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Re: Sex-Ed For Dummies (Multi-Celeb Series) [Lesson #8 Posted 09/04]
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Haha. I’ve been interested in these two together for awhile and I have no doubt they do funny shit like this IRL. This is great. Aubrey is crazy and Liz has to keep up. Hot and funny.
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Re: Sex-Ed For Dummies (Multi-Celeb Series) [Lesson #8 Posted 09/04]
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Decided to finally read the series as a whole, especially due to the latest addition...

...and iw was absolutely the right call. Loving the entire premise of it, the celebrity selection is top shelf and fitting and the sex itself is written with a perfect mix of hotness and humor. The fact that you included so many different celebs also helps to mix things up.

Can't wait for more (and also hoping for some of my favorites to appear, fingers crossed!).
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Re: Sex-Ed For Dummies (Multi-Celeb Series) [Lesson #9 Posted 10/27]
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction.  It did not/will not happen in real life and should not be mistaken as such.

Author's Note: Thanks to MaxwellLord for the celebrity instructor suggestion!

Lesson #9: Exhibitionism
Starring Selena Gomez
Codes: MF, Oral, Public
“Guys and gals, welcome!  Welcome back to another exciting installment of Sex-Ed For Dummies!”

The enigmatic guest host of the world renown sexual education phenomenon sweeping the globe, Hugh Johnson, stood on his newly refurbished late-night set, accompanied by band.  Clapping his hands together, he rubbed them eagerly.  The camera panned slowly upwards from his blindingly polished shoes, along his crisp black (and oh so very tight) slacks to his perfectly tailored suit.  His tie was the same mauve color as the velvet curtain behind him.  His teeth gleamed brilliantly white in the dazzle of the studio lights and slicked back silver hair glowed like starlight as he amped up the live studio audience.  They were all cheering wildly, some stamping their feet in frenzied anticipation of what was to come.  Many of the attractive hopeful’s tonight were eyeing the people on either side, mentally undressing them in the event of potential orgies that might break out later in the show.

“We’ve got a fantastic lesson for you tonight.”  Hugh said, as The Fellatio Five finished playing him in and the crowd’s cheers gradually died down.  “Really top notch.  Selena Gomez is here!”  The crowd woo-hooed.  “Yes.  Yes.  Lovely Selena Gomez.  She is talking, and undoubtedly showing, something very near and dear to her heart.  Exhibitionism.  For those not in the know, that could mean any and everything from jerking it in the car to a quick blowie in the dog park to buttfucking the new intern in the conference room between meetings.”  He paused as the crowd looked confusedly at one another.  “No one?  Just me then?”  He laughed.   “But you aren’t tuning in to hear me prattle on, let’s bring out Selena!”

The Fellatio Five kicked back to life and from behind the velvet mauve curtain, Selena Gomez emerged looking nothing short of a million bucks.  A tight colorful striped evening dress that hugged every curve on her body, her makeup expertly applied and her dark hair hanging to her shoulders.  Clicking across the stage in high heels, she strutted over to Hugh.  Hugging, they exchanged kisses on cheeks and he graciously led her over to his large mahogany desk and the softest velvet chairs positioned next to it.  Plopping herself down upon the squishy fabric, she settled comfortable into it as he settled behind his desk, shuffling his talking points for the evening.  The crowd was going wild, and Selena waved, blowing them a kiss before Hugh gestured for them to quiet down.
“Hello Selena!”  Hugh said, beaming at her.  “Sex-Ed For Dummies is positively thrilled to have you here tonight.”
“Oh my gosh, thank you!  It’s so great to finally be doing this.  I’ve wanted to teach a lesson ever since I saw how much fun Taylor had doing hers!”  Selena said brightly.
“Ms. Swift assured us she had the best time that night.  Many others did as well.”  Hugh said with a cheeky grin.  “But let’s talk about you.”
“Me and exhibitionism.”  Selena corrected him with a knowing look. 
“Yes.  Why don’t you explain to the viewers at home what exhibitionism means to you and how it factors into your daily life.”
“A picture is worth a thousand words, right?  Here’s a great example.”  Selena said and with a quick tug on the front of her dress, popped out both of her impeccable perky breasts, each dark nipple reaching a stiff point.
The crowd drew a collective gasp as they stared at the caramel-colored funbags.  Dicks tightened trousers and panties were flooded with a rush of arousal as they gazed and gawked.  Jiggling them for the camera, the pair was indistinguishable from one another except for the signature mole painted on her right breast.  Then with a giggle, she put them away, to the disappoint of every single person in the studio and at home.
“Basically, it means some kind of sexual activity in a public setting or place where one wouldn’t normally take place.”
“And you do this regularly?”  Hugh asked, ever the consummate professional, although if you peaked underneath his desk he was pitching a tent large enough for three.
“Oh yes.  For one, I never wear a bra if I don’t have too.”  She shrugged sending her tits bouncing.  “I mean, why hide these fantastic sweater puppies?”
“They are fantastic.”
“That means people usually get eyeful of my boobs and more than the occasional nip slip.”
“But beyond that?”
“Beyond that?  I love having sex in public places.  It’s gets me off so hard.  Like nothing else.  That thrill of being caught?  It’s intoxicating.” 
“What would you say is the riskiest place you’ve ever had sexual relations?”  Hugh asked.
“Hmmm…”  Selena said, thinking as she rubbed her chin.  “Award shows.  Definitely.  Can’t tell you how many close calls I’ve had at award shows.  Banging backstage or hell, even just lifting my dress up and finding the nearest lap.  But to be honest, I’m not picky.  I’ll do it just about anywhere.  In a parking garage?  Perfect.  Dark movie theater?  Even better.  Deserted alleyway?  Push me up against that wall!  A hotel elevator?  Hell yea!”
“Those all sound awfully specific.”  Hugh said, adjusting in his seat as each scenario flashed through his very vivid imagination.  He cleared his throat.  “Today’s format is going to be a little different.  I’m afraid we haven’t any live sex to film today in the studio.”  There was a collective groan of disappointment from the audience.  “We learned our lesson last time!  Selena has already filmed everything for today’s episode!  We’re going to give it a watch and she’ll provide commentary and insight as we go.  Isn’t that right?”
“Well, I wouldn’t say no sex in the studio.”  She said, batting her mascara-laden eyelashes in Hugh’s direction.  “But yes, I filmed everything last week with the help of one of the hunkiest guy’s I’ve ever seen.”  She leaned forward, giving a nice peek of cleavage and whispered, “And one of the biggest dicks I’ve ever seen.”  She held her hands comically far apart from one another, a look of pure shock and joy on her face.  Then she leaned back and resumed in a normal speaking voice.  “Clarence his name was.”
“A handsome man indeed.”  Hugh said, “And a PHD doctoral candidate at UCLA studying psycho-sexual urges and tendencies.”

“Is he really?”  Selena asked, mouth hanging wide open.

“Yes.  Didn’t that come up at all?” 

“No, but something else came.  Several times.”  Selena winked.

“Eh-hem, well, yes…are we ready with the first clip?”  He got a nod from offstage.  “Before we begin, is there anything you want to say Selena?”
“Lube up those hands, dildos and whatever else you’ve got.  Get ready to rub one out because this is some hot stuff!  Roll it!”

A mounted dashboard camera rattled as two people lounged in the luxurious inside of a ludicrously expensive sports car.  It was the type of vehicle made for doing over 100 on the wide-open road.  Instead it was currently sitting in traffic in downtown Los Angeles.  One of the occupants was one Selena Gomez, clad only in a paper-thin black tank top, both her perky breasts and accompanying nipples easily visible through and a black skirt so short you could see just about everything.  Imprinted upon the top in large white letters were the words, Sex-Ed For Dummies.  She waved to the camera.

“Hey there Dummies.  We are today here in sunny LA on our way to the Third Street Promenade for a little filming and fun.  Of course, there’s fucking traffic, wouldn’t be LA without it.  I had the idea to fire up the camera a little early and kick off the lesson right now.  Isn’t that right Clarence?”

Lounging comfortably in the driver’s seat was an insanely muscular man, skin darker than coal with a jaw chiseled out of granite.  He grinned with brilliantly white teeth from behind large stylish shades.  Wearing only a plain white tee and shorts, he nodded.  Looking squarely into the camera, her hands caressing her own terrific set of tits, lack of a bra painfully evident, and both nipples stiffer than bullets as she palmed the perky pair.  With a tug, she freed them from their poorly constructed prison, resting them atop the dark tank top. 

“Not to step on anyone’s toes, I’m sure the fine folks at Sex-Ed For Dummies have an entire lesson planned for car sex, but I just couldn’t resist this opportunity.  The windows in this car aren’t tinted, and we are very low to the ground.  Anyone not in a smart car should be able to see what I’m about to do no problem!  Hot.”

Shaking her chest for the camera, she turned away and showed them off to the woman in the car next to them.  She spat out her coffee in surprise.  Selena winked and rested back in her seat.  One large dark hand moved to maul the hefty rack as Clarence fingered the soft titflesh between his fingers, giving each nipple a shameless pinch. 

“This is going to be so great for my thesis.  Actual hands on experience.  Hot damn girl.”  He said, squeezing tight and marveling at each jiggling boob.

“Damn yourself!”  Selena cooed, clearly not listening to a word he said as her mischievous mits rubbed his lap, a large cylindrical bulge growing there with each passing second. 

In a flash, Selena had his pants undone, fishing out the enormous black pole contained within.  Marveling at the size, her mouth hung open as she looked into the camera.  Shivering with excitement, she shook the stiff wang by the girthy base. 

“Today is going to be so fun.  I just know it.  Roadhead is perfect for an exhibitionist just starting out.  In a regular car, people probably can’t see who you are, but they’ll likely know what’s happening.  But of course, make sure not to crash the car!  That’s no fun for anyone!  If you get really worked up, just pull over on the side of the road for a little wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am.”

With that she bent over his lap, her plump, shiny lips surrounding the crown.  Spit sloshed down in great splashes as she slurped at the tip until the dark shaft was wet and shiny.  From the wide angle of the camera, you could catch glimpses of other people’s reactions.  And react they did, especially once her head began to bob up and down.  Clarence groaned louder than the engine as more and more of his cock disappeared from view.  One person averted their eyes in horror.  Another pointed and ogled.  A third pulled their own phone out and was trying to snap a picture.
Choking down the veiny prick, it was quite the remarkable achievement to swallow even half of it, let alone the entire thing.  Clarence rested one enormous hand on the top of her head, gently, but firmly, guiding her progress up and down the shaft as traffic shifted and a whole new group of people were greeted to the sight of some truly excellent road head.  Coming up for air, several sticky strings of saliva clung to her full lips as her hand squelched around the shaft.  Making eye contact with the passenger in the car next to them, she gave a sly smirk before taking the crown back between her lips and sucking it down again. 

