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Big Booty Bitches (NEW Chapters!)
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Big Booty Bitches Ch.1
Starring: Jennifer Lopez

Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Anal

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

Miami, Florida

Heavy bass boomed through the mega speakers of the luxurious nightclub while the neon lights traveled over the dark ceiling. 'Disco Fever' was one of the hottest clubs in South Beach at the moment, the grand re-opening a memorable club going back to the 1980's had come back on Friday and currently it was a Sunday night fast approaching the midnight hour but that was not stopping anyone in the club from having a good time. The dance floor was loaded with shaking their asses off and the bars were loaded with people ordering the next rounds of shots to guzzle down their throats. Upstairs to the luxurious club was another party going on behind the V.I.P. rooms involving the high profile clients of celebrities and people with power. It was there, that Tony Diaz sat himself as proud owner watching a small private party with some of his close friends. With his brother Steven next to him and assistant Maria, they laughed and clapped their hands at the most valuable friend of the evening.

"Shake that! Yeah!"

Standing in front of Tony was a voluptuous curvy body that quickly spun around with a glass of wine in her hand. Laughter filled the room as the body bent over in the tight black pants she wore that matched her little black shirt and hair curled up in a big pony tail. Her heels were audible stomping onto the floor but all eyes were centered on one thing only; that ass. The gigantic round size shook with thunder as it moved to a random beat to what the music was blaring from downstairs.

"I mean, just holy shit look at that thing."

"Bigger is always better, let me tell you that."

Laughter was shared through out the room as Steven got the last word replying to his brother. The curvy woman spun around with a smile over her gorgeous face and then she looked down over at Steven as she sipped down her wine but not before replying to that comment.

"Don't you know! You two never can get enough of it!"

Tony clapped his hands laughing at her. The woman standing before him was none other than Jennifer Lopez, a long time friend of his and a woman with an ass to die for. From the corner of the room stood Maria who was laughing as well at the whole situation. The young blonde girl looked over at the older woman and then spoke in her thick southern accent.

"Don't I recognize you from somewhere?"

Jennifer laughed. She didn't want to spoil the surprise of a possible younger fan not knowing who she was, only it was Steven across the small room that looked at her as if she had just stepped off a spaceship.

"Maria, that's Jennifer Lopez. Why wouldn't you recognize her?"

Tony clapped his hands and bust out laughing hard. Perhaps the alcohol was starting set in with him, but he couldn't help himself. Jennifer blushed, covering her face from laughing before the man of the hour spoke.

"Maria, you didn't know J-Lo was my good friend did you?"

"Um, no! I would have never guessed it! I just started working for your office a month ago!"

"Be easy on her Steven, be easy...this one hasn't gotten used to how we run business around here."

Jennifer sipped down her wine as Tony now turned his attention back to her.

"So, you like the club babe? It was nice having you here tonight with us."

"Oh yeah, I think it's amazing! But it's getting late about now and I better get back to my place for the evening."

Tony frowned a bit before giving a fake smile. He didn't want Jennifer to leave, not without him but that didn't stress his mind at least for now. She picked up her purse and stomped her heels to the door before turning around to face him one last time.

"Call me tomorrow, I might be up for some fun!"

Tony waved to her and his brother standing behind him did the same.

"Night Jennifer!"


"Goodnight boys!"

Her curvy figured left the room, swinging the private door shut behind her and now it was time to climb down the stairs and head for the back exit where she could get some privacy. Jennifer sighed to herself, it wasn't like her to leave a party like this when she was on vacation but as long as she had known Tony over the years she experienced his better parties in private within the quiet walls of his mega yacht. Soon Jennifer was to retire back home at her obscure Miami mansion home decked out on Star Island. It was her getaway place for a vacation. With a couple weeks all to herself with no planned filming or music work she seen Miami as a playground for her to have some wild fun since she knew her body aged better than any fine wine in the world.


The afternoon hours had struck across the clock but the hot sun had been up in the sky for far too long. Tony had only been awake for an hour back on his yacht appropriately named 'Love Boat' moored off the west side of Miami. He sat in his office within the yacht, going over a sheet of income spending for the month. The office was decorated in life achievements of the aging Colombian man. His 49th birthday was fast approaching around August and his light brown hair began to grey but nothing could stop him from living out like his youth. His body was still in amazing athletic shape and the man still had his life made as some kind of celebrity in the vacation paradise home.

How Tony made his money was something of a mystery. Rumors dating back to the mid 1990's was that he had family from the old cocaine cowboys days that funded a wealth with nightclubs all over Miami and the South Beach area. The only real concrete fact was that his father before him did run a number of disco clubs across the city before mentoring both sons into the business. Tony had his younger brother Steven more or less to thank for helping maintain the business to being a multi-millionaire and now soon to be reaching his middle ages of the 50's, the time would soon be dawning that little Junior would reach the age of 21 and undergo the mentoring that had now been passed down a generation of the family.

But all that was something not currently on his mind. The pictures on the wall of his office showed him with numerous famous celebrities partying it up, his true lifetime achievements. At the moment, he was thinking about a specific woman that had numerous photos with and who had he spent quite a lot of time with going back the last 15 years. It was time to give Jennifer a call since she had dropped in on his club the night before. All he could think about was all the great times they had on his yacht, most of it ending in complete nudity and messy rooms.

Maria knocked on the door to the office forcing Tony to press the buzzer door to invite his assistant in. She swayed her young hips walking over to his desk with a folder in her hand.

"These are the files you requested from the bank, got them for you."

"Thank you Maria, greatly appreciate it."

"Oh yeah, about that phone call you were wondering about the other day involving your special friend who's name starts with a K...no. She didn't call back."

"Really? Damn....Oh well, thanks again. Why don't you call the day off and go enjoy yourself?"

"Are you being real, señor? I'm kinda surprised since it's a Monday after all."

"You're young and worry yourself too much! Go relax and enjoy yourself! Take the rest of the day off, I want some privacy anyway."

Tony winked up at her young face and then Maria just laughed at him. She couldn't complain as well as she was paid and getting a break off seemed convenient at least to her end. She nodded up at him and now she took the offer.

"I'll call you tomorrow, enjoy the rest of your day señor"

"Oh I will sweetheart...oh I will."

It was only a minor setback that his ideal companion for the week wasn't returning his calls. Oh well, he knew she stayed busy anyway back in L.A. Why would he care when he could party it up with J Lo as he had done for years? Tony got up from his desk chair and grabbed his cellphone and went to scrolling through the unchecked messages. Low and behold, Jennifer had actually texted him early this morning. Great minds think alike between wonderful friends. He smiled to himself as he dialed in her number and made the call while walking out of his office and now taking a short walk through the yacht as he waited for her to pick up.


"Jennifer! It's me baby, how you doing?"

"Oh Tony, I just got out of the shower! How are you doing busy boy?"

"I'm doing wonderful baby, I just sent my assistant home and am all by myself on the yacht not counting the non-existent security team that watches over everything."

Jennifer laughed on the other end of the phone before responding.

"Oh, is that so? Hmmmm, I think I know what you're about to ask me."

"You do babe, lay it on me."

"You want me to come over and rock the boat?"

"Exactly, you read my mind babe!"

Once more she laughed over the phone into his ear. She had been waiting for this call since the morning. Just getting out of the shower he seemed to be right on time with it. Jennifer smirked on the other end of the line and replied.

"So, just me? A private party?"

A chuckle was heard through the phone and the man replied.

"Yes, just you and me baby."

"Perfect! Give me an hour. I want to find something good to wear and I'll give you the private dance I couldn't perform last night."

"Lovely, just lovely. See you soon Jennifer."

The two hung up their phones one after the other. With a big grin on Tony's face he was off to the private quarters of his boat to prepare, while Jennifer went to her closet and started to brew up ideas for what to wear. A private party back at the yacht was something she had done several times in the past. She couldn't deny that she had a liking for Tony after all these years. One hour to get ready and then she would drive the fancy jeep to the docks where she always knew his yacht was, but not before calling her bodyguard and security team to alert them to where she would be spending the day.


High heels clicked and clacked over the walkway of the private port as Jennifer made her way to the small bridge to the luxurious yacht that awaited her. A black jacket covered her body, while her brunette hair remained in a golden pony tail. She nodded at the big fat bodyguard who was at the gate. The man moved over and then those heels loudly echoed over the walkway leading her on board. Tony's yacht was massive, having a 20 man crew to run the boat at all times not counting his security team was a good testament to how costly the yacht itself was. Jennifer's curvy body was escorted through the upper deck and down into the owner's suite. Tony was buzzed by one of his security personnel that his friend had made it and behind a door the man himself awaited.

"Hello dear, glad you could make it."

"Hello again Tony!"

The two greeted each other again, Tony was wearing a white robe over his body showing that he had just gotten out of the shower himself to assemble himself for this meeting. Jennifer walked into the room that she had been on this massive boat several times in the past. The interior design had changed a bit over time, but the premise remained the same; one big leather chair in the middle of the room, the door in the back open and awaiting a bed, and big speakers for surround sound audio. Jennifer smirked as she looked over the room seeing that it had recently been remodeled with fancy gold pieces of lining around the room.

"You know, I remember the first time I ever danced for you in this room. It was back in...2002 I think?"

Tony walked towards his chair before spinning around and smirking as his big brown eyes looked into hers.

"You have a wonderful memory, 2002 it was! I have that in my diary."

"Oh yeah, back then you had a full head of beautiful brown hair, now you are graying a bit old boy."

Red flushed his cheeks and Tony blushed. Though he may have been 48 years old, there was no way to completely rid himself of little embarrassments like this. Jennifer giggled, the grey flakes in his head suit him at least for her, it gave him the proper 'salt and pepper' look she liked on a man around her own age. Quickly changing the subject, she looked about in the room for the stereo.

"So how about we get started for this dance, where is the stereo at for me to get some proper music?"

"As you wish, the stereo box is up there where it always is baby."

Tony lowered himself into the big white leather chair while Jennifer's heels boomed on the matching tile floor as she went up the steps and began to toy with the stereo sitting on the upper shelf. Her back was completely turned to him, the view gave him a bit of an outline of her voluptuous form. Music began to loudly boom through the speakers as Jennifer pressed her nail down on the button to scroll through the songs.

"I'm gonna go with something slow with a lot of bass in it, hope you don't mind that."

"I would never mind that, you gotta get comfortable with a song choice baby."

True words but she ignored the thought to answer him, scrolling through a number of the instrumental songs loudly playing through the speakers. They all had R&B and Hip Hop beats to them, something she could easily dance to. After scrolling through about 5 plays, Jennifer found an instrumental she liked. She took 20 seconds to listen to it as it started out slow and then had a faster tempo, the tune was reminiscent to the beat of her hit from last year 'Booty'. Jennifer smirked, as this gave her an idea with the outfit she had under.

"Ohhh, you like that tune baby?"

Loosening the jacket over her waist she began to drop it to the floor and reveal her body on the back side. Tony's eyes surveyed from the top of her shoulders narrowing down her back to that epic mega ass and strong column legs. Jennifer had decked herself out in a one piece black swimsuit that hugged her curves tightly in the swim wear outfit. Jennifer didn't turn around as she restarted the song over so she could get the slow beats down on path. Placing her hands onto her hips, she slowly turned to her left side to show the man her body on the side. As soon as those sharp beats came in, she took her hand back and began to slap her right ass cheek.

Smack. Smack. Smack. With his eyes glued on that titanic built ass, the ripple effect over her skin was something of legends to see up front. No matter how many times Tony had seen Jennifer's mega ass, this site always took his breath away.


The rhythm of the beats began to speed up and then Jennifer stomped her heels forward looking him in the eye. She had the face of a determined woman ready for some playful fun. He couldn't even muster words up to speak and she didn't care for he needed to sit back and enjoy the show. She quickly turned around and flexed her legs out, bouncing her thick mighty ass about. The booty shook and moved about before Jennifer brought her hands down over her legs just above her knees and then in a fixed position began to grind her hips and do the 'twerk' routine of bouncing her massive ass up and down in the tight outfit.

"Shake that, yeah! Shake that ass!"

Tony's eyes were glued right on the vastly round shape bottom. He could feel his erection already rising in his briefs under his robe, only a hint of where this was going to lead them. Jennifer continued to do the 'twerk' routine for a bit as the instrumental song became more fast paced and then she turned around facing him again. She shook her his and gave him a playful smirk before turning around and now she made the move of setting her monstrous shaped ass over his lap. The man gasped while Jennifer's hands went to the arm rests of his chair and her epic booty nestled over his lap.

"Maldito! This is heaven right here!"

A small laugh escaped her lips hearing him swear in Spanish. Though she couldn't see his face, she knew the pleasure he was feeling. Jennifer slowly moved to grind her hips down and could feel his cock growing between the crack of her huge booty. He placed his hands on her hips to force her to grind down harder on him while moaning out in a deep breath.

"You think this is heaven, Tony?"

"Oh yes, your ass can make a man feel like he is on top of the world."

Jennifer giggled, still grinding her hips down performing her slow lap dance. She had forgotten the pace of the music not caring anymore. Very soon all this was going to be lost anyway in the heat of their lustful experiences.

"I can take you to a better top, this is only the beginning."

"Yeah baby, you told me that before years ago. You thought I'd forget?"

"No goofy man, I know you never forget anything."

Softly, Jennifer lifted herself from his lap and bent over to give him one last clear view of her immense ass before it was time for some real play. She shook it slowly and then he brought his hand back and delivered a loud spank over her left cheek causing her to moan.

"Yeah, that's it Tony! Smack it again!"

Both hands clapped over her ass one over the other delivering loud spanks over both cheeks. Jennifer giggled at his rough hand play.

"One more time, harder!"

By request, Tony struck his hand back and smacked her left cheek as hard as he could. He watched it wobble a bit as he shook his hand out from the sting felt over his palm. Jennifer giggled louder now as moved forward and began to lower herself down on her knees.

"Naughty man!"

Tony was still shaking his hand out while Jennifer laughed once again. She turned herself around on her knees and faced him from the floor. Seeing him shaking his hand out was hilarious to her, she always knew she could tease him with some spanking.

"Did your hurt yourself playing with my ass like that?"

"No, I'm fine baby."

Looking up into his eyes, her left hand traveled up his leg while she used her right to dig within his robes and find his hard cock tucked in underwear he had on. Teasing him, she cradled his meat stick between her fingers forcing him to undo the small thread to his robe and pull it apart. Jennifer's eyes traveled up his hairy stomach and then with a smirk she moved her hand up at the elastic band to his underwear.

"Thanks for keeping those on, I always love to take them off."

"Yep, I remembered!"

"You always do!"

Laughter exchanged between the two and by the pulling of her fingers, Jennifer slid those briefs down freeing his cock from it's dungeon. Luckily he wasn't wearing shoes at all so all she had to do was pull those tighty whitey underwear off his legs and then twirl them over her finger tip before clumsily tossing them in a corner. Jennifer's hand traveled to his cock now, stroking it in her grasp.

"Mmmmm, you ready to really feel like you're in heaven naughty man?"

"Oh yeah baby, take me there!"

Slowly stroking his cock in her hand, she brings her free hand to play with his balls. Knowing Tony, there was a certain routine that Jennifer liked to indulge in before they really moved to the bedroom. He liked to always save her ass to be fucked last, so she would make sure she got to suck on that lovely cock of his first before he was to take her other holes. Feeling his dick grow harder from the touch of her hand, Jennifer leaned in now and looked in his eyes as she dropped her lips and let the head hit her tongue. She twirled her tongue around it keeping eye contact until finally she closed her lips and took it in.

"That's it baby, ohhhhh yeah."

From Tony's view his eyes went down to the beautiful Latin goddess as she began to bob her head up and down sucking his fat cock in her oral hole. Her hair had produced a long ponytail that was whipping about onto the upper back as her mouth bobbed up and down on the shaft. Slurping sounds were made from below the room as the music was starting to fade out. Jennifer came up from his cock, forcing a loud pop noise as a string of saliva dangled down. She breathed in before spitting on his rod and then using both hands to lube it in, while she looked back up at him.

"I always loved this cock baby."

Her eyes looked into his as she took her tongue and licked the underside of his fat rod. Jennifer then went down and opened her mouth and playfully began to suck on his balls. Loudly, she slurped and spit over his cum filled sack. Sucking on the left before mouthing his right ball between her jaws while her fingers remained wrapped around his big pole. Tony moaned and looked down at her with a smirk. His rod was positioned right over her forehead.

"Yeah baby, you always knew how to suck my rod better than most women in this city."

Only a compliment like that forced Jennifer to move from sucking his balls and to answer him. She looked up at him and smirked.

"Oh yeah? That's cause you got a real woman here today Tony, and we both may be older but we can still fuck better than most!"

The game was on now, she lowered her lips and fed his hard cock back between her jaws. While some strings of saliva dripped over his balls down onto the floor, Jennifer was too busy concentrating on this shaft. She plunged her mouth down sucking it harder and faster while her head began to bob up and down at a faster pace. She was going to do whatever it took with her mouth to force him to cum before they made it to the bedroom. Tony began to grunt  and grit his teeth which gave her the sign when she looked in his eyes. Slowing herself down, she moaned into the shaft sending vibrations into his body before slowly coming to the head and making another loud pop sound as she came off of it. Looking him in the eyes, she spoke as her hand went to stroking that cock fast and hard.


"Yes, baby?"

"I want you to cum in my mouth..."

"Oh yeah?"

Leaning down Jennifer spit on the cock before stroking it harder and yelling to him.

"Yes! That's what I want, cum in my mouth and then take me in the bedroom and fuck me!"

"You got it baby!"

His voice came out in a screech that gave her the warning that soon she was going to have him busting a hot load for her. Jennifer pushed her mouth back down on his cock, this time taking it as far as she could until she felt the head beating at the back of her throat. She knew his cock so well and it was just the right size that she could always take it completely down her throat. Still moving at that fast drive, Jennifer bobbed her head up and down sucking that stick down. Tony began to moan in a sobbing voice. She knew that she was pushing him over the edge now.

"Mierda! MIERDA! I'm gonna blow a nut soon baby!"

Just the call that she had been waiting for, Jennifer quickly came up from his saliva coated shaft, plopping it out of her mouth with a few strings of spit attached going back.

"Oh yeah!? I want it! Now! Cum in my mouth!"

"Here it is for you!"

Tony got up from his chair and brought his hand to his cock. She got the hint and stepped back a bit on her knees as he went to stroking his own shaft hard and fast. Jennifer had almost forgotten how he liked to always jack himself off into her mouth. She looked up at him opening her mouth to a wide hole  and sticking her tongue out begging for it.

"Say ahhhhhh baby!"

"Give it to me! Ahhhhhh!"

Heavy breathing and moaning from the man came to her ears while Jennifer's eyes were stuck on the head of his long pole. Seconds had went by but it paid off when Tony felt his cock stiff up and then a hard wad shot over her mouth so powerful that excess splashed over her upper lip and trailed across her left cheek. She laughed at the feeling of the warm seed over her face.

"Take it, take it, take it baby, ohhhh yeah!"

Spurt after spurt of his cum shot into her waiting hungry mouth creating a pool of his seed over her tongue. Tony panted and had to catch his breath for a bit but once it seemed he was done, Jennifer looked up at him opening her mouth wide to show him the white mess in her jaws. She closed her mouth and audibly gulped it down, swallowing his entire load. Her hands then went back to his cock and squeezed it for the final drops before licking it up. All that was left now was the string over her cheek which she collected with her finger as she went to get up from her knees.

"You know how I like to always get a taste before we get down to business back there."

A big smirk went across Tony's face as he watched her take her finger to her mouth with the collected cum and then suck it off. The smirk turned into a heavy laugh, Jennifer could be predictable but there was a sense of sexiness and humor with her that he did not get out of any other women that he shared a bed with.

"So, you ready for me to take you to the bedroom?"

Ignoring him at first to pull off a little tease, Jennifer moaned as she sucked off her finger nail and then nodded.

"Mmmmmm yes, you going to carry me like the last time?"

"Since you said it, I will happily oblige!"

Bringing his hands down, Tony went for her legs and then Jennifer squealed through a laugh as the man proved he still had muscles in those arms to pick up the big booty singer and carry her in his arms and through the narrow door to the bedroom. The private bedroom was made up of a white room with a bed of golden sheets and pillows, Tony dropped Jennifer right on the bed and she laughed as she felt onto the delightful bed. Sinking down over the mattress she looked up at him starring down at her on the edge of the bed.

"Come on, help me get this outfit off so we can finally both be in the nude!"

"I would never say no to that, sweet dear!"

Jennifer turned around on the bed and climbed on all floors. She used her right hand to begin unbuttoning the top of the outfit while holding herself with the other hand. Tony hovered both of his hands over that glorious ass before she moved to begin pushing the outfit down. He grabbed the loose ends and tugged it down until it came sliding down her strongly built legs and then he snatched it off, dangling her heels from it.

"Keep the heels on, don't touch them!"

Tony laughed at her, shaking his head as she began to turn around.

"I'd never take those heels off, look who you're talking to!"

She laughed with him as she pulled her naked form around on the bed before sinking back on her knees. Jennifer had an idea of how she wanted to play for now, softly patting a spot in the middle of the bed she looked up at him.

"Get on the bed, naughty man!"

Wasting no time, Tony complied with her order and climbed on the bed with her while Jennifer started to pat the middle of the golden sheets once more.

"Lay down flat for me."

"Oh yeah? You gonna get on top and fuck me, baby?"

Jennifer just nodded her head at him with a smirk. He knew how she liked to be in command when it came to her sweet wet hole. She had been leaking like a running faucet between that tight swimsuit. The man laid himself down on the bed flat while stroking his cock and then smirked.

"Is this good enough for you?"

She smirked big and nodded her head slowly.


With the approving charm spoken directly from her, it was time to charge of the vehicle in command. Jennifer moved herself as she moved her leg over and sank those heels into the golden sheets on the bed and began to lower herself down over Tony's body. She took a hold of his cock from him and began to slowly stroke it up and down. From his point of view he could see her body just begging to drop and that mighty ass hovering a shadow from about in the bright lit room. Softly and surely, the crown of his long rod hit the wet folds of her sweet loving cup and then Jennifer threw her head back and sank her body down taking his cock into her.

"Ohhhhh yes, you ready for some real action now dear Tony?"

Jennifer teased him, taking her hands and running them up to her hair. Now had finally come the time to get rid of that little ponytail locking her hair in place. She pulled the band out and let her hair run wild and free as she looked down and saw the smirk on the man's face. Tony nodded his head.

"Oh yes I am ready, let's go!"

"You said it!"

Placing her hands down on his hair chest, Jennifer began to thrust herself up and down on him. Grinding her body as his cock jammed in and out of the threshold to her loving hole. Tony watched her body bounce with her lovely titties shaking about as the woman took control and was riding him into this slow frenzy.

"Oh yeah, that's it! Gonna fuck you like we're both still 31!"


That comment was sure to bring a reaction out of him while she picked up the pace of thrusting herself up and down. Tony's hands ran up and playfully snagged at her bouncing breasts, smashing the palms of his hands over them as he also began to pump himself as his cock explored her tight hole. In and out, in and out Jennifer remained in control fucking him as hard as she could.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah, fuck me Jennifer! Just like that!"

No words came from her mouth, only loud moans as she closed her eyes and began to grind down on him harder. The bed squeaked a little, something of a trademark for a man that had such an expensive luxury yacht yet enjoyed having flimsy beds that squeaked and played as an instrument music for fucking. Between the sound of her thick ass slapping down on his balls and the bed squeaking, a perfect harmony was made of their moans and heavy breathing back and forth.

"You going to make me cum with your cock?"

"Oh yeah Jennifer baby!"

"Huh? You gonna cum with me too!"


Pound after pound Jennifer smashed into him. She knew her breaking point would be coming soon, running her hands up and down his hairy chest as she teased him slowing down. He was beginning to thrust into her right on pace with her which caused her to stop. She wanted to feel him thrust his cock into her and he didn't disappoint. Tony moved his hands over her hips and thrust wild and as hard as he could. Jennifer's body still shook as did her nice breasts as she threw her head back, waving her hair around and closed her eyes. Softly she cried out to him.

"Yes! Yes! HARDER! YES!"

"Oh yeah, you gonna-"


A sudden stop came from the halt in body movement. Both of them closed their eyes and cried out together, sweet ecstasy pouring on as their bodies tensed up and hit the climax. No words at the moment could break this sweet feeling of ecstasy between the two of them but soon it was time for a new position.

"Oh...oh yeah, that's how it's done baby!"

"Yeah, I know how to take care of a man like you. Mmmmmmmm, where's my kiss?"

Jennifer leaned down and placed a kiss on Tony's lips. Funny that this was the first kiss they shared today, she danced her tongue against his passionately for a few seconds before breaking it.

"You know how to really rock my boat, I can tell you that when you get on top!"

She cut out a laugh as she went to easing herself off of him, releasing his cock from her precious hole. Jennifer always knew how this man was, he saved what was considered her greatest asset to her body for last...that ass. Tony began to lean up on the bed now while she moved off and stomped those heels back on the floor.

"Well, I think you know what I want to do now baby. I saved all my strength today just for this."

Jennifer turned around to him with a smirk on her face as she went to fixing her hair to flow over her shoulders.

"Oh yeah, what's that naughty man? You gonna fuck my big ole booty? Pound that hard cock in my back door hole?"

All Tony did was smirk big and slowly nod. She had seen that face countless times over the years and she knew before she even set foot on the yacht today that she was in for a rough pounding back there. The least she could do was to tease him further about it, stepping her naked body around the bedroom chamber as he began to get up from the bed.

"Oh yeah, bend over against the bed and get ready. I'm going to fuck that ass so hard today."

Something Jennifer had no idea about Tony had planned days before he met her over the weekend to have some fun with another girl that also had a titanic built bottom. None other than the only woman of fame that could possibly rival Jennifer's own booty. All that was in the past tense of thought now as Tony had gotten off the bed and was standing in front of Jennifer's signature enormous ass. She bent over the bed resting her head over the golden sheets as she used both hands to pull apart those massive cheeks and reveal her dark hole.

"You know, I always have my mind blown every time I see this big wonderful ass."

"Oh, yeah...you always do make sure to compliment it endlessly."

A laugh escaped Jennifer's lips, from her shoulder she could see him making preparations. His hand gliding over his own cock still coated in the creamy juices of his own seed and hers mixed in wetness. His eyes remained fixated simply on that dark hole begging to be entered. He positioned his cock teasing over the folds of her cheeks and then Jennifer moaned.

"Mmmmmm, I'm ready! Unleash that beast of a naughty man."

"Right, you are."

She knew what awaited her mighty booty Tony always destroyed it and made her scream her lungs out. The man pushed the head of his cock towards the tight hole and then pushed it in slowly. A light gasp escaped her lips and then he slid the further inches in. She moved her hands back from her ass and pressed into the bed, now his own palms took car of spreading that wonderful butt apart while his cock began to slide deeper within her. Tony gave her some time as he had to get used to that ass again, even though he had fucked it so many times over the years.

A soft moan escaped her lips as she closed her eyes. He thrust deep within her powerful rear end and then came back up. Slowly was the way he wanted to go at first, again he pushed into her and now he moved his hands on her lower back. Jennifer opened her eyes looking over her shoulder at the slight hint of what was about to come.


In that instance from looking in her eyes and the teasing of her voice, Tony slammed down and now he began to thrash that powerful ass. Over and over he pumped into her tight hole as hard and as fast he could. Pound after pound her cheeks rippled with the feel of his skin pushing into it over and over. Jennifer gritted her teeth before crying out to him loudly.


Pound after pound after pound, the sound of his balls slapping against the bottom of her cheeks was muffled in the sounds of her roaring voice. He couldn't slow himself down, over and over pounding into that powerful ass. Was it the greatest ass in the world? One of them by a long mile, at least. Her hair shook about wildly as Jennifer closed her eyes and just screamed out to him to the point her voice crackled.


"Oh yeah, you always liked me to pound that beautiful rump huh?"


There was no stopping him at this pound. His hands pushed down on her lower back as Jennifer squeezed her knees together. Over and over his fat cock still pounded into that epic ass. In this fast pace frenzy he was sure to blow another load deep within her bowels but he wanted to change position at least once before that happened. Slamming back down into her one last time, Tony slowly came up from her releasing his cock from her titanic built bottom. Jennifer tried to catch her breath.

"You can still get off the bed and walk, eh?"

"Yeah....yeah, of course...of course!"

"Get up then, I want you up against the wall."

Striking his hand back, he smacked the right cheek of that beautiful juggernaut ass causing Jennifer to giggle a bit before climbing off the bed and stomping her heels back on the tiled floor. She straightened her out of her face once again, before moving to the wall as he commanded and spread her palms over it. Looking over her shoulder at him while she spread her monstrous amazing buttocks out for him.

"Like that?"

"Yeah baby, just like that!"

Once again he placed his hands up on the vast skin of those cheeks and split them. Jennifer caught her breathe again just before feeling that huge cock slip back into her sphincter and begin to throttle in and out once more. Jennifer cried out at the feeling of his cock stretching the hole of her ass while Tony sent himself back into ecstasy fucking it at full speed. Over and over his cock slammed in and out of her.

"Oh god! Yes! YES! FUCK MY ASS! DO IT!"

"Oh yeah, I'm fuckin' doing it baby! Cielo!"

This was his heaven, always a man that had a taste for bigger buns. Jennifer's hands began to slide a bit down the white painted wall before she reached them back up and pressed harder into it with her palms. Over and over she felt the thrashing from behind at such a fast speed that she was positive that soon he would be popping another load straight from those big balls of his. Suddenly he began to slow down and had to catch himself. Tony was a bit out of breath from the intensity he unleashed on her ass, preparing himself for the final push.

"Yeah it is baby! I'm gonna cum in this beautiful lovely ass, you ready for it?"

"Yes I am ready naughty...man! Cum in my big ass, unload those cojones into it!"

A laugh escaped his lips hearing her talk dirty to him in reference of his balls. This would be just the way to top off a wonderful day with legendary status for the diary. To have cum in all three of her holes, not that he hadn't accomplished such a feature in the past.

"Here goes baby, after one final push..."

Taking both his hands, he pulled them apart from her cheeks while easing his cock back. Together, he clapped his hands over her cheeks sinking his fingers down into the vast flesh before one last thrust and then he cried out in an ecstasy of pleasure as he felt his cock throb and shoot within.


"Oh god...mmmmm, yeah cum in my ass."

"Ohhhhhhh yes Jennifer baby, there you have it."

While Jennifer could feel the hot substance deep within her, Tony was a bit distracted and had worn himself slap out. Lucky for her, this body was a temple that was built to withstand such a thrashing on her rear end and still have the strength to carry on. The man moved back, freeing his cock of her tight hole as he had to step back and then sit on the bed. Jennifer now free of him, turned around laughing as she stood on her heels while catching her breath before falling onto the golden sheets of the bed with him.

"Well...that...that was a lot of fun baby, oh yes it was."

She laughed at him watching him turn to look down at her.

"Yeah, it always is with me huh? I knew after last night you were gonna call me down here."

"Damn right baby, but we needed a good time together anyway. Been a while, you know?"

"Yeah, well this certainly made up for it!"

Tony leaned down and placed a kiss on Jennifer's lips before she wrapped her arm around him and pulled him to lay on the bed with her for another kiss. They had lost track of time together, but regardless this was going to be a sleep in within the privacy of the yacht.



Time had moved on and went within the business days since Monday. Back to work, Tony found himself dealing with his night clubs as usual and working out parties. The pleasureful time spent with Jennifer on his yacht was now in the past at least for now. He was only aware that she was on a vacation at the moment, not sure of how long but whatever it was he would call and check on her when the weekend approached. At the moment it was a Thursday night and he was back at the newly renovated Disco Fever club smoking a cigar upstairs in his private room as he went over his notebook planner to check dates for when there had to be big business deals over his clubs.

There was nothing on the tab for next week it appeared. A free space as his brother Stephen wanted to come in and arrange a party for some of the younger generation of the Diaz family. Stephen's son and Tony's very own nephew was soon to be finishing football training camp down at the college in Coral Gables and a celebration party would be on schedule. With Stephen handling it, this gave Tony more space to relax and plan other ventures of pleasure.

Suddenly, his cell phone rang on the desk. The man set the cigar down in the ash tray and looked at the screen before smirking to himself and answering it to a lovely voice.

"Hey, it's me Kim. Sorry I didn't call you back a few days ago, had some stuff to take care of."

A big grin came over the man's face. At last, there she was. He had been waiting for this call for some time.

"That's OK baby, I know how business can be."

"Yeah, I had to do some stuff here in L.A. for the week but I figured I would call you since I'm going to be heading out to Miami next week for a modelling shoot with a magazine."

"Oh, you are? Think we can hook up?"

"This time around, for sure. Definitely. I hope you have room for me on your schedule. I'll be around by Monday."

"Next week I won't be busy at all, we will make arrangements for sure baby. Thanks Kim for calling me back!"

"No problem Tony, save the party for me. I'm going to text you later tonight before I go to bed, see you soon."

The phone clicked hanging up, what a surprise that had almost been forgotten about. For Kim's absence days ago, he had spent a day with Jennifer and now Tony got a brilliant idea in his old dirty mind. Scrolling through his phone, he had to call Jennifer herself now and see how long she was going to be in town. Sitting back in his chair he listened to the phone ring before that angel voice answered again.

"Hello! Tony, is that you?"

"Yes baby, it's me! Hey, how you been doing?"

"I'm doing just fine, isn't it a little late to be calling someone close to midnight?"

A chuckle was heard over the phone before he answered in a devious voice.

"Maybe...I needed to ask you something, how long are you going to be in town?"

"Oh, I'm here for another two weeks. It's my little mini vacation. I leave back to do some film work for a TV series after the month ends."

"Do you think, you can find time to party with me again next week?"

"I will find any time to party with you, naughty man! Listen to who you are talking to!"

Jennifer laughed on the other end of the phone and then the man smirked before replying.

"Alright baby, thank you. I'm going to call you back in a few days when I have time and see what we can plan. Sorry for calling so late."

"Don't apologize, I'll be looking forward to that call. Have a good night, Tony dear."

"Have a good one too Jennifer!"

The phones clicked hanging up and now the man sat back and grinned big as the plan in his mind was now set into gears moving across the track. Next week was going to be something of legends back at the yacht.

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Re: Big Booty Bitches
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Big Booty Bitches Ch.2
Starring: Vida Guerra

Codes: MF, MMF, Cons, Oral, Anal, Facial, Slut, Cougar

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

Miami, Florida

The lights beamed down consuming brightness in a contrast of neon colors over the black stage. As soon as the music came back on, the lights changed and blinked a clip of colors before fading off. For the first Friday night partying at Disco Fever, it wasn't like any other club in South Beach that had bright lights and loud music. The dance floor was filled with bodies shaking about while a DJ set at the turn table operating everything to control the crowd's intensity.All that was downstairs, upstairs was another story.

Steven was just leaving the office upstairs after hanging up the phone with a client of his across town. The younger brother of Tony Diaz, spent most of his time working the clubs they owned instead of lavishing in the wealthy lifestyle that came with it. None of this truly bothered him. While Tony got the spotlight and fancy image, Steven could shift back and work the angles from the corner regardless if it was legal or not.

As he was leaving the club taking the walk downstairs of the spiraling neon lit staircase, his white suit caught the eye of a woman in black. A short figure stood there with a smile on her face before shouting to him.

"Steven! Long time, no see!"

Upon looking over at that face, the man instantly recognized it. Steven smiled and opened his arms as the girl came rushing to give him a hug. It was none other than Vida Guerra, a long time old friend of his.

"It's been a while Vida, how have you been?"

"Just great! Came down to see the new club and have some fun."

Moving from the hug, Steven couldn't help but get lost in those big brown eyes of hers.

"Well, I was about to leave but I want to catch up with you. It's been a long time old friend, how is the modelling stuff going?"

"Oh, not so much into that anymore. I am doing fitness training and building my body up. That's the only photo shoots I do anymore."

"Ah I see, well, let's go upstairs and you can tell me all about that."

"I thought you were about to leave?"

Steven smiled at her nodding before responding.

"Not without you in my sights, come on beautiful one."

He offered his hand out to her and then Vida winked at him before taking it. Together, they walked back up the spiraling staircase and were heading to the V.I.P. rooms where Steven had his private office. He didn't expect to find himself going back to his office tonight but Vida was an old friend and he wanted to catch up with her and find out what had been going on in her life. The music began to take a short fade as they walked through the V.I.P. halls to the point her high heels were the only thing beating a loud bass sound. Unlocking the door back to his office, the man invited Vida in the door first before himself. She lit up in a smile.

"Thank you Steven, you didn't have to do this."

"Yes I did, I haven't got to see you in what, 5 years now? You walk into one of our clubs, and I gotta take some time to catch up with you."

Steven walked across his office to the little mini bar that he had set up by the window and then called out to her again.

"What you want, babe? I'll make you a drink on me."

"Oh that's fine Steven, I want some vodka straight up..."

"Straight up? Alright babe, you got it!"

While Steven opened the cabinet to fetch the glass and prepare her drink, Vida's eyes wandered and observed the office. It was much bigger than the one she remembered he had at the previous club from years ago. Several photos hanging on the wall of achievements, and a much larger and luxurious desk this time around. She smiled at the view, noticing one of the pictures hanging high on the wall was of Steven and his son at what looked like some kind of sports pep rally. She was curious about that photo.

"Is that your boy, Steven? He looks like he's grown by now."

"Yeah, that's little Jacob alright. Just turned 22 recently, he's at the college down south of town. He just made the practice team with the Canes."

"Oh my god! That's awesome Steven!"

With two glasses of vodka made, Steven turned his attention towards her and nodded with one of the glasses in his hand.

"Yeah, here's your drink babe."

Those high heels boomed over the floor as Vida slowly walked towards him looking him in the eye. Her black dress hugged every curve of her amazing body and those nicely shaped breasts teased his eye in the low cut of the dress. Once she stopped at the bar, she grabbed the drink and held it up to his glass so they could clank them together.

"Thank you Steven, always."

"Always babe."

The two drank down their glasses together slowly, savoring the taste of the expensive alcohol. Vida's eyes wandered again over the photos on the wall before speaking up when she seen one that had a birthday cake with a big 4-0 on it.

"Your 40th birthday?"

"Yeah, that was back in March actually, I just turned 40. I don't look it do I?"

Vida bust out laughing hard at him.

"Stop, I turned 42 recently! We still look terrific for our age! At least your hair didn't start to fade into grey like your brother!"

They both cracked a hard laugh at that one. Steven wasn't going to pass up any opportunity to make fun of his brother Tony in the trusty confines where he didn't have to worry about him hearing anything such as this.

"Yeah I guess you're right about that, old boy loves to brag though like it's something to be proud of."

"Oh please, I remember Tony about 10 years ago. He looked better with brown hair than all the grey in there now. He never uses hair dye, I told him about it several times."

"Well, that's Tony for you. Hard headed and all about his own pleasure."

Vida took another sip of her glass, draining it's entirety down her throat before setting it back down and smirking up at Steven. She thought to herself about his boy and figured up the age in her head.

"Oh my god, so Jacob is 22 now and you just turned 40. I had no idea you were a father at 18 years old."

Steven blushed before finishing off his drink and then replying.

"Yeah, well that was a long time ago now. It seems weird, seeing your boy grow up before your eyes before you're even 40. I give his mother Tara a lot of credit. Even though we're divorced now and that marriage never worked since we were so young when it all happened, I don't regret it. She deserves all the credit for raising him."

"See, that's what I always liked about you Steven. I liked you more than your brother, cause you are a man that works through the problems."

Vida's eyes studied Steven as he looked back at her from the other side of the little mini bar. She carried on.

"Tony just likes to fuck things up and leave the pieces on the floor, but you...you are a man that will fix things. I always liked that about you."

Their eyes met and Vida smirked again. Steven almost wanted to lean and place a kiss on those big lips of hers but he stopped himself. She knew his weakness as a man and the little brotherly rivalry that went on between the two Latin men.

"Tell me Vida, did you ever go on Tony's yacht years ago? No, scratch that. Don't tell me if you did. I don't want to know if he ever fucked you."

A laugh blew through her lips as she ran her hand through her darn brown hair and looked back in his eyes before shaking her head with a smile.

"Never. I would never subject myself to going on that fucking boat of his."

Vida turned her face from him now and stomped her heels forward through the office, giving Steven a view of the back of her dress. The low cut revealed her back and he could see that huge ass from behind curving the rear in her tight dress. Vida carried on talking.

"I almost partied with your brother on his yacht some years back. 10 years ago as of now, it was back in 2006. He had his chance, I was willing to dance for him too...but he had other plans that day."

Steven decided to play into this little memory lane detour of hers and speak up, encouraging her to spill out the beans.

"Oh yeah, like what?"

Vida stopped walking and the laughed to herself before seriously answering his question.

"Britney fucking Spears, that's what! Oh yeah, your brother had her on his yacht that day, what a surprise. He just forgot about me entirely that night, all he talked about on the phone was Britney and it was like he just won the lottery or something. He didn't want me anymore, he wanted that slut and he got her."

Steven frowned from behind the little mini bar. He knew exactly the incident that Vida was talking about, something that was of heavy legend within the Diaz family. All 10 years ago as of today and the multiple incidents with Britney on Tony's yacht was the stuff of dreams back in the day.

"Yeah I know what you're talking about babe, kinda hard to believe it was 10 years ago as of today. Man, time flies right by when you don't even notice."

Vida turned around to look at Steven as he started to walk back from the bar and approach her.

"Tell me Steven, is it true? Did you fuck that whore too?"

The man made his approach to Vida, walking up to her with a comforting touch as he hugged her into his arms. He shook his head at the question. Vida looked back in his eyes and answered him sternly.

"Honestly, did you?"

"No babe, no I did not."

Starring in his eyes, he smiled at her. Vida had her doubts about the whole situation, but she knew Steven better after all these years. She believed him, but had to further grill him on it just to make sure he was telling her the truth.

"Are you sure? Tony told me he was calling his brother that weekend so he could share her with you. He told me you both were going to fuck that slut together as brothers."

Steven smirked and laughed at her before shaking his head. A flashback went through his mind of seeing a blonde haired girl on her knees with both hands synchronizing to a cock in each hand as they began to blow and cum all over her face. More small flashbacks went through his brain of he and Tony both fucking her at the same time. It was true, and Steven lied to Vida directly to her face.

"I didn't do it. Tony called me that day, but I turned him down. From what I know, he called Ramón and he came to the boat that day and they both shared Britney."

Vida's eyes lit up as she responded.

"Oh my, Ramón...I should've known better. I once saw her at one of your old clubs with him around the same time. He even bragged like your brother, that she gave such an amazing lap dance."

Vida snickered as she closed her eyes. Steven laughed a little and hugged her, it was hilarious listening to the jealousy of this woman but it wasn't like him not to encourage her and carry on with his big lie that she had believed.

"Well, that was Britney some years ago. She surely went through the Diaz family for sure. Tony, Ramon, Carlos...all of them except for me."

"Except for you! That's cause you got fucking class Steven, like me!"

Vida leaned in and placed a kiss on her cheek and began to run her hands over his face and down his neck. Finally, he leaned in and locked lips with her. She moaned into his mouth and he squeezed her tight into his arms. As the kiss continued, Steven sprawled his hands down her black dress to find that juicy enormous ass and smack both palms into it. Vida broke the kiss with a laugh over his touch and spoke back to him.

"That is something I have missed from you right there, your touch!"

His mind was racing in many different directions. When she stepped back she could see his erection pointing straight up from his white pants. Vida grinned at the sight, while Steven moved to the desk and went to go finding something. She loosened the buttons on her dress to let her big epic breasts spill out a bit from the low cut top, and then he spoke up.

"Say what was that about dancing, Vida? You worried about some blonde singer, when you are the best dancer that money could never buy?"

She laughed at his comment and then he moved from the desk with something in his hand going to the door. The drinks from downstairs at the bar may have kicked in with the Vodka she drank with him, but Vida couldn't deny the lonely place she felt in her heart for recent months. Steven was a good man at least in her eyes, one of the few in Miami that she truly trusted to have a good time and keep it under the rug.

"Hey Steven, you fucked any girls in here yet?"

"Nope, not yet."

"Huh? You haven't taken some hot broad off the dance floor upstairs and fucked her over your desk or that little mini bar?"

That comment forced him to stop at the office door, and then turn to smirk at her holding his sign. He flashed the sign as it clearly read 'Do Not Disturb'. Vida was well aware of his dirty secrets, but Disco Fever was only a week old so there wasn't any women that had been unclothed in his office yet. A seductive smile went across her face when she seen that sign. Steven loved money more than his own life, but there was no pleasure greater than a beautiful woman. His true weakness in life was getting pussy and with Vida standing there back in his life for another day, there was no way he was turning this offer down. She grinned watching him open the door and slide that sign over the outside knob to give them total privacy. When he closed the door this time, the tables had been set for a naughty game.

"So what was that about how well I dance again, Steven?"

"Oh yeah, I was telling you that you dance better than anyone in the world, money can't buy that. Not even some millionaire blonde singer can do it as well as you can."

"That's right! Now sit down for me Steven, over there!"

Vanity was something Vida could never grow out of and Steven was pouring it on with the flattering compliments about her. He allowed her to boss him around for a bit, going and sitting in his big leather chair on the other side of the room with the little lounge area that included some standard metal chairs and a coffee table. Vida waited till he was sat down before she broke into her little striptease routine. Her mind had been all tangled up in past thoughts of other girls and how she felt above the rest of them. She unbuttoned the few buttons down her dress and then pulled the straps at the top to let it fall to the floor exposing her beautiful Cuban body in just a red bra and thong. She then stomped her heels forward to him in her strong legs and turned around and then slowly began to shake her ass at him.

Softly and slowly, she lowered that ass to his legs teasing him as it pushed into his knees a little as her hands went down below her knees and she bounced that thick phat ass to his view again. She couldn't help herself but brag.

"You see, the difference between me and those whores that your brother would rather fuck is, I don't need music to give a proper dance."

Vida turned around now, dropping her lip as she looked in his eyes. She placed her hand up on his shoulder and then she lowered herself onto his lap. Straddling her legs over the chair as she sat her beefy booty down onto his lap. Steven breathed in heavy and moaned with a big grin on his face. It was the grin of a winner, Vida smirked to him. Slowly grinding into him, he ran his hands up her bronze body, playing with one of her breasts in the bra. She got the hint for him and reached her hands back and undid the strings of her bra, letting it down onto his lap. With her big Cuban tits bouncing free, Steven instantly placed his hands onto them. Vida moaned out to him.

"Yes, that's it. Feel those titties. They are all yours tonight Steven!"

While his hands cupped and squeezed her greatly sized breasts, Vida gripped the back of the chair and went to leaning back over his lap. Her hair was like a waterfall sketch and thankfully with the weight of both their bodies, the chair didn't flip at all. From the view he could see her muscular toned stomach and that beautiful little devil tattoo that he always loved to see. She came back up, wildly swinging her hair as she continued to grind into him. Steven finally had enough of the teasing and placed a hand up in her hair to snatch her up and then kiss her lips hard. She had invoked a little rough play from him, just what she wanted. The model famous for her glorious ass moaned into his mouth before breaking the kiss.

"I think I am gonna keep you up all night."

"That's fine by me babe, do it!"

A soft giggle escaped her lips after he responded to her tempting comment. She could feel his meaty cock hard under her thick massive ass just dying for her attention. Vida then began to slide herself off his lap and go down to her knees while her hands crawled up his light colored pastel blue shirt under his white suit jacket.

"If I were you, I'd get my fucking clothes off right now Steven. You know how easy I can rip that expensive suit of yours?"

He smirked looking down at her. The only thing she wore on her body were the big black high heels, the red thong and a beautiful gold watch on her left wrist. He usually preferred a woman to undress him but Vida had a point, the memories of when she ripped apart his $500 dollar suits into shreds. He stood up and threw off his jacket and then went to slowly stripping for her. Vida watched him disrobe himself from the torso exposing his nicely built chest. While Tony thought he had an athletic aged body, it was Steven that was always in good shape from his weekly work out routine at the gym. From the little strip show she got, Vida decided to help him out with the pants. Luckily he wasn't wearing a belt so all she had to do was unbutton the top button and slide that zipper down. She pushed his pants down exposing himself only in his boxer briefs with his cock sticking straight up.

To have him fully naked and at full potential to fuck her the way she wanted, she had to kick off those expensive white matching loafer shoes he had on. Steven stepped out of his pants and then Vida shoved her hand over his briefs to feel his hard cock. She looked him in the eyes before sliding them down and freeing his hard rod for her use. Vida instantly wrapped her hand around the shaft and began stroking it. Steven sat back down in the little chair behind him while the Cuban beauty made her preparations for his cock to be taken in her mouth. She looked him back in the eyes for one final go.

"Tell me how much you would rather have a real woman like me, rather than some slutty girl off the dance floor."

"Enough to put a sign on my door to keep any unwanted visitors out tonight."

Always so serious about things, Vida had grown used to Steven's attitude from the past and he had not changed one bit. She ignored his significant attitude and parted her big lips to run her tongue over the head of his cock. The long shaft was greatly prepared just for her now, taking it into her mouth and closing her lips. Vida sucked the first few inches down slowly before coming up with a loud pop noise and then looking back up at him.

"I missed your fucking cock, I'm gonna enjoy this."

She laughed as she stroked it up and down fast with her hand. She used her free hand to cup his balls and now Steven sat back and watched the show. Outside the walls of this office, the subtle sound of the music downstairs could be heard but not louder than Vida slobbering all over his cock. She sucked it back between her puffy lips and began to bob her head up and down fast. Playing aggressive the way she sucked his cock early, she suddenly came up again popping her lips off the head.

"Oh yes, mmmmm."

Looking down at his cock, Vida hacks up and then spits all over it. She looked into Steven's eyes as she took both hands and stroked his cock together, rubbing her own saliva into it as if it was lube. He grinned watching her.

"You're a very nasty woman, Vida..."

"I thought you liked being dirty, Steven?"

Ignoring weather he would respond or not, she brought her mouth back down over his cock and began to suck it faster now, bobbing her head up and down at such a fast pace her hair was shaking wildly about. If she was trying to push him to get involved with aggression, Steven was happy to necessitate by bringing his hand down into her hair and snatching it up to push her down and take control of this oral pleasure she was giving him. He pushed her head all the way down until he seen her lips take his cock entirely. He felt the head jam at the back of her throat and her lips in the bush of hair down there. He held her there for a good minute, counting until he finally heard her choke and gag on it. Finally releasing her, he pulled her head from his cock, holding her hair as he finally answered her.

"Oh yes, I do like it nasty babe. And you? You like it rough don't you?"

A long rope of slimy saliva trained from her lower lip back to his pole. Vida looked in his eyes and responded first while he grabbed his slobber coated shaft to aim it up.

"Yeah I do."

Flicking her tongue back she spit hard on the shaft and then he grinned, still holding her by the hair. Vida spoke again.

"I thought you liked surprises too didn't you?"

Steven nodded to her and decided to play into her game. Her hands crawled up to her big breasts, playfully pulling them apart and pushing them up.

"Oh yeah, what kinda surprises?"

"Watch and see."

That was enough of an answer for him to let go of her hair. Vida immediately lifted up herself a bit and brought her parted chest up to squeeze her magnificent Cuban tits over his long cock. The man gasped and moaned while she prepared for a nice titty fuck session.

"Holy shit."

"Oh yeah, I knew you'd like my kinda surprises!"

Suddenly, she pushed her tits together with her hand and began to lift them up and down over his saliva coated cock. Steven reached over to push a lock of her hair over her shoulder so she could concentrate as her tits smashed together and began to fuck his nice cock.

"Yeah babe, god damn."

His mind was blown. Those big breasts moving up and down on his cock over and over. Vida leaned her head down and opened her mouth so each time the head of his dick popped up she flicked it with her tongue. Slowly pumping her boobs up and down until Steven seemed to have had enough of it and began to move up from the chair.

"Let me stand up babe, I want to fuck those big girls myself!"

"Sure, I'll let you baby. But only if you promise to give me a nice pearl necklace before you fuck me from behind."


It didn't take much to convince him. Vida let go of her tits and allowed his long cock bounce free before shifting back. The man stood up, and grabbed a hold of his rod and then she lifted her breasts back up and parted them in the middle. Steven slammed his cock back between them and then put his hand on her shoulder and began to pump between them. She moaned and pushed her breasts together to tease him.

"Yeah that's it, fuck my tits!"

The slight encouragement was enough to easily drive him into a frenzy. Steven placed both hands on her shoulders and began to pump hard and wildly between her tits. Her body began to shake as she had to push her tits together harder, almost losing her grip from the roughness he played but over and over his cock slid between the tunnel made of her big cleavage.

"Yeah, just like that! Fuck them hard, Steven!"

The man began to pump harder and faster. At the going rate, he was sure to blow his load all over her neck and those lovely breasts. Vida had sent him over the edge teasing today and he couldn't hold back any longer. He began to breathe in heavy knowing the time was ineviteble. Harder, faster he thrust his rod between those breasts and finally he screamed out to her.

"Fuck it! You better be ready, cause I'm gonna cum all over you!"

"Oh yeah! Do it! Give me that pearl necklace I asked for!"

With a few more thrusts between her tits, Steven came to a stop suddenly and grabbed hold of his cock and stroked it fast. Vida leaned up on her knees and held her tits out for him, teasing him further.

"Do it, cum all over these tits Steven!"

A few strokes and some heavy breathes set in before the explosion was under way. Vida closed her eyes at the feeling of a warm wad strike up her left tit. Another wave of cum went flying over her right breast coating it equally. She closed her eyes and moaned as Steven emptied his cock over her lovely breasts. She felt more of the cum strike her breasts until he seemed to be empty and stopped.

"Damn, that's what I'm talking about."

"Yeah, you asked for it babe."

She looked down at the mess he had made and smirked. Vida then grabbed his cock from him and squeezed the final drops of cum over her tongue to milk it. Steven had to catch his breath but it didn't matter, he was ready to go for round two very soon. His eyes wandered down to watch her use her hand to scoop up some of the cum from her tits and suck it dry, but he was impatient about really fucking her.

"Get up babe, come on."

Vida smiled up at him and decided to tease him. She knew Steven was strong with fucking and could go many rounds before he was finally tired but she couldn't help but tease a man after an orgasm like that was spent over her beautiful body.

"You ready again? Thought you needed some time to recover after that!?"

"Fuck no! I want to fuck you now, we're not done yet!"

She instantly got up from her knees stomping her high heels forward. Vida looked over her shoulder to make sure his desk was in view behind her and then she stomped those heels loudly into the floor stepping back as she teased him.

"Come fuck me over your desk!"

A sinister smile raised over his lips. Vida moved herself in front of his desk and looked down at the paper work. Not giving one fuck at all, she swiped her hand and knocked a bunch of the stuff over the floor before Steven could reach the desk and look over at her. As soon as he reached the desk, his hands went for the red thong pushing it down and exposing that dripping wet pussy that was begging for action. Vida planted her hands onto the desk behind her as Steven pushed in, guiding his cock to her lovely honey pot.

"Oh yes, come on and fuck me Steven!"

Her voice cooed in a seductive matter. Just as his rod slid into that juicy entrance, Vida brought her hands over his chest and moaned looking in his eyes. He placed his hands over her curvy hips and leaned in and kissed her passionately as he pushed his cock into her loving hole. She planted her heels right into the cheeks of his ass as he began to thrust into her now. Vida broke the kiss and then Steven grunted and spoke.

"Oh fuck yeah! You like getting fucked up that desk, huh!?"

"Yes! HARDER!"

Vida screamed to him and the desk created a commotion of rhythm beating. Her fat ass was planted right on top of it and despite being a luxurious piece it still shook and made racket. Over and over, his cock pumped into her loving pussy. She moved her heels, digging them further into his ass with scratches causing him to screech in pain and continue to pump into her eye harder. She stretched herself out on the desk and then he could see her breasts bouncing.

"Oh god! Yes! Fuck me! HARDER!"

No doubt the screams of her voice and the sound of their lustful event could probably be heard on the outside walls, but there was a reason that sign was hung on the door. Vida lost her grip on the desk and ended up falling her back on it, spreading her legs out wide as Steven just kept on hammering that sweet pussy over and over. His hands traveled over her strong stomach as he watched those big cum splattered breasts bouncing up and down with each thrust inside her.

"Oh yes, OH YES! YES! YES! FUCKKKKK!!!!"

Her voice screamed louder and with more pitch as she could feel her climax coming soon. Vida grit her teeth and threw her arms about on the desk, knocking more stuff onto the floor and causing louder racket but nothing was breaking the concentration that Steven had of pumping his hard cock into her tight hole. A growling voice yelled between her clenched teeth and then Steven felt her body begin to shake and tighten up. Vida squealed loudly as she hit her climax.

"Oh yeah, you are so fucking tight and-"


The warm feeling from inside her was something of a dream, but Steven still had some way to go before he came again. Vida felt almost exhausted but even she knew that he wasn't done with her. He pulled his cock from her pussy and looked down at her, the cum still on her tits that had ran down gleamed and shined from the light above. Stepping back, he took her hand to pull her up from the desk.

"Get up, turn around. Turn around babe and stick that ass up for me."

That was the Steven she knew, Vida caught her breath and laughed as he pulled her up. She knew that she wasn't leaving his office without getting a pounding on that thick beautiful ass of hers. It was what made her memorable as a model to begin with and she knew men would give anything for her ass. She turned around accordingly to his order and put her hands back on the desk, looking at the clean slate over it and the mess that was on the floor from all this fucking. A hard smack was felt on her right cheek causing her to moan and look over her shoulder.

"You always did fuck my ass anyway, I knew you would again."

Steven brought his hand down into her hair and lightly tugged it causing her to moan at his rough play before he whispered in his ear.

"You're damn right, it's the best ass I ever had."

His hands graced over the thick titanic built cheeks pulling them back, Vida hung her head down and closed her eyes as she knew what awaited her now. She felt the head of his hard meat stick pushing in and then gasped her breath as he eased his cock onto into her tight powerful ass. A soft laughter escaped her lips as she began to tease him.

"Yeah, that big ass huh? You enjoy it, yeah?"

Suddenly, Steven brought his hand back and smacked her left cheek hard before he began to slowly thrust into her and then answer her.

"Damn fucking right, I do!"

"Oh yeah, mmmmm, that's it big boy, fuck that ass!"

Her comments caused him to want to play rougher, smacking her ass again as he brought one hand on her lower back and began to pump into her mighty booty while the other hand snatched up her hair and pulled it. Vida moaned and then laughed as she pushed her hands harder onto his desk.

"Oh yeah, that's it! That's it! HARDER STEVEN!"

Over and over, he pounded his long rod into her epic booty. Steven just held her hair there in position as he continued to pound that massive ass at a fast pace, pushing harder by her request. Though soon he knew that she was going to force him blow another load since this was the second round of thrusting he was doing with no break between.

"Oh yeah, that's it, you gonna cum in my fucking ass Steven? Let my big fucking ass get you to explode again?"

That filthy, dirty language of hers was enough to send him overboard. Vida always knew how to push men with her language, one of her secret weapons in fucking. Heavy breathing escaped Steven's lips but he couldn't hold back anymore. He thrust himself between that lovely ass a couple more times before pulling out slowly and then quickly stroking his cock. His hand moved from her hair down to her back.

"Here goes, you better be ready babe!"

"Ohhhhh, you gonna drench my fucking back Steven? You already loaded down my tits, so you gonna dirty me up on both sides?"

"Might as well."

While stroking his cock, Steven got a better idea in hand. He moved his rod back between the folds of her amazing booty and pressed them together, while his eyes looked down at his cock smashed in the middle of those buns like a hotdog. Vida felt it from behind and giggled a bit. She raised one of her arms and held her chin, as she just let him finish himself off with this kinky little side show. Steven pushed his cock up one last time and then he exploded squirting a hard wave of cum right up her back.

"Ohhhh, sweet God...ohhh yeah babe."

"Ohhhhh nasty man!"

Steven breathed in harder as Vida was still laughing as the final wads were shooting of his drained cock. His cum made a pool up her back and began to slide down the small middle of her back, almost like a stream of water flowing down a creek. They both were exhausted and now time was coming back as Steven began to remember the place they were and where they were. He stepped back from Vida and caught his breathe while he moved his naked body to begin collecting the clothes on the floor. As for her, she was a mess with the cum smeared over her tits and now flowing down her back.

"I gotta get cleaned up and get dressed and then I might as well go home. I had a lot of fun though."

"Yeah babe, me too. It's always fun with you."

Vida moved from the desk, stomping her heels as she looked around for a towel. On the floor was a mess of all his desk papers and other things that had been moved to the floor. Steven seen her searching about and then walked over to the mini bar and took a towel.

"Awww thanks Steven, I was just looking for that."

"No wait, I'm gonna clean you up. I'll do your back first."

A smile graced her face as she looked at him and then nodded her head.

"Yeah that's a good move right there, clean up your messes!"

The two of them laughed together as Steven moved the towel to collect the cum smears off her back. Soon they both would have to get dressed and call it a night. The cherry had been popped for Steven's office by none other than a woman of gold standards.

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Re: Big Booty Bitches
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The time spent back at the club was something that brought back memories to Vida. It was wonderful to see Steven again and catch up on old times while making new impressions on one another. She had went across town and heard about his son Jacob, the up coming football star at the local college. There was something on her mind that she couldn't shake after hearing the family secrets of that blonde haired pop singer and how Steven said she "went through" the Diaz family between Tony and cousins Carlos and Ramón but not him. Weather Steven was lying or not, Vida truly believed his word. From him, there was another young man of the up and coming age of the family that she knew had been untouched by the excessive lifestyle.

Steven had told Vida about the party that was planned at the club for Jacob to celebrate his success making the football team as a starter. The boy played the position of safety on defense and had been a high ranked local recruit to the college. The pictures of him showed him as a handsome young man in terrific shape and with a face that looked like that of his fathers but with short cute black hair. Vida had other ideas in mind besides this club party for young Jacob.

It was a Monday afternoon while the party was waiting tomorrow evening. He was of legal age to drink and from Steven's own admission to her, the father expected his son to get shit-faced drunk since he had been hearing about the stories of the parties from the college. The ideas Vida had in mind were about to come to a spark as she made her way to a local bar that she had been told Jacob would be at. She got the tip from a friend across town that worked security for the Diaz family at their club. Dressed in a white outfit with white pants and a white jacket with only one button that pulled over her big breasts that tucked them together with a bra in between, she stomped her heels into the bar and strutted her ass as she walked in.

The bar was empty for an afternoon, why a young college football star was spending his time at this place was an odd one. Vida observed through her eyes and spotted young Jacob at a table all by himself with a handheld video game up to his face pressing the buttons. He wore a typical white T-shirt and stonewashed jeans, a casual look. Vida slowly walked towards him and smiled as she looked down at him.

"Hello, are you Jacob Diaz?"

The young boy looked up at her with his blue eyes, his face was like a younger variation of his fathers apart from the different eye color.

"Who the fuck are you?"

Such hostility in that tone and choice of words, Vida just gave him a fake smile and replied in a sweet voice.

"My name is Vida, I'm a friend of your fathers."

The young man looked back down at the handheld video game and began smashing the buttons.

"Oh look, I ain't him. You can find him across town, now get lost."

"Such a temper you have, let me further address you better Jacob."

Vida sat herself down on the opposite end of the table and then the boy got aggravating puffing out an audible sigh as he turned the handheld game off and looked back at her.

"What do you want?"

Dropping her lip, Vida gave him a seductive little smile and then spoke in a sweet voice. Her cleavage exposed from the white jacket giving him just enough of a view of the fun he could be having soon enough.

"Well, put it this way. I owe your father, have known him for a long time. He asked me to treat you for a change. Says that he thinks all those college sluts you been fucking might be ruining you and that you need a real woman for a change."

