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The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
« on: June 07, 2019, 05:13:27 PM »
This is a thread to post stories that are under 1200 words. Obviously, you don't have to, but I thought it would be fun to have a collection of quick reads. Only rule is staying under the word limit. It's a neat challenge. Give it a shot. I want everyone to join in.

Jennifer Lawrence - Glory

“I'm tired of shit roles.”

Jennifer shook her hair out in frustration and took another sip of her margarita. The X-Men contract has become a problem and she has already started to distance herself from the comic book movie scene.

“You're my agent, Mark. Start acting like it,” she sighed. “All I hear from you is blah, blah, blah.”

Down at the corner of the bar, a decent looking man in a suit started to eye her up and down. She felt like she was pretty modest with her attire and glanced at herself. The flimsy white summer dress covered all of her, but the lace from her black bra was lining her cleavage and very visible. A cute diamond heart was nestled between her creamy tits that dangled from a chain. Jennifer tipped her expensive cat-eye sunglasses and removed his gaze from her pretty green eyes.

She mouthed to him silently, “Not gonna happen,” and shook her head slowly. The blond waves went side to side, emphasizing the denial to her beauty.

“Whoa,” she said with a quickness and started to get loud. “An archer character at Marvel Studios? God...damn it, Mark. I don't want to be typecast as 'Archer Chick.' No.”

Jennifer turned away from the man at the corner, who wouldn't give up, and stood up from the bar. “Call me back when you have useful information. I have to pee. Bye.”

She looked around for the bathroom and noticed it was behind the creep that wouldn't stop staring. There wasn't a choice unless she wanted it on the floor right then and there and shook her head on her way beside him. “Never going to happen,” she popped off before rounding the corner.

The door was closed and she shimmied out of her black thong until it was around her ankles. She handled her business and reached for paper, a shriek and gasp coming out of her. Jennifer found her heart and tried to stay calm.

“Oh, what the fuck are you doing, m--” she said only to interrupt herself with a hand over her mouth. “Jesus fuck,” she mumbled.

A gigantic purple cock head was poking through a perfect circle just near the paper roll. Jennifer shook her head wildly and went for her panties. “Nah uh. Nope,” she thought. She wasn't sure how she ended up in the men's restroom, but she found a hole on the opposite wall. With a peek, she could see all the way through and stood up in a hurry. Before she could make it to the door, the man went flush against the wall and she backed up into the other side while a fat black slab came through at full mast.

“Big as my fucking arm,” she trembled, still not out of the stall. With an obvious lack of clarity in her thought process, she suddenly considered that it might be one of the best looking dicks she had ever seen. “Don't do it. Don't do it,” she sighed, biting a nail. She had wanted to suck one for months, but not like this. The temptation was too much. This cock whore walked into the wrong bathroom and now she was on her knees. Jennifer put an elbow up to the wall and the leaky head was past her wrist.

“Oh, wow,” she let out a lustful sigh. “I love big black ones...” she whispered, her puffy lips squelching on the top. She came up from below with a strong grip around the generous girth and started to pump the blood through those massive veins. She didn't hear a word from the stranger, but it didn't matter. She knew what she had to do.

Jennifer bathed the sensitive top in hot slobber and slurped it between her lips while drumming her hand into the wall. She moaned around it and stuffed herself with the big treat. He tasted fantastic and it only made her want to bob more. Her mouth squished and splooshed with their quick mixture of juices until the slurpy noise went rampant. She was high-profile and not thinking clearly. Anyone could walk in and hear her servicing this man, but she didn't care.

“I have somewhere to be,” she said between smooches, loving on it gleefully. “Make this quick,” she demanded.

She heard a thump above and saw hands grip the top of the stall. He shoved his hips into the wall back and forth, fucking her hand and popping in and out of her big mouth. “Mm, I got you,” she mumbled. Jennifer let go and put both hands flat onto the wall. She dropped her head inwards and took the stabs to the throat, her hair flinging back and forth. Spit splashed around and trickled down her chin as she coughed, but with a slight angle change, he busted through with a sloppy gulp and Jennifer's forehead hit the stall. A sigh was heard from the other side and he started fucking her.

Jennifer was no stranger to long, fat black shafts and she kept her pretty pink lips up inside of the opening. He was plunging deep into a surreal tightness and didn't hold back, smashing into the cheap fiberglass. Bloated balls clapped in tandem with her jingling golden bracelets to over take the dampened gurgling and hefty groans from Jennifer. She heard a toilet flush from afar and shivered from the idea of being caught, but he only got faster. Her jaw ached and her constricting throat was expanding. She couldn't breathe, but fuck it. She was here for a reason.

“Uhnn, bitch. Gonna. Fuckin. CUM!” she heard out of nowhere.

The wall was hit with a monstrous thud that rattled the screws from the hinges and Jennifer's eyes fluttered the moment he blasted into her belly. She could feel the torrent of creamy jizz rocketing through the bulk of fat dick before the hot feeling splashed her chest. He pulled away and lunged, squirting heavy ropes deep into the blonde slut. Jennifer slid away to the sputtering tip and took him with both hands, jerking the rest onto her tongue until she was satisfied.

With a loud gulp, she popped loudly from it and gave it a fast pump before opening the door. She slipped her shades on quickly and didn't waste any time leaving the bar. She couldn't afford to be noticed.

But, fuck, that was tasty.



Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
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I love this story.  I love this idea.  Short and sweet.  Thank you so much you for posting and getting the community involved.  Now I've got to come up with an idea!

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
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Melissa Debling - What's The Story, Morning Glory?

Hope you all enjoy it and if you've any constructive comments to make please email me at johnmconnors(at)protonmail(dot)com or PM me on the site.

Melissa’s nerves were jangling as she heard the footsteps grow steadily closer until they were right outside the adjoining room. Goosebumps erupted all over her body and she sat down in the chair with a start, causing it to squeak a little. Her mouth was dry again but she didn’t dare move a muscle. She listened intently, straining to hear the man outside and was startled a little as he loudly cleared his throat and entered the room next door, closing and locking the door behind him. She could sense he was just standing there looking around the room as she had first done. She heard him moving the chair around, its legs scraping against the concrete floor.

