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Try Me Too Pt. 3 (Kate Upton)
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Try Me Too Pt. 3
Starring: Kate Upton

Codes: MMF, Cheating/Affairs, Oral, Tit Fuck, Anal, Double Penetration, Dirty Talk

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

Story is dedicated to my friend Galva82. Special thanks goes to him for all the original ideas for the Try Me stories. Here is Part 1 and Part 2 if you want to go back.

Nassau, Bahamas

"I still can't believe this. I swear, you've got to be the luckiest mother fucker I've ever met in my life. What is up with you, man? How do you get so lucky?"

Anthony let out a frustrated sigh as he listened to Scott's words. The Wednesday afternoon hours had come through with him back in uniform, on the clock working at the hotel. For lunch break, he joined his friend, ready to tell the tale of his ongoing affair with Kate Upton across the resort. It was a funny moment to witness that shocked expression across Scott's goofy face. As if he couldn't believe it for a moment, but then told Anthony that he had looked over the check-in log and saw the name Kate Verlander. The two men sat together in the fast food restaurant connected within the Rosewood Baha Mar hotel. Facing one another as they sipped on drinks and ate fries with their burgers. Anthony was slightly embarrassed to see the expressions on Scott's face.

He may not have known it, but he always had this silly look on his face when he heard shocking news. His blue eyes would become enlarged and a long time ago, Anthony may have considered his face punch-able. Scott's orange hair was still the same, short and curly. Through time, they had become friends and now had a stronger bond after the affair they shared together with another model who had checked into the hotel. It didn't take long for Scott begin bragging about that day when they both had fun with Kelly Brook together. Embarrassed, but unable to hold back the grin, Anthony nodded back to his friend before they carried on talking about Kate. There was a reason Anthony was only now sharing this news to Scott. He wanted to see first if his friend could guess why. Between stuffing his fat face with fries and slurping down soda from the straw of his plastic cup.

"I'm serious. I'd love to figure out how you manage to be so lucky in life with hot babes. Did you sell your soul to the devil when you lived back home in the States?"

Shaking his head, Anthony tried to change the subject of luck back to Kate.

"Scott, listen to me..."

"No, dude I'm serious! How are you so lucky in life? Here I was thinking we're both the same. We're stuck in the Bahamas, working this damn job where we live. But you-"

"Would you shut the fuck up for five seconds and listen to what I'm trying to say!?"

Anthony's voice elevated to the point that it caused random people around his table to turn their heads and gaze at both men sitting there. An old couple who were seated further down the room began to stare, causing Scott to glance around and become embarrassed. Anthony wasn't bothered by creating commotion around them. Once he had Scott's attention looking back at him, he carried on speaking.

"What I'm trying to explain to you is, I can introduce you to Kate. I already hinted to her something about this last night."

Taking a moment to sip on his straw again, Scott waited before responding. He was done eating after having enough wandering eyes gazing in his direction.

"Hinted at what? The same thing we did with Kelly?"

A soft smile ran across Anthony's lips as he went silent. They were both done eating by now and the time had come to talk the real business over Kate. Last night, Anthony had hinted to Kate the possibility of another man entering the picture for their next fuck session. He didn't expect her to reveal to him that she had indulged herself in threesomes in the past. There was no one else Anthony would've wanted alongside him besides Scott. It didn't matter that he was annoying at times, a friend was better than a stranger. Slowly nodding back at his friend, Anthony spoke.

"Yeah... She told me about this time she had a threesome in Miami. Two guys. A father and son out at a pool. The father was this club manager or something."

Scott sighed and rolled his eyes.

"Are you shitting me, Anthony? She's a married woman with a family out on the job. She's only fucking you cause you have the looks. You probably remind her of someone she used to see on the down low a long time ago. Why in the hell would a woman like that take two looks at someone like me?"

Shaking his head at Scott's words, Anthony grabbed a napkin to wipe his fingertips.

"Come on, man. You hit it off with Kelly, you don't think you could have some luck with Kate too?"

For a moment, Scott gave Anthony a dirty look. Who did he think he was? Deep down, Scott doubted Anthony. With his clean cut looks, short blonde hair and fit body. They couldn't be anymore of opposites in appearance. It aggravated Anthony, but Scott truly believed the man had some kind of luck and charm that went along with his good looks. Rising up from where he was seated at the table, Scott looked down at his chubby stomach contained within his work uniform and then shook his head at Anthony.

"I'm not stupid. She'll take one look at me and move on."

"You don't know that though. You haven't met her yet! Think about this, Scott!"

He began to walk off towards the restroom, leaving Anthony there at the table to dispose of their trash. It was easy for him to understand Scott's point of view. Indeed, he did not know Kate but Anthony believed if Kelly Brook could see something special in him, then perhaps Kate would. Then again, they were likely two different kind of women when it came to taste in men. Kelly came off to Anthony like a true seductress, while Kate seemed to be a woman in her prime of life trying to recapture some old magic from affairs in the past. Getting up from the table, he took the tray and dumped the leftovers and drinks into the trash. There was a hand sanitizer dispenser close by the trash. Anthony pressed it, filling his free hand with the liquid substance to rub together. As he was busy scrubbing his hands, Scott had left the bathroom, stepping his way over to his friend with a soft smile.

"You know, the more I think about it..."

Stopping for a moment, Scott scratched the back of his head. It was impossible for him to hold back the goofy grin on his face.

"You're the luckiest guy I know. If you think she'll say yes and meet me, I'll take your offer."

Anthony nodded.

"I've got her room number. You could be the one to go up and visit her if she calls for service. You know, like when you walked on me with Kelly a while back."

Scott laughed, blushing as Anthony was now picking on him about that specific incident from a while back. It helped that they were both working on the same shifts for the day. Anthony had yet to hear from Kate, but she was the only individual he expected to be ringing his phone with text messages later during the afternoon. Together, Scott and Anthony stepped out of the restaurant, crossing near the shopping mall that was on the lobby floor of the main building connecting the massive resort. As they walked, Anthony thought about the conversation he had with Kate last night. She had told him a tale of her desires. A threesome with two men was something she had experience with. It was quite something to hear her explain why she preferred that kind of threesome over sharing a guy with another woman. Anthony knew Kate wanted all the focus attention on her. That was apparent with how she talked about having two men watch her every move.

