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Glamour XXX (Cadeauxxx/CHLP Collaboration Series)
« on: August 01, 2022, 05:48:45 PM »
This is a collaboration series between myself and CHLP that is a collection of short stories edited together.

The synopsis is simple: what if glamour models got together and made a pornographic online site for fans with deep enough pockets to request custom videos and other exclusive content.

All of these stories are short and connect together like chain format (one after the other). They can be read in any order, but this first post will serve as a directory of them. A reminder that the stories are short and if you are looking for anything longer, CHLP and I both have plenty of long stories with glamour models.

Disclaimer: These stories are purely fictional and parody. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Please do not copy our stories to other sites without our permission.

Special thanks to CHLP for collaborating with me, this has been an honor.

Glamour XXX
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Glamour XXX - The Introduction
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Glamour XXX - The Introduction
starring Lucy Pinder


A blurry picture opened with a white background, lasting merely seconds before the camera man fixed his shot. From both sides, a viewer could make out a blurry black object. As the camera focused more, the color turned out to be dark brown. Two book shelves sitting with rows of colored hardbacks. It attached to a fireplace in the center of the room, orange hues blazing behind a skinny chrome stool. Sitting on the stool was glamour queen Lucy Pinder. Her hands pushed down at the edge, holding herself up as she gazed back at the camera.

"Hi, I'm Lucy Pinder."

Offering a smile after uttering her speech in a thick English accent, the model got up. Lucy stood from the stool, spreading her legs in a pair of clear plastic high heel pumps. Fishnet stockings stretched up to her thighs. A lacy red thong covered her smatch. Her belly button was visible due to a small bustier covering her chest. Leaning forward, Lucy teased the camera with a heavy view of her cleavage. The camera man was not supposed to fix his image over her face, anyway.

"I'm here to tell you about my new project I've put together with my other girlfriends."

The screen went blank. Subtle hip hop beats began to play in the background. With a swipe, the viewer was now greeted to Lucy in another room with black walls and darkness. She sat in a large black leather chair, her slender legs propped over one armrest and leering into the camera from her right side. Her right hand gripped a large glass of Brandy as she spoke again.

"For years, many of you have asked what we've been up to. As you know, the glamour industry died when I hung my heels up. But we've been slowly planning something in the past year and I can't wait to show you."

Raising the glass to her lips, Lucy swallowed down all of the alcohol, her throat muscles clenching before she smiled. The camera faded again to a full black picture. A logo flashed over the screen in bold white caps lock - GLAMOUR XXX.

"We've heard the requests through the years. We've heard it all loud and clear. Since many of you have deep desires to see us get down and dirty, you now have the choice. Through FansOnly, we are re-launching our careers in only the most sexy way possible. The time has come to push boundaries and take our old careers up to the next level."

Lucy's voice continued as a monologue as the volume of the music slightly raised. The slow paced bass and drum beats created a subtle, yet sensual atmosphere.

"This new project comes at a hefty price. Entry fees for clients will start at over fifteen grand. We accept all global currency, but this will not be a free. Everything we do is exclusive and very expensive."

The screen turned white, showing a picture of Michelle Marsh. Lucy's voice continued.

"We have the long awaited comeback of my original partner and mentor, Michelle Marsh."

Again, the screen flashed. This time a photo of Malene Espensen was shown.

"Of course, how could any of you forget Malene? She will be joining us too for a number of filthy romps."

After the photo faded, a number of models were shown in a slide show of photos. All of them with names to help anyone who was unfamiliar with the pictures identify their possible favorite model among the many. Holly Peers, Jennifer Ellison and Sophie Howard. The screen then flashed fresh new faces of the current generation of models. Demi Rose Mawby, Abigail Ratchford and Rhian Sugden.

"Rather than return solo, I've put together a team. I can't wait to introduce you all to the new models who have came along with us."

A beat changed in tempo through the instrumental music.

"We've made some new friends in the adult industry too."

Lucy's voice followed with more images displayed. Angela White's smiling face was shown and then fading into Anissa Kate. Their names were displayed across the screen. A few seconds passed and the darkness faded back into the filmed footage of Lucy. Sitting up in her chair, the glass was now empty and she held in her left hand, a printed piece of paper. She began to read the words printed in black ink.

"There's nothing I love more than sitting around and fantasizing about British women with huge natural tits. Just the type of woman who knows her beauty and revels in such delight. To think that when she takes her clothes off, she too is fantasizing like me. All those beautiful curves to form the figure of a goddess. I would take my time to worship her, all while imagining her body put to the test.

I like to think that she would know how to handle herself with multiple men. To feel a throbbing cock shoved up her arse, followed by one in her cunt. Her huge tits to be used as weapons of pleasure later on with a cock shoved between them. None of this takes into account her delicious lips, savoring all tastes."

Her big brown eyes shifted back at the camera. Lucy smirked, now done reading the paper. She spoke to the camera again.

"These are the kind messages that some of you have been writing to us. I've got a stack of printed messages. All your dirty thoughts to me, Malene and Michelle over the years. We saved our letters that you used to write to us back in the lads mags days."

Giggling softly, she continued on.

"Cheeky men! If you want to play with us and if you think you can afford us, sign up to Glamour Triple-X. We'll make all your wildest fantasies come true."

The screen faded to darkness again along with the music coming to a sudden halt. Breathing noises replaced the music, following in with the moans of a woman. Her voice was cut off by a load groan from a man, then another male voice echoing in the distance. The camera faded back to Lucy, now in a white room holding that same glass previously filled with brandy. The glass now contained something else for beverage. Three men stood around her. Their faces were not visible, only the lower part of their bodies. All of them were muscular, two had tattoos on their arms and chest. All she cared about was their hard cocks, depleted of cum that was now swirled around in the glass. Glaring back at the camera, Lucy raised the glass to her lips. The cum poured into her mouth after several seconds. After swallowing it down, Lucy wiped her lips.

"Welcome to Glamour Triple-X"

After uttering her words the screen faded black again.

Glamour XXX
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Re: Glamour XXX (Cadeauxxx/CHLP Collaboration Series)
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Starring: Demi Rose Mawby

Codes: MF, Oral, Anal

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.  Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission.

It was a huge ass, magnificent Juicy booty, filling the screen in a tiny thong.  As the camera panned back Demi stood up and turned around to face the screen.  “Well hello” she purred, “Thank you for joining me on Glamour XXX”

   Demi had on her trademark skimpy bikini, tiny triangles of cloth covered her nipples, hard and poking through the fabric.  Her wide hips held the 2 straps of her thong high up her waist, smiling the camera panned her up and down as she posed.

   “So you boys message me a LOT, asking to see these puppies” she said, holding her big voluptuous breasts in her hands, “And thanks to XXX, and your generous payments, that’s gonna happen”

   Reaching around to unfasten her strap, she slowly teased the reveal, hands first cupping her boobs, covering the nipples then finally slowly she released both breasts, letting them hang free.  She smiled slowly swaying them from side to side, cupping holding them up and allowing them to drop. Demi twisted one nipple slowly in her hand before pulling her breast up and fastening her lips over it, sucking hard.

   “Worth every penny I bet” she said, “but you paid for a LOT more than seeing my titties didn’t you” Demi winked at the camera as someone entered the shot, “Hi Stan” she said, to the tall muscular man. 

   Kneeling down she eased Stans boxers off, to reveal a sizeable cock.  Demi knelt down, sideways on the camera and lowered her lips to his dick .  Engulfing his shaft she worked up and down slowly, her mouth getting further and further down, Stan groaned as she sucked on his dick, hand brushing her hair from her face to give the camera the full view.  “Suck it baby, suck it deep” he groaned.

   Demi worked faster and faster, lips moving down his cock with each thrust, until maybe 2 inches remained.  She pushed her lips down, his cock obviously touching her throat and then twisted her head slightly, allowing him to push balls deep into her neck.  Hands on his hips she held herself there for maybe 5-10 seconds, before coming up with a gasp, a thick trial of saliva from her bottom lip to the tip of his dick.

   “Fuuuuuck Demi” he groaned during this, “Oh fuck your throat is so tight”

   She went back down on him, neck stretching thick dickhead plunged balls deep.  Eyes looking up at him a single tear formed and ran down her cheek, as she gagged herself on his dick.  Demi felt his hands go to the back of her head and twist themselves in her hair.  Stan took a tight grip and began to thrust, slowly at first.

   “Ohh fuckk I have to, fuck I have to fuck this throat” he gasped, slowly getting a bit faster.

   Hips pumping he was driving most of his cock in and out of Demis mouth and throat now, heavy balls slapping her chin, hangs gripping her hair.  Demi held his hips as he rammed her mouth, shaft sawing back and forth down into her gullet.  She was starting you gag up some decent spitwads now, thick dripping clots oozing down her face and onto her tits.

   “Fuuck” Stan groaned easing down “Damn that good” he said looking down at her.

   She grinned, “Ohh fuck look at how messy you’ve made me” she teased, rubbing her slippery spit between those tits, “Let’s make use of it”  She wrapped her big tits around his hard shaft and started wanking it.  Big juicy tits gripping and stroking him hard, as she looked up at him, then at the camera.

   “Ohh fucking slam those tits baby, go on fuck em good” She gasped.

   Stan kept thrusting upwards in time with her strokes, his cock pumping furiously between her breasts.  Demi was gasping for breath as her huge boobs got slammed, back arching as her pushed harder into her.  “Follow me” she gasped quickly getting up and moving to the bed.

   She lay back as he straddled her body, cock between her tits, she crushed her hands over the top and linked her fingers, forming a tight wet cleavage for him to fuck hard.  Stan fucked her tits hard, Demi looking up at him, then laying her head back off the edge of the bed to look at the camera.

   “Fucking pound my tits!” she begged.

   His cock drove back and forth between her big soft tits, her slippery spit letting him pump furiously with ease.  She lay there gasping as his thrusts got quicker and quicker, until she thought he was gonna cum.

   “Wooaaah there easy baby” she said letting go of her tits, “I want some cock in my pussy before you blow that load” she teased.

   Stan settled between those lovely boobs, his hard cock twitching, but able to hold back for now, but knowing too much movement could make him explode.  Demi looked up at him smiling as she squeezed her firm breasts around his shaft, she could feel him twitching with excitement.

   “Ohh fuck baby, I know you wanna cum, but I need some cock” She said, “could you cum twice for me?”

   “Fuckk Demi, I’d be hard again real fast for you” Stan replied.

   “Ok then, stand up” Demi said, “I want you to blow that load all over my face, then fuck me with your cum dripping down it”

   Stan stood up, Demi dropping to her knees below him, taking his hard throbbing shaft in her hand.  She eased it between her breasts and clamped them around his cock, slowly she started to stroke them up and down his dick.

   “Ohh fuuuckk” he groaned as Demi wanked his rock hard member, her big tits tightly gripping him as she worked faster and faster.

