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Author Topic: All Harlot's Eve: Gotham City Siren starring Lili Reinhart  (Read 1386 times)

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All Harlot's Eve: Gotham City Siren starring Lili Reinhart
« on: October 06, 2020, 12:37:49 PM »
All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a word of it occurred, nor would it.

All Harlot's Eve: Gotham City Siren
Starring Lili Reinhart
(MF, Cons)
By MaxwellLord

Filming a TV show was harder than it looked and this was especially true during a pandemic. Specific rules had to followed to keep cast and crew healthy. This was true on the set of Riverdale as it was on every other active set.

Such strict rules were understood as necessary by the people involved. If the rules weren't followed, everyone on Riverdale would go without a paycheck which would be a gigantic blow for the crew. Fortunately, nobody really took too much issue with it. It was necessary.

However, that didn't mean cabin fever wasn't possible. The producers of the show saw this coming, and essentially planned a Halloween bash for whoever wanted to attend. The producers went a long way to make sure the party was the ultimate pressure release. They'd rented out a classical hotel. Ten stories high and very classical. Nothing in it from furniture to to the elevators looked newer than the 1920s. Ornately carved furniture, glass chandeliers and fence gate elevators.

Which wasn't to say it was ancient. The hotel was kept rather well and had modern additions as well. A modern kitchen, wi-fi and air con/heaters with computer precision. Classical veneer, modern heart. An architectural costume. A very appropriate location for a Halloween bash.

Another nice feature of the hotel was the large ballroom. It too felt very classical, with big regal curtains on the windows. The curtains however were drawn open, giving the attendees a view of the full moon as well as the city itself. Being on the third floor, the city view wasn't that amazing, but the way the moon shone down on the hotel was unique and made all the difference in the world in making the view a beautiful one. The added sinister tone from passing, barely-there clouds just added to the Halloween tone.

The ballroom was modestly filled. Not too many people but also not a dead party. Everyone who was there had been tested and tested again for both the safety of everyone at the party and on the set. A lot of the crew were present and some of the cast. Among the cast present were Lili Reinhart and Madelaine Petsch.

Lili was currently alone. She wasn't quite sure where Madelaine had wandered off to in her "Sexy Devil" costume. That left her alone. While she was glad her ex hadn't shown up, she was a bit down that Camila hadn't attended. She understood why, she had a video call with her boyfriend and from the looks of the costume she got, it was meant to be a private affair. Lili also understood why Vanessa Morgan also opted out. She was a pregnant woman and as such, decided to take some extra precautions. Leaving it just her and Madelaine...at least until Mads wandered off.

That didn't mean Lili felt lonely at all. She was being very social with a crew she liked very much. She also didn't mind the attention her costume was bringing her. IN fact she expected it. It was her own personal take on Harley Quinn. While it was definitely inspired by Margot Robbie's turn, she added her own details. She kept the torn fishnets and sneaker heels but ditched the tats. She replaced the tight hot pants with a tight skirt and the t-shirt with a black and red bra covered by a black mesh top.

The make-up was standard, but again, Lili added her own flair to it, removing the face tattoos and making it all look a lot dirtier. The ends of her hair were colored with temporary dye, but instead of blue and red it was black and red. Her nails were painted as well, alternating in black and red. She even had a baseball bat customized, painted herself with smiles and words in sloppy black and red paint.

It was a look that was unique to her, a mish mash of ideas brought to her by google. Recognizable as Harley Quinn, but also a Lili Reinhart creation. And her creation was garnering her a lot of attention from everyone in the room. There wasn't an eye in the house that hadn't at least taken a look at her in the outfit.

One pair of eyes had gotten her attention though. They were a pair of piercing emerald eyes behind an ornate domino mask attached with spirit gum. The rest of the face was handsome too, the gentleman having a smile just as enchanting as those sparkling greens.

