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Author Topic: Celebs Meet Porn Stars: This Ain’t The Layover XXX [Kate Upton]  (Read 40405 times)


WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the models, movies, people, places, etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I do not own any of the movies, trademarks, actresses etc referenced in this story.

Starring: Kate Upton, Tyler Steel

Celebs Meet Porn Stars: This Ain’t The Layover XXX

An erotic celebrity fan-fiction story.
Based on an idea/series by Cadeauxxx

Written by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral.

* * *

The video begins with some behind the scenes footage showing a door slightly open that has a sign on it of a gold star with the words ‘KATE UPTON’ on it. A hand moving in from behind the camera to push the door further to sneakily peek in. Getting to see a back view of the model in question as she’s inching up what appears to be a light blue one piece swimsuit up her stunning, juicy curves. Letting out a hiss as she packs her large boobs into the attire before struggling to pull up the zipper.

“Hey!” Kate lets out a yell before laughing as she sees in the reflection of the mirror that she’s being filmed. Turning around to walk over to the camera as those rounded mounds jiggled as they were just held in the swimwear. “At least wait until I’m on set to try and film me! And you know this suit you got for me is like a size too small, right?” She pointed out with a knowing smirk, like she could already guess that was the point.

“Really? That’s a shame.” The voice of the cameraman says and without any regret like he’s in on it as well. “But since I’ve got you here for a second Miss Upton, can I ask why you accepted the offer to star in this production?”
“You mean why I agreed to being filmed getting fucked?” Kate bluntly said, still smiling. “Well, considering that I’m a married woman now and after having had a kid? I figure that if the modelling work is gonna come crashing down at last for me? I might as well go out with a bang! If you’ll excuse the pun.”
“So that explains why you went for this film, too?” The camera asked, keeping the camera zoomed back so that her rack was still in the shot as she talked.
“Well, I don’t exactly have a massive filmography to pick from now, do I? And considering what everyone hoped would happen with me in the film? I guess this makes up for what the real deal actually turned out like.” Kate explained. “So this should be one Hell of a time! Especially since from what I’ve heard I’m exactly the type of gal my co-star for this porno loves.” She added, clutching her bust with both hands. “A blonde with big fucking tits.” She stated before giving a wink, and then closing the dressing room door as the footage faded to black.

* * *

This Ain’t The Layover XXX

The video starts up showing the set that’s been made up like a hotel bedroom with pictures in frames on the wall and bedside cabinet with a telephone, along with a spacious bed. Even an open luggage case on a holder is at the side for added effect. Of course, the side-on view of the ‘room’ shows it’s a lot more spacious than a standard room.

Currently we see the male porn star for the production looking over himself in Tyler Steel. Clad in dark pants and a shirt that’s already unbuttoned from the top a few times to show off his muscular frame and a hint of tattoos. “Best fucking layover yet…” He says to himself with a smirk. “Got two babes like all over me… A stacked brunette and a blonde bombshell… Decisions, decisions…” He adds as even though with his shaved bald head he doesn’t exactly ‘match’ the actor of the film he’s parodying, it’s not like that detail is important when it comes to the action that’s about to happen. And that’s fast approaching when there’s a loud knock at the door and he looks over. “Speaking of which…” He says, going over and looking through the peep hole. “Blondie it is.” He remarks with a grin as he opens the door.

The sight is a stunning blonde MILF in American model Kate Upton. Giving a smile as the curvaceous beauty is clad just in a set of high heels and a light blue one piece swimsuit like she wore in the film she’s parodying. Except the front zipper is already pulled down a bit, showing off deep cleavage of her much lusted after, large and rounded breasts.

“Hope I’m not bothering you too much by stopping by, ‘Ryan’…” Kate says, playing the role of ‘Meg’ for this production as she’s already speaking in a seductive tone. Using a hand to twirl strands of her long blonde hair.
“Oh, not at all…” Steel says, letting her step in without any hesitation. “Meg, right? Funny, I was gonna be heading to the pool myself.” He claimed, closing the door and quickly locking and applying the chain.
“With that get up?” Upton teases as she walks in a bit, checking out the bed before she turns around. Almost performing a signature catwalk motion when she moves as her huge tits bounce away, flaunting her curves. “Did you get a haircut or something? I kinda remember you with longer hair the other day.” She adds, joking about his appearance being different to the lead actor of the film she was in.
“I hope you’re not going to make your best friend mad by stopping by here, Meg…” He says, approaching her. “Not that I object to the company of course.”
“Oh I think she’d be fucking pissed off if she found out I was getting you all to myself and she wasn’t…” ‘Meg’ said with a rather confident tone, like she was going to make sure of that fact.

