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Kate Upton Item Girl Audition Ch. 5
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[Part 5]

Kate could feel electricity travelling up and down her body as she followed him to the dance floor. He led her to a corner of the dance floor that was almost completely dark. She didn’t care. She would lay down in the middle of the floor if he told her to!

Kate pressed her body against his tall frame and tried to mould herself to his body. She had never done this before on a dance floor but tried to use all her skill as a model, as an actress and a sexually skilled beautiful girl, to massage his body through the clothes with her soft, warm body.

His arms went around her slender body. His right arm wrapped itself around her waist and his hand ended up on her almost naked ass, grabbing her tight ass cheek firmly, he pressed her into him! His left hand slid up her bare back and his long fingers pushed into her silken blonde hair, taking a gentle but firm grip! She was in his possession! The thought made her pussy throb and she rested her head on his shoulder.

Their dance moved more to the passion in their bodies and much less to the beat of the soft music. Romeo pressed his mouth to her neck and started sucking her warm neck just below her jaw line. She moaned in his ear and tried to press her hot pussy even harder on his cock.

“You are a lovely girl, Kate!”, Romeo whispered in her ear.

“Mmmm, thank you, Sir!” she moved her hips, grinding her soft, warm pussy across his hard rod. Her ultra-short dress had already hiked up and she knew it was her bare, wet pussy that was rubbing across his crotch. She knew she would stain his pants with her juices, but she didn’t care! All she wanted was to have him unzip and enter her!

“Did you know I was going to fuck you before you came over, Kate?”, he asked gently with his lips pressed to her ear and his hot breath distracting her immensely.

“Yes Sir”, she replied and continued pressing big, firm, erect tits on his chest. Why wasn’t he in her already?

“But still you came over.” He commented.

“Yes, Sir. I wanted the role, Sir.” She paused to enjoy his hand under her dress, rubbing her smooth, firm, bare ass, then added, “But that was then, Sir.”

Moving with a slow and deliberate speed he slid his finger up into her tight, wet pussy. Her body jerked forward as she felt him penetrate her wet, juicy cunt so casually in the middle of a dance floor full of people!

“And what is now, doll?” he started fucking her wet cunt in and out with that long, hard finger that felt so good inside Kate. She moaned and sucked his neck and tried to focus on what he was asking.

“Now…”, she tried to think while her pussy throbbed wantonly around his probing, long finger, “Now, whatever you want, Sir!” she whimpered as he started to fuck her with his finger.

She felt his hot breath on her neck as he whispered in her ear, “Would you like to be my personal bitch, Kate?”

Kate’s heartbeat grew even more intense than it already was. She was in his arms, he was most indecently fingerfucking her pussy in public but she was turned on and flattered by his question. A week ago, if a man had asked her that she would have been very offended. Right now, this question made her almost cum.

She moaned in his ear before whispering, “Oh yes, Sir! Very much, Sir! If you would allow me to be, Sir!” She found that she was trembling.

He stopped fucking her pussy with his finger and she bucked her hips, her pussy hungry for those deep strokes. She could feel the trembling chills going up and down her body.

Then slowly, he started moving his finger in a slowly circle, massaging her slick, wet pussy walls with his fingertip as it was buried deep in her. With that, his hand pressed on her excited clit and she gasped.

He bit her earlobe and sucked it into his hot mouth. This sent hot, shooting sensations down Kate’s body.

“Okay. Your training will start tomorrow, then we will see if you are up to it.” He said calmly while playing with her body like she belonged to him.

The combination of happiness, excitement and anticipation at his words was too much for Kate to handle. She was ready to explode!

“Please, Sir. May I cum? Please?” she pleaded in his ear, while bucking her hips against his hand, trying to fuck herself to completion, her urgency mindless and primal in nature.

“Yes, you may, my slut!”

Kate didn’t need any other prompt, her pussy burst into the most intense orgasm of her life. Romeo slammed two fingers up into her cunt, the increased penetration sent her reeling over the edge. She bit into his suit as her body convulsed, cumming so hard she could not see or hear anything!

For what seemed like several minutes she felt like she had completely melted and was flowing away in strong waves unable to do anything but surrender to the strong currents. Then finally, gradually, she felt the waves subside. Her whole body trembled uncontrollably even as she felt the tremendous thrill of an amazing orgasm slow down.

Kate realized her knees felt like jelly and she was still standing only because Romeo’s arm was around her waist and his fingers were still jammed fully deep in her soppy, wet, dripping cunt.
“Thank you, Sir!” she whispered breathlessly.

Romeo responded by taking her blonde hair in his grip again and firmly guiding her down to the floor on her knees. She was scared and thrilled at the same time by the thought that he wanted her to suck his dick in public. She didn’t object. She let herself be guided by his hand.

