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Author Topic: Sex Kitten starring Elizabeth Gillies  (Read 2131 times)

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Sex Kitten starring Elizabeth Gillies
« on: February 22, 2020, 10:45:39 PM »
All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a word of it occurred, nor would it

Sex Kitten starring Elizabeth Gillies
(MF, Oral, Anal, ATM, Cons)
By MaxwellLord


All eyes were on Liz Gillies and that was just how she liked it. Why else would she be in skintight black leather from head to toe brandishing a whip? Catwoman was her third costume of the season but from the way everyone was looking at her from the moment she set foot in the party it was everyone's favorite. Yet not the center of attention. Liz liked it that way. She liked being the most desired person in the room without everyone rushing to hit on her. Liz put out a level of raw confidence that shorted out any but the most dedicated of suitors. Even if you wanted a one night stand out of her, you had to walk the walk before you even thought about talking the talk. Her reasoning was if you had the confidence for that, you probably could make her cum. She was rarely wrong.

So when she took a seat at the boor and order herself a vodka with cranberry, she knew that she wouldn't immediately be met with immediate attention. She'd get to enjoy her drink a little before someone worked up the courage to approach her. From there, the challenge was simple. Keep her attention. It didn't take looks, it took...the "it" factor.

However Liz was in for a surprise. She was barely one sip into her drink when she was approached. He was dressed in a tuxedo. Perfect pressed, shoes shined, and hair styled just right. The man had such a  suave demeanor to him, the swagger was almost part of the costume. And though Liz wasn't a huge fan of the films, even she could recognize James Bond when she saw him.

"May I get you a drink?" the faux-Bond asked. He wasn't even attempting a British accent. It relieved Liz more than it disappointed her. Very few things were worse than an obvious fake accent. Besides, the small hint of Southern charm in his voice was enough to keep her interested enough to reply.

"Already got one Mr. Bond," Liz said. "I might be more open to another one if I know your actual name though. As well as if you're paying."

"The name's Doug." he replied. "And of course I'm paying. Who offers to get a girl a drink then sticks her with the tab."

"You'd be surprised."

"I bet you're just full of those, aren't you? But I think the surprise I'd like to have revealed is your name."

"Liz," she said. She extended her hand, shaking Doug's. "Don't worry though, there are a lot more surprises. If you're lucky."

"I bet." He turned to the bartender. "Would you get the lady another and myself a double bourbon? And put her first drink n my tab as well." The bartender nodded and got to work.

"Very generous of you," Liz said. "But a bourbon instead of martini?"

"Just a costume." Doug replied. "I assume the same is true for you, unless you plan on getting in a fistfight with a man dressed as a flying marsupial."

"You never know, night's still young." Liz smiled then finished off her first drink just in time for the second round to be delivered. "So, what exactly is your plan for tonight, Doug?"

"Well, it was just to mix and mingle but you know how it goes. You walk around, see a beautiful woman in skintight leather...tends to make plans change."

"Form-fitting leather tends to have that effect, I've found."

"Lucky me." replied Doug.

"Not yet," Liz said. "But we'll see how things go." Before a sip of her second drink, she clinked her glass with Doug's and they both took their first sip. "Tell me exactly how you'd like to see things go."

"I think you can imagine how I'd like things to go." He smiled at her and it was shot right back at him. Liz could feel his eyes on her body, imagining all that black leather gone and seeing her pale flesh underneath. She knew exactly how he wanted things to go. She might as well help them both get there.

"Oh, I don't know if you could handle what goes on in my imagination Mr. Bond," teased Liz. "International terrorist madmen with colorful henchmen is one thing. A woman with a whip who knows how to use it? That's something else."

"Well if I'm going to talk the talk I might as well be willing to walk the walk, shouldn't I?"

"I wouldn't mind seeing how well you walk." Another sip, her blue eyes giving him a very green light. "Kind of crowded here though. You know of a place a more private walkway...so you can show me that walk?"

"I just might." Doug replied, downing his double in one gulp.

"Well then...do lead the way." Liz placed her leather clad hand in his. So far, the walk and the walk meshed very well.

In short order the pair were in a rideshare to his apartment building. From their it was an elevator trip to the top floor of the building revealing his loft apartment. It was spacious and far from cluttered. Not too much int he way of furniture, only what was deemed needed by Doug.

With the loft being so empty, the sound of their footsteps echoed throughout the apartment, mixing in with the soundtrack of the busy streets outside.