There was a sharp rap on the wooden wall that caused her to jump a little, followed by a deep masculine voice with a heavy London accent.

“Um…hello? Are you in there, love?”

She didn’t answer right away and this caused the man to knock again.

“Hello? Is there anyone there?”

“Ummm….hi there.” She stammered as she ran her hands through her hair and bit her lip.  She shifted nervously in her seat and played with the strap of her bra.

“What’s your name, darling?”

She heard him unbuckle his belt and knew he was stripping off.

“Mmmm…I’d rather not say if it's ok with you.” She replied. “And I’d rather not know yours.”

“Fair enough.” He answered and continued to disrobe.

Melissa needed a drink of water now and reached down for the bottle, struggling to open it as her hands were shaking. She took a deep swig of water and then saw a large hand appear in through the gloryhole.

“Can I feel your tits, darling?” he asked hopefully.

“Just give me a second, babe.” She replied and took another slug of water, screwing the cap on and placing it beside the chair once she’d finished.

“Sure thing. Let me know when you are ready.” He intoned and his hand disappeared back through the gloryhole.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, before reaching around her back and unhooking her bra, freeing her large breasts. Her nipples were like hard pebbles with the combination of the cool air and her own anticipation. She stood up facing the partition wall and knelt down in front of the gloryhole, her face inches away from it. Her heart was beating quickly and she knelt up a little so that her breasts were in line with the hole in the wall. Closing her eyes, she heard herself say.

“Ok. I am ready.” 

She felt his large, calloused hand gently touch her left and then right breast, his fingers caressing her erect nipples.

“Fuck, they are nice tits!” He exclaimed as he continued to fondle them, his hand moving from one to the other, barely able to contain his excitement. He brushed his thumb against her nipples and then pinched them gently continuing to play with her tits for several minutes.

“Ummm….that’s nice, babe.” Melissa sighed a little as she found herself enjoying his touch.

“Can I suck on them, darling?” he asked tweaking her nipples.

“Don’t you have something you’d prefer me to suck on?” She replied coyly.

“I’m a gentleman, so ladies first.” He replied his hand still roving all over her chest.

“I insist, babe.” She replied and she heard him chuckle a little as he gave her breasts one final squeeze each.

His hand was quickly replaced by his erect penis, a stiff rod of muscle that twitched in the air, its purple head peeking out from behind his foreskin. It was of average length and girth, with a large vein that ran along it from its root to its head.

Melissa looked at his cock for a few seconds and then reached down and grabbed a packet of wet wipes, ripping open the packet and taking two out. She wiped his cock with the two of them, pulling back his foreskin as she did making sure she cleaned every inch of his dick and balls. He grunted at this and his body shook a little. When she was satisfied, she discarded the wipes and kneeled a little closer to his cock, wetting her lips  as she did.

Tucking her hair behind her ears she spoke to him.

“Just let me know when you’re gonna cum, babe.”

She heard him moan as she put her hand around his meat and gasp, his body jerking a little, as she ran her tongue around the head of his cock, her tongue stud igniting the nerves and pleasure senses there. She flicked her tongue around the head of his penis and sucked on it causing him to moan in pleasure.

“Oh fuck!”

She took him into her mouth then and started bobbing her head rhythmically, taking his meat in deep and then sucking on his head when she would bob back up. The sound of her slurping and moaning on his cock filled the room and she heard him gasp again.

“Oh my God….this is fucking incredible!”

His cock was coated in her saliva as Melissa continued bobbing her head, rivulets of it rolling down his shaft and coagulating on the hair around his balls. She took his cock out of her mouth briefly and licked his shaft with her tongue stud flicking it around his frenulum, causing him to groan again. She took him back into her mouth, resuming her bobbing, sucking hard and lashing his cock with her tongue as she did. He was in ecstasy at this point, barely able to do more that gurgle and groan his approval as she enthusiastically gobbled on his cock.

A few more minutes of this and she heard him pant at her.

“Oh fuck! I’m gonna’ cum, darling.”

Melissa started to bob her head even faster taking him deeper and deeper, more and more of his cock disappearing into her sensuous mouth. She felt his cock twitch in her mouth and knew he was about to finish. He let out a strangled cry and his cock enlarged and started spasming in her mouth, his semen spurting into in. He grunted and groaned like a wild animal as he sprayed his seed into her mouth.  Her mouth awash with his cum, Melissa gagged a little as she swallowed it but continued to bob her head as he poured himself into her, the shaft of his penis becoming saturated in a mixture of his cum and her saliva. It ran down his cock and dripped off his balls, pooling on the pillow that Melissa was kneeling on.

“Oh my God….fuck!” he moaned as his cock continued to twitch and jerk in her mouth.

She moaned a little herself as she continued to suck and slurp on his erupting cock, her tongue swirling around it causing him to sigh in pleasure. She held it in her mouth even as his torrent abated and his cock started deflating sucking and licking it. Eventually he pulled his cock back, leaving a string of saliva and cum sticking to Melissa’s lips. She knelt forward and took him in her mouth again swallowing the string and giving his cock one final suck, hearing him groan.

“That was amazing, darling. Oh my God….” He trailed off.

She watched his cock disappear back through the hole, heard him gather his clothes, unlock the door and then he was gone.

She took a drink of water and readied herself for the next guy.
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Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
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Love you guys @thenewcomer @John Connors

These are great short stories!
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Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
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Nightclub Fuck

   Lucy’s eyes locked onto him the moment he walked into the club, 6ft tall athletic, short beard hint of grey, slightly older, her perfect type.  Since becoming single Lucy had hit the nightclubs regularly, having missed out on the singles scene in her 20’s she was making up for lost time. 

   She accidently ‘bumped’ into him a few times over the next few hours, sharing a smile at the bar, and then passing on the dance floor.  She spotted him heading off to the gents, and followed, this was her moment to strike.

   As he came out of the door, she was there waiting, her hand on his chest she kissed him hard, “If you want me, take me” she whispered, breaking the kiss and taking his hand.

