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Trick or Treat starring Vanessa Morgan
« on: October 18, 2019, 01:51:33 PM »
All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a word of it occurred, nor would it.

Trick or Treat
Starring Vanessa Morgan
(MF, Oral, Anal, ATM, Cons)
by MaxwellLord

Halloween was a great time of year. That's what Vanessa Morgan considered it. Yes, there was an official date, but really, to her, it was the entire month. And in that month there were a holw new set of rules. Rules that you got as a kid that stayed the same yet also evolved as you got older. Those Rules were summed up in one simple three word phrase:

Trick or treat.

There's the obvious meaning of the phrase. "Give us a treat or we'll trick you." But that's not how Vanessa viewed it. The treat was the reward for the trick in her mind. When you were a kid, it was the best costume meant the best candy. More Treat for Trick than Trick or Treat.

And as she got older, that shifted. It was still doing a trick to earn a treat, but the tricks became more...fun. Same with the treats. And she was looking for both those things currently.

It wasn't Halloween night, but it was a Halloween party. She was also flying solo. A lot of her friends would find that a bit weird. Vanessa and her fiance were almost attached at the hip when it came to social function. Most of Vanessa's friends, however, did not know about their Halloween arrangement.

It was simple really. Halloween, all of October, was essentially a month-long free pass. If either of them wanted a fling, that was the month to do it. They didn't consider themselves swingers in the least, but October was something different. The only thing they had to do was call or text with intentions. That was it.

So, there Vanessa was, on the prowl and done up like Harley Quinn. It was the costume given to her on her show, Riverdale. She liked how it looked enough to do it on her own. And judging by the looks she was getting from men and women alike, it was definitely working for her.

The party itself was suitably spooky, which no genuine Hollywood party would ever even attempt. This was a pro party for sure, but no kind of show business big wig was running it. The location alone was proof of that.

The party was taking place in an abandoned jail that had been turned int a museum. It wasn't something dank and scary either, at least not by modern standards. But old jails are just creepy, especially if they were also an old sheriff's station.

The place had been both cleaned up then dirtied down for the party. And it was nice, real nice. Decorations, refreshments, music. All A-plus. The was a killer DJ and bar on what was once the yard. Where inmates once roamed to work out and stretch away from their cells people were partying. There was something odd about that too Vanessa, but again, it didn't bug her too much. This was a lightweight jail by everything she knew about it. Though apparently it held some famous folks for temporary holding, hence its museum nature.

However, somehow there some parts of the jail people would not go too because they felt creepy. Jail cells, an interrogation room. It was all silly to Vanessa, but it also gave her a couple ideas for later if she hit paydirt.

As she walked the party she found a good couple of candidates. She avoided any man dressed as the Joker. Too obvious. Besides, there were plenty of other interesting candidates. At least from the initial look.

The first man she spoke to was a vampire. He was nice enough, but ironically did not have enough bite. The next candidate was a mad scientist who certainly did not drive Vanessa mad with his ego and over the top sexual innuendo. The unwarranted brushing of her thigh was the last straw for him.

She was almost ready to call it a night when lucky number tree came along. Vanessa was sitting at the bar nursing a Jack and Coke when she heard a male voice come up behind her.

"Excuse me Ms. Quinn," he said, his tone friendly and inviting. "If Mr. J doesn't mind, I would like to buy you a drink."

Vanessa turned around on her stool to see who this charming voice belonged to. The owner was a handsome man. His hair was jet black and slicked back. HIs smile friendly and inviting and going oh so well with some hypnotizing green eyes. He was dressed in a black suit with a white shirt and a red and black striped tie.  He was most likely some kind of FBI or Men In Black kind of person. It was all wrapped up in a beige trenchcoat. Simple, but it looked good on him.

"Well, Mistah J doesn't really have a say in who gets my drinks," said Vanessa, putting on her best ditzy voice. That voice soon faded as she decided to go a bit further with this handsome man. "It's a Jack and Coke, if the offer's still on the table."

"It is," he said. "Hope you don't mind if I refill my Rum and Coke at the same time."

"Be my guest." The man signaled the bartender. He was very friendly with the drinksmith and tipped big. It didn't seem to a way to show off either. It seemed more like a reflex.

