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Author Topic: All Harlot's Eve: Vamp Starring Hailee Steinfeld  (Read 2058 times)

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All Harlot's Eve: Vamp Starring Hailee Steinfeld
« on: October 01, 2020, 04:39:00 PM »
All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a word of it occurred, nor would it.

All Harlot's Eve: Vamp starring Hailee Steinfeld
(MF, oral, anal, exhib, IR, ATM)
by MaxwellLord

"Perfect!" Hailee exclaimed. She was looking herself over the mirror. She had just put the finishing touches on her Halloween costume, and it was a lot of work to get to this point. Not just when it came to the costume either, but just being able to go in the current environment was a chore.

Step one was getting tested. That was done in August. After that, it was an intense, one month quarantine. No face to face contact with ANYONE. Period. Then after that, one last test two weeks before the party. And all that was AFTER the invite and an investment of three hundred bucks.

It seemed like a lot, but it translated into a party where everyone would be confirmed as virus free and with an open bar. Both patrons and the people working the party went through the same thing. Though the workers obviously didn't have to pay for the privilege to work. They were taken care of, and would continue to be so due to tips from the party goers.

Getting her costume perfect? That was a cakewalk in comparison. Especially considering Hailee knew EXACTLY what she was going to be before the entire pandemic started. In February she knew she was going to be Vampirella.

It was such a random choice. She was walking down the street one day, straight from getting her usual Starbucks. The walk included a comic book store. She never went in, she just always knew it from the posters put up in the window featuring a variety of four color adventurers. Then in the first week of February, one of the posters caught  her eyes and brought some serious memories flooding back.


One of her exes was big into comics. As a result, through sheer osmosis she could spot some of the more obscure characters on site. While she couldn't name the most obscure of characters she could definitely tell the difference between her Batgirls. And somehow she knew who Matter-Eater Lad was, which was a fact that both filled her with pride and embarrassment.

One of those characters she learned about was Vampirella. She was a female vampire and a sexy one at that in a costume that essentially consisted of simply a very skimpy one-piece swimsuit and a gold armlet. While there were other details, like crescent moon-shaped earrings or a white collar, the main things to get right were those two things in particular.

Hailee did a quick google search online and found the perfect images of how she wanted to look, adding the features of thigh-high black boots and fingerless leather gloves after looking at a few drawings and women modeling as the busty brunette vampire. She loved it. They made the whole ensemble even sexier...and besides all that Hailee loved thigh high boots.

Since this was going to be her first, official "sexy" Halloween costume, Hailee pulled out all the stops. A custom made swimsuit. She'd seen vinyl versions of the costume but vetoed that idea on the outset. Though she knew she looked amazing in skintight red vinyl it wasn't too comfortable, especially for more than a couple hours. The fabric looked more comfortable and easier to put on. Vinyl tended to require more hands than Hailee had access to.

The armlet, gloves and boots were simple finds. The gloves and boots were in her wardrobe and the armlet was a simple google search along with the earrings. The only hard part was the swimsuit, and that challenge was more in the waiting. Though in quarantine there wasn't much else to do beyond that and play with her dog.

As it went with waiting, when she finally forgot about her package was when it decided to show up, alongside the bonus she got with it; a pair of fangs that would slide in over her own canines.

That all led her to try on the ensemble the moment the swimsuit arrived. Boots to make-up to popping up that white collar. Hailee even added a leather jacket to the ensemble, all leading up to that initial "Perfect!" when she saw herself in the mirror. She was especially proud of how her ass looked in it. Hailee was going to slay.

In the week that followed she was joyously anxious to finally leave the house for a party. Hell, to leave the house and feel safe. In order to even go to the event you had to be triple checked for safety. She knew everyone was going to be as healthy as she was and as ready to party as well.

Then it was the day, Halloween. And it was time to party. Hailee got a text to meet her ride outside. The car that came to pick her up was both nondescript but was also the perfect description of a Halloween car; a black Oldsmobile with black tinted windows. The driver exited the car to hold the back door open for her. He had some corpse make-up on, she could tell that despite the mask he wore.