"I like it," Liz said of the apartment. "Love the exposed brick on the columns and the skylight. What's the hook for though?" Liz pointed out a looped hook connected to alow hanging bar just above them both

"Thanks," Doug said. "Though as you can see, not really one for decoration." He then gestured to the hook. "I do painting sometimes. Mainly on sculptures. I sometimes like to hang them here and splat them with paint and then let it drip off and air dry. And a lack of decoration means less clean up."

"Sometimes less is more."

"Should I keep that in mind for the future?"

"I said sometimes," Liz grinned. "And just what do you have in mind for later?" Liz leaned against one of the exposed brick columns she'd just pointed out, one foot against it. She ran her coiled up whip up and down her leather cat suit. She almost attempted a purr until she realized she didn't know if she could pull it off. A garbled gargling sound would break the mood.

"Surely only something you'd go along with," Doug said.

"Right answer."

"But...before we get to that, perhaps you'll excuse me while I go hang up my jacket."

"Well, I suppose one of us has to start taking our clothes off," joked Liz. "Hurry up. I don't think you're going to want to miss a single moment of what's on my mind."

 Doug chuckled and nodded before stepping away for a brief moment. And while he was away, Liz looked around the place a bit more.  While it was sparsely furnished, what was there was impressive. Mahogany and oak table and bookcases, a nice make shift bar. It was nothing to scoff at.

"You still comfortable in that get-up?" Doug asked. Liz turned her attention back to him. His black dinner coat was gone and his bow tie undone, hanging loosely around his neck. The first few buttons of his shirt were also undone. "Maybe take that cowl off?"

"Is this just a way to get me naked?" Liz playfully asked as she took off the mask. Her long brown locks fell from their tight confines and the cowl dropped to the floor. "Should I stop there?"

"I'll gladly defer to your judgement. But I wouldn't argue against it." Doug made his way closer to Liz, who had once more found her way to that column. Her back was pressed against the brick, a confident smile on her face as he made his final approach, his body pressed against her. Leather to cloth, and in moments lip to lip as their mouth met in a passionate collisions. From there his hands began to roam Liz's leather-clad form, squeezing her firm ass before moving up her back. He felt for the lace binding on the costume's corset, unraveling it. While his fingers were busy back there, Liz's hands were at his face, the costume claws on her finger tips lightly raking his cheeks.

Once the corset's bindings had been undone, Doug stepped back, allowing the garment fall to the ground.

"How abut you unzip the back and let the rest fall," suggested Doug.

"Making me do all the work already, huh?"

"I like to watch."

"Well then let me indulge you." Liz brought one of her hands to her mouth, taking a loose bit of leather and biting down on it. With that she pulled it off, letting ti drop to the ground as her corset had done. Then the other glove followed suit. All to her attentive audience of one. Liz had always had a bit of exhibitionist side, but more for a tease. Teasing online that she knew a random mailman had seen her bare breasts and things of that nature. It got her off a little. This was doing the same..only not so little.

Doug licked his lips as he continued watching. Liz reached behind her and began to unzip the back of her catsuit, letting the top half fall to her waste and her upper body bare. She held back a smile as she arched her back, jutting her naked breasts out. "Thoughts?"

"Magnificent," Doug replied. "Simply...impeccable..." Doug moved forward again, placing a fresh kiss on her lips before moving down to her perfect tits. He couldn't really wait to touch them, feel them with his hands and mouth. Liz couldn't blame him. She wasn't conceded, at least not too much, but she knew she had a rack that was one in a billion and her lovers always agreed. Doug was no different, as she was very happy to find out.

"Mmmmm," she hummed through smiling lips. Doug was gentle at first,cupping and sweetly massaging her tits while his tongue made maps between her melons. The longer he was at her tits, he got a bit rougher around the edges, testing the waters for Liz's reaction. When her satisfied humming began to grow into a soft moan, Doug plowed forward.

"Oh fuck that's good," Liz said. Doug and began to bite her nipples, tugging the most sensitive flesh. Just enough of an edge to the pleasure to make her quiver. That quiver turned into a full on shakedown when Doug slid his hand under the bottom half of her leather suit and began to play with her pussy. "Ooooh shitttt yesss...."

After a couple more minutes of feasting on the bounty that was Liz Gillies' body Doug backed off with a smirk. "I have an idea...if you're up for it?"

"Well you certainly have my attention," Liz grinned. "What is it?"

Doug reached into his back pocket took out a pair of handcuffs, the chromed metal gleaming in the light of the apartment. Liz grinned, excited, yet cautious. "I thought, just to be safe against such a renowned criminal as yourself, I might just have to bind those hands of yours."