The rest of the man's costume was also eye catching. While not as tight as hers, the black costume certainly did show off he was a fit gentleman. Even if she couldn't quite place the costume. It was mostly black for sure, with little pieces of blue. Well, mostly little. There was a big bit on the chest. It looked like a bird shape, but without the feathers. It also looked like it lopped around the back. Once he turned around to speak with someone, that was confirmed...as well as the fact that this masked man had a killer ass. And since Lili worked with Madelaine, she knew from spectacular asses.

Lili looked away when he turned back, but she could feel his eyes on her again. Lili wasn't going to approach. That was up to masked man. After all the months in quarantine dealing with a break-up, she wanted to be the one approached, to feel wanted. If the masked man could pull that off, he'd get a lot more than just her thanks.

Lili saw him take a deep breath and down the rest of his drink. Liquid courage. He was going to do it. He was psyching himself up. She smiled a bit at that. The idea he was that nervous talking to her both flattered and perplexed her. She didn't think she was unapproachable...but knowing someone else did was a surprisingly good feeling and ego boost.

His walk to her was brisk and quick. Even without the sexy take on Harley Quinn Lili would have been easy to spot, standing by the window with the moonlight giving her a small amount of backlighting.

Lili could tell he was anxious. She certainly was but the pale make-up on her face helped hide any blushing she may have been experiencing.

"Ah...hi," he said.

"Hello yourself." Lili replied.  Then there was a brief pause. "Something wrong?"

"Well, not really. It's just...I feel like this would be the point where I'd ask you your name...but we work on the same show so I kind of know who you are Lili."

"I think I have a fix for that," said Lili. "How about telling me your name?"

"Oh! Yeah. Duh. I'm Jason. Jason Barclay." He he'd his out for hers and Lili took it, friendly shaking it. "I work with the lights."

"I should recognize you, shouldn't I?" Lili said, a little embarrassed. "I'm so sorry."

"Eh, don't be. I mean we all have jobs to do, you know? Besides, the mask makes it even tougher."

"You know I was just about to say that," she laughed. "Honesty, for something that doesn't even cover half your face, I doubt I'd be able to recognize you without it. So your secret identity in fact does seem secure...I'm sorry, but who are you supposed to be? A super hero or something, right?"

"Oh...I thought you'd recognize it. I thought I did a pretty good job...but I'm Nightwing."

"You did a great job," Lili said. "I mean it looks movie grade. It's just...who's Nightwing?"

"Oh....oh....I thought you knew. I mean, the moment I saw your Harley costume, which is AMAZING by the way, I just thought, you know...you knew about this stuff. It's why I was so eager to come over and talk to you. Aside from, well, you being you." After that barrage of words, Jason felt utterly embarrassed. He was about to turn to leave when Lili stopped him.

"Where are you going?" Lili asked.

"I just...well, I embarrassed myself in front of you is all. I feel like a jackass."

"Wait, back up," she said. "Where was the embarrassment? The compliments you gave me? Because, you know, I really liked that."

"Well, it's just coming up to you just expecting you to to recognize my costume because of yours, kind of see what's funny about it, thereby revealing my insane nerdiness which isn't necessarily the best way to get a beautiful woman's attention."

"Well, that's kind of a big assumption without even talking to me." Lili was trying to reassure him. "I mean, we've all got things we're kind of obsessed with. Or multiple things. I mean look at me. I love doing FX make-up and poetry. I mean I just published a book of poetry..."

"Yeah, I know." Jason responded. "It was really good. I...I bought a copy."

"You did?" she asked with a smile. "You like poetry too?"

"Well, I don't know," he said. "I mean that's the first book of it I bought. I love to get actual physical copies of albums though, the read the lyrics. Back and forth. I don't know if it counts. It's different than what you did."

"Not terribly different." Lili replied. "Look, how about this: We walk around a bit and just talk. Not just the party either. The entire hotel just looks so gorgeous and out of time. That sound good?"

"Yeah, sounds great."

"Excellent," said Lili. "Now, let's start off with something you've got me curious about."

"What's that?"

"Who's Nightwing?" The two began to walk and Jason began to explain.

"Oh, well, he's Dick Grayson. The original Robin for Batman. He grew up, went out on his own...all of that." He spoke sheepishly, not entirely sure if she really wanted to hear it.