"Mmmmmmmm, sometimes you just need more than one cock to satisfy the urge. If I told you all the things I used to do before I got married, you wouldn't believe the kind of games I used to play with guys like you". Thinking about her words made his heart race as he walked alongside Scott. Before they had lunch together, Anthony was already telling him about Kate. Now he was trying to think of what would be the best way to introduce his friend to her. There was always the possibility that Kate wouldn't like him. He understood Scott feeling that a rejection was on the horizon due to his looks. Then again, Anthony remembered what Kelly had told him regarding the man. Maybe it had more to do with what was on the inside with a person, rather than their appearance. Through time, he had many thoughts over Kelly's words leading him to pursue a stronger friendship with Scott. For his next meeting with Kate, he was going to need his friend to tame that wild woman, or else he would get worn out by her a second time.



Beyond several service doors with a black sticker stating 'Employees Only', Anthony and Scott had found themselves carrying out their afternoon duties on the job. It was a lucky break for Anthony that he was on a shift with his friend, but it didn't take away from the many small jobs that required their attention. Room service was where they found themselves. Cleaning out the beds and working through rooms that were recently checked out by guests leaving. For what he had done the past few days, Anthony knew it wasn't fair to start complaining as he was stuck on his hands and knees scrubbing up spilled drinks and other aggravating messes left behind from guests. Scott did other rooms across the floor, leaving the two of them alone to clean a room one by one. The most frustrating job of the day was pushing the janitorial cart up and down the hall and through the doors of the guest rooms.

So far, Anthony had the misfortune of mopping up three separate bathroom floors. On a day like this, he couldn't help but think of the utter disrespect maintenance workers and janitors received from guests in a job like this. There was no glory with having to scrub the floors, toilets and showers. He kept his mind on Kate Upton rather than thinking about the disgusting line of work he was stuck in. Perhaps this was the price he had to pay for spending the last two days fucking Kate. If that was so, then it was well worth it. Anthony was thinking of having another day with Kate as some great reward for getting stuck in an awful job of the day. Once he finished with another room and began to push his cart out of the door, his phone began to vibrate within his pocket. He stopped, pulling the phone out and then seeing Kate's name flash across the screen. Anthony didn't hesitate to answer her.


"Hey there, lover boy. Miss me yet?"

He blushed as she replied back in a soft but seductive tone. Anthony smiled to himself as he faced the open doorway, still pushing his cart out into the hall.

"Yeah, I've been thinking about you while I'm at work."

Kate giggled into the phone.

"Oh really? All work and no play for Mr. Anthony today."

"I guess you can say that, right now I'm kinda busy."

"Too busy to talk to me?"

"No, of course not!"

She laughed again into the phone.

"Mmmmmm, good to hear. I've been thinking about you all day too. Remember what you asked me last night regarding a threesome?"

"Yeah, you thinking about that?"


Kate paused, leaving Anthony to consider if now was the time to tell her about Scott. He thought for a few passing seconds and then replied back to her on the phone.

"I've got my friend working with me right now. We're doing room service, I can send him up to meet you."

"Ohhhhhhh, listen to you... want to share me with a friend of yours, huh? I didn't take you as the kind of man that shares."

He blushed, still holding the phone up to his ear.

"Well, maybe I just have a little fantasy after our talk last night."

Again, she hesitated to reply, leaving Anthony standing there with his mind racing if Kate was going to reject this offer. After hearing some noise in the background, she replied.

"Tell your friend to bring me a bottle of wine and some fresh ice."

She hung up on Anthony without giving him time to respond. Letting out a sigh, he glanced down the hall to see if Scott was coming out of another guest room. Turning the wheels of his maintenance cart, Anthony pushed it out into the hall and then shut the door to the room he was exiting. Pushing the cart a little more, he watched a door come open and there was Scott himself, stepping backwards out of the door to pull his cart out. Anthony whistled to capture the attention of his friend. When Scott turned his head to look in his direction, Anthony smiled and spoke.

"Guess who I just got off the phone with!"

"Our supervisor? I guess they want us to go clean another floor, huh?"

"No, man! Kate just called me!"

Scott's eyes became enlarged as he gave a shocked expression, then smiled with his full teeth.

"Oh shit! Really!?"

Anthony nodded at him, unable to hold back his smile.

"I told her about you. She wants you to bring her a bottle of wine."

"Are you for real!?"

Again, Anthony nodded.

"Yeah, this is your big chance to meet her. She wants a bottle of wine and a bucket of ice. She's up in room seven-four-three."

Rolling his eyes, Scott let out a frustrating sigh.

"Oh, that's just great. I gotta go all the way up to the seventh floor."

Seeing this reaction from Scott had almost angered Anthony. He pointed down the hall at the elevator.

"Are you fucking serious? You're gonna bitch and moan about having to ride an elevator up to the seventh floor to see Kate Upton of all people on this earth? Shut up and move your fat ass!"

Scott was shaking his head at Anthony's comments, then waved his hand at him while pulling the maintenance cart out of the room. Anthony spoke again.

"Dude, fucking go! Room seven-four-three! Don't keep that woman waiting!"

"What about my cart? You gonna push it around with yours?"

"Yeah sure, what the fuck ever. It's just a cart, I'll take it to the back room."

For the love of God, he could not be serious, Anthony thought to himself. Here was one of the most beautiful women on earth waiting in her suite room and Scott was worried about the cart. Standing there, Anthony watched his friend stomp forward down the hall and towards the elevator where he treated himself to pushing a button. The last glimpse Anthony had was of Scott's silly grin across his face as the metal doors to the elevator closed shut. Now he was left with two carts to push down the opposite end of the hallway and re-enter the employee's only door for all housekeeping duties. It wasn't much of a hassle for Anthony. The last thing he wanted to do was keep Kate waiting, but he couldn't help but wish he was in Scott's shoes right now. The first time he served Kate for a request, it was wine. Anthony was now thinking about the past two days as he slowly pushed Scott's cart behind his.

Taking his time pushing the carts side by side, it was easy to begin daydreaming of Kate. For the past two days, Anthony had her body all to himself. Would Kate find him somewhat attractive like Kelly did months ago? Was Kate even into a guy like him? Pointless questions he didn't have the answers to. Letting out a sigh, he continued to push the carts until he got through the door marked for employees only. This time around, Scott was the one leaving his work post unattended to go bring service to Kate. Once again, Anthony couldn't get the thought of his head. He checked his phone, noticing that over fifteen minutes had passed by the time he was done with the carts and wandered into a bathroom. He took a moment to relieve himself beyond the closed door of a stall. Exhaling, he could hear his own breathing from the quietness of the white colored bathroom.