Vida grinned after she finished speaking. The young man looked back at her and chuckled before looking away and then back at her. Was she fucking serious? He thought to himself, it wasn't unlike something of his father to do, as it had been done before. Jacob looked back at her and replied.

"You are joking right? How do I know you are really sent her by my old man?"

"Well, my name is Vida Guerra. I'm a famous model that's been around before, and I have the tattoos as proof that I am who I say I am."

"You know...I think I saw you before with my dad at a club back when I was young. I don't know, been some time. But if you for real, I ain't gonna say no to your offer. Take you back to my apartment and you can prove it to me."

"That's just what I was sent here to do, hun."

The two smiled at each other. 'College boys are so easy, but a jock is even better' Vida thought to herself. He was young, and just dumb enough to think with his dick so fast that she didn't even have to try to convince him to take her. Fresh young meat for her sexual adventures, this was going to be a lot of fun.



Time had slipped on by with the clock on this hot afternoon across town. True to the words of the deal, Jacob took the voluptuous curvy woman back to his apartment near campus. Vida and Jacob had shared a few drinks between kisses and now he was home alone ready for her to do her 'job' she had to do. The young man sat on the bed as he watched her go into a strip routine, unbuttoning the one little button that held her jacket together and then throwing it off. A big dumb grin came across his face as Vida then undid the button of her matching white pants and slipped them on down and stepped her heels out of them revealing her body in nothing more than a white thong and bra matching the white high heels. She looked at him like he was a hungry prey as she placed her hand on her stomach.

"Ready for some fun?"

"Fuck yeah I am!"

Just like his father with a reply like that, Vida smirked as she leaned him down and he fell on the bed with her on top. She pressed her body into him before placing a kiss on his lips and then began to trail her hands down his stomach. Once she lowered herself to his pants, she looked in his eyes and dropped her lip as she began to unbutton the top of his pants where the bulge of his mighty young cock was just begging for her attention. Suddenly a loud commotion was heard and the door behind her swung open to a young man.

"Yo Jacob dude, DUDE!!!"

The young man had no idea he had walked in to a romp taking place. As his eyes seen Vida from behind with that enormous Latin ass his eyes nearly bulged out of his head as his jaw dropped. The boy had a bag of chips in his hand which he immediately dropped to the floor. This was the greatest ass he ever seen in his life.

"Fuck man, I'm in the middle of something!"

Jacob responded as Vida turned around to see the friend. He was of Caucasian decent and dressed in a pastel blue shirt with khaki shorts. The muscular body build with tattoos up his arms and curly brown hair told her this must have been one of Jacob's team mates, more jock cock to handle.

"No wait, who is he hun!?"

The boy looked in her eyes and replied with a smirk on his face.

"My name is Fred, and who are you? God damn, that fucking ass is incredible."

She laughed before responding to him as Jacob rolled his eyes. Little did she know that this had occurred before between the two.

"Vida, that's my name."

"Well Vida, you're fucking hot let me tell you that. Dude! This chick right here has the best fucking ass I have ever seen in my life, I gotta get a hold of that."

Jacob rolled his eyes. He knew what this meant, little could she know what he and his friend Fred did on their off time. Typical jocks that usually were fucking hot broads late at night after practices. They had picked up a number of girls and fucked them together, as a team. Vida looked back at Fred and then at Jacob, and figured to roll the dice of dangerous lust. Fred was already starring at her from behind, she shrugged and responded.

"I think I can handle you both if that's what you want to do."

Fred's eyes nearly bust out of his head and his mouth dropped. it was like he just won the lottery, if only he had any idea who she was and the fact she was at least 20 years older than the both of them. In his mind, Jacob had found this woman some how and brought her to the apartment to be shared with him. This one would be worth memories past all the slutty coeds they had been fucking together.

"Dude I am so in! Let's nail this big ass, hot bitch!"

The die had been cast and now it was on. Vida wasn't going to even try to talk her way out of this. Threesomes were not something she typically did, but how much she craved younger men from time to time, she was positive that she could handle them. Her body was strongly built and even though these were athletic jocks she knew she could take the pounding from both ends. She got up off of Jacob and then stood up in her heels to give Fred some attention, she kissed the young man on the lips and went to unbuckling the belt to his khaki shorts. Meanwhile, Jacob got up off the bed and began to undress.

Vida's hand had slid into Fred's pants to fondle his cock around. When she broke the kiss and opened her eyes, the feeling of a hand on her shoulder caught her attention and she turned to see Jacob naked standing before her. She turned her attention to him now and locked lips kissing while Fred finished undressing himself. Breaking the kiss, she turned to the other young man and seen they both were naked so she put both hands on their cocks and began to stroke them simultaneously as she lowered herself down to her knees.

"Been a while since I had two young men with their hard cocks in my hands."

Down on her knees, Vida stroked them together; Fred in her left hand, Jacob in her right. They both were relatively around the same size, only difference being that Fred's was more pink looking while Jacob was a little darker. Opening her mouth she turned to her right and decided to give Jacob's rod the first go with her mouth. Flicking the head with her tongue, she opened her mouth and enveloped her puffy lips around it. While she began to suck on it, her hand still stroked Fred's cock.

"Yeah, I can tell by looking at her that she has to suck dick like a fucking pro. This body is built to be fucked."

It was Fred running his mouth like a typical college jock spoiled from all the sex they had been having. Vida didn't let dirty talk move her from the concentration she was having of sucking one young cock between her lips. Bobbing her head up and down on it for a bit, she came up with a loud popping noise and then moved her attention to Fred's rod. First she spit on it and then she wrapped her around Jacob's cock and began to stroke him while she sucked on his friends. Bobbing her head up and down on it, sucking at a slow pace. Fred put his hands down into her hair to push her head down on it further, and then Jacob laughed.

"Yeah make her take your cock man, she can handle it."

Jacob was sure from looking at her that she could take some aggression, Vida sucked Fred's rod down over and over bobbing her head until he let go of the back of her hair. It was time to go back to the other cock for equal attention. She came up with some sticky saliva strings dangling and then spit on Jacob's rod before sucking it back between her lips.

"Yeah I was right dude, she knows how to suck our fucking dicks."

Fred bragged again as he watched the Cuban goddess stroke his fat cock while devouring his friends. Over and over, she slobbered all over that pole before coming up for air and alternating to the other one. Spitting on it as usual, and then wrapping her lips around it while her free hand stroked the other young cock. She started to get faster with her sucking and then alternated again, lodging Jacob's pole back between her lips and Fred's in her hands.

"Dude, I don't think she can choose which one tastes better."

"Oh,  this is only the beginning buddy."

Vida could have laughed at them joking about how well she handled the two of them with her sucking skills. She paid it no attention though at first, bobbing her head up and down as loud sucking noises came from below mixed with the young men moaning out loud. Finally she had enough and came up with another pop noise off Jacob's cock as she looked up and both of them and pushed their rods over her cheeks to tease.

"You two boys enjoying this?"

"Fuck yeah I am."

Jacob winked down at her after replying and then Fred nodded.

"Yeah, you are one nasty fucking bitch down there."

She laughed at him, stroking their cocks in unison.

"You're both nasty boys!"

"Yeah, you wanna get fucked up the ass Vida, huh? Ever since I walked in and seen that ass, I gotta have it."

"Oh yeah? I think I'm ready for it!"

Vida took their cocks now and placed a kiss on the head of them both; Fred's first, Jacob's second. Since this was originally a prize for Jacob, she figured she would save her pussy for him first, but his friend was going to make sure he got her ass first and she would be happy to oblige. Jacob spoke up as he knew they were about to switch positions, they had done this with girls many times before to the point he was experienced.

"Let's get a new position, Vida you ready for this? I'm gonna let Fred fuck you from behind while I take you up front, you ready?"

She nodded her head smiling as she climbed up from her knees.

"Yes! I said I could take you both on!"

Turning to look at Fred, Vida gives him the nod and orders him.

"Get behind me, and you both can lift me up and both fuck me."

"Smart broad, you know how we like to take a girl together!"

A small laugh was shared between the two young men. Jacob stood in front of her and waited for Fred to come behind her. Vida turned over her shoulder and on cue, the two men placed their hands over her body and lifted her up. Fred gripped both cheeks of her ass and spread it as he lifted her, while Vida spread her legs to wrap around Jacob's body, his hands planted over her hips. Looking him in the eyes, she could feel Fred from behind easing his cock toward her tight hole. Vida used her hand to grab Jacob's long shaft from below and guide it towards her pussy. Once he was in position she brought her hands up to his shoulders and looked him in the eyes to give him a wink. The two jock mates thrust and penetrated her holes with their young cocks.

"Ohhhh yeah! Get 'em in there and fuck me!"

Both of them thrust into her in unison. Vida closed her eyes and moaned in pure ecstasy as she felt Fred's fat cock drive into her thick huge ass and Jacob pumping his own meat into her pussy. She moaned louder in pure ecstasy as the two young boys began to push and thrust, fucking her in the middle of them. Her breasts began to shake and rub up against Jacob's ripped chest.

"Oh god yeah, this IS the best ass of my life!"

"She's fucking tight, I tell you that!"

"Yes! Yes! YES! FUCK ME!!!"

Her moans turned into loud screams as both of the young men double penetrated Vida with their jock cocks. Pound after pound, they rocked her body sandwiched between the two of them. Pumping that immense ass and her lovely pussy. Vida threw her head back moaning out loudly while she dug her nails into Jacob's shoulders.

"Dude, I need a break before I cum too soon!"

It was Fred's voice speaking up. Vida heard him and laughed to herself while Jacob moaned. The poor boy needed a break before he blew his load too soon. Jacob knew what he meant, as they always had a messy ending with their threesome romps. With one final thrust into her pussy he responded to his friend.

"Yeah man I hear you, come on Vida we'll set you back down."

The two of them stopped completely and moved to set her back down, after their cocks had exited her tight holes. Those big heels stomped loudly over the wooden floor of their apartment room. Fred moved to sit down on the bed and now Jacob ran his hand into her brunette hair and grabbed her before winking and speaking to her in a sinister laugh.

"You can get down on your fucking knees and suck on my cock again."

"Oh yeah, you gonna fuck my face then, dirty boy?"

"Since you asked for it, I fucking am!"

Vida lowered herself down to her knees but Jacob refused to let go of the back of her head. Starring at his cock again, she parted those big puffy lips and then he pushed her head down, forcing her mouth to engulf his cock. He began to buck his hips hard, and Vida stood there taking his cock thrusting into her mouth fucking it at a wild pace.

"Yeah, you like that!?"


Her mouth echoed an assorted rhythm of sucking sounds as Jacob fucked her mouth accordingly. He didn't stop at all, bucking his hips wildly into her as Fred sat on the bed stroking his own meat slowly and watching his friend fuck the beautiful model's face. The young man certainly lived up to the aggression that his father made a trademark in fucking. After a good bit of bucking his hips, Jacob pushed her all the way down to shove his cock as far as it could go down her throat. He held her there until he heard her gag and choke on it, her eyes watered up and streams of drool ran out the corners of her mouth. Finally, he released her from his grip and let the busty woman come up for air. Vida caught her breath as long strings of saliva went back from her lips to his cock and a flood of spit dripped down from her chin to her big breasts.

"Oh yeah, you fucking liked that Vida?"

Catching her breath, she looked up at the boy and laughed.

"Mmmmm yeah I did, you remind me of your father."

Fred heard that comment and busted out laughing, while Jacob rolled his eyes. He knew the jokes that they were going to make in the future but now that Fred knew that his old man had a taste of this woman in the past, Jacob would be a bit embarrassed in discussion. Nevertheless, Fred had gotten up and was ready for another round.

"Dude, you ready to double fuck this hot bitch again?"

Jacob nodded at his friend and the only silence in the room was quietly reminding Vida to prepare for another sandwiching. One double penetration between their jock cocks wasn't enough, they always shared both holes back and forth and wore a girl slap out but Vida nothing like the college sluts they had been fucking. She could handle and more to go with it. She stood back up and fixed her hair behind her shoulders. Her tits were gleaming in the spit that had flowed past her mouth, while her eye liner got a little smudged from her watered up eyes.

"Here's your nasty boy, you sexy one."

Standing in front of her was Fred with a sinister grin on his face. If these two weren't typical frat boys they were the average jocks that got around. Both Fred and Jacob put their hands back on her to pick her up. Like before but in reverse, Jacob's hands were sunk into the vast flesh of her enormous ass while Fred picked her up from her hips. She spread her legs and wrapped them around Jacob's body while both of them used a hand to grab their cocks and begin guiding them into her holes. Vida closed her eyes before she felt the penetration of both her epic booty and that sweet dripping pussy. Placing her hands on the young man's chest she grit her teeth before screaming out like a banshee.


"Yeah take it Vida!, TAKE OUR FUCKING COCKS!"

Jacob screamed out at her from behind, echoing in her ear loudly. She opened her eyes to see Fred's curled up face as both of them were pounding their young jock cocks into her over and over. She could feel her breaking point coming soon for her pussy, Fred's rod pumping into her hole harder and faster while Jacob was fucking her ass just as face as he had thrust her face moments ago. Her nails scratched down Fred's chest causing him to scream out in pleasureful pain as her body tightened up and her legs shook a bit.


Her voice screamed at a high pitch, wailing like a banshee to echo throughout the upper floors of the apartment complex as she hit her orgasm cumming hard all over the jock's hard dick deep within her. Her climax didn't stop them from still pounding and thrusting rods within her holes but Jacob knew that he was coming close to blowing, causing him to slow down and call out to his friend.

"Hey man, let's take it easy. I know I'm about ready to blow, you?"

Fred nodded his head up at Jacob with Vida looking at him and then over her shoulder.

"Yeah, let's set her back down. You can load her down first, I need another break."

The two boys lowered Vida back down to her heels on the floor, letting their jock cocks escape the grasp of her holes. Heavy breathing was exchanged for all three of them as Fred stepped back and then Jacob too charge by moving in front of her and snapping his fingers and pointing down to the floor, the young man retained control.

"Down on your fucking knees babe, come on."

Vida obeyed his order accordingly, dropping down to her knees as she couldn't help but hear the resemblance in that tone and sound of his voice echoing back of his father. Jacob approached her holding his cock before ordering her again.

"Those titties, fuck me with those things."

"As you wish, you nasty boy!"

His request reminded her of none other than his father. She smirked at him upon the request and grabbed a hold of her nicely sized breasts and pulled them apart. Jacob moved to push his cock between them and then Vida smashed them together and began to quickly move up and down, pumping his rod between her beauties. All the while, Fred stood there off to the side stroking himself slowly as he watched her titty fuck his friend.

"Oh yeah, you like that nasty boy? My big tits fucking your cock?"

"Fuck yeah I do, I'm gonna fucking cum all over those big tits."

"Mmmmm, just like your father."

Once again Vida made a comment relating the father and the son. it was just a few days ago that his old man had unloaded over her breasts, she should have known the son was just as much a tit lover as the father. Over and over, she pumped her big breasts up and down fucking his cock. She leaned down and watched the head poke up each time she thrust down, taking her tongue and swiping the head each chance she got. After a good bit of time, Jacob brought his hand back and grabbed his pole to pull from her tits. Vida got the hint and held her tits up for him as she gritted her teeth and teased him with her filthy language.

"Yeah, you going to cum for me Jacob? Going to cum all over my big breasts?"

The boy said nothing, all he did was stroke his long jock cock as his hand came down to her shoulder to hold her there and get a good aim. Off to the side his friend stood stroking his own meat but Vida kept her attention on Jacob, locking eye contact.

"Cum on me, give it to me."

He gritted his teeth and jacked himself as fast as he could and finally that hard work paid off as he groaned and shot a wave of cum onto her.


"Mmmmmmmmmm, yeah."

Vida closed her eyes from the first feeling, the initial shot was so powerful it struck up her chin and lower lip in a thick wad of his seed, more wads of cum flew over her neck and dripped down giving her a nice pearly necklace, more of his cum splashed over both her breasts equally coating them down in his white spunk. As the power of his loads began to die down, he squeezed his cock hard for the final drops to drain over her left nipple. Vida grinned at the mess he made, quite similar to the load she received from Steven the other day. Like father, like son.

"Damn that was fucking hot, made you into a fucking mess."

She giggled at the young man's comment and replied.

"Yep, you sure did!"

"My turn, finish me off."

It was Fred's turn now to empty his balls on her. Since Jacob had finished with her breasts and made a sticky mess there, Fred knew what he wanted to paint into a nasty picture. He stepped forward and she opened her mouth right on time as his hand went down into her hair and he forced her lips over his fat dick for one last go. Vida sucked his meat stick, bobbing her head up and down for a good bit until he had enough of it and pulled at her hair. She slid her lips up to the base and made a loud pop sound to come off of it. She looked up to meet eyes with the jock and tease him by talking dirty to him, while his hand began to stroke his cock.

"You going to cum on me too now? Make a big mess of me?"

"Oh yeah, you have no fucking idea how messy I'm about to make you."

She brought her hand up to his balls and playfully began to rub as she gritted her teeth and barked more naughty words to him. He held her hair and continued to stroke his cock, so close to the awaiting explosion.

"Oh yeah, really? You going to, OH!"

In that instance, Fred's cock exploded and a hot wave shot up the left cheek of Vida's face under her eye. The cum was so thick, a piece of it dropped down onto her tits. She closed her eyes and moaned as he shot another thick wave on her right cheek this time drenching her eye and catching above her eyebrow. Another wave followed striking her forehead and dripping down over her nose, more cum splashed on her right cheek until he began to lose steam and just finished by squirting the last bit over her tits. Her face and tits were a mess in the cum from both of their jock cocks.

"God...damn. Wow, you two made sure to get me good!"

"You asked for it babe."

"Yeah, you fucking took it though like a champion."

Jacob bragged first and then Fred chimed in. She wouldn't lie that had enjoyed this, all of it. The young men had proven to be beyond expectations with traits of the father within Jacob's spirit. Vida swiped her finger up to catch the cum that splashed in her right eyelid, so she could reopen her eyes and look at both of them standing there and starring down as if she was a masterpiece painting on display. For the last time she wrapped her hands on those big jock cocks and gave them admiration. First Jacob's, she moved it to her lips and kissed the head. Moving over to Fred's rod, she kissed it and looked up into his eyes before gazing over at them both.

"That was a lot of fun. Boys, you fucked a real woman today like men."



The summer heat carried on, business as usual through town. History had been made in the minds of a father and son with the last name Diaz, along with another young man and a woman. Vida had disappeared into the shadows of her private life as she always did, happy to counter the point that she 'went through' a part of the family. Jacob had his big party at Disco Fever with family, sure enough as his father predicted he was drunk off his ass and surrounded by a harem of strippers along with his other college jock teammates. That was all last week by now and it was a fresh week of practice on campus and relaxing back at the apartment.

Jacob didn't have the nerve to tell his old man about Vida. He believed her though, that she was a 'gift' that day for him. Just as Vida believed a lie that Steven told her to her face, so goes the story. The one person who couldn't keep their mouth shut though was Fred who made mental notes in his mind about the references of 'just like your father' from Vida. As of a Monday night, the two young men sat in their apartment relaxing. Jacob was sitting in a chair having a beer, while Fred was sprawled over the couch snacking on junk food while they watched some cheesy 80's low budget film. Fred's mind was elsewhere tonight as he chuckled and spoke.

"Dude, your dad must be the best dad ever in the world."

"What the fuck, what you talking about!?"

Fred laughed again.

"You know, that woman you had over here last week. The one wearing white and had that fucking huge ass. She was fucking amazing, better than any other slut we've had so far this summer."

Jacob rolled his eyes before replying.

"What's that have to do with my old man?"

"Oh you think I'm just gonna forget that? She said it, you were like your old man, ha ha!"

"Man, fuck you..."

Fred laughed again, seeing as he could irritate his friend with teasing over this. Jacob had blushed red across the room. He and his father didn't always have the best of relationships but whatever the case was with Vida, he wasn't going to deny the fun he shared.

"OK fine man, I'll tell you. She used to date my old man...some years ago, she is around 40 something."

From that comment Fred dropped his jaw and replied.

"Holy shit, she didn't look that old. Whatever, best ass I ever seen. Yeah like I was saying, your old man is the best dad ever. To let us have some fun with that chick. I mean, who else gets that lucky in this town?"

Jacob rolled his eyes and shrugged as now his friend was going to brag and go in circles with talking about how great his father must be. Whatever the case, neither of them and Vida could deny the fun that was had. All etched in the back of their brains as wonderful memories.

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Re: Big Booty Bitches
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Big Booty Bitches Ch.3
Starring: Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez

Codes: MFF, Cons, Oral, Anal

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

Miami, Florida

The screen of the phone looked back into a digital reflection as a hand held it back and snapped the photo of someone's self. A 'selfie' as it was called, the curvy woman smirked looking back at the photo of herself pleased with the results. Kim loved to take photos of herself, even if it was on the set of a photo shoot such as what was the current moment. The phone was already glued back to her face as she rushed to post the photo on one of her many social media accounts. Across the room, an older woman on the designer set rolled her eyes and sighed.

"Social life in the modern age is such a drag, I tell you."

A man sat next to her who she spoke the cynical words to, all he did was shake his head to the older woman. The focus was of Kim Kardashian standing right before them posting on social media about her photo shoot already. She had come to Miami for this fancy shoot for a big magazine which was an instant easy pay day for anyone in her royalty. Across town however, there was someone else that was expecting her for a little business fun.


Cigar smoke filled the room of the office. Tony sat at his desk, leaning back in the chair and rotating it around a bit as he listened to one of his club managers over the speaker phone barking about an incident involving some loose change that was disappearing from funds. It was small money in the hundreds but was still a problem in the eyes of Tony. Regardless if he was a millionaire or not, he wanted every penny.

"You keep me updated if you find whoever this fucking nuisance is to our funds. I want you to double your eyes on watching the money that goes upstairs."

"Will do, I'll try my best to find out who's behind this and watch everyone at the bar."

"You don't try amigo, you just fucking do your job. No trying, do it."

"OK Mr. Diaz, I'll talk to you later."

The speaker phone clicked hanging up and then Tony sighed while muttering to himself. 'Fucking useless idiotas, pay them to fuck my money like that.' It was a Tuesday afternoon, he didn't feel like spending all day stressing over a couple hundred missing from a club. On schedule today was supposed to be a very special day if all went well. He was expecting Kim to call him, as they had planned this last week and he was well aware of her presence in town. Now he had to check on Jennifer to make sure that she could make it back to the yacht.

Taking his cell phone, he stepped out of the office of his yacht and speed dialed the woman listed as J-Lo on his phone. Walking out of the lower deck to the mansion onto the back end of the boat as he looked up into the sky seeing the darkening clouds while listening to the phone ring.

"Hello, Tony is that you?"

"Yes Jennifer darling, it sure is!"

"Hey! Been expecting to you call, what's going on with you?"

"Business comes first baby, but I'm free for the rest of the day if you're up for any fun."

"Hmmmmm...maybe Tony, will it involve me dancing again?"

"Not this time, got a surprise for you if all goes well."

"I love surprises, can I come over in the next 2 hours?"

"Yeah that would be great, my guards will escort you through to my cabin."

"Oh, like they haven't done that before! OK Tony, been waiting for you to call to have some fun again, I'll see you soon!"

Jennifer hung up the phone, as she gave him the hint of joy within her voice. Now Tony had to get in contact with Kim who he had talked to previously the other night. They had planned for a get together dinner and a private party on the yacht but if Jennifer was truly coming this would make quite a surprise to create the stuff that dreams were made of. It had been a couple years anyway since Tony had last received a taste of Kim, gone were the days when she would party it up and shake her famous ass in his clubs.

The man scrolled through his phone once again searching for her name to hit on speed dial as he retreated within the lower deck of his yacht. Before he could find her now however, the phone began to ring and in a strange coincidence it was Kim herself. Tony answered the phone.

"Hey Kim!"

"Hi Tony, what's going on? We're still up for some fun today, right?"

"Yeah, I got a surprise for you within the next 2 hours if you can wait."

"Wait? I'm on my way right now. Just got done with a photo shoot and still wearing fresh makeup. Got all dolled up for you on the set today."

"Well, I got a surprise but it has to wait 2 hours."

"Whatever. How about I come now and sit and wait it out? I'm hungry anyway, we can have some late lunch on the yacht."

"I guess that can work, I'll be expecting you then."

"Good, I should be arriving in about 10 minutes. Bye Tony!"

The phone died with a click and now the older man sighed. He was hoping Kim could have waited for Jennifer to get here to reveal the surprise he had been planning and hoping for. Not everything always worked out to perfection on schedule, but hope was not entirely lost yet.


Soft music played through the boom box stereo as Jennifer prepared herself for another adventure on Tony's yacht. What they had done there for the years had become something of the norm but it didn't bother her at all. One of the few men she could always enjoy a good romp with and come back for more. Right about now she was in her dressing room preparing a proper outfit. What was the sense in dressing up fancy anyway, when it was certain that her clothes would come off? Jennifer smirked as she thought to herself and decided to go with a 'less is more' approach of just a simple two piece white bikini. Something tight enough to make her signature ass bulk out and then some white flip flops over her feet with intentions of going barefoot.

She still had an hour before making the drive to the yacht but she figured she could arrive early to kill off time. He had a surprise after all, Jennifer couldn't wait to find out what exactly that was.



"Mmmmmm, I had forgotten how well your chef makes slushie drinks."

That voice was none other than Kim Kardashian herself sitting across the small patio table on the lower deck of the yacht outside. The clouds had swept over the sky on what appeared to become a rainy day but sunshine was still there. Tony sat across from her marveling her beauty in a small black one piece outfit with her massive cleavage bulking out. Her jet black hair was fixed up in a pony tail and her feet had platform high heels on. The outfit she had previously worn from the photo shoot only a couple hours earlier in the day. Tony sat back watching her drink the cherry flavored slushie that she requested.

"So baby, you shooting a new season of your reality show?"


Ignoring him, her eyes were focused on the large glass goblet as she slurped the cold substance up into her jaws almost fast enough to give her a brain freeze. Tony continued on rambling.

"So does Kanye know you're out here with me today?"

A soft chuckle escaped his lips and he gripped as Kim looked up at him and just smirked.

"He knows not to get involved with my personal fun life, just as I stay out of his."

"Oh I see..."

Tony laughed again. He couldn't help but poke fun at the fact of a married woman choosing to spend time with him over their husband. It didn't matter if they were swingers or not, it still was hilarious in his view.

"Why did you ask me that, hmmm? Planning on sharing me with another man this evening?"

"Fuck no! I just think it's incredible that a woman as powerful as you can keep someone in line like that."

Outside from the distance was the sound of flip flops coming up the small extended bridge from the port to the yacht. The security guards had been alerted to wait for two women today and now the second one was making her arrival on the boat. Jennifer felt confident though somewhat nervous at whatever surprise Tony had up his sleeve. The last time he had a surprise for her was a younger male to share her with but that was some years ago on her 40th birthday. Slowly, she was escorted around the back through the deck and to the opposite end of the yacht as she stepped out to see a woman with black hair up in a pony tail from behind and Tony sitting there having a drink with her at a small table. The man smiled when he looked up to see her.

"Jennifer! There you are!"

Kim immediately looked over her head and then smiled as she recognized the face. Was this the surprise he had in mind? Jennifer Lopez? Kim gave that typical fake smile of a greeting while she thought to herself. Jennifer on the other hand was a little confused before Tony spoke up.

"So ladies, this was my surprise meeting. I've dreamed about this for ages getting the two of you to meet on my yacht."

Jennifer was a little confused while Kim just laughed and looked back at him.

"Tony, I've met Jennifer Lopez before."

"And I've met Kim before a number of times, silly man!"

"Indeed you both have, but have you shared the bedroom before, sexy ladies? Ever had a man as deserving as me, squeezed in the middle of the two greatest asses in the world, eh?"

Always such arrogance from Tony, the older man felt he had earned it with his success in life. The two ladies looked at each other for a minute and then back at him. Kim spoke up.

"So this was your plan all along? You want us both to fuck you? What do you say Jennifer, how about we give him something to put him down for the day?"

Jennifer laughed nodding at Kim and then looked over at Tony.

"Yeah, let's do it."

"You hear that, Tony? When we're done with you today, you aren't going to be able to walk straight!"

No words could describe that smile on his face to hearing those words. The plan had succeeded. Tony got up from the table and now stepped forward as Kim came to his left and Jennifer came to his right side. Both of them looking up into his eyes as Jennifer now spoke.

"How about you go ahead and go in the bedroom and we'll follow you."

"That sounds fair to me."

Stepping forward, Tony made the walk inside the deck as the sound of high heels and flip flops playing rhythm could be heard behind him. He led the ladies through the lower deck until they reached the main cabins where his master bedroom was deep within the yacht, far away from all eyes to see. No one was going to disturb them within these walls. Turning around to them, he sat on the large king sized bed, rustling through the golden sheets. Jennifer made the first move of kicking off her flip flops to go barefoot while Kim went down to her knees to begin undressing him. Jennifer would undress him from the torso.

"You have no idea what you're in for this time, Tony. This won't be like that time back in L.A."

Kim spoke and then Jennifer followed on.

"Of all the surprises, i thought you had me some younger guy, didn't know I would be getting help to work you over!"

Jennifer's hands tugged at the buttons on his shirt while Kim had already knocked his shoes off and was now unbuckling his belt and beginning to slide his pants and underwear down. The women kept their clothes on figuring to undress their man first. Tony threw his arms up so his shirt would slip off and then he felt the cool air breezing as his pants came sliding down from below. Within a couple of seconds, he was essentially in the nude for them. Kim gripped her hand around his cock while Jennifer climbed on the bed on her knees and leaned over him kissing his cheek and watching Kim down below.

"Oh my god, he's already fucking hard. Jennifer, you're gonna have to wait cause I'm getting first taste!"

"Oh that's fine Kim, go right on ahead while I tease him some more!"

Tony didn't say a word between the two women teasing him. Jennifer pressed her hands over his shoulders while he viewed his eyes down below to see Kim and her hand jerking his shaft up and down. The big diamond ring on her finger shined bright enough to blind him a bit as she opened her mouth and licked the head of his meat pole before sliding it between her puffy cock sucking lips. She moaned over the shaft while Jennifer loosened the strings holding her bikini top together and let it fall down. She gripped Tony's face and pulled him to the left side to smother him with her tits while the sound of sucking could be heard between his legs.

"Ohhhh, you like that Tony?"

Jennifer couldn't help but tease him a little more. Kim was bobbing her head up and down on the shaft while he was licking at Jennifer's tits. He moved his head back and looked down at Kim who was exercising her skills of deep throat action. He had almost forgotten how well she could suck his fat dick. Kim came up popping the head off her lips with a loud pop sound.

"If I don't have to share down here..."

Kim flicked her tongue and spit on his dick before finishing her sentence.

"Then I'm just gonna enjoy this fat fucking cock."

"Knock yourself out with it, girl! Make him cum before we take our clothes off!"

Tony's eyes nearly rolled back in his head at them talking back and forth at each other. It was now a mission for Kim to make him hit the first orgasm today with her mouth. Jennifer leaned over and kissed his lips, locking their lips together while Kim enveloped her mouth back around his cock and slid it back down her throat. Jennifer quickly broke the kiss after a couple seconds.

"Not fair for you to be the one getting all the oral pleasure, Tony! I want some action!"

"Then get that fucking thong off!"

Jennifer climbed up on the bed now and moved over Tony. It was a dangerous situation but if she were to fall she'd fall forward over him which was more likely than falling backwards. Tony used his hands and slid down the white bikini thong piece exposing her shaved sweet pussy soaking wet for action. She leaned up so he could slide his tongue in the opening all the while Kim was devouring his cock below. Jennifer placed her hands up in Tony's hair to guide his mouth to her pussy. She threw her head back, letting her brown hair wave around as she cried out.

"Mmmmmm, that's it! Eat it Tony!"

Kim was alerted to Jennifer's voice, coming up from his cock with a loud pop noise. When she looked up she was blinded by Jennifer's enormous titanic-built ass. Kim laughed at the sight.

"Damn, that ass is fine Jennifer! Cannot wait to push mine up against it!"

"Ohhhhhhhh yeah girl! Push him over the edge, he's gonna have to make me cum too!"

No words were needed as Kim realized she had complete control already of his orgasm. Tony had his tongue buried within Jennifer's lovely mound, slithering it forward and back like a snake. Jennifer leaned up and pushed his back on the bed so her body fell over him while his face was essentially buried to her pussy. This gave Kim better advantage with his cock sticking straight up to devour it once more, sucking her puffy lips over it.

"Oh god yes, make me cum Tony!"

Jennifer's words cried out to him as his tongue was working in a frantic pace. She stretched her body up to grab one of the golden pillows and sink her nails into it. The man was in a vortex of pleasure; eating Jennifer's pussy and receiving the blowjob of a lifetime from none other than Kim Kardashian. This was what he had dreamed of happening to him just a week ago when he plotted this lustful event.


The voice of Jennifer screaming into the pillow in front of her. The only other sound coming in the room was Kim between his legs sucking his cock as if it were a peppermint stick. Jennifer was so close and the fact of the matter was, Kim had already pushed Tony to his breaking point. She tasted his pre-cum and knew that his time was coming short.


Jennifer cried out in an ecstasy of pleasure just as Tony felt his cock swell up and explode into the oral hole of Kim's lovely body. His mouth was flooded in Jennifer's juices, just as Kim's jaws had received it's waiting award of sweet sticky substance. While Jennifer remained stretched out over Tony's face, Kim came up from his cock and licked it slowly before squeezing it to milk out the final drops of cum over her tongue. Jennifer slowly pulled her body and rolled over on the bed freeing the man from her grasp. Tony cried out in pleasure, swallowing her pussy juices.

"You two ladies know how to take me down!"

"There's more where that came from!"

Kim winked at him from down below as Jennifer turned to look in his eyes with a smile over her face of pure lust. She was the only one that wasn't fully naked at this point anymore, something that would soon have to be fixed. Tony smirked down at her.

"Alright ladies, we need a new position. Get off the bed Jennifer and Kim you get naked!"

"You're telling me to get naked, Tony?"

"Yes! I want to see that huge ass of yours pushed up against Jennifer's!"

"Whatever you say!"

Jennifer got up from the bed just as he had requested and now Kim raised herself from her knees and placed her hands on the bed to tease the man with an ample view of her massive cleavage still tucked in her little black outfit. Tony smirked and started to get up from the bed himself. There was a specific position he wanted them so he could look at their gigantic asses up against one another.

"Both of you turn around and put your hands on bed to stick those asses up!"

"Hold on big boy, I haven't even got my clothes off yet!"

It was Kim's voice in protest, teasing him as she winked and went to pulling at her outfit to let it fall to the floor and stomp her heels out of it. Those massive breasts looked amazing, as did her wet pussy dripping below. She was the only one who had not hit an orgasm yet so early in the day but that soon would change. Jennifer moved over to the front of the bed with Jennifer and as his request, they put their hands down over the bed and pushed their asses out for him. Tony moved behind them so he could witness the beautiful sight of what he considered the two greatest famous asses in the world pushed up against one another.

"Mierda, I am the luckiest man in the world to see this!"

"Oh yeah you are Tony, huh? My ass up against Kim's, quite a sight, huh?"

"She said it! What are you gonna do, kiss them?"


Kim's joke had brought a new meaning to the term of 'kiss my ass'. Tony had stretched his arms out to place his palms up against their cheeks respectively; Kim to the left and Jennifer to the right. Sure enough, with her words he leaned right down and pressed a soft kiss over Kim's right buttocks cheek and then moved over to Jennifer's. Kim bust out laughing.

"Oh my god! You didn't just do that!"

Next it was Jennifer busting out laughing at Tony's playful gesture. As much fun as he was in the bedroom sometimes he was too much of a goof ball. Both ladies couldn't believe their eyes sometimes and now the man was running his hands over both asses to tease them both while he spoke.

"So you too ladies ready?"

"Ready for what?"

Kim spoke up.

"Ready to get fucked. I'm gonna fuck both of you."

"Well, how are you gonna do that Tony?"

Jennifer was curious.

"I'm gonna take turns that's how."

"Mmmmm, well I'm ready for you to fuck me, already. I'm the only one that hasn't got to scream yet today."

"Soon you will!"

Kim wanted him first and he would be happy to oblige. Stepping over to the left side he placed his hands over those glorious famous ass cheeks to spread them and then rub his hard rod towards her sweet sticky hole. Kim's pussy already had been dripping wet from when she slobbered all over his cock moments ago. He pushed the shaft to her entrance and then slipped in.

"Ohhhh yes, this pussy always felt so amazing!"

"Get it Tony, fuck me!"

The talk only made Jennifer anticipate him more as she had to sit there and watch her friend get slammed in front of her. Tony took his time at first, thrusting his rod into Kim's sweet honey hole. Each time he pumped into her and their skin met from the thrusts, it was like watching ripples of wave flow over her enormous ass that managed nice and firm. Tony took his time pounding into her for a bit before pulling out and now he had to give Jennifer a turn. She squealed as she heard his feet on the floor and could see his shadow over the bed.

"Oh my turn next, Papi?"

"Yes indeed!"

Slowly, he positioned himself and slid his cock into her warm wet hole. Jennifer moaned as she felt him enter and then he began to slowly pump into her. Kim sat there watching him just as Jennifer had watched seconds earlier. Tony raised his hand back and smacked Jennifer's huge ass on the left cheek. Giving that pussy some thorough pumping with his cock for a bit before it was time to switch back over to Kim. He let his rod slither on out and then snapped his fingers.

"Back to you Kim!"

"Oh my god, Jennifer...he can't make his mind up between us!"

Maybe that comment was true, they both laughed. With two gorgeous women right here bent over the bed like this, Tony wanted to try and give them both a proper fucking but wasn't sure if that was possible the more he thought of. He made his way back to the left and slid his rod back into Kim's waiting wet hole. A moan gasped through her voice as he began to rock steady, fucking her back and forth with his cock pumping her juicy tight hole. Kim didn't want him to stop, she hadn't had an orgasm yet today and she was going to make sure that changed. When it came time for him to alternate back to Jennifer, however his mind had wandered to another place. He just had to fuck Kim's beautiful enormous ass.

"Ladies vamos, I gotta take Kim's ass right fucking now!"

"I want to cum Tony, you and Jennifer both have already, but not me!"

"Oh I have an idea!"

It was Jennifer that spoke up as she turned to look over her shoulder at Tony.

"I'll eat her while you fuck up the ass, how's that Kim?"

"Mmmm, that's rather kinky Jennifer. I'm all for it, I better get up on the bed and we get a new position."

"Yes! Move up on the bed, both of you!"

Jennifer was the first to climb up on the bed, crawling forward before rolling on her back while Kim climbed up and towered over the older woman. Luckily for Tony, the roof of his master cabin to the yacht was high enough so he would not be close to hitting the ceiling with the top of his head. Kim bent over on all fours to expose her glorious, huge ass to his view. Jennifer leaned herself up so her mouth could plant itself upward into her wet pussy. Kim looked down as she could see Jennifer's legs below her as she bit her lower lip. Tony on the other hand, was starring right at her titanic sized ass just as his hands pulled those cheeks apart and he went to inching the head of his meat pole right into the dark hole.

"Oh god, you two are going to fuck me crazy!"

"Indeed I am baby!"

"Oh Kim, you are dripping wet down here!"

Kim didn't respond to Jennifer's comment. all she could do was gasp for breathe as she felt Tony's cock slide into her tight dark hole. At the same time, Jennifer's tongue slid past the pink inviting lips of her pussy and now the ride was on as Tony thrust his rod deep into Kim's bowels. She loved anal, how could she not with an ass as powerful as that?

"Ohhhhhhhh, that's it! Yeah! Fuck my big phat ass, Tony! Fuck it! Mmmmmm Lick me too Jennifer, more!"

The curvy, voluptuous body of Kim had been caught in a heavenly ecstasy of pleasure. Soon Tony was pounding hard into her ass with each thrust, ramming her the way any man would dream to take that ass. All the while, Jennifer's mouth lapped up and sucked into Kim's loving hole. The woman moaned out screaming in pleasure.


Each time Tony rammed his cock into that huge ass, his balls slapped up against her creating a little friction of noise. Her pony tail beat against her upper back, the only thing that prevented her hair from waving about wildly. Jennifer had a hard time at first eating Kim's pussy out with the way Tony was ramming her ass but she managed by pulling herself up, all the while Kim's big tits were bouncing wildly from under. Kim screamed as she dug her nails into the golden sheets of the bed.


As much as she didn't want this pleasure to end taking it from both her holes down below Kim knew that she wouldn't be able to hold on much longer. Tony was pounding her ass over and over and it seemed that Jennifer worked her tongue faster in between her pussy lips. Kim couldn't take it anymore, she cried out loud as her climax was at last fulfilled. Kim wailed like a banshee to the feeling.


A sudden force came gushing between Kim's legs and Jennifer felt the warm substance coat her mouth and run down her chin. She moved just in time for Kim's pussy explosion to squirt over her chin and run down her neck. Jennifer laughed a little as it was the last think she was expecting of an orgasm so hard. Tony slowed down his thrusts before coming to a sudden stop. He realized Kim had hit her climax and he wanted to fuck the other woman's legendary bum before he blew again.

"Kim, you flooded me girl!"

"Oh...did I?"

Tony bust out laughing as he eased his cock from Kim's ass and heard their words. He stepped back now and began to lower himself down off the bed giving Jennifer clear space to begin moving out from under Kim.

"Jennifer, that ass is next. Bend over the bed for me."

"Oh good, I gotta mouth full of Kim's juices I need to swallow down."

Kim laughed at Jennifer's little comment. She needed a break to recover and what better rest was to watch Jennifer get it up the ass? She rolled over on her back laying there as she arched up one of her legs and propped herself up. Jennifer climbed off the bed and faced Tony, he immediately used his hand to swipe up some of Kim's sticky substance and feed it to his mouth. Seeing the opportunity, Jennifer placed her lips onto his and kissed him as they both savored the taste of Kim's pussy flavor. Breaking the kiss, Jennifer turned around for him and pumped out her epic ass while pushing her hands over the bed to arch herself up.

"I'm probably going to cum in your ass like I did last week, so fair warning."

"You know I don't have a problem with that!"

What a height of perfect pleasure; to swap pussy between Jennifer and Kim and now both of their asses. Tony couldn't believe that so far he had not cum but he restrained himself pretty well. Kim's eyes looked down at Jennifer with a smirk on her face as the two caught eye contact right as Tony's hands stretched apart those powerful buns and he went to inching his cock inside of it. Jennifer breathed in as she felt his rod go in and begin to thrust further into her tight hole.

"Ohhhh Tony, that's it...you know you want it. Go for it Papi!"

"You know, I really love when you call me Papi!"

"Fuck my ass Papi!"

Jennifer rightfully gave in to what he wanted, one simple word to stroke his ego. By now however, he was pounding into her ass hard and fast. Just like last week, Jennifer had to clench her fingers down into the sheets as Tony pounded that thick beautiful ass over and over, fucking it like there was no tomorrow.


Over and over, Tony lived up to her request ramming his cock in and out of that tight dark hole. Jennifer's body began to shake as he knew he was close to his orgasm. All the while Kim sat on the bed watching and loving every moment of it. She could see the sweat dripping off his forehead and that cute little face of pleasure and frustration. Jennifer closed her eyes and moaned, knowing the time was coming short as he was pounding her harder as the seconds went by.

"FUCK! I'm gonna cum!"

"Oh yeah!? You're going to cum in my great big, huge ass Papi!? Do it! Pound me and fill me!"



With one last thrust, he was completely spent for this round. Tony raised both hands and clapped her massive buns with a double slap as he cried out moaning to the feeling of his cock exploding in Jennifer's ass.


"Mmmmmmm, I feel it Papi. That's what I wanted!"

Kim chuckled at Jennifer's words. It was hilarious for the both of them embracing their naughty ways with this man. Tony was a little bit fatigued from all the work he had been doing working their bodies. As he pulled his cock from her ass, he stepped backwards until he sat on the bed. Kim could see his back from her view and now Jennifer was climbing back on the bed.

"I think we've already worn him slap out, Kim."

"No, he wore himself out. That's what you get when you pound two big asses without taking a break!"

The two girls laughed, Kim was hoping her words would get to him for some motivation. She wasn't done yet for the day, neither was Jennifer. The man turned his head with a smug grin as he spoke back up.

"I don't need a break!"

"Good, because I'm hungry for that fat fucking dick again."

"Again? I don't think Jennifer has gotten a single lick yet."

"She can get a taste with me then, but I want it now!"

"Come and get it!"

Jennifer focused on the conversation between Kim and Tony. Before she knew it, Kim had crawled off the bed and those high heels boomed loudly over the marble floor as she made it to the end of the bed where Tony was. Jennifer decided to play along to what he had said, indeed she had not had a taste of it yet. She followed behind Kim's lead and before Tony knew it, both of the goddess women were on their knees in front of his eyes. He stood up off the bed so he could stand and get a better sight of it, proving to Kim that he still had energy for more rounds. Kim took a hold of his cock, stroking it as she looked up into his eyes with a slutty smile. Jennifer gripped his big balls and playfully used her fingers to massage them.

"You two down there are so gorgeous."

"Are you just saying that cause your cock is in our hands?"

"Yeah, something along that line babe."

Kim raised her eye brow and gave him a goofy smile. He laughed just as Jennifer did, that witty sense of humor of hers had really come to life today. While Kim could have easily sucked his rod just now, she just let go of it and allowed Jennifer to have her turn with his fat meat stick. Moving aside on her knees, Jennifer took control with full attention as her hands went to his shaft and began to stroke it. She looked in Tony's eyes as she lowered her mouth and kissed the head. Within a couple of seconds her mouth had enveloped around it and she began to bob her head up and down sucking it. Kim looked in Tony's eyes as she cradled his balls in the palm of her hand to further tease him.

Tony's eyes couldn't find a correct focus for the time being. He would shift to Jennifer and then over at Kim starring at her big breasts hanging down. Both girls gave him eye contact as Jennifer bobbed her head up and down for a bit before stopping and coming up with a loud pop noise. She flicked her tongue back and spit on the shaft as Kim took over now with her turn for some sucking action. Those pink puffy cock sucking lips squeezed over his cock as the black haired woman now began to suck it down just as she had previously done earlier. Jennifer's mouth went down to his balls and sucked the left one between her jaws before alternating to the right. Between Kim's sucking noises and Jennifer's sloppy slobbering sounds the only other voice heard was Tony moaning in pleasure.

"You girls are something else, wow."

Kim heard his words and came up off his cock with a loud pop sound to answer him.

"Yeah that's right, two bad ass little sex machines right here Tony."

She flicked her tongue back and spit on his dick before using her hand to stroke in her saliva as lube. It was now Jennifer's turn however to get some sucking action. Kim leaned up and teased him with her eyes as the older woman took over parting her lips and sucking it down between her jaws. Jennifer pushed her sucking skills to the limit this time by showing off that she could deep throat it with ease. Kim's eyes strayed from Tony's to watching Jennifer devour his fat rod.

"Looks like she may have been more hungry than I was."

Tony couldn't reply to that. Kim was unaware of how many times that he and Jennifer met over the years, she knew his cock better than even his own ex-wife. Jennifer sucked into a frenzy as his balls were dripping wet from her saliva only seconds previously to this. While Kim probably should have put those balls in her mouth, she had other plans in the making that he soon would see for himself. By now his cock was drenched in the saliva from both of their mouths that had slobbered over it back and forth. Jennifer stopped and came up for air but not before applying spit over the head. She looked over at Kim to give her the nod.

"I got something I want to do besides suck it all day."

"Oh yeah, what's that babe?"

Kim didn't reply to Tony at first. She placed her hands over her tits as her lips caught the head of his cock and sucked it. Some gobs of saliva dripped down from his shaft over the marble floor as Kim brought her big breasts up and then popped her lips off his cock right in time to lean her tits up and part them for a passage. She squeezed his cock to trap it between her big breasts, looking him in the eyes as she replied.

"How about that? You like your fat cock between my big tits, like this? Mmmmmm, gonna fuck my titties, Tony hmmm?"

"Ohhhhh yes! I love these big tetas!"

Jennifer laughed as she positioned herself behind Kim. One had to admire the woman's busty chest, just as it was funny hearing Tony use the Spanish word to refer to them. Kim held her tits together in tact and then he brought his hand to her right shoulder. Jennifer leaned her head over the left so she could watch his cock drive up and down between those amazing boobs. Kim's natural huge size completely made his cock disappear only to barely reappear again each time he thrust upward.

"Oh my god, that is so hot watching it slide back and forth!"

"It feels so fucking good Jennifer, mmmmm"

Tony could have laughed at the two girls trading comments right there but he was too focused on rocking back and forth as his cock slid up and down those marvelous great breasts. Kim's ass wasn't the only big asset of her lascivious curvy body, these breasts were made to be fucked too. Kim opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out to swipe over the head each time it poked up between her breasts. Jennifer noticed and then spit on his cock, flooding the little creek that was made of those fleshy mountains pushed together.

"Ohhhh god, you know you keep fucking me like this and you are going to get a mess all over you."

Kim gasped at his words and winked at him.

"I like to get messy, don't you know that!?"

That was all it took to make up Tony's mind, he didn't have to reply to that. He got a little faster thrusting his cock between her breasts. For Kim's sake, she had already swallowed the first load of the day and he had filled up Jennifer's ass. It seemed fitting that his final orgasm would be a big messy one. He had the choice between her breasts or her face. Her hair was already up in a tight pony tail from the photo shoot earlier to give him a full clear view of her forehead to paint. The man grunted and moaned deeply at the pleasure as Jennifer teased him.

"Oh Papi, you going to give her that mess?"

"If that's what she wants."

"I do want it Tony, I want you to fucking load me down. Cum all over my face with that hot load!"

"Yeah? You want me to load you down?"

"Yep, I said it. Cum all over me. Let me know when you're ready."

For Jennifer, she didn't feel left out much. He already filled up her ass with cum and she could feel it even now dripping out of her dark hole and running down over the marble floor. Kim on the other hand, loved getting a big sticky mess over her to finish the day and Tony was close to blowing as his cock was still pumping nicely between those epic breasts. He breathed in, he didn't want this pleasure to end as he knew once this one was over he would be well spent for the rest of the day.

"Fuck, that's it! I'm gonna cum!"

"Yes! Yes! Cum on her Papi!"

It was Jennifer's voice that teased him. Kim let go of her breasts to free his cock once he spoke of coming close and now she sat back holding up her tits and closing her eyes. She opened her mouth and pushed up her lips into a duck face to tease him as if she was blowing him a kiss.

"Mmmmmm yes, fucking load me down."

"She wants it bad! Papi, cum all over her face!"

Once again, Jennifer spoke up and she figured that she wasn't going to be entirely left out here. As Tony slowly stroked his cock, she offered her right hand to wrap around it and he instantly got the hint. Jennifer jerked his rod as hard and as fast as she could aimed point blank at Kim. Tony nodded at Jennifer as he moaned.

"Her fair, aim it right up."

"Oh my god, are you gonna-OH FUCK!"

Kim couldn't finish her sentence on time as she felt the first wad of cum fly and strike her in the forehead. The blast was so powerful it stretched into her hair, causing her to close her eyes and brace for impact. Jennifer had aimed his cock a little too high at first. The next wave splashed over her left eye brow and drenched her eye lid and going down her cheek. Another wad flew over her right cheek and dripped down her face. Jennifer continued to stroke him faster as the last remaining drops of cum flew over her breasts.

"So fucking hot, oh my god I can feel it."

"That was hot!"

"Yeah it was, ohhhhh man. You look gorgeous with all that cum on your face Kim."

A moment like this proved to Kim why the pony tail was necessary even though cum still caught up in her hair. Jennifer moaned herself and giggled at the sight as she let go of Tony's cock and turned her attention to Kim.

"I want to clean you up and swallow every last drop."

"Mmmmm do that Jennifer, make sure you use your tongue."

"I wasn't planning on using my fingers!"

Tony laughed at the exchange between the two of them. It was cute and funny at the same time. Jennifer leaned down and as she had said, opened her mouth and began to lick up the cum that was blasted over Kim's left cheek. The black haired woman sat there stationary in position with her eyes closed as she just raised her neck and moaned at the feeling of Jennifer's tongue lapping up the cum.

"Oh, now that is what I wanted to see. Ladies that know how to look out for each other."

Jennifer ignored Tony's little comment, she was too busy cleaning with her mouth. She licked up the cum from the left eye and brow before moving to her forehead and catching it up with her tongue. Closing her mouth, she swallowed loudly giving Kim and Tony both proof that she had devoured his seed down her throat. The man moaned watching her clean Kim up. He wanted to speak but he couldn't find the thought of words as this sight was too good to be true. No one would believe him if he had bragged about this story. Jennifer had cleaned up all the cum from her face and then moved down to her tits when Kim reopened her eyes and moaned.

"I think she's a little cum vacuum cleaner, don't ya think Tony?"

"Now you see that she loves to swallow it as much as you do."

"Bible, I am loving this tongue cleaning!"

There it was without a disappointment in the day, Kim's usage of the word 'bible' as a slang term for 'I swear'. It was always a treat to hear her in person use those slang terms. She held her breasts up as Jennifer licked them dry of the remaining bits of cum. As for Jennifer herself, she didn't feel it was fair if Kim was to swallow down two loads. This evened it out for them both to get a taste of his warm seed while also both receiving an orgasm of their own. Once she was done licking all of it up, she turned around and looked at Tony to give him an eye sight as she swallowed the last remaining bits and he got to witness her throat muscles moving.

"You ladies were incredible, just as I had dreamed."

"Oh yeah what a surprise you had for me today, didn't expect to get eaten by Jennifer of all people today. Oh my god, this was so much fun."

Kim laughed and then Jennifer nodded her head as she spoke back.

"This beats having a young boy toy for a surprise! Much better!"

A grin swept over Tony's face as he laughed to them.

"Yes, this was a day for all of us. We might as well get dressed, I hope the two of you stay cause I was planning on some dinner. My chef is really good, you can let him make you anything."

"That sounds like a plan Tony, but I gotta go after this dinner. I'm supposed to make some calls back to L.A. and I'm probably on my plane out of her back there tomorrow night."

"That's fine baby, thank you for staying for dinner."

Kim slowly got up from the floor and then Jennifer raised herself from her knees.

"If you don't mind Tony, or shall I call you Papi for the rest of the night...I would like to sleep here on the yacht."

"That's perfectly fine with me baby, anything you wish!"

The remainder of the day now had been sealed on schedule. Tony would have dinner with the both of them and Jennifer would stay while Kim had to take off. His mind was absorbed into the event that had unfolded here with the three of them.



Time had faded on over town for Tony's business. The lustful fun between Kim and Jennifer was now sealed into their minds of the past, he had some real business matters at hand that came after the break of a heavenly event of pleasure. The status of the money skimming back at one of his night clubs was still on his mind but at the moment he had to work with his younger brother Steven over Disco Fever. The re-opened club had become a boom of success, cashing in on the old disco nostalgia and a new generation of party goers with a taste for a retro flavor.

Steven had more important things to deal with, stuff that had been in the works for almost an entire year. Tonight at the club he had to bring it to Tony to at least give him a notification for when his departure would occur. The two brothers were sitting upstairs in their private V.I.P. room, Tony smoked a cigar while Steven had a drink and spoke up.

"I gotta head out to L.A. in a few weeks."

"What for?"

"I have to meet with that special someone who asks for dough out of my pocket."

Tony smirked hearing those words. He knew exactly who and what Steven was referring to.

"Oh Chris, that washed up pendejo?"

"Yeah, gonna pay him a visit since he keeps avoiding me and now he knows Ramón wants his money back too."

"Wait, what? He borrowed money from Ramón? What a fucking fool."

The two of them cracked a laugh together. Ramón was their slightly younger cousin, everyone in town knew not to trust him for a money loan. If Steven could be bad with his loansharking schemes, Ramón was ruthless with his greed. The thought ran through Tony's mind as he was well aware of how they were dealing Chris going back to last year when he asked for a couple hundred grand to help with a movie project. That money had only doubled and tripled since he never paid it back. His career in Hollywood had been a dead end ever since his last three big budget films bombed.

"You let me know how that goes afterwards, I can't wait to hear it."

Steven got up from his seat and smiled at his brother.

"For sure man, I'll let you know before I have to leave."

"Take care Steven!"

He swaggered out the door and walked through the halls of the V.I.P. upstairs. Steven smirked to himself as the devious thoughts ran through his head while Tony sat back alone in his private room and drowned his brain in a bottle of liquor.

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Re: Big Booty Bitches
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Big Booty Bitches Ch.4
Starring: Sofia Vergara

Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Anal, Blackmail

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

Miami, Florida

The loud sound of thunder crackled over the sky in Miami, grey clouds had rolled over the bright town giving way of a small storm going through. As the wind whistled through a set of palm trees, a pair of high heels clicking and clacking over the concrete parking lot was the louder sound. A tall woman in a black dress made her way into the club Disco Fever, with her a tall bald bodyguard who always accompanied her for protection. Tonight was the perfect night for a meeting. Inside the club was loud music, the neon lights were a blinking spectrum as some kind of high tempo dance music was playing from a DJ table above the dance floor. The floor itself was a wild frenzy. Still the woman walked her way around the club until she went upstairs. It was her first time visiting but after some phone calls the other day with the man himself and his assistant, she knew where to go and what to look for with that white V.I.P. door. Just as planned was a blonde haired girl standing outside holding a clipboard. She was soon met to the sight of the woman in the black dress, standing her curvy body in front of her.

"Jou dat woman I spoke to over the phone dis morning?"

Maria looked up at the strong Colombian accent. She had learned to expect it from working as Tony Diaz's assistant now for several months.

"I beg your pardon?"

The woman put her hands on her hips and then the bald headed man stepped forward with a blank expression. Maria had a moment where she had forgotten something at first, she laughed for a bit to try and shake it off and balance the mood as she didn't want to upset these two people.

"Oh! I am sorry! I just had a blonde moment, señor Diaz has been expecting you."

A smile curved over the silky lips of the woman in the black dress hugging over every curve of her voluptuous form. Her hazel eyes and black hair made her look familiar to Maria, not counting that amazing Latin accent that sounded stronger than any of the men that she dealt with from the Diaz family. Maria spoke up again.

"Señor Diaz is in there. Go down the right hall and make your turn to a door that is white and has a gold knob on it. You can't miss it, I'll go ahead and phone him."


The voice was in a rude matter but what could Maria do? The door swung open and then the loud heels stomped into the floor as the tall bodyguard was behind her. Maria sighed to herself as she reached for her phone out of the pocket of her jeans. She quickly texted Tony to alert him that his friend was arriving. 'You've got company, that lady friend of yours is coming to see you'. Hitting her thumb over the send button, she sighed and then shoved her phone back into her pocket and proceeded to walk downstairs to hit the bar. Her job was over for this little assignment of looking out.

Tony was sitting in his chair enjoying a drink when his phone buzzed with a text. Grabbing the phone from the arm rest of his large chair he read it quickly and then smiled to himself. It was funny to him that Maria had no idea just who this woman was and within a minute she was knocking on the door as he smiled brightly and yelled.

"Come in! It's not locked, invite yourself in honey!"

With the knob turning, the door swung open to an amazing view of Sofia Vergara standing before him with a big smile on her face.

"Hola Tony!"

"Sofia! It's wonderful to see you!"

Those heels stomped forward as she ran up to hug the man. Tony got up from his chair and embraced her in a nice hug, feeling her soft dress that smashed her body up against him. From the doorway her bodyguard watched for a minute and decided to give them privacy as he stepped back and let the door close locking them together. The man knew his place not to interfere with business like this.

"How long has it been since you were in Miami, baby? 4 months?"

"No! Six, goofy man! I not been here in six months, and look at dis place dat jou got here now. You rockin' and a partyin' like it's 1985 again!"

"Oh yeah, that was the plan. Always wanted another disco joint like my old man had back in the day, bless him."

Sofia's strong accent was wonderful to listen to. Not even Tony had an accent as remarkable and breathtaking as hers. She looked around his personal office for a bit and then at the window that showed the club down below where the dance floor was moving Turning around as she stood in front of him and watching him sit back in his chair, she figured it was better to get to business first and then maybe pleasure later.

"So, jou know why I come to see jou, yes?"

"I think I can take a guess. You did say you had something important to talk about on the phone but wanted to see me in person about it."

A smile graced over her lovely red lips.

"There is dis man back in L.A. around Hollywood who's gotta big mouth...jou see, he likes to talk. Run his mouth..."

Tony nodded, he figured exactly who she was talking about.

"Is his name Chris Shay?"

Sofia nodded with a grin on her face as she spoke louder.

"Yeah! Dat's him! He had a guest episode on my Television show, jou know the one?"

"Yes honey, I know your show. I watch it when I can."

A laugh escaped Sofia's lips as she blushed, the fact he could admit to watching her show when she was right here made her smile.

"Well, he likes to run his mouth about jou, and Steven! Sits there throwing a fuckin' pity party for himself, saying that jou and him are the reason he can't start his own movie studio and how he ain't got no money anymore."

"Honey, do you know that he owes Steven a lot of money? Money he's owed for a couple years now?"

"Yeah! He brought dat up to me! Says that Steven gave him a couple grand and now he is asking for double back or something that he says isn't fair to him. I don't know what dat whole mess is about, but I figure that jou should know!"

Tony smirked at her before replying.

"That sounds about accurate. He hasn't paid off his debts, Steven has been looking for him lately."

A sinister laugh escaped Sofia's lips as she looked back at Tony, stomping her heels around to lean up against the little mini bar on the right side of the room. His eyes wandered up her silky strong legs and up to that lovely cleavage begging to spill out from her dress.

"I do this, only for a man like jou or Steven! I am going to deliver Chris, directly here!"

"Oh yeah babe, how do you plan on doing that?"

Sofia smirked at him before responding.

"It's already done! I am simply irresistible to a man like that, he is coming into town tomorrow off da plane. He thinks dat I am gonna take him out for a romantic retreat on a cruise where he can fuck me in the Caribbean."

Tony bust out laughing and clapped his hands. He and Sofia had been friends for a long time now, well over 15 years back when she was known more as a model and not the older sex symbol that she had become later into her career with a break out of stardom. This was just the kind of help that he loved from having a friend in the business to help with family matters like this.

"This is amazing Sofia, so what time is that plane coming? You said tomorrow, right?"

"Yes! Tomorrow! I figure that Steven can say 'ello to him right as he is coming off the plane!"

"I'll call Steven right now and tell him about-"

"No need to, Tony! I already spoke to him an hour ago!"

Sofia cracked up laughing at the thought of the whole situation, Tony was laughing too at the thought of it. Chris was in a world of trouble for tomorrow, the table was ready to crash down on his debts that were stacking up as the months went by.

"I appreciate all this honey, so are you in town more than just tonight?"

"Yes, I'm staying for a few days actually. Jou wanna do somethin', hook up?"

"Yeah, I'd love to hang out with you on my yacht again."

A smirk crossed his face as Sofia bust out laughing.

"Jou naughty man! Always have someone on dat boat wit you!"

"Well what can I say? I like to live comfortable. Where are you staying this week?"

"I will be staying at the Fontainebleau, why? What jou gonna do, send me flowers?"

"Maybe honey...You never know just what kind of gift I might send to you."

Tony winked at Sofia as she laughed at him again before moving from his mini bar. She walked over to his chair and leaned down and spoke in soft voice, she couldn't resist the fact she was happy to see him again.

"I'll call jou after tomorrow. I know tomorrow is gonna be a busy day."

"Yeah I hear you babe, Steven will have his hands full tomorrow. How about we have some fun Thursday? Today is Tuesday anyway, always a busy day in the week."

"Dat sounds good! Thursday, if jou don't call me, I will blow up jour phone!!!"

"I know you will! Take care honey!"

