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Re: Emma Watson's Erotic Adventures
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Note- This is purely fiction and only inspired by those in celebrity.


Chapter Ten. Emma Watson, secret Voyeur. Featuring Evanna Lynch, Keo Motsepe and Robert Pattinson.

London, December 2019.

I watched the beautiful Evanna Lynch as she returned from the bathroom of the Ivy in West London and it seemed like she was walking on air. We had just eaten a vegan dinner of a long bean and coconut curry and she had on a sheer strapless dress and when she stepped into the light she appeared to be naked. The twenty seven year old Irish actress and dancer had her soft and shiny blonde locks brushed onto the left side so that it tumbled across her left cheek.

"Ready, Emma?" She asked me with her intoxicating smile.

Her lips were glossy red and her pale skin glowed, the result of healthy living and good genes. She was so tiny, even more than I, barely five feet two with small curves and slim build.

We stepped out into the cool night air and hailed a taxi to take us back to my apartment overlooking the River Thames in London's Dockyard district.

The effervescent Evanna was staying with me since she had finished competing in the 'Dancing With The Stars' tv show with the South African dancer Keo Motsepe. The bubbly blonde was basking in her third place final spot, narrowly missing out on making the final.

"I'm so ready for bed Emma. It was a long flight from Los Angeles."

"I understand. Once you take a luxury soak in the tub you'll feel great."

I showed her the bedroom I had chosen for her. Next to my own and with large soft bed, generously sized en suite bathroom with walk in rain shower and she loved it.

"Then, tomorrow morning we'll go to Heathrow and pick up Keo."

I had also invited her dance partner as he had never been to London, and the timing was perfect.

"Oh, you'll just love him. He's so gorgeous and he dances like an angel."

Indeed I had watched the dance competition and the man was a dark skinned hunk of six feet three inches tall with a well built body and unshakable stamina.


I had my own bath and luxuriated in a tub of my favourite C.O. Bigelow Soak, which contained eucalyptus, ginger and peppermint. Then I put my hair up and slipped on a white Tottenham Hotspur football jersey, white panties and a pair of over sized fluffy socks and decided to give Evanna a night time treat of a Jameson Irish Whiskey.

Seeing how she hailed from County Louth I thought she might appreciate the gesture. I opened the door of the bedroom quietly and peered inside the white walled interior, lit by pendant lamps and recessed lighting.


I heard Evanna moan before I set my eyes on her on the bed, naked as the day she was born. The petite blonde was spooning her big pillow, one slender leg wrapped around it, her body humping to and fro.

Under the harsh electric light my eyes focused on her exposed back and top half of her buttocks. Like a moth drawn to a flame I could not tear my eyes from her as I observed the muscles of her bottom quiver as she rocked gently on the pillow.

"Oh, Keo." She said softly as she stretched out on her back and discarded the pillow which dropped silently to the thick carpet.

I gasped as she spread out and her fingers rubbed her inner thighs at the inverted V of her open legs. Mesmerised I hung back in the entrance by the door as her hips undulated in a steady rhythm and her hand pressed on her pussy mound. Her quim was totally hairless and the moist labia were soft and fleshy where she now traced the line of her outer lips.

"Ahhh!" She moaned faintly as she slowly rubbed the folds up and down, smearing her wetness on her pink slit.

I put the glass of whiskey by my feet and bit my lower lip at the left corner as my right hand slid inside the top of my panties elastic waist band and connected with my engorged clitoris.

Evanna writhed on the crisp cotton sheet and her ass cheeks squeezed together and her hips gyrated slowly as I looked on. The distance between us must have been about nine feet so I was pretty close yet still undetected.

"Oh, Evanna!"

The Irish beauty slowly rubbed her clit, so lightly it seemed like she was not actually making contact. Her eyes were closed as she used her free hand to pinch her nipples until they were so hard they could have cut glass. Her small A cup breasts rose and fell as I pushed my middle digit into my damp pussy and began to finger fuck myself as I watched.

"So wet," she purred as I saw her finger disappear into her bald cunt and her hand move rapidly back and forth.

Evanna left her tits and her left hand snaked down her sternum, across her flat stomach until both her hands were between her outstretched legs. Using both thumbs the blonde brushed her moist and puffy lips and then parted them to expose the pink insides that glistened with her juices. For a split second I imagined that she was showing me the result of her work but I was certain she was unaware of my presence.

"Fuck, Evanna!"

I tugged my panties down to my knees and licked my palm before cupping my muff and humping my hips to and fro. My big toe shot up in my sock as Evanna rolled over and laid face down, ass up on the bed. Her left hand ran between her legs from behind and under, her eager fingers parting her sopping labia. Her butt rocked up and down against her hand as if she were fucking it and her sheer enthusiasm made my own arousal bubble as I rubbed my hard clit vigorously.

"You go girl!"

Now she moaned constantly as she ground hard on her hand. I tried to stifle my own groans as I pushed harder on my little nub. My eyes remained glued on her as her ass rose up higher and then came down on her hand with full force. My legs trembled as a thousand tingles ran through me and Evanna gripped a handful of sheet in her free fist.

"Ohhh! Fuck! Yes, Keo. Fuck me with your big cock baby!"

Evanna pulled her knees under her body as she frantically strummed her clit and sent herself over the edge.

"Oh...my...fff...fuck! Coming! Yes, yes, yes!"

I watched wide eyed as her juices flowed out and down her right thigh as she reached orgasm and she rolled onto her back again. My heart was racing and I felt my pussy spasm and my climax hit me in a series of waves that made me quite dizzy. And I groaned out loudly, too late for me to cover my mouth as I quivered on tiptoe.

"Emma?" Is that you?"

I panicked and drew my panties up to my mound and created an embarrassing and noticeable wet patch on the crotch of the material. I picked up the whiskey glass and made as if I had just turned up.

"Just wanted to say good night and I brought you a night cap."

Evanna had covered her nakedness with a sheet that she brought up to her neck. I was sure my face was burning as I smiled weakly and left her alone. Seeing her masturbate had been extremely exhilarating, and the fact that I had observed her nude and aroused was intensely erotic. And if I was correct in what I had seen and heard, tomorrows reunion with Keo might in fact lead to yet more voyeuristic opportunities.


We drove to Heathrow Airport in my beloved silver Toyota Prius and parked in Terminal Five and awaited British Airways flight BA268 from LAX. The ten hour flight landed at four and Evanna and I had to wait a further ninety minutes For Keo to get through Immigration.

Back at my home we enjoyed a home cooked meal followed by chocolate chip banana bread, made by yours truly. We visited and the conversation stayed on the subject of dancing as the hours flew by. I never did discover if Keo had a wife or girlfriend back in Pretoria, and he didn't expand on the topic. Understandably the South African dancer requested he turn in and I showed him the bedroom I had prepared for him, right next to mine and Evanna's.

"Have a good rest guys, and in the morning I'll show you around Canary Wharf."

I waited a good half hour in nervous anticipation as Evanna made some calls to Ireland and Keo made himself at home in his room. My naughty side took hold of me and I ventured inside the bedroom of Evanna and secreted myself in the walk in closet.

The black and white closet had my feminine touch with a few pink overtones as I found a comfortable spot. I stripped off completely and had the foresight to bring a silk scarf to tie around my face. I know it sounds daft but I figured it might help mask my, hopefully, moans of pleasure.

"Emma, you are so wicked!" I thought.

The minutes ticked by until I heard the bedroom door open and close. I peeked through the door of the closet which I had left ajar and saw Evanna enter the bedroom and nonchalantly unzip her dress to let it slide off her arms. The petite girl was stunning, from the nape of her neck to the small of her back.

Almost the classic supermodel figure with sloping curves of her shoulder blades to the tiny waist and small hips. Then she slipped off her heels, one by one, and turned her back to me. My chest pounded with the thrill of watching her strip and I supressed a nervous giggle as she unhooked her bra and let her breasts free from the black lace.

She had worn a pair of black thigh highs and extremely thin panties of silk, and my breath caught in my throat as I stared at her Mound of Venus that was perfectly clear through the transparent underwear. I gasped as I saw the thin silk material vanish between her ass cheeks as she bent to remove her stockings.

"Evanna! You sexy minx!"

My nipples became achingly hard as I looked at the bald labia through the silk as she turned in my direction again. My hand automatically went to my pussy as I drank in her near nudity, a mere few feet from my hiding place. Her breasts were pert and firm and the colour of pale cream, and the nipples were pink and pointed and quite inflated with her ardour.

"You started without me. Shame on you, you know I like to watch you undress."

Keo had entered and the six footer immediately embraced the tiny actress and held her in strong arms in order to kiss her. Evanna opened her mouth to receive the kiss and purred into his as his hand moved between their bodies and pawed at her quim.

"Fuck, girl. You're so ready!"

"You bet! I've been thinking of nothing else the last twenty four hours."

I can vouch for that, I grinned to myself. Their shadows danced in my vision through the crack of the closet door which I boldly made a tad wider. Evanna watched her lover take his robe off and then Keo quickly peeled his tight boxer shorts from the waist down over his thick thighs. As they came off both Evanna and I gasped as his eight inch cock sprang out and stood to attention.

"There's my baby," said Evanna with a broad smile.

Evanna now slid her panties off as the ebony hunk took hold of his thick, circumcised boner and stroked it to full hardness, his biceps flexing. Now I understood her appeal for the man, as I noted his dark stomach, tight and ripped, and when his back turned to my closet my eyes lingered on his toned butt as his right hand pumped his thick, black shaft.

"Come on guys, lets party." I urged under my breath.

I parted my legs as I crouched inside the slightly opened closet door and gently placed my fingertips at my dampening opening, fluffing up my fine pubes. Evanna laid back on the bed and hitched her legs up and spread them out wide. There, for him to see, was her smoothly shaven pussy which she tapped with a light index finger.

I became so horny myself that my fingers picked up the pace as I crammed two fingers inside my aching cunt. I couldn't control my juices as I looked on as the scene unfolded and I cursed myself at the squelching noises from my succulent cunt. I hoped the pair of them were too wrapped up in their own ministrations.

"Come over here you big boy you." Said the smiling blonde, her ocean blue eyes gleaming.

Keo crawled on top of her and let his hands wander all over her svelte frame. Her perky nipples were crushed by his sculpted chest as they wriggled about together and Evanna wrapped her legs, or tried to, around his waist and rubbed her mound on him.

From my point of view all I could see was her white legs around him, and his coal black muscular back was raked by her scarlet nails. His enormous plums were large and visible as he dry humped my new best friend.

"I've SO missed your black bod, honey."

The atmosphere in the room was incredibly erotic as Keo licked her ivory breasts and she thrust her head back into the fluffy pillow. He fingered her pussy with one hand as he squeezed her left nipple with the other. Evanna nuzzled his neck, kissing it and biting on his earlobe.

Even from where I crouched I could make out the musky aroma from her pussy as his middle digit became slick with her juices. I burned with jealousy at the sight of them in each others arms and wished it was me on my back with the hot stud between my spread out legs.

"Lucky bitch!"

Keo dived down and his face smacked against her wet snatch which made her gasp aloud. I just about saw his tongue protrude and slip into her vertical smile which made her mouth open and close in silent gratification. His right hand held her slender thigh wide as he lapped and slobbered on her with his fulsome lips.

Under the lamps I could clearly make out a trail of saliva trickle downwards and into her ass crack. My own pussy ached as I rubbed myself furiously as I saw Evanna twist and moan in pure rapture. What I wouldn't give for me to be in her place right now.

"Suck his cock," I willed her as the sight of his fat knob twitching just begged to be sucked on.

Evanna knelt up then and held his stiff cock upright, directly in my line of view and I thanked her, although she would never know the favour she had bestowed on me. The sexy blonde licked up and down on the ebony tool and it was clear that Keo approved as he ran his hand through his thick curly hair.

Every inch of his organ was smeared with her spit which made it somewhat easier for her when she swallowed his thick length and slid down on him further and further until she had his entire cock in her mouth.

"Fuck girl! I'll never know how you do that," exclaimed an impressed Keo.

Evanna gagged a couple of times, took two breaths and then sank down on him until her pretty nose pressed on his black stomach. His wiry pubes tickled and she nearly sneezed which would have been highly comical if she had.

My hand became a blur between my thighs as Evanna bobbed to and fro on him making sure his cock head bumped the back of her throat on the inward stroke. From this distance I was just able to see the pronounced veins on his chocolate hued shaft. Keo was holding her head now as his hips rocked to and fro and I licked my lips, almost tasting his cock myself.

"Put it in me, sweet cheeks."

Keo rose up and leaned on his knees between the splayed legs of Evanna. He rubbed his stiff cock on her wet slit several times until he finally relented and pushed his rock hard length inside her. She widened her legs in loving invitation and pulled him in with her feet. Was that my imagination or did I hear Keo's cock penetrate Evanna's wetness with a soft sucking sound?

"Fucking hell!" I thought, what a buzz!

Evanna pushed her hips up to get all of his steel hard prick inside her and Keo gave her intense and languid strokes that brought forth loud moans from the grateful girl. My eyes were filled with the sight of his big butt rising and falling on her with his balls jiggling under him and his ass crack winking at me. I was under no illusion that he was buried inside the shrieking blonde as the dark skinned stud pounded the shit out of the tiny actress.

"Oh...my...word!" She screamed as her cunt was stabbed into over and over.

Each and every home thrust made him grunt like an animal in heat as his body weight pinned the diminutive blonde to the bed. I could only dream of the intense pleasure she was enjoying from the hot fuck. Green with envy I cursed myself for not bringing a vibrator into the closet with me as Keo pulled out of her momentarily and lifted her slender legs up onto his broad shoulders.

"I fucking hate her!" I sighed as I endured the sight of Evanna getting her dripping cunt pummelled by a hard cock.

Then she yelled out and I saw her pretty feet tremble in mid air as I surmised that she was having an orgasm. Fuck! How I would love to suck that magnificent cock! I could not hear any words but Keo whispered in her ear as he stopped fucking her and they both turned sideways to look in my direction!

"Alright Emma. Want to come out and suck Keo's cock?"

I inhaled sharply and my hand flew to my gaping mouth under my scarf. They knew I was hiding! I discarded the useless scarf from my face and emerged from the closet looking decidedly sheepish.

"Hey guys! Guess what? I thought I heard the smoke detector go off up here somewhere and I was just checking in here."

"In the raw, no less. Is this an English custom?" Said Keo who had his cock half in, half out of Evanna.

He leaned onto his right side slightly so that I could view his length as he moved it in and out of her wet pussy. I realised my predicament and just shrugged my shoulders. I stared intently from mere inches away at Keo's firm ass which clenched as he thrust in and out. It seemed to me that he had gotten even harder from being watched by me.