"Oh, I get it now," Lili said as they left the ballroom. "You're Batman's former partner...Harley's the Joker's former partner...that's the joke of us talking together. A visual gag. Also kind of an in-joke."

"Yeah, pretty much." The pair walked down the hallway, the carpet in that in between pace of looking old and lived on but also brand new. The wall paper had that same aged-but-new look on it as well. The design was so classic no one made it anymore but it still looked like it fit in the 2020s as well as it would have the 1920s.

At the end of the hall was the old elevator. It was center to everything and open for anyone on every floor to see. The only way up or down each floor, aside form the stairs. It was a essentially a box of solid metal bars, save for the tiled floor. The bars were at least ornate and curved in pleasing shapes. Like the fencing of an century old home.

"I love the way this place looks, don't you?" Lili asked. "It screams...passion. Old school passion. Gangster and molls, drunken and lovelorn writers...all of the old clichés."

"It feels like I'm walking around in some old movie. Like Casablanca or something. Except, you know, in color. Timeless."

"Exactly! I don't think really people really appreciate the timeless stuff. They expect to just always be there because it's timeless. Or don't recognize that something that's timeless. They just see the new version of that old thing without realizing how much history it comes with. Hence Halloween. Our costumes. This hotel."

"You think our costumes are timeless?"

"Well, yeah." Lili replied. "I mean for me a mark of being timeless is you can always recognize it even if someone changes something. You knew I was Harley regardless of my own take on it. Timeless character. And though I may not have known who Nightwing was, now that I know he's Robin, which is a character I do know exists, I know that Robin is timeless as well. And got a much better sense of style as he got older. Though i think you could pull off green short pants."

"Kind of glad I don't have to make that attempt," Jason said with a laugh. "I kind of prefer his current look. Timeless in itself. I think they did some live action show with the suit in it."

At the end of the hallway, next to the elevator shaft, was a big red couch with gold trim where Lili and Jason took a seat.

"And that's the suit he wears now?" Lili asked. "I like it. Very simple but that just makes the blues more striking. And then the blue mask and the black make-up around your eyes really bring out your greens. You know...just for your information."

"Uh...yeah. Thanks." She'd flustered him a bit and she was loving every moment of it. She wasn't usually like this, but she also wasn't used to a guy so visibly nervous around her. Usually she was around guys that, if they were nervous, hid it well. That was Jason's style. His poker face was shit. However it was also very handsome.

"Is it accurate?" she asked. "I mean I'm pretty sure mine's not close but the idea is gotten across."

"Yours is great," Jason said. "Seriously. I mean it's clearly Harley but it's no one else's. Totally original and super sexy..."

"Sexy?" Lili asked with a grin. "Super sexy even?"

"Well, yeah. I mean I can't lie to your face, can I?"

"Of course not. Heroes don't lie. I read the rulebook. Another rule though is they answer innocent questions. Like is your costume accurate? Like right from the book?"

"Pretty much. I mean I added some armor bits because I don't know if pure spandex would have worked..."

"I would have liked to have been the judge of that." Lili added.

"Yes, well...um I also added a small utility belt. Black of course. Didn't want to break up the black too much."

"Oh of course not."

"And the belt's pretty much there so I have a place for my keys and phone."

"So the costume both looks good and is practical. More than I got."

"Well I'd say whatever you got makes practicality less of a worry."

"Who's says I wasn't talking practicality?" Lili winked. "I mean I did bring a matching clutch." Lili showed off the black and red clutch. It had a long strap on it like a purse.

"How did I miss that?"

"Blends in with the rest of the red and black I suppose. You'd have to get in real close to spot it." Taking her own cue knowing Jason might not be able to do the same without a little push, she scooted closer to him on the couch. "Maybe you should get in a little closer yourself Jason...see if you can find anything else you missed."

Lili moved her face closer to his, her lips on a collision course with his own. But before contact was made Jason had one more pause.

"You're sure right? I mean you're not drunk or anything and I'm definitely not and.."