"Masks off once we reach the location ma'am," the driver said in a spooky accent so thick it gave Hailee a case of the giggles. She thanked him and got settled in her seat. She caught the driver giving her body a quick once over, stopping for the longest moment on her long legs sheathed in the black thigh high boots. The costume was definitely doing it's trick.

The car ride was pleasant enough, if not quiet. There was a partition between the front and back seats, separating her from the driver. Another safety precaution most likely. The people behind the vent were taking zero chances. They'd also thought of damn near everything from what Hailee understood and it went far beyond just the testing and strict safety requirements.

She was on her way to the middle of the desert, a motel to be exact. The entire place had been rented out and cleaned completely. Anyone at the party also had a place to stay the night from guest to worker. The party people really had covered everything. Hailee might have stopped to wonder who they were, but at the end of the day that didn't matter. The fun to be had did.

The drive was quiet, but pleasant. It was a forty-five minute ride out and Hailee felt every minute of it. It just made that moment when the car parked even better. The door opened and the driver held it for her.

"We've arrived ma'am," he said, his mask now off. "You may remove your mask."

Hailee stepped out of the backseat and removed her mask, revealing her full lips painted a deep red to match her costume. She unzipped a pocket on her leather jacket and placed her mask within, then reached into another pocket and took out a twenty, handing it to the driver as a tip. He thanked her and she headed off to the party. The main party area was off to the side of the motel in front of her. A path between the two was lit up by an array of strung up lights and paper lanterns. There was a mass of people dancing and having a good time. To their left and right were sizable open bars and to the front was a DJ, giving the party-goers endless tunes to bump and grind to.

On the motel side of things it was much more quiet, though this seemed to be where people were just hanging out. There was a bar set up there as well, and it was far less chaotic than the dance floor one. Hailee decided to head over there first. A little quiet before jumping on the dance floor.

As she made her way to the quiet bar, she could feel eyes on her. The costume was definitely doing it's job. If the driver was a test run, this was the full run and it was getting her the attention the costume provided. Hailee didn't necessarily crave attention, at least not more than any other average actor or performer. But still, she didn't dress like this on Halloween to be ignored.

All that gave Hailee an extra confident bit of pep in her stride as she made her way to the bar. She took a seat and the bartender, who very much liked what he saw sitting in front of him, asked for her drink order.

"A Moscow Mule please," she said. She then reached into her jacket pocket and took out a fifty dollar bill. "As soon as you see it empty, refill it please. But just twice."

"No problem." The bartender replied, taking the fifty and making a Moscow Mule, complete in a copper cup, faster than Hailee had ever seen one made. He handed it to her with a smile.

Hailee picked up the copper mug, cold to the touch with just the right amount of condensation getting on her gloves. She raised her glass and took the first sip.

"How is it?" the bartender asked.

"Delicious." Hailee replied with a smile. "Top five for sure. Maybe even top three. Thanks."

"No problem. I've got you covered for the next two." The two shared a smile before he went to take care of other customers. From there, Hailee sipped her drink and watched the crowd. She knew at some point she definitely wanted to get on the dance floor, but not just yet. It was time to get a feel for the crowd first.

She saw some people she knew, but didn't approach them yet. They hadn't seen her and she liked this momentary bit of serenity. People watching combined with a nice cold drink was especially soothing.

Then her big brown eyes fell on someone approaching her. Not the bar, her. And just from his costume, she was intrigued. He zeroed in on her, knowing exactly who she was dressed as and there was no mistaking who he was. It wasn't exactly obscure, but Blade wasn't exactly that well known...unless of course you grew up with an action-movie junkie as a brother.

"What are you drinking?" the handsome man asked, taking a seat next to her.

"Moscow Mule."

"Not a Bloody Mary?"

"Felt too cliché," said Hailee.

