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Author Topic: 3rd Chromosome: Rivalry 2  (Read 2952 times)


3rd Chromosome: Rivalry 2
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"It's not going to work." Chloe put down her wine glass.

"Are you sure?" Her host replied.

"Quite." Chloe picked at some lint on her shirt. "Taylor is very particular and I don't think I can suddenly arrange something. She'll be suspicious."

"Hmm," Katy Perry replied while contemplating. "Can you try anyway?"

"I will." Chloe's phone beeped. The blonde glanced at it then hoisted her purse. "I got to go. Gigi is asking for some 'relaxation'"

Katy stood to hug her guest. As she did everyone got an eye full of what she was wearing: A sundress that did little to hide her curvaceous figure. Her large tits practically bursting free from the top; one sneeze and her boobs would be on full display. The floral print seemed to just hug her waist; billowing out as it reached her ass. Yet, that's not the only reason it was billowing. Katy, the 3C that she was, was hyper endowed. Her thick cock jutted out from her groin, her two overly large testicles pushing it out even further. No one could guess how big she was, but definitely massive. The pair hugged, the overall larger Katy Perry nearly sucking Chloe Grace into her void. The smaller 3C swelled a little as her body touched Katy's. So damn sexy!

"I'll be in touch." Chloe turned and left; her small ass shaking as she went. Anyone looking from the front however would see Chloe's dick swelling against tight blue jeans.

Katy Perry sighed and downed the last of her wine. I'm going to end this rivalry, one way or another.


Katy watched as the two ladies danced before her. Each one an embodiment of sexuality. Their bodies drenched in sweat as the duo moved; their tight bodies rocking to some heavy dance music. Katy's massive member stuck out between her legs. It was, as expected, diamond hard. The large head, bigger than an orange, was nearly crimson red as she watched her two beauties move about. She favored the latina more; she had a bit more junk in the trunk and was shaking it wonderfully. Does she do anal? Not that the redhead was bad either; her freckled skin glistened with sweat. As Katy watched her move and her large tits gyrate, she had to wonder if her freckles went all the way down.

The black haired futa reached down to massage her member but stopped when her phone rang. Chloe. She raised up a finger and the music lowered and her ladies stopped dancing.


"Everything is set." Chloe's voice came through clear as day. Katy felt like she just won a Grammy. This reward might even be better than her 14 people's choice awards.

"That's great!" Katy responded, her smile beaming. "Anything I should know?"

"I told her I want to try something new. Also you owe me. Big time. I'll decide what later."

"Anything you want."

"Great." Chloe was wearing a large grin, but Katy couldn't see that through the phone. "Tomorrow night at 7. I'll text the address."

The phone clicked and Katy was beaming. That little blonde skank did it! "Good news?"

That was the latina. What was her name? Sophia? Sadie? It didn't matter really. "Yes, very good news. Turn that music back up, I'm gonna show you a new dance."


Chloe put the phone down, a sudden wave of exhaustion hitting her.


"It's set." Chloe responded, rubbing her temples. Celebrity politics.

"Excellent." The room's other occupant replied, a look of glee on their face.

"This had better work, or produce no results whatsoever." Chloe replied. "It's my ass on the line, not yours."

"And what a fine ass it is." Her conspirator stood up and advanced to her; clothing hitting the floor behind them. "It'll work or you'll get what I promised."


Chloe lead Taylor into the bedroom, her pert little ass shaking the entire time. The lights were down but the tall blonde could clearly see the bed. At each corner silken ropes were laid out. She arched an eyebrow.

"Did you go to the Dungeon again?" The dungeon was the big sex shop in the area. It also, for some quirk, had a full bar making it an interesting hangout spot. Where'd she come up with this?

"Maybe." Chloe rocked back on her heels. "Gigi may have also suggested this."

Gigi did? Interesting. "Well, I'm game, I'll try anything once. What do I need to do?"

Chloe was practically wringing her hands together in glee. "Strip and get on the bed. I'll handle the rest."

Chloe watched as Taylor stripped down. Admiring her succulent little breasts as the came into view, and her small ass. Taylor flopped onto the bed. "Shouldn't you be naked too?"