   She looked up at him eyes focused on his, fingers locked around her tits as she stroked him closer and closer to orgasm, “Give it to mee, I want it baby” she gasped.  She spat down into her cleavage, the saliva lubricating his cock slightly as he groaned in pleasure.

   “sooo close” he gasped.

   Demi released his dick from her tits and grasped it in her hand, stroking furiously.  Her lips encircled his head and slobbered over it, more spit joining the mix, before sitting back and gazing back up at him.

   “Fucking paint my pretty face baby” she teased, her hand now swirling the head of his dick.  The pleasure and sensation was almost too much for Stan, his legs almost giving way.

   With a roar of animal intensity his balls exploded, cum firing out in a massive jet and splattering Demis’ forehead.  The thick white spew splattering hard and making her jump slightly, before yelping “YES”.  Stan then shot bolt after bolt of thick semen all over Demi’s face, it splattered both cheeks, clang to her right eyebrow, and glued her left eye shut. A long rope ran down her nose to her lips, which she licked at with her tongue, trying to gobble it up.

   “Fuuuck more! More!” Demi squealed, as Stan continued his animal-like growls of pleasure.

   Demi stroked and wanked every drop she could from his balls, flicking her tongue over the tip of his bellend to get the final pearly white drips.  Stan looked down at his efforts, and smiled, Demi was drenched.  Cum laced her face, she looked up one eye open playing with the few drops in her mouth before swallowing them.

   “Fuck me baby” she gasped, moving to the bed and getting onto all fours.

   Stan quickly moved behind her, before his dick softened, and pushed into her pussy.  She was so wet he easily pushed deep, the sensations on his super sensitive post cum cock, making him shudder.  Stan began to thrust, making the most of the short time he had whilst still errect, demi was looking straight down the camera, cum covering her face as he pounded her, big boobs swinging back and forth as his dick slammed in and out.

   “FUUUUCKKKK”” she groaned, her body orgasming almost instantly, her left hand quickly finding her clit and rubbing ferociously, “FUUUCKK YESSSS!!!”.

   Stan felt her pussy clench as he was fucking her, his dick slowly softening after his climax moments earlier, but she came so fast, obviously turned on by the act of receiving her facial. She cried and shook as her body spasmed, waves of pure pleasure rolling through her cunt.

   “FUUUCCCKKK YESSS!! YESSS!!!!! YEASSSSS!!!” she screamed at the camera.

   Stans cock was no longer errect, and he pulled it from her pussy as she finally peaked in her climax, she gasped panting, looking straight down the camera, “Fuuuck did you enjoy that as much as me boys?” she teased.

   “Looks like someone needs a hand” she said, turning to Stan, “let me help”

   She looked up at him and started to scrape the cum from her face and body, slowly playing with it in her mouth Demi put on a show for Stan, trying to get him errect as fast as she could. Each pearly drop she scooped into her mouth filled it a little more, until finally her tongue was submerged in a good amount of his semen.  Stan started to tug on his soft cock, trying to make it hard as he watched Demi playing with his cum before she turned and stared straight down the camera swallowing the lot.

   “Mmmm salty” she gasped, turning and taking over working on his shaft.

   Demi took his soft cock into her mouth and started to suck on it, playing with his balls as she did so, “C’mon baby get nice and hard for me” she said, tongue entwining around his dick.

   Demi pulled his flaccid cock all the way into her mouth, holding it there for 10 or so seconds before releasing.  She worked up a good amount of spit, before grinning and spinning him around, spreading his ass cheeks, she spat it on his ring, then dove in, tongue driving up his ass.

   “Fuck you dirty whore!” Stan gasped as Demi rimmed his ass, cock twitching almost immediately.

   Demi giggled as she tongued his bumhole, now moving a finger in to stimulate him, she slid around to be once again on her knees in front.  She took his hardening shaft back into her mouth, finger fucking his sphincter at the same time.

   “Ohh shit I am gonna be hard” he groaned, feeling his shaft swell.

   Demi felt his dick getting bigger and bigger, she allowed it to grow and push into her throat, gagging as she felt it hit the back, but allowing it to push deeper.  Spit sprayed from the corners of her mouth as he became fully erect, dripping from her chin onto her full breasts.  She eased her mouth off of him, and looked up, “Ready baby?” she said, turning to look at the camera.

   “You want to see my fat ass get pounded, fucking ruined by this wet hard cock?” she teased to the viewers. Looking back up at Stan, “Fucking use me babe, don’t hold back pound this thick ass as hard as you can”

   She shifted back up onto the bed, sideways to the camera, allowing everyone to see him push it in.  Stan gripped those mighty ass cheeks, rubbing his spit slick cock over the puckered ring, “Do it!” she snapped as he teased her.

   “Fuuuckkk” she groaned as she felt him enter her ass.

Gripping hold of those wonderful ass cheeks, he camped his fingers into her bum cheeks, clenching tightly he started fucking her ass. Prodding her deeper and deeper, as she stared down the camera.

   “Fucking harder, fuck ram it in, fucking slam that booty” she gasped.

   Stan continued to fuck her as, his freshly hard cock pumping faster and faster, balls slamming her pussy. A loud thwack sounded every time his stomach hit her ass cheeks, each stroke coming quicker and quicker.

   “YES! YES FUCKING SLAM ME! SLAM ME!” she snarled as Stan picked up the pace.

   Her hips were shaking as Stan clamped tightly to her ass, dick driving deep, he stopped and pulled out, Demi letting out a disappointed gasp.  He quickly flipped her over, arms hooking under her knees and folded her back so her legs were now up over her head.  Hard cock driving once again balls deep up her ass, she screamed in excitement as He started buggering her ferociously in this new position.   

   “YES! FUCK YES!” she howled, as she was on the brink of an anal orgasm.

   Stan lent forwards pressing her down, foreheads touching as he jack hammered her asshole, Demi fighting and shaking on climax.  Her body shook in orgasm as Stan drove his dick deep and hard, balls now slapping those mighty asscheeks.

   “YESSS!!! FUCKKK YESSSSS! YES! YES! YES!!!!” she screamed coming so hard.

   Stan stared straight into her eyes watching every reaction as the ultra curvy brunette came on his dick.  Body struggling he kept her pinned down, constantly slamming her ass even when it clenched so tight.  Her arms flailed around slamming the sheets as she screamed and roared in orgasm.

   “FUCKKK!! FUUUCKKK YEAAAASSSSS!!!!” she howled.

   Demi calmed, Stan still slamming her ass, as her climax subsided, hands moving to his hair and leaning her head up to kiss him, “”Ohh fuck thank you baby” She panted.  He smiled, breaking the kiss, “Many be you should do some work now” he said.

   Easing up from her asshole, he moved to sit on the edge of the bed, Demi straddling his cock and lowering her ass down onto it.  The camera had a full body view, her massive ass eating up his shaft, long hair flowing down her back as he gripped her hips and let her ride him.

   “Ohh fuck, ride that cock Demi” Stan gasped as she started rolling her hips.

   His lips closed over her nipple as Stan sucked on her tits while she rode his cock, chewing on the rock hard buds made her gasp loudly, tossing her head back and placing her arms on his knees. In this position she could bounce faster and faster, her big tits jiggling furiously up and down as she did so.

   “Ohh yeah, fuck my ass, fuck that fat ass” Demi groaned, his hands holding her as she leant backwards even further.

   From this position Stan watch those big boobs bouncing, swaying in front of him, goading him into thrusting faster.  Demi had other ideas though and sat up, then stood, turning to face the camera, “Wanna see my big titties bounce” she said, lowering that gaping ring over Stans cock once more.

   Demi rode him hard, he held her hips and let that fat booty drop down onto his dick again and again.  Demi looked straight down the lens as she stuffed his meat up her asshole, loving every second of her pounding.

   “Fuck yeah, stuff that ass baby” she gasped, teasing the viewers “Fucking use my asshole”

   “I want to shoot my second hot load up this ring” Stan gasped as she kept bouncing, “You want that Demi?”

   “Ohh do it honey fill me up” she replied.

   “Come on then lay on this bed and let me fuck that shit pipe hard” he said easing her up off his shaft.

   Demi lay on the bed, hips high, hands folded behind her back.  Stan used one hand to hold her arms, the other twisted her hair into a ponytail, this was going to be hard anal sex, and Demi loved it.  “Pound me until you cum baby” she purred.

   Stan started thrusting, hard fierce tip to balls strokes, Demi squealed, eyes wide as she felt her bowels invaded by his cock.  She lurched forwards every hard jolt, head pulled back by the hair, bending upwards.

   “Fucking destroy me!” She wailed as Stan went faster and harder, her whole body being smashed into the bed with each thrust.

   Demi could feel another orgasm building, and craved Stans cum in her ass at the same time, she was pinned down hard, body craving even harder stimulation as he continued his anal drilling.
   “Do IT!” she screamed, “FILL MY ASSS!”

   Stan was even more feverish with his thrusts, feeling her tremble and climax, he wanted to cum inside her now.  Balls swinging bodies slapping her went berserk on her asshole, dick slamming deep and fast. Hips almost a blur he buggered Demi’s tight ring over and over as she screamed in orgasm


   Stan felt his balls tightening and his thrust became even more fierce, until he finally came, flooding her bowels with spunk, hard slamming strokes as each spurt of cum shot up inside her ass, Demi crying loudly in pleasure.


   Stan tugged her hair harder, bending her right back as he held his cock up her ass, face next to hers panting as he came, “Fucking deep up your whore ass” he snarled.  Her eyes were rolling as the final strong moments of orgasm left her, Demi managed to grin as she knew she had drained him.

   “Holy fuck babe, that was so good” she panted as Stan released her, “You gave it me hard just like I asked”

   He kissed her cheek, “Thanks Demi, that was amazing” he said, walking out of the shot, and leaving her to face the camera.

   Demi stood up and slowly turned, bending over and spreading those magnificent ass cheeks once more.  A thick line of cum dribbled from her asshole down her thigh, as she span around slowly once more.

   “Thanks for joining me here on Glamour triple X, we have a fabulous update for you tomorrow, featuring one of my favourite Glamour legends, make sure you check back and purchase that” She said, blowing a kiss to the camera.


Re: Glamour XXX (Cadeauxxx/CHLP Collaboration Series)
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I am really looking forward to revealing the stories from this series over the next few months, Working with Cade has been so much fun, hopefully we can give you some great stories featuring some true glamour legends.  He has 1 more intro story to post tomorrow, then we will be posting an episode every 2 weeks.  We have some absolute crackers lined up, so if you are a fan of big busty glamour models, then this will be the place to be.
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Re: Glamour XXX (Cadeauxxx/CHLP Collaboration Series)
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Looking forward to more
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Glamour XXX - Sophie Howard's Threesome
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Glamour XXX - Sophie Howard's Threesome

Boom. Boom. Boom. The heels clicked and clacked loudly across the wooden floor. Reflections cast in light shadows from the corners of what was a room filled with sunlight. All shades and curtains pulled back to allow the sunlight to pour in. Sophie Howard made what could have been called a grand entrance. Red lips curved into a smug grin, blue eyes gazing around all while her giant breasts were slightly bouncing back and forth. They were contained in a tight, lacy black bustier. The outfit matched her black thong and fishnet stockings stretched up to her thighs. As Sophie entered the room, the camera woman used her left hand to welcome her with a thumbs up, all while standing behind the camera station across from the doorway.