"Jason, while I think it's wonderful you're making sure I'm clear headed and getting consent and all that, and by the way I had maybe a sip of my drink before we started talking so I'm clear-headed, just go with it. I mean I was cooked up in quarantine for months. We all were. Now add freshly single to that whole thing of little to no human contact and I think you'll see where I'm coming from."

"Well when you put it like that..." With those five words finished,  Jason met Lili the rest of the way and pressed his lips in her own pillowy pair and heat was dialed all the way up from the start. Their lips were just the beginning. Once more Lili was the first to move. Her first grazed his face in an almost-there caress before roaming down his back and taking a firm squeeze of her ass. After feeling it she was even more impressed. She cold only hope what Jason was packing front was just as impressive.

Jason's hands were on the same page as Lili's though he started a bit lower, her luscious thighs to be precise. His hands slowly moved up her stocking clad legs, taking a few extra seconds at the spots where Lili had made a tear so he could feel bare skin against his palm.

As his hands moved up her skirt now Lili laid her back down on the couch. Jason wasn't too far behind. Soon enough she was lying down on the soft red cushioning of the sofa with her man in black and blue on stop and between his legs. This was almost the moment she'd been wanting for months, a desire that only increased once she was under the spell of those emerald eyes. But not quite, and that was only confirmed when her eyes landed on the elevator.

"Jason," she said. "Stop...hold on..."

"What's wrong?" he said, putting the breaks on. "You okay? Am I going too fast?"

"No, no, you're fine. It's just...I don't know if the couch is the best idea."

"Oh, oh! Yeah, of course."

"Let's get in the elevator," suggested Lili.

"Yeah, get to one of our rooms."

"Something like that." Lili gave him her trademark sexy smile as  they both got upright. Once they were at their feet, Lili led him the the metal lift. Once they were in, she slammed the door shut and hit a random button. They'd make it to their rooms eventually, but right now in Lili's head they were in their destination. She spun around in her heels and pounced on Jason in the corner.

"You ever done it in an elevator?" she asked. The elevator began to jerk up and she kissed him. His eager return of amorous affections was all the answer she needed. If had indeed done the deed in an elevator before or not, he had no problem with going for it now.

They flipped a bit, moving to so Lili was now the one with her back to the metal fenced wall. Jason and Lili's hands moved back to familiar places, hers roaming his back and groping his ass and his roaming her legs, this time making it all the way up her skirt to her underwear. When Jason's hand came up against her crotch, he could feel the moist fabric.

The kiss broke and she looked at him, her grin sucking him in even deeper. With this brief break, Lili reached over to the controls of the old elevator and hit the "stop" button, freezing it in place. That hand was ending up being very busy, as Lili returned it to Jason's body, only now moving to the front to get a good handful of his crotch. She wasn't disappointed with what she felt.

"Very nice," Lili said. "Makes me want to get a bit more personal. How about you?"

"That sounds like a great idea."

"Excellent." Lili backed him off just a bit. After those few steps back were taken, he was her captive audience. Jason licked his lips as the blonde bombshell before him reached under the skirt his hands had just been under to remove her panties. When he got the first view of them her grinned when he saw they matched the rest of her ensemble; black with red trim, including a little mini-bow on the hem.

He continued to watch as Lili slid them off her shapely legs and dropped them to the side. Jason began to head back to her, but Lili paused him once more.

"Last thing, I promise," she said. "Do you have a condom? We may not be wearing masks right now and all that but I still think some kind of protection is necessary. That a dealbreaker?"

"No! I mean...not at all. I do have one." Jason reached into his belt and took one out. "I mean I wasn't expecting anything to happen and certainly not with you but I just figured it was a good idea to have one and..."

"Jason, it's okay. That's what I wanted. You have it." Lili plucked the condom from his hand and tore the wrapper with her teeth. "Let me put it on you."

Lili winked at him then descended to her knees. She made the attempt to take his belt off, but it was to no avail. "A little help? It's like Fort Knox down here."