"Can't argue that logic." The handsome gentlemen signaled the bartender, asking for his own drink. Far simpler than Hailee's, he ordered a rum & coke.

"No cliché for you either?" she asked with a smile.

"No, just an old standby." he replied. "You have a name? I don't know if I'm going to feel comfortable calling you Vampirella for the rest of the night."

"Rest of the night?" Hailee asked. "Someone's confident."

"Well, I figured actually recognizing Vampirella might get me some bonus points."

"Hailee," she said. "I think it rolls off the tongue a bit easier. What about you? Because if this conversation is going to continue I'm not calling you Blade."

"What about Daywalker?" he asked with a grin.

"Although that is cool...going to have to go for a real name."

"In that case, Freddy. Freddy Loomis."

"Hailee Steinfeld, since we're going for full names." The pair chuckled, then Hailee spoke again. "I'm a little shocked you recognized this get-up. It's kind of obscure."

"But definitely eye-catching," Fred added. "I mean a woman wears a costume like that, you remember it. Whether she be just pencils and ink or in beautiful living color like yourself."

"Thank you," Hailee said, blushing a bit. "I really like the detail on your costume. Especially on the vest. It looks like the real deal."

"Well, there's a thanks right back at you," said Freddy. "I've been working on this since February. Making sure it all looked perfect. Even have some silver "stakes" strapped on me. I wanted it to look authentic. Like I just walked off the movie screen."

"I felt the same way about this!" Hailee exclaimed. "Like I just leapt off the page."

"Well, if I may say I think you blow any drawing out of the water."

"Thank you. Flattery is always welcome. Especially from dashingly handsome men such as yourself."

That got Freddy smiling. He could press this further, and he would. But first, he decided to pull back. Change the subject just in the slightest. "So, you know the history of this place?"

"The motel?" Hailee asked. "Not really. I know it's old and cheap to rent out for something like this. Do you have the inside scoop?" Hailee leaned in close, her beautiful face almost dumbfounding him.

"Well, uh, see, the thing is this place is supposedly haunted. I stress supposedly."

"I take it you have doubts."

"Well, my dad's an illusionist. So he knows all the tricks. Taught me most of them. So...when I see those ghost shows on TV I can spot half the tricks they're pulling."

"It seems I have a skeptical vampire hunter on my hands."

"Well, a hopeful skeptic. It's like...you ever watch the X-Files?"

"Every episode thanks to my brother." Hailee answered.

"Well, it's like that poster Mulder had; 'I want to believe'. I can just smell a rat."

"Any rats at the motel by your judgement?"

"Nope...but if you'd like I could show you around this place. It's pretty old and has some shady history which actually does lend itself to a ghost story or two."

"Lead the way," Hailee said, holding out her gloved hand. Freddy took it, but before they left, Hailee looked to the bartender. "You're not going to forget my refills, are you?"

"Doubt I'd forget a thing you've said ma'am." he replied, taking her empty cup. "Ready for a refill when you come back."

"Thank you!" Hailee sweetly said. Her attention returned to Freddy. "Well, lead the way...daywalker."

Freddy grinned at her comment and led the way. Hailee listened to his every word as she was lead around the old motel. Despite modern trappings and fresh paint job, the place had apparently been around since the 1920s. Stories of organized crimes, cults and crimes of passion filled her ears. And mixed in of course were the occasional tales of strict passion.

The pair eventually worked their way to the back of the motel. There was a picnic area, lit mainly by the light of the full moon. Hailee took a seat on a nearby bench, settle herself on the table part.

"You know, after hearing all that I can see why someone would think this place is haunted," she said. "Have any of those shows ever tried to check this place out?"

"Not that I know of," said Freddy. He took a seat next to Hailee on the bench table. "I've been here a few times though, just to see if the owners are sweetening the legend."

"Your conclusions?"

"Not that I could tell. But also, not a hint of a ghost."

"I thought you were a vampire hunter, not a ghostbuster," said Hailee.

