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Don't Leave So Soon Pt. 1 (Christina Hendricks)
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Don't Leave So Soon Pt. 1
Starring: Christina Hendricks

Codes: MF, Romance, Oral, Rimming, Tit Fuck

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

This series is dedicated to Psylent21. The idea and celeb choice were his. We brainstormed the ideas together, all scenarios were his ideas. Special thanks to him also for editing. Enjoy!

Los Angeles, California

Shining sunlight had cast a blinding light, ricocheting from every glass surface covering the black painted building. Windows of darkness were there to greet anyone who had witnessed the impressive tower's architecture from the distance. To a janitor outside, cleaning up debris tossed out onto the paved road, it was a common sight that was seen daily with the palm trees rusting from the wind. The paved road led down into an underground parking garage, a fundamental feature belonging to what had become a luxury hotel resort in the Westwood area of Los Angeles. If the high prices for staying didn't keep the college students away for spring break, the aesthetic of gold and black colors and Art Deco was likely to do the trick. Or at least that's what the management thought when they opened the doors six years ago. A vast renovation project was complete, transforming an old building into something new.

During the daylight hours, one could see the large black font of the sign, but without it's bright white lights that appeared in the darkness. The Midnight Light Inn carried itself in elegance to the wandering eye. Gold lining covered the corners with matching black tiles that carried the roaring twenties inspired Art Deco theme. A popular joke among the staff was that of the name, it was a miracle that the hotel had a positive flow of cash despite it's status as one of the more overpriced places to stay in town. Beyond the turning glass doors of the entrance, guests were welcomed to the sleek dark interior. Black with a lining of gold was the look, complete with matching black marble floors and dark red carpets. Every piece of metal from door knobs to lamp posts glimmered in a vintage gold look. The butlers and maids all wore black clad uniforms, tuxedos and fancy white dresses complete for a strict uniform code.

For over three hundred dollars a night per stay, guests were treated from the main building intended for travelers. The common necessities with cable TV, internet and room service all at the dial of a button. A spa upstairs and then a private swimming pool outside were among the leisure time offers to guests. Beyond the main building was a larger tower which had the residential suites and security wing of the hotel. The entertainment offered to residents only included live music, a bar and their own diner. Every security guard had a dress code of dark navy blue or black pinstriped suits with white undershirts. It fit in with the vibe and aesthetic given to make guests feel as if they were stepping into the past. The residential building had it's own form of entertainment. With many workers residing in the lower floors, as the higher up the tower went it was reserved for residents with deeper pockets. The final two floors at the top were a twin penthouse suite, believed to house the manager, but only those working within the hotel would know such details.

Outside, a black Mercedes Benz cruised down the paved road, leading into the underground parking area where it soon found an empty space up against the wall. The luxury car blended in with a Bentley and a BMW that were also lined up close by. The driver side door opened, right as valet service came to attend to the vehicle and offer a slight conversation. From the back seat, someone could be seen in the distance shuffling about. The driver was an older man, with slicked back grey hair and a light beard. He wore a dark suit, similar to the uniform of the valet service men. Like a gentleman, he opened the door for a woman who stepped out of the car. Thanking him with a smile, her red hair had almost of a glow with it that went along with her deep blue eyes. Wearing a black blouse covering her massive chest and a matching long dress, actress Christina Hendricks had arrived. The older man was not only her driver, but also her trusty agent Tom who had escorted her to the hotel for a quick check in with a residency deal.

Last year Christina had signed on a new endorsement deal for the Jerry Walker whiskey brand. In the past, her deals led to photography sessions in a marketing campaign. But after five years of a solid partnership in contract, the company was willing to push the limit with a different offer. A deal had recently been signed as they became the sole corporate sponsor to stock the bars and private restaurant of the Miracle Light Inn. Christina couldn't say she had drank much of the whiskey brand, but it was a swell offer. She still had her home in Beverly Hills which was enough for her to turn down the residency offer that lasted two years. Tom had to talk her into at least checking in to the hotel and spending some off time there. Since the cancellation of her last TV show Good Girls, Christina had a bit of time on her hands off from filming and needed to unwind. The older man insisted that going out of town to place like this would be ideal for her to clear her headspace as she was still annoyed at the fact of the show's cancellation.

The valet service was quick to help with Christina's luggage, all while Tom escorted her from the parking garage to the hotel entrance. Her eyes wandered around, marveling at the beauty of the interior design to the hotel. For her residency, a contract had been arranged that she and her agent needed to look over once they arrived at the hotel. Her room had already been prepared in advance, all thanks to a phone call that had been placed yesterday afternoon. Tom insisted checking the contract and going over it, leading them to the first journey throughout the hotel. The receptionist was a short young man, dressed fancy all with a pink bowtie beneath his neck. He escorted the actress and her agent from the front desk all the way to the residential building. The walk itself took over ten minutes, enough time for her high heels to click and clack across the floors in a steady rhythm.

Christina's eyes enlarged, as she became impressed at the residential building's main lobby. A checkered floor in black and white offered a reflection when glancing down. Gold interiors and decorations had led her to believe that much money was spent turning this place into one of grandiose comfort. The smile curved across her pink lips before she took the hand of the receptionist and led her way up a staircase. All the while, Tom followed behind her, his eyes scanning across every detail of the immaculate ornaments. From the diamond studded hanging chandeliers to Roman columns. A vintage style elevate was down on the lobby floor complete with a sliding cage, but Christina insisted on wandering up the staircase. There were five floors for residents, all while the receptionist explained the last floor up led to a private penthouse. Her room was on the fourth floor, 404 Christina didn't care about that as she was led to a black door and opened it to reveal her awaiting room.

"And here we are, Miss Hendricks."

She stepped through the doorway, gazing across the Art Deco themed room. Giggling softly, Christina turned to see the floor matted with beige carpet. Similar gold decorations covering the walls and luxury lounge chairs that made up the living room.

"Wow, this is marvelous. Did I just step back in time?"

Turning to Tom, she joked again.

"Are we back in the nineteen-twenties or am I just dreaming?"

While they shared their laugh, the receptionist smiled.

"I can assure you that you're not dreaming, Miss Hendricks."

Christina didn't pay him any attention as she took a second gaze across the living room. A large widescreen television was mounted on the wall in a fancy wooden frame. It was the only piece of modern enhancement to the furniture. Everything else retained it's retro, vintage style look that fit the overall vibe of the hotel. A set of four lamps around the living room offered low lighting. As she began to wander from the living room to the kitchen, looking over the metal chairs by the dark wooden table, the receptionist spoke again.