"In time." Chloe worked quickly, carefully tying the silk so it was tight but not too tight. She then pulled out an eye mask. "It'll enhance everything."

"Fine." The 3C blonde worked quickly, fastening the mask securely.

"How's that?"

"Dark." Taylor responded flatly. Her skin was starting to pucker in the cold air. "And cold."

Chloe went to the door and moved it slightly. "Don't worry, I'll turn up the heat."

Taylor turned her head to where she thought Chloe was. She heard the small footfalls of her as she approached the bed. Taylor's body reacted instinctively as Chloe wrapped a hand around her foot. Her panic turned to delight as she began to massage the appendage.


"You like that?" Taylor nodded. "Good, let's see what else we can do."

Chloe's magic fingers crept up Taylor's body. Carefully, each digit prodded points along her mile long legs. Taylor cooed as she got to her crotch. Yet, to her disappointment Chloe bypassed her sex.

"You're getting wet. Very wet."

"You...are...Mmmm...putting on a tease..."

"It gets better." The 3C responded, her hands drifting higher. Taylor jerked back as hands wrapped around her boobs. Each one was cupped in turn. Taylor moaned as hands pawed at her tits. She squirmed as each nipple rolled between her fingers.

"Oh god!" Taylor's juices were flowing; one need only look down at her moistening sex to tell. "That feels so hot..."

"Mmm" Chloe purred in response. "How?"

"Very!" She absently pulled against her bindings. Taylor also twisted her legs, trying in vain to rub her pussy with her thighs. "Please!"

The hands stopped their tease. "Please?"

"Please. Give it to me. Fuck me!"


"Yes!" Taylor squirmed. "Fuck me now"

"Okay!" Taylor felt the bed around her move. Chloe was lining up at her snatch. Two fingers probed her dripping sex; easily sliding into the hot love box. "Oh my, you really want it. Mmmm...you're so wet...and...Mmm...tasty."

The blonde singer gasped as she felt a cock press into her, yet something felt off. "Oh god, Chloe, you've gotten bigger...jesus your head feels massive."

"You like it?"

"Oh it feels wonderful, just don't split me in two." Taylor moaned out, the large head poking at her sex. Yet that moan turned into surprise as her mask was pulled away.

"Surprise!" It wasn't Chloe standing over her. It was Katy Perry. Her friend turned rival stood before her. Her massive, 20 inch long, baseball bat of a cock thrusting out from her crotch, the tip glistening from her precum.

"Katy?!" They had their falling out over backup dancers. More like Katy fucking them til they couldn't dance. Perhaps Taylor took things too far with her song about her?

"In the flesh." Katy prodded her cock, a feral gleam in her eye. "As you can see. Come now, let's end this."

"Fine." Taylor responded, ever indignant. She spotted Chloe in the corner of the room. "I suppose you had something to do with this?"

"Sorry Taylor." Chloe offered no other explanation.

"Put those big girl panties on missy, we're in for a ride." Katy interjected.

Taylor groaned as the cock entered her. Her pussy lips spread wide open as Katy's meaty member forced itself inside. Not one for subtlety, she slid it in as far as it would go. She got nearly halfway in before she met any resistance.

"Oooh...you are a loose one aren't you?" Katy started up, pumping her dick in and out of Taylor. More of her massive 20 inch cock slid into the blonde singer. "Geez. Very loose. Who'd you fuck before? Molly Quinn?"

Taylor only moaned back in response; her body writhing as 15 inches of Katy cock was buried inside her. "That's right! Take my cock! Take it all! Soon it'll be the only thing you want!"

The 3C singer was determined to claim Taylor as her own. She was prepared to be there all weekend if need be. Katy was prepared for it, desired it really. Yet, things were going well. Too well, but that wasn't her concern.