“That so, huh?” Tyler keeps smiling as he finds it hard to rip his gaze away from her huge mounds. “And how do you figure that? ‘Kate’ seems like… A nice gal too…”
“Because she ain’t got the fucking big, fat tits like I do…” Kate purred as she locked eyes with him. Boldly pulling down the zipper slowly to blatantly expose her bust. Letting those famous tits bounce free as she even slipped off the straps of her swimsuit from the shoulders for good measure.
“Sweet fucking Christ!!” Steel’s eyes went wide as even with his veteran experience in porn, seeing the famous model’s chest up close and personal was something special.
“You didn’t think I was just here to talk, right?” Kate smirked, not stopping her shameless actions here as she lowered herself down to kneel in front of him. “I came here for some good fucking dick… Oh, and making my bestie jealous too I guess.” She added, sounding like she was just half trying to stay in character for this as she reached for his belt.

“Well shit… Be my fucking guest…” ‘Ryan’ grinned as he stared down and watched her go to work. The camera shifting to a more close up, at the side view of Upton as she pulled his pants down and found his wasn’t wearing underwear. So she got a close up look of his fat, long pornstar cock rock hard and pointing at her gorgeous face. Her jaw dropping at seeing such a piece of meat so it looked already like the married woman wasn’t quite used to way above average length like this. Leaving Tyler with the time to step out of the pants and slide them along the floor to be off camera and out of the way.

“Oh I’m so fucking glad I got to this before ‘Kate’ did…” She found her smile again as she reached up, gripping his cock. Even the simple action of stroking his prick made her large MILF titties shake for the camera to enjoy. “Because trust me, she can’t even suck dick half as good as I can… Blondes do have more fun after all.” She said, before letting her actions further speak as she leaned in. Sliding her tongue across the crown of his cock to start him moaning. Her co-star further undressing already with undoing the bottom buttons of his shirt but more so there’s a clear view as she starts lapping at his cock. Combining the swirl of her tongue over the fat crown nicely with her pumping hand.

That wouldn’t be enough either for him or this skin flick altogether so it wasn’t long before she parted her lips and sunk downward to really get him groaning with approval. The multi-time Sports Illustrated model starting to raise and lower her head along his thick shaft as her lips stretched around a meaty size she wasn’t quite used to. Smoothly lifting up and down with a slow motion, putting on a show as she stared up with a sinful look that itself didn’t seem completely to just be faked. Groaning herself around his dick as she slurped up and down. Stroking off the bottom part with her hand as she still was getting used to the thickness. Focusing on the upper inches and the crown as she slid upward until the head was still between her lips before pushing downward. Almost meeting her hand as she still double teamed his big dick and got a taste of him, but a sense of how much this stud can handle.

“Mmmmmmphhh… Hmmmmmm… Mmmmmphhh…” She moaned around his inches as her blonde haired head rocked back and forth. Glancing to the side at the camera she knows is filming her sucking the cock of a man she isn’t married to as she bobs smoothly along his inches. Giving a sinful loo as she’s fully aware of how sinful this is and isn’t feeling any shame at all. “Mmmmmphh!! Mmmmmm! Hmmmmmphhh… Shhhhrrrppp…” She returned to looking up when she felt his hands stroking back those golden locks of hers over her shoulder, ensuring the camera got the clear view of that pretty face as her cheeks flexed from sucking away. Her saliva starting to coat him from the repeated motion as she impressively didn’t even need to pull off of him for air.

“Mmmmmm shit… Yeah, suck that fucking dick… Mmmmmm fuck…” The porno co-star encouraged between his own groans. Showing off his stamina as he wasn’t even sweating yet despite having one of if not the most famous model in the world slurping away on his dick. Her huge tits still jiggling with each push up or down of the head she delivered as she blew him. “Mmmmm fuck… You’ve fucking done this before, ain’t you babe? Mmmmmm… Hot, stacked fucking blonde cock sucker… Mmmmm…” He added with more blunt but fitting dirty talk as he stared down and watched that pretty face sliding along his pole. Making sure to keep her hair stroked back when it fell out of place from the eager motion. Not even needing to thrust forward as she kept working over his dick steadily with her hand stroking and twisting at the base and her mouth more than handling the upper part.