"Your contract is over by the counter. I'm heading back to my post. If everything looks good, just sign it and call for room service. I will send something up to get it."

Still paying him no mind, Christina smirked at the sight of a white refrigerator, blending in with an aged white color that covered the kitchen walls. The receptionist left the room as she began to wander towards the bedroom. Flicking the light, she gasped at a sight to behold.

"Oh my gosh, Tom you've gotta see this bedroom."

What was of light colors in the other rooms, made up for a black interior in the bedroom. Gold trimming across the metal bed posts of a large king size bed. Fit with black sheets, pillows matching and a dark red carpet flooring. From the right side of the room was a personal bathroom. Christina wandered in, noticing the white tiles that made up the floor and walls. There was a bath tub but also a shower with a sliding door fitted with gold knobs inside. The sink counter was of white marble and the sink her first sight of anything silver metal. Leaving the bedroom all together, Christina made her way back into the kitchen where she saw Tom reading through the contract paper. Stepping a bit closer to him, she waited until he turned to her and then the older man smiled. His reflection was cast from a mirror across the room.

"This isn't so much a contract, it's more of a deed for your residency."

"I guess that's a relief then."

He chuckled, offering her the paperwork.

"I still don't get it. Why would the Jerry Walker company offer you such a thing?"

"They called it a gift, if you remember."

Tom smiled at Christina's correction. Her eyes scanned over a bit of the paperwork then glancing back at him as he responded.

"Quite a generous gift, I must say. Any other time a whiskey brand like that would simply give someone a year's supply of the product."

Before Christina could reply, the front door opened. Room service had arrived with her two rolling luggage hard cases. She turned away from Tom, quick to order the butlers.

"Bring them into the bedroom, I'll unload them from there."

"Yes Miss."

One of the men replied, prompting Christina to smile back at Tom.

"Some gentleman who work here, huh?"

Offering her a friendly smile, Tom stepped back and spoke again.

"I guess so. This place looks like your kind of thing, either way. You should relax here. Take some time off. I'll call you when I hear about any offers for another show or film."

"Leaving so soon, Tom?"

"Yeah, I gotta run. Just call me if you need anything. I don't wanna disturb your peace, you need a good break away from the studios."

He left her there, clutching at the paperwork between her fingers. Christina thought to herself, as she almost passed on the offer of checking in to this hotel all together. She was far away from home, but perhaps that was a good thing. A real breath of fresh air was needed in life as she had to wait for a new opportunity to come around. Tom had worked with another agent she was signed to who had put in casting roles to get her some new roles, but Christina believed she had earned a break for now. For the time being, she felt it would do her some good to settle in to this hotel and enjoy this opulence she was surrounded by. So far, so good, the vintage beauty of this place was worthy of her approval. The afternoon hours would soon be rolling in and she felt good about exploring the Miracle Light Inn for all it had to offer. With her luggage in the bedroom, Christina only needed to unpack a few things along with clothes before she was ready to unwind for the day.



As time progressed through the day, the hotel seen the usual traffic of guests checking in and residents shuffling about during the day. Christina Hendricks isolated herself within the walls of her personal space. To settle in before signing her name on the deed oriented contract, she felt it was best to relax and get more comfortable within this place. When she got into the bath tub, Christina began to think about signing her name and making this place something of a vacation home. After the bath, she changed clothes putting on a white blouse and a short dress. Her first dialing of room service was to request a tour across the resort. A young man rang her up, dressed in a similar suit as the receptionist from earlier. The butler arrived with more paperwork, a pamphlet that detailed all the free accommodations the hotel offered to their residency package.

For the time being, she wasn't interested in the perks. The free whiskey, twenty-four security and other features in that pamphlet were not the front and center of Christina's mind. She let the young man lead her around the residential building, witnessing the music lounge and the private movie theater. While going about, she noticed some residents who lived at the hotel. All older men and women, giving Christina the impression that they had chosen this place as a sort of retirement home. The young butler didn't tell her many details about the residents when they stepped outside for him to show the swimming pool. It was empty for the day, but large enough to rival other luxury hotel resorts. All with lounge seats unfolded and umbrellas to block the sun away in a row. The view was to her liking, but Christina wasn't staying outside today. She wandered to the diner, allowing the butler to escort her there.

Like a simple small time restaurant, everything was neatly arranged with round tables in the front for dates. A row of private booth tables in the back. Dark wooden interiors completed a different but welcoming look compared to the rest of the hotel's style. All dinner service was free of charge, as part of the residency deal offered in her contract. Christina asked the butler to leave her so she could enjoy her dinner alone. Before the young man ventured off back to work, he told her that all new residents had reserved seating in the music lounge for a band show. Tonight was for a Jazz quintet, all instrumental band with a focus primarily around trumpet and saxophone. She would have her own special reserved seat, close to the band at an empty table. Christina grew more interested as he explained the band members' experience playing through standards and classics from a bygone era. After dinner, it was time to go back to her suite for another trip of changing clothes.

All this time, she found herself become more comfortable in what was a relaxed atmosphere at the hotel. Gazing back at her deep blue eyes in the mirror, the buxom actress looked at her thick figure while standing there in underwear. A black bra pushed up her massive all natural breasts, prepared to give the appearance of cleavage when she put on the next dress. The temptation was there to slip on some fishnet stockings, but Christina didn't feel the need since the dress would cover her legs entirely. She was feeling the vibe of the hotel, ready to dress her part for tonight. When she opened up her luggage, it was a quick decision to take out one of her most elegant black dresses. Christina always brought at least one black dress when traveling, just in case she decided to go out one night. Tonight was going to be it. Outside the window of her suite room, the blue sky had faded into a bright orange while the sun was sinking down into the ocean. She took her time putting on the dress and getting all fixed up for this special night, thoughts rummaging through her head. It would be ideal to call and have a delivery of some of her more elegant dresses if she decided to stay longer.

Silver pieces of jewelry with emerald stones dangled from her ears. Christina looked at the sparkle of the ear rings after clipping them on and then playing with her dress. She changed her mind at the last second, going for a different black dress in her luggage with a zip up top and straps that hugged her shoulders. Wearing this one, she was able to easily remove her bra and let the insides of the dress shove her tits up for ample cleavage. With the large mirror across from her bed, Christina was able to sit down with a chair and use her dresser as a proper makeup table tonight. A slight touch of blush over her cheeks and then red lipstick applied to her lips. The skirt piece to her dress went down, only brushing up above her ankles to reveal her feet. That left a pair of high heel stilettos as the last piece to her outfit. Christina had other pairs besides the one she wore upon arrival. Of the choices, Christina settled on a smaller stiletto, not one raised up too far up.

