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Author Topic: Christina Hendricks and Lynn Gunn idea  (Read 939 times)


Christina Hendricks and Lynn Gunn idea
« on: April 06, 2021, 04:40:28 PM »
I did a roleplay with someone else and have an outline for a story I'd like to see written on here. Both Lynn and Christina have cocks(I prefer it this way). Christina has not had sex since the pandemic began. Lynn has a midriff baring outfit typical of a PVRIS concert and Christina has a flowery dress.
The idea is that Lynn visits Christina(who gets her hard immediately as Lynn found out she was gay watching mad men ), has a beer with her, and then the fun begins. Christina's decides to get Lynn to strip to see her butt and then eats her ass out after she twerks her late 20's butt. Lynn thinks it tickles. Christina herself gets really hard, she strips and they go to the bedroom. She puts lube on her cock and breaks her dry spell by fucking Lynn(on all fours).  Lynn cums on the bedsheets and Christina cums in the gay singer's ass. They both then cuddle together and think of other ideas.


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