“Mmmmmmphhh!! MMMMM… GAHHHHHH HHHHHLLLKK…” As the minutes passed, Kate removed her hand from off of his prick. Pushing her warm and wet mouth down further onto his member at the expense of making herself sexily choke when his crown connected with the back of her mouth. More saliva seeping down her chin as she kept on bobbing, leaving the spit falling down from herself and his dick onto her chest. “GAAAAAAHH… MMMMMPHHH… HHHHHRRRKKK!! MMMMM…” Her hand gripped his thigh for some support as she steadily fucked her face on his cock. Pushing down deep, fighting through the discomfort of what seemed like her first time deep throating let alone anything with this vast size. Not letting it stop her as she bobbed away and kept her spit coating him as she stared with lusty eyes up at her fuck buddy for this encounter. Keeping his moans coming with each slurp and gag she delivered onto his pole.

“AHHHHLLLKKK… GAAAAAAHHH!! HHHHHRRRRKKK…” Upton looked to be determined to make the most of this all in more ways than just one as the busty MILF plunged her own mouth up and down on such a thick dick. Forcing her lips down further to touch his base, showing her nose touching his crotch as she went for a full deep throat that even surprised herself from the wide eyed look she had. “GAAAAAAAHHH… MMMMMMMPHHH!!” Soon that lusty expression returning as she kept herself held down onto him, even stroking his thigh a bit like she was proud of her own dirty actions before she quickly pulled up and off from him. “FUCK!!” She groaned out, spitting a large dollop of spit onto him before she took in air. Following up with another round of this time more steady slurps along his dick to once again work over the upper part. No complaints from her partner here as he moaned out and let her show off her more than impressive cock sucking talents.

“Mmmmmm… Yeah… I think your friend… Mmmmm… Will have her work cut out, trying to match anything like that…” Steel stated the obvious as he pulled out of her groaning mouth as the spit still dripped off from him.
“You know, I could have sucked you off a little longer…” Kate rather shamelessly said, licking her lips clean before she stood up.
“Not used to a guy lasting, huh?” Tyler now took a turn to tease, knowing full well that the woman he’s getting it on with is happily married to another man.
“A girl can enjoy herself once in a while, can’t she?” Upton tried to dodge directly saying it, but her tone along with the wink she gave seemed to indicate the answer quite clearly. But the attention soon went on her slipping down the rest of that blue swimsuit as she showing off her perhaps overlooked, rounded backside along with a smoothly shaved, and already wet, pussy.

 “Well, we might as well enjoy this Layover, right?” He keeps smiling as he watches Upton ditch the heels as well so she’s completely naked before she climbs up onto the bed to lay on her side on it. He moves to the edge of the comfy bed, pulling her back a bit as he holds up a leg against him around the back. Giving the camera a full, clear view of him pushing his fat, long cock into the stacked MILF’s wet pussy and doing so bareback. Even just the head being inside of her makes her eyes widen as she gasps out, then moaning as her arm stretches out along the bed in reflex. Showing how the pleasure is strong already as her twat starts to spread and accept this fat cock. Staring across with her gaze already switching from between her legs and up at him as he fills her up.

“OH FUCK!! MMMMM… Fuck!! That’s… MMMMM!! That’s so fucking big!! MMMMM…” Kate gasped again, finding herself staring with a new form of cock-shock at both how good it felt to be stretched out by some thick, long dick and the fact she’s able to take it. Further exposing, even if not intentionally, that the man she’s married too might not be packing this kind of pussy pleasing hardware that’s been deep in countless women before her. “Oooooooh! MMMMMM… Oh fuck!! MMMMM… Oh fuck…” She groaned, staring again as he began to thrust. Easily making her huge breasts bounce as her body jolted along the sheets as he fed his cock in and out of her snug, wet pussy. Making himself moan as he went to work and quickly established a smooth and steady motion. Allowing her to adjust to his vast size but still putting in plenty of force to make her body shift and keep those famous, rounded titties of her jiggling.