"You want a piece of this? After I'm done and all?" The 3C looked over at Chloe. The blonde had shucked her clothing and now sat naked in the corner. Even in this light Katy could admire her figure. Chloe was thin and well proportioned; perky tits to a perky butt. No doubt she was the envy of many a girl. Being a member of the girl squad didn't hurt either, nor did the fat sausage jutting from her crotch. A cock that she was slowly pumping; her eyes glued to Katy and Taylor. "Do you like watching us?"

Chloe nodded. "You like watching me dominate your little boney assed boss here?"

Chloe nodded again, her hand never leaving her dick. "Good. Watch the show and you might get seconds."

A few more thrusts and Katy was in. Fully buried inside Taylor, but she didn't take the time to dwell on that. Let's get this over with so I can take Chloe as well. Now she was getting greedy. Katy shook her head to refocus herself.

The sound of flesh on flesh reverberated throughout the room. Katy's balls slapped the bed regularly as she fucked Taylor. The bad blood singer was riding out waves of orgasmic pleasure as her partner slid in and out. Each stroke brought Katy's cock nearly fully outside before being slammed back in. Each time that sound would emanate from where their bodies joined.

Katy roughly was pounding Taylor in earnest, her own delight growing with each thrust. The blonde a writhing mess beneath her. "You're loving this aren't you?!"

"Yes!" Another orgasm quickly approaching the non 3C.

"Can't get enough of this cock can you!? Can you?!" Katy practically shouted at her partner.

Before Taylor could respond however Katy yelped in surprise. Chloe had gotten up from her corner and made her way over. Erect cock bobbing she came up to the fucking duo. The 3C placed a hand on Katy's ass and squeezed. "Time for my reward."

Katy stopped her thrusting, surprise on her face. "What?!"

"You said anything I wanted. Well, I'm taking this ass."

Katy felt hands wrap around her head. "Yes, take her Chloe."

"Taylor!?" It suddenly dawned on the black haired singer what happened. "You were never tied up were you?"

"Only in part." The blonde smirked. "I pulled the ties when you were fucking me."

Chloe squeezed her ass, eliciting a moan. "Mmmm, I'm going to enjoy this."

The smaller blonde had gotten up behind her, her 11 inch member poised at the entrance to Katy's sex. Taylor chimed in. "Yep. Let's go for a ride bitch!"


"And what a fine ass it is." Her conspirator stood up and advanced to her; clothing hitting the floor behind them. "It'll work or you'll get what I promised."

"Yeah." Chloe mumbled in response.

"Aww..." Taylor cupped Chloe's face bringing it to her own. "It's everything we've been planning for. Hell, everything we've been training for! You can do this."

Taylor starting popping the buttons off Chloe's jeans, exposing her semi flaccid member. With a single hand she started to jerk it. "No no, my pet, we have this well in hand."


"Oh god!" Katy shouted as Chloe entered her. Truth be told Katy wanted it, though she was never going to admit that. The blonde's prick slid in easily, going nearly to the hilt before stopping.

"Fuck you're wet." Chloe announced. "And loose. I bet you've had a lot of cocks through here."

The blondes worked as a team, going over Katy with utmost precision. Chloe worked on her from behind, steadily thrusting her meaty member into the woman's twat while Taylor worked Katy's own cock. She had great control of her sexual muscles, working them and the dick within her like a massage chair. Katy panted as the assault continued.

Taylor reached up, grabbing the two bouncing breasts before her. She steered one into her mouth; nearly filling it with titflesh. She skillfully worked her tongue over the teat; slathering it with saliva as she went. Katy cried out as Taylor ran her nipple across her teeth, pinching it every so often. Yet she wasn't finished.

Katy's body went completely rigid when Taylor pulled her next trick. Biting her large nipple, Taylor started to lick the tip with her tongue. It was a mix of pleasure and pain that Katy never experienced before. Her body locked up, then she collapsed; her muscles failing to hold her upright. She fell into her blonde partner, her body refusing to move.

"Faster!" Taylor demanded, spitting out the tit. Chloe complied, pumping into Katy faster; it was tough work. She was fucking Katy while simultaneously causing Katy to fuck Taylor. Motion started to return to the 'Roar' singer.

"Oh god." Katy managed to pant. "I'm going to cum!"