Acting as the camera operator, one special woman maintained herself, sitting in nothing more than a black bra covering her own massive tits. A matching thong covered her snatch but no high heels to boot. She knew better than to wear them, as the only sound needed from heels had to come from Sophie. This was her show of the hour and the other woman did not plan to interfere by any means. Standing in front of the camera, Sophie placed her hands onto her hips. The fringe hairstyle had made the need for Sophie to brush her hair to the side out of her face all while she heard footsteps from the bedroom. The time had come to introduce herself to the guest, but Sophie was busy gazing back into the camera at first. She had her mind made up to impress the woman standing behind that camera station.

"This is Sophie Howard and you're watching me for  Glamour OnlyFans."

A wink came after her sultry English accent spoke aloud. Moving her hands away from her hips, Sophie stomped her heels and turned. She walked to the left side and then the camera woman picked up the camera itself from the mounted station tripod. The time had come to make a grand entrance to a waiting man back in the bedroom. A wall of glass windows had been uncovered to allow the sunlight to pour in, radiating the entire room. A metal framed bed had been moved to the center of the room. Sophie's eyes focused on the main standing in front of the bed. Tall and muscular, arms crossed over his chiseled chest to hide lines of dark ink. He was tatted with short black hair and a five o'clock shadow to fit his face. Brad had been one of the male porn stars chosen before hand for this event. Sophie knew there was another man waiting to join, but she seen no sign of Alex.

"You waiting on me, big boy?"

Brad did not utter a word in response as he uncrossed his arms. With both of them standing face to face, that gave the camera woman plenty of time to move around and capture a new angle of their meeting. Lens focused on Sophie's face as Brad stepped back, frame shots running with each passing second as she moved her hands to the front of her bustier. Her giant breasts came spilling out when Sophie undid the first button, followed by the second and third. She pulled it apart and allowed the piece of clothing to fall down to the floor. Raising her arms above her head, she revealed her all natural breasts. F cups in all their glory as she now shook them left and right. The camera captured the moment of Brad stepping forward and caressing her breasts with his bare hands. Sophie moaned, looking up into his eyes only to see the distraction on his face.

He did not make eye contact with her whatsoever. The man focused all his attention at her breasts now taking in a handful and giving a subtle squeeze. Sophie glanced down at the front of his black shorts. Reaching out, she grabbed at the front right as he finally let go of her tits. The man was a professional after all and knew where she would soon be. Hurrying down to her knees, Sophie gazed up at the camera and then heard the light snap of fingers. The other woman in the room handed the camera over to Brad, giving him only a few seconds to mount it over his shoulder and zoom down to the action below. Sophie had already fell down to her knees. Crystal blue eyes gazing up into the lens of the camera as she bit down on her lip, flashing her pearly white teeth.

Brad did not utter any words as she pulled at the front of his shorts. Shoving them down, his semi-hard cock flopped free, nearly smacking her in the face. Sophie wrapped her right hand fingers around it and wasted no time beginning to wank him back and forth. Teeth gritted from beyond her small lips, she exhaled deeply. Up and down, her hand stroked his shaft, bringing it to full size within seconds. Across the room, the camera woman was quick to move to the right side. Another mounted tripod station captured the scene from a different angle, requiring the attention of the other woman. Brad kept his grip over the mounted camera now capturing the moment as Sophie shoved her lips to the head of his shaft and gave it a welcoming kiss. Her big blue eyes gazed up while her lips parted, but not to suck him just yet.

"You like my big boobs, huh?"

She let go of his shaft, bringing both hands down to her breasts to hold them up. Giving those tits a quick jiggle, she giggled.

"Mmmmm, well I prefer my cocks to be big."

Moving her hand back to his shaft, Sophie licked her lips and then brought the head to her mouth. With a quick underside lick, she shoved it into her mouth and slid her hand down to the base. Taking her time, she began to bob her head up and down. Pulling her lips back abruptly to make a popping noise, she gasped a deep breath. To Brad, it looked as if she were about to say something but he was not interested in any dirty words she wanted to speak. Using his free hand, he pushed to the back of her head, curling up her dark locks of hair. Sophie knew he was about to fuck her mouth so she slammed his cock to the back of her throat.

"Fucking hell!"

As the man screamed, she gagged, choking on the length of his cock. Remembering that special woman behind the camera, Sophie maintained herself as she wanted to impress another model. She stilled herself and began to bob her head up and down, slobbering on that shaft as she devoured it. Brad moved his hand out from her head and then stood there, allowing the buxom beauty to bob her head up and down and suck his shaft, nice as she pleased. 'Mmmmmmm,' she made a muffled moaning sound before pulling her lips back. Once again, another popping sound was audible, echoing through the room.

"You like that?"

Sophie called out as she began to wank his cock once again. Gritting her teeth, she worked her hand back and forth.

"You like how I suck your cock?"

Once more, Brad did not reply. She managed to get a moan out of his voice from how fast her hand glided across his slick dick. Sophie was done sucking for now. She knew what he really wanted. Letting go of his cock, she watched it slightly bounce as she moved her hands down below to her giant breasts. A smug grin formed across her lips as Sophie shoved those titanic sized tits forward.

"Let's see how you like it when I fuck your cock with my tits."

Winking back at him, Sophie had to put on a show, all to impressed that special woman across the room at another camera station. Brad gave her a helping hand by guiding his cock to her breasts, right as she opened a valley between her enormous pillowy mountains. Squeezing her boobs around his shaft, Sophie let out a faint moan and then glanced down at the head poking up. Spitting on it, she began to pump her breasts up and down. Brad did not have to get involved. His only duty was to maintain control of the camera pointing down, capturing every second of the flowing action.

"Ohhhh, ohhhhhhh yeah..."

His entire length disappeared between her massive breasts, all for the head to poke back up. Sophie closed her eyes, feeling blissful as she experienced every inch of that long cock pumping back and forth between her tits. When she re-opened her eyes, she glanced down and began to flick her tongue across the head with each thrusts. Brad began to buck his hips, taking charge to the point that she halted her actions, allowing him to fuck her tits instead.

"Ohhhhh yeah! Mmmmmm, that's it!"

Moaning again, Sophie broke eye contact to glance down. She watched that cock pump up and down between her tits and then gazed back up into the lens of his camera.

"Fuck my titties!"

Again, she cried out in pleasure as Brad continued to buck his hips. Over and over, his cock drove between her breasts. Sophie maintained herself, gazing back into the camera. The other woman in the room had got up and had moved around, quietly shifting positions to capture this moment from a different angle. When Brad slowed down his thrusts, Sophie took that as a moment to lower her head and open her mouth. She let the head of his cock push between her lips and then pull out with a popping noise. He then picked the pace back up, fucking her tits harder and faster.

"Ohhh yeah! Ohhhhhh, fuck! That's it, that's it! Fuck these titties!"

With each moaned word, Brad began to thrust harder and faster. Lucky for Sophie, the man was a professional so she did not have to worry about him blowing his load too soon before they did any actual fucking. She kept her mind focused, wanting to put on a show for the woman behind the other camera. Over and over, Brad continued to pump his cock between her tits before slowing down again. With a slight glance below, her big blue eyes shot back up to his POV camera. When he came to a complete stop, Sophie let go of her tits, freeing his cock to quickly wrap her right hand fingers back around it. She brought it to her mouth, licking the head and then using her free hand to wrap around her boobs. Tilting them upward, she playfully shoved his cock up against her left nipple and then giggled.

"Let's just say I'm in love with your cock right now."

Smack. Smack. Smack. The sound echoed of her slapping the head of his cock up against her erect nipple. Biting down on her lower lip, Sophie alternated his cock to the other nipple and gave it an equal smacking. She then let go of his shaft all together noticing the camera woman appear behind Brad, quietly gesturing for him to hand back over the POV camera. That was the silent cue that the time had come to change positions. The camera woman was now managing the camera she had once activiated earlier. Sophie got up from the floor, standing tall as Brad pointed to the bed. All this time, he had barely spoken. All the focus was on her as the model in action. Feeling devious to give the camera woman a show, Sophie smirked and then quickly climbed onto the bed.

Rather than assuming a position for hard fucking, a new idea came up in her filthy mind. To suck his cock one last time before the other man finally entered the room, that was what Sophie desired right now. She fell on the bed, laying on her back and then turning until she inched herself to the edge. Her head dangling from the end of the bed in perfect position for Brad to fuck her face from this upside down angle. The smirk across his face told her that he was impressed by this action. While in this laying position, Sophie ran both hands down to pull at her thong, ripping it and tossing it aside. Brad became distracted by her face, tits and the upside down view of her cunt fully exposed. Glistening in wetness and freshly shaved. Rather than remain distracted by this glorious beauty, Brad focused his attention down on her face.

This was what Sophie wanted anyway. She parted her lips, eagerly anticipating the moment he shoved that fat cock back between her lips. The way did not become an extended period of time, as the moment was captured through the camera lens. Brad carefully shoved his cock into her mouth, causing Sophie to gargle and gag on his length. Slowly thrusting in, he moved his hands to press down on her breasts. All this did was create a slight problem with the camera woman. Due to Brad leaning over, she was forced to step back and then zoom in at the action from between his legs. Sophie made a few muffled moaning sounds before he finally moved his hands to grip at her head. Her nostrils inhaled the scent of his bodily sweat all while she began to feel his hanging ball sack against her face. Sophie braced herself, closing her eyes as she began to feel him thrust.


Brad grunted and yelled as he began to fuck her mouth. His cock slammed to the back of her throat, causing her to gag and her eyes to water up. The mascara around her eye corners began to run, smearing into her right eyebrow as Sophie could only brace herself for a hard round of face-fucking action. Her hands slipped down below, rubbing at her clit with her left hand while her right hand fingers dipped beyond the pink folds of her vulva lips. Within seconds her mouth began to make various inaudible slobbering and sucking noises.


Every passing moment of those sloppy actions was captured through still frames, all from the rolling camera lens. The woman behind the camera had situated herself on her knees, observing every moment of when that hard cock slammed to the back of Sophie's throat. Brad slowed down, coming to a halt and pulling his cock from her mouth to give Sophie a breather. When he pulled his shaft from her lips, the result was a flood of saliva dripping from her upper lip and falling down from the right side of her nose. A line of drool fell to her forehead, dangling with her hanging hair below. All Sophie could do was look back at the camera, winking before Brad shoved his cock back into her mouth for a second go at fucking her face. Within seconds, Sophie was gagging on his length with the same kind of inaudible noises.


