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Emma Stone & Abigail Breslin Meet Brock & Rock

Codes: (MMFF,cons,oral)

“Oh my god, Emma! This is crazy! I’ve never been to a strip club before,” Abigail Breslin loudly confessed as she and her Zombieland 2 co-star Emma Stone entered the strip club to loud blaring music, laser lights and dozens of women going bananas over half-naked men dancing all over the place shaking their cocks in tiny in something that looked skinnier than dental floss.

“I promise you, Abby, you will enjoy yourself,” Emma reassured her co-star as the two made their way through the hot horny women. “We need a break from filming all day. A friend of mines recommended this place. She even hooked us up with VIP.”

Emma and Abigail took their seats in a special VIP room with their own personal dancing pole. They were greeted by a handsome 5’9 well built light-skinned man wearing a black bowtie, a small green thong and holding a tray with a couple of erotic drinks.

The first thing Abigail noticed about the man was the size of his junk. “Oh my god, Emma! He’s HUGE!” she panicked.

“I know,” Emma replied with a smile and reached out to feel the enormous cock stuffed inside the man’s little thong. “I’ve heard anything goes at this strip club. Is that true?” she asked.

“Yes, ma’am. My name is Rock and my partner Brock and I will be your personal entertainment tonight, ladies.”

The lights immediately went dim and a heavy brass hip hop beat blared over the speakers. A 6’2 dark chocolate chiseled man dripping in baby oil and wearing a raunchy cowboy outfit appeared on the stage. He started doing his dance routine, slowly removing pieces of his outfit until he was down to his boots, cowboy hat, and tiny thong.

Abigail’s eyes were wide and glued to the immense package that was moving inside Brock’s little undergarment.

“TAKE IT OFF, BIG BOY!” yelled Emma as she tossed hundred dollar bills onto the stage. “Live a little Abby. Hey Rock! Why don’t you give my friend there a lap dance,” she suggested without taking her eyes off Brock and the monstrosity that was barely concealed in his little thong.

Abigail took a deep breath as Rock began bumping and grinding his half-naked body all over her. She felt his huge cock rub on her several times. She was a little reluctant but excited at the same time.

“Hey, Emma. You were right. This isn’t so...” Before Abigail could finish her sentence, she saw her Zombieland 2 costar on stage and on her knees sucking the biggest black cock she ever saw. “MY GOD! EMMA!”

“You shouldn’t feel left out,” said Rock as he stood in front of Abigail without his thong on. Her eyes widen as the size of his enormous pecker. It wasn’t as dark and thick as the mammoth cock her friend was chowing down on sloppily but it was as long as her wrist to her forearm. “Don’t let your friend have all the fun.”

Abigail smiled and grabbed the longest cock she ever saw. She tenderly stroked it up and down while her mouth went to work on the swollen knob. She covered it with kisses before using her tongue to circle around it. She gave his peehole several licks before taking the mushroom head between her soft pouty lips. Abigail heard the stripper moan and groan to her mouth taking in his throbbing shaft little by little.

Her Zombieland 2 costar Emma Stone was in a sixty-nine position with Brock on stage. His entire enormous cock was dripping with her saliva while her mouth was widely stretching over his giant chocolate balls. She sucked both of his heavy testicles in turns while moaning from the hot stripper’s face buried in her nearly-trimmed cunt. His thick tongue licked every inch of her wet twat sending the young actress into an orgasmic state.

“OOOOOH FUCK! OOOOOH BROCK!” Emma cried and came as soon as she felt his mouth on her fat little clitoris. “UGGGGGHHHHH!”

Meanwhile, Abigail was getting her mouth pumped by Rock’s lengthy shaft. She felt the huge dickhead of his long spear invading the back of her throat with each thrust. She gagged and coughed up saliva all over her nice blouse.

“Why don’t you take that off,” Rock suggested, pulling his wet cock from her mouth. “You have really nice breasts. It would be a shame not to use them.”

Abigail took the hint and unbuttoned her blouse. Her big black bra came into view and Rock’s hands immediately started groping her large breasts over her bra.

“These are nice and big. I bet you fucked many cocks with these big tits,” he assumed while lifting up the cups and causing her huge boobs to tumble out naked. He lowered his head and took a mouthful of her right breast. After a few seconds, Rock released the mouthwatering fun bag from his mouth with a loud wet pop and cupped both ample jugs. He pushed her pale bosoms together and simultaneously assaulted them with his mouth and tongue. The front of Abigail’s jeans was drenched in wetness.