"I'm a man of many talents," Freddy said. It was innocent enough, but to Hailee that sounded like an opening if she ever heard one.

She took her hand to his face and leaned towards him for a kiss. Soft, sweet and simple. His arms moved to her body, one on the small of her back and under the leather jacket to pulled her close and one caressing her inner thigh just above where the thigh highs ended.

That first kiss turned into another. It was longer, deeper and hungrier. Then their tongues joined in, sweetly caressing each other while their lips met.

While their lips got very well-acquainted with each other, Hailee's decided to push things a bit further in the direction she and Freddy were already careening towards. She let the leather jacker slide down her shoulders and shimmied just a bit for it to fall from her arms onto the bench.

With more of her skin exposed to the moonlight, giving her an almost ethereal blue glow, Freddy's hands roamed more of Hailee's fit body. Hailee's hands weren't taking a break. They'd migrated to Freddy's belt, deftly undoing it. Once unbuckled, she pulled it from the loops and dropped it to the ground.

That little action was that last little signal Freddy needed to know where all this was going. Still, he needed to hear those words from her lips. For her ask for it. To hear the words right from her mouth.

"You sure about this?" he asked.

"Definitely." Hailee replied. "I mean, it's Halloween. Isn't that the perfect time to have a little treat?" Hailee extended her tongue, licking Freddy's lips before pushing him back ever-so-softly. Just enough to give her space as she slid off the bench to her knees. With the belt gone, the only barrier left was a zipper. She clasped it between her index finger and thumb and began to pull it down, looking up at him with her almond eyes. "Though I might have some very interesting tricks in store for you.

Freddy grinned at this, the smile making him look even more like what he was dressed as on this All Hallow's Eve. Something about it made for some very happy butterflies in Hailee's stomach. A vampire hunter getting ready to fuck a vampire. 'Tis the season and all that.

With his pants unzipped, Hailee reached her gloved hand in and fished out his cock. Hailee smiled at the hardening onyx pole in her hand. She had something fun to work with. Not too big, not too small. Hailee was far from a size queen. Big cocks were impressive but for her tastes not always compatible with what her desires were. In her experience, a good swordsman was a lot more fun that someone with with the biggest hunk of metal in the room. Fortunately for Hailee, Freddy looked like he had the kind of saber she could have a lot of fun with.

"It looks like I'm going to be in for a treat," Hailee said. She giggled a bit when she saw him shudder a bit she her hand began to softly pump him. "You definitely are."

Those were Hailee's last words for a bit as she wrapped her plump red lips around the meaty head of Freddy's prick. Her tongue slowly swirled around it, playing with the hole at the tip just for a few fleeting seconds.

Those few fleeting seconds were all it took for Freddy to speak up. "Oh holy hell yes baby," he managed to croak out. Simple enough sentence but the tone of it was more than enough. The pleasure he was feeling couldn't be masked even if her tried.

The next words that came from his mouth were far less understandable as actual words, but the sentiment behind them was very easy for Hailee to understand. Her mouth began to venture further down, her tongue skillfully working him over. Sensually licking the glans, moving down further and giving that same sweet treatment to every centimeter of that hardy, veiny pillar in her mouth. And Freddy was very vocal in his pleasure.

This could have been all Hailee brought to the table and Freddy would have been one happy trick or treater. Hailee however had a trick she was just craving to add to the treat she was providing.

"Oh wow!" Freddy exclaimed when Hailee unveiled the trick, dragging her costume fang along the crown. It felt good, a lot better than he would have expected something like this to feel. But the feeling of that pointed edge running across the ultra-sensitive bell-end was just too good to deny. Then when it was ridding just on the edge of the crown he almost fell over from his knees going to jelly.

Still, he managed to stay on two feet, despite the challenges of a world-class blowjob being given to him by a woman of such immense beauty as Hailee Steinfeld. And the beauty of her was only half of it. She knew what she was doing. No wasted movements. Those beautiful brown eyes gazing up at him with a sweet look with just a hint of sin behind them. A smile almost bursting to escape as her mouth sucked up an down his cock. Hailee of course didn't overlook his balls either, softly massaging and playing with them.