"OH, yeah. I kind of customized the belt too. Belt buckle looked too normal. Not sleek enough." Jason pressed a small button on the top of the buckle and it came loose.

"Holy shit, you made this? The whole outfit? The belt included?"


"Why are you in lighting and not props?" Lili asked. "I mean, you're really good with your hands...and yes, I do mean that in both ways." Then the talking ceased and Lili looked up at him, her gaze nothing short of mesmerizing. Even though he was expecting it, Jason gasped a bit when she unzipped his pants took his cock out.

"This is gonna be fun," Lili said with a grin. She pumped his cock a few times then made him gasp when she flicked the engorged head of his cock. She followed that jolt by brushing her cheek against her throbbing rod then turning to his thighs, planting a kiss on both and leaving sloppy red lip marks behind. It was all making her make-up look rougher and smudged, but that just added to the look in her view. Besides, it was only the beginning and he was beyond ready. She was too, but there was just something about the look of a man who was ready for action. A magic in the face and something erotic about his rod raring to go.

She removed the latex condom from the package. Red. The color scheme continued. She rolled it just of the head with her fingers. Then Lili did the rest of the work rolling it out with her mouth. Inch by inch she sheathed his cock in a thin membrane of latex. She gave him a few more swipes, both to make sure it was totally rolled on and to give Jason a few extra thrills. She wasn't much of a fan of blowing someone with a rubber on, but for the moment she thought it necessary. Besides, there were both about to get something a lot more substantial going within the next few seconds.

Lili got to her feet and put her arms around Jason. Now it was his turn to take the wheel a bit. He back Lili into the metal fence wall of the elevator. He grabbed one of her legs and lifted it up, running his hand up her stocking-clad skin.

Jason's lips went to Lili's once more, hovering over him as his cock waited to enter her slick snatch. When contact was made once more he also thrust into her, which made the costumed blonde moan with pleasure into his mouth.

Lili's hands moved up and grasped the metal bars that made up the wall behind her, gripping them tight as Jason's thick cock began to enter her, building up wonderful rhythm. Both of them knew this wasn't exactly the place for a long, passionate session of love-making. That was okay. It was Halloween after all, and satisfaction was the order of the day. And satisfaction was something Lili had been craving for far too long.

"Oh god yes!" Lili squealed. "Fuck...oh Jason you have no...no idea how much I needed this!"

"You have no idea how long I've wanted this!" he exclaimed back before placing his lips on her again. She liked that, the sudden burst of pure honesty to come from his lips.

"Mmm flattery will get you everything," Lili said, smiling. It was beautiful, wild smile that went with her costume. Seeing it all come together on her face gave Jason a rush he couldn't control.

He kissed the palm of Lili's hand as it caressed his cheek and landed on his mask.

"I want to see your face...all of it," she said. She pulled the mask off and let drop to the floor. "Mmmm...oh fuck...Jason...you're...mmmm really handsome."

"You're fucking beautiful," he blurted out. The honesty that pleasure brought out was always wonderful. He went to Lili's ass, grabbing it under her skirt to lift her up off her feet. Lili's wrapped her legs aroudn his waist, her high heels digging in a bit into his ass as she was fully pinned to the elevator.

"Oh yes!" Lili shouted. "Right there...oh Jason right there...don't stop...right there!" He happily obeyed, Holding her tight and taking longer, deeper strokes inside of her. Her grip on the metal bars tightened with every stroke his wonderful cock made inside of her, hitting those spots that hadn't been touched in far too long.

She was also getting off to Jason letting go. Moment by moment the passion was taking him over. The nerves were long gone as he got more lost in Lili's body. But the sweetness was still there with every second he took too look in her eyes. His grip on her ass wasn't hard. It was firm, but her wasn't remotely digging in, then they moved up her back. Jason wanted a tactile tour of her body. He wanted an eyeful, a taste, a touch. She could tell he'd wanted this for a while and loved that he was savoring every moment of it.

"Oh Jason!" she exclaimed with a laugh. Jason lowered Lili to her knees and pulled out, then spun her around. In moments he was back inside her and Lili braced herself. "Come on...you want to...and so do I..."