Adjusting her position, she knelt in her seat, lips pressing down against Clarence’s groin.  Of course, this new position had the added bonus of her panty-less pussy facing the window.  Lips left the big black dick just long enough to say, “From this position, those people out there gets to see a little something more.  Hot for them.  Hotter for me.”

She was right of course.  The middle-aged gentlemen in the car next to them had his face pressed against the window, fogging up the glass as his eyes popped out of his head.  Drooling like a simpleton, he stared at Selena’s glistening pink pussy lips while her head rose and fell.  Then, as if a switch flipped, he suddenly wrestled with his pants and started beating off furiously, watching her all the while.  Unfortunately for him, traffic was just starting to clear up.  The open road appeared in front of them and Clarence revved the engine to life as Selena reluctantly let the cock fall from her mouth.  Sitting back down in her seat, she wiped her lips, giggled and blew a kiss at the camera.

“Mhmmm, can’t wait to show you more once we get there.”  She clicked her seatbelt back in as Clarence did his best to tuck away his raging hardon.  “Safety first!”

Back in the studio, the collective audience visibly shifted, agitated in their seats.  Underwear struggled to contain throbbing boners.  Panties were soaked through, huge wet splotches growing larger with every second.  Hugh cleared his throat loudly as the camera fixed back on him and Selena.

“That was quite the display.  Tell me.  Why the road head?  That was totally unscripted.  You hadn’t planned any of the lesson until actually arriving at the mall.  Why not just wait?”  Hugh asked.
“A desire to teach?  I spotted an opportunity?  Boredom?  What else was I supposed to do?”
“Listen to the radio?”
“Eh.  Once you’re on the radio, it actually starts to lose its appeal.  Come on, let’s get to this next part!  This is really where it gets good!  We do some shopping!”

A montage of clips shot on an iPhone so advanced, it wasn’t even out yet flashed across the screen.  Selena trotting through the outdoor mall on a sunny southern California afternoon, Clarence behind the camera capturing every moment.  People milled about, going about their business.  Some seemed to recognize a celebrity in their midst.  Others didn’t even notice or if they did, didn’t care.  It was LA after all. 

Selena had eyes only for the camera and the stud behind it.  She flirted with the phone like it was second nature.  Dirty looks.  Winks.  Blown kisses.  Hiking up her skirt here to reveal her bare bottom, and giving those fat caramel cheeks a quick clap.  Flashing her ta-ta’s, bouncing them up and down before hurriedly stowing them away.  Any and every excuse to grind up against and grope him.  Clarence had a tent in his pants from the moment they exited the car until the moment they entered the high-end lingerie store.  Inside, Selena browsed through the selection of fancy undergarments, each skimpier than the last.  Victoria Secrets couldn’t hold a candle to this place. 

Leaning in close, she whispered to the camera, “Half the fun of exhibitionism is the buildup.  As you’ve seen, I’ve been teasing Clarence nonstop since we go out of the car.  It makes that moment of release so much sweeter.”  Honey dripped from those words.  “And I’m not done yet.  Not even close.” 
Clarence was playing the role of the dutiful, but bored boyfriend as Selena selected two armfuls of lingerie, holding up each one to her scantily clad body before depositing them in his arms.  After picking through the silkiest, laciest and most revealing bedroom boudoir items that Sex-Ed For Dummies could buy she marched into the changing room.  Three wooden doors, and inside an array of mirrors.  Clarence was relegated to sitting outside.  One outfit after another was paraded before him.  His wood was bordering on painful by this point.  Teddys.  Stilettos.  Thigh-high garters.  Bustiers.  Corsets.  You name it.   Every time Selena emerged, she would strut for the camera, twirl around and grind on Clarence.  And every time they were continually interrupted by a pesky saleswoman, eager to make a huge commission with the sale.  Selena always hurried away with a wink.  Finally, in her last outfit of the day, she called out to him.

“Babe, could you come in here?  I need your opinion on this!”

Hurrying inside, he nearly pulled the door off its hinges in anticipation and slammed it behind him.  Selena was standing there in a simple, yet elegant pink silk robe that she let drop from her shoulders revealing her stunning naked form.  Immediately she dropped to her knees. 
“We have to hurry before anyone finds out.”  She whispered, undoing his belt and pulling out his cock.  “I’m gonna suck this thing so fucking hard.  That’s the thrill of it people.  Pure and simple.  Doing something in a place you shouldn’t.  It’s so naughty.”       
Without any further ado, Selena wrapped her pink plump lips around his hardness.  Those puffy pillows engulfed the throbbing veiny prick as she slid them along his length until they surrounded the base.  Her big brown eyes stared straight down the camera as she bobbed along the big black cock.  Tucking strands of her voluminous shiny hair behind her head, she moved faster and faster.  A long, low, deep bass rumbled emanated from Clarence.  It echoed loudly around the tiny changing room.  Selena withdrew her lips and placed one perfectly manicured finger to them. 
“Shhhhhh.”  She whispered.  “Quiet is the name of the game when fucking in public.  Sure, it’s sometimes fun to get caught, but you can actually get into a lot of trouble if the person is a prude or a stickler for the rules.  Or sometimes they just want to join in.”
Promptly returning to the thick dick in front of her Selena perpetrated a disappearing act between her glossy gobsmackers.  Hefty black balls resting comfortably upon her chin, she never even blinked as she continued staring up into the camera.  Gurgling pleasantly, she held him there as he throbbed inside of her.  Then she released the now spit-soaked prick with a singular long slurp.  Greedily grinning, she dove back in.  The blowjob was loud.  Sloppy.  Trails of spit spilling freely down her chin to hang and wobble off the quivering schlong and fall down onto the careless array of lingerie covering the floor of the dressing room.  Clarence angled up the camera to look at the reflection of them in the mirror, the back of Selena’s head a dark blur as he struggled to hold it steady, trembling from head to toe. 
Framing her once more in the shot, she popped off the dick to say, “Of course, I didn’t come here today just to suck.  I came here to fuck.  I mean, teach.  Let’s go at it big guy.”
Selena sat on the small wooden seat in the dressing room, back against the wall as she spread her smooth tanned legs wide.  Pink labia glistened as Clarence handed the phone over to her.  Settling on his handsome face, he took up residence between her thighs, lapping at the abundance of sweet nectar leaking from her dribbling honeypot.  The audio of the phone was filled with Selena’s heavy breathing as Clarence shoved his talented tongue deeper into her twat.
“Shit!”  She whispered in a high-pitched voice.  A quick swap of the camera and it was back on her face, contorted with pleasure.  “He’s really fucking good at this!”  Clarence grunted with satisfaction.  “As good as Taylor!” 
Swapping back the camera back to him, Clarence stood up and grabbed the thick dark spear wobbling in front of him.  A gleaming jewel of precum glinted at the tip. 
“You ready for this dick Selena?” 
The camera zoomed in close at the head of his impossibly thick cock smacked against her hot pink ladylips.  The coal color stood out in sharp contrast to her bronzed thighs.  Teasing with the head, a sudden sharp thrust from his hips and he stuffed her full, a heavy grunt sounding from him.  Selena for her part, cried out loudly, unable to stop herself.  They both froze for a moment, as a sharp knock sounded at the door.
“Ms. Gomez?”  The saleswoman’s voice called out from beyond it.  “Everything all right in there?”
“Yes.”  Selena squeaked out, her voice a good octave higher than usual.  “Just slipped putting on a garter.”  Clarence started rolling his hips.
“Ok.  Well, if you need anything please do not hesitate to ask.”  She responded cheerily, then paused.  “Where did your male friend go?” 
“Went.  For.  A.  Snack.  Thank.  You.  Miss.” Selena said in a strained voice as Clarence slid all ten inches in and out of her, faster now.  Then she addressed him.  “You’re so bad.  You’re gonna get us caught!”
“Isn’t that the point?”  He asked, grabbing on her shapely hips and really picking up the pace.
A quick flip of the camera screen.  “It so is.”  A shiver ran through her entire body.


“Close call, huh Selena?”  Hugh asked.

“Eh, not really. Truth be told, I’ve had much closer calls.  Yea, she probably knew what we were doing in there, but unless she calls you out on it, you’re fine.  And the truth of the matter is, most people won’t call you out.  It’ll just wind up being a fun story they tell their friends later.”


“I’ll tell you, she definitely what we were doing by the time we finished.  Here let’s keep watching.”


Hastily sticking the camera to the wall via suction cup, Clarence went to work.  His impressive muscular physique loomed over her, still gripping her tightly by the waist as he slammed every inch he had into her over and over again.  The thin wooden walls rattled as the entire dressing room shook.  Other customers could be hear laughing and chatting as the couple did their best to keep their primal grunting to a minimum.  Selena was able to keep herself from being too loud, at least until Clarence’s strong arms wrapped around her, lifting her from her seated position.  Now held aloft atop his cock, she gave a gasp with a wide-eyed gaze of amazement.  Grinning her dropped her down to the very base.
“FFFFUUUCCCKKKKK!!!”  Selena screamed, shattering the quiet of the dressing room.

To stop herself from screaming, she sank her teeth into his shoulder, muffling her shrieks of ecstasy as he repeatedly impaled her on his dick.
“Everything alright in their sweetie?”  A concerned woman’s voice floated over the divide.
“Yes.”  Selena squeaked out, pulling her teeth from Clarence’s chocolate brown skin.  The mark left behind was deep.  “Just a toe cramp.  These damn stiletto’s ya know?”
“Oh, I know honey.  But it’s so worth it.  I bet you look so good.”
“Un-huh.”  Selena replied, eyes fluttering as every jiggly bit of her body bounced up and down, the big dark wang poking her deeper than she had thought possible.
Heavy breathing intensifying, Clarence gently dropped her to the ground.  Legs trembling worse than a newborn foal, she placed her hands against the wall and bent over, presenting her shapely rear.  Unable to stop himself, Clarence gave the caramel colored cheeks a hearty smack and grinned as he watched them ripple.  Then he took position behind her, locked onto her hips and thrusted back inside.  Clarence absolutely railed her from behind, the wet smack of their pelvis’s crashing together plenty loud enough for any and all too hear.  The only thing louder was Selena, who was having real trouble keeping quiet as every ball-slapping thrust of his hips brought her closer to orgasmic nirvana. 
“Ms. Gomez?  Are you sure I can’t help you with anything?  You’ve been in there quite a while now.”  That same pesky saleswoman was back, knocking on the door again.

“I’m just finishing up now!”

“Ok…”  She replied, suspicion heavily layered upon her voice. 