"Here you go," he said. handing Vanessa her drink.

"Thanks you," she said, taking a quick sip. "You know, if we're going to continue this conversation it might help if we knew each other's names."

"You want the costume name first or my real one Ms. Quinn?"

"Costume first," she said with a sweet smile.

"FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper," he said. "From Twin Peaks. Ever seen it?"

"I'm familiar." she replied. The man obviously didn't recognize her from her show, Riverdale. If he did, he'd probably have said something about her co-star Madchen Amick, who was on that show. "Now...how about that real name?"

"Bruce," he said. "I know, kinda funny with you being Harley Quinn and all."

"It's only funny if your last name is Wayne."

"No, but it is Keaton so there's that connection."

"Nice," she laughed. "As you've guessed, my name's not really Harley Quinn."

"You don't say," Bruce said, leaning on the bar. "I thought these were your street clothes."

"Not quite. Far too conservative." Vanessa set down her drink and extended her hand. "Vanessa Morgan."

"Nice to meet you Vanessa," Bruce said, softly taking her hand. She thought he was going to do the cheeseball thing and kiss it, which honestly would have ruined the mood for her. But he avoided it. Clever boy.

"You do look look rather restricted," he said.

"The location is kind of fitting, isn't it?" Vanessa said, looking around the venue.

"How so?" asked Bruce.

"Well, you're dressed as an FBI agent. I'm dressed as a criminal. And the party is taking place in an old shut down jail. A lawman and a lawbreaker. It fits."

"Good eye."

"Good to know those are what you're looking at," Vanessa said.

"Well, full disclosure I kind of already looked down a few times below. Both views are pretty damn nice though."

"Honesty is a very sexy quality," said Vanessa. "Have you check out the rest of this place? They made the building a pretty good haunted house. And the stuff they haven't done up is pretty cool too."

"Can't say I did. I came in through the dance floor entrance at the fence."

"Want to check it out with me?" she asked, finishing off the rest of her drink. "Let me be your guide to the spooooOOoooOOOky haunted house."

"Oh man it's the kind of spooky where you changed pitch while saying it?" he asked. "That sounds too spooky."

"Don't worry, I've got your back," she said. The pair got up and walked through the mass of costumed dancing revelers until the made it back to the re-purposed jail house. Other party goers were within as well, playing more adult versions of carnival games and drinking from the smaller bars set up within.

Vanessa took him to the entrance of the haunted house. It would have taken the pair by the main cell block, all set up with the appropriate scares and usual nonsense one would expect. However, that wasn't on Vanessa's to do list like Bruce himself was. She had other plans.

"Would you like to see the stuff they aren't using for the party? Like the other rooms and stuff?"

"Yeah, I guess," he said. "You can get there?"

"I was wandering around earlier. I think I found a door I wasn't supposed to. They're using a lot of it of storage and stuff but the security  is kind of shit. I mean it's not really creepy or anything but there are places that are a bit more...private. If you, you know...want some privacy."

"Privacy would definitely be something I'd love to find," Bruce said. "Lead the way."

Vanessa did just that, taking him down a hallway that seemed to have a dead end. However, that was all decoration. Vanessa gave him a sexy little smile as she pushed open a door hidden behind a fake skeleton and gravestone.

Behind the door was a very typical hallway. The wall was brick but painted over in an off white tone, matching the white with green splotched tile flooring. And it was all lit buy the magic of fluorescent lighting.

"It's certainly a different kind of creepy," Bruce said.

"Follow me," Vanessa said, squeezing his hand as she lead him down the hallway. They turned several corners, seeing what were once offices and jail cells now being used for storage. Stray papers and boxes filled most of the rooms, the others filled with party supplies.

Finally Vanessa reached a certain door. She stopped and and leaned her back against it, grinning. "This one is actually pretty cool. I found it when I was looking around earlier. Nothing is in there but the original cop stuff."

"What is it?" he asked. Vanessa turned the handle and opened the door. She flipped the light switch and the room illuminated to show a plain metal table with a chair on either side of it. A brick wall was behind one of the chairs and behind the other one was a mirror. Anyone who had seen even one cop drama knew exactly what kind of room this was.