"Oh fuck I want to so bad Lili," Jason. He wasn't lying. His thrusts were harder, more urgent yet he was still hitting those spots. He wasn't jackhammering her, what his cock was doing inside her was too precise. He was taking her and paying attention to her beautiful body, her sensual voice. The sounds she made, how her body reacted to what he was doing. Jason wanted to make memory she'd think back on next time she was lonely...and short of that make her cum like a freight train.

Lili had a similar mission, grunting as she pushed back against his thrusts, wanting him inside her badly. To feel his lust, his desire for her was far more intoxicating than any cocktail.

"Oh...oh fuck me...just like that!" Lili's grin was as wide as the character she was dressed as. At one point she swore she could hear foots steps on the floor above. The thought that someone could hear the elevator action but see what it was just drove her crazier. "Oh FUCK Jason! Yes!"

He pressed her against the metal bars of the elevator. Not too rough, not too hard but Lili was definitely sandwiched between him and the elevator. She didn't mind the position. Lili liked how daring he was getting, a tender aggression. His hungry hands massaging her tits through her bra.

Jason leaned over, wrapping his arms around Lili's waist and pulling her close. He pushed aside the mesh stop she was still wearing and kissed her shoulder, then moved to her neck. HIs hot breath in her ear was driving Lili wild, and the words he spoke just made that even more the case.

"I...fuck baby...I wanna see your face again....I want see how good you feel...how good...h-how good I'm making you feel."

"Want me to ride your cock?" she asked, breathlessly yet playful. "Want to see ride that hard cock and cum for you? Because that sounds like fun."

Lili got her answer when Jason pulled out of her and spun her around once more. He sealed his answer with a kiss, a much fiercer one than before. The beast was unleashed...but still with that gentle touch, caressing her face and looking deeply into her eyes as it broke. It made Lili's heart skip a beat, which was a surprise to her. Once she came back to reality after the moment's respite, she was ready for action.

She gently pushed him to the corner of the elevator. "Lay down," she said. Her voice was as honey-sweet as the smile.

Jason took her order gladly, laying back on the cool tiled surface while Lili removed the mesh top and bra. She liked the attentive audience that Jason was. Fixated on her and only her. The buzzing of the elevator was something he was oblivious too. Lili was aware of it. It meant that someone needed the elevator. They were going to have to wait. She was too close to quit now.

She mounted him, sinking down on Jason's cock. They both moaned with a smile. This was going to be the last ride. His hands were back under Lili's skirt, rubbing her hips as he waited for her to start.

"I'm gonna ride your cock,' she said, leaning over and running her tongue over Jason's lips. "And we're going to cum together." Lili didn't wait for a response for Jason. His hard cock and gentle hands were all the clearance she needed.

"Oh fuuuck," Jason groaned. "Lili...."

She licked her lips at his gasps and moans, then let out some of her own. She didn't start out slow. Even in this passionate state she knew they didn't have the tie for that. She also knew they didn't need it; she and Jason had done a spectacular job of working the other up to a near boil. It was just a matter of time until the pot rolled over.

Jason's hands held on to Lili's hips as they ground and swayed, working his cock and driving him wild. Lili's pussy hugged him tight, making him feel like he was being milked. And it all increased tenfold as Lili went faster, harder on him. She closer and getting closer. She just needed that push.

Jason needed a push too, as well as a taste. He shifted slightly, sitting up and finally diving in to her bountiful breasts. He licked and kissed that plump round flesh, tasting her. His tongue licked circles around her nipples before softly sucking them into his mouth one after the other.

"Oh yes...yes Jason," Lili cooed. She pulled him closed, driving his face even deeper into her cleavage. She adored when her breasts were given attention. And with Jason's deft tongue and skilled hands on them she was n heaven...and making sure she remembered to see what else he could do with those tools.

Those cooes though turned into full on cries of passion when Jason began to thrust up into her. They were in a neck and neck race to the finish. It was truly up in the air between which of them would lose and cum first. All the riding the fucking the licking and the touching was just pouring gasoline on an active volcano.

