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Some Fans Get All The Fun (Miley Cyrus)
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Story title: Some Fans Get All The Fun
Authors Money/Ikkitoussen
Celeb in story: Miley Cyrus
story codes: MF, MMF, oral, anal, cons.

Disclaimer: The following story is not true and never happened we are sure the celeb doesn’t act like this in reality if you are under the age of 18 or can easily be offended by this please stop reading now please any questions or comments on the story send them to [email protected] I would like to thank Ikkitoussen for having this story idea and letting me help him write it I had a blast now on with the story. This story was originally published in July 2011 on C-S-S-A.

Money and his buddy Jay had been at the Miley Cyrus concert strictly because their girlfriends wanted to go and they were assured some action afterward with the concert now over it was time to collect Jay checked the staging area back to the vendor docks while Money was lost somewhere in a cell dead zone and winding corridors within the massive arena when he found a room to sit in that turned out to be an unmarked dressing room for Miley.
“Where’s a map when you need one?” Money said

“Oh good, you’re here.” a girls voice said

Money turned around getting an eyeful of Miley Cyrus in an outfit that screamed slutty since she had turned 18 it seemed the nice girl handbook she went by was tossed out the window.

“What?” he asked

“You’re not the usual guy but at least you look good from here.” she purred

“Yeah the usual guy couldn’t make it so I’m it this trip.” he said

“Well let’s see if you measure up.” she said

Yeah, Money lied, big deal. Miley sat next to him on the couch checking him out rubbing her hands on him opening his shirt before unzipping his fly and pulling his thick footlong dick out surprising her with it’s size.

“Wow nice abs and a big dick now I’m really horny.” she said

“I was just looking for a map to get back to the arena floor.” he said

“And I just put on a 3 hour show for you and your friends and I need sex to relax.” she said

Miley was quickly turning from fun loving minx to complete slut given her outfit of a barely there black skirt so short it had to be a custom job for her and a really thin nearly see through red top as she started grinding her hips on his abs.

“Come on baby give me a taste of that big sausage you’re not going anywhere till I get it.” she purred.

Money tossed her on the couch flipping up her short skirt going to work on her pussy with his tongue forcing an orgasm style moan through Miley’s mouth.

“Oh shit that’s good”

“Mmmm.” he said

He kept licking as he made short work of Miley’s skirt making her wet as he looked into her eyes while Miley felt herself up groping her tits and sucking Money’s fingers on his free hand.

“Come on baby I’ve barely had any sexual experience at all or anything near what you have there.” she purred.

“Well I don’t want to hurt anything you want to keep intact later how about a 69.” he said

Miley just looked at his dick trying to figure out how even half of that was going to fit in her mouth much less the entire thing her thoughts were interrupted as Money started licking her pussy again easing her closer to the sizeable sausage.

“Not sure how much I can fit in my mouth.” she said

“Try your best.” he moaned.

The more she waited the harder he licked sliding his rough tongue over her clit making her shudder on every pass.

“Ok, ok, here I go.” she said

Miley slid most of his thick shaft in her mouth getting 8 inches down before coming up for air.

“I can’t stand it anymore just fuck me with that huge thing already.” she moaned.

Money kissed Miley taking her mind off what he was doing for the moment as he got on top of her easing inch after inch into her pussy making her open her legs wider to let the larger than normal object pass while she bit her lip as his thick dick passed the 8 inch mark and kept coming making her eyes open wide finally stopping at her cervix pulling back out before plunging back in at a faster rate slowly speeding up.

“Want me to go faster?”

“YES oh God yes go as fast as you can this feels fantastic.” she said

He grabbed onto her pert boobs massaging them as he humped away making the brunette arch her back on nearly every stroke clawing at his shoulders trying to fit every inch inside her.

“Can’t….more….scream….soon.” she panted.

“I’m cumming.” he grunted

Money stood up blasting Miley’s pussy in his thick spunk while she was wrapped around his waist and neck hanging on for the ride as her own orgasm hit flooding his dick, balls, and a portion of the floor in her girl cream the odor was really strong as she laid on the couch.

“That was amazing.” she said

“Care for another round I’m still hard.” he said

“I’ll be willing to suck you off again but no anal your dick might destroy it.” she said.

“Let me suck those pretty boobs and you have a deal.” he said.

