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Author Topic: Kate Upton - The Item Girl Audition Ch. 1  (Read 13445 times)


Kate Upton - The Item Girl Audition Ch. 1
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Kate walked out of the Arrivals and found the man in the driver uniform holding her placard with her name on it – “Kate Upton”. He was an athletically built man of about 40 years of age and not too bad looking, but she hardly noticed. She let him take care of her suitcase and followed him outside to the big black Mercedes. He opened the door after placing her stuff in the boot and she got in.

Rakesh watched as she got into the car, his eyes were downcast, apparently out of respect but he was actually watching her long, shapely legs in that short dress as she got in. He had been a driver for many years and knew how to ogle a high-society woman without being caught.

He climbed into the driving seat and adjusted the mirror so he could see her easily without moving his head much.

He looked back, “Madam, Sir has told me to bring you to the mansion in comfort. There is food and drink in the cooler. Would you like a drink before we start?”

Kate looked up, “No, not just now, thank you. How long will it take to get there?”

“About an hour or so, Madam, depending on traffic.”

“Okay, I will wait then.”

“Sure ma’am. Just let me know if you need anything.”

“Thank you.”

“My pleasure, ma’am.”

It’s not like he didn’t know who he was transporting. He had seen her bikini photos in last month’s Vogue and her calendar was hanging in his quarter in which she was wearing tiny bikinis or sometimes even less.

Kate took out her compact and started fixing her makeup. She was nervous. She was a supermodel and quite assured of her place in the international modelling market. But she had not yet been able to secure a role in any Hollywood movies. That’s why she had been instantly excited when she got a call from India two days ago.

“Miss Kate Upton?” a female voice
“Yes, speaking?”, she said with slight breathlessness, she could detect a touch of the Indian accent in the girl’s voice and her mind was already racing, thinking of the possibilities.

“Hello Miss Upton, my name is Amrita Rao, I am Mr. Romeo’s secretary, and he…”

“Romeo, the Bollywood director?” she couldn’t contain her excitement.

“Yes, Miss Kate, the same Mr. Romeo who has launched countless careers with his films.” There was a hint of a tolerant smile in the tone.

“Oh wow!” She was not able to hide her excitement and she didn’t want to. This was the kind of opportunity she had dreamed of and she was not going to play games with Romeo or his secretary.

“Mr. Romeo has come across your portfolio, and he is considering you for an item number song in his next movie. Are you interested?”

“Oh yes, yes. Yes!”

“Good. I should tell you that even though it’s only an item number role, you will be put through the audition process just like a female lead. Expect to be checked out thoroughly.”

“Yes, of course!” She expected as much. Romeo was notoriously for being extremely picky about the girls in his films. An item number in his film could give her career the jumpstart it really needed.

“And Sir doesn’t work with divas and brats. He would expect absolute obedience from you at all times. The girls who are not ready for complete submission do not get anywhere with him. Am I making myself clear?” The voice took on an edge.

“Yes, Ma’am.” She didn’t even ask what she meant by complete submission. She had an idea. She was not new to the show business.

“Good.” The girl at the other end sounded satisfied with her ready acquiescence, “I will email you the travel arrangements. There will be somebody to pick you up at the airport.”

“Thank you. Thank you so much for the opportunity.”

“You are quite welcome.”

The line went dead and Kate stood there with a racing heart, thinking of her future with stars in her eyes.

Rakesh drove expertly but also kept checking her out in the rear-view mirror. As she squirmed while lost in thought, her breasts heaved, struggling against this thin, long nightshirt type top that she was wearing. It was a single garment that covered up to her thighs but no more. It was loose and draped very suggestively around her curves. It was very obvious that she was not wearing a bra and her full breasts were outlined by the thin white fabric every time she moved.

“Complete submission”, she thought. What did that really mean? And did it really matter?

It was not like she was not aware of the workings of show business. She had become one of the top models in a matter of 6 months. In order to achieve that she had spread her legs for many top photographers, agency owners and magazine editors. In fact, while there was no shortage of men who wanted to date her, fuck her or marry her, she made it a point only to fuck those men who could help her career. Once she had opened her legs for a top blogger as well and was featured on his very popular blog for several weeks.

While thinking all this she did not notice how a movement of her leg opened her dress and the slit fell open in a way that exposed her left leg all the way up. Rakesh licked his lips as he stole glances at her smooth, long, white leg.  So far he had only been thinking about how it would feel to grab her perfect tits in that thin little dress but now his mind filled with images of kneeling between her legs and licking her milky white thighs.

He knew the boss was going to fuck her and he envied the boss for that. But then, being the big boss’s driver had its advantages too, and Rakesh knew how to make the best of his status.

Kate turned and opened her purse. She looked through the jumble of things and found what she was searching for – a packet of condoms. Most of these powerful people didn’t like to use condoms, since she was just a piece of meat for them, but she had her ways to persuade them. So she came prepared.