"Come on darlin' and join us." Said Evanna and I leapt over with a big smile.

She rolled over as Keo withdrew his eight incher and turned to face me, his boner pointing right at me.

"Go ahead, Emma. Suck it."

I looked at Evanna and then back to the perspiring Keo as he sat on the edge of the bed. I joined him and bent my head to lick the bulbous head. Behind me Evanna held me by the shoulders and she looked over as I curled my tongue around the crown only, lapping up the sweet nectar of the blonde babe.

I held his hard cock up so that Evanna could take a quick swipe herself. She licked him rapid fire and then she gave his bell end a tiny kiss and I resumed my eager licking.

"Oooo, babe!"

I flinched as I felt a hot mouth on my pussy as I raised my rump in the air, and Evanna planted her lips on my wet muff. I sank down on Keo and sucked up about three inches of dark meat and a thin line of saliva ran out of the corner of my mouth and down my fingers as I gripped his shaft tightly. Her fingers parted my dribbling labia as she kissed the backs of my thighs at the same time.

"Double up, girls." Said Keo and we all shifted positions.

We sat on the bed by the edge and made a sandwich of Keo with our pale frames. I made an O with my pursed lips and Evanna did the same and we clamped our mouths to his rock hard cock. From the base to head we made a trail of our lips in complete sync and slid along in total bliss.

My top lip met Evanna's and her lower met mine as together we made one large mouth and sent Keo to heaven. As we went we lingered on the fat, swollen head a moment when we reached it. On occasion I dribbled spit on the way for lubrication as he held the backs of our heads. As we were hands free his cock slipped from our mouths and we recovered the hard chocolate log each time using just our mouths.

"Ohhh, shit! I'm coming!"

Keo shot a single initial spurt from his cock head as we trapped it in our adjoined lips, then the flood came and he sprayed copious amounts of white cream in several gushes. Evanna and I looked on in awe as he made a sizeable puddle under his butt. Grinning and chuckling we all relaxed as I ripped the ruined sheet from the bed and rolled it into a corner, ready for the housekeeper in the morning.

"What a fuck." Said Evanna as she got cosy to Keo.

We all three laid on our right sides, me on the furthest side with my butt to Evanna. Keo was off in an instant and snored his head off as I drifted into a pleasant slumber where I dreamed of puppies for some strange reason.


I awoke as the morning light beamed through the partially open window and the warm yellow rays seemed to focus on Evanna exclusively. I turned my head slightly without moving my position to see the tiny blonde beauty on the lap of Keo in a reverse cowgirl stance. Her pale frame bobbed up and down as she leaned back, both her hands on his chest, palms down. I heard her laboured breathing as she lifted her knees into a squatting position as she threw herself into a fuck frenzy.

"That's it, baby. Ride that cock."

Still in my voyeuristic frame of mind I trapped my hand between my closed thighs and gently rocked to and fro as I surreptitiously listened to their hot fuck. I had no idea how long we had slept as it was clearly day outside. I remained still, barely inches from the humping couple, their passionate moans ringing in my ears.

Evanna groaned loudly as her lightweight frame was hoisted up and down on Keo's flagpole of a cock with fast strokes. My hand rubbed on my pussy faster and it juiced up in a trice. I desperately wanted to join in and so I rolled over and greeted them.

"I see you are up then," I said to Keo who was thrusting up into Evanna with his hands firmly on her small waist.

"Emma, I can't begin to describe what he does to me."

Evanna moved up and down now with her left hand on his hip, her right playing with his dark scrotum. I crawled up and planted my pussy on his face and ground down firmly with gyrations of my pelvis.

His tongue did things to me that sent me wild with lust and my juices oozed out over his mouth. He held my right ankle as he flicked my slit with dextrous swipes that impressed me. Evanna still groaned loudly as she sank onto his rock hard cock with deft rotations of her hips.

"Oh my lord!" Evanna gasped. "I'm going to..." Her pussy tightened and she came on his face and she froze as the intense orgasm took hold.

We switched and I moved down to his groin where I lifted his surprisingly heavy pole and in one swift motion I took him fully to his balls. I rode up and down as his cock pushed up inside my slick pussy.

It felt fantastic to ride on such a thick knob and my pussy became mushy and stretched as he thrust up. I fucked him hard, wiggling, gyrating, grinding, anything to relish that big thing inside my pussy.

"Oh...my...goodness! This...is...the...stuff! Give it to me, your little slut wants...fffucking!"

I bobbed up and down with my feet pressed into the mattress, but soon I dropped onto my knees and sank down with all my weight. Keo held my hips and lifted me all the way up until he almost slipped out before slamming me back down hard.

He lifted me up so high his ass came up off the bed every time he hammered home. Evanna did not remain idle and sat on his face just as I had down just a little while ago.

"Lick me out."

Evanna settled her bottom on his chest and scooted back and forth on his drooling lips. I heard his faint and muffled groans as her pussy ground on him and I gave the double whammy as I plunged down onto his black hose in rapid succession.

All the while I looked at the cute rump of Evanna as she smothered Keo with her sopping quim. It was one of the most erotic sights I had ever seen. Shit! I AM a voyeur!

"Come on babe, I want your cock in me." Said Evanna and got onto her hands and knees.

Keo moved out of me and I pouted at the loss of his exquisite cock. He came behind the grinning actress and her face was a picture as the dark skinned dancer entered her. Very slowly he shunted in and out and the unhurried pace only enhanced the sublime pleasure Evanna was experiencing.

"So fucking good!"

As Keo fucked Evanna doggy style I sat opposite and lifted my loins up for her attention. I kept my eyes fixed on her heavenly face as she forced her long, pink tongue between my sopping pussy lips. I ground myself on her face as she sucked, nibbled and licked me at full speed.

I pulled my knees under me and lifted my lower body upwards and crushed my cunt at her with equal force. My labia were smothered by her sweet mouth and a rush of pleasure coursed through me and a dizzy wave hit me.

"You're gonna make me cum!" I said between deep breaths as I quivered and trembled.

Keo slammed into her from behind with meaty thrusts that ground her face into my mound and I started to cum all over her mouth. I looked down as my pussy leaked my love juices and ran out and down my crack. Evanna was now with head down as her lightweight body was pushed and pulled by her hips onto Keo and his monster cock.

As he pounded into her harder she lost her balance and fell onto her belly, followed by the black hunk. They remained still and then slowly disengaged and panted hard.

"Line up on the bed, girls." Keo said as he rotated a finger.

Side by side we laid on the edge of the bed with our legs parted, feet on the carpet. Keo stood over us with a wild look in his eyes as he studied our exposed cunts. I wondered who he would fuck next and look at his expression to try to read his mind.

He chose Evanna and plunged up into her gash as I reached over to rub her clit. As he thrust in and out of the moaning blonde he fingered my muff with his right hand.

"Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!" Intoned Evanna, a dreamy look on her face.

Keo leaned over and supported himself on his forearms as he built up more momentum. She slid an arm under my neck as her petite frame was slammed into by the black stud. I watched with increasing excitement as the big black log was gleefully swallowed up in the bald pussy of the blonde.

"So fucking hot!"

Then he moved to his right and slipped me his hard length and raised my legs up to my ears by the ankles. As he fucked me I continued to rub Evanna as we kissed each other deeply, my right arm around her back. I closed my eyes as I was gloriously fucked silly, cracking them open now and again to look up at Keo as his figure loomed over me.

With every thrust in I felt every ripple of his organ under the skin of his shaft. My pussy foamed up from the intense thrusting and I lost all control of my legs as they flailed in mid air.

"Me now."

Evanna was eager to have his hard prick once more having watched him sliding and out of my creamy muff. Keo turned his attention to her and he drew her legs up and bent them at the knees while spreading them far apart.

Over the next ten minutes he kept going back and forth between the pair of us and his stamina never seemed to wane. His balls told another story and I guessed he would have to cum pretty soon.

"Cum over us, babe."

Keo relented and withdrew his aching cock from my slick tunnel and us girls got onto our knees. Evanna sucked him first with her hand around his shaft as she licked on the pussy coated glans. Then she released him and I took hold of the shiny tool and lapped it up with gusto, savouring the taste of him and her besides. Then we combined our tongues and I tugged on his shaft hard until he blew his load.

"Holy shit!"

He aimed at Evanna and unleashed four hot streams that splattered her face and nose. Then he stepped back and sprayed me with two more big arcs of cum that hit me in the right eye. Half blinded I laughed hysterically as we fell to the bed in a heap.

"Still want to go see Canary Wharf in the morning, guys?" I asked.

"I think a nice day in might be the thing to do," answered Evanna as she rubbed the arm of Keo.

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Re: Emma Watson's Erotic Adventures
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Chapter Eleven. Peeping Emma gets her comeuppance. With Cara Delevingne, Ashley Benson and Robert Pattinson.

Note- Not real, just my imagination running wild.


It is a little known fact that Emma Watson, celebrated English actress, is now a qualified yoga instructor. Having shot to fame as part of the Harry Potter movie franchise the jet setting twenty eight year old had somehow managed to squeeze in her accomplishment, her specialty being ashanta yoga.

While she was in New York City promoting latest move 'Little Women' she had taken to visiting the exclusive gym 'New York Pilates' on W. Houston. The stylish and established studio attracted many other well known faces but Emma had yet to see any other celebrities.


She had chosen to have a session an hour before the closing time when the place was thinning out and there was less chance of being recognised or bothered. The studios were airy and bright with hanging plants and plank flooring which she found pleasant.

Slight of physique and only five feet five she had on her low slung pants in bottle green and a pink bra top which flaunted her flat midriff. Her hair was straight and she was bare of make up and nail polish as she finished up and headed for the locker rooms.

Apart from the mat and towel service there were twelve showers with complimentary shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Two ten feet benches separated the row of showers, six on each side.

"This will be very welcome."

Emma slipped out of her clothing, grabbed a white fluffy towel and padded naked to one of the shower stalls. She caught a glimpse of herself in a full length mirror and paused a moment. A slim figure with medium but perky breasts looked back at her.

Her arms and legs were slender, her feet small and her cute bottom was firm of buttock. She had chosen in recent weeks to shave her mound and her pink clitoral hood was conspicuous atop of her puffy labia which sat enticingly between her upper legs.


Her feet stepped onto the cold tiled floor of the stall as she turned on the water. The sudden rush of the fine needles made her gasp at first and then she felt the intoxicating feel of the hot water and relaxed.

It soaked her light brown hair and matted it down on her shoulders and then the water dripped onto her neck, tits and soft abdomen. The steam began to rise and Emma closed her eyes as she let the water cleanse and purify her.


From a little dispenser she squirted some soap into her palms and massaged a liberal amount into her skin. Torso, boobs, belly and butt crack, followed by her thighs and Mons pubis, all were massaged with broad sweeps of her hands. A foamy pool floated at her dainty feet and swirled down the drain. She lathered and rinsed again and then paid more attention to her pussy.

Single again, the young and horny filly lifted her left leg up and brushed her outer lips with fingers of soapy film, tracing out circles, around and around. Then she moaned as she stuck her middle finger inside her inner folds and rubbed herself. She then let the shower head direct its hot spray directly between her parted thighs and her pussy was splashed perfectly.


The forceful jet of water drenched her bald muff and her clit throbbed and swelled. Emma fidgeted and hopped on the tiles as her sensitive pussy took a stream of water head on in a never ending jet. That was when she heard the laughter.


Emma ceased playing with herself and shut off the water and cocked an ear. A few last drops hit the slippery tiles and then all was quiet. She peered out, just her head peeking from her stall, and looked across the way at another stall almost opposite hers.

There she saw two young women frolicking under the spray of water and giggling like children. Emma felt a flush of intrigue, a shiver of sexual excitement, as her voyeuristic bent kicked in.

"Wait, I know them."

Her prying eye focused on none other than Cara Delevingne and her current female lover Ashley Benson. Her curiosity piqued Emma who crouched low and stayed as quiet as a mouse in her stall as she was riveted by the salacious women.

Her hamstrings tightened as she became fascinated by the scene. She could see Cara had her back to her and her cute ass swayed from side to side with an erotic rolling as she humped Ashley who ground her butt back into her.

"Just like that, babe."

Cara had Ashley up against the wall of the shower and pressed hard at her as the steamy water streamed like a river down their desirable bodies. Emma looked on in stunned disbelief when Ashley slid her left hand between the cute cheeks of Cara and slide up.

The English supermodel groaned and spread her hands against the wall as she ground back into the wet hand. Ashley buried her face in the others neck and nibbled on the earlobe that was turned to Emma's viewpoint.

"This is so hot!"

Then Cara turned about and brought her face into Ashley's bosom and extended her tongue to lick the left breast. Emma could clearly see Cara circling the hard nipple with tongue and lips as streams of water ran down the swell of Ashley's boobs. Consumed by lust they banged their bodies together.


Emma licked her lips and her right hand found its place between her legs where she rubbed her slit gently. Her hand traced out a circle around her outer lips and just brushed her clit every third time.

The women ground their pelvises into the other and Cara thrust her leg between Ashley's and humped her pussy. Their stomachs glued together under the shower and two pairs of hands slid up and down each others backs.

Emma rubbed harder, pressing two fingers into her soft petals which easily parted as her free hand pinched her rock hard nipples. Her moans began to get louder as her arousal grew and her rubbing became more animated as she watched transfixed at the women kissing slowly and lovingly. Ashley reached down between them and sank her middle digit into the welcoming slit of Cara whose head fell back into a spray of the hot water.


Emma felt a bit cramped in her stall as her finger curled up inside her pussy and found that tender patch of flesh. Her nipples were now solid nubs as she frigged herself with a heaving chest and she came hard over her finger, her body in total surrendered to the blissful feeling. She realised her eyes had closed and when she opened them again Cara and Ashley had gotten out of the shower.

"Lets finish this at my place." Said Ashley.

As they prepared to get dried off and dressed the female housekeeper entered the locker rooms to carry out her duties collecting used towels and the like. She spotted Ashley and smiled.

"Good evening Miss Ashley. Did you have a nice visit?"

The American looked at Cara as she dressed with her back to them and nodded.

"Oh yes, very pleasant. I'll be back tomorrow as well."

"Ah, with Miss Cara?"

"No, Robert is in town now he has finished filming."

"Mister Robert, how nice. Good night, missy."

Emma waited until she felt it safe to emerge from the stall. She hurried past the old lady and dressed quickly and beat a fast retreat. So, a movie actor named Robert, who might that be? She burned with the desire to discover the identity of the would be seducer of Ashely Benson and decided to return the next night also.