He continued to pound his cock into her mouth, all while she now had two fingers dipped into her pussy. The faster Brad fucked her mouth, the harder Sophie fingered herself Slowing himself down, he shoved his cock all the way to the back of her throat for a final round of deepthroat pleasure. Sophie closed her eyes, feeling them water up. She slid her middle finger deep into her pussy, wiggling it around as she could hear a grunt from Brad's voice. Panting and moaning, he pulled his cock back out from mouth. Once again, more drool dripped from her upper lip. Another string of her saliva now dangled from the left side of her face.

"Get up, you slutty fucking whore."

Brad was in control now, commanding Sophie with his stern voice. All she could do was smile upside down, catching her breath. This was all a show for that special woman behind the camera as Sophie hoped this impressed her. Rising up from the position, Sophie turned and grinned at Brad.

"Why don't you fuck me up against one of these windows? Wanna play rough?"

Her choice words resulted in him snatching her up by the hair.

"You should know I won't be saying no to that."

The camera woman quickly got up, following behind Brad now as he dragged Sophie from the bed. Her heels stomped loudly on the floor as he moved her to one of the tall windows and shoved her up against it. If only they had a camera outside to capture this moment from a different angle. Oh how glorious it would be to see those magnificent breasts smashed up against the glass surface, one person in the room thought to themselves. With her breasts pushed against the window along with the palms of her hands, Sophie shoved her buttocks out. This action was met with the approval of Brad's smacking hands across her ass cheeks.

"Where do you want it?"

Since she did not reply initially, he spanked that ass again.

"I asked you a fucking question, whore! Where do you want it?"

"Right up my arse!"

Spank! His hand slapped her ass again. Biting down on her lower lip, Sophie began to giggle. Within seconds she could feel Brad's hard shaft sliding up the crack of her booty. He needed to use both hands however to pull apart her ass cheeks and find her dark little hole. All the while, the camera woman had got into position right behind him, zooming in to capture Sophie's ass hole before the head of his cock began to poke in.

"Oh god! Ohhhh god! Yes! Yes!!"

Swallowing her breath, she began to moan and pant out her words. Brad took his time, slowly inching his cock into her ass. Gasping and letting out more exaggerated moans, Sophie began to sound more desperate with each passing second.

"Oh god, give it to me! Give it to me!"

His hand came down again with a slap of authority across her bum. Sophie closed her eyes and let out a sharp moan, her voice echoing throughout the room.


Her scream was enough to get Brad to begin thrusting his cock into her ass in a much faster pace. Feeling inch after inch of that cock pumping into her, Sophie moaned aloud. Her breasts were still pushed against the glass window. She soon felt his hands grabbing at her wrists to position both of her hands behind her back.


All in the heat of the moment, Sophie kept her eyes closed. With her breasts shoved against the glass, they couldn't bounce and shake all around. Brad continued to fuck her ass while both he and the camera woman heard a new series of footsteps trailing off in the distance. Concentrating on fucking Sophie's tight small hole, he did not take a glance away. The camera woman however turned to see Alex had finally made his arrival. A tall man with a similar muscular build as Brad, but with no tattoos and a shaved head. He had already disrobed his body, walking in naked with his left hand wrapped around his slightly hard shaft. The second man for the scene was now in the room, ready to turn this act of lust into one to be shared between three people.


The moment had not dawned on Sophie whatsoever that she was being watched by another person in the room now. Brad grunted as he continued to pound his cock up her ass. Gritting his teeth together, he let out a loud grunt before finally noticing the other man who had entered the room. Turning to look at Alex, Brad gave him a surprised expression. The camera woman snapped her fingers, motioning for both men to get ready as Brad slowed himself down to a sudden stop. This alerted to Sophie to glance from beyond her right shoulder and then she noticed Alex's presence. Her eyes enlarged for a moment. She remained there, still feeling that hard cock lodged in her ass while now considering the option of having two hard rods to stretch her holes. A trickling of new juices leaked from her pussy. The temptation was too strong to resist this alluring moment. She waited until Brad pulled his cock out from her ass and then finally, Sophie had a chance to turn around and face them both.

"What's better than one hard cock to fuck me? Two of course."

Laughing at her own joke, Sophie noticed that both men appeared annoyed at her sense of humor. It did not phase her however, as she quickly fell down to her knees and grabbed Alex's cock with her left hand. Her free hand reached out, grabbing ahold of Brad's shaft that was just up her ass. She did not care whatsoever, bringing that cock into her mouth for a loving kiss. After going from ass to mouth, she shoved Alex's rod into her mouth, ready to suck him until he was at full length to fuck her. Ready to get on with the show, Alex planted his right hand to the back of her head, guiding her down to suck his length.

"She's a glamourous cocksucker, that's for damn sure!"

Brad's quip made the camera woman giggle in her strong English accent. All of this had been a show for her, as she now had the camera fixated down on Sophie getting her mouth fucked by Alex. It was apparent at this point that his rod was fully hardened. His balls rubbed against her chin with each full thrust as it made Sophie gag and slobber on his length.


The harder Alex fucked her mouth, the faster she tried to wank Brad's cock with her other hand. She finally let go of Alex's shaft, allowing him to fully slam the head of his shaft to the back of her throat. He slammed his cock as far as he could, listening to her gag on his length while pushing her nose into his bushy ball hairs. Sophie let go of Brad's cock, gagging loudly on Alex before he stepped back and abruptly snatched his cock free from her mouth.

"Ahhhhhh, god! That's more like it!"

Excitement flowing from her voice with a sense of surprise. Sophie was ready for more. A string of saliva dangled from the left side corner of her mouth, breaking off and falling down to her tits below. All she did was gaze up into the lens of the camera, curving her lips to reveal her teeth in a smug grin. The camera woman knew what was about to happen, as did Sophie. All of this had been planned in advance with the two male porn stars. Both men stepped back and offered a hand. They grabbed at her wrists to pull her up, now standing properly. Sophie turned to Alex, grinning at him and then Brad stepped behind her.

"You know what to do, right? Just like we planned."

Brad called out to the other man. Slightly confused by their interaction, Sophie moved her hands to her breasts and shoved them up against Alex's chest. He grinned at her, letting out a slight moan as both he and Brad moved to pick her up. She squealed in excitement, spreading her legs to allow Alex room to move his hands to her buttocks. Brad wrapped his arms around her, preparing this moment for her to be smashed between both guys in the act of double penetration. For a moment Sophie became nervous, but she had not forgotten what this position required of her. Her hands reached down, desperate to grab at their hanging cocks. It was difficult at first to get a grip but once she did, Sophie felt Brad's hand from behind, guiding his shaft back into her ass. She gazed into Alex's dark eyes and called for him.

"You ready to fuck me? Gonna stretch my tight cunt and make me scream for you?"

He did not respond. The men were simply hired to do their part of fucking and then leaving. He knew better than to open his mouth and spout any useless words. Alex had to slide his right hand down to help Sophie, pushing his cock to enter her pussy. She gasped, feeling both cocks inside her simultaneously. Dropping her lower lip, she gasped. Each man began to buck their hips. Brad thrust first, followed by Alex. From how she was sandwiched between them, Sophie could feel her ankles moving. The high heels she wore began to rattle and fall, just as her breasts were shaking and shoving up against Alex's chest. Eyes closed to embrace this pleasure, she suddenly belted out a loud screaming.


The lens of the camera captured this glorious moment, focusing down below at each cock pumping into her holes. Sophie whimpered as they began to fuck her in this standing position. All of this was only the beginning in what had become filming in the art of double penetration.


As she screamed aloud, Alex tried to thrust harder and faster. It became apparent within minutes that this position was not one to maintain so he stepped back and pulled his shaft from her pussy carefully. He set her back down on her heels, hoping that the woman behind the camera was at least satisfied with some footage in the standing position. Brad stopped and waited until Sophie was standing in her heels and then he pulled his cock out of her ass. Grabbing her hand, he pulled her forward to take control. He moved her to the bed and then laid down so Sophie could get on top of him. This sudden change of position had made for a difficult situation for the camera woman. She had to react quickly, moving in to capture every passing still frame image of the action.

"Get over here and fuck me! Make me scream for those big fucking cocks!!"

Alex's feet sank down into the bed, but when he stomped, the mattress wobbled within it's frail metal frame. With Sophie leaning over, her breasts were in Brad's face. At long last, his cock was in her pussy but she wasn't concerned about him. instead, she flicked her dark hair and glanced across her right shoulder at Alex. Just to make sure he was moving in position to shove that hard cock back into her waiting ass hole. Sophie did not have to wait for long. Gasping at the feeling of having both cocks back into her, she pressing her hands down onto Brad's chest and raised her head, screaming aloud.

"Ohhhhhhhh, FUCK!!"

Right as she screamed in his face, Brad reached up and grabbed at her breasts. He smashed both of his hands against those giant tits. Squeezing at them hard to feel her erect nipples poking into his palms, he began to buck his his forward. Those thrusts met with the actions of Alex who was now thrusting hard, pounding her in the ass with his cock.


Right as she screamed, Alex reached his hand back and began to spank her buttocks with each full thrust. Smack after smack, he swatted at her ass for six times until his hand was stinging red. His movement was matched with Brad's. Together, they fucked the buxom model in complete unison. Thrust after thrust, Sophie's body shook with her tits nearly flopping out of Brad's gripping hands. This was what she wanted all this time. To be fucked simultaneously by these two studs. Sophie kept her eyes shut, all while the camera captured this moment through each passing moment of still frames. The camera woman was forced to zoom in with the camera, capturing that moment with each cock pumping in and out of her holes. That was before she decided to walk around the bed and take in the moment of Sophie's facial expressions, filled with utter lust.


So close to reaching her climax at long last. It was a wonder to Sophie for she had went all this time without having Brad's cock stuffed into her cunt, and now the act of double penetration was pushing her so close to that sweet release already. Panting and gasping for air, Sophie began to cry and whimper, but they did not stop. Thrust after thrust, inch after inch plowed into her holes.


Her legs began to tremble, shaking out as the one surefire sign to both men that her orgasm was commencing. Alex wasted no time pulling his cock out of her ass and stepping back on the bed. He moved his hands to wrap around her, prompting Brad to give Sophie a quick shove and pull her up. By a quick release, she screamed aloud and then a flood of her love nectar juices went spraying onto Brad's stomach. The camera captured this moment as Sophie was lost in her lust. Slightly exhausted, giving the impression to the camera woman that through all her best efforts she had still bit off more than she could chew.

"Get on your fucking knees! I'm fucking those tits!"

Alex screamed at Sophie while she was desperately trying to catch her breath. Exhaling deeply, she swallowed her breath and got off Brady, quickly moving to her knees but this was not where Alex wanted her. He climbed off the bed and snapped his fingers pointing down at the floor. Like an obedient whore, Sophie got up and quickly moved down to her knees. Before she knew it, Brad had also risen from the bed and moved to face her. This sudden movement was something of a pain for the camera woman. Rather than stay busy keeping up with every quick move, she instead handed over the POV camera station to Brad. Now it was his duty to film what could only be described as the 'money shot' from his profession of choice.