"An interrogation room?" he asked as the door shut behind them.

"Yeah. This place was also a sheriff station. And I think jails and prisons have those things too. Pretty cool huh?"

"Yeah, I mean it's exactly what it is in movies and stuff. You'd think they'd have something different since everyone knows what to expect."

"Sometimes you don't change what works. Like, take Halloween for example. It just plain works. Just the context changes. Spooky and creepy costumes when you're a kid...and sexy when you're an adult. That and the treats get a little more fun."

Her eyes locked on his as she sashayed over to the metal table and hopped on. "So..Bruce. Would you like to do a little bit of trick or treating with me?"

"What would it entail?" he asked, getting close to her very inviting body.

"How about you kiss me and find out?" she asked. Bruce eagerly took that invitation, meeting her lips with massive enthusiasm, which was eagerly returned.

Vanessa slid off the table gently steering him until his back was against the door. The gave him another sexy smile before sinking to her knees, her nails slightly racking the fabric of his suit.

Bruce watched, almost hypnotized as Vanessa began to undo his pants. It's almost as if her fingers were doing a dance as his belt was unbuckled and zipper pulled down. It was almost like she was doing a strip tease while he was the one being stripped.

Once all those barriers were gone Vanessa pulled Bruce's pants down to his ankles. Her hands traced there way up his thigh to his package. "Well, this certainly does just seem like you're happy to see me," she said. Vanessa delicately ran her fingers up and down his hard cock, dancing on his length in a phantom pump. "Mmmm...what do you say Bruce...would you like me to wrap my lips around this nice cock of yours?"

"I wouldn't say no." he replied.

"Good man...there's a catch though."

"What's that?" he grunted as she began to softly pump his cock.

"Your pistol only has one shot in it," she said. "Use it wisely..." She shook her wig off, letting her natural long dark hair fall free.

"Holy shit you're beautiful."

"Thanks." she replied. "One shot...remember that."

Cutting BRuce off before he could speak, Vanessa  kissed the head of his cock, licking the tip with a swirl before moving down, her lips kissing her way down the shaft to the base before working their way back up and licking that crown once more before wrapping her lips around it and delivering a soft suck.

Vanessa caressed his cock with the soft skin of her cheeks before finally taking him into her mouth and meaning business. Bruce balled his fists together tight as Vanessa's mouth began it's work. It was urgent but sensual. She wasn't taking it easy on him by any means, but it also had a personal touch too it. He kept eye contact with him and would take pauses to slow it down, making sure Bruce had no other choice but to simmer and savor the moment.

Meanwhile her hands did a little traveling of their own. Sometimes they were at his balls, tickling and teasing with her nails. Other times they rubbed the sensitive flesh of his inner though. Jacking his shaft while Vanessa sucked on the head, the next racking his chest and stomach lightly. His whole body was getting the treatment, Vanessa stumbling on some sweet spots. And once she did and got a special little moan out of him, one that sounded different to his other passionate cries, she pounced on that spot.

And Bruce held on, barely. He wasn't ready to fire off his one and only shot, no matter how much his body wanted him too. But he was throbbing, pulsing in Vanessa's mouth, Soon his brain wouldn't get a vote.

Then Vanessa did him a great mercy and pulled off his cock. She returned to her feet.

"Stay right her at the door," she said, taking a few steps backwards. "You'll know when to come my way." She stood so her was was just barely touching the table, Vanessa's eyes on her captive audience of one. She slowly removed her red and black top, dropping it on the chair to her side.

With that removed Bruce got a clear view of her amazing tits through the fishnet body-stocking she wore. Vanessa then upped the ante by peeling that off so it hung off her shorts.

"Good lord those are amazing." he said.

"Thanks...and they feel even better," she said, giving her own breasts a squeeze before she moved to her shorts, taking them off as well and shuffling them to the side. With them gone Bruce coudl see, clear as day, that the body stocking she wore had no crotch. "I'm a big fan of easy access. No need for wasted time."

"That's a good take."

"Thanks...now come here," she crooked her finger at him in a come hither motion and Bruce made his way over. His lips went to hers first while her hands reached down between them to grab his hard cock, still slick with her spit. Vanessa directed that cock to her slit, the battering ram right at the castle gates. "I think you can piece it together from here."