Sofia leaned down and placed a goodbye kiss over Tony's cheek before stomping those loud heels back to the door and making an exit to rejoin her bodyguard. Tony sighed after she left the room. The whole deal with Chris owing money was only a distraction from other things he had on mind, he would let Steven do his own business but for now he wanted to party it up with Sofia. She had become quite an asset of a friend with her booming success back in Hollywood of the past few years. Tony had known her going back to the late 90's when he helped her get some modelling gigs around Miami, one favor that she never forgot within their glorious friendship.



From outside the Miami International Airport, Steven walked through the doors and back looking over the place. From Sofia's words he went on and pulled up a flight schedule so he could accurate time when Chris would be stepping off the plane. The method in play was that Chris could easily be spotted as Sofia was to call him on the phone. Outside the airport, Steven had his cousin Ramón waiting in a black Mercedes. So far, 30 minutes had passed waiting on him. The plane had already docked on it's schedule for 10 A.M. and soon Steven was sure he would see the man of the hour while all the other passengers arriving in Miami from the plane were making their exit.

Steven walked out of the front doors, avoiding security and sure enough as he turned his head there was Chris Shay standing tall with his blonde hair and clean shaven face with a cellphone up to his ear. That had to be Sofia calling him, he had a luggage bag in his hand and Steven approached him. It appeared that he was trying to call someone on the phone and couldn't get it to work as he moved the phone to try and redial. Steven approached Chris from behind to surprise him.

"Hey there man, long time no see."

The blonde haired man turned around to hearing that voice and looked back at Steven with a shocked expression turned to fear. Steven could easily see how afraid Chris of this surprise meeting, forcing him to smile at Chris to further drive the fear into the man's heart.

"Oh hi! Steven! I-I was just about to call you since I came to town to do stuff!"

"Come on Chris, let's take a ride..."

Steven wasted no time putting his hand over Chris' arm to guide him walking from to the black Mercedes car that was waiting right outside the airport. Ramón could be seen in the driver's seat behind his big sunglasses and short brown hair. Chris swallowed hard in fear as he knew what all this was over but there was no way he would fight it off in fear that it would only make things worse. Steven pushed him to the back door of the car.

"Get in, before I make you ride in the fucking trunk."

Willingly, Chris opened the door breathing in as he threw in his luggage and shut the door from the inside. Steven went on and climbed in the passenger's seat up front and now the door's locked and Ramón drove off from the airport. It was shakedown time for poor Chris who would be subjected to the Diaz men's methods of handling unpaid debts.

"Don't try anything stupid, asshole or you'll make this worse on yourself."

That voice was none other than Ramón himself as he drove the car out of the Airport and over the streets of Miami. Where exactly were they going was a mystery at least to Chris who was boiling in the fear of these brutal men and their loansharking deals. It was too late for regret though.

"Look...Ramón and Steven, I know this about the money."

"Talk then, you cheap snake."

Steven chuckled as he looked through the mirror overhead of the dashboard and could see the sweat dripping from Chris' white face. The smell of fear was in the air of the car amidst the sighs and blank expressions of the passenger in the back seat.

"I just need a couple more months OK? I got the finalized blueprint down of where I'm going to open a film studio in L.A. and then I'll make the money and I'll pay you back what I owe you."

"You owe us double what I gave you back in January, and that's not counting what you owe Ramón here."

"300 grand, make that 60 grand now since you can't pay me back.

Ramón spoke up informing Chris of the new deal. He owed him double, in full estimate it was $360,000 in debts. The number had become excessive a long time ago as this had been going on dating back to last year. Chris had only borrowed a little under half of the current estimate. The man sighed to himself knowing that it would probably be impossible to pay off these dark men. Steven spoke up.

"That's not why we have taken you for a ride. So, someone who is a great friend to our family informed me last night that you have a big mouth and like to talk shit."

A dawning moment to Chris' mind. He knew exactly who it was, without considering how fast things had went since stepping off the plane. Eventually he probably would have figured it out on his own but now he knew that Sofia had sold him out to her Diaz friends. Steven leaned back to look at his face before he spoke again.

"Now you know, that special someone you thought was yours to play with has some very powerful friends. Next time watch your fucking mouth."

The car came to a stop off the side of the road. They had crossed over into Coconut Grove on the east end where a local hospital was near by. Steven got out of the car and then proceeded to open the door and let Chris walk out. As he stepped out of the car, Steven grabbed his luggage bag and slung it onto the ground and then kicked Chris over to fall face forward on the ground.

"I want my money next month, you fucking worm! If I don't have it, then next time you'll be rushing into this hospital right here after we're done with you!"

Wasting no more time with this useless fool, Steven got back into the passenger's side of the car and then the black Mercedes sped off. Chris picked himself up off the ground and grabbed his luggage. The thought kept running in his mind that Sofia had set him up, he would know better than to trust that woman for now on.



Dark clouds swept across the sky with light rain rustling through the palm trees outside the parking lot to the Fontainebleau luxury hotel in Miami Beach. Tony figured he would pay a visit to Sofia after they had some talk on the phone yesterday and with bad weather brushing through it didn't seem ideal for a rush to the yacht where she liked to soak in the sun when she came to visit. It was time for them to have some company together since she had come to visit, it had been a while since he spent time with her.

Sofia was a special friend not only to Tony, but to the Diaz family as a while. He had watched her career for over 15 years, always helping in the shadows get her modelling deals and try to give her the big push that rightfully would pay off with her breakthrough back in Hollywood. She had a star on the Walk of Fame and Tony was very proud of all of this between their swinging romps. This deal with Chris was just another example of what a valuable piece on the chessboard she was with connections.

Tony stepped out of the elevator and began to march up the hall of the upper floors where the luxury apartments were. He knew the room number, as Sofia had to told him on the phone earlier and here he was dressed in a casual black suit as he was going up to see her. Once he found the room number he had memorized, he went to knock. Sofia's loud voice called out.

"The door is unlocked, come on in!"

True to her word, when he turned the door knob he seen that it was indeed unlocked. Tony invited himself in from her words. The living room of her apartment was empty of any soul, just the coffee table had a bottle of wine opened and the smell of a candle burning a lovely raspberry scent filled the room. Suddenly, Sofia's strong accent of voice called out.

"Jus' one minute, Tony!"

She knew it had to be him since he had called half an hour ago to tell her he was on his way. She was in the bedroom finishing up her dressing of jewelry with a diamond necklace to go with her blue dress. Underneath that dress was the true surprise, all the while Tony was walking about in the living room as he called out.

"I'm right here, honey!"

Soon the sound of high heels stomping was heard as Sofia revealed herself from the left side of the living room stepping out of the bedroom. Her blue dress was low cut to give him ample view of her amazing cleavage and a grin came across her face showing those pearly white teeth.

"You look magnificent Sofia!"

She smiled at him before placing walking over and placing a kiss on his cheek.

"Jou look great too, handsome man. So, did jou talk to Steven about his big day with the big mouth?"

"No, not yet. I don't know what they're up to."

"Oh, I figured dat he told jou by now."

Sofia laughed as she walked past the room going over the couch as sitting down. Tony followed her to have a seat right next to her. She turned to look in his eyes and then he spoke to her.

"We're very lucky to have you as a friend, let me tell you about that. He's been chasing that idiota around for months."

"I'm jus' doing my job as a friend, Tony. That's what I am here for."

She slowly got up from the couch, stomping her heels over the floor as she moved about while she could feel his eyes studying her. She didn't want to waste all their time tonight talking about business matters, this was time to get down and dirty to the real situation that called between their bodies.

"So, are jou here to talk lover man? Or do jou want to do somethin' fun?"

Tony grinned at those words. Sofia had turned her back to him and stood as she pulled apart the small robe piece that held her dress together for it to easily come off soon.

"Well...since you put it that way, I wouldn't mind having some real fun."

Sofia turned around facing him as she pulled her dress and snatched it from her body to let it fall to the floor revealing herself only in a white bikini and thong. Her long black hair swayed over to reveal her beautiful body in all of it's glorious busty form. Sofa ran her hand through her hair as she looked at him, knowing that she could easily change his mind into an overdrive for lust.

"Just, oh my...I'm at a loss of words over this body you know, honey?"

"Yes! And I just had a birthday! Looking good for being 44 years old, eh?"

Tony laughed and clapped his hands. Sofia pushed her legs out and did a little strut as she walked over to him. Since he was sitting on the couch in a perfect position she decided to take advantage of that and sit down on his lap. Nestling her ass over his lap as she looked into his eyes, blinding him with her epic cleavage. He leaned in and pressed his lips to her, kissing her as Sofia managed to grind her hips a bit and work her ass over his lap. A little teasing could go a long way with the right man. When they broke the kiss, his voice had changed into a moaning symphony.

"God baby, it feels like it's been forever. I want to do some bad things to you, honey!"

"Oh yeah, like what Tony? I want jou to fuck me. Fuck me over dis room."

"I will gladly do that for you honey!"

Leaning in, he kissed her lips again. Sofia broke the kiss abruptly to throw her head back, giving him a clear view to run his mouth to her neck and kiss a trail downward while his hands went up to squeeze those big epic breasts. Moaning out to him in her thick accent while he kissed her neck, Sofia untied the string of her white bra to let it fall and free those big breasts for him to squeeze in his hands. Tony pushed his face down to her breasts to smother himself in the flesh of her amazing tits, Sofia responded by pushing her tits up for him so he could get lost inside them before yelling at him in her thick Colombian accent.

"Yeah, jou wanna play wit those big titties lover man? Mmmmmmm lick 'em up!"

Upon her words, his mouth opened and he pushed her right nipple between his teeth to swipe his tongue over it. Alternating to her left tit, Tony slobbered all over it like a hungry animal begging for what was to come real soon. Sofia had enough of this teasing though, under her buttocks she could feel his rod stiff and hard as it was poking through his pants. She was hungry for his cock and would not be saying no to it this time. She slowly raised herself from his lap and lowered herself down on her knees, looking him in the eyes as she went to unbuckling the leather belt holding his pants together.

"It is time, time for some real fun!"

"Ohhhh yes it is honey, get those pants down, will ya?"

After his belt was undone, Sofia put her hand at the top of his dress pants to pull the button apart and then Tony offered a helping hand by pushing them down while she slid the zipper down. He wore nothing but his white briefs in which she pulled down too so his old cock could spring out and was ready to play. Pushing his pants down past his knees, her hand reached for his cock and stroked it within her grasp. She looked up into his eyes and smirked before laughing and teasing him with dirty talk.

"Dis cock is mine..."

Leaning in, she kissed the head and then finished speaking.

"All mine tonight..."

Tony's eyes were glued on what was about to unfold. Sofia kept her hazel colored eyes looking at him as she opened her mouth and pushed the head of his rod past her lips. Before sucking, she popped it out of her mouth loudly and then used her tongue to lick around the head in a circular motion. Finally done with teasing, she was ready to taste some much desired meat. Opening her mouth, she sucked it between her jaws and then began to slowly bob her head up and down while using her free hand to play with his balls. Tony threw his head back and moaned.

"Oh fuck...yeah, suck it honey....so amazing, you were."

This was far from the first time Sofia was on her knees for Tony. They were 5 years apart in age and knowing one another for over 15 years, this went back a long way. Sofia ignored his words and pushed her mouth down as she used both her hands to push into his legs to give her the correct spacing so she could show off her deep throat skills. Over and over, her mouth bobbed up and down on his shaft still at the slow pace. Needing a break, she came up with a loud pop sound and spit on his cock before wrapping her hand around it to soak in the saliva and then tease him with naughty words.

"Yeah! Jou like dat!?"

"Oh, fuck yes honey!"

Ignoring him, she flicked her tongue and spit on the shaft again while teasing him once more.

"Mmmmmm, dis cock tastes so fuckin' good in mah mouth."

"Does it honey? Ohhhh yeah."


Sofia's voice slurred a bit in her thick accent, this made the experience even sexier. Tony loved when she talked, especially when she would begin yelling. She went back down on his cock this time, bobbing her head up and down in a fury. It seemed she wanted to push him over the edge as fast as she could and so far she was doing a great job. Tony threw his hands up over the couch and cried out in pleasure.

"Sofia honey! Fuck!"

This didn't alert her, she was still bobbing her head and sucking his meat stick down her throat with such intensity. Tony grunted as he clenched his face up, he couldn't hold back from her aggressive oral skills that already were pushing him over the edge. Sofia could feel his dick tensing up in her mouth and knew that his time would be coming. She pushed his rod all the way down until he felt the head slam at the back of her throat and her lips met in the bushy hair around his private area. Holding the position, she looked her eyes up at him and then slowly came off his cock. Making a loud pop noise over the head while strings of saliva ran back from his pole to her mouth. Sofia flicked her tongue back and spit on his rod, only to wrap her hand back around it and stroke it to rub in her spit.

"Yeah, jou gonna cum for me now!?"

"Oh god, fuck! You pushing me over the edge!"


His wish had been fulfilled already, she was yelling at him in that loud voice he loved. He nodded and yelled back at her, but not as loudly.

"Yeah! I'm gonna cum, alright!"


Wrapping both of her hands around his slobber coated rod, Sofia stroked him as fast as she could while parting her lips and showing him her mouth just begging for that reward. She wanted to taste him so bad, to swallow every last drop. That was the proper way to begin a romp between the two. Tony grunted and then spoke.

"I'm gonna blow.... so soon."

"Mmmmmm, yeah jou give it to me! Cum in mah fuckin' mouth! Ahhhhhh!"


That was it; her words and the touch of her hand had done it, a big wad went flying right into her mouth. Sofia held her mouth opened and moved forward a little bit so she could rest his cock over her tongue as more cum came spurting out and puddling her tongue in his warm white seed. The man breathed in trying to catch himself as she drained his cock with her hand and each wad entered her mouth. Sofia moaned with the final weak bursts while she closed her mouth and swallowed. Letting go of his cock, Tony groaned loudly in pleasure.

"Ohhhhh man, asombroso...You are one of the best in the whole world."

Swallowing his load, Sofia opened her mouth again taking his cock and squeezing it one last time for the final drops to be milked over her tongue. She looked in his eyes while swirling her tongue over the head and then let go of it and nodded at him before replying.

"Dat's right! No one, not even dat young lil' slut who works for jou, knows how to suck dis cock correctly! It's mine tonight!"

Tony could have laughed at her words if he wasn't trying to recover from the orgasm she forced on him. Sofia's comment was directed at his young blonde haired assistant she met days ago. She had figured that Tony probably had already fucked that girl in every way possible, but Sofia knew that she could work his cock better than any young slut since she had so many years of experience with this man. She softly got up from the floor now, standing on her feet.

"I want jou to fuck me now."

"Oh yeah, you want me to fuck you? How do you want it, honey?"

"From behind, like jou used to do years ago!"

"That can be arranged then!"

She laughed as she looked down and noticed his pants were still around his knees and he had yet to remove his clothing from his chest. He had completely forgot as she could tell from that dumbfounded look on his face. She moved over the couch, turning behind him to expose her ass still with the white thong on while he began to take his shoes off and shake down his pants. Since he had to undress himself, this created a little wait for them to get some real fucking going on. She decided to tease him as she had arched herself on all fours with her hands positioned over the right arm of the couch. While he stripped himself down, Sofia wiggled her huge ass at him to tease him. His eyes caught the sight and he laughed.

"Oh I see what you're doing there, very naughty honey."

Sofia laughed at him and continued to shake her ass slowly. He had already gotten off his jacket and shirt and now his shes had been removed while he was shaking down his pants. She still was not entirely in complete nudity with the little thong on. She wanted this position and he was going to give it to her from both holes, while Sofia teased him again yelling.

"Like I am gonna forget how much jou love a woman wit an ass like mine! Jou better fuckin' spank it, Tony!"

"I'm planning on doing more than spanking it, honey!"

"I know jou are!"

It was no secret, he always managed to fuck her ass before they were done and truth be told, Sofia wanted. But he had to take her pussy first. He climbed on the couch with both feet and came behind her, placing the palm of his hand over her white thong to pull his fingers up and snatch a grip of it so it could be pulled down revealing the line that was the crack of her amazing ass split into both cheeks. True to his word of honoring her request, he used both hands and slapped both cheeks accordingly. Sofia squealed at his touch.

"Do dat again!"

Once more, he brought one hand back and slapped her right cheek while his free hand held his cock and began to guide it to her soft, wet opening. Sofia closed her eyes while she could feel the head of his rod pushing into her pussy. With the position set, Tony thrust his rod into her to begin some real fucking. Sofia moaned at the feeling.

"Ohhhhh yeah, dat's it..."

Tony planted both of his hands up on her lower back near her hips while he thrust himself in. He wanted to get into the rhythm first, while he remembered how aggressive Sofia tended to prefer it. A soft moan flowed from her lips while he breathed in and took it slow, he spoke to her.

"Just getting into a groove, baby. I know what you are wanting deep down and I'm gonna give it to you."

"Oh? Jou know I like to be fucked raw..."

"Yeah, I would never forget."

Sofia laughed a little, she could feel his cock slowly driving into her and then with a hard thrust forward she got the hint that he was ready to begin some serious fucking. Keeping her grip on the arm of the couch soon Tony began to plow into her faster and harder. She moaned, this is what she wanted.


"Oh yeah!? You got it!"

Tony began to slam his cock into her harder and faster, this is how she wanted it and this is how she was going to get it. Ramming that tight pussy, he pumped his cock harder and faster. Her body held up perfectly with the strength of her voluptuous form.

"More! MORE!"

Sofia's voice yelled at him, and Tony replied by bringing his hand down and snatching a grip on her long black hair. Sofia squealed out to him at the feeling.


Snatching her hair harder, Tony continued to pump into her. Each time he thrust into her pussy, her glorious ass cheeks bounced a little in their firmness while he fucked the Colombian beauty as hard as he could just like she had desired. Soon she would be hitting her climax, as she already was so close, screaming at him as loudly as she could like a wild animal.


The goal in his mind was to make her cum before he slid his rod into that amazing huge ass. Over and over he pumped his cock into her and then Sofia was finally hitting her busting point as her body tensed up and in between the rough pounding, she grit her teeth to distort a loud scream while she came.


Sofia's voice cried out loudly as Tony made his last thrusts into her, not wanting to force himself to cum. He could feel her juices gushing over his cock causing him to moan as he softly slid his rod out and moved both of his hands down to her ass cheeks to pull apart. Sofia was strong and she knew what was coming next, this is how they usually had a sexual session. His cock was coated in her love nectar while he pushed it up against her tight back door hole. She took a deep breath and then spoke.

"Jou gonna fuck dat ass, wit jour big fuckin' cock?"

"Yes! You know it honey, you ready for it!"


Softly, he pushed his rod into the tight small hole that was of her ass. Once it slid in, he moaned out loudly as she laughed a little. It took him a few thrusts to get used to the tightness of her thick booty but soon enough he reared his hand back and smacked her right cheek hard. Sofia yelled to him.


Rearing his hand back, he did it again three times; spank, spank, spank. Thrusting forward, he began to ram his cock into her ass while holding it together with both hands planted on her cheeks. Tony grit his teeth and then she yelled out at him again in that thick accent of hers.


"Yes honey! YES I AM!"

Her words were the only motivation that she needed to push him into a fury as he bucked his hips and began to plow into her ass. His balls slapped up against the underside of her ass creating a smacking sound between their heavy breathing and moans. Over and over, Tony's cock drove into her glorious ass and fucked it to a pulp.

"Jou gonna cum in dat big thick fuckin' ass, Tony?"

"Yes! You know I am!"

She couldn't help but tease him with her dirty talk, but the truth was that Tony took a lot back to hold himself from blowing in her pussy moments earlier. With one final push into her thick bottom he couldn't hold back and he yelled as his cock exploded deep within her bowels.

"Fuck! There it is, you wanted it honey, then take it!"

"Ohhhhh, mmmmmmmm...jus' what I wanted, indeed!"

Sofia closed her eyes and let out a long soft moan in her lovely voice. She felt his creamy cum flood her from behind and Tony was now out of breath trying to muster his strength together as his cock slowly exited her bottom. Once free from her body, the man stepped down from the couch and sat down as a thick line of his cum began to drip from her between her cheeks. Sofia moaned once more as she moved her hand to wipe up the little stream of cum and feed it to her lips.

"Jou know how to handle it back there, not many men can."

"That's right, cause you needed a real man to pound your ass like that."

"Mmmmmm, jou never disappoint."

While he sat on the couch and caught his breath to prepare himself for the final round, Sofia had other things in her mind. She wasn't entirely done yet and she knew the best way to tease him was to push him over this. She sat back next to him while throwing her thong to the floor that had been pushed down to her ankles. Sofia placed her hand down on his leg as she turned and starred into his eyes with a sinister smile over her lips.

"Jou worn out yet?"

Tony shook his head before replying.

"No, I am not done with you yet honey. No way, we've got more to do."

"Oh yeah? What jou wanna do now?"

Looking in front of them at the large wooden coffee table, Tony nodded at her.

"On that table right there honey, lay down on it."

Complying with his request, she got up from the couch stomping her heels on the floor as she turned to face the table and then sat on it before laying her back flat. It was a long coffee table with a wide height but narrow width. Her hands hung down from the table while she felt her back stiff up a bit from the uncomfortable feeling of the hard wood under her. Tony rose and looked down at the beautiful Colombian goddess before, as she smirked and teased him.

"What jou gonna do with me in a position like dis?"

A smirk came across his face as he began to stroke his cock.

"Let me get on top, hold those tits up for me honey."

She raised her eye brow, if he wanted to fuck her tits he should have just said it. Sofia preferred to be on her knees any time she showed off her titty fucking skills but if this is what he wanted, she would give it to him. Looking at him as she held her tits up she yelled out to him.

"Oh yeah? Jou wanna fuck...MAH BOOBS!?"

Her voice raised loudly on her final words, he replied with a grin over his face.

"Yes I am, honey!"

Tony hurried to climb over the table and sit on her stomach and straddle her for this next session. The way she screamed those final words at him in her lovely voice was enough to push him to the point he wanted to fuck those beautiful breasts now. Once on her stomach, he pushed his cock to slap between her very impressive busty chest. Sofia pushed her tits apart to trap his cock and then pushed them together as he watched the entire thing disappear in the folds of her flesh and then he thrust forward. Sofia sat her head back at the edge of the coffee table as he began to pump between her breasts.

"Jou like dat!? Dis cock between mah boobs!?"

"Yeah! This is what I wanted!"

Teasing surely paid off, ever since visiting him in his new club a few nights ago Sofia was bound and determined to tease him with her amazing cleavage. His cock thrust and pumped between those great large breasts. Over and over, Sofia just held her mounds of flesh together while each time the head would pop up and she could see it in her eyes. She almost decided to flick her tongue over it, but this was all for him. She wanted to see how badly the man could exhaust himself would fucking those tits.

"God, these are so amazing!"

"Jou like dat, huh!?"

"Yes! Yes!"

Tony didn't stop at all, pounding his cock between those breasts as he felt a drop of sweat fall from his forehead. He may have been pushing 50 on age, but he still had the balls and the body to really deliver with a proper fucking. Sofia moaned as she watched his face curl up, he was beginning to slow down a bit with his pumping between her tits. This gave her the sign that he was close to cumming and there was one place she preferred his final load of that sticky white substance.

"Jou gonna cum again!?"

"Yeah honey...Yeah, I'm getting close to blowing."

"Good, jou can cum all over mah big fuckin' breasts."

"What's that Sofia!? You want me to load down your tetas!?"


He made sure to get her to yell in that voice one last time before he would have to force his orgasm. From his view, the diamond necklace she wore shined in his eyes while his cock was pushed between her breasts. Making a few final thrusts between her trap of flesh, Tony grabbed his cock and pulled it from her tits as he went to stroking it as fast as he could. Sofia worked to tease him by putting her hands over her nipples and slowly massaging her tits as she held them up begging to be drenched in that warm gooey mess he was about to be making.

"Cum on me, cum on mah boobs Tony..."

"Oh yeah honey, FUCK! YES! OH!"

Loudly grunting and clenching, his cock exploded to send a wad flying over her right breast drenching it in his load. Another one shot over her left tit equally as Sofia closed her eyes and embraced the feeling of his hot seed glazing over her beautiful tanned skin. With this being his third orgasm for the day, it was far from his most powerful but it was still a good bit of cum to soak those breasts down. By now, he was completely exhausted and out of breath. Sofia opened her eyes and looked up at the mess while taking her hands and smearing it in.

"Jou made me very...very dirty."

"Well, you invited me in."

She softly laughed at him over that comment while taking one of her hands and brushing the palm over her mouth it clean of his seed while starring into his eyes and then responding.

"Mmmmm, always tastes good too."

"I think you've worn me out now, you can be proud of that."

Again she couldn't help but laugh as he now moved off of her from the table freeing her from the uncomfortable hard table. While Tony stood up, Sofia leaned up from the table and then sat down on the couch. Her tits were a complete mess and she would have to get cleaned up, he didn't want to leave however. To spend time with a friend like this and after such amazing fun, Tony hoped she would let him spend the night.

"You mind if I stay the night with you, Sofia? We can cook dinner or get take out, I don't feel like going back to the yacht. It's supposed to rain tonight anyway."

"Sure, dat sounds wonderful! We can order pizza from downstairs, dis hotel has a pretty good menu on takeout. I gotta get cleaned up since jou made a mess of me!"

Laughing at her, he got up from the couch and went to collect his clothes to properly redress himself.

"Well, honey how about you take a shower, and I'll go ahead and call room service and order us the food."

"Very good Tony, make sure jou get some mozzarella sticks and order a bottle of wine too!"

"No problem honey, I got it."

She moved from the couch to take off her high heels that she had been wearing before walking her naked body back to the bedroom where the bathroom of her luxury suite was. Sofia proceeded to take a shower while Tony got dressed and called up room service to order their dinner and wine. Outside, the rain was coming down hard with thunder crackling from the sky.


The midnight hour hit on the clock as pitch darkness had flooded the sky. Tony was sleeping on the king sized bed with his arm stretched out where Sofia would be. Only right now, her body had gotten out of bed and she was in the large living room space of the luxury apartment. Tony was a man that snored in his sleep like a loud monster, it may have been difficult to sleep through but that wasn't the true reason why she had crawled out of bed. She checked her phone to see if Chris had the nerve to text her anything after the meeting with Steven yesterday. He didn't seem to have the balls to say a word to her after it, that was the smart thing for him to do.

In a white night gown and with her hair curled up into a pony tail, she sat at the couch that had once shared her body and Tony's and now she was scrolling through the contacts on her phone until she reached Steven and dialed him up. Even though it was midnight, she knew Steven was always a midnight person with his work and would answer. After a few rings, she heard his voice answer the phone and then she smiled.

"Steven, I hope I'm not calling too late."

"Oh no, you're not calling late at all. Has Chris called you at all today?"

"No, what did jou do to him?"

Sofia giggled while she heard Steven's voice crack into a small laugh over the phone.

"Nothing I haven't done to him before. That snotty mother fucker better not call you over it."

"So, he pay jou back any of dat money he owes?"

"No, not yet. Probably won't anyway."

Sofia grinned to herself, as she had a sinister thought. Just to make sure Steven was aware of a little something with Chris if he wanted to get someone else involved.

"Well, I should tell jou something..."

"Yeah, that's what Sofia babe?"

"Jou know who he is dating in Hollywood, right?"

"No I don't."

With a wicked laugh, Sofia responded softly with the answer.

"Scarlett Johansson."

"Oh, really?"

Steven sounded surprised over the phone as Sofia laughed again.

"Yeah! Really!"

"How the fuck does that guy manage to hook up with her!?"

"That ain't why I told jou, hun! I hear dat she is real good wit money. Highest paid actress in Hollywood. I figured, jou want the money dat Chris owes, maybe jou should contact her."

"Hmmmm, I'll keep that in mind. Thanks Sofia, I owe you one for this."

"No problem, jus' watching out for my friends! Goodnight Steven, take care!"

Hanging up the phone, Sofia laughed to herself while a bolt of lightning flashed through the big windows of the apartment. She knew what kind of man Steven was with business, he would get something out of meeting Scarlett on the sake of Chris' debt problems. On the other side of town, Steven looked out the window of his office in Disco Fever, starring at the flashing neon lights from the dance floor as he became lost in the thought of this new revelation. Suddenly, the thought of going to L.A. seemed like a reasonable idea after this weekend. Either way, this was going to be a lot of fun.

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Re: Big Booty Bitches
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Big Booty Bitches Ch.5
Starring: Scarlett Johansson

Codes: MMF, Cons, Oral, Anal, Facial, Cheating/Affairs

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

Los Angeles, California

From a hotel room, a man found himself undressing to call it a night. Steven had just arrived in L.A. a day ago on Saturday and before he was to get down to business with things he wanted to relax a bit in the town that he rarely visited. Being from Miami, he couldn't say there was much in L.A. that made him want to stay longer than the fun house he had back home. But this was a business trip to sort out problems. A specific money problem that had become something of an amusement to Steven. Right now, he was in L.A. to see if he could meet a new person in the game that would prove to be worth some fun here.

A mutual friend to Steven and Scarlett Johansson agreed to tip her off about her boyfriend's problems with money problems. Steven would never be able to figure out how a fuck up such as Chris could land one of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood, but apparently it was a reality. If Scarlett was truly as caring as Sofia had told him days ago, he expected a call after she had been informed of everything going on in the shadows. Steven was hoping for that call at any moment, weather it was the money or a chance to meet her, he was not going to pass this opportunity up.

Right now he was laying in the bed of his hotel flipping channels trying to find a baseball game when his cellphone began to ring. Leaning over to grab it from the night stand, he noticed that the number was unregistered in his phone. Maybe this was the call he was looking for or maybe it was the wrong number, he answered it.


"Hello, am I speaking to a Mr. Steven Diaz?"

The voice on the other end was that of a woman with an accent hailing from New York. Steven decided to play it cool and calm as he answered her back.

"Yes, and who is this?"

"This is Scarlett."


"Yes! I am calling you about an important matter that has been passed down to my ear about something regarding a good friend of mine. I was told that you are the man to speak to and you're currently in L.A. where I am."

"You heard right about that, I am in L.A."

"Well, that's good. Do you think that the two of us could arrange some kind of meeting tomorrow? Maybe in the afternoon?"

"Yeah sure, tomorrow sounds great Scarlett."

"I would like to meet some place private if you don't mind, I am a private person after all."

"So am I, how about the back room of the Pink Flamingos diner? You know that place?"

"Yeah, it's not far from where I'm staying. Tomorrow afternoon, around say 2?"

"That sounds great. I'll be waiting for you, goodnight Mr. Diaz."

He hung the phone up with a smirk on his face. If everything he had been told last week was true, this would be easy to get her involved. First base already conquered with this phone conversation. Luckily for him, despite not knowing L.A. very well the diner she wanted to meet was just a couple blocks from the hotel he had checked into. Tomorrow he would be there, and he had a great feeling about this meeting as soon he would wander off to sleep.



With a shining sun high up above and a busy day over L.A., it seemed a little odd that the Pink Flamingo's diner wasn't occupied with a large number of people. Steven didn't know how slow the business really was at this place, since he rarely was in this town to know how things went. When he first walked in, the manager told him to go in the back room and wait. Scarlett knew the family that owned this place and had called them early in the morning to tell them about how she needed a place for a private meeting. Steven stood in the back room looking out the window to see his reflection in the black suit and the red undershirt. He had been waiting just a little over 20 minutes when the door opened and from the reflection he could see what appeared to be a woman.

Steven turned around to the sight as it was Scarlett herself wearing a small white dress. From her gorgeous face and long blonde hair down to the ample view of her busty cleavage. All the way down to her legs that had the finishing piece of beauty with big white matching high heels. He gave a soft smile before greeting her.

"Hello Scarlett, you look even better in the physical form than I could have imagined."    

A smirk graced over her puffy lips.

"Thank you, Mr. Diaz."

"No, please! Call me Steven, all my friends call me Steven..."

"OK, whatever you wish."

Scarlett approached him now as she walked towards the window and he turned to look in her eyes. Steven could see the glimmer of nervousness in her face, and a sense of stress. The woman sighed before she began speaking.

"Alright, so I guess I should go ahead and get to the point without much of your time. I was told that Chris is in trouble, who I am sure you've guessed by now is my lover. What would you call the bottom line of this?"

"Chris owes a lot of money. That's the bottom line, babe."

"Well, I'm here to help him. Whatever it takes, I know I really probably shouldn't be helping him but I want to."

Steven nodded, smiling at her before answering.

"You are a good woman Scarlett, Chris is very lucky to have someone as thoughtful as you to approach me to pay off his debt. Most women I know wouldn't think twice to support their boyfriend the way you are doing."

"Why thank you, it's the least I can do. He didn't tell me he was in trouble or that it went back a long way. You know how he is, don't ever want to admit to something being wrong. So how much does he really owe you?"

"300 grand."

"Jesus, that's a lot of money..."

"And that's not counting what he owes my cousin Ramón."

Scarlett sighed looking down nervously before she responded.

"Oh my god, just...this is so embarrassing for me with Chris."

"Well, you can pay it all off. You and me, let's make a deal babe."

"What kind of a deal, Steven?"

Steven smirked at her before sighing. What he had in mind was very dirty, but regardless if she truly wanted to help Chris the offer was on the table. Otherwise money exchange could go back in place.

"There are other ways instead of blowing money like this. Other ways, as in your body."

She nodded at him, smirking a little before replying.

"I knew that option could be on the table."

A sinister laugh cracked out of Steven's mouth before he responded. He couldn't help himself, how easy this was to get what he truly wanted.

"Good, good...I tell you what, you can pay it off with your body but only under my terms. Are you willing to hear my deal?"

"I'm listening, go ahead."

Looking back into her eyes he smiled.

"You will use your body for pleasure with me, under my terms. It will have to be in Miami though, that's the offer I make you. I will have to talk to Ramón and see what he thinks of the debts."

Scarlett thought for a minute, looking down as she folded her hands. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary that she wasn't used to. After a couple seconds she looked back up at and nodded with a smile.

"Why not? I don't have a problem with doing this. Let's arrange it, on your terms?"

"Can you come back to Miami, say....next weekend? I will have time to place this on schedule."

"Yeah I can do that, I have to get out of L.A. anyway to do some stuff with a movie. This can be before I make the trip, no one will know."

"Excellent. Now before I go back home to Florida and start planning, I need to know if you're really in with this. And I mean, 100% fully down for what I will do for you."

"Of course I am, I made the decision already. I only hope that I can trust you in return to keep your word that after this is all over, we can move on with our lives."

Steven looked at her and nodded.

"You have my word, but I only ask you because...I have to talk to Ramón first about the money owed and between me and you, I can be very aggressive in the bedroom."

Scarlett nodded at him and laughed.

"I can handle that, look...if you wanted to fuck me, you could have just asked. I was hoping we could work something out without the money."

The man bust out laughing at her and then the two shared in the laughter.

"Alright, alright. This is just what I like to hear, now I gotta go. You call me when you get to Miami next weekend. I'll have everything prepared for our day. Just one day and then everything is finished, Chris won't have to worry about any of us beating the shit out of him for his bullshit."

"OK, I'll call you when I get into the city."

She began to walk towards the door now and make her exit before turning around and having a final word with him.

"Oh yeah Steven, thank you."

"No, don't thank me babe. Your stupid ass boyfriend needs to be thanking you, without you he would be in a world of hurt in the near future."

A big smile lit up on her face as she laughed. Sad but true, Chris should be the one thanking her for this. Scarlett could never let him know about this after the fact.

"Yeah you aren't wrong about that, well I'll see you soon Steven. I promise."



Miami Beach, Florida

The morning clouds blurred the view of the sun from up above but couldn't kill away the blazing heat.Light winds whistled through the palm trees while Steven was sitting in his Cadillac waiting for Ramón to come out to ride with him for breakfast. He had not told him at all about the deal he made with Scarlett back in L.A. earlier this week. He could have completely cut his cousin out of it and took the glory for himself but he figured it was best for them both to share her. This could be the most fun that loansharking Chris had turned into so far and now he was waiting for his cousin to join him for a ride to tel him about the whole deal. Ramón came out the front doors of his small condo apartment walking towards the shiny blue Cadillac in his blue jeans and a floral shirt before opening the passenger door and inviting himself in.

"Did you sleep good? I was beginning to wonder if I'd have to blow the horn."

"Do you sleep at all? Fuck man, you're always up all night working at the club and then it's only 8 in the morning now, I don't know how you do it."

"It's called working, Ramón. You get used to a tight schedule when you have a wife and kid before you're old enough to legally buy a pack of cigarettes. Now let's go outta here and go get some breakfast."

Steven started the car again and soon the Cadillac was pulling out from the driveway of the condo apartment and heading onto the streets. They would have to cross over the long bridge connecting South Beach to Downtown Miami but first there was the stop for breakfast at a drive thru as Steven always promised Ramón when they made these short trips during the early morning. Today however was different for an early drive across town, Ramón knew something was up with Stevnen having a smile on his face which was rare.

"What you smiling about? Come on, man. Tell me what's happening."

"Oh I got something to tell you, alright Ramón. You won't believe it at first, so prepare yourself."

Ramón sighed, he wanted to roll his eyes but he managed not to.

"What? I know you been out to L.A. lately, you got any cash from Chris?"

"No, I got something better."

"And, what's that!?"

Steven stopped the car at a red light and looked over at his cousin's clean shaven face, answering him with a smug grin on his face.

"Scarlett Johansson. She wants to help pay off her boyfriend's debts."

A look of confusion spread over Ramón's face.

"What the fuck? How does Chris manage to date her?"

Steven laughed as he put his eyes back on the road and continued driving.

"That's just what I said when I first heard about it, but I can tell you it's true! I met with her in L.A. over the weekend."

"Ay dios mío, and you aren't kidding?"

"Hey man, I wouldn't joke about that. I met with her in person and I have her phone number too. Anyways, cut to the chase of this; she wants to pay off Chris' debts. But not with money."

Ramón thought for a second at the hint that Steven had given him. The car rolled through traffic soon approaching the little drive thru diner that they would hit for breakfast before leaving South Beach.

"Are you implying that she wants to fuck you, to pay off the debts?"

"I'm not implying it, I'm saying it. We agreed to it."

"Bullshit man, I call that fucking bullshit."

"If I was lying, I wouldn't be here telling you about it. She agreed to come into town for this, so she could pay off the debt with her body. I told you cause I wanted to know if you're in or not. "

The car pulled into the drive thru now as Steven looked back at Ramón who finally answered him after thinking for a minute. They had to wait for a couple cars in front of them to move forward before they could place an order here.

"Am I in or not, as in what? Are you inviting me in for that?"

"Yes! Chris owes both of us money, she's willing to work it out with both of us. You in or out?"

"For a chance to bed her, yes I'm in."

Steven smiled looking back at his cousin. He knew Ramón would give in eventually, it was all part of the plan anyway. He had no problem sharing Scarlett with a family member, since Ramón was involved with the loansharking deal with Chris. Steven spoke up as he pulled the car forward in line of the drive thru.

"Since you're in with me, I want to use that small yacht of yours. Let's take her out on sea and just fuck her all day from there. This is a classy lady, she likes her privacy. Your boat has that cabin room with the couch, all three of us have great room in there."

"Yeah, that sounds good. I'm just shocked she would go that far out of her way to help some stupid pendejo like Chris."

"I know what you mean, if my ex-wife would have been that nice to bail me out of trouble when I did stupid shit 15 years ago, who knows? We probably never would still be married."

Ramón laughed at the comment, just nodding.

"Whatever man, let's go ahead and eat. I'm starving this morning. We'll talk more on it later."

The car pulled up once more this time finally to the drive thru window. The two men would decide on their order for breakfast and then the morning carried on; business as usual. It was only a Monday morning, there was still a days in time before the weekend and Steven had to work his schedule for a clean weekend slate to set up this appointment to prepare everything.



Scarlett sighed to herself as she wiped the mirror or fog from her bathroom. She had just stepped out of the shower and began to wrap her long golden hair up in a towel to dry it faster. A lot had been over her mind this week as time had moved on and here she was in Miami on a Friday morning, earlier than she had planned to get this over. At least to her view, this was best to go ahead and do it and move on and not delay it. She had to fly down to the Bahamas after Sunday to work on some film scenes with a new movie, this was all on leisure time before film work would have her busy.

Back in L.A. she had thought about the choice she made. She had heard the stories from friends in Hollywood and all the rumors about the Diaz family. They had connections within Hollywood with famous names and key players with studios, despite all the rumors of the shady business deals and the underworld ventures, Scarlett determined that these men were bad news and could be something of a dangerous situation regarding Chris. It wasn't so much that she loved Chris, she wasn't sure sometimes with his decision making. Either way, she was positive that Chris truly did owe money since he was blowing it left and right on fancy sports cars and stuff that he did not need while speaking of starting his own movie studio project.

Right now none of that was on her mind, she was in Miami a day early and it was Friday morning. After showering and getting a change of clothes she decided to go ahead and call Steven to let him know. She didn't know his schedule or timing so hopefully he wouldn't be upset if she woke him up. The phone rang for a minute until she heard a voice answering it.

"Hello, Scarlett is that you calling?"

"Yes Steven, it is! I'm sorry, if I woke you up or anything."

Steven laughed on the other end of the phone.

"No, babe! You didn't wake me up. I'm down at the college football field about to watch my boy practice."

"Oh, I'm just calling to tell you about our little deal we arranged. I'm already in town, there was no flights out booked to Miami for Friday so I had to go a day early. I have to leave around Sunday to head out for a film shoot."

"That's fine, this works out better since I was shooting for Friday with us. What hotel are you staying at?"

"I'm at a place called the Purple Nights Inn. Some expensive place in Miami Beach, you know the place?"

"Yeah I know that place, babe. Fine choice to stay, now here's the deal; tomorrow afternoon I'll call you and come pick you up. I have everything already arranged for us. We have our day, and then you're free to go."

"OK that sounds great, I'll be looking forward to this tomorrow. Bye Steven, talk to you soon."

"I'll be seeing you tomorrow Scarlett, enjoy your stay."

He grinned hanging up the phone. One day early, he couldn't believe it. She had kept her word so far, Steven slid his phone back into his pocket as he put his sunglasses on and leaned over the railing of the bleachers. He was on the practice football field, attending summer practices for the college football team to watch his son perform.



Saturday morning came by over the city almost at what felt like a breeze. Steven closed duty at the dance club early the previous night as he had called Ramón and told him to go ahead and prepare the yacht. At 9 in the morning, he got dressed in a button up Hawaiin shirt and jeans and jumped in the Cadillac to begin the drive out to South Beach to pick Scarlett up. While driving down the long bridge connecting Miami Beach to the west side of town he picked up his cell phone and began to dial her number, waiting on her to pick up. Within seconds she answered.


"Hey Scarlett, it's me. I'm on my way to come pick you up. Be ready."

"OK, let me fix my hair up."

"I'll wait for you in the back parking lot. I'm in a metallic blue Cadillac with a white top, you won't be able to miss it."

"Alright, I'll be there no worries!"

Hanging up the phone, Scarlett sighed to herself. She had been a bit nervous though she reminded herself not to be. This was not the first time she had made a sleazy deal like this exchanging sex for favors. She walked into her bathroom to fix her hair up, making sure it was split evenly for her face. She grabbed her pink trench coat and put it on, underneath she only wore a red bra and a red thong. Her feet were set with a matching pair of big red high heels to boom loudly over the floor. Buttoning the jacket up, she stomped her heels forward and locked the hotel room before proceeding out.

She took the elevator down after racing across the hall, luckily it was a lonely ride down. After the short ride, she walked out to the back parking lot as he had told her to, and sure enough there was the blue Cadillac waiting for her. She smirked at the sight and proceeded to the passenger door before opening it and looking in to see Steven's face and then sitting down before shutting the door.

"Glad you could make it Scarlett, you look beautiful."

Scarlett laughed at him as he began to pull the car out from the parking lot and back over the main roads.

"Thanks, you look pretty good yourself."

The car moved out back into the streets and now Steven piloted them to the destination of the docks where the yacht awaited them. He spoke up during the drive as he noticed her looking out the window.

"I have to be honest about we're gonna do real soon."

She looked back at him and nodded.

"What's that?"

A little sinister grin graced over Steven's lips while the car moved.

"I'm not the only one with you today. I talked to my cousin Ramón who Chris also owed money, and he agreed that we both will be using your body to forgive the debts."

A threesome had been set into play. Scarlett thought for a minute before she reacted, she wasn't really surprised in a way. She had heard stories before and this wasn't the first time she had been stuck between two men. She nodded at him and replied.

"OK, I can handle that."

"You can handle that? You're a tough girl, and a good woman at that. I wish my ex-wife would was more like you. Any man that gets a woman like you needs to hold onto them tight, I sure hope Chris appreciates what you're doing for him in the future."

She sighed at the thought of his words. Even though soon she was going to be stuck between two men, she couldn't help but admire the fact he was honest with her up front and realized the good deed she was doing for the man that had her heart. She had her doubts deep down about Chris, she wasn't so sure that he would go out of his way to do something like this for her. Time would tell down the road, while right now the car was approaching the docks. Steven stopped the car and then got out, walking over to the passenger side as he opened the door and helped her out. The least he could do was play the gentleman before he was to fuck her silly over the ocean.

Together they walked down the wooden dock approaching the white yacht as another man stood tall with his hands in his pockets and the wind blowing through his long brown hair. Ramón looked at Scarlett studying his eyes as Steven spoke up.

"Scarlett, this is my cousin Ramón."

"Hello, Ramón."

"Hello to you!"

The man answered her by leaning over and placing a kiss on her cheek. She smirked at the feeling before he stepped back and waved his hand towards the boat.

"Come on board, it will take us a short drive to get out from here."

Scarlett stomped her heels forward and crossed the little bridge over to his yacht. The yacht was small in comparison to the mega boat that Steven's older brother Tony had, but it was still a good size and had a large cabin deck inside. The two men followed on board and Ramón headed upstairs to the captain's little room. Within minutes, Ramón began to begin the motors and for the next 30 minutes the boat would move from the docks and off east into open waters.


Within the cabin of the yacht, Scarlett patiently waited for the boat to stop. Steven had went out to the captain's deck upstairs to help his cousin leaving her by herself inside. She sat on the couch that she was sure would be occupied by the three of them real soon. For a threesome, she had enough time mentally to prepare herself, knowing full and well that her body would be pushed to the limits. Deep down she wanted to enjoy this, even if it was truly as aggressive as she had expected. She unbuttoned the top of her trench coat to reveal her large breasts in the red bra and sat on her knees. Soon, she heard the sound of foot steps beating down the steps as the door opened to the two men walking in. Their eyes instantly glued to her body as she smirked and spoke up.

"Alright boys, you two ready for some fun?"

Ramón smiled nodding his head as Steven began to unbutton the top of his shirt and nodded at her and spoke.

"Yeah, let's take our clothes off for you now."

"Oh, so I get a strip show?"

Scarlett laughed watching the two men begin to strip. Ramón threw his short off revealing his strongly built chest and then Steven did the same. Both of them took their belts off almost at the same time as they had kicked off their shoes and began to remove the rest of their clothes by sliding their pants down and dropping their underwear. Scarlett unbuttoned the rest of her jacket and left it on the couch revealing herself in the red lingerie. Both of the men had the bodies of Latin hunks and as they both kicked their pile of clothes to the side, Ramón looked at with hungry eyes and called out to her.

"Get down on your fucking knees."

Steven spoke up behind him.

"Yeah get down there babe, and work our cocks."

"I know just how to do that."

She replied in a sassy tone with a smirk over her puffy lips as the blonde Hollywood bombshell went down to her knees and wrapped her hands around both of their cocks. Steven to the left, Ramón to her right hand. Stroking them in her hands, Scarlett looked up into Ramón's eyes and then Steven's as she continued to stroke both of their rods feeling them get harder within her grip. The two men began to moan and soon Scarlett would make use of her puffy lips. Breathing in, she spoke to them.

"I think you're both ready now."

"Oh sí, we've been ready!"

Ramón ran his mouth hoping that he would get her to suck his dick first, but since Scarlett was left handed she chose to favor Steven's big rod on her left side. She opened her mouth and pushed down on the head while she used her right hand to jerk Ramón's rod simultaneously. Slowly sucking Steven's cock into her mouth, the blonde actress moaned bobbing her head up and down. Steven just watched, meanwhile Ramón was a bit impatient and brought his hand down to her back to claw at the little red straps holding her bra together. Scarlett didn't let it phase her while her hand still stroked his meat and the bra loosened up from Ramón's play.

"She knows how to suck, putting those lips to wonderful use!"

Steven couldn't help but brag about her oral skills. Scarlett came up from his cock with a loud pop noise. She then turned her attention to Ramón. She began by spitting on his rod and then pressing her lips to the head while her left hand found Steven's cock and began to stroke it as she pushed her mouth down and engulfed herself the taste of Ramón's shaft. The man moaned out his words.

"That's what I'm talking about right there! Big cock sucking lips doing what they were meant to be doing!"

Scarlett ignored his praise while her mouth began to bob up and down from his hard shaft. She slobbered all over it before coming up again with a loud pop sound and then alternating her way back to Steven's cock on her left hand side. Just as before, her free hand found Ramón's shaft and began to stroke it while she sucked Steven's rod between her jaws. She began to pick up the pace now, sucking into a fury as her mouth quickly began to bob up and down. After a good bit of sucking, she once again alternated to Ramón's cock spitting on it and then sucking it back between her lips. The man moaned while once again her left hand moved to Steven's cock to stroke it at the same time her lips did work. After a good bit of sucking again, she stopped and moved to her left to give Steven some attention but he had something else in mind.

"Get that bra off, I want to fuck those tits."

Without replying to him in words, Scarlett let go of both of their cocks and brought her hands down and begna to quickly pull her bra off her body. Since Ramón had pulled the straps minutes earlier, it came off with an ease. She gripped her impressive large breasts and held them up for Steven to slid his shaft between them. All the while, Ramón held his cock and pushed it towards her cheek before slapping it against her face. She got the hint and turned her head to the right just as Steven slapped his rod between her tits. Scarlett closed a grip on her breasts at the same time her mouth sucked the head of Ramón's shaft.

"Ohhh yes, that's it. Suck that fucking cock!"

Ramón ran his mouth while all Scarlett could do was muffle out a moan over his shaft in her mouth. Steven placed his hand on her shoulder as he now was crying out in pleasure at the feeling of his cock smashed between her glorious breasts pumping forward. Scarlett knew that her body was built for titty fucking and she greatly enjoyed it. She closed her eyes while sucking Ramón's hard shaft and feeling Steven's rod thrust up and down between her breasts. She made sure to hold them together as tightly as she could and the sound of his voice moaning told her that she was doing her job.

"I want to fuck her pretty mouth!"  

It was Ramón speaking again, Steven nodded while thrusting his cock between her tits.

"Fair enough, I'll take her from behind then."

Their words were the only hint Scarlett got that soon she would be shuffled into a new position. She pulled her head up to come off of Ramón's cock with a loud pop sound while Steven shuffled to grab his dick and pull it from her breasts. With herself free at the moment, she looked up at Ramón, starring into his eyes as he then commanded her.

"Stand up on your heels for me."

Following his order, she got up from her knees and stomped her heels over the carpet rug over the yacht's cabin deck. She put her hands on her knees to lean over while Steven found his way behind her and then she turned her head to look at him as he pulled at the little red thong that was covering over her entrance holes.

"Mmmmm, you are two naughty men."

"Oh babe, you have no idea!"

Steven joked to her as she just moaned. Turning her head to look back at Ramón, the man ran his hands into her hair to curl up a grip in her golden hair. That was a sign of aggression soon to come. She felt the cool air hit her from behind as her thong was pushed down her knees and Steven now was starring at her dripping wet pussy. He wanted to go ahead and nail her lovely ass, but he figured it was best to save that hole for last. Ramón's eyes watched his cousin while he got into position, while his own cock was dangling in front of Scarlett's hungry lips. Once Steven put his hands on her lower back and began to inch his rod into her wet loving hole, he nodded up at the other man now and spoke briefly.

"She's ready, let's go!"

Scarlett moaned at the feeling of Steven's rod enter her but her voice was cut off quickly as Ramón thrust forward for his pole to enter her mouth. With his hands locked into her hair, he thrust forward and began to fuck her mouth while Steven was slowly thrusting into her pussy to deliver pleasure from both ends entering her body. The blonde actress brought her hand up to Ramón's leg to hold herself in this position of being bent over while standing in her heels. Steven placed his hands at her hips to get a better grip while thrusting his cock into her.

"Time to get some real fucking going on!"

It was the voice of Ramón bragging as he pulled Scarlett's mouth and began to rapidly thrust his cock down her throat, fucking her mouth as she closed her lips around his rod and Steven pumped her pussy from behind. Scarlett expected aggression and here it was in a fast tempo as her body was rocking between the two Latin hunks fucking her into a frenzy.


Scarlett's mouth created an assortment of sucking and slobbering noises that came to a stop as Ramón pushed her mouth all the way down until he felt his cock slam to the back of her throat. He held her there in position while Steven bucked his hips fucking her pussy at a steady pace. The beautiful blonde moaned before finally gagging and choking on the cock lodged down her throat. Her eyes watered up from his force, strings of saliva leaked from her mouth over the floor before Ramón let go of her hair to give a light break. She came up from his cock moaning and catching her breath as a flood of spit ran out of her mouth. The woman moaned and screamed.

"Oh yes! More! You two, fuck the shit outta me!"

A sinister grin swept over Ramón's face as he looked down into her eyes.

"Exactly what you should be wishing for!"

She didn't get a chance to reply as he pushed her mouth down and began to buck his hips once more. Steven moaned as his cock was fucking her pussy at a steady pace, bringing his hand back and smacking the left cheek of her ass while his cousin began to fuck her lovely mouth once again causing more sucking noises to echo from her muffled jaws.


Steven was far more focused on the sensational feeling her pussy brought to him but he didn't want to cum early. Ramón on the other hand was too focused on her mouth and had other ideas. Thrusting his cock into her mouth at a harder and faster pace.

"Make me cum Scarlett, make me cum!"

Ramón had to cum in her mouth, it was the proper way in his opinion. Steven had other ideas, he wanted to blow a load within her ass first. From behind her, he began to slow down his pace as he felt himself building up to an orgasm as he looked up at his cousin and spoke.

"Go ahead, let her finish you but I'm waiting a bit."

Ignoring his words, Ramón continued to thrust his rod into the gorgeous woman's mouth until he finally breathed and knew it was time for him to explode. Steven had slowed down and was slithering his cock out of her pussy as Ramón pushed her mouth all the way down and then cried out.

"Fuck! There it is! YES!"

Scarlett's mouth was pushed all the way down on his cock as Ramón exploded, filling her mouth with his cum. He held her there in place to make sure that he shot every bit of his load into her watery jaws. She let out a muffled moan at the feeling of his warm seed flooding her mouth, Ramón taunted her with a laugh and spoke.

"Can't hear you Scarlett, my cock in your mouth is preventing that."

Ramón couldn't help himself but to taunt her with some words and a laugh. He felt in control  and now he let go of her hair to let her mouth off his cock. Scarlett leaned up placing her hands over his legs to show him her mouth flooded in a mixture of saliva and his cum. Closing her lips, she swallowed it loudly. The man grinned from ear to ear like a winner and bragged to her.

"Very good, that's what I like to see. A slut that swallows it down, time for you to get on top and get fucked!"

Steven reached back and slapped the left cheek of her ass to get her attention. She turned around looking at him as she caught her breath with her fatigued face. The real game had only just begin and Scarlett swallowed a breath before speaking.

"You're gonna fuck me too, aren't ya Steven?"

The man nodded at her but before he could reply, Ramón grabbed her hair again to pull her back to his attention and look back in his eyes.

"Get up on top of me, over here on this couch right now."

She didn't get a chance to do it by her own will, Ramón stepped backwards until the couch was directly behind him and then he took a seat while pulling her by the hair to come get up on top of him. She straddled him throwing her legs around and sinking her knees into the couch and then he let go of her hair. Scarlett turned around to watch Steven as he came up behind now  and began to get into position. A little smirk was over his face, all the while Ramón ran his hand down to his shaft and began to push it towards her wet pussy just begging for attention. Scarlett took a deep breath to prepare herself for the double fucking session.

"Oh god, you both ready? Go for it, get those fucking cocks in me, do it!"

Scarlett brought her hand down to grab Ramón's rod herself and hover her pussy over it before pushing the head into her damp opening. At the same time, she could see Steven's shadow shading over the couch as he placed his hands on the cheeks of her nicely built ass and began to pull it apart. She looked over her shoulder and moaned as she teased him.

"Yeah, do it! Fuck my ass!"

"That's exactly what I was gonna do, babe!"

The man stepped behind her and began to push his rod into her tight little hole back there. Scarlett placed her hands on Ramón's chest and closed her eyes as she felt Steven's rod sink in. Ramón wrapped his arm around her as his eyes went to those excellent breasts and within a few seconds he thrust his cock into her pussy while his cousin began to thrust into her ass in unison. Scarlett closed her eyes and cried out loudly.


Her voice raised in loudness as  the men began to thrust their rods into her. Steven went slow at first to get used to the tightness of her hole but soon he leaned up and smacked both of her ass cheeks with his hands and now it was time to get some serious fucking pounding going on. He pumped her ass harder and faster, her body began to shake and her large breasts bounced in Ramón's face. Scarlett gritted her teeth and screamed out.


"Fuck yeah! Take our cocks!"

Once more, it was Ramón running his mouth bragging in pleasure, Scarlett felt both their cocks enter her simultaneously fucking her thoroughly on both of her holes down below. She kept her eyes closed embracing the pleasure, this was not her first threesome with two males fucking her like crazy. Scarlett had done this in the past but it always took a bit to get used to at first. She screamed out in pleasure feeling their rods take her to a new height of pleasure.


A harmony was made over the couch between all three of them moaning. Her screams drowned out the men's voices but not without the sound of a hand slapping over her ass while Steven fucked that gorgeous bottom like it was no tomorrow. He had prevented himself from busting a nut within her pussy and had saved this for her ass. All the while, Scarlett couldn't hold on for much longer herself. Steven had worked that pussy and now Ramón was forcing her on the edge of bursting. She bit her lower lip and cried out to the both of them.


That was it, she couldn't even finish her sentence as she felt her body tighten up and a climax reached while her pussy gushed juices all over Ramón's rod pumping in and out of her. Scarlett suddenly felt a hard sting over the left cheek of her ass as she breathed in, lost in the ecstasy of pleasure when Steven began to yell out.

"You ready for some cum, babe!? HERE IT IS!"

Steven groaned out as he rammed his cock as far as it could reach in the tight hole of her ass. Holding himself there, he groaned and spanked her cheeks once more feeling his cock explode deep within her to give her bowels a creamy surprise. Ramón slowed himself down so he could embrace the feeling of her orgasm over his rod deep within her. Lucky for him, he had already blown his load before they began the double fucking time. He wanted something else from her amazing body though, and that was her ass.

"I want to fuck her up the ass now!"

Steven laughed at his cousin's remark while Scarlett was catching her breath. He nodded to Ramón before answering.

"Yeah, that's fine. I want that pussy again myself."

Scarlett took a deep breath listening to the men speak of another double penetration session. She nodded and looked over her shoulder at Steven since he seemed to be the one in command her. The man was slowly slithering his cock from her tight ass when she spoke.

"Do you want me on top of you like this, or-"

"No, no! We're gonna hold you up."

"Alright then, that's fine!"

Steven had cut her off to finish speaking, he didn't like to reuse the same position twice. Scarlett began to lift herself from Ramón as his cock exited her lovely pussy. She was dripping wet of her own seed that gushed out of her opening while a thick stream of Steven's cum ran out of her ass and down her leg. Once standing back up she turned to face him, Steven cupped her chin softly with his hand to lean in and kiss her on the lips. While they kissed, Ramón got up from the couch and positioned himself behind her. His hands went to her hips while Steven placed his hands around her body. Scarlett was alerted to their touching over her body and broke the kiss.

"You two ready? I'm ready for it."

"Let's go man, hold her up!"

Ramón gave the instructions as he and his cousin now began to lift her up off her heels and hold her up. Both men had a grip on her body as Scarlett looked back into Steven's eyes and put her hands on his shoulders to have a grip on him while spreading her legs to wrap around his torso. She took a deep breath and swallowed to prepare herself, while both of them brought a hand down to their cocks and began to look for her rightful holes. She felt Steven's first, the head pushing at her pussy before Ramón smeared his rod up the cum soaked hole of her ass. Scarlett raised her head and moaned as both of their rods slid into her holes. Clutching her nails onto Steven's shoulders, the blonde woman moaned out.

"OH! YES!"

Her voice was cut off at the loud groaning of Ramón as he thrust forward into her ass and then Steven returned with a thrust forward into her pussy. Scarlett's body shook between the two men fucking her furiously. In this position standing up, she didn't have to worry about getting pummeled from behind like earlier, not that Ramón had it in him to pound an ass the way his cousin did. He liked to take his sweet time with it, just as he was doing now. Steven groaned while pumping that pussy for the second time today, yelling out.

"God, this body is fucking fantastic!"


"Oh yeah, you're amazing babe I can tell you that!"

Scarlett teased him with her yelling voice. She had been lost in the pleasure of the two men pumping their cocks into her body in unison. Over and over, one rammed her ass while the other pounded her pussy. She couldn't believe that they had not worn themselves out yet with stamina, but she still had enough left in her to burn the time. Her breasts bounced up and down each time they thrust into her body, she couldn't help but tease them once more with sweet naughty words.

"You two like this!? Fucking me like this!? Gonna make both of you cum again!?"

Ramón grunted and responded to her.

"You want some cum? I'll give you some fucking cum, all over your face! That's what you get for cheating on your boyfriend to pay off his debts!"

She would have laughed if she wasn't caught between the two of them, Scarlett moaned out to him and teased.

"Mmmmmmm oh yeah!? You want to cum all over my pretty face? Make a mess of me?"

"You know I am!"

"I will too!"

Ramón spoke first and then Steven commented. The man in front of her was ready to shift positions once again as he could feel his time coming short of blowing. Steven stopped pounding her sweet pussy and slowed himself down before sighing and speaking.

"If I don't stop now, I'll end up cumming, Ramón let's set her down and have her finish us off."

"Good idea, since she wants to get fucking glazed in cum!"

Scarlett moaned, they were giving her the break that she wanted. To end where they had once began this sleazy event. Both of the men let their cocks ease out of her body first before they stepped back and allowed her to step her heels back onto the floor. Just as planned, she dropped down to her knees like when the whole session began and wrapped her little hands around their big hard cocks. Just as before, Steven had her left hand and Ramón's rod was wrapped in her right hand. She stroked them both together as she looked up at the two men and teased them with her with pretty eyes.

"You both going to cum all over me?

"Yeah, fuck yeah!"

It was Steven that spoke up causing Scarlett to give him eye contact while she jerked the cocks in her hands. She turned her attention to his rod to part her lips and slobber over the head while looking in his eyes. Just as before, she went down on it bobbing her head up and down on the shaft while her right hand stroked Ramón's meat. After a good bit, she came off with a loud pop sound and then alternated her way to Ramón while her left hand found Steven's shaft and began to jerk it up and down while her mouth bobbed up and down on Ramón's cock. Both the men were in heaven even though soon they would be hitting their final orgasm for the day.

"God yes, that's what I am talking about right there! Work it!"

Scarlett heard Ramón's words and came up from his cock with a loud pop noise. Once again, she alternated her mouth back to Steven only this time with some saliva strings dangling over Ramón's dick as she wrapped her hand back around it and went to stroking. Steven couldn't get enough of her tits earlier and there was no way he wasn't blowing his final load without spending time between them again.

"I want to fuck your tits again babe, bring 'em up!"

Hearing his words, she came to a stop sucking on his rod and released it from her mouth. She let go of Ramón's shaft and brought her hands up to her huge breasts, holding them up as she parted them for Steven to slide his tanned meat between her pale beauties. Scarlett moaned, parting her lip as she looked up into his eyes and he began to thrust between her tits.