The second item the fingered inside her purse was a cream of Vaseline. This she was not used to carrying around since she never let anyone enter her ass. But this was different, she could not afford to say no to Romeo. She knew how powerful he was and how useful it would be for her to be in his film. The last girl he had cast as an item girl was Caterina Lopez and she had 3 prestigious offers from Hollywood producers before she got back to America.

Rakesh’s eyes were glued to the rear-view mirror. As Kate rummaged around in her purse her she turned a little more and her dress open even more, a thin sliver of lace panties came into view. Rakesh could feel his cock stirring in his pants as he imagined touching those thin, lacy panties, feeling her smooth, soft pussy under them…


The loud car-horn brought him back to reality. He had let his eyes get off the road and get too involved in the view in the rearview mirror. Fortunately, he stole a glance, Kate hadn’t noticed.

Kate was still thinking about that total submission thing. It’s not like she was totally innocent, she had seen movies, porn, BDSM, there were so many hard, disgusting things a man could do to a girl. Some of those things looked painful others just humiliating and degrading. Like one man used to hang his female slaves from rings in the ceiling and whip their breasts! Ouch! She was not against a bit of light spanking as part of foreplay but that was brutal. Yet as she thought about those dirty, disgusting deeds, she felt a tingle between her legs.

She tried to stop thinking about it. It wouldn’t be good to be wet when she reached there. But then, if he was going to fuck her right away, he might like it. It differed from man to man, some wanted to have their piece of meat right away, others liked to drink first. None of them could hold on for more than half an hour after they saw her.

This line of thinking wasn’t helping either. Her pussy started to fill with juices as she thought about what awaited her at the end of her car ride. A powerful man, who could make or break her career, who was going to use her like a slut…she rubbed her legs together, trying to get the juices to not drip.

They entered through a set of a big iron gates and after following a wide driveway Rakesh stopped the car in front of the main door of a big mansion. While she was collecting her purse and jacket, he came around to open her door.

“Please go in, I will bring your suitcases.”

“Thank you.”

As she stepped out and walked to the door Rakesh’s eyes followed her, watching her shapely ass. He was still thinking about those panties. When she walked the fabric of her short, loose dress hugged her ass and clung to the shapely cheeks.

“Hello Kate, Welcome to India.”, a perky, extremely beautiful girl in a short skirt and halter top came out of the house and offered her a hand, “I am Amrita Rao, I am Sir’s personal secretary. We talked on the phone?”

Kate felt a relief. She was a bit intimidated by the size of the mansion but Amrita seemed quite friendly.

“Oh yes.” She replied, “Thank you.”

“Come, I will show you your room. You have had a long journey, you will need time to freshen up and rest for a while. You will have some jetlag as well for the first couple of days, I am sure. I will have some fruits and sandwiches sent to your room so you can eat after you freshen up or later when you feel hungry. If you need anything…”

Kate followed her through some wide corridors and up a flight of stairs into a big, airy room that seemed to have everything. Amrita talked non-stop all the way through, some of which Kate heard, some she lost when she was distracted by something on the way. But it did help to alleviate Kate’s nervousness and it seemed like she was being put in royal comfort.

“Kate, this is Brinda.” Kate came out of her reverie as she saw Amrita presenting another girl. This one was also very beautiful and dressed in the bare minimum.

“Hi, I am Brinda Parekh. I am in the room next to you, if you need anything at all, just come and ask me.”

Kate shook hands and looked at her, then at Amrita. Both these girls were amazingly beautiful, and she had no doubt that Romeo fucked them regularly. They were his pet sluts. She was suddenly envious of them. A guy who could tame and keep such gorgeous, smart girls as his pets must have something going for him. She couldn’t wait to meet him.

“Um..where is Mr. Romeo?” she couldn’t help asking.

“Oh Sir?” Brinda replied, “He is at the studio. He will be back late tonight, I think, there is a shoot tomorrow, lots to plan.”

“Oh!” Kate was relieved and disappointed at the same time. She was looking forward to meeting this legendary man, but she was also very nervous.

After the girls left her, she went into the bathroom to take a shower. She found that it was well-stocked and most of the products were American but there were some really nice looking herbal products as well. How nice! Must have been Amrita’s work, she thought.

Instead of shower she decided to take a bath. As she lay in the big, warm bath she started to rub her thighs, at first to wash out the previous juices, but then her fingers just started to play with her pussy. Her earlier arousal returned tenfold and her finger started to work their way into her wet, slick pussy.

As she fingered herself with increasing urgency, she realized that she was fantasizing about Romeo. How would he call her in to see him, or would he come here to her room? How would he take her the first time? Would he fuck her in her bed, or maybe bent over against a wall?

Each image that flicked through her mind made her body hotter and wetter. She arched her back, her fingers slamming hard into her pussy now. Her juices were flowing so freely now she could feel them even as she was submerged in the soapy, warm water.

Her hips bucked hard, creating a small storm in the water as she came hard. The image in her mind was being under Romeo, with her legs spread wide as he pounded her and filled her with his cum. She held on to this image as she rammed her long, shapely fingers deep and hard into her wet, exploding cunt!