“BROCCCCK!! ooooooooooh GOD!! SO BIG!” Emma wailed as she was naked except for her red heels and sliding her soppy pussy up and down half of Brock’s gigantic pillar of meat. She tried desperately to get her pussy to consume the entire thick shaft, but it was just too immense.

Abigail was now completely naked and bent over the half circle couch in the VIP lounge with Rock behind her. His big long dick entered her creamy sweet cunt and started pumping away. She felt his hands gripping her hips as he thrust with quick, hard strokes. Her pussy never felt something so long and hard inside that it made her cum instantly.

Rock continued to deeply penetrate the actress’s cum-drenched pussy after she came for a few more minutes. Then he changed positions getting them both to lay down on the couch with him behind her and fucking her in the spooning position. One of his muscular legs held her short leg up as he swiftly pounded her steaming cunt. His hands cupped and played with Abigail’s big bouncing titties as he moaned in her ear.

Emma Stone watched her busty friend being fucked hard on the couch while she was on all fours being powerful fucked by Brock. He held onto her small waist as he slid as much of his massive slab of dark meat inside her extremely soaked snatch with each thrust.

Both actresses lost control of their bodies and let out loud screeching moans as they came multiple times from the big dick fucking they were receiving.

Both strippers knew they were on the verge of cumming and the Zombieland actresses line up next to each other on their knees. Both huge cocks released enormous torrents of cum, showering their faces, hair, and chest. Rock took extra pride in covering Abigail’s big tits with any cum he had left spared in his heavy balls.

“Are you glad you came?” Emma asked Abigail.

“I lost count how many times I came,” she replied with a smile behind the barricade of jism.
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Taylor's Wildest Dreams

Exhaustion. That's what Taylor felt as she dragged her feet back to her trailer. Fortunately, everyone gave her a wide berth as she came back from the shop cafeteria. No one wanted to be near her, not with her scowl and posture. Even production assistants steered clear. That didn't bother her, she really didn't want to face anyone. Aimlessly, she turned on the TV before heading into the bathroom. She really needed to shower or something. It was like everything felt grimy.

What she really wanted was a drink, but that wasn't going to happen. The entire video shoot was dry; not a drop of alcohol to be found outside the aid station. Instead, Taylor had to settle for her other relief method. She stripped down, tossing her shirt to the side and her jeans soon thereafter. Her undergarments joined the growing pile of laundry as the blonde stretched languidly. Fully nude, she turned on the shower waiting as it came up to temperature. Slipping in, she rejoiced at the level of comfort a hot shower provided. The steam just sunk into her pores as she turned about; letting the cleansing water poured over her.

As one would expect, she lathered up and rinsed herself, using a large portion of her body wash and shampoo in the process. When it was done however, she did not want to leave. Going back outside meant facing certain realities. Instead, Taylor opted for one last task. Her small hands slid down her wet body, taking in her small but decidedly feminine curves. Her fingers squeezed at her small breasts, particularly the hardened gumdrop sized nipples, before cruising further south.

Taylor poked her sensitive belly button while a free hand slid down her small waist. Together, both hands met up again at her hips. One went back to her pert rear, while the other went down to her sensitive folds. She loved the feeling. The hot water cascading down her as she gently stroked herself. Her index finger made several strokes along her outer lips before hitting her sensitive clit. Electricity flew through her system as she started. The other hand reappeared after squeezing her ass; its destination obvious.

At first just a single finger slipped into her dripping sex. Then another. She slowly fingered herself, methodically pleasuring herself to an inevitable release. She picked up speed, constantly increasing the pressure and the momentum in which she pumped her fingers inside her vagina. Outside her other hand worked her clit. Her thumb and forefinger rolling it back and forth before tugging on it.

Cries of pleasure erupted from her lips. A muted scream as she reached a miniature orgasm. It was a small plateau if you will. Just a brief stop on her journey to ultimate release. Her hand was a blur as it pumped into her body. Her small breasts shaking with every thrust. Semi conscious of her breasts need for attention, she tried to adjust her position so the cascade of water would land upon them.

Pleasure was her reward as droplets of warm water would hit her sensitive nipples and the areola around it. It wasn't enough, no matter how hard she pushed the orgasm she desired was just out of reach. As time went on, it would quickly become unobtainable. Thinking fast, she removed her clit hand and took the shower head off its mount. Taylor directed the warm, harsh spray to her sex, parting her lips wide.

Another moan escaped her lips as she aimed the sprayer at her most sensitive spots. Her other hand continued its actions. Her fingers frantic in tapping her hidden g-spot. It was only a matter of time now.