Seconds later she did finish.  Filled to the brim, she creamed all over that big black cock.  Clarence’s meaty palm clamped over her mouth in a desperate attempt to stifle her climatic shrieks.  Still pumping, he sank down one final time and Selena squirted.  A hot torrent of ladyspray burst forth from her quivering twat.  Like a firehouse, it drenched the wall of the dressing room as well as the crumpled array of lingerie still decorating the floor.  As the stream turned to dribble, Selena slowly slid down the wall, her face pressed hard against it until she came to rest on the floor.
“Ok, now you.”  She whispered after she finally recovered, laying in a puddle of her own cum, one cheek shining from it.
“Uh-huh.”  Clarence said, slowly stroking his throbbing cock with one hand and grabbing the camera with the other.  “You’re gonna finish me off, not like in the car.”
“Yea I am.”  Selena said, brown eyes finding the camera. 
Her lips found his wet dick and instantaneously she was sucking with blurring speed.  Her oral skills quickly brought him orgasm as he grabbed her head, wrenching it backwards and taking hold of the massive black shaft. 
“I’m gonna dump a fat fuckin load all over this pretty face.”  He grunted.

“Yes please.”  Selena whispered.  “I need it…”

She gasped as the hot, salty jism suddenly and violently struck her face.  Thick, goopy streaks plastered her forehead, spilled across the bridge of her nose, splashed her cheeks, frosted her lips and came to hang off her chin by the time he was finished stroking.  Barely able to see through the glaze, cum dripped onto the silk garments on the floor under her knees.
“Hmmm, thanks babe.  I think we are definitely going to have to pay for this stuff now.”  She said, wiping one eye and staring at the lingerie, the girlspray and man goo staining nearly every article of clothing.

“I won’t tell you how much all that cost.  That’s for the accountants to deal with.”  She chuckled.  “And I won’t tell you how awkward that conversation was with the cashier, what with the cum plastered all over my face.  But it does bring me to a hugely important part of any exhibitionist display.  The cum walk.  After all, what are people gonna do?  You’ve already had sex.  But walking around with it, it’s so hot.  Everyone knows exactly what you did.  Now, if you’re not quite ready for a full facial walk, cumming in panties or all over a shirt is also a viable option.  Sometimes feeling his cum leak out of your pussy down your leg can be just as big of a turn on.”  She shivered in her seat just thinking about it.
“Something you do often?”  Hugh asked.
“Oh yes.  There was this one time, I was late for a photoshoot, because of a little afternoon delight.  I was in too much of a hurry to cleanup, so I just headed out.  Cum all over my face.  When I finally arrived the studio, they were pretty insistent about cleaning me up, I was happy to do the shoot with the cum, or even freshen it up with another dose, but they didn’t go for it.” 
Hugh gave a hearty chuckle.  “I’m thinking that here at Sex-Ed, we might be able to arrange a photoshoot like that.”  He looked offset towards the producer, who was in chair nodding emphatically.
“That sounds like fun.  I’ll have my people talk to your people after the show.  But, let’s get back to this.  We get a few reaction shots with me walking around the mall with a face full of cum.”


Selena strode out of the store proudly, bags in hand.  The congealing cum still caking her features and staining her tank-top.  Clarence filmed behind her, catching the faces of the people as they walked by.  Their reactions were priceless.  Shocked disbelief.  Opened mouth confusion.  Head-scratching amazement.  Quick pics were snapped and not-so-whispered words were overheard.

“Yo, check out that chick with the jizz all over her!” 

“Is that CUM?!?” 

“What’s all over her face? 

“Is that Selena Gomez?” 

“The fuck is…oh my GAWD!”

People stared, gasped and pointed as she marched proudly down the Promenade.  Selena had the biggest smile and giggled. 

Looking back into the camera, she said, “That cum really wet my appetite.  I’m getting hungry.  Let’s head to the food court!”

“We gathered a couple of tweets from that day.  People posting about seeing you at the mall.  It caused quite a storm on twitter.  #1 trending.”  Hugh said.  “We’ve got a few here.  I’ll them out.”  He cleared his throat and shuffled the notecards before him.  “Selena Gomez making a bold fashion statement.  #ThirdStreetPromenade #SelenaGomez #Facial.”  An accompanying blurry photo of cum-covered Selena appeared on the screen. 
“Definitely a bold fashion choice.  For sure.”  She nodded in simple agreement.
“Here’s another one.  Selena Gomez walking around with cum all over her face.  #SluttySelena #Cumslut.”
“I think slutty is a little unfair.  It was only one guy’s cum on my face after all.”  Selena said frowning.
“Ok, yes, well there were a lot of #SluttySelena ones.  We will just skip over those then.”  He tossed out the next card.  And the next one.  And three more after that. 
“Ah ok!  Here’s one.  Can’t wait to try out Selena Gomez’s new skincare routine #Iscumgoodfortheskin #SelenaGomez #Facialsforlife #Blowthatloadalloverme.”
“It most definitely is good for the skin.  How do you think I maintain such a glow?”  Selena said, running one finger across her rounded, smooth and soft cheek.
“One more.  Where can I find a girl (or guy) to do this?!?! #SelenaGomez #Cumwalk #Proud.”
“There’s plenty of us out there.  You just need to keep an eye out!”  Selena said, laughing.

“Ok, then what comes next?”
“A bit more public than the dressing room, we have some fun in the food court.”


Selena had an enormous chocolate popsicle, her bubblegum pink lips wrapped around the frozen treat.  Her face had been cleaned, but you couldn’t wipe that naughty expression off of it.  Eyes boring into the camera, she sensually licked the tip before pressing the sweet ice against the broadside of her tongue and sliding it back and forth.  Chuckling came from behind the camera.

“That doing anything for ya babe?”  She asked, pressing her lips tight and sliding the entirety of it into her mouth, blinking innocently.  Withdrawing it, it came back out wet and sticky.  “Reminding you of anything?”  In response, Clarence grabbed her free hand and placed it on top of the bulge currently slithering its way down his pant leg.  “Shit!  You’re that hard again already?” 

They were seated in a plastic booth, occupying one side of the table as people filed by, going about their humdrum dull lives.  His only response to her was a groan as she squeezed it tight.  Nimbly unzipping his fly, she fisted his prick as her head turned in every direction, on the lookout for observant passersby’s.  The black pillar nearly hit the underside of the table as she sucked down the popsicle once more, stroking him simultaneously.  Leaning over with pursed lips, she spat a long string of syrupy drool onto the dark dick.  Pumping up and down, she jerked him off in a subtle way if you were above the table.  Although if you were really paying any attention it was obvious what she was doing.  As she jerked him six ways from Sunday, several co-eds cautiously approached the table. 

“Oh my god.”  One of them stammered, barely breathing.  “Selena Gomez?”

“Hi!”  Selena said brightly, not faltering in the slightest as she stroked from base to tip. 

“We are all such huge fans…do you think…do you think…”
“You want a picture?”  She asked kindly.

“If it’s not too much trouble.”

“Of course not!  Come here, in front.”

Dexterously she slid to the edge of the booth, hand still jacking off his prick behind her back and dropping the popsicle.  The girls squatted down in front of her and held out their cameras, clicking away madly as they collected enough selfies to plaster across their social for the rest of their lives.  Clarence did his best to keep quiet, Selena never once stopping in her stroking.  They finished snapping the pics and stood up, thanking her profusely. 

One of the girls pointed to her cum-stained top, “Your shirt?  Are you a fan of Sex-Ed For Dummies?”

“Of course!”  Selena exclaimed.  Then she cast a furtive look to the side and whispered, “There should be an episode with me as the instructor coming out soon.”

“That is so COOL!  We watch Sex-Ed For Dummies all the time.  Every girl in our dorm does!  It finally taught my boyfriend how to properly give me an orgasm!  I can’t wait to see what you teach!  Thank you so much!”


“Selena!  You weren’t supposed to tell anybody!”  Hugh said, throwing his hands up in exasperation. 

“Oops.”  She said with a giggle.  “Shush Hugh.  Watch this next part.” 


The group of excitable co-eds hurried away.  Turning back to face Clarence and the camera, she slid close to him and whispered in ear.  “That was so hot.  They had no idea I was jerking you off.  I’m fucking soaked right now.”

“Wanna suck on something other than that popsicle then?”  He asked in a perfectly reasonable tone.

“Mhmm.  Now, underneath the table, when out a restaurant, or in this case a food court is another perfect opportunity for an exhibitionist display.”

A quick look around and Selena slithered beneath the hard-plastic table.  The ground was sticky, trash littering the floor and gum on the underside of the table.  It was hard on her knees, but she couldn’t care less as Clarence titled the camera down.  You could see Selena’s big brown eyes peeping out from beneath the table as her soft lips took hold of the shaft once more.  In an instant, she was gurgling on it, the whole thing filling her mouth.  On the table, the popsicle quickly turned to a sticky brown pool in the hot LA sun.  A voice sounded off camera, interrupting the pair.

“You done with this table man?”

Selena’s eyes were alight with fire at the sound of the stranger’s voice so close to them. 

“No!”  Clarence shouted, shooing off whoever it was.  “Get out of here!”

Selena released him to say to the camera, “This is usually better when there’s a table cloth.  Hides a bit more of you, but this way is even riskier.  God, I need this cock again.”

“Why not climb up on this lap then?”  He asked still in his perfectly reasonable tone.

Selena did just that, sliding back up into the booth, making eye contact with a stranger as she wiped her lips clean.  Then she flipped up her skirt and sitting on his lap sideways, stretching her legs out along the length of the booth.  As if it were magnetized, her pussy found the head of his cock as she gripped the edge of the table and the back of the booth, holding herself aloft.  Then she dropped, sinking down to the hilt.  Clarence hurriedly set up the phone propped up on the table, getting a good view as Selena started to gyrate, filled once more with big black cock.

“In this situation, you need to be quick.  You have to hurry before people really start to pay attention.  Luckily, you’re both usually so turned on, it doesn’t take long.”

Even though subtly was key, it proved difficult for Selena as she worked her hips across his laps with more skill and panache than the most experienced of strippers.  Staying quiet proved difficult as well, especially after Clarence lubed up one finger with the melting dregs of the popsicle and popped it into her butthole.  People’s heads turned as they walked by, staring perplexedly at them.  A couple of them figured out exactly what was happening and hurried away faster.  A few others took to nearby tables to watch, sporting pitched tents all their own.  Selena couldn’t care less, even when one of her oh-so perky tits popped out of her cum-stained top, nipple hard enough to cut glass.

Clarence was getting louder as well, one arm wrapped around her undulating body, the other gripping the edge of the table hard enough to turn his knuckles white.  Her hot pink snatch was squeezing every veiny inch of that tree trunk he called a cock.  Every subtle move, the slightest bump and rocking of her hips was aided by the fact that she was wetter than Niagara Falls and getting wetter by the second.  Trembling from head to toe, her eyes were screwed shut, pearly white teeth sunk into her full lower lip, desperately trying to keep herself from screaming.  The crowd was growing larger and larger around them, and both of them knew it.  It was just too much.  For both of them.

