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Author Topic: The gods's knight ( Candice Swanepoel)  (Read 1102 times)


The gods's knight ( Candice Swanepoel)
« on: March 29, 2021, 07:54:23 AM »
the gods's knight

Let's talk about me. I'm James, a 28 year old executive. Pure product of the middle class, I follow a well-defined life path of which fantasy and dreaming were not part of until this afternoon of March.
I leave work at noon, happy to be able to enjoy my free afternoon and decide to go for a ride on my brand new scooter in the sunny streets of my city.
The ride goes on, when suddenly a sign attracts my attention. "Here, a magical object flea market". Curious as this young wizard who finds himself in the wrong shopping street, I decide to push the door of the store. And there, surprise, far from the store full of dust, a perfectly clean and cosy space appears before my eyes, with in its center a huge marble counter. Perfectly still behind it, a young woman, whose face seemed strangely familiar.
- Hello John, welcome to my store.
Unlike any other loser, I don't panic at this sentence (and the fact that she knows my first name) and decide to enter her game.
- "Hello Mrs. .... "
- "For your people, my name is Aphrodite".
So that's why her face is familiar to me I thought, since her physical appearance depends on the physical ideal of the person she is addressing.
- How can I help you? "I said to her.
An expression of surprise lights up his face for a split second.
- Your reaction is unique, so far the men who are not destabilized by the store or the fact that I know their first name, panic when I give them mine when they have enough culture to understand who I am. This confirms the prophecy, you do have the basic characteristics to be one of my knights.
- The basic characteristics?
- Yes, you are brilliant, thoughtful, cultured. I also know that you are an accomplished fighter thanks to more than 15 years of judo practice and 10 years of boxing. Finally, an important detail, with two or three changes, your beauty would be brilliant.
- You're not wrong, I've let myself go a bit (a lot to be honest, my concrete abs had progressively given way to a rounded belly, and my beautiful face is now hidden behind an ugly, ill-trimmed beard)
- Indeed, but I'm not here to judge, life can be tough sometimes. No, I'm here to offer you a job or rather a mission that will change your life forever.
- You're piquing my curiosity, I'm listening.
- Fine, but in that case let's make ourselves comfortable. That's when she chooses to move to the sofas. It was also at this moment that a very strange detail occurred, since the tall blonde with green eyes who was behind the counter became successively a small redhead with green eyes and a firm chest, then a black woman with the face of an angel and finally a young girl of about 20 years old, of Cuban origin, with an absolutely perfect pair of buttocks.
- Is everything ok?
I startle, obviously my brain the time to saturate, since the goddess is now sitting on the sofa (but changes perpetually of form).
- Well, not really, I tell her. I know that you are supposed to present yourself to me under the shape of my feminine ideal, but you change constantly your physical shape.
- You are really a being with share James, one of those which likes the women without concession and without limits. That makes you the perfect knight once again.
- And I can't wait to hear the mission you want to give me, but before that could you take a fixed form? Perpetual change clouds my concentration.
- Of course, what form would you like me to take?
- Your original form, the one your family sees, the one you were given at your creation .....
Suddenly she is there in her fixed form, and my breath is taken away. Tall blonde of almost 1.90 M, perfect feet, overhung by two endless legs that lead us to a flat stomach and breasts of average size, but that we can guess as being perfectly round and firm. Finally to crown it all, a round face composed of swollen lips that we guess soft and two blue eyes in their center and green on the peripheries. The whole decorated with long blond hair, perfectly smooth, but very thick. Yes, that’s right, Candice Swanepoel  was standing just in front of me.
- You were saying? She is amused by the situation, the perfect smile that illuminates her face leaves no doubt about it.
- My apologies, I'm saying I'm ready to listen to you.
- Good. As you know, I am among other things, the goddess of love and fertility. You should also know that the gods fled the earth thousands of years ago to take refuge on Olympus where they live in peace and harmony.
- Until then, I follow you.
- That's fine. The gods hold grudges and don't like to lose. So even though they gave up the earth to humans, they have over the years tried to return to earth, simply to enjoy the company of the men and women they love so much. Most of them have succeeded and are living among you in all discretion. Or more exactly lived, until Ares, the god of war, let his true nature resurface and dragged your world into two world wars.
After that, Zeus, mad with rage, demanded that all the gods return to Olympus, where he sealed the door that connects us to the earth.
You must understand that a god draws his power from the love that humans have for him. By depriving us of our right of access to the earth, most of them, who were teachers or writers, could not continue to pass on their stories and to make dream, to amaze or to inspire the generations, and little by little they lost their greatness.
- And Harés?
- Harés on the contrary feeds on fear and dread, the wars made him almost as powerful as Zeus, who had to go and fight him in Russia. In the end, the fight was won by Zeus who trapped him in hell.
- First of all, I am sorry for you and your people. How can I help you?
- Your task is extraordinary, the gods speak in my name, and ask you to make them live here on Earth.
- I don't say no, but I don't understand, now that Harés is out of action, why Zeus doesn't remove the seals?
- I've been waiting for this question. I told you earlier that Zeus won by a mile, and well, I made it a little better. He's in a 100-year sleep to regain the full power he needs to open the portal.
- I see.
- What I expect from you, in the first place, is to seduce women, whose aura and talent allows them to reach thousands of people with their art.
- Stars, therefore, the most unattainable people in the world.
- Indeed, but for you, they will be accessible, because if you accept the mission, you will be the knight of Olympus, the only man to be admired and protected by all of them.
- What does that mean?
- Well, for starters, we'll give you the gift of longevity from the gods. Time will have only a limited hold on you. Then we will restore your beauty, and give you the physical characteristics of the gods. Finally, you will be offered a billion dollars and properties all over the world as a salary.
- That's amazing.
- Yes, but that's not all. To motivate you in this quest, rewards will be given to you over the years. Each god, when he will have recovered his power, will be able to grant you a favor. When do you say?
- That is fine by me.
- Still, you must know that your present life is over. And by finished, understand that your whole existence will be erased, your parents, your friends and all the people who made your life will forget you instantly.
- To be honest with you, even though I have a life that many people envy, I am bored. So I accept without hesitation.
- Good. Let's get started. Take off your clothes.