"Mmmmm, you like fucking those big titties, don't you?"

"Yes I do, babe!"

Her mounds of flesh pounded over his meat stick, fucking it to a pulp as Steven thrust his hips and watched the amazing sight before him of her tits fucking his cock. Ramón wanted some of this action too now that he had witnessed it once again.

"Fuck me with those tits too, I want to feel those knockers!"

"Oh yeah!? Thought I was gonna leave you out, huh?"

Scarlett teased Ramón before letting go of her breasts to free Steven from her fleshy prison. Now she moved over to her right to equally give the other man a chance to stuff his rod between her breasts. She held them up and parted them just as Ramón slammed his cock in the middle. Scarlett closed the grip on her tits and looked down to spit on the head poking up from her cleavage. Finally, she began to move up and down, fucking his cock with her tits.

"Mmmmmm, just like that?"

"Yeah, just like that!"

Steven didn't want to bother his cousin as the moaning was just enough to alert him how much pleasure he was having of her tits. Instead of forcing her to take turns, he just moved closer and pushed his cock towards her face until it was touching her cheek. Scarlett responded by turning her head to the left and then pushing her lips over Steven's cock, sucking it while her tits pumped Ramón's cock.

"Fuck, I don't want this to end but I know I'm about to blow a huge fucking load for you."

Ramón spoke though Scarlett couldn't answer him. Little did he know that Steven also was on the verge of busting his final nut for the day. The man pulled his cock from her mouth with a pop sound, watching the little string of saliva break and drip over her chin. Steven now spoke up to give her the alert.

"I'm about to cum too, get ready for it."

Her eyes wandered up at Steven and then at Ramón as she let go of her breasts to free the other man's cock. Scarlett moaned before speaking to them.

"Hold on, let me make sure you both can get a clear shot at drenching me."

"Nasty fucking girl. Cheating on your boyfriend to pay his debts and then begging to get cum on your face, I think I like you."

Ramón's words made her laugh. Her hair had been a mess from the pulling and the shaking of her body. Scarlett ran her hands up to push her hair over her shoulders and to give a clear shot to her face. Meanwhile, both the men jerked their cocks furiously in their hands. She raised her head waiting for the explosion that awaited, simply letting them get themselves off. Closing her eyes, she parted her lips and spoke teasing words.

"Come on, cum on me. Cum all over my face!"

"You wanted it!? YOU GOT IT! OHHH!!!"

Ramón was the first to blow, shooting a thick wad of cum directly up her face drenching her forehead and trailing over her right eyebrow. At the same time, Steven had his initial explosion.

"Oh, fuck babe! YES!"

The man grunted as a powerful wave shot up into her left eye lid and trailed down her cheek. Ramón's cock blew another warm wave that got the right side of her nose and down her cheek, and again Steven's cock sent a wad flying up on the left side of her forehead shooting into her hair. Scarlett moaned while another thick gob of cum hit her right eyebrow and yet another wad from the left side glazed her cheek. She smirked a little before giggling at the feeling of the warm substance. Both of them were losing steam of their orgasm and Ramón let the head of his rod fall to her lips to milk the final drops of cum while Steven pushed his cock up against her forehead to shoot one final small load over her face. Ramón pulled his cock from her mouth once he felt her suck the final remains of his seed out.

"Oh my god, you both made me into a mess."

"Yeah we did, but don't act like you didn't ask for it babe."

Scarlett laughed at Steven's comment, taking her left hand and scooping the cum out of her eyes with her finger tips. She reopened her eyes while feeding her fingers to her mouth to suck the warm seed off. Her eyelashes gleamed in the sticky white substance causing both of the men to smirk down at her. Scarlett didn't say a word as her hands grabbed their drained cocks, she brought Ramón's to her mouth first and kissed it. Then, she moved to Steven's rod and gave it a goodbye kiss. The deed was complete.

"Well guys, I won't lie. That was a lot of fun."

"Yeah it was Scarlett, I'm glad you came out here with us babe."

She smirked up at Steven hearing his voice and then Ramón spoke up.

"I think it's funny you had fun cheating on your boyfriend, paying off his debts like this. Man, Chris better be thankful for you. You just saved his ass from me."

Scarlett laughed at Ramón's comments before replying.

"I won't lie, I had a lot of fun! It's been a while I got to enjoy getting fucked by two hot men. I better get cleaned up. Thanks a lot for the mess!"

"You're welcome, babe!"

Steven jokingly replied to her as they shared a laugh. She began to rise from her knees and then Steven spoke up again, this time to Ramón. The deed was finished and now the debts from Chris had been forgiven, Steven promised to keep his word for her and after this amazing day he would see to it that they never cross paths with Chris again out of respect for this woman. The couple hundred grand was small change to the millions they were making in another business, and the sex today made it all worth the time. The one person who deserved a little something in good nature for all of this was Scarlett. Steven would see to it that she was rewarded for her all of this.



Sunday morning came as usual for a busy day with an early sun high up in the sky, typical of the summer. After all the fun that was shared on the little yacht yesterday, Steven couldn't get it out of his mind to take care of Scarlett. Even after the boat had docked yesterday evening, he took her out for a late dinner and dropped her off at the hotel. After going home, he thought about it all night before making the decision he was doing right now to go out to South Beach and wait to see her one last time. His Cadillac pulled up across the street of the Purple Nights Inn hotel in a parking space waiting for her. He figured she probably had called a taxi to escort her to the airport, but for a woman such as her he thought that it was better to pay respect by driving her out himself.

Steven got out of the car and placed his hands over the roof in a fold as he waited to see if she would come out. It was a typical busy day for Ocean Drive, the tourists were walking and with a summer day of clear weather there was countless girls in bikinis and men in swim shorts walking about to the beach that was close by. He didn't call Scarlett on the phone or text her, he wanted to see the surprise on her face when she came out of the front doors of the Art Deco themed hotel. How she reacted would tell him if she had some growing feelings like he had.

The wait paid off over time, as Steven witnessed the blonde woman walking out in jeans and a T-shirt. Over her left hand was her luggage suitcase and big black sunglasses over her head. Scarlett looked across the street and saw the Cadillac and his smiling face. She smirked and walked her way over to join him at the parked car, the blonde woman spoke up.

"I was just about to wait for a taxi over here. What are you doing here, Steven?"

"Just thought I would see you off, I kinda hate that you're leaving."

Scarlett laughed at his words, she wasn't sure if she believed him or not since this whole deal was business. Standing on the opposite end of the car as she spoke back.

"Are you serious, Steven?"

"Oh yeah, I'm serious babe. I mean what I say, some of us men don't deserve a woman like you. I'm not going to say anything about Chris to you, he's your man...but I will say this, I wish I had a woman like you 15, 20 years ago. Chris is young and stupid, you know? I did stupid things too when I was his age..."

She looked him over curiously while pulling her sunglasses up to look into his eyes when she replied.

"Really? Like, what did you do?"

"Oh, the usual stupid stuff you do in your 20's. Gambling problems, check. Running out chasing women, check. Getting involved in stuff that might send you to prison, check.

Scarlett busted out laughing at his confessional, before she knew it he was laughing too. At least he was honest with her she figured. She walked from the other side of the car to meet him on the right and look into his eyes.

"I believe you now, I think...you're a good man Steven."

"And as I told you when we first met, you are a good woman Scarlett. If my ex-wife would have done something like this to get me out of trouble back in the day, we would probably still be married."

She looked down and then back up at him with a smile. She didn't want to respond to his words, Scarlett simply leaned in and kissed his lips softly. Steven embraced her kiss by putting his hands around her back and returning the kiss. When their lips finally broke apart, he looked down into her eyes and spoke.

"Will you let me drive you to the airport?"

"Yes, I would like that."

The man stepped back and opened the driver's door of his car and then Scarlett turned around and quickly walked to the passenger's side, throwing her suitcase into the back seat as if she didn't have a care in the world as she joined him in the car. They were friends now, Steven was going to look out for her when he had the time and was in L.A. again. Once they were in the car together with the doors closed, he started the engine and began to pull off before he spoke one last thing.

"I want you to call me if you ever need anything...anything, a friend, someone to talk to...if you move on from Chris or something happens with him, please call me."

Scarlett looked back at him and nodded her head.

"Oh I will, no question about it!"

A respect had been made between the two as well as a new friendship. Steven smiled big as his eyes looked at the road and he began driving her down the streets, next stop was back to the airport to see her off. One trip he hated to make for someone but he would never regret meeting her personally like this to see her off.

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Re: Big Booty Bitches
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Big Booty Bitches Ch.6
Starring: Maria Menounos

Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Anal

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

Miami Beach, Florida

Clouds passed over a clear blue sky during the day with light wind. The beaches were filled with people out having fun in the sun, meanwhile a party was going down on a luxury yacht across South Beach. It was just another day in Miami for anyone that lived the high life in town. Tony found himself sitting in a stretched out chair over the deck of this yacht while he wore a white suit with a red shirt underneath. The white pants he wore matched the suit with expensive loafer shoes. He went for a throwback look to this party, the shirt was unbuttoned on the first 3 buttons to reveal his hairy chest and a gold Cuban link chain hanging down. A dark pair of Aviator sunglasses sat over his eyes to blind the view of the sun.

This yacht however, was not his own. Tony hated to throw parties on his Love Boat yacht, for it was his home and he enjoyed the privacy within. This party had been organized by a friend in town, the usual high profile social gatherings on a yacht where anyone with money or status would come to get drunk and enjoy some fun out in the sun. Tony found himself bored at this party while sitting back and smoking a cigar at the chair. There was a number of people on the boat with loud music playing, the usual girls in bikinis that were a dime a dozen in South Beach. These kind of parties usually were a good place to find hook ups in his wild night life but today he had only went in person to this party to drink and relax.

From the distance came the form of a figure walking up the steps of the yacht. Tony sat back puffing on his cigar as his eyes studied this figure behind the dark tinted sunglasses. It was the form of a woman in a striped bikini stepping forward as she turned her head and the wind blew through her brown hair. He received an extensive view of a beauty who had a perfectly fit strong body with abs, and a cute belly button ring of a star dangling. The woman walked over to the left and his eyes remained in tact behind the sunglasses studying every curve and a thick round buttocks from behind. Tony smiled, what a beauty she was.

His attention had been taken away from a boring party, the man got up and placed his cigar in the little glass ash tray sitting next to a table where he had been laying on the chair for a bit. Tony followed this beautiful woman stepping onto the back deck of the boat where more party favors awaited from a small mini bar that was fixing drinks. The live band could still be heard from the front deck, the woman turned around to see Tony as he slid his shades up to his graying hair and greeted her lovely face with a smile.

"Well hello, what is your name, beautiful?"

The woman smirked at him as she instantly recognized him.

"Hello there, I am Maria Menounos and I take it you must be Mr. Tony Diaz?"

A smug grin washed over Tony's face to hear this woman already address him by name. He offered his hand out to her, immediately for a greeting.

"Why yes, that would be me. Were you looking for me, beautiful?"

Maria shook his hand and smiled up at him before biting her lip. She had heard the stories from a close friend in Hollywood about him and within seconds of meeting, it seemed the tales of what a charmer he was were already going into play.

"Yes I was! I have heard about you from friend of mine who was telling me about some new nightclub you opened down here that's been something of a hit. I wanted to meet the man himself."

"Well, I'm standing right here. So, what friend of yours is also a friend of mine?"

The woman smirked at him while placing a hand on her hip, giving him ample view of her muscular built body.

"Jennifer Lopez, she didn't tell you about me? I work with a news agency out in Hollywood, when I'm not handling my acting career or doing wrestling stuff."

Tony nodded to her.

"Oh, yeah. She did tell me about you, but I stay so busy so the thought didn't cross my mind."

"I understand! She told me that she texts with you all the time."

"So, are you out here to party with or something else."

The man grinned and then Maria laughed at him in that signature laugh of hers causing him to chuckle himself.

"I would love to check out your club and party, but seriously speaking, I wanted to interview you."

"You wanted to interview me?"

"Yes, but I can't step outside my boundaries with my network. I have to focus exclusively on Hollywood and stuff with movies. So, I thought maybe I could focus on your club as a hot spot for action."

"I would very much like that, you know where it's at right? You drop by tomorrow night, go upstairs and check with my assistant. I'll tell her to watch out for you."

Maria smirked at him before nodding.

"Sounds like a plan, you've got yourself a date."

"I'll see you, then!"

The older man gave a wink at the beautiful woman before she began to walk off from in front of him. Tony turned to watch her figure walking from the deck of the boat as his eyes zoomed in on that amazing ass from behind. He couldn't help but smirk at the sight of that juicy booty. The sun brightened his view and soon he pushed his shades back over his eyes. but his mind was occupied by something that was walking off. Soon he would leave this party and retreat back to his yacht where he had some phone calls to make with his brother Steven to check up on some deals that would have to be made later this week. Today was only Monday, but tomorrow was looking even better in company for a Tuesday night.



Loud music pierced through the ears of hundreds of people inside the building of Disco Fever. The dance floor was crowded while people shuffled their bodies to the rhythm of the dance music pouring beat after beat into the mega speakers. A DJ sat at the stage with his work station producing the best electronic flavored music he had to offer to a wild dance floor that dropped at the high tempo beats. All the while, from a staircase across the club was a pair of long tall legs climbing up in a pair of tight black leather pants that hugged every curve of a magnificent body. Matching leather heels stomped and stepped up the stairs until reaching the top when the woman smiled at the view from above.

Maria was dressed to kill. If this man couldn't get his eyes off her body in a bikini, she was well aware how much a pair of leather pants and a tight green shirt would attract his eyes. What she didn't expect was Tony himself to be waiting for her outside of the V.I.P. rooms. He had spoke to his assistant Maria about a date he was waiting for, the young woman had texted an alert to him after she heard of another woman with the same first name as her asking around for him: the call was made. Maria Menounos walked across the floor upstairs until she noticed the figure of what appeared to be Tony standing tall in a black suit with a little smile on his face. The beautiful Greek woman smiled as she approached him.

"So, there she is..."

"And, there he is!"

Tony stepped forward to offer his greeting to Maria, hugging her and placing a soft kiss on her right cheek. The brunette stepped back and turned around to give a sight of those tight leather pants fit over every curve of her legs and showing her tight amazing ass. He smirked at that sight.

"Very nice, you know leather pants only look good on a woman. I say, you gotta be brave to wear them as a man."

She laughed at his comment and decided to tease him a bit.

"Really? I think you would look good in them, yes?"

"You must be out your mind! No way would I wear those!"

Tony laughed before Maria let out a long laugh in that funny voice that had gained her some fame in television. He couldn't embarrass her though, it wasn't worth it when most of his family had strong accents. He walked forward and looked over the railing at all the busy people walking about. From upstairs, anything could be scene. Maria stepped forward to him and then he smiled and spoke to her.

"So, how do you like the place?"

"I love it, I was downstairs some 30 minutes ago, shaking my ass on the dance floor."

"Ohhhh were you? I wish I could've seen that."

She laughed at him and smirked.

"I'm sure you would've! Jennifer told me that you had a number of clubs around here, but I take it this is the big place?"

"Indeed it is. My father had a club called Disco Fever back in the day, meant the world to him. It went under sometime around 1990, he used to say that the club died with the whole era of the wild 80's."

"Wow, so now I get why this place has that whole retro vibe."

"Yeah, just opened last month. Been quite a hit so far, how about we go up to my office beautiful, and continue our conversation with some drinks in privacy?"

Maria nodded at him and smirked.

"I would love that, Tony."

Offering his arm out to her, she latched onto him and he began to walk the Greek beauty back from the railing and towards the V.I.P. door where the deeper side of the club remained under heavy restrictions. While the man in charge made his retreat to his office, downstairs was a younger Diaz man smoking a cigarette sitting at a table as he watched some girls dance. Carlos was back in town to sort out some family troubles alongside his older brother Ramón. For now, Tony had given Carlos a specific job within the club to watch the bar and to come in as a manager behind the bartenders to keep a watchful eye on who could possibly be skimming money from the place. The funds were still coming up a couple hundred dollars short, more so than last month. Carlos had to earn his foot back into the business, or else his ticket would be back on the streets hustling.

Back in Tony's private office, he opened a bottle of wine and tipped the bottle over to watch the red substance fill two glasses. Maria's eyes looked down at the glass and then back up at his aging face before she spoke.

"Thank you, you know...I've heard a lot about you over the years from Jennifer."

"Oh yeah?"

He raised his glass, sipping some of the wine as Maria just grinned and decided to drop the bomb on him early on. She wasn't one to beat around the bush with a meeting such as this.

"Yeah, Jennifer spoke of you quite often. How you have these clubs...how you also do other things with beautiful women..."

Tony laughed as he watched Maria place the edge of the glass to her lips before drinking some of the delicious substance down.

"I take it Jennifer told you about all the fun I've had with her going on 15 years now."

Maria licked her lips after having her drink and nodded.

"She's told me more than that."

Together the two of them took more drinks from their respective glasses, finishing down the first bit of the bottle that had been poured out. Tony could see the game that Maria was setting up for him, but she had other plans. She spoke up again.

"You know, out of everything I've heard about you...if it weren't for the fact that I have to stick to interviewing actors and singers and such, you would be quite the man to have an interview with. I'm sure you have tons of stories of the Hollywood business."

"Oh yeah? Those kinda stories you want, like what?"

Maria giggled at him before replying.

"Come on, what famous people you've met, which ones you've slept with...I'm sure a man like you has some trophies of achievement in that regard. Mind if I ask who is your most biggest achievement to get between the sheets?"

Tony laughed at her. In all his years, he certainly could brag. If Maria was attempting to stroke his ego, she was doing one hell of a job with it. He had his favorites over the years that he did consider to be milestones in his life, but there was no point in bragging about that here. Instead, he responded with a better game in mind.

"Why should I dig in the past for that? Are you looking to join the ranks for my diary, beautiful Maria?"

The brunette haired woman looked in his eyes before nodding.


He could see the game she was trying to play, however he didn't reply to her. Tony simply turned around and moved to sit in his comfortable leather chair that sat in his little private room behind the office. The window had the shades pulled up and he could always sit back and watch the action going on at the club. Maria handled herself to pour another glass of wine and drink it down, swallowing down the savory taste. She turned her attention back to Tony and took a few steps towards him to loudly boom her high heels.

"You know, Jennifer taught me how to do some tricks in dancing."

"Oh yeah, she did huh?"

"Yeah, I got the impression from her that you are the type of man that prefers a woman that knows how to move her body."

"It's the truth, if you are curious."

Maria couldn't respond to that little gesture. He was going to be easy for her, not unlike men in the past for her own amusement. Turning around after eyeing him down in his chair, she gave him the full back view of her legs in the tight leather pants. Surely, his eyes became stuck gazing into her huge ass. She placed her hands on the table in front of the window and pushed her mighty booty out before she began to roll her hips and do the 'twerk' motion. The man was impressed to say the least.

"Wow, that's very nice."

Ignoring his praise she took a step backwards and rolled her hips, pushing her ass out further to his view. The leather pants made use of every curve visible to his eyes as Maria moved her hands from the table in front of her and ran them up her hips while slowly bouncing her ass to the soft beats that they could still hear from this room. The private show was just for him, but soon she became ready to plant her ass over his lap. She turned to look over her shoulder before lowering herself down over him. Tony breathed in hard before moaning out to her.

"Lovely...you know how to handle yourself."

"Mmmmm, you think?"

"No baby, I know!"

The comments of flattery had turned tables to now he was complimenting her. Maria closed her eyes and softly pushed down as she began to grind. Rolling her hips, she pushed her ass into his lap. She could feel the hardness of his cock growing underneath her juicy bottom. Tony knew what he wanted now for her, one of Jennifer's friends that had certainly lived up to a reputation he adored. Maria sighed while continuing to give him this mini-lap dance, speaking up.

"You like that, huh?"

"Fuck yeah I do baby, you got a mean ass, that's for sure!"

Maria slowly leaned back until she could feel his chest pressing over her back. Tony moved to breathe down her neck and place an inviting kiss right under her ear lobe. Pleasure seemed to be in the making but there was other business that needed to be fixed up first. Maria spoke out again.

"So, do you want to play with me or do you want to do our business first?"

Tony smirked to himself, this was a quick escape. Unlike his brother Steven, he didn't really enjoy to use his office for sexual fun. That was what he had his yacht for instead, Maria would make a fine addition to his diary list of women that had slept with him back on the Love Boat.

"Business first, let's get the details of this interview down right now. Tomorrow, you can come back to the yacht with me and I'll show you what Jennifer has told you about that goes on down there."

She let out a short and soft moan from her lips while still slowly rolling her hips, Maria was a little disappointed. The bulge that could be felt under her ass told her that he was all set to go, but waiting tomorrow would never hurt for the yacht adventure. Funny how a man such as him could put off a wait for the real fun.

"My company back in L.A. sent me out here, I have control over what exactly I want to cover for a story. I will mention your name briefly, so you can keep a low profile. Most of the filming will be done of the club. I have to leave town in a few days but we will be back later next week to do the filming, any time you want to put it on schedule."

Maria then got up from his lap, turning around to look him in the face as he replied back to her with a grin over his face.

"That sounds good, I can arrange for around Tuesday or Wednesday next week. I'll have the time then to get the club all situated for a publicity show, I can probably even get some of my famous friends to attend so it looks better on TV."

She nodded to him.

"Very good, that should work out perfect."

"So, where are you staying in town? Let me get my pen and paper and I want you to write it down. Tomorrow I won't be doing anything and I can arrange for someone to pick you up and bring you to my yacht for some fun."

Tony got up from his chair, standing straight up with the package in his pants sticking up. It almost made her laugh, but she couldn't kill away the feeling of disappointment that he didn't want to get down and dirty here in the room. The man made his way over to the table in front of the window and grabbed a notepad that was sitting under a book. Taking one of the pens he had, he offered the pen and notepad to her but Maria's eyes were starring down at his stick poking up. Such a shame, she thought to herself.

"Alright, let me write it down for you. I'm staying in South Beach for the few days..."

Taking the pen, she pushed the button in with her thumb and began to quickly write down her hotel address for him. Only one little detail remained that she had to catch.

"What time you wanna pick me up, big man?"

"Make it 12, I'll bring out the limo if you want."

"I won't say no to that, always nice to ride in style. Guess I'll be seeing you tomorrow, Mr. Big..."

Maria's eyes looked back down to still see the big bulge sticking straight up in his pants. Her eyes ran back up to his in which she smiled.

"Too bad Mr. Big couldn't play in here tonight..."

"Yeah too bad, that mean ass couldn't come out of those tight leather pants too soon. Mind turning around for me?"

Without replying to him, Maria stomped her heel into the floor and moved her body for him. She wiggled her ass once more in the tight leather pants, while looking over her shoulder to tease him. His eyes were glued starring right at it, Tony reared his hand back and swatted a smack over her right cheek. Maria moaned at the feeling before giggling to him.

"Ouch, mmmmm you know how to spank it!"

"Ohhhh baby, you ain't seen nothing yet. Just wait till tomorrow, we're gonna have a lot of fun."

"I'm looking forward to it, Tony. See you tomorrow!"

She stomped forward in those high heels, clicking and clacking before she made it to the door to leave him alone. Tony couldn't be more than satisfied right now, he looked over her handwritten note to see that she drew a little heart there. The interview she had in mind was the last thing he found himself thinking about anymore, it was all about that mesmerizing ass. Tomorrow could not come any sooner, before the night was over he was going to check in with his assistant Maria to give her the off day from his yacht to make some much needed privacy.



As the PM hours were hitting on the clock during the afternoon, the sun blinded down over the metallic silver finish of a DeLorean DMC-12 speeding up the Venetian Causeway in the usual traffic going back and forth from the main town to Miami Beach. Ramón sat in the driver's seat behind a pair of sunglasses while he drove the car. His brother Carlos sat beside him, running his hand through his slicked back hair and looking out the window. Months had went by since the brothers had been in the same presence of one another. Carlos was finally a free man after serving 9 months in jail, his release had come two weeks ago before he quietly came back in town.

Carlos had been arrested back in late 2014 for weapon charges after he was busted by an undercover cop duo that had been working a string of major drug deals. Luckily for him, the bust was for guns instead of the coke that was part of the trade 'drugs for guns'. Thanks to having a powerful family behind him, the charges were dropped to misdemeanors and serving 9 months of 1 year was better than looking at multiple years for getting pulled over with a car loaded with enough assault rifles to make a gun nut blush. Steven was not happy, but it was typical of Carlos. At 29 years old, it would only be accurate to say that he had been fucking things up most of his adult life and relying on the family to bail him out. He sighed while looking out the window before speaking to his brother.

"The old man has me working at that new club he opened, place is a fucking mad house with people."

Ramón glanced over at his brother and smirked before putting his eyes back on the road. Traffic was slow today while the car drove over the causeway, he responded back to him.

"Oh yeah, the place does stay packed. So what does he have you doing in the club? I haven't talked to Tony lately to know what's up."

Carlos sighed and then responded back in an annoyed voice.

"Man, he's got me doing this fucking security thing. He wants me to watch the bar and watch over all the guys serving drinks and to make sure no one is taking money. He said something about money coming up missing from somewhere, he wants me to find out who it is. Guess he don't want to watch no fucking surveillance tapes."

"You need to be thankful for that job, hermano."

"Yeah but-"

Ramón quickly cut him off to speak.

"You're forgetting that it was all Tony that bought you that hot shot lawyer and got your charges reduced. Be a little more fucking appreciative for what the old man does for you."

Silence filled the void of the car while Carlos couldn't think to respond. Ramón's point sunk through to him. While a few minutes of quietness passed on through and the car made a turn into South Beach, Carlos finally spoke back up.

"So where we going?"

Glancing back over at him, Ramón smirked.

"To go eat and then buy some new suits."


Boom, boom, boom. The sound of heels stomping down the steps of the master cabin inside the yacht could clearly be heard throughout the empty room. Maria made her way down following Tony's lead, as she had been sitting on the yacht for around 30 minutes now. The beautiful Greek woman wore a small white bikini underneath a black coat and matching white heels. Since his main focus last night was her juicy ass, she couldn't help but tease him further and now they were venturing to the master cabin where the bed awaited. Tony didn't want to waste any time with a teasing contest today. Once the door opened to the bedroom and he turned around in his robes, Maria smirked.

"I want to play with your big dick...I wanted it last night!"

Tony grinned to her while he sat on the bed.

"And you don't think I wanted more than just to spank your ass? Come over here and get it!"

Time was not going to be wasted today, Maria stomped forward in her heels to run into the bedroom and quickly slung her black coat to the floor, revealing her perfectly fit body and that shiny gold star belly button ring. Lowering herself down to her knees, she watched Tony pull apart his robe showing that only a small pair of briefs underwear was covering her from his private area. She quickly sunk her nails in and pulled his underwear down to allow his cock to spring free to her.

"That's what I want, right there..."

Speaking in a low sensual voice, Maria quickly wrapped her little hand around his rod and began stroking it nice and easy. Tony moaned, surprised how quick she was to go to work on him. Leaning in, she placed a kiss over the head and then grazed her teeth lightly over it while looking him in the eyes. She was hungry and he was going to be just what she devoured.

"That's it baby, take it as you wish."

Maria ignored him completely as she opened her mouth and enveloped her lips around his cock. She began slowly suck him while bobbing her head up and down, moaning into his shaft. Coming up, she made a loud pop sound as she came off his cock and looked up into his eyes.

"Yeah, that's just what I am going to do!"

Ignoring him now, Maria went back down on his cock. Bobbing her head up and down, she sucked it nice and slow while using both of her hands to play with his balls down below. Once she got used to the fatness of his rod, she began to show off her deep throat skills. Over and over she sucked his dick to the point the head was jamming at the back of her throat and her lips were meeting in the bushy ball hair around his private area. Tony moaned loudly, it was unbelievable how skilled this woman was and yet he did not know of her until a few days ago. Maria came up again from his cock with a long string of saliva dangling from her lower jaw back to his rod. She looked in his eyes and spoke.

"Mmmmmm yeah, gotta get you nice and wet."

Flicking her tongue back, she spit on his dick. Maria then loosened the little white straps to her bikini top before lowering her lips back down on his cock. She let her top fall down to the floor as she used one hand to cup her left breast while sucking on his cock for one final go. The man was speechless and soon she had a plan to really play with this big dick the way she wanted to. Bringing both of her hands to cup her tits, she came off his cock once more with strings of saliva dangling before she held her tits apart and leaned up to squeeze them over his cock. Tony moaned out to her.

"Awwwww man, tan increíble."

He didn't show much attention at all to her tits when they met yesterday, Maria was determined to prove to him that there was more to her lovely body than just her big ass from behind. Squeezing her tits together, she began to pump them up and down over his cock. Smiling up at him as she slowly began to fuck him with her breasts, Maria moaned out to him.

"Oh yeah, you like that, huh? My tits...you didn't really give them much attention yesterday!"

"Yeah you're right...fuck, they feel fantastic!"

Slowly pumping her tits up and down on him, Maria leaned her head down and opened her mouth. Each time the head of his cock pumped up, she flicked her tongue over it and tried to close her lips around it. Surely, he had to be getting close to popping a load at this point. She was positive in her oral skills to push a man over the edge early on and she knew very well he was planning on drilling her ass in the following rounds. Tony groaned, trying to fight off the coming orgasm.

"You're gonna make me-"

"Cum!? I want it! Cum in my fucking mouth, dammit!"

She cut off his voice and let go of her tits to wrap her hands back around his fat meat stick. He couldn't fight it off, no matter how hard he tried. Maria began to jerk him hard and as fast she possible could with her mouth open, waiting for the warm treat. If he didn't believe that she was hungry, now she was proving it to him as now his face was curled up into a goofy expression and he panted before it finally came.


Panting and groaning, Tony couldn't hold back from screaming his voice as his cock exploded over her waiting tongue. The initial wave of cum was so powerful it shot up the roof of her mouth and managed to ease out over her upper lip. Load after load of his hot spunk shot into her mouth, feeding his seed to her. Maria just moaned and looked into his eyes as he received the wonderful sight looking down at her below jerk out his seed all the way down to the final bits. Before she was done, she squeezed his cock one last time to make sure she drained out the final drops between her lips. Leaning up, she continued to hold her mouth open to give him the view of her cum-coated mouth before closing her lips and then swallowing it down audibly. Tony moaned just at the sound of her throat downing his load.

"You're quite an animal Maria, I'm very impressed."

"Yeah, I knew you would be...once you gave me a fair chance!"

"We're not close to being done yet, I want to bend you over and give that nice ass of yours a good pounding."

Maria laughed at him.

"I knew no matter how well I sucked that cock, that you STILL would be obsessed with my ass!"

"Well, what can I say? It's a damn fine ass! Now get up and bend over this bed, so I can nail it!"

"Oh sure, after you're done taking my ass, I'm going to put you on your back and ride you!"

Tony laughed at her shaking his head.

"That's if you have any energy, I'm pretty sure I will pound most of it out of you!"

"You'll see...just watch and see how well I can take it!"

A test was put into place here, at least in Maria's mind. If he thought for sure that he could wear her out just by fucking her in the ass, she was going to prove him wrong. Her body was strong and built for fucking. Getting up from her knees, she followed his command by bending over on the bed while he got up and arched himself into position. Such a predictable man, just like Jennifer had said. Bending over the bed with her hands over the sheets and sticking her ass up for him, Maria turned her head while she could see Tony's shadow from behind. The man took his hand and slid her white bikini bottom piece down and finally his eyes got to witness the beauty of her gorgeous ass. Tony took his hand back and smacked her left cheek causing Maria to moan.

"Awww, that hurt! Do it again!"

Another loud smack could be heard over the opposite cheek before he swatted her left again. Maria laughed in that trademark unique laugh of hers, but Tony was more fixated right now on something else. He used one hand to grab his cock and the other to pull one of her cheeks apart. She got the hint and used both her hands to part her cheeks for him. Soon enough, he was pushing the head of his cock to her tight little backdoor hole. Maria moaned, anticipating the moment.

"Go ahead...get it...IN THERE! YES!"

Maria screamed out as his cock slid into her tight hole. Tony reared his hand back and swatted at her cheek with his left hand while he thrust inside of her. The tightness of her back hole had to take him a bit to get used to. Sadly for her, the other hole that had been untouched so far was leaking in all of it's wetness. Maria pushed her hands back on the bed, taking everything in her not to reach between her legs and begin to finger that lonely pussy. Before she knew it, Tony finally pulled back and began to ram her ass with his tight cock. She clenched her teeth and screamed out to him.

"Yes! That's it! FUCK THAT ASS!"

Thrust after thrust, Tony rammed that beautiful Greek ass with his throbbing cock. Maria moaned out loudly, enjoying every single pump almost as much as he was. He placed both his hands over her cheeks so he could continue ramming into her as hard as he could, it was all his desire to give that ass the pounding it deserved.


It would have been worth laughing over at how she referred to him as 'Big man' but Tony was too busy concentrating on the pleasure that he was getting and that she was receiving from that lovely ass. Over and over, pound after pound he pumped into her like a mad man. If it was her goal to allow him to put himself into exhaustion from working her over, the job was getting done.

"God, this fucking ass was made to be pounded!"


Maria growled through her gritted teeth at him. She could not stop herself from getting louder, as fact was that she greatly was enjoying this. Tony was beginning to wear himself out a bit in energy as each thrust into her ass, he knew that he wouldn't be able to hold up for fucking her body at this kind of intensity all afternoon. He already knew that soon enough, he would be unloading more cum for her, right into that amazing ass. Tony panted, as he caught his breath.

"Fuck! I can't hold it back, this ass is too much! Gonna make me cum again!"

"Oh yeah, huh? You gonna cum in my THICK FUCKING ASS, TONY!? DO IT! GIVE IT TO ME IN THERE!"


By now they both were yelling their words at each other, Maria caught her breath the moment Tony had finally slowed it down with one final thrust. He had to slow himself down almost entirely before the ultimate ecstasy of pleasure was to end within her ass. Pulling both hands back, he made a double smack over her ass cheeks before roaring out his voice. He couldn't hold back anymore as he finally came within her.

"You wanted it, here it is! Fuck! Feel that cum!"


Still yelling her voice to him, Maria could not wait to taunt him very soon as she could easily see that he had to have worn himself out with the way he pounded her ass. She closed her eyes and moaned at the feeling of his cock exploding within her bowels and sending that warm cum deep within her glorious ass. It was just what he wanted, she knew how to tease him the other night and now they finally were indulging in the erotic nature from last night's temptations.

"Damn...that...that was a lot of fun back here."

Softly patting her right ass cheek, Tony stepped back to allow his cock to slighter from her tight hole and free her. Maria looked over shoulder to see the fatigued expression over his face, thus proving that she was right in the assumption all along. He truly did wear himself out to the brink from hammering her from behind, soon she would make her move to take control for the final act of their naughty game. Tony stepped away from her and moved towards the bed, giving Maria the perfect chance to crawl her way on top of the satin sheets and then tease him with a smirk on her face.

"You know, I think you forgot about something big man..."

"Si Hermosa? What I forget?"

Without responding to him, Maria quickly put her hands on his shoulders and climbed on top to force his back onto the bed. Actions spoke louder than words at this moment as Tony now smirked and bust out laughing a little as she straddled both of her thick legs around him and got on top. Maria smiled down at him in pride that she managed to hold true to her promise, rubbing it in his face with her words.

"You thought you could just nail me back there as hard as possible and you would wear me slap out, huh?"

"And I did! Don't say you didn't enjoy it!"

"Of course I did, you big naughty man! But now I've got you, and I'm going to fuck you silly! MY WAY!"

Reaching her hand down, Maria wrapped her fingers around his hard shaft and lifted herself a bit to finally guide his shaft to her pussy. She had been begging for attention to her clit all this time while he was obsessed with her ass and now it was payback. Slamming herself down on his cock to impale her, the beautiful Greek woman moaned out loudly. Tony grunted and called out to her.

"Yeah! You gonna ride it like a fucking bull!?"


She didn't have to reply to his words, the real response came in the form of action. Maria slammed herself down hard and began to pound into him over and over. Placing her hands down on his stomach, she began to ride him by lifting herself up and then slamming back down on that cock over and over as it thrust into her sweet pussy. Tony got the vision of watching her nice breasts bounce up and down as his wandered over that amazing tight fit body. The gold star pierced in her belly button bounced around, just as her hair went wild from her movements.

"Work it girl! Do your thing!"

Each time Maria came slamming down over Tony's cock, his balls slapped against her ass cheeks. Over and over, she fucked the man just as he had done to her moments earlier. She moaned, running her hands to grab her bouncing tits when finally he began to buck his hips into synchronization with her downward thrusting. A rhythm had been created through their bodies.

"God that's it, get it Maria!"

"Yeah! You like that, big man? You like having a woman fuck your brains out!?"


Maria couldn't be happier with the pleasure sent into her body, his rod piercing through her moist opening over and over. At this point, she was sure that she was about to hit her climax. At the same time, Tony was reaching his final boiling point for the day after blowing two hard loads already to this amazing woman. It only seemed fitting that his final load would be sent within her lovely pussy. She gasped, breathing in hard while sticking rocking over top him as if he was her wild bronco underneath.

"Tony...I...I can't take much anymore! Make me CUM!"

"Yes, I'm gonna blow too! I can feel it!"

While he grunted, she gasped and slowed herself down. Slamming one final time over his cock, she squeezed her tits and cried out in an ecstasy of pleasure as her body began to shake and release her sticky juices out to him. Tony moaned and gazed up at the woman who had just rocked his world this afternoon as he felt his cock explode for the final time today, the pleasure of both of them reaching their orgasm at the same time created a new level of pleasure. Closing his eyes, Tony spoke out amidst the pleasure.

"Wow...simply wow, I don't know what to say. That was incredible."

"Yeah...Mmmmmm, you are a lot of fun."

"Same for you girl, damn...I could get used to something like that."

A crackling sound was heard as Maria laughed in her signature unique laugh that once again caused him to laugh with her in unison.

"I bet you could get used to me, just shame that you made me wait like that...and you didn't even give me a kiss!"

"Well, come and get your kiss."

Smiling up at her, Tony held up his finger before curling it to give her the sign language to come closer. She didn't hesitate to follow his command, leaning down for him and placing her hands up his hairy chest. Their lips finally met, smoldering from a soft touch into a blistering passionate kiss. It would have only been rude to end this steamy day without a nice kiss to top it all off. All those stories that Maria had heard over the past couple years from one of her good friends back in Hollywood had turned out to be true. Her curiosity was not only satisfied, a fun time was completely worth the trip.



On a Thursday night, anticipations could be felt within a lot of people involved with the Disco Fever management. Just last week, a film crew had come through and did recordings of the club for Maria's spotlight report that would be aired at 5 PM tonight on one of the usual celebrity gossip news channels. Word of the club had already spread through out town thanks to local advertising and the internet. But tonight would be the night of main exposure to the club that wasn't centered around local Miami news.

Steven found himself at the one place he spent the least time around: home. His Coconut Grove home sat quiet most of the week, even when he wasn't home. It was just him, a maid, and the security guard he kept around to watch over the place. Right now, he was in the bedroom getting dressed for the usual night out when he would hit the Disco Fever club and do his work from there. Right now, he stood in his bedroom buttoning up his yellow shirt before he would be ready to put on the black jacket over it. The television set was on and waiting on the correct channel to watch the premier of the big insider story regarding the club he worked.

Much work had spent a week ago to run a retro theme for the club during the filming, as well as paying some money to models and some famous names that would make the cut for the small television piece of journalism. Right now, the screen flashed to Maria Menounos giving the audience an introduction to the program while speaking of Disco Fever.

"One night club in Miami has been attracting all the famous stars of Hollywood, we went in and had a look for ourselves at the fabulous Disco Fever."

The screen flashed to a loop of the recording cameras that caught action from within the club. From scenes of the dance floor; the bar downstairs, a laser light show and finally, the DJ table up and moving. Suddenly, the screen went to a famous face that could be seen shuffling about within the dance floor and leaning over a man from behind. The voice of Maria Menounos began to narrate again.

"We caught Jessica Alba having one very fun night!"

While the program played, Steven watched the montage of scenes that featured Jessica Alba dancing on the crowded dance floor and having drinks. Soon, the screen went to a small mini-interview of Jessica Alba in front of a microphone expressing how much she enjoyed the club. Word was back at work, Jessica had been frequenting the club quite often as of late. She was expected to be there this for another Friday night just like last week. For now, Steven grabbed his jacket and got ready for work. Tonight was business, but the future looked interesting at the club for now.

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Big Booty Bitches Ch.7
Starring: Jessica Alba

Codes: MF, Cons, Lap Dance, Oral, Anal, Facial

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

Miami, Florida

Friday night lights were always the brightest in any town for eventful occasions. There was no exception when it came to the Miami night scene. The brightest neon lights were blinking tonight at Disco Fever, all in time to a populated dance floor shaking with bodies and a hot local DJ putting down the jams to move the people into his rhythm of beats. This was the biggest night of the week for the club, always with the most people inside and loudest music. Tonight was a retro special at Disco Fever. All the music from the DJ had a flavor of 80's synth and new wave; remixed and modernized for the new era. The club was already packed as usual and the AM hours were still a few hours away.

From the dance club was a man shuffling about to the rhythm of the music. Ramón just couldn't refuse indulging in the night life with his family's club. The past few nights had been something of an event for him. He hoped that she was here again tonight, after she had danced with him the previously night. His attention was focused on his mystery woman, though he had business to take care of next week with Steven as well as Carlos. Tonight and tomorrow, Ramón just wanted to have some enjoyment to himself. Hopefully she was coming back for another round of dancing to top off the previous night.

Upstairs behind the walls of the V.I.P. entrance upstairs, sat Steven Diaz in charge of the scene. Within the walls of his private office, he sat on the phone to return calls after listening to his answering machine. Ramón couldn't be bothered for any kind of work tonight. Moving to the bar downstairs, he waited for that woman to return. If she were to come back again, this would make the third night in a row of them dancing together. While her face seemed to be oddly familiar, the only thing he really knew about her was that her name was Jessica. Could it have been Jessica Alba? He wasn't sure, short on the details. Tonight he would ask her if she returned to him.

Any sound from the bar was drowned out from the large number of people within the club talking, not to mention the music that was booming loudly from every speaker. Ramón sat at a stool from the bar and looked over at the bartender. The man was somewhere around the same age of himself, judging by appearance alone. A black T-shirt was over his chest with the Disco Fever logo. Ramón ordered himself a martini to start the night. He could not hear the sound of footsteps behind him, but soon the feeling of a hand on his shoulder caught his attention to spin around. He was greeted to the big smile of his mysterious woman as she stood wearing a bright red jacket and pants.

"Hey there, my new friend! Mind buying a girl a drink?"

A huge smile blossomed over Ramón's face before smiling. It was indeed her, his wait had paid off. Here was Jessica standing before him in all her radiant beauty.

"Yeah, sure! What would you like, babe?"

"Scotch on the rocks, straight up! Thank you!"

She leaned in and placed a kiss over his cheek, causing him to blush a little. The bartender heard her request and went on to fix up the drink while she sat down on a stool chair next to Ramón. She could see from the look on his face that he was dying to say something. Dressed up in his pinstriped black suit with a pink undershirt, his look of the night was one in style.

"So, what's on your mind? You look like you want to ask me something."

"Oh, I do. Are you...Jessica Alba, by chance?"

The girl looked back at him with a smile over her face. He could not shake the thought from his head that he had seen that smile from somewhere.

"What do you think? Did you watch the news yesterday?"

"No, I didn't. What about it?"

She laughed at him, just as the bartender placed the glass on the table for her.

"Goofy boy! I figured you would ask me that from the special that was on TV last night about this place."

Taking a hold of the glass, Jessica put it to her lips and began to drink it down while Ramón paused his thoughts before responding to her. In all fact, he didn't know quite how to approach this to her.

"Well...you look like her, I'll just say that."

Finishing the glass all in one big gulp, she set it back down over the bar and got up from her stool. Jessica looked back at him now and gave a little nod. This was all a game to her, she felt he would be fun to toy with. Deciding to mock him a little, she smirked.

"Well...whenever you're ready to chase this Jessica, you can get off your ass and find me at the dance floor."

She began to walk off as she noticed he turned his head to watch her. The dress up of bright red made her stand out from the crowd of other people wearing typical casual wear. Jessica turned her head and decided to tease him even further, taking her hand back and slapping one of her ass cheeks playfully with a smirk over her face. Finally, she walked off as all Ramón could do was sit there and watch her figure fade away. Before he could join her, he had to dig in his pocket and pay for both their drinks before the bartender could complain about it.

Minutes later, the music became a major focus. Jessica found herself on the dance floor, listening to the beats of the music while she began to shuffle her body and flow with the rhythm. Pushing her legs together and back, she showed off her trained dancing skills next to a couple that were barely moving whatsoever. The skill that she showed through her body was evident next to casual club going people on the dance floor just moving about. She wanted Ramón to come dance with her. From only a few days ago, he had proven to be a good dancer who could keep up with her at a frantic pace and accept her touching body.

True to the tempting words, Ramón found himself on the dance floor looking for her. Once he caught an eye of that red jacket she was wearing, he moved behind her and began to shake to the rhythm of the music. A high tempo keyboard based pop track began to play. He made his way closer towards her to the point he knew she would turn around to see his face. Moving his arms out, he stomped his feet down into the dance floor and then she turned around to see him. Jessica greeted him with a smile flashing her perfect pearly white teeth. Offering a hand out to him, Ramón grabbed a hand of her and swung her towards him. Jessica spoke to him as she leaned her back against her dancing partner.

"Come on Ramón, let's put these people to shame with some real dancing!"

After speaking, Jessica pulled off him and let go of his hand. The beat of the music changed into a faster tempo, now was the time to prove her skilled dance training over the years. Stomped her feet backwards in front of Ramón and began to grind herself low on the floor before rising back up and swinging her hair. Placing her hand over her chest, she pushed her body out and did another grind right on key with the song slowing down on tempo. Ramón moved up next to her and Jessica took advantage to turn around to him. She bent over and pushed her ass into his crotch, forcing him to respond with raising his hand and spanking her right cheek.

Some wandering eyes from around them began to watch as Jessica now pumped her ass and did the 'twerk' grind up against him. With this part done and the music speeding back up into faster tempos, she turned around and grabbed his hand and spun him around. Moving face to face with Ramón, he starred back into those deep brown eyes. Jessica had the look of a hungry animal over her face. The song seemed to be coming to an end as it repeated the bridge part of the instrumentation. Ramón put his hands on her hips while she moved them from left to right on key with the beat. Still, the eyes of strangers around them looked on with curiosity and amazement at their skills.

Jessica was putting on a show on the dance floor at such an ease. The people around her served as no competition to anyone that had as much dance training as she did back in Hollywood. Ramón proved to be one man that could keep up with her and put his hands on place to her hips and swat her ass when the situation called for it. With the song coming to a close, she turned to him and laughed while she seen Ramón's eyes looking over all the people around them.

"Three nights in a row, we work like a fucking team! Yeah!"

After speaking, she held up both of her hands to him for a double high five. Ramón clapped his hands to hers before they walked off the dance floor in all smiles. It was only one song so far they had danced but Jessica wanted off the floor anyway. She had better ideas in mind for them dancing. There was something about this man that she couldn't quite get out of her mind yet. Last night she had witnessed him going beyond the V.I.P. rooms. It seemed he was a man in power and had connections to the club, she thought to herself before asking him.

"I saw you go in the V.I.P. door last night after we danced. So, you in with the owners or something?"

Ramón smirked, seeing this as a grand opportunity to flirt over how she ignored his question at the bar.

"Should I tell you, only if you tell me? Did I just have the real deal Jessica Alba, twerk that ass up against me?"

She laughed at him and raised her eyebrow to play along with this silly game.

"Oh, and kiss you on the cheek earlier too? Hmmmm?"

Without fully telling him, Ramón now got every word of her hint. It was true, this was really Jessica Alba standing before him. This was the real deal dancing goddess that had been putting the dance floor to shame with him the past three nights. Together they walked back to the bar before Ramón stopped and took her hand into his and held it. He looked back at her and smiled.

"Yeah, I'll tell you why I get to go back there. The fellas that own this place, they're my cousins."

Her face lit up in a bit of a shock. Jessica had seen the news special from last night about the club, only because she was featured in it. She had paid attention to the program mentioning several times Tony Diaz and how he owned the club. Now she figured that Ramón must have been a family member.

"So you're last name I assume is Diaz? Ramón Diaz?"

He smirked at her and nodded.

"And your last name is Alba, right? Jessica Alba?"

She laughed at him again while shaking her head and responding.

"Oh, knock it off already!"

"Hey, I didn't deny it!"

"Neither did I!"

Making sure she got the last word in, Jessica quickly changed the subject. She didn't want to get lost in small talk of this while she had something else in mind.

"So, Ramón Diaz...would you mind showing Miss. Alba here, my way to the V.I.P. rooms?"

Lowering her voice, she spoke in a more sensual tone to finish speaking.

"That way, I can show you how I like to dance..."

A nod of approval and a big smile over his face showed that Ramón would refuse to say no to that request. He knew exactly what she was hinting to. Holding her hand, he began to walk her towards the big stairs beyond the bar.

"Might as well, come on...I'll show you to it."

Together they went, hand in hand. Ramón walked her up the big black staircase and now trotted her up to the big white door that led to the inner den that was the V.I.P. rooms. The security guard by the door knew Ramón as a family member, so he didn't say a word as he opened the door and walked Jessica in with him. Inside was a hallway stretching out where the offices were and lounge areas. He wanted to take her to a private place where they could properly move their bodies together.

"Come on, this way baby. No one ever goes to this part but me."

Jessica giggled at him as he guided her down a long left hallway. They took a right turn and down the hall was a separate lounge area with a large white couch and a big screen TV, and a couple of big matching leather white chairs. Immediately, she identified the surroundings of the room and was prepared to take advantage of it. The couch served as a proper spot for her to have him sit. Walking about the room in her heels, she unbuttoned her jacket and began to take it off before snapping her fingers and pointing at the couch.

"Ramón! Sit down, right there for me!"

The snap of her fingers set the tone for the whole act. She was in charge, completely showing that to him with her voice of authority. Ramón didn't refuse, he had a seat right in the middle of the couch while Jessica threw her jacket to the floor and revealed herself in a matching red top over her breasts. The loud bass sound of the music downstairs could still be heard within the walls of this private room. Jessica used that to her advantage to let the music beat as a rhythm in which she began to sway her hips once more. She threw her hands up into her hair and locked eyes while shuffling her legs and back and forth.

His eyes were focused solely on the beauty in front of him. Jessica put up a show for the beginning, shuffling to what rhythm she could hear in the background echoing through the private walls and now she turned around and swayed her ass. Bouncing her juicy bum to the music before bending over and doing the whole 'twerk' motion again. Ramón moved his eyes at center stage of watching that amazing ass bounce. After a good bit of shaking it, Jessica took a couple steps back and began to lower her ass down onto his lap.

"Ohhhhh baby, what a spot you found to sit down on."

Jessica ignored his words and closed her eyes. She wasn't going to let his bragging distract her attention from her main focus. She began to grind her hips in a rotation, slowly pumping that ass of hers into his crouch. She could already feel his hard cock growing under her and poking up into her plump ass. Slow and steady, she continued to rock him with her grinding action. Ramón moaned and ran his hands over the side of her bronze skin, feeling her strongly built stomach for a bit. She took the notion to lean back on him and then his nostrils inhaled the strong scent of her strawberry perfume.

"God, this is amazing..."

Still speaking, Ramón was in heaven with her. Already and they had not even taken their clothes off yet but she had this man wrapped under her finger. He closed his eyes and moaned to the feeling as she kept up the slow pace grinding that ass over his crotch. While this was all fun to her, Jessica had other ideas in mind. A lap dance was only the beginning of some real cozy fun and this couch provided the perfect place for them to be naked together. She came to a sudden halt from grinding and then got up from his lap and turned around. Looking down at his pants, she could see his hard member standing straight up simply begging to come out and play.

"Look what I did..."

Jessica spoke as her eyes went down to the big bulge sticking up in his pants. Ramón laughed at her.

"Yeah, look at what you did."

With a smirk over her face, she didn't want to waste anymore time. Jessica fell down to her knees now in front of him and watched him spread his legs to give her good room to get between those legs. She placed her had up at the big leather belt holding his pants together and began to undo the belt while using her free hand to playfully rub the bulge sticking straight up in his pants. Ramón was still in heaven. Not only did he get a lap dance from her, now she would have his cock in her lovely hands. This was a fantasy dream come true for him and any other lucky man in the world.

Suddenly the loud sound of a knock against the wall startled Jessica from down below. Ramón instantly turned his head to look and see a figuring stepping into the room from the hallway. He rolled his eyes when he realized the tall figure was Steven.

"Oh, did I disturb something in here?"

Steven had a smug grin over his face, unable to hold back from cracking a joke that he had just walked in what was about to become a nude show. Jessica was bothered by the rude man walking in and moved to get up from her knees. She grabbed her jacket off the floor and then turned to the man in the doorway and placed her hands on her hips before speaking to him in a demanding voice.

"Sorry, but I don't do double dances when I'm focused on one guy like this."

All Steven could do was laugh at her and tease her a little bit.

"I'd say you were pretty focused, had I not knocked on the door I would have been in for quite a show."

Jessica smirked and replied back to him.

"Oh yeah, you would have only wished it was you. That's the truth!"

"Yeah maybe you're right, but I need a minute with Ramón here. You can wait in the hall, this is private business."

She didn't have to waste her time giving off a smart ass response, though she wanted to. Jessica simply put her jacket back on and stomped out of the room and into the hall. Steven smiled down at his cousin, ready to speak to him. Only, Ramón spoke up first after sighing.

"Had you just waited maybe, what? 30 minutes, I would be getting laid right now."

"You know you aren't supposed to be fucking girls back here, even if no one comes back to this lounge room."

"So what!? And you mean to tell me that you haven't fucked any ladies back at your office!?"

Steven shook his head, never dropping the opportunity to grill his cousin on silly stuff. At heart, he still had youth in him for joking around.

"You're forgetting that my office has a door. A door in which, I can hang a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on it. This lounge area don't have no doors."

"Yeah, yeah whatever. So, what is the big deal? You come and bother me so I figure it has to be about something good."

Ramón turned his head to look at Steven while he walked into the lounge area to face him. He went on speaking directly to him.

"I'm going to be busy next week around Monday, so I'm going to need you to watch over some things for me."

"Oh, like what?"

"Your dumbass brother, that can be a start. Make sure Carlos does his job and don't fuck anything up while I'm gone for a few days. I gotta tend to some matters in South Beach, but it won't be long."

"Yeah OK, I got you."

Ramón sighed as Steven was now done, nodding at him.

"You better go chase your girlfriend, she don't seem like the kind that likes to be waiting."

Steven laughed as he watched Ramón quickly get up from the couch and begin to jog out the door and down the hallway. It was cute to him, but for Ramón this was something he didn't want to lose out on. An experience with Jessica Alba was beyond any dream he could have imagined in recent years. Sure enough, she waited down the hall with her arms crossed. A smirk ran across her lips as he greeted her.

"Sorry about that, my cousin had to see me about something."

"He's rude!"

"Yeah, he can be in times. No disagreement with me."

"Well, since we were disturbed there, how about you come over to my place tomorrow? I would have the proper room and time to really dance for you."

"You...you would invite me over?"

Jessica laughed at him.

"Sure, why not? We've been having so much fun the past few nights, I think we're ready to kick it up a notch."

Ramón reached into the pocket of his jacket to grab his phone. Jessica took this as a sign that they were about to trade numbers.

"Wait, let me do that for you! Open your phone somewhere to a new contact. I'll put my beach home address in and give you my number."

Handing the phone over to her, Ramón watched and listened to her nails beating frantically over the screen as she quickly punched in the address and phone number. Once she was done, she passed it back over to him.

"Tomorrow, around 2 PM. I'll be expecting you, don't be late!"

"You know I won't babe, I can't wait."

"Neither can I."

Before Jessica could leave, there was one last thing for her to do. She looked up at Ramón and put her hand behind his head to bring her lips to hers. Softly, they kissed and the man finally got to taste those puffy lips of hers. Breaking the kiss, Jessica smirked at him and began to walk off leaving him by himself. She turned around one last time to speak.

"Don't be late!"

Putting her hand up to her mouth, she blew him a kiss and then faded out in the distance as she approached the V.I.P. door and made her exit. All Ramón could do was stand there, his breath had been taken away in one form or another. He looked over the information she stored into his phone and seen that her home address was marked in the South Beach area. For now, he had to go back home and reflect on the thoughts of what was soon to come.



"I can get your call to Mr. Diaz, but you're gonna have to wait on hold, please."

A busy day within the office of Disco Fever in the afternoon hours was underway. Maria found herself playing assistant not only to Tony but now Steven too, working for both Diaz brothers. The weekend always brought in a heavy rotation of people into the clubs once the evening hours went down but now, they had to organize what was to be a party next week. Maria sat at her desk playing with the phone before Steven walked in and she looked up at him and sighed, shaking her head.

"You've got some woman that keeps calling over and over and over. I keep putting her on hold, it's starting to get annoying."

"Did she say her name?"

"No, just that she needs to get a hold of you. "

Steven couldn't figure who that could've been calling through the offices and not his personal phone. He walked over to the desk and raised one of the phones as he clicked the button with his finger and answered it.

"Yes, this is Steven Diaz."

"Finally, you pick up the damn phone! Steven! How are you!?"

That voice was all too familiar to his ears. Steven grinned from ear to ear hearing the voice of one of his old friends. It was someone he had not spoken to in a couple years, just the reason to make him excited now with off days coming up next week.


Ramón pulled up his DeLorean car into the driveway and past the gates of what appeared to be a nice luxury home on the west side of South Beach, lurked in a low key neighborhood. Jessica had told him through texts that it was one of her vacation homes she used when she wasn't off filming anywhere and needed a place to relax. Here he was, letting the door swing up to his car before stepping out and shutting it. He looked up at the front of the house, admiring the size of the place as the sun beamed down onto him. He dressed casually in a white suit and white pants with a blue undershirt. Approaching the door, before he could knock it swung open to her lovely face.

"Ahhhh, there you are, Mr. Handsome."

Jessica stood wearing a two piece silky black outfit. Something small covering her breasts and giving ample view of her amazing abs over her strong stomach. Below, was cut off shorts of the matching outfit. She leaned in and placed a kiss over Ramón's cheek.

"Come right on in, I've been waiting for you."

"I know I have been waiting for this too."

She turned around and walked him through the front door of her home. Loud high heels clicking and clacking across the floor, while the door shut behind them. Jessica walked him out of the living room and to what appeared to be a lounge area similar to the one from the club last night. Turning to face him, Jessica smiled.

"So, would you like to have lunch maybe? Or do you wanna pick up where we left off last night?"

"I think option B is more of my taste."

Jessica smirked at him.

"Suit yourself, but you need to sit on the couch for me. Just like last night!"

With no need to talk her out of that, Ramón didn't waste a minute to sit down on the couch. The room was dim in it's shading of sunlight through the windows. Jessica flicked on the light and then stood in front of him. No music was needed at all as she began to move her body a bit. In her mind, the music was still flowing from last night. Putting her hands on her hips, she worked them in a rotation for a good minute before deciding on something better. There was no need to waste time like last night, no one would walk in and bother them this time.

Standing in front of Ramón, Jessica tore off the piece on her chest holding her tits together. Freed to the feeling of cool air touching her skin, she then tore off her little shorts to reveal her sexy body in nothing but a black G-string. The sight was enough to make Ramón's cock spring to action up in his pants. Just like last night, Jessica had a big bulge sticking up in his pants just for her. She went down to her knees, just as before and this time she didn't hesitate to begin taking off his pants. She didn't have to worry about anyone coming in to spoil their fun.

"That didn't take long, look at this hard cock sticking straight up. All for me."

"Yeah, all for you baby."

Unzipping the front of his pants, Jessica worked to get them down as Ramón joined in to help her. Pushing his pants and underwear down at the same time, her eyes were got big at the sight of his hard cock for her. She instantly wrapped her hand around his meat and began stroking it. He had a meaty rod, fat and long. Just the size that Jessica preferred of a monster cock. She moaned while sliding her hand up and down on it.

"Mmmmmm, nice and big. I can't wait to taste this big dick."

"I can't either, ohhhh man."

With a smirk on her face, Jessica held his cock towards her lips before leaning in and taking her tongue to lick the underside of it. She used her free hand to push into his leg and hold herself up while sitting firmly on her knees. Finally, once she was ready, she opened her mouth and slid his hard shaft between her puffy lips. Ramón moaned, this was what he wanted so bad last night but they were cut short. That thought was gone from his head as of now, while Jessica closed her lips together and began to slowly bob her head up and down on his shaft. He arched his head back and moaned out, this was beyond amazing.

"Oh Dios mío, work it! Yes!"

Jessica looked up to give him eye contact but with his head leaned back, she felt better to concentrate on this cock. Coming up with a loud pop noise to get his attention, he looked down into her eyes as she spit on the head and then rubbed her saliva into it. Taking her tongue. Jessica teased him by licking over the head in a circular motion. With his eyes locked down on her, Ramón watched her kiss the head and then sink it back past her lips. Jessica was done with the small teasing and delightful sucking, it was time to play hard ball with him. This would set the tone for what she hoped would be a hard fucking. She pushed his cock all the way down her throat until the head pushed into the back of her throat and her lips were buried in the bushy ball hair around the base. Ramón took a deep breath and yelled out in pleasure.

"Oh, fuck! Yeah! That's it!"

The tone had turned into an overdrive of sorts. Jessica began to furiously bob her head up and down on that cock, sucking it down with aggression. Loud slobbering sounds were the only noise that echoed beyond the moaning voice of Ramón. The way she furiously worked him was driving him crazy. He couldn't hold back, he wanted to be in control. Snatching her dark hair up in his hand, he controlled her sucking by pushing her head down and pulling her back up. Over and over, Ramón did this for a couple of minutes until he slowly began to pull her mouth from his dick. Jessica looked into his eyes like a hungry beast before the head of his cock popped out of her mouth audibly. Ramón addressed her.

"You know how to suck cock very good, I give you that."


Flicking her tongue back, Jessica spit on his shaft hard. Ramón pulled her hair in response to the way she spit. He smiled down at her, but before he could say anything, she had her own demands.

"I'm gonna fuck this cock right now."

Ramón teased her.

"Oh yeah, really baby?"

"Really, yeah!"

He had tempted her to the point that she wanted to prove it to him. Unknowing to Jessica, she had unlocked the aggressive ways that Ramón usually kept contained within the bedroom. Despite his hand up in her hair, she got up and straddled him on the couch. Ramón was forced to drop his grip in her hair as he looked up at her naked body sitting on top of his lap, he didn't even realize how overly dressed he was right now. Jessica grabbed a hold of his cock from under her and began to guide it towards her dripping wet pussy. She gasped as she impaled herself down on his pole. Slamming herself down with a sudden thrust.

"Oh, damn!"

Ramón found himself slightly caught off guard from how fast she worked. Jessica had mounted herself on top of him and now she placed her hands on his shoulders and began to pump herself up and down on his cock. Loud smacking sounds could be heard as his balls slapped on the undersides of her ass each time she came down. Ramón instantly got the hint and began to buck his hips and thrust into her. He ran his hands to grab her bouncing tits and squeeze them.

"Oh yeah, you like that!?"

"Yes I do, baby!"

"You like me fucking you, LIKE THIS!?"

Jessica's voiced raised in pitch as she gritted her teeth and concentrated on slamming herself down on his thick cock. Over and over she pounded herself on it, proving that she could fuck him like she meant to. Ramón kept his hands squeezing at her tits while he bucked his hips. He was a bit thrown off with how hard she was playing with him and he had yet to pound her in a dominating position. He was in for a world of pleasure and already enjoying every second of this goddess pumping herself up and down on his cock. Jessica screamed out to him, her hair shaking about wildly.