Emma wished the whole day away in the sound studio on 5th Avenue and constantly studied her watch. When she was finally done she hurried to the gym and flashed her membership card at the desk and took the stairs two at a time.

She planned her move and made straight for the locker rooms. She had her Galaxy S9 mobile phone and when she hid in the same shower stall as before she focused the camera on the stall opposite in order to ready herself. She was naked as before but had not used the shower this time.

"Come on, Robert!"

Emma caught her breath when Ashley breezed in wearing tight three quarter purple leggings and matching sneakers. A skinny yellow sports bra just kept her tits in check as she bounded in.

Holding her by the hand and about two steps behind was a young dark haired man in sweat pants and a white vest. They stopped and embraced in a loud smooch, believing themselves to be alone. Emma hit record and held her phone up in her hands to film the illicit lovers.

"Mmm, baby!"

Ashley ripped off the mans top to reveal quite a hairy mat of chest hair. As Emma focused on his face she was stunned, and a little jealous when she realised that it was none other than Robert Pattinson!

An old acquaintance from London since they had met on the set of one of the Harry Potter movies, they had dated once or twice. Emma gazed at the scrummy hunk through the lens and drank in his lush mane of hair and thick brows as she crouched on her haunches.

"Oh, Robert."

With a lustful haste they were both naked in seconds and held each other tight. With his back to Emma she lovingly checked out his powerful thighs and calves, and those shoulders, oh my. His arm wrapped about her waist and he pulled her roughly to his chest.

Ashley widened her legs as his other hand pawed at her breast. Emma could see her nipples hard with desire as Robert let his teeth bite into them in turn. She zoomed in on the woman's boobs and nearly dropped the phone.

"Steady girl."

Ashley put the shower on and hopped in the stall. Emma watched as the water cascaded down her fabulous body. Then Robert stood in the line of view and he clenched his tight butt as Emma nodded in approval. Then he stepped in also and joined the American under the hot shower. They were good and soaked when he grabbed a bar of soap and began to lather her soft curves.

"Naturally." Thought Emma as she kept a steady hand filming when Robert concentrated on the woman's fleshy tits.

He used both hands on her heavenly peaks and rolled the hard nipples between his fingers. Ashley moaned but the water that hit their bodies muffled her cries of pleasure with a constant hissing.

Robert moved his hands down over her waist and stomach and then inevitably down to her wet tangle of pussy hair. As they faced each other they kissed with a fervent passion that surprised Emma as she looked on unerring.


Robert found her slit and flicked at the hard nub of her clitoris as they bumped bodies. Her thighs opened wider as her muff was rubbed with a firm and steady rate. Then he went to his knees on the saturated tiles and turned Ashley in such a perfect viewpoint for Emma it was as if they had done it on purpose. As the water bounced off her back her cunt was eaten by the English actor who gripped her upper thighs in both hands.

"Fucking hell!"

Emma watched open mouthed as his tongue could be seen licking up and down her pussy from top to bottom as Ashley rocked her pelvis at him. He moved back up and Emma got the perfect shot of his rock hard cock that pointed straight up like a flagpole in all its full glory. The spray of water hit the fantastic cock and Emma felt her hand go all by itself to her own pussy that now was decidedly damp.

"Soap it up, babe."

Ashley now bent down and stroked his hard on with her right hand as her left clutched his butt. She reluctantly let go and lathered her hands and massaged his hairy scrotum. Robert's head rolled back as her slippery hands took hold of his shaft and squeezed it tight. Her right hand worked in an anti clockwise stroke and her left in the opposite direction.

"I need to have this in me, now."

They stood facing each other with Ashley's back against the shower wall. Robert hooked her left leg under his forearm and hoisted it up as she maintained a precarious balance on her right foot. He used his left hand to nestle his soapy erect cock at the entrance to her pussy and then pulled her down until she had sank onto his length.

Their hair was sodden and matted to their necks from the spray from the showerhead as Robert took control and lifted Ashley up and down on his cock. Her arms came around his neck as he used her wet body to fuck his rampant prick. Their pubic hair was turned white by the wet soap and film as they fucked standing.

"So big, Robert," purred Ashley.

He leaned forward a little which altered the angle of their fuck so that he could bury his face in her tits. As he concentrated on her boobs Ashley slid on his cock, impaling her pussy and enjoying a variety of sensations. Emma held her phone in her left hand as she stuck two fingers as deep as she could into her pussy. Her legs felt weak and the heels of her bare feet dug into her soft bottom.

"Should have figured this out more."

She struggled to her feet with one hand between her thighs and the other filming the couple opposite.

"Oh, shit!"

The light on the Samsung indicated the battery had drained and then Emma put her hand to her face when it became clear that Ashley and Robert had heard her.

"Hello, anyone there?"

Busted, Emma came out and grinned sheepishly as the other two emerged dripping wet from the stall.

"Just how long have you been there? Get an eyeful?"

Emma was speechless and so befuddled didn't even notice her nakedness in front of the other two.

"Wait, it's Emma! Emma Watson. Long time no see." Said Pattinson.

Emma smiled weakly and turned red as her eyes settled on his still gorgeous erection that glistened wetly. What a fucking cock he had!

"Is that a cell phone in your hand? Do you get off watching others?" Asked Ashley.

Yes! Thought Emma.

"No! I didn't, that is I wasn't..."

"If you aren't turned on then why is your hand stuffed up your cunt?"

Emma removed her hand from between her legs which she had inadvertently left as she tried to focus on the situation Her fingers were noticeably damp from her slick pussy.

"It's okay Ashley. Maybe Emma would like to join in?" Robert said as an afterthought.

Emma looked into the bright blue eyes of the six footer and her legs turned to jelly under his smouldering stare. His thin lips pouted and Emma was smitten.

"Well?" He said with a cock of his head.

"Yes." Emma felt her throat dry as she whispered the affirmative.

"What did you say? I didn't hear you?"

Robert came closer and his big cock swayed in mid air, pointing at her as if in invitation. Emma cleared her throat, her desire for him very much evident in her eyes.

"Yes!" She yelled excitedly.

He looked at her pert breasts which were heaving in anticipation of making wild sex with the pair of them and kissed her hard on the mouth. She had to go on tiptoe as she put her arms around his neck and returned the kiss. Lots of memories came flooding back as they locked lips. How did they not sleep together before was a total mystery to her.

He was so hot!

Then incredulously, Ashley came and she too kissed the English beauty as all three hugged by the benches. Ashley pulled Emma into a hard and hungry kiss and the petite English woman moaned accordingly. Emma felt a tongue slip inside her mouth and loved it. She began to suck on it as the pair hugged tightly, their soft, damp bodies firmly clenched.

"So hot!"

Pattinson had sat down on one of the benches and watched intently as he stroked his length, relishing the sight of both women clutching the others ass. He especially enjoyed Emma whose butt bunched and showed her two charming dimples.

Ashley rolled her hips upward and pressed her loins to Emma and pressed her own legs together in order to savour the acute tingling in her pussy. They both turned their heads to Pattinson and then grinned at each other.

"Shall we?" Said Ashley.

The two joined him and knelt at his feet and Emma wasted no time and her pink tongue darted out and licked his hairy scrotum. Ashley took hold of the long and stiff shaft and let her snake of a tongue flick at the bulbous head. Apart from one monotonous drip from one of the showers the only sound was the merry sucking and humming as the women serviced his throbbing cock.

Emma took a long suck and handed the mans hose over like passing a baton. Ashley did the same, one loud suck on the bell end and passed to Emma. This they did over and over until Pattinson cried out and put his hands on each of their heads.

"Guys, guys. I got to fuck one of you this instant."

"Good call, Robert."

Ashley laid flat out on the bench horizontally and crooked a finger at Emma. Emma climbed on top of her with her crotch in her face. She lowered her body and straddled the American, her legs on either side of her face. Ashley latched onto the bald cunt of Emma and ran her tongue up and down the drizzling slit.

"Oh, fuck!"

Emma felt her clit stiffen and she muffled a moan as she sucked her lips in, She pushed herself down into the face of Ashley who stuck her tongue up into her ass crack. Emma yelped and rocked her pelvis to and fro, feeling her slippery juices, along with Ashley's spit, drench her thighs. Two hands gripped her by the legs as Emma nearly lost her balance and incredible circling licks sent her crazy with desire.

"Oh, Ashley!"

Pattinson meanwhile had settled his body at the wide open thighs of Ashley who suddenly had her legs thrown up and over his shoulders. She groaned loudly into Emma's pussy as his prick slipped inside her hot cunt. He grabbed her hips and began to fuck her with deep, penetrative thrusts, his adorable butt clenched and tight. His groin pounded into hers and his cock burrowed in deep and the sweet friction caused her to hum into Emma's pussy.

"Mum, mum, mum, mum, mum!"

Robert and Ashley ground hard together, their mutual moisture and damp bodies sealing then like glue. He pulled his hips right back as he reversed as if trying to draw her orgasm out of her. Her body tensed as a spasm pulsed through her sex and she cried out as she climaxed.

"Oh, sweet lord!"

Robert pulled his cock all the way out slowly and drove in one more time. Then he slipped out of Ashley again and pulled Emma back to him. Her head dipped as Ashley moved out from under her and positioned herself with her face under his balls and her feet at Emma's head.

"Holy shit!"

Emma cried out as her still damp hair was yanked on so that her head was snapped back and her neck was bitten and nibbled. He's a fucking vampire she laughed as his cock slid all the way into her hungry cunt. He rotated his hips and ground into her pert bottom without removing his tool and she gasped as he filled her perfectly. Then he was fucking her, smacking against her backside hard so that she was propelled forward two inches.

"Fuck, fuck, oh fuck, yeah!"

Beneath them Ashley sucked on Emma's clit and lapped at the combined fluids of the humping couple. She moaned loudly herself as Pattinson leaned over and slapped Ashley's pussy as if punishing her. The pounding cock in Emma never let up and her pussy was stretched like never before. The man was like a raging bull as he felt himself getting ready to cum.

"Gonna, gonna, cummm!"

Pattinson sped up his thrusts until his butt became a blur and his hard teeth bit harshly on the soft and white neck of Emma. His growls and gorgeous cock made her pussy throb madly and any control she had vanished as wave after wave of rippling orgasm rushed through her.


The sweating hunk roared as his impending climax approached and he pulled out of Emma's steamy cunt just in time to splatter the face of Ashley under him on the bench. film the proceedings. I am such a naughty girl she giggled to herself as her voyeuristic trend reached new heights. Once the three of them had recovered Ashley spoke up.

"You must give me your number Emma, we need to hook up again at my place in town. Robert will still be here. Promise?"

Ashley fluttered her eyes as she waited for the answer.

"Oh, I thought you and Cara were an item."

"Sure, love Cara. But, you know. She is a little crazy!"

Ashley made a gesture with her hand at her temple to indicate.

"Sure, I'll come over. I'll send you a text."


Emma arrived the next evening at Ashley's chic apartment. The young actress known for her work on 'Pretty Little Liars' had painted the walls in a blush pink with paintings and art pieces in every room. The American greeted her at the door in a blue mini skirt and silk blouse in off white. It was plain to see that she had neglected to wear a bra. Emma looked graceful as always in her flower print dress with white stiletto heeled sandals.

"Hi, come straight on in. Robert is here already. In the bedroom."


Ashley led the way into the airy bedroom where they saw Pattinson on the Queen sized bed with the tufted headboard. Beside the bed was a tall side table with two lamps and a barrel chair.

"Emma! So glad you came. We have just got to make up for lost time don't you think?"

Emma looked him over and agreed. He looked amazing in his shirt which was open to show off his manly chest, and tight blue jeans that bunched up at the crotch. His feet were bare and he had his legs crossed at the ankles and his arms were by his side.

As usual his brooding stare locked into her gaze and his head was slightly forward so that his thick brows knitted together. He had a two day growth of dark stubble that just made him even more attractive. The little session in the locker room the previous night had been so hot and she was up for more.

"Don't you just want to eat him up alive!" Gushed Ashley as she let her skirt slink off and her blouse next.

She jumped onto the bed in just her panties and heels and began to nibble on the hunk with a big grin. Within seconds his bulge had become very prominent. The big window had the drapes open and besides the light from the two lamps a blinking orange light came in from a faulty street light downstairs.

"Come on Emma, buddy up."

Emma watched Robert kiss Ashley and their tongues intertwine as the American rubbed her curvy body against his. She unzipped her dress and let it fall to her heels which she then kicked off. As she joined the pair on the bed in bra and panties Ashley had unzipped Robert's jeans, removed his erection and had started to suck him with gusto. She could really give good blowjobs thought Emma as Ashley moaned and twisted his shaft in her hand.

"Come on, Emma," said Robert encouragingly.

Emma slid her petite body beside Ashley and for a split second their lips touched each others as they both slathered their mouths on the throbbing tool in their faces. The two women looked into each others eyes as his cock vanished into one wet mouth and then the other. The smouldering hunk looked on with a furrowed brow as he enjoyed watching his prick slide in and out of Emma's mouth, then Ashley soon after.

"You two, you're getting me so hard."

Emma left Ashley to it and undid her bra as Robert got up and made for between her legs. He slowly drew her panties down to her feet. He took his time as his blue eyed stare mesmerised the young woman. Then he pressed his lips to hers and she accepted his burning mouth. His stiff cock brushed her thigh and she thought that this is it.

"Hey Ashley. Let's show Emma the thing."

Emma had a look of confusion on her face when the blonde next to her nodded excitedly.

"The thing?" Said Emma, her eyes only on his delicious hard on,

"Sure, hop over here and sit down in the easy chair."

All three went to the chair just under the bedroom window and Emma was made to sit down on her bare ass. She looked bewildered and before she could react Pattinson had grabbed her left wrist and tied it to the left arm of the chair with a short length of cord. Then he whipped over to her other arm and secured her right wrist as well.

"Hey now!" Said Emma when she realised she was firmly tied to the chair arms.

At her feet Ashley was busy tying both her ankles to the legs of the chair so that her legs were spread open and her pussy was exposed and in plain sight.

"What do you think you're doing?"

Emma tugged on her wrists and tried to kick her feet out but all to no avail. A further length of cord about her upper body meant she was unable to move an inch.

"Well, you like to watch right?" Said Ashley right in her face. "So now you are going to watch Robert fuck my brains out right here before your very eyes."

Emma looked at Robert who was back on the bed and grinning as he held his rock hard cock up in his fist. A slight tingling in her muff told Emma that this might be a very frustrating hour.

"But let me join in, please?"

"Not tonight babe. Just sit back and enjoy the show."