Working his hips back and forth, he smoothly pumped away into that slick and snug snatch of the world famous model. Groaning out in delight from how her MILF twat was gripping his pole as he made full use of getting to plough into a blonde bombshell. No intimidation either from getting a piece of the curvaceous beauty as he thrust his prick in firmly. Gradually working more and more of his size into her wet and already needed snatch as her moans of approval more than encouraged him. As if the feeling of being in a cover girl's box wasn’t enough of a turn on already. Still barely breaking out into a sweat despite having been sucked off by her and now getting close to being balls deep in another of her pleasurable holes.

“MMMMMM FUCK… Oh shit! OH FUCK!! MMMMM… Oh God that’s so fucking big!! MMMMM…” Upton groaned, already putting on a far better, and more visually appealing, performance for this skin flick parody than in all the ‘real’ movies she’s ever starred in as her stunning body jolts back and forth in time with the deep, stiff thrusts into her love tunnel she’s taking. Having to toss her long blonde hair back so she can keep looking without distraction at that fat cock she’s already rather easily taking in and out. Like the cover girl for countless magazines over the years was a natural Size Queen as groaned out with every deep pump she handled. “MMMMM!! FUCK!! Ooooooooooh FUCK… MMMMM… So fucking big! MMMMM… So fucking good!! MMMMMM…” She gasped out as her mouth stayed hanging open from the pleasure. Looking already like this wasn’t just the biggest cock she’s ever had, but the best sex already and the stud deep inside of her was just getting started with her. Showing her that a woman with a body built like hers more than deserves some big cock action from a veteran skin flick hunk like him.

After a few more minutes, it wasn’t just moans being heard around the hotel room set. The sharp smack of skin hitting tanned skin as the muscular body of the porn star began to slap off the juicy, curved body of the model laying across the bed. Filling her snatch up balls deep with dick and more than keeping her moaning out from the feeling. Managing to stretch out a beauty who is already a certified MILF as he groans out too from having her slick walls clamping nicely around his tool. Working himself like a piston back and forth into her, ensuring those huge, rounded tits of hers are staying on display with bounce after bounce as her frame works back against his motion. Sliding back towards his crotch when he sends a fresh thrust into her to make her jolt away, but his grip on her ensuring she only moves a couple inches away before being drawn back in for the next pump.

Steel stays focused on the task at hand as he briskly works his dick in and out of that wet, tight pussy of the stunning celebrity model. Keeping her leg held up and the other pushed out so there’s a clear view of his fat, long dick ploughing away into her slot over and over. Drilling her firmly and steadily to keep them both moaning out. Making his co-star for this porno parody start to sweat from how good he’s been handling that one of a kind body of hers. No shame either in pounding another man’s wife and bareback no less as he keeps her tits shaking with each deep thrust into her tunnel. Only briefly glancing across at the total look of pleasure on her already gorgeous enough face as he keeps his gaze for the most part at least down at his crotch to watch himself slide in and out of her twat. A task difficult enough with the major distraction of her big titties rippling away as he keeps that smack of their bodies meeting ringing out.

“MMMMMM…” Kate groaned, watching the hunk pulling out of her already well fucked box and showing off the slightly gaping state of her folds let alone all the juices coating his prick. “God, I hope there’s fucking more where that came from.” She purred as a grin returned to her.
“Sure is, babe… But it’s time you worked for it…” Steel said, returning the smile as he now moved up to lay on the bed. “After all, you want to get one over on your best friend, right?” He added as he stayed in ‘character’ for the parody.
“Huh? Oh right! Yeah…” Upton nodded as she’d been so caught up in such good, wild sex she’d almost forgotten the purpose of this all. “Yeah, totally gonna make that bitch pissed at me.” She said, moving over to straddle him and position herself over his crotch.

Facing out the way, the camera now has a clear front view of her as she reaches down, lining up that long shaft and still not being concerned about him not wearing a condom for this action as she slid down slowly onto his dick. Once again gasping out with wide eyes when she stuffs herself full this time and she meets his crotch to take him in all the way. Giving herself a moment to grind down and adjust while he takes a hold of her waist with a firm grip so she’s got plenty of support for the motion to come. Letting her however get things going again to show how willing, and all too eagerly for a married woman, she is for this. Soon enough she lifts up, going to the midway point on his rod before she drops down with the aid of gravity. Allowing her huge tits to bounce away in time with the rest of her for a sight that’s red hot alone, but is combined with her taking a fat dick as her crotch is on full display too.

