that one last bit burnt up when she felt a finger start to probe her asshole.

"Ahhhhhhh YESSSSSS!!" Hailee cried, her voice booming like the cracks of thunder in the tempest they were fucking in. The tiniest bit of double penetration broke down her walls and everything came exploding out, her pleasure coating Rett's cock and streaming down her thighs.

She brought her lips to his, tenderly kissing him as his still-hard prick drove into her without relent, extending her pleasure before she pushed him down and pulled off of him. However, they weren't done. Hailee rose up and reached down, grabbed his lust-soaked cock and changed the aim a little, smiling as she sunk down on his cock with her ass. She breathed deep at first, the pair rubbing her clit as the anal intrusion began.

"Ohhhh fuck," Hailee moaned, eyes futtering as his sword was finally sheathed in her backdoor. She froze, licking her lips and running her hand over Rett's chest. She raked his chest gently as she began to rise up and fall back down on his cock.

"Your turn to cum," Hailee said. Her voice was breathy, her motions on his cock getting faster. She squeezed her ass like vice on him, begging for his cum to fill her with that sweet liquid heat. "Do it...let me know...let me know it's all for me baby...cum for me..."

Rett was beyond ready for the blissful end. Hailee was doing all the work now, pretty much fucking his cock with her heavenly ass. Wet flesh collided at a rapid pace as poetic filth spewed from Hailee mouth.

"Cum in my ass...I need that…I need you...let me feel it...hot...so hot inside me..." Hailee hissed through her teeth a smile forming as she felt his hands grip her ass tight as he began to thrust back. Instinct was taking over for him and couldn't wait...she was so hot for him again...fuse number two had been lit for her with his ignited wick.

""Yesyesyesyes," she whined. "Cum for me!!!!"

And he did, signaling his eruption in her ass with a loud roar. "HAILEEEEEEE!" rang out from his mouth so loud it could have been preceded by a bolt of lightning. And that first rope of scalding jism in her ass set off the second orgasm that had been building from the embers of the first one. Whereas the last time she moved and writhed to the pleasure, now she froze, mouth open and screaming silently as Rett's cock pulsed and throbbed as it pumped her ass full of every drop of cum he had. Drained, Hailee fell forward, kissing her lover sweetly and softly, the pair tenderly embracing as his cock slid from her well-fucked asshole. Cum trickled from it, mixing with her own as she relaxed in Rett's arms.

Just like that the rain ends and the clouds seemed to dissipate, giving way to golden sunshine now bathing the bodies of the two lovers, breathing deep the smell left over from the storm. Hailee looked around her, still a bit dazed from the pleasure. Near the tree above she could have sworn she saw the mist again, once more taking shape, or shapes rather of something rather human. As soon as she saw it however, it faded away. She dismissed it. Whatever it was, it didn't matter as much as how good she felt right now, soaking in the sun and basking in the afterglow, held close in Rett's embrace.

"Happy Halloween," she said, kissing his chest. "Especially impressive considering the total lack of costumes, huh babe?"

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Re: All Harlot's Eve 2: Cabin In The Woods starring Hailee Steinfeld
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What a great sweet story to kick off the Halloween season!

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I was hoping you were going to do this again.
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Great story Max. I really enjoyed this story
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another solid Hailee story  :Y: :Y:
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