Taylor's knees buckled as the orgasm hit her. Like a wave, it cascaded over her; covering her mind. A hoarse cry erupted as she rode out the wave. For her, it seemed like moments passed as she rode the wave up to its crescendo, only to ride it back to it's natural crash. In actuality mere seconds had passed since it started. Exhausted, but definitely more relaxed, she returned the sprayer to its position and shut off the water. Satisfied from her experience, she pulled a towel and dried herself before stepping out of the stall and back into the present.

Taylor ran a hand through her blonde hair, examining her body in the mirror. Why must this happen? She thought. Taylor became emotionally attached to her costar. Her mind already flashing with possible futures. Going on dates, marriage, kids. Even now in the shower she was imagining it was his thick member that made her cry out with such pleasure. His hands groping her breasts as she slid up and down his pole. Taylor knew it was big, she felt it when it was he was pressed against her body.

Hands offered little substitute for a cock like that. Taylor could picture herself on her knees before the phallus as wave after wave of potent cum coated her face. Greedily, she’d lick the cum of her fingers  Even though she just came Taylor could feel desire building up within her loins.

It was not to be. The ring on his finger said so. He was married to another woman, one that to her seemed more dour than she could even be. Even in her current mood. The woman had wavy, raven black hair to her blonde; large oversized breasts to her more modest chest. Indeed she also possessed an ass worth of a kardashian, if people liked such a thing. To Taylor she also had the personality of a dinner plate. Vapid, shallow, and as interesting as grey paint. It made her wonder what her dream lover saw within that shell of a person.

Disappointed in herself for such thoughts, Taylor moved to her bed; propping open her nightstand and removing a large, but not oversized dildo. The purple monster wavered in her hand for a moment before she guided it down her body. She loved the feeling of it swirling around each engorged nipple before letting it slide to her nether regions. Once again she let her fantasy take over, her co-star was atop her; his anxious cock demanding entry to her sex. No longer content to tease herself, the blonde plunged the phallus as far into her pussy as she could. Taylor began pumping it in and out realizing that it may only be a dream, but it would suffice until she found her next crush.
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Lovely, Grobnar. Really like the solo aspect.


Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
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I can 100% imagine this happening onset at one point in her life.  Excellent Grobnar!

Image Made By MaxwellLord


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Cold Shower

For whatever reason, your travels have taken you into the heart of a South Wales winter; it's harsher than normal this year, with gusts of icy wind and freezing fog swirling through the streets of Cardiff. Inside the hotel however; it's a different matter. A bizarre fault caused during recent renovations has led to every part of the heating system being stuck on full blast, with the result that the building is stiflingly, appallingly hot. It's a still, dry heat, and all the worse for your being acclimatised to the cold and damp outside. It takes the pole-axed staff a while to sort things out at the front desk, but eventually they manage to check you in and hand you your keys. By the time you get up to your room you're not in great shape; drenched in sweat, red in the face, and finding it difficult to think properly. Mopping your brow with a sodden handkerchief, you try woozily to come up with something, anything that might make things more bearable.  Opening the window seems promising; except as soon as you do you feel freezing air flood into the room and turn your sweat to snowmelt. A brief, uncontrollable bout of shivering quickly convinces you to close it again. Defeated you slump onto the bed, which incidentally is currently fitted with a high tog-rated duvet befitting the season. God, if only you could think, your head feels like it's been stuffed with hot cotton wool.

In your current state it's hard to tell exactly how long you've been sitting on the bed when you hear the knock; it could be a couple of minutes or it could be an hour. Hauling yourself upright you stumble over to the door, momentarily consider looking through the peephole before rejecting that as an unnecessary waste of energy. Who could possibly be in any state to harm you under these conditions - Fremen death commandos? It takes a moment to open because your sweat-slick hand keeps slipping on the handle, but you scrabble at it some more and hear the catch slip back. Opening the door at last you see a familiar looking woman, tall and pale and red-headed. It's Amy Pond from Doctor Who! You like Amy. No, wait; that can't be right, Amy Pond is a fictional character, and you’re real.  You’re fairly sure of that.  So then who's standing in front of you, looking shatteringly gorgeous even with tangled strands of that magnificent red hair plastered across her forehead and damp patches on her dress? If she doesn't exist, does that mean there's no-one at your door? Are you hallucinating? What if you're already dead, and this is Hell? That would explain the heat, but then why would the devil send you a beautiful Scottish model-turned-actress? No, no, this doesn't add up at all.

