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Author Topic: Repair job rendezvous (Jennifer Love Hewitt)  (Read 35957 times)


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Repair job rendezvous (Jennifer Love Hewitt)
« on: November 24, 2021, 06:52:16 PM »
A/N This is a sequel to Sauna time fun if you haven't read that before I'd start there.

I glanced up at the familiar sight of Jennifer Love Hewitt's front door as the van rolled to a stop. It had been months since i'd fixed her sauna, since our passionate encounter.  Honestly I hadn't expected to be back at all.

After the first time I had exceptionally fond memories and just thought she wouldn't want to risk any kind of repeat. After that first time the memories alone had given me so many fun moments. But i'd continued on work, life, found myself a girlfriend and had been enjoying a relationship again. Then suddenly I had another call from Jennifer.

I'd been surprised at first guessed it was a problem with her sauna or maybe just some odd maintenance she wanted done. She'd soon corrected me of that thought.

"Look Matt, i'll skip the word play. I'm free tomorrow, I have the day to myself and I really, really just need sex ok. So i'm thinking that you come over and you help me work out some of those problems again."

I think my stunned silence must have been noticed as I heard a dry chuckle on the other end of the line. "Yes, yes I know it's surprise, I can't say even after last time that I ever thought i'd be making this call but there you have it. I've tried getting by myself but it just isn't the same."

"I see I mean don't get me wrong Jennifer I'd love to but you're.........."

"Married, a new baby, yes I know. I think it's part of the problem, lots of extra hormones, it makes me really worked up and between balancing the family and the rest, well taking care of things myself just doesn't help. As long as your not to rough we'll be fine."

I absorbed the information silently before I had spoken again. "I'm also seeing someone now as well." I had started to explain before she cut me of.

"So? You didn't seem to mind that last time when it was me did you? You were quite happy to have sex then, so you can this time. You also know that this time you won't have to stop either. You can be deep inside me this time it won't make a difference."

I was struggling to find some way to not get involved. The fact was I couldn't resist her, and I think she had known it all along.

"You remember what happened last time don't you?" She suddenly added her voice soft and teasing as she spoke to me. "You can remember how I looked, what we did, what happened between us can't you?"

"Yes." I'd added simply.

"Now don't tell me you don't want more, don't tell me you aren't getting hard right now thinking of how good it would be to play again....." She continued on softly.

"No I want you alright." I admitted which was all to true I was aching thinking of her.

"Good so you can forget about your girlfriend and say at ten tomorrow morning you'll be outside my house, and five minutes after that I want you inside me and we'll give each other a helping hand."

Which brought to me this moment a quick look at my watch assured me it was ten and I slipped out from the van went around to the back to grab my tools and then locked up before I climbed the path back to her door to knock and then ring the bell. It wasn't more than a few seconds and it opened up and Jennifer was there again stood in front of me.

Her eyes sparkled full of warmth and mischief. The look alone so full of promise and knowing exactly what she had in mind already had me hard and straining against my jeans as she stepped back and I entered behind her before she closed the door shutting us in alone together.

We stood facing each other my eyes just running across her. There were differences of course, the obvious one being she looked tired. But she almost glowed, radiating pleasure and satisfaction like she knew exactly what she was going to be enjoying soon. Which I guessed was perfectly correct.

"Can I offer you a drink at all?" She murmured softly her voice sweet and innocent as she fluttered her eyes at me.

I just stared licking my lips and considering a response as I tried to gauge her reaction. "No I don't think so, i'm on a schedule today." I replied.

"Oh is that so, that sounds important. I wouldn't want to slow down your schedule then." She flashed a smile and brushed by me walking along the hallyway.

I didn't know Jennifer well not like others. But I knew what we'd spoken of, I remembered what happened last time, how she had felt how she had tried to slip away at first. She was sweet and fun, she knew what she liked and what she wanted, she knew that I knew that to. I think she liked the idea of a little chase, a little playful teasing that led to her being caught and enjoyed.

I watched her walk away and set my tools down following behind catching up as she reached the door to the kitchen. I snagged her wrist and drew her back backing her into a wall again this time the difference being we were facing one another.

"I have quite a demanding customer today you see. I don't have a lot of time as I seen to recall they had a number of requirements."

"Oh my that does sound demanding. I don't suppose it would be good to disappoint them either." She practically purred out the words flashing a small smile.

"No probably not, and I mean it is really, really hard to resist them as well I think it's good advice to always give a customer exactly what they want but i'm sure you've dealt with hard times in your career, what advice would you have?" I murmured softly.

I felt her hands slide across my body her fingers stroking over my back down my hips a serious expression on her face as she considered my words. "You know it can be very hard at times." She began and I had to choke back a moan as I felt those soft fingers move around and her palm press and slowly rub against my straining length.

"You can advice, and guide and help them out as much as you can but eventually if there is something they want and something you can do to help.......then I think you should probably give them exactly......what.......they......want."

Her words soft and sultry stirred me. Her head had moved forwards and her lips were close to my ear as she breathed out the words. Her fingers though.........her fingers crept across my jeans delicately opened the button and drew down the zip as she spoke.

I shivered feeling the touch of her fingers play across bare skin as she drew them open, then edged inside my boxers deftly slipping beneath the fabric. I nuzzled gently at her neck drawing in the scent of her hair and skin.

"You're probably right." I murmured in agreement. "They'd probably know better than me what they wanted so it's probably best to indulge them." I let my hands slide down her body tracing her curves sliding over her dress and down to reach the hem and then slip beneath.

At the same time I felt her fingers softly wrap around my shaft and stroke lightly. "Oh i'm sure it is. All you really have to do is just give them what they want. Of course if there happy i'm sure they'll make sure you are suitably compensated for your time as well." Her fingers squeezed the head of my cock her thumb sliding over it, her other hand was pushing down my jeans and boxers so my length slipped even more easily into her grip.

I found her skin under her dress completely bare as I gripped her rear and squeezed the little smile on her face as she realised when I knew she was naked beneath it. I drew a hand around and pushed down her thigh sliding across the bare skin and then traced a path back up and pressed between her thighs. She was soft and warm, and soaking wet.

"So exactly what she wants." I repeated.

"Oh yes, exactly what she wants." She agreed and bit my ear gently.

I parted her legs and shuffled forwards as she leaned back. We fumbled together it was an awkward position for this but she guided me with her fingers sliding my shaft over her bared sex and pushed it against her slick folds. We watched each other, eyes on one another as we moved. I nudged against her and then as I felt the head begin to part her I pressed forward and sank myself inside.