“Oh shit.  Gonna cum.”  Clarence grunted, swelling impossibly huge inside of her. 

“ME TOO!”  Selena shouted and then finally let loose a scream as the orgasm ballooned to life inside of her.

Heads snapped in their direction as well as phones, snapping pictures or recording videos.  The eye of every person in the food court was upon them.  Selena’s eyes flew wide open, taking all of the watchers in as her insides were blasted white.  Spurt after spurt of impossibly hot cum filled her pussy as she shuddered, limbs twitching. 

Selena slowly slid off his lap onto the booth, both of them recovering slowly from their respective orgasms.  Taking the camera in her shaking fingers, she brought it under the table and spread her legs wide.  Thick goop oozed out of her pussy staining her black skirt and congealing on the plastic of the seat.  She brought the camera back up to her face and sighed contentedly.

“Another successful outing.”

“Hey!  You two!”  An angry voice cut through the crowd.

Selena flashed the camera towards the noise.  A mall security officer was marching towards them, an angry scowl upon his face and shaking his fist threateningly.  She quickly flashed the camera back her way.

“This can be part of it too.  Sometimes you’ve gotta make a quick getaway!  Come on!”  Selena grabbed hold of Clarence and the two of them scrambled out the booth.  Dick and tit still out, they pushed through the crowd, the camera bouncing wildly before cutting to black.

“Did you get caught?”  Hugh asked Selena.
“We did.”  Selena said seriously.  “Hard to sprint in heels.  Plus, I think he just followed the trail of cum leaking out of me.”
“Any lasting trouble?  Because we do have an army of lawyers here at Sex-Ed For Dummies.”
“Let’s just say the officer and I worked out an arrangement.”  Selena said with a wink.
Hugh grinned knowingly back at her.  “Well then, that just about wraps up our show today.  That’s the end of our footage.  Selena, thank you so much for being here.”
“Oh please.  Thank you for having me.  I hope people see and start doing it more!”  Selena looked out over the horny crowd.  “These poor folks look a tad pent up.  How about I run back to my dressing room and see if I can dig up a few other escapades I’ve recorded over the years…”
“What a generous offer!  Give it up one more time for Selena Gomez!”  Hugh yelled as The Fellatio Five started playing them out and the crowd cheered, excited into a frenzy by Selena’s parting words.  “Next time on Sex-Ed For Dummies we have celebrity couple Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson for some girl-on-girl action!  Thank you!  Good night and good fucking!”
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Re: Sex-Ed For Dummies (Multi-Celeb Series) [Lesson #9 Posted 10/27]
« Reply #48 on: October 28, 2019, 05:33:09 PM »
A wonderfully sexy story for a wonderfully beautiful woman. Great work with Selena. Superb.
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Re: Sex-Ed For Dummies (Multi-Celeb Series) [Lesson #9 Posted 10/27]
« Reply #49 on: October 29, 2019, 03:17:59 AM »
Love the Selena chapter, public sex just makes her so slutty, I especially loved the cum walk. Can't wait for the next update. 
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Re: Sex-Ed For Dummies (Multi-Celeb Series) [Lesson #10 Posted 2/29]
« Reply #50 on: February 29, 2020, 10:16:46 AM »
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction.  It did not/will not happen in real life and should not be mistaken as such.

Lesson #10: Girl-On-Girl
Starring Ashley Benson & Cara Delevingne
Codes: FF, Squirt, Oral, Toys

The camera faded in slowly on a couple seated at a kitchen table.  Locked in a close embrace, the two drop-dead gorgeous women were engaged in a vigorous makeout session.  Glossy lips smushed together.  Sloppy tongues writhed beneath the surface of smooth shiny rosy cheeks.  Those wriggling pink mouth organs left scant traces of saliva behind as they worked across shimmering lips.  The presence of the camera went ignored as the smooching continued unabatedly.  Someone coughed off-screen.  It went ignored.  They coughed again, louder.  Still ignored. 

“EH-HEM!”  Someone positively shouted from off-screen.

The couple broke apart with a start.  “Oh!  Didn’t know we had started filming!  ‘Ello there.  Name’s Cara Delevingne.”  Said the one on the left, her posh and proper British accent at odds with downright dirty fuck-me eyes she had leveled straight at the lens.

“And I’m Ashley Benson.”  Said the one on the right, in sultry, husky tones that were all American.

“We are here today on location in our very own Los Angeles home with the season one finale of everyone’s favorite series, Sex-Ed For Dummies!”  Cara said, her hand mischievously disappearing beneath the table to do who knows what.  “Today’s lesson?  Some good old girl-on-girl action!  We’re going to show you, the viewer, how one woman properly pleases another.  Doesn’t matter if you’re a lesbian, bisexual or even just some boring heterosexual bloke.  All can learn.”  And then, as though considering something for the first time, her face scrunched up in deep thought, thick eyebrows contracting almost comically.  “Actually, men?  Pay attention most of all.  Most of you wouldn’t know where to find the clitoris if the point of your pecker was pressing against it.”

Ashley nodded all too solemnly and added, “We’ve been wanting to do this lesson since day one, but we had certain demands.  And we are pleased to announce that the higher-ups at Sex-Ed For Dummies have graciously accepted.  Going forward, at least half of the production crew for every lesson will be comprised of women!”

“Thank God.  It was a real sausage fest over there.”  Cara said, rolling her eyes.  “And of course, we’ve got an all-female crew here today.  No boys allowed.”  She waggled a finger at the camera.  A girlish giggle sounded from somewhere.

“We definitely don’t need no dicks.  Even if we did, we must have a thousand fake ones lying around here.”  Ashley said, shrugging carelessly.

Indeed, over their shoulder in the background of the shot, one such realistic veiny-looking dildo was randomly suction-cupped to the wall.  Another bright pink ribbed one rested casually on top of a countertop.  A third bulbous black one lay with a bunch of bananas resting in a fruit bowl. 

“Oh please Sprinkles.  You know I can get you off with nothing but this.”  Cara said, using her lover’s given pet name sticking out her tongue between two fingers, stimulating cunnilingus.  “Or even just this.”  She stuck up her pinky finger.

Ignoring her, Ashley asked the camera, “How about a little tour first?” 

The camera followed the pair, hand-in-hand, out of the kitchen and were led through room after room of the impressive estate.  Although the décor was elegant, it was difficult to appreciate.  Instead in every frame, the eye couldn’t help but search out plastic phalluses.  It was a Where’s Waldo of rubber wangs and silicon vibrators.  Some peaked up from between couch cushions, others were strewn haphazardly across the floor and still more poked out from flower vases like a bouquet of big fake dicks. 

“We really should have cleaned up first.”  Ashely said, biting her lower lip anxiously. 

What little decoration the viewer could focus on were mostly nude paintings, various fertility statues, collections of vagina-themed artwork and countless books on lesbianism.  While wandering around the finished basement, the camera paused at a solid looking door, left slightly ajar.  Even a cursory glance inside showed off enough leather padded walling to make a cow flee in fright at the very sight of it.  Strapped to the walls all around the room were even more dildos, vibrators and butt plugs of every size and shape imaginable, but that was just the tip of the sex toy treasure trove.  Ropes, whips, chains, ball gags, handcuffs, feathers, nipple clamps and what was either an incredibly realistic dummy or a woman in a full gimp suit securely chained, in a compromising position, to a bench seated next to a hanging swing and a sturdy looking stockade.   

“Whoops!”  Cara said, hurrying over and quickly shutting the door.  “No peeking in there.  That’s our sex dungeon.”

“You don’t get to see that… today.”  Ashley said slyly.  “Now maybe if Sex-Ed wants to invite us back…”
The words were left hanging in the air as they ushered the cameras upstairs until they reached the master bedroom.  A gigantic four poster bed sat opposite an enormous oil painting, the inhabitants of which bore a remarkable resemblance to the soon-to-be naked instructors.  On each nightstand was a careful selection of toys, chosen especially for today’s lesson.
“And here’s where the magic happens.”  Cara said.  “Sometimes.  We do it all over the house really.  I can’t tell you how many times we’ve both squirted gallons across this room.  Now tell me Sprinkles.  A man ever make you squirt before I came along?”

“Nu-uh.”  Ashley said, already beginning to strip.  “Pretty sure no man ever even made me cum before you Cara.”

“That’s what I like to hear.”  And the British model too began to disrobe.

It didn’t take long as both women were wearing the skimpiest of silk robes.  Once the soft garments fluttered carelessly to the floor, the naked duo had only eyes for each other.  The visible hunger was almost startling.  There was double of everything you wanted to see.  Incredible tits jiggling with the slightest movement.  Ashley’s were larger, complimenting her fuller figure, but Cara’s were perkier.  The slender model possessing a pair of pointed dark nipples currently sharp enough to cut glass.  Shaven smooth snatches peaked from between their owner’s toned thighs. 

“Now, the most important thing with women is you have to take you time.  Build up to the act itself.  Foreplay.  No wham-bam-thank-you ma’am.  In and out in under two minutes.  Appreciate her.  Worship her.  Hit up all those pleasure centers.  Yes, centers, as in multiple.  Do that and you’ll have her cumming her brains out.  And if you don’t?  Well, you might find yourself working on your technique all alone.”  Cara said.
The camera settled at the foot of the bed, Ashley already upon it, flat on her back.  With legs spread wide, her ladylips looked all too inviting.  Cara climbed up on top of her, giving the camera glimpse at an entirely new set of tattoos. 
“Now to start off, just a bit of snogging.  I know what you fellas are thinking.  Snogging?  Really?”  Cara said.  “Truth is nothing gets a woman wetter than a good long kissing session before really getting down to business.”
“Yea, you want her dripping like a water slide before you even think about getting down there.”  Ashley concurred. 
The lip locking glimpsed at the very start of the episode returned with a vengeance.  A frenzy of pent-up sexual energy as both lithe feminine bodies intertwined.  Arms and legs wrapped up so tightly, it was hard to see where one ended and the other began.  Cara’s lips gradually left Ashley’s plump pair after what seemed like ages, moved slowly down her neck.
“Now.  Mhm.  Kissing.  Mhm.  Doesn’t.  Mhm.  Just.  Mhm.  Mean.  Mhm.  Lips.”  Cara said in-between smooches.
“Well, not just these lips!”  Ashley said, touching her mouth playfully.  “Kiss down her neck, along her collarbone until you reach her breasts and play around with those for a while.”
Cara was indeed already licking and slurping at her boobs, one whole hand massaging the left while her mouth made love to the right.
“Don’t squash them.  Massage, like you would any other part of her.  And pay special attention to her nipples.  Not too hard at first though, unless she likes that!”  Ashley stammered.  “Rolling it between thumb and forefinger is perfect!”  She was struggling to get the words out.  “Or if you prefer using your tongue, run it around the areola, then flick the nub.”  Cara’s grinning mouth did exactly that.  “Suck on it.  Form a suction with your lips.  Tongue still tickling it!  Teeth even, as long as you’re gentle!”
Mascara-laden eyelashes fluttering, Ashley had one hand balled full of sheet, the other squeezing her girlfriend’s dirty blonde head.  Eyes shut tight, she allowed herself a momentarily reprieve from instruction to savor the sensation.  Cara swapped back and forth between breasts, spending equal with both of them.  Her voice a good octave higher, Ashley forced her eyes open and resumed speaking. 