“OH GOD!! OH FUCK!! MMMMMM!! SO FUCKING GOOD! OH YES!! MMMMM!!” Kate moans out loudly as her long, blonde hair flies about as she uses more than just an energetic pace to ride the long cock she’s now extremely familiar with over the more than half hour this action has been going on for. Raising and lowering her snug and soaking snatch on his shaft at a steady pace. The slap of her rounded ass hitting his waist ringing out to as an accompaniment for when she drops down and takes him in balls deep. “MMMMMM YES!! FUCK!! AHHHHHH!! SO FUCKING BIG!! MMMMMM SHIT!! FUCK!! OOOOOOOOOOH!!” She groans, closing her eyes and getting further lost in the pleasure from the best action she’s ever had. Her huge tits bouncing away and allowed to get wild on this big dick thanks to the grip on her that the man underneath her is using. Letting her quite rightly be the centre of attention as the dirty talk along with her moans pour from the near constantly open O-shape of her mouth.

“FUCK!! SHIT… MMMMMM OH GOD YES!! FUCK!! SO FUCKING BIG… SO FUCKING GOOD!! MMMMMM OH FUCK!!” Upton loudly moaned out, taking full advantage of not just this huge size that’s she’s stuffing herself full with but the fact she’s finally got a lover who can last. Giving her the sort of red hot and increasingly filthy action that she and her wonderful, curvy body deserve. Putting her certified MILF frame through a workout as the sweat starts to drip down her as she rides away on his member. “AHHHHHH FUCK!! MMMMMM YESSSSSSSSS… AHHHHHHH FUCK!! GOD I’VE NEVER FELT… MMMMM!! FELT IT SO FUCKING GOOD BEFORE!! FUCK!!” She called out between more loud and shameless cries of delight. Not caring that she was unintentionally insulting her own husband, if not any and every past lover she’s had, about the lack of good dick she’s had before. Stuffing herself over and over as she impressed herself with keeping up such a steady and eager motion as she put in all the work with a stud who can clearly take it.

However, he also knew it would mean missing out on a once in a lifetime chance to really give it to a stunning celebrity if he just laid there and let her do all the work. Still holding onto her slim midsection as he began to drive his cock upward into her, catching her off guard by driving straight up when she delivered the next drop down onto his lap. Filling her up balls deep and now making her jolt up as he timed his motion perfectly, as expected from a man with as much skin flick experience as he possesses. Driving up when her tanned and juicy body dropped onto his muscular frame, before pulling a couple inches out just to repeat the action with a lusty groan of his own. Letting his balls smack up against her as he started drilling the model with a stiff, quick and smooth pace.

“HOLY FUCK!! AHHHHHH!! HOLY SHIT!! MMMMMM!! OH FUCKING GOD!! FUCK!!” Her eyes snapped wide, staring ahead in pure pleasure as her huge tits bounced even more than before. Making her hand to clamp her hands onto them, easily digging into the ample flesh and holding onto them like she was gripping onto something as if her life depended on it. Trying to keep up with the increased pace of this position as she now had to handle that fat cock she was impaled on now ramming away up into her soaking wet pussy. “AHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUUCK!! MMMMMMMMMM!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!! MMMMMMMM!! FUUUUUUUCKK!!” She howled out as strands of her blonde hair were starting to be left clinging to her cheeks from all the sweat. Groaning as her fingers slid over her rack, gripping her nipples briefly for a tug before going back to trying to act like a hand bra even with the mass of her tits easily spilling out over her fingers  especially from the constant, rapid jiggling her boobs were having to do.