Through all that she kept pushing Freddy, turning on the heat. Sucking a little harder and faster, upping the fang tease and bringing him right to that edge. Pleasure was coming close to overtaking Freddy. That meant it was Hailee's cue to pull off.

Her mouth slowly moved off his cock, releasing it with a soft pop before returning to her feet.

Their lips met again, tongues once more getting in on the action. "So, ready for another trick?" Hailee asked. "You solve this one, another treat is going to follow."

"All right, what's the trick?"

"Find out how to take this off me," she said, running her hands over the custom swimsuit. "Feel free to, well, feel around. It's only fair, right?"

"Will not be disagreeing with you there." Freddy didn't waste much time putting his hands on her. He started at her shoulders, running his hands over her smooth skin and feeling around that white collar for a clue. Nothing, but not a moment of wasted time feeling her body. His hand moved down Hailee's back, his fingers tracing down her spine. The barely-there tactile attention made her swoon and sigh.

Though Freddy knew the odds of finding the secret to her losing the sexy costume was most not likely at her spectacular ass, he couldn't resist the opportunity toe take a squeeze and feel the peach in the palm of his hands.

"Just had to check," he said with a grin.

"I'll allow it." Haliee replied with a smile, her tongue curling up around the fangs. "Keep looking."

Freddy couldn't help smile even wider at the invite. After one last booty squeeze her move to the frnt, where another idea entered his head. He slid his hand down her flat tummy and under the crotch of the swimsuit, dipping his finger into her sopping snatch.

"Oooh damn," Hailee said, her eyes fluttering a little. She licked her lips and leaned her arm against the bench as Freddy's fingers worked inside her. He added a bit more to the mix when his thumb began to caress her clit. "Ohhh gosh yes..."

"Feels good, doesn't it baby?"

"Mmm hmmm," said Hailee. "Right button....just not for this though..."

"So it is a button I'm looking for," Freddy grinned. He removed his hands from her crotch. For a moment he though of sucking her juices clean from his fingers, then a much better idea entered his head. He brought those fingers to Hailee's lips, the brunette vamp sucking herself clean of of his fingers. "Now back to the search."

He hands moved down to her breasts, feeling underneath the suit once more and grazing her pert nipples with his hands.

"Gettin' warmer," she said. With that hint, his moved to the golden ring connecting the swimsuit to the white collar. He rolled it a bit feeling it with his fingers until her came across a small bump in it. He pressed it down and like that it was open an the costume fell off down, sliding off and revealing her tits to the blue moonlight.

Freddy moved to bring his lips to this newly revealed flesh, but Hailee paused him.

"Patience Freddy," she said. "All good things...."

Hailee gave the slightest pull to the bottom half of her costume an the rest of it fell to the ground. Now the only thing she was wearing were the boots, gloves, earrings and collar. ANd of course, a sensual smile that pulled him in like a magnet.

"Green light," she said. Freddy took her at her word and picked her up, getting another squeeze at her peach before setting her back down on the concrete bench table. What he did next however took Hailee by surprise. She was expecting him to enter her, filling her up with his rock hard manhood. Instead, her lover for the night saw it fitting to drop to his knees and return the favor. Hailee wasn't going to complain.

He gently kissed her thighs and ran his hands over them, getting closer to her glistening sweet spot. His finger got their first, knowing the way very well. Hailee trembled slightly when he made contact once more, his fingers dancing on her lips before his tongue took charge.

"Ohhhh wow," Hailee said, leaning back on her arms. Her stomach rose and fell with every breath. The faux vampire gasped and moaned into the night. Freddy was giving her plenty to moan about. Kissing and licking her pussy pussy. Very sensual, building up the fire and making those sparks begin to fly.

"Shit!" she hissed. Freddy had finally gotten to her clit, delicately tracing the bundle of nerves with his fingers before his mouth finally decided tp join the party. "Oh damn...yessss....mmmm baby right there...that's it...."