Clenching her teeth together once more, Jessica continued to pump herself up and down on him. She had to slow down a bit, knowing that soon he would force her to reach her orgasm. She managed to grind her hips over in his lap, as Ramón took a deep breath and watched her body do it's work. Gripping his jacket from his shoulders, she cried out to him in a moaning voice.

"Make me cum, ohhhhhh, MAKE ME CUM ALL OVER YOUR FUCKING COCK!! YES!!"

Ramón groaned while pumping his hips as hard as he could into her pussy. Her slowing down gave him the opportunity to set in command. He wanted to cum just as much as she did, but he had better plans for busting a nut over this beautiful woman. Jessica began to breathe in heavily, while his hands moved from her tits down to her hips. He got to watch those nice breasts bounce a bit before Jessica rap her hands up to the back of his head. She sunk her nails into the back of his slicked back hair and moved her face closer to his before she closed her eyes and cried out.


That was it for her. Ramón felt her legs begin to shake just as her voice near his ear had almost made him deaf for the seconds being. He cupped her face in his hands and brought her lips to his just as she began to moan into his mouth at the feeling of her pussy juices gushing all over his cock. It was an amazing feeling and it was taking everything in him not to release at that moment and cum within her, even though for a brief second he wanted to. Jessica caught her breath upon breaking his kiss and looked back in his eyes.

"That...that was amazing...but you didn't cum."

Ramón grinned like a shark before responding while shaking his head.

"Not yet, I want that nasty fucking mouth of yours, one more time before I decide to cum."

"Oh yeah!? You want me to make you cum with my fucking mouth!?"

"Yeah, that's what I want!"

Jessica promptly got herself up and eased his cock out of her loving cup. She moved down to her knees quickly, not wanting to waste any time for him as she took that cock back into her hand and slurped her own juices off of it loudly. Ramón leaned up from his place sitting on the couch so he could watch her shove his cock back down her throat. He ran his hand up to grab Jessica's hair once again and this time around, he was in control of her oral skills. He plunged her head down and thrust into her mouth forcing the beauty to take his cock.


Over and over, as Ramón pumped his cock into her loving mouth streams of spit began to leak out from Jessica's mouth while she moaned and gagged over his large meat. He knew he didn't have much time to properly enjoy fucking her mouth as much as he wanted to, so Ramón pushed her head all the way down to take his cock and then held her there for a good minute. It wasn't until he heard her muffled voice choke and gag did he finally pull her up from his cock. Long strings of saliva dripped down his shaft back to her mouth before she flicked her tongue and spit a big wad over his already slobber coated shaft. Jessica looked up into Ramón's eyes as he held his firm grip over her hair and then grabbed his cock. He began to stroke himself, giving her the hint that she would soon be covered in his seed.

"Oh, oh yeah!? You gonna cum all over my fucking face!?"

"Fuck yes!"

Her voice growled out to him. She gritted her teeth and barked out naughty words more as he continued to stroke his cock.

"You gonna cover me down in your fucking cum!?"

"You wanted it baby, you got it!"

His cock exploded with one last stroke of his hand. A thick wad of cum shot up over her left cheek. Jessica closed her eyes on the feeling his hot seed painting her skin. Another wad shot up under her chin, and then another spurt of cum had misfired and went down her neck to drip down to her tits. Ramón grunted, unable to hold back. Even with holding her hair in his hand, he didn't manage to get a clear shot to paint her face down but there was another chance for later on. He let the head of his dick fall to her lips, Jessica opened her mouth and sucked the head to milk the remaining bits of cum into her loving mouth. He breathed in hard, feeling the lovely woman drain him with her mouth. Once she was done, Jessica looked up at him and opened her mouth to reveal a puddle of his semen mixed with her spit. She closed her mouth and swallowed it.

"Hot damn, that was amazing."

"Mmmmmm, tastes as sweet as honey going down."

Jessica used her finger to collect the cum dripping down her neck. She then brought her fingers up to her mouth and sucked them off one by one, devouring his taste. He smiled at the sight of this and had to compliment her.

"My cum all over your face, tan hermosa."

"You're a bad, bad boy Ramón"

He laughed at her response.

"So are you, and I ain't done with you, just yet! Help me get these clothes on, so I can really fuck you!"

Without saying a word, Jessica went for his shoes to pull then off while Ramón undid his jacket and threw it off. Once she got his shoes off, she was able to push his pants and underwear completely free from his legs. He went on and threw off his blue shirt from underneath so they both were perfectly naked together. The only thing on their bodies was the jewelry of a gold watch and Cuban chain necklace on him, and the big black high heels that she wore. Ramón knew the final place he wanted to fuck with his cock. After doing her mouth and the riding she gave him with that tight pussy, there was only one hole left that he had saved for last. All the grinding she did on him the previous night had made this one worth the wait till the end.

"Get up on the couch for me baby, and I want you on all fours."

"Oh yeah? You want me on all fours, you gonna fuck my-"

"Yeah, now get up there!"

From the moment he cut her off to finish the sentence, Jessica already knew what he wanted. She didn't get the time to clean up the mess he had plastered over her face, but she didn't have to worry about it. This was a nasty session and she took great pride in pushing him over the edge like this already. Ramón climbed up on the couch behind her, just as she presented herself on all fours like he wanted. That amazing ass was starring right at him and he couldn't get his eyes off of it. He brought his hand up and spanked her right cheek. Jessica turned around and looked at him with her teeth gritted, she looked so beautiful and slutty with all the cum over her face. Jessica took a deep sigh as she felt him pull apart her powerful ass cheeks. She breathed in heavily as she felt his cock slip into her glorious ass.

"Ohhhhhhhhh, yes! Get it in there! I want you to fuck my ass, hard!"

"You know I'm going to, you'll be screaming real soon."

Ramón thrust his cock into her ass easily with the first go. He wanted to get used to the feeling before he was to really ram her. Jessica raised her head and moaned out. She knew it was coming, hopefully he wouldn't need the encouraging words that she had to give other men. She knew her ass was made to be pounded and it was what she preferred. With a couple slow thrusts inside, she couldn't help herself. She raised her voice to him.

"Are you gonna go slow all fucking day like this, or you gonna-"

Before she could complete her sentence, Ramón brought both of his hands up and snatched her hair into a grip to hold her head up. She moaned from his aggressive touch and before she knew it, he began to buck his hips as hard as he could. Thrust after thrust, he began to plow into that juicy ass. Gaping her mouth wide, she moaned out to him for more.


Ramón pulled her hair harder, yanking her head upward a bit as he continued to pound into that thick ass. Each time he thrust into it, her cheeks pushed into his hips and shook in the firmness of her skin. His balls created a slapping sound with each thrust, but nothing could drown out the screaming sound of her voice.


The cum drenched over Jessica's face began to slide down her bronze skin. Her nails dug into the fabric of the couch, poking holes into it from the sharpness. Over and over, he pummeled her ass with each thrust back and forth. Ramón wanted to give her ass the proper fucking and now it was happening. His eyes remained glued down below to watching his cock drive in and out of her as he moaned, but his voice was barely heard in the screaming of her own voice.


Jessica remained screaming her head off, but Ramón was close to blowing his load. With one time shooting it over her face was not enough at all, he wanted to do it again. This time he planned to truly drench her in his semen.

"Fucking yeah! You're gonna make me cum the more I fuck this ass!"


"No, I'm gonna cum all over your fucking face again!"


Ramón slowed down the drive of pounding her ass. Coming almost to a complete stop, he thrust into that mighty ass a couple more times as Jessica caught her breath. He kept the grip in her hair for a good bit with his final thrusts, but once he was ready to finally cum, he let go of her hair to give her the sign. Jessica leaned up and waited for him until he eased his cock out of her ass and then she turned around like a good girl and quickly met his cock in her face. This time around, she wasn't letting him jerk himself off. She wrapped her hand around that big dick and began to pump it in her hand. She looked up in his eyes to tease him with her naughty words.

"You gonna cum all over my fucking face again!?"

"Oh yeah babe, you're gonna be even filthier soon."

"What's that!? You're gonna make me even more dirty!?"

"Fuck yeah babe, you're gonna get it, ohhhh."

"Yeah that's what I want, cover my fucking face in your cum!"

It was coming, Ramón took a deep breath as he watched one of the most beautiful women in the world aiming his cock right at her face and begging for the splash. Breathing fast, he grunted and it finally happened.

"Oh, FUCK!"

He shouted as the initial blast from his cock shot up her right eye lid and drenched over her eye brow and forehead. Jessica closed her eyes, just as a second wad of cum went flying up her forehead and streaked into her dark hair. She continued to pump his cock in her hand as more cum splashed over her right cheek and nose.

"Ohhhhh, ohhhhh fuck baby, ohhhhh."

His eyes nearly rolled to the back of his head at the pleasure of his second release. Like before, Jessica brought his cock into her mouth and milked the final remains of his cum. Her face was a mess caked in cum, both facials including the one from minutes earlier. With the cum splashed over her right eye, she opened her eyes and looked up at him with a bit of a shiny glimmer of cum in her eye brow. Moaning over his shaft before removing it from her mouth with a loud pop noise, she swallowed down his cum and then answered him.

"Mmmmm, that was fucking hot. And look at me, I'm a mess, mmmmmm."

"Damn right, you are...damn right."

Ramón ran his hand down to her head as she still looked at him and gave his cock one final last loving suck. This had been a very fun and dirty day for the both of them and now Jessica was ready to end it with getting cleaned up and having lunch or dinner as she promised.



A weekend could seem a lot longer to anyone when they were having fun. Ramón learned that feeling with the past weekend he had spent with Jessica. The nights dancing at the club that lead to a steamy show of blistering hot sex and then a couple dates before she left town again. He had went back to work, just as she left on the Monday morning. She didn't text him goodbye which somewhat bothered him in a way, but how he could he care? He always had the memory now that would forever be engraved in his mind. So many men around the world could only dream of what he got to experience a few days ago.

Back at the club around 4 PM, Ramón rendezvoused with his brother Carlos for a little bit of drinking before the place was to get really busy in the evening hours. It was easier to have some drinks before the club would become packed with people as usual in the night life. It felt like only yesterday he was still dancing with Jessica. The thought of her was something he would much rather be doing than listening to his brother talk about sports.

Somewhere across from town at the same time of day was another man out driving to a rendezvous with a special someone. Steven sat behind the wheel of his Cadillac, cruising with some music playing as he watched the orange sky fading out in front of him. One surprise phone call had led to a wonderful meeting with an old friend and now he was on his way to go see her after she had called him again.

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Re: Big Booty Bitches
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Big Booty Bitches Ch.8
Starring: Rose McGowan

Codes: MF, Cons, Romance, Oral, Anal, Rim

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

Miami, Florida

A faded out pink sky was lit up over Miami, just before the night fall of darkness was to wash it all away within hours. Like any other sunset, it was beautiful over the city. The perfect prelude for a night of fun if one could afford the price. Steven was just the man that could pay for the pleasure, he would see what the night awaited him as his blue painted Cadillac had made the drive through South Beach and now he was parking the car out across from the hotels on Ocean Drive. His old friend would be waiting for him, a surprise reunion that he could not pass up after she called him on the phone.

Once he had parked his car, he got out and stood for a minute to soak in the dropping temperature with the sunset. A short cold front was brushing through the coast, something that could not go without being appreciated when the common weather was always heat. Knowing how his old friend liked to wait out an appearance, Steven waited for a moment before he seen the woman in black walking towards him. Her pale skin was something he could never miss even within the pedestrians walking through the street. With short black hair and beautiful brown eyes to top her curvy figure, the woman walked across the street to meet Steven who grinned big at the sight before him.

"Well, well...it's fucking true! There she is, I could never mistaken you for anyone else!"

With a soft smile, the woman waved her hand softly. She wore a pair of blue jeans and a black tank top, while Steven was in a casual white suit with a pink shirt underneath. Their fashion wear may have been the opposite, but there was no mistaking a good style. Steven smiled as he spoke.

"Rose, I couldn't believe it was really you who called me last week. I was shocked, at first."

"Yeah, well I'm in town and I couldn't pass up seeing an old friend."

"Did you cut your hair recently? I like it."

"Really, you do? I shaved my head a few months ago, it's slowly starting to grow back."

Steven smiled and nodded to her.

"Yeah, I mean it! It fits you, well come on babe. Where did you want to go tonight?"

"How about your new club? I seen it on TV...and my god, you still have this same old ass car?"

"Hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Rose laughed at his comment as she walked off to the other side of the car and grabbed the door handle to invite herself in. Steven went on and climbed back in the driver's side. Just like old times, two friends hanging out once again. It seemed like only recently in the past that Steven had met Rose McGowan. Back then, she was still on TV every week with her famous role in Charmed. He remembered the time they had first met, over 14 years ago as of now. With a sigh to himself, he started the car and then turned and smiled over at her.

"You know, i was just thinking...what year was it that we met? I remember it was a party for some rock band."

"Oh, it was back in 2002. Yes, some band party. You were a lot of fun."

"As were you, god 2002..."

Starting the car, Steven sighed before he got ready to pull back on the road. He spoke again to his old friend and lover of the past.

"Where has time gone over the years? I just turned 40, but I feel like I'm still in my 20's since seeing you again."

"Hey hun, I turned 43 just a few days ago!"

"Well, happy birthday from me! Shame on me for not calling you on your birthday!"

Rose laughed at him, as he pulled the car out and moved them back on the road. The old memories had already faded back into his head, but for her she couldn't help but think about what he had said. Where had the time gone? The last time she had visited him in Miami was in 2007, almost 10 whole years ago. At the time, she was fresh off success of her 'Planet Terror' role. It seemed like such a long time ago to her, but Steven was already reliving those memories with her across from him in his car. Next stop: Disco Fever for a night at the club.


Back at the club, loud music filled the room as one man found himself sitting at the bar observing every woman that walked passed him. Putting a class up to his lips, Carlos consumed the alcohol while his eyes gazed over at the tight clothes and amazing curves of a woman that walked through and headed to the dance floor. A familiar song had crawled into his ear, as he found himself trying to remember the lyrics to an old 80's hit that blasted through the speakers. Sitting there drinking, he was instantly alerted when he could feel a shadow behind him. The shadow made it's presence known when a glass loudly was placed on the bar behind Carlos to get his attention.

"Working hard, eh?"

The young man quickly turned around to see the face of Tony Diaz standing with a frown over his face. The older man was dressed in a blue suit with a white shirt underneath but the main focus was the menacing frown over his face. Tony was one of the few men who could give off a perfect frown to show what he really was thinking his mind. Carlos immediately faked a smile and then addressed his boss.

"Oh, I'm just taking a little break at the bar!"

Tony looked over at him and nodded.

"You take a lot of breaks, you know that? I have been watching you for the past four days straight. All you do is sit there and drink and look at girls and maybe, get on the dance floor. Yeah, you think I'm stupid huh? You think I am not watching upstairs?"

"No! I know you're watching, I just need a little off time!"

Carlos looked back over at the bar before smiling at Tony. That little smile on the punk's face wasn't helping his anger, but Tony was a man of controlled rage. He looked him over one last time before speaking. There was a job at hand and his patience was growing thin.

"Muchacho, I asked you to do one thing for me. That was a couple weeks ago. You've had plenty of time. Now I tell you, if you can't find whoever it is back here skimming my money out of this place...you can get out on the street again and I ain't wasting a penny on any lawyers if you wind up back busted by cops for doing something stupid.

Tony laughed before finishing his sentence, the laugh lightened his own mood. It was apparent from Carlos' facial expression that the young man was in fear.

"3 days, that's it. You got 3 days to find the thief in here, or you're out."

With a smile on his face, Tony reached down and patted Carlos on the shoulder as he began to walk off. He couldn't help but toy with the kid's emotions, seeing as how intimidating his presence could be at the right time. It was truly aggravating in ways, knowing to himself that he paid so much money for lawyers to fight and get his sentence reduced on trial. Carlos was always a fuck up in the family though, Tony knew well enough that. Steven however, had no use for him anymore and the kid wound up on his shit list with the whole arrest deal a few years back. Right now, the older man was exiting the club to go sit back on his yacht for the rest of the night.

While walking out the back door where his car was parked, Tony looked up to see Steven walking hand in hand with a woman. Despite the shaved head, he couldn't shake the feeling that her face was oddly familiar to him. The woman spoke up.

"Tony Diaz, is that you, as an old man?"

Steven laughed at the comment as he saw his older brother shaking his head and laughing.

"Hey Tony, you remember Rose right?"

"Oh yes, Rose! Sorry, I didn't recognize you at first. It's been a long time hasn't it?"

"Yeah, it has."

Rose looked over at Tony for a minute, as he sighed and let out a smile. He didn't want to seem rude in her presence, but he had already been on his way out for the night.

"I hope you enjoy your time at our new club, sadly I gotta run. Going back to the yacht and have to lay down before the meds kick in for my back."

"Oh my god, you still live on that boat? Jesus, first Steven still has the same car, and you haven't gotten off that boat to live. Do you men ever change besides the age number?"

Tony laughed at her before shaking his head.

"No, we never change, I guess! It's wonderful to see you again Rose, make Steven's hair turn gray so he can stop bringing that up to me around my son!"

Rose laughed at him as he began to walk off.

"Don't worry, I'm the one that don't have much hair right now!"

Turning his head as Tony walked off, Rose turned to look at Steven as they walked into the back door of the private entrance to the club. Rose smirked and spoke to him as the door opened.

"Does he really still live out on that boat?"

Steven nodded.

"Yep, be glad I'm with you tonight. He would probably want you to go out and dance for him on that yacht."

Rose rolled her eyes.

"You know the answer to that would have been a big NO!"

Steven smiled and nodded back at her before agreeing.

"Amen to that one, babe!"

Together they walked into the back door of the club. Rose felt like she had returned to another world that she had not visited in a long time. It was odd seeing Tony again and half his head of gray hair. She remembered him from a long time ago, at one point they all were friends thanks to the connection of director Robert Rodriguez. How Rodriguez became friends of the Diaz brothers was something she never quite figured out, but she couldn't complain. It led to a lot of meetings with Steven who served as a good boyfriend on the side when she needed an escape to indulge in a nice private life.

Steven was always the Diaz man that Rose preferred, the one that she felt she could relate to. He understood her years ago and even now, he still was the same. She didn't quite care for Tony much, who seemed to always be thinking with his dick instead of his brains. There was a time many years ago, she would have become romantically involved with Steven had the chance not been ignored by both of them. Now, they walked together into the club as she got a sight at the spectrum blinking of neon lights and loud 80's music pumping through the speakers. People shuffled around and walked about in the club, the dance floor was packed. Rose looked around and nodded before speaking to him.

"Wow, this place looks like it stays busy."

"It does, quickly becoming the top club outside of South Beach. It's much bigger than the ones we owned years ago."

Rose took his hand and pulled him towards her.

"Come on, show me more of this place!"

"Right this way, baby!"

Steven took her over by the bar before he decided to walk her up the stairs. From above, it was much easier to see the action that went on down below. Together, they walked hand in hand by the railing as Rose's eyes were able to witness the club. Down below, the DJ table near the dance floor appeared to always be a busy spot. Right now, a local talent was behind the laptops playing DJ with a mix of old 80's songs webbed together in a medley. The atmosphere of the club was always a party house. Rose was impressed, but this wasn't quite what she wanted from him.

"This place is nice, but I'm not really into partying anymore. I would rather spend some time with you."

"Wanna go back to my office then?"

Shaking her head, Rose laughed.

"Believe me, I know what that would lead to!"

He grinned back at her, she knew him all too well. Rose thought to herself for a moment, before an idea came to her mind. One that would allow them both to indulge in pleasure for the sake of old times.

"How about I come back to your place tomorrow? You still have that pool, right?"

"Yeah, I still have the pool. Like you said before, nothing really changes in our world down south. Still have the same car, Tony still has the same yacht...I still have the pool."

Rose laughed and then smiled.

"Great, I'll come over tomorrow and we can go for a swim!"

"You still remember where my home is?"

"Of course, Coconut Grove. I think you're forgetting how much time we used to spend together there, I know the place like the back of my hand!"

"Good, I can make arrangements for tomorrow afternoon. No one will bother us."

"Wonderful, Ill see you then!"

Before leaving, Rose reached over and placed a goodbye kiss over his cheek. She waved at him as she began to walk off when it suddenly dawned on him that she had no ride back to the hotel.

"Wait! You want me to drive you back?"

She shook her head.

"No, I can call a taxi. Let's not waste precious time tonight, we have a big day tomorrow and I don't want to spoil it. Goodnight Steven, see you tomorrow."

The woman of his past blew him a kiss before walking off. Steven stood there, his eyes surveying up her glorious curves and that beautiful ass. She began to walk down the stairs to head out of the club and here he was stuck in the thoughts of old times with her. He didn't even notice his younger cousin approaching him, Ramón could see that Steven was lost in the sight before him. After noticing the presence besides him, Steven smiled and addressed his cousin.

"You look like you're having a good time..."

Ramón sighed.

"No not really, not like I was last week."

"Oh yeah, that was pretty funny. Had I not walked in on you back in the V.I.P. rooms, you would have been getting lucky."

Steven laughed at him as Ramón simply shook his head and replied.

"Yeah, yeah laugh it up! But everyone knows what goes on in your office."

Letting the comment slide and not bother him, Steven knew it was the truth. Had Rose went back to his office just minutes ago, they would be in for a world of pleasure. Tomorrow was going to be better though, the man rarely ever spent time home. With Jacob grown and in college and his wife divorced long ago, the old Coconut Grove home had become something of the past in Steven's life. His bodyguard slept upstairs and the maid were the usual company in the house. He felt rather excited for a change to be back home, Rose knew just how to make him happy. Years ago, they had quite the excitement of adventures back around his home. Just as he remembered, he was sure that she would still brag about being the only woman in his life that he fucked in every room of his large house. Not even his wife received that kind of special treatment at the height of their marriage.



Wind blew through the palm trees outside the home, while gray clouds filled the sky. While the view appeared to have a thunderstorm on the prowl, anyone that lived in south Florida for years knew that the weather could be deceptive. Steven had no care if it was going to rain or not, as he stood in the bedroom looking out the window at his large pool. The pool had a weird oval shape with a square cut out on the south end. It was an artistic design from decades ago but none of that mattered as it still looked brand new despite age. The mansion itself had some age to it, as most people in the neighborhood were well aware that it used to belong to a drug lord back in the 80's. Steven always found the stories funny, especially the rumors when he originally bought the house almost 20 years ago.

The old maid came walking up the stairs as she seen Steven walking out. Betty had been the house maid to this place for a long time. The days were well ahead of her when she watched Jacob grow up from a little boy to the spoiled jock athlete he was in college today. Steven wore a pair of pink swim trunks and a white robe covering him, as his maid looked him over and smiled. It had been so long since he was staying home on a week day for some fun.

"Your guest has arrived. I seen her cab just a minute ago from the window."

Before Betty could finish speaking, the door bell rang.

"Oh my, there she is. Let me get it for you."

"Thanks Betty."

Racing down the stairs, the old woman went down the hall to reach for the door. She was greeted to a familiar face that lit up in a smile at her sight. Betty didn't quite realize it at first, possibly due to the shaven head of Rose but the familiarity in voice would catch her attention.

"Hey there Betty, where's Steven?"

"Oh my, Rose! It's been a while since I last seen you. Come on in, Steven will be downstairs shortly."

Rose stepped foot into the large mansion. While looking around, it appeared that not much had changed in appearance at least. The usual large family portraits were still on the wall, along with some paintings that she had always seen. She wore a jean jacket over her body, underneath was her pale skin tucked into a red one piece bikini. Down below, a pair of basic black flip flops were under her feet. She waited patiently for a minute before she heard someone coming down the stairs. The maid had already walked off, as she had duties to tend to. Within minutes, Steven had walked down from upstairs and was now joining Rose as he smiled at her sight. She spoke up.

"This place mostly looks the same, it's as if I stepped back into a time portal and went back 11 years."

Steven walked over and took her hand to walk her to the back door where the outer area remained, still the same.

"Well, if it helps you to know, the pool still looks the same and has crystal clear water."

"I figured!"

Walking towards the back door, the memories flooded through Rose's mind. She laughed as she thought back to just how much she and Steven had fucked in this house. Anytime she was in town years ago, she went straight to his place. None of that really mattered anymore though as she stepped outside with him to see his pool indeed had remained true to her memory. She walked out onto the marble stone walkway and began to undo her jacket before throwing it off to a white chair on the side. Steven went on and did the same, throwing his robe on the opposite to another chair. Rose turned around to look at him and seen his pink swim shorts.

"So, I'm not swimming alone?"

Steven shook his head and smirked.

"Not today, baby."

She smiled back at him, kicking off her flip flops now and preparing to step into the water. The pool had a small walkway around the circular shape. It wasn't until one drifted half way into the pool where the oval shape was, did the water become somewhat deep. Rose stepped her feet into the water and then sighed. It didn't bother her at all that the sun was blocked in view from the gray clouds up above. Soon, she sunk her feet into the water and breathed in the feeling of coldness around her feet.

"The water is cold, damn! I picked the best day to come out and have some fun!"

Before he could climb down in the pool, Rose had already marched her way over to force the water to become knee deep. She turned and looked at him before floating on her back as she moved into the deeper side of the pool. She knew this pool all too well from years gone by. Steven watched her body float before he got in himself. Taking in a sigh as he felt the cold rush of the water, he splashed loudly as he moved in to join her close by. Rose reached her hand out as she sunk her body back into the water. Steven took her hand and looked over her beautiful body. The red one piece outfit made all her curves come to life, but his eyes could not move from her beautiful strongly built legs and those fantastic breasts. With them holding hands he pushed in the water to pull her towards him and spoke.

"You know, you didn't tell me why you came to Miami yesterday."

Rose moved over top of Steven, pushing her body onto his as he had pulled her to move over top of him. He loved the feeling of those big tits crushing up against his bare chest. Rose looked in his eyes and smirked.

"To see you?"

Steven shook his head.

"I ain't buying that one, babe. As much as I adore you, it's been almost 10 years. Please, tell me why you're really here."

"Fine, I'll tell you. I'm shooting a low budget indie film in Miami Beach. I just flew out last week to meet with the director."

Turning around in the water, Rose let go of his hand and pushed her ass over his crotch. Steven's eyes wandered down to the sight of her beautiful buttocks. Rose pushed him back in the water to the point, he used his hands to reach out and grab the side. Steven replied to her after watching her body move.

"Oh really? You could always invite me to watch filming if you want the company."

She giggled.

"No thanks, you would only be a distraction on the set. The movie is in a pretty tough spot right now, budget cuts...The director's wife recently took him to the cleaners with a big divorce. We're trying to get whatever we can filmed before the production is to take a halt. The movie probably will get put on the shelf after this and never touched again for a long time."

Steven laughed at her answer to him before she pushed off into the water to swim forward. It reminded him only of himself in one light. Rose was there with him years ago when he went through his divorce with Tara many years ago.

"That sounds like me! My ex-wife tried to drain me with our divorce, funny I have more money now than I did back then."

Rose smirked turning to look at him. He moved back in the water to meet her face to face.

"I think you came out OK Steven, you got to keep this big ass house. Since you bring her up, let me ask you; do you hate your ex-wife?"

Looking at her, he shook his head.

"No, how could I hate her? She was always a good woman, but we were put into a rough situation straight out of high school when I knocked her up. Both of us only 18 years old, had to drop out and live the hard life. I'm lucky the one to have come from an established family to support and help us when we were raising our son. Tara should've divorced me in the beginning when I cheated on her with a Cuban model who I still see from time to time. We were too young for marriage and I did a lot of dumb things."

"Oh yeah, your boy Jacob...he's gotta be grown now, right?"

Steven nodded.

"He's 22 now! Time flies, don't it?"

Rose laughed, offering her hand for him to swim closer towards her.

"Yeah, I remember when he was younger. Last time we spoke you said he was playing football, is he still?"

"Yep, he's in college now. He will be starting on defense for the U, we were proud to get him to go to the college here since he's a local boy. I absolutely wasn't paying a penny to send him to Florida or Florida State."

"Well, that's wonderful. Guess you are officially a football dad now, I forgot to ask you...why did you change your cell phone number? I had to call the club and get that young snotty bitch on the phone just to get a hold of you. Who is she? Such a smart ass to me when I called last week.."

Steven laughed at her comment.

"That's Maria, she is Tony's assistant. Lately, he seems to be favoring a model as his current assistant, so Maria has been pushed back to handling the club's phones."

"I don't like her! She is such a fucking smart ass!"

Rose pulled away from him again, swimming forward as Steven just laughed at her comment.

"You won't get any disagreement from me!"

"Oh no, I better not! Cause I can make you pay in this pool!"

Looking at him with a smirk on her face, she splashed water his way playfully.

"To answer you at first, I didn't change my cell phone number. I had to get a new phone a couple years ago, it's a long story. Somebody got a hold of my old phone and was listening to my phone calls."

Rose sighed.

"That's too bad, shame on them! Well, I want to change the subject right now. It's been a while and yet I still feel like we're the same from years ago. I just want to have some fun now!"

Before Steven could respond to her, she dove underwater and swam between his legs. Once more, the playful side of her had come to life. He looked down and was taken by surprise as he felt her hand grab his crotch. Rose surfaced in the water behind him, her hand cradling his crotch as she could feel his cock beginning to grow hard. Steven moaned out to her.

"That's quite a grip you got there, don't ya think?"

"Are you complaining?"

"Fuck no!"

With a soft laugh, she answered him by tugging on his crotch. With barely any hair at all, Rose didn't have to worry about her hair getting in her face like before when it came to swimming. Right now, it was time to get dirty. She wanted his cock and was not going to take no for an answer. Steven tried to turn around in the water and finally Rose let go of him and then pushed back as she quickly moved to the entrance of the pool. The man watched as she stepped backwards before him, looking almost like a statue with a fountain of water under her feet as she was at the steps. With his eyes gazing upon her, Rose began to push her bikini outfit off her body. Once she got it off, she stepped out of it and reached down to grab it and toss it to the side where the chairs were. Steven stood marveling the beauty of her naked body, she was soaking wet and still as beautiful as he could remember.

"This body is amazing, shame I haven't seen it in so long."

"Yep, shame on you!"

Rose offered him a hand as he approached the steps. She helped pull him out of the water as he looked over her body one last time. She approached him, pushing her huge tits into his chest as she kissed him. The man wrapped his arms around her and brought both hands down to squeeze her ass cheeks. Breaking the kiss, Rose stepped back and gave him a smirk.

"I think it's about time you lose these swim pants."

"Fine by me!"

She didn't allow him the chance to take them off himself. Putting her hand between his swim trunks, she moved in front of the pool and then lowered herself down to her knees over the steps. Rose slowly slid his swim shorts down, watching his hard cock spring out from it's wet hatch and free to her face. His swim trunks fell into the water below. For Steven, this was the view of a lifetime. From the corner of his eye, was the sunlight over the sky while gray clouds were everywhere. Down below in his view, was one of the most gorgeous women he ever knew in his life holding his cock in one hand as she played with his balls in the other. Rose stroked his dick up and down to make sure he was ready for her. The wetness of his skin forced his dick to glide easily between her fingers.

"You got what you wanted, Rose?"

Looking up at him, she nodded. The head of his cock was right at her chin.

"Yeah, your big meaty cock! This is what I wanted!"

Opening her mouth, she quickly ran her tongue over the head in a circle. Teasing him as she looked up into his eyes before pushing the first few inches of his rod into her warm mouth. Using one hand, she pushed into his leg while her other hand played with his balls. Rose bobbed her head up and down slowly a few times before coming up loudly with a pop noise. Looking at his dick, she flicked her tongue back and spit on it. Next, she lowered her mouth down to his balls and began to slobber all over them. Steven loudly out to her.

"Ohhhhh yes, you go baby! Always knew how to give those balls proper loving from that sexy mouth."

She couldn't respond to him even if she wanted to. Her mouth created a string of sucking sounds as her tongue lapped over his nuts. She sucked the right one between her laws before shifting to the left. All the while, his Latin dick remained stretched out over her pale face with both of her hands stroking it slowly. By the time she was finished with his balls, sticky strings of her saliva dripped down into the water below. Rose returned her attention to his meat pole, removing her hands and sliding her mouth back down on it. Steven put his hand on the back of her shaved head and pushed her down to take it deeper. Rose had deep throat skills, as he knew years ago. She pushed her mouth all the way down until her lips were at the base of his cock, giving him the feeling as the head hit the back of her throat.

"Ohhhhhh god, yeah!"

Steven moaned in excitement and pleasure. Rose kept her mouth down on his cock for a full minute before coming up with another pop noise. Long strings of saliva dangled back from his slobber coated meat to her warm mouth. Rose flicked her tongue back and spit on it again, taking her hand and stroking in her saliva on his shaft. She gritted her teeth and looked up at him before speaking in a low voice.

"Yeah, you always liked me to get messy with you."

"I was gonna pull your hair, but since you shaved your head I don't have anything to grab."

Rose bust out laughing, still stroking his cock as she responded.

"I guess you don't! I always did like it when you snatched my hair up though..."

Taking one hand to reach down to her breasts, she cupped her tits with her arm while stroking his cock. Steven knew her all too well, never one to waste the opportunity to put a terrific rack to good use. When she let go of his cock to grip her breasts, he knew exactly what was on her mind. Steven took a hold of his slimy cock from the base as Rose leaned up and parted her tits. Without saying a word, he pushed his rod between her breasts and she smashed them together. Rose moaned and held her tits together before thrusting up and down.

"Ohhhhhhh yeah, you never went without getting your tits fucked in my house."

Shaking her head, she smirked as her tits pumped up and down over his cock.

"I know how to use them, I want you to fuck them! Fuck those titties, Steven!"

Placing his hand down on her shoulder, this was something he could not resist. He thrust his hips forward and moaned as he felt his cock pumping between those lovely breasts. Her pale skinned looked even more beautiful in the light of outdoors. Each time he pumped between those tits, the head of his cock peeped out. Rose looked down and spit on it before closing her eyes and moaning.

"Fuck yes, that's it! Fuck these tits!"

Picking up the pace, Steven began to thrust between those tits harder and faster than before. Rose moaned as she felt his cock driving between her huge boobs over and over. She loved it when he became so absorbed in her tits, much like he always did over her gigantic ass. At this rate of pumping his cock between her tits, he was sure to force himself to cum. Taking a deep breath and moaning, he couldn't hold back anymore. Steven slowed down before almost coming to a complete stop.

"I'm gonna blow if I keep on."

"Good, I could use a taste. I want your cum in my mouth."

"You got it, babe. If you want it, go for it!"

Rose let go of her tits after his word and then grabbed his cock back into her hand. She jerked him up and down fast before leaning down and sucking the head into her mouth. Knowing that he didn't have much time to go, she began to bob her head up and down quickly. Slurping and sucking noises filled his ears as Steven was moaning loudly. She had him, there was no way he could hold it back now. Rose sucked his rod a few times and then stopped, only to come up and rest the head over her tongue just begging for him to blow his load. She stroked him hard and fast in her hand and finally Steven grunted and it was time to go.


She moaned feeling his cock explode and he got to watch wad after wad fly into her waiting mouth. Rose squeezed his cock one last time as more of his cum came spurting out, this was only the beginning of today. Once she had all of his cum drained into her mouth, she closed her lips and swallowed it down loudly. Still holding his cock in her hand, she smiled up at him.

"I love that taste, now we're ready for some real action."

"Are we, Rose baby?"

"Yes! I want you to fuck me in the pool! Pretend you never fucked my brains out in this pool years ago!"

With a laugh, Steven stepped forward and she stepped back until the water was knee high to her body.

"I have no problem with that, about time I made use of this pool again!"

Stepping back more, Rose ventured off into the deeper water as Steven swam towards her. Once their bodies were close, she put her hands up on his shoulders and moved over him. He guided his cock towards her entrance underwater and then Rose wrapped her legs around his body once she felt him enter her. Pushing her weight forward on him, Steven's whole body almost went underwater as he could feel the water reach his mouth as he thrust his cock into her pussy. He put his hands on her shoulders to push forward in the water and now they rocked back into the water as they began to fuck.

"Ohhhhh, yeah! That's it Steven!"

He couldn't deny that he struggled a bit in the water at first. Rose pushed back and splashed up against the sides of the pool. Once her hands found the right side where the wall was, Steven found it easier to fuck her up against the wall in the pool. The water splashed between them as his cock entered and slammed into her pussy over and over. He was forced to go slow due to being in water, but he made sure that he still was giving her pussy the fucking that it deserved.

"Fuck me, Steven!"

Rose moaned out to him as she could feel his cock driving into her slowly. Pound after pound, the water splashed up against the wall. She moved her hands to hold the wall behind her so he could thrust into her in an easier way. Despite the slow pace between the water, he was doing a good job pumping into her. She closed her eyes and embraced the moment. Steven moved his hands to cup her big wet tits, squeezing them in his hands as he continued to thrust into her lovely pussy.

"Your pussy is still just as tight as I remembered!"

"And you are having to slowly take me this time! Can't pound the hell out of me in a body of water!"

"Oh don't worry, I'm gonna pound you later!"

A hint of things to come, Rose knew that she wasn't leaving his home without getting her ass pumped from his meaty cock. Still, he pumped into her pussy before she reached her hands around to his back. Rose racked her nails over his back causing him to yell out in pain and pleasure.

"Oh fuck! You still can scratch me up!"

"Good, shame I didn't leave scars years ago!"

She was close to cumming, closing her eyes and trying to hold back. Rose moaned and scratched her fingers over his back again. His hands moved so her big tits could flop up against his stomach. Water still splashing between them and finally it happened. Rose raised her head and cried out to him.

"Oh my god, FUCK! FUCK, YESSSSSSS!!!"

Crying out loudly, her voice found itself echoing through the air. What was originally cold water to their skin now felt like a warm temperature. Steven moaned as he felt her juices flooding over his cock. He took a deep breath before he began to ease his cock out of her pussy. Once he found the exit, Steven pedaled his arms back to swim backwards before turning around to walk up the steps. Rose took a deep breath to catch herself before she swam behind him to catch up.

"Wait, don't just leave me behind!"

"Well, you weren't far!"

"Very true, but I still want to be close to you!"

Steven realized that he did not cum yet. Not even in her pussy, he was saving everything for one last go at her beautiful buxom body. That gorgeous ass had to be his again, it had been so long since he felt it. He watched her rise up the steps and meet him face to face again. Taking his hand, Rose leaned in and kissed his lips once more. She knew what he was thinking about, his words had already hinted to it only minutes earlier. Breaking the kiss, she bit her lower lip and teased him.

"I know what's next, Steven...you can't hide it from me."

He laughed at her, playing the act to give her a reason to tease him further.

"What? I'm not hiding anything but dirty thoughts."

"Yep, dirty thoughts about my ass, right?"




"Fine, you don't want to say it, I'll just drive you crazy for a minute!"

Rose had something better in mind before she was to get pounded in the ass. She dropped down to her knees, splashing over the water that was at her feet. Wrapping her hand around his cock, she crawled between his legs forcing him to push his legs out further. Looking at his ass from behind, Rose took her tongue and began to lick in a circular motion around his ass. This was something she never did to him years ago but wanted to tease with it anyway. Rimming her mouth around his ass, Steven moaned and was caught by surprise.

"Holy fuck! I wasn't expecting this!"

His eyes wandered up at the sky. True to his first observation, the gray clouds were just sweeping past the sky with no rain involved. He stood there, enjoying the feeling of her tongue traveling around the hole of his ass before he felt her finger push into it. At the same time, her other hand stroked his cock. All this teasing was driving him crazy to the point that her gorgeous ass was the only thing on his mind now. He called out to her.

"Rose! I'm ready, get on all fours for me! I'm gonna fuck that big ass of yours!"

Moving her mouth from his ass, she laughed and used one hand to smack his rear playfully.

"Oh yeah? You're gonna fuck my ass, are you?"

"Damn right, I am!"

Crawling back between his legs again, Rose looked over the swimming pool as she sunk her hands into the water and gripped one of the round steps under her. Steven's eyes remained locked on her massive pale ass that was right before him. He put one hand up to squeeze her left cheek, while using the other to spank her. Rose playfully moaned and teased him with her words.

"Ouch! That hurt?"

"Oh, did it?"

Rearing his hand back, he spanked her harder to the point it echoed a loud sound.

"Yeah! I like it when you smack my ass!"

Wasting no more time at hand, Steven pulled apart her massive ass cheeks and began to ease his long shaft into her dark hole. Sliding it in, he moaned out as Rose took a deep breath. She knew how he liked to pound her ass years ago, well aware of the fact that he wasn't going to pass this up.

"Ohhhhhhhh, yes...get in there, fuck that ass Steven!"

Once his cock was in her ass, Steven put a hand on her lower back and began to pump into her nice and slow. Since she didn't have much hair over her head, it was impossible for him to reach out and snatch her hair up the way he used to do years ago. He always loved to pull hair when he was fucking an ass from behind, today made a rare moment when he couldn't achieve such thing. He couldn't complain though and wasn't going to, as he began to push harder and faster into her ass. Rose moaned at the feeling and called out to him.

"Yeah, that's it! Fuck my big pale white ass!"

Pound after pound, Steven thrust his hard dick into her ass over and over. Rose's body began to shake as she took the pounding from behind. Her eyes looked down at her reflection in the water. She could clearly see his figure hovering over her in the reflection. Steven groaned and yelled to her.

"God, I always loved fucking your ass!"


Rose's words were not needed, but it was enough to continue pushing him into the frenzy as he rammed her ass with his huge cock. Over and over, he couldn't stop himself from pounding her to the point of no return. He was going to end up cumming soon and what better place to shoot his load than her ass? Steven brought his hand back and smacked her left cheek while yelling out to her.

"I'm gonna cum soon, you know that, right!?"

"Yeah, yeah! You're gonna cum in this big ass, aren't you?"





With one final push into her ass, Steven spanked her again as he roared out to the feeling of his cock exploding within her.

"God, yes! There it is! You wanted it, you got it!"

"Ohhhhhhh yes, fill up my ass! Mmmmmmm!"

Rose moaned at the feeling of his cum deep within her. Steven slowly began to ease his cock from her lovely ass, just as the wind began to blow and shake the palm trees around his backyard. With his cock free from her ass, Rose used her hands and pulled her cheeks apart to feel his cum dripping from her dark hole down her leg. She caught her breath and moaned out to him.  as he spanked her ass one last time with his hand, Rose jumped at the feeling.

"Oh! You always have quite the touch!"

"Oh yeah babe, I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did!"

"You know I did!"

Crawling back into the water, Rose dove forward and began to swim once again as Steven just watched her go back into the pool. He looked up at the sky as more gray clouds began to move forward and now he couldn't shake the feeling that a thunderstorm was imminent.

"You better be quick in that pool, love. Looks like we've got rain coming!"

"I'm just washing the cum out from my leg and ass, I'll be alright."

Steven laughed at her comment and grabbed his swim trunks to slip them on before speaking back up.

"Mind joining me for dinner?"

"I would love to!"

"Alright babe, let me go get us some towels and then we can prepare for dinner later."

Rose splashed around in the pool some more before Steven walked back to the house to get some towels for them to dry off. It didn't matter to him if all she had was a bikini outfit or not, he wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to have dinner at his house with an old friend.



Carlos sighed in a breath of relief and excitement as he beat his fist over the white door of the V.I.P. room on a Wednesday afternoon. The club was empty at the moment but that didn't mean that Maria wasn't hard at work as Tony's assistant handling the books on the club. Still, impatiently the young man beat on the door before finally catching her attention. The young woman rolled her eyes before reaching the door to answer him.

"You know, you only had to knock one time..."

"You took your time getting to the door! I need to get in touch with my uncle Tony, now!"

Maria sighed.

"Why don't you call him yourself, for a change?"

"He won't answer! Come on, I found the guy he wanted me to find who's been taking money from the registers!"

"Whatever, come on in...."

Racing down the hall passing her on by, Carlos had to get to the phones to call Tony. He had a race against time the past few days to finally bust his ass and do some work and now the results were in. The one stealing money and taking his own was none other than one of the bartenders, just as Tony had suspected. With the phone call, Carlos knew he was saying his own ass from getting thrown out of the club without a job and to the poor thief, he was about to lose his own job.

Across town in South Beach, Steven put his sunglasses on as he walked through the beach holding a briefcase in his hand. He had been texting back and forth with Rose the past few days ever since their reunion back at his house. She told him last night that she would be on the beach with her director friend trying to shoot a scene.Steven could see the movie set from a distance as he kept on walking. The soft wind blew through the beach, but it was typically the busy place where a lot of people were soaking out in the sun and playing in the water. As he approached the set, Rose stood in a black outfit as she turned to see Steven in his white suit. She smiled and waved at him before he walked towards her and kissed her teeth.

"I told you not to come watch me on the set, you're only gonna distract me!"

Steven laughed at her words before responding.

"I didn't come here to distract you Rose, no worries. I have a present for your director friend."

"What is it?"

Handing her the briefcase, he nodded.

"There's 2 million dollars in that case. Take it, it's his. You said it's a low budget film, so that should be enough to cover the expenses, I hope."

Rose gasped when she heard his words, refusing to accept his generous gift at first.

"Oh my god, why did you do this? You can't, I won't let you-"

"Rose baby, this doesn't hurt me. I just wanted to help you out since we've always been close friends. Take it, please. You don't even have to tell him it came from me, you can take credit for it yourself. Be the hero to this guy."

Thinking for a minute, she looked up in his eyes and sighed. Deep down, Rose already felt guilty to take money like this but he could not be shaken. That was the Steven she knew, despite all the rumors and all the facts that she knew of him and his family; to her he was a man with a heart of gold. She took the briefcase from his hand and then sighed in a breath of relief.


"No problem, this is my gift to you."

Biting her lower lip, Rose looked back at him one last time and spoke.

"I think I love you."

Steven laughed.

"I know you do, baby. Believe me, I know you do."

Leaning in, he pushed his lips to hers and they kissed passionately. He knew it was probably going to be the last time he seen her again, the least he could do was help her out with some spare money that would have simply been sitting away in a savings account if it weren't for today. Breaking the kiss, Steven stepped back and smiled at her one last time. She took the briefcase and began to run off, kicking up sand as she moved across the set to meet with her director. Steven simply turned to look over at the beach and began to walk off. He sighed, as he felt deep down in his heart this was the woman in his life that got away. He walked the beach by himself thinking it over, it was just another day in Miami.

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Re: Big Booty Bitches
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Big Booty Bitches Ch.9
Starring: Britney Spears

Codes: MMF, MM, Cons, Oral, Anal, Double Penetration, Facial, Slut

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.


Miami, 2006

Loud moans could be heard echoing from within the cabins of a yacht. The yacht by the name of 'Love Boat' had quite an experience going down below in the master bedroom cabin. A dream come true for two lucky men as both of them groaned at the feeling of pleasure they were receiving. A woman giggled loudly in her thick southern accent before speaking.

"Yeah, you both like that huh!? Gonna cum all over this pretty fuckin' face!?"

"Ohhhhh yeah, you're gonna get it!"

The voice was coming from Steven Diaz as he looked down at the face of Britney Spears. He stood on the left side of the room while Tony was on the right. Both brothers had indulged in the experience of a lifetime to fuck one of the most beautiful women in the world. This was something that so many men dreamed of having and here she was taking turns sucking their cocks. Sweat dripped from her forehead as her black eyeliner and makeup had smeared around her left eye. Cum drained from both her pussy and ass onto the floor. The two men had been fucking her for hours, their cocks explored all her holes multiple times. Now, everything was coming to an end as Britney stroked their cocks as fast as she could, begging for them to cum all over her face. She turned to her left and took Tony's cock back into her mouth. The man moaned out loudly.

"Yes, suck it one last time Britney!"

While her mouth slobbered all over Tony's shaft, her free hand was jerking Steven's cock with a tight grip. Both men were moaning. Britney bobbed her head up and down on the older brother's cock before coming off with a loud pop noise. Saliva dripped from her lower lip down to her chin. Steven put his hand on the back of her head in her blonde hair and shoved her towards his cock. Britney quickly wrapped her lips around it while her hand found Tony's cock across from her. She pumped her hand up and down on Tony's shaft while Steven thrust his hips while holding her head in place for him to fuck her mouth one last time. She gagged and created a number of loud slobbering sounds over his cock.


Steven pushed her head all the way down until he head the head of his long dick slam to the back of her throat. Holding her head there for a minute until he heard her choke and seen her eyes begin to water up, he let go of her. A long string of saliva dripped from her mouth back to his cock. Britney caught her breath and wrapped her hand back around his slobber coated shaft and continued to stroke it just as she was doing his brother's cock. She held her face up and looked at both of them in the eyes; Steven first and then Tony to the right.

"I'm ready, cum all over me! Cum on my face!"

"Ohhhhh, you're in for quite the splash."

"Here it is, baby! FUCK!"

It was Tony who spoke first but Steven beat him with the first string of cum that flew over Britney's face. She closed her eyes right in time for a thick string of semen to drench her right cheek and slide down. Tony grunted when his cock exploded and shot a wad over her left cheek. Both of them sent the next wave flying over her at the same time; Tony's cock drenched her forehead in a thick wad while Steven's cum hit her right eye and dripped down her nose. Britney kept her mouth opened and just moaned at the feeling of their hot loads striking her face. A wad struck her right forehead and dripped into her hair, and then from the left her forehead was glazed in another thick wad. She tried to open her eyes but quickly shut them again when she felt a thick wad fly into her left eye. The last spurt of cum from Tony's cock flew over left cheek while Steven's last drops shot up her forehead again.

Steven reached down and grabbed her hair from behind to hold her face up as he smiled admiring the view. She was a complete mess, the two brothers had emptied their balls all over her face and now it was almost as if they were starstruck. Steven couldn't believe this was Britney Spears of all women sitting on her knees, caked in cum. She opened her eyes, slowly blinking with drops of cum glimmering in her eye brows. Looking up at both men as she took a deep breath, Tony turned to look at his brother and grinned. Steven was too fixated looking down at Britney's cum covered face to see his brother starring at him. Tony spoke up.

"We just fucked Britney Spears, hermano."

She laughed, opening her eyes to look at them and then smiled big with her signature smile and those pearly white teeth. She replied to those words calling her name.

"Yes, you sure did! That was a lot of fun!"

Tony looked over at his brother again who then turned to him and held his hand up for a high-five. The woman heard their hands clap loudly against one another. A dream had come true and this event would serve as only a prelude of things to come for Britney in southern Florida. She was a fresh newly made MILF after giving birth and was soon to be divorced and would go wild within months into the next year. Her friendship to the Diaz family all began with a famous woman named Paris introducing her to Tony a few weeks prior to this day.


The clock ticked on the wall, counting the seconds of the passing hour. Tony stood in his office, looking over the picture frames he had hung on the wall of his family. Some were old, some were of recent years. There was an empty frame waiting for his son's birthday that was today, the big number of 21. Little Tony Jr was no longer a child, reaching the age of 21 made him a man. Tonight was going to be his birthday party celebration at Disco Fever. It only seemed fair that Tony gave his own son a party, when Steve had already given a party to Jacob months earlier.

It almost saddened the old man to look back at the photos and see how time had passed by. It seemed like only yesterday his little boy was going through grade school and now today he was legally an adult. It would only be a matter of time that he introduced him to the business and began to mold him the same way Tony's own father worked him and Steven into the club life. The door to his office swung open and he figured that had to be Maria, turning around he was greeted to the smiling face of his brother Steven standing before him.

"Hey man, you busy?"

"No, just making space on the wall for the photograph tonight."

Steven smirked, looking over the wall before nodding to Tony and speaking again.

"Guess who I just heard is in town on vacation."


With a smile, Steven answered.

"Britney Spears, man...that's who."

Tony thought for a minute before slowly smiling and then laughing softly.

"Oh yeah, how could we ever forget about the time with her?"

The brothers laughed together before Steven responded.

"I know what you mean, man! Whenever I think about her, you know what goes through my mind. We got to fuck her back when she was on top of the world. I'll always be proud of that one."

"I sure felt like I was on top of the world that day."

"Me too! Maybe you should call her up to come party with us tonight. It's been what, 10 years now?"

Tony sighed as he thought about Steven's words and nodded.

"Yeah, it was 10 years ago...Funny how time just goes on by like that, I don't know if she's still the party animal she was back then. I see her on TV and stuff, she looks hotter than ever from what I have seen lately. I'll keep it in mind, but I don't know if I should bother her."

"Whatever you think man, I just thought I'd let you know. I'll be around tonight for Tony Jr's party, but I gotta run some errands with Ramón for now. I'll see you later."

"Okay Steven, you take care!"

He watched Steven walk out of the door before sighing to himself. Britney was back in town, that was kinda funny. Forever would they have the memory of that epic day on his yacht with her. It was just months before the year of 2007 when she had her infamous wild streak. That year began with a short lived yet prolific relationship she had with their younger cousin Ramón. Tony heard many stories of their time in the clubs and wild life even though it didn't last for long. For him and Steven, they always had the memories of the past took back upon.

The funniest part about Britney Spears and her old times with the Diaz family was that Tony's own son, had the biggest crush on the pop princess in his youth. He laughed to himself as he thought back to the times when he went through Tony Jr's room and found the stash of pictures he had saved from her. Tony Jr had quite the shrine going for Britney in his closet, collecting various photo shoot prints and all her albums. Tony used to tease his son about the crush he had on Britney, all to see that little face go red and blush. Suddenly, he got the idea that perhaps she would be the greatest birthday present he could offer to him. To become a man at the age of 21, was there any other woman in the world that could make him into one besides Britney?

It was a long shot, but Tony was destined now to attempt this dream to come true for his son. To deliver Britney to him as a birthday present would make him proud as a father and would be a good way to welcome his foot through the door of the club life. This lifestyle would eventually be passed onto him as he was the future of the family. Tony walked over to his desk and immediately picked up the phone to dial in his assistant. Maria would know how to help him track down Britney, his guess was that she probably would be in Miami Beach enjoying her little vacation on the beach.



The sound of shoes beating into the sand were the only thing Tony could hear outside of the waves crashing up against the shore. He walked slowly along the beach, wearing a black shirt and white pants. He would be blinded at the bright sun if it weren't for the sunglasses he wore. True to his trust in Maria, he had tracked Britney down and got in touch with her one of her managers over the phone. She requested to see him in South Beach. Again, true to his original assumption, she was indeed enjoying time at the beach here in the city.

It had been several years since he last seen Britney. In fact, Tony was a bit nervous about this meeting. He knew the request he would have for would possibly be a long shot, but he wasn't going to go without trying his best. He was approved by her, as spoken from her manager's word over the phone to see her. Still waking the beach, he turned to look as he seen a clear area with no usual tourists. There was only one body in the water and it appeared to be a woman walking up to the shore with a wave of water pushing beside her. As the body came closer, Tony stood as he looked it over. Taking his glasses off, there was no mistaking this person.

There she was in all of her glory. Britney had her golden hair tied up in a ponytail behind her with a pair of sunglasses covering her eyes. Her amazing body looked fantastic, still having a cute little belly button ring piercing. She wore a two piece white bikini with some pattern over the white fabric. Her huge tits still looked terrific and that entire body was a blast. Tony stood there starring at her beauty as she walked out of the water and he seen her bare feet sink into the wet sand. Raising her sunglasses above her hair, Britney smiled at him and waved her hand.

"Hey Tony!"

"Britney, how the hell are ya!?"

"I'm wonderful hun, you look different from the last time I seen you..."

He sighed before responding.

"Yeah, let me guess? My hair makes me look too old?"

"No! Don't say that, I like it! You got that salt and pepper look goin' for you!"

Laughing at her, he shook his head.

"Yeah, thanks babydoll...appreciate it."

"So Tony, I know you didn't come to me just to chit chat. My manager said you wanted to speak to me about something urgent. So, what is it?"

They both stood in the sand together as the water continuing washing on up behind them. Tony looked over at the water before swallowing down a gulp. This was a tough thing to ask her, but he didn't come all this way out to waste her time. They were alone on the beach with no one to overhear their words. Finally, he spoke the words to her.

"I don't know how to ask you this, but tonight is my son's birthday. Tony Jr turns 21 tonight and you are his favorite person ever. You are his idol, he's worshiped you for so many years. To him, you are his goddess. He's had the biggest crush on you since he was young."

Britney smiled hearing his words.

"Awww, how cute! Do you want me to meet your son?"

"Not just meet him...I was wondering if you would...make his dream come true tonight. Take him and fuck his brains out like you did me and my brother 10 years ago."

With the heavy offer to her, Britney looked at him and then thought to herself. Was he serious? She had not seen him in years and he came all the way out here to ask for this? She spoke up.

"So let me get this straight, you want me to fuck your son for his birthday. Is that it?"

Tony nodded and then Britney bust out laughing. She spoke again.

"God, you're crazy! Like, oh my god! I can't believe you!"

"Come on, Britney! I'm serious! What do I gotta do to get you on board? His birthday is tonight, I'll do anything for you to surprise him!"

Thinking about it, Britney smirked at him and then finally responded with a nod.

"Fine, I'll do this for you...but only under one circumstance, it stays a low key secret. If I do this for you, you're gonna owe me somethin' in return."

Tony nodded.

"You have my word on that, what do you want from me to pay you back?"

"It depends, we'll see next time I'm in Miami. I will be sure to call when I'm back in town again, so you can pay me back with some more fun."

"Well, that can be arranged rather easily..."

"What time is the party, Tony? Do I have to be there?"

He shook his head at her second question.

"No, you are the after-party baby. You get all dressed up with a good outfit, call me. I have a limo ride set up to bring my boy back to his penthouse apartment. You can be in the car waiting."

"Okay, that works. All my good dancing outfits are back in Vegas, I'll have to go buy some new slutty clothes real soon to get ready."

Tony smirked hearing those words 'slutty clothes' from her lips.

"I'll owe you big for this one, he doesn't know I planned any of this. It's going to be a huge surprise for him."

Britney nodded.

"Alright, that's fine. Let me go get the proper clothes, and put my own kids to sleep tonight and then you call me whenever and I'll be ready."

"It's a plan, thanks baby!"

Leaning over, Tony placed a kiss over her cheek and she smirked at him. The man began to walk off when she waved at him and blew a kiss. While Britney may have changed a lot over the years to straighten her life out, she was still the naughty princess that Tony remembered. The memories would last forever and now this would make the perfect birthday present to his son turning 21. The night was several hours away but he already was thinking about what Britney said of him owing her. If the possibility was on the table for her to return for more fun, it was something that would not be passed up.



"Happy birthday, to you! Happy birthday to Tony Jr, happy birthday to you!"

"Blow out your candles!"

"Yeah, blow them out!"

A young man sat at a table as he overlooked a large round cake with 21 candles on it. His name was made in the icing in a bright blue color while the cake itself was made in pink. He leaned over and blew out the candles as family and friends clapped their hands. Tony looked over at his son with such pride, as he clapped his hands. The younger Tony looked up and smiled big as a camera moved his way to snap some photos. It was then, his father walked around to lean over and smile and make sure he was in the photos with him.

Tony Jr had lived a quiet life so far. Not one that enjoyed the wild lifestyle of an athlete like his cousin Jacob. His privacy was of far more concern, spending most of his time sitting on the computer and reading gossip on social media. He had dropped out of high school at 17 years old, yet his father didn't care. The real career of his life was already paved before his eyes to go into the business and live off the family's main venture of the clubs. He hoped that he could some how work behind computers if it had to deal with the club business, but that was still a decision some time away. His father was slowly working to mentor him into the role as working the office with management.

Not one for drinks, Tony Jr liked to keep a clean mind at all times. Taking no alcohol, he ate a slice of his beautiful cake in the company of his father and his uncle Steven. While they all called him Jr, he liked to go by the name of 'Antonio' when around his close friends and people in general. It separated him from his father's own name. At 21 years old, he knew that his looks were good enough for most women he had met. With short brown hair and a small mustache, he kept an athletic body with working out every summer. Tonight was the first night he dressed sharp in an expensive suit, a gift from his father. The suit was pinstriped in black with a bright purple shirt underneath.

Without spending all the night at the club, he wanted to leave once it became 11 PM. The older Tony was well aware of this, his son wasn't a party person at all. Everything had been prepared for him to receive the surprise of his life in the back of the limo awaiting him outside. Britney sat patiently in the backseat, while young Tony Jr was escorted out of the back door of the club. When his eyes seen the silver limo, he looked back at his father and sighed.

"Is this really necessary? You didn't have to do this.."

Tony laughed at his son.

"You're going home in style and class tonight, my boy! Something is waiting for you back in that limo."

"Oh yeah, like what?"

"I don't spoil surprises! Go see for yourself, and happy birthday my son!"

"Thanks dad, appreciate it.."
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Re: Big Booty Bitches
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Stepping down from the steps of the back door, he approached the door of the limo. His father stood in the doorway of the exit, watching what was to unfold next. As Tony Jr placed his hand up on the handle to pull the door, it swung open towards him. Tony seen the face of Britney Spears look at his son with eyes of hunger. She gripped his suit and dragged him into the limo before reaching over to shut the door. The limo began to drive off and now the older man stood there laughing hysterically at what he had just witnessed. He clapped his hands together before walking back into the club, Britney lived up to the deal just as he knew she would. From inside the limo, Tony Jr's eyes became huge as he looked over at the woman that had just dragged him inside. Swallowing his breath, he spoke in a frantic tone.

"Holy shit! You're, you're-"

"I'm Britney, yeah it's really me!"

His eyes became huge as he starred into her gorgeous smile. Those pearly white teeth were all too perfect, there was no mistaking this face or that body. Britney wore a big white fur coat, under her stomach he could see a purple thong and then some huge knee high black hooker boots. She looked absolutely amazing, it was as if an old photo had come to life. The outfit reminded him so much of an old photo shoot he had in his collection. She sat on the seat of the limo right next to him. The fur coat covered both her breasts yet created a passage for him to view her strong built stomach. Britney leaned over and placed a kiss on his cheek, watching him blush from her touch.

"Happy birthday, Tony Jr! Is that what you call you?"

"Yeah, but you can call me Antonio. I like going by that better."

"Ah, okay! No problem Antonio, did I surprise you?"

"Oh my god, I can't believe this is real."

A big smile curved over his face. He couldn't question weather this was Britney or not, there was no way in hell he would mistake her perfect voice and body right before him. The question remained for him, just how did all this come about? He couldn't help but ask her.

"How did this come to be?"

Britney smiled.

"Well, I know your dad from a long time back and he told me all about you. How you think I am a goddess and have been your big crush for a while, so I decided I would play the part tonight and make your birthday truly special."

"Getting to meet you has been a dream come true, that much I can say."

She smirked at him and spoke in a low voice while placing her hand over his shoulder.

"Meeting me isn't the only thing you're gonna get tonight..."

The subtle hint was implied with the touch of her hand running over his shoulder and to his cheek. Antonio closed his eyes for a minute and reopened them to see her loving face gazing into him like she was hungry for him. He knew what she meant in her words and before he could say anything, Britney climbed over and straddled him to sit on his lap. Tony didn't tell her how sexy his son truly looked. She spoke back up again.

"Let me ask you Antonio, have you had a girlfriend before?"

He nodded.

"Yeah, I've had a couple."

"Oh? Well, did you get lucky with any of them?"

Antonio nodded again smirking.

"Yep, I lost my virginity at 19."

She laughed to herself while still sitting on his lap. No matter how hard he tried to play this cool, she could feel his growing cock under her ass.

"Damn, too bad I won't get to be your first..."

"Oh fuck, I know! I'd trade both of them for you."

"Well, I get to be your first woman. Think about it that way."

Britney winked at him after speaking. She leaned over and pushed her lips to his for a small kiss, the first of many kisses tonight. Coming back up, she rolled her hips into his lap and moaned before speaking again.

"So birthday boy, are you ready for your lap dance tonight?"

Antonio grinned before speaking.