Ashley stood right in the eye line of Emma, her gorgeous bare ass only inches from her face, her scent maddeningly intoxicating. Then she was forced to watch as Ash put her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and dragged them down.

Then Robert came over and went to his knees in front of Ashley and presumably began to lick her out. Emma could not see him, only his flicking tongue that protruded between the parted legs of the naked blonde as she wiggled her ass from side to side in her face. Helpless in her restraints Emma bit her lip as Ashley bent forward at the waist as her pussy became moist at the delving tongue.

"He does that sooo good, Emma. I'm fucking dripping!'

They moved to the bed and Ashley laid on her back, her body in a horizontal line in Emma's sight. She removed her shoes as Pattinson widened her legs with his as he settled on top her, his nostrils flared, his cock rigid. Emma fought back tears as he nestled in her open thighs and rubbed his length up and down the enticing entrance of her slot.

"She is so wet Emma. This is going to slide in nicely."

Emma tried to unbalance the heavy chair but no luck. She had to resign herself to watching the pair of them fuck, with no way of pleasuring herself.

"I think I'll take her slow at first, really savour her cunt with my big cock. What do YOU think, Emma."

"Fuck you, you bastard." Growled the tied babe.

She watched Ashley hump her hips up as Robert drove inside her about an inch. Then she raised her legs up and squeezed his lower back.

"Oh yeah? Maybe I don't want it slow." Ashley said demandingly and drew him in.

"Emma, isn't she a slut?"

The two kissed as he ground in and started to move back and forth, his tight ass taut and the muscles in his calves and thighs straining as he plunged in. Emma shivered in her seat as she saw the passion in their eyes as he burrowed deep into her cunt, the lucky bitch. Ashley met every thrust in as she scraped her nails down his back and banged her bare heels on his lower back. She arched into him, the peaks of her tits in his wiry chest and her face in his neck.

"Do good, Emma. So, so good." Ashley purred as she took in every inch he had.

Every sense in Emma was heightened as she sat still, unable to tend to her dribbling pussy that tingled with an incredible heat. Her nipples resembled two ripe berries that simply cried out to be sucked. Her ears picked up everything. The deep breathing, the slap of his balls on her upturned ass and the soft squelch of married sex organs.

"Gonna cum, Emma. Oh here I cum!"

Emma rocked in her seat trying to create some physical contact that would give her a sense of gratification as she watched Ashley tremble and pant. Pattinson stayed buried deep in her pussy and ran his palms over the swell of her boobs. Then he pulled out and presented the image of his cock to Emma as an afterthought.

"This must be the ultimate fantasy for you right? Watching me fuck Ashley right before your eyes."

Numb with excitement Emma watched the two lovers cavorting on the bed, their writhing and naked bodies within inches of her chair. Although within easy reach she was unable to do a thing. Ashley had gotten onto all fours now and thrust her ass up toward Pattinson who grabbed both her hips and directed his huge prick into her from behind.

"Oh, Emma! He's so good inside my pussy."

Emma stifled a sob as the handsome stud pounded the shit out of the woman in the doggy position. Ashley turned to Emma and her eyes were like slits as she was humped to and fro by the power strokes of the Englishman.

"Tell Emma how much you like my big cock."

"Al...alright. He...he's fucking great, I love it!"

Emma could see his cock drive in and out like a slick machine, his shaft glistening in the blinking light that shone through the window behind her. Then Robert spun Ashley about face, his log still embedded in her tight pussy so that they both faced Emma. Ashley screwed her fists up in bunches of the sheets as she was banged into from behind.

"Fuck me, fuck me, oh fuck me!"

Both she and Robert looked at Emma who squirmed on her butt, unconsciously trying to close her thighs for some desperate physical skin contact. His muscular body flexed and rippled as he bumped hips with the American babe whose tits jiggled under her. The bed creaked under their weight as he pinned Ashley flat down and her butt smashed into the mattress as he entered her only for her to lower body rise up with him as he pulled back.

"Hey, Emma look. I know you like looking. Ashley is fucking ME!"

True enough Ashley was ramming herself back into his groin as he stayed still with his weight on his elbows. His biceps were taut as she slid to and fro on his hard length, her face down in the bed as she focused her entire all on riding his rigid prick. Emma tried in vain to peer over their bodies but all she could make out was Robert buried deep up inside the moaning blonde.

"Come on Robert, enough is enough now. I apologise for peeping on you both, just let me up."

"I thought you were a voyeur? No?"

He sat on the side of the bed with his hands behind him and his cock sticking up like a pole. His cock hypnotized Emma who just stared at the thick shaft and his hairy scrotum which was only inches away. Ashley came into view having composed herself and stood between Emma and he. Her back was to him and she faced a speechless Emma. She placed her legs on either side of his and Pattinson held his cock up in the middle of her parted thighs and eased it in.

"Oh, babe!"

Ashley deliberately lowered herself slowly down on his length. So slow Emma believed it was actually in slow motion. Once she had him all in she sighed contently and shifted her butt on his groin. Emma looked at his big balls that nestled at her pussy, his cock now hidden from view, buried as he was up to the hilt.

"Shall I move, Emma?" Shall I slide all the way up? Then slam down so that his scrumptious prick scrapes my pussy walls?"

Emma inhaled deeply, so badly did she want to frig her muff which ached like never before.

"Oh, shit!" Gasped Ashley as she glided up the shiny cock until only his head was inside her, stretching her cunt as it accommodated him.

Ashley leaned back and planted her hands on his back so that Emma could see everything in the light of the lamps.

"Fuck me baby." Said Pattinson.

Fuck him bitch, thought Emma.

His hands gripped on her hips tightly as she began to lift up and bring herself back down.

"Shall I rub her clit, Emma?" Asked Robert as he reached around with his right hand.

Ashley moaned as her tiny nub was caressed and she slid up and down on the big cock faster so that her ass smacked on his groin and her tits bounced wildly.

"It's...I think...I'm going to cum again! YES!"

Ashley dipped forward as her clit was strummed with lightning speed and her hair flopped down to the carpet. Robert pushed her up and his shining cock bobbed in front of him.

"Finish me off with your mouth."

The pair of them came to where Emma was seated and Ashley went down and gobbled up his twitching prick. She sucked on him hard as she clutched his buttocks and hummed happily on his boner. Both looked to Emma who moaned out of frustration herself.

Then he pulled his cock out and tilted Ashley's head back as he wanked his cock with his free hand. He grunted as his cum let fly from the pulsating head and splattered Ashley on her beautiful features. He made several spurts and then oozed onto the carpet as he wilted.

"Alright Emma. Fair's fair. Hand me the vibrator."

Emma sighed with relief as her wetness teemed from her pussy, the seat under her now a damp patch. Pattinson ran his hand through his thick mop and fed the buzzing toy to the inside of Emma's thighs. As he ran it along her soft flesh she desperately tried to close her legs hoping for the toy to get closer to her pussy. Each time he came agonisingly close he made sure not to make contact with her wet lips.

"Bastard! You making me crazy!"

He smiled and relented and it slipped in easily, the loud buzzing muted as it vanished inside the grateful actress. As he pumped in and out with firm strokes Emma cocked her head to the left with her tongue lolling out in an obscene gesture.

"Oh, yes! I needed this!"

All three could hear the slurping noises her sodden quim made around the plastic sex toy as the mans hand became a blur. Ashley joined in the fun and thumbed swollen clit of the groaning Emma. Her inner thighs were coated with her juices as she tried to buck in the chair. Her breathing became a series of rasping pants as she made two fists of her restrained hands.

"Faster, faster!"

Emma relished the toy in her aching pussy, so long neglected and needy. Pattinson held the vibrator all the way inside her pussy and turned the switch onto full as Ashley rotated her thumb as fast as she could. All the pent up frustration in Emma now exploded in her orgasm and she screamed loudly as she raised her face to the ceiling.

"There now, better?"

Emma laughed as she watched the broken street light blink on the ceiling. As she recovered from her orgasm the others removed the scarves and helped her up onto wobbly legs.

"Only a bit of fun babe. Look we must meet up when we're both back in England. What do you say?"

"I'll think about it," said Emma as she scowled at the pair of them, still angry at her torment. A plan began to form in her mind for the next time.

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Re: Emma Watson's Erotic Adventures
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Chapter Twelve. Twilight trumps Potter. With Robert Pattinson and Tom Holland.

Note- Not to be taken seriously it's only a bit of fun meant to amuse and entertain.


Emma Watson at first ignored her buzzing mobile phone as she knew it was yet another text message from Robert Pattinson. It had been ringing for the last two days as he had been pestering her for a date since they were both in residence in England. But she was still mad at him for humiliating her in front of Ashley Benson in New York only the week before.

The English rose had tried to supress her tendencies to voyeurism and had been busted big time. On reflection however he was after all an extremely handsome man with a fine body and, oh! Such good hair! And, he did have a big cock that thousands of women across the globe would simply love to gobble on. As she had that one time.

"Oh, well. A girl has to eat I suppose."

Emma was single, young and horny. I'll give him another chance she decided. She picked up her Samsung S9 and sent him a text. She would be free this weekend and would be happy to drive down to his house in the English countryside. The reply was almost instantaneous as he gleefully thanked her.


In her favourite car, the bright red three door Mini Hatch, Emma drove down to the Kent coast from London and arrived at Pattinson's beach house. It had turned out to be a pleasant morning and the adorable actress had chosen a comfortable cashmere sweater, Ralph Lauren mini skirt and three inch sandals by Susi.

Two big gulls circled her way above in the clear sky and she heard the waves in the distance as the tide rolled in.

"Wow, nice place." She thought as she parked in the gravel drive beside a well cared for lawn.

Pattinson had acquired a unique Grade Two listed Arts and Crafts house in Sandwich Bay and the Tudor home boasted a courtyard entrance, reception hall, two kitchens and five bedrooms,

Outside was a walled garden, pool, and games room, and also had an unhindered access to the beach. Like Emma his good fortune to appear in a big money making movie franchise had paid off in dividends.

"You found the place alright then." He said as he opened the front door.

"No problem. You have a nice home." She said duly impressed.

He beamed happily at her in his plain white shirt and blue jeans.

"Thanks, let me show you the inside. You look nice today." He said as he mentally undressed the petite young woman.

The 'Twilight' actor led Emma into his beige and grey thirty foot living room. He had chosen a modern interior with white marble outline and charcoal grey furnishings. The drapes and rug were beige and two large French doors led to the outside garden.

Two long sofa chairs with lots of cushions were on opposites to each other with an ottoman coffee table in between. Every little detail had its place, no extra furnishings cluttered the space.

"Take a seat. How have you been since New York?"

Emma sat and crossed her legs and noticed the refreshments on the table. A jug of fresh orange juice, and another of lemonade. Several plates of canapes were on offer, crisp breads of Cornish crab, Salmon with horseradish and Roquefort cheese nibbles. Off to the side was a bowl of strawberries, freshly picked that week.

"Help yourself." He said as he settled back in the sofa opposite her.

The very last thing she remembered from that little exhibition in the apartment of Ashley Benson had been the sight of the naked hunk coming on the face of the American actress.

"I'm still mad at you. That was pretty mean what you did to me."

"Oh, you mean like you filming me and Ashley on your mobile was cool?"

"That was different. Just...just different." Emma swept an errant curl of hair from her pretty face and looked off into the distance.

The light shone through the open French doors and highlighted her fresh complexion.

"Look, I get the voyeurism thing, I really do. In fact since that time I think I share your leaning."

Robert spread his hands as he leaned forward in his seat.

Emma raised one groomed brow and took a sip of juice and lemonade mixed together as she looked at his broad chest and beefy shoulders that bulged through the thin shirt.

Likewise his tight jeans did absolutely nothing to hide his impressive thighs. Her light brown eyes lingered on his crotch a fraction longer of the decent norm and Pattinson duly noted the fact.

"Is that right?" She said quite aloof.

Emma wondered what he meant as he gave her his best smouldering stare. His whole demeanour, his thick mane of hair, penetrating blue eyes and his physique drove her crazy.

Despite the memory of his mean trick of tying her naked to a chair and teasing her she suddenly lost her train of thought as she felt her panties begin to moisten between her crossed legs.

"Yes, in fact, seeing you naked and helpless as you watched me fuck Ashley turned me on like never before."

Emma inhaled through her nostrils and caught the smell of his CK One as she squirmed on the sofa. As he spoke she wanted nothing more than to reach out and fondle the now noticeable bulge of his cock and balls that ran down his left upper thigh under the denim.

"Do you suppose there is a difference between voyeurism and exhibitionism?"

"Not really sure. What do YOU think?" Emma furrowed her brow.

"Well. I would really like to see you strip naked while I watch and then strip off myself. Then we could masturbate in front of each other until we get our rocks off."

"Hmm. That is different."

"You see Emma. Masturbation is one of the most enjoyable activities one can indulge in. It can be done anytime, anywhere and often. Think about sharing the experience with another. It's like a form of voyeurism."

Emma had to be honest. The possibility of seeing Robert jerking his big cock in front of her while she rubbed her pussy made her decidedly horny. She re crossed her bare legs and realised that her underwear was now positively wet. Her new penchant for watching others in their pursuit of sexual gratification had really piqued her imagination.

"And then we have sex, right?"

Can't go home without sitting on that big fucking log of a cock she thought.

"Naturally. In fact I have a little twist I plan on sharing with you."

Emma wondered what he meant by that but a mixture of excitement and intrigue gripped her, both thrilling and daunting at the same time. He had a sardonic grin on his face and she got the feeling his plan involved something out of the ordinary. Firmly believing in expanding the realm of her sexual fantasies she indulged him his idea.

"Shall we begin?" Robert pulled his shirt off and flaunted his chest with the wispy dark hair.

He sat back and rested both hands in his lap. Emma looked him over for several moments and then acted. She surprised the actor, in a good way, as she lifted her ass up and raised her slender legs in the air so that she could slide her panties off.

She sat back down and made sure her legs were spread out wide to give Pattinson a tantalising view of her bared pussy under the shadow of her mini skirt. Emma put her elbow on her left knee and looked him in the eye.

"Nice start, Emma. Never expected such a bold start."

He looked her lovely legs over, milky white and slim, and followed a trail with his eyes up to where her skirt just covered her nether regions. His cock throbbed in his jeans as he tried to get a peak under the hem.

He took off his shoes and stood up, unzipped his jeans and tugged them off. Left only in Calvin Klein underpants he stayed standing, letting her drink in his body.

"Nice." She thought as she ran her palms along her thighs, just stopping at her skirt hem.

