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Author Topic: Kelly hits 40 with a bang! (Kelly Brook)  (Read 40897 times)


Kelly hits 40 with a bang! (Kelly Brook)
« on: November 25, 2021, 04:14:54 AM »

Starring: Kelly Brook

Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Anal, Facial

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission

Kelly Brook was turning 40! The buxom brunette and wet dream of every guy in the UK growing up for the past 20 years was ok with this fact, “age is nothing but a number” she would tell herself, and she truly loved her current life, money in the bank, model boyfriend in Jeremy, friends, family and the adoration of every guy who saw her. But she was finding that recently less guys would come up to her in bars or flirt with her, or she’d catch less guys gazing down her incredible, full, natural cleavage, was this what the rest of her live would be like?

Instead of the usual boozy night out, hitting the clubs and dancing the night away of her birthday Jeremy suggested a meal in a top London restaurant with close family and friends, a more sedate affair with a glass or two of wine and maybe a bottle of champagne. Of course this didn’t stop Kelly from getting dressed up, having full makeup and hair done and squeezing herself into a skin tight pink metallic dress showing off her deep cleavage and riding up to just below her big, plump arse. In the last few years Kelly had found herself putting on a little extra weight, though her fanbase didn’t complain, it only helped accentuate her hour glass figure, add a couple of cup sizes to her already phenomenal breasts and increase the size of her arse, which she found was more popular now anyway. She finished the look with a pair of 6 inch open toed heels, she felt amazing.

At the restaurant she felt strange, almost out of place, her friends and family had arrived, a lot coming straight from work, dressed in dull suits and bland dresses, talking about “the fiscal year” and “did you catch that documentary about the Amazon on BBC4” she chatted and tried to have a good time, but looking around the restaurant she saw a group of girls celebrating a 21st birthday, young fit, flirty girls dressed in short skirts and having a great time, getting the attention of the male waiters and any other guys there and she felt a wave of sadness over her. Things picked up a little when a couple of her friends arrived to join them for drinks.

Jeremy stood at the table to make a short speech, a cute sentiment, Kelly had been with her boyfriend for a few years now, an Italian model with the body of a Greek god, a charming man who used to made her feel like a goddess, but has now slipped into something more ordinary. The reminders of her 40th birthday kept coming, balloons, cards, badges all making her think “is this the end of my youth… my fun” the dinner party was coming to an end, though it was only 10 o’clock, people started making their excuses and leaving, even Jeremy after multiple apologies, had to leave for a flight for a shoot in the morning. Just Kelly and a few close friends remained.

“What now?” She said

“Sorry Kel we’ve got to go, work in the morning” Kelly’s almost permanent smile dropped

“Please girls, let’s go out dancing, I can’t go home to an empty house at 10 on my 40th birthday” her friends looked at each other

“Ok, you’re right but not past 12 ok” and with that they called a taxi and we’re gone.


Danny and his wife were in there London flat, he was buttoning up a plain white shirt before slipping on his suit jacket; a clean nicely cut classic number.

“Remember don’t have too much fun” his wife says kissing him on his lips and grabbing at his meaty cock.

“I’m sure I won’t” he said with a smirk.

Danny and his wife had this arrangement for years; every few months Danny could go out and release all his pent up sexual desires, the porn industry had changed his needs and although she tied there were some his wife could not meet so this was the best option. Danny truly loved his wife and being open and honest with her led them to this. Another kiss and he was heading for the door

”Haven’t you forgetting something” his wife said glancing to his hand

“Oh right” Danny removed his wedding ring placed it on the counter and left.

He would hit up the bars and clubs looking for someone to fulfil his needs, he had a sixth sense for it, he knew by just looking at a woman if she’d be able to handle what he had to offer. After all this was Danny D, owner of arguably the best dick in the industry, 12 inch thick monster that even some world renowned pornstars couldn’t handle. Of course he didn’t expect to find anyone to master it he just needed a release. Studio 338 was his destination tonight.