Twenty minutes had passed since the phone call. Anthony decided to remain locked in the bathroom stall after he finished urinating into the open bowl. He sat down the toilet after buttoning his pants back up and thought of calling Kate to interrupt Scott's meeting with her. As he sat there clutching his phone in both hands, it vibrated from a picture sent through the text messages. Anthony had to do a double-take, blinking his eyes at the sight of Scott's goofy face pushed between the famous boobs of Kate Upton. It looked as if she had tilted the phone at length with where her head was, aiming down to capture this image of Scott's face smothered between those tits. Kate then sent a text message: "This BIG BOY sure loves my BIG TITS", capitalizing specific words and adding heart emojis. Anthony couldn't help but blush.

He was tempted to fire back a tweet at Kate how she had only met Scott thirty minutes ago and now he was getting lucky, but then another text message followed. "He wants to try me too. Where are you?". There was no chance for him to reply when a third text followed, along with a photo of Scott with his mouth wide open and Kate standing next to him topless. Her hair was fixed up in a towel as she was holding up two fingers with her free hand. After the photo was sent, Kate had another text message for Anthony. "Not 1, but 2. I'm waiting for you, lover boy." As if the photos of Scott's silly face near her boobs weren't enough, now Kate was taunting Anthony. From seeing her hair wrapped up, he could only guess that she must have been sitting in the bath tub when she called him earlier. Maybe Scott went up to her door and knocked as she was getting out, all to greet him in a bath robe.

The job at hand no longer was of any concern to Anthony. He left his post, not caring whatsoever that he was still on the clock and about to go missing from work. Kate got her message across loud and clear as he left the bathroom, washed his hands and then began to dash his way out of the employees room. Anthony was ready to run to the elevator, not caring whatsoever the people he brushed past or if any co-workers had noticed him leaving his job post. His next step was the seventh floor and then to give Kate's door a good knocking. Time seemed to be moving so fast as he stood in the elevator and punched the button up to the seventh floor. To think that Scott was already having fun with her, that only made Anthony more impatient. As he stood there in the elevator, another text message was sent. The notification caused the phone to vibrate within the right side pocket of his pants. Ignoring that feeling, Anthony waited for the elevator to stop.

When those doors came sliding open, he was tempted to check his phone but it wasn't worth it now. Not with Kate's room in walking distance. A couple were stepping their way towards the elevator as Anthony rudely brushed past them. He wasn't concerned one bit as the man and woman turned to glance in his direction. Yet another text message was sent to his phone, causing more vibrations within his pants pocket. Ignoring that feeling again, Anthony made his way to Kate's room and took a deep breath. He had to exhale for a moment in a desperate attempt to contain his excitement and knowing that when he stepped through the door, he would be walking into something of a lustful fantasy. He raised his right hand and began to knock on the door, then shoved his right ear up against the door. Maybe he would be able to hear them inside he thought to himself. Knocking a second time, Anthony could hear laughter and then a voice calling.

"Oh my god, he's finally here!"

That was the sound of Kate calling out, then a muffled incoherent reply from Scott's voice.

"Come in and take your clothes off, Anthony!"

It was Kate's voice calling out again, followed by more hysterical laughter. Anthony clutched onto the door knob, turning it and stepping through. What he had witnessed in front of him was not something he was prepared to see with his eyes. The door slammed shut behind him as his jaw dropped at the sight of Kate standing naked. The towel had been removed from her hair, allowing those long golden locks to flow beyond her shoulders. She was glancing down, giggling as Scott was naked and leaned over, his lips embedded over her left nipple. Kate had her left hand cradling the back of his head while her right hand was lifting up the wine bottle just above her left breast. Anthony swallowed his breath, watching as the dark red liquid substance poured out and streamed down Kate's skin before falling to her nipple where Scott hungrily slurped it up while sucking on her tits.

"Mmmmmmmmm, you want more, big boy?"

Scott couldn't reply as he was still sucking on her nipple. He used his left hand to squeeze her right breast, eventually pulling his lips away. Before he could alternate to suck on her other nipple, Kate shoved the end of the wine bottle to his lips, feeding him as Scott quickly gulped down the wine. She glanced forward, smirking at Anthony.

"You want some too?"

He shook his head at her.

"Fine then! More wine for the big boy! Take your clothes off, Anthony!"

From the tone of her voice, Kate was the one in control and calling the shots. Anthony had to glance away from seeing Scott's chubby form there naked as he drank the wine. She eventually pulled the bottle from his lips with several drops falling down to the wooden floor below. It was impossible for Anthony to not think about the fact he had spent the day scrubbing floors with messes and here was Kate creating a new mess in a guest room. Starting with his shirt, he began to undress while Scott stepped away from Kate and she went to grab her towel to wipe up the mess of excess wine that had spilled onto her voluptuous body. After wiping herself clean, Kate handed the towel to Scott so he could scrub his face and neck dry. By the time Anthony took his shirt and shoes off, he glanced forward at the sight of Kate strutting her way over to him.

"Need a little help with this?"

She grabbed the front of his pants, pulling at them after finishing her words. Anthony moaned and leaned in to kiss her lips softly.

"I missed you. Been thinking about you all day."

"Mmmmmm, I'm sure you have."

The front button of his pants popped undone and then Kate broke eye contact with him to use both hands and slide his pants and underwear down in unison. His cock came flopping free of his clothes. Anthony expected Kate to reach out and grab it, maybe jerk him to get his pole at full hardness, but she didn't. The legendary swimsuit model turned away, leering at him with her angelic blue eyes from across her right shoulder. He was left standing there, watching her ass cheeks rub together as she made the same bare foot strut over to Scott, now grinning back at him. Kate began to step her way towards the couch, clapping her hands together and motioning with both hands for the men to step closer.

"I'm ready for not one... but two guys today."

Biting down on her lower lip, Kate knew how to play the perfect tease as both men walked towards her. Anthony's right hand was wrapped around his cock, stroking it. Scott didn't bother wanking himself, leaving Anthony to guess that Kate probably had her lovely lips wrapped around his thick shaft minutes before he entered the room. As they approached her, Kate reached out with her hands, prompting Anthony to let go of his shaft. Her left hand fingers wrapped around Scott's dick and her right hand went to Anthony. Kate glanced back and forth, smirking to both men before she lowered herself down to her knees. Those great big tits made a slight bounce as she sat on her knees, licking her lips in preparation for what was to come next. Kate turned her eyes upward at Anthony and flashed the top row of her teeth in an innocent smile.