"Yeah, I am...but I think we should wait till we get back to the hotel. If we start now, we'll be walking into the hotel naked."

She laughed at his words before leaning down and kissing his cheek.

"You're right, hun! You're probably already gonna be walking out of this limo with your cock standing straight up in your pants, mmmmmmm. I can feel it."

Moving off from his lap, Britney turned around before sitting beside him. She tugged on his jacket to pull him closer to her. Taking a hold of his hand in one arm, she pulled the fur coat aside to show him her huge tits, exposed freely. Antonio placed his hands over them, squeezing them softly. He could feel her nipples hardening up over the palms of his hands. Luckily, this ride was a short one and they would be in the hotel soon. Britney leaned in and kissed him again, this time passionately. He danced his tongue up against hers slowly, she was impressed with his skill at kissing. Cupping his neck in her hands, Britney pulled him down on top of her to continue kissing. They broke the kiss once they felt the limo stop, knowing this must have been the stop at the hotel.

"Oh my god! This must be your hotel! Come on, let's get in and we can really have some fun!"

Antonio climbed off the woman of his dreams and then reached for the door behind him. Stepping out of the limo to an empty parking lot at the back of his luxury hotel suite. He offered Britney his hand to pull her out of the limo and was greeted to her smile.

"Come on baby, my room is at the top floor."

Britney's hooker boots stomped loudly onto the concrete of the parking lot. She pulled her coat together, to not reveal any of her body. Luckily, the coat was long and covered her boots mostly. They didn't seem to notice the light rain over the darkened sky. Stepping forward, her big hooker boots splashed a bit of water before walking up the steps and entering the back door of the hotel. Antonio knew the layout of the place all too well, the elevator was waiting for them on the right side. Now, Britney's boots stomped loudly over the marble floor. The sound echoed through the building. He quickly pressed the elevator button while waiting impatiently. Britney bit her lower lip as she looked over at him. Once the light flickered and the door opened, he sighed in relief to see no one was there. They both walked into the elevator together and then Britney looked at him.

"Yours is the top floor, right?"

"Yeah, the penthouse."

She pushed her button over the top floor button and then smirked at him as the door shut. For the next two minutes, they were trapped within the small walls looking back at each other. Antonio was afraid to put his hands on her and begin touching her lovely body. He was mostly afraid of anyone seeing them after the elevator doors re-opened. Britney however, didn't care. She stepped in front of him and cupped his face before leaning in and kissing him aggressively. Pushing him up against the wall, she darted her tongue into his mouth as the boy moaned and they began to kiss passionately once more. Since he was such a big fan, she wanted to do something special. Once the elevator stopped, she abruptly broke the kiss. She then turned around, throwing her hands up against the wall and then moved to grind her ass up against his crouch. Antonio moaned and looked back at her as she just smiled and waved before stepping off the elevator. It didn't even cross his mind that they had just re-enacted a scene from her Toxic music video.

Now, all the focus was on her. Antonio quickly joined her out of the elevator and those huge high heel hooker boots could be heard stomping loudly over the carpet floor. A fun night with his dream woman wasn't the only thing waiting for him behind the locked door of the penthouse. He anticipated the surprise she would have when she realized they weren't the only ones in the room. Reaching the door, he slid the key in to unlock it and opened the door for her. Britney smirked at him and invited herself in. The penthouse suite was large in the open with a big couch and a coffee table sitting in the middle of the room. She figured his bedroom was somewhere but it didn't matter at the moment. The lights flickered on and from the bedroom to the right and then, a figure walked out. Britney seen the figure of a man and then turned to look at Antonio and spoke.

"Oh, looks like you've got company besides me."

The man across the room stood still once he heard the voice and overlooked the woman in the fur coat. Could it really be her?

"My god, you look just like...no, it can't be!"

She smiled and spoke back up.

"Britney? Yes, this is the real deal standing right before your eyes!"

Antonio walked in front of Britney and then swallowed his breath. He was just about to reveal his biggest kept secret in the family with no one other than the woman of his dreams. No one knew the fact he was a bisexual man with a gay partner. Luis was his man and the two had been in a relationship now for 3 years ever since Antonio realized the fact he was not a straight man. He spoke up.

"Britney, I'd like you to meet Luis. He's my partner."

She turned to look at Antonio and smirked.

"So, you're bisexual right?"

He nodded. Britney turned to look at Luis who was stunned to see her standing before him. The man was Latin, a tall build with a short shaved head. He wore a thin white shirt and black pants, revealing that he had some muscles and a couple tattoos on his arms. To her, he was a serious hunk. Little did she know, that both of the men absolutely worshiped her. For Luis, Britney was a woman of pure lust and an inspiration to him. He was a gay man at the age of 23 and she was his greatest idol after he came out. Unlike Antonio, everyone in Luis' family knew of his secret and some had disowned him for it. But he didn't care, he was a man of no apologies.

"I can dance for two, but the birthday boy is getting his present first if you don't mind. So, are you bi too?"

Luis sighed before shaking his head. This was Britney Spears of all women, how could he lie to her?

"No, I'm not...but you, you're someone I think the world of. The most sexy lady on earth, it's my honor to meet you."

"Awwww, you're sweet! Well, if you want to play with me, I won't say no."

"I'll keep that in mind."

With a smirk on his face, Luis winked over at Antonio who just nodded and turned his attention back to Britney. The pop princess moved in and placed a kiss over his lips before turning around and stomping her hooker boots over the floor.

"Well, I'm in the mood to give someone a lap dance!"

"Hey man, why don't you come join me?"

Luis didn't refuse. He walked over to the couch and sat on the left side, while Antonio took the right. Britney watched then sit down and now all eyes were on her as she began to shake her hips and work in a groove. There was no music playing but with her skills, she didn't need any music. She stood in the middle of the couch between both men and let her fur coat drop to the floor, exposing her chest in full nudity. Her huge tits were epic to see face to face and that gorgeous muscular body proved that she still was female perfection to Antonio's eyes. Turning around, she pushed her legs out and then sat her ass right on his lap. He moaned feeling her on him once more as Britney began to grind her hips forward and push into his crotch.

She felt Antonio's hands over the sides of her body and then she put her hands to his and brought them to her breasts. He squeezed her tits, while she breathed in heavily and felt him breathing over her neck. Antonio embraced this moment as her ass continued to grind over his growing dick while he kissed her neck. All the while, Luis sat across from them on the couch and his eyes were stuck on Britney. She was an alluring temptation to his eyes, even for a gay man. If there was one woman in this world that he would have, why not it be his inspiration? He tried not to think about it, just sitting there watching his partner receive his birthday present. Britney soon got up from his lap and stood between the two men. She addressed them both with her words.

"Since you two are lovers, mind giving me a little show?"

The two men looked at each other, but Britney's eyes clearly could see the bulge sticking up in Luis' pants. She could clearly see that he wasn't the only man thinking of getting dirty. Antonio leaned over and pulled at Luis' shirt and then Britney spoke up again.

"Hey! I've got an idea! Both of you, up..."

Motioning her hand, both of them followed her command standing up. Britney moved to sit in front of them on the couch and then they moved to stand in front of her. She fell down to her knees and playfully began to undo Antonio's pants with her right hand as he stood right of her, while Luis was on the left. They both looked down at her and watched before Britney turned to Luis and spoke back up.

"You don't mind if I take your pants off too, do you?"

Luis shook his head.

"No, go right on ahead."

Even though he had not said it, Britney knew that if he was such a big fan of hers the man wasn't going to say no to her. She used her hands and pushed his pants down first, watching his cock spring to action in front of her. She then turned her attention back to her birthday boy and finished pushing Antonio's pants down to his ankles. The two men began to take take their shirts off and throw them to the floor. Britney looked up to see their muscular torsos built with nice abs, Luis had a big tattoo stretching over his right arm down to his chest. These two Latin men were serious hunks to her eyes and now she had her fingers wrapped around both their cocks. Looking up into Antonio's eyes, she opened her mouth and moved it over his swollen rod. Britney began to suck his dick while her left hand stroked Luis' hard meat.

Luis' eyes watched his goddess idol on the floor sucking his lover's cock before he turned and smiled at Antonio. The two men locked lips and began to kiss. Britney then began to focus on sucking his meaty cock. She bobbed her head up and down on it, while her left hand remained wrapped around Luis' shaft. For Luis, Britney was the first woman to ever touch his cock. He had only been with men in his life and this was truly an honor to have his biggest inspiration be the only one to ever touch his cock. The two men stopped kissing and then Britney came off of Antonio's cock making a loud pop noise. A string of spit flowed over his shaft back to her lips. She looked up at Luis as she moved over to his cock and stroked it in her left hand.

"I know you're gay, but...would you mind if-"

He stopped and finished her sentence.

"No, I don't mind at all! Go ahead, Britney! I'd be honored to have you do it!"

"Mmmmm, and I'd be honored to suck off one of my gay boys!"

She winked up at him as she flicked her tongue back and spit all over his cock. Stroking it one last time to rub her saliva into it, she lowered her head and took it into her mouth. As Britney began to suck Luis' cock, her right hand stroked Antonio's simultaneously. The two men couldn't kiss again as they were too focused on watching Britney down on her knees pleasuring them. After a good bit of sucking Luis off, she moved her mouth back to Antonio's dick and spit on it. This time she pushed their cocks together, watching them touch as she moaned. With both of their cocks pushed together, she opened her mouth and tried to stuff them both in while lapping her tongue both rods equally. Antonio moaned out.

"God, this is so fucking hot."

"Yeah man, I can't believe we're living this right now!"

Britney focused her attention back to Antonio's cock, wrapping her lips around it as she sucked on it some more. She kept her fingers wrapped around Luis' shaft, stroking it up and down while she sucked off the birthday boy. When she came off of Antonio's cock again with a loud pop noise, she looked over at Luis' dick and could see the pre-cum already easing out of the head. She knew her sucking skills were top of the line but she didn't want them blowing a load this early before fucking her. Britney stroked their cocks before smiling up at them.

"Are you ready to fuck me now, Antonio?"

The boy smiled and nodded at her.

"Fuck yes! I am ready, Britney baby!"

She turned to look over at Luis and then placed a kiss over his cock before asking him the same question.

"Would you like to fuck me too, Luis?"

The man nodded, he couldn't believe himself. Despite being his own gay sexuality, he had all desire to give it to this woman.

"I would love to."

Britney smiled and nodded.

"Alright, I want both of y'all to fuck me. But the birthday boy is getting his present first!"

Getting up from her knees, Britney figured the couch would be the best place for Antonio to experience his fantasy coming true. Sitting on the couch, she pushed down her thong revealing her wet and waiting pussy. It was shaved as always and the boy was stuck starring right at it. Pushing her thong down past the knees of her big boots, she was ready. Britney spread her legs, grinning at him as he stepped forward. Her huge hooker boots remained over her legs and finally, Antonio could see the leather pattern in them. Once he moved forward and pushed his cock towards her pussy, Britney moved both of her legs to arch them up on his shoulders. He grabbed at her legs as he watched the head of his long shaft sink into her tight pussy. Britney moaned feeling him enter her, slowly.

Watching the action, Luis felt somewhat left out. It wasn't fair in his mind to stand there waiting for his chance to fuck Britney. He leaned over Antonio and placed a kiss over his cheek as he moved to stand behind him. For the birthday boy to receive one world of pleasure, it would be even better to receive two. Luis stood behind Antonio and grabbed his ass, the one hint of what was next to come. The boy quickly looked over his shoulder and yelled in excitement.

"Oh baby, you are-"

"Happy Birthday, Antonio!"

The moment could not be any better. As Antonio pushed his cock into Britney's pussy, he felt his lover's cock enter his ass. Antonio pushed forward as Luis grabbed a hold of his hips and began to pump his shaft into his ass. For a birthday present, this was everything and more than Antonio could of dreamed of. He held onto Britney's boots as he pumped his cock into her pussy, watching her huge tits bounce. Her body was still perfection, he closed his eyes and moaned as Luis' cock slid in and out of his ass. Britney could see the action going on behind Antonio's body and she moaned, calling out to them.

"You boys are kinky! Mmmmm, yeah fuck me Antonio! Fuck me like you always dreamed to!"

Each time Luis pushed into him, Antonio slammed his cock into Britney's lovely pussy. She was so tight and at the same time, he was feeling pleasure from behind as Luis pumped into him. He leaned down a bit, watching Britney's legs push up revealing how flexible her body truly was. His hands went to her tits, while his body was bent over allowing Luis better access to ram his ass. Over and over, he moaned feeling Luis' cock stretch him from behind. Antonio was forced to slow down his pace with Britney's lovely entrance, forcing her to call for attention.

"Mmmmm, it's so cute watching the two of you get it on, but I think I got what y'all both really want!"

Her words caught the attention of Luis who looked her over and responded.

"Oh yeah, Britney? What you got in mind?"

"Both of y'all, fuckin' me. How about that?"

The southern accent slurred in her voice, Antonio looked down at her face. She had a mischievous little grin that only she could pull off without looking funny. Luis had already eased his cock from Antonio's ass and now the birthday boy nodded to her.

"I want to fuck your ass next, baby."

Leaning in, she kissed his lips and smiled.

"You can fuck me any way you want tonight, Antonio. This is your birthday after all."

She moaned as she felt his cock pull from her pussy. Antonio moved backwards as both men looked down at her. Britney moved her legs and then leaned up to let her thong dangling from her knees finally drop to the floor. She turned her attention over to Luis, biting her lower lip before addressing him.

"Have you ever fucked a girl, Luis?"

He shook his head and then Britney giggled in excitement.

"Oh my god! I get to be your first, how awesome!"

Laughing to her, Luis just smiled. It was the truth, he would not let any other woman near him but this was Britney Spears. It was like he had no other choice, when it was a woman he looked up to for the better part of his life. Britney patted her hand on the couch as she motioned to him before rising up.

"Luis, sit here for me..."

She glanced over at Antonio and then smiled.

"I'm gonna get on top of him, then you get behind me and take my ass."

"Got it."

Once Luis sat on the couch, Britney moved over to him and straddled her legs on both sides. Sinking her knees into the couch she looked down at him and placed a kiss over his lips. She spoke as she put her hand around his cock and began to ease her pussy on top of him.

"You ever kiss a girl before?"

Shaking his head, Luis bit his lip playfully imitating what he had witnessed Britney do minutes earlier.

"No, but I just kissed one named Britney and I liked it."

Without responding, she mocked the poor guy by biting her lower lip just as she heard him gasp for his breath while that hot pussy pushed down over his cock. It was the first time he had ever experienced this feeling of pleasure. Luis moaned and Britney spoke back up.

"How does that feel, baby?"

"Ohhhh, amazing Britney..."

Running her hands up the sides of his face, she cupped his face before looking behind her to see Antonio holding his cock and getting into position. With Luis' rod lodged into her tight pussy, this was the only thing awaiting for some double penetration fun. Antonio sunk his knees into the couch as he used both hands to push Britney's ass cheeks apart and let his cock push into her tight dark hole. She gasped for her breath as she felt both of the Latin men and their strong cocks enter her. Gritting her teeth, she moaned before calling out to them.

"Yeah! That's it! Both of you, FUCK ME!!!"

It took a few easy thrusts at first for Antonio to get used to her ass. All the while, Luis began to pump his cock into her. Britney's large breasts were in his face smothering him. Within a minute, Antonio had created a groove to ram his cock into her ass. Over and over, the birthday boy pumped her ass with his long rod. Britney's body shook from both of their dicks pumping her holes. She closed her eyes and threw her head back moaning as her nails sunk into the couch.

"Oh my god, YES! YES! FUCK ME! FUCK ME, HARDER!!!"

Luis groaned, watching her epic boobs sway in his face before crashing over his sight. He bucked his hips, pumping the his goddess, the princess of pop. At the same time, Antonio pumped her ass with his big cock over and over. He was so close to busting a nut within her, placing one hand up her left ass cheek to give it a squeeze before yelling out to her.

"Britney, I'm gonna cum!"


Gritting her teeth, Britney screamed out to them again.


A groan escaped Antonio's mouth before Luis began moaning. For him, he had never experienced a woman's body like this and with Britney he was enjoying it. Even after this was over, he wanted to take her ass next. Luis groaned and closed his eyes before he felt his cock explode and send his orgasm deep within her body. Britney moaned feeling his hot load and as she turned to look over her shoulder, Antonio gave her thick ass a slap with his hand and then he exploded before crying out in his voice.

"Fuck! I can't hold back!"

"Yeah, cum in my big ass, Antonio!"

She could feel the cum inside her from Luis' cock in her pussy and now she felt the warm substance shoot into her ass as Antonio's rod exploded. Closing her eyes, Britney licked hr lips as she enjoyed the pleasure they gave to her voluptuous body. She knew that her body was a fantasy to these two men and was working to give them every bit of pleasure they desired. Antonio moved to let his cock slide out from her ass and then he watched the trail of cum drip down her leg. Britney moaned, and looked down at Luis as she began to climb off him and release his cock from her pussy.

"I liked that!"

Turning to look at Antonio, she smiled at him before speaking again.

"You know how to pound my ass, just the way I like it!"

Antonio smiled at her as she caressed his cheek and kissed him on the lips. She turned to look at Luis who was getting up from the couch and then she addressed both of them. Now, she was taking command and teaching them new positions for this threesome play. Britney leaned down and began to slide one of her big hooker boots off. Luis leaned over to help her as he tugged the right one off and it fell to the floor. Then, with the left shaking off, she smiled at him.

"Thanks for helping me take those off! Now, get up! I need to you behind me-"

Looking back over at Antonio, she pointed at him and finished speaking.

"And you, you're gonna get in front of me. Come on boys!"

Both men moved into the position that Britney had instructed them to do. Luis stood behind her and now Antonio was in front of her. Since she took off the big boots, it was almost crazy how short she was next to both men. She took them off for a reason, so they both could pick her up. She placed her hands up on Antonio's shoulders and then looked over her shoulder before instructing them once more.

"Alright, both of you pick me up! Antonio, you can get your cock in me...Luis, once I'm off the ground, you know where to put it."

She turned to look over her shoulder and to give the man a wink. Antonio placed his hands over her his and moved to pick her up. At the same time, Luis grabbed under her legs and the two men help her up as she spread her legs over Antonio's torso. His cock entered her pussy and from behind her, Luis was pushing the head of his shaft into her mighty ass. Antonio moved his hands up to her legs and Britney moved them until her knees were bent over his wrist. Luis' hands moved to her ass and both men held her there together as their cocks pushed into her holes. The pop princess moaned out lovingly. She threw her left hand up to cup Luis' face behind her before they began to pump into her.

"Yeah, that's it...Mmmmm, fuck me!"

Luis grunted as he could feel his cock stretching into her ass. Britney looked up at Antonio and then wrapped both of her arms around his neck. He pumped into her pussy while Luis pounded her ass. Within seconds, both of them had moved to a faster pace to thrust their cocks into her holes. She closed her eyes and moaned, they were fucking her just the way she wanted.

"Oh my god! Yeah! Fuck me! Yeah, just like that!"

Gritting his teeth, Antonio pushed harder. At the same time, Luis pumped her ass while his fingers pushed into the thickness of her ass cheeks. Each time one of them pushed forward, her body rocked back and forth. Both of her holes were coated in their cum from moments earlier making it easier for both of their cocks to glide into her holes and fuck her harder and fast. Her long golden hair began to shake around before she raised her neck and moaned out louder.

"Ohhhhhhh, yes!!! Make me scream! Harder! HARDER!"

"You like this, Britney?"


It was Luis who spoke up only for her to scream back at him. He began to pound her ass harder, all while Antonio bucked his hips and thrust his cock into her pussy. Both of them were pumping their hips as their cocks ran into her holes over and over. Britney could feel her body being pushed into overdrive and she was enjoying every last second of this. Antonio was already pushing himself into exhaustion but he couldn't stop, this was his dream girl. He couldn't help but brag a bit.

"God, this is amazing!"

"Yeah man, it really is!"

Both of them spoke but Britney didn't care about their words. She leaned in and kissed Antonio on the lips as he started to lose his breath. While Antonio was forced to slow down his pace, that didn't stop Luis from pumping into her juicy ass faster than before. He was amazed how much he loved to fuck her glorious ass. Britney threw her head back and screamed, just as Antonio began to thrust his hips once more.

"Ohhhhh, yes! You boys know how to fuck me!!!"

"Britney, I think I'm gonna cum again!"

Antonio spoke up and she turned to look over her shoulder before looking back at him again and answering him.

"Wait! Both of you! If y'all are gonna cum, set me down, I got an idea!"

Luis stopped pumping her ass and looked at Antonio, giving him a nod. The two of them came to a stop and began to slowly ease their cocks from her tight holes. Britney moved her legs for Antonio to drop his arms and soon she was placed back on her feet standing between them. She went down to knees and grabbed their cock into her hands. This time, Antonio's dick was in her left hand while she gripped her right hand over Luis' hard shaft. Stroking both of their cocks hard and fast, she dropped her lip and looked at both of them with her teeth gritted. Since she had already given them a lesson on how to properly fuck a woman between their bodies, Britney was about to teach them how to give an epic messy facial to finish the job. Looking at Luis' dick, she leaned her head and licked the head. Moving over to the left to Antonio's cock, she licked it equally and then spoke while looking at them.

"Alright, this is what I want to do. I'm gonna suck both of you and when you're ready to blow, let me know."

"Yeah, but what is your idea?"

Britney smiled up at Luis before answering him.

"You're both gonna cum all over my face. I'm gonna show both of you, how to properly drench a girl's face after a good threesome."

Pushing both of their cocks together, Britney opened her mouth and the two men looked at each other. Antonio had a face of shock from her words. The two of them had given each other facials a while back within their relationship, but now they were about to drench the one woman in the world that they looked up to more than anything. They looked back down to see Britney stroking their cocks while trying to shove both of them in her mouth. She eventually gave up and moved to her left side to take Antonio's back into her warm mouth. Bobbing her head up and down on it, her right hand stroked Luis' dick simultaneously.

"Oh man, this is the best birthday of my life!"

Antonio couldn't help but moan loudly and brag in his words. Britney came up from his cock with a loud pop noise and then moved over to Luis' dick. Flicking her tongue over her upper lip, she spit on his shaft before pushing her lips down over it. She wrapped the fingers of her left hand over Antonio's rod while she began to bob her head up and down on Luis' meat now. He gasped for breath, absolutely shocked how easy she could suck him and work both of them at the same time. Even after the hard double fucking that she had endured, Britney still had the stamina and strength to indulge in the taste of their shafts one last time. Coming off of Luis' cock, she alternated back to Antonio's for one more taste while her hand stroked Luis' again. She knew they were close to blowing, she could feel it as her tongue ran over those dicks one last time.

"Britney, I am close!"

Hearing Antonio's words, she stopped sucking him and immediately came off his cock with a loud pop noise. She wrapped her left hand back around his shaft and held it while moved her attention to Luis' dick and brought it back between her lips. Her hand slowly stroked Antonio's meat pole, all while she bobbed her head up and down on Luis' shaft furiously. She wanted their cum, right now more than anything. 'Mmmmm', she moaned over Luis cock before he finally groaned and nodded his head. The hourglass for his cum had reached a close end.

"I'm ready too now, Britney!"

Those words are what it took for her to release his cock from her mouth. Britney breathed in and gritted her teeth now as she held both of their slobber covered dicks in her hands. Stroking them slowly she looked up at both of them meeting their eyes. When she looked back at Antonio she had instructions for him.

"Baby, bring your hand down to the back of my head."

Antonio was somewhat confused at first by her request but he followed her instructions anyway. Putting the palm of his hand to the back of her head. Britney looked back up at him and spoke again.

"Grip my hair! Make sure my head is tilted up so all that cum goes over my face when your cock explodes!'"

Finally, he understood her point. His fingers pulled into her hair and Britney's head was tilted up now. Stroking both of their cocks, she looked over at both rods that were aimed right at her face. Both men were gasping for their breath and soon, she would get the glazing that she wanted. Luis did not want to disappoint her. This may have been the only woman in the world he would bend his own rules and have fun with, so he wanted to make sure that she was more than satisfied with him. He put his hand on his shaft and Britney let go as he took over stroking his own meat. When she seen Antonio's face curl up, she closed her eyes and opened her mouth knowing that the time was here.

"GOD, Ohhhhh! FUCK!"


Antonio blurted out first but it was Luis' cock that made the first blow. A thing string of cum shot up her right cheek and drenched over her eye. When Antonio's dick exploded, the initial wave of cum struck up her left eye and over her forehead. Another thick string of cum shot over her left cheek and ran down her nose. Britney laughed, right at the same time that another wad of cum went flying over her forehead and drenching her eye. Even though both of her eyes had cum in her eye lashes, she still opened her eyes slightly before speaking.

"Oh my god, yes! More! I'm covered in this warm cum, keep cummin' all over me!"

Small dots of cum ram into her hair as both of them shot more cum at the same time, drenching the middle of her forehead and dripping into her eyebrows and over her eyelashes. Antonio moved his hand from the back of her head as he could tell they had her in perfection position. Britney had so much cum layered over her eyes, that little drops of it her eye lash sparkled like glitter. She giggled again as more cum splashed over her cheeks and small streams of cum began to drip down from her face. A thick string of cum dripped over her nose and into the corner of her mouth. Both of the men began to lose steam and their spurts of cum became less and less. Britney noticed this and pushed her mouth over Antonio's dick, sucking it for the final drops. She moved off his cock with a loud pop sound again and then laughed.

"Oh, yes! That's how you finish me off! I gotta make sure I got every last drop!"

Moving her mouth over Luis' cock, Britney sucked the head to milk the final drops of his cum over her tongue. Both of the men were exhausted and stuck in a moment of starring down at her cum covered face. She was absolutely drenched in their seed and then she smiled big for them with her signature pearly white teeth. Small drops of cum were in her hair and her forehead was dripping. Britney used one of her hands to scoop up cum from her left cheek and suck it down. Again, she grabbed their cocks one last time to place a kiss over the head. Antonio first, and then Luis second. Letting go of their dicks, she spoke back up.

"I just had a lot of fun. Made a mess out of my face, didn't y'all?"

Antonio laughed, nodding his head before replying to her.

"Yeah, we sure did! God, you were amazing. Best sex I have ever had."

"Awwww, thank you. Should I go get cleaned up in the bathroom or what about-"

"How about we clean you up, Britney?"

It was Luis who offered. She smiled before nodding.

"Oh my god, yeah! You both can clean me up!"

Never one to pass up swallowing cum, Luis' idea was a perfect one. Both he and Antonio dropped down to their knees and began to lick Britney's face clean. She giggled when she felt Antonio's tongue on her left cheek and then Luis pushed his lips to her forehead and began to suck up all the cum from her skin. Britney laughed, she never had two men do this for her in the past but this wasn't all. When Antonio moved from her face, she cupped his face in her hands and leaned in to kiss him. Pushing their tongues together, she moaned in his mouth as she tasted the cum between his jaws. After breaking the kiss, she put her hand on the back of Luis' head and brought him down to kiss her next. Once again, dancing her tongue against his to taste the cum. When she broke the kiss, she smiled at both of them and used her fingers to scoop up some of the cum around her right eye and feed it into her mouth. They both watched her suck her fingertips dry of the warm substance and then she spoke.

"Mmmmm, tastes so good too. I'm sleeping here tonight, if neither of you mind."

"You think I'm gonna say no to you?"

Antonio raised his eyebrow after speaking and Britney just laughed.

"No! I knew you wouldn't mind, but I had to ask anyway!"

Slowly, she began to rise up from her knees. The two men got up from the floor following her, soon she had to go into the bathroom and get her face all cleaned up before it was time to go to bed. She turned to Antonio one last time and winked at him.

"Happy birthday, sexy boy! You were a lot of fun!"



Over a gray sky, rain began to pour down while the wind swept through the air. Britney arrived at the airport late in the evening as she was set to leave Miami, but not without enjoying the time she spent last night for Antonio's birthday. She promised to keep the secret of Luis being his gay lover, just as Antonio promised never to brag like his father would have. She quite liked the young man, he proved to be quite different than Tony and she liked that in him. Before she parted in the morning, she let Antonio and Luis snap as many photos together with her as they wanted. It would be a birthday to remember for the rest of their lives.

Leaving Miami, Britney would remember Tony's word of owing her. She would be back later on this year and she had the time to decide on what she wanted upon returning. Before last night, she wouldn't have minded seeing Ramón face to face for the first time in so many years. Their relationship was doomed from the start but she didn't hold grudges or hard feelings with him. All these thoughts remained in her head as she stepped on board for the plane and would be headed back to Vegas within an hour.

Across town someone else was feeling satisfied. Tony had received texts from Britney that she was very well pleased with his son from last night and that he had a blast for his 21st birthday. The old man had a smile on his face while walking through the doors of his office. He was greeted to seeing Maria sitting at the desk with a notebook writing down schedules for next week. She looked up to greet her boss.

"Morning, señor Diaz."

"Ah, good morning Maria. You working on scheduling charts?"

"Yes, just as you asked for me to do."

"Thank you, I'm glad I can rely on you."

Tony walked over to the desk and opened the cigar box sitting on the right corner. Maria watched him and then thought to herself. She smiled, knowing last night with the birthday party at the club it was the first she ever met his son and she found him to be quite cute. He seemed a lot nicer than Steven's son Jacob, who was an all around privileged jock.

"I had fun last night at your son's birthday, he looked handsome in that suit."

Hearing those words, Tony turned around and smirked as he looked over at Maria. The young blonde haired girl looked at her boss with her big blue eyes. She figured it was best to stroke his big ego, before she asked the question. She continued speaking.

"He definitely inherited your good looks, señor Diaz."

Tony laughed.

"He did, didn't he? I can't believe he's 21 now."

She nodded.

"Yeah, he's only 2 years younger than I am. So, is he gonna be back in the club sometime? I wouldn't mind getting to see him again."

The old man nodded before smiling. Tony knew exactly what Maria was hinting to, she didn't do much to hide it in her words.

"Oh yes, dear...You're gonna be seeing my son come back and he will be around here quite a lot, when the time comes."

Walking over to the window, he looked down to see the emptiness of the club in the afternoon hours. Maria looked back down at the desk just before the telephone rang. She grabbed the phone and answered it, all while Tony looked out the window down at the club. He became lost in the thought of his son growing up. One day, all of this would be his. The time was so close to begin mentoring him. The future was made for the son to be the one to take the reins, when the time came. Passing along the torch just as it happened with Tony's own father.

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Big Booty Bitches Ch.10
Starring: Jennifer Love Hewitt

Codes: MF, MMF, Cons, Oral, Anal, Facial

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

Miami, Florida

Blocks of ice rattled in a glass before slamming down on the table. Drops of condensation had bubbled up and dripped from the empty glass, a sign that someone had been drinking consistently from it. Steven sighed as he looked back at his notebook. This had been a long hour going through checks and balances to make sure all spending on the club's budget was not going overboard. Sometimes, he had to worry with how Tony would throw around money like it was nothing. Right now, Steven had been sitting in his office going on two hours with his feet propped up on the other end of the desk and checking through the notebook. Tonight was Thursday and he didn't want to spend his Friday going through all this before the weekend.

With his muscles stiff from sitting in his chair, he moved his feet off the desk and got up. Stretching his arms out and letting out a sigh of relief. The clock across the room was striking 12:30 AM and the dance floor was full of people. It was a typical week night at Disco Fever, tomorrow would start the usual weekend madness of a packed club. He finally had it with spending all his night in the office, Steven wanted to have some fun. His white blazer coat was hung over the chair of his desk while his bright blue shirt remained tucked into the white matching pants he had on. Looking back at the empty glass, he decided to leave without it. Exiting his office and walking down the halls of the private areas of the club all blocked by that white V.I.P. door upstairs.

Steven's life had been a lonely road over the years, despite an indulgent swinger life. Normally, he didn't give it much thought but lately, it had remained present on his mind. It didn't help him a few weeks ago, when a woman returned in his life only to say goodbye again after the absence of 9 years. Walking the beach alone after kissing her goodbye kept replaying in his mind every night he closed his eyes. She was the one who got away, there was no denying that fact. Tonight, maybe he would get lucky on the dance floor with a girl who likes to party. As he began to walk down the stairs, Ramón was going up those same steps and stopped to speak to him. The neon lights above shined down on Ramón's black pinstripe suit, highlighting the yellow shirt underneath the jacket.

"You coming down to have some drinks, Steven?"

He shook his head at his cousin before responding.

"No drinks for me, man."

"What's wrong? Larga noche?"

Steven nodded.

"I guess you can put it that way. After all the number crunching I've been doing in the notebook, I needed to come out for some fresh air."

Ramón began walking back up the steps and simply nodded to him.

"Alright, if you ever need company to relieve some stress, you know where to find me."

He had no plans of spending the evening shooting small talk over with Ramón. Going down the stairs, his eyes looked up to see a woman who appeared to have been watching him for the past few minutes. She stood tall in a pair of big black high heels, in a black dress that hugged her curvy body. A gold zipper followed up the front of the dress, revealing ample view of a busty cleavage. The face of the woman looked so familiar, as she just smirked at him. Long brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. Once she realized that she caught his attention, she raised her eye brow and then strutted off. The stomp of her heels could not be heard over the loud music playing, but Steven received a wonderful view of her amazing body. His eyes looking down to see her thick ass over the black dress.

Whatever was on his mind now, was gone. Steven's eyes followed her to the dance floor. The look she gave him was something he couldn't shake and now tonight was going to be a good one it appeared. He couldn't shake the feeling that her smile and face were something he had seen before, but a name escaped his thoughts. He followed her foot steps to the dance floor and as his shoes went down the steps, the mystery woman awaited him. She offered her hand to him, in which he gladly accepted.

"You wanna dance?"

Her voice was in a cute southern accent. Steven smiled and nodded.

"Yeah. What's your name, pretty thing?"

Pulling his arm to bring him towards her on the dance floor, she smirked before responding. She watched his eyes move from her beautiful face down to her cleavage for a second.

"Call me Jennifer, what do you call yourself?"

"Steven, Steven Diaz."

She smirked at him. The last song that was playing had ended and now the bass beats began to pump through the loud speakers.

"Dance with me, Steven Diaz."

Jennifer took his hand and let go. Moving away from him a bit as she began to move her hips over the dance floor. She needed a man tonight, one that could satisfy her sense of fun better than what she would expect back home. Getting into her  groove, she began to move to the song's beat. Heavy keyboards played through the speaker as the DJ was putting on a nostalgia driven dance track. Steven moved his body, keeping up with Jennifer's pace. Once the instrumental song began to kick into a faster tempo, she made her move on him. She placed her hands up on his chest and looked into his eyes. Quickly, she turned around and began to bump her thick ass up against his crotch. After two bumps, she spread her legs and began to do the 'twerk' dance.

Steven was a little surprised how fast it took for this dance to get into some hard ball action. Usually, heavy touching like this was forbidden on the dance floor but a blind eye was turned to the dance floor on occasion. How could he complain when he was a manager? Jennifer turned around and he reached for her hand but she refused to accept it. Giving him a playful smirk, she pushed into him face to face this time. Her huge breasts pushed into his chest and she watched his eyes look down before she backed away and swung her beautiful brunette hair around. Some of the other people on the dance floor were beginning to take notice of her wild skills. At this point, there was no way he could follow her actions. He went for her hand in which she responded by pushing her body up against him again, her ass began to grind over his crotch. Steven moaned and spoke up.

"You've got some pretty hard moves, I can tell you that."

"Oh yeah?"

"I like a woman like you, who isn't afraid to get dirty."

She laughed, before turning around to face him. Finally, she took a hold of his hand and pulled him towards her hard before she responded to him in her thick southern accent.

"Ya know, it's a shame this club don't have a stripper pole."

Stepping back from him, Jennifer finished speaking after letting go of his hand once more.

"Cause if it did, I could really show you some dirty stuff."

Spreading her legs again for some more space, she leaned down and began to move her head in a fast circular motion to swing her hair. Steven couldn't decide weather to stare at her heavy cleavage or the moves she was putting up. Rising back up, she pushed one foot out to the left and began to grind her hips down as she moved her body. She looked her eyes directly at him, eyeing him as her main target of focus. Steven grinned big, as she stomped forward to him again. With each step, she swayed her hips back and forth. This woman had lit a fire under him and she had become his main focus. At the same time, the instrumental synth based song was coming to a close with a slow tempo as the outro. Steven extended his arm out and then she got the idea to use his hand as if it were a stripper pole.

Placing both of her hands onto his stretched out hand, she pushed her heels together and twirled around as she dropped her body down to the floor. People around observed her motions and began cheering and clapping at her elaborate dancing skills. Her body stopped just as the final beat was played to the song. Jennifer rose up from her feet and smiled, waving at all the people that were clapping their hands. Steven himself had the biggest grin over his face, she was his chosen one for tonight. He wrapped his arm around her to pull her close to him and then she returned the grin to look him in the eyes. Steven spoke in excitement.

"Very impressive, you know how to move your body."

"Thanks, I told you I know how to work it."

Jennifer winked at him. Steven moved his arm away and then she grabbed his hand. She was done on the dance floor after putting up a show in public. None of these people were of her attention to please, he was the only man in the house she wanted right now. Biting her lower lip, she spoke back up.

"How about we get some drinks?"


With her hand in his, Steven walked her from the dance floor and over to the bar. Ramón was sitting on one of the stools with a cell phone up to his ear chatting away. Once Steven came to the bar,  Ramón's eyes became focused solely on the woman that was holding his hand. They stood by the bar and ordered drinks together, while Ramón was forced to look away and continuing speaking over his cell phone. Steven turned to Jennifer and smiled before speaking.

"What's your poison, baby?"

"I'll have whatever you're having."

"You sure about that?"

Jennifer nodded to him. Steven turned to the bartender now and gave him a nod.

"Get us two glasses of Black Jack, straight up."

While the bartender turned to grab the glasses and fix the drinks of whiskey, Ramón had finished his phone call and turned around from his stool seat to look at Steven and this beautiful woman. He couldn't help but think that he had seen her before from somewhere. Jennifer noticed his eyes and smirked at him. Ramón spoke up.

"Looks like you're having a quite night now, Steven."

The man turned around to grin at his cousin and nodded. Jennifer herself was already eyeing Ramón before she spoke up in her cute southern accent.

"You two know each other?"

"Yeah, this is my cousin Ramón and this pretty lady here calls herself Jennifer."

Steven's voice answered the question and now Ramón looked over Jennifer before speaking up.

"Jennifer who?"

"Jennifer Love...how is that?"

The name sounded so familiar to Ramón's ears, though something was escaping his thoughts. She was quite the beauty. Like Steven before, she caught this man also looking down at the amazing cleavage she teased with her dress. Before Ramón could answer, the bartender slammed the two glasses on the table of the whiskey drinks for her and Steven. He stood back as he watched Steven take a sip from the glass, meanwhile Jennifer downed the entire glass in one big gulp. After she was finished, she grabbed a hold of Steven's glass and looked him in the eye, just before downing every ounce of the glass. She swallowed both drinks, and then slammed the glass on as she felt the whiskey quench her thirst down her throat. Both of the men were quite impressed with her at that moment. She looked over at both of them before speaking again.

"Alright, which one of you men is a manager of this place?"

A strange question to Steven's ears, but he simply nodded to her and replied.

"That would be me, Jennifer baby. Wanna go back to the V.I.P. rooms and see my office?"

"Yeah, that's where I want to be right now."

Her words left no choice for small talk with Ramón. He looked over at Steven and simply nodded, with an excuse for leaving.

"See you later man, I gotta go do something tonight."

"Take care, Ramón."

Jennifer gripped Steven's hand now as they walked off from the bar and began to walk over to the stairs. It wasn't until they began to walk up the steps, did something finally click in Ramón's mind. She called herself Jennifer Love. Could it be that her last name was Hewitt? He looked back over his shoulder and watched her curves stepping up the stairs with his cousin. With that ass and those legs, it had to be her. He didn't bother to try and steal the show from Steven, it was better off with him finding out on his own, or maybe he already knew? Ramón simply sighed and decided to head out the club and go home for some rest.

Minutes later, Jennifer and Steven had retreated beyond the white door and the halls of the inner V.I.P. area. He opened the door to his office and invited her by the 'ladies first' rule, just before he walked in with her. Now, the sound of her heels stomping loudly over the floor could be heard over whatever music was playing downstairs. Steven closed the door behind them and turned around to see her standing before him with a grin over her face. Jennifer seemed frisky coming off the dance floor, but something else was lingering on his mind. It seemed convenient of her to be watching him when he came down the stairs earlier, let alone to know he was a manager at the club.

"You know, I didn't get to ask you, but how did you know I was a manager?"

Jennifer laughed before crossing her arms over her chest, under her huge breasts.

"I've heard a lot about you, Steven Diaz."

Stepping closer to him, her heels clacked loudly on the floor of his office room. She quirked an eyebrow up before giving him a soft smile. Face to face with him, she spoke once more in a low seductive tone of voice.

"We share some interesting friends back in L.A., who have told me what kind of man you are."

Hearing her words, he soon began to realize that she may have been someone a bit more important in the world. He knew from first seeing her, she looked familiar. Steven didn't respond at first, Jennifer simply cupped his cheek in the palm of her hand and then spoke again.

"Didn't you get it, when I hinted it to you? Jennifer Love?"

He nodded at her, he knew exactly who she was now. Unlike his cousin, Steven could contain himself when he was face to face with a big name celebrity.

"Yes, you're Jennifer Love Hewitt."

She bit her lower lip and nodded her head.

"Mmmmmhhhmmmm, and you are the Steven Diaz whom my friend has told me all about. I have heard nothing but good things about you."

Leaning into him, Steve's eyes looked at her amazing cleavage that rubbed up against his blue shirt. Steven became a bit curious and spoke back up.

"Just who was it that told you about me?"

"Does it really matter, honey? I'm here, our friends are not."

Jennifer pushed her body up against his once more, her lips close to his. She spoke back up in a seductive tone once again.

"Besides, I came here to party and I think I got just what I want."

Finally, she was finished toying with his heart strings. She leaned in and pushed her lips to his and embraced a deep kiss. Steven wrapped his arms around her, easing his hands down her back to grip her juicy ass cheeks. He could feel the fabric of her dress, while she moaned into his mouth. Once the kiss broke, Jennifer stepped back from him and could see the bulge sticking up in his pants. Steven walked over to his desk and went to grab his infamous 'Do Not Disturb' sign to hang over the door. Jennifer simply watched him, she clearly could read the sign before he opened the door and slid it on the outer knob. She smirked when he shut the door, it was play time. Steven looked back over at her and spoke.

"So, what was that you were saying a while back when we were on the dance floor...something about how you wish this club had a stripper pole."

"I could really work that pole better than any other girl on that dance floor, that is what I was saying."

Steven smirked as he walked over from the door and to where the coffee table was, across the office. He stood across from her, nodding before he responded to her words.

"I know you could, baby."

"Yeah, but there's a better pole I want to play with right now."

He knew exactly what pole she was talking about. Jennifer stomped her heels forward while gazing down to see his hard cock sticking up in his pants. There was a reason the 'Do Not Disturb' sign was hanging from the outer door. No one was going to bother their fun time. This is exactly why Jennifer came to Disco Fever tonight. She wanted to be fucked and to see if the stories were true about these hot Latin hunks that she had heard about from her friend in L.A. That friend was unimportant now, as she dropped to her knees and looked up in his eyes while her hands went for the buttons to his pants. Steven wasn't wearing a belt, so that made it easier for her to pull apart the button and then unzip his pants. He breathed in while looking into her eyes, she never broke eye contact as she used both hands to push his pants and underwear down. With his hard dick free from it's clothed prison, she looked down and licked her lips while stroking it in her right hand and then feeling his balls in her left palm.

"You've got a quite a grip there, babe."

Jennifer laughed at his words. She stroked his cock nice and slow. Her left hand squeezed his balls before she moved to wrap both hands around his shaft and stroke it together. Leaning her head down, she kissed the head. His shaft was long and thick, just the way she wanted it. Looking in his eyes, she moved her right hand to the base of his cock and brought her left to push into his leg.

"I want this cock."

"Take it, it's yours."

Looking into his eyes, she opened her mouth and circled her tongue around the head of his cock. Breaking eye contact, she opened her mouth wider and took it in. Jennifer began to slowly bob her head up and down as she took more of his shaft into her mouth. Slowly, she sucked it at first making soft slobbering sounds from below. Pressing her tongue around his cock, she moaned into it. 'Mmmmmm', the moaning sent vibrations into his body. Steven couldn't complain at all as she slowly sucked his cock. Coming up to the head, she made a loud pop sound as she came off of it. A little string of saliva dangled from her mouth back to the head of his shaft. She stroked it up and down with her right hand while looking back up at him and speaking.

"You like me sucking your big cock?"

"Oh yeah babe, that fucking cock is all yours. Suck it as long as you like."

Ignoring him, Jennifer brought her mouth back down on his dick and began to suck it once again. This time, she moved her hand away from the shaft and began to show off her impressive deep throat skills. Steven moaned as he watched her push her lips all the way down to the base of his long shaft. The head hit the back of her throat and she didn't gag once before coming back up and beginning to bob her head up and down. His dick was covered in her saliva, as she began to suck on it faster and harder. Steven gasped for his breath, they were only minutes into this steaming hot play and she already was pushing him to an edge. Jennifer clearly had amazing skills at sucking cock. She came up again with another loud pop noise as her mouth released his rod from her mouth. Looking at the head, she spit on it and then wrapped her fingers back around the shaft to begin stroking it hard and fast.

"God, I'm fucking impressed with you right now."

She laughed at him, still stroking his cock as she responded.

"I knew you would be!"

Jennifer leaned down under and began to lick his balls while slowly stroking his cock. She moved to let his dick sit over her face, giving him the view of his long meat stretched out over her nose and to her forehead. Loudly, she slobbered all over his right nut before shoving his left ball into her mouth and sucking it equally. Moving her hand off his cock, she squeezed both of his balls before opening her mouth widely to take it in. Steven was shocked to see her manage to fit both of his balls into that loving mouth and suck on them. Releasing them from her mouth, strings of saliva dangled down. She moved her mouth back over the head of his cock and went to sucking again until suddenly, the sound of a cellphone ringing grabbed their attention. Jennifer released her mouth from the head of his cock making yet another pop noise. She held his cock in her left hand, while using her right hand to dig into the pocket of her dress and grab her cellphone.

"Just one minute, hun."

Steven could not believe this. She actually was going to answer her phone with his cock in her hand? Priceless! He thought to himself, just how kinky she must really be of a girl. Looking down, he witnessed Jennifer hold the phone up to her right ear and answer it.


Her face lit up in a smile before she spoke into the phone again.

"Oh hey, Kate! How the hell are you, girl?"

Steven let out a sigh as he just watched her stroking his cock in her left hand while speaking into the phone. She looked back up at him and winked. She had a plan but right now, he couldn't help himself but get a little impatient. He wanted to enjoy some naughty fun with her, not have to wait for a phone call. Still, she chatted away with her friend.

"Yeah, I'm just at the club right now. Been shaking my ass on the dance floor with some hot guys, what you are you up to?"

Jennifer looked to her left, still stroking his cock before her face lit up in a big smile and she responded again over the phone.

"Oh my god! That is gonna be so cute! I can't wait to see it!"

Sighing again, Steven looked down at her a little annoyed. Jennifer simply smirked at him, before speaking back into the phone.

"Yeah, I would like that. Save the blue dress for me to try out, I could use something blue to wear next month."

Finally, he had it with the phone call and simply snapped his fingers to get Jennifer's attention. She giggled into the phone before speaking.

"Kate, hold on one minute."

Letting go of his cock, she moved her hand over the bottom receiver of the phone to shield her friend from hearing what was about to be spoken. Steven let out a sigh before speaking up.

"Can't you tell your friend to call you back tonight?"

Jennifer shook her head.

"I've been waiting for Kate to call me back, all day!"

"Oh, come on!"

Witnessing the frustration on his face, Jennifer smiled and figured she would reveal the kinky plan that she had up her sleeve. She used her hand and unzipped the front of her dress to let her epic breasts begin to spill out. Then, she looked back at him and gave him some encouraging words.

"Help me get this down and then, I want your cock between my tits."

That was the right thing to say to make him smile. Steven helped her push the zipper down and with her huge breasts hanging out from her dress, gripped his cock with his right hand and pushed it between her tits. He used his left hand to hold her right breast where Jennifer grabbed the phone again with her right hand. Her left hand held her other breast as he began to slowly pump between her tits. Answering the phone back to her friend, she spoke back up.

"Sorry about that, Kate! I was just at the bar getting another drink ordered."

Steven tried to contain himself by moaning as quietly as he could. The fact that she was trying to have a serious conversation on the phone while having this kinky fun, made it even better for his experience. Jennifer looked down to watch his cock slowly pump between her tits and then, she bust out laughing over the phone.

"Of course, not! You don't hear music cause I'm upstairs in the club, silly!"

Moving the palm of her left hand over her nipple, Jennifer kept her tits pushed together with the help of Steven's hand pushing her other breast. She looked up at him and grinned. She looked as if she was almost about to bust out laughing from the fact they were actually doing this, while her friend was talking over the phone. Jennifer spoke again.

"No, I haven't talked to Matt in a few weeks."

Who was Matt? What did it matter? Steven couldn't help but ask these questions in his head. Despite the pleasure he was receiving from her amazing breasts, he found himself sinking into the thought of context with this conversation on the phone. Jennifer spoke again.

"Yeah, his brother is real nice if you ever get to meet him. He likes to party too, fun guy."

Once again, Steven was forced to ignore her words. He pushed his cock faster between her tits, the head poking up over her neck. Jennifer was alerted to this and dropped her lower lip. She looked at him with a shocked expression before smiling big. It was taking everything in her not to erupt in laughter. Steven slowed down but continued to pump his cock between her tits, he knew that he was close to blowing his load real soon. Again, she spoke on the phone.

"Oh, I would love to go to that party when I return to L.A. You gotta call me up for that one!"

Taking a deep breath, he knew his time was short. With one final pump between her breasts, Steven had to tell her what was coming. She looked up at him, smirking as she seen the muscles in his face twisting up. She knew it was coming. He spoke to her in a low voice, almost like a whisper.

"Jennifer...I'm about to....cum."

Looking down at his cock, she spoke into the phone.

"Kate, hold on one second again please."

Jennifer put the phone on the floor next to her, hanging the face of the phone to the floor hoping that would make things silent for what was to come next. As soon as her eyes looked back down at Steven's cock, she seen it tense up and then a thick string of cum shot up her the left side of her face. She dropped her lower lip, almost to the point of laughing. All that could be heard was his heavy breathing as more spurts of cum shot from his cock, going over her neck and creating a river of cum between her tits. With both hands, she held her tits together and juggled them as she watched his cock continue to shoot cum into the fold of her breasts. Looking up at him, she finally laughed and spoke in a low voice.

"God, you're good!"

Steven laughed softly, looking down as she grabbed his cock in her hand and squeezed it for the final spurts of cum to milk over her left breast.

"It's not my fault your friend called and had to interrupt us."

"Yeah, I know!"

Catching herself from raising her voice, Jennifer lowered her voice. Looking back down at her tits and the thick river of cum flowing between those beautiful breasts, she moaned.

"Look at this mess you made all over-."

"I know babe, but it was fun."

His words had cut her off and now he laughed softly. Jennifer finally bust out laughing, she had been holding it back all this time. She had to quiet her voice down to pick the phone back up and speak to her confused friend.

"Kate, are you there?"

Shifting her eyes over to Steven, Jennifer nodded her head as her friend replied.

"Yeah, sorry! I just am kinda sidetracked here at this club, a guy was talking to me."

A little surprised expression blossomed over her face.

"OK, that's cool. We can talk again tomorrow morning. Bye Kate!"

Hanging up the phone, Jennifer bust out laughing. Steven followed behind her as the two's laughter filled the room. Steven clapped his hands and bragged out loud.

"I can't believe you!"

"Like oh my god, she didn't even know either! I had your big dick between my tits, and she didn't ever catch onto it!"

While he was laughing up a storm, she looked down at the sticky mess between her tits. Some of it had dripped down to the lower part of her dress. Jennifer ignored the cum stains as she ran her fingers underneath and began to scoop up the thick cum and feed it to her mouth. Once he stopped laughing, she took her fingers and scooped up the line that was on her left cheek, feeding it to her mouth.

"Mmmmmm, tastes so sweet too. You know what, how about we plan something tomorrow? I can make sure no one is going to call me or anything."

"We could do that, I'm off tomorrow anyway as my weekend starts on Friday."

"Great! Your place or my place?"

Steven nodded.

"My place."

She shook her head.

"No, mine!"

"Fine, how about a coin flip?"

Jennifer laughed and nodded her head.

"Okay, that works! I'm calling heads!"

He moved to pick up his pants from the floor. Thankfully, she had not taken his shoes off or really undressed him thoroughly. Pulling them back up and buttoning himself up, he seen that she was busy licking up the cum off her hands and cleaning herself up before she pushed her breasts back into her dress and began to pull the zipper back up. Steven dug in his pocket for a quarter and then tossed it in the air off his thumb. He held his hand out to catch the coin and then called out the result.

"It's heads."

Jennifer smirked as she got up from her knees.

"Nice! That means you get to come over to my place..."

"I had no idea you had a place here in Miami."

"Yeah, my little vacation home. Get me a pen and paper, I'll write it down for you."

Steven walked over to his desk where he could hear her loud heels following him. He dug for his notepad off to the end of the desk and then grabbed a black pen. Looking over at her, Jennifer took the pen from him and the notepad. She began scribbling the address of her little condo home out in Miami Beach. After she was done writing it done, Jennifer looked over at him one last time.

"Oh yeah, one more thing...Bring your cousin with you."

Looking at her rather surprised, Steven spoke up.

"What? Why?"

Jennifer giggled at him.

"Two is better than one, right? The way I am in the bedroom, I'll end up wearing you out. It's only fair if I have two hot men to play with. Besides, I won the coin toss."

"Fair enough, you'll get your wish tomorrow."

"2 PM, don't be late! I'm gonna be looking forward to seeing both of y'all."

Before she walked out, Jennifer leaned over and placed a kiss on his right cheek. Steven gave her a smile as she went for the door.

"Goodnight Jennifer."

"Goodnight Steven, I'm expecting some company tomorrow."

She gave him one last little smile before she turned the knob and walked out of his office. Steven sighed as she left him alone in the room. He had to get the phone now and call Ramón. If it was a threesome she wanted to be worn out between, he wasn't about to deny the woman of what she wanted. Approaching his desk, he grabbed his cellphone and punched in the number for Ramón's phone. Standing there and listening to it ring, he spoke up once his cousin answered.

"Hey man, you ain't gonna believe this but you gotta listen to me..."



From the condo home across town, Jennifer found herself alone as she looked out the window upstairs. The bright light shined through the bedroom to create just enough illumination to not require the light switch to be turned on. It was 1:50 on the clock and she was expecting company at any moment. If Steven a man true to his word like the reputation she heard of him from her friend, soon she would see a car pulling up. She wore only a black thong and bra with a matching black night robe over her body. Her feet had a pair of high heel pumps, the only thing that would remain on her body once the clothes began coming off.

Jennifer's love life had not been the same the past year. Out of work following her second pregnancy, she was forced to take a hiatus from the silver screen to tend to her personal life. She had no plans to reveal to Steven just who was their mutual friend that told her all about his family down in Miami. It didn't matter, she had a vacation home in town and wasn't about to pass up the opportunity after what she had heard. He probably would figure it out anyway, but she didn't care. This is what she came for and she was about to get it. Looking out the window again, she seen a shiny blue Cadillac pull into her driveway. A minute later, both doors swung open before two men exited the vehicle. She giggled to herself while biting her lower lip. Steven was in a grey suit with a black shirt underneath and Ramón wore a button up white shirt with brown pants.

Walking out of the bedroom, she clacked her big heels loudly as she walked down the stairs making a boom with each step. They were here and she couldn't be more excited for the fun that awaited all three of them. Outside, both men were blinded by the sunlight as they walked up the stone steps to the doorway. Ramón was a little bit nervous, but not Steven. After the fun they had in the club yesterday, he believed the cellphone would be turned off so no disturbances could interfere with them this afternoon. After reaching the door, it swung open before they could knock. Both men were greeted to Jennifer in her black robe, already showing off a good view of that epic cleavage.

"Hello there, boys! You're a couple minutes early, you know that?"

Steven grinned at her.

"Well, what can I say? When you get invited to this sorta thing, isn't it nice to be early?"

Jennifer laughed.

"Come on in, both of you."

With Ramón and Steven walking in together, the door shut behind them. Steven's eyes drifted over the condo home, it was quite nice. Jennifer's heels clicked and clacked towards the stairs. Ramón's sight was focused only on her. She turned around and noticed Steven looking around the place.

"Shall I show you around the house, or we get right to it upstairs?"

Ramón laughed at her.

"I came here for one thing and one thing only, I want you!"

"Well, then let's get upstairs and get to it!"

Her southern accent was strong in his ears yet so adorable. Their eyes watched her as she moved up the stairs with her heels creating a loud boom with each step. They followed her up, step by step. Coming to a stop, Jennifer took a right turn to enter her bedroom where the sun was glowing through the big windows. Inside, was a king sized bed. She stood at the bed and then let her robe fall to the floor, giving them both a full view of her amazing ass with only a thong tucked in between. She turned around and walked towards both men. First, she approached Steven and cupped the back of his head in her hand. She leaned in and kissed him passionately. Moving over to Ramón now, she cupped the back of his head and gave him an equal passionate kiss. The tables were set now, she stepped back and turned around to the bed before speaking out.

"Y'all should go ahead and take your clothes off."

"Yeah, let's do that."

Steven looked over at his cousin as Ramón simply nodded to him. Jennifer went down to her knees, giving them a view of her ass from behind as she sat there. Her eyes looked at the yellow sheets of her bed as she listened to them undress. She patiently gave them enough time, only to be alerted by one of them clapping their hands and then Steven's voice speaking up.

"Alright baby, we're ready!"

Turning around, Jennifer looked forward to see both of them standing before her. Once her eyes looked up, Steven was to the right and Ramón was on her left. She crawled forward before they both stepped forward, swinging their hard dicks towards her. She quickly wrapped both of her hands around each shaft and began to stroke them nice and slowly. Moans were heard from both of the Latin hunks, as Jennifer simply looked up at both of them and laughed.

"I've been looking forward to this, all day!"

"So have I."

"Yeah, and me too!"

It was Ramón who spoke after Steven. Jennifer stroked their cocks faster between her fingers before taking the pick of which one she would put between her lips first. She moved to her right side and brought Steven's cock into her mouth. She began to bob her head up and down on it, while her left hand was jerking Ramón's shaft simultaneously. Steven breathed in while Ramón moaned to her touch. After she had slobbered all over Steven's shaft, she alternated to her left side and took Ramón's meat pole into her mouth. Her right hand stroked Steven's cock up and down, at the same time her mouth bobbed down and up over Ramón's cock. Both men were already moaning to her.

"Maldito! You weren't kidding about this woman!"

Steven just laughed at Ramón's words. Softly, he moaned in his voice while watching Jennifer on the floor. She came off Ramón's rod with a loud pop noise and then brought her attention back over to Steven's dick by spitting on it and then putting her lips back around it. Over and over she would suck on his cock while pumping Ramón's dick in her hand. After a while, she came up and then alternated back to Ramón's meat stick, spitting on it before shoving it between her lips. Meanwhile, long strings of saliva dripped from Steven's cock down to the floor. While she was sucking on his cousin's dick, he couldn't help but get some ideas seeing those big tits down below. Jennifer had left quite the impression in Steven's mind last night with multi-tasking, he leaned down and began to unhook her little black bra from her shoulders. She realized what he was doing and let go of his cock and helped him pull the straps of her bra until it broke and fell down to her knees. With her epic breasts free, Steven called out.

"I want to fuck your tits again, just like last night."

Hearing his words, Jennifer popped her lips off Ramón's dick. She looked up at Steven and nodded.

"Then, get 'em! Fuck 'em, real good!"

She put her hands down on her tits and spit in the middle to run a river of saliva between her cleavage. Holding them apart, Steven pushed his dick between them and then she turned her head to the side to put her lips back around Ramón's cock. Pushing her breasts together with Steven's dick between them, she moaned over Ramón's shaft in her mouth. Steven thrust his hips forward to watch his cock driving between her lovely breasts. All while Ramón simply put his hand down to the back of her head to help her move up and down sucking his rod. Steven took a deep breath, while Ramón moaned out and bragged.

"Just wow, this babe is loaded. Who could've guessed Jennifer Love can suck dick better than most women?"

"You just don't know! These titties are amazing too!"

Steven couldn't but to respond to him. Jennifer moaned into Ramón's shaft while she felt Steven's dick driving between her glorious boobs. Eventually, Ramón used his hand to force her head to move up and down on his cock, while Steven began to pump between her breasts faster. The day had only begun and they already were on a drive to working her beautiful body over. While moaning out to her, Steven was afraid that if he continued to pump between her breasts, he would end up cumming before he entered her pussy. He came to a sudden stop and then Ramón pushed her mouth all the way down on his cock. Her lips hit the base and the head of his dick slammed to the back of her throat. He held her there in position for a good while until she finally gagged and choked on his cock. Ramón then let go of the back of her head, watching her come up with long strings of saliva dangling from her mouth back to his rod. She broke the saliva strings and spit on his dick, just before Steven spoke up.

"Jennifer baby, how wet are you down below? I want some of that pussy."

"Oh, you do? I'm pretty fuckin' wet, as you probably guessed!"

Ramón spoke up after Jennifer had responded.

"Well, go on and get up on the bed. I want to fuck your titties, he can play with your pussy down below."

"Mmmmm, I would love that!"

Wasting no time, she got up from her knees and moved to the bed. Jennifer turned around to them and dropped her thong to reveal her huge ass in all of it's glory. Stepping out of the thong, she joined them in the nudity. Only the high heels, were the last piece of clothing that remained on her body. She climbed up on the bed and moved to the far end where the headboard remained. There, a stack of pillows easily arched her back up to make things easier for titty fucking. Ramón climbed up on top of her, sitting on her stomach and slapping his dick over her left tit. Meanwhile, Steven crawled on the other end of the large bed and set his eyes to her pussy. It was shiny from the wetness, nice and shaved. Ramón's eyes watched her pull apart her breasts and then he slid his cock between them. At the same time, Jennifer gasped for breath as she felt Steven's tongue slithering into her opening.

"Oh my god, yeah!"

Jennifer moaned just as she pushed her tits together for Ramón. He brought his hand to the back of her head to grip her hair and force her to look in his eyes while he began to buck his hips and thrust his cock between those lovely breasts. Together, his cock rocked her breasts while Steven darted his tongue into her pussy and began to lick her out. Jennifer gritted her teeth and moaned, looking into Ramón's eyes. The feeling of pleasure was overwhelming her. He called out to her while looking into her face.

"You like that Jennifer?"

"Oh my god, fuck yes! Fuck my titties! EAT IT, STEVEN!!!"

Ramón pulled her hair harder, still bucking his hips forcing his cock to fuck those tits faster.

"What!? I can't fucking hear you! Scream for me!"


That thick southern accent to her voice came out suddenly. Jennifer grit her teeth and looked up at Steven while growling her moans. Each time she moaned, Steven thrust his tongue faster into her pussy, in unison with Ramón pounding those big tits with his dick. Heavy breathing could be heard from her voice, she gasped for air. Jennifer knew her time was only getting shorter from the way Steven was licking her out. At the same time, Ramón wasn't going to stop pumping his cock between those tits until he exploded. He gripped her hair harder, groaning while he still thrust his meat between her huge breasts.

"You want my cum? I'm gonna load you down!"


Her voice squealed in a higher pitch while she screamed at both of them. The only question remained weather Ramón's cock was going to explode first, or Jennifer's pussy into Steven's mouth. She closed her eyes and cried out again.