Freddy took the encouragement and ran with it. Every gasp and moan guiding him further down the right path. Sucking on her clit softy, his tongue gently running over the aroused pleasure button. Then speeding up. Faster and harder, driving her to brink and then pulling back. Back and forth up the rollercoaster, Hailee losing her mind with every twist, turn and corkscrew.

It felt so good Hailee didn't want it to end, but she wanted something else to begin far more.

"Oh....mmm Freddy...Freddy...fuck me...I want you...now...please..."

Freddy answered the siren's call, losing his vest and letting his leather pants fall to his ankles in the process while the vest fell completely to the ground. Hailee looked at his body, his darker skin also taking on some of that moonlight-blue glow. He wrapped one arm around her waist and pulled her closer to the edge of the table while her reached down to grasp his cock.

Their eyes locked, both breathless for a moment. Once her thrust inside her,  the both gasped for air.

"Oh my....yesssss," Hailee said with a grin. The next few sounds to escape from those sweet lips were muffled groans. Freddy kissed her hungrily and began to pump his cock inside her. The pace was slow at first, the "vampire hunter" savoring the sensations his prey had to offer. The tightness of her, how she moved and quivered with every stroke he made inside her. It was appropriately magical for Halloween night.

When their lips broke contact, more little gasps of pleasure escaped her mouth, music to his ears as the moans echoed into the night. Any thoughts of being caught clearly didn't bother the two. This was Halloween and different rules applied.

Hailee's legs enclosed around Freddy, pulling him deeper into her. Her arms helped in that endeavor, embracing him and and pulling his bare chest to hers. Her red nails dug into his chocolate back while , erotic breathy whispers poured from her lips into his ears.

"Yesss,.....oh my....more Freddy...just a little harder...mmmm not too much...fuck...oh...fuck me..."

The demanding whispers and the hot breaths that came with them collided with Freddy's ear and neck, giving him a unique rush. With that rush going through him he was even happier to give in to every last one of Hailee's demands.

"Yessss!" Hailee exclaimed. Freddy's cock worked into her deeper, a little harder. Not to much. He was seasoning to taste...or feel in this case. Hailee's arms released him from her embrace, once more leaning back on them. The reigns were now all Freddy's.

Those reigns were in very capable hands, both figuratively and literally.  He caressed Hailee's smooth, tight body. Freddy held her hips, firmly but gently, then let his hands roam up her form to her petite tits. His fingers circled and teased her aroused nipples.

"Tweak them," Hailee gasped. "Pull them just a bit baby."

Freddy did just that, slowing his pumps into her while his fingers rolled and pulled on those two areas of extra-sensitive flesh. The sounds of Hailee's satisfaction was just another it of music to his ears. Though his ears weren't the only part of his body experiencing pleasure.

"Oh...fuck..." Freddy stuttered. Hailee's pussy began to milk and massage his cock, working him in ways he couldn't believe. She actually made him freeze for a moment, trying to take in what she was doing to him via the miracle of Kegels.

After a few brief moments of sucking in that slice of heaven Freddy continued. His pace increased, making Hailee even happier. That beautiful smile grew even wider when she felt Freddy's lips begin to kiss on her body. She moaned, rolling her head back when his mouth met her tits. He sucked passionately on her nipples, lightly tugging them with his teeth before moving from one to the other.

From tasting her tits to another meeting with her mouth, Freddy's mouth was keeping itself very busy. Though his dick was much more active.  He'd taken one of Hailee's shapely legs and placed it against his chest, allowing himself much deeper access to her sweetest of spots.

The two embraced again as Freddy gave Hailee everything he had. Forehead to forehead, staring each other out under the full All Hallow's Eve moon. She licked at his lips and stared him out, just adding fuel to his own burning fire.