He put his fingers on her lips and she knew what he wanted. She took his fingers in her mouth and sucked them clean, tasting her own juices on them and turned on by the thought that was acting like a slut in public where anyone could see what she was doing!

She followed him back to the couch. This time he guided her to sit on her lap, on his left thigh. She sat with her legs open like she had seen the other girls do. If he wanted her, she was still his!

Kate watched carefully while trying not to look too curious, as they said goodbye to their hostess of the evening. But she didn’t need to be that furtive in watching.

Romeo said clearly enough, “I am taking Riya with me. You are coming to see me on the weekend?”

Munmum said, “Yes, Sir. May I be your whore for the whole weekend?”

Romeo grabbed her ass and squeezed it as he answered, “Yes, of course.”

Kate looked at herself in the mirror, she looked gorgeous, her skin was glowing and her shapely body looked the subject of envy of the goddesses!

She had spent the whole day in a spa having the time of her life. There were 4 other girls there from Romeo’s household including Amrita Rao and Brinda Parekh. She had enjoyed their company very much but she had also been wondering if tonight would be the night the Romeo would take her. The girls didn’t know for sure but they said they thought so when she asked.

Amrita had spent the last night with Romeo and she told them all kinds of juicy details from last night when Romeo had used Riya and herself. Kate laughed so hard when Amrita imitated Riya’s scream when Romeo slammed into her the first time.

After they got back from the spa, Katrina came to Kate’s room and gave her a magazine. It was open to a page of Kate’s own photo-shoot that she had done for the American magazine a few months ago. The photo showed her on a bed in a very skimpy leopard-print nighty that showed her long legs, her ass and the tiny leopard-print silk panties.

Katrina told her that Kate was to get ready and prepare herself to look just like that. Amrita and Brinda came just then and told her they’d all help her and provide anything she needed.

The four girls spent more than 2 hours in front of the huge dressing table getting Kate ready. The result was spectacular! And then, she had to wait! She was to report to Romeo at 10PM and not before. The girls kept her company and coached her on how to behave while they waited.

Kate walked into Romeo's bedroom with a beating heart. He was in the corner of the room making a drink. He turned and looked at her. He smiled and watched her approach him.

She stopped just inside and took her panties off. She took her time, carefully guiding the thin little garment over the really high heels she was wearing. She dropped them on a chair. Amrita had told her not to leave the panties behind but wear them into his sight and then discard them as he watched. This was a sign of her surrender, her open invitation to him to use her as he liked. She moved forward again.

Kate stopped close to him and carefully assumed the pose she had been told. Her 8” high platform heel made a click sound on the floor as she opened her legs slightly more than shoulder width. She clasped her hands behind her back so her body was fully open for inspection. She was a supermodel, she knew how to present herself to admiring eyes.

She felt butterflies in her stomach as Romeo examined her with his. The fact that he was going to fuck her was in his eyes, it turned her on. She could feel her skin burning as his eyes travelled from her high heels to her bare, long, shapely legs and moved up her body, slowly, carefully taking in every detail of her gorgeous body.

“Here, have a drink.” He handed her a glass and started to make another one for himself.

She did need it. She was so nervous! She took a sip and admired Romeo again. Even with all his empire, all the million things to occupy his mind, he had taken the trouble to find out her favourite drink! She was touched!

His right arm slid around her waist and he pulled her intimately close. With his left hand he lifted his glass and looked into her eyes, “To a life filled with excitement!” he toasted. She replied, “To being an exciting pet for you!”

He smiled and they drank.

Slowly she began to feel more comfortable as the alcohol took effect but also his gentle caresses on her back were relaxing her as always. He leaned down and kissed her neck. As his breath played on her skin, she became acutely aware of her body’s excitement. Without the panties her pussy was leaking and she was sure her juices were by now staining his pyjamas.

“Please sir, take me!” She could hold on no longer, she moaned, “Please fuck me, make me your bitch!”

She clung to him with both arms as his hands roamed expertly on her body, caressing her, exploring her, making her feel completely naked despite that little nightie. He carefully slid one of the thin straps of her nightie off her shoulder and bared one breast.

Kate felt the warmth of his hand as he cupped her breast and fondled it gently. He rubbed her nipple with his thumb and she felt her breasts respond quickly, both her nipples started getting erect and hard. She gasped as she felt his hot, wet tongue  on her bare nipple.

“Oh God!”

Presently, he took her to the bed and pushed her down, on her back, slowly but firmly. She rested on her back and opened her legs, ready to be entered! Her pussy was flowing with juices, very ready and hungry!

Romeo stopped to take off his pyjamas and Kate licked her lips as she saw that thick, massive, meatstick again. He came on top of her and clasped his fingers in her long, slender fingers as he pinned her down under him.