Then Jason gave Lili that one last push by softly taking her nipple between his teeth and giving her just the mildest tug. But by testing the waters Jason unleashed a tidal wave of please in his blonde lover.

"Oh my GODDDDDDDD!" Lili bellowed Her body jerked and swayed like she was in an earthquake as she came. Fireworks were going on in her stomach as she felt nothing but happiness and pleasure  coursing through her. Sweet and pure.

Of course this site and feeling Lili's typhoon of on orgasm relayed through her pussy took it's immediate toll on him. He held her tightly and he too came, filling up the condom with his jizz.

And even through the condom, Lili could feel the heat of his cum and the throbbing of his cock. She looked down at his face. They were both exhausted. Lili's Harley make up was smudged and running as was the black paint around  his eyes.

Once more, a kiss did the job words thought they could do. Then Lili pulled off  him and got between his legs. A little post script for the elevator encounter. She pulled his condom off, holding the open end  tight once it was removed. What Lili did next made Jason's jaw drop and his wilted cock get a bit of the beginning s of a second wind. Lili opened her mouth and emptied the condom's contents on to her tongue. She looked Jason in the eyes, showing him one more time the puddle of white on her pink tongue before closing her mouth and swallowing.

"Holy crap." Jason said.

"You're welcome...and thanks. It wasn't like I made myself cum." She leaned over, kissing his cheek before she got to her own corner of the elevator. "Do you have my number?"

"No." Jason answered.

"Well, you're getting it. And you didn't even have to say trick or treat." The pair laughed, took a few moments to catch their breath before putting their clothes back on.

With his mask back in place, Jason finally took notice of the buzzing.

"What does that mean" he asked.

"That someone wants the elevator." Lili replied, finally freeing the elevator. With a jerk, it started to move up. She took hold of Jason's hand, getting an earnest smile from him. "How many things can you fit in that belt?"

"I have some space in some of the other pouches. Why?"

"This is why." Lili replied. She opened her purse and took out one of the hotel's key cards. "Room 514. Come see me in an hour. No costume. Just Jason."

"You sure you want that? Wasn't the mask part of the charm?"

"Do you want "just Lili"? she asked.

"Oh God yes."

"Then we're on the same page." She planted a soft kiss on his lips. "You're a lot of fun all by yourself."

The elevator stopped at the top floor. It was mainly being used as storage currently, which made it all the more curious that someone up there would want the elevator now when none of the staff would even be going up it.

However, when Lili saw who had called the elevator, it all made sense. There in front of the doors of the elevator was Madelaine. She was still in her Sexy Devil out fit, though a little disheveled. But the good kind. On both of her side were two men dressed as Ghostbusters, similarly disheveled.

"So here you are," Lili said. "Mads, this is my friend Jason. He works in the lighting crew but honestly after spending some time with him I think the prop department is missing out."

"It's about time!" Madelaine said, ignoring Lili's comments. "We've been waiting for the elevator for thirty minutes!"

Lili paused. That wasn't right. "Mads I haven't seen you in two hours."

Madelaine froze, he pale skin blushing. "You know what? Doesn't matter. And I know Jason, but hello again anyway. This is Michael and Chuck and they're Ghostbusters. Michael and Chuck, this is Jason and he's dressed as Nightwing."

"You know who Nightwing is?"

"Lili who doesn't know who Nightwing is?" Madelaine asked, dead serious. Then a smile crossed her face. "Besides, from the looks of things I think you're now very, very familiar with Nightwing...or at least who's under the mask, Ms. Quinn."

Lili smirked, and that turned into a smile when she saw Jason blushing. He was going to definitely more than just a Halloween fling.

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Re: All Harlot's Eve: Gotham City Siren starring Lili Reinhart
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Once again, the little visuals details in this story really make it work.  The costumes, the setting and the action all blend to make a perfect fun and Halloween story.  Can't wait to see what other treats you have for us this season.  And I do so love a good sex-in-an-elevator-scene!  Bravo!

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