   There was a door off to the side of the corridor, she opened it and looked in, a small side room, obviously used for meetings or some such, a circular table, 6 chairs and a TV on the wall.  He followed her eagerly and she flicked the lock on the door.  Lucy wore a black evening dress, split up her thigh, silver lace down the front, her huge breasts on show.

   “Fuck, you’re Lucy Pinder” He gasped as she kissed him hard again.

   “And I am gonna make every fantasy you have of me come true” she said.

   She reached up and peeled down the shoulder straps of her dress, her massive breasts revealed immediately.  She gasped as his lips found her nipples, suckling on each breast.  Her fingers ran down to her pussy and started to rub her clit as he chewed on the hard teats.  Groaning she fell to her knees, eyes in line with his crotch.   Unfastening his trousers they fell to the floor, his hard cock straining in his boxers.

   “Suck me Lucy Pinder” he groaned as her hand fished his hard member free.

   The shiny head bounced in front of her, his full 8 inch cock more than fulfilling her desires.  Her lips wrapped around his shaft, he groaned as she sucked up and down, her hand stroking the base of his shaft in time with her lips, lower and lower they went until she released her grip and went all the way down, cock popping her throat, nose touching his stomach.

   “FUUUCKKKK!” he gasped legs wobbling as the brunette deep throated him.

   Lucy gagged, her throat milking his cock, throbbing within her neck as she swallowed him over and over.  Finally she came up for air gasping, coughing, a big grin on her face.  Looking up at him she stood up, kissing him then pulling them to the table.  Her dress fell to the floor, she stood naked, she had gone commando tonight just for this reason.

   “Take me” she groaned as she lay back, her legs spreading, inviting him to enter her.

   Holding her legs wide, thumbs pressed into her thighs, his hard cock pushed into her pussy, the wet tight hole sucked him deep as his hips thrust forwards.  Wrapping her legs around him she pulled him deep, as he started to thrust into her.

   “Fuckk yeah baby, fuck me good” she groaned as he started to pump.

   Her big breasts wobbled back and forth on her chest as he fucked her harder and harder, cock pounding deep.  Lucy gasped, her body bucking, back arching as the pleasure built inside her.  He was mesmerised by those melons sloshing up and down, the hypnotic nature of the funbags keeping him occupied.

   “YESSSS!!!!!”” Lucy cried, her body shaking, cunt clasping him over and over as she came.

   His hips went into overdrive, her body vigorously sliding back and forth as he rammed harder and faster as she came.  Hands clasping her thighs holding her as she squirmed and screamed in climax.

   “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! YESSSSSS!!!!” she wailed.

   As she calmed slightly he pulled her to the edge of the table, cock easing from her pussy. “noooo” she gasped, begging for him to stay in her,  His hands flipped her over, his cock rubbing on her pussy from behind.

   “Yes, put it back in, pleeeeease” Lucy begged.

   He grinned, his wet cock teasing her pussy, before dragging it up and pushing into her ass. She tensed, trying to wiggle forwards, the thick member pushing past her ring, his hand on her back he held her down grinding deeper up into her bowels.

   “Ohhh SHIIIITTT!!!” she cried, as he finally got balls deep in her ass.

   One hand wrapped in her hair, the other on the small of her back he pumped his cock in and out of her asshole.  She squealed and whined as his thick member rutted her back passage, every inch driving deep.  Lucy was gasping almost breathless as he took her ass.

   “Fuck! Fuck you! FUCK YOU!” she whined.

   He grinned as she took him, never flinching, her body his to use at this moment.  Faster and faster he fucked her ass, as she lay below him, now groaning in pleasure, her ring accustomed to his thrusts.  His hand left her back, and fingers found her pussy, pushing in, thumb on her clit, both holes stimulated.

   “Ohhh FUCK YES! YESSSS!!” Lucy cried.

   Thrusting faster and faster, thumbs and fingers now furiously rubbing her throbbing bud, she came again, shaking and quivering below him.  Lucy’s legs shook, she collapsed to the table, screaming in ecstasy.


   He rammed faster and faster, nearing his eruption, Lucy sensed this, gasping, “No, no please cum on my face”

   He pulled out fast, she scooted back down to her knees below him, hand on his cock, stroking him faster and faster.

   “Cum on me, fucking Lucy Pinder, that whore from the mags” she gasped looking up at him,  “How many times have you jerked off over my pictures, now fucking cum on my face for real” she teased.

   His balls drew up, she knelt there, one hand under her tits cupping them up, huge round balls of pleasure.  The other stroked his cock faster and faster until finally a big thick jet of cum splattered her face.  The white streaks crashed into her forehead and glazed her eye, unflinching another and another followed it, coating her face in semen.

   “Yessss!” she gasped as he drenched her face.

   Bolt after bolt of cum covered her face, lacing her forehead, her right eye swimming in it.  Finally sated she brought his head to her lips, sucking the final pearly drop from his tip.

   “Ohhh shit Lucy” he gasped, as she let go of him.

   “Baby, fuck that was amazing” she said blinking her eyes open.

   She reached down and took her phone from her bag, she held it up and took several selfies, before scooping up every drop into her mouth, and swallowing it down.

   “Give me your phone” she said.

   He passed it across.  She typed in her number, smiling, passing it back.

   “If you are VERY lucky, I might let you do that again” she said, “Now you leave first, then I’ll follow, text me tomorrow and see what happens”

   Now that was a good fuck, she thought as he left.
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Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
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Great idea, and 2 fabulous stories to start us off.  Added a short episode, with who else but Lucy Pinder.  Looking forwards to see who else makes an appearance, and hoping Lucy gets a few episodes ontop of mine.
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Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
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That was hot with Lucy, guess I am going to do Britney then!  :D
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Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
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Gibi ASMR - Tingles

The screen is black and silent; then slowly it fades up to reveal a bedroom, cleanly decorated and clearly lit.  Gibi is sitting cross-legged on the freshly-made bed, lounging on pillows heaped against the bedstead; naked except for a bright smile and a black choker.  The ambient noise of the outside world is just audible, as is the sound of her breathing and the mattress shifting beneath her.  She raises a hand and flutters her fingers as she gives the camera a broad, gentle wave, the sound flowing left-to-right-to-left on your headphones.