“While she… or he, I suppose, is making love to your breasts, it’s the perfect time to slip a finger or two into the vagina.  Don’t just jam it in though, it’s not a key in a lock.  Trace the outline of her labia first.”
Wandering downwards, Cara’s hand traced along Ashley’s stomach, circling her belly button before sliding gracefully across her pubic mound and finally reaching its destination atop her lesbian lover’s outermost sex.  With the lightest of touches, she grazed it.  “One thing to note.  Long fingernails.  A no-no.  Freshly cut fingernails?  An absolute no-no.”  Ashley continued speaking as one solitary tattooed finger wriggled its way inside of her, thumb automatically centering itself squarely and firmly on central command of feminine pleasure.  The clitoris.  A shiver ran through Ashley’s body.  “Cara is now stimulating my clitoris.  Ahhh, the clitoris.  I could spend a whole lesson just talking about the clitoris.  I’ll try to restrain myself though.”
“I won’t.”  Cara said, fingering her harder as her lips continued their downwards descent.

“Located at the crest of the labia, the clitoris looks like a little pink nub hidden beneath a hood.  Feel around for it, she will let you know when you’ve found it.  Now, keep playing with it while you finger her.  Gently!  And your fingers?  Curl them inside of her.  You should be able to find her g-spot that way.  The g-spot.  You know, that magical pleasure patch tucked away inside every cooch pooch.  Lemme tell you, the only people who think the g-spot isn’t real are insecure men who have never made their wife climax once in their entire lives.  Once you do find it, it feels a bit rougher than the rest of the area around it, don’t be afraid to hang there for a WHILE!”  Ashley yelled unexpectedly, Cara having stuck another finger in and curling them in the exact manner described.

“Now with two fingers, you can really start going at it.”  Angling her fingers in an upwards trajectory, Cara withdrew to her French-tipped fingernails only to slam her spindly digits back down to the tattoo-covered knuckles. 

With a thumb swiping across the clitoris and two fingers splitting Ashley’s velvety folds, the actress couldn’t stop from groaning and squirming.  Cara’s wrist was cocked, a loaded piston, delivering goodness with ever increasing speed and intensity as Ashley’s own fingers drifted to Cara’s cunt as well. 

“Mutual pleasuring is fantastic, although it does make it a little harder to focus.”

Cara withdrew her mouth from Ashley’s left tit to settle flat on her back.  Their arms crisscrossed as they proceeded to fingerbang each other’s snatches, the camera making sure to capture the slightest twitch of any and every digit.  As the sloppy makeout resumed, Cara found her own fingers faltering as Ashley went at it like a woman possessed.  A giggle escaped from her rosy rounded cheeks, feeling Cara squirm next to her.  In order to continue with the lesson, Cara had no choice but to pull Ashley’s fingers out of greedy twat, bringing the hand up to her mouth so she might suck each digit cleaner than the last.  Making up for lost time, Cara clapped her wrist harder, slipping a third finger into the mix.

“Think of it as a tiny dick, fucking her.”  Cara said.  “The big dicks are coming in just a minute.  Right after I make Sprinkles here climax.”  Ashley shuddered harder, eyes rolling into the back of her head, mouth agape.  “Once you get into that groove, go at it until she explodes.  Just watch out for finger cramps!”

Totally focused on her partner, Cara intensified the speed and force of her fingering.  Within a minute, she had Ashley cumming, shrieking to the ceilings in those husky tones until her voice gave out and sank back down into the mattress, coming down from her orgasmic high.  Laughing, Cara slithered the rest of the way down her partner’s body.  Head securely nestled between her lover’s thighs, her voice, a bit muffled, could still be heard.

“Now comes the real fun part.  Pay extra attention gentlemen.  I’m gonna show you exactly how to eat pussy like a lesbian.  Take notes and your woman is going to be cumming like she never has before.  Watch and learn.”
Zooming in, the camera had a clear and up-close shot of exactly what Cara was about to do.  To begin with, she didn’t stick her tongue into the slippery wet love canal.  Instead she settled for placing her puckered lips around the clitoral hood, gently suckling away at it.  Using the broad side of her tongue, she gave long lingering licks that trailed from taint to clit, her eyes never leaving Ashley’s face.  After servicing the outer areas, her tongue took a deep dive, disappearing amongst the velvety folds like a writhing pink spear.  Her lips pressed around it, rubbing back and forth as gentle suction was applied.  A few minutes passed before she surfaced for air, wiping her shining mouth in the process. 
“But maybe this position isn’t for you.  Let’s try out a couple of others.”  Before Ashley could even blink, Cara had straddled her face and was grinding her twat against her lover’s face, even as Ashley stuck out her pink tongue to lick at the sopping slit.  “A little bit of face-riding.  Or sitting if you prefer a more stationary position.  Great to feel dominate and in control.”
Ashley tried to mumble something from underneath, but even the high-powered mics couldn’t pick it up, so muff-filled was her mouth.  Bucking and gyrating her hips, it was practically a lap-dance on her face.
“I think she’s trying to say; eye contact is always a bonus.  Is that it Sprinkles?”  Cara said, grinding her hips extra hard for effect.
“MMMMM-HHHMMM!!!”  Ashley’s managed to mumble out, her blue eyes fixed on Cara. 
“And then of course.”  Cara said laughing and raising herself.  Spinning around so her pert ass cheeks obscured the rest of Ashley’s face.  “69ing.”  Leaning down, her tongue found Ashley’s hotbox once more.  “Look familiar?”  She asked the camera with a nod of her head.
The camera quickly did a double-take towards the oil portrait on the opposite wall.  It might as well have been a mirror as the two women devoured each other’s pussies.  Cara going slowly, taking her time, Ashley speedily licking away like a dog with a water bowl on a hot summer day.  They even rolled around, switching between top and bottom as they chowed down like it was their last meal.  When they finally did resurface, Cara climbed off Ashley and returned to her first position, head between thighs.

“Basically, those are a couple of tried and true methods, but I hate to tell you fella’s, there’s no secret sauce in this recipe.  Each woman is different and there is no end all be all method to get her off.  Sorry!  Now here’s what I know Sprinkles’ likes.”  Cara immediately brought her lips to her clit once more, sucking on it something fierce.
“Oh, Cara!  Fuck!”  Ashley cried out, her entire body now writhing once more she was licked by her lesbian lover.  “Suck that fuckin’ clit.  That’s a good girl.”
Cara didn’t deviate or increase the intensity of what she was doing, instead continuing at the same consistent rate.  The moaning, echoing around the room, was growing louder and louder.
“Listen to your partner’s signals.”  Cara said, her chin smeared with fluids.  “When she gives you a good sign, don’t change what you’re doing.  Keep doing that thing exactly!  It really helps.  Sometimes jackhammering away harder isn’t the right thing to do!”
Diving back down to those dripply lips, the wet sloppy noises emanating from between Ashley’s thighs were enough to make any person, man or woman, envious.  The sapphic shrieks coming out of the actress’s mouth reached a peak.  Cara’s tongue was a blur, sliding in one direction then another before disappearing inside, only to remerged and flick like a snake at Ashley’s throbbing, pulsating clit. 
“Oh fuck!  I’m gonna cum again!  Keep going!  Fuck yes!  Baby!  Yes!”  Ashley shouted, Cara’s licked and lapped like a woman on a God-given mission.  “CUMMMING!!!”
Nearly yanking the roots right out of her head, Ashley’s grip twisted as the orgasm struck, muscles seizing violently.  Thrashing about, her hold on Cara gradually lessened, the orgasm slowly receding until only heavy panting remained. 
“Damn…phew.  Ok, next…”  Reaching over to the side table, Ashley procured a bright pink sleekly smooth vibrator.  “This is a woman’s best friend!  And perfect to use on your partner when you are lacking certain gentalia, or maybe if you’re a bit on the lower end of a ruler.”
“There are of course all sorts of toys, for both male and female use, but for today, we’ll stick to what we usually use!”  Cara said cheerily.
With a click, Ashley turned on the vibrator, flashing a smoldering look towards the camera as her hand shook.  A low buzz filled the room as one hand firmly pushed her partner down, slipping the pink phallus between Cara’s thighs.  Kissing and nibbling at her neck, Ashley laid alongside her.  The plastic length of hardness buzzed angrily as it was rubbed against pussy lips, before teasing the clit.  Then, pushing the toy in, Ashley fed inch after considerable inch into her girlfriend’s hungry twat.  It swallowed it all, the fucktoy disappearing until only the handle was visible.  It seemed Cara’s whole body was vibrating, words falling her.  Her motions cool and confident, Ashley pumped the toy in and out of her with rhythmic precision.
“The vibrator is pretty self-explanatory.  Turn on and go!  But it’s so much better when a partner is using it on you!”  Ashley said, unable to halt the glee in her voice at the sight of Cara writhing.  Pulling the toy out, it now too glistened and shone with arousal.  She looked right into the camera and said, “A good sign.”

Placing the rounded tip to Cara’s clit, she worked it in small circles before pushing it back inside with some force.  Fist twisting around it, she pumped harder than ever before. 
“Shit!  Oh fuck!  That’s making me cum!”  Ashley continued wielding the toy like a veteran spearman.  “RIGHT THERE!  FUCCKKK!!” The Brit screamed as her fists beat against the sheets, her tattooed figure contorting and twisting as she climaxed.
Pulling the toy out slowly, Ashley tossed it aside as Cara’s bleary eyes found the camera once more.  “Great thing about women.  Multiple orgasms.  We can cum all day and night without stopping.  And once you cum once, it’s usually easier the second time!  Now scissoring is something you see a lot of in lesbo porno.  And while it can feel good, it’s unlikely to make you cum.  That is, unless of course you use this!”  She held an enormous black double-sided dildo aloft, over a foot long, easily.  “A head for each pussy.  Fit these into your snatches, lock legs and get to grinding!”
Lifting one smooth leg high in the air, Cara pushed the fat jet black head into Ashley’s pulsating pink pussy.  Feeding inch after inch into it, the entire time, Ashley’s leg wavered dangerously, threatening to collapse. 