"Lucky you. This is your third day in a row with me."

That was all she had to say before parting her lips and sliding Anthony's cock between them. Scott gasped, letting out an excited giggle to watch Kate slobber on his friend's shaft. All Anthony did was stand there, exhaling deeply as Kate passionately sucked his cock nice and slowly. Those big blue eyes gazed up at him as Kate bobbed her lips up and down.

"Damn! That is so fucking hot. Look at her go down on it!"

While Scott yelled in excitement, Kate continued to stroke his fat dick with her left hand. She wanked back and forth as her lips moved up and down Anthony's shaft for a few more moments. Pulling her lips back to the head, she popped them from his cock and then brought her mouthy attention to Scott's rod. He gasped in excitement.

"Oh, fuck yeah! My turn now!"

He almost jumped, pumping his fits in the air to caught his obese belly to shake around. Kate slid her lips down Scott's cock and began to suck it aggressively, bobbing her head up and down in pace with her right hand glided across Anthony's wet pole.

"Oh my fucking god!"

Scott called out again, biting down on his lower lip and moaning at the feeling of her lustful assault. Anthony could only guess what kind of kinky stuff they were getting down to before his arrival. Watching Kate aggressively devour Scott's dick with her mouth, led Anthony to believe they were having a fun time earlier without him. She eventually pulled her lips off Scott's cock with a string of saliva dangling back to her open mouth. Kate licked her lips, breaking the drool rope as she grinned up at Anthony.

"You like watching me suck off your friend, baby? I can tell you, the big boy sure loves my tits!"

The faint sound of Scott gasping could be heard, but Kate alternated her mouth back to Anthony's cock. This time she showed him that same dynamic of quickly bobbing her head up and down. Anthony moaned, calling out to her.

"Ohhhh, fuck!"

This was so much better than being stuck on his hands and knees scrubbing floors. After all that tiring work, to come in and have Kate sucking him off, Anthony forgot all about what a troubling day he had before this moment. She eventually came to a stop, popping her lips off his cock and then shoving Scott's rod back into her mouth. Rather than stroke one cock while sucking the other, Kate brought both of her hands down below to her great big tits. She held them up in preparation for what was to come next. Scott lowered his right hand to the back of Kate's head as he began to thrust his hips to drive his cock down her throat.

"Suck it, Kate! Suck it, ohhhh yeah!!"

Anthony wrapped his right hand fingers around his cock and began to stroke it as he watched his friend proceed to mouth-fucking Kate. She pinched her nipples below, squeezing her own breasts while gazing her big blue eyes up at Scott's face.


The incoherent sounds made from her mouth had only made Scott go harder and faster. Drool began to drip from the corners of Kate's mouth as she sucked every inch of that fat cock, feeling the head hit the back of her throat. Scott eventually stopped, moving his hand off her head to allow Kate to slide her lips back to the head of his cock and release it with a popping noise. His shaft was soaked in spit bubbling up and dripping from the sides. Kate moved her hands underneath her breasts, holding them up and grinning with a string of drool dangling from the right side corner of her mouth. Kate licked her lips, purring a moan before she called for each man.

"Mmmmmmmm, come on over here. I wanna feel those big fucking cocks smacking up against my big titties."

"Oh yeah! I'll be happy to do that for ya, Kate!"

Scott spoke before Anthony had a chance to. He carried that same goofy expression on his chubby face as he grabbed his dick and began to spank it up against her left nipple. Kate moaned, leering her big blue eyes up at Anthony as he stepped closer and then did the same. The head of his cock thumped against her right boob back and forth.

"Mmmmmmmmm, that feels so fucking good."

Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack. The sound of each cock hitting against her boobs had only made Kate moan louder. If only the men knew how wet she was down below as her thighs had become drenched. Anthony was wondering to himself who would be the first between him and Scott to tittyfuck her? Her eyes switched back and forth, gazing at the men while it seemed Kate was slow to make up her mind all while they continued to beat their cocks against her breasts. She glanced up at Anthony, smirking to give him the impression he would have the first go at her tits.

"You wanna watch the big boy fuck my tits?"

Not a question Anthony anticipated from her. He stopped smacking his cock on her tits while Scott gasped. All Kate did was grin, playing this teasing game with Anthony.

"I know you love my tits, but I think he does too."

As she smiled up at Scott, he gasped and screamed.

"Fuck yeah! I'm the BIG BOY who loves those BIG HOOKER TITS!!

Kate's eyes widened as she busted up laughing at his words.

"My big, WHAT!?"

She pulled her breasts apart, allowing Scott to slide his shaft right between them, knowing Anthony's eyes were watching from the side. All Scott did was smile wide flashing his teeth as he made the first thrust between her tits as soon as Kate squeezed them together.


Still laughing, Kate maintained eye contact as Scott began to buck his hips as hard as he could The head of his shaft almost poked up at her chin, causing Kate to almost lose her grip and force her into moving her hands. He fucked her tits hard and fast, unable to hold himself back. As Anthony watched, his eyes widened at the sight of this. Kate had her moment laughing at Scott's words but she able to quickly still herself in position for this.

"Ohhh, ohhhhh yeah! That's it, fuck these tits! Fuck 'em, big boy!!"

His chubby stomach wobbled, sliding from left to right with each full thrust Scott pumped between those wonderful breasts. Anthony began to jack himself, sliding his right hand back and forth his cock as he watched his friend receive the dream of a lifetime by tittyfucking Kate Upton. She maintained eye contact, gritting her teeth to give him a seductive expression as Kate moaned at the feeling of every inch of that cock pumping between her boobs.

"That's it, ohhh yeah! Fuck my tits!!"

"Tell I'm the big boy again! Say it, Kate!"

Scott spoke as he continued thrusting his cock between her tits. Kate giggled before replying.

"Fuck my titties, you dirty big boy!"

As he continued to thrust between her boobs, Anthony was standing there feeling  left out. He stepped near Kate's right shoulder and began to dangle his cock to capture her attention. When she glanced to the right side, Kate grinned up at him.

"Feeling left out, lover boy? Want me to slobber all over your big fucking cock while your friend is fucking my tits!?"

The tone of her voice called out to him with such a slutty voice. Anthony grunted, feeding his shaft to Kate's lips.

"Fucking suck it, Kate!