“AHHHHHHH… FUCK FUCK FUCK HOLY FUCKING SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT AHHHHHHHH!!” Upton near screams out as her eyes go from just staring a hole through the camera in front of her to rolling upward at the ceiling of the studio this is all being filmed in. The pleasuring overwhelming her as her body gets near rag dolled up and down on the fat, long dick pounding up into her box. The rapid clap of her body dropping down and meeting his ripped frame ringing out like a machine going haywire as he drills her. “FUCK!! FUCK!! AHHHHH FUCKING GOD!! FUCK!!” She gasps as if it wasn’t for the hunk underneath her holding her in place, she’d likely have fallen off from the position from the force of this pounding. Leaving the stacked bombshell looking far from the cover girl and catwalk model she’s supposed to be.

“OH GOD!! CUMMING!! GONNA CUM!! GONNA FUCKING… CUUUUUUUUUUUM OOOOOOOOOOOOOHH!!” Her stunning enough already body shuddered on that pistoning dick, and no need to fake hitting a peak like most women in the business do as Kate began to cum nice and hard on that long cock. If the cameras were on him, they’d see a proud smirk on Steel’s face as he made the stunning blonde orgasm and further soak his cock with juices. Even at the risk of making him groan as her snatch tightened around his still pumping rod. “FUCK… MMMMMM!! FUUUUUUUUCK…” She gasped out as her head rolled back as she slumped back with a lean, having to be held in place by the still pumping away stud under her as he made sure she enjoyed every last moment of a clearly intense high. Along with the fact that by doing so, he was giving the recording camera another incredible sight to capture even before he finally eased off and pulled his dick out from that dripping twat.

“Easy there, babe…” Tyler chuckled as he lifted the sweat-coated beauty from off his lap. Moving her to put her down onto her back. “Don’t tell me you’re all tired? You’ll let your bestie get an edge over you if you can’t handle this.” He added, still able to remain in character even with that round of wild sex.
“S-Shut up! Shut up and fuck me!!” Kate almost growled, giving him a lusty stare as she moved up. Surprising him now as she got up onto her hands and knees for the classic doggy style position! “Come on! Give me all of that fat fucking dick! Give it to me, mother fucker!!” She snapped, looking back over her shoulder at him with a demanding glare.
“Fuck yeah…” Steel just went with it, smart enough to not deny the demands of a beauty begging for it as he moved to behind her. Pushing his still rock hard dick back into that already well fucked snatch.

“MMMMMM YES!! GIVE IT TO ME, FUCKER!!” Upton in her lust instantly drove herself back against his muscular frame when he pushed in. Making her rounded ass slap back into his crotch to make him be balls deep in that very familiar love tunnel of hers with the first motion. But it wasn’t long before he was working himself like a piston into her dripping twat as he started fucking her from behind to once again make the clap of sweat-coated skin meeting ring out. “UHHHH!! FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSS!! MMMMMMM!! SO FUCKING GOOD! FUCK!! FUCKING GIVE IT TO ME, STUD!! AHHHHHH FUCK!!” She demanded, but truthfully here she was giving back as good as she was deeply getting. Finding the new energy to drive her more than curvy body right back against the hunk as he timed the rhythm to match perfectly. Enduring his crotch met her ass cheeks pushing back and he filled her up balls deep to give her another round of the kind of good time she’s never gotten in her life before.

The camera filming the action from the front captured not just the look of desire on her face, but the wonderful sight of those huge, MILF tits swaying back and forth in time with the motion of her body as they hung down. The world famous model keeping herself up on her hands and knees to take the pounding from behind as she shifted her body back and forth, sending her rump sharply back into her porn star partner with loud and lusty moans of approval. Whenever she looked back, the footage on the video switched to a different angle from another camera that was capturing the sight of that fat, long cock drilling her as he kept a cheek spread out for a clear view of her soaking pussy. Getting the view of both his cock sliding in and out with a stiff and swift motion along with her sinful gaze being cast back over the shoulder as she got fucked from behind.

“MMMMM YES!! FUCK ME!! OH GOD IT’S SO FUCKING GOOD!! MMMMMM!! LIKE I’M A FUCKING SLUT!! OH GOD!! FUCK!!” She gasped out, not even trying to stay in character for this parody any more as again her eyes were starting to roll upward from the pleasure building. Sweat dripping off that pretty face, leaving her usually sexily styled blonde hair a wild mess with more than a few loose strands clinging to her cheeks. “FUCK… FUCK!! AHHHHHH FUCK YESSSSSSS… MMMMM!! FUCK ME, YOU FUCKING STUD! FUCK ME!! AHHHHHH!!” She begged even as she was getting all of that and then some. Her tits still swinging away back and forth, and almost dragging on the bed sheets as her body was starting to sink as the energy was sapping from her. Trying to keep held up in position while still fucking herself on that ramming cock that was at this rate alone making it that any lesser hung man, including the one she’s actually married to, wouldn’t be felt inside of her stretched out love tunnel for well over a week if not longer.