Still seated she crossed her arms and drew off the cashmere sweater over her head and nonchalantly dropped it on the carpet at her heels. Her white, lacy bra was quite skimpy and barely kept her perky tits in check. Without her top Emma's light brown hair rolled along her bare shoulders and back down her nape.

"Who's next?"

Pattinson's cock was raging in his underpants and he had to release it badly. Emma felt her heart thump as he put his thumbs in the waistband and pulled the pants off and his meaty cock, that had been trapped to his left thigh, sprang out and forwards, swaying in mid air.

Emma was aware that her jaw was hanging open and shut it abruptly. His fully erect cock must have been easily nine inches with a thick girth. As he sat back down he held his cock in his left hand and stroked it idly and unhurriedly as he looked directly at Emma.

"Seems I'm way ahead. Time to catch up." He rolled an index finger in a gesture meaning her to get going.

Emma gulped and reached around her back to unhook her bra. She let the straps go loose and let it fall away so that she was now topless. Then she hitched up her skirt above her soft upper thighs to her abdomen and let him see her pussy bulge, covered with fine hair that she had only just trimmed.

He saw that her nipples had peaked and both stood out prominent on her medium sized breasts. Then he lowered his gaze to her pussy mound that nestled between her parted legs, puffy and now very moist.

Emma stood and spun her skirt around so that the zip was at the front which she drew down. The skirt puddled around her shoes and she stepped out of it. Left in just heels she looked like the most desirable creature he had ever laid eyes on.

"Watch this."

Pattinson held up his rigid pole to the ceiling and gripped the base and squeezed. His shaft appeared to darken and the huge flared head swelled and smoothed. His one large vein throbbed off to the side as he began to slowly slide his hand up the length and then down again to the base.

"Feel free to join in any time." He urged.

Seated once mote Emma licked her lips and then licked the fingertips of her right hand and made a big V of her legs as she dug her heels on the carpet underfoot. She held her chin up and spread her pussy lips with the finger and thumb of one hand.

Pattinson could see everything, her open petals, hooded clitoris and a tiny view of her anus. Then her middle finger dipped gently inside her slit until it was buried up to the second knuckle.

"That's the way."

Emma hissed between clenched teeth as she frigged her pussy with a few rapid strokes before deciding to squeeze her labia together right above her clit. Robert saw her hips begin to shift and her breathing become harder as she momentarily left her quim and ran her hand over her flat stomach up to her pert tits.

Her legs remained open and her cunt was on full display still as she brushed her nipples, now poking at him with an impossible stiffness that surely must have ached terribly. His eyes stayed on her lower body as he saw the outline of her thigh muscles tighten.

"How many times do you masturbate, babe?" He asked.

"Gosh. I never thought to count. Three times a week probably."

Robert nodded and started to stroke faster as he ogled Emma's ripe young naked body just inches from his sofa. Her finger vanished inside her vertical smile again and she began to plunge in and out in a steady rhythm that matched his cock jerking. Clever of her he thought.

"How does it feel to have such a solid stiff in your fist?" Said she with a slight whimper in her voice.

"Love it. Feels like I'm free. Happy too. I like way it fills my palm. Like a rod of steel."

He was now pumping the whole length of his shaft as he made soft panting sounds in his throat. As he quickened the pace of his wanking so Emma quickened hers, two fingers shoved deep into her hot hole. In his mind Pattinson was fucking her, ramming his hard tool in and out of her exquisite tightness, tight but wet.

Emma felt several shudders in her body and the toes of her sandals turned inward as her legs began to tremble. Her lips were puffy and her swollen clit poked out like a tiny button.

She bit down hard on her lip as the familiar intensity built towards her relief. Both of them were damp with perspiration in the sunny room as they both focused on each others ministrations.

"Don't cum yet. There's more fun to come."

Each slowed their strokes and then stopped altogether. They settled back in their respective chairs and panted heavily, his masculine scent evident in the air. Emma waited for the next move from the smouldering hunk whose erect cock throbbed up on his belly.

"I just love strawberries, don't you?" He said.

"Yes, actually they are my favourite fruit." Answered Emma between deep breaths.

"Today I feel like having my fruit in a slightly erotic manner. Are you game?"

"Just what do you have in mind?"

Emma was intrigued and absentmindedly rubbed her sticky thighs together, relishing the heat from her sodden cunt.

"Have you ever had the desire for a little kinky sex, something...different?"

"Sometimes. It depends."

In fact Emma experimented more often than not in the pursuit of the female orgasm.

"You're not going to tie me up again, are you?"

"No. Been there, done that. No, just a little play with a blindfold."

He bent to his feet and Pattinson picked up a long black silk scarf tied in the way of a blindfold and tossed it to the curious Emma.

"Being deprived of sight heightens the senses as well as the thrill of the unknown and anticipation of the other lover. Go ahead and put it on."

Emma hesitated and then wrapped it over her eyes and tied it firmly behind her, trapping her hair to the back of her head. She waved a hand in front of her face and saw nothing. Now naked AND sightless the petite stunner felt a tingling of nerves mixed with excitement.

"You look so adorable. Now, promise me you won't remove the blind until I give you permission."


"No. Promise or we go no further."

Eager to experience more Emma agreed. Then she was aware of him next to her and his hand helping her up from the sofa. Her hands went out in search of him but he held her by the wrists.

Emma sighed as the hot breath of his close mouth blew on her cheek. Then his lips found the left side of her neck and he peppered her tender flesh with kisses.


Emma felt her heart pound as his body made contact with hers and his stiff erection brushed her left thigh. Unable to see him she sensed he had moved behind her and she shivered as his solid body pressed into her from behind. His upright pole settled in the delicious crack of her ass, between the perfect spheres of her buttocks.

"Oh. Robert."

His hands stroked her thighs up and down from the knee up to bikini line, slowly, softly, which made her draw in air. She stood stock still, wobbling slightly in her three inch heels as he glided up to her boobs and cupped them.

He rubbed the hard nipples as his pelvis bumped her lightly to and fro, his cock as hard as a rock. Deprived of sight her imagination ran wild and her pussy juices ran an inch down her right thigh. Then he was gone and Emma turned her head from left to right trying to hear his whereabouts.


She felt his hand press down on her shoulder and sit her back down on the edge of the same sofa. A feeling if vulnerability came over her as she waited for the unexpected.

"My sexy little Emma. Strawberry?"

His hand caressed her cheek and his thumb moved to her mouth which he teased open. Emma raised her head just as he placed a plump berry to her lips. She moaned at the small piece of fruit and bit into the juicy flesh and happily consumed it. She teased him as he did to her and let the juice deliberately run down her chin. Then he kissed her on the lips and licked the juice as he did so.

"Another?" He asked.

"Mm, hmm."

But instead of feeding her the berry he bent to her open legs and kissed her on the inner thighs as he pressed them open. Then Emma gasped, her mouth in a perfect O shape as she felt him insert a strawberry into her wet pussy!

Her head tilted back as Pattinson put his lips to her filled muff and licked around her pouting labia.

"Robert, you naughty man!"

Unable to worm the strawberry back out the English hunk stuck his tongue in and lapped at the red fruit as Emma squirmed and moaned at the extraordinary sensation.

She squeezed her pussy muscles on the berry as he continued to attack it and gradually it disintegrated down her slit. His face was now covered in strawberry flavoured pussy juice which he transferred to the blindfolded Emma with a slobbering kiss.


He chose another plump strawberry and plucked off the little green leaves and eased it into Emma's dribbling pussy, now stained red from the fruit.

"What a sight, if only you could see it."

Emma almost lifted up her blindfold but thought better of it. The strawberry was half in, half out of her quim as she awaited his next move in silence. He held her slender legs wide open and licked around the protruding fruit, at the same time of course tickling her outer folds. Then she gasped as he put his mouth over it and sucked it from her like a vacuum.

"Fuck!" She whispered as the fruit juice oozed from within her cunt.

He kissed her hard on the lips with it still in his mouth and they ate it greedily, the juice and their saliva mixing in a sensuous flood down their chins.

Again he plucked a berry from the bowl, this time keeping the leaves intact, and pushed it into a wriggling Emma who was on the very edge of the sofa. He pulled it out of her stained cunt before shoving it back in again. Then he left it there and proceeded to push her legs together tightly so that the sticky fruit juice glued her thighs together.

"Oh, what a fantastic feeling!" She purred as he prised her legs open again.

Then Pattinson came between her thighs and slid his hands under her knees and lifted her legs up. Emma cried out in ecstasy when his mouth slid into her juiced up cunt and he worked his tongue in and out.

She became delirious as he lapped up the strawberry juices and slathered at her engorged clitoris. Out of control the young looker surrendered to her inner yearnings and she became lost in a torrent of sexual bliss.

"Wonderful." Whimpered Emma as she went limp and leaned back in the seat.

She went to remove the scarf around her eyes but was stopped by Pattinson.

"Wait, I'm not done yet." He said assertively.

There was a sudden silence and Emma was unsure what to do next. Then she was lifted up like a feather and spun around 180 degrees and flipped onto her back horizontally along the sofa. Her senses went into overdrive as her head hung off the edge of the seat, her hair brushing the carpet.

"Robert? Are you there?"

More silence and then Emma mumbled as she felt the tip of a thick cock press against her closed lips. The head of the hot organ persisted and the delicate woman opened her mouth and let the tip enter. The sensation of the oral assault was heightened by her inability to see and she swirled her tongue around the crown before tracing out the mans shaft.

Her pussy seeped fluids as the prick moved inevitably in and Emma hummed on the salty tool as she wriggled on her back. Her right hand reached up behind her head and caressed the veiny shaft, her fingers massaging the little ridges.


The dainty actress gagged as the cock moved earnestly in and out of her mouth as the man fucked her throat. The upturned angle meant the cock slid to the back of her throat that easier and she made a tight tunnel with pursed lips to increase the sublime friction. Down, back out, down, back out. His cock met the back of her throat and her lips were at his abdomen.


Emma groaned louder as a hand reached her belly and one finger slid wetly in and out of her cunt. Despite being blindfolded Emma felt his face above hers and his urgent breathing matched hers as he face fucked her. He moved faster in her mouth and his finger did likewise as the pressure built in her steamy loins.

As his cock glided in and out and emerged with a liberal coating of slow trickling saliva. Then he pulled out and Emma panted for air as she heard a movement of a body and she was made to lay face down along the sofa.

"Hey, Robert."

Her face turned to her right and then she gave a yelp as her legs were pulled apart and hot breath blew on her muff from behind. The lovely gust made her shiver with delight and her pleasure was raised even higher when a pair of lips teased the insides of her soft thighs, just adjacent to her hungry pussy. Then a tongue delved inside her wet folds and Emma made two fists as she bumped her body on the sofa cushions.


Ripples of bliss made her entire body quiver as her sensitive pussy was licked and sucked with a relentless rhythm that made Emma shriek and squeal. Her beautiful behind was dappled in spit from the frantic oral treatment. Then her hips were gripped and her tiny frame was lifted up to be jerked back into a masculine groin.

"Fuck me Robert. Do it." She said as she balanced herself on hands and knees.

Emma did not see, only felt his fat knob line up with her parted pussy opening and drive on in. Her head jerked back as his strong body slammed into her backside and took her breath away. His cock plunged in all the way to the hilt and she was launched two inches forwards.

"Yes! Yes! Oh fuck me!"

Emma felt two big hands on her back and gently caress her flesh as he began to move back and forth. Every inch of her peachy flesh was stroked as gradually his monster cock stepped up a pace inside her.

Within only a few seconds Emma was near screaming as she was firmly fucked. Her body edged nearer the arm of the sofa with the increasing power until she was half bent over it. Her right leg dangled close to the carpet as she was held hard by her arms.

"This is so fucking good."

They both ceased moving for a moment with his belly fully against her ass and his big cock lodged deeply inside her.

"So, you like it, hmm?"

With her eyes still under the scarf Emma was unable to pinpoint Pattinson's voice and for a split second fancied he was to her right. Then she was thrust forwards again as she was fucked some more with long, intense and full strokes. Emma felt her cunt stretch and her butt ripple as the mans cock shoved up her. Then he withdrew and Emma cocked her head slightly puzzled.

"Are we done?"

"No." He said seemingly to her right and front.

Pushed onto her back then Emma lifted up her knees and spread them apart. She kicked her shoes off as strong hands pulled her legs up and out with her knees now next to her face. A picture formed in her mind of her thick haired lover poised above her with his huge cock throbbing and ready to fuck her.

In this position Emma clearly felt her own juices trickle down her ass crack as she was penetrated once again. His weight settled on top of her and his arms held her in place as he worked his pelvis to and fro.

"So big, Robert!"

Emma inhaled deeply as her upturned ass was pummelled non stop and she was fucked silly. Her buttocks rippled and her tits jiggled from the slow but powerful thrusts. His grunting sounded more deeper than usual to her heightened hearing, presumably from his animal like unbridled passion that turned him into a prize bull.

Her slim legs were way up in the air as the English rose was unmercifully fucked, her pussy foaming from their mixed fluids. He pushed in and paused before backing out until only his bell end was embedded in her sopping cunt and then rammed in again lifting Emma off her bottom.


The pace was ramped up and Emma was fucked so hard she was being pressed down into the seat cushions. Each hammer stroke took her breath away as he now rotated his hips and ground his cock deep, deep inside her molten cunt.

"Robert! Oh, Robert! You're the best!"

His balls and pelvic bone battered her clit hard and the friction drove her nuts. Emma was suddenly lifted into the air and she felt big hands cup the pert cheeks of her ass as his cock impaled her dripping pussy. She threw her hands around his neck and her heels about his waist as she was pulled up and down on his considerable length.

"Shit, shit, shit, shit!" She intoned over and over as her lightweight form was bumped up and down on his hard pole again and again.

Emma desperately held on as she was made to ride the man effortlessly. Her pussy rubbed his hose with a glorious friction as she was lifted up all the way, and then she screamed out when she was brought crashing back down again. Her cunt gave a delicious spasm on each and every downward thrust and her heels bumped on his ass cheeks in perfect time.

"You're so strong Robert."

The scarf was beginning to loosen around her head as the sweat from her brow dampened the silk material. Indeed the insides of her thighs ran in a viscous line from her filled pussy and onto the hefty pair of balls that nestled in the crack of her ass on the downward strokes. They shifted and Emma felt her body descend through the air and she ended up on his lap as he sat on the edge of the sofa.

"Let me ride you, babe."

Her beautiful thighs clamped down on either side of his as she jacked her light frame up and down on his rigid prick. Her cute ass slammed onto his groin as she drive herself on his dick. His fingers dug into her buttocks as he yanked her down hard on every other downward thrust.