It was all so much for her to take in. So wonderfully much. Months of being cooked up, minimal human contact was a bit much. And even though she sang a song called "Love Myself", sometimes you just needed a dance partner to do all those special moves a person just can't do solo.

It was a electric with every stroke his rod made inside of her. sensation built upon sensation. HIs cock inside her, lips against her, his hands caressing and gripping her, his mouth going to her breasts and treating them with a hungry passion. Pleasure colliding with pleasure, growing and growing until the embers within exploded in a blaze. She was on that verge...but the trick or treating wasn't over just yet.

"G-gonna cum," Hailee stuttered. "So...so close..."

"Yeah, that right?" Freddy asked with a big grin. "Gonna cum right on my cock baby?"

"Mmm hmm." she replied. "You...fuck baby....don't cum...not yet....don't cum...do that trick and you get...ooooh baby....one more treat."

"Fuck....you got it." Freddy replied, sealing the deal with one more kiss. He had no idea what what she had in mind but so far this leggy seductress hadn't led him astray. Any thought as to what was in store for him faded as he focused on getting this sensationally beautiful creature off.

Fortunately for them both, Hailee was already hanging on that cliff by her pinky. When Freddy started playing with her clit, that last bit of goodness collided with the others and she fell into an abyss of total pleasure.

"Nnnggggyyyyyyaaaessssss!" she cried out in the night. Her howls of pleasure echoed throughout the night, even getting a few call backs from the coyotes in the hills. "Yes yes yes don't stop don't stop DON'T STOP!"

Freddy took that order happily, driving Hailee to new heights of ecstasy with every thrust. e was at war with himself. his body was craving that same release and feeling her immaculate pussy convulsing uncontrollably around his cock and watching her getting lost in her orgasm made his staving off quite the feat. But he kept his eye on the prize of that last treat promised by this vivacious vamp.

"Fuck..." Hailee gasped, still in a happily dick drunk daze. She took her happy eyes and looked directly at Freddy. "Mmmm pull out sweetie."

Freddy did so. For a moment he thought the treat was simply getting to plaster that beautiful face with his cum. Hailee had other plans. She kissed him, a fire within her so intense her could feel it on her lips and tongue. When the kiss broke, instead of descending to her knees once more, Hailee turned around, bent over the bench and  swayed her ass invitingly.

"Wait...are you..." Freddy wondered aloud, his cock twitching at the prospect of what he believed Hailee was suggesting.

"Mmmm yes," Hailee said. If she wasn't so dick drunk she might have been a bit more apprehensive. But that orgasmic high she was still in the midst of combined with months of pent up sexual energy made very, very hungry for everything she could get.

Freddy nodded and came up behind her. He placed  slick, wet cock at the rear entrance. Her back was to her chest and he kissed her shoulder, then her mouth. Sweet and gentle. He then gently pressed her back down. Not all the way, Hailee was pressing herself up with her arms.

Freddy put one of his hands on her slender hip and pressed forward. Hailee grimaced at first, gripping the sides of the bench hard. She let out an audible sigh as the bulbous head of his onyx obelisk popped through her tight opening.

"You okay?" Freddy asked, kissing her shoulder ad giving her a playing love bite. "You want me to stop or.."

"No!," she said. "Nnng I like it...trust me baby....fuck my ass...I want it...I want it bad..."

Hailee moved her face to meet his lips one more time before Freddy got to work. It was slow and sweet at first, his hard rod working into her holiest of holes inch by satisfying inch. On instinct both of them went to work Hailee's clit, giggling a little when their hands met between her legs. While the pair's hands worked together on her well-worked pleasure button Freddy worked more and more of his dick into Hailee's backside, much to both their pleasure.

"Oh...oh wow...fucking...yes Freddy....oh my god I need this so fucking bad!" Hailee said with a grin.

"Mmmm you're not the only one Hailee," he growled. His pace began to increase, the sound of his pelvis slapping into her ass with every thrust getting faster and deeper. And with that Hailee was also getting much more used to the anal intrusion, moaning in approval with every delectable thrust and pushing back to meet him with everyone one. The noises they were making. The collision of flesh and moaning were almost loud enough to be heard over the booming music of the dance floor. They were creatures of the night and what wonderful music they made.