With a creak of the mattress and the rustle of skin-on-sheets, Gibi sits up on her knees and leans in towards the camera, her pretty face almost filling the screen as she kisses the air around and over it, a string of lip-sounds floating above you.  With a mwah she plants one final smooch just above the centrepoint; you feel your forehead tingle.  Sitting back, she licks her pale-pink-painted lips, then clicks her tongue a few times; as she turns her head ever-so-slightly, you can just barely notice the difference it makes to the sound direction.  She slips a finger between her lips and pops it out; then she does it again with her other hand.

Gibi breathes in deeply, brings her feet out from under her and extends her long legs, arches her back and stretches her slender, toned body; she holds it for a couple of seconds and then relaxes with a slow sigh.  She’s sitting up against the pillows again; but this time her legs are spread out in front of her, letting the camera see the dark strip that points the way to her pretty pink pussy.  After a few moments of quiet breathing she touches the fingertips of her right hand to her neck, gently strokes across bare skin; the hairs on your arm feel like they’re standing on end.  They slide along smoothly, tracing the curve of her pert breast, the circle of her areola, down her toned tummy and across her cute bellybutton, through into her neatly-trimmed-but-not-too-recently pubic hair.

Slipping a finger inside herself, and then another, Gibi begins to frig herself nice and slow.  Her breathing is deep and measured, in-and-out in a measured rhythm, slow and sensual as she schlicks away at her snatch.  She keeps this up for a little while, patiently pleasuring herself for several long leisurely minutes, then slips her fingers all the way out.  They retrace their path back up her body, this time leaving a trail of moisture that shines slightly in the warm clear light; brushing against skin so lightly it gives you goosebumps.  She traces her way back up her belly, crosses her heart, and up to her neck once more; stroking across the choker, the tips of her nails catching on the mesh just audibly.

Her hands slide down her body once more, resting palm-down on the rumpled sheets.  Gibi sits back with her eyes closed, softly smiling as she breathes in and out; with each slow, deep breath you see the smallest movements of her body.  Her chest rises and falls with each breath, her cute little toes twitch, and her hair falls a little different with each slight tilt of her head.  The sound of her fills your headphones, warm and slow and soft in the bright quiet room.

After a few minutes her eyes open once more.  Her hand slips beneath the pillows and slides out with a long soft-pink dildo; she holds it up to the camera with a smile, taps her nails along its length one by one.  Bringing it up to her mouth, Gibi purses her lips and blows over it gently; then she starts to lick it.  She begins by giving it dozens of tiny little flicks with just the tip of her tongue; then laps at it quickly like a cat cleaning its paws; then like she’s licking at an ice-cream; then last of all gives it a sloppy tongue-bath from base-to-tip.  She pops her lips, opens wide, and slides the already spit-slick dildo into her mouth, making it bulge each cheek in turn before giving it the slobberiest suck-job you’ve ever heard.  As Gibi pushes the dildo in between her lips, her tongue and throat make wet sloppy saliva sounds, stray strings of drool dripping down to soak into the clean bedsheet between her legs.

After a few minutes that would have finished off the real thing, she brings the dildo all the way out of her wet mouth, shining with spit in the light.  Her breathing is much heavier now, but still she keeps up the slow steady rhythm of it.  She brings the toy down to her equally-wet pussy, presses the tip against herself, holds it there for a long few moments, then slowly slides it inside.  You hear her swallow quietly as its full length fills her, she pauses for a second; then begins to fuck the toy in-and-out, twisting it with every deep thrust.  All the while she gazes directly at the camera, looking you in the eye as she pleasures herself with unhurried deliberateness.

For endless minutes she fucks herself, always keeping to that steady rhythm, resisting the urge to speed up or get sloppy with her technique, pumping the dildo into her cooch again and again and again.  The only thing that gets faster is her breathing, which gradually builds and builds, her breaths shallower and quicker as she approaches orgasm.  That oh-so-cute face is flushed and damp, you can see the concentration it takes to keep this up without faltering, a helpless smile on her lips as she forces herself to keep quiet.  You hear the faint scrunching sound of her left hand unconsciously clutching at the rumpled sheet below her.

It’s so obvious that she’s on the edge of orgasm, that the pleasure building within her is about to burst it’s banks and flood through her hot body; but still she works the pink dildo with the same slow thrusts, still her mouth makes no sound except for her breathing.  At last it hits, she bites her lip to keep from crying out as pleasure floods through her, her slender body arching as she holds herself still; then she relaxes with a long ecstatic sigh.  Leisurely she removes the glistening dildo, gently places it on the bed besides her, before laying back on the bed and letting her whole body go limp.

Gibi lays there beneath the camera’s unmoving gaze, her naked body shining with sweat.  Her eyes close and her breathing slowly gets softer and softer; is she asleep?  For several minutes more you watch her lying there in a satisfied satiated doze, breathing softly over the anonymous ambient noise of the world outside her room.  The screen fades back to black.


Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
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Oh fuck, that's hot. @volente
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Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
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Haiz In The Recording Studio
Starring Hailee Steinfeld
Codes: MF
Written by MiamiLyfe
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and it is nothing but pure fantasy.


“Fuck” Hailee Steinfeld yelled into her mic.

It was 2 AM in the recording studio, and her frustrations her rising.  Hailee had one last track she wanted to finish recording before leaving for the night, but she just could not get through it. 

“Maybe you should take a break,” I told her through the intercom.  “You need to relax.  You’re stressing too much.”  I was working the soundboard as Hailee was trying to finish up her new record. It was just me and Hailee left in the studio tonight, everyone else had left over an hour ago. 

Dressed in a loose black t-shirt, grey sweatpants, and sneakers, Hailee paced in the middle of the large booth. “You’re right I’m too stressed.  We’ll never get this done if I can’t relax” she said in a hurried voice. “I just need to relax,” she said and took a deep breath. She closed her eyes and took a few more deep breaths.  When she opened her eyes she had a piercing look in her eyes.  The sultry look she appeared to be giving me had me frozen.