Money took Miley into the nearby shower stall kissing her as he went going up and down her neck over and over before sliding his mouth over her left breast and started to suck making Miley moan in pleasure.

“Oh yeah that’s good.”

“I can tell you’re loving this.” he said

Miley was soaked in pussy juice and sex sweat from the inferno between her legs and Money fondling her chest her only release was stroking his impressive 12 inch tool as she went to her knees.

“Time for my meaty treat.” she moaned.

“Yeah eat my thick meat you horny little minx.” he moaned.

In a very short time frame Miley had gone from popstar to horny cock loving borderline slut backstage as she put Money’s thick cock between her tits sucking down what she could as she went.

“You’re gonna make me come soon.” he moaned

“I’m gonna suck down every drop you give me.” she said

Money looked down watching Miley sucking him off while masturbating his dick with her firm tits.

“I’m really close.” he said

“Give it to me fucker drain those big balls in my mouth.” she said.

Money erupted what seemed like buckets of cum into Miley’s waiting mouth as it continued to drain Miley kept sucking away until cum started to leak and spurt out the sides of it falling onto her boobs and some in her long hair around the shoulders.

“That was awesome I’ve never had a guy like you before.” she purred.

“You don’t need to thank me I just need a map to find my friend.” he said

As Money found the map his cell went off it was his buddy the signal was weak so he bolted for the location taking the map with him leaving Miley to clean herself up before she left the hidden room.

Since Miley hadn’t played at this arena for a few years the reworked backstage/vendor sections had moved quite a few things around from where she remembered them. Normally going left would take her to a service elevator but that was removed to expand the truck service area for large 18 wheelers when she turned another corner ending up in a locker room just below the arena basketball court where a guy was taking pictures looking really lost himself.

“Money…? Ah, man, lousy reception all over the place.” he said

“You look just as lost as I am.” she said

“Don’t do that sneaking up on me….” he said

His jaw dropped when he turned around looking right at Miley.

“I’m just… ah… trying to find my buddy Money showing him where I am the cell dead zones are terrible.” he said
“Oh, right! Your friend! I just met him, he helped me with something and was quite a great help, I should say” the girl said with a smile, and with a look that showed that an idea had just crossed her mind.
“Really? That sounds good, what did he help you with?” Jay asked, with sincere curiosity.

“Actually…” she said with a naughty tone of voice “I think you could help me too, I seem to be in need of it again!” the teen idol said while playing with her hair.

“Ah, sure! What can I do for you?” he asked, quite surprised by the whole situation, he had never met a celeb before and now Miley was actually asking for his help.

“Well, start by losing those pants!” she said while starting to take away her shirt from below.

“O… wait, what?!” he said, caught off guard. He had imagined she was gonna ask him to move some boxes or something like that, but instead she was now topless and with an “I’m gonna eat you!” look at her face.

“Your friend was very good, I can’t wait to see what you have for me too!” she said with a big excited smile, letting her skirt fall off her body and basically tackled him to the ground.

“Take this stuff off, don’t be shy!” she said while taking his shirt off

“Ok, not fat! I like that! Let’s see what else you got!”

“This is a dream! This isn’t happening, I’m dreaming” Jay mumbled. He couldn’t be blamed, having a celeb with just her underwear in top of you doesn’t happen every day.

“You say fun stuff! But you’re almost ready!” she said, noticing the bulge growing between his legs, and taking his pants down.

“Damn, if this is a dream I may just enjoy it!” he told himself and decided to take a more active part.

He grabbed her by the waist firmly and spin until he was in top of her. He kissed her passionately while stroking the back of her head with one her. He kissed her wildly, almost eating her mouth, like he wanted to explore her depths with his tongue. He also started to play with her breasts with his free hand, fondling the whole breast at first and then taking special care of her nipples.
“Mph!” She moaned, clearly enjoying the attention on her cute perky titties. Jay left her mouth and lowered his head to her chest and a hand between her legs. He started sucking and licking her breasts while helping himself with his free hand, pinching and caressing her nipples softly. He rubbed her crotch through her underwear in a delicate but rhythmic way, increasing his speed and energy slowly but steadily.
“God, yeah! You’re so good!” moaned Miley biting her lip, and arching her back in a clear demonstration of pleasure. She managed to put his pants down with her feet while he was busy pleasuring her.