Kelly and her friends arrived at Studio 338 at 11, the queue was long and filled with girls and guys half her age, “I’ve still got a bit of pull in this town” she thought to herself as she strode to the front of the line, flirted with the bouncer and was let in almost immediately, the first buzz she’d had all night. The club was loud, hot and sweaty and just what she needed, her friend appeared with a barman with a bottle of champagne and 3 glasses and they were ushered over to a booth for a night of table service and dancing. As Kelly looked around she felt something she hadn’t felt in a while, an uncontrollable desire and need to get fucked, not made loved to like with Jeremy but a primal deep fuck. All the lads in the club were youngsters, 18-25 with good libidos and energy but she knew if she even went to dance with them they’d probably shoot their loads in there trousers, this made Kelly feel good but it wasn’t what she needed tonight. As she got up to dance she lowered the front of her dress to show more of her cleavage and the top of her black push up bra and made her way on the dancefloor.

She was right, the first guy she danced with was a young handsome guy, tall and confident, there was no need to talk, she put her hands around his neck and they moved to the music, she could feel his hands tremble as he moved them over her body, she turned and softly grinded over him, sadly this was enough, his hand gripped her waist and she felt him shudder, as she turned around he was already heading to the toilet, she looked over to her friends who were laughing, tears in their eyes.

Danny was across the dancefloor, buying a cute blonde with a toned athletes body a drink and offering a dance, he felt she had potential, “obviously likes to keep fit and maybe enjoyed a challenge” he thought as he smirked to himself. She didn’t recognise him as one of the biggest names in the UK porn industry, but there was still potential. As they danced she was clearly into the idea, that was until she slide a hand onto the front of his trousers, Danny’s soft cock was waiting there, her eyes bulged and mouth open she felt his full length, she simply shook her head and left.

It was clear to Kelly that she’d need to find someone with a bit more experience, and having just witnessed what had happened to Danny she thought she found her guy. Glass of champagne in her hand she moved over to Danny. Danny, of course, recognised her straight away and it was clear she didn’t recognise him; Kelly never found a need for porn as she could bed any guy she wanted to fulfill her needs.

Kelly lent in to Danny ear “hey there, want to dance” Danny didn’t need to respond verbally, he put his hand around her waist and moved into her, her breasts pushing into his chest, his leg moving between hers as he grinded in, no trembling hands, no unexpected shudders, just pure confidence.

“I’m Kelly” she said

“I know” Danny said back “I’m Danny” he spun her around and started to move in behind her, this is when Kelly got her first Birthday surprise of the day, she could easily feel the outline of Danny’s cock through his trouser, no longer soft, but semi hard and pulsing against her arse and thigh. She couldn’t tell how big it was but she knew it was big. She instantly wanted it but was she brave enough to invite a guy she barley met back to hers, something she hadn’t done in years and wouldn’t of even thought twice about it in her youth. She looked around the club full of young hot women and wanted to feel like that again, she looked over to her table a couple of guys chatted to her friends, “they wouldn’t even notice if we just left” she thought to herself.   

She turned to Danny “Listen, it’s my birthday today and I deserve a treat and I think you should give it to me, does that sound good to you” Danny was awe struck, he liked forward women but this was new to him. “You know who I am and you look the age of someone who would of dreamed about this so what do you say?” It would be a lie to say Danny had not fantasised about Kelly once or twice but being around the people in his industry he didn’t need to fantasise about much, he made it happen, but still he wasn’t going to pass up this opportunity.

“You’re place or mine” he said with a smirk, and just like that they were heading across the club to the exit and in a taxi.


They went back to Kelly’s house, a beautiful home in a decent area of London, in the taxi on the way they kissed and groped each other, Kelly getting a better grip of what Danny was hiding in his trousers and Danny living out the male nations fantasy of clawing and squeezing Kelly’s perfect FF tits, they practically ran from the cab into the house and up into the bedroom. Danny removed his jacket and taking control pushed Kelly onto the bed, her tits bouncing and her dress riding up to show off her black panties, a damp patch already visible. 

Danny climbed on the bed, over her, parting Kelly’s legs as she let out a quite moan, he moved his hands up her body over her dress to her breasts; he started to massage them though the soft fabric feeling her nipples going hard in my palms even through her bra. A more vocal moan escaping her lips, as he started to pull the opening of her dress freeing her tits as quickly as possible, her body was amazing, her smooth upper chest lead to her beautiful round tits sitting in a black lace bra, Danny pulled down her bra over her left breast leaned forward and took her nipple into his mouth. He nibbled on her nipple, biting down causing Kelly to take a sharp gasp of breath.