I then watched as she pulled off her t-shirt. “Get in here,” she told me as she reached behind her and unhooked her black bra.  I told her I’d be in there in a second.  This was the moment I had been waiting for since one night while recording her last album she had gotten pretty drunk late one night.  I was tasked with driving her home, and we ended up hooking up the backseat of my car. 

As I flipped several switches on the soundboard I heard her call asking what was taking so long.  When I looked up I saw her through the glass standing there in just a black mesh thong.  She was absolutely breathtaking.

“Fuck,” I said in disbelief at the sight in front of me. I then hit the intercom button and told her I’d be there in a minute, I was just turning the board off since it had been on all day.  At least that is what I told her I was doing.  In truth, I was turning all the mics in the booth and starting a new recording.  Just something for me to remember the night by when it was all over.  Once I started recording the mics I jumped out of my chair and headed towards the door.

“Lay on the couch,” Hailee told me as I busted through the door and pulled off my shirt.  I went to the back of the large sound-proof room where there was an extra long leather couch and matching chairs.  I kicked off my shoes before laying on my back on the couch. I began undoing my pants but Hailee pushed my hands away and did it herself.  She undid my belt and fly, and in almost one single motion she pulled my jeans and boxer briefs totally off.  I was mostly completely hard already as she took hold of my phallus and bent down to take it into her mouth.  Hailee keeping her mouth wide open, Hailee rapidly bobbed her head up and down, getting my cock extra wet with her spit. A few times she went down as far as she could, taking almost the whole thing before her gag reflex kicked in and she began coughing.  She only blew me for a few minutes before stopped.  Hailee stood up and pushed her panties down her legs.  It seemed like Hailee usually kept her clam shaved, but she had not had a chance to shave in the past week or so. 

Holding my dick up so it pointed toward the ceiling, Hailee rose up over me and straddled my waist before lowering herself down onto me. “Ummmm... yesss….,” Hailee moaned with her head tilted back and eyes closed as she slid down my cock.  Once all the way down, Hailee slowly began moving her body.  She soon began picking up speed as she ground her pussy down on my cock.  At one point I reached up to play with her breasts, but she took my hands and pinned them over my head. It was apparent that Hailee was in control of the action, and I was just along for the ride.  And I had no problem with that at all.

With her keeping my hands pinned above my head and against the armrest of the couch, it also meant that she was leaning forward with her firm, perk breast right in my face.  While her tits were not large, they were still fantastic with great thick nipples.  I could not help myself from leaning my head forward and taking her left nipple in my mouth and sucking on it.

I could feel Hailee’s pussy tighten around my dick and hear her let out a squeal as she came on my cock. While she was cumming, Hailee did not stop riding me, rather she just slowed her pace down.  After her orgasm died down, Hailee once again picked up her pace.  Soon I could feel my own orgasm approaching, but apparently, Haiz could sense this too. Right as I neared the point of no return, she jumped off my dick and smashed her twat against my face.  She told me to eat her pussy, and I happily followed her order.  I worked my tongue in her pussy and sucked on her clit until she came. Her amazing pussy juice was dripping down my face.

Once she moved her snatch off my face, the actress/singer gave me a deep powerful kiss.  No doubt she could taste her own flavor on my lips when she kissed me.  Haiz spun around and once again straddle my cock.  This time I watched as her ass dropped on top of my dick, and I reentered her wonderful pussy. Hailee rode me hard reverse cowgirl until I could not take it anymore.  I don’t know how long we were going at it, I was completely lost in the sensation of our fucking.  Between the feeling of her tight pussy stroking my dick, and watching her wonderful ass bounce, it was just too much. I warned her that I was about to cum and Hailee got off my dick.  Reaching behind her back, Hailee took my dick and stroked it as fast as she could.  She also turned her head and I looked right into her beautiful brown eyes as a came all over her spectacular ass.

“That was great, I really need that,” Hailee said still short of breath as she got off of me. “I’m ready to go again.”

“No problem. Just give me a few minutes, and my dick is still a little sensitive right now.”

“What? No.  I ready to do the song again.” she said as she began putting her sweatpants back on, not bothering with her underwear.  “If we finish up quickly maybe I’ll bend over the armrest and let you do whatever you want.”  She gave me a wink before pulling her shirt down over her head.

Current Top 5
1. Hailee Steinfeld
2. Bailee Madison
3. Victoria Justice
4. Olivia Holt
5. Emma Watson
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Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
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Fuck yeah!


Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
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Anna Kendrick - Grudgefuck

“Ungh!” Anna Kendrick grunted, the air being forced out of her lungs as she was forcefully shoved down and bent over the side of her own dinner table, “Fucking prick!” she hissed through clenched teeth and immediately fought back, planting her hands to push herself back up, but a big, strong hand between her shoulder blades easily held her down.

“Stay down, you fucking cunt!” Garret Kelevra growled, a dark grin on his face as he restrained the smaller, petite redhead without even having to exert himself. Admiring the actress’ pushed-out bum, he quickly ran his free hand across the firm, jeans-clad flesh before giving it a short slap, just hard enough to elicit a gasp from Anna. “Quit wasting time, slut, Ben’s gonna be back in a few minutes!” he reminded her, reaching around her hips to swiftly unzip the fly on her snug, light-blue jeans, “So show me what I want to see!”

Feeling the burning need to shoot back at her boyfriend’s buddy, Anna opened her mouth but then immediately thought better of it. She had another need that burned even stronger. “Sonofabitch!” she could not hold back a small comeback as her fingers got busy, urgently finding leverage in the waistband of her pants to push them down to her mid-thighs, taking her pink thong panties with them.

Garret grinned as Anna bared her pale, little ass to him, his hand deftly unzipping his own slacks to pull out the thick tool that the starlet found herself repeatedly unable to resist to. “Spread ‘em!” he ordered, his voice hoarse in his throat, holding the woman down with one hand while stroking his rock-hard cock with the other.