Emma was close to a state of exhaustion as she slowed up. Then she screamed out as his thumb found its way in between them and he strummed her clit like a madman until she exploded on his still embedded cock. He reciprocated and gushed his hot cum up inside her until his seed spilled out of her overfilled pussy.

"Robert, that was fantastic!"

"I agree, totally."

Emma frowned as she sensed the 'Twilight' actor speak from behind her back. Her body tense, the blindfolded babe felt two hands squeeze her tits.

From behind her!

Then it rained on her back as hot, steamy cum landed on her spine and ran down her tail bone. Immediately she ripped the scarf away from her head, although her hair stayed matted to her scalp. As she blinked hard she found herself looking into the smiling eyes of a younger man.

"Who the fuck are you!?"

Emma prised her pussy from his wilting cock and spun around to see Pattinson standing just to her left, his flaccid prick dribbling cum he had just splattered on the narrow back of the elfin beauty.

"Emma, let me introduce you to Tom Holland, a good friend of mine. He's Spiderman!'

"Hi, Emma," said Tom as he panted from his exertions. "I feel like I know you already."

"I bet you do, you bastard. You just fucked me!"

She stood up and looked down at Tom who sat back stark bollock naked on the sofa. His cock, now resting on his left thigh, was just as large as Robert Pattinson's and from her recent experience Emma supposed it must have been nine inches when proud.

"Now Emma. Admit you liked it. Come on now. I watched you the whole time."

"You, you did? You're a fucking..."

"Hah! Say it. A voyeur!"

Emma DID have to admit it. She had gotten her comeuppance. And it was fucking great!


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Re: Emma Watson's Erotic Adventures
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Note- Just another made up tall tale that bears no resemblance to real life.


Chapter thirteen, Emma Watson- horny insomniac.

Emma Watson pondered the reason why every boyfriend she had ever had did not stick around for too long. Although, all things considered, deep down she actually knew the answer. They simply couldn't keep up with her voracious appetite for sex!

Portrayed as a charming English rose type, mainly due to her appearances in the Harry Potter movie franchise, she was, or had become despite that fact, a little fuck bunny. Six times a week was only considered by her to be an adequate number of times to have sex.

"Too much for some I guess."

In between acting roles, and her private research into female gratification online, the pretty young woman had found to her dismay that she could not sleep at nights. Not that she was troubled by anything or anyone, it was just difficult to switch off without getting laid once in a while.

"I need a good fuck, that's what I need."

Taken to walking the streets of Canary Wharf by the River Thames around eleven at night she wandered aimlessly in desperate attempts to make herself tired.

Located in the heart of a thriving and aspirational community her luxury apartment over looking the river had set her back a cool million, but with all the mod cons installed it didn't replace a good old fashioned romp in the sack.

"Another waste of a night."

This particular English summer had been hot and humid. Even at night the temperature was eighty degrees Celsius. Her apartment on the twenty fifth floor in Liberty Towers had air conditioning but it kept making funny noises and so she had shut it off.

With the big bedroom window open there was a little relief as she laid on top of her king size bed in the nude, tossing and turning. When her sweat had glued her to the sheets in the incredibly sticky bedroom the winsome loveliness again went for a walk outside. To save time she slipped on a pair of heels and put on her Zady khaki trench coat over her bare body and ventured out.

She checked the time on her Apple IPhone and saw it was one A.M. Her heels clacked on the pavement as she took a brisk stroll and immediately felt the air cool her naked frame under her coat.

In fact as she walked she began to get a secret and exhilarating thrill with only the coat on and nothing else. The silken lining of the coat on her bare skin felt wickedly daring and when a young couple passed her in a tight embrace, Emma smiled as she dug her hand deep into the side pockets and stroked her body through the lining.

"I must try this again tomorrow night."


Emma tried everything to fall asleep. Sitting up in bed, taking a long bath just before retiring, keeping all the lights off, but refusing to take any pills. Nothing else to do but take a midnight stroll once more.

Slipping on the trench coat over her naked body again she tied the thick waist belt tightly around her small waist for a close fit. On her feet she chose her two strap shoes with the five inch heels. Her light brown hair was tied up into a sleek ponytail and she pulled up the collar high around her elegant neck.

Once in the street under the harsh lamps Emma tried to look normal as she walked out in the humid night air. Again she relished the release of her seemingly latent exhibitionism as she smiled at passers by in the knowledge that just under her coat she was as nature intended.

As she passed the new Waterstones Bookstore which was open twenty four hours a day, Emma decided to escape the heat and chill in the air conditioned shop. The bored shop attendant lifted her head when Emma entered and then looked back down at her phone.

"Hi, anything by J.K. Rowling?"

"Try the young adult section." Said the blonde without raising her head.

Emma found the shelves and began to browse when she felt the presence of another person who then brushed by her. She looked up from her book to see the back of a tall man as he headed for the biography section.

Intrigued by this other late night shopper Emma went to where she had just seen him but he was not there. Alone in the quiet store she walked down one aisle and then another, hoping for a glimpse of the man with the wavy dark hair.

"Excuse me."

Again the stranger passed by, close enough for her to smell his cologne.

"Oh, you're..."

Emma spoke to thin air as she spun around to speak, but the elusive shopper had slipped away. She felt a stab of sexual excitement run through her as she sought out her mystery man as if she were a big cat on the prowl.

It didn't take long in the small shop to find him in the sport section. Their eyes met as Emma drank in the handsome features of the six footer. In a suit and tie he had shaggy brown hair down to his brows, brown eyes and a muscular build.

"He's cute," she thought as she averted her gaze and took a book at random from a shelf.

In an attempt to feign indifference Emma turned on her heels and tottered over on her heels to a back corner. She turned abruptly when the loud bang of a hard cover book being slammed shut made her flinch.

Then Emma felt an arm grab her by the elbow to steady her as she backed up against the wall. Aware of her breathing and her beating heart she moved just a smidgen to him causing her left leg to thrust out and a tantalising glimpse of her slender thigh peeked out from under her coat.

Emma wondered what he kissed like, an odd notion to enter one's head but that was the only thought on her mind at that moment. At a petite five feet five, a bit more in her heels the stranger loomed over her in silence. He took the book from her hands and read the title on the spine.

'The Language of Sex and the Beauty of Sexual Intimacy.'

He looked from the book to Emma and quirked an eyebrow at her. He pulled her closer so that his nose was practically in her hair. She had not the faintest idea why she had picked up that particular book but it mattered not as his right hand snaked inside her coat where the last button was undone. Emma felt the beat of her heart accelerate as his warm hand gripped the top of her bare thigh and he bent to kiss her.

"Oh, my!" Thought Emma as the kiss seemed to go on forever.

Emma's pent up need for physical contact and her latent sexual desires bubbled over and she ran her left hand through his groomed hair as his hand seemed to zero in on her heated loins.

Both her arms snaked about his neck as Emma parted her legs willingly so that his fingers danced across her inner thigh. Her coat raised subtly and Emma gasped into his mouth as he cupped her pussy mound under her coat.

He pulled out of the hot kiss as he realised the slim woman was in fact naked underneath. As he paused for her reaction she nibbled on his lower lip and pressed her frame against his, cradling her head on his chest. He took the hint and inserted one finger into her tight, wet muff as he rotated his thumb on her shaven Mons.

The second eye opener for the lucky mystery man. Then Emma swore as her cell phone went off in her coat pocket and they broke away. The shop assistant looked up at the sound of her ring tone of 'Steamy Windows' by Tina Turner.

"Everything alright?" Asked the girl.

"Oh, yes. Just fine." Emma gushed as she drew her hanging waist belt tightly around her.

She blushed and turned back to the mystery man only to find he had eluded her for the last time tonight. As she made her way to the exit she looked over her shoulder one last time but the shop was empty.

As she strolled in the direction of her apartment building her she felt a certain moisture on her upper thighs and she changed from walking into a brisk jog.


Returning to her apartment in the Liberty Building Emma rushed to her bedroom and tossed her coat aside. The windows were still open and the sound of a police siren could be heard in the distance. The striking woman looked at the wall clock. Two P.M.

She kicked her shoes off and unravelled her hair. In her sleep deprived delirium she flopped onto the bed and replayed the little event with her anonymous paramour in her head.

Emma closed her eyes and opened her legs wide and bent them at the knees. The soles of her dainty feet came together as her hands spread out her thighs to meet at her moist pussy. Smooth and hairless she had decided a bald snatch might be a good idea in the humid spell of weather.

"Just relax."

Emma breathed in and out at regular intervals, her perky tits rising and falling with each breath. Her throbbing nipples stood out proud as she traced her fingers around her puffy bald muff.

Then she licked her middle finger and dipped it into her soft inner folds and rubbed the pink inner flesh. Emma bit her lower lip as she pushed in and out, arching her back off of the damp sheet beneath her.


Emma began to moan louder as she gyrated her hips in circles against the palm of her hand which pressed on her vulva as she delved deeper with her slim digit. Aching to cum Emma leaned over to her bedside table and picked up her blue bullet vibrator.

"This should do the trick."

She switched it on and felt the familiar vibration in her right fist. Rolling onto her belly she placed the sex toy directly against her clit which started to tingle and then throb. With the six inch toy between her loins and the mattress Emma humped up and down on the humming vibrator in a pretend fuck.

The stimulation on her tiny nub made her pussy trickle juices and sent shocks of delight through her. Her toes curled and her knees bent as her left hand thumped the bed with noiseless strikes.

"Oh my gosh!"

With pussy sopping and clitoris thrumming Emma felt the first throes of her orgasm. She turned onto her back and held her thighs together tightly with the bullet lodged in between. As she writhed in a pool of sweat her head spun until the waves of pleasure diminished and her body drifted into blissful slumber.


For the next two nights Emma was still in the grip of insomnia as she walked in the hot night air by the river for relief. Twice she passed Waterstones but something stopped her from going in.

Then, the next day, a thunderstorm swept the city and the humidity broke at last. Determined to bump into her mystery man once more Emma left her duplex apartment at midnight in a vivacious spirit.

Dressed in a strapless and stretchy red mini dress with a tight hem that reached her mid thighs she looked irresistible. To cool her feet she wore her new black rhinestone five inch heels with the narrow straps that wound around her ankles three times before tying in back with a cute bow.

The attire had the effect of showing off her winsome figure perfectly. Naturally the carefree actress again rejected the need for any underwear as she exited the building. She carried an umbrella and clutch with a few essentials and, ever the optimist, a pack of three.

"Here we go."

As she walked the light drizzle began to get harder and Emma thought she might give up on this occasion as a bad idea. She walked about two blocks from her duplex apartment but stopped short at the sight of four black men who stood around a street light smoking cannabis. They spotted her and elbowed each other to take a look.

"Shit! I am so stupid!"

The realisation that wearing a short dress at two in the morning in lawless South London was like waving a red flag at a bull. She felt her pulse race as all four twenty year olds hid their faces with the big hoods of their coats and approached her slowly.

Enemy action!

A glance around showed the street showed it was abandoned and she was alone. As she turned on her heels, feeling suddenly very vulnerable, a metallic blue Audi A8 saloon pulled up beside her and the passenger door swung open.

As the disgruntled pack of men quickened their step Emma hopped into the car which drove off with a screech of tyres. An empty can of Red Bull hit the rear of the car as one of the frustrated young men tossed the missile in anger.

"Thank you so much. That was close!" She said as she gave him her best smile.

Emma smoothed back her loose brown hair and turned to the bold driver who had rescued her. It was none other than Mister bookshop!

The man tensed his jaw and looked straight ahead as he drove down the narrow street, the windscreen wipers sweeping away the heavy rain. Emma crossed her slender legs so that her mini dress hiked up to show almost all of her left thigh.

As he changed gear he took a furtive look at her delightful pins and she was certain that he knew she wore no panties.

Result! Thought a relieved Emma.

She took her first proper look at her rescuer in his two button blazer in green herringbone over a polka dot shirt with a pair of chinos and tan moccasins.

"Could you drop me at the Liberty Building? It's not too far. I feel so dumb walking the streets at night, I should know better."

Without saying a word the brooding man turned a corner and within minutes they were outside her building. The luxury apartment block had twenty four hour security and concierge service.

As the car idled outside the locked door to the parking area Emma waved to the valet who recognised her and let the car in. He drove up several levels, eventually reaching the top floor as Emma had requested and the car pulled up in a deserted section of the lot.

"Well, thanks again. You're my hero!"

Emma reached across the space separating then and kissed him gently on the cheek. He turned off the ignition and looked into her dreamy, come to bed eyes.

"Do you...?"

He put his finger to her lips to silence her and Emma was immediately turned on. He was that mix of mystery and sex appeal that set her loins on fire. His right hand rested on the top of her left thigh as he leaned in to kiss her on the mouth.

Both hungry with desire they kissed hard with their tongues swirling deeply into one another's mouths. At the same time he found her left breast in her dress and kneaded it with a wanton recklessness.


The compact beauty tugged on the strapless upper half of her dress and let her tits pop out. His mouth dropped from her wet lips and he slobbered on her erect nipples, switching from one to the other, licking and sucking as Emma snapped her head back. In a dextrous move the dark haired man pulled on the seat lever and Emma yelped as she went backwards in the reclining chair.


Emma smiled to herself as his hands lifted the front of her dress up and widened her thighs so that he could better view her bald cunt. The next second her heels were next to her ears with the underside of her thighs in a firm grip with both his hands. He lowered his face and outlined her inner thighs with light kisses and let his hot breath out on her creamy skin.

"That's nice," she purred, basking in sensuous quivers of legs.

He hovered over her smooth snatch and exhaled on her moist labia, pausing dramatically before the stranger lapped at her bald slit with very broad strokes that left her with a saliva smear from anus to clitoris.

"Oh! Fuck yeah!"

Emma gyrated on her lower back with her heels up to the roof of the car and her dress resembling a red sash around her midriff. Her eyes had a sleepy look despite her insomnia as she felt her inner folds part and his pointed tongue probe her sex.

With increasing moans she kicked the inside of the small interior of the car as his nose pushed against her clit and he licked her dripping entrance. He added his middle finger to the mix with his palm up as he feasted on her clit with his tongue. His hand moved to and fro and cupped her hairless mound as he worked in and out, his digit just behind her pubic bone.

"Yeah, yes, yes! Right there! Uh, huh!"

Emma brought her heels down onto his shoulders as her ass lifted up off of the seat, and she grasped his hair in sweating fingers. His hands held her buttocks as he ate her pussy with audible sucking noises and Emma was close to the edge.

"Fuck me. Fuck me, now. Please! There are condoms in my purse."