“Oh god, that feels so good” she whispered, as she moved her hand down to his crotch feeling the rock hard cock through his trouser, it was an industry mystery how Danny was able to keep his monster so hard.  He took the initiative, grabbed the top of her dress and ripped it full open, removing it from her taking a second to drink in her body before, in a swift movement, unhooking her bra and throwing it to the floor. He then moved his mouth over to her other nipple as he moved my hands down her flat stomach and back onto her thighs, then moving them up onto her inner thigh, he could feel the heat radiating from her pussy and moved his left hand onto her crotch, her panties were wet from the excitement.

Kelly shrugged off the last of her dress, now completely topless she put her arms above her head, Danny pulled away from her breast to fully take in her body “perfection” he said as she looked up at him.

“Let’s get you out of those clothes” she said with a smirk on her face, she leant forward and unbuttoned his shirt and Danny let it fall to the floor, his well maintained six pack looked good to her, she let out a breath as she ran her hands down his chest, it seemed she liked what she saw. She then slid off the bed to her knees in front his crotch and started to undo my trousers, she pulled them down with his boxers at the same time causing his cock to spring up and hit her in the face.

“Holy fuck” she almost yelled, “that’s an impressive looking cock”  her posh accent making the word cock sound especially sexy, a full 12  inch cock standing to attention as she grasped her hand around the base inspecting the throbbing head. Kelly had never seen a dick like it and she wondered if she’d be able to take it “only one way to find out” she thought to herself.

This was it, this was the moment Kelly Brook was going to suck Danny D’s dick, he looked down at her as beads of sweet formed on his brow from anticipation, Kelly, still staring at the monster cock, licked her lips as she leant forward as her tongue licked the shaft up to the tip of his head. Kelly’s tongue then went to work, tracing around his bulbous head with quick movements, running her tongue along his slit making him shudder and moan, and causing a huge smile on Kelly’s face.

“Just relax, and enjoy yourself” Danny said as he made eye contact, Kelly opened her mouth and took his head between her lips, Danny moaned again this time causing Kelly to chuckle, her laugh vibrating down his cock.

She then worked more of his hard cock into her mouth, taking 3 or 4 inches in before pulling back up, keeping his head in her mouth, then seconds later returning back down his dick. Maintaining eye contact, Kelly started to work up a good pace and rhythm, taking a little more dick in her mouth with each thrust, both of them moaning as her speed quickened.

But he needed more, he needed to feel his whole cock in her mouth, placing his left hand on the back of her head, weaving his fingers into her long brown hair, and his right hand gently removed her hand from the base of his cock, she looked up at him with a knowing look in her eye as he gently pushed her head further down on his cock, 6 inches then 7 inches,  releasing  the force and she pulled her mouth of Dannys throbbing cock with a gasp then a smile. This was the first time Danny’s cock had been out of her mouth, he looked down at his dick glistening with Kelly’s spit and a dribble of precum, Kelly was quick to lick that up and swallow it down.

“I want to feel my whole cock down your throat” Danny said as he griped onto the back of her head again. Kelly didn’t know if she could do it but she needed to try.

“Yes sir” she said with a mock salute, lowering her mouth back onto his cock, Danny was determined to get his cock down her throat so applied a bit more pressure this time and raised his hips a little so 8  inches went into her mouth. She bobbed her head working her tongue on his cock, Danny had been sucked by some of the biggest names in porn but this felt amazing, so good that he pushed his cock down her throat, holding her there for slightly longer then she wanted, Kelly’s eyes beginning to water and glaze over, struggling to breathe she realised that this is what she had needed for the longest time. He released her head as she began to go a little red, she pulled of his cock taking in a huge gasp of air.

“That felt amazing” she said, taking in another gasp of air and wiping a string of spit of her chin “But now it’s your turn” she stood in just her black panties and giving Danny another look at her great body, she wasn’t technically a MILF, but he heavy tits, full figure and round peach arse certainly gave her that look. he stood up to meet her, moving in for a long kiss on her lips, pulling her in close, his 12 inch cock pushing against her body. She pulled her lips away “I want you to eat my pussy” the 40 year old woman said.