Karen Gillan gives you a smile that seems genuine, but has traces of desperation lurking at the edges. She's not in much better shape than you at the moment. "Hi! Hello. Ah." Every word seems to require a deliberate effort. "Shower. In my room. Not working." You smile and nod encouragingly; it's important to be supportive of other people. "Can I use? Use yours? Please?" You're still nodding and apparently this is all the acquiescence she needs, stepping past you. She takes a few strides across the room before turning back to you and taking a deep breath. "You look worse than, worse than I feel. Come on." She clutches at your sleeve and pulls you with her into the bathroom. As the door swings shut behind you she starts hurriedly pulling her clothes off, having a little trouble with some of the buttons, and throwing them into a corner. Mmm, she is absolutely lovely even with the sweat running down her perfect skin and the exhausted look in her eyes. You follow suit, stripping off as quickly as you can, also having trouble with some of the buttons. But not the same buttons.  They're different buttons.  Just as you're tossing your sodden shirt onto the pile in the corner, she grabs you by the elbow and yanks you into the shower behind her.

The moment the cold water hits you you gasp with pleasure, shocking you back to your senses at last. It's incredible, the kind of feeling you get running out of a sauna and jumping into a snowbank, and the two of you are yelping and laughing and shaking uncontrollably in the cubicle. After a few moments Karen reaches out and adjusts the temperature so the water is cool rather than cold, sighing deeply as it rains down on the two of you. You can feel it washing away all the stress along with the sweat and grime, until you feel like you've just woken up from a long, deep sleep. You feel so good, and between your reinvigorated state and that wet, naked beauty so close to you the inevitable starts to happen. From the way Karen's hand keeps drifting down to her crotch, you're not alone in feeling frisky right now. . .

She steps back a little suddenly, and your stiffening cock presses against her pert, round backside. "Mmm, I see you're back in the land of the living then!" She spreads her long, perfect legs and leans forward against the cubicle wall. You press against her ass a little, sliding down her asscrack until she laughs "Yeah, don't push your luck!" You push up against her divine pussy, rubbing the tip against her entrance a little before sliding in, sooo slowly, she coos with pleasure. After a moment you start in earnest, taking her from behind as you run your hands over her pert breasts and firm tummy. Her pale skin feels deliciously cool under your hands, and her pussy is so tight and warm around you as she starts to push back a little. You groan out loud and feel droplets of cool water splash against your tongue. It's tempting to just fuck her hard and fast but that would be a waste, the two of you take it as slow as you can and luxuriate in the sensual, languid sensations. Like all hotel bathrooms everywhere, this room has excellent acoustics, and soon it's echoing with moans and groans and heavy breathing. It feels wonderful, and it keeps building and building until eventually you both cum together, sheer pleasure rushing into you and slowly dispersing through your entire body.

A little later and you're out of the shower, the two of you swathed loosely in fluffy white towels, sitting on the floor against the bathtub. You put your head on her shoulder and sigh happily as the building’s insistent heat slowly dries you both.
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Wow, nice to see this series making a return!  :Y: :Y:
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Salma Hayek - Persiguiendo esa gran D
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Salma Hayek - Persiguiendo esa gran D

"I'm gonna suck a big cock today."

The heavy accent of Salma Hayek spoke while glaring back at the man with a smug grin across her lips. Winston Burbank nodded at the older, Mexican beauty before him. She crawled from the floor, wearing nothing but a lacy black thong and matching bra over her voluptuous form. She moved into position before him, soon resting on her knees before shoving her bra down to free her busty, natural firm breasts. Gold hoop ear rings were visible beneath the locks of her dark hair.

All Winston could do was lick his lips as he had a Hollywood actress wanting to suck his famous cock off today, now crawling to him. He took a deep breath, just thinking how lucky he was for this situation between the two of them. Salma was a dream come true and now he was about to share some sinful deeds with her.

"Like my big boobs?"

Salma teased him, grinning again as she moved her hands down to her bra, making her tits shake as she pulled at the straps. Giggling, she moved her left hand between her breasts, demonstrating her desire.

"I want a big cock between my boobs."

It was a cheesy porn line he requested to her and Salma delivered it with her glorious accent to make Winston's cock harder without her touch. She discarded the bra, moving her hands in her hair while shaking her tits one last time. Winston was done being teased by this goddess. He shoved his gym shorts down, allowing his erecting cock to come free. Salma's eyes glared down as she crawled forward and moved her little hand over it.