She enveloped her lips around his pole and closed her eyes. Scott had slowed himself down, taking hard thrusts between her tits as Kate began to suck on Anthony's cock. For a moment there, the men stood moaning aloud as Scott spoke up.

"This is so fucking awesome, man! I can't believe we're doing this with Kate Upton today! I could fuck these tits all day!"

In any other circumstance, Anthony would've rolled his eyes and told Scott to shut up. But not while Kate's lips were wrapped around his cock. He let out a sharp moan as she slobbered her way up and down his pole. Kate spread her hands out over her nipples, still feeling inch after inch of Scott's long shaft pumping between her breasts. Anthony let out a loud moan before he finally replied back to his friend.

"Those big tits are awesome huh? I told you Kate was something else."

Suddenly a pop noise interrupted their talk as Kate released Anthony's dick from her lips. She gazed up at him, then leered her eyes over at Scott, grinning with her teeth.

"Mmmmmm, they don't call me Kate the Great for nothing!"

Scott had come to a halt, giving Kate a moment to let go of her tits and free his cock from the cushy tunnel between her tits. She wrapped her left hand fingers around it, then reached out for Anthony's cock with her right hand. With two tight grips, Kate smirked as she began to rise up slowly from the floor, standing on her feet.

"I'm ready for both of you to fuck me."

Her eyes shifted to Anthony as Scott could be heard gasping in excitement.

"Go lay down on the couch for me, hon."

Anthony laughed.

"I thought you'd never ask, Kate."

As Anthony took a few steps backwards, Kate's hands released each cock. he hurried over to the black couch, laying his back down on it while Kate turned to look over at Scott.

"You know how to fuck my tits, big boy. I wanna see if you can fuck my ass like that."

Once again, Scott gasped and made that bewildered expression across his face. All Kate did was grin as she began to step over to where Anthony was now laying down on the couch.

"Uh... Kate? Are you asking me to fuck you up the ass?"

Her long golden hair flipped around as she glanced across her right shoulder to respond.

"What do you think, big boy?"

She winked at Scott, then smirked back at Anthony. Kate bent her right leg as she began to straddle him and climb up. When Anthony made an attempt to lean up and help her, Kate shoved her hands on his chest.

"Just lay down, I know you can do this position well."

Her hands ran up his stomach, feeling the hairs on his chest as Anthony moved his right hand down to aim his cock upward. He didn't have to wait for long, as Kate grabbed it, forcing him to remove his hand. She lined herself up above, hovering her dripping wet cunt directly above his thick shaft. Scott was busy moving behind Kate and glancing over the couch to get a view of the position she wanted. He would have to bend his right leg as she was doing, just so he lean in and complete this position. Kate slammed herself down on Anthony's cock, sending it into her juicy tight pussy. He let out a loud groan, moving his hands to her breasts to squeeze them as Kate had successfully straddled him. She leaned down a bit, waiting until Anthony moved his hands off her tits and then smothering them in his face.

"You ready for me to do this, Kate?"

Kate didn't bother glancing over the shoulder this time. She let out something of a frustrated sigh before calling out to Scott.

"Yes! What the fuck are you waiting for, big boy? Get over here and slam that fucking cock right up my ass! Give it to me, right up the ass!"

To get her point across more clearly, Kate pulled her right hand back and slapped her booty. Anthony was sucking on her right nipple, gazing up at her face. She moved both her hands to her breasts, proceeding to smother him with her tits again as the couch slightly rocked from Scott's weight. He had bent one of his legs, gazing down at the impressive ass of Kate Upton. He used his left hand to pull one of her ass cheeks apart and then slide his shaft directly up the crack of her buttocks. With both hands, he pulled her ass cheeks apart to see her dark little hole. Kate closed her eyes, purring soft moans until she felt the head of Scott's dick pushing into her ass.

"Oh god, that's it! Go ahead, big boy... Ram that cock up my ass."

"If that's what you want Kate, here you go!"

Directly after speaking, Scott made the first thrust into her ass. Kate instantly shoved the palms of her hands down onto Anthony's chest, lifting herself up with a faint moan. Raising her head further, she kept her eyes closed before calling to them.

"That's it, I'm ready! Come on and give it to me! Give me those fucking cocks! Fuck me!!"

Anthony watched her tits shaking and wobbling in front of his face. He tried to wrap his arms around Kate's body to bring her back down, but when Scott began to thrust his cock into her ass, Kate's strong body shook lightly. Quickly, Anthony roamed his hands from behind, squeezing her ass cheeks as he began to watch her great big famous tits shake in front of him. Scott let out grunts, yelling.

"God, your ass is so fucking tight! Oh my fucking god!!"

She gritted her teeth together for a moment, exhaling deeply. Kate's eyes opened wide and then she began to scream at the concurrent feeling of two cocks pumping into her ass and pussy in unison.


Once more, she gritted her teeth, Kate growled her moans as her body rocked. Over and over, Scott pounded her ass with every inch of his long cock. He pushed his hands on the small of her back, just above where Anthony's hands were placed across her ass cheeks, fingertips digging into her skin. Leaning his head forward, Anthony could feel her breasts smacking up against his forehead and hair. Kate was caught in the bliss of pleasure as her screaming voice echoed throughout the hotel suite.


Neither man wanted to disappoint this model goddess. She began to roll her hips, meeting with the thrusts Anthony was giving her below. Anthony grunted, still bucking his hips forward, moaning at the feeling of her pussy wrapped around his shaft. When he moved his hands from her ass, that gave Scott a clearing to clap his hands down for some playful spanking while he continued to thrust into her ass. Sp-Spank! A double hit from both of his hands clapped down on those ass cheeks as he thrust again and again. It was a delight to watch the entire length of his shaft disappear into Kate's tight ass.


The couch rocked slightly as Kate continued to scream and growl through her barred teeth. Her toes curled up when she yelled her filthy words of desire. Scott reared his left hand back and brought a hard smack across her booty. He leaned down and then Kate glanced across her right shoulder, demonstrating to him her gritted teeth and a look of pure lust in her deep blue eyes. Anthony knew that expression all too well, as he had witnessed it on more than one occasion for the past three days now. Scott began to slow down, keeping his eyes locked on Kate as he cried out to her in pleasure.

"Oh god, Kate! I want you to ride me like that! I want those HUGEEEE TITTIES shaking all in my face!!"

With a grunt, Kate responded.

"Then come sit down on the couch for me then, big boy!"