We came together easily, my shaft sliding smoothly inside her. I watched her eyes widen, a little satisfied smile tugging at her lips. I felt her squeeze my shaft and ripple around me our bodies joined perfectly together. All those earlier memories of being together, all that need and hunger rose up once more.

Jennifer's hands held my back running across it easing me closer and she smiled even more, eyes bright and happy as she watched me. "Hi." She murmured softly and then lowered her mouth down to mine and kissed me deeply, slow and intense all that desire spilling between us as we melted together.

"Four minutes, fifty seven seconds. Just in time." She chuckled raising one arm and pointing at a clock behind me. I glanced at it briefly and chuckled.

"Well in that case if my work here for the day is done i'll leave you to it and get back to work." I teased her.

She shook her head laughing at me. "Oh no you don't mister. I have most of today alone to myself and you'd better believe I am going to make the most of it. Which means I intend on keeping you very busy." She poked me in the shoulder grinning.

I smiled a little. "In that case I'd better make sure that you are well taken care of then. I wouldn't want to leave a customer unsatisfied."

"No you'd better not there's so much more I want to do today. I intend on keeping you very, very busy." Her arms circled around behind me and drew me down onto her mouth. We kissed again slow and deep her lips rubbing and teasing my own as she breathed out.

"I want you to touch me, to tease me, to play with me." She began softly her lips kissing my mouth, and lips and then down to find my neck tugging at my shirt to brush over my shoulder. "I want you to make love to me, and I really, really, want you to fuck me to." She murmured her voice breaking straining with need as she tugged at my clothes.

More than eager I slipped my hand along her leg just under her knee to lift it up and pull it against my hip to take her weight and give myself more room to finally move a little more. I edged and thrust myself against her not far or to deep given the angle but it increased the friction are bodies joined together and moving once more.

We moved together bodies joined her arms around me body half supported by mine as I thrust lightly in and out teasing us both as much as anything a foretaste of what was to come something Jennifer was obviously eager to bring about. She gave me a nudge and I set her leg back down and stepped back.

"Come on let's take this somewhere else where we can get a little more comfortable." She smiled playfully and started walking grasping my hand as she slipped by and pulling me after her as I tugged my clothes back.

She headed up the stairs this time moving ahead of me and as we hit a corridor on the next floor moved further down until she opened another door and led me inside. It was bright and airy another bedroom for guests if I had to guess from the lack of personal touches. As we stepped inside she led me to the middle of the room and we stopped.

I reached for my shirt about to take it of instead she took my hand and stopped me stepping in close once more. "No let me, I want to do this part myself." She murmured softly her lips brushing against mine softly as she spoke.

Her fingers brushed over my chest tracing across me before she reached my waist gripped the bottom and lifted it up slowly. I raised my arms allowing her to lift it up and watched as she tossed it aside. Still smiling her lips pressed against my chest kissing gently and then slipped down flicking her tongue as her hands dropped to my jeans.

"This is what I wanted." She murmured softly. Shivering under her touch I raised my eyes and met hers. "Oh yes?" I replied softly.

"Oh yes." She agreed opening my jeans with her deft fingers and pushing them down over my hips. "The way you look at me like that. Hot, hungry slightly wild." My jeans slowly fell down my legs as she pushed them down her teasing smile watching me, her lips brushing my chest still.

"Like there are so many very naughty, very wicked things running through your mind about everything we could do and enjoy, all the things you want to do with me." Her palms gripped my boxers and pushed them down and my erection still hard and swollen spilled free once more.

She wasn't wrong, she made my brain melt anytime I was near her. She was pure sex, an utter temptation I couldn't even begin to resist especially like this, not when she was delighting in teasing me. It made me ache just watching her, let alone watching her follow my boxers down slowly sliding down to her knees in front of me.

Watching her kneeling there made my cock twitch and pulse, that was before she leaned forwards her hands resting on my thighs and took my cock inside her mouth. I groaned instantly feeling the warm heat engulf me drawing inside. She didn't even tease.

She took my length her tongue sliding along the underside of the shaft a teasing contrast to the softer feel of her lips on my shaft and then the touch of her mouth warm and wet surrounding me. She could drive me wild and she knew it everytime.

I sucked in a breath just composing myself and reached down sliding my fingers through her hair a thumb caressing her cheek as she looked back at me, eyes focused on me. I groaned again pulsing inside her mouth, felt her own muffled reply ripple along my length making me throb against her even more as I edged my hips back.

I was fucking her mouth, almost without even thinking of it, instinct taking over slowly and steadily sliding myself in and out. Jennifer held onto me and skillfully, deftly just took it all the odd noise escaping her lips. I let her take as much as she wanted feeling her mouth work my shaft.

One hand slipped between us and massaged my balls gently cupping and rolling them as her mouth enjoyed me. One minute she held the tip just between her lips sucking and licking tasting the leaking fluid that escaped out, the next she took all of me inside moaning as she did while I pressed deeper feeling that ache grow and build once more.

I had to stop, under that skilful attention I'd have erupted and spilled myself inside her mouth and as fun as that would be it wasn't what either of us were looking for today. Instead I pulled myself free from her mouth gasping as I did.

"Jennifer......" I half groaned dipping down to take her arms and gently lifted her up to her feet once more and then as she stood plundered her mouth once more another heated kiss as I let my hands enjoy her body roaming across her.

My hands fell to her sides and I gripped the hem of her dress and slowly lifted it up tugging it over that lush tempting body. She straightened up and raised her arms for me making it easier and that combined with it's loose fitting meant it slipped up easily over her head until I could toss it away.

She shook her head freeing her hair while I just watched her dumbstruck. I'd known she had been naked but even so being confronted with it made me ache. The lush curves, her breasts............if it was possible they were even bigger, her nipples more pronounced.

Groaning I couldn't help but lean forwards into her and her hand came around my head guiding me in. I stroked my hands up her sides slipped around the edges of her breasts just squeezing that soft creamy flesh while my mouth kissed across the bare slopes and then dipped down.

I caught her nipple swirling my tongue around it and bit down gently hearing Jennifer's shocked gasp as I did. She clutched at my head moaning as I sucked it feeling the hard nub push against my tongue as I teased her.

"Oh that feels really, really good right now. There really sensitive so just go easy on them." She murmured softly above me. I was aware of it albeit dimly. I remembered all to well how much i'd enjoyed her breasts before, all that i'd done to them. I didn't think anything could beat how good they looked or felt.

Jennifer arched her back pushing them against me that soft warm flesh surrounding my face as I teased her nipple to an even harder swollen point. I let my hand slide up her side squeeze her breasts and then stroked my thumb around her nipple just teasing the other as I groaned happily sucking on the first.