“Ok, my turn!” panted Miley and suddenly got back on top, apparently the passive side was not her strength, at least not for a long time.

“Let’s see what you hide!” she said and in a swift movement took off his underwear, revealing his quite erect manhood.

“Nice! You’re not huge but quite thick! And well trimmed, I like a guy that’s actually clean and tidy!” she said while handling his shaft

“Let’s see how much it grows!” she said with a naughty look, and quite excited, and then lowered her head.

She started sucking and caressing his balls while slowly jerking his shaft with her other hand.
“God! If this is a dream… I don’t wanna wake!” he mumbled,
Panting. Miley was surely doing a hell of a job, for someone that young who was supposed to not have much previous experience. She kept sucking his balls for a while and eventually changed tactics. She licked and sucked his shaft for a while and then put his dick inside her warm mouth. She started sucking him up and down his cock while using her tongue masterfully, giving the head of his dick all kind of rushes of pleasure.
“Damn, I can’t take this!” he said, obviously affected by her amazing blowjob, and with his dick throbbing at its maximum size. He took her from below her arms and rose her to her feet. He kissed her with passion and slid his hand under her panties, starting to please her by rubbing her and fingering her with his middle finger.
“Damn you’re wet! You must be damn horny!” he said, while he slid his finger further inside her, trying to find the spot that would drive Miley crazy.

“Fuck yeah, I’m ho… AAH! OH, FUCK YEAH!!!” she yelled: he had hit the spot.

“Oh, you like that, don’t ya?” Jay said, increasing his fingering of the spot. He got on his knees and took her panties off with his free hand, finally exposing her wet as hell womanhood.

“Damn, that is a cute pussy you got there, hun!” he told her playfully, then started licking her clit, but never stopping hitting that special spot that was driving Miley all kinds of crazy.

“Oh my god, that feels SO good!” Miley mumbled with a cracked voice, she was almost sobbing from the pleasure. He then left her clit and parted her labia and started licking her insides, sticking his tongue in and out of her, simulating penetration, while rubbing gently her clit with his middle finger.

“OH GOD I CAN’T TAKE IT!!” Miley yelled, no guy had ever given her such good oral sex; maybe a girl, but definitely never a guy.

“Get on your back! I want your cock! I’m gonna fuck your brains out!!” she ordered vehemently.

She pushed him to his back again and showing great resolve she straddled above him and lowered herself, kneeling on the ground at first and then slowly letting his erect manhood penetrate her.

“Oooohhh, yeah! That’s what I want!” she said with her eyes half closed from pleasure. She started moving up and down enjoying the tickling sensations running through her body.
“Damn, you’re great!!” she yelled “you’re so thick, you fill me so good!” she uttered, pleased.
Jay was having the time of his life as the teen idol rode him faster every second. The feelings of the tight, moist pussy rubbing his dick were driving him crazy, he didn’t know how much he could handle himself.
He seized the moment and decided to do every thing he could to make sure Miley also had the time of her life (not that he hadn’t done a lot already). He started rubbing her erect nipple with his thumb and middle finger and touched her lips with the fingers of his other hand, full of her pussy juices. She part her lips and started sucking his fingers with her eyes clothes, focusing in tasting herself in his hand. As she did so, she stopped riding him and started swaying her hips in a circular way.

“Oh, yeah, baby! Do you like how you taste?” Jay asked her, not stopping to rub her breasts for a moment.

“Yeah, I fucking love it!” Miley answered and licked his fingers again in a very lewd way.
“Now I’m gonna show you what’s good!”

She took the initiative again and started moving her hips up and down even faster than before, her back straight and her breasts bouncing lively.
“Oh, god!!” Jay uttered, she was giving him the ride of his life, by far.
“Ohhh, I wanna cum, I wanna cum!” she moaned with a very horny voice. She leaned forward and rest her weight on her hands, sitting on tiptoe and using her legs’ strength for riding him even faster. She was now fucking him as fast as humanly possible and their hips produced all kinds of sloppy sounds. He slapped her ass, losing himself in the moment, leaving red marks on Miley’s butt cheeks which only made her hornier.

“Oh, god, I’m almost there!!!” she cried with her eyes closed, teary from all the pleasure filling her.

“I can’t hold it anymore!” Jay yelled, she had taken him to his limit and he was on the verge of orgasm.