I) Body inspection
I carry out without being embarrassed, I am at ease with my body.
- Let us see says she by approaching. I will describe you, the gods want to know. "He is tall, 1,88 cm. The square jaw and the eyes of a rather common brown, his life is deficient, he wears glasses (she then removes the glasses.). His lips are fleshy. Suddenly, she opens my mouth wide. A perfect dentition is a medium-sized tongue. Her hair is soft and silky, thick, brown. ".
- What do the gods say?
- They listen. "Let's move on to her bust now, the broad back is muscular, square shoulders, drawn pectorals. Appetizing nipple ". Suddenly, she leans over and swallows one of my nipples, her tongue licking it tenderly for a short while, then she withdraws her mouth, taking care to nibble it gently. I shudder, but manage to keep calm. Her hands continue their caresses, but against all odds, I manage to keep my head cool.
"I now look at his feet, nothing to report on that side, muscular calves and long legs. "
I smile, what happens next will get interesting.
"Let's move on to sex, the purses are .... Can't you see?
- I can see you very well. "
- Not you, gods.
Suddenly she was crouching, her eyes a few inches from my penis.
- "Let's start again: the bursa are well rounded, and the sex itself is fine, it must be 15 cm long and 5 wide, as you can see, the sex is erect.
- No, it's not. You overestimate yourself goddess, nothing for the moment has been very exciting.
- How dare you? The gods are laughing their heads off.
- Do you even know what an erect sex looks like?
- I am a god of many thousands of years, of course.
Her face is red, her eyes furious. My strategy is working, she's losing it.
- Correct me if I'm wrong goddess, but the gods probably want to know.
- To know what? How big you are once you get erect?
- And especially to know if you are capable of such a result.
Her mouth forms a shocked 0 and it's the moment I choose to grab the back of her head and push the whole of my still soft sex down her throat.
I suddenly freeze, realizing what I have just done. I slowly lower my head and finally come face to face with a goddess whose mouth is filled with my sex. But the most surprising thing is her eyes, she stares at me for a moment and then suddenly her tongue starts swirling around my sex. The speed of her tongue strokes is extraordinary, my brain barely has time to take in a sweet impulse that another one has sent her. His hands as for them caress very gently my bursa, in total opposition with the assault of his mouth.
Suddenly, the assaults slow down, surprised, I look down and can't help laughing. The divine treatment had awakened the organ that resides between my legs and this one has reached its maximum size of 20 cm in length. Not so impressive you might say. I agree, its length is correct without more, on the other hand its width of 13 cm, it is extraordinary.
- Well, for a surprise (his voice makes me jump, because the tip of my sex is still in his mouth). The gods have just established a mental connection between us, our minds can communicate).
- Are the gods happy?
- Yes (she moves and her nose is again a few centimeters from my glans). I, on the other hand, am shocked at your nerve.
- Don't be a prude, you are much stronger than me and yet you didn't push me away, you are a little slutty goddess who was just waiting for this.
His mouth as I expected once again forms an O of surprise in front of such raw words. It is the moment that I seize to engulf the half of my sex in his mouth. It is then that once again his tongue starts his sweet torture.
But this time, I decide to take things completely in hand, and without leaving him time to think, I put my hands behind his ears and I push the totality of my sex in his mouth.
Against all odds, no gag reflex is heard.
- You think I'm one of those little earthlings? She says to me with a mocking voice by the thought. So far, the gods are impressed, but it's time I taught you a good lesson. "
As soon as she said this sentence, her tongue went around my sex and covered it completely, then started to go back and forth at an incredible speed.
- Oh my God!!!
- The gods can't do anything for you anymore. Suddenly the tongue tightens again and again around my sex, then goes up slowly until there is more than my glans in his mouth, more exactly between his lips. I take advantage of this moment to blow when suddenly.
- I say "no more games". The lips begin a gentle back and forth on the glans while the tongue comes out of her mouth completely, covers my whole sex again and begins its frantic movements.
- Mhhhhh.
- The goddess suddenly laughs in my head and whispers "revenge".
- Suddenly my whole body is redisposed. Indeed without the least preparation, two perfectly lubricated fingers find themselves in the deepest of my buttocks.
- Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It's too much, I feel the orgasm rising in me, I close my eyes when suddenly ....
- Well, we stop here...
- What? You can't leave me like this, I'm on the verge of orgasm.
- Little human, you started a sexual act by surprise, without my authorization, consider yourself happy to get out of it with the blue balls.