Her long orange hair was carefully pinned up into a ponytail that ran down her back. Christina preferred a few locks of hair falling down the sides of her face, but not past her dangling ear rings. Since this could potentially be a night of adventure and a date, she sprayed some perfume over her dark dress. All set for the night, she checked the clock hanging from the living room to see it was close to 6 PM. Now was the time to head out. Feeling confident and fine about this evening, Christina left her room, stepping into the hallway as she noticed some of her residential neighbors coming out. She ignored them, stepping past quietly as her heels boomed down onto the carpet floor. Down the staircase she went and taking the journey to the music lounge. Before she reached the doors, the swinging gold doors, the sound of drums could be heard in the distance. Christina invited herself in.

Black curtains had been pulled back seemingly minutes ago to reveal the five man band on stage. All of them were dressed sharp in suits, short hair and fitting a similar dress code of the hotel workers. A bass player was busy from the left side of the stage, next to the piano stand. Two microphones were set up in front of the drummer. A saxophone player to the right side, and the trumpet player to the left. They had positioned their horn instruments to microphones from the stage, beginning the set with a slow tempo into an old Jazz standard. Christina wouldn't have been able to tell what song it was with a melodic piano intro. The horns came in as her eyes glanced around the seats. Chatter was audible across the room as conversations were had between guests. Christina looked around and then a waiter approached her, holding a metal table in his left hand as he was offering drinks.

"Good Evening. Are you Miss Hendricks?"

"Yes, I am."

She replied, nodding her head. The man stepped in front of her.

"You have a reserved seat waiting. May I get you a drink?"

He led her among the tables at the front row, closer towards the band. Christina had a seat at her own reserved spot, then raised her hand up, pointing one finger to the waiter.

"A glass of Jerry Walker, please. No more than three ice cubes."

"Yes, Miss. If you would like anything else, let me know."

She returned the smile. A quick decision that after the endorsement deal had led to this, Christina was ready to indulge herself in the whiskey brand that had brought her to this hotel. As she sat back in her chair, her eyes wandered to the stage. The trumpet player settled in to the beginning notes of a mid-tempo solo before the man with the sax came dashing back with an inferno of fast paced notes. The tempo changed between the rhythm section, with piano chords and bass thumping quick to catch up to the lead players. This band appeared to have solid experience, shifting keys while her eyes began to wander around the room. Out from the right corner of her eye, a tall man with a complete 'salt and pepper' look of full shiny grey hair caught her attention. Christina turned to set her full sights on the man. His suit jacket was unbuttoned, showing a white shirt and tie, giving her the impression that he had a muscular build underneath. As their eyes met, Christina could have guessed that he would eventually approach the table. The waiter returned with her drink.

"Thank you."

Scanning the glass to make sure it had three cubes of ice, Christina was pleased while the waiter left her there. The band continued their song and then the man from the corner finally came approaching the table with a smug grin across his face. Big blue eyes that almost matched hers set forth, as he placed his hand down on the table.

"You looking for company, Miss?"

"Miss Hendricks."

She corrected him before raising the glass to her lips. The man chuckled, pulling out the chair from the opposite end of the table and inviting himself to a seat. As she drank the whiskey, he replied.

"I know exactly who you are, thank you very much."

Quirking her eyebrows up, Christina took another sip before setting the glass back down. She watched his eyes, scan down to her massive view of cleavage below her face. The older man smirked back up at her and then she spoke up.

"So you know who I am, but what's your name?"

"My name's not important."

Christina took another sip, finishing off her glass this time. When she set the glass down, she gave him a stern look.

"I beg your pardon?"

He chuckled at that reaction, almost as if to mock her.

"You've just checked in. I've gotta say, quite the beauty you are. I always wondered if one day, this place would get a real Hollywood star checking in."

"So you know who I am?"

Her question made the man flash his teeth, grinning as he nodded his head.

"Yeah, I wasn't born yesterday. I saw you on Mad Men back in the day."

"Well, I'm not taking selfie photos or signing autographs, so you can leave."

Rudely laughing at her retort, the man seemed amused. Christina thought differently of him and she was not in the mood to deal with such brusque behavior.

"Get out of my sight."

Her voice was low, but in a stern tone to tell the man she was done with his attitude. Finally, he waved his hands and got up from the table, dismissed.

"Alright, as you wish."

Dismissed and dejected, the man began to walk away from her table as the band now was shifting into a different song. Christina thought about waving for a waiter to come and fix her another drink but not for now. At least he left, that was all she could be thankful for. Her eyes focused on the band, noticing the sweat begin to form at the trumpet player's forehead. Eyes closed as he concentrated on his solo, blowing through a string of fast paced note with the saxophone quickly chasing behind him. The tempo had changed, as the piano player struggled to keep up. Laughter could be heard in the distance with others having a conversation. Christina decided to glance around at the other residents enjoying this night. A woman who appeared to be ten years younger than her sat in a black dress with a man in a suit. Long blonde hair curled down her shoulders as a glimmer of light revealed a silver metal collar locked around her neck.

A double take was required, just to make her that her eyes were not deceiving her. The woman giggled, turning to the man who was almost like her owner. The collar had a large metal ring in the front. Christina was baffled how anyone would want to go out in public wearing such a thing. Glancing away, she noticed another man sitting quietly having drinks. He had two women seated around him, obediently helping refill his glass by pouring the whiskey. This man was older, with a slight dark beard revealing grey hairs. Across the lounge was a bar, but empty with the bartender busy wiping down the counter with a rag. Something was not right about this place. What had become a relaxing environment had now sparked Christina's curiosity of who could potentially be her neighbors among the residential suites. Gazing back at the band, Christina forgot about her drink all together when she noticed another man had approached her table.

"Hi there, should I call a waiter to get that refilled for you?"

Unlike the first man, this fellow was younger. Slicked back brown hair and a friendly smile with his brown eyes. The same kind of pinstriped suit was worn, but a buttoned up jacket.

"What's your name? Do you work here at the hotel?"

"Yeah, I'm Toby. Who are you?"

"You can call me Christina."

Offering a smile, she thought to herself that it would be best for him to not know she had a famous name. Toby placed his hands on the chair opposite of her, but didn't invite himself as the other man did.

"Well Christina, to answer your quest, yes I work here. I'm part of the security team. Can I get you another drink and join you?"

"Sure, if you're not going to be rude like the last man who tried to sit there."

Toby leaned down, shaking his head before looking back into her eyes.

"That was Brent, he's an asshole."