"You wanna fuck my titties, hot shot?"

Her words were meant for Alex, but Sophie soon had two cocks to choose from. Alex was to her left and Brad to the right. Standing behind both men, the camera woman could only view the muscular backs of the men in charge. Sophie presented her tits, ready to stuff Alex's cock right between them. He bucked his hips forward, fucking those tits between the cries and moans of pleasure. As he tittyfucked her, Brad fed his shaft to her loving lips for another round of sucking. 'Mmmm, mmmmm, mmmmmmm', Sophie moaned exaggerated moans as she sucked her juices from his shaft and sucked it lovingly. It became an erotic lust to have a cock shoved between her breasts and in her mouth at the same time. This act was only temporary, as Sophie knew that each man was only doing this to prepare themselves for that sweet release.

She knew what they were going to do once they were completely ready. She was in perfect position with one camera focused on her for the money shot. It had been a long time since she last had her face blasted in a hot load. Today was going to be an event of not one, but two. When Brad pulled his cock out of her mouth with a popping noise, Alex made his final thrust between her tits. Sophie had only seconds to brace herself, closing her eyes and keeping her hands over her giant breasts. She was ready without begging in any words. Breathing heavily, Sophie kept her eyes closed, listening to the grunts and groans from both men. All while she was prepared, they stepped slightly to the opposite way. Opening a pathway for the camera woman who had not taken ahold of the alternate camera, removing it from the tripod to get a center shot at the action.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhhhh, FUCK!!"

Brad screamed, grunting as his cock erupted first from the touch of his hand. His cum went splattering across Sophie's face with long ropes of semen. Alex began to cum soon after, both of them firing off a rope of cum into her hair and then crisscrossing onto her forehead. Sophie gasped, moaning.

"Oh fuck, that's gotta be a lot of spunk!"

They were not close to being done as she spoke aloud. Sophie opened her mouth, gasping as she felt more gobs of cum slathering across her face. Both cheeks drenched with one string covering her right side eyebrow and up that side temple of her forehead. As she continued holding her tits up, that became a new canvas. Soon she felt wads of cum spraying down onto her skin. Moaning and then softly giggling, all of her reactions were captured on the two cameras: one in the free hand of Brad and the other positioned by the camera woman. That other woman was busy filming the last bit before the time had finally come for a switch.

"Oh god... Oh fuck, I'm so messy..."

Sophie's words were finally met in the reaction with a slight chuckle from one of the men. She was not sure who found her words amusing, but they were done emptying their balls of cum onto her. Slowly opening her eyes, she blinked with a droplet of cum trailing down her right eye like a teardrop. As if she were waking up from a lust filled slumber, Sophie soon felt her heartbeat elevate from the sound of hands clapping.

"Nice job, boys."

That voice calling out was so strong with a Manchester accent. The men did not turn around at first until the sound of high heels stomping across the floor. They knew who the camera woman was, as did Sophie who had put on this show all for that special woman.

"I take it Sophie is satisfied, yes? I'll give you both a minute to recover. You need to be fully ready for me."

When the men turned around they were met with the sight of Lucy Pinder undoing her bra. She pressed the small button in the middle of that black lacy piece and then dropped it to the floor. Only one woman was now standing in this room with a clean body. Sophie was drenched, sticky and dripping in cum but that left Lucy clean and ready for the next round with the two professional men.

Glamour XXX
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Re: Glamour XXX (Cadeauxxx/CHLP Collaboration Series)
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Glamour XXX - Sophie and Lucy's Double Trouble

In the distance, the voice of Sophie Howard was audible. She exhaled deeply and moaned as the cum dripped down her face. Brad and Alex had successfully destroyed her. Every second of it was captured frame-by-frame through the camera lens. Now they had turned their gaze to another woman. Lucy Pinder had revealed herself behind the camera filming Sophie's threesome as a product of GlamourXXX. Now that she was no longer behind a POV camera and keeping with all the action, Lucy was able to stand there and present herself in all of her beautiful glory.

Hands placed on her hips, she grinned back at the men. Behind them was a camera man, one of the three people as part of the production crew who were still scrambling around in the background to film the next scene for GlamourXXX. The production company was blessed having professionals with experience from Gonzo porn. Besides them, other cameras were stationed around this specific room, ready to film the next scene. Lucy stood in nothing but a pair of black high heels with lace sheer black stockings running up to her thighs.

No bra was needed to imprison her giant natural F cup breasts. A thong was not necessary either to cover her dripping wet pussy. Freshly shaved and craving the touch of two strong men. Her chestnut brown eyes contained lustful fire. Lucy grinned smugly, knowing that she was going to eat these men alive. For all she could guess, Brad and Alex were likely somewhat fatigued from how hard they fucked Sophie. That was the least Lucy could speculate on. Behind her was a barred fireplace with black interior, sticking out to the lit up room from sunlight still peeling in from the outside.

"Let's get started boys. No need to stall this."

Falling down on her knees, she used her right hand to swipe through several locks of her long brunette hair. As Lucy licked her lips, they stepped forward. Brad was to her left and Alex to the right. Lucy gazed up as they stepped to the sides, offering a passageway for the new busy camera man who stepped in to capture an image of her face. All Lucy could do was give the camera that 'look' that her most diehard fans knew from her older glamour model shoots. Her eyes told the story along with her gritted teeth. It was time to eat these men alive and drain their cocks.

"Got something for me?"

A pointless question but she had to tease them, regardless. With both hands, Lucy reached up and grabbed the cocks. Her tattoos were visible to the camera, showing off the recent one on her upper right arm and the classic star design down her left wrist. Those giant breasts shook from below her arms. Lucy kept her teeth barred, now glancing to the right and left as she eyed each cock. Which would she suck first? That question could only be answered once they were at full hardness. Lucy licked her lips, taking her time as she was now wanking them harder and faster.

In the distance, Sophie got up from the floor. The cum was still dripping down her face by the time Lucy parted her lips and slid Alex's dick into her mouth. The black haired woman could hear the audible sucking and moaning noises as Lucy Pinder was now hard at work bobbing her head up and down Alex's cock. She sucked it briefly, pulling it out of her mouth and alternating to Brad's cock. before she sucked the other one, she spit on it and then licked the head. The man moaned as she enveloped her lips around it and proceeding sucking.

'Mmmmmmm', Lucy made a muffled moan, bobbing her head up and down. Upon pulling her mouth off Brad's shaft, a string of saliva dangled from her open mouth back to his shiny, drool soaked cock. She turned her head towards Alex's dick and spit on it. His cock was back between her lips by the time Sophie got up and quietly began to walk. It was a shame she did not have proper skills to maintain a POV camera, otherwise she and Lucy could have switched places. For now, she had to leave briefly and clean her face up. All the while, Lucy was hard at work sucking off Brad and Alex. After a few seconds, she would alternate the cock in her mouth, switching back and forth.

Every moment of her oral sensations were captured on the camera. By the time she unwrapped her fingers from the base of each cock, Lucy had a string of drool dangling from both corners of her mouth. They broke off, falling to her massive breasts from underneath before she had a chance to shove them up. Flexing her arms out, she moved her hands to her tits. Brad stepped forward as he made it a point to be the first man that fucked those famous tits. She pulled them apart as the camera man stepped back. No words were needed for this moment as a thick cock shoved between Lucy Pinder's boobs.

"Mmmmmmmm, ohhhhhhh yeah. You like these tits?"

She finished her question by spitting on the head of his cock. Alex stepped to her right side, wrapping his hand around his pole and wanking it back and forth as Lucy was locked in for a session of tittyfucking. Alex wasted no time bucking his hips to drive his cock between her tits.

"Ohhhhh, ohhhhhhh yeah! Fuck my titties!"

She locked eye contact with the lens of the camera, smirking as her body slightly moved from the powerful force of his cock pumping between her tits. Over and over, she could feel every inch of that cock fucking her breasts.

"That's what they were made for. To be fucked!"

Keeping up with the dirty talk for the camera, Lucy did not notice the hard cock flapping from the right corner of her eye. She turned her head and made subtle eye contact with Brad, opening her mouth wide. He responded by putting his hands on her head and thrusting his cock back into her mouth. Lucy closed her eyes as she concentrated. It did not take long for her mouth to begin making slobbering and sucking noises.


As Brad thrust his cock into her mouth, Alex was pumping his pole between those wonderful tits. One after the other, Lucy could feel the cocks working her over. She kept her eyes shut, moaning muffled sounds until Brad pulled his shaft out of her mouth with a loud popping noise. The sound echoed in the distance, but now Lucy could concentrate on the pleasure of Alex fucking her tits. She leaned her head down and made the attempt to spit on the head of his shaft as it poked up between her tits. Her saliva missed, drenching her left tit. She sighed in frustration and decided to open her mouth wide. Each time Alex's cock poked up, she lapped her tongue across the head.

He began to slow down after another few pumps. That told Lucy that soon he would stop and it would become Brad's turn. Alex pulled his cock out from her tits before Lucy had a chance to offer an opening. She held her tits up, grinning at him as he then rubbed his rod against her left nipple. Smack. Smack. Smack. He slapped her tit causing her to moan and giggle. When he finally stepped aside, Brad took Alex's place. He stepped directly where the other man's feet was and presented his cock to Lucy She raised her boobs, pulled them apart and slipped his cock between them.

"You like that? You like how good your cock feels between my boobs?"

Biting her lower lip, Lucy quirked her eyebrows up and moaned. Once again, she had a cock between her breasts. A fresh one soaked in her saliva. There was no need to spit on this one or bother teasing with her tongue. Rather than let him fuck her tits, Lucy was eager to do the work. The camera man stepped behind Brad, mounting the POV camera across his right shoulder and letting the professional porn actor take charge. It was now up to Lucy to gaze into the lens of the camera as if the viewer were in the man's place getting tittyfucked by the buxom goddess.

She moaned. Without uttering any words, she began to pump her breasts up and down. Just like before, his cock completely disappeared between the folds. A smacking sound became audible from their skin beating against one another. Lucy closed her eyes, raising her head up and giving a variety of facial expressions as she worked her breasts up and down. Down and up, up and down she pumped them repeatedly. While she was busy with tittyfucking Brad, the other man was waiting eagerly with his hands placed on his shoulders. Alex moved entirely out view of the camera, not interrupted this moment by any means.

"Ohhhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhhhhhh."

Fop. Fop. Fop. Fop. The sound of her breasts pumping up and down was heard loud and clearly over Lucy's moans. She continued to work her tits up and down, fucking Alex's cock to a pulp. The man did not moan, but he took a deep breath. Maybe he was not as exhausted as Lucy previously believed. Over and over, she worked her tits up and down until the camera man took his device back. That was the only clue she needed that they needed to wrap up this pleasurable act and move on to the next positions. Lucy slowed herself down, gazing up at Alex with her devious eyes before she let go of her tits.