I look the goddess in the eyes. An important detail attracts my attention, nothing on her face lets think that her mouth had administered a divine fellatio.
- You are right, it is a fair price.
- Sit down. The gods are unanimous, you have perfectly received the test.
- The test?
- Yes, we wanted to know your sexual profile. We were not disappointed, you were enterprising, brutal, but also gentle, your sex is good and finally, you are abnormally enduring for a human. Most of them don't resist more than a few minutes to my talent.
So it makes sense that you don't have to go through the initial training. We're releasing you now.
- What about the rest?
- You will fall into a deep sleep in a few minutes. You will wake up tomorrow in your new villa in Los Angeles, on the bedside table will be a gold-plated iPhone, this will be our means of communication, we will send you the name of the person to be seduced as well as a place and some information that we will consider useful.
- All right, anything else?
- Yes, when you wake up, you will be in your new body. Since you passed the initial test with flying colors, we'll give you 3 months of rest to acclimate to your new life and enjoy your fortune.
- That's fine.
- Goodbye and see you soon.
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Re: The gods's knight ( Candice Swanepoel)
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Interesting story. Thank you for posting it, I have now changed your profile to author. Welcome to CSS!
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Re: The gods's knight ( Candice Swanepoel)
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Good story from Candice. I liked it, this model is a slut too, it shows well .. I also like this star. Thank you !


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