That was her way of telling Scott to pull his cock out of her ass and step back. He did just that, easing his rod out and then lifting his left leg to stand properly. Anthony knew Kate was about to switch positions, so he quietly tried to help her, moving his hands over her hips but she didn't require his aid. The buxom blonde model was able to rise up properly, slipping Anthony's dick from her warm pussy. He watched it thump down across his stomach with a subtle noise. Once Kate stood up, she motioned with her hands to Anthony.

"Sit up for me! You've gotta make some room for the big boy to sit down with you!"

Any time Kate referred to Scott as 'big boy', the chubby man would grin and become all giddy in excitement. Anthony sat up, bending his knees so his feet were touching the floor. Scott then had seat on his left shoulder side. With both men seated, Kate placed her hands on her hips, as if she were modelling before them. A wide grin merged across her lips as she quirked her eyebrows up and spoke.

"Just sit there for me, both of you. I'm gonna take my time taking turns with both of you now."

From where she was standing, Anthony was to her left side and Scott to the right. She took a few steps to the right, stomping hard enough for her boobs to shake all around. Scott realized she was going to ride him first. He sat up, raising his arms and wiggling his fingers with a grin across his face.

"Come on, Kate! I'm ready for you to ride my big dick!"

She grinned at him, but tossed a smug look over at Anthony. From that expression across Kate's face, it was apparent to him that she was trying to tease him with the fact he would be sitting there watching her with his friend. Scott reached down to grab his cock, holding it upward for Kate. She rested her hands on his legs, then raised herself up, sinking her feet down into the soft black couch. He took a deep breath, gasping as the blonde goddess of a model lowered herself down on his cock. Kate bit down on her lower lip, moaning.

"Mmmmmmmm, you ready for this?"

For once, Scott didn't reply in spoken word. Instead, he just nodded his head as quickly as he could. Kate roamed her hands up his fat stomach, feeling the hairs across her palms as she straddled him. Wasting no time at all, Kate began to roll her hips, rocking up and down as she was now riding Scott's cock.

"Oh Kate! Ohhhh, god yes! Ride it, baby!!"

"Mmmmm, yeah! You like that, big boy!?"

"Yes I fucking do!!"

Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack. The sound of Kate thrusting downward to pump Scott's cock into her pussy came with the sound of their bodies hitting together. His fat stomach wobbled and shook around, along with her boobs jiggling and swaying up and down. Scott moved his hands to grab her tits, squeezing them as he locked eye sight with Kate. She continued to bounce up and down, riding his cock with authority. As Anthony sat there, he began to wank his cock, patiently waiting his turn for the time being.

"Ride me, Kate! Ohhh god! Ohhhhhh, yes!!"

Scott began to huff and puff, exhaling deeply. The sweat formed at the top line of his hair, falling down his forehead as he squeezed her breasts harder and could feel every inch of his cock pumping in and out of her pussy. Kate began to ride him harder and faster. She used her hands pushing into his obese chest to elevate herself and work her thigh muscles. As Anthony sat there and watched, still stroking his cock, he finally grew impatient. He got up, but as soon as his feet hit the floor, Kate raised her right hand, snapped her fingers and screamed at him.


Kate screamed at him with such authority, reminding Anthony who was really in charge here. He plopped back down on his side of the couch right as Kate slowed herself down and began to climb off Scott. Perhaps getting testy had resulted in a change up. Anthony gripped his cock, pointing down at it with his left hand as Kate quickly crawled over to the left side of the couch. Her feet sank down on both sides of him as she lowered herself down on his cock. Anthony closed his eyes, moaning in satisfaction and relief as she was back on top of him. Now it was Scott's turn to sit there and jack off to the sight of this wild woman riding his friend. Kate moved her hands to Anthony's shoulders once she lowered herself down on his cock. Anthony began to buck his hips upward, fucking her as those great big tits bounced and jiggled around.

"Oh man, that is so fucking hot!"

Gasping aloud, Scott couldn't hold himself back from this sight. Kate was bouncing herself up and down on Anthony's shaft. His balls hit the undersides of her ass with each downward thrust. He was bucking his hips in an effort to meet with her thrusts, but that only made Kate move faster. Those great big tits sway, bouncing to the left and right, then moving up and down in a steady rhythm. All Scott could do was sit there, furiously wanking himself at this wonderful sight as his mouth gaped open and he was close to drooling.


Anthony grunted after screaming as Kate was breathing heavily. She slowed herself down, seeing that she had now almost forced him to the point of blowing his load. Close, but not quite ready yet, Kate began to slowly rise up, her feet still sunk down into the couch as she got up and then carefully crawled to her right side. Scott stopped stroking his dick and held it upward. Kate snatched his hand away from it as she lowered herself down and spoke softly.

"Sit right there, big boy. I'm gonna ride you until I fucking cum."

Hearing those words, Anthony's eyes widened. When he glanced to his left side, Kate was smirking at him. He knew what she was doing. Forcing him to sit there and watch her ride his chubby friend until she had her climax. There wasn't anything he could do about it either, except to wrap his right hand fingers back around his cock and proceed to wank himself. It didn't take Kate long to begin bouncing up and down on Scott's dick. Like before, her hands were pushed into his chubby stomach to support herself while thrusting up and down.

"Ohhhh, god! Ohhhhhh, yeah! Mmmmmmm, don't cum in me, big boy! Don't you dare cum, that's the least you can do for me!"

"I won't cum yet, Kate! I swear!"

Letting out a sigh, Anthony wished he could be where Scott was, still having his cock pushing into her tight pussy with those deep angelic blue eyes gazing back at him. Over and over, she bounced herself up and down while Scott panted and groaned. it was clear to Kate that he was using all his inner strength to hold back from blowing his load deep within her. Anthony was sitting in the best seat of the house, witnessing this moment at front row center directly besides Scott. He couldn't urge himself to stroke his cock, so he sat there, gripping it at the sound of Kate's body smacking against Scott's chubby frame.

"Ohhhhhh god! Ohhhhhh, Kate!"

Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack. Her eyes were closed, hair waving all around with her great big tits bouncing up and down. Scott swallowed his breath, his lower lip hanging wide open as he gazed in complete amazement at her jiggling breasts all while trying to hold himself back. On the verge of exploding with her, he scrunched his face up, crying out in pleasure as Kate was still pumping herself down. The feeling of his cock pumping in and out of her pussy was almost too much for him, but then Kate began to cry out.