"You know, we aren't roleplaying," Liz said, her voice velvet and seductive. "Just say you want to cuff me."

"Well, you did call me Mr. Bond a few times, but when you put it that way...I want to cuff you. Not a deal breaker, but all that leather...kind of gives a man ideas."

"Indulge in those ideas then Doug," Liz said. "Halloween is for treats...but if I sense a trick you're a dead man."

"Oh I'm all about the treats Liz. Turn around. Hands behind your back."

Liz nodded, a smirk on her face. She turned to face the column, her hands behind her back. She could feel Doug approach her, fully announcing his presence with a soft yet savage love bite on her shoulder. He gently grabbed her wrists and put one of the cuffs on her, closing it.

"Too tight?" he asked before moving to the next wrist. "We can make it looser if you want."

"Perfect," she said, softly scratching his palm with her nails. "Keep going." He brushed her hair from her neck and kissed it before completely locking both her wrists up. He turned Liz back around. Her face had a sexy and defiant look on it. She was more than ready for what Doug had dreamed up.

Liz's eyes went to his crotch as he began to undo his pants, letting them drop to the floor and exposing his cock to the air. It was hard and ready and Liz couldn't wait to get started. She was licking her lips, just waiting for the next action.

"Get down," Doug said. "Squat, on your knees...doesn't matter. Just get down and suck my cock."

Liz smiled a devilish smile, her tongue peeking out and curling up from between her teeth. She squatted down, eye lever with his cock. Her bright blue eyes looked up at him as she extended her tongue, licking a circle around it and making Doug grunt in satisfaction.

"It takes so little doesn't it?" teased Liz. "Just a little contact with my tongue and your as weak as a kitten." She followed that statement up by wrapping her full lips around around the head, swirling her tongue around, licking under the glans before releasing it with a pop. But that pop was unheard thanks to Doug's loud groan of pleasure at the increased activity. "Putty in my hands...or my mouth, technically."

Doug grinned. She may have been in cuffs but she was in charge. He loved that. He could tell she wasn't going to lose a bit of that fire she had when he was talking to her. She wasn't a shrinking violet. He then waved bye bye to those rational thoughts when Liz began to brush her face against his length. The flesh of her check rubbing from the tip of his cock all the way down the shaft to the base. Liz didn't move back up however, but she went lower, her legs moving to bring her to her knees while she began to lick and suck on Doug's balls.

All the while Doug's hand were behind his back. He wasn't cuffed, but there was just something that got him off just a bit harder about letting a woman do her thing. And watching Liz do it all hands free was a treat...though seeing it was only a fraction of how good it felt.

"Just like that...suck my balls baby," Doug said. The words were direct and clumsy but honest. Liz's tongue ran over his sack. Long slow licks, quick strokes of her tongue before sucking one of the orbs, then the other, the both. Just as quickly as she had come to his balls she left them, brushing her lips up his dick until she came back to the tip of his cock. Then she took him into her mouth, sucking him in earnest.

Her pace was steady, working and rotating her head all around his dick as her head bobbed up and down his length. Doug moaning her name was fuel for Liz's fire and that heat was being delivered right to his cock by her snaking tongue.

When Liz began to hold him in her throat, Doug knew he had to tap out from this or he wouldn't have the stamina to sample all the other treats Liz's body had to offer.He pulled out of her and spun her around, un cuffing one of her hands. From thee he pulled the rest of her catsuit down to her knees then brought her to the hook. He re-cuffed her hands from the front and raised them up, looping the chain over the hook.

"I'm gonna fuck," Doug growled, lining his cock up with Liz's wet slit.

"Then stop talking and actually do it," Liz retorted. That was answered when Doug thrust his cock inside of Liz's sopping cunt, causing them both to howl in pleasure. Just like his Halloween lover, Doug didn't start out slow. His hands gripped Liz's jugs as he rammed her cunt, Liz growling in approval."

"Fuck yeah!" she cried out. "Fuck it...fuck me...oh fuck yeah...take that pussy...use it...fuck...harder....HARDER!"

Doug moved one of his hands from his tits to her ass, smacking the pale peach hard. "Say it again!" he said. "Tell me what you fucking want Liz!"

"I want...nngg...that...oh fuck...that FUCKING COCK!!" she yelled. "So give it to me!" Doug moved both his hands and wrapped his arms around Liz's waist. He held her tight as he took her pussy fast and hard, her voice rippling and cascading as moans and filth poured out of her mouth "YES...right there....just like that! YesyesyeyesYEEEESSS!!!"