Once his cock was free, she wrapped her right hand fingers around it and brought it to her lips for a loving kiss. Alex pulled his cock from her. With that one small move, he showed her who was in control now. Lucy stood up and then the camera man stepped back. He needed a longer shot to capture the scene of her walking in front of the men. Brad was to her right and Alex to the left as Lucy's high heels boomed loudly across the floor.

Boom. Boom. Boom. Her presence was known throughout all rooms. Sophie Howard may have disappeared somewhere, but in this next room, all focus was meant for Lucy. In this room, the far left wall was uncovered to unveil glass. A touch of postmodernist architecture to set the scene for a GlamourXXX exclusive moment. Since the men were not as tired as she previously believed, Lucy had to brace herself. She knew they could fuck her into a frenzy if they wanted to.

A large black leather couch was pushed against the wall with the sunlight pouring over from the massive wall behind it. Four cameras were situated to film this next scene. Lucy turned around, grinning at the men before raising her arms. She motioned with her left hand index finger first, then the right. They stepped towards her. Brad was on her left side and Alex to the right. Lucy turned to face Brad, throwing her arms around his neck. They had practiced this next position in advance. Working alongside professionals toppled with her own experience in filthy acts, Lucy wanted to give a proper demonstration for the art of double penetration.

Both men helped her off her feet. Heels dangling from both sides as Alex's hands were wrapped around her and Brad balanced Lucy up with the palms of his hands cradling her ass cheeks. The camera man who had previously filmed in the last room was now walking without his POV camera. All the focus on the room was on Lucy's exposed holes. She had the job of reaching down and finding each cock. She squeezed Brad's pole first, then Alex's. Bracing herself for this moment, she pushed Alex's dick up the crack of her booty. He used his right hand to grab her wrist pulling it away. The head of his cock poked into her dark little hole merely seconds later.

"Oh god."

Swallowing her breath, Lucy closed her eyes and guided Brad's shaft into her juicy cunt. The three of them were now locked into one position. Her giant breasts pushed against Brad's chest, nipples rubbing against his skin. No matter how hard she tried to brace herself for this moment, it was nearly impossible. Eyes closed, hands clasping to the back of Brad's neck. Lucy just hoped she could withstand the pressure long enough to make a scorching hot scene. The men began to thrust their cocks into her. First Alex pumping into her tight ass, then Brad.

"Ohhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhh!!"

Opening her eyes, Lucy gazed in the direction of a camera from the left and then threw her head back. The men began to thrust harder and faster. All she could do was withstand it while stuck in the middle of them. Grunts and groaning were audible from the men's voices. Alex gritted his teeth, trying to find a steady rhythm as he was making the best effort he could to pound Lucy's ass. When he would thrust, Brad would pump directly after him. Lucy squealed, moaning in a high pitch voice that went down with a hard scream.


Her yelling voice echoed throughout the large room. The two men looked at each other, quietly motioning to one another. Brad took a few steps backwards, turning right and then quickly sitting down. This sudden change of a position resulted in one of the camera men across the room having to grab his camera from a tripod and run across the room. Lucy was now sitting on Brad as he bucked his hips upward, driving his cock into her pussy. Alex was able to properly stand now and find a place pounding her ass. He raised his left foot up, pushing it down into the cushion of the couch to slightly stretch out. This gave the other man ample room to pound his cock into her ass. Thrust after thrust, he watched it appear and then completely disappear right up her buttocks.


Now Lucy was the one screaming loud enough that her voice echoed in the distance. Sophie was somewhere still in the building listening to her friend get fucked into a lustful bliss.


Over and over, inch after inch of two hard cocks pounded into Lucy's holes. Her breasts shook and wobbled until Brad's strong hands smashed across them. He squeezed her tits and pulled his left hand back, slapping them to watch those giant jugs jiggle around. Panting and crying out, Lucy raised her head and began to wail loud moans.


They did not stop. When one thrust, the other one followed directly behind. Lucy found herself caught in the middle getting fucked into another level of pleasure. Eventually Alex stopped after one final full thrust up her ass. He pulled his cock out and snapped his fingers. Unknowingly to her, multiple camera men had circled around them. Each camera was filming from a different angle, capturing the beauty of her voluptuous body sandwiched between two men until now. Alex sat down on the side of the couch and then Brad stopped. Lucy began to climb off Brad, but Alex wrapped an arm around her and aided her with a hard tug.

"Ohhhhh, fuck!"

He caught her by complete surprise, sitting her down on him in reverse cowgirl position. Now it was Brad's turn to stand up and be the man in control doing the pounding. Lucy made eye contact with him as she felt Alex's hands wrap around her stomach. His trailing fingers made their way to her giant breasts. His palms clamped down to feel her erect nipples and then he squeezed them hard.

"You wanna fuck me, hot shot? Come on, give it to me!"

Lucy blurted out something, anything that came to her mind to tease Brad. He ignored her, remaining silent as ever as he guided his cock into her juicy cunt. The glamour goddess closed her eyes as she was now ready for another ride. Stretching her legs out, her high heels dangled as Brad began to buck his hips and drive his cock into her. Alex bucked his hips to thrust his cock into her ass. Once more, Lucy was caught in between the two men, demonstrating the art of double penetration with her body. She closed her eyes, squealing and screaming.


The couch began to shake as she felt each cock pumping into her, one after the other. Lucy kept her eyes shut. She could feel inch after inch of those cocks pushing into her, all while Alex's hands squeezed her giant tits. When he finally let go, they jiggled and bounced around. Brad leaned forward and placed his hands over her breasts, squeezing and fondling them as he continued to pump into her pussy.


She could not control herself. Lucy knew that within seconds she was going to end up reaching her climax at this rate. Brad was thrusting into her so hard and fast, all while Alex barely made a thrust in every few seconds. Pound after pound, they gave her all they had from their mighty cocks. Brad let go of her tits, then used his right hand to slap one of them, just to watch them jiggle around. By now Lucy was panting and groaning. So far she had held herself back but she knew that was soon to change. Brad thrust harder and faster, as if he knew she was holding back.

Their eyes met as Lucy barred her teeth at him. Alex had to know from that look alone, Lucy was so close to her breaking point. With each passing second, she could only hold on for a short amount of time. When the burst finally came, her eyes opened wide. Brad had moved his arms away from her body entirely. From the corners of her eyes, Lucy noticed the other camera man. Each of them capturing this moment from a different angle.


Brad did not pull his cock out. He got to experience the feeling of her inner walls tightening up around his pole and then the explosion of her squirting juices. Some of it leaned out, drenching her thighs and Alex's skin from underneath. Instead of her fucking them into a frenzy, the two men had successfully accomplished their job. One model after the other. First Sophie and now Lucy. Five cameras captured the moment entirely with one flashing from the left side to snap still shot images. The screen began to slowly fade. The image of Lucy and the two men blurred before fading entirely to black.

The black image was only temporary for the top subscribers to GlamourXXX. When the screen began to fade back into a color still shot, viewers were met with the image of Lucy Pinder and Sophie Howard together on floor. Shoulder-to-shoulder the two buxom models sat on their knees. Lucy to the left, Sophie to the right. Their long hair was pinned up in ponytails behind their backs, all while there was an array of shadows across their skin. Both women were still naked. Their giant tits visible with Sophie freshly cleaned and wearing no makeup besides fresh red lipstick.

Their eyes were gazing up as a set of legs became visible in front of the camera to the right. Another pair of legs came forward from the left side, followed by another. Before the viewer could realize the scene, Lucy and Sophie were surrounded by men. Five on each side to make up ten total and now their faces were swarmed with several hard cocks. One man had a camera adjusted to his shoulder in the center, capturing their expressions from a view gazing downward. With so many cocks to choose from, Lucy and Sophie had to make quick decisions with their hands and lips.

Music began to play for the viewer with soft synth beats and bass matching the sound of moans and soft cries of pleasure. Lucy grabbed a cock in each hand and opened her mouth wide, just as Sophie did the same. Within seconds, they were sucking and stroking cock after cock. The two women were quickly overwhelmed and making their best efforts to please every cock they possibly could. Lucy would bob her head up and down, sucking on one before alternating to the next. She tried to move counter-clockwise in her rotation, all while Sophie had her own ideas for pleasuring them.

The black haired model did not bother at first. She opened her mouth and allowed the first man who wanted it, to grab her head and fuck her face. She gagged, choking and slobbering all over that cock while her fingers of both hands tightened around two thick shafts. Sophie wanked those cocks, all while she could hear Lucy making muffled moaning sounds that went along with her own gagging and choking noises. When the man pulled his cock from her lips, she gasped for air while he smacked the wet head across her forehead.

"No hands, whores. No hands! Hold your fucking tits up!"

One man yelled at them in absolute authority. There were one too many cocks for them to please. Lucy and Sophie knew what they were going to do with their tits. They had already been fucked twice throughout the day so this would be for another use. As they held their tits up, a smacking noise was soon audible over the music that became slightly louder. Both women closed their eyes as several cocks were now smacking against their faces and tits. Lucy thought she felt three of them, but it was likely four or maybe five.

By this point, five men surrounded one woman each. They split up as Lucy and Sophie shoved their backs together and were still surrounded by several cocks to please. Five on one. That was the game to play. As the men continued to slap their cocks against those tits, Lucy was eager to open her mouth and allow one to push past her lips. One man took the invitation, sliding his dick between her lips as she squeezed them around the head and proceeded to suck. 'Mmmmmmm,' the muffled moan caught Sophie's ears by surprise. She too opened her mouth eager to wrap her lips around a dry cock. While she waited one cock was fed to her.

As they were not allowed to use their hands anymore, the men now had an open window to plant their hands onto a head and fuck one of their mouths. Some men alternated, walking from one girl to the other in a swapping of places. Lucy closed her eyes as she had her mouth fucked. Slobbering and sucking on a cock inch by inch as she kept her hands on her breasts. When the man pulled his shaft out of her mouth, a thick rope of spit fell down to her boobs. Sophie had her mouth fucked for slightly longer. The man only pulled out when she had a sting of spit leaking from the left corner of her lips.

That strand of drool broke off, falling down to her tits before another cock shoved between her lips. The men were now taking their turns fucking the mouth of the two models. Lucy was sucking her second one. Hard at work bobbing her head up and down as she adjusted her thumbs over her nipples to slightly rub them. Sophie's back rubbed against hers along with the black hair of that ponytail. Lucy could hear her friend sucking loudly and gagging on a hard cock shoved into her mouth. Sophie was not so much sucking as the man had planted his left hand down over her head and was properly fucking her mouth.


The incoherent sounds she made were audible throughout the whole room. Lucy bobbed her head up and down, sucking at a faster pace before her man pulled his cock out of her mouth. Strings of saliva dangled from her parted lips back to his shaft before they broke off and fell to her tits. She spit on her tits, hoping she could at least use them to fuck a cock one last time today. That was not the intention of the men however. Another cock was shoved between her lips. Lucy closed her eyes before feeling a hand come down to the back of her head, locking her in place. She sucked the shaft, bobbing her head up and down as she could hear Sophie gasping for air.