Indeed he could, and tat's what Bruce did, giving his all to her in one mighty thrust. The pair moaned in unison as he filled, her, taking a few moments to savor it all beginning the act in earnest.

"Mmm yes....one shot...don't forget," Vanessa moaned. "Mmmm fuck...fuck me...." Her moans were momentarily smothered by his own. Then Bruce moved his lips down to her neck, her shoulder, then to her breasts. Not that she could blame him. She wasn't conceited but if she was him she definitely would have gone for the tits a lot sooner. She chuckled a bit at that. She guessed it meant she wasn't as much of a gentleman as Bruce.

Her legs tightened around his waste while Bruce's lips and tongue traveled and covered the mocha flesh of her tits. Kissing and licking every soft curve, his tongue circling and licking each nipple. All while his cock worked her cunt. Fast than slowly. Pistoning sometimes while working his hips others. This was most likely the only time he'd ever have Vanessa. He knew that. So he was enjoying every single moment he had with her and experience every last wonder of her body.

Vanessa loved the attention. He was fucking her, there was no way around that definition. But he wasn't not being affectionate or tender. She always liked it when a guy knew you could have both. Fucking didn't mean jackhammering a hole. Or at least ti didn't have to be. While his cock took her pussy, his lips and hands added a few extra spices to the recipe. His kisses and her tits, shoulder and neck, the way his hands caressed her skin. It was just the kind of treat she was hoping to get.

Vanessa leaned back on her arms, staring Bruce out. She slowly ran her tongue on her lips before bringing her finger to it, licking them and then going down her body to her clit. Her gaze stayed on him as she began to play with her clit while he fucked her.

"Fuck me...oh yess...fuck me harder...I want it like that...please....mmmm..."

Bruce gave in to her demands, thrusting faster into her perfect pussy. The metal table started to squeak and grind against the tiled floor, the inertia of their fucking finally kicking in for the vintage furniture piece.

He leaned over, planting his arms on the table and face centimeters from hers. They kiss, Vanessa sucking his tongue before he wrapped his arms around her waist and histed Vanessa up. In a quick dash he brought he over to the mirrored wall of the room, pinning her against it as he drove his cock into her tight velvet cave.

"Ohhhh FUCK!" she cried out. It was all going so much better than she expected. Vanessa sure knew how to pick 'em. His was one of the best cocks she'd ever had and he knew how to use it. He knew what there encounter was. It was a fling. Not too hard, not to sweet. Just the right amount of it all to make a memory. And it'd be a long time before she even started to forget him.

"I'm...I'm gonna cum...just for you," Vanessa said. "Mmmmm...so fucking good Bruce...don't forget baby...one shot...mmm..."

Bruce brushed Vanessa's hair away from her neck, moaning into it as she kissed it. He was thrust up into her deep. They were far more urgent now, the pleasure feeling like it was being mainlined into his brain. Her pussy was the perfect drug with the purest high he could have imagined. Pleasure was pumping through every vein in his body and he didn't know how to tame it. His trigger finger was getting itchy for that one shot.

Vanessa was feeling just the same way. She was so close now. Everything from his body to the location to just the urge she walked into the party was converging inside her. Her flesh was tingling, every deep and fast stroke of his cock brought he closer and closer to the feeling she'd been craving.

Her legs tightened around him. It was happening and she wasn't allowing him to move. "Yes...yes...YES...YES BRUCE YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Her pussy began to spasm around his cock, making that one shot even harder to hold back. It wasn't the right moment yet in Bruce's book, although Vanessa made a compelling case as to why it should be.

"Don't stop don't stop DON'T stop fucking me!" she cried. "Keep going...ohhh fucking hell keep fucking me!" she cried out, her voice echoing in the small room. And he didn't let her down, Bruce cock thrusting into her orgasming pussy, giving her pleasure an extended life as more moans escaped from her gorgeous mouth.

"Mmm so good," Vanessa dreamily said. "You cum too?"

"No," he said. "One shot, remember?"

"Mmmm hmmm." she gave him a soft kiss. "Let me down."