Seeing her start to slump, he reaches forward and captures her arms first with the left then the right, using them to pull her into position and keep those swinging tits up above the bed. Now using the hold of her limbs to yank her back and forth against his cock as he keeps the forceful, piston-like motion going strong. Moaning himself of course with the shine of sweat across his muscular body as he gets put through his own paces having to last being balls deep inside a stunning celebrity. Handling the task as expected of a seasoned pro like himself as he kept his crotch slapping off her backside as he tapped her from the back. Filling up that soaking MILF twat over and over as his balls connected with her each time he want balls deep into that still needy pussy of hers. Letting the action speak for itself as he kept his own cries down to just the moans as she did all the dirty talk herself.

“AHHHHHH YES!! FUCKING CUMMING!! GONNA CUM!! GONNA… FUCKING!! CUUUUUUUUUUM MMMMMMMMMMMM…” She groaned out loudly again, almost drooling from the open O-shape her lips were in with her eyes gazing upward but no focus to the stare. Another powerful orgasm hitting her body, no doubt harder than the last as her body shook as she was held in place. Yet again being fucked right through the waves of pleasure as her tits still swung back and forth. “FUCK… FUCK… MMMMMMMMM… FUCK…” She gasped before her blonde haired head finally hung down like she was defeated from such powerful sex. If not for the grip on her arms, she would have collapsed down onto the sheets as the stud behind her enjoyed a last round of feeding his dick balls deep into that soaking and dripping twat of the famous model.

“Oh my fucking God!!” Kate gasps when he finally pulls out of that more than well fucked twat. Letting her down and leaving her laying on her back on the bed as that famous, large chest heaves as she rests on the sweat soaked sheets. “That… That was… Holy shit!!” Even exhausted, she still manages to smile as she looks up, before her eyes widen. “You’re still hard?!” She exclaims with a shocked stare again.
“Not for long, babe…” Tyler smirks, as he moves up and mounts her. Getting, to no one’s surprise, up to her chest.
“Mmmmm… Of course you would… Every fucking horny man would…” Upton doesn’t object as he watches that fat cock, still soaked in her juices, being placed between her mounds.

A suitable way to start to bring this porno parody to an end as the hung hunk who has been balls deep in her pussy and mouth over the course of this film now sandwiches that long, thick cock between her famous, large and rounded tits. Making himself moan from making the tits of the married MILF press against and around his length. The size of her bust being one of the few racks that could make most of his size vanish as the crown pops out from between those titties. Holding them from the sides to push them up and out as he already smears her pussy juices from off his inches onto that sweat-coated skin.

More moans to come from him as he begins to thrust. A firm, but not anywhere close to the pace he was pounding her pussy at, motion as he slides his cock back and forth into those famous tanned mountains of hers. Leaving her licking her lips as she watches the hypnotic sight of the cock had just made her cum twice, let alone giving her the best sex of her life, now thrusting into her tits. His fingers digging in nicely as the flesh was spilling out already around them just from simply holding her. But as the jiggle started all over again from him fucking her breasts the sight was even more profound. Perfect for the camera to record at the side as her chest shakes and the head of his prick pops out from her tits when he thrusts in and makes his crotch slap against the underside of her mounds.

“Mmmmm… Fuck that feels good… Mmmmmm… Big fat fucking cock, fucking my big fucking tits…” Kate purred as her eyes shifted from up at him, giving a filthy look of desire even after having taken two orgasms herself from him, and down at that dick she’s extremely familiar with. Groaning a little herself from the hot sensation of a fat shaft working between her soft, rounded tits. “Mmmmm… Nice to actually see one that isn’t hidden by this big tits of mine as well…” She notes, once again casting shade without perhaps meaning to at her past lovers including the one she’s happily married to. Licking her lips as that prick moved in and out of her rack, making her groan as it’s changed from her holes being used for a sinful act to her stunning, curvaceous body itself being used for a man’s pleasure. Not objecting to that for a moment as she let her breasts be firmly and smoothly pumped.