He glanced over to the right, towards Brent, giving the older man a dirty look, though he didn't see it. Christina returned the smile, impressed that this young man appeared to have manners. She slid her empty glass across the table for him.

"Get me a refill and you can sit with me."

"I'd be honored."

Like Brent, Toby was distracted at the view of her massive cleavage. He blushed, trying to hold back a soft smile as he grabbed the glass and took off. Christina took a moment to glance back around the room, looking in the direction of the other people sitting. Toby's introduction wasn't enough to distract her from the oddities she had witnessed moments earlier. The young man soon returned with her glass filled back up with whiskey and carrying his own. He offered the drink, watching her pale hand take it before he joined her sitting down across the table.

"So you're the new woman who checked in here. I'm sorry Brent had to come and make an ass of himself. I've had my eye on you since the band started, you look stunning."

Laughing at his compliments, Christina took a sip before replying.

"Thank you. I can't help but think to myself you look quite young to be a security guard."

"Oh yeah? Well I'm twenty-five, if you're wondering my age."

Once again, she laughed at him.

"Oh honey, I'm old enough to be your mother then. I'm forty-six, if you're trying to guess."

Toby blushed, his cheeks flushing red. Christina observed the movement of his eyes, glancing back down at her heavy cleavage while he took a sip from his drink.

"Damn, I wouldn't have known. Do you have a husband or any family of sorts?"

An amusing question, leaving her to think about the answer. Taking her time, Christina sipped from her glass again, gazing back into his face. He had handsome looks for a younger man and seemed brave to take the shot of flirting with her. After her drink, she replied.

"No, I've been married before but divorced. I don't want a family, if you know what I mean."

"Yeah, I think I know what you mean. My family was nothing but a pain in the ass when I lived back home. They were the reason I traveled all the way out here to L.A."

"You're a long way from home then?"

Giving her a nod, he continued.

"Yeah. I'm from Colorado if you're curious. Dropped out of college and spent all my money on a bus ride to get out here. Feels like a lifetime ago, I don't miss home."

"Tell me something Toby, how long have you worked at this hotel?"

He took another sip of his drink before answering her back.

"Almost three years. I'm two months away from that."

His reply left her wondering. If he was telling her the truth, then he had left his home barely an adult. Much less would have experience and know connections to land a job like this. At least she assumed that this hotel had to be a high earning job, but maybe he met the right people, or else he was lying. Whatever the case, she was ready to change the subject of this conversation. Christina tilted her head to the side, as a way to quietly suggest for him to look in the direction of the blonde haired woman wearing a collar around her neck.

"Do you know anything about that woman over there? Look at her and that thing around her neck."

As Toby glanced across the table, Christina spoke again.

"And what about the man? Does he own her or something?"

A smile flashed across the younger man's face and then Toby chuckled.

"That's Nancy and Mr. Tom. They live down on the first floor."

Grinning back at Christina, he finished off his glass of whiskey. Behind Toby, the band had ended their song as the rest of the room began to clap their hands. Christina didn't care about the music at this point as they shared the conversation.

"He likes to play games with collars and chains. She plays the games too. Let's just say they're a little weird."

Quirking her eyebrows, Christina couldn't hold back her slight laugh.

"I'll agree with you on that."

"So what brings you here, Christina? Outside of a few weird people with a lot of money, this place tends to be a retirement home for old people."

"Well, I'm not that old yet!"

They both shared a laugh together at her remark. Christina was hesitant to respond to his question, all while the band began to sink their instruments into a slow song to change the tempo.

"I don't know. To be honest with you, I'm only here cause I was offered a residency. I was thinking of making this my vacation home, perhaps."

She didn't want to give him too much information. The last thing Christina desired was for it to become a well known fact among the building that she was a woman carrying a status of Hollywood fame. Toby leaned back in his chair, giving her a nod.

"You must have some friends in high places if they made you a deal like that."

Smirking at his reply, Christina glared back into his eyes.

"Maybe you could say that, but I haven't signed my name on the deed yet."

"Too bad I'm not in the heart fixing business to try and convince you to sign it."

Laughing at his remark, Toby was a brave man to come on strong like that. Grinning back at him, Christina once again noticed his eyes glancing down at her heavy breasts. If she wanted to, this young man would be easy to wrap around her finger and get in bed with. The night had only just begun and she felt the need to flex her lustful desires. Perhaps now was the time to return the favor and come up strong on Toby with hard questions.

"I take it you don't have a girlfriend around the house?"

He shook his head, smiling back at her.

"Nope and my house is right here, if this place is to become your vacation home. Are you gonna ask to come up and see my room, Christina?"

Shaking her head, the time to make a choice was now. It wasn't like her to take a chance with a stranger, but Christina felt confident with the age difference between the two of them. She would be in control and hopefully, that meant she could guide Toby into her own lustful desires.

"No, why don't you come up to my room instead?"

"You want some company for the night?"

"Indeed I do."

There was no reason to sit idle any longer and build up the temptations within. She got up, leaving the glass on the table and then watching as Toby began to rise from his chair too. All the while, the band played on to their slow ballad track. Like the previous songs, the trumpet player was the leading voice, following on with the pace the rhythm section provided. Once Toby got up, Christina turned to him and began to walk backwards.

"Follow me if you dare."

She teased him, winking as she knew the young man would come hurrying behind her footsteps. Still grinning, Christina made her exit from the music lounge, strutting her hips. Brent wasn't anywhere in sight, but she hoped that smug man would be there to witness her leaving with a man that could've been him. Once they had left the music lounge, Toby caught up with her, walking to her right side.

"So which floor are we going up?"

"The fourth."

Her heels echoed across the marble floor of the lobby. Christina didn't bother turning to see Toby as she strutted her hips and went up the staircase. She figured that his eyes had to be observing the movements of her hips, or perhaps glancing down at her thick buttocks when he moved behind her. Not a word was spoken between them as they went up the flights of stairs. Every wall sconce radiated dim lights across her pale skin, making it up every floor. Toby didn't say a word until their shoes were touching across the dark red carpets of the fourth hall. Christina turned around, grinning as she raised her right hand and twitched her fingers, giving that come hither motion. Toby stepped forward, drawing close enough to the point that his chest was almost pushing into her great big breasts. Once again, his eyes glanced down into that amazing cleavage.

"I hope you're ready for me, Toby."

Her big blue eyes set forth onto his face as Christina spoke in a low, seductive tone.

"If you're not, then I'm gonna wear your ass out."