I slipped free with a light pop and Jennifer guided me across to the other breast. Moaning hungrily I closed my lips around it nipping gently drawing another quick gasp as her head fell back and she clutched at me fingers running through my hair.

I stroked it with my hand squeezing and lifting it up to my mouth to enjoy filling it with with the feel of her, swamped by hunger as I tasted her. I flicked and swirled my tongue around the hard tip set my teeth just surrounding her areola and sucked as I did listening to her gasp again quivering against me as I did.

My hands covered anywhere I couldn't enjoy with my mouth, kneading, squeezing just roaming across all that luscious bare flesh as I began to walk her backwards guiding her towards the bed ready to enjoy even more of her now.

She hit the back and I just scooped her up and laid her back my hands sliding along her thighs and just moving her up enough so she was sat on the very edge of it and lowering myself down I could kneel between her thighs using my hands to spread them apart.

Looking back up I could see her watching me, before I moved forwards and just began to explore her. I gently bit the side of her knee and then trailed my mouth up her thigh a lazy line of kisses snaking upwards towards her core.

Pressing my lips I found her sex dripping wet as I tasted her using my tongue to slide across her lips one long slow lick across her listening to the murmured sigh of pleasure that escaped her lips as I did.

I buried myself between her thighs holding them with my hands and pressed my mouth against her sex. I closed my lips over her folds and started to lick and suck concentrating on using my tongue to tease her clit and glide over her lips and delve inside.

She was so wet, already so aroused as I'd discovered earlier it was an easy task. She had worked herself into a state before I'd even arrived this was just just adding more pleasure and teasing us both as much as anything when all we both just wanted to fuck.

I felt her tighten her thighs around my head squeezing a little grinding and pushing back against me as she did sliding herself against my mouth as I enjoyed her. Flicking my tongue against her drew more moans, sucking had her pressing down onto me as much as she could trying to increase that pressure on her clit.

I knew she was close, I could feel it in the way she moved, in the way she writhed and bucked and arched and pressed back against my mouth. Her back arched as she lay there I couldn't see it all positioned as I was but I knew she was clutching and kneading her own breasts even as she rocked against my mouth.

Grasping her tightly I plunged my tongue inside held my lips tight over her clit teasing and just sucked and enjoyed her as she squirmed for me giving in now just enjoying the pleasure as he body gave into it. Then just as I sensed her climax was about to explode I broke away.

I caught a shocked glimpse on her face as I stood suddenly between her thighs. It lasted a second. By then I caught hold of her legs hoisted them up to rest her calves on my shoulders and then pushing forward I drove my cock inside her deep and hard plunging inside that slick wet heat.

She came almost immediately her sex gripping and tightening around me rippling in waves as her head fell back and her orgasm exploded out soaking me as I gritted my teeth and just held myself deep inside her enjoying that delicious sensation.

I couldn't hold myself there long. I was aching to much for one, especially with her pussy quivering around me. Holding her legs up I was soon moving, my hips sliding back and forth just pumping my cock in and out of her driving deep into that slick wet heat.

With this angle she was tight gripping and clenching around my cock with each and every stroke and thrust that I made inside her. It felt so good just watching myself rock hard and glistening with her juices part her body sliding in and out and driving inside her.

I picked up the pace fucking her hard so my thighs drove against her body, the sound of flesh on flesh rang out as I enjoyed her. I worked the entire length of myself in and out watching as she took every inch until my balls were pressed against her before I withdrew and began again.

The sight of it was tempting enough my cock swollen and hard glistening as I pushed inside her spreading her sex sliding inside before pulling back and stuffing myself back inside and even then it wasn't enough. I was hard and aching and needed to enjoy every inch.

I slowed down and finally withdrew straining at the effort of holding myself back breathing hard as I looked back at her.

"Go on move back up the bed a little." I grinned at her for a moment watching a she fluttered a smile at me and then pushed herself back until she was laying on it properly now.

I climbed onto it joining her, this time sliding behind her and moving her onto her side so I could just spoon her from behind. I stroked my hands down one arm along her hip and then squeezed her thigh lifting it up enough to slide myself back between her legs to glide across her sex.

It didn't take me long and I found the perfect spot and pushed myself back inside her our bodies joining together. I couldn't fuck her to hard in this position but even so the friction was delicious as we moved together, as I felt her squeeze my hard aching cock once more.

I took slow deliberate strokes pressing inside her so my hips drove against her rear a steady movement bouncing against her as we came together. I watched her turn her head a little looking at me over her shoulder as I enjoyed her.

"How often have you thought of this since last time?"

"More than you'd know." I half growled thrusting again to emphasise the point.

"I bet you're feeling pretty glad you came back today right now aren't you." She chuckled softly.

"I will even more soon enough." I agreed nipping at her neck as I thrust once more.

"I would ask you which part you enjoyed the most but I'm pretty sure I already know." She laughed pushing back against me.

"I don't know what you mean." I laughed a little working a hand up to reach her breast and cup and squeeze it. I twitched at the touch my mind resonating with thoughts. I wasn't sure if she felt it but I pulsed inside her.

"Oh don't worry i'm sure everyone loves giving someone a helping hand." She chuckled again teasing softly.

"I seem to recall more than a hand last time." I teased back thrusting a little more firmly my swollen cock pulsing once more.

"You may be right. I think there was far more of a workout than just that." She added smirking at me. "But which was it then?"

"Which was what?" I replied squeezing and thrusting.

"Did you enjoy fucking me more, or maybe it was when you were fucking my breasts." Her head turned then leaning back and whispering softly. "Or was it when you came all over me? I'm pretty sure you remember that right."

I almost growled just thinking about it. "Oh yes I remember that definitely. You looked entirely to good glistening and dripping in it." Shivering I pushed myself shifting position keeping Jennifer on her side.

I put my hand on her knee and pushed her leg up towards her body exposing her glistening core again and shuffling forward plunged myself inside her holding her in place. She was so tight her body gripped me clenching around my shaft as I held it inside her.

She looked back at me clutching her breast fingers kneading the softness. "I did say you had wicked ideas didn't I." She teased me smiling. "You were so bad weren't you making a mess like that and now your going to do it all over again. I want to feel it inside me this time, I want you to spill it inside me and this time you can see it dripping out me."

I groaned listening to her, watching her. She might talk about wicked ideas that I had, but she had more than enough of her own. It was more than I could resist aching as I was anyway. Panting and straining I drove deep inside her just feeling her tighten and squeeze my cock as I did.

She had always known I couldn't resist her. What had happened before had been to memorable to forget. To intense and satisfying to pass up the chance to taste her again. I gripped her hard my fingers tight on her shapely muscled curves and thrust in and out in and out. My body pulsed and I knew I was losing it.