"Oh my fucking god, give me another."

"Spoken like a real cock hungry whore."

Laughter came from the men after the short remark. The music was still playing in the background but now it was the sound of gagging and slobbering all over cocks that replaced the bass beats. Lucy had another cock to suck, lodged between her lips and now thrusting back and forth. She sucked it inch by inch before the man abruptly pulled out. A string of spit flew out of her mouth, falling down to her tits. Another cock was ready for her mouth. Lucy planted her lips over the head. The man grabbed her head and proceeded to fuck her face as if it were a pussy.


A man stepped back, offering a better view to the camera of Lucy having her mouth fucked. Across from her, still with their backs pushed together was Sophie busy with deepthroating a hard shaft. Her eyes did not water up this time as the length of that hard cock stretched the back of her throat before pulling out. Ropes of drool connected from her mouth back to his cock broke off, falling to her neck and pale white tits. She had another cock to please as now more men had alternated from the two women. When one stepped away from Lucy, they moved to Sophie.

"Suck it!"

"Yeah, suck that fucking cock!"

One man yelled before the other one. Their voices may have been loud, but nothing could drown out the slobbering and sucking noises made from Lucy and Sophie's mouths. They continued to suck cock after cock. The more spit that formed and dropped from their lips had already made puddles on their big tits. Lucy could feel her arms beginning to grow tired after several more minutes. One man grabbed Sophie's mouth and skullfucked hard enough that her eyes did water up for the second time today. Together, she and Lucy were still alternating between cocks to suck when the first men stepped away. Neither of them realized that the time for the men had been drawing close all this time. Lucy made the mistake of letting of her breasts.

"Hold those tits up!!"

Commanded by a yelling voice, Lucy held her tits up. She closed her eyes momentarily, only opening them when she heard the stomping foot steps. The men were backing up from them. Sophie turned, her back no longer touching Lucy's as she took a glance at the other model. They knew what was about to come for them. The time had come for these men to blow their load. They were facing a line of ten men, all wanking their cocks at a fast pace as they aimed directly at their faces. Sophie and Lucy moved, now sitting shoulder-to-shoulder like they were when this scene first began.

Two men approached them from each side. A crew man stepped behind the crowd of men carrying a small tripod. He took the POV camera and situated it properly to film what was essentially the "money shot" as it was called in pornography. Lucy swallowed her breath. Her throat muscles were visible as she then closed her eyes and held her tits up. Sophie closed her eyes too, sticking her tongue out with a loud 'ahhhhh!'. The grunting and groans of men were audible before the cum went flying onto their faces.

"Fuck! Fuck!! FUCK!!!"

One man could not control himself and broke the silence as his cock exploded. Ropes of cum went flying onto the face of Sophie Howard, just before another man wailed a loud scream like an animal in heat. Spurt after spurt of cum flew onto Lucy's face, drenching her forehead and dirtying her hair. Another man stepped forward, splattering his load across Sophie's face.

"Oh my god!"

She closed her eyes, slightly flinching in surprise at how powerful his shot of cum was. The warm substance dripped from her cheek with drops falling to her tits. She stretched her hands out over her breasts, squeezing her nipples between two fingers.

"That's it!"

Lucy gritted her teeth as two men began to cum simultaneously. A thick wad splattered onto her right cheek followed by several strings of cum that slathered over her face from the left side. She opened her mouth in hopes that her tongue could catch a strand of cum but to no avail. What did not end up on her face fell to her giant tits. Sophie began to blink her eyes, only in time to catch the sight of spurts of cum that were now splattering across her face.

"Ohhhh yeah!"

Sophie heard Lucy call out as one man avoided her face all together and instead blew his load down on her breasts. Seeing one man do that prompted another one to give Sophie the same treatment. He ejected his cum across those giant pale white tits, splattering strings into a river down the middle. The final drops of his cum slung onto her neck, giving her a pearl necklace. Another man stepped forward, pumping his cock in his hand to force another load onto Lucy's face. Sophie parted her lips, sliding her tongue out but no man was willing to waste his load across her tongue.

One man could not make his mind up. His cock had been in the mouth of both women. He stepped in front of Sophie, nearly shoving one guy out the way to wank his shaft and splash a hot load onto her left cheek. He then turned his cock towards Lucy and three thick ropes went flying. The first one caught into her hair, but the other two landed across the right side of her face, streaking into her left eyebrow to nearly cover her forehead. This caused a slight chuckle among the men before another one stepped up to blast Lucy's face in cum.

They continued to step forward, man after man. So much cum had already splattered onto Lucy and Sophie's faces. Layers of the sticky spunk was now dripping and streaming down their necks to their tits. When the final man had to choose between the glamour babes to blow his load, he chose Lucy. Gobs of cum were already dripping from her face when he added more. Wad after wad of cum drenched the left side of her face, falling down to her tits. He huffed and puffed, walking away in exhaustion.

Yet the women did not appear as fatigued as they should have been. Lucy and Sophie sat there on their knees. Eyes closed, cum dripping from their faces. After several seconds they opened their eyes and turned to look at one another. Their cum soaked faces were all that mattered. They had just sucked off ten men who's faces never entered the view of the camera lens. Sophie and Lucy took a moment to glance at each other's breasts and then smashed their tits together.

Their arms wrapped around each other as if they were posing for a photo session in an old magazine. This position only changed when Lucy opened her mouth and began to lick up the cum from Sophie's face. The black haired model moaned, unwrapping her arms from Lucy and then smashing her hands over those giant tits. She rubbed the cum into Lucy's skin while Lucy was busy licking her face clean. Once she pulled away, Sophie licked her hands and sucked her fingers dry. Their duty now was to clean one another and finish this film production.

Lucy preferred to lick Sophie's skin, swallowing most of the cum. Sophie continued to sue her hands, all while smearing more of the cum into Lucy's breasts. When it came time to clean Lucy's face, she decided to use her tongue. Lucy closed her eyes, moaning loudly as she had her face cleaned. All that was left was Sophie's tits and Lucy did her duty of shoving her face between them. Sophie leaned back, almost falling to the floor as she began to loudly gargle the cum in her mouth.

Bubbles of spit and semen were produced from between Sophie's lips, all while she moved her hands over her tits and flexed them, offering Lucy enough room to slide her tongue down the middle and collect that small river of cum that dripped down. It took each of them several licks to properly clean each other, but once accomplished, their eyes met. The music in the background had long faded away at this point when Lucy hovered over Sophie and parted her lips.

All of the cum that Lucy did not swallow began to pour out into Sophie's open mouth. There was a reason Lucy did not swallow everything her tongue collected. Sophie wrapped her arms around the other model and pulled her over. Lucy decided to lay down on her back. Sophie's giant tits pushed into the other model, smashing them together as she watched Lucy open her mouth and patiently await the cum to be swapped back.

With her eyes closed, Lucy took the cum back. It was her turn to either swap it back with Sophie, swallow it or do something better. She sat up, forcing Sophie to sit with her. Their eyes met in front of the camera as they pushed their lips together and began to kiss passionately. When their lips pulled apart, a rope of cum bridged from their mouths. Lucy swallowed her load, then Sophie did the same. They began to suck up the string of cum before it broke and landed onto Lucy's neck. Sophie then turned her big blue eyes to the camera, followed by Lucy placing her hand on the other model's head. They made eye contact with the camera all while Sophie licked the strand of cum clean from Lucy's neck to finish up the recording.
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Re: Glamour XXX (Cadeauxxx/CHLP Collaboration Series)
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Starring: Keeley Hazell

Codes: MF, FF,  Oral, Facial

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.  Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission.

It was an impressive cleavage, the camera focused on the large pair of breasts, squeezed together in a skimpy bikini top.  “Well hello boys, it’s been a loooong time” a sexy British accent said.  Panning back out to reveal who was speaking, none other than Keeley Hazell stood by the pool.  Slowly she walked along the tiles by the side, camera tracking back with her.

   “I Know, I know, you haven’t really seen much of me barring a few social media posts”, but what can I say the money made me come back.  She laughed, “Any you are all very generous!”

   “So I’m here, living in the USA now, enjoying the sunshine and I have made some new friends.  Look forwards to some appearances on Glamour Triple X, from Abi, and Lindsey.” Keeley said.

 “We also might have a couple of BIG surprises for you in the upcoming months, so be sure to stay tuned and subscribed, you won’t believe who we are in talks with.”

   She winked at the camera and nimbly dove into the pool, the shot switching to a longer version from the far end, as she swam towards the camera.  Once she reached the end, she slowly lifted herself out, arms stretching as her big boobs cleared the water and she stretched up onto the side.  Keeley's Firm tits hung from her body, stretching the fabric of her bikini, as she effortlessly got out of the water.  Smiling she reached behind her back and unfastened the string.

   “Let’s get them back out, it’s been too long” she said, tossing the bikini top to one said and standing there topless.

   Keeley folded hr arms under those famous boobs, holding them up for the viewers to see in all their glory.  Grinning she wobbled them from side to side for a few seconds before tossing her head back and shaking her hair. Stretching backwards she let those natural boobs hang, for everyone watching to admire.

   “Those dicks hard yet?” she teased, laughing at the thought of all those cocks being jerked.

   She turned so her marvelous bum was on show, walking away from the camera this time, turning her head to look back “Follow me for a little treat” she said.

   Her hips swayed, firm asscheeks shown off by her skimpy bikini bottoms, Keeley walked back towards the large manor house, up the steps and in through the large double doors. Sitting on the sofa was a muscular man, he smiled as Keeley walked into the room, standing to embrace her, kissing her hard.

   “Chris!” She said excitedly, “I know the viewers are going to want to see what you have for me” she said, hand going to his crotch and stroking what appeared to be a rock hard erection in his swim trunks.

   “Ohh you think so Keeley?” he said, as she lowered herself down to her knees and eased the trunks down from his hips.

   Keeley gripped his dick and flicked out her tongue, “bet you never thought you’d be able to watch me suck cock” she said, before wrapping her lips around his shaft and setting to work.

   Keeley skillfully sucked Chris’s cock, up and down his shaft, hand at the base wanking him, the other cupping and playing with his balls.  Eyes looking up at him she slurped wantonly on that shaft, lips sinking lower and lower, until finally her throat engulfed him. Pushing all the way down until her nose touched his stomach and bottom lip grazed his balls.

   Keeley held him there, eyes turned to the camera until a long tear ran down her cheek, as she choked herself on his shaft. Pulling up from his dick she gagged and coughed, a long strand of spit clinging to her lower lip and extending to his dick head.  She grabbed it with her hand and twisted the spit then rubbed it over the shiny end of his cock.

   “Imagine me wanking you” she teased, tugging on his hard member, hand swirling over his head with each stroke.

   Keeley sat on his dick and wanked it harder, playing with his balls with her other hand, before moving to a double grip style on his dick.  She wanked him fast, Looking up at him as she did so, “Shoot that fat load over my face baby” she purred.