Her complete attention was now devoted to his thick, uncircumcised pole. Winston watched her shove the foreskin down to reveal the head, then he gripped it. Salma placed her hands on her knees, making a perfect position as Winston wanked his cock slowly, then presented it to her. She moved her lips underneath the head, kissing it sloppy to begin. Sucking at the head, she soon wrapped her fingers around his pole and smiled.

"Ohhhh, fuck."

He muttered his words as Salma shoved his cock into her mouth. Her hands moved to her swinging breasts, squeezing them as she began to bob her head up and down Winston's thick cock. Those perfect brown eyes gazed up at him, never breaking away as she sucked inch after inch of his cock. Slowing down, she closed her eyes, taking more of his length down her throat. Salma nearly choked as her mouth generated sloppy sucking noises. Re-opening her eyes, she gazed up at him, shoving more of his dick down her throat before finally choking. Winston grabbed the base of his cock, snatching it from her.

"Oh, fuck!"

Salma gasped while saliva strings dangled from her open mouth back to his cock. Winston moaned. She parted her lips, revealing her tongue and then he smacked the head of his dick over it before feeding it back into her mouth. Salma sucked once more, moaning muffled noises while bobbing her lips up and down his length. When she released his rod with a popping sound, Winston used his left hand to grope one of her breasts, giving her a subtle hint. The goddess brought both hands down to her legendary tits. She presented them to him, then Winston shoved his cock down the middle.

"Yes, like that..."

Her voice was soft and sensual, as she squeezed those great big tits around his cock. Winston gasped, pumping his shaft between those tits. Salma watched the head poke up and then spit on it before resuming eye contact. He picked up speed, slamming his cock between her tits with each thrust. When he moaned, she smiled at him.

"Oh my god!"

Winston had to slow down, taking a deep breath. All Salma did was smirk at him before he thrust his cock forward again.

"That's beautiful."

She spit on the head of his cock again. Salma was a sensual woman but it was time for Winston to take control. He pulled his cock free before feeding it back into her mouth. When she felt his left hand curl up her hair, Salma knew what was coming. Her hands rested on her her knees, then Winston pulled his cock from her mouth.

Pop! Moving it back to her open lips, Salma's eyes looked up at him. Winston began to thrust his cock into her mouth, holding her hair to keep her in position. Salma moaned and slobbered over his cock. Winston placed both hands in her hair, slowly thrusting while Salma's hands went to her tits. He picked up the pace and was now fucking her mouth thoroughly.

'Mmmuawah, Mmmmwaug.' Her mouth made muffled moaning sounds as Winston's thick cock pumped past her lips. Salma squeezed her tits, closing her eyes and enjoying every second of him gently fucking her mouth. He had a self control, not going over the edge as Winston proved he knew how to handle a woman of her class and tenderness. She gagged, making exaggerated noises while opening her eyes to look up at him. Winston didn't stop, he delivered with every thrust until slowing down almost to a halt.

His hands moved from her hand to her neck, then he stopped. His slobbery shaft popped from her lips, then Winston looked in her eyes, giving her the nod. Salma knew what to do, she raised her tits up and watched him slide his cock between them again. His hands moved back to her hair with a grin as Salma spit at the head of his cock, squeezing her big tits back around it. A saliva string dangled from her lower lip and chin.

Winston wasted no time, thrusting his cock between those wonderful tits. Salma looked up at him, moaning as their eyes met and she felt every inch of his cock pumping. Winston just smiled, thrusting away between her wonderful tits unable to say anything. Salma bit down on her lower lip, eyes still locked. His hands moved, cupping her face as he slowed down. Salma glanced downward, parting her lips and flicking her tongue over the head when it poked up.  He moved his hands away and then Salma looked up at him with a grin.

"I jus' love dis feeling of jour big cock between my tetas."

Her accent slurred her word but she spoke so sensually to him. Winston's heart could've melted right there. Winston stopped thrusting. He watched as Salma let go of her tits, bringing his cock into her hand and kissing the head.

"I'm gonna cum."

Gazing up into his eyes, she replied.

"Yes, please cum on my face."

Taking his cock back into his hands, Winston stroked it while Salma closed her eyes and opened her mouth wide. Taking in deep breaths, he moaned.


His cock erupted, splattering her face in streams of cum aimed to her face. Salma leaned up so he could drench her face, taking a wad of cum to her left eyebrow and across her forehead. Salma kissed his cock lovingly after he finished.

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Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
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Nicely done. Amazing what can be done with 1200 words.
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Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
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Amazing stories, wow!


Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
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Nice one with Salma, all of these stories are fun to read. Pretty cool what can be accomplished with only 1,200 words.
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Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
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Nice one with Salma, all of these stories are fun to read. Pretty cool what can be accomplished with only 1,200 words.