"Mmmm...yes, but not til I say so." Taylor exercised her muscles. Katy stopped mid thrust. What was a velvety love canal was suddenly clamping down hard on her member. Any pleasure she was feeling halted immediately. Just like that, Taylor's cunt relaxed and she was able to fuck again.

"You see Katy," Taylor explained while inspecting her nails. The blonde spoke in a mocking voice, thoroughly ignoring Katy was fucking her. "I may not be a 3C, but I learned I have another talent. One you feel right now."

"Yes!" Katy stammered out. The muscles were massaging her cock; milking it really while Chloe continued to plow her from behind. Katy desperately wanted to cum; her balls practically vibrating.

"Just think though if I was a 3C." Taylor rubbed her chin, acting oblivious to the bed shaking and get own body quivering. "I'd bet I'd be a big one. What did you say you were? 20 inches? I'd probably be 23. Or did you say Molly was 24? Maybe I'd be 28 then!

"Can you imagine that Katy? I'd be so big I'd need pants with 3 legs! Hahaha! My balls would be so big...one orgasm would be bigger than you put out in a week! Don't you see it my little slut? It would be marvelous."

Katy could see it in her mind. Taylor strutting down the street; her ginormous cock bouncing around in front of her. Her pants struggling to contain its' flaccid form. She could see Taylor in a dress, it too couldn't contain her size; the massive head and her large balls peeking out under the hem. Another image flashed before Katy this time she was standing before Taylor, that gigantic dick jutting out at her. As if on cue it fired, spraying down Katy with shot after shot of Taylor's spunk.

"May I cum?" Katy squeaked out. She wanted to cum desperately.

"May you?" Taylor looked at her partner. "I suppose you can."

Katy let loose in a roar. The dam holding her back suddenly opened, seemingly gallons of sperm shot out into her new lover...or was she hers? Taylor's belly bulged as the semen poured inside. The blonde came at the same time Katy did. It was always a thrill for her, orgasmic even, to claim another lover. The orgasm died for Katy sucking the life out of her. Taylor's belly looked almost comically inflated.


The blonde 3C pulled out of the busty black haired woman. Katy fell away from Taylor, thoroughly exhausted. Her breaths came in ragged bursts. Her spent penis felt raw from its' exertion. Yet, they were not done. Chloe stood before her; the fist wrapped around her dick a blur.

"Mmmm...yes!" Chloe cried out as she came. Long strands of jizz shot out before landing on Katy. The singer was getting painted with the blonde's spunk. After 30 seconds it was done. A small river of sperm had formed in Katy's cleavage, and a single strand clung to her face.

Taylor came up and kissed Chloe. An act that the blonde 3C readily returned. "I told you it would work."

"Mmm...that you did. I'm sorry for doubting you."

Taylor reached down and squeezed her cock. A singular drop came out and onto the defeated, exhausted Katy. "No worries. Maybe you'll still get your reward."


"It all worked out." Taylor announced over facetime.

"I told you it would. Can I see?"

"Sure." Taylor moved the phone over to show Katy Perry. Her former rival now was on her knees before her;noisily eating Taylor out, her body still caked in cum.

"Oh that's hot." Iggy Azalea replied. The Australian rapper was naked as far as Taylor could tell. "You see this Nicki? Taylor conquered Katy."

The image shifted and Nicki Minaj came into view. The black singer had cum dripping from her lips. "Oh, can I have a taste?"

"We'll have a swap. If you're good. Now get back to sucking!" The image went back to Iggy. Taylor couldn't see it, but assumed Nicki was blowing both of Iggy's dicks.

"Can she do the double?"

"2 Holes yes, we're working on 1 hole. Ain't that right Nicki?" Taylor heard the slap of a hand on flesh, followed quickly by a moan. "We'll get there."

"She will. Not everyone gets it on the first try."

Iggy let out of a soft moan as Nicki sucked her off. "Not everyone's you Taylor."

Taylor beamed. "Nope." Not everyone can be me.
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Re: 3rd Chromosome: Rivalry 2
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That was fucking hot. Glad to see Iggy getting some love.


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