“Cum inside of me! Fill me with it!” she yelled, and then started moaning with a cracked voice.


“OH, FUCK!!!” he yelled, and filled her with his warm man juice, they had come together. She rode his dick a few more times and fell on his chest, exhausted. He had filled her with his cum, and felt like there was nothing left inside him; she was in a state of total bliss and shivering from all she had felt.

“Jeez! You were a lot of fun after all! Just like your friend” she whispered with her particular southern accent and sat on the floor starting to dress.

“I’m dead and this is heaven!” Jay said tired, he couldn’t believe what had just happened to him, it was as if a train had run over him suddenly.

“You say such funny things!” a now dressed Miley said smiling and gave him a quick kiss on his cheek.

“See ya around, boy!” she said happily and left him on the ground, catching his breath, trying to figure out what the hell had just hit him.

As Jay and Miley were getting dressed his phone started ringing again: it was Money.

“Hey man what’s up.”

“I got turned around again, I’m in a dressing room that looked like a stairwell on the map looking at a white stage costume.” Money said

“I know right where you are, stay there.” Miley said

After going up 2 flights of stairs and a set of double doors they found Money standing in the hallway outside the room.

“Nice setup you got here” Jay said

“So this is where they put it.” Miley said.

“Ready to go Jay?”

“You can’t leave” she said

“Why not?” Jay asked

“Because I wanted to fuck both of you at the same time” she purred.

“What about your handlers?” Money asked

“Watch this… hey some fans found my secret dressing room… I’m fine they just want pictures and autographs and a little one on one time… I think I can sacrifice about 2 hours for these little guys… around 7 and 12, ok see you at the hotel” she said

At the beginning Money thought she had sold them out but it looked like she had just opened the flood gates for a lot of fun.

“Impressive” he said

“So’s your dick! Are you guys going to flip a coin for my ass or what?” she asked.

“Call it in the air” Money said

“Heads!” Jay said

The coin came up heads winning the bet for Jay. Money just waited hoping he would want her ass Miley had a look on her face where the outcome meant little to her: she just wanted sex, and lots of it.

“I get her ass!” he said

“So that means I get this thick piece of man meat in my pussy” Miley cooed.

“If you think you can handle it” Money said

Miley jumped into Money’s arms, wrapping her arms around his neck, pawing at his clothes, while he did the same for her, getting her naked quick as they made out. Peeling off her shirt he buried his thick cock as far as it would go, stretching her out.

“Ohhhh yeah I fucking love this monster cock! But I’m still so horny!” Miley groaned

“Jay, I think she wants you to join in” Money said

Jay eased his cock into her ass, making Miley arch her back into Jay’s chest while Money humped away at her pussy at a nearly reckless pace.

“How does it feel you little minx?” Jay asked

“This is better than I had hoped” she moaned

Miley was getting hammered in her holes by the studs, but she couldn’t get enough. The petite popstar bounced up and down at a steady pace, her orgasm building fast.

“So big….never had….this size….uhhhh.” she moaned

“But you’re loving every inch of it.” Money said

“She is so tight!” Jay said

“Fuck yeah she’s tight!” Money agreed

“Yeah, gotta hold… show her what we can do” Jay panted, trying his best to hold and give the teen what she deserved.

“Well, let’s show her then!” Money replied

“Yeah, please! Show me what you have, fuck me hard!” Miley asked, excited

They took the initiative and started fucking her faster and faster, Jay in her ass and Money in her pussy.

“Yeah, guys, fuck me like a whore!” Miley moaned, rolling her ass from the pleasure

“Oh, we so will!” Jay replied, the guys were feeling the pleasure full their bodies too

The guys went up, lifting her, and now they could coordinate their movements. They started bouncing her up and down on their cocks, penetrating her simultaneously in her ass and pussy. She felt completely filled now, stretched widely by one cock in each whole, both doing the same inside-out movements at the same time.

“Oh my god this feels so good!!” she grunted with a deep voice, feeling her legs shiver, an orgasm fast approaching.

“Damn! Fuck yeah!!” Money yelled, and it was obvious that the guys couldn’t hold it anymore either.

They exploded buckets of cum into Miley driving her crazy as she lost it, creaming Money’s shaft while Jay’s spunk drained out of her ass. The guys pulled out of her, still shivering from the pleasure the girl’s body had filled them with, and the three of them sat down on the floor catching their breath. It had been a very energetic thing.