"Ohhh, god! ohhhhhh, god, fuck! OHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAH!!"

Slamming herself down, Kate wailed and screamed as her legs began to shake. She curled her toes up, still pushing them down into the cushion of the couch as her inner walls collapsed and now Scott was experiencing the rush of her orgasm. His face remained scrunched up, trying desperately to hold himself back.

"Oh god, Kate! KATEEEEEE!!"

Hearing his friend yell her name like that, Anthony became concerned that he wasn't going to hold himself back. He jumped up from the couch, panicking as he rushed behind Kate and yelled at Scott.

"Come on, man! Help me lift her up!"

Anthony wrapped his arms around Kate's stomach while Scott moved his hands to her hips. Lifting her up had caused the model to open her eyes. Scott reached down with his right hand, quickly pulling his cock from her pussy and causing a strong gush of her juices to splatter across his fat stomach. Quickly trying to catch her breath, Kate exhaled as Anthony helped her to her feet and then she turned around, smirking at him.

"You're a fast thinker! But didn't I tell you to sit down?"

Teasing her by mimicking those same smirk looks, Anthony quirked his eyebrows before replying to Kate.

"Maybe I didn't want your big boy over there to waste his load by cumming inside you. Shouldn't you be thanking me right now, babe?"

Kate moved her hands to his chest, giving Anthony a playful shove.

"You'll be the one thanking me soon when I make you blow that hot load all over my face."

Her eyes turned to look over at Scott. Kate gave him a nod and then grinned with her full teeth.

"Did you hear me, big boy? I'm gonna let Anthony cum all over my face. You wanna join him and make sure I'm really covered good with even more hot fucking cum?"

Nodding his head, Scott smiled wide.

"Oh, fuck yeah! I'm gonna give you so much fucking cum Kate! All over your face and those big ass titties!!"

He immediately got off the couch, but Anthony spoke up to Kate as she began to fall down to her knees.

"Wait a minute, Kate. You let Scott fuck your tits earlier but I didn't get my turn."

Giggling at him, Kate shook her head as she was situated on her knees. Scott tempted behind Anthony from her left hand side, but she ignored the other man for now replying back to Anthony.

"Ummmmm, honey? You've had your cock shoved between my tits more than once for the past few days. It was the big boy's first turn, so I made you wait."

Reaching out for his shaft with her right hand, she began to stroke it. Kate bit down on her lower lip, keeping her eyes locked up at Anthony's face as she spoke again.

"You wanna fuck my tits?"

"You don't have to ask me twice for that, babe."

She let go of his cock after that subtle reply. Exhaling deeply, Kate moved her hands down to her great big famous boobs. She pulled them apart, leaning up to offer that passage between them. Anthony slid his shaft right into place as Scott stood there, jacking himself at the sight. Slowly squeezing her breasts together, Kate glanced down to see the head of his cock poking straight up. She spit on it and then raised her head forward upon feeling Anthony's cock begin thrusting between her tits.

"Mmmmmmmmmm, yeah..."

Moaning softly, Kate licked her lips again as she looked up into Anthony's eyes and smiled. To go three consecutive days doing this with her was quite an achievement. Tempted to ask her the question if she did this with her own husband, Anthony stopped himself as he could hear Scott groaning and moaning as he wanked himself. It didn't take long for Scott to start running his mouth bragging about all this.

"Oh my god, that is so fucking hot! I always fantasized about seeing Kate get tit fucked! We're both so fucking lucky, man! This is one of the greatest days of my life, let me tell you!"

Ignoring his friend, Anthony continued to buck his hips, driving his shaft back and forth between Kate's breasts.

"Fuck yeah man, go! Fuck her big tits! Look at that! Those titties look so much better with a hard cock shoved between 'em! That is so fucking hot!"

Anthony moaned, almost rolling his eyes to Scott's voice cheering him on. As he continued to pump his cock between her tits, Kate smirked over at Scott.

"Hey big boy, what was that you called my tits earlier? I wanna make sure I heard it right. Did you call 'em big hooker tits?"

Scott nodded his head while Anthony was still thrusting between Kate's tits.

"Yeah! I heard someone say that once! They said Kate Upton's got big hooker tits! I just couldn't help myself but say it!"

She began to laugh uncontrollably at him. Anthony groaned again, trying to ignore Scott and focus on this wonderful feeling of fucking Kate's tits, but his friend was becoming a loud distraction.

"You've got BIG HOOKER TITS, Kate!"

Still laughing at him, Kate let out a moan at the feeling of Anthony's cock shoved between her tits.

"Ohhhhhhhh, you funny big boy! I thought they were HUGEEEEEE TITTIES!?"

Blushing at her mocking him, Anthony could not hold back his grin as Kate was still laughing. Scott nodded again, quick to respond.

"They are! I was just stating the obvious! What can I say? I'm a big boy who loves a beautiful babe with some big ass titties!"

Finally flustered to the point he stopped, Anthony was trying not to laugh at their funny exchange. When he quit thrusting his cock between her tits, Kate immediately let go of them. His cock flopped freely until she wrapped her right hand fingers around it. Kate then raised her left hand, motioning with her index finger for Scott to step closer, allowing her an easier range to reach out and grab him by the cock with her free hand. Sitting there on her knees, Kate appeared to be satisfied having their complete attention focused on her while she wanked each cock back and forth in her hands. Licking her lips, she glanced over Scott's dick and then shoved it between her lips.

"Oh my god, yessssss!!"

From how he cried out in pleasure, Anthony was concerned that his friend was about to explode within her mouth. Kate removed her left hand and began to bob her head up and down, all while her right hand glided back and forth across Anthony's shaft. She released Scott's cock, then moved her lips towards Anthony's rod. Spitting on the head, she shoved it between her lips, raising her left hand to wank Scott while she sucked Anthony off.

"Ohhhhhh, fuck..."

Anthony moaned as she bobbed her head up and down his cock momentarily. Kate pulled away, alternating back to Scott's shaft. She worked herself in a pattern, sucking one cock while wanking the other with one hand. She would pop her lips off dick, then spit on the next and suck. Back and forth, she worked until each man was panting and groaning. That was when Kate knew they were ready to explode and cum for her. Scott's cock was shoved between her lips when she finally pulled away for the last time and exhaled a deep breath.

"I'm ready to get my face all sticky! I think you're both ready to cum for me, yeah?"

"Yes, I'm-"

"Fuck yeah!!"