He kissed her firmly, sucking her lips, his tongue pushing deep into her mouth. Kate responded by opening her mouth and surrendering to his fierce kiss, she let him fuck her mouth with his tongue and enjoyed how his demanding lips took charge and devoured her hungrily!

Then his mouth moved down on her body, kissing and sucking her neck and then lower down. Her hips bucked, getting off the bed with excitement as his wet, hot mouth closed around her bare breast and sucked hard!

She could feel his pre-cum smearing her thighs as his cock carelessly rubbed on her legs. She wanted it in her! He was still teasing her, playing with her body and she was moaning. Her head thrashed from side to side as her body grew hungrier for him.

“Please sir! Please take me! Use your bitch, please!” She begged as she could not control it any longer.

This time she felt him respond to her pleas. His thick, pre-cum dripping cockhead started rubbing on pussy lips. She opened her legs wider and pushed her hips up, trying to take it in. But unsuccessfully.

And then she felt it going in!

“Mmmmm!”, Kate moaned loudly as she felt the thick meat spread her pussy lips and enter her! She wrapped her legs around his waist and tried to take him in deeper. But he made her wait. She shook her head from side to side as the massive beast made its way into her sweet, tight, wet pussy. The shaft was so thick it was grinding on all her cunt walls as it penetrated her!

She tried to control her breathing as she accommodated the long, thick monster in her tight pussy. She knew Romeo was going to rip her apart in a minute and she wanted to be ready for it. The girls had told her that he would be ruthless in using her! She didn’t want to give him any reason to complain. She wanted to please him…she wanted to be his favourite bitch…be the girl who knelt by his feet and…

She came! Hard! And without any warning! Her body just jerked all of a sudden and she bucked hard against him. Her pussy was throbbing wildly and she could not feel any other sensation. It was like she was just a wisp of cloud, the man on top of her a very faint feeling, so unreal, the only thing real was the throbbing waves of pleasure emanating from her centre!

She felt him bare her other breast as well. Now her dress was just a little bunched up cloth between her waist and tits. As Romeo lowered himself on his elbows she felt his wide, manly, warm chest press hard on her bare tits. He pulled slowly out of her. She contracted her pussy, squeezing his cock to keep it in her as best as she could. It didn’t work. She bucked her hips, trying hard to fuck herself on his hard, thick, retreating cock. He slammed forward suddenly and the massive cock nailed her to the bed with the unexpected thrust.

Kate felt her breath knocked out by violent thrust of his big beast. She realized that for the first time his massive cock was fully buried in her cunt. She could feel it throb as it was jammed tightly in her wet, hot pussy.

And she came again! The thought of finally being under him, impaled on his cock was so exciting to Kate that her body went into convulsions as she came again. She held tightly to his naked body as she came hard.

But he wasn’t done with her yet, nor did she want him to stop fucking her! Ever! This time as he started pumping her wet, dripping cunt in and out, she helped him by moving her hips in time with his strokes.

Soon, she felt her body, getting very hot, once again ready to erupt. Finally she remembered what Amrita had told her.

“May I cum, Sir, please?” she whispered in his ear.

In response he asked in her ear, “Who’s my whore, Kate?”

“I am sir.” She replied without hesitation, “I am your personal whore, your bitch, your property! Please let me cum, sir!”

“You may cum, my whore!”

She breathed a sigh and let go. This time as she exploded she felt him erupt inside her as well. His hard, pulsating cock pushed her to new heights and she came even harder than last 2 times.

After a minute, she knelt down on the bed between his left and licked her cock clean. She made sure to be very good and clean him thoroughly. She wanted to show him what a good slut she could be.

She ate all his cum, mixed with her own juices of course, and then continued to suck his cock. Pretty soon it was getting erect again, and she sucked harder, taking it deeper into her mouth. She knew she was a good cocksucker. She was so good in fact that several times she had escaped an intercourse with a director or producer by making them cum with her tongue. As she was thinking this she felt his cock slip out of her mouth.

Romeo grabbed her by her soft, blonde hair and bent her over facing the foot of the bed. She got on all fours as he wanted and pushed her fingers into the metal trellis on the foot of his bed. She took a tight grip on the metal bars and got ready for a hard pounding!

She was not disappointed. He entered her from behind and fucked her hard. Her body rocked forward with each powerful thrust of his hips and she accepted his massive, throbbing cock in her pussy with her legs wide open and her ass turned up.

Once again she came twice quickly as he played with her body and used her like his bitch! Her third explosion came right after he came in her. She stayed in place and kept her ass turned up as he dumped her load into her cunt!

Then she got on her knees and started licking like a hungry cumslut! He smiled and patted her head like an owner strokes his pet bitch.