Sat back in his seat he quickly removed his chinos and pushed them down to his shoes. Then he slid his jocks to his ankles and kicked his shoes off. Emma stared at his seven inch boner that veered slightly to the left and watched him tear open a package and unroll the condom all the way down the vertical shaft.

She looked him in the eye as the horny man lowered himself on top of her diminutive frame, his hot loins on hers. A light gasp escaped her lips as his throbbing organ pushed in between her thighs and went straight into her slick pussy.


Unable to stretch out he hunched over at the waist and pulled the tiny Emma to him and together they rocked on the reclined car seat in a tight embrace. His pelvis moved up into her with hard thrusts and retreated slowly before plunging in again with force.

Their faces were but an inch apart and Emma looked into his eyes for some sort of approval. The fat rigid cock buried deep inside her cunt provided her with the answer. His prick was amazing as it slid in and out of her with vigorous strokes. Their bodies melded to each others and her medium sized tits rubbed on his shirt.


He must be getting cramped thought Emma as they disengaged and he sat back in the drivers seat, his flagpole of a knob resting on his bared belly. She shifted up front and took the condom off his cock and tasted the hot shaft with her extended tongue.

The man grabbed the back of her head as she plunged down on him and began to suck on his entire length. She teased his balls as her head moved up and down with lips tightly pursed and her dextrous tongue licking on his rippling cock flesh.

Emma loved that superb sensation of the spongy head sliding between her red lips as she sucked him with hollowed cheeks. She could hear his breath quicken by her ear and she stopped dead, not wishing for the fuck to end. With her tiny hand at the base of his cock she tossed her head back to the car door.

"Let's go outside." She suggested.

They both stepped out and Emma shrugged off her dress and stood naked in her heels only, her hand cupping her throbbing pussy mound. Neither of them spoke as the whirr of a generator sounded in the hot air of the multi level parking lot.

He stood tall alongside the Audi, a silhouette black against the interior light on his Audi, and Emma watched him unroll a new rubber on his length. She looked at his big erection in the ribbed condom and felt a spasm in her loins. He moved into the light and she admired his lean frame and smooth torso.

"Like this."

Emma loved getting fucked doggy style and she turned her ass to him and rested her hands on the hood and looked back at the naked man with that demure look of hers. A desirable mix of sweet innocence and wanton abandon.

She was a vision of beauty with her backside up and het slender thighs and calves taut as she rocked on her heels. He ran his hands over the flanks of her firm figure as his rigid prick pushed at her cunt from behind. She rocked to and fro on her heels, legs wide apart as his flared crown rubbed along her slit driving her mad with desire.

"Put...it...in." She demanded impatiently.

Then both her hips were held steady as the slim actress was raised up a tad and then impaled on his stiff with a resounding thrust. Emma drew a sharp intake of breath as his cock slipped all the way up inside her wetness and they stood still for a long moment to savour the sweet penetration.

The smell of motor oil filled her nostrils as she dipped her head. With a loud sigh the mystery man began to pump his cock with her body up and down, over and over as if she were his personal sex toy.

"Oh...my...word!" Emma moaned as she was pulled and pushed with force.

Her pussy ground on his hard boner and she felt the slick feel of the condom glide in and out of her cunt. Her cute butt was a stunning sight from the rear as he rammed his cock in faster, bucking her lightweight frame as he literally massaged his shaft with her muff.

She braced herself against the wet car as her lover slammed into her hips and his balls banged on her rump.


As the pair of naked lovers fucked in a lust crazed rut a car slowed up and Emma lifted her head to see another stranger in the drivers seat of a Ford Fiesta.

Through the rain streaked window she saw a face look directly at her as the car idled about twenty feet from them. Together with the thought of being watched by another, and the big fat cock shoved up her hot and sticky groove, Emma drew nearer to her climax.

"Don't stop, I'm real close."

Without any need to be told her anonymous lover banged the shit out of the trim young woman. His hands groped the front of her soft upper thighs and pulled her onto his knob at the same time he pushed forward.

Emma began to shudder as she had a rewarding orgasm and she rose up on tiptoe in her shoes as she came. The driver of the Ford honked his horn and drove off leaving Emma with her man melded to her back. He gave little jerks of his hips as he obviously came inside her, albeit into his condom.

They separated with heaving bodies as they wound down their emotions. As before in the book store Emma was aware of the elusive man vanish and the still nude woman spun around as she heard the car door slam shut.

"Er, hello?"

Slightly pissed off Emma pouted with her hands on her hips, the insides of her thighs damp, as the engine turned over and he began to reverse.

"Hey! What the fuck!"

She had to step back as the car rolled forwards and began to head for the exit.

"Wow! Hey asshole! What about my dress!"

Emma stamped her heel into the ground as she looked around the lot, alone, naked, and decidedly embarrassed!

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Re: Emma Watson's Erotic Adventures
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Chapter fourteen.

Note- Another fictitious tale of celebrity that is far from true.


Emma Watson, along with most of the country, was happy and relieved when the hot and humid Summer finally broke. The enchanting young actress had been restless and unable to sleep at night, and as a consequence had taken to walking outside in the street after midnight in a attempt to get sleepy.

In an unexpected twist she had rediscovered her inclination for having anonymous sex with strangers. No strings attached, no judging, and no questions asked just hot and steamy sex.

Well, one man in particular really, had provided Emma with the opportunity for a crazy fuck in a bookstore and in a car parking lot. Much to her embarrassment though the erotic encounter had backfired badly when her paramour had left her high and dry, naked and outside on the twenty fifth floor of her apartment building.


With the help of the concierge, together with the lateness of the hour, the unclothed Emma had managed to regain access to her top floor apartment without being noticed. Seething with anger she vowed to get even with the creep if ever they crossed paths again.


It was around eight when Emma arrived by cab to the function, although it was very close to the Liberty Towers building in Canary Wharf where she lived. As her new movie project was now nearing pre-production the studio was actively searching for individual financers who might help with the money risk.

It was to take part in an old fashioned wine bar by the waterside and Emma was pleased to get out and about. She had taken to sleeping by day and staying up until sunrise before finally crashing out in an exhausted sleep. The night air was a little misty and she smiled to herself on her good choice of outfit

"Hi there!" She waved as she went inside.

Deciding to take a leaf out of Cara Delevingne's book she had on a Saint Laurent trouser suit and crisp white shirt buttoned up all the way to her elegant neck. On her tiny feet she had slipped on a pair of black Paul Andrew high heels. Her shoulder length light brown hair was loose and she had chosen her favourite mascara around the eyes.

She was greeted by the organiser, Roger Bailey, a warm hearted fellow who began to introduce her to some of the prospective financiers. By the time she arrived the event was well under way and she was happy to mingle despite her uneasy commitment to public functions such as these.

The location was an intimate stand or sit down venue with bespoke menus and thoughtfully chosen wine. Emma took a glass of Chardonnay as Roger steered her toward potential wealthy backers.

"And this is Giles Brandon. He represents a consortium of British backers from Surrey."

A tall man in a blue suit and tie with floppy hair that came to his brows came over and they both smiled and shook hands politely until the realisation that they had already met sank in.

"YOU!" They said in sync as the recognition came to them both.

It was none other than Mister bookstore from that unforgettable humid night when they had fucked each other in his car before he chose to ride off without a word. Giles held her hand without relinquishing it until Emma forced it free.

"Would you mind if I have a private word with Mister Brandon, Roger?" Said she, finding it extremely difficult to keep her cool.

"Certainly, hope you can come to some equal endorsement."

Emma strolled over to a convenient corner of the bar where the light was dimmer. She was followed by Giles who then reeled in surprise from a firm smack on the left cheek.

"You bastard! You left me right in it that night! What sort of sick pig are you?"

Giles squared his broad shoulders and looked her right in the eye. The last time he had looked into those dreamy, heavy lidded eyes he had been driving his stiff cock deep into her snug pussy, her slender legs wrapped around his waist. Her words of lust even now echoed in his ears.

"Don't stop! Fuck me harder!" She had implored.

"Well! And where is my red dress?"

Emma could feel her heart pounding in her ears as she crossed her arms and her heel tapped on the stone floor like a tattoo.

"So, you're Emma Watson! I had no idea that night. I was just looking for a cheap thrill."

As soon as he spoke he knew he had chosen the wrong words. A couple passed them in a huddle sipping wine as Emma stared into his dark brown eyes. The last time she had looked into the same eyes the pair of them were in a haze of sweat and lust, locked together in a steamy clinch in the back of his Audi 8.

"A cheap thrill? You're calling me cheap!" She threw her left arm out in disgust.

"You want me to leave? We can still be friends."

Emma fumed as she turned her face from his. This was in fact the first time she had heard him speak. The previous time they had been together was a daring, adrenaline filled visit that saw them part suddenly and unexpectedly. She decided now she hated his educated accent with his perfect white teeth and infectious smile. Fuck! Why did he have to be so good looking!

"I'm definitely NOT your friend. Creep." She frowned and shifted her weight as the six footer with the gorgeous shaggy brown hair moved behind her.

"May I say that I'm sorry?"

"Bit late, feller."

Her heel still tapped on the floor uncontrollably as his arm brushed hers and his body pressed against her back, Was it her imagination or was that his hard on pushing on her bottom through her trousers? Emma turned her head and his nose almost touched her right cheek. If he moved only one millimetre closer his lips would meet her skin.

"You're so annoying!"

She turned to face him and looked at him as if for the first time, which in a sense was close to the truth. The muscular man seemed to ooze sexual energy from every pore as he awaited her next words.

Damn his eyes!

Damn his stunning lashes that cast a tiny shadow on his fabulous high cheekbones!

Damn his oh, so kissable lips!

She lifted her glass of wine and took a deep swallow.

"Another drink? Chardonnay, am I right?"

Giles felt his mouth dry up despite his outer calm look. His natural instincts made him want to take her in his arms and kiss those dreamy lips. His gaze lingered on her lustrous straight hair and groomed brows. He yearned to stroke her soft creamy skin and then throw her down and fuck her brains out.

Emma walked briskly to the bar with him in tow and accepted the refill of white wine and took another big gulp. The wine soothed her throat and her ardour as she tried to ignore the pesky Brandon.

"You don't have to follow me everywhere." She berated the hovering fellow.

"I was just thinking if you ever, you know, thought about that night, ever."

Emma sighed as she began to tire of the man's persistence.

"Not in a good light."

In fact she could recall every dirty detail as if it were yesterday.

"Are you not drinking?"

"No. Alcohol decreases my libido. I like to keep my end up." He grinned inanely.

She turned to him and blinked twice, then looked down at his groin and up again quickly.

"Are you getting hard?"

Emma sneered and shook her head and indicated to the barman for another drink. What a nerve this guy had.

"Looking for another quick shag? Look elsewhere." She scoffed.

Emma drained her third glass of Chardonnay and felt her legs go loose and her stomach warm. She should really get something to eat.

"I need the bathroom."

"Let me help you."

Giles took her by the elbow and directed her to the rest rooms, secluded at the back of the bar. Emma couldn't help but notice his gaze firmly on her rear.

"Are you checking out my bum?"

"Er, yes. It's a nice one."

"Well, you should know. You got a good look while you gave it to me against your car."

Emma entered the ladies, followed by a self approving Giles. Slightly giddy she put both hands on the counter and looked at her reflection. Not too bad she thought apart from a little flush of the cheeks. Behind her the grinning six footer pressed against her and put his arms around her trim waist.

"Are you trying to seduce me?" She spoke to his reflection.

"The answer is yes, if it's working."

Giles tilted his head and nuzzled her neck just where her shirt was tightly buttoned. His thick hair fell forwards as Emma felt a buzz in her veins. Whether is was the alcohol or the seduction she decided it felt pretty good.

She turned to him as he looked into her come to bed eyes. They seemed so large as he drank in her pretty face with the cute nose, high cheekbones and splash of freckles. He shoved and Emma leaned back into the edge of the counter at hip level, hemmed in by his larger frame.

"I may be a little tipsy." She said with a slight slur as he planted his mouth firmly on hers.

His mouth was ideal for kissing damn it, she thought. Perfectly soft and perfectly hard at the same time. The very idea of giving in to this man again both disgusted her, yet intrigued her as well.

Her arms came up and smothered his neck as they smooched. So close now their bodies touched at chest level as lips opened and tongues danced. Emma rose up on tiptoe as she surrendered to the deep kiss, her pelvis pushing at his now quite obvious erection. He spoke into her mouth between lip service and Emma began to wilt.

"Are we going to do this again? Someone may come in." Kiss.

"You had better, you fucking tease!" Kiss.

"Right here?" Kiss.

"The hell with it, why not." Kiss.

Giles lifted her shirt out of the tight waistband of her trousers and tugged the front zipper down to crotch level. Likewise Emma tore at the front of his shirt and ran her soft hands on his solid wall of an abdomen. The heat of his torso sent a flicker of excitement straight to her loins and she wiggled her hips as his right hand snaked down the front of her skimpy panties.


His fingers rubbed her pussy as her hand wound around his hard on, and both writhed in pleasure from the welcome physical contact. Next thing his trousers and jocks were puddled at his feet, as were hers as they both took one step back. With each of them now naked from the waist down they sized each other up.

"I'm touching your cock." Kiss.

"And I am fingering your cunt." Kiss.

Emma turned from left to right and noticed that no other women had joined them. She turned her back on him and leaned on her elbows on the bathroom counter with her ass up, the cool air of the bathroom delicious on her bared flesh. She looked into the mirror at herself with Giles right behind her and waited patiently.

"We going to do it doggy?" He said as he wanked his stiff.

Emma curled her lip at him in slight surprise. What a jerk!

"Really? It needed to be said? Just fuck me, you idiot!"

"Got a condom?"

"No, I don't have a condom. Just don't cum inside me."

Emma felt her legs parted with his muscled thighs and the wet fingers of his right hand run up her pussy once swiftly followed by the spongy tip of his cock. She sucked in oxygen as he started to push into her muff with his seven inch boner. As he humped her onto her toes Emma closed her eyes and relished his warm hips press to the back of her thighs and ass.

"This brings back memories." Said he as he recalled fucking the charming woman on the twenty fifth level of her buildings multi storey car park.

"Dumb fuck! Just get on with it."

No more talking, also like the previous time, as Giles thrust up with brisk gyrations of his pelvis. Her backside was gorgeous as he banged her and began to pick up the pace. Emma was pushed into the edge of the counter and her midriff began to get a indented stripe right across her lower belly. The light of the room was behind them and the moaning actress looked at the silhouette of her lover in the mirror.

"Fuck, it's good," she admitted as she became slick and juiced from his steady strokes.