Unable to resist her allure, Toby pushed her lips to hers. Christina wrapped her arms around him, closing her eyes and sinking her tongue into his mouth. They united in what became a tender kiss while her busty chest rubbed up against him. Their lips pulled apart seconds later, giving her the chance to breathe on him as he inhaled the scent of her strong perfume. No words were needed as Christina grabbed the door knob to her room and opened it. Stepping backwards into the room, Toby followed her action. he grabbed at the knob and slung it shut just as his lips met with hers again. A flaming kiss of passion was shared between them as Christina shoved her hands at the front of his suit. When their lips pulled apart she clutched onto his hand, ready to make that walk into the bedroom.

"Come on, I'll show you a time only a real woman can."

Her heels drummed loudly across the floor, echoing in the distance. Toby followed behind her, tossing off his jacket across the kitchen table and then unbuttoning the first few pieces to his white shirt. By the time they arrived to the bedroom, Christina let go of his hand, smirking with her right hand lifted to the center of her dress. The zipper piece of her top dangled between her fingertips. She wanted his eyes glancing down into her cleavage one final time before she slid that zipper down the track. Grinning, Christina pushed it down and her dress began to fall from her body while Toby's eyes enlarged at the sight of her giant F cup breasts. All natural, exposed before him. Christina shook them slightly, allowing those boobs to bounce left and right before he stepped a bit closer. When he raised his hands up, Christina grabbed his wrists, guiding him to touch her skin.

Their eyes met again, as she couldn't resist giving him that playful grin he had to be familiar with at this point. Tony couldn't maintain eye contact for long, as his hands pushed over her breasts, feeling those nipples harden against his palms. He began to massage her tits, rubbing them back and forth and playfully squeezing at them. Christina leaned in, kissing him on the lips before she placed her right hand to the back of his head and guided the man down. She smothered his face with her breasts, flapping them across his cheeks. Toby closed his eyes, embracing the moment as his face was between her boobs momentarily. He pulled away, latching his lips to her left nipple and sucking hard. Softly moaning, Christina could feel a bolt of energy down below. Her black pair of panties became drenched in her wetness. Toby slobbered all over her left nipple before coming to a halt. He alternated his lips to the other one, making sure to suck it equally while her fingers rustled through his short hair.

When he finally pulled his face away from her gigantic breasts, Toby leaned up. Christina had a short window of time to grab at his shirt and finish unbuttoning the ends, revealing his skinny stomach. He tossed the shirt to the floor, kissing her passionately again while his hands moved to her boobs. All he wanted was one last squeeze before breaking their lips apart and then falling down to his knees. Satisfied that she didn't have to demand this from him, Christina grinned, watching his dark eyes down below as he clenched his teeth around her front of her panties. Carefully tugging them down, his nostrils were met with the scent of her fresh dew. Not a single hair was in sight above those pink folds. Christina waited until the panties fell to her ankles and then she stepped out of them, now standing completely firm and naked as Toby embedded his mouth to her vulva's lips. With a faint gasping moan, she moved her hands to her breasts and began to touch herself while feeling his tongue dart inside of her.

"Ohhhhhhh, yessss..."

Closing her eyes, Christina moaned and exhaled. Toby was fast at work, keeping his hands over her legs as he worked his tongue in and out of her delicious cunt. He took his time, savoring the taste and then moving his right hand above her clit. Christina had moved her hands to her breasts, squeezing them and then pulling them apart to glance down and look at his face. Once they made proper eye contact, he pinched at her clit, listening to her gasp and moan. Toby rubbed at it while his tongue was still darting in and out of her pussy. To give her a small break, he pulled his mouth from her cunt and then began to rotate between her legs. Christina watched him move.

"Oh, where do you think you're going?"

He didn't answer her question as he gazed up at the sight of her wonderful buttocks. Using his left hand, Toby pulled one of her ass cheeks apart to glance up the crack and then he slid his tongue upward. He could hear Christina gasp, as she was not expecting this surprise rimming to come from him. With his right hand back at her pussy, he dipped his middle finger inside of her, slowly twirling it around until his tongue found her dark little hole. The sudden sensation had pulsed through her like a bolt of lighting. Christina's eyes widened, as she felt his tongue lapping around her back door hole. All the while, Toby was careful with his right hand middle finger slipping in and out of her pussy.

"Oh my god!!"

Finally a reaction had come out of her, far enough to satisfy him. Toby snaked his tongue out from the crack of her ass and began to withdraw. When he climbed his way back out from between her legs, he slipped his left hand down the crack of her buttocks, and probed her dark little hole by slipping the tip of his index finger in. Christina groaned in excitement, allowing the man to indulge himself in exploring her body. When he embedded his mouth back to her vulva lips, Toby moved both hands away, ready to play with her clit again as he snaked his tongue back inside of her. She let out a sigh in relief that he was going to continue this round of pleasure. Soon Christina felt his right hand finger rubbing at her clit again while Toby shifted back to her front side, still on his knees.

"Keep doing that! Ohhhhh!"

Her request was fulfilled as Toby continued to rub at her clit, working his finger faster. He used his other hand to slip between her thighs and grab at one of her ass cheeks, all while his tongue was still working back and forth into her. Toby didn't appear that he wanted to stop any time soon, as he was working hard at pushing her to an early climax. All Christina could do was stand there, breathing heavily as she felt one of his hands squeezing her ass cheeks. Toby pulled that hand back and gave her booty a playful smack as he began to wiggle his tongue deeper inside of her.

"Ohhhh, ohhhhhh god!"

Knowing right then and there, this man was going to push her to that sweet release, Christina braced herself. Eyes closed, she smashed the palms of her hands against her giant breasts, squeezing at them hard all while feeling his tongue move within her. Toby was hard at work, pinching and rubbing at her clit. He gave her ass one final playful smack before moving his free hand away. Still thrusting his tongue into her pussy, Toby worked harder, moving in and out in a faster pace when Christina finally reached her breaking point. She let go of her breasts, moving her hands down to his head, to lock him down in place. Toby wasn't going to pull his mouth away regardless, with the sudden burst of her love nectar flying to the back of his throat. A hard release came, nearly gagging him with those warm juices. He eagerly swallowed it down while listening to her take deep breaths.

"Ohhhhhh god... Now that's how I like to start a good night."

She let go of his head, allowing Toby to finally move his lips away from her pussy. He grinned up at her, flashing his teeth.

"I take it that you're impressed?"

The man was unable to witness any expression on her face with those huge tits covering the view. Christina nodded, stepping back a bit.

"Very much so. I do appreciate someone who knows how to use their tongue."

Toby chuckled as he began to rise up from the floor. Christina offered him a hand pulling him up until he was standing.