"Jennifer!" I have groaned half growled sliding myself in, pulling back, thrusting again my length glossy and wet with her.

"Do it, cum for me I want to feel it." She caught my gaze her eyes just hot and smoky.

I gritted my teeth grabbed her thigh and squeezed holding her in place and just gave in. I drove myself against her deep and hard slapping against her flesh making her take all of me holding nothing back now. She quivered beneath me moaning clutching her breast and squeezing it.

Watching her, enjoying her it tipped me over that edge. I thrust again felt her body squeeze around mine her sex split apart by my cock welling up with moisture edged back and then thrust again this time holding myself there as I just erupted out pumping my cum inside her.

It went on and on the two of us locked together watching one another as we both felt exactly what I was doing to her, spilling all that cum inside her. Finally I drew in a shaky breath pulling back just a little. If I needed any other memories to add to what I already had the sight of her gaping slick hole oozing out cum onto her thighs was another burned into my memory as I collapsed behind her on the bed and we lay together catching our breath.

I held myself against her pressed against her back my hand resting on her thigh just feeling her quiver still feeling that all to pleasant warm heat after my climax and relaxing back against the soft curves of the bed and her body as she pushed back against me.

I dozed quickly not really sleeping so much as just losing myself in the after glow of my orgasm and the sheer enjoyment of fucking Jennifer again and then emptying myself inside her once more. I wasn't even sure how long i'd been out before I finally stirred and sat up.

Jennifer was still there and half turned flashing a smile at me as she did.

"Don't worry, you only dozed a litte. An hour maybe. We've still got plenty of time before anyone else is home yet." She grinned at me as I slowly relaxed myself and lay back on the bed. Jennifer turned herself over and ran a hand across my chest.

Her hand played across me reaching up to turn my head towards her. Then she was sliding up against me her mouth moving closer dipping down until she found mine and kissed me hungrily her teeth tugging at my lip playfully.

"Don't think i'm done with you let mister. I want some more of this before you're allowed to go home." She chuckled softly her hand sliding down to lazily wrap around my cock and squeezed lightly.

She kissed me again and then ran her fingers up and down my shaft from the base to the tip and back again reaching under to cup my balls and run her palm along them gently rubbing the soft tender skin.

"Come on let's clean up a little you can help me wash and we can see what else we can manage to do." She smirked at me as she shifted sideways back to the edge of the bed and then slowly stood up. I followed her moving to the opposite side rolling of and then standing up before I came around as she grasped my hand and then led me across the room through a door way and into the bathroom beyond.

What caught my attention immediately was the walk in shower. It was large certainly big enough that we'd have no trouble both fitting inside comfortably. Which is clearly what she had in mind as she walked across and then reached inside to turn the water on before stepping back.

A few minutes to let the water warm up and she was drawing me inside the glass screen chuckling as my mouth found hers and my hands wrapped around her naked body and just backed her against the wall as I hungrily enjoyed her lush shapely curves.

After we took a few moments, just letting the water wash over us Jennifer started to wash her hair, mostly I just watching her. As she began to shampoo her hair I moved behind, grabbed some of the lotion near by and just started to wash her of. It was the perfect excuse to enjoy her.

Dripping wet all naked and bare, reminded me of the sauna again. She still looked unbelievably sexy. I stroked my fingers and used a sponge running it over her shoulders and neck, down her back across the round curves of her ass straightening up to grind against her as my hands moved around her hips.

She leaned back into me a small smile tugging at her lips as we brushed together. Neither of us spoke she continued to wash her hair and I continued to just enjoy her taking the sponge and pushing it down the outside of her thighs and then gliding back up between her legs.

She made a noise, some small soft unremarkable sound really but it almost made me growl against her skin. The heated water, her soft body, the slow press of bare flesh sliding together it all did things to me that soon had my cock rising slowly once more to press against her rear.

Reaching around with my free hand I cupped one big soft breast kneading it with my palm and squeezing it a little even as I continued to rub the sponge between her thighs pressing firmly and stroking it against her while I pressed my mouth to her neck and nibbled gently.

She reached behind me her arm around my neck holding on just sliding and pushing her body back against mine while I kissed her neck and shoulders and just enjoyed that body. Warm and wet she was exquisite to touch, all sleek and tempting just sliding over my skin.

"Jennifer!" I almost hissed out her name groaning against her as I nipped at her ear.

I heard her moan again pure sensual delight as I pressed the sponge between her thighs and squeezed her breast tugging on the nipple lightly. Erotic and hot the heat and tension swirled around us both just consuming everything other than the aching need we both felt.

Releasing my neck she turned around and pushed me back against the wall kissing me hungrily lips, tongues, teeth all clashing, nibbling teasing each other. Those lush soft curves pressed against me teasing my body, hard nipples dragging over my skin, her breasts squashed on my chest, my cock rubbing against her belly.

I held her, hands running through her hair hungrily tasting her mouth again as we groaned against one another just slick and wet enjoying the friction and heat. She broke away with another low moan of pleasure and nipped at my throat with her teeth.

She put a hand on my chest flashed me a look to make sure I knew to stay where I was and then satisfied I had the message she began to explore. She trailed kisses across my shoulders teasing over the skin making it ache with little pinpricks of pleasure as her palms ran across my chest down my hips along my thighs.

Her lips began to drift lower as well nipping at my collar bone, then descending down to my chest. She teased a nipple sucking lightly and then continued on down slowly sinking to her knees in front of me looking up and blinking away the water from her eyes as I groaned watching her.

She bit her lip shook her head and then pressed against me her lips scraping across the delicate skin on my belly as her hands stroked along my thighs and then reached around to cup and squeeze my rear as she rubbed over the front of my body moaning softly.

She pulled back just a little just enough to kiss the head of my cock her lips rubbing it lightly and then slowly she began to place delicate kisses along the shaft starting under the head of the harder ridge of flesh and then slowly gliding down the length of me.

Still moaning softly her mouth parted a little further and she took the softer sensitive skin of my balls in her mouth sucking lightly first one, and then the other before she released them and then lazily licked a path back up the length of my cock until she reached the head.

Her lips parted spreading wider and all I could do was groan as she engulfed me enveloping the length of my cock and drawing me deep inside her mouth. My eyes fluttered, a low groan escaping from my lips as she sank down further and further until she reached the base.

I felt her hands sliding across me again the backs of my thighs, around to squeeze my rear moaning around me. Reaching down my fingers pushed through her hair stroking it even as my cock pulsed and throbbed happily surrounded by her mouth.