“Now my turn.”  Inching forward, Cara fit the other end of the fake black cock into her twat.  Scooting together, legs draping dramatically across one another, the last inch of the dildo vanished as the outer crowns of their labia’s squashed together. 
“Now buck those hips!”  Ashley said, as the pair started working together in tandem.
Both were showing off their fit bodies, watching abs and muscles ripple as they undulated, gyrated and ground up against one another.  By now, sweat was beading both their brows, but neither seemed willing to be the first to break.  Staring at each other, the pleasure intensified with every passing second if their grunts were any indication.  The bed was shaking, the four posters rattling as the scissoring reached a fever pitch.  In the end, it was a win for both of them, cumming at precisely the same time.  Enormous goofy grins on both of their beautiful faces, the double-dicked dildo was pulled from sopping wet snatches, and thrown to the side with the others.  It joined an ever-growing pile of carelessly discarded dildos by the side of the bed.

“Alright, the best for last.  I’m gonna pummel Ashley’s pretty pink pussy here with a big ole strapon, an essential tool in any lesbian’s belt.”   
It was a huge honking purple dildo, anatomically correct with a big set of balls to match.  Cinching it around her waist, she faced the camera and fisting the fake cock, giving it shake for them. 
“Now you can fuck her good and hard.  And, unlike a real dick, never goes soft and never goes off early leaving you with nothing but a disappointed cum-filled snatch.  We can go all night.  And we do.”  She winked at the camera.  “To start off, just a bit of missionary.”
Cara laid on top of Ashley, the pair of them looking lovingly at one another.  Lining up the dildo with her dribbling cunt it quickly sank it down to the base, stuffing Ashley full.  Then with rolling snaps of her slender hips, she began to fuck her.  Kissing resumed as Cara thrusted into Ashley, totally wrapped up in each other.
“Don’t just thrust, remember those other pleasure centers!”  Ashley said, tearing her lips away for but a moment.
Cara was a little preoccupied, running her tongue along her collar bone as her hands roamed up and down Ashley’s body, squeezing and pinching in just the right places while she humped.  When she was finished leaving a fresh trail of saliva along her lover’s sweaty form, she looked back at the camera.

“Missionary is well and good, but if you want something with a little more umph than doggy is always a good alternative.”
Pulling out, Ashley clambered onto all fours and assumed the position.  Cara grinned, giving her girlfriends bubbly ass a hard smack.  With one hand, she grabbed the back of her head and pushed it down to the sheets, so her ass was sticking even higher up in the air.
“You want this dick, Sprinkles?”  Cara asked teasing, rubbing the purple-headed crown against her wetness.  Ashley mumble an incomprehensible response into the sheets.  “Correct answer.” 
Thrusting in hard, Cara held onto either hip like they were handles and ploughed away like there was no tomorrow.  The bed was shaking again.  Rattling as Cara put all of her strength into pounding her girlfriend, with a dick the size of which few men could ever hope to match.   
“The great thing about this strap-on, is it’s got a little nub that rubs up right against my clit.  The harder I fuck Sprinkles-” She gave an exaggerated thrust to make her point.  “The better it feels for me to.  Kind of like a real dick, or so I’d guess.”  Looking down at the beautiful quivering mass of woman, a sly grin split her features.  “Alright.  We promised squirting, so let’s make her squirt.”
Reaching down, she grabbed a fistful of dirty blonde hair and tugged upwards.  Whole back arching, Ashley groaned as Cara fucked her harder than she had all evening.  While one hand held a fistful of hair, the other disappeared between her thighs, seeking out the clitoris once more.
“Clitoral stimulation while fucking is key to squirting.”  Cara said, raising her voice to be heard over Ashley’s hoarse screams.  “Come on Sprinkles.  Let’s give a good show for the folks at home.”
Without warning, Cara spun over.  The model flopped onto her back, purple dick jutting hugely, almost comically, from her groin.  On shaking legs, Ashley climbed on top of her, facing the camera with her back to Cara.  Lining up the fake cock, she smacked it once or twice against those sloshy beef curtains before pushing inside, thrusting upwards, her entire ass coming off the mattress with the force of it.
“I do so enjoy being a power bottom!”  Cara yelled, over Ashley’s renewed sapphic shrieking. 
The shot was framed perfectly in front of the fucking couple, once more zooming in on Ashley’s pussy as it was perfectly penetrated by the purple dildo.  Cara’s fingers reached around to the front, finding the clit for one final time, fingers a blur across the small peaking pink pleasure button.  Barely able to string two words together, Ashley was so close to the orgasm that most women could only dream of in their wildest sexual fantasies.  It was one she experienced on a regular basis.  It was incredible, watching every inch of the far above average purple dick disappear fully from sight and remerge at high speeds.
“GAWD!” Ashley screamed out as Cara continued to pleasure her perfectly.  “I’M CUMMING!  I’M FUCKING CUMMING!”
“There it is.”  Cara said, a heavy layer of smugness dripping over her words.
As all the signs of impending climax became more and more apparent, the camera moved in even closer for the money shot.  The camerawoman may have regretted that, or not, as a moment later, a deluge of girlcum burst forth with more force than that of Old Faithful.  The spasming vagina spat out the purple cock, followed by another excitable spray of fluids.  Cara’s fingers strummed that clit, her momentum leading to one fountain of ladysquirt and then another.  The camera lens was drenched in the sticky sweet arousal, as was presumably the camerawoman behind it.  And when Ashley’s twat finally stopped spewing its joy all over the place, she promptly collapsed, falling off of Cara onto the bed below with a flop. 
“Got a tiny orgasm in there myself.”  Cara said with a thumbs up. 

Crawling forward towards the camera, her tongue out wagging, she proceeded to lick the lens, leaving long circular streaks behind as she cleaned it up.  Then she uncinched the fake dick from her hips, rings of creamy cunt butter clinging to it.  “Mhm-mhm-mhm.  I just can’t get enough of this stuff.”  The dildo disappeared between her lips in a damn impressive display of deepthroating that would have a lot of men groaning in disbelief at her exclusive interest in girl-on-girl pursuits.   

“That about does it for us today.”  Cara said, dislodging the dildo from her throat and smacking her lips appreciatively. 
“Uh-ha…” Ashley mumbled, still a jumbled leaking mess on the bed.
“This wraps up our first season of Sex-Ed For Dummies!  We are so thankful and grateful for the support you’ve given the show over the last ten episodes!  Next time, we have a special episode looking back on this first season, filled with bloopers, bonus footage and extra features!  So, tune in and then we will be back for season two, better than ever before!”
“Pfff.  Not if we’re not there.”  Ashley said, cross-eyed and still trying to find the camera.  “This has been Sex-Ed For Dummies!  Thanks so much!”
“Do any ladies here want a more tongues-on demo?  You know, maybe all at once?” Cara asked with one final wink towards the camera as the screen faded to black.

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Re: Sex-Ed For Dummies (Multi-Celeb Series) [Lesson #10 Posted 2/29]
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Thank you!!! Love Cara & Ashely!
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction.  It did not/will not happen in real life and should not be mistaken as such.

Author's Note: Thanks to MaxwellLord for his help with this chapter!

Season One: Extras, Special Features & Bloopers
Featuring Alison Brie, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Camila Cabello, Christina Hendricks, Alexandra Daddario, Cara Delevingne, & Ashley Benson
Codes: MF, M+F, FF, Anal, Facial, Creampie, Exhibition, Oral, Toys
“Hello everyone.”  The camera panned around to find Alison Brie sitting comfortably in a cushy armchair, illuminated by a bright spotlight.  The rest of the stage was barren.  “It has been one hell of a first season here at Sex-Ed For Dummies.  You, the audience, have helped to make this little experiment bigger than we ever thought it possibly could be.” 

Uncrossing her legs, she revealed, only for the slightest of moments, her utter lack of any sort of undergarments.  “While we are hard at work on season two, we thought it might be fun to look back on some behind the scenes moments this first season.  You know, extra segments that got cut or were deemed too far off topic and of course, a blooper reel!  We keep the camera’s rolling long after we say cut here at Sex-Ed.  That’s right instructors.  We got it all.”  She winked cheekily at the camera and then fanned herself in an imitation of mock embarrassment.
“More often than not, we are filming in front of audience and they always seems to have more questions after the lesson ends.  And if we, the instructors, are feeling generous we may stick around afterwards to answer some of those questions.  In this instance, it turned out a lot of the fans Taylor Swift invited to her lesson still had a lot of questions for her.  Being a generous host, she decided to answer them each personally.  Let’s take a look.”


A gaggle of sweaty men, too many to count at first glance, were clustered in a circle.  Smack dab in the middle of Taylor Swift’s tastefully decorated living room, the downright dirty act taking place stood out in stark contrast to the cozy surrounding.  Shoving and jostling his way into the horny crowd, the cameraman struggled to get the blonde popstar in proper frame.  Fighting his way to the very front of the wildly excited and aroused masses, he found her on her knees.  Hordes of hard cocks, stiff wangs, pointed peckers and thick pricks surrounded her on all sides.  Each was more eager for her attention than the last.  It seemed only a few minutes had passed since the formal conclusion of the lesson, but she was barely recognizable.  Cum had been splattered, spurted and blown across her delicate features, drenching and coating her so thoroughly that it was a wonder she could see, smell or taste anything but jizz.

All that spunk didn’t faze Taylor one bit.  Her eagerness, excitement and enthusiasm were at the same level it had been at the very start of the lesson.  Ever the consummate professional, she swallowed down dicks left, right and center while her hands jerked off two, three and sometimes four other ones simultaneously.  Even her blowjob style swapped seamlessly.  Without missing a beat, she transitioned from one to next.  Sloppy deepthroating forming a frothy waterfall of cum down her chin to slow sensual precision sucking with tightly pressed lips to full-on all-out face-fucking, the testicles of the lucky fella clapping furiously against her bulging neck, to licking cock like it was the world’s most delectable lollipop.  No matter what she did, none of the gathered guys had a complaint as evidenced when they blew their wads any and everywhere they could.  Cocks of all shapes and sizes added their spunk to the sticky gooey canvas that was international pop superstar, Taylor Swift.

At first, the glaze of semen was limited to her face, head and upper part of her body, but the sheer number of individuals involved in this blowbang ensured that soon every part of her was covered.  Her cum-stained and ruined clothes had been discarded, many men taking advantage of the silky-smooth surface of her flawless skin to explode all over her perky tits until they resembled snow blanketed mountains with stiff pink peaks.  Cum, whether from stray shots or downward dribbling, drizzled onto her smooth legs or smeared against her shins as she worked her way across the utterly ruined cum-soaked carpet. 

There wasn’t much time for words.  The multitude of men would groan, grunt, praise the god that placed them here in this moment or curse in disbelief at the feeling and skill of the mouth gracing their dicks.  For her part, Taylor’s mouth was too preoccupied with making every guy in the room thoroughly and utterly empty his balls to be distracted with things like dirty talk or encouragement.  When her mouth did get a moment’s rest, she used it to suck down a huge gulp of air.  Then she would smile, grin and dive back into the sea of throbbing dicks.