Finally her body relaxed and came down after what seemed like the best orgasm she had had in a long time!

Suddenly she heard a noise from the door and looked there. There was nobody there, but the door was just closing. Was it just the wind from the window?

She got up and grabbed a bathrobe. She came into the room, but there was nobody here either. The door was closed. But then she looked towards the bed, and her suitcases were standing there by the bed!


Kate woke up from her nap and started nibbling on the fruit from the basket left in her room. She was bored so she decided to freshen up and do her make up. She wanted to be ready for the summons once Romeo came home.

There was a knock at the door and Amrita entered.

“Hi Kate, Boss is home and I’d like to present you to him, if you are ready?”

“Oh! I am, but I can’t decide what to wear.”

“I can help you with that. You remember that last cover article you did in the Vogue last month? That’s where Sir picked you from. You should wear that same blue bikini if you brought it.”

“Oh yes, I brought lots of bikinis. I thought they will be useful.”

Amrita helped her dress. Then she helped her find the right perfume and use it in the 37 strategic places.

“Will he..”, Kate hesitate, then blurted it out, “Will he fuck me tonight?”

Amrita smiled, “I don’t know, hun. It’s up to him. I have only been instructed to bring you to him. But if he wants to, he will.”

“Do you always do what you are told?”

“Darling, when He speaks, everybody does as they are told!”


“By the way, have you shaved your pussy?”

“Yes, I did it earlier.” Even though Kate replied casually, she felt a little flush talking to a stranger about something so private.

When Kate entered the study, she didn’t see Him at first. Then she noticed him sitting behind the big desk with a girl on his lap. The girl had a laptop in front of her that she was consulting while Romeo was caressing her body and fondling her tits.

From his talking to her, she found that the girl’s name was Preity. She was wearing a deep-cut tank top and a short, loose skirt. Kate stood silently in front of the desk, taking her cue from Amrita.

Romeo kept work, consulting a sheet of paper and tallying something with Preity.

“Sir, the extras are all ready and available in the afternoon. Sheetal has been rehearsing them.”

“Good. What’s happening with the girl, I saw she was sneezing today.”

“Sir, she’s getting over a cold. She’ll be…unh….alright by tomorrow.”

Amrita cleared her throat, “Umm, Sir?”

“Yes, darling?” He looked up and noticed Kate, “Hello Kate, take a seat.”

Then he carried on with his work completely ignoring everybody else including Amrita and Kate.

Kate sat down on a chair in front of the desk and crossed her legs. Amrita signalled with her hands for her not to cross her legs. She hurriedly uncrossed them and tried to get comfortable in that position.

Romeo continued with his work, “This set needed a change of colour, is that ready?”

“It will be done before lunch tomorrow. It’ll be needed only in the…mmm…afternoon.”

As Preity suddenly moaned, Kate noticed that she was moving her hips very subtly in his lap. From the way she was moving it suddenly dawned on Kate that she was sitting on his lap with his cock jammed up her cunt!

The look on Preity’s face confirmed it. The way she kept biting her lower lip while working and small moans escaped her lips mid-sentence, it was clear that she was fucking herself on his cock while they both worked!

A sudden chill went down Kate’s spine as she realized she was watching while he fucked another girl, in front of her and other girls who were present in the room, they were either reading or writing something.

Kate tried to not look at her or him, but she could not keep her eyes away either. She tried to watch them from the corner of her eye. His hands were fondling her casually. He kept one hand on her chest, playing with her tits. The other hand he used to consult a sheet of paper, then it would return to caress her bare thigh, and other times to play with her tits.

Once she saw him pinch her nipples and Preity moaned loudly, closing her eyes. He kissed the back of her neck then they continued working. Kate found herself getting very aroused by this scene. Her doubts about his intentions disappeared. He was definitely going to fuck her right now. Preity was probably just his foreplay to get his cock hard. Any minute now he would tell her to spread her legs for him! In front of all these girls!

She would obey of course. She hasn’t come all this way just to be a shy little flower and miss her big chance! If he wanted to pound her in front of his fan-circle, she would just bend over like a good slut and let him use her as he liked!

Kate had to wait about 15 minutes and in that time Romeo didn’t look up again from his work. Kate on the other hand, kept watching him fuck Preity subtly while they both worked and it made her pussy fill with juices.

Then with a final comment to Preity he suddenly took Preity off his lap and zipped up his pants. Kate’s guess was right, his cock was glistening visibly with pussy juices, and it was HUGE!

When he came around the desk to her, his pants were zipped up and even though his thick cock could be seen as an outline, his manner was quite casual and normal like this was all very commonplace.

Kate got up as he approached and stood with her legs slightly apart and her hands behind her ass as she had been told.

[End of Part 1]
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Re: Kate Upton - The Item Girl Audition Ch. 1
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I remember these stories. Interesting scenario seeing Kate in India.
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Fort intéressant de lire ceci ce soir. J'ai bien aimé. Bravo !
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Many thanks for posting these here. A great set of stories with Kate.
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