Anna gave a stifled grunt in reply, a part of her unwilling to follow this man’s command, who she deemed an utter pig, but currently another part of her personality was in charge, so ten neatly-polished fingernails dug into her own buttocks and she obediently pulled them apart.

“Dirty whore!” Garret smirked as Anna Kendrick spread her ass for him, the famous sweetheart brazenly presenting her puckered, pink asshole, offering it for him to fuck!

“Just another needy little bitch!” the arrogant man chuckled before dropping a big gob of spit into the palm of his hand, “You cunts are all the same!”

“Shut up and hurry… Oh!” Anna gasped as he wiped his slimy saliva across her wrinkled sphincter. She bit her lower lip, knowing that she was in for a rough ride. It was what she wanted right now!

Doing her best to relax, she felt the powerful man shuffle closer behind her. Her breath hitched as the smooth head of his cock pushed up against her opening, feeling huge against the little hole.

“Aaaah!” she screamed as Garret pushed forward mercilessly, looking to sodomize the actress in the middle of her own living room. “Y… you fucking bastard!” she whimpered, tears forming in her squinting eyes as she felt her experienced asshole give way, allowing painful first penetration.

Garret grunted in reply. The young man felt pain too, but he powered through as the feeling of fucking Anna Kendrick’s ass was absolutely worth it. He watched with clenched jaws as his thick cock gradually was swallowed up by Anna’s pale butt, helped by only the slightest lubrication of his spit.

“Ugh, finally!” he gasped when he had ultimately buried his entire length inside her butthole, his groin pressing against her cheeks, “You are such a slut!”

Anna moaned in reply and glared back over her shoulder. She could feel the thick, bell-shaped head of his cock deep inside her ass, a feeling that was the most potent turn-on she had ever experienced. The fact that the penis belonged to this man almost drove her insane. If she had not been so utterly wasted several months ago she never would have experienced this kind of kick!

“Oh-oh-oh-oh!” Anna was ripped from her thoughts as her boyfriend’s friend began fucking her ass with short thrusts. He quickly picked up pace, not giving her too much time.

“Fuhuhuhuuck!” Anna gasped as hot bolts of pleasure raced through her body. She shuffled her feet further apart to widen her stance and give Garret more space, inviting him to pound her harder, a wordless offer he immediately took her up on. The feeling of the arrogant man’s heavy ballsack slapping against her pink, clean shaven pussy with each thrusts was enough to drive her wild.

“Fucking little whore!” he growled at her, grabbing her by her slim waist with both hands to pull her back into his thrusts, shunting his cock deep into her with every stroke. He steadily picked up more speed, making the beautiful, small butt jiggle wildly and the pint-sized actress whimper and gasp.

“Shut… uh… up!” Anna moaned, feeling an orgasm deep inside her belly, concentrating on the pleasure. Letting go of her cheeks she grabbed the sides of the table so hard her knuckles blanched, causing the heavy table to shake and skid along the floor along with the rhythm of their sex.

“Tight ass bitch!” Garret hissed, closing his eyes in focus as he basked in the hug of her hot backdoor. His fingers dug into Anna’s soft, pale skin, leaving red marks as he fucked her even harder, eager to cum as he knew their time was limited.

“FUCK! AAH! AAH! AAH!” Anna squealed shamelessly, unable to stop herself as she was pounded, her entire body shaking with each powerful thrust as she was manhandled.

“AAAARGGH!” Garret roared, a primal snarl on his face. He was taking his entire frustration with his buddy’s girlfriend’s stuck-up attitude out on her. Pulling her back into his thrust he lifted her clean off the floor, eliciting a surprised cry from Anna that went completely ignored. Holding her up in mid-air by her hips he was using the lithe woman as a mere tool to get off, her feet thrashing as she clung to the table with her hands.

“WAAAH!” Anna cried out as Garret took away that as well, stepping back, picking the redhead clean off the ground while fucking her up her ass like a maniac.

“YOU… FUCKING… WHORE!” he bellowed, carried away by testosterone as he pumped Anna’s sphincter. Meanwhile she struggled to hold on to his arms as she was used so she would not fall. Then…


Anna’s eyes went wide as Garret’s entire body tensed and stiffened with a groan and she felt a hot jet of cum erupt deep inside her asshole.

“HAaaaAAH!” she whimpered as her ass was filled with creamy seed, a debauched sensation that was potent enough to trigger her own release. The actress’ eyes rolled back into her pretty head as she came hard, her sphincter clenching down on the fat cock.

The purely anal orgasm was enough to make her almost pass out and the next thing she noticed was that she was kneeling on the floor, pants and panties still around her knees as Garret hastily fixed himself.

“Shit!” he gasped, ripping Anna out of her own world, causing her to jump up on shaky legs, feeling cum ooze from her ass. “Ben is back!”
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Violett Beane - Going Down

“Push your ass out for me, beautiful.” 

A quick push of the ‘emergency stop’ button around the 15th floor had allowed the two a sexually charged moment in the glass elevator.  Violett Beane stood with her dress pulled down around her waist.  The side of her cheek and her perky young tits pressed hard against the floor-high window.  Her breath quickened with her heartrate as she felt her building-mate, Steven Petty, drop to his knees behind her.

Violett’s blood burned hot in her ears as she did as she was told.  She spread her six inch heals wide to her sides and presented her toned legs and thick ass to the dark-haired, slightly older man.  “Well, don’t keep me waiting stud,” Violett whispered as she gripped the handrail in front of her in anticipation.

Steven took delight as one of their tense elevator rides finally turned into something more.  He took hold of Violett’s tight black dress by the hem and pulled it up, unwrapping her perfect ass like a birthday present.  The young actress shifted her feet nervously as Steven got a look at her thong-covered skin.

The dark-haired man caressed Violett’s toned, alabaster thighs.  The actress felt butterflies in her stomach as Steven grabbed hold of her lacy underwear and pulled them down to hang around her spread knees. 