From his ever-shifting position, the cameraman managed to catch it all.  Every gulp, gurgle, gag, slurp, suck, lick, lap and kiss of every blowjob.  His reward?  A blowjob for himself.  And an extra special one for the audience, as they viewed it all from an up close POV style.  The funny thing was, he didn’t even have his cock out.  Taylor, blinded by the ungodly amount of splooge in her eyes had simply yanked down his pants and sucked his hard knob down to the base.  And he, like the rest, he didn’t last long before adding to his own special sauce to cocktail of spunk adorning her body.
On and on the blowbang went, man after man stumbling backwards once he was drained.  New cocks rose to replace the old ones.  Blindly turning from left to right, and with the occasional firm grip of a bold man, she drained them all.  If you were watching closely, it looked like one or two or a dozen snuck back into the mix for another round, but nobody was counting.  Especially not Taylor.

Finally, she was down to three.  The final three.  Opening her sore and tired jaw, she impaled her throat on each one in succession, performing a vanishing act each and every time.  These men too fell to her undeniably superior oral skills.  One granted her a ballsdeep throatpie.  Another shot his sperm right atop her waggling tongue, adding already to the murky white pool from which the writhing pink mouth organ wriggled.  The final dick took this opportunity to spray several more ropes across her face.  Blindly searching around for more, Taylor didn’t find any, much to her surprise.  Gargling with the cum in her mouth, she gave a big audible gulp before blowing a few cum bubbles for good measure.  Then, when wiping the spunk from her glued-shut eyes with her jizz-ladened fingers proved ineffective, she simply gave up trying to find the camera.  Doing his job, he lined up the shot and she swayed slightly as she gave two thumbs up and let loose a girlish giggle, the screen gradually faded to black.

“Wow!  I bet all you pervs would have loved an invite to that!”  Alison said, laughing heartily and leaning back in her chair.  The setup was identical to before, expect now she was missing her blouse, looking comfortable as ever in a lacy black bra.  “Sometimes you’d be surprised that not all of our male costars are so excited to be teaching a lesson of Sex-Ed For Dummies.  Sometimes they might even get a little stage fright.  Still, that’s not gonna stop us.”  She pointed a thumb at herself and nodded knowingly.  “Selena Gomez had this exact issue, but she had no problem working around it.  Let’s check it out.” 

Staring straight up into the camera lens with her big brown eyes blinking innocently, Selena Gomez had her lips puckered in a kiss against his groin, her nose squashed against his shaven smooth pubic area.  The sunlight was blindingly bright, the crashing roar of the ocean somewhere nearby offscreen.  Pulling her lips back with a wet slobbery slurp, the viewer expected a rockhard cock, thicker than a pipe, a spiderweb of veins encircling the meaty shaft.  Instead, they were treated to the sight of a rubbery flaccid penis limply flapping in the strong breeze.  Emerging from between her ludicrously luscious lips, pink, plump and shiny in the crystal-clear California day she looked at it with confusion.  Pulling it up slightly, she darted beneath it, jerking with fast solid strokes.  Those full lips attached to a testicle, suckling on it with a loud *POP*, audible even over the wind.  The dick didn’t even so much as twitch in her soft hand. 
“Ok.  What the actual fuck?”  She asked, shaking the limp dick lamely.  “How can we do the lesson if you can’t even get hard?”
“Sorry.  Sorry.  Just give me a minute.  There’s just a lot of people around.  More than I thought.  Someone could walk up on us any minute” 
They were on a nature path, on a scenic overlook.  One side, the Pacific Coast Highway, the other side the beautiful Pacific Ocean.  Down the cliffside, people milled about on the beach, but it was unlikely they could see Selena squatted before this handsome specimen of a man.
“Duh dude.  That’s the point!  I want them to see me!  I’m wetter than Niagara Falls right now.  These panties are ruined.”  She looked around her, up and down the path.  “Look!  Over there!  There’s a guy beating off in the bushes right now, watching me suck your softie.  I bet he’d kill to be in your position.  To have Selena Gomez sucking on his ding-dong.”  She raised her voice and over to the poorly concealed jogger in the bushes.  “Yea! I see you pal!”  She flashed a cheeky wink and a smirk in his direction.
The guy blushed, but didn’t stop.  Turning to the gathered crew, she shrugged and said, “I can’t work like this.  This guy can’t even get it up for me.  I don’t know how we are going to do this.”
The producer was scrambling, professing apologies to anyone who would listen and scrolling through his phone to see who he could bring in at the last minute.  Selena’s eyes roamed over the few crew members on this shoot.  Her eyes settled on a well-built young black man.  He had a notebook out; a pencil tucked behind his ear and was flicking through notes he had clearly been taking.
“How about you?  What’s your deal?  You’re cute!”  She asked pointing towards him, still dutifully stroking the stubbornly flaccid cock with her other hand.
The man looked up.  “Me?”  He asked looking behind him as though she was talking to someone else. 

“Yea you.  Got a big dick?”  She asked, lovingly fondling the balls of the man she was still squatting in front of.  The other man shrugged half-heartedly, then nodded.  “Can you get nice and hard for me?  In front of a big crowd?”

There was a pause, then he said, “Fuck yea I can.”
“Ms. Gomez, he’s not actually a Sex-Ed employee, he’s a graduate student from UCLA here on…” The producer mumbled into incoherency as Selena stood up and ditched her scene partner to march over to this newcomer.

Brushing passed the producer without a second thought, she groped the crotch of this self-proclaimed well-endowed man.  Her suspicions were immediately confirmed as she felt a simply enormous package swell to life within. 
“Feels like a big one alright!  That’ll do quite nicely…”  Looking around to the crew, she said, “You know what?  Me and this fella are gonna go for a ride.  I’ll handle the rest of the filming from here.”  She held up her personal phone, pulling it from her own pocket.  “Don’t wait up boys.”  Winking playfully, she led the man off by the crotch towards the sportscar parked nearby.


“And as you know, that lesson turned out great!  Dodged a real bullet there.  I don’t know about you, but I was at home friggin’ myself silly watching it!”  Alison shivered at the memory of it. 

Fully naked now, her breasts jiggled hypnotically with the slightest heave of her ample alabaster chest.  Still relaxing in the chair, she continued to speak.  “Every actor lies on their resume, but in this case that guy didn’t have the skills to back it up!  Still, I mean come on?  A chance with Selena Gomez?  Who could blame him?” 

She sighed dramatically.  “Sometimes it’s not the male costars with issues.  Yes, even us instructors, that masters of sex that we are can struggle with a particular act.  Let’s take a look at this clip from Camila Cabello as she prepares for anal sex the very first time.”

A shaky handheld phone was fixed on the Cuban cutie, Camila Cabello.  In a luxurious hotel room, she was bent over the side of the bed, her oversized posterior thrust out in an exaggerated and eye-catching position.  In one hand, she clutched a hot pink buttplug, of some substantial size.  Her other hand was between her legs, slowly teasing her clit in small concentric circles.  Next to her on the bed, a wand buzzed away angrily at its current disuse. 
Mierda!  It just won’t go in!  Es demasiado grande!”
Offscreen, there was a fair bit of muttering.  The camera quickly panned over to the other five people in the room, all huddle together whispering feverishly.  The producer, the cameraman, the fluffer and two PA’s.  Their frantic whispers could easily heard be heard in the awkward silence and continued buzzing of the sextoy. 
“More lube?”
“It’s already dripping in it.  You could ice-skate on gravel with that brand.”
“Maybe a bit more fucking?  Or a different toy?  Really get her out of her mind horny?”
“She’s already came three times.  One from this guy over here.”  The fluffer gave a goofy grin and a thumbs up.  “And two more from the wand.  How much more aroused can she be?”

“If she can’t fit that teensy tiny toy in her butt, how is she going to fit the cock?  Have you seen Hector?  He’s hung like a fucking horse!”
Watching them with a thoughtful look, Camila’s expression turned from distressed to determined.  Gesturing for the phone wielder to come over to her, she said, “You gotta help me out.  I’m gonna spread my cheeks as far as I can and you push it in.  Got it?”
The camera shook up and down as the holder nodded, accepting the bejeweled pink buttplug.  It nearly popped out of his hand, so slippery was it with lube.  Camila’s butthole seemed equally slick and shiny, which quickly became even more apparent as both her tiny hands grabbed a massive caramel colored cheek and pulled.  All the addition lights pointed at her wrinkled balloon knot, made it gleam like buried treasured.  A bullseye between the valley of the almost unbelievably round jiggling cheek.  It was a mesmerizing sight.  That was painfully apparent as the cameraman just stared at the backdoor entrance and did nothing.
Oi.  Chico.  Don’t just stare.  Put it in!”
Shaking his head and camera alike, he gripped the jeweled end of the thick toy and pressed it against her rusty starfish.  At first nothing happened.  Her tightly cinched anal ring prevented even the smallest fraction of the toy from entering her bunghole.  Taking a deep breath with puckered lips and pulling her cheeks even wider, she encouraged him to keep going.  Pressing harder, he watched in awe as her sphincter began to stretch, accepting the first bit of the toy. 

Maldita mierda.”  Camila hissed, but continued her labored breathing as her anal ring stretched, stretched and stretched growing wider with each passing second.

“It’s working!”  The camera operator said gleefully.

He continued pushing with some resistance.  Then as if a switched flipped, something gave and the toy was sucked right out of his hand.  The toy waggled for a moment before settling squarely in its new home. 

“Yes!”  She yelled, turning her head around to get a look at it.  “Fuck.  That’s full!” 

The group looked out over at Camila’s loud exclamation and her heaving, sweaty form.  The bejeweled end of the buttplug glinted, shiny and bright, just like actual treasure.
“Ms. Cabello!  That’s fantastic!  Only, it’s just that…
“What?”  She asked as she flipped her mass of raven locks over her head and looked at them.
They all looked to the producer, who nervously cleared his throat and said, “It’s just that we need a shot of you putting it in…solo…”
“Of course, you do…”  She said sighing and shaking her head.  “Ah well.  Should go in easier now.  Right?”  She looked around at each of them in turn as they all avoided her eye.  “…right?”


Cutting back to Alison, she was laughing once more.  “Oh, I remember my first time up the butt.  In college.  Drunk.  No prep.  Nearly shit the bed.  Couldn’t walk the next day.  What a wonderful night that was…but that’s a story for another time.”

A hunky ripped stud of a man now knelt before her.  Her smooth pale legs were spread wide, one draped over each arm of the chair.  Licking at her sodden gash, she had a firm one-handed grip on his chestnut tousled hair as he dutifully munched away, eating like a king at a feast. 