Bruce backed away from the mirrored wall and let Vanessa down.She playful grabbed him by the tie and led him to the old metal table once more. "You did your trick. You didn't cum. I did. So now here's the treat."

She licked his lips then bent over the table, slapping her wonderfully round ass. "Happy Halloween," she said.

"Wait...are you saying I can...."

"Yes," said Vanessa. "If you want to of course. You don't have to take my ass. Totally your choice."

"I think I'm going to have to take that offer." Bruce said, kneeling behind her and giving that spectacular ass a few kisses before pressing the bulbous head of his dick aainst her back door.

Vanessa grasped the edges of the table hard as her slowly pressed forward. The grimace on her face softened  a bit when she felt Bruce begin to play with her still sensitive kiss, giving her a nice little distraction from the anal intrusion. It wasn't her first time in this arena but the hardest part remained initial entry. But once she felt him pop through that opening, the rest was smooth sailing.

"Yesssss," hissed Vanessa. "Oh god...just like that...ohhhh take it slow....not too fast yet....mmmm perfect."

Perfect was exactly the word going through Bruce's mind at the moment. The whole night was exactly that. Even the room had become the perfect place. It didn't get much better than being balls deep in such a beautiful woman's ass.

As Bruce's pace slowly increased so did Vanessa's moans. She'd already cum, she didn't think she'd have another one in her, but she was glad to see Bruce's cock getting ready to prove her wrong. Even if she didn't cum again, it'd still all been so worth it.

She cooed and moaned as his squeezed and massaged her round cheeks. Not a single slap. She wouldn't have minded it, but it was nice for a change of pace. Besides, his cock was more than enough. Everything else was just frosting on the cake.

Vanessa pressed herself up on her arms, her back arched as she rose. Bruce's pace was faster now, a smile on Vanessa's face as she heard his moans become more and more desperate for release.

Bruce leaned forward, kissing Vanessa's back and reaching around to feel her full tits once more. Then his kisses moved from her back to her shoulder. Then up her neck to her ear, Vanessa tingling a bit as she got his grunts and groans far more up close and personal.

"I'm...I'm gonna cum Vanessa," he said. "Where...where do you want me..."

"Mouth," she moaned, turning her face to kiss him. "Let me taste you." Normally Vanessa would have loved to feel that cock pulse and shoot inside of her...but that was off limits to strangers. Only her man got that. Mouth excluded, of course. And while asking where gave Bruce some serious points, they weren't enough to bend that one rule.

Bruce kissed her shoulder one more time and gave Vanessa's ass a few more thrusts before pulling out. The moment his cock was free Vanessa spun around on her heeled boots and kneeled down in front of him, taking that throbbing cock into her mouth fresh from her ass.

She sucked him fast, like a woman possessed. It didn't take much after that for his throbbing cock to go off in her mouth.

"Oh shit Vanesssssa!" growled Bruce, finally going off in her mouth. His face froze in a contortion of absolute pleasure as his cum rocketed from his cock and splashed against the roof of her mouth, Vanessa moaning and humming with approval as she swallowed every stream.

Well, almost every stream. She saved a bit for when he finally pulled out. Bruce stumbled back, bracing himself against the door with his eyes locked on Vanessa.

She stared him out as she let the hot white cum she still had in her mouth and let the ooze drip from her lips to her mocha tits, giving them a light glaze.

"Fucking wow," Bruce said, sliding down the door.

"You weren't so bad yourself, babe," Vanessa said. "There's a bathroom around the corner if you want to get cleaned up. I think I pretty much have to."

"Sorry about the mess."

"Nothing to be sorry about. You weren't the only one to make it."

"True," he laughed. "You need any help with your clothes or anything?"

"No, but thanks. You're a sweetheart. And a good fuck." The pair laughed and Bruce then got to his feet, pulling his pants up. Before he left, Vanessa had one more thing to say to him.

"Hey, I forgot to tell you something."

"What's that?" he asked.

"Happy Halloween," she said with a wink.

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Re: Trick or Treat starring Vanessa Morgan
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That was great. Nice to see a Vanessa Morgan story and I liked the Harley Quinn theme too.
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Re: Trick or Treat starring Vanessa Morgan
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Nice story, you really did her justice here.
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