"I guess it's on me to return the favor now."

Giving him a devious look, Christina slowly fell down to her knees. He was still wearing his pants, along with his shoes. Her big blue eyes gazed up at him as she trailed her hands up his legs, softly teasing Toby. The grin remained across her lips, but Christina knew it was best to begin with slipping off his black shoes first. He wouldn't want them to get in the way for when they were to finally get into the bed. With the left shoe off first, Christina undid the laces to his right shoe. Toby helped her by kicking it off, but she didn't bother touching his white socks. Instead, her hands finally moved up to the front of his pants. Gripping it with both fingers, Christina gave a slight tug to tease him, noticing the bulge sticking up in the front. She then grabbed at his belt and began to undo it while caressing her left hand over his bulge.

"Mmmmmmm, got something in there for me?"

"I think you already know the answer to that question."

Flashing her teeth, she giggled after the belt came undone. Christina unbuttoned the front of his pants and then slowly slid the zipper down, all while maintaining eye contact with him. Toby grinned down at her and then watched the buxom redhead babe begin shoving his pants down to his ankles. He stood in nothing but his pair of tight white underwear. His bulging cock poking forward, desperate for attention. Stepping out of his pants, Toby glanced down into her eyes as she pulled at the front of his underwear and then abruptly dropped them quickly. His hard cock came springing out with a slight bounce before she wrapped her right hand fingers around. Christina felt the heat and hardness of his thick seven inches. After stepping out of his underwear, he slightly stretched his legs and let out a faint moan as she began to stroke his cock up and down.

"This is all mine tonight."

Her hand continued to move as Christina was still wanking him. Toby chuckled at her words.

"Oh yeah? You're claiming that cock for the night?"

She raised her eyebrows and gave a goofy grin that only made him laugh. Sliding her hand down to the base of his rod. Christina pushed her lips together and breathed down his length. That was only the beginning before she kissed the head and enveloped her lips around it. Toby stood there, gazing down into her big blue eyes as she began to suck on the first few inches of his long length. His shaft was thick with a large vein pulsing down the middle. Christina sucked slowly and then pulled back to the head quickly releasing him from her mouth. She proceeded to wank him again, pumping her hand up and down while lowering her mouth towards his hanging ball sack. For a moment, she couldn't make up her mind on what to shove into her mouth first. Slathering her tongue across his nuts, Christina pulled his cock to the left side.

Toby gasped but didn't say a word as he could see her eyes again and his rod shoved up against her face. She used her free hand to squeeze his balls and then guide one between her lips. Sucking on his left nut first, she let go of his cock to use both hands and stuff her mouth with his entire nut sack. Toby could see her cheeks deflating as she sucked loudly on his nuts, but only for a short time. Pulling them out of her mouth, Christina wrapped her right hand fingers back around his cock and leaned up to spit across it. Now that he was properly lubed up, her hand glided across his girth with ease. Grinning back up at him, she playfully dangled the edge of her her tongue across the slit of the head. Twirling her tongue around the head, Christina closed her eyes and sank that hard dick back into her mouth. 'Mmmmm', she made a muffled moan as she began to bob her head up and down.

"Suck it, babe. You want that cock, suck it then."

Placing his hand on her head, Toby stroked his fingers through her orange hair. Christina was hesitant if he was about to grip her hair and take control, but after a few seconds he didn't. He moved his hand away, just as she unwrapped her right hand around the base of his shaft. Pushing her hands into his legs, she maintained herself while bobbing her head up and down. Christina devoured his cock, sucking it strenuously. Keeping a steady pace, Christina opened her eyes and glared up at him while her mouth began to make various slobbering and sucking noises. Toby was living in the moment, experiencing just how easily she could devour his cock inch by inch.

Gwak gwak kah

Christina's mouth made faint sucking noises before she pulled her lips back to the head and released his shaft with a popping noise.

"I take it you're enjoying my cock?"

With a soft laugh, Christina smirked up at him while still stroking his hardness.


It was a quick reply before she slid that thick rod back into her mouth. Breaking eye contact with him, she resumed bobbing her head up and down. Toby planted his hands onto his hips, watching her. Christina began to move her hands down to her great big breasts, pushing them up as a small subtle hint for what was soon to come. Pulling her lips back to the head, she released it with a popping sound and a string of saliva dangling back to her open mouth. She reached for his cock with her right hand and then used her left arm to tuck beneath her busty tits and hold them up. Guiding his cock to her left nipple, Christina's big blue eyes glanced up.

"Mmmmm, you like these big titties?"

Smack. Smack. Smack. She beat his cock up against her erect nipple. Glancing away from his face, Christina looked down when she pushed the head if his dick up against her nipple to tease him further.

"Do that again. Smack my cock up against your tit!"

She wasn't about to forget to hit it up against her other breast. Christina smirked, alternating his cock to her right boob. Again, she slapped the head up against her skin, creating that same thumping noise from seconds earlier. Toby moaned, loving every moment of how she teased him like that. When she was finally ready, Christina let go of his shaft and moved both hands over her breasts. Shoving them together, she pulled them apart to offer a passage. Toby didn't have to be told what to do for this next act. He guided his cock right between her breasts, pulling his hand away as he watched her squeeze those tits together around his pole.

"Holy, mother of god..."

His lower lip fell as Toby had no more words to say at this wonderous feeling of his cock smothered between those epic breasts. Christina's tits were so large, they completely swallowed up his shaft, with only the head barely poking up. She grinned smugly, knowing the power of her breasts and how to work them. This was one act of pleasure Christina indulged herself with involving men in her life, as her husband was quite addicted to this. Raising her head up, she began to slowly pump her tits up and down.

"Ohhhhh, yeah. You like that?"

He didn't reply as she began to fuck his cock with her massive breasts. Gritting her teeth, Christina growled a moan as she locked eyes with him. Toby couldn't look at her face, as his view was concentrated entirely on watching the length of his shaft disappear and the head poke back up between those tits.

"You like that? You like watching my tits work over your cock like that? Don't it feel good?"

"Ohhhhhh, hell yes!!"

Toby cried out in pleasure causing Christina to giggle. She continued to work her tits up and down his shaft.

"Mmmmmm, hell yes is right!"

Glancing down, she watched the head of his cock poke up with each full thrust. Christina parted her lips and flicked her tongue across the head every time it poked up. She felt in complete control now, using her tits as weapons of pleasure against his cock. Toby moaned again, unable to hold back his cries of pleasure upon feeling her tongue flicking across his shaft. Christina continued at a slow pace, knowing just how much to work him over before she came to an abrupt halt. Glancing up, she grinned and pulled her breasts apart. Toby grabbed his shaft, desperately pulling it away from her before her powerful tits were able to push him into an orgasm. He may have tasted her early, but he wasn't ready to blow a load.