She drew back gasping as she sucked in a breath and then sank down once more moaning again as this time I couldn't resist thrusting to meet her pushing myself between her hungry lips fucking that all to teasing talented mouth of hers groaning as I watched her take it.

She held onto my legs holding herself in place just moaning as I filled her mouth throbbing hard again pressing forward eagerly as I clutched at her head. I felt the head pulse happily inside her mouth sucked in a ragged breath to steady myself. Then I thrust forwards again.

I was fucking her mouth again more firmly now groaning as I did guiding her head and that all to eager mouth over my cock not even watching as she held me inside her throat but just concentrating on the sensations she created the need and hunger I felt under her touch.

Her fingers squeezed and ran over me in small little circles. Her muffled moans made me ache, every thing she did to me just making me ache so much I had to fight back the urge to pump into her mouth even more until I exploded, until I flooded her with yet more cum.

Just barely I held myself back even as I felt her lips reach the base of my shaft and press lightly on my balls. Her breasts were squashed on my legs her hands squeezing my thighs as she worked on my cock and I wanted her again. Jennifer though had other ideas.

By this point she also knew me well enough to know what I really couldn't resist. She pulled free of my cock and leaned back just taking a breath as she looked back at me for a moment her hand reaching out to grasp me instead stroking along the shaft.

"Don't worry I know what you like." She teased me with a small smile.

"Oh really, and what might that be exactly?" I murmured grinning as I watched her stroke me.

"Oh I don't know. A little something like this I think is always good isn't it?" She teased me softly grinning back.

Slowly she guided the head of my cock to her breast as she sat up a little and straightened edging the swollen head over her nipple in a slow very deliberate fashion. I moaned a little the lewd sight of swollen head, the hard tip of her nipple the friction and contact between us. It made me swallow hard.

Jennifer knew me all to well at this point. She turned slightly drew me across to her other breast and slowly ran me over that as well. Her slick wet skin, dripping water was smooth and soft her fingers twisted and spiralled their way down to the base of my shaft before slowly squeezing their way back to the tip.

"That is definitely a good start." I agreed biting my lip as I watched her.

"Only a good start, well that won't do we'll have to work on that. Fortunately I think I know a few things that will work." She drawled softly even as she released my cock.

It bobbed and twitched freely while I watched Jennifer as she moved closer and then let her hands fall down to scoop up her breasts squeezing them a little and giving a pleased little sigh of pleasure as her palms ran over her nipples. She tilted her head back and flashed a bright smile.

"Sensitive still." She chuckled softly and then pressed herself close to me.

Still holding those luscious big breasts in the palms of her hands she pulled them apart and then eased herself forward surrounding my cock and engulfing it in her cleavage surrounding my cock in her warm wet and soft flesh.

I let out a groan watching, thrust forward almost instinctively against her watching the head of my shaft pop out from her cleavage as I did. No matter how often we did this it never got tiring. The sight of her bare breasts made me ache. My cock pressed between them made me throb, and the sultry hot look on Jennifer's face as we shared the moment always made me want to explode.

I shook my head blowing out a breath as I tried to keep as calm as possible. Pretty hard to do when someone like Jennifer held her breasts squashed around your cock. Her lips were parted as she looked at me pressing close and sliding herself up slowly and then back down.

The water felt good, an easy glide as our skin moved together. My cock throbbed happily tightly held between her breasts as she squeezed them around me and stroked them up and down my cock working my shaft as she moved reaching the tip and squeezing the head making me pulse even more.

Her cleavage felt incredible drawing another groan from me as she slipped her breasts down to the base and then pushed them back up once more until she was squeezing around the head and a drop of fluid gathered at the tip and trickled slowly out to drip across her bare skin.

She smirked a little as she looked back at me and pulled back just rubbing her nipple hard and erect against the head of my shaft as more fluid seeped out smearing across the swollen tip. It was always so hot and wicked when she did that I groaned again even as she flashed a smile.

Her head dipped and then tilted back looking up at me again as her tongue poked out and caressed the base of my shaft before licking a slow lazy path right up the length of my cock until she reached the head and delicately lapped up more oozing pre cum moaning as she did.

She knew I couldnt resist her. Reaching out I put a hand on her shoulder and tugged her closer pushing my cock firmly back between those luscious big round breasts of hers. WIth my hands holding her I surrounded my cock with her soft creamy flesh and just thrust against her.

There was something obscenely  good about fucking her breasts. They couldn't have been any more inviting. So big and soft, combined with the slick sensation of the water as it poured across us both the sensation was just exquisite even if I was blinking water from my eyes to continue watching her clearly.

I pumped my cock between her breasts my hips surging as I rode her body kept my hands cupped around her to increase the friction and tight fit around my shaft as I thrust. Jennifer crossed an arm under them lifting and raising them up to hold them even more snugly around me.

I leaned back a little pumping steadily just enjoying myself groans filling the shower as we enjoyed our time together but it did remind me there was plenty of things that still had to be done before we were finished for the day.

I eased myself back drawing in a shaky breath as I did. Jennifer was nothing if not tempting those gorgeous big breasts even more so, especially soaking wet as they were. Reaching down my cock bobbing freely I slipped a hand under her arm and tugged her to her feet.

She looked at me briefly and then I placed my mouth on hers kissing her hungrily and eagerly fondling her lush curves as the water cascaded over us both. I wanted more though. Breaking the kiss I turned her around and planted her firmly against the glass screen of the shower.

I bit down on her shoulder drawing another moan from her as my hands slipped down her body over her back found her rear and squeezed her cheeks before I ground myself against her feeling her squirm soft noises of pleasure eagerly escaping her lips. A mixture of pleas and soft entreaties.

I was pressed tightly against her rear, and felt her quiver as I gripped her cheeks and squeezed before I drew my hand back and spanked her firmly feeling her flesh bounce under the blow, another moan escaping her lips as she thrust herself back against me.

My hands moved to her hips tugging them back, lifting them a little higher and then guiding myself into position by moving the head of my shaft back to her entrance. I pressed forwards running the head up and down her entrance teasing it apart and then pushed inside.

I sank in smoothly again my cock parting her eager flesh spreading it apart and delving deep as I took her. Groaning I pressed my mouth to the back of her neck and shoulder  just shuddering as she clamped down around me tight and firm milking my shaft with her tight muscles.

I ground against her bodies pushing tightly together enjoying the way she felt as my hands roamed across her bare body sliding over her rear and squeezing it again moving around before my palm stroked across her smooth belly feeling her push back against me once more.

She was panting again her breaths coming in greedy gasps as she pushed back against me. I let my hand travel back higher finding her breast and squeezing it kneading it with my hand and playing with a nipple tweaking it with my fingers as she moaned again trembling.