Doug began to play with her clit, Liz almost melting into him. He slowed down a big, giving deeper, slower thrusts.

"How's that Liz," he grunted. "How's that cock feel?"

"So...nggg...fucking...good...fuck you're so deep in my fucking pussy..."

"Such a good fucking cunt...fuck baby..." Doug's arms squeezed her tight as he gave Liz a few extra hard pumps, swiveling his hips as he pulled out only to return. "Such a hot pussy..."

Hearing Doug growl and groaning her ear about how amazing her pussy was gave Liz a devilish thought that almost finished her off on the spot. "You think that pussy feels good, how about you try my ass?"

"Is that what you want?" Doug asked, punctuating every word with another pump into Liz's perfect pussy. "Big fucking cock up your ass?"

"Mmm hmmm," Liz said, almost purring. "All the way...just as deep baby...all of it..."

Doug pulled out of Liz, bringing his cock to her puckered asshole. He pressed forward, kissing Liz's lips as he popped his head past her tight sphincter.

"Oh my GOD!" Liz yelled. "Fuck that's tight...fuck that's good...deeper now...make me cum...make me cum..."

"Gonna cum? Doug said. "You like a cock in your ass when you cum?"

"Mmm fucking love it," Liz moaned. "Nothing like cumming with hard dick up my ass..." Liz was telling the truth, but laid it on thick to drive Doug wilder. "Going hard and deep in my ass...fucking ravaging it...making it yours...nothing fucking beats it...so make me cum...fuck that ass...hard...give it to me!"

"Ung...yeah...fuck..." grunted Doug. Liz was making the path treacherous for him, squeezing her asshole tight, making his resistance breakdown even further. The moment she heard event a hint of desperation in his voice, a bit of laughter entered her cries of pleasure.

"Too much for you sweetie?" teased Liz. "This ass gonna make you cum?"

"After this dick makes you cum first." Doug declared. From there he focused on taking Liz's sweet, tight ass and making her cum. Her held her tight, feeling her body react to every stroke of his cock inside her, listening to her moans. His fingers danced on her clit, bringing those moans to a fever pitch along with the rest of her. Liz was at her boiling point. Honestly, so was Doug, but he'd be damned if she didn't get hers first.

"Oh...oh my god..oh Doug...c-c---CUMMING!!!" Liz's asshole clamped down hard and tight on Doug's cock as he fought through letting loose up her ass. It was a Herculean challenge, but he fought through as Liz became limp in his arms, softly moaning as his cock continued to probe her rectum. But his own finish line was about to be crossed.

Doug quickly undid the cuffs and brought Liz to her knees, aiming his ready to burst cock at his hungry sex kittens mouth.

"FUCK LIZ!" he yelled before his cock went off like a shotgun, covering Liz's upper body with his cum.

Liz laughed a bit, her tongue out as ropes and globs of Doug's cum covered her face and tits. The warmth and the force of some of the jizz as it hit her body turned her on just as Doug's grunts and groans did. Doug did surprise Liz a bit when he put his cock back in her mouth, shooting the last few shots he had in her mouth. The lusty brunette adapting swiftly, sucking him clean and making him shiver the the ferocity of her post-cum blow job.

When he pulled free of the paradise of Liz's mouth he staggered back, catching himself on a wall. He watch in awe and Liz licked up some cum that dripped on her arm. When Liz caught him looking, she grinned. "Meow," she said, well aware of how her cleaning herself up looked.

"That all you have to say after that?" Doug asked with a laugh.

"Well I could say you damn near fucked the life out of me but that didn't seem quite as clever."

"Well, if your costume is accurate you would have eight lives left..."

"Well, in that case," Liz said, starting to crawl over to Doug. "It looks like we have a loooong night ahead of us."

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RT Minotaur

Re: Sex Kitten starring Elizabeth Gillies
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2020, 11:37:53 AM »
I really enjoyed this Max.

Liz came off as very confident and sexy throughout and I really enjoyed the sex scenes. Thank you.
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Re: Sex Kitten starring Elizabeth Gillies
« Reply #2 on: March 01, 2020, 05:00:12 AM »
That was great. I really like the personal you gave Liz, and ending it with an epic facial.

One of your best stories IMO. The Cat Woman outfit was a cool nod too, haven't seen that used in a story before, and the most memorable version of the outfit.  ;)
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