Thanks! The 1,200 word limit makes it tough as I had to edit over 600 words out of this, but that's the challenge that makes Brevity a lot of fun. This was just something I whipped up for TNC, a quick blowjob and titfuck with one of our favorite ladies. I have a much longer story with Salma planned in the future that will have romance themes, don't know when I'll get to it since I tend to stay busy most of these days, but hopefully early 2020.  ;)
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Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
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Nice one with Salma, all of these stories are fun to read. Pretty cool what can be accomplished with only 1,200 words.

Thanks! The 1,200 word limit makes it tough as I had to edit over 600 words out of this, but that's the challenge that makes Brevity a lot of fun. This was just something I whipped up for TNC, a quick blowjob and titfuck with one of our favorite ladies. I have a much longer story with Salma planned in the future that will have romance themes, don't know when I'll get to it since I tend to stay busy most of these days, but hopefully early 2020.  ;)

Love how you write Salma, will be looking forward to that. She could use more stories for sure.


Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
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These stories are all great, thank you to everyone.
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Happy Bath-day

Starring: Ashley Benson and Cara Delevingne

A shiny silver sports car pulled into the driveway of a luxurious Beverly Hills home.  The front door opened, expensive-looking Nike sneakers planting themselves on the floor one at a time as Ashley Benson climbed out from within.  She approached the front door, noticing that a small note addressed to ‘Ash’ was attached to it with sticky tape.  She removed the note and gave it a read. 

Hey, babe,
Happy birthday, again.  I hope you had a good day.  I’m in the bath.  Whip off those clothes and come join me!

A naughty grin stretched across Ashley’s pretty, heavily made up face.  After a long, gruelling day on set (on her 30th birthday, no less), this was just the news she liked to come home to.  Her partner, Cara Delevingne, had wished her a happy birthday and done the other usual stuff- the presents, the breakfast in bed- that morning, and told Ashley she had a surprise for her when she got in that evening.  She guessed that this was it. 

She opened the door and went inside.  A trail of pink and red rose petals led from the doormat, across the hall and up the stairs.  Ashley crossed the hallway and climbed the stairwell; the actress following the string of petals like the yellow brick road as it continued to the door of the bathroom.  She opened the door, a thick haze of steam hitting her like a brick wall as she entered. 

When the steam finally cleared, Ashley’s heart skipped a beat when she caught sight of the simply breathtaking view before her.  Her girlfriend Cara lay neck deep in their gleaming bathtub; a thick froth of suddy white bubbles spilling out over the edge as she enjoyed a relaxing soak.  A bed of petals was strewn across the tiled floor, while Cara had the stem of a vibrant red rose clamped between her pearly white teeth.  A bottle of champagne stood on a small wooden table alongside two sparkling flutes. 

“Happy birthday, baby,” Cara purred, plucking a petal from the rose with her teeth.  “Thought I told you to lose the clothes.”

Her mid length, bottle blonde hair was slicked back with bathwater.  A costly silver chain sparkled around her neck.  Ashley grinned and kicked off her shoes.  She whipped off her white vest top, unbuttoned her skinny jeans and inched them down.  She pulled down her panties, held them aloft with the tips of her fingers and dropped them to the floor, the sultry look on her face a clear indicator that she meant business.  She climbed into the bath and sat facing her girlfriend; her bare knees pressed up against one another as they shared the bubbly tub. 

“Hey, gorgeous,” said Cara.  The couple shared a long, soft kiss.  “How was your day?”  She poured a glass of champagne and handed it to Ashley, then poured a second for herself.

“Ugh, tiring,” Ashley groaned, taking a sip of her fizz.  “I swear, working on your birthday should be illegal.”

“Aww, poor baby,” Cara replied, pouting her stark red lips.  She took Ashley’s glass and returned it to the table beside her own.    “Come here and let me help you relax,” she added, her arms stretched out invitingly. 

Ashley turned and leaned back against her girlfriend, her head rested on her shoulder.  Cara picked up a bottle of body wash and squeezed a pool into her cupped hand.  She rubbed her mits together and smeared the sweet smelling liquid across Ashley’s shoulders; the starlet groaning softly in response. 

“Does that feel good, baby?” she whispered into her ear, between licks and light nibbles at her lobe.

“Uh huh.”

Cara moved down to Ashley’s chest; her skilled hands roaming across her skin like a professional masseuse as she caressed her perky breats.  Ashley closed her pretty blue eyes, a chorus of soft, pleasured coos escaping her pouty pink lips.  Cara kissed Ashley’s neck as she massaged her chest; fondling her titties and teasing her erect nipples.  She placed a hand on her girlfriend’s cheek and guided her head to the side, the pair devouring each other’s mouths as her free hand trailed across her midriff.