“Mhmm.  That’s it.  Keep going.  Good boy.”  She murmured, her big blue eyes flicking downwards to him then quickly back up to the camera.  “Oh, him?  Don’t worry about him.  This is the only way I agreed to do this segment.  Now, where was I?”  She paused looking thoughtful.  “Problems.  Right.  It’s not all problems behind the scenes here at Sex-Ed For Dummies.  Most of the time its sunshine and rainbows!  We have a lot of good times.  Some might say too many good times.  Onscreen.  Offscreen…a lot offscreen if I’m being totally honest.  Christina Hendricks and Alexandra Daddario will show you what I mean.”

The sounds of a woman amidst the throes of intense and vigorous passion sounded easily through the thin wood of the dressing room door.
“Should we really interrupt?”  The cameraman asked.
The producer, standing across from him, shrugged half-heartedly and then nodded.  He cleared his throat loudly and rapped his knuckles upon the door.
“Ms. Hendricks?  Is everything alright in there?  Is there anything we can help you with?”
There was an angry curse from within, then a pause in the rhythmic thumping.  Some rustling, then footsteps and a moment later a naked, red-faced and sweaty Christina Hendricks opened her dressing room door.  There wasn’t a scrap of clothing to be found on her.  Unable to resist their lure, the cameraman automatically panned downwards.  He had to take a step backwards to fit her enormous titties in the frame, hanging off her exposed chest as they were in all their glorious huge glory.  The buxom saucy redhead cocked her full-bodied hips to the side, an intensely annoyed look crossing her face. 
“What is it?  I’m in the middle of something.”
It was very clear to whom she was in the middle of, as Doug, one of her male costars was sitting on the couch, slowly jerking his dick while he stared at her ass.
“It’s just, we’re finished with post and are wrapping for the day.  Is there anything else you need from us or that we can provide you with?”  The producer asked, utterly failing in his efforts to stare at her rack inside of her brilliantly blue eyes.
Stepping forward out of the doorway, her breasts actually bumped the camera as she said, “No.  You’ve provided me with more than enough.”  She threw a look over at Doug.  “I’m all set.  Turn off the lights.  Burn the building down for all I care.  Just don’t disturb me again.”  Then as though she felt she’d been too harsh, added sweetly, “Please.”
Closing the door with a quick snap, there was a moment of shuffling then the grunting and moaning returned, the sound of sweaty flesh smacking against sweaty flesh all too apparent.  Adjusting his trousers slightly, the producer headed down the hallway, where he paused at the door to Alexandra’s dressing room.  Similar sounds could be heard.  Shrugging once more, he knocked on the door.  There was no answer, but the grunting grew louder.  He knocked again, louder this time.
Alexandra shouted from inside, “I’m coming!”
Placing his hands behind his back, the producer tapped his foot in tandem with the sounds of sweaty humping that continued uninterrupted.  A full minute passed before he knocked again.
“I’m coming!  I’m coming!  I’m coming!”  She yelled through the door just as the echoing knock sounded.
The door still didn’t open, but they heard an enormous male groan and a woman’s scream of the highest octave.  Just as he was about to turn and leave down the hallway, the door opened and sweat-soaked and flushed Alexandra Daddario opened the door, just as naked as Christina Hendricks had been.  The camera did the same, almost comical, tilt downwards to get a good long look at her fantastically large funbags.  Her equally large areolas were stiff and pointed with arousal. 
“Yes?  Can I help you?”  She asked in a dazed and satisfied tone.
“Is everything alright?  I knocked several times.”  The producer asked, eyeing the near catatonic other male costar on her couch, his dick gradually shrinking as his eyes closed.
“So sorry, I didn’t hear you knocking at all!”  She said brightly, her brilliantly blue eyes regaining some of their clarity once more.
“You said you were coming.”  The producer mumbled, even as he looked downwards to see a river of cum trickling down her pasty white thighs.
“No.  I said I was cumming.  From this guy’s big dick here.”  She gestured with her thumb behind her.  “You must have misheard me!”
There was a pause and then everyone started laughing raucously.


“See what I mean?”  Alison said, now on all fours getting ploughed from behind with vigorous intent by the man from before.

The chair was gone, replaced by a luxuriously comfortable looking bed.  Alison stared into the camera, even as the force of his thrusts made her entire body ripple. 

“Christina had fun.  Alex had fun.  I did too after my lesson.  Hell, I’m having fun right now!”  She winked as her breasts rocked back and forth hanging freely and swinging beneath her.  “Still, sometimes sex in your dressing room isn’t the most comfortable.  It’s far better at home.  See here with Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson.”

Alison broke her intense eye contact with camera to turn around and yell at the guy ramming her.  “Come on man!  Harder!  Really give it to me!”


The forbidden door squeaked open once more as the camera peeked inside, wanting to get one last look at the most elaborate and expensive sex dungeon the viewers had ever seen.  However, instead of finding it empty, they instead found both instructors.  How had they gotten downstairs so fast?  Nobody knew. 

Decked head to toe in leather that hugged her body so tightly it was like a second skin, Cara Delevingne surveyed the pleasant scene laid out before her.  She tapped the riding crop into her palm with a satisfactory *SMACK* and clicked her tongue.  Her girlfriend, Ashley Benson, was chained up to a sex bench, her juicy ass on display, ripe for the picking.  Some sort of buzzing device was attached to her clit, both nipples were clamped and her arms and legs were tightly bound.  A massive onyx colored cock hung off Cara’s groin as she surveyed her girlfriend with an evil looking grin.  The camerawoman stepped on a loose dildo and it made a squeak.  Jerking her head up, Cara leveled the riding crop, ready to lash out.   

“Bloody hell.  You scared the shite out of me.  We have got to get that damned door fixed.  Are you lot still here?  I thought you all packed up and left.”  There was a pause and a sly grin spread over her gorgeous features.  “Since you’re here.  Lemme show you a magic trick.”  The general consensus was resounding yes.  “I’m gonna make this foot-long dildo disappear.”

Ashley was blindfolded, bound, gagged, so when Cara pushed the tip of her lube-soaked strapon against her lube-soaked asshole, she could only give a muffled moan of approval.  Winking at the camera, Cara lightly tapped each juicy cheek with the tip of her crop and slowly slid every inch of the fake cock into her lover’s butthole.  She didn’t stop until the accompanying fake balls were flush with her taint.

“See?  Disappeared.”  Cara considered something, giving a hard smack with the crop against Ashley’s trembling buttcheeks.  “I suppose you can stay for one orgasm.  But that’s it.”   

Adopting a wide power stance and beginning to buck her hips, Cara was thrusting away in no time at all.  Dropping the crop, she picked up a control device, cranking up the nozzle to maximum.  The thing attached to Ashley’s clit buzzed loudly to life.  Now banging like a madman, she cackled like one.  Ashley’s muffled cries of pleasure grew loud, even through the ball gag.  Spit formed and dripped down her chin as pleasure forced its way from her vocal chords.  In what seemed no time at all, Ashley jerked and spasmed as much as her bound body could, and shamelessly squirted everywhere with the force of a firehose.  It blasted out all down her thighs, across the bench and dripped onto the floor.

“That was really quick.”  Cara said.  “Hmm.  I’m in a generous mood.   I had a lot of fun filming today.  How would some of you ladies like a turn?  We could get quite the train going on Sprinkles here.”

There was the silence of disbelief before the assembled exclamations of confirmations.

“Great!  Grab a strap-on and form a line!  We’ve got plenty to go around!  The bigger the better!”

The all-female crew hurried forward to the wall of sex toys to make their selection as the camera was abruptly dropped to the ground and shut off with a worrying click.

“Not sure what’s better.  To be on the receiving or giving end of that train.”  Alison said, kneeling on the floor next to the bed, an enormous bulging throbbing cock a mere inch from her gorgeous face.  It was being stroked like there was no tomorrow. 
“That’s the bonus footage we’ve got for you.  We hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes look at season one of Sex-Ed For Dummies!  We’ll be back, bigger, better and kinkier than ever before with season two.  Trust me, you won’t want to miss it.  Anything else?”  She looked around quizzical, even as a drop of precum dripped down from the pulsating member.
A moment later, the guy gave an enormous grunt, dick twitching violently before unloading a torrent of spray across Alison’s face.  Closing her eyes, ropes upon ropes of sticky white splooge splattered upon her facial features, like thrown paint hitting a canvas.  Once she was fully drenched and the guy stepped backwards, she placed one finger to her chin and said, “I remember now.  Roll the blooper reel!”

A quick montage of images flashed across the screen, a cheery jingle playing loudly over any audio that could be heard as the footage rolled on by.  Quick flashes from the lessons played, cutting from one thing to another in the blink of an eye.

Alison Brie, profanities too much even for Sex-Ed falling from her lips as her scene partner apologized profusely at the accidental anal intrusion he’d just committed.  Elizabeth Olsen was eating out Aubrey Plaza who held her down between her thighs by the hairs on her head, a moment later squirting out like a geyser drenching Lizzie’s screaming face as she was blasted with cooter juice and hysterically laughing the entire time.  Camilla Cabello and Bryce Dallas Howard had their asses up, bent over as they twerked their respective backsides for the cheering crowd, each doing their best to outdo the other, a look of playful competitiveness in both of their hanging heads as they stared out between their legs.  The audience looked like the real winners here.  Ashley Benson threw dildo after dildo aside, searching for precisely the right one as she rummaged around in her nightstand.
Instructors danced for the camera, tuneless jigs as the footage rolled, no clothing to be found anywhere.  Just harmlessly fun, in-between scenes or waiting to adjust lighting.  Tits of all shapes and sizes, from A to F, jiggled, bounced and swayed as the various instructors shook them and their moneymakers for anyone who wanted to watch.
Taylor Swift stood in front of the line of men, wiggling her hips.  Looking over to the camera, she saw it fixed on her and she popped her tongue into one cheek and mimed sucking off a dick with her hand before flashing a wink and laughing.  Alicia Vikander attempted to complete her gymnasts split with a dick lodged in her twat, but it popped out.  Another take and it popped out again.  But the third time was the charm as she gave two big thumbs up for the camera as she settled into it.  Selena Gomez cursed right as cum was blasted into her open eye and she nearly dropped her filming phone as she searched for something to wash it out with, all while cloistered in the dressing room of a store.  Ana de Armas kept apologizing as she couldn’t stop from violently cumming each time the second dick was fit into either one of her holes.  Olivia Holt was sliding her cooter along the big black cock she was just supposed to be jerking off, and when she saw the camera watching her, just shrugged and started riding harder.  And as the music swelled, reaching a crescendo, the screen faded to black and the logo appeared one final time:


Image Made By MaxwellLord
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If only all bloopers and deleted scenes could be so...enlightening. And so many more lessons to teach can only mean an upswing in advanced education.
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Great story. I like the title, as an extras to a DVD. Love Camila talking in dirty Spanish, that was awesome.
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