Then I just had to start thrusting slow at first just pushing myself in and out of her steadily feeling her legs closed tight together squeezing me even more. With the both of us dripping wet it only added to the slick sensations, the friction and caress of bare skin just a delightful tease.

I kept one hand on her breast, had the other just on her hip and rear squeezing it lifting it a little higher just watching as I worked myself in and out of her opening enjoying how good she felt, how good we looked as I slowly filled her with my throbbing hard shaft.

She was panting as I enjoyed her, soft moans echoing of the walls. Gasping she began to push herself back onto my shaft her rear slapping into my hips taking me deeper again. It made me ache more and I couldn't help but pick up the pace as well hunger and sheer desire driving me.

My lips hungry and hot traced across her shoulder up her neck kissing and nibbling before her head turned and her mouth met mine. We moaned against each other hungrily kissing as our bodies moved together straining as we both enjoyed the slip and slide and growing pleasure.

I couldn't resist her. The more I pressed against her, the more she pushed back onto me. My hunger and desire began to take over. Greedily I pushed her against the glass screen of the shower wall hands roaming across her again squeezing her breasts and sliding back to her hips.

I began to thrust harder then working her body, using it, enjoying it, driving myself in and out of her feeling her lush round rear slap against my hips as our bodies met. Moaning her hands pressed against the screen palms flat on the surface supporting herself as I took her.

Panting, moaning, straining I lunged against her and pounded her against the screen. I sank my cock greedily inside her, edged back and drove it in again repeatedly just enjoying her lush body and drinking in the eager moans that spilled from her lips as we came together.

She was still watching me her head turned to the side looking back and I slowed again grinding myself against her as I took her mouth and kissed her again. I pushed one hand down and dragged it back up her thigh pressing it between her legs to slowly rub and tease her clit.

Then I had my other hand on her rear squeezing it, kneading it, travelling slowly up the length of her back listening to her against my mouth before she broke of again gasping as she looked at me again. She thrust back onto me sliding herself along my swollen hard length.

"Fuck me, fuck me." She repeated gasping as she ground back harder still.

Moaning I happily obliged. I dragged my lips up her shoulder nibbling her bare skin. My hand followed palm gliding across her bare skin across her shoulder up her neck and I grasped a handful of her wet hair bunching it between my fingers as I set myself.

I gave it a tug enough to pull her head back so we could watch each other. I could see her spread her hands out on the screen propping herself up, her torso squashed firmly against the smooth surface even before I really began to move. The only thing I was missing was the chance to see her breasts pressed into the glass.

At that precise moment it was only a dim thought. I was more concerned with enjoying her fully. I drove into her our bodies slapping firmly on one another her rear bouncing of my hips as I sank myself greedily inside her. She hissed out a breath her eyes fluttering as they looked at me.

My head dropped lips edging over the skin of her neck and I just lost myself in enjoying her. Moaning I greedily fucked her again and again pounding myself against her just concentrating on how good she felt warm and wet contracting all over my cock as I drove her into the screen.

Hard, fast and deep I pumped myself in and out of her the sound of water drowned now by the ring of flesh meeting flesh, our bodies locked together and the mixture of moans, grunts and steady pleas for more that spilled from us both as we ravished each other.

Jennifer moaned for me, urged me on, begged for more. Straining with the effort I blinked water from my eyes growling with need plunging my cock deep inside her and always wanting more ravenous now unable to resist her never getting enough to satisfy the sheer ache she induced in me.

It couldn't continue eventually we both slithered our way back to the shower floor limp and panting as we sucked in air. Jennifer half lay on her side upper body propped up while I was spooned behind her still rocking and edging myself in and out of her body as I gripped her hip.

She moaned softly as she looked at me and then slowly blew out a breath. "I think we need to take this back to the bedroom so at least when we collapse we won't have to drag ourselves out of here and can just fall on the bed or at least the floor." She laughed softly.

I smiled ruefully still buried inside her stroking myself in and out of her still knowing I'd have to slip free albeit briefly. I let my hand slide across her squeezing her rear, then travelling up to massage her breast again. No matter how much time we spent together that never got dull.

"Come on then. The sooner we get out the sooner I can make a mess of you again."

"Is that so?" She teased me smirking as she reached out a hand towards me. I laughed again pulled myself free of her and then took her hand standing myself before helping her up to her feet. I drew her in against me and lazily kissed her neck.

"That is entirely possibly."

She chuckled softly pressing back into my body and reached up her arm wrapping around my neck and tugging me down to kiss her again. I growled against her mouth my hips grinding against the soft curves of her rear as I filled my hands with her breasts and squeezed before drawing one down and playfully slapped her rear.

"Come on." I muttered laughing briefly.

Jennifer chuckled and walked across to shut the water of. We each took a moment letting some of fall away before making our way to the door opening it up and slipping outside. I stood watching briefly as Jennifer walked across and grabbed some towels before heading back and passing one to me.

As she set about wrapping one around her head covering her hair I worked on drying myself of as quickly and as efficiently as possible as there was far more interesting things I wanted to be doing than drying myself of. As soon as I was done I headed across to her.

I held the towel and began to dry her of as well rubbing it across her body as she held her arms up and laughed softly. There was something sensual and fun even in this. I just liked my hands on her body exploring and touching and roaming across her tempting figure.

I worked it across her neck and down over her back occasionally leaning it to kiss her neck and shoulders. I ran it down her spine and then kneeling over her buttocks and then started on her legs even as I planted a kiss on one firm cheek and then set my teeth and nipped at her gently.

She gave a throaty chuckled and slowly turned herself around until she was facing me. Looking up her body I almost groaned running the towel down her thighs and knees, along her calves and then slowly worked my way back up her body wiping up the trails of water that dripped across her skin.

Looking up I watched her eyes flutter as she looked down gazing at me. I alternated using the towel with just planting light teasing kisses on her. Letting my lips brush against her skin. I found her knee, her thigh, crept my way up to nuzzle the very top at the joint with her hip.

She shivered a little under my touch until it felt like she was taking a step closer. Either way because of her, or my own exploration my lips found her sex again and she murmured above me. I was still using the towel even if I couldn't see what I was doing with my attention back on her pussy.

I opened my mouth flicked out my tongue and gently licked her just sliding it along her lips rubbing slowly trailing across her bare flesh. She shuddered sucking in a deep breath her hand finding it's way down to grip my head tangling in my air as I teased her gently.

I caressed her lips sliding and stroking my tongue along them just feeling her grind and rock her hips against my mouth as she stood there. I pressed in close let my hands reach around the towel falling away now as I gripped her rear instead and squeezed that muscled flesh.