"Oh...oh god fuck that ass....shit...oh shit you're gonna make me cum twice...fuck i can't believe it...oh my GOD Freddy!"

"Oh...oh baby yes," Freddy said. He was much too distracted by how intensely good it felt for his sword to be sheathed in her exquisite asshole. Every pump was pushing him close and closer to that same edge Hailee had already leapt from. "Oh shit so fucking close...so damn close honey...."

"Oh....oh god here it comes again!" Hailee cried, the sound of her jangling earrings mixing with her moans. She slammed her fist down on the table. "C-cumming!" She was shocked. She'd never had two orgasms so close too each other and that surprise just added to the magic. Of course that magic was having an effect on Freddy as well. Once more his cock was inside a convulsing and shaking Hailee Steinfeld and being up her sweet, tight ass was a bit too much for him to take.

"Oh fuck gonna cum!" he yelled. Hailee pulled another trick on him, pushing him off of her and spinning around to her knees. The shock kept coming when Hailee took his throbbing member fresh from her sss into her mouth.

"Holeee shit!" he growled as Hailee voraciously sucked him off. There was no teasing this time, only pleasing. Her tongue slathered saliva all over his pole, and those delicious fake fangs added that little extra thrill that pushed him over the edge.

"Cumming!" he cried out into the night. Hailee responded b bringing her mouth's attention strictly to his cockhead, her tongue waiting for that pearly white coating of sperm she'd earned. And Freddy delivered, big time. He fired off like a rocket into the sweet, sexy mouth of Hailee Steinfeld and the red-lipped seductress didn't flinch or miss a bit, She moaned and hummed around his cock as she dutifully and happily swallowed every fresh rope he had to give her until she'd sucked him bone dry like the vivacious vamp she was dressed as.

Shaking, Freddy pulled his wilting dick from her mouth and sat down on the bench to catch his breath. He looked to Hailee, who was licking the corners of her mouth for any stray cum that might have leaked from her mouth. He was at a loss for words over what had just happened, so he blurted out the first thought that came to his mind as he looked at those still-perfect ruby red lips.

"How the hell is your lipstick still perfect?" he asked.

"Smudge-proof lipstick," Hailee said. "Gotta love it." She got to her feet, kissed his cheek and slid her costume and leather jacket back on. "Want to head back?"

"Oh...fuck...yeah, sure. I mean of course."

"Great! I'll meet you on the dance floor. I think I'm going to get my second drink first." She gave him a cute wave goodbye as she strutted her way back to the front of the motel. It was even more hopping than before, but the bar set up in front of it was still far more accessible than the ones around the dancefloor. Her original seat was still available. When she sat back down her drink was waiting for her.

"Spotted you on your way back," the bartender said.

"Thanks," Hailee said.

"Having fun?"

"Definitely," she said with a sly grin. "And it's not even midnight. Who know what could happen at the witching hour."

"You got plans I take it?"

"That depends," Hailee said with a sexy grin. "When do you take a break?"

After so many months, one round of trick or treating was just not going to be enough for that vamp.

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Re: All Harlot's Eve: Vamp Starring Hailee Steinfeld
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2020, 05:40:06 PM »
What a great way to start the Halloween season.  The extra attention to detail in the setup really paid off.  You made picturing her in that costume all too easy.   :Y:

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Re: All Harlot's Eve: Vamp Starring Hailee Steinfeld
« Reply #2 on: October 03, 2020, 09:40:18 AM »
Really loved this story Max from start to finish.

Loved the way Hailee was described and used, she felt in control for the entire story.

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Re: All Harlot's Eve: Vamp Starring Hailee Steinfeld
« Reply #3 on: October 03, 2020, 11:20:21 AM »
Great story, with an amazing tease at the end! Hailee being so open is wonderful
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