Danny lowered himself down to his knees, his face inches away from her warm, inviting pussy, he hooked his fingers around the waistband of her panties and pulled them down, revealing a brown strip of hair just above her folds. Moving in to kiss her thighs then moving up to, running his tongue over her soft opening. He manoeuvred her back to her bed and she lay down, now completely naked except for her heels, Danny pushed her legs apart so he could get to her pussy. he sunk his head deep into her pussy working his tongue deep inside of her, Kelly released a huge moan as his tongue delved into her pussy and his nose rubbed against her clit, Danny was no stranger to eating pussy and had a reputation as one of the best and had every intention of making Kelly cum and cum hard.

Danny moved his tongue up and started to lick at her clit, tracing around it, spelling out the alphabet, by the time he got to F he moved his hands up and started playing with her pussy, slipping 2 fingers into her moist slit, she was soaking wet and the insertion caused a load moan and shiver from Kelly, he moved his fingers onto her G-spot and rubbed in an irregular pattern, her pussy clamped down on his hand as she reached climax, her legs clamped around his head pulling him close as she moaned loud, Kelly taking handfuls of her tits and squeezing, teasing her nipples as she climaxed,  until she relaxed again, releasing him from her grip.

Danny looked up at Kelly to see her face and chest covered in sweat and a huge smile on her face, he didn’t wait to be told what to do next, shimmying up her body licking up her delicious stomach and tits until his still rock hard cock was lined up with her pussy, they made eye contact again as Kelly thought about his dick stretching her pussy like it never had been before,  as he pushed his head into her dripping pussy causing her eyes to widen and a short gasp of breath to be taken in by both of them. Her pussy was tight but not the tightest he’d ever fucked, which meant he didn’t have to take it slow; Danny thrust his cock 8 inches deep inside of her as she yelped in a mix of pleasure and pain.

“Fuck me hard and fuck me fast” she pleaded as he worked his cock inch by inch into her pussy, Danny was shocked how easily she look his length, little did he know Kelly was screaming on the inside but still loving every second.  Her eyes rolling into the back of her head as he worked up a fine rhythm trying to work his cock around all of her cunt. The knowledge of knowing he was fucking one of the most desired women in the UK made his balls begin to bubble but he wasn’t ready to cum yet, so slowing it down before pulling his cock out.

“I want you to ride me Kelly” Danny said, looking down to see his cock dripping with her juices, quickly swapping positions, with Danny laying on his back as Kelly squatted over his dick, guiding herself down onto it using her hand. In this position Danny had little control, but he didn’t mind, it was clear Kelly wanted to cum again and she knew just how to do it. She rode Danny hard, rocking her pelvis back and forth, her eyes closed as she moaned loudly between deep breaths. Kelly knew she couldn’t take it all in this position but as she looked down she was amazed to see how much she’d taken, maybe 10 inches and the rest was covered in her juices, she could barely think straight but she was in awe of the amount of pussy juice coating his cock.

This position gave Danny the perfect opportunity to play with her beautiful FF tits,  which were swaying in front of him, he grasped with both hands, feeling her hard nipples between his thumb and forefinger and tweaking them hard causing a yelp to escape from Kelly, she continued to ride him hard, her moans getting louder and louder until he felt that familiar feeling of her pussy clamping around  his cock and a huge shudder follow through her body. She stopped riding his cock, but instead of getting off she sank her body down on it and rode out the waves of pleasure her orgasm had caused. To Danny’s amazement she now took his full 12 inches into her pussy.

After 10 more seconds of aftermath she looked down at him “time for you to cum” she said beginning to rock back and forth again on his penis, it didn’t take long before he felt his balls fizzing again but this time he was ready to cum, Danny dug his fingers into her thighs as he came hard deep into her womb, moaning loud as they made intense eye contact.

Danny began to go soft in her pussy as Kelly pulled herself of his cock, her pussy dripping with her juices and his cum, Kelly still riding the vibes of her orgasm and wanted to prove to Danny she was worthy of his god like dick took her hand down to her crotch and scooped up the combined juices and cum and then sucked her fingers clean, “that was a pornstar level move” Danny thought to himself, making his cock twitch but for the time that was all.

They both lay on the bed in the post sex hue of satisfaction, her arm draped across his chest and his hand resting on her thick, round arse.

“That was amazing” he said, still slightly out of breath, he hadn’t felt a release like that for a long time.

“Umm” she agreed with a satisfied smile on her face. Kelly felt new again, not young like her years of partying and hooking up with strangers in her teens and 20’s but desirable and whole in a different way.

“Do you want me to go” Danny asked.