I licked her again from front to back and then as she moaned softly I parted her with my tongue and thrust it inside her feeling her quiver as yet another gasp of pleasure spilled from her. Her hands tightened on my head gripping it and grinding her sex on my mouth.

I edged back captured her lips and sucked lightly just flicking my tongue over her and then thrusting it inside again rapid strokes working it in and out of her before pulling back and then just sliding it over her clit clutching at her ass holding her onto my mouth as I tasted her.

She moaned her hands clutching at my head even more tightly, her hips rocking back and forth virtually riding my mouth grinding her pussy on my mouth. I held onto her gripping her tightly and just enjoyed lashing my tongue inside her and focusing my attention on her clit.

I gripped her ass tightly squeezing it as she stood there her body almost turning in my grip as she tried to angle herself to press her clit onto me. I found it with my lips closed around it and began to hungrily suck just focusing my attention there as I squeezed her tight firm behind.

Her moans grew  louder, her body pressed against me more and more. I moaned with her pushing my tongue inside her while sucking on her swollen clit just increasing the pressure on it until I heard a startled gasp and her fingers pushed on my head edging me back.

"Stop, stop." She gasped.

I tiled my head back to look at her my tongue sliding over her clit as she tightened her grip on my head and eased herself back smiling ruefully. She gave me a tug pulling me up and I stood slowly only to feel her press against me and then kiss me hard and deep moaning against my mouth.

"We need to get back into the bedroom otherwise we'll be a mess all over the floor again and we did that last time." She muttered tugging at my hand to lead me back out.

I followed her exchanging kisses as we went hands roaming and sliding across one another as we backed out into the bedroom and headed towards the bed. I scooped her up and carried her across until we hit it, and then dropped her onto it. She laughed and bit her lip smiling flirtaciously.

Then she rolled over onto her front and giggling just tried to playfully scurry away. I caught her ankle before she could escape and held her as I pounced on her from behind the weight of my body pinning her into the sheets a sudden moan escaping her as we brushed together.

I shifted my body, my hips pressing against her rear feeling her squirm and push back against me sliding against my erection. She half propped herself up looking back over her shoulder fixing me with another heated stare. It made me ache even more watching her.

She almost arched grinding herself against me and I sank lower using my weight to part and spread her legs which I think she acceeded to all to easily giving me room to position myself against her and ease forward guiding the head of my shaft to entrance.

I rocked myself against her pushing the head against her entrance sliding back and forth dabbling in the heat and wetness there watching her eyes flutter as she looked at me wide and enticing. I couldn't resist it. Gripping her rear I thrust and drove myself inside her.

She let out a deep groan of pleasure as I pushed inside her, she licked her lips, her eyes fluttering and I held myself there buried deep inside her just rocking a little letting us both just savour the moment. My hands roamed across her again squeezing her rear and sliding up her back to her shoulders.

I held her there making sure she looked at me, making sure we watched other as I took her again. I couldn't resist her not for long and groaning as well I began to move again pulling my hips back and thrusting against her again pushing my cock deep inside her.

Her eyes widened again as she felt me, her body quivered around me soft and tempting and the soft small noises of pleasure that escaped her lips only made me ache for more almost growling with need as I withdrew and then thrust again my hips slapping against her tight soft arse.

She began to moan then loud greedy gasps of pleasure that rang out as I drove myself against her deeper, harder just pumping my cock inside her hungrily enjoying her lush curves. I wanted more of her, I wanted all of her as much as I could take, as much as I could reach.

I covered her body with my own driving my hips forward pressing firmly against her rear sinking my cock inside her and pinned her beneath me with my weight just enjoying her. She arched back rocking thrusting her ass back to meet me that steady sound of us fucking ringing out.

I scraped my teeth lightly over her skin. My lips found her neck slid up and then pressed against her mouth swallowing her mouth before her tongue greedily slipped into my mouth and we nipped and sucked and groaned against one another as we just took.

We rocked together our mouths pressed hard on one anothers as we kissed and moaned our pleasure. Jennifer squeezed and milked my cock her muscles working my length as I pushed inside edged back and then sunk myself inside her again plunging inside that slick wet heat.

I couldn't get enough of her. Pressed tightly together the feel of her body, the friction of skin on skin was delicious. Pumping my throbbing cock deep inside her pussy was an exquisite pleasure especially when I felt her squeeze and tighten milking my length as it pushed inside.

Breathing deeply I broke the kiss, took a deep breath and steadied myself a little. Slowing down I thrust deep and hard holding myself inside her as she moaned flexing around me licking her throat as I groaned out her name my hands roaming across her once more.

"Jennifer." I stammered my voice hungry and strained.

She moaned softly thrusting back against me as I held myself inside her stroking my hands along her curves. I squeezed her rear and caressed up her hips and along her sides to the outside of her breasts leaning over her to lick up her spine and then bite her neck gently.

Her head turned enough that I could continue up and kiss her again listening to her moan as she wriggled and squirmed pushing herself back onto my cock making me throb. She caught my lip and bit it smirking at me and fluttering her eyes playfully.

"Are you going to finish again?" She teased softly.

"It's quite possible yes." I added dryly.

She shifted and pushed back onto me again making me shudder as she gripped my shaft. "Well just remember we haven't long got out of the shower so you had better not make a mess getting much on me. So you know what that means........." She murmured softly flashing a small smile.

I pushed myself up just to give a little room, just to watch her slowly slide herself along my cock as much as anything. Slowly she backed onto me splitting herself around my cock pushing back until we pressed together and then slowly pulled herself forward and I just watched and felt her lips grip me.

Jennifer as in everything she did was an exquisite tease. As she realised my eyes were watching her move she began to play and tease even more. She slowed right down gliding along my shaft almost pulling herself free just the head on my cock holding those lips apart.

Her back arched a little more and she flicked her head sending her hair tumbling over one shoulder as she looked at me. My hands caressed the back of her thighs and then slowly rose up to grip her firm ass again. I gripped and squeezed as she pushed herself back down onto me bouncing a little working my cock.

"You know what it means right?" She reminded me grinning.

I met that grinning smile of hers and thrust against her groaning as I squeezed her rear again. "It means you get fucked, and I fill you again." I murmured softly feeling her grip me smoothly once more. I was almost kneeling again now Jennifer kneeling on me in turn.

She rode me working my cock gliding up and down on my length as I held her hips. Reaching around I cupped her breasts and pulled her back against my chest as I squeezed them and bit her ear gently. Groaning I shuddered against her my body pulsing with the pleasure of being inside her.