Ramón snatched his cock up from between her tits and stroked it at once before blowing a huge load up her left tit. Jennifer's body shook as she released her orgasm into Steven's mouth. With her eyes closed, she felt the warm substance striking over her skin. Ramón shot another wad over her breasts, coating them equally in his thick cum. At the same time, Steven received an award in his own mouth with her juices. He leaned up and swallowed it down his throat. Jennifer had to catch her breath, while Ramón was busy shooting his hot load all over her breasts. He laughed seeing how out of breath she was and looking down at the mess he made. Almost finished, he squeeze his cock one last time to empty the final drops over her left nipple.

"Those tits are fantastic, and this is what they were meant for."

Jennifer looked up at him and bust out laughing.

"Yeah, you sure made a mess out of them, didn't you?"

"Fuck yeah, I did!"

Steven moved off the bed and clapped his hands just as he had done before. Alerting her attention to him, Jennifer looked at him standing at the bed.

"You ready to get fucked, baby?"

"I want to be in her pussy, since you got to lick it."

Ramón made sure to get his demands in first, without giving Steven a chance to claim the hole he had just tasted. Jennifer nodded to both of them, while swiping her hand over her cum glazed breasts. She brought the hand up to her mouth and sucked some of the stickiness off and then she replied to them.

"Alright, I like that. Ramón can fuck my pussy, and Steven...."

Looking over at him, she winked.

"You can fuck my ass."

Steven smirked at those words before grinning big. He went to bed the previous night dreaming about her juicy ass and now, he was getting the first feel of it. Ramón climbed off her stomach and moved over the bed. Despite having the mess of cum over her tits, Jennifer ignored it for now. She looked over at Ramón who had sat on the bed with both of his feet planted onto the floor. This was the proper position to begin, she figured. Climbing onto him, she straddled her legs over him and sunk her knees into the mattress. She used her hand to guide his cock to her pussy, moaning as she felt the head slide in. Steven got in position behind her, seeing that mighty ass right before him. Ramón leaned back on the bed, so her cum coated breasts didn't touch his face. Jennifer looked over her shoulder at Steven, while ran his hand up her right cheek and spanked her ass. He spoke up.

"One of the best asses I'm ever gonna be able to fuck in my life."

"Well, what are you waitin' for!? Do it, fuck my thick ass!"

Rearing his hand back, he spanked her ass again before nodding. He didn't have to respond to her. It was adorable listening to that southern accent of hers begging to have her ass fucked. Even better, she called it 'thick'. Jennifer knew her body was built to have her rear pounded. Steven used his hands and pulled back her luscious cheeks and then eased the head of his dick into her dark hole. Feeling both of their cocks edging into her opening holes, Jennifer gasped for breath and then called out.

"I want both of you to pound the fuck out of me, at the same time and do it hard! Fuck the hell outta me!"

"If that's what you want, you're in for it!"

Ramón answered her and then in unison, both of them rammed their cocks into her at the same time. Jennifer gasped for breath before moaning loudly as she felt the double pump. Ramón bucked his hips as hard as he could before pulling out. Again, they did it and then Steven's eyes became obsessed watching both of their long dicks ram into her holes. The thickness of her ass began to shake with each thrust, both of them ramming her into a world of pleasure. Jennifer gritted her teeth before screaming out.

"FUCK!!!! YESSSS!!!! MORE!!!!"

Together, both of them rammed her pussy and ass at the same time. Jennifer's voice screamed and cried out to them as they became faster with their double pumps together. Steven placed both of his hands on her upper back, gritting his teeth and he rammed her ass in time with Ramón's pumps. Over time, both of them began to lose a little pace together. Steven thrust his cock into her ass slightly faster than Ramón was doing, but nevertheless, Jennifer was in a world of pleasure.

"THAT'S IT!!! FUCK ME!!!!"

Her voice screamed out to them once more, drowning out the groans and moans from both of them. Ramón closed his eyes, embracing the feeling as he thrust into her pussy. For Steven, he wanted to cum and drain his cock deep within this magnificent ass. Over and over, he pounded into her as Jennifer closed her eyes and opened them again before screaming. Steven couldn't help but moan and speak up.

"God, this fucking ass is-"


Jennifer cut him off before he could even finish speaking. Meanwhile, Ramón was groaning before slowing down his pace. For Steven, he was ramming that ass like it was meant to be fucked. So close to busting a nut within her, he had no plans of stopping as he could feel it building up in his cock. Finally, he reared back one of his hands and slapped her right ass cheek before yelling.

"I can't take it anymore, I'm gonna fucking cum!"


With one final thrust into her, Steven came to a stop as his cock exploded and shot his thick seed deep within her. Ramón also came to a stop, just as Jennifer put her hands on his chest and raised her head. She closed her eyes and moaned out to the feeling of the man behind her, filling up that juicy ass with his cum. She moaned out to him.

"Mmmmmm, that feels so good! Yeah, your hot cum in my thick fuckin' ass."

Steven moaned before he eased his cock from her tight ass and let it drop. He watched a small line of cum drip from her hole down her leg. Jennifer took a deep breath and then looked down at Ramón before giving him a playful wink.

"I think it's your turn to have some fun from behind."

"Damn right, I'm gonna fuck that ass next!"

Lifting her knees out of the bed, Jennifer slowly moved off of Ramón, freeing his cock from her lovely pussy. She planted both of her heels into the floor, standing back up. Steven moved in front of her as Ramón slowly got up from the bed. She looked back over at him one last time before speaking.

"I'm ready, you just gotta get behind me."

Steven grinned at her before speaking up.

"You've done this before, haven't you?"

Jennifer giggled at him.

"Oh yeah, and you have experience too with it! Don't lie!"

"I ain't denying it."

From behind, Ramón commented.

"I just hope you can walk straight after we're done with you today."

Jennifer laughed at him.

"Oh my god! Both of you just pounded the living hell outta me, and I can still stand up! Don't worry yourself!"

With both men standing together with her in the middle, Jennifer placed her hands up on Steven's shoulders. She then turned around to Ramón to give him the nod for both of them to pick her up off her feet. Steven brought his hands to her sides and began to lift her up, while Ramón helped her back. She spread her legs and wrapped them around Steven's body, pushing the end of her heels into his ass cheeks. Both men held their cocks and began to guide them into her holes. Softly, she cried out as they entered her.

"Yesssss, that's it! Keep fuckin' me!"

In perfect chorus, both of them pumped their cocks into her holes. Jennifer scraped her nails onto Steven's back and then dug her heels into his ass cheeks. He groaned, slightly irritated at the small pains inflicted on him, but that didn't stop him from pumping his cock into her. Ramón wrapped his arms around her stomach and was pounding into her ass, just as his cousin did minutes before. Her body rocked back and forth as she was smashed between both of them. Ramón called out to her in his exhausting voice.

"This ass is supreme!"

"Yeah, god she's so fucking hot!"

Steven responded all before Jennifer's loud moaning drowned out both of their voices.


From the start, this was just what she wanted upon invitation. It was the reason she told Steven to bring his cousin along. She knew that two men could wear her out equally, just as she wanted. Her breasts shook around, covered in Ramón's cum from earlier. She dug her heels deeper into Steven's ass, nearly breaking the skin as he pumped his cock into her pussy. Jennifer couldn't help herself, she closed her eyes, embracing each pump from both of them.


"Yes!! This ass, I love it!"

"I think I'm gonna end up blowing another load!"

Hearing Steven's words after Ramón had spoke, Jennifer threw her head back and called out to both of them.

"If y'all are gonna cum again, set me down! I want you both to cum all over my face!"

Taking in a deep breath, Ramón looked across to Steven and gave him the nod.

"Yeah, let's set her down and really make a mess out of her!"

Jennifer moved her legs back, releasing the edge of her heels from Steven's ass cheeks. Both of them moved to set her down, listening to her heels stomp over the wooden floor under them. She lowered herself down to her knees once again, like how it all began. Her right hand grabbed a hold of Steven's dick and then she wrapped her left fingers around Ramón's cock. Looking up at both of them, she gave both of them a playful smile while stroking their cocks. She moved over to Ramón's first and brought it back between her lips to give it one last sucking.

"Ohhhhh yeah, suck it again. I'm gonna paint you down in cum like a fucking whore."

Ignoring Ramón's naughty words, she sucked on his cock while her right hand stroked Steven's up and down. She came off Ramón's cock after a minute making a loud pop noise. She moved over to Steven's cock and then spit on it, before bringing it back into her mouth for one final suck. Meanwhile, Ramón grabbed a hold of his cock and began stroking it. Jennifer sucked on Steven, while using her right hand to stroke and suck him at the same time. Steven moaned out.

"You're gonna get glazed in cum, real soon."

Hearing those words, Jennifer looked up into his eyes and then came off his cock. She smiled big as both of them took a hold of their cocks and went to stroking them.

"Are you both gonna cum for me?"

Ramón took a deep breath, Steven answered her.

"Oh yeah, you're about to be drowned in fucking cum."

"Mmmmm, give it to me! Cum for me! Cum all over my face!"

She closed her eyes, tilting her head up as she waited for it. With a gasp for his breath, Steven screamed out.


"Yeah, yeah, yeah! Here's your cum, Jennifer!"

Ramón spoke after his cousin, as both of their cocks exploded sending thick strings of cum up her forehead. Steven's cock exploded for the second wad to go flying over her left eye and dripping down her cheek. From Ramón's dick, he shot a thick string that slapped over her nose and right cheek. Again, more cum went flying into her left eye and eye brow, while another thick layer panted over her forehead. The edges of cum dripped into her hair and down her face. More cum went flying over her right cheek and again on her nose. Jennifer dropped her lower lip and moaned.

"Oh my god, fuck!"

She could feel the warm stickiness coating her face in a messy surprise. A thick wad went flying into her right eye, drenching over her eyebrow and running down her eye as a trailing tear. With both men growing exhausted and their cocks growing lesser with each load, Steven squeezed his shaft and milked the final drops over her forehead. Ramón brought his cock to her mouth and let her milk the final drops between her lips. Out of breath, both of them looked down at the mess they made over her face as Jennifer began to open her eyes slowly.

"Oh my god, you both...yeah, that's how it's done!"

Steven laughed as she seemed to struggle making up her mind on what words. Her face was a complete mess in their cum, dripping down to her breasts that already were covered in Ramón's cum from earlier. She caught her breath and spoke again.

"Well....how do I look?"

Busting out laughing, Ramón responded to her.

"You look fucking beautiful with all that cum on your face and your tits! Too bad that I can't take you home, I'd cover that face every other night!"

Jennifer laughed at him, while looking her eyes up at both of them. The drops of cum in her eye brows, glimmered a small sparkle as she laughed.

"Mmmmm, I enjoyed that! Thanks for the cum!"

She brought her fingers up to her face to begin scooping up their thick warm seed and feeding it to her mouth. Steven simply nodded at her.

"No, thank you baby! Thank you for inviting us for some fun!"

"Mmmm, it was my pleasure."

Jennifer replied while sucking up the cum from her fingertips and looking up at both of them. While she needed a shower to get cleaned up, it wouldn't hurt to ask the two of them to stay for dinner. She almost felt bad that she would have to leave town in a few days after all the fun she had just now.



On a rainy Friday afternoon, Ramón found himself stuck waiting for his brother to come out of his apartment home. He sat behind the wheel of his DeLorean car, watching the windshield wipers move every few seconds. The sky had a faded blue color, while the palm trees rustled with the wind outside. Carlos was just inside getting ready to come out, the two of them were on security duty tonight at Disco Fever. While waiting for him, Ramón decided to pull his cellphone from his jacket and waste some time with the internet.

After the wild day he had with Jennifer and his cousin, he couldn't help but become a little obsessive over her. She was not the first big name star he had shared a bed with, but it was quite something to know it was someone who had seen in many TV shows over the years. Ramón had been checking her social media profiles to see if she had been active after leaving Miami last week. He figured she probably gave her number to Steven and the two were chatting back and forth, but he didn't ask. While loading up the pages on his phone, it appeared he had found just what he was looking for. A tweet post dated just 16 hours ago that read:

'Just got home from a HOT weekend in Miami. No place better to have a steamy time to finish off a long summer. XoXo'

Ramón smiled big when he read the tweet. The caps lock on the 'HOT' comment, he knew that she was referencing them. Seconds later, Carlos came dashing from the steps of his apartment and running to the car. He pulled the big door up and joined his brother in the passenger's side.

"Hey man, this weather is going to be a pain tonight-"

Carlos noticed the big grin over Ramón's face as he looked down at his phone.

"Hey, what's so funny!?"

Leaning back up, Ramón simply shook his head while shoving his phone back into his pocket.

"Nothing! Just reading a text a friend sent me a while back."

"Well, whatever! How about we go out for some late lunch about now?"

"Yeah, we can do that."

Starting the car, Ramón just focused on backing out of the apartment driveway and heading down the road. He didn't have the nerve to explain the whole deal to his brother. Some things were better off kept a secret, especially memories that would last forever.

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Re: Big Booty Bitches
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Big Booty Bitches Ch.11
Starring: Salma Hayek

Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Anal, Facial

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

Miami, Florida

A usual hot day down in south Florida had unfolded following the morning hours. The sun was up, shining in the typical way as the heat was slowly fading on in the afternoon. Rain had washed away from the previous week and looking at Tuesday afternoon, this was going to be a hot week. Across town, a BMW car remained park outside by the docks. Tony had things to tend to for the morning with an associate of his and the dealing of a Scarab powerboat. A luxury speed boat seemed like a nice toy to blow some money on and have for himself. Since the recent success of his major night club, his pockets were burning to spend cash left and right. Despite his older body, his mind still had old habits with the use of money.

Slipping on his Aviator sunglasses, the wind rustled across his yellow button up shirt. It was too hot right now to go out in dark colors, so he chose white pants and went for a casual look today. His feet stomped over the wooden walkway of the pier, while his eyes looked over the dozens of boats on both sides. The dock was always full, some even lived on the boats out here. He walked down to the end of the pier where he seen his old friend Alberto waiting for him. The old man was quickly losing his hair as he reached his 60's in age, but a big grey mustache over his face always made him look the same. Tony smiled, as he went to hug his old friend.

"Buenos días, Alberto...It's always good to see you, old one."

"Yeah, likewise Tony. I hope you're finally buying this thing for real, I've had a couple offers so far but nothing has pleased me."

The old man nodded to Tony and pointed over to the right for him to take a look at the boat himself. In bright pastel blue with purple fading pink stripes over the sides, it was a thing of beauty from another decade. Alberto spoke up once more.

"What you're looking at is a Wellcraft Scarab 38' KV, 1987..."

"She's quite the beauty..."

"I've had the the engine repaired as of a few months ago, new paint, new vinyl interior. She's all yours if you can give me around 34 grand for it."

"Just 34 grand, seriously?"

Alberto looked over at him and sighed.

"I'm pretty sure that ain't asking for too much, considering that yacht you live on across this place. Now, I've known you since you were a little kid and I knew your father before you were born, so no trying to cheap talk me."

Tony just laughed at the old man. It was true, he had remembered Alberto long ago when he was a child. It was funny how long ago that was, back in those days he had a head full of hair. He smiled back at his old friend.

"I would never try to cheap talk you, I hope you believe that. I might do that to someone else, but not you."

"Yeah, yeah, right...So 34 grand, eh? You're lucky I am going easy on you, a collector from Spain is offering me 50 thousand. Says this boat is identical to one used on a TV show back in the 80's. There's no telling how much I could get for it, if I really wanted the money."

Sighing, Tony simply nodded.

"That's fine, that's fine. We got a deal. We can meet tomorrow, I'll swing by and sign the deed and give you a check."

Alberto quickly pointed his finger at him.

"No check! Cash, I want to see green!"

"Fine, you got it. Cash tomorrow, I'll get it for you."

"Yes, thank you. I'll come see you tomorrow."

"Adios, old timer!"

The wind blew, as Tony began to walk off from the old man. Something seemed strange with his demand for having cash for the transaction. Alberto had been an old friend of his father's time, a former drug smuggler back in the 70's and 80's during the era of the cocaine cowboys. His specialty had been speed boats, after retiring from the business, he moved into doing shows and auctions for luxury boats. Still, Tony had to wonder why he was so desperate for cash. Albert had two sons, who were known to be fuck ups in and out of jail for various crimes. He hoped that this wasn't a bad situation to deal with his sons, but Tony didn't feel it was right to stick his nose in family business that didn't concern him.

Walking down the pier, a short woman was approaching his way in a grey T-shirt with a tiger over it. The shirt was tucked into a pair of stonewashed blue jeans, with a leather belt around the loops. Her face was covered in a large pair of dark sunglasses and a white hat. At first, Tony didn't pay her no attention until she smiled and waved her hand. She called out to him in a thick accent.

"Excuse me, Señor Diaz?"

"Yes? Who are you?"

The woman reached her hand to remove her sunglasses and look into his face with her own brown eyes. She gave a smirk before introducing herself.


Tony looked at her with a shocked expression over his face. Her strong accent was very telling but now the face and to see her in casual clothes. There was no mistaking it, Salma was her first name and Hayek had to be the second. He looked behind himself to gaze back at the pier before he looked back at her and responded.

"Salma Hayek, ay, dios mio! How...how did you come all this way to find me?"

She giggled at him.

"When one puts their mind to something, it's amazing what they can accomplish."

"So...I take it you wanted to meet me for something?"


She smiled at him before reaching into her pocket to hand him a card. The card was a party invitation, just the excuse that Salma needed to seek him out. Tony took the card and looked at it before his eyes looked back at her face. She spoke again, her thick Mexican accent coming out in her words.

"You have been invited to a yacht party across here, in Miami Beach. The party is just 5 hours away on schedule, can you promise to be there?"

Smiling up at her, Tony couldn't figure if she was serious or not. This woman would seek him out all this way for a party? He had to flirt with her for the time being.

"Maybe, can you promise to be there?"

Salma laughed again.

"Only if you are coming alone...I need a date, and I hear you are the new Mr. Big in town, I want to be there with you."

With a big grin over his smug face, Tony nodded to her.

"You'll get your wish, Salma. It's my pleasure."

"No, the pleasure is all mine. See you later, señor Tony."

She turned around and began to walk off, giving him a view of her strong legs in the pair of jeans. Salma had an ass to die for and Tony's eyes watched it, just as she stomped off the pier and faded away in his vision. Suddenly, he forgot all about the deal with Alberto and she was the only thing on his mind. Tony had heard stories about Salma over the years, but never had met her in person. It seemed so surreal to him that she would search him out like this, but he already figured in his mind that she probably had traced his steps here from talking to Maria. Whatever the case, he wasn't about to blow the opportunity to go to a party with this woman as his date.



Going back to his home of the yacht, Tony took a shower and decided to dress sharp for the day. This was an unexpected invitation that forced him to make some last minute phone calls to his assistant to put things on hold with business for the day. He didn't want to blow the perfect opportunity for this date. He dug out his black pinstriped suit, one that he had barely worn over the years and put on a white undershirt. It was a basic look, but it worked. The address on the invitation card was out in South Beach, a short distance drive over the Venetian Causeway and down the east side.

Once he had arrived, he pulled the BMW up into the parking spaces, seeing as some cars were already there. Tony figured if he showed up an hour early, maybe he could catch Salma before boarding the yacht. From the distance to his left, he could clearly see the boat and a number of security guards that would be checking invitations. He got out of his car and walked around the pier, looking over the water. The worst part about waiting was the fact that Tony did not have any idea what Salma's plan was. Did she want to meet him on the boat at the party or before? Nevertheless, he hoped that she would be here before the show. While standing there overlooking the water, it didn't phase Tony to hear the loud sound of what he thought was heels. A voice alerted him to her presence.

"You've arrived early, señor Tony."

He turned around and was greeted to Salma standing before him in a black dress. Diamond ear rings and an expensive necklace glimmered in his eyes. Her signature heavy cleavage was enough to distract his eyes from her beautiful aged face. No matter how much older she got, she aged like fine wine and was so beautiful. He smiled at her, nodding.

"Salma, I came here early so we could board the yacht together. I wasn't sure what you wanted."

She laughed softly, before smiling.

"Very good, I wanted to see how serious you were at first."

"Oh, that's kinda silly to wonder. You think a man like me is going to pass up having you as a date?"

"I like to see dedication before I make a move, now shall we board the boat before the party, señor Tony? I am friends with the owner, so we can beat all the other guests here."

He nodded to her.

"I would like that, and you don't have to call me that. Just call me Tony."

"And you just call me Salma!"

Offering her hand out to him, she smiled big. Everything had went so fast in the past few hours, Tony felt like he was in a dream or in a film. He took her hand and together, they marched towards the bridge to board the massive yacht. Once they came close, the sound of Salsa music could be heard playing through speakers. They approached the bodyguards and security at the entrance, only for them to nod and allow them to walk up the steps to board the boat. Together, hand in hand and step after step, the two of them made it up behind Salma's loud heels stomping. Taking their first steps onto the boat, they were greeted with louder music and a man in a white suit approaching them. He smiled towards Salma as he offered his hand to Tony.

"It's so nice to see you again Salma, and what a pleasure it is to meet you, Tony Diaz."

Tony shook his hand, while nodding. Who was this guy? He had never seen him before and Tony knew every major player with a wallet in Miami. Salma turned to look over at Tony and spoke up.

"This is my good friend Frank, I don't believe you two have met."

"No, we haven't."

Looking over the man, Tony replied curiously. The man spoke up.

"Frank Cavaletti, it's wonderful to finally meet you. I've heard nothing but good things about you."

"Well yeah, I wish I could say the same. I usually know everyone important in this town but I haven't heard of you."

"That would be because, I am not from here. I come from New York, maybe looking to set up some newer business associates. You would be a prime candidate, Mr. Diaz."

Tony thought for a few seconds before nodding to him.

"We can talk about that some other time, I like that."

Beyond the aged face of Frank, he smiled showing his teeth in a somewhat sinister smile.

"Very well, I hope you enjoy the party."

Salma pulled at Tony's arm to distract him. She spoke up to alert his attention.

"Come on, let's have a good time."

Together they walked away from Frank and down the side of the main deck of the yacht. He took a deep sigh, missing the home of his own yacht at the moment. It had just crossed his mind that Salma's intentions from hours ago may have been to force him into this meeting with Frank. He had never heard of the man but he clearly knew that there was something under the rug about him. Looking over the railing of the yacht down at the water, the orange sun in the sky looked beautiful among the clouds. Tony spoke up to Salma.

"So let me get this straight, you were sent by him to bring me to this party. Am I correct?"

Salma watched his fingers grab a hold of the gold metal railing under them. She gazed back up into his eyes before responding.

"You're correct on half of it."

Tony shook his head while looking at the sunset before him, watching the bright light shine between buildings from across the water.

"I knew it was too good to be true. I mean, you...Salma Hayek of all women in this world asking me for a date?"

Placing her hand down onto his, Salma looked into his eyes while the wind slightly blew through her black hair.

"I said half! You were correct in half, I had my own reasons for seeking you out."

He looked back into her face and smirked.

"Oh yeah, like what?"

Salma laughed and shook her head.

"I'm not telling you yet! Now let's enjoy this party!"

She walked off leaving him alone at the railing of the boat. Taking a minute to get his mind together, Tony figured he might as well have some fun. It was probably the only chance he would get at having a date with Salma Hayek. He couldn't help but feel that something was mysterious about her, already he wanted to know what this second reason was that she hinted to. Walking away from the rail, he joined her out by the deck. The salsa music was playing loudly through the speakers. Tony thought for a minute how cheap Frank must have been just to use stereo surround sound to pump out music. If this was a party under Tony's name, he would have paid a live band. Salma offered him a hand to dance with her.

"Come on, let's see if you can dance!"

This wasn't the kind of dancing that Tony witnessed every night back at his club. She offered her hand to him and moved to take him into her grasp. A slow dance to some salsa music was far from what he was used to. Salma pushed her body up to him, watching his eyes look down into that amazing cleavage of her dress. He looked back into her eyes while their feet moved along the spot of the deck. Behind them, more people were beginning to join the party around them. Tony looked at her and smirked.

"This is far from the kind of dancing that I see nightly."

Salma smirked.

"Oh, I believe you. I'm not the kind of woman that gets a kick out of grinding on some dirty dance floor around lots of people."

"Yeah, I can see that."

Throwing her hand out, she let him break from dancing with her. Salma then put up both her hands and slowly rocked to the beat without a care of the people around them watching. Tony got the impression that she was a woman who acted her age, unlike him. Only two years apart and she quickly established that she wasn't a club girl trying to live out their youth past 40. Stepping his feet back towards her, Salma offered her hand again and pulled him close. This time, she pressed her body into him and let him feel her glorious breasts pushing up to his chest in her dress. She liked watching his eyes look down and then back up into her eyes. Thankfully for him, the song came to an end in the next seconds forcing them to stop dancing.

"Thank you for that!"

Salma smiled big, showing her perfect white teeth. She may have been an older woman now, but her beauty had aged better than any fine wine he had ever seen. She took his hand, walking him away from the main deck and back to where they previously were standing. The glare of the sunset moved to illuminate her face as she smiled back at him. Something else however, was lingering on the man's mind. He just had to know.

"You know, you never told me what was the point of finding me. Seriously baby, why did you want to meet me?"

Looking over at him, she smirked before speaking.

"It's simple. I like men around my age. I recently turned 50, I know you're 48, so we're close in age..."

Tony nodded.

"And? I know it can't just be because of that."

Smirking at him, Salma didn't want to reveal the true reason how she knew of him. There was something better that she knew would be easier to gain his attention for the rest of the evening.

"So far, I know you have a big wallet. Everyone in town knows that. There's just one more thing to find out if it's big..."

Her eyes gazed down, giving him an obvious hint if he didn't realize it from her words. Salma knew exactly what she wanted and now, Tony grinned big while nodding his head.

"There's only one way to find out."

Salma couldn't help but giggle a bit. Glad, she was that he managed to take her hint. Tony spoke up again.

"Wanna go back to my yacht with me? Ya know, this boat may be nice but I got something better."

Shaking her head, she couldn't deny the ego stroking that was going on. She knew men like him had massive egos about their wealth and their toys. Salma simply smirked. It was a good thing they did not drink out here at the party, she wanted Tony to be completely sober for when he took her on in the bedroom. A man needed stamina to fully satisfy her once the clothes came off.

"Yeah, let's go there right now. Forget this party and just, take me to your yacht!"



Wasting no time, Tony drove Salma back to his yacht where he returned. The wait made it feel like an eternity, but that simply was due to the desire he had to embrace a passionate night with this woman. Salma had it in her mind to make him feel like a king, if that was truly possible. It would be difficult since he already had enough wealth and the ego to feel like a supreme man, but she was still confident that her smoldering seduction could not be topped by other women. Within the walls of his yacht, she wasn't up for a tour of how nice the place was. Tony brought her right down into his master cabin where the bed awaited and now, she looked into his eyes while kissing his lips. Slow and steady, their tongues danced along one another. He moaned into her mouth before she pulled away to break the kiss.

Salma stepped back from him. The low lights above was just enough to make the diamonds in her ear rings dazzle and shine to his eyes. She gave him a smile, as she went to undo the back of her dress. His eyes were already starring down at that lovely, magnificent cleavage. It was the stuff of legends, Salma's rack was something many men all around the world had dreamed of for years. She looked up at him and spoke in her thick accent, questioning him.

"You know what the most expensive dresses in the world are made for?"

Tony smirked while unbuttoning his jacket, he answered her with a nod.

"Yes, to be taken off."


She placed her hand up on his jacket to stop him from stripping it off. Shaking her head, she quickly responded.

"No, you let me take that off! You finish this dress first, el grande!"

He laughed at her. The Spanish words for 'big boy' in her accent was enough to make him chuckle.

"El grande? I like that one, baby!"

"I knew you would!"

Both of them laughed as Salma turned around, allowing him the ease to unzip the back of her dress and let it peel off. As Tony's eyes could see her olive colored skin on her back, he let the dress fall. Watching her take her hands and push it down as she revealed herself in nothing but a black thong. She didn't need a bra thanks to the dress that already offered support that pushed up her breasts. Turning around, Salma looked at him while stomping her high heels out of the dress, leaving it there on the floor. Tony's eyes looked at her amazing beauty up front, hypnotized by the Mexican goddess that stood before him. She grabbed a hold of his jacket and spoke.

"Now, it's my turn to undress you!"

Her hands snatched at his jacket hard. Tony threw his arms out so he could allow it to slide off once she got it unbuttoned. Next, Salma ripped his white shirt without a care in the world. Was he really going to complain? Absolutely not, it didn't matter how expensive that shirt was at all. This was one of the most beautiful women in the world and he allowed her to rip the buttons out of their stitches. Once his shirt was pulled apart, she ran both her hands up his hairy chest. Tony moaned, looking down into her eyes as he felt her fingers trailing all over his skin. Salma moved down, resting on her knees as she undid his belt now. Sliding it off, she watched his pants drop to the floor before shoving his underwear down. His large cock sprang to life and slapped across her face.

"Ohhhh, such a meaty cock..."

Salma was alerted to his pole when it slapped over her right cheek. She wrapped her little hand around it and began to stroke him. Using her left hand, she went on and pushed his underwear down below to his ankles. All Tony had to do was step out of his clothes, he had already taken his shoes and socks off earlier when they first boarded the yacht's inner cabins. Slowly stroking his meat, she looked up into his eyes she opened her mouth and pushed the head between her lips. Tony gasped for his breath as he just had the thought run through his mind: his cock was in Salma Hayek's mouth. She pushed down and began to bob her head up and down on it slowly. He threw his head back and moaned, just as Salma came up and released his dick from her jaws with a loud pop.

"God, you know how to get me going baby."

Looking into his eyes, Salma held his rod right along her lips. She swiped it across her lips as if it were a lipstick tube and then she opened her mouth to take it back in. This time, she moved both her hands to his balls to play with them while she bobbed her head up and down on his cock. Slobbering all over it and sucking him deeper between her jaws. This was only the beginning but she figured that if she turned up the heat early on, this was going to be a long night of rough fucking. Faster, she bobbed her head up and down on his cock, sucking it hungrily. He had proved that he had the big dick she desired. Small strings of saliva began to leak out from the corners of her mouth. Tony threw his head back and moaned like a champion.

"More! Yeah, take my cock baby!"

She didn't have to respond to him. Actions spoke louder than words when it came to Salma. She simply bobbed her head down faster and harder, devouring his long fat dick. Sucking and slobbering sounds could be heard from down below. After a while, Salma finally came up for a break in air. She forced a pop noise coming off his dick with long strings of saliva dangling from her lips back to his slimy rod. Flicking her tongue she spit on it, looking into his eyes as she wrapped her little hand back around his cock.

"Oh yeah, you like when I suck your big meaty, fuckin' cock?"

"You've got me by the balls, literally!"

"Damn fucking right, I do!"

Those words were enough to influence her to do one thing. Salma leaned down and then used her tongue to lick over her balls. She let his long meat stick hang over her face, right over her nose as the head stretched out into her black hair. From this position, she licked over his nuts before stuffing the left one in her mouth first. Tony moaned, listening to her slurp all over his balls. Salma moved to the right ball and then let go of his cock so she could push both of his nuts in her mouth. Her jaws inflated containing both of his balls and then he moaned out.

"Mierda, you are a woman of many wonderful talents!"

Still slurping and slobbering all over his balls, Salma quit after a bit. Her saliva dripped from his balls down to the floor. She returned her attention to his cock, bringing her mouth down over the head before kissing it loudly. Salma placed her hands down on her glorious breasts, rubbing them as she felt her nipples were hard and ready for a big surprise. She pushed her tits apart and then grabbed his cock. Leaning up, she held her breasts apart from him and then looked in his eyes before speaking in Spanish.

"Espero que te guste..."

Looking into his eyes, she pushed her breasts over his thick cock trapping it between her impressive asset. Tony took a deep breath as he felt her flesh wrapped around his cock. He then nodded, her words were 'I hope you enjoy this'. He replied back in Spanish."

"Sí lo haré!"

She smirked, slowly pushing herself up as she began to titty fuck his cock. His cock was covered in so much saliva, it would be easy to glide between amazing breasts. Salma knew that her tits were made to be fucking and she enjoyed having a big dick between them. Slowly, she pumped her tits up and down on his cock, letting him enjoy the feeling first. Tony breathed in heavily before whispering out in a moan.

"Those titties feel so amazing."

"Oh yeah? You couldn't keep your eyes off these tits back at the party."

He laughed at her words. Salma held her tits in place, but now she was ready for him to take control. Looking in his eyes she moaned before making the demand in her words.

"I want you to fuck these big titties, Tony! Fuck 'em!!"

Upon her request, Tony now had to do some work. He began to thrust his hips forward and watched his fat dick poking up between her tits. This was only the start, he began to buck his hips wildly to allow his cock to push up and down between those amazing breasts. Salma moaned, watching the head of his long cock push up. She moaned each time her eyes looked down at the head before she looked back into his eyes, giving him eye contact. Tony's eyes were forced only on the sight that many man dreamed of having, his cock thrusting between those massive breasts. He moaned as Salma called out to him.

"Yeah, dat's it! FUCK THOSE BIG TITS!!"

Her accent caused her words to slur a bit in excitement. She opened her mouth and let her tongue graze over his cock each time the head pushed up. Tony gritted his teeth, as he bucked his hips and was fucking those breasts as hard as he could. Her large diamond necklace bounced, as well as her ear rings from each thrust. Salma was happy to see that she could push him over the edge early. She wanted his cum and it was going down her throat under her demand.

"Harder, faster, yes!!! FUCK MAH TITS!"

Again, that thick accent of hers slurred in her words but Tony couldn't respond. He just panted and grunted. With his teeth gritted, he began to growl. Over and over his cock pounded between those beautiful breasts. He was living the dream to have his cock smashed between her wonderful tits. Soon, he was going to cum as he could already feel it. Salma had did a number on him minutes earlier with her sucking skills. The Mexican goddess looked at him moaning before he spoke up.

"Baby, I'm gonna cum! These big fucking tits have done me in!"

"Oh yeah, I want you to cum Tony! Cum in my mouth!"

Grunting, he finally slowed down before coming to a stop. This allowed Salma to take control. She grabbed his cock back into her hand put her mouth down on it. Quickly, she bobbed her head up and down. she wanted to taste his seed so bad and soon, the time was closing in. Tony breathed in heavily, moaning as he curled his face up and finally screamed out.

"Ohhhhhh, FUCK!!! YES!! YES!!!"

Salma moaned into his shaft but her muffled voice was immediately drowned out from his own screaming. His cock had erupted and sent wave after wave of cum into her jaws. She sucked on him, milking every wad of cum from his cock into her mouth. Tony's mind had been blown and this was far from the end of their night. As Salma released his rod from her mouth, she leaned up and opened her jaws wide. Giving him the glorious sight of his semen puddled with her saliva over her tongue, she closed her lips and swallowed it down. After she breathed in from the warm taste, he took his cock and squeezed it to milk the final drops over her tongue. She had to make sure she swallowed every last drop. Tony smirked down at her.

"God, that was fucking amazing. I know you probably hear this a lot, but your tits are amazing."

"Yeah, I do but thanks! I know how to use them!"

Giving him a wink after replying, Tony laughed at her. Salma grabbed at his hand as she began to raise herself up from her knees. She spoke again.

"Are you ready to really fuck me now?"

"Sí de hecho..."

She smirked at him, seeing as he replied in Spanish; 'yes indeed'. Off her knees, Salma stood with the bed behind her. She dropped her black thong below to expose her wet pussy, watching his eyes as she took her hand and stroked it.Tony put his hand down on the bed and finally stepped out of his pants and underwear that were down his ankles. Salma climbed back on the bed, using her hands to scout her body back to where her head could rest among the pillows. She had a surprise up her sleeve and wasn't about to blow this opportunity. As Tony moved over her body, Salma placed her hands up on his shoulders. She leaned in and kissed his lips and then made the hard push to knock him over on his side, rolling his body until his back was flat on the bed.

"Tables are turned, mi amor! I am going to fuck you, instead!"

"Mi amor, really?"

Tony's mind was somewhat blown that she would refer to him as 'mi amor'. It didn't seem to phase him that Salma had taken control and used her strength to roll him over. She let her knees sink down into the bed as her body had straddled him and now, she guided his cock to her pussy using her right hand. Her left hand pushed down into his hairy stomach. She threw her hair back as she felt the head of his dick enter her wet pussy. Tony moaned and ran his hands up her stomach, feeling her breasts as she slid down and took his cock inside her. Salma gritted her teeth and looked down at him before yelling. 

"I hope you're ready for this!"

"Oh yeah, you caught me by surprise!"

His reply was meaningless. She didn't care what he had to say, she just pushed down and began to thrust herself up and down over his cock. He squeezed at her breasts while Salma used both hands to push down into his chest. Salma was in complete control now, riding him as if he were her wild stallion. The woman began to moan out loudly, cursing in Spanish.

"Oh, mierda! Me montarlo!!!"

Pound after pound, she slammed down onto his cock. Tony just moaned, moving his hands away so he could watch those amazing titties bouncing up and down. She was an animal in bed, aggressively fucking him like this. The began to squeak out the usual noises. It didn't matter how expensive a bed was, Salma knew how to make it cause racket with her strength. Tony gasped for his breath as he looked up at this goddess, fucking him in complete command.

"Damn, baby! Fuck me!"


Tony grinned big, he loved hearing her words slur from her accent as she screamed at him. Salma didn't bother to give him a chance to respond as she closed her eyes and moaned out. She had forced him to cum minutes earlier and by now, she felt it was only fair if she received an orgasm. Over and over, she slammed down on that cock. Her thick ass cheeks slapped into his balls causing a light smacking sound to be heard among their loud moans. Little did she know, her work had already forced the cum to build up again in his cock.

"Fuck yes!! More baby, more!!! I love it!"

She didn't respond to his comment, simply moaning loudly. She opened her eyes to the feeling him bringing his hands down to her hips. Tony began to thrust into her, making it easier as she pushed down into him. Together, they were so closed to their orgasm. Salma came to a stop only to feel Tony bucking his his to thrust his rod deeper into her pussy. She ran her hands up his hair chest until she cupped his neck and then leaned down and screamed out loudly.


Her scream was so loud next to his ear, Tony almost felt as if she could deafen him in that sexy voice. Her body shook as she hit her climax. He made one final thrust into her pussy and then he came at the same time with her. Taking his hands, he ran them up to grip both of her ass cheeks and squeezing them. Salma moved to push her lips to his and kiss him passionately while his fingers remained pressing into her thick ass. She moaned into his mouth before breaking the kiss and biting her lower lip. She couldn't help but giggle softly.

"Damn, you are amazing."

Looking up into Tony's face, he brought his hands up to cup her cheeks. Softly, he caressed her left cheek and wiped the sweat from her forehead. He smiled before kissing her again on the lips and then replying.

"Nothing is greater than you right now, baby."

Giggling, Salma enjoyed this moment with him face to face. They were far from finished she hoped, if he truly was a man with big balls like his wallet, sure he had more stamina to him?

"We're not finished yet, are we, Tony?"

He shook his head grinning at her. Of course, he still wanted more of her.

"I'm gonna fuck you until I pass out tonight, Salma!"

"Good, that's what I want!"

She moved to lean up on him, giving him one last view of her amazing stomach and beautiful body before she eased his cock out of her pussy to free him from her loving cup. Salma moved on the edge of the bed and then Tony brought his hand down to run across her hip and grip her left ass cheek. He nodded to her, he knew just the one thing he wanted now.

"That ass, baby...When is the last time you had it fucked real good?"

Her eyes wandered over to him and then her jaw dropped. Salma decided to tease him a little bit.

"Oh, my ass? You wanna fuck it, don't you?"

Tony nodded, grinning big. No woman ever left his yacht without getting their ass properly fucked.

"Yeah get down on all fours for me."

Salma dropped her lip, teasing him.

"Are you ordering me, Tony?"

"For a matter of fact, yes I am! Now get down on your knees and on all fours!"

"Señor, sí señor!"

He laughed at her words before watching her move off the bed and back down to the floor. It seemed odd to him that she didn't take advantage of the bed like some other women would, but he wasn't complaining. Salma positioned herself on all fours, just as he had commanded. Tony moved off the bed to stand up and then his eyes became fixated on that glorious huge ass. Salma's booty was a mighty one, built to perfection. She turned over her shoulder to catch him starring at her large rump. Giving him a wink, she teased him once more with her words.

"See something that you like?"

A sinister laugh filled her ears as she watched Tony simply grin and nod his head slowly. He placed his hands up on both of her ass cheeks to pull them apart and then, he finally replied to her.

"This ass is mine."

"Oh yes, Tony! Dat ass is yours!"

Salma let her accent come out to complete her sentence. Tony loved listening to the woman talk. He would have paid money to sit and listen to her speak for hours. Stepping forward over her, he planted his feet down into the floor. He used his hand to guide his cock right into her dark hole. Moaning as the head pushed in. Salma still looked at him over her shoulder as he slowly bent his knees and began to slide his cock deeper into her ass. She was so short and in a position like this, his body towered over her. His shadow could be seen on the floor when she looked down. Salma closed her eyes and moaned while Tony bragged.

"Ohhhhhh, damn! I knew I wanted this ass the minute I seen it on T.V. years ago!"

His words caused her to giggle in excitement. It wasn't unlike Salma to meet compliments that went back decades. For all those years, she had been the Mexican sex symbol in Hollywood. Something that she was very proud of today. Opening her eyes, she looked over her shoulder again and then cried out to Tony. He was fucking her nice and slow but she wanted more and Salma simply did not have the patience to wait it out.

"Do you...do you always go this slow when you fuck a woman up the ass?"

Tony laughed hard at her comment, shaking his head.

"No, my dear. If you want to be rammed, you're gonna get it soon."

"Mmmmmm, that's what I want, now! Fuckin' ram dat huge ass of mine!"

Once more, her accent caused her words to slur. Tony laughed again and then reared his hand back and smacked her right cheek.

"As you wish, Salma baby!"

True to his words and upon her request, Tony began to slam his cock into her ass over and over. He used his left hand to hold her in place while his rod explored her deep dark hole. Each time he thrust his cock forward into her, he took his hand back and smacked her right cheek. Salma moaned, this was just the aggressive ass-pounding that she desired from him. Closing her eyes, she called out to him.


Her voice was cut off from a loud slap to her ass. Tony finished the sentence for her.

"Fuck you up the ass!?"


Another loud smack was heard striking over her right cheek as Tony's cock rammed into her ass. Her diamond ear rings jiggled, as her breasts below were shaking back and forth. He didn't hold back, letting his cock slam into her ass, time and time again. Salma loved it when a man didn't hold anything back and gave her ass all it could handle. She was tough and built for this kind of raw fucking. Tony gritted his teeth as he continued to pump his cock into that thick ass. Salma moaned out louder as he spoke to her.

"Ohhhhhh, yeah!? You like that!?"

Without giving her a chance to reply, he reared his hand back and smacked her ass.

"I can't fucking hear you Salma, do you like that!?"

Again, rearing his hand back, he smacked her right cheek and she finally screamed out.


Just as he had been doing, he slapped her ass again while still pounding his cock into it. Salma gritted her teeth and moaned, roaring like an animal. He had brought out the best pleasure of her, just as she had expected him to. Tony proved to have better skills in the bedroom than the previous Diaz man she had an affair with a long time ago.

"God, I'm gonna fucking cum! I'm gonna fill this ass with my hot load! You want that Salma!? You want my cum!?"

Hearing his words, Salma screamed out to him before he could have a chance to cum.


Tony slowed down, making one final thrust into her ass upon hearing her words in that trademark thick accent. Salma looked at him with eyes just begging for it. He was starting to become exhausted, as the fatigue could be witnessed over his face. He looked down at her and breathed in before speaking.

"You...you want me to cum on your face?"

Salma nodded.

"Yeah!!! You already got to cum in my mouth and my pussy, I want you to give it to me on my face!"

"Alright then, as you wish baby."

Sighing, Tony was somewhat disappointed. He liked to cum in a woman's holes, rarely did he give them a splash to the face unless it was requested. Salma wanted it more than anything. She didn't wear one of her best necklaces and diamond ear rings to go without receiving cum to her face tonight. She moaned as she looked down into his shadow while Tony slowly let his cock ease out of her ass. Salma waited until she seen his shadow disappear, knowing he had moved back now. She quickly crawled to turn around and sit down on her knees. Tony held his cock for her which she gladly took into her hand and smiled up at him before speaking in her thick accent.

"I want dat fuckin' cum!"

"Ohhhhh, you're gonna get it baby! Suck me one last time, Salma baby!"

"Como desées!"

It was funny listening to her say 'as you wish' in Spanish. Tony watched her bring her mouth down over his cock and begin to suck it once again. She bobbed her head up and down before pushing his cock to the back of throat, proving that she could fit his entire length down her mouth. Tony cried out from the pleasure she gave him.

"Oh, fuck!"

Salma looked in his eyes and winked before she slowly raised her head, moving her lips to the head of his cock before coming off with a loud pop sound. She had a better idea in mind, but she had to spit on his cock first and get it nice and wet from her saliva. Salma brought her hands down to cup her breasts and then looked at him while licking the head of his cock. She finally spoke to him once she leaned up, a small saliva string dangled from her lips to his cock.

"How about you fuck these titties one last time?"

A big smile covered his face before he nodded.

"Oh Salma...you know me all too well, already!"

To her, it didn't matter if he wanted to fuck her tits again. She knew no man would say no to her, but this is how she wanted to finish him. Pulling her huge breasts apart, she looked down at his cock while a string of saliva moved from her lips back to the head. She smashed her epic breasts together and breathed in heavily. Tony moaned as he watched Salma do the work now. Up and down, she moved her breasts.

"Yeah...just like that baby, ohhhhh man!"

Salma looked up into his eyes while she held her breasts together and pumped them up and down. The first time she indulged in a titty fuck, she let him do the work. This time, she slowly was moving those amazing breasts up and down to plow his cock. Looking up into his eyes, she laughed before yelling to him.

"Ah! Yeah! I want jou to load me down, LOAD ME DOWN! CUM ALL OVER DIS FACE OF MINE!!!"

"Baby, you're so sexy when you begin to scream at me!"

He always found her voice to be amazing to listen to. When Salma began to yell at him, that thick accent made her words sound scorching hot. Tony loved hearing her accent slur out the words. He groaned in pleasure knowing that soon he was going to blast her face as she had requested. Breathing in heavily, he nodded to her.

"Salma, I'm ready to cum for you."

"Mmmmmmm, yeah!"

Leaning down, Salma used her tongue and licked in a circle over the head before she let go of her breasts. Tony gripped his rod and began to stroking. She moved her face right under his cock, making sure to get in a good position for him to load her down the way she wanted. Within seconds of stroking his dick, he groaned out to here.

"You want this fucking cum!?"

"Yeah, all over my face! GIVE IT TO ME!!!"

Salma yelled to him and then he groaned before calling out.

"Here it is, OHHHHH, FUCK!!!!"

With one final stroke of his hand, his meat had erupted and sent a thick line up Salma's forehead. She closed her eyes just in time for it. The straight line of thick cum managed to get the ends into her hair and leave a thick wad over her forehead. Moving his cock right next to it, he shot another wad that trailed into her black hair while the thick drips ran into the middle of her forehead. Again, he shot a thick string this time up her nose and lining into the thick wads over her forehead. Shooting another wad, Salma smiled a little as she felt another line go up her forehead but drop off into her left eyelid.

"Ohhhh god, this is what you wanted babe."

She didn't respond as the final weak spurt of cum went over her forehead again with another layer. Salma was quite impressed. He didn't quite give her a messy facial as she may have expected. He avoided both of her cheeks and just drenched a straight line from her nose up to her forehead and into her hair. She opened her eyes and looked at him, as the cum drops in her left lid began to trail down almost like a tear. Salma took his cock back into her mouth one last time and sucked on him to milk the final drops into her jaws. Tony moaned, taking a deep breath as he was exhausted. Once Salma was done, she moved her mouth from his dick making a pop noise.

"Nice work, that's how you load me down."

Tony laughed, clapping his hands at her.

"You asked for it!"

"Yeah and you didn't get it anywhere but one big straight line up!"

They both laughed as Salma leaned back on her knees and took her hand to wipe some of the cum from her nose and feed it to her mouth. Tony brought his hand down on her shoulder as she looked up at him. He spoke.

"I greatly enjoyed that, you're a fucking animal."

"You're great too, Tony! How about I get cleaned up and join you in the bed for a good night's rest?"

"Sounds like a plan, baby! I'm gonna enjoy waking up next to you in the morning!"



After a wild night of lustful fun, it only seemed fitting to sleep in the next morning. While a clear sky was outside and the usual hot day moving over Miami, nothing was waking Tony out of bed. 12 PM had already moved over the click but he was sound asleep with Salma next to him. She was satisfied with the man, having managed to seduce him to attend a party and give her a wild night of pleasure. Still, she had other plans in mind. She didn't seek Tony Diaz out for nothing, but there would be a time when she would reveal the truth to him. For now, she simply was enjoying the seed of trust that could spring forth a relationship. Right now, she slept with her arm wrapped around him between the sheets.

Suddenly, a cell phone ring would awaken both of them from their slumber. The loud ringing caused Tony to slowly open his eyes. He moved to the nightstand on the right where the phone was ringing loud. It wasn't until he moved did he notice Salma's arm wrapped around him. Tony grabbed his phone and then rested back in the bed as he answered.


"Thank god you finally picked up! Señor Diaz, there's a man out here to see you!"

Still half asleep, Tony didn't realize at first that it was his assistant Maria calling him from the deck of the yacht.

"Do what? I just woke up..."

Sighing into the phone, Maria was already impatient due to the situation she had been dealing with for the past hour.

"Señor Diaz, I am so sorry to awaken you! I'm calling you because, well....there's this old man out here and he is giving me a hard time. He keeps bitching at me to get a hold of you, something about a speed boat you were planning to buy from him."

Tony quickly gathered his senses and replied to Maria over the phone.

"Oh, shit! That must be Alberto down here with the deed to the boat! Do you have him on board this yacht or outside?"

"He's on the boat, señor. I'm sorry, I had to let him on board cause he was giving me such a hard time. He's been out here over an hour raising hell at your bodyguards to see you."

Tony sighed. Meanwhile, Salma had woke up and turned her attention to look at him on the phone. Tony responded.

"Tell him I'm sorry to keep him waiting, I'll be right there in 30 minutes!"

Hanging up the phone, Tony put it back in the nightstand to the side of the bed. Salma looked at him somewhat confused, she spoke up.

"What's wrong, Tony?"

"Ahhh, nothing! I just promised a friend of mine to buy a boat and he's out here with the deed. I gotta go see him and get this over with real quick, so he can leave."

Tony had already risen out of bed and moved to slip on his robes. Salma pulled the covers back to reveal herself still naked, only with her black thong tucked underneath. Before he moved to the bathroom, she stood between the doorway. Smiling as she prevented him from walking in.

"Wait! Before you get dressed..."

Salma leaned in to kiss him before he stopped her.

"No, not yet! I just woke up, I need to brush my teeth first."

"Fine! A kiss on the cheek?"

He laughed at her, before leaning in and kissing her left cheek and then the right one. Salma responded by kissing his left cheek and cupping the back of his head with her hands to look in his eyes and smile. She finally let go and moved away from the doorway to let him into the bathroom. Tony had to quickly wash his face and get dressed to see Alberto. Salma looked across the bedroom before calling out to him. It wouldn't hurt her to offer help, she figured.

"Tony!? Would you like me to help you out with clothes, maybe?"

The faucet to the sink was running with water as he washed his face and fixed his hair up. Turning it off, he finally answered her.

"Salma baby, look in the right closet and grab that shirt and pants hanging from the hangar on the door."

She glanced over to the right side of the room and opened the closet door as he requested. Sitting on the door knob was a fresh clean white shirt and a pair of khaki pants. She took the clothes and removed the hangars for him. As Tony came out of the bathroom, he looked at her and smiled.

"Thank you darling, I appreciate it."

"No problem, I offered for a reason."

Taking the clothes, Tony slipped out of his robe. While standing in his underwear, he began to get dressed up in the casual clothes while Salma just stood and watched. She had a lot on her mind that she wanted to speak about, but she knew he had to be fast. After he had his shirt on and buttoned up the pants, she finally asked the question that was lingering on her mind.

"Tony, do you mind if I stay with you today?"

Looking at her, he smiled big before nodding.

"I would love for you to stay with me today! Give me a minute to meet my old friend, I'm gonna have something for us to enjoy the day with!"

Her request to spend an afternoon with him would make his day. Tony didn't want to leave Salma like this anyway. She was a woman of class and deserved better, but now he was already thinking about the Scarab boat and spending the day with her out playing with his new expensive toy. It was all he thought about while walking out of the cabin and going through to meet Alberto on the back deck. As he opened the door and seen the bright sun shining down, the old man was standing before him with the papers in his file folder. The old man looked at Tony and just sighed in relief.

"Finally! There you are! I told you yesterday, I will come by tomorrow and to expect me."

"Sorry, I had a long night last night..."

"That's no excuse! Don't give me excuses like your father would!"

Tony just laughed. There was no use in arguing with an old man. Alberto stepped forward and handed him the folder that had the deeds inside for it. Reaching into his pocket, he handed him a pen.

"There, go ahead! Go ahead and sign these papers so I can get off this boat. I got stuff to do today!"

"Alright, alright...just hold on."

Opening the folder, Tony moved to the papers that had the deeds. Albert stood before him as he just pointed where he needed to write the signature for the ownership. Off to the side, the young assistant Maria stood with her arms crossed over a denim jean jacket she wore to match her short skirt. Her long blonde hair was blinding in the sun light as she just watched her boss sign the deeds behind her dark sunglasses. Once he was done, Tony looked over at Maria.

"Maria, you got the briefcase of cash for our good friend Alberto here?"

She looked at him somewhat confused.

"What briefcase of money?"

Tony rolled his eyes and became irritated.

"Fucking seriously!? What briefcase!? I told you last night to get it ready!"

Maria looked at him confused. It was unusual for her to talk back to her boss like this, but she knew he must have still been half asleep or something.

"Huh!? You didn't want me on the yacht last night, remember!? You had company."

He laughed, looking her over and then smiling. Tony looked back at Alberto and made a compliment about her.

"This girl, eh? She's hard to break."

Tony waved his hand over at Maria again.

"I was just picking on you Maria, you're all good!"

Thankfully, Maria was wearing her big sunglasses where he couldn't see her rolling her eyes. She was used to these little jokes and pranks he pulled on her. Whatever the case, at least she didn't have to worry about being invited to join him down in his yacht for some naked fun. Tony retreated back into the door of the inner cabin. He had kept the briefcase stashed off to the side, a little something he had taken care of last night. He returned a few minutes later offering the briefcase to Alberto, opening it to show him the money in stacks.

"You said you wanted to see green, old friend..."

The old man gazed into the money for a whole minute before he smiled. He looked back up at Tony and nodded.

"We have a deal here, enjoy that boat!"

"I know, I will!"



The blue water moved through the day, as usual. Fishing boats sat out from the docks and under the bridges while boat owners enjoyed their day. Meanwhile, Tony sat behind the wheel of his newly acquired Scarab speed boat and let the wind rip into his face while powering the engine through the water. Next to him, sat Salma in a white bikini with her dark hair pinned back in a pony tail. Both of them wore matching sunglasses while they enjoyed experiencing the old boat's power. The Scarab tore through the water as Tony piloted it around the bridge to the Venetian Causeway. Salma looked over him and smiled as they went under the bridge and back within seconds. From the right view, she watched the blur of boats and a skyline of buildings.

This was amazing for Tony. To be able to have this kind of fun with Salma. For some reason, he found himself not wanting to part with this woman. Little did he know, she had the same feeling inside. There was a reason she stayed. Just as there was a reason she had come to him in the first place. This was only the beginning of a relationship she hoped. There was more at stakes besides introducing him to Frank Cavaletti, that was just a favor for a friend. Looking down, she watched him shift gears over the boat before coming to a stop and allowing it to slow down. Tony looked over at her and nodded.

"You want to drive now, baby?"

Salma smiled in excitement, leaning over him.

"Yes! I would love to drive this thing!"

"Go for it, baby! She's all yours."

Tony got up from the driver's seat of the boat and shifted to the side where he allowed Salma to move into the seat. His eyes watched her bikini clothed body take a seat and then she looked at him as she grabbed the gear and wheel. Tony gave her the nod as he went to sit in his seat and then she pushed the boat back into overdrive. The loud motor drowned out any sound with the crashing waves, but there was no need to speak in a time like this. He simply sat back and enjoyed the ride, allowing this wonderful woman to blow his mind away.

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Re: Big Booty Bitches
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Big Booty Bitches Ch.12
Starring: Kelly Brook

Codes: MMF, Cons, Oral, Anal, Facial

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

Miami, Florida

The bar was black with the usual glares of lights from above forcing bright colors over the marble stone top. It was just another Friday night at Disco Fever, the club was full and the dance floor was energized by a DJ that knew what he was doing. At that bar sat a lonely man looking down at the table while his glass remained half empty. Carlos took a deep sigh before puffing on his cigarette while looking down. Life was great when you were having fun, something he had not experienced in the past several months. Just coming out of prison two months ago, he found himself already seeking the thrill that his family indulged in with the club business. One could say he was lucky to still have a job, as his uncle Tony still had some faith in the young man.

Upstairs, Ramón had walked out of the white door to the inner V.I.P. hallways and was going down the stairs to join his brother. Ever since Carlos had come out of prison, he had seen to it to keep him out of trouble while he had the time. Ramón pretty much knew that Carlos was on Steven's shit list, so he didn't bother trying to work together any big time jobs with his cousin that would involve Carlos. All he knew is that his brother was put on security duty of the club, a  gig that involved low attention that Ramón figured wasn't bad enough for a few extra paychecks. Going back down the stairs, he rejoined Carlos at the bar by having a seat next to him. Carlos sighed before speaking up.

"You know...I'm kinda bored tonight. Full house here and no action for us."

Ramón laughed.

"Well yeah, that's the life when you have to play security. You just have to watch everyone have fun, wishing it was you in their shoes."

The lights from above reflected back over their faces. Ramón could clearly witness the look of disappointment over Carlos' face. The blue neon light brushed past to lighten up his face, all the way down to his mustache. Carlos was wearing a black suit with a pink undershirt, below black pants matching the jacket. Ramón wore his white blazer over a blue shirt with matching white pants. Carlos spoke again after sighing.

"You know, I think I'm due for a good night of fun. Besides, you can't deny all the stuff that you and Steven get to do."

Laughing, Ramón responded.

"Oh yeah, like what? What do I do besides business with Steven?"

"Don't play me for a fool! Everyone knows that you and him seem to have some great track record with hot looking ladies...and here I am, I gotta call escorts to get laid."

"You really do call escorts!?"

Ramón busted out laughing, something that just annoyed Carlos even further to yell at him.

"Man, fuck you!"

Still laughing, Ramón got up from his seat and moved his arm to point out at the dance floor before him. He couldn't help but make fun of his brother for that little comment.

"Estás escuchando? Look out there...you want pussy, there's a whole dance floor of girls in this club every fucking night. Work on your charm with the ladies, and you won't have to pay for no fucking escorts fee just to get laid."

Carlos didn't respond. He just grabbed his small glass and drank down the last bit of his watered down alcohol. Ramón thought for a second about the whole situation. Even though Carlos typically could be a headache with family business, he was still his brother. Maybe he had a point that it truly was not fair that he didn't get to have the same kind of fun with him, as he did with Steven. Ramón himself had bragging rights with famous names of women he had shared a bed with. Looking back over at Carlos, he made his mind up. They both were about to take a magnifying glass to the club and seek out a hot woman to take their chances with. If anything, he was going to teach Carlos how to use his charm and win over a woman for the night.

"Hey man, come on...let's go on the dance floor."

"What for?"

"Come on, since you don't feel like you can have luck with the ladies...I'm gonna show you how it's done."

Shaking his head, Carlos wasn't amused at this at all.

"Stop man, you're embarrassing. I ain't letting you do it this time."

Losing his patience, Ramón was only going to try one last time. If he didn't want to go with him, then he was the one missing out on fun.

"Oh come on, you want to get laid this weekend? Get your ass up and let's find a hot girl to party with. We're brothers after all, let's fucking do this!"

"Fine, fine...you win. Let's just hope we can find some chick with a nice ass."

Carlos slowly rose from his seat at the bar and now he and Ramón walked off to survey their eyes at the dance floor. For once, Ramón realized how easy it was getting a lay with his cousin. Steven liked to invite him when he had a girl that needed two men to fully satisfy her. Here he was, hoping that Carlos wouldn't be stupid and make it into a competition. First, they had to find a decent woman that was up for a good time. Together they walked around the dance floor letting their eyes look around. Carlos didn't look so impressed within a span of 10 minutes. One quick to complain, he already was sighing and speaking out.

"I don't see no women on that dance floor that can give us a good time."

"Easy, easy...patience. You need to relax and just keep an eye out."

If he was going to complain the entire time, perhaps it wasn't worth it. At least that is what Ramón was thinking right now. He wasn't going to give up so early though, surely over time on a Friday night they would come across something that met the liking of their eye. Ramón walked off from the dance floor, leaving Carlos behind for a bit. His brother walked behind him and then finally, something caught his eye. A woman with brown hair walked by in a pink dress, revealing long thick legs. Her feet were in matching pink high heels with sparkling glitter. The real catch was up her chest as his eyes looked on to a heavy cleavage. Her face was beautiful, big brown eyes that matched her hair. Carlos stood in shock as the woman just walked past both of them and with a smirk over her face. It was a shame with the loud music in the club they could not hear her high heels beating on the floor. Ramón looked over to his brother and nodded. He could tell that this woman had stolen the attention. He spoke to Carlos now.

"See something you like?"

"Ohhhh yes, look at her. Look at that ass."

Looking back at the woman, Carlos' eyes followed her thick legs up to an amazing ass fit in her tight dress. Her body had amazing curves, one of a kind to his mind. She turned around and looked at both of the men standing there and gave them a wave. Ramón smirked at her and waved back, speaking to his brother.

"You see that? She notices us. You wanna take a shot with her?"

"Fuck yeah! Let's see if we can dance with her!"

Ramón looked back at Carlos and gave him a nod. He could have told him how patience truly did pay off when one was not whining the entire time, but what was it worth? This was the first chance he had in the past few years to do some bonding with his younger brother. Together they approached the woman, her pink dress shining with the radiance of the neon lights moving from up above. She turned around and greeted both men with a big smile. Her pearly white teeth made her smile among the best that Ramón ever seen. Carlos spoke up, excited before his brother could get a chance.

"Hi there, beautiful!"

She smiled big before laughing and then replying in a thick British accent.

"Oh, hi! You've got quite the eyes for a looker, don't ya think?"

Watching Carlos bust out laughing, Ramón took his chance to play it smart. He figured he could impress the woman with a good charm. He extended his hand out to her and introduced both of them.

"Good evening, Miss. I'm Ramón Diaz, and this here is my brother Carlos. You come here often?"

She shook his hand and looked back up at him before responding.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Kelly. Actually no, this is my first time here. I've heard a lot about this place from back home."

"You don't sound like you're from here, Kelly."

It was Carlos' voice that spoke up. She shook her head and answered him.

"No, I'm from England to be honest with you. But I spend a lot of time back and forth across the pond."

Both men nodded and then, Ramón spoke up.

"That's wonderful darling, it's always nice to meet a lovely Brit like yourself."

Kelly laughed hard at both of them. It was funny to her that she had only been in the club for 10 minutes and already had two Latin hunks hitting on her.

"Well, this club is quite the attraction as what I've heard from friends and associates. I'm here to party...so if the both of you want to party with me, then come along."