“Go?” she said looking into Danny’s eyes “if you go now whose going to fuck my arse?” a huge smile shot across her face as Kelly reached down and started to massage his cock back to life. “Not many guys make me cum twice, and with a cock like that, I think that means you deserve a treat” his cock began to get hard again. “Although, as you can imagine, I’ve never had a cock as big as yours up my arse so you’ll have to go slow” with that she disappeared down to his cock, taking Danny back in her mouth and sucking her juices and his cum off his dick.

Danny was in shock, none of his casual hook-ups ever wanted to try anal, hell half the girls in the industry weren’t brave enough to try, the fact that Kelly Brook wanted to get her tight hole stretched out was enough to make his dick harden.

Kelly got up and walked over to her makeup table, her arse swaying from side to side, she delved into one of the draws and brought out some lube, she beckoned Danny over. “I want you to bend me over this table and fuck my arse” Kelly was acting brave, she wanted to test her limits tonight, she had always been a fan of anal sex and had boyfriends in the past that liked nothing more them pumping their dicks in her arse, but not Jeremy, she offered it to him many times but he never did it and she missed it, she missed the feeling of being stretched out and broken.

Danny walked over to her and she passed him the lube “it’s been a while” she said “you will have to warm me up before you put that giant dick in my arse” she bent over the make-up table and spread her legs giving him a fine view of her pussy, but more importantly here arsehole, he kneeled down to have a closer look. Squeezing out some lube onto his right forefinger and gently applied it to Kelly’s anus; the cold of the lube caused her arsehole to clench tight before it relaxed again. He applied more lube to his finger and pushed it into her arse up to my first knuckle, then to the second, her arse felt tight, though she clearly had some experience with it, he imagined how tight it would feel on his cock, he worked his finger in and out of her tight bumhole applying more lube before adding a second finger.

Kelly was moaning, gripping onto the table as Danny pushed his fingers deep into her arse. After a few minutes she looked over her shoulder “I think I’m ready” that was all the invitation he needed, Danny got up from his knees and gave her arse a playful slap causing Kelly to giggle. He then applied a generous amount of lube to his throbbing cock, looked into Kelly’s eyes as he lined his cock up with the puckered, lubed arsehole, she gave him a little nod to confirm she was ready.

Danny grasped around her hips, as she reached behind her and parted her arse cheeks, he slowly pushed his cock forward, it slipped away from her hole and slide up her crack, and he tried again with the same result. Danny  took his left hand off her hip and steadied his cock as he pushed forward, this time forcing Kelly’s tight hole to begin to open, a large moan escaped Kelly’s lips as Danny had to increase the pressure to burst into her anus. His thick head was in her arse, Kelly was looking forward but due to her large makeup mirror he could see the expression on her face, her eyes were clamped shut and her teeth were gritted, but she didn’t say to stop so Danny began to ease more of his cock into her arse.

“Oh god, it feels so big” she moaned as he pushed 3 inches in, it had been so long since she had a dick in her are, let alone a monster dick, Kelly had almost forgot the feeling, “is that all of it?”

“Almost” he lied, he had never felt anything so tight on his dick, sure he had fucked a lot of girls in the arse, but that was with days of prep and practice, this was another world of tight. Danny was determined to get all of his cock up her arse, he looked at Kelly in the mirror again, there were tears in her eyes, he stopped pushing forward “are you alright?” he asked.

“Are you kidding?” her pained expression briefly replaced with a smile as they made eye contact for the first time since Danny entered her  “I’m in fucking heaven, give me more”

“Yes ma’am” with that he poured more lube on what remained of his cock and over her round arse and  applied more pressure gliding another inch in, it had become easier to slide his dick back and forth as Kelly became more used to the sensation, Danny pulled his dick out so just the tip remained in and applied more lube to his shaft, he could then push a full 6 inches into Kelly’s arse.

Kelly was beginning to moan louder and louder, she removed her hand form her arse and moved it round to her pussy, stating to play with herself causing a playful giggle, “fuck” she thought to herself “I’ve never felt anything like this”  Danny removed a hand from her hips and moved up to her breast and started to play.

With one more hard push Danny realised he wouldn’t get anymore of his cock in her arse, 8 inches of his shaft encased in her tight hole was even more then her thought, “real pornstar level” he thought to himself, he then upped the pace, drawing out and thrust back in, Kelly’s moans were getting louder, she was speaking but he couldn’t understand her due to the interrupting from her moaning and grunting as he fucked her arsehole, as she came her arsehole got tighter, tighter than anything Danny had felt before causing him to gasp in insane pleasure.