   Squeezing and stroking aiming right for her face she wanked Chris off, the camera spinning to look straight at her while he stood just off to the side slightly. “You gonna cum, cum on my face, cum all over this pretty little face” she gasped.

   Chris groaned, his balls drawing up and pumping their cargo out, a thick spurt of cum all over Keeley’s forehead, she gasped in pleasure as it hit and splattered.  A second wad hit her right cheek, oozing down as she continued her strokes, cum shooting out all over her.

   “Fuck yeah baby, do it! Do it!” she gasped, his dick pumping hard still.

   She milked 2 more bolts over the bridge of her nose and into her right eyebrow, before he groaned, his cum all gone.  Letting go of his shaft, Keeley looked straight at the camera, allowing it to take in every inch of her spunk dripping face.

   “Like me drenched in cum?” she teased, “There’s so much more of that to follow, so keep subscribed.

   Standing up she scooped a small bit of semen from her tits and savored the taste, “Thank you Chris” she said, as the camera followed her out and down the hallway.

   She arrived at another room, walking I you could see a long dining table and chairs, sitting at the table were A shorter hugely busty brunette, viewers would recognise her as Sarah Randall, and a the bubbly blonde Melissa Debling.

   “Girls, how’s your US vacation going?” Keeley asked.

   “Amazing” Sarah replied, “We’ve filmed a few scenes already, hopefully the subscribers will enjoy them”.

   Keeley sat on a chair and both Sarah and Melissa moved to either side of her, “You have a little something” Sarah said, moving down and sucking a cum strand from her shoulder.

   “Oh yeah, if you could help me” Keeley replied, “That would be great”

   Both wore incredibly skimpy bikinis as they started licking and cleaning the cum from Keeley, Melissa working on her face, whilst Sarah sucked on her neck and the tops of her tits where it had dripped down.

   “Oh ladies, I earned it could I have it back please,” Keeley said opening her mouth, “every drop”

   Melissa stood over Keeley to start with, spitting a large wad then 2 of cum into her open mouth, Sarah followed her an equal a mouth of cum, but she added a large spitball at the end for added good measure.

   “I wanted that” she teased, letting Keeley know what the spitwad was for.

   Keeley moved her head back down to the viewers could see the cum in her mouth, tongue swimming amongst the white stringy spunk.  Closing her lips she swallowed, ingesting every drop inside herself.

   “Mmmm” she gasped, almost overacting.

   She was helped to her feet by Sarah and Melissa, who made her stand side on to the camera.  Sarah knelt back down, her hands pulling Keeley's bikini bottoms off as she knelt in front of her.  Melisa knelt behind, hands on her ass cheeks.

   “Ohhh fuck” Keeley gasped as Sarah engulfed her pussy with her lips.  The side view allowed the viewer to watch as first Sarah ate her cunt, then Melissa parted Keeley’s ass cheeks and started rimming her deep.

   Her back arched as she clutched Sarah tight to her cunt, the busty brunette sucking and licking away, while all the time Melissa delved into her puckered ring.  Keeley gasped as both her holes were eaten furiously, her already pent up desires nearing a release.  Her hand clasped the back of Sarah’s head, the other flailing as she shook, reveling in the dual stimulation.

   “Oh yes, yesss, yeasssss” Keeley cried, as her orgasm hit.

   Body shaking legs almost collapsing she shook as the climax rolled through her cunt.  Ring clenching on Melissa’s tongue, she felt her frantically licking the outside of her rosebud instead, as the climax built and she cried even louder.

   “FUUUCKK!! FUUUCK YESSS!! YESSSSS!!!” she gasped, as Sarah continued to eat her.

   Her legs were really becoming weak now, both Sarah and Melissa having t help her stand as those final few powerful waves of pleasure hit her hard.

   “OH FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” she gasped, as finally her orgasm subsided

   Sarah and Melissa stayed on their knees as Keeley jerked and twitched a couple more times, eventually she was done and resting her hand on Sarah’s shoulder she stepped back to rest on the table.  Sarah grinned, her face shiny with girlcum, as She leaned in towards Melissa for a kiss.  The 2 swapped the flavours of Keeley’s ass and pussy for several seconds before breaking their kiss.
   “Ohh girls you were amazing” Keeley said, as the both turned to look at the camera.

   “Hope you enjoyed boys, we have some great videos coming up, so please stay subscribed” Melissa said.

   “Oh yeah, if you’re a fan of these puppies” Sarah said shaking her huge tits, “Then you definitely want to stick with us”

   Keeley stood up, and left the 2 ladies kissing again, and walked back out the door, “One final stop on the tour” she said, climbing the stairs, towards the first floor.

   Her pert ass jiggled as she hopped up the stairs eagerly heading for her next destination, she turned right and walked into a large bedroom.  Laying on the bed, naked was a muscular man, he looked up at her, “Is it time?” He asked.

   “Oh it sure is Hank” Keeley said.

   “Wanna see me fuck?” she said to the camera, “Oh I know it’s a silly question, of course you do!”

   She hopped up onto the bed between Hanks legs and gripped his dick, it was already getting hard at the thought of fucking Keeley.  She stroked his dick slowly, sucking the head as she moved up and down, hanks cock becoming rock hard in her grip.  She took hold of it and moved to straddled his waist, feeding the shaft up into her wet snatch.

   “Ohh fuck me baby, fuck me hard” she gasped.

   Hank held her hips and thrust up as Keeley churned her hips over him.  She felt his rock hard cock pounding her pussy, making those fabulous tits jiggle and bounce.  She moved her hands back to his thighs allowing for more vigorous bouncing as she really got into the fucking.

   “Ohh fucking do me baby, fucking pound me hard” Keeley gasped.

   Hanks thrust faster and faster, as she moved her hands on top of her head, lifting those amazing natural breasts up so they bounced in front of him.  Keeley was gasping and moaning as her soaking wet pussy was hammered by this hard cock.

   “Do it, fucking do it” she groaned.

   Arching her back fully now she leant right back until her head touched the bed, bent back like this the camera had a shot right down her body, between her breasts to her crotch, showing the hard cock slamming between her pussy lips.

   “Fuckk mee baby” Keeley screamed.

   She flipped up, hands on Hanks chest, slowly grinding away, as he pumped up and down.  Gasping for breath, she leant down and kissed him, before easing up from his shaft.  Moving around to face the camera on all fours, “Fuck me doggy baby” she groaned.

   Hank got behind her and eased into her cunt, dick pumping in and out as he held her hips.  Kelley looked at the camera smiling as her hole was fucked, loving very thrust of his shaft.  Her luscious boobs hung from her body, swinging back and forth in time with Hanks thrusts.  She groaned and gasped as he fucked her from behind, his crotch slapping hard against her ass as he built up pace.

   “Yeah, fucking do it, pump that pussy Hank!” she groaned, as he continued his relentless strokes.

   He moved one hand to her hair and tugged it back, her body bending athletically once more, this time Hank taking more control.  She fell forwards onto the bed, hands grabbing the edge, hips high as he slammed her pussy hard.  Lurching forwards Keeley was getting fucked good, and from the sounds, and expression on her face she was loving it.

   “Fuck me Hank, ooh fucking pound me, make me cum baby” she whined.

   Hips pumping faster, her twisted his hand in her long hair, and tugged a touch more, as the busty brunette got slammed good.  Her fingers twisted in the bed sheets as her climax started to bubble, she felt her crotch getting tight, that clench of orgasm approaching.

   “Yes, yes, oh Fuck YEAAAASSSS!! She cried, her body hitting the sweet spot.

   Her face screwed up in pleasure, eyes rolling as she came, Keeley howled in climax as Hank kept thrusting hard.  Her fingers clawed at the edges of the bed, he pulled even harder on her hair as she came forcefully for her second orgasm of the day.


   Her hips collapsed Hank falling ontop of her, dick deep inside that pussy as she squirmed and whined, the later moments of orgasm just leaving her body.  Laying there panting for a moment Hank released her hair, as she tried to compose herself.

   “Ohhh fuck, fuck did you enjoy that?” she said to the camera as it zoomed in on her flushed face, “Like watching me get fucked by a hard cock?”

   Easing out from her Pussy Hank sat up, Keeley rolled over on the bed, “Wanna see me get titfucked?” she teased.

   Hank sat across her chest, dick slapping both breasts before she squeezed them together so he could slide between them.  Her fingers locked over her cleavage, encasing his throbbing shaft in titty flesh.

   “Pump hard baby, I want you to paint my tit with your spunk” she teased.

   Hank groaned as his pussy slick cock drove back and forwards between her tits, Keeley crushing them over him as he thrust his hips. Balls rubbing across her chest her poked his cock faster and faster into that valley of pleasure that was between her boobs.

   “Cum baby, cum baby” she gasped head up watching him pump.

   Her tongue snaked out, flicking his dick as it popped up from between her tits, Hank held it there a second longer, the added stimulation bringing him closer to cumming.  Her big soft tits were the perfect fuckpillow for him, his balls getting so close to unloading.

   “You gonna cum?” Keeley asked feeling him twitch.

   “So close” Hank replied.

   Quickly he got up from her, stroking his dick fast, as she sat on the end of the bed camera zoomed in on her face and tits.  Hank groaned, the first jet of spunk shooting out and splattering the top of her chest, then the second her right boob.  Keeley yelped as the third and fourth hit her left breast, a good coating already building up.

   “Fucking Hell Yeah!” she said loudly encouraging Hank, as he stroked all the cum from his balls.

     He pumped another good couple of cum wads before finally spent he flicked the last couple of drops out.  Keeley reached up and sucked his dick between her lips, draining anything more she could before he sat back exhausted.

   “Ohh nice load!” she said, admiring her semen splattered rack.

   Keeley sat looking at the camera as she played with her tits, lifting a long strand up to her lips and sucking it in, she swallowed him down.  She rubbed some of the shiny spunk over her rock hard nipples, before lifting one breast up to her lips and sucking it clean.  She repeated with her other massive boob, licking and sucking all the cum from it, before grinning at the camera, opening her mouth to show her prize, then swallowing.

   “Fuck I love spunk!” she gasped, winking at the viewers.

   Keeley stood and left the bedroom, camera still following her back down the stairs and outside to the pool once more.  As she stepped out into the sunshine Melissa and Sarah were sat on sun loungers soaking up the heat, bodies glistening with oil, they sat up as Keeley came to join them.

   “Well, I hope you enjoyed joining me for my tour, and I hope you have some great ideas of what you would like to see.” Keeley said.

   “And the money to pay for them!” Melissa added.

   “Please send us a message with any requests for custom vids, or suggestions for who you would like to see” Sarah added.

   “Stay tuned we have a couple of very famous faces up next week, so please keep those rebills locked in for all the entertainment!” Keeley finished, as the Camera faded to black.
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Re: Glamour XXX (Cadeauxxx/CHLP Collaboration Series)
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These stories are fun
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