Presently, his fingers tightened in her silken locks as his cock started to get hard and throbbed in her hot mouth. She let him control her head and focused on sucking him as deep as she could while using her tongue excite his cock even more.

This time he came her mouth and she drank it all like she was an experienced whore. She actually enjoyed the taste. She had only ever tasted the cum of one other man who was her boyfriend at the time, and Romeo tasted much better than him.

Then she cleaned him again.

Finally, they went to bed. Her dress had been off since after the first fuck and he told her to sleep naked. He was naked himself and she quite like the warm touch of his cock on her ass as he held her from behind.

Some time in the night, she woke up thirsty. She got a drink of water from the bedside table without turning on the light lest she wake up Romeo. But he woke up as well and asked her to give him a glass of water as well.

She turned on the lamp and gave him water. After he drank and the glass had been put away he looked at her and said, “On your back, girl!”

Kate lay down on her back immediately and opened her legs. Romeo mounted her and slid his hard cock into her pussy. This time he fucked her slowly. Each stroke of his cock was slow but fully deep. She could feel him enter her inch by inch and she enjoyed it immensely.

He kissed her, on the lips, on her neck, sucked her breasts and fucked her at the same time. Her moans this time were not loud but long. Every time she got ready to cum he would slow down his strokes, so that she was turned on but not able to cum.

Finally what seemed like ages, but was only half an hour, he let her cum and came in her. Her orgasm this time was not only harder than all before, but also it seemed to go on for hours! She held tight to him as her body jerked and her pussy explodes uncontrollably.

After she cleaned him, she lay down on her side again so he could hug her from behind. She drifted into sleep very quickly and slept like she had never slept before in her life.

The next morning, Kate walked into Romeo’s home office with a satisfied and cheeky smile on her face. Her pussy was a little sore from last night’s hard use but Kate’s heart was light and she had to control herself to keep from grinning like a cat who has just drank the milk when noone was looking.

Romeo was on his executive chair with no girl on his lap though Amrita Rao was over the desk on his left. She was consulting some papers on the desk while Romeo’s left hand was between her legs, under her short skirt, rubbing her bare thighs and sometimes her pussy.

As Kate entered, Amrita looked up and winked at her. She smiled in return. They had had a long chat early this morning and Kate told her all about how Romeo had fully claimed her last night.

Kate walked straight to Romeo’s desk and stood with her legs open as she had learned. She was wearing a very short, very see-through blue nightie that covered her ass but barely. And it was sheer enough that her tits and pussy could be seen easily through the few layers of the transparent fabric. Just walking into his presence had made her pussy fill up with juices. She wondered if it was leaking yet.

“Good morning, Sir!” She said sweetly while restraining the urge to say “Master”.

He looked up, “Morning, Kate.”

He patted his desk with his right hand. Twice. She knew what that meant.

Kate walked around to stand by his right hand and putting her hands on the glass top of the desk, bent over low. She slid her hands forward until her breasts pressed on the cold glass through the sheer dress. Her upper body was not parallel to the desktop. She placed her right cheek on the table and opened her legs as wide as she could. She was wearing very high heels, about 9 inches with clear platforms under her toes.

She grasped the other edge of the desk and waited. Her heart fluttered as she heard Romeo push his chair back. She only knew how to surrender to him when he patted his desk twice, but she didn’t know what he would do!

Her knees were feeling weak and she was thankful that most her weight was supported by the strong desk at the moment. She kept her legs wide open, ready for him, not knowing what to expect but ready for anything!

Romeo lifted her nightie over her ass and bunched it up around her waist. Her pert, shapely ass and her tight, gorgeous pussy were fully exposed now. She was at his mercy. But then she always was.

Kate could already feel her pussy leaking juices even before she heard him take off his robe. And then she felt his hot, massive shaft sliding into her.

He wasn’t gentle or hesitant. He simply drove into her pussy and filled her cunt with his meat. Kate’s yelp was just as sudden as his thrust. She has screamed louder than she expected in the presence of other girls but his sudden penetration had not given her a chance to think or prepare. He owned her and he knew it. Now he was taking her, like an owner uses his property.

He stopped as the long, hard shaft jammed fully deep in her cunt. Kate tightened her grip on the desk and got ready for a hard pounding. She found that her sore pussy was liking the heat coming from the thick shaft, like this was the best way to get used to being used by that wonderful cock.

Romeo grabbed her hair and, keeping her firmly pinned under him, started to fuck her in and out. Kate moaned loudly with each thrust, not caring about appearances or what other girls thought about it, she just enjoyed being taken by a real man and thought about how amazing she felt being his slut.

Then she gathered her breath. She knew she’d need to be ready to beg…

The End

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I loved these stories. Everything built up to this final part with Kate. Thank you again for sharing, these stories are real special to me.


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