Steven took hold of the starlet’s tight, juicy ass, groping and playing with the magnificent mounds before spreading them wide apart.  Inside, he finally got a view of Violett’s tiny asshole and cute, pink pussy.  The girl’s neat folds were already wet from the excitement.  “You think anyone can see us from out there?”  Steven teased the waiting brunette before plunging his face into her smoldering crotch. 

“OOhhh!” Violett cooed as the older man’s tongue danced over her pussy.  She glanced briefly out the window at the city below, worried for a moment about being seen.  To her surprise, the slight danger of the exposure only turned her on. 

Her attention snapped back to Steven, who was clearly quite talented.  His tongue made her hips roll and her knees weak.  Violett moaned and gasped openly, unembarrassed of their public locale.  The clean-cut man seemed to know her body better than she did.  His tongue hit every spot expertly as he feasted on her flesh. 

The beautiful young actress melted in Steven’s hands, her body responding positively to his every move.  In no time at all Steven had Violett dripping juices down all over her muscled thighs.  She was close to cummin. Time to change it up.

Violett whimpered in disapproval when Steven’s mouth suddenly left her edging cunt.  “Huh?  Where’d you go?”  She shivered once more as she felt the man’s hot breath on her asshole.  “What are you… Uhmmh.”

The starlet clenched up in Steven’s hands for a moment as his tongue ran circles around the rim of her anal ring, but she quickly loosened back up as he went to work.  The older man quickly found Violett’s clit and slowly massaged, stimulating her further.  “Have you ever been fucked in this perfect ass, Vi” Steven came up long enough to tease the panting actress, who only managed to moan incoherently in response. 

Steven’s hot tongue poked at the entrance of Violett’s ass, slowly finding its way inside as she began to relax and enjoyed herself.  “Guhhuhu,” she moaned at the strange sensation of Steven wandering into her anal passage with his fingers playing with her dripping pussy.  “This, huuuh, is new!”

Steven wriggled his way deeper and deeper, until he couldn’t get any further inside Violett’s tiny, loosening asshole.  The starlet purred and moaned, her pussy twitching in Steven’s hands.  She greedily grinded back against his face as he ate her.  “God! I’m gonna…”  Violett gripped the handlebar tighter, her knuckles turning white. 

The older stud just kept licking, his fingers playing expertly over Violett’s spasming sex. 

“Oh my, Oh my God!” The sensation in her ass and the pleasure in her pussy sent Violett over the edge.  Her knees shook and buckled as her pussy clamped and finally gushed.  “Ohhuuh, Yes!” The starlet’s eyes rolled, and she would have collapsed if Steven hadn’t have held her up.  Violett rode a wave of pleasure, orgasming hard in Steven’s grasp.

Violett waited on her elbows and knees atop Steven’s bed, her dress cast onto the flow below.  Her ass shined up in the air as lube dripped down her thighs. 

“I want you to say it, Vi.”  Steven positioned himself behind the nervous actress on the bed as he applied the last of the lube to his long, thick cock. 
“Do it, Mr. Petty,” Violett looked over her shoulder, lust filling her eyes.  “Fuck my ass.”

Steven delivered a sharp slap to the actress’s meaty ass cheek, drawing an excited yelp, before gripping it and spreading it wide.  He inched closer, guiding his thick tool until the tip touched Violett’s tiny wrinkled star.  “Try to relax, Vi. You’re gonna love it.” 

Violett took deep breaths, trying to relax as she felt Steven’s fat tip pressing against her puckered hole.  The lubrication did wonders, helping her neighbor to slide past her virgin ring.  “Oh, Oh shit.”  Violett’s mouth hung open in shock as the impossibly large rod speared slowly into her ass.  The starlet curled her fingers into the sheets and let out a long, nervous moan as she took an inch of cock into her anal passage.  “It’s Sooo Biggg!”

“Easy baby. Its ok.”  Steven soothed the young brunette as he eased inside.  He released his cock after gaining another inch of ground, taking the girl by her hips instead and pulling her closer.  “That it, Vi.”  Steven stopped with his dick halfway inside the actress’s tightly clenching ass and eased back out.  He watched with a grin as her asshole winked back shut, and then plunged back inside.

“Fuck!”  Violett’s muscled leg began to shake uncontrollably as Steven’s lubed cock filled her asshole.  She felt him push even deeper this time until she was sure she couldn’t take any more dick in her little butt.  “Oh My God!”

Steven picked up a slow tempo, easing in and out of the starlet’s loosening passage.  Violett’s worried whimpers eventually turned into pleasured moans as she became used to the alien sensation.  The hung stud was in heaven, finally fucking his sexy neighbor’s insanely tight ass.  He dug his fingers into Violett’s hot flesh and lengthened his thrusts, adopting a faster pace.

“Shit! Ahhaha!  That’s good!” Violett didn’t care who might hear as she turned into a mess of pleasured squeals.  “So good!”  Soon she was driving her hips back to meet Steven’s fat cock.  “Faster! Make me cum!” 

Steven wrenched Violett’s head back by her hair and bit at her neck as he fucked her harder.  He gropped a bouncing tit in one hand and wrapped the other around her neck.  “I’m gonna fill this fucking ass!” 

“Do it! Do it!”  Waves rippled through Violett’s thick ass and her pussy spasmed once more.  “Ahhhaaha!”  The young actress collapsed back onto the sheets and climaxed wave after wave as she felt Steven’s hot cum fill her ass. 


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Cheers MiamiLyfe, Sammy and MightyJoe! Some fine short stories!

Welcome to the site MightyJoe, will be changing your profile to author now.
Check me out on Patreon if you like my work!
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Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman - Nothing Else Matters

Hope you all enjoy it and if you've any constructive comments to make please email me at johnmconnors(at)protonmail(dot)com or PM me on the site.

Natalie Portman awoke and had one of those horrifying moments where you can’t remember exactly where you are. This momentary confusion was not helped by the deep pounding that felt like someone was banging a set of steel drums in her head. It was only as her eyes adjusted to the gloom that shrouded the room that she realised where she was and relaxed. She was safely ensconced in her own room within the confines of the opulent Mirage Hotel in Vegas.