She turned her back to them and began to walk off, but not before looking over her shoulder to give them an inviting wink. Ramón couldn't help but consider that this woman seemed familiar to him. Her voice and her appearance made her certainly feel like he had witnessed her presence somewhere, maybe in television. The name Kelly also rang a bell in his mind. Carlos stood still like a statue watching her figure fade off into the distance. Ramón looked back over at his cousin and gave him a nod. It was time to party and not allow this opportunity to slip out of their grasp.

The two men followed her, Kelly moved to the dance floor and began to shuffle into the rhythm of a song playing. On Friday's, the club usually had employed a big name DJ in the local area. For the past few weeks straight, the same DJ had been burning it up on Friday nights. A string of synth flavored dance music was playing over loud bass beats. Kelly dancing, shaking her hips and grooving her body. Within the distance she watched as one of the two men had approached her, also dancing. Carlos gave her a smug grin and she responded by reaching her hand out and pulling him towards her.

"Nice of you to join me, Carlos!"

By the tug of her hand, Carlos stepped forward and began to dance next to her. From behind Kelly, Ramón had approached her back. Kelly turned her head and was greeted to his face She gave him a seductive smile as she offered out her other hand now.

"You can tag along too!"

With a brother in each hand, Kelly pulled her arms and swung them both face to face before letting go. She was loving the fact that both of them were here to play, two was always double the fun. Ramón stood beside her, dancing while Carlos struggled to keep up. Kelly could see that Ramón truly was the more talented one here, but she had to show equal attention to them both. Carlos eventually shifted behind her, leaving Kelly face to face with Ramón. She jumped for a bit, allowing her massive breasts to jiggle around in his face. While Carlos was behind her, he ran his hands up her hips. Kelly responded by roughly pushing her hands over Ramón to pull him closer towards her. For a few minutes, she was stacked in the middle of the two men.

"Ohhhh, this is the party alright!"

Her thick English accent caught their ears over the music. Kelly began to grind her ass over Carlos while throwing her neck up and giving Ramón a better view of her beautiful face and massive cleavage contained in the dress. The song was coming to a stop and she knew that they had to move soon. All this touching on the dance floor would get Kelly thrown out of a club back home in England. She waited for the song to stop and then moved, holding her hands out for both of them.

"This is a lots of fun, boys! But we better take this elsewhere!"

Carlos grabbed a hold of her left hand while Ramón took her right arm. With both of the men at her side, she walked off the dance floor with them. Kelly was quite enjoying the fact that it was two men, brothers nonetheless who were obsessing over her. They walked away from the dance floor and over to the bar. There, Carlos let go of her hand to move towards the bar and turn around looking back at her.

"How about I buy you a drink, babe?"

"Oh thanks, love! That would be great! I would like some Scotch, just straight up..."

Tapping the bar, Carlos whistled to the bartender.

"You heard the beautiful lady, she wants some Scotch!"

Kelly laughed at Carlos making demands to the bartender. Turning her head, she looked at Ramón who had moved to hold her hand. Her eyes wandered down to his hand and then back to his own eyes. He spoke up.

"You know, I am a manager of this place...If you'd like to go back to the V.I.P. room and get a real private party going on with us."

Biting her lower lip to give him a hint, Kelly nodded her head before replying.

"I would love that...Total privacy?"

Ramón nodded. At the same time, the drink had been made and sitting on the bar for her. Carlos whistled to get her attention. She turned and smiled at him.

"Thanks for the drink, love."

Grabbing hold of the glass, Kelly looked over at Carlos before she began to drink it down. All in one go, she finished off the small glass. The ice rattled around as she sat it back down on the counter and then she glanced back over at Ramón, giving him a nod.

"Show me to the V.I.P. room, please."

Carlos smiled big, why did this seem so easy to him? They had just met this woman maybe 30 minutes ago. After some dancing and a drink, now she wanted to go back to have a real private party? It almost seemed funny. Neither of the men had any idea that Kelly had come out here to Miami with partying in mind. She had come here specifically to live up that fun lifestyle. Ramón offered her a hand and then they began to walk away from the bar. Carlos followed, all of them going up the long staircase and shuffling past some people. They approached the white door with the golden knob on it and then the security guard gave them the nod. All three of them stepped in, now the loud clacking of Kelly's heels could be heard.

Leading down the hallway, Ramón made the turn to go down the one lonely hall. It was the place where the private lounge room was that rarely was ever used. The only thing it needed was a door for a privacy. Kelly led the way, stomping her heels up and down the hall and then stopped when she walked into the white room. She observed the couch sitting in the middle and a coffee table. The large wide screen television set remained turned off. She looked back at both of them and then placed her hands on her hips before speaking.

"Well, let's get some drinks and start a real dirty party, gentleman..."

"Fine by me!"


Ramón spoke after his brother, turning to look back out the hall. He figured it would be him to go get the drinks and get this private party started. Kelly ran her hand through her hair, teasing them with her beauty. As Ramón stepped out of the hall, loud stomping could be heard before a voice screamed out.

"HELP!!!! Ramón!! Carlos!! Come, quick!!!"

The voice was none other than Maria; the young assistant who had been spending quite a lot of time at Disco Fever working in the offices. Ramón quickly ran to the hall where he seen Maria running towards him. Carlos came from behind, the young blonde assistant spoke.

"There's some drunk idiot chasing me!"

"How did he get in the V.I.P. area?"

"Who the fuck cares!? Oh shit, there he is! Get him!"

From across the hall came a man in a black suit running towards them. The old detail besides the black close that they could make out was a bald head. Ramón stood in front of Maria to block the path. As the man came closer, he lunged forward as if he was trying to tackle them. Ramón raised his leg and kicked the man right in the face as hard as he could. The man fell face down to the floor grunting while a few bodyguards came rushing from behind. Suddenly, he yelled out.

"Damn you, bitch!!! I'm gonna get you!!"

"Shut the fuck up, pendejo!"

Ramón yelled back at the man. Blood began to pour out of the drunken bastard's mouth and over the floor. The security guards grabbed the man from behind and pulled him up while holding both of his hands. As the man looked forward at Maria and the two brothers, Ramón spoke up again.

"Don't you say a goddamn thing to this woman! You get your sorry ass out of this club! If we catch you in here again, you're gonna be leaving with broken bones! Now, go get this worthless trash out of here!"

From the distance, Kelly had come out from the private lounge area and watched. Maria looked back over at Ramón and gave a sigh of relief. The man had been hitting on her downstairs after having a few drinks and chased her up the stairs. Luckily, she could always depend on Ramón or Carlos for help when they were on security duty.

"Thank you for taking care of this, Ramón! I greatly appreciate it!"

"Hey no problem, just glad you knew I was upstairs."

Maria's eyes glanced over and seen Kelly standing to the side. Immediately the young lady frowned when she seen Carlos. The thoughts ran through her mind that both of them were about to get naked with this woman upstairs. She was thankful that Ramón and Carlos weren't running out naked to stop the drunk man. Looking over at Carlos, Maria addressed him.

"I'm sure your uncle Tony would not be too happy knowing about this...let's keep this quiet without him knowing."

She winked at Carlos, giving him the sign that they had a secret. Carlos knew the truth in her words, as much as he was scolded by the old man for slacking on the job. Kelly just watched as Maria walked off and then Ramón turned and let out a sigh. It was somewhat embarrassing that a little party was ruined for security reasons.

"Sorry about this, Kelly baby."

"Oh, it's OK! I understand, you have a job to do...Maybe we can party tomorrow at my place, no disturbances."

"I think we would like that."

Ramón spoke for his brother as well in agreement. Carlos just nodded. With a small seductive little laugh, Kelly spoke back up.

"Get me a pen and some paper and I'll write you down my hotel...I've got some wine and whiskey there that I bought yesterday."

Looking over at his brother, Ramón nodded to Carlos with a silent gesture to make him do it. Carlos shoved his hand into his pocket to dig out the little notepad and then grab a pen. He often kept the notepad on him as he never knew when he had to run errands around the club. Handing it to Kelly, she took the notepad and pen. She began to quickly jot down her apartment out in South Beach. Once she was done, she stripped the paper from the notepad and then smiled over at Ramón. Teasing both of the men as she handed it to the older brother.

"You two can come over tomorrow, during the afternoon. I should have the wine and whiskey ready. Don't come before 2 PM!"

After handing off the note, she stomped her heels and began to walk back towards the white door to make an exit from the V.I.P. hallways. Carlos stood watching her while Ramón eyed the note and began to realize something. She put her initials as 'K.B.' and drew a little heart. Suddenly, it all made sense; the thick English accent, her amazing curves and the name Kelly. This was Kelly Brook! He smiled as he recognized the fact now. Carlos turned to look at his brother before speaking.

"I think we're gonna get lucky tomorrow."

"Sí de verdad...She knows what she wants from us, and she is gonna get it. Look, meet me tomorrow and we'll swing by her place."

"What did she write down for you?"

Carlos spoke, as Ramón held the note in his hands before answering his brother.

"It's a luxury hotel in Miami Beach..Nothing that a woman of her caliber wouldn't be able to afford."



Something remained on Ramón's mind all through the night. Still, as he drove the DeLorean car with his brother sitting next to him out to South Beach, he just couldn't stop thinking about one thing. What was Kelly Brook doing in Miami? While it seemed true what she said, he figured that she must have been a wild girl with a private personal life. Ramón was tempted to call up Steven and ask if he had any connections or stories about Kelly but what was it worth? This was the result of trying to get lucky with Carlos, he didn't want to spoil it. Even though he knew who Kelly was, he didn't bother telling Carlos anyway. It was better off if he just believed she was some party girl and not a big name celebrity, for Carlos would never shut up bragging about it.

Slowly, he pulled the DeLorean into the back parking lot of the hotel. Kelly had a place just off Ocean Drive, among the many luxury hotels with Art Deco designs. Once the doors swung open, both Ramón and Carlos stepped out to feel the blazing sun beaming down from the sky. It was just 1:43 on the clock, a hot afternoon was nothing out of the ordinary in Miami. Both of them dressed down in casual wear due to the head; Carlos with a pair of shorts and a button up white shirt, Ramón in khaki pants and a neon yellow T-shirt. Together, they walked into the hotel and headed for the elevator. Kelly's room was on the 4th floor.

Up in her room, Kelly had prepared for this day ahead of time. Wearing a blue robe with her body underneath, she already set the two bottles of champagne over the coffee table in her apartment. She had taken a long hot bath hours earlier and burned a pair of strawberry candles in the apartment to give off a fresh scent in the air. The British beauty had come down to Miami to have some fun with a couple of men, she knew that dream would be coming true soon. Slipping on a pair of red high heels to match her lingerie underneath the robe, she sat back on the couch. Her eyes looked over the large champagne bottles as she awaited that knock on the door. All it took was a few minutes and then she heard the noise, smiling as she got up to answer it. When she swung the door open to a greeting of both Ramón and Carlos, Kelly smiled.

"Greetings gentleman, come on in."

Stepping aside, Kelly allowed the entrance of both of them. Carlos' eyes already wandered over her blue robe. Once they had walked in, she shut the door behind them. She watched both of them look over the apartment before she stomped her heels on the floor and moved over to the couch. Ramón could see the big champagne bottles there waiting for them. Kelly sat back down on the couch and looked over both of them before speaking again.

"Hope you both like champagne, boys. Are we gonna party today or what?"

"Damn straight we are, babe."

It was Carlos' voice echoing to her ears. Kelly smiled and then stood up. It was better now that she revealed herself, this party was not just for drinks. Once on her feet, she pulled the robe apart and let it drop to the floor. There, she stood revealing herself in a red set of lingerie. A nice thong and a push up bra. Both of the men gazed at the perfection that was of her beauty. All her nice curves in place and that beautiful, amazing cleavage.

"Holy shit, you look amazing!"

"God yes, you have fine beauty Kelly."

Once more, Carlos spoke before Ramón. Kelly just grinned and then smiled back at them before speaking up.

"I figure the two of you, won't mind getting a little cheeky. Go ahead and take off your clothes, both of you."

"As you wish, Kelly."

Her eyes watched over both of them as they began to strip down. Kelly simply returned to her seat on the couch. Ramón and Carlos both stripped in their clothes to make a pool of their clothes on the floor. Ramón was the faster one to get naked, just before his brother. Kelly looked forward to see both of the naked men, fresh as hunks. They approached her with their naked bodies when she ran her hands out to grab both of their dicks. Holding them in her hands, she brought them forward. Ramón was to her left while Carlos was on the right. She could hear one take a deep breath as she began to stroke their cocks in her hands.

"You've got quite a grip, don't you baby?"

Ramón smirked down at her. Kelly laughed, still stroking their cocks in her hands. This is what she wanted last night, but was cut short when they had work to tend to. She took a deep breath and gave him a slutty look on her face. She turned to Carlos and gave him the same look. Finally, she got up from the couch and dropped down to her knees. Still stroking both of their cocks, she looked over to her right and eyed Carlos. His was the first that she wanted between her lips. Opening her mouth, Kelly brought Carlos dick between her lips and began to suck on it while moving her hand up and down on Ramón's dick simultaneously.

"Ohhhhh yes, don't fucking stop! Suck me, baby!"

Carlos had gotten a little too excited from her mouth sucking down his meat stick. Though he had gotten laid a few times since exiting prison, this was something better. No woman was as beautiful as Kelly thus far in his freedom. Coming off from Carlos' dick, her mouth made a loud pop noise. Kelly brought her attention over to Ramón's cock and spit on it. Wrapping her hand back around Carlos' shaft, she took Ramón's pole into her mouth and began to suck on it. Together, she stroked Carlos' dick while sucking on Ramón's meat. Just like before, demonstrating her skills to handle both of them. Carlos spoke up, bragging.

"This babe knows how to suck, huh bro?"

Ignoring his brother's words, Ramón took a deep breath as Kelly slobbered and sucked all over his cock. Like before, she came up again with a loud pop noise. Turning back over to her right side with Carlos' dick in her hand, she spit on it. Ramón's eyes were glued on the massive cleavage he was looking down upon with her breasts in that little bra. While she was only getting started sucking on their dicks, he had something better in mind.

"Take that bra off baby, I want to feel those tits around my cock!"

"Already!? Hot damn, you must be a man who loves big boobs!"

Kelly laughed at him while taking her hands off their cocks and moving to unstrap her bra. Ramón wanted her tits so bad, after he found out that it was Kelly Brook after all. Kelly dropped her bra to the ground and then turned to her left side. She glanced over at Carlos and gave him a wink.

"Come on, I can suck you while he fucks my tits."

Turning her body forward, Kelly pushed her massive breasts apart for Ramón. He put his hands on her shoulders just as he pushed his cock between those amazing tits. Kelly closed her breasts around his cock with her hands and then leaned her head back. Carlos had moved so his cock was right in her face. Ramón began to thrust his hips, pumping his dick between her breasts while Kelly used her tongue and licked the underside of Carlos' meat.

Within seconds, Ramón was pumping between the prison of her tit-flesh at a fast pace. Carlos used his hands to grip her hair and push her head upside down and shove his cock back between her lips. He moaned while she gagged on his meat while Ramón bragged.

"These breasts feel fucking amazing, wow!"

Kelly couldn't respond, not with Carlos' shaft in her mouth. While Ramón was pumping between her breasts, Carlos began to slowly thrust his cock forward down her throat. Together, both of the men took advantage of using her beautiful body. Kelly was showing off her skills and the fact that the English beauty knew how to fuck two guys at the same time. Carlos' balls slapped over her nose due to the position of her head bent upside down while his pole moved back and forth into her mouth. Ramón grunted, moaning as he began to fuck her tits faster. Kelly began to gag on Carlos' cock. This alerted him to pull his dick from her mouth with long strings of saliva flowing back from her mouth to cock. Carlos spoke up.

"Spit on that dick, bitch!"

Flicking her tongue back, she obeyed his request by spitting all over his meat. Ramón came to a stop between her breasts, figuring that his brother wanting to switch position. It was only fair if they both fucked her equally. Kelly let go of her breasts and looked up at Ramón who spoke to her.

"I want your mouth, let him fuck your tits next."

The buxom English model laughed before replying.

"You both are gonna be fucking me, back and forth!"

Slowly, she moved herself back to her right side and looked up at Carlos while holding her breasts apart for him.

"Go ahead stud, get your cock between my big boobs. You can fuck 'em now!"

Carlos guided his dick towards her breasts with his hand while Kelly moved her head to look at Ramón's fat dick. Once she had Carlos' pole between her breasts, she closed them and then opened her mouth to take Ramón's cock between her jaws. A muffled moan could be heard as she pressed her tongue over his meat. Carlos put his hand on her left shoulder and began to pump between her breasts, all while Ramón moved both his hands over her face and began to thrust his hips. While Carlos was fucking her tits, Ramón was fucking her mouth. Kelly gagged and coughed on the cock in her mouth before making a string of slobbering noises.


"Suck it baby, yeah!"

"God fucking damn! Her tits are like, the best thing ever!"

If it weren't due to the immense pleasure that he was receiving, Ramón probably would have laughed at his brother's words. Strings of spit leaked out of the corners to Kelly's mouth before Ramón finally let go of her head and allowed her mouth to come up and pop off his dick. She looked down at Carlos' cock and then spit down on it while moaning.

"Ohhhhhhh, you boys are a lot of fun! I want you both to fuck me!"

Carlos came to a halt between her tits making one final thrust. Kelly leaned down and kissed the head of his dick sitting between her breasts. She then let go of her breasts, freeing Carlos' cock from the prison of her boob's flesh. Still on her knees, she pointed over at the champagne bottles sitting on the coffee table. Kelly had an idea, something she originally had thought of last night back at the club.

"I want both of you to take one of the bottles there...and fucking spray me with it! Pour that champagne all over me, and then fuck me! I want to be slippery and wet while feeling both of your cocks in me!"

Softly laughing, Carlos spoke up.

"You're one kinky bitch, you know that right?"

Kelly smiled big and nodded to him.

"Yeah, I do know that! Now come on, spray it all over me."

Both of the men turned to each other and Ramón raised his eyebrow to his brother. They turned around and put their hands on the champagne bottles. Kelly went on and got up from her knees and sat on the couch. She didn't care about making a mess all over this hotel room. If they sent her a bill after she left town, it would easily be paid. Once both Carlos and Ramón had grabbed the champagne bottles and held them up, Kelly sat on the couch and pushed her thong down to her knees and past her ankles. She kicked it off to reveal her body sitting there naked. Ramón grinned at her as he shook up the bottle and spoke.

"You ready for the splash?"

"Yeah, I'm ready! But I want both of you to spray me at the same time! Just don't get it on my face, please!"

"You're gonna get it all over your body, kinky woman!"

Carlos spoke to her as he looked back over to his brother. Once they both had shaken up their bottles and took an aim, it was time. Ramón was the first to snap off the cork from the bottle and spray it all over Kelly's body. He aimed at her stomach, then Carlos followed behind her popping off the cork and spraying her breasts. The buxom brunette closed her eyes to the warm feeling of the champagne flowing over her body. The alcoholic liquid bubbled up, creating streams of white bubbly water over her gorgeous body. This was only a hint of how things were going to end when she drained both their cocks over her skin much like these bottles.

"Yeah!!! Look at me now! Mmmmmmm, all this champagne on my body. Who wants to suck it off my chest?"

"I do!"

Giving her a smile, Carlos replied. Kelly smirked as she moved from the couch middle of the couch over to the right, wet from the alcoholic substance that dripped from her body. Both men sat the bottles back down on the coffee table from behind them.

"Sit down right there, love! I'm gonna get on top of you and get your big dick in my pussy. And as for you-"

She glanced over at Ramón giving him a wink.

"I want you to fuck my ass."

"You won't hear me complain about that!"

Kelly didn't bother with Ramón. She patiently had waited for Carlos to sit down on the couch and then she climbed over him, straddling his body as her knees sank down into the couch. The champagne over her body glistened and shined. Carlos ran his hands up her slipper skin before leaning down and sucking on her left breast. He slobbered over her as he sucked up the champagne. Kelly moaned while using her hand to guide his cock to her waiting pussy. She gasped for her breath as she felt Carlos' meat slide up in her. Sinking herself down on him as she used her hands to push into the cushion of the couch. Looking over her shoulder, she witnessed Ramón step forth and use both of his hands to pull apart her thick ass cheeks. Within seconds, Kelly closed her eyes to the feeling of both men's cocks in her holes. Ramón slowly pushed his rod into her dark hole before gasping his breath. The buxom English model yelled out.

"Ohhhh yes, that's it! We're all set, fuck me! Together!"

Grunting and moaning, both of them began to thrust their cocks into her. Carlos had moved his hands up to grab her wet, slippery tits while he pumped his shaft into her pussy. From behind, Ramón had it easier. He simply put his hands down on her lower back and began to thrust his cock in and out of her ass. Kelly moaned, closing her eyes to embrace this feeling. She loved to let her wild side come out and it had been so long since she had two to deliver a proper double penetration to her lovely body. Carlos gasped for breath before screaming out.

"Oh fuck, this is so awesome!"


Her voice raised into a high pitch just as both men began to pound their dicks into her holes harder and faster. Each time Ramón thrust into her ass, Carlos would pump back into that pussy. They worked almost in a perfect sync together. Kelly grit her teeth, closing her eyes as she screamed out even louder.


Whatever words that Carlos wanted to say, it didn't matter. She simply could drown their voices out. Over and over they pounded into her harder and faster. Kelly wanted them to make her cum before she would allow them to alternate for a second double fucking. Ramón took both of his hands back to swat at her ass, slapping it hard each time he thrust into her. The loud slap sounds be heard through out the room, all while Carlos grunted and bucked his hips from under her, as hard as he could. Her huge breasts began to bounce and tremble into Carlos' face. The sticky champagne wiping all over his face while she screamed out more.


"She's fucking demanding it, eh!?"

Ramón couldn't help but chuckle a laugh while he pounded his dick into her thick ass. He brought his hand back and slapped her ass one last time, leaving his hand print over her right cheek. Kelly's nails dug into the couch, poking holes into it as she clenched and began to cry out.


This was it, she couldn't take it anymore. Her legs began to shake as her body erupted into a beautiful orgasm. Carlos breathed in heavily as he felt her juices flooding his cock from within her tight pussy. Just like that, Carlos knew he wanted to shoot his load deep within her. He began to buck his hips harder, faster as he fucked her. He screamed out to his brother.

"Fuck!!! She's already cum! Let's fill her up!"

Moaning, Kelly immediately called out a response to him.

"Yes, I want both of you to shoot your hot load inside me! Cum in my pussy and my ass! Now!!"

"Oh sí, I'm almost ready baby!"

Ramón thought he had some ways to go before he could cum, but he already felt it coming as he slammed into her ass one last time. Carlos closed his eyes and cried out to the beautiful busty goddess.


"Ohhhh, me too! Here it is!"

Kelly laughed. First Carlos and now Ramón both. She took a deep breath before she felt their hot loads exploding within her. Both men moaned out loudly as they felt the pleasure from within. After releasing his cum into her ass, Ramón stepped back and pulled his cock from her dark hole. He watched as the cum began to leak out and run down her leg. Stepping back from her, he slapped her ass one last time to get her attention to compliment her.

"That ass, baby...It's fucking incredible."

Looking over her shoulder, Kelly busted out laughing at him.

"Mmmmmm, yeah! I do love to have a good pounding back there!"

Carlos took a deep breath before looking up at her. She leaned down and pressed a kiss over his lips. It was funny that all this time she had not kissed either of them on the lips. For Kelly, she wanted to be fucked first. More than anything, this was how she planned to spend a weekend out Miami. She kissed Carlos passionately before leaning up. Now, she began to lift herself up and free his cock from her tight pussy. After she stood up, she turned to Ramón and wrapped her arm around his neck. He leaned in, rubbing his body up against her sticky, champagne covered torso and then the two began to kiss. Like before, she kissed him passionately while moaning into his mouth. After breaking the kiss, Kelly clapped her hands.

"Alright, time to switch places I think!"

"You know babe, I got a better idea...Carlos, get up for me."

Ramón ordered his brother to stand up now. If they were going to switch holes, it would be better to do it standing up. Ramón wanted to look at her huge British tits and feel them pressed up against him while he was in her pussy. After thinking about it, Kelly got the hint of what they were gonna do and then she stood and faced Ramón. Experience paid off for her dirty mind.

"Carlos, you take her from behind...I'm up front. Kelly, we gotta lift you up baby."

"That's fine, love!"

Looking back into Ramón's eyes, she winked at him. Kelly placed her hands up on his shoulders while both of their hands wrapped over her hips and sides to begin lifting her up. After her feet were removed from the ground, Kelly wrapped her legs around Ramón's waist. Poking the edge of her high heels into his ass cheeks, while both men held onto her and began guide their cocks into her holes. Kelly moaned just as she felt Carlos' cock entering her ass. Ramón was a little slower, using his hand to guide his dick into her pussy. Once they both got in, she moaned and screamed out for them.

"OHHHHHHHH, YEAH!!!! I'm ready, go ahead! Fuck me again! HARD!!!"

In this position, Kelly found herself smashed between the two Latin hunks again. She closed her eyes as she began to feel their cocks pumping into her. Ramón thrust forward while his eyes looked down at her breasts. Her whole front body was shiny from the sticky champagne that they had sprayed all over her from earlier. Carlos moved both of his hands down to her hips while he began to thrust his cock forward and back into her dark hole. Kelly threw her head back and moaned while yelling out to them yet again.

"Oh my god, YES!!!! This is what I wanted, yes! Oh my god, FUCK ME!!!!"

Carlos couldn't believe how tight her ass was. He bucked his hips forward to pump his cock, all while his brother Ramón was pounding that pussy up front. The two men took turns with their thrusts inside her tight holes. Kelly scraped her nails into Ramón's flesh. His shoulders had small cuts but he couldn't yell out in pain, for the pleasure he was receiving from her pussy was greater than the sharp pain from her nails. Her big wet breasts pushed up against his bare chest and the man moaned out.

"God, Kelly! You're so fucking beautiful!!"

"Oh yeah!? Fuck me, Ramón! And fuck me too, Carlos! FUCK MY ASS!!!"

It was only fair if she spoke to both of them, Kelly felt. Over and over, they slammed their cocks into her together. Carlos pounded his dick faster and harder into her pussy after she screamed it out to him to fuck her ass. Like the first time she had them both fucking her, Kelly wanted them to eventually make her cum again. It was no excuse, to have two men take her on and not have multiple orgasms. She screamed out, once more.

"Make me cum, Ramón! Again! I want to cum again!"

"Holy shit! This bitch don't want to stop fucking us, does she!?

Hearing Carlos' words, Kelly turned over her shoulder and addressed him.

"Nope! Not until all three of us are worn out!"

Ramón pumped his cock into her as fast as he could, while Carlos had to meet with his thrusts. Between the two men pumping into her, Kelly felt her body rock and move back and forth. It was amazing to have herself lodged between both of them like this. Moving her hands from Ramón's shoulders, she pressed into his chest before throwing her head back. Her breasts bounced, along with her beautiful brown hair. Just as she wanted, she was about to cum again. Kelly squealed, her voice crying out almost in a hoarse tone.

"OHHHHHHHH, OHHHHHHHHH!!! Make me cum!!! I'm so close!!!!"

Gritting his teeth, Ramón made one final push into her pussy. Kelly closed her eyes and then screamed out, right on time with the feeling of Carlos pumping into her ass. Her legs shook and her body began to tremble. Just as Kelly began to scream out, Ramón moaned with her. He felt her pussy juices explode around his cock.

"Oh, fuck!"


The two of them had stopped pumping their dicks into her. Carlos knew that if he continued to fuck her ass, he would end up filling her up with his load again. He wanted to fuck her tits once more, before he had his final orgasm. Ramón just moaned at the feeling of her juices flooding over his cock. Carlos yelled out.

"Alright! We made you cum twice! I think it's time now that you made us cum!"

Glancing to his brother, Ramón nodded before Kelly even had a chance to address them.

"Indeed, let's set her down."

"Ohhhhh yeah! I will make you both cum all over me! Let me get back down on my knees!"

Sighing, Carlos began to step back before both of them were lowering her back down while their cocks left her holes. Kelly moved her legs out from Ramón's waist and sat her heels loudly on the floor. Like before, she went back down on her knees. Only this time, she had Carlos to her right and Ramón to the left. She reached her hands up to grab their dicks and begin stroking them. Kelly glanced her eyes up at Ramón and dropped her lip, giving a hint slutty look on her face. Next, she repeated the action towards Carlos. This time, she was planning on sucking both of their dicks and not being interrupted like before. Leaning to her left side, she took Ramón's meat into her mouth and began to slowly bob her head up and down on it while her right hand jerked Carlos' cock. 'Mmmmmm' she moaned into Ramón's shaft before coming up with a loud pop noise. Turning her attention to Carlos, she spoke.

"Don't worry, don't worry! I'm gonna let both of you fuck my boobs again, but first, I want to suck these big fucking dicks!"

"There is absolutely nothing stopping you from that, babe!"

Kelly's eyes looked up at Carlos as he spoke to her. She had a plan for the next titty fucking she was going to do. It was a good thing they didn't completely empty out the champagne bottles over her torso, they would come in handy soon enough. Taking Carlos' meat back into her mouth, she used her left hand to stroke Ramón's cock at the same time she worked her mouth. Over and over, Kelly quickly bobbed her head up and down on Carlos' fat dick. After a while, she came up again with another pop noise. Turning her attention back to Ramón's cock, she spit on it and then plunged her lips back down over it. Her right hand stroked Carlos' meat faster while she bobbed her head up and down like before on Ramón's dick.

Over and over, the buxom British goddess worked between alternating their cocks in her mouth. After sucking a bit on Ramón's meat, she would alternate back to Carlos'. Making sure that she got them nice and wet from her warm mouth. Kelly wanted both of the men to explode for her and load her down, just like the champagne from earlier. It was all a hint, hopefully they didn't need much encouraging. After coming up from Ramón's cock one last time, she stood there stroking both of them in her hands before calling out.

"Guys, I need you to do something for me!"

"What, Kelly?"

She smirked to Ramón after hearing his voice.

"Get the champagne bottles and dump the rest of it all over my boobs! You wanna fuck my tits again, yes? Get them nice and slippery. I want them soaking wet!"

"Holy fucking shit, you are one kinky bitch!"

Hearing Carlos compliment her, she laughed and looked back at him.

"I heard you the first time that you said that about me! And yes, I am! Don't lie, you are enjoying this!"

Her thick English accent sounded so sexy to his ears. Both of them didn't bother arguing with her. Carlos grabbed the bottle from the coffee table before Ramón put his hands around the opposite bottle. Kelly straightened herself up on her knees and moved to put her hair behind her shoulders. It was a wonder the champagne had not gotten into her hair from earlier, but she was going to take advantage of this. Looking around the room, she remembered that she had a pony tail over by a lamp near the couch.

"Oh, yeah! Another thing! Can one of you get me that little pony tail over there, please?"

She pointed to the lamp stand close by. Carlos nodded.

"Sure, babe..but only cause you said please."

Kelly waited for a bit, letting him walk over and grab the little black ponytail band. Carlos handed it to her and then she curled up her long brown hair into one big pony tail and used the round band to tie it up behind her shoulders. She could concentrate better on titty fucking when her hair was pinned back.

"Since you got it for me, you get to go first."

Winking at Carlos, she turned to look at Ramón and addressed him.

"I hope you don't mind waiting."

He shook his head.

"No, not at all!"

Still holding the champagne bottle, Carlos looked down and watched Kelly grab her massive breasts and hold them up. She looked up at him and nodded.

"Go ahead, empty that bottle on my tits!"

Carlos tilted the bottle, watching the rest of the liquid pour out over her breasts. The alcoholic substance bubbled up before running off the edges of her skin. Kelly pulled her breasts apart so a river of the champagne could flow right where his cock was going to be in a few seconds. More of the champagne flowed down like a river, making a mess into the carpet on the floor under her. After the bottle was empty, he sat it down on the coffee table behind him and then Kelly pulled her dripping wet breasts apart. Carlos pushed his long cock between them and then she closed her tits together and began to rock them back and forth. He put his hand down on her shoulder to begin pumping between her tits.

"Yeah! That's it! Fuck those big tits!!!"

Due to the champagne all over her breasts, her skin was slick and wet. Carlos' cock glided easily and fast between her breasts. He moved his other hand to lock onto her shoulder and began to buck his hips hard. His cock made slippery sounds from between the flesh of her breasts. She laughed looking up in his face. It was amazing how fast his cock was moving between her wet tits. Over and over, his cock pumped between her massive breasts. Carlos grunted and screamed out.

"Fuck, woman! You got the best tits I have ever had!"

Laughing at him, Kelly replied while pressing her breasts together harder.

"Oh yeah!? Nothing beats nice big titties, huh? Fuck 'em!!"

Harder, Carlos thrust his cock between her tits. He couldn't believe how easily his dick was pumping between her tits due to all the champagne that made her skin so slippery. Grunting, he did not want this pleasure to end but he knew that if he continued, he would end up cumming. Already, he was so close to blowing his load. He began to slow down before coming to a stop. Panting in his breath, he spoke to her.

"God...These tits are amazing, but I'm about to blow!"

From those words, Kelly turned her head to look over her left side. It was now Ramón's turn and he patiently had waited holding the other champagne bottle in his hands. Kelly had let go of her breasts to allow Carlos' dick the freedom from her grasp. Turning over to Ramón, she held her huge boobs up for him and let him empty the champagne bottle over them. He turned the bottle upside down hard, simply allowing all the liquid to quickly run out from the bottle and splash over her breasts. She pulled her tits apart, making sure to get a stream of the champagne running from the middle and down her chest. At this point, Kelly's body was completely soaked and sticky from the alcoholic drink. This was two entire bottles dumped over her torso and she loved the feeling. Ramón dropped the bottle down on the floor gently, not giving a fuck at all about it leaking over the floor. Finally, Kelly pulled her slippery tits apart and wrapped them around his meaty dick. Taking a deep breath as she looked up into his eyes.

"Come on, fuck my tits!!!"

Ramón brought both of his hands down on her shoulders and began to pound his hips forward. Much like Carlos, only slightly more aggressive. Kelly held her breasts together as tightly as she could as Ramón's rod began to pound easily, pumping up and down between her huge boobs. She breathed in, moaning. It was unbelievable how easily these men could pump their cocks between her tits. All due to the sticky wetness from the champagne. Ramón grunted and began to pump faster between her breasts.


Kelly dropped her lower lip and gasped just as her voice had raised to screaming at him. She could see the feeling all over his face, the man was in heaven. She loved to have her tits fucked, they were big and built just for it. Over and over, Ramón pounded between those lovely breasts.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah!!! You having the time of your life between these big boobs, huh!?"

"Fucking yes!!! These tits are amazing!"

"Yeah!!! Fuck 'em! Fuck my tits with your big cock!!"

The slickness over her skin caused his cock to glide so easily between her breasts, just like when his brother was between those tits before him. Ramón had slowed down, knowing that his time to blow was coming so soon. With a few final thrusts between her amazing breasts, he finally stopped and took a deep breath.

"Kelly baby, I'm ready to cum."

Looking up at him, she nodded.

"Alright, love! Are you both ready to cum all over my face!? My face is the only thing that isn't sticky right now!"

Fuck...I am gonna load you down, kinky bitch. You deserve some cum!"

She glanced over at Carlos upon hearing his words. She gave him a wink.

"Yeah, that's what I want! I want your cum all over my face!"

Letting go of her breasts to allow Ramón to slip his dick out from her, Kelly stood there on her knees and got in position. Both men took their champagne-coated rods into their hands and went to stroking them while aiming at her face. This was the true reason she wanted her hair wrapped up in a ponytail. It gave them a better striking point with her face. Looking up at them, she giggled in her thick English accent while watching them stroke their cocks.

"Are you both gonna load me down in that hot spunk?"

"Oh yeah babe, you know it!"

She glanced up at Ramón after he spoke.

"Yeah, give it to me! Give me that cum! CUM ALL OVER ME, YES!!! I WANT IT!"

"Here's what you're gonna get, kinky bitch!"

Her eyes looked up at Carlos to answer him.

"Yes, I want it!"


"Yes, yes!! Hot! OHHHH!!!"

It was Carlos who had spoken first but it didn't matter as both of them had cum at the same time. Kelly kept her eyes open and felt a long string of cum shoot up the left side of her forehead right at the same time another line went over her forehead's right side and streaking into her hair. She dropped her lip and gasped.

"Oh my god!"

Carlos' dick shot a thick wad over her left cheek, dripping down from her nose. At the same time, Ramón's cock shot another line up her forehead that painted over a previous line to create an 'X'. Kelly blinked her eyes just as she felt a thick wad shoot into her left eyebrow, it dripped down and she spoke again.

"Yes!!! Cum all over me, oh my god!"

Finally, she was forced to close her eyes just before another string of cum shot over her face and went into her left eye lid. More cum shot up her forehead in streaking lines creating a messy pattern in their sticky semen. As their cocks were draining from the stroke of their hands, eventually the spurts of cum became less and less. Ramón aimed his down to finish off the final drops over her huge tits. Carlos  put his hand on the back of her head to push her forward and move his cock towards her mouth. He wanted to feel her suck his cum out.

"Drain me of my final drops, baby."

Kelly moaned over his shaft before pushing her lips together and sucking on it. She milked him of the final drops before releasing him from her mouth and then swallowing it. Slowly, she blinked her eyes before opening them and looking up at both of them. Her face was a complete mess in their cum, even with a bit of it in her hair. She laughed at them in her thick English accent before speaking again.

"Thanks guys, I haven't been fucked like this in almost a whole year."



The palm trees remained still in the darkening view outside the window. It was just an hour after 5 and the sunset was coming down, changing the sky into an array of colors. Ramón looked out the window to his apartment, starring into his reflection as he raised a glass to his lips and took a sip. Many wonderful thoughts had ran through his mind over the days. For one thing, he didn't have to hear his brother complain about anything the past few days. Carlos seemed to be walking on cloud 9 after the day they spent with Kelly Brook. But still, Ramón couldn't help but keep the secret of who she truly was. There was no need for Carlos to know the fact.

Who knew Kelly Brook was such a kinky woman in the bedroom? That was a question he kept asking himself over and over the past few nights before going to sleep. It may have just been another famous name that he had slept with, but she was something else of an animal. A party was coming up next week at Disco Fever, it was a shame that she wouldn't be there. Kelly had told him that she was leaving Miami this week to head back to L.A. The party was truly the last thing on Ramón's mind right now, but next week was going to be loaded with action. Maybe he would get lucky again, he thought to himself.

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Big Booty Bitches Ch.13
Starring: Salma Hayek, Emily Ratajkowski

Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Anal

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

Miami, Florida

Nightfall had come just an hour ago as the busy night began to unravel. It was always madness of parties throughout town, but Disco Fever was having something of a special party on this Wednesday night. Everything had been set in motion and pre-planned one week in advance for a special, expesive social gathering. This was a night for the Diaz family and a couple close friends, the true party would be upstairs in the V.I.P. room. Tony was confident that this plan would pay off, as there was a big surprise he was containing for his brother.

The date with Salma Hayek had turned out to be something of a blossoming relationship, almost overnight. Tony could not keep his distance from Salma, who had almost moved in with him back at the yacht. Maybe it was something that could develop over time, or perhaps just friends with a lust for one another. He wasn't sure yet, but he enjoyed the company she gave him and leisure time they had been spending together. She had taken part with the planning for this party. It was Salma who came up with the idea to surprise Steven with a little someone to meet. At least to her, she wasn't sure if he had trusted her yet. Their meeting last week didn't give her much of a reading on Steven. Hopefully with a beautiful date, Salma could shake him into a trusting bond.

Steven figured Tony's actions recently was just to impress Salma. The blowing of money on a toy such as the Scarab speed boat seemed like nothing more than a move to try and build his image to that woman. Steven didn't quite understand what the deal was yet with those two having a relationship, but maybe he would after tonight. It remained on his mind as he drove his Cadillac down the dark streets lit up by the street poles. Something about Salma was mysterious and strange to him, it didn't make sense how she appeared out of nowhere in their lives. Steven felt there was more a catch somewhere with her, but it would take some time to figure it out. Still, he would have a hard time trusting her until he learned whatever secrets she could be holding.

He pulled the Cadillac into the back of the club, parking in the usual spot for him. The wind began to blow, rustling through the palm tress as the sound of thunder crackled through the sky. It was a fine night for a party, just nice enough to make one forget about the storm coming. Steven got out of his car and took the walk to the back door to enter the club. He wore his black suit for a change, only with a bright neon yellow undershirt behind the unbuttoned jacket. His thoughts changed completely by the time he stepped into the club. The loud dance music was a charming welcome, the night life was his true home. Up the stairs, he went. Walking towards the white V.I.P. door where he saw Maria waiting for him.

"Finally, there you are. Just, oh my god...Señor Tony has been waiting for you the past hour, you know how impatient he gets."

"Yeah, I know Maria. Thanks for looking out."

"No problem, enjoy yourself in there."

The young blonde winked at him. That gesture was only a slight hint of what was awaiting the man behind the door. Steven stepped in and then walked down the hall. He moved past the one small hall that led to the lounge area that didn't have a door. He knew Tony all too well, if he had a private party planned, then it would be behind a closed door. Once he got past the office rooms, he saw the door to the other lounge area. A bodyguard outside simply nodded at Steven and then he opened the door walking in. Steven was greeted to the smiling face of his brother.

"Finally, you've made it!"

"Hey Tony, what was the special occasion you wanted me to come for?"

"Oh, you'll see soon enough..."

Loud heels were heard clicking over the floor as a woman approached Steven to the left, calling out to him in her thick accent.

"You've made it just in time."

He turned around and was greeted to the face of Salma Hayek. She had a smug grin over her face, the grin of a winner. Her long black hair was pinned back in a ponytail, while her dress revealed that signature amazing cleavage. A man could get so distracted looking at Salma's rack, but Steven avoided the temptation and smiled back to her.

"Hello Salma, nice to see you again."

"Likewise, Steven...I'm glad you came, I've got someone I want to introduce you to."

Salma turned and looked behind her. She gave a nod and then from the distance, a young woman stepped forward. Steven looked on as he saw a pretty face with puffy lips and big brown eyes. The girl stepped forward in one of the most revealing dresses he had ever seen. It was a V cut design that moved over her breasts, revealing the middle of her chest and giving ample view of a big cleavage. The V cut ended all the way down her belly button. Steven could tell just from this revealing dress, she had a tight fit body. A magnificent beauty standing right before him. Salma spoke again.

"Steven, this is a friend of mine...meet Emily. Emily Ratajkowski."

"Hello, hello..."

His eyes looked over the girl as he reached his hand up for her. Emily took his hand and watched as he lowered his head and kissed her hand. Steven was quite taken away by her beauty alone. What a surprise that Salma had planned for him. This was all part of her plan to hook Emily up with a nice date outside of Hollywood.

"You must be Steven Diaz."

"That's right, I am...I know you're probably used to getting told this, but wow. You're one very pretty girl."

Emily smiled at him before responding.

"Yeah, but thanks! I've heard a lot about you."

"Oh have you?"

Salma watched them interacting with words, just as she decided to interrupt them speaking.

"I've told her all about you, as well as Tony."

The older woman winked at Steven and then began to walk off and rejoin Tony at the bar. Drinks were waiting for them, specifically. Steven thought for a second that this surprise date was quite convenient. Why would Salma bring this cute girl to him? Was it to try and buy his trust or was there something else in the making here? Whatever it was, he didn't want to think about it right now. He smiled back to Emily and began to walk over to the couch. He wanted to learn more about her, already he was taking guesses.

"So, you've got one killer body. I take it that you model or something?"

Emily giggled, sitting down on the couch next to him.

"Yes, I do! I model and I've been in some movies. That is how I met Salma just last year."

"Oh yeah, you're in movies? Anything I would recognize?"

"Maybe, have you watched Gone Girl?"

He nodded his head. Emily smiled big, this was something she enjoyed to bring up. So far, it was the biggest movie of her career.

"Remember where Ben Affleck had a young mistress in the movie?"

Instantly, Steven gasped before speaking.

"Holy shit, that was you!?"

She nodded with a big smile on her face. He leaned back on the couch, grinning as he thought to himself.

"Wow, you were amazing in that film. Had I been in Ben's shoes for that film, I would have been trying to ride off into the sunset with you."

Emily laughed as Steven spoke back up. He had a better idea, something that could be of a date to them. It would give them privacy away from Tony and Salma.

"You know, how about we go out and have some fun? You ever been in Miami before, Emily?"

She shook her head.

"I've been here before, but never really had the time to enjoy the place."

"Well come on, we can go cruising. The city is beautiful around this time of night."

Rising from the couch, Steven offered his hand to her. She looked up into his eyes before she took a hold of his hand. Together, they began to walk to the door. It was then, that Salma watched them from the corner of her eye. She stood at the bar next to Tony who just smiled at her and spoke.

"Steven likes a little more privacy with a date."

"I see...You think he likes her, Tony?"

Tony looked at Salma and laughed before replying.

"He's got that look in his eye, that much I can tell you."

Salma looked back and smiled at her man, leaning over to kiss him on his lips. Emily had asked her a few weeks ago about setting up a date with an older man. She hoped this would give Steven someone to rely on, and maybe he would learn to trust her after this. Emily was a good girl, as far as Salma could tell. Salma had a good feeling about this meeting a week before and now, she felt even better seeing them together. Time would tell where it would go.



The bright lights sped by in a stream through the darkness, all the sights from the windows of the Cadillac. Steven had promised to take Emily out of the club and let her see the town. Sadly, the weather could possibly ruin their night as the forecast was thunderstorms. So far, no rain had come down over the car. Emily sat back in the passenger seat of the car, watching the lights go by. Steven was taking her to a special spot on the outskirts of the whole Downtown area. Somewhere that was always beautiful late at night where she could see the causeway bridge and the pretty lights. Driving along, he spoke up.

"So, how long have you known Salma? Seems like only yesterday she's become a part of my brother's life."

Emily smiled, looking over at him before replying.

"About two years. I met her in Hollywood when I was getting my start with films. She helped me with a little project when no one else would."

She glanced over at him before looking back out the window. Something about him, she knew that there was other things on his mind. Maybe that was why he got her away from the club. Steven spoke up.

"That's nice of her, I was just curious."

"Is there a real reason you seem so...suspicious of Salma?"

Steven laughed, pulling the car up near the docks. They had arrived early to their destination and now he was able to stop the car, parking it in a little space. It was funny to him that she was able to read him so easily. He smiled, turning to her.

"How did you know?"

"It's painted all over your face. I'm guessing that you might be a little protective over your brother. If not that, I'd assume you were jealous of him getting to bang her."

With the car stopped, he laughed at the young woman before smiling over at her. It was kinda cute to ask him if he was jealous, but that was not the case.

"Believe me, I'm not jealous of that at all. It's just kinda odd how she came out of nowhere into his life, if you get what I'm saying."

"I know what you mean. So, this is the place you wanted to show me?"

"Yes, come on let's get out. The city is beautiful from here."

Together, they opened the doors of the car and stepped out. Emily from the passenger's side while Steven climbed out from the driver's door. The wind struck across her face, blowing her brunette hair around. Emily stood, looking over sky with the big buildings across the water. The lights were beautiful this time of night, regardless that it appeared a thunderstorm was headed their way. Steven joined her off to the side by the car. They were parked right at a pier, where she could overlook the view of lights and the Venetian Causeway close by. Emily turned and smiled to him before speaking.

"This is pretty...So, this is your idea for a romantic get away, yes?"

Steven shook his head, just smiling to her before he responded.

"Somewhat, I guess. You seem like someone who has seen a lot of clubs, so I didn't know if you wanted to be stuck back there."

"Yeah, I go out a lot when I'm in L.A. or London."

"If you don't mind me asking Emily, how old are you?"

She turned and grinned at him, just before answering.

"I'm 25."

"Wow, don't you think I might be a little too old for you? I'm 40 years old as a man...You're a couple years older than my son."

Emily laughed at him while shaking her head. At the moment, she simply did not believe him.

"Oh my god, you're kidding right? You're only 40, so how could you have a son in their 20's?"

"Well, it's explainable babe...Let's consider it this way; you're a dumb teenager and knock up your high school sweetheart before graduation. So, what else are you gonna do after that? You drop out, take up some jobs to become a responsible adult. It was your mistake, you pay the price for it."

She laughed at him while shaking her head.

"Wow, that's...remarkable. I don't know what to say. Both my parents were much older than that when they had me."

"Yeah, that's smarter than me. But, what else are you supposed to do? You fuck up like that in life, you have to work through it."

"Yes, I see what you mean."

Looking up into his eyes, Emily spoke again while she went to grab his hand.

"That is why I rather date an older man. You seem to know what you are doing in life."

Steven looked at her rather surprised as she spoke.

"Are you sure about that?"

She smiled.

"Yes, I'm sure. That's why Salma hooked us up tonight, I've been looking for a new date for some time."

"Do you kiss on the first date?"

Shaking her head, Emily laughed.

"No! On the second, maybe!"

He laughed at her, nodding his head. The thunder crackled in the sky, giving the warning that the rain was coming real soon. A bolt of lightning was seen in their eyes flashing down over the water.

"Alright, I like that in a girl. We better get out of here since it looks like some bad weather is coming."

"I like it, actually. Rain washes away the old and delivers change."

"That's an interesting way to look at, I'll have to keep that in mind."

Emily smirked, nodding her head.

"Yes, keep it in mind. If you want, you can go ahead and take me home. How about we hook up tomorrow, Steven? If you're not busy, I'll be back at my hotel."

"Yeah, sure..."

Before he could finish responding to her, the dark skies had finally opened up and the rain began to pour down on them. Steven raced across the other end of the car to climb back into the driver's side, while Emily opened the door and moved into the passenger's door like before. When the doors shut, he went for the key in the ignition to start the car up. He had to drive her home as the rain began to pound a rhythm of beating over the car. Emily spoke again.

"I have a hot tub back at the hotel, you're welcome to join me tomorrow for another date..."

"I would love that, it's been a long time since I've been in a hot tub."

"Really!? You're rich and you've got money! Why don't you treat yourself?"

He shook his head, laughing at her suggestion. While he did have the money, he wasn't like Tony. Steven preferred to live a more quiet life, not blowing all his money on luxury gifts and for status to impress women.

"I like to life a quiet life, not so much into splurging money left and right on stuff I don't exactly need. Since you're invite me over to enjoy some hot tub time with you, that is a date I am not going to pass up on you Emily."

"Great, we're gonna have a lot of fun on the second date. I'll be looking forward to this Steven."

"So will I, Emily."



Laughter filled the cabin back at the yacht as Salma tugged Tony's hand, inviting him in. They had spent the night drinking back at the club for their little private party. While Steven and Emily left early, that just left more drinks on the table for Tony and Salma. They decided to retreat back to the yacht after finishing off a bottle of wine and drinking half of another. Tony's mind may have been swimming around in alcohol but that wouldn't prevent him from focusing on Salma at the moment as she had brought him into the master cabin bedroom. Her high heels stomped loudly over the floor. He sat on the bed, looking up at her while she placed her hands on her hips and addressed him.

"I think we've had a little too much to drink, Tony."

He looked up at her, laughing while shaking his head.

"You think? No, I KNOW we've had too much to drink!"

Salma grinned big. The look on her face was enough to tell him that she was hungry, like an animal. She reached her hand back to unpin her hair from the ponytail. Allowing her dark hair to flow down her shoulders naturally. Next, she fell down to her knees. Tony knew what was coming next. Her hand went up to the front of his pants, already seeing that he had a bulge.

"Good thing we were in private most of the night. Don't try and deny it, you had this bulge sticking out of your pants over an hour ago!"

Tony shook his head, laughing at her.

"I can't deny it, but how can I resist when you keep shoving those big tits in my face!?"

She smirked at him while pulling his belt buckle playfully.

"Oh, I dress to impress, alright. Stand up and take your pants off for me, I want your cock and I want it right now!"

"As you wish, mi amor."

"I'll get your shoes off, just to help you out."

Tony stood up from the bed and unbuckled his belt, only to shove his pants and underwear down at the same time. Salma went for his left foot, shaking off his shoe to toss it to the side. After he pushed his pants down to his ankles, he sat back down on the bed and she pulled his other shoe off. With him sitting on the bed, this allowed Salma to pulled his pants and underwear and slide them right off. Meanwhile, Tony unbuttoned his jacket and shirt and threw them off to the corner of the room. Within minutes, the man sat naked on the bed. Salma remained in her expensive dress, causing Tony to make a joke about it.

"How come I have no clothes on, but you're still dress?"

Laughing at him, Salma ran her hand up to grab his cock and wrap her fingers around it. She smirked up at him while sitting on her knees, stroking his shaft.

"That's simple, Tony! I wanted you naked."

Salma leaned her head down and kissed the head of his cock. She came off the kiss with a loud pop noise and spoke again.

"Besides, I wanted your cock and I have it now."

Ignoring him, she lowered her neck and took his meat into her mouth completely. Moaning into the shaft, she removed her hand and pushed both of her hands down on his legs while beginning to bob her head up and down. Tony moaned, just the sight of this woman sucking away at his cock was enough to make anyone feel like they were living in a dream. Salma moaned, slobbering all over his shaft as her mouth made loud sucking noises. After a good bit of sucking, she came up with a loud pop noise and then gritted her teeth. She looked up at him and spoke in her heavy Mexican accent.

"Dis cock...is all mine."

"Yes, it's all yours baby."

She flicked her tongue back and spit on the head. Rubbing her saliva in with her hand, Salma moaned. Going back down, she began to bob her head once more on his cock. Taking it all the way down to the back of her throat. Tony groaned feeling the head of his cock slamming to the back of her throat. Over and over, she sucked him furiously to devour his meat. Tony closed his eyes before reopening it to the feeling of Salma sliding her mouth at the head. She popped her lips off his rod and then wrapped her fingers around. She brought her mouth down and began to slurp on his balls. Tony moaned out to her.

"Maldito! Yeah, suck those balls baby! I love it when you get them all wet."

Salma's eyes shot back up at him while her hand stroked his cock. She looked up at him with eye contact while her mouth sucked on his left nut before moving over to the right. Strings of saliva dripped down from his nuts to the floor. After applying just enough saliva equally on his balls, she moved her lips back to his rod. Opening her mouth, Salma used her tongue to lick the underside of his cock while moaning into it. 'Mmmmmmm'. While she could have easily brought his rod back into her mouth, she had a better idea in mind. Looking back up at him, she smirked.

"How about you fuck my tits, Tony?"

He laughed, nodding his head to her.

"Oh si, have you ever had a man turn down that kind of offer?"

Shaking her head, she giggled at him.

"Absolutely not! I like to ask anyway though, just to tease!"

Still laughing at her, Tony nodded.

"You're very good at that, babe."

Moving her hands away from his cock, Salma had to get herself out of the dress. She rose from her knees, and then unzipped the back of it. Thankfully, this was an easier dress to get out of. She kept her high heels on and what was under was only a little thong. After she pulled the zipper down, she loosened the straps on her shoulders so she could allow the dress to fall down and then step out of it. Tony decided to get up from the bed, setting his feet onto the floor. Since she asked for him to fuck her tits, he wanted to be standing so he could properly give them the pumping they deserved. After Salma disposed of her dress, letting it fall to the floor in a pile, she placed on her tits and fell back down to her knees. Her eyes looked up at Tony who was standing up with his long shaft in his hand. Looking up into his eyes, she pushed apart her tits for him.

"Go on, get that big cock between them...I want to feel it."

Tony moved his fingers down at the base of his cock and then, guided it between Salma's perfect breasts. She squeezed her tits around it before looking down, spitting on the head of his cock. Now in perfect position, Tony began to thrust his hips forward to begin fucking her tits. Salma moaned.

"Mmmmmm, yeah! That's it, mi amor! Fuck my tits! Fuck 'em hard!!"

Salma looked at him in the eyes as she felt his hard cock driving back and forth between her boobs. He placed his hand down on her shoulder as he began to pump harder and faster, fucking her tits.

"Mmmmmm, yeah! That's it! Keep fucking my tits! HARDER TONY!!!"


Finally, she had awakened the animal inside of him. It didn't matter how many drinks they had tonight, Salma was bound and determined that they would wake up tomorrow naked between the sheets. Over and over, Tony pounded his rod between her huge breasts. Her body jerked a bit due to the aggressive thrusts, but she wasn't complaining. This was the side of him she wanted to come out after the drinks they shared. Leaning her head down, she opened her mouth and tried to lick the head each time it pumped up between her tits. Tony groaned, loving every second of this pleasure.

"God, I love these tits!!

"Yes jou do!! Fuck 'em, Tony!!"

Her thick Mexican accent came out with her words slurring while she responded to him. Salma wanted him to cum, and she wanted that hot load and was ready to beg for it. Tony groaned, breathing heavily as he continued to pump away between her breasts. She screamed at him in her heavy accent.


"What Salma!? You want me to fucking cum all over you!?"


Gritting his teeth, Tony just couldn't hold back. She knew with the intensity of how fast he pumped his dick between her breasts that he was close to blowing his load. Finally, he came to a stop. Salma let go of her breasts to allow him the chance to grab a hold of his cock once it was free. He went to stroking his dick, aiming right at her tits. She placed her hands under her breasts to hold them up and with a big smile on her face, she teased him with her nasty words in her thick accent.

"Yes!!! Go right on ahead, Tony! Cum all over mah huge tits!"

Had he not been caught up in the moment trying to jack himself off as fast as possible to cum for her, he might have laughed over her accent. Tony loved hearing Salma's voice but right now, all he could do was grunt and yell for her.

"Here it is baby, OHHHHHH!!"

Salma closed her eyes just in time to feel his warm cum splashing over her lovely skin. The first wave of cum was powerful, shooting up her right breast. Salma gasped her breath, just as she felt the next wad of cum splashing over her left breast equally. Tony groaned and shot another load, a sticky one up both her tits and stretching up to her neck.

"Mmmmmmm, that's it baby! Just cum all over me, mmmmmmm. So hot and sticky!"

Tony groaned, draining his balls all over her gorgeous rack. The final strings of cum he shot over her were weak compared to the first loads. Once it seemed like he was done, he moved closer towards her. Squeezing his cock as hard as he could, he drained the final drops over her right nipple. Salma looked down, satisfied at the mess he made over her. Salma smiled up at him, Tony spoke to her.

"God, I hope you liked that!"

"Ohhhhhhh, I did Tony. You came all over me, look at this mess."

"Yeah, I sure did!"

He laughed at her, watching her look down before she took one hand and scooped up some of the cum. Salma fed her cum coated hand to her mouth, slurping his seed off her skin.

"Let me lick it up first...I want you to fuck me."

"Ohhhh, I'm gonna fuck you alright, Salma baby."

His eyes watched her as she used her hands to wipe up the cum and consume it into her mouth. Salma took her time, licking up his mess. It took her a little bit of time to clean herself up, but once she was done, she smiled up at him. Tony offered her his hand, pulling her up from her knees. She still wore the black thong that was under her dress, but that would be removed soon. Since she had told him that she wanted to be fucked, Tony knew exactly how he was going to take his woman. Salma stood in her heels and smirked to him before speaking.

"I'm ready to be fucked now!"

"Yes you are, come on, bend over the bed for me, baby!"

"Ohhhhh, so you wanna fuck me...doggy style?"

Tony nodded his head to her. It had been a while since Salma had been fucked from this position, she thought to herself. Taking in a deep breath, she placed her hands on the front of the bed and pushed her ass out for him. Tony walked behind her to move and get himself in the right spot to begin. His eyes gazed down at Salma's thick ass. She had one of the best he had ever seen, he couldn't help but run his hand down and softly caress her skin under the thong. With a quick tug, he pushed the thong down to fall to her feet. Salma gasped for air as she felt the cool breeze hitting over her naked body. Her pussy was dripping wet, just begging for his cock. Tony brought his hand back and smacked the left cheek of her ass. Salma moaned.

"Ohh!! I always know you like to spank it."

Another spank was equally placed on her right cheek. Tony laughed as he kept his hand down on her ass while his other hand held his cock, ready to guide it into her loving hole.

"Oh yes, I do!"

With Salma in this position, Tony grinned to himself. He knew how he was going to fuck her now. It gave him the perfect position to take both: her ass and pussy. While she expected him to push into her loving hole, he put both hands on her ass cheeks and pulled them apart. Seconds later, Salma felt the head of his cock pushing into her back door hole. She gasped for breath, moaning out to him.


"Yeah baby, I'm gonna fuck this amazing ass!!"

She didn't expect him to take her ass first but she knew that he wouldn't pass it up. Salma closed her eyes while her big breasts began to shake and bounce up and down from under her. Tony didn't hold back at first, pumping his cock into her ass and then fucking her nice and hard. Each time he thrust into her ass, his balls would slap up against her and create a slight smacking sound. Scraping her nails into the bed sheets, Salma moaned out to him.

"Yes, yes, YES!!!! FUCK MY ASS TONY, HARDER!!!!"

To feel his thick rod slamming into her bowels like this, was just enough to get Salma energetic. Over and over, Tony pounded his cock deep within her. He was in full control tonight, fucking her luscious body to the max. They may have been older people, but that didn't stop them from fucking like they were still young. His hand reared back before smacking her plump rear end. Pumping his cock into her ass, he reached his hand back and smacked her again. It was time for her pussy, but Tony had other ideas for this position. He pulled his cock out of her ass and then slapped her right cheek to get her attention while stepping back.

"Salma baby, turn around! Ahora mismo!"

His words in Spanish were just another command for 'right now'. Salma moved her hands from the sheets and quickly turned herself around to face him. Tony did the rest of the work while she spread her legs. He moved those strongly built legs and arched them over her shoulders. It didn't matter that Salma recently had turned 50 years old. She still had a body built for fucking and was incredibly in shape. He rammed his cock into her pussy, while holding both legs up over his shoulders. The high heels pointed upward and Salma looked up at him and moaned before yelling to him.


Her huge tits began to bounce and shake as he thrust into her, bucking his hips wildly. Salma loved it when a man could take control like this. Tony had showed he could do it just minutes earlier when he chose her ass first, but now he was rocking her gorgeous body with each moment of pumping his cock into her tight pussy. She brought her hands up to her breasts, looking him in the eyes as she squeezed them. She decided to call him out in Spanish.

"Joderme como una puta!"

Salma specifically told him to fuck her 'like a whore'. Tony heard her words and thrust into her harder and faster. Her huge breasts bounced up and down even in the grip of her hands. Salma moaned out louder, while Tony yelled to her.

"Oh yeah, baby!!! I want to make you cum!"


Her thick Mexican accent slurred her words once again. Over and over, Tony pumped his cock deep within her, ready to make her cum and for himself. He wanted to shoot his hot load inside her, to share their love for all time sake. Salma had moved her hands from her tits and now he looked down and watched her beautiful perfection while those big tits bounced around. Salma moaned, almost crying out to him as her time was running out. Soon, she was going to cum.

"TONY!!!!! I'm gonna....I'm gonna..."

"You're gonna cum for me, mi amor!?"

"YES I AM!!!!"

Screaming out to him, Salma wasn't expecting it when he moved his hands off her legs and used them to push down on her stomach. She proved just how flexable she was in and perfect shape at the age of 50 when she bent her legs as he leaned down, keeping them locked over his shoulders. Salma closed her eyes and leaned her head back to softly moan, just as her body began to shake and her climax was reached. Tony took one final thrust into her and then screamed out.


"Mmmmmmmm, that's it! Cum for me Tony, mmmmmm!!"

With her eyes closed, Salma experienced the full satisfaction of feeling him shoot his cum deep inside her. Tony moaned, as he came to a complete stop and just released within her, right at the same time that she had hit her own orgasm. It was an incredible feeling, a perfect way to end the night after the drinking they had done back at the club hours earlier. Salma pulled her legs apart to move them off his shoulders just as he began to lean up and look back down at her. Opening her eyes once more, she looked up at him. He had to catch his breath while she spoke.

"That...is how I like it. You know how to fuck me."

"Yes, I do baby."

"We better get some rest or else, we will be sleeping in most of tomorrow."

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