Ashley groaned; her impassioned coo muffled by her lover’s hungry mouth as her hand reached her clit.  The pair sucked face like excited teens, the tips of Cara’s fingers rubbing against Ashley’s stiff bud under the surface of the water as they did so.  By now, the celebrity couple were practically eating each other alive, their tongues encircling one another as they made out in the bathtub.  Cara strummed her girlfriend’s pussy like a woman possessed, her hand little more than a neatly manicured blur as she kneaded her clit in the depths of the water.

By now, the waters were chopping like a sea storm; gallons of the bubbly liquid spilling out over the edge of the bath, soaking the rose petals and Ashley’s clothing as it gushed out across the floor.  Ashley was clinging to the edges of the bathtub for dear life as Cara frigged her; the British model kissing her neck and tonguing at her earlobe as she strummed her pulsing clit.  Ashley ground against Cara’s hand; her writhing undulations sending torrents of water spilling out over the side of the tub in great waves.  Water flooded the bathroom floor and filled their champagne glasses to the brim, diluting the priceless booze with volumes of soapy water. 

Ashley gripped the sides of the bath so tightly that her knuckles turned white, the blonde actress in danger of ruining her expensive manicure as her nails scratched against the porcelain.  By this stage, Cara was rubbing her lover’s clit harder than ever before; the starlet quivering from head to foot and kicking wildly as her supermodel girlfriend frigged her into next July.  Ashley could feel the quake of orgasm surging from within her; her slick juices seeping from her pussy and into the bathwater. 

“Oh, fuck!” she cooed.  “I’m gonna cum!”

“Mmm, yeah!  Cum for me, baby!” Cara purred in her ear, nibbling at her partner’s lobe as she strummed her box under the surface of the water.

And then Ashley did just that.

“FUUUCCCKKK!” she screamed, her eyes clamping shut, her usually gorgeous facial features screwing in all kinds of unsightly ways as her A-list lover frigged her to orgasm.  “Oh my God!” she wheezed, her perky chest rising and falling as she came down from her climax.

The waters stilled like the ocean after a violent tempest.

“Feel better now?” asked Cara, pecking her girlfriend on the cheek.

“Mmhmm,” Ashley purred, turning her head and giving Cara a kiss on the lips.  “Thank you, baby.”

“You’re welcome, sweetie.  Happy birthday.”  Cara hooked the bath chain between her toes and tugged the plug from its hole.  “Now let’s get you to bed!”
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Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
« Reply #74 on: January 14, 2020, 05:37:33 PM »
by The 5am Club

(a tip of my cowboy hat to John Connors for his imprimatur)

She kept us up after all went down. From the rubble and the flames, she forged back the world. It was only natural we made her our God-Empress in exchange, whatever that was. Also it sounded cool: God-Empress Taylor Swift.

We closed our eyes on lots of things anyway. Like the Reaping. It was weird at first but we guessed it goes with the title. It’s not like I have to put up with it, I’m chancellor after all. Chancellor Selena Gomez. Always loved how it sounds.

But for all my privileges, it also means assisting the poor baby at her discretion. Supreme ruler of the world and still making my phone ring for a broken nail or Windows crashing.

Even more exasperating today because she’s in the middle of her Reaping ritual so I have ten minutes of stairs to the top of the pyramid. Good for cardio but I hate the awkward run alongside the endless line of people waiting for their turn, the word-of-mouth climbing faster than me, putting everyone to their knees like a stadium wave.
A stadium wave of naked, masturbating people is awkward, believe me.

Obviously the ritual won’t be halted for me—the priestesses wouldn’t allow it—so as I am introduced to Taylor, a man is introduced with me and immediately he kneels at the feet of Our Majesty and starts stroking his penis.

I grumble “You needed assistance, Your Celestialness?”

And picture her on a throne, her ceremonial dress/armor shining in the sun, all regal and shit, and she just whispers nervously through her teeth: “Seven hours.”

Me and the head-priestess look at each other. No clue.

Your seven hours!”

I turn around, eyes rolling, at my seven hours, and see nothing but the waiting line stretching to the horizon. They’re here to ejaculate on the feet of the God-Empress, which the guy beside me starts doing with a groan. His first jet of cum hits her toes and Taylor throws her head back in delight, the same she felt twelve hours and hundreds of people earlier. This will never cease to amaze me.