She hated herself as much as she hated him but his cock felt superb inside her pulsating cunt. His smooth shaft rippled along her inner walls with a sublime friction that was rewarded with a sliver of her love juices that ran down her left inner thigh in a slow trickle.

He took her by the hips and pulled her back to him as he pushed forwards and watched her light hair sway. Their lower bodies were joined at the hip as they rocked back and forth in blissful sync, his full length embedded totally in her.

Emma cried out as her pussy stretched out, not caring if anyone was in the vicinity. In fact, deep down, there was a secret notion that she WANTED someone wander in and catch them in flagrante.

"You can't be serious!"

Emma pouted in frustration as Giles pulled out gracelessly from her gaping pussy and hurriedly yanked his trousers up desperately trying to stuff his bouncing erection back inside.

"Someone is coming!"

The door opened and two women entered, both pausing as they eyed the couple. Emma wriggled back into her own trousers as she and Giles exited, he in haste, she in great disappointment.

"Fucking wimp! I hate you!"

Emma found him at the bar nursing a coca cola and looking rather sheepish.

"You asshole! I thought you got off doing it in public?"

He turned to a scowling Emma and threw his hands up in shameful silence. Still slightly light headed Emma decided it best to leave and get some air and return to her nearby apartment. Giles watched her spin on her heels and look at him with irritation.

"Well come on stupid. We're not done yet."

He followed her like a puppy as Emma hailed a taxi and they took the short ride to Liberty Towers.


Once inside her bedroom with the grand view of Canary Wharf they tore each others clothes off in a lustful passion. Their kiss was intense and Emma was crushed in his strong arms as they urgently embraced each other. His hands grabbed her cute ass and felt her hard nipples in his chest as their ardour rose to the surface.

"Yes, do that."

Giles had found her sensitive spot, just under her jaw near her pulse. He ran his tongue along the hot flesh as she tilted her head back and pressed into him willingly. His wet lips trailed up to her neck and vibrated on her skin and her slender frame shook with delight as her fingers played with his thick hair. Then he found her mouth once more and gave her a searing kiss that gave her goose flesh.


Emma squealed as she was suddenly lifted up as if as light as a feather and flung onto her big bed. She looked up at him with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes as she widened her legs. Her eyes lowered to his semi erection that poked up at half mast and she tingled with an acute anticipation.

"Come here you gorgeous bastard and lick my pussy."

Giles joined her and his deft hands cupped her pert tits, teasing both nipples into hardness as he slid his body close to hers. Emma arched into him in an attempt to make his cock nice and stiff. His hands slid down her flanks, shaping her exquisite contours as she in turn palmed his impressive biceps. He reached that beautiful juncture between her inner thighs and she widened willingly to allow him access.


Giles thumbed her entrance and Emma rose her hips off of the bed and rubbed her pussy against his warm hand. She felt her cunt moisten and her knees weaken as his hands held her legs out and his face buried itself in her muff.

"Oh, fuck!"

His tongue poked out and made maddening circles around the hood of her clit before plunging inside her slippery folds. His floppy hair brushed the sensitive skin of her inner thigh as he did the most delicious swipes up and down her wet slit.

Her cute bottom humped up and down on her bed as he inserted his middle finger to the mix and Emma shrieked. Her entire lower body reacted to the waves of pleasure as she was frigged and licked, licked and frigged over and over.

"Don't fucking stop, you devil!"

Emma shook, rolled her hips and pinched her nipples as her toes dug into the backs of his calves as he laid on his belly on the bed. He lapped like a greedy pup worrying a bone as he pinned her down firmly and brought her to a dizzy climax. With nostrils flared and heart beating Emma raised her head and looked at the man.

"I need you to fuck me now. Now!"

Giles leaned back and sadly displayed his flaccid cock. What was wrong with this guy? Impotent maybe? No.

"Sorry babe. Ain't going to happen. I need the thrill, the adventure of exposing myself in public. It's the only way I can get off."

Emma sat up and put her head on her knees which she brought up to her chin. She so wanted to slap him again.

"Shit. Let's go back to the bar. It's still only ten."

Emma found a flowery cotton dress and slipped it over her naked body as Giles put on his blue suit again. They made it back to the bar which was starting to break up. Giles ordered two cokes as Emma still felt the effects of three glasses of wine.

"Lets find a table."

The pair of them found the perfect spot, back against the wall and they sat facing the other guests. Immediately Giles became animated, spurred on by the sight of others as he squeezed her right thigh and pulled her legs apart. Without panties the young actress felt the air on her sex and received a rush of excitement. His leg moved to meet hers as her nipples extended and pushed up at the thin dress.

"Oh my word!"

Emma froze as his left hand found her gash and caressed the already damp labia under the table. Her butt squirmed on her seat and she took a big gulp of coke as she noticed a woman opposite stare at them.

"Giles, she is..."

"Rub my cock."

Emma slowly moved her right hand and smiled at the sizeable bulge in his trouser groin. Yes! Am erection.

"Do it rub my cock while I do this."

Emma gulped as he slid a finger on her hard clit and sobbed in ecstasy. She gripped his rod of iron hard through the fabric of his pants and moved her hand to and fro. The woman watching was transfixed and uncrossed her legs to push at the triangle of her own panties.

"She's rubbing her cunt!"


Yes, this was the thing he adored, needed for his gratification. He wanted to be watched, desired the attention as they played with each other under the table. Emma opened her eyes and realised one of the bartenders was standing over their table. She was past the point of no return as Giles pressed hard on her aching pussy and was unable to stifle her whimpers as Giles brought her to orgasm.

"Another?" Said the waiter.

Emma had her dress up to her belly button and her steamy cunt was entirely exposed as Giles withdrew his hand.

"Another what?" She said innocently.

Another orgasm is what she really needed. A stiff cock up her is what she yearned for.

"Thanks, but we have to go."

Giles stood up and Emma tried to pull her dress down over her peach of a butt as they made their way to the exit. Both giggled as they ran out to the riverside pathway and stood at the barrier overlooking the dark water.

"See how much fun that was?"

"Now fuck me. Here!"

Again Giles nodded and spun her around to his favourite position. He lifted her dress up over her ass and pushed her against the balustrade. A light breeze from the river blew around her bared legs and cooled her fervour a tad.

Emma was dripping as he held her right hip and slipped two fingers into her lush cunt. This was followed up by his rock hard dick that slid in effortlessly thanks to her natural lubrication.

"You're soaking." He said as a red bus full of passengers passed their spot.

Giles began to thrust in and out with his hands on both of her hips and eased his trousers down his legs to his shoes. As he fucked her with total abandon Emma looked down at a pair of quizzical gulls who were perched on a buoy.

Harder and faster he fucked her, every one of his seven inches filling her tight pussy. She gripped the rail tightly as her body rocked back and forth and she planted her heels out wide on the pavement, her eyes fixed on the birds. He shrugged his trousers off and stood in a firm stance naked from the waist down, oblivious to any onlookers.

"What is it about sex outside?" She wondered and bit her lip as his left hand moved across her stomach and dipped between her legs at the front.

"Get a fucking room, perverts!"

Two noisy drinkers passed by, obviously the worse for wear. The rutting pair no heed, lost in the moment, way past the point of no return. Emma wiggled her hips as her clit was feathered in time with his furious banging. She raised her face to the looming pyramid roof building known as Canary Wharf Tower and shuddered. It was a good fuck she admitted but she still hated the man.

"I'm coming again." Cried a trembling Emma.

As her orgasm ripped through her she felt her pussy contract around his shaft which caused the rampant bull to groan and explode inside her. They stood rooted to the spot as warm sperm pumped deep inside of her until the last drop. He slowly pulled his limp prick from her overflowing quim and his cum dripped onto the ground. Emma tentatively put her hand to her pussy and fingered the sticky goo that coated her labia.

"Did you cum inside me? I told you not to do that! Fucking twat!"

Emma displayed her wet hand as if giving evidence as the night breeze blew her dress lightly.

"I thought you meant just that one time."

"You idiot! Taxi!"

A cab rolled up and the driver opened the door without leaving his seat. Emma hopped in the back and drew her dress down to her knees. Giles scratched his head as she closed the door and wound down the window.

"Oh, shithead! I'll be taking these as a souvenir as well. So long, loser!"

Emma draped his discarded trousers from the window as the cab drove off and she laughed loudly, leaving a pant less Giles in the street waving his fist. Revenge is sweet!

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Re: Emma Watson's Erotic Adventures
« Reply #20 on: April 28, 2020, 01:41:27 AM »
Note- Not to be confused with reality, this is entirely fiction inspired by those in celebrity.


Chapter Fifteen. Emma's X-Rated Charity Work, part one.

Cons-mmf, interracial.


'Do you think you can help in a new charity in South London? Urban Help is a new community project providing positive relationships and new experiences for young people. YOU will help in our programmes to encourage, create with and unify our urban people. Begin with a one off activity and build from there. Join us and let us create a new and safe community NOW. Email us at the address at the top of the page.'

I was quite taken by this job description I accidently discovered whilst browsing the net. Like many others in the city I was alarmed and upset at the rising level of crime amongst the community and wondered if there had been anything I could do.

My latest feature film 'Little Women' was completed and released and I had some free time on my hands, and so I contacted the head of the project and set up a date.


I dressed in the late afternoon in a formal navy midi skirt with a loose fitting blouse and long sleeved wool jacket. I had my hair up on top of my head and minimal makeup.

I took the number 270 bus to the London Borough of Wandsworth where I was told I would find the BX amateur boxing gym. There I would find a small group of nineteen year old men training in the ring.

My programme was to educate them in refraining from life on the street and to try to get ahead in life. When I hopped off the bus in the street a few drops of rain hit the top of my head as I hurried inside the gym.

It was about seven in the evening when I arrived and hoped I was not too late. I pulled the heavy door open and peered into a dimly lit room with a counter on the left that served steaming tea and coffee, and a large boxing ring in the centre. Lines of boxers portraits adorned the walls but I had no idea who they were. There I saw two hulking black men sparring punches and snorting through their flared nostrils.

"Oh, my."

I was not particularly interested in sport and normally seeing two men punch the shit out of each other was ugly, but the sight of the two tall men partaking in such a masculine combat sport was something new and I felt an excitement bubble up inside me.

They broke and looked at me with a slight disdain as they went to their designated corners of the ring. The one with the shaven head almost grimaced at me as he eyed me up with dark brooding eyes. Then he gargled on some water and spat it on the floor with a dramatic flourish.

"You ready?" The other with the corn row braids came back to the middle of the ring and they carried on some more dancing and sparring as I looked on.

Then shaven head stole another glance at me as I innocently bent down to adjust my two inch heel and I guess he lingered on my pert butt as my jacket rose up over my skirt. And that was when his partner socked him on the jaw.

"Hey, dude!" Yelled the man hit and they stopped dead.

"Guys, maybe this is a good opportunity to introduce myself. I'm Emma, with Urban Youth. Can I get you coffee?"

They both hopped out and joined me ring side. My pulse beat a little faster as I stood between the tall men and their musky scent wafted to my nostrils. A mix of sweat, testosterone and liniment, and I rubbed my thighs together as I felt my panties moisten around my pussy mound.

I'm just a tiny thing between two six footers, bare chested and covered in tattoos. Without a word from either we found a table and the older man behind the counter brought us three steaming cups.

"What are your names?" I asked as I took my Galaxy Tablet from my handbag and switched it on.

"Cornelius, and this is Eddie."

"Pleased to meet you. Are you local? Not many others about, is there?" I said as I looked around the quiet surroundings.

"Some come by in the day, but we near closing time."

"Hey, do you have jobs?"

I hitched up my skirt and crossed my legs as I looked at the still bare chested Cornelius. He must have been six feet two and probably two hundred pounds of solid muscle. His chest puffed out and his pectorals were painted in various symbols and pictures. I could see his impressive six pack above his high waist trunks and I got butterflies in my stomach when I wondered what he was packing under them.

"Well." I took a sip of coffee and nearly made a face at the disgusting brew. "I have a programme called 'Social Protection and Safety Training' that might interest you. It covers a subset of public actions that help address risk, vulnerability and poverty."

"Say what!?"

"No, really. Our training will ensure you have benefits and social returns which take in group or an individual's capacity to enjoy a fulfilling life."

The two looked at each other as I heard my own heartbeat in my ears. I uncrossed my left leg from my right and switched which gave the guys a tiny glimpse of my pristine white panties.

Eddie shrugged. His smooth ebony skin seemed to glisten in the low light of the room as he sat with arms crossed. His biceps bulged as he glared at me as again Cornelius spoke.

"I sure don't get none of that, darlin'. All we wanna do is box. It's our way of staying out of the gangs."

I leaned in closer and inadvertently touched his big right hand and made him flinch.

"Sorry, shouldn't have touched you. How about you? You don't say much." I turned to Eddie who had his eyes at lower level.

"Got nothing to say. Say Cornelius, are we outta here?"

Eddie said his name with a slight lisp and it sounded like Corneweeus which I found quite charming. They both rose and headed for the shower room.

"Hey, I'll drop by again tomorrow with some literature for you to read."

And with that the lights went out and I headed home. I laid in bed turning things over and over in my mind until sleep finally took me.


I visited the next day and once more the same two were in the ring, ignoring me for the most part. I sat drinking coffee and played with my tablet. On occasion Cornelius gave furtive glances in my direction and each time I felt a tiny spasm in my loins under my skirt.

I wondered if they had girlfriends, but from their looks and fine physique I was certain they had MANY girls. One instance saw me spread my legs under the table and I could not help myself as I gave my mound a quick cup of the hand, just so I could feel some physical contact there.

Eddie turned in my direction at the same second and I closed my legs tight, trapping my hand between my heated thighs. Embarrassed I rose to leave, blushing bright red as I left.

"See you tomowwow, Miss Emma." Shouted Eddie.

"Yeah, hope to see more of you real soon." Retorted Cornelius.

For some reason their words lodged in my brain. There were two ways to interpret them I thought to myself, or was I wrong?

That night in bed I used my Rabbit Vibrator to bring myself off twice, fantasizing of the pair of them fucking my brains out in a sordid threesome. Two pairs of strong, muscular arms embracing me and letting their weight settle on top of me. I had never had a black cock in my life and my imagination ran wild.


Next evening I spent more time getting ready. I imagined the impression I had given previously had been stuffy and proper so I let my light brown hair down and put on a pair of black three inch heels. I chose a white blouse with a low cowl neck that showed off my white bra beneath it. My mini skirt was a stretchy spandex type with scrunched detail.

I gave my mouth a red slash of crimson lip gloss and did my nails in the same colour, then sprayed my wrists and neck in a sweet floral scent by Lancome. In some unconsciousness mind