“Mmmmmm… Come on, stud… Fuck these big fucking titties… Bet you’re jerked off to loads of my magazine covers in the past, right? Mmmmm… Stroking this fat, long cock to these big tits of mine…” She continued to give dirty talk to the man fucking her rack, as if he needed any further encouragement besides the pleasure his cock was getting from being deep between her melons. Not even caring that as she groaned out filth she was breaking ‘character’ from the porno parody she was currently taking part in. Perhaps even so lost in the moment of enjoying, and not for the first time from her own admission, a man taking a tit job from her, that she’s even forgotten there’s a camera right up close filming this as she stares up still with burning lust at the man who has driven into two intense orgasms. “Mmmmm… Bet you’re gonna cum, huh? Cum all over my big fucking tits? Yeah, give me that fucking cum, babe… All over these big fucking tits!” She demanded with a hiss as she gazed up with a red hot look that alone would send many a man over the edge never mind getting to thrust into her deep and sexy cleavage like he is getting the honour to do.

Getting dirty talk from a stacked, blonde, married MILF was just the ticket needed even for a long time skin flick star like him to reach his limit. Grunting as he pulled out of her tits and shifted up to be above her body now. Allowing him to grip and stroke his dick furious as he groaned. Sending out the first blasts of his load out to catch across her face, hitting over her cheek and into some strands of her hair before the second caught more over her chin and lips. Aiming further down as he sent the rest of his seed down onto those much lusted after breasts of hers as she helpfully pressed her mounds up and together. An unmissable target as he stroked out the rest of his seed down onto them for a generous helping with some of the spunk seeping down back into her cleavage and a bit dripping down the sides to catch onto her own fingers.

“Mmmmmm… Fuck…” Kate groaned, keeping her tits together as he flicked the last drips out onto him before he moved back. Letting the camera get a good look as she leaned her head down and pushed a tit up. Able to use her tongue to drag across her own breast and lick off some of his cum from off her tit before she let go and gulped it down. “Oh, right… Guess we know which girl is your favourite now for this Layover, right?” She added with a grin, only just remembering that this is a parody as she finished off what little of the script she can remember. That really just being second to the sight being zoomed in on of those cum-coated tits as she still held them up and out. A fine vision to end on as the video fades to black before the post-film credits and copyright notices play out to draw the smutty footage to an end.

* * *

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Re: Celebs Meet Porn Stars: This Ain’t The Layover XXX [Kate Upton]
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2021, 02:01:14 PM »
That was awesome, loved this.
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Re: Celebs Meet Porn Stars: This Ain’t The Layover XXX [Kate Upton]
« Reply #2 on: December 31, 2021, 02:04:39 PM »
Great story, so hot!
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Re: Celebs Meet Porn Stars: This Ain’t The Layover XXX [Kate Upton]
« Reply #3 on: January 01, 2022, 03:49:10 PM »
Scorching fucking hot with a touch of comedy. You write Kate Upton well, you should do her again later on.  :Y:
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Re: Celebs Meet Porn Stars: This Ain’t The Layover XXX [Kate Upton]
« Reply #4 on: January 02, 2022, 11:58:25 PM »
Loved this!

You totally nailed her sultry personality where she knows she's hot and can act like a tease. I loved the introduction where she was teasing the guy and her bra was too small for her tits. It's little goofy stuff like that with Kate that makes her so fun.

Awesome tit fucking to finish it, you did a great job with Kate!
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Re: Celebs Meet Porn Stars: This Ain’t The Layover XXX [Kate Upton]
« Reply #5 on: January 03, 2022, 11:17:02 AM »
So much fun this, so well done on top of which it's kate who is never not fun to read more about anyway just a perfect combination exquisitely done!
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Re: Celebs Meet Porn Stars: This Ain’t The Layover XXX [Kate Upton]
« Reply #6 on: April 27, 2022, 03:02:54 AM »
A great story, it was really great I clearly loved it. The idea is good, their interactions between Kate and Tyler are perfect. Everything is balanced funny fun it was hot! The titty fuck was great!

It's a very good steamy story as I like them.
Thank you 😊


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