“Give me a minute and I’ll be ready to go again.” she said

“I must admit her youth is an advantage.” Money said

Her bounce back was quick, the clock had barely run 3 minutes before she had that look on her face again.

“I know I might regret this, but I want to know how Money’s cock feels in my ass.” she purred

“And where do I fit in?” Jay asked

“I’m going to suck you off like there’s no tomorrow.” Miley cooed.

“Well, that sounds damn fine!” he said, pleased with her answer.

Money picked her up by the waist hanging her above his cock before impaling his manhood into Miley’s tight rectum, forcing the anal ring wider than ever, making her squeal as it rubbed her spine. Money groped her tits holding her to his chest.

“How bad do you want your ass torn apart by my big dick?” Money whispered

“More than anything.” she moaned

“Bend her over the back of the couch so she can suck my dick.” Jay said

Money did as Jay asked while Miley positioned herself to give Jay his blowjob, stroking his dick before slipping it into her mouth. Money started building speed quickly, fucking her ass at a good pace, making Miley’s boobs bounce from the impacts driving her wild.


“But you wanted this because your such a slut anyway.” Money said

Miley went back to sucking Jay off, she started holding it and stroking it slightly while sucking it slowly, and then built it up bobbing her head up and down while caressing his balls softly with her hand, driving Jay crazy.

“Oh, ffffuck!!! I can’t believe how good she is!” he uttered, caressing her head gently, letting her do her work and enjoying how the feelings she gave him with her mouth ran through his body.

“Oh, I’ll show her what good is!” Money said and positioned himself so he could fully thrust his whole dick in and out of her ass. He started doing so, thrusting his hips in a steady rhythm, going from almost pulling his cock out to burying it up to his balls in every movement.

“MMMMMMPH!!!” Miley moaned deeply with Jay’s cock still fully in her mouth, her eyes going blank from the feelings. This bigger effort by Money clearly put her on the edge of orgasming. She had never felt her ass so filled in her entire life, and probably never would again.

Even in this situation where the pleasure was affecting her so much, she still managed to commit herself to pleasing the guys. Although she was too affected by pleasure to bob her head up and down his shaft, she managed to lick the head of Jay’s dick in a very pleasant way. While doing this she spread her ass as much as she could, feeling she would explode from the anal fucking Money was giving her.

“She’s unstoppable.” Jay said, seeing how even when she was about to faint from the pleasure she still managed to lick his cock amazingly. He was almost cumming too.

“I think she’s just about finished.” Money said

Miley went on her knees, grabbed both cocks and started sucking them down rather hard, tasting both her pussy juices and her ass on their cocks, both guys knees nearly buckling from the attention.

“I want you guys to blow your loads on my boobs.” she moaned

“I knew you were kinky.” Jay said

“She does have skills.” Money said

Miley kept going, deepthroating their cocks, sucking them off with her long tongue, trying to milk them. Finally they both erupted, spraying everything from her forehead to her perky tits in thick sperm, she didn’t look repulsed by the fact she was nearly covered in spunk. Quite the opposite, she was very pleased with the situation.

“Oh my god!” she sighed “I can’t believe how much you came! It’s so great! I’d never had so much on me!” she cheerfully said, smiling.

Clearly Miley was the dirty type, and where other girls would have felt disgusted, she looked quite excited. Pulling her hair off her chest, she looked down amazed at how much male juice was all over her body and played with the drops that had fell on her hands.

“Do you need a towel, hun?” Money asked, amused by the sight of the teenage popstar happily covered in sperm.

“No way, I wanna taste it first!” Miley said and, surprising the guys, she ran a finger through her cheek and took it inside her mouth.

“Mmm, so good! And there’s so much of it!” she cheerfully said after swallowing what was covering her finger.

“Man, what do we do?” Money asked

“What do you mean?” Jay asked back

“We’re supposed to go, but she seems like she could go on for a long time!”

“Well, I wouldn’t mind that!” Jay exclaimed

“… do we toss a coin again or something?” Money proposed

They both looked at a cheerful Miley, who looked ready for yet another round, and then looked at each other.

“Well, how many times will we have this chance in life?” Jay asked, and it was quite clear that there was really no choice to be made.

The end?
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