When she came down she turned to Danny and said “cum deep in my arse, fill my bowls”

“No,” Danny said as he felt his climax drawing close, he pulled out of her arse seeing it  gaping open and barely sealing shut again. He started to pump his dick as he grabbed at Kelly’s shoulder, moving her down onto her knees, and her face inches away from his, she gave it a few playful licks before Danny slapped it across her face as he felt his balls ready to explode, the first string of cum caught her of guard hitting her on the forehead down to her left cheek, hitting her still open eye. She then shut her eyes tight as the second string hit the bridge of her nose, pouring down into both of her eyes, he aimed down slightly for the third and fourth string hit her cheek and smiling mouth, covering her lips, which she instantly licked. Danny then placed his cock into her mouth and Kelly sucked the remaining cum out of my dick and tasting her own arse on her tongue.

Danny looked down at her cum covered face as Kelly tried to open her eyes to look at him. Danny was famous for his cumshots and this was his master piece, one eye pasted shut a jet of cum in her hair and the rest covering her face. Kelly then began to scoop his thick load down her face and into her mouth, swallowing it all down. She was still smiling, she had never been a huge facial fan but this felt right, the warm liquid oozing down her throat gave her the biggest grin, she looked down to see a few drips of thick white cum on her tits, nipples still hard and pussy still dripping.

Kelly stood up, the pain in her arse worth the pure pleasure of a few minutes ago, she was still in her heels as she made her way over to her bed, a few missed calls and messages on her mobile phone wishing her a happy birthday, “you have no idea how happy it was” she thought to herself.
Danny was putting on his trousers and shirt on and getting ready to leave.

“Give me your number“ Kelly said, Danny pulled out his phone and read out his number, a few seconds later his phone buzzed “something to remember me by” Kelly said as Danny checked his phone to see a selfie of Kelly with his cum still on her face and tits.

“I won’t need that to remember you, trust me” he grinned back “you’re plenty memorable, and her you go”

Kelly’s phone buzzed in her hand, Danny had sent her a link, she clicked it and pornhub opened on her phone, it was Danny’s scene with Madison Ivy, Kelly’s eyes widened in shock.

“I told you I was in the media industry” Danny said “something to remember me by” and with that he left.

Kelly lay in bed, scrolling though pages and pages of Danny fucking dozens of women, she reached into her bedside draw and pulled out her small rabbit vibrator, this night wasn’t quite over for her.

As Danny walked down the street his phone buzzed again, another pic of Kelly, this time with her rabbit between her legs “when can we meet up again” was all she wrote.

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Re: Kelly hits 40 with a bang! (Kelly Brook)
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2021, 05:01:15 PM »
What a sticky surprise to end this. Nice to have a new author on here and another Kelly story.  @@
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Re: Kelly hits 40 with a bang! (Kelly Brook)
« Reply #2 on: November 26, 2021, 05:05:16 PM »
Awesome work. I love that you managed to get Kelly's personality with her goofiness coming out. That was a hot ending too, with a Danny D special.  ;)
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Re: Kelly hits 40 with a bang! (Kelly Brook)
« Reply #3 on: November 26, 2021, 08:07:20 PM »
Great story @Andywhatnow. You captured Kelly's personality really well.
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Re: Kelly hits 40 with a bang! (Kelly Brook)
« Reply #4 on: December 02, 2021, 08:50:20 AM »
Awesome work Andy
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Re: Kelly hits 40 with a bang! (Kelly Brook)
« Reply #5 on: December 11, 2021, 12:05:04 AM »
Great work for a first time story.

I liked the whole build up with a club meeting. Kelly putting on her glamour vibes and going to work. The twist at the end was fitting. As many times Danny D unloads on beautiful faces, I could only picture that big Chelsea tattoo on his forearm lol
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Re: Kelly hits 40 with a bang! (Kelly Brook)
« Reply #6 on: April 27, 2022, 02:43:57 AM »
It was beautiful, good really good!
It's a beautiful nugget written as it should this story of Kelly Brook. It is well represented, a great job.
I love the end, it's perfect just like Kelly and your story is great!
Thank you 😊


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