Scott's loud voice drowned out Anthony's reply. Kate tilted her head up and moved her hands to shove up her breasts, ready to collect any cum that didn't make it above on her face. Closing her eyes, she stuck her tongue out for a moment and then called for them as each man began to wank his cock. Anthony stood at her right side while Scott was panting and groaning from the left.

"Are you gonna cum for me? Mmmmmmm, give me not one, but two hot loads."

Grunting and groaning, Anthony and Scott wanked their cocks as Kate blinked her eyes, speaking again.

"I want it all over my face."

Stroking his cock furiously, Scott began to cry out to her.

"Ohhhhhhh, GOD!! This is for you, Kate! This is for you and those BIG ASS TITTIES!!"

His cock erupted with a thick wad that splattered across Kate's forehead. She gasped, moaning at the feeling of his sticky white substance coating her skin. Anthony groaned with his teeth gritted as his cock began to explode soon after.


String after string of cum splattered across the left side of Kate's face, drenching her eyebrow with streaks into her golden hair. Another wad from Scott's cock landed on her nose, dripping below. He aimed his cock downward in an effort to drench those fabulous breasts in cum. Anthony watched another string of cum land across Kate's forehead and drip down the right cheek of her face, then he aimed his cock downward with Scott. They covered her boobs with wad after wad of cum. Kate opened her eyes, licking her lips and glancing down to see the thick gobs and strings of cum that were coating her skin.

"Oh my god, you both wanted to cum on these titties, huh?"

"I know I did!"

It was Scott replying to her, causing Kate to giggle and flash her teeth. She smashed the palms of her hands against her erect nipples, squeezing her own tits as they both stopped wanking their cocks. The cum began to drip with streams falling down the sides of her tits and between them. Kate could feel some of the warm cum dripping from her face, but she didn't bother wiping any of it just yet. Smiling wide, Kate grinned up at them.

"Mmmmm, how do I look, fellas?"

Anthony gave her a nod, softly speaking.

"You look beautiful, babe."

"Ohhhhh, yeah! Those tits look even better with cum all over 'em!!"

Scott's loud exclamation made Kate bust up giggling. She let go of her tits, instead raising both of her hands to give a double thumbs up. Anthony joined in the laughter, as Kate was so good at bringing out those funny vibes. Scott smiled over at his friend and gave Anthony a proper thumbs up first.

"We did it man, we got lucky with Kate Upton!"

Laughing at them, Kate had to reply back.

"You got lucky with me and my HUGEEEEE TITTIES!!"

As all three of them were laughing hysterically now, Anthony almost fell over. He had to clap his hands together, finally able to muster some words out in exhaustion from his climax and now laughing.

"What a fucking day this has been."



Morning hours had come washing through another Friday to end the week. Anthony sat behind the receptionist desk, waiting for each new guest to check in who had previously called in advance the day before. Friday was always a busy day for guests arriving to check in for a weekend. Having been up and on the clock for the past two hours, Anthony was just getting set for what was going to be a long day. Lucky for him and Scott, there were no repercussions suffered for walking off the job the other day. Unfortunately, Kate had informed both of them the next day she would be checking out soon. She had matters to tend to back in L.A. where she would be reuniting with her husband. It was regretful for Anthony that he didn't get to check Kate out yesterday as she left to book her flight out of the Bahamas. Now that she was gone, he was left with nothing but the memories, standing in the same spot when she checked in on Monday.

After the event involving Scott, Kate wanted dinner with the men, only after she had a quick shower. All in all, Anthony couldn't complain as they continued to share laughs, mainly from the words falling out of Scott's unfiltered mouth. With another affair shared, Anthony felt more confident with his friend. Apart from having to be reminded repeatedly that he was blessed with good luck in life, Anthony planned on spending more time with Scott when they weren't working. He wasn't thinking of the next chances they would possibly meet another famous model stepping through the hotel, but life was weird. Never say never, that was a phrase Anthony believed he could live by. He still had Kate's phone number programmed into his phone with those silly photos that she snapped with Scott. They were memories for now, though he didn't expect her to be calling him back any time soon. Maybe another time, at least one of them could dream.

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Re: Try Me Too Pt. 3 (Kate Upton)
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2022, 07:48:29 PM »
Hot as fuck Cade, great work. I need to up my game.
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Re: Try Me Too Pt. 3 (Kate Upton)
« Reply #2 on: January 09, 2022, 03:35:20 AM »
Amazing finale, Kate plus 2 guys, what an ending  @@
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Re: Try Me Too Pt. 3 (Kate Upton)
« Reply #3 on: January 09, 2022, 10:19:24 AM »
Great work Cade!  I love the part of Kate riding the two cocks taking turns.
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Re: Try Me Too Pt. 3 (Kate Upton)
« Reply #4 on: January 10, 2022, 09:09:09 AM »
A fitting end to a trilogy.

Laughed my ass off at Scott. You have something funny with him. I would like to read a story with him getting blessed with good fortune for a change and Anthony stuck watching.
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Re: Try Me Too Pt. 3 (Kate Upton)
« Reply #5 on: January 13, 2022, 01:59:19 PM »
I love how you write MMF stories with Kate.
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Re: Try Me Too Pt. 3 (Kate Upton)
« Reply #6 on: January 13, 2022, 02:53:25 PM »
Thanks for the kind words, everyone.

I'm considering a real spin off series that involves the hotel and possibly more men. I'm glad that Scott gets a great reception cause he's fun to write. If I do more Try Me stories, I'd like to give Scott a story from his perspective.
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Re: Try Me Too Pt. 3 (Kate Upton)
« Reply #7 on: January 15, 2022, 05:50:57 PM »
A perfect way to end it all! As ever you write Kate so well and the scenes always have such a fun playful dynamic to them there so much fun to read. Just fantastic work as ever.
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Re: Try Me Too Pt. 3 (Kate Upton)
« Reply #8 on: January 15, 2022, 06:46:37 PM »
A perfect way to end it all! As ever you write Kate so well and the scenes always have such a fun playful dynamic to them there so much fun to read. Just fantastic work as ever.

Many thanks, she always inspires playful vibes! I'm real happy with how she and Scott played around. It's got me wanting to revisit them in the future maybe.
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Re: Try Me Too Pt. 3 (Kate Upton)
« Reply #9 on: March 07, 2022, 01:57:08 PM »
In case not many people see it, here is a spin off of Try Me that involves porn star legend Gianna Michaels - Try Me, Pay To Play.
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