"I guess that means I can't cover those gorgeous breasts of yours?"

"Should have in the shower if that was what you wanted." She teased me.

"I was a little distracted!" I insisted chuckling against her ear.

"You don't feel distracted. You feel like your attention is exactly where I want it right now."

I trailed my lips up her neck and captured her ear biting gently as I groaned again her skin. "And where exactly is that?" I teased her softly.

Her eyes fluttered her tongue gently dabbed her lips as she sucked in a breath and then turned flicking me a look over her shoulder. She reached an arm around us snaking around my neck and holding onto me as she rubbed back against my chest and rested on my thighs my cock quivering inside her.

"On fucking me, on making me cum, and then on emptying yourself inside me again of course." She laughed softly as she pressed back into my body the skin and the friction a delicious tease as we edged together my hands on her breasts squeezing them kneading them.

"I want you to fuck me, to use me, to give me a proper good, hard satisfying workout until I gush all over you, and then you can just fill me up until i'm dripping wet again." She drawled softly every word accentuated full of heat and desire as she flashed a sultry hot look at me.

I clutched her breasts and squeezed again my fingers tugging at her nipples pinching them and rolling them between my fingers as I growled against her neck. I couldn't resist her, she knew me well enough by now to realise that all to well I thought. My desire and hunger was all to much.

She bounced on my thighs a little grinding on my cock and I pulsed inside her squeezing her again pulling her tight against my body as I found her mouth and kissed her hard and deep. She squirmed against me moaning against my mouth her own desire ferocious.

"Fuck me, fuck me." She insisted nipping at my lips and bouncing on my cock.

Moaning I broke away from her mouth drew my hands behind her planted them on her back and pushed her face down onto the mattress. She spread out moaning hands stretching above her head to clutch at the sheets as I covered her again and drove myself inside her.

I was riding her body now, using it, enjoying it. Both of us groaned together me slamming my hips into her rear fucking her hard. Jennifer as she pushed back against me bouncing her ass of my hips taking my cock deep inside her eager slick wet pussy.

I had one hand on shoulders pinning her down, the other just gripped her hip and ass squeezing and fondling it drawing it back just to spank it a little watch the flesh bounce and jiggle under the impact as I continued to drive my throbbing hard cock in and out of her.

She moaned into the sheets her hands gripping and releasing them holding herself in place as I ravished her body deep hard strokes in and out watching her take every inch of my cock feeling her squeeze and tighten around me milking my shaft just trying to make me explode again.

Her cries rang out over and over again echoing of the walls mixing with the sound of our bodies meeting, my hips pounding against her rear fucking her raw, deep and hard. I was going to cum again. I felt it building felt my body rising towards it's peak once more.

I wanted to make her cum first. I reached around underneath her again ran my fingers up to her clit and then just started to rub and press and tease her body. The cries grew and intensified no doubt adding to the sensation she was taking from my cock as I drove it inside her again and again.

I pounded myself inside her deep and hard ruthlessly driving us both towards an explosive peak. The need clawed at me, her body drove me into a frenzy all lush curves. The heat and friction between us was intoxicating, her scent filled the air her moans joined them.

I kept a hand on her sex playing with her clit and then let my other hand grab a handful of her hair and tug her up of the bed making her back arch and those luscious breasts bounce and sway as I pumped my cock in and out if her just dripping wet in her glorious essence.

"Oh sweet god." I heard her start to moan before the words cut of descending into garbled moans and cries.

She came then, hard squeezing and tightening on my cock in waves and it was to much for me as well. I thrust again burying my head against her neck biting at her skin growling my pleasure as my cock erupted twitching and pulsing and spurting out thickly inside her once more. 

I ground my hips against her rear holding myself as deep inside her as I could, feeling her push back against me the loud cries falling to softer whispers and panting with pleasure. I held her tight my solid hard cock throbbing as she clamped down hard and milked the shaft.

I finally let my hand fall away from her clit and damp and sticky with her wetness clutched her breast instead and squeezed. Locked together slowly we let ourselves relax and collapse back to the bed sprawled over the discarded and rumpled sheets.

I covered her body head resting on her shoulder slowly watching as her head turned, her face flushed with colour as she looked at me.  She let out a satisfied sigh and smiled. I couldn't resist capturing her mouth and stealing a kiss hearing her chuckle against my mouth as I did.

"There now that feels much better." She murmured softly.

"I think my customer is happy." I murmured softly smiling against her hair.

"Oh she is, she definitely is. That was exactly what she wanted." She murmured and I heard the satisfied pleasure in her voice as she did.

"Always happy to satisfy another customer." I chuckled again gently running my fingers across her bare skin, my other hand still pressed to her breast. Naked and flushed with passion she still looked absolutely gorgeous. Even now I felt her occasionally squeezing my softening cock.

She gave a happy sigh and pushed back against me grinding. Finally I eased myself free and rolled of her to lay on my back. Jennifer moved closer bare breasts squashed against my chest as her fingers danced lightly over my skin and she kissed her way up to find my mouth.

I pulled her in close and kissed her deeply listening as she made a soft noise of pleasure.

"I'm not the only one looking pretty happy right now." She drawled softly.

I let my eyes run across her. "I'm feeling pretty happy now. Tired, but happy, and pretty relaxed." I chuckled softly, stroking my hands across her.

"After that i'd certainly hope so." She smiled at me her eyes warm and soft. "We are going to have to clean up though and make a move soon." She explained softly.

"I know, I know. I've got to actually get to work instead of distracting myself here." I murmured in agreement.

"This was much more fun though." She kissed me again hands rising to cup my face.

"Anytime Jennifer, anytime." I murmured in agreement.

"Careful what you wish for. I may just take you up on that." She smirked at me a playful little smile sliding across her face. "But you know what. You'll enjoy every moment and thank me when we're done.

There was only thing to say to that. "Yes ma'am, whatever you say."
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Re: Repair job rendezvous (Jennifer Love Hewitt)
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Absolutely loved the dirty talk and chemistry going on here. This was a worthy sequel!
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Re: Repair job rendezvous (Jennifer Love Hewitt)
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Amazing work!

I love reading about Jen doing dirty stuff with cheating angles. Thank you for this.
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Re: Repair job rendezvous (Jennifer Love Hewitt)
« Reply #3 on: December 11, 2021, 12:05:46 AM »
Better than the first one, you know how to write MILF JLH very well.
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Re: Repair job rendezvous (Jennifer Love Hewitt)
« Reply #4 on: December 20, 2021, 04:41:39 PM »

Even better than the first one!!

Good cheating scenarios are always fun and Jennnifer played this guy so well. She knew what she wanted and got it.
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