"Come on, Christina. Let's get up on the bed, babe."

Toby offered her a hand after speaking. Clutching onto him, Christina chuckled as she got up from her knees.

"I think it's my duty to tell you to get up on the bed!"

Shoving her big tits up against him, she threw her arms around his neck and pulled Toby in for a tender kiss. After their lips traded short kisses back and forth, Christina pulled away from him. She walked around the bed, patting the black sheets with her right hand.

"Get up here."

Whether he knew it or not at that moment, she was the one in control. Toby climbed onto the bed while she stood there, watching and awaiting for him to lay down on his back. Once he did, Christina pushed her palms down into the bed to climb up. She crawled towards him, quick to straddle his body and then begin climbing up. Toby gripped his cock, holding it up in anticipation for the moment she lowered herself down. When he glanced up at the high ceiling, he met the view of her face hanging down. In perfect position to gaze up at her voluptuous body, he moved his hands to her hips as Christina carefully lowered herself down onto his cock.

"Ohhhhhhh, yes..."

Biting down on her lower lip, Christina purred her moans as she could feel his cock sliding inside her wet delight. Leaning forward, she pushed her hands down over his skinny stomach and lightly grazed his skin with her fingernails. Her massive breasts hung low in good position for Toby to reach up and grab them. As he gave them a hard squeeze, she began to roll her hips, pumping his cock in and out of her. Toby didn't hesitate to begin bucking his hips, meeting with the movement she made.

"Ohhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh yeah!"

Christina closed her eyes, moaning out to him. Toby leaned up far enough to where he could place his head between her shaking breasts. That prompted her to move her hands to her tits, letting them smack up against his face and smother him for the second time tonight. As Christina became distracted, that allowed Toby a moment to pick up speed. He began to thrust harder and faster, pumping his cock in and out of her tight cunt.

"Ohhhhhhh, god! Ohhhhhh, YESSSSSSS!!"

Her loud voice echoed throughout the room. Christina gritted her teeth, letting out a growl before she threw her arms behind her head. Flexing her elbows while her massive tits hit up against Toby's face. She finally leaned back up and began to pound herself down on his cock as hard as she could. The bed shook, rattling and hitting up against the wall from the sheer power of her movements. Toby lay his head back, groaning and crying out to her.

"Yes, yes! That's it, ride it! Ride it hard!!"

The bed posts up front slammed into the wall repeatedly creating a banging sound. Toby pulled his right hand back, smacking her ass to encourage Christina to continue riding him at this fast pace. She pushed her hands down into his chest again all while her tits began to flap and flop around. Her long orange hair sway, waving all around with locks blowing into her line of sight. Christina needed a moment to fix the hair out from her face. She came to a sudden stop, catching her breath and then glancing down to see Toby had leaned up. Smirking up at her, Toby called out.

"I think it should be my turn now. You mind if I finish this?"

"Are you asking what I think you're asking?"

He nodded, still grinning.

"It's your turn to be on your back, babe."

Toby kissed her passionately, cupping her right cheek with his hand. She may have said no at first, but with a loving kiss like that, Christina softened up. She surrendered, falling down on her back. His cock still lodged inside her pussy as now he was the one top as she lay down. Her great big breasts shoved up into his chest, allowing him to feel her hardened nipples poking into his skin.

"Don't stop! Come on, Toby! Give it to me!!"

He may have been on top, but Christina was still the one calling the shots. Their eyes met as he began to buck his hips again, driving his cock into her pussy. Moaning, she breathed in his face as his eyes glanced away. Toby couldn't resist to look down into the cleavage formed from her tits pressing up against his chest. Still thrusting into her, he finally locked eyes with the woman. Christina shut her eyes, moaning to him.

"Ohhhhh, ohhhhhhhhh yeah. That's it, that's it. Just like that, just like that."

Biting down on her lower lip, she began to moan. The bed wasn't rocking or banging against the wall anymore, but Christina was getting what she wanted. Over and over, he pumped his cock inside of her. They both moaned, trading groans for cries of pleasure.

"You want more, babe!?"

"Yes, yes! I'm almost there! Almost!! DON'T STOP!!"

When she yelled, Toby thrust harder and faster. Teeth barred, he grunted loudly. Christina didn't care at this moment about him unleashing his load within her. All that mattered to her was reaching that sweet release. Gazing up at his face, Christina threw her arms around his neck and then felt the bursting rush.


Her screams were enough to rattle his hearing, echoing throughout the entire hotel room. Toby grunted, eyes still closed as he was trying to fight off his own orgasm. Her inner walls collapsed, flooding his cock with her juices. Quickly, he climbed off her, forcing her hands off him and then standing on the bed. Toby's feet sank down into the bed sheets while Christina attempted to recover from her orgasm quickly. Down below her thighs, she drenched the bed sheets in her gooey juices. She moved her hands to her great big tits, desperate to touch herself after such a hard release. His shadow moved her as Christina watched Toby straddle her chest and take a seat right on her stomach. She knew what he was about to do, prepared to finish with only the best way to maximize the pleasure. Christina pulled her breasts apart, ready to use them as weapons once again.

"You know what to do, don't you?"

That question was answer to the feeling of his hard cock sliding between her tits. Christina grinned, glancing down as she squeezed her breasts around it and spit on the head. Toby didn't waste any time as he began to buck his hips, driving his cock between her tits. With a soft moan, Christina closed her eyes. She embraced this moment, feeling every inch of that long shaft pumping between her breasts.

"Mmmmmmm, yeah. That's it."

When she called out to him, Toby began to thrust harder and faster.

"Oh you like that? You like having a cock shoved between those huge tits, babe!?"

Now it was his turn to taunt her with a flair of dirty talking. Christina opened her eyes, biting down on her lower lip. He continued to thrust his cock again and again, working between her boobs.

"Are you gonna cum all over me?"

Returning the favor, Christina prompted a question of filth. Toby didn't answer as he continued to thrust his shaft between those tits. She grinned up at him, still teasing him with her voice.

"Gonna give me a big, hot load all over these tits?"