She had been at the wrap party of her latest movie and it had turned into a great but very messy night with music, laughter and lots and lots of alcohol. She smiled contentedly as she reminisced on it, stretching a little and rolling over on her side to be immediately confronted by the sweet, beautiful face of Scarlett Johansson. Natalie grinned a little and studied her bed-mate.

The lustrous blonde curls framed an angelic, angular face whose full, pouty lips were curled into a contented smile. A single lock of hair fell over Scarlett’s face. Natalie reached across and with the tips of her fingers, stroking the hair off her companion’s cheek. Scarlett sighed a little but did not wake. Natalie drew her face closer to Scarlett’s and gently caressed her lips with hers. Once again this drew a little moan from Scarlett but she remained asleep. Natalie grinned, and thought to herself.

“Time for a shower Nat”

Extricating herself from under the covers without waking Scarlett was her main aim and all seemed to go well until she caught her foot in part of the duvet when she was almost out of the bed. This, coupled with her obviously hung-over state, caused her to meet the ground with a sharp thud.

“Shit!” she hissed.

Gingerly she picked herself up and glanced over at the bed. Scarlett had not stirred.

“Now where is my damn robe?” she thought to herself.

Groping around in the dark, she seemed to pick up every piece of clothing she owned except the robe itself. Eventually after much cursing she managed to grab it and slip it on, limping to the bathroom.

Natalie reached inside the shower and turned it on allowing it to heat up. She slipped out of her dressing gown and turned to the bathroom mirror observing with disgust that make-up still caked her face and under her bloodshot eyes, evidence of too much vodka. She really had to get back on a health buzz when she went back to New York.

Natalie stepped inside the stall and let out a little gasp as the warm water hit her body. As it acclimatized to the temperature, she leaned down and scooped up the container of shower gel squeezing a healthy portion of it into the palm of her hands massaging it slowly over her glistening body, luxuriating in the cinnamon aroma that invaded her nostrils.

Closing her eyes Natalie smiled as water sluiced over her body, reinvigorating her. With images of the previous night’s mischiefs rolling and tumbling through her head, she felt her pussy becoming a little moist.  Her nipples were starting to harden and her hand was drawn into first caressing them before beginning to stroke her belly. Natalie let out a little moan as her finger-tips ghosted her labia and began to massage her clitoris slowly. It was not long before Natalie had slid two fingers deep inside her warm, wet cavern. Her nipples were as hard as pebbles as she tweaked them gently, tracing a light circle around the aureoles. She was starting to moan a little louder as every touch on her skin ignited waves of pleasure that washed over her. The simple feeling of her fingernail grazing her thigh caused her to shiver in pleasure. She was so lost in her own pleasure that she didn’t even notice the buxom blonde walk into the bathroom and disrobe herself.

Scarlett watched Natalie pleasure herself and smiled wickedly. They had met before but really only got to know each other well on the set of The Other Boleyn Girl.  They had become at first best friends and then lovers. Natalie had always come across as a bit of a good girl, particularly in the media but Scarlett was to find that hidden away from the public spotlight was a very, very naughty girl! Not that she was overt about it even in private. No, you needed to coax it out of Natalie but the devilish behaviour was there, constantly at war with the sensible, goody two-shoes; the quintessential battle between good and evil if you will.

And now there stood the gorgeous Natalie Portman. All 5’2 inches of brunette, female perfection. Well...for Scarlett and probably a few million other people anyways. Observing Natalie’s naked form closely, she thought to herself.

“Damn, that girl has such a fantastic little ass.”

Scarlett felt her nipples harden a little and she licked her lips as she looked at Natalie standing in the shower, eyes closed, totally lost in another world, her soft moans sounding like music to Scarlett’s ears as she played with herself. Scarlett untied her robe allowing it to pool at her feet before opening the shower door and stepping up behind Natalie, running her fingers over the pretty brunettes back.

“Hey, you got any room for me in here?”

Natalie turned and smiled sweetly, planting a soft kiss on Scarlett’s lips.


As water cascaded over their intertwined bodies, their mouths locked together in a passionate embrace, tongues playfully jousting. Scarlett had cupped Natalie’s left breast in her hand and was kneading the rock hard nipple lightly with thumb. Natalie let out a sigh and stroked the blonde actresses' cheek with the tips of her fingers. At this, Scarlett broke off the kiss and rubbed the tip of her nose against Natalie’s. They both stared deeply into each other’s eyes before Scarlett began kissing Natalie’s neck lightly, her hand exploring the petite brunette’s midriff. Scarlett’s began to massage Natalie’s clitoris with one hand, slipping her fingers of the other into Nat’s pussy.

Water was gushing over their bodies adding to the sensations they were both feeling. Natalie’s breathing was much shallower her chest rising and falling rapidly as Scarlett’s fingers stabbed into her pussy frenetically. Little moans escaped her throat as she was manipulated into nirvana. The warm water, the heat and the sight of Scarlett and her incredible body all contributed to a shock wave of intense pleasure that rifled through Natalie’s body causing her to let out a low strangled cry of pleasure that was followed by another very soon after.

“Ohhhhhhh Goddddddd! Fuuuuuuuuck Meeeee!!!!!”

Natalie went rubber-legged such was the intensity of her orgasm’s and Scarlett had to hold the brunettes slender form to ensure she didn’t fall. They were both giggling like schoolgirls, Natalie’s face alight with pleasure.

“Oh my God. Scarlett that was obscene!”

Scarlett laughed and kissed Natalie on the lips softly;

“Nat, some of the best sex I’ve had has been in the shower. And after a night of booze. I think you need to do it more.”

Natalie laughed softly;

“Well if it is always this good, I may take you up on that offer.”

Tut-tutting, Scarlett raised an eyebrow;

“Well, you are being very presumptuous there little Miss Portman, in thinking that I would be the one providing the service to YOU considering you still owe, by my calculation, at least one big O.”

Natalie placed her fingers under Scarlett’s chin and winked;

“Well Miss Johansson. Let’s just see what we can do about that, shall we?”
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