The head-priestess starts counting down the ropes of semen, “1… 2… 3…” … “19… 20… 21…


He pumps and squirms and tries to spurt one more out but it’s no use. One streak short of being reaped into Taylor’s harem for next year.

A pat on the shoulder and he’s better luck next time’d to the exit.

Meanwhile I don’t care about all this. I’m looking at my seven and I spot what Tay spotted. On the steps, between two contestants whacking and praying, there’s Alexandra Daddario.

“Cigarette break!” Taylor shouts before the priestesses can even hose down the jizz off her feet.

“God-Empress, you don’t smoke!”

“Sleen does!”

I don’t, but she’s already pulling me by the arm to a balcony.

“You seen her?!” she asks me.

“Yeah the True Detective girl? with the big…eyes.”

“Alex freakin’ Daddario wants to be in my harem, can you believe it?!

“She’s hot I guess…”

“We have to do something!”

“What for?”

“The trial is harder for women, they have to squirt for twenty-two seconds. Imagine she fails!”

“Just tell her you wanna bang her!”

“The priestesses won’t let me!”

“Tay, it’s your stupid cult, now if you’ll excuse me, I have an ROI to measur—”

“Chancellor Gomez, I demand your cooperation!”

And five minutes later, we come back. With a plan.

The mistress of the new world sits on her throne, presents her feet and the ritual resumes.

There are dozens of people before Daddario’s turn so I have to wait there. Which I hate cause it always turns me the fuck on. Everyone more gorgeous than the next, the men so incredibly hung, the women straight out of Photoshop. And their loads, Jesus… how do they not shrivel up and turn to dust?…

When our target steps in for her trial, Taylor is panting, not from the 50+ loads she just received, because of the one she’s about to take. The woman is completely naked, all the Blu-rays of True Detective salvaged from the apocalypse can’t do justice to the solar magnificence that is her body.

She kneels down, raises her crotch above the holy pair of feet and starts masturbating.

That’s when I take my clothes off and big-spoon her.

She’s startled; the priestesses hiss in protest but Taylor shuts them up in one glare. Nothing in the law forbids external aid.

My fingers replace hers over her clitoris. “Play with your tits,” I sigh in her ear and she complies with a whimper.

She arches like a nymph, it’s incredible, I bet everybody behind me can see how wet I am now. Still, not as wet as her. As Taylor put it, she’s “rocked into the stratosphere just knowing Selena Gomez is touching her!” Without false modesty, she was right.

I work her G-spot, unleashing years of experience in Taylor’s harem upon her. She doesn’t stand a chance. I even add some personal style into it, because goddamn I’m jilling Alexandra Daddario! The threesomes we’re gonna have all year! Taylor you glorious bitch!

I disregard the thousands of stares weighing on me and dirtytalk this beauty to heights of horniness she didn’t know existed.

She’s squishy like a sponge. I nod at Taylor and the God-Empress lifts the hem of her dress. All around us is stunned by blinding awe. Alexandra gazes into the Pussy; the Pussy is gazing back into her. She cries out lewdly as her hand joins mine deep within her folds. Together we make her squirt. A priestess turns a sandglass upside-down. Twenty-two seconds to go.

The first stream is so long and powerful I get nervous, even Alex gasps in disbelief and ecstasy. Taylor’s feet are splattered to the ankles. I hear her moan higher than usual: her exposed cunt is twitching on its own, the little whore is fucking cumming!

No force in the universe can keep me from relieving myself now. I reach down my buttcrack with my other hand and push two fingers up my asshole, joining the two goddesses in their bliss.

Behind me, a half-mile of people do the same. I know it because I suddenly hear the sound of their cum hitting the ground like the most surreal torrential hail.

I tear my eyes off the divine vagina and my mind off my orgasm: Alexandra is still squirting and the head-priestess is still paying attention, despite the hand under her toga.

A voice announces “TWENTY-TWO SECONDS!” We did it!

The girl keeps convulsing against my body, still torturing her nipples and squeezing her G-spot dry, her voice on the verge of breaking. Taylor jumps down her throne, head first between her legs, lips smacking against labia, and gulps down every gush left in her new harem resident.


Gonads empty, everybody leaves.

Alexandra walks down the steps, afterglowing. She taps the mic inside her tooth.

“I’m in,” she whispers.

Congratulations Agent Daddario. All units stand by.

Agent Upton standing by.

Agent Minaj standing by.

Agent Sweeney standing by.

Sofía Vergara stanning by!

Agent Dennings standing by.

The fall of the twig is near.

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