Toby didn't answer her, but the expression across his face told Christina all she needed to know. His cheek muscles flinched slightly while his face became more scrunched up with each passing second. That wasn't enough to stop him from bucking those hips and pumping that fat cock back and forth between her tits. It seemed that he was willing to wear himself out, all in an effort to pleasure himself with those giant breasts one final time. Gritting his teeth, Toby grunted and Christina could've guessed that he was soon to reach his breaking point. Instead, he made a few final thrusts and then reached to grab his cock. She pulled her breasts apart, freeing his shaft. After he grabbed a hold of it, she pushed her tits together, yelling to him.

"Cum for me! Cum all over my big titties!!"

Licking her lips, Christina knew how to beg, making eye contact as his hand jerked his cock back and forth. Grunting and groaning, Toby worked hard, pumping his grip back and forth and then crying out in pleasure.


The first spurt of his cum shot with such force, it missed her breasts and instead struck the left side of her face, near her lips Christina gasped, opening her mouth as if in an attempt to catch any flying droplets. Toby quickly twitched, aiming downward and watching the thick strings of cum splatter onto her right boob. He alternated, making sure that the next string of cum layered across her left breast as Christina raised her right hand and grabbed his cock. Her grip was tighter, forcing Toby to let go and then she finished the job. Stroking his dick, Christina knew where to aim it at her breasts, forcing spurt after spurt of cum out while Toby groaned and cried aloud. She didn't stop until the final drops of cum splashed down across her breasts.

"Oh damn, look at that. God, you look amazing covered in cum."

His voice was faint, almost a whisper. Swallowing his breath, Toby glanced down, seeing the streams of cum that dripped towards her neck, coating an ideal 'pearl necklace' that made him grin. The splash across her face had also dripped down forming that section below. Christina bit down on her lower lip, smirking as she looked so proud of this mess across her buxom chest.

"Made quite the mess, didn't you?"

"Yeah I did."

Glancing down at the cum on her tits, Christina giggled.

"Don't know about you, but that's good enough for me to get a wonderful night's rest."

Toby laughed.

"Mind if I join you? I'm too tired to go up to the floor where my room's at."

Returning the laugh, Christina quietly nodded as she slid her fingers to begin smearing the cum into her breasts.

"I was never going to ask you leave tonight."



Rays of light cast beyond the curtains, peeking into the bedroom to brighten areas of the room among the darkness. The black blankets were pulled out over the bed as Christina lay there alone sleeping on her right side. A digital clock sat on the right side nightstand underneath a lamp. The time of 11:37 flashed red as her eyes began to open. Still half asleep, Christina at least knew where she was awakening on this day. Sometimes it was difficult to sleep away from home, including some of the most luxurious hotels but last night had left her worn out. To sleep in this late past the early morning hours was a true testament to what a fun evening the previous day held. Tossing over, Christina expected to wake up with her partner from last night. Toby wasn't there, as the blankets were pulled out far enough to tell her that he had risen up and left her to sleep.

She got out of bed, wearing only a pair of panties before slipping on a black robe provided within the bathroom. Since Toby wasn't beside her in bed, perhaps he would be out in the kitchen. Oh, how lovely it would be to wake up and have a hot cup of coffee awaiting her on the counter. Christina brushed her teeth and rinsed her mouth out before she left the bedroom. Wandering into the kitchen, she found no one. The coffee machine on the counter had not been touched and it appeared that Toby must have left her room much sooner. Did he depart in the early morning hours? Christina thought to herself while opening the fridge to grab a bottle of water. When she entered the living room, her eyes glanced up at the clock. Time had it close to noon, leaving Christina to believe that Toby must have been long gone since he had work to do at the hotel.

Over on the counter sat the paperwork of her contract deed to fulfill the residency deal. Christina glanced over it, remembering that she had yet to sign her name on the line. After last night she was almost convinced to leave the hotel all together before Toby had saved the evening. It may have been easier to grab a pen and write her signature down, but Christina decided not to. One night was not enough to make such a bold decision, marking this place as her vacation home. At least for today, she needed further convincing. What else did this hotel have to offer? Had Toby not come and shared drinks with her, Christina felt she would have been left second guessing what her eyes had witnessed among her potential neighbors. Now wasn't the time to put her name on the contract. Today, she planned to explore and see what else this hotel could offer her for leisure. Hopefully she would find Toby again too.

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Re: Don't Leave So Soon Pt. 1 (Christina Hendricks)
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2022, 12:15:53 AM »
Wow awesome Cade. Great idea and lovely romanticism
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Re: Don't Leave So Soon Pt. 1 (Christina Hendricks)
« Reply #2 on: March 20, 2022, 12:48:43 AM »
Lots of things to like here, all in the small details.

First off, the hotel sounds cool. You left a lot on the table though, which I assume we'll learn more in the future chapters.

Christina demanding 3 cubes of ice sounds like something that fits her. She demands excellence no matter what.

Toby up and leaving her the next morning leads me to wonder that he is likely a womanizer. Will there be any other women in this series?
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Re: Don't Leave So Soon Pt. 1 (Christina Hendricks)
« Reply #3 on: March 20, 2022, 11:43:07 AM »
My god... How I love this hotel, I have to go for a walk one day lol.
This new series starts super well, full of interesting little details for the future. I agree with the idea and the choice of Christina Hendricks is so perfect in it, it made me think of a movie (Lost River, 2014) with a hotel rather cabaret bizzare in it but totally better obviously. It was great, I had a lot of fun reading this story and I will surely read it again even tonight.

The character of Toby is pretty good, the little veinard. Johnnie Walker whisky in partnership with Christina as in reality, nice wink I love. And the perfect titfuck forced in it as soon as we talk about Christina obviously.
I already love the hotel and the series. A pure wonder!
Thank you very much!! Thank you !


Re: Don't Leave So Soon Pt. 1 (Christina Hendricks)
« Reply #4 on: March 21, 2022, 05:32:01 PM »

Damn this is great. Superb work as always.

When will the next chapter come? You left me at the edge of my seat ready for more.
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Re: Don't Leave So Soon Pt. 1 (Christina Hendricks)
« Reply #5 on: March 22, 2022, 02:55:47 PM »
Nice shot for those big hooker tits  =P~
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Re: Don't Leave So Soon Pt. 1 (Christina Hendricks)
« Reply #6 on: March 24, 2022, 09:05:03 PM »
Next chapter when? lol. You know I'm going to ask you that  :P
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Re: Don't Leave So Soon Pt. 1 (Christina Hendricks)
« Reply #7 on: May 24, 2022, 03:22:24 PM »
New chapter HERE.
« Last Edit: May 24, 2022, 03:25:58 PM by Cadeauxxx »
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Re: Don't Leave So Soon Pt. 1 (Christina Hendricks)
« Reply #8 on: July 18, 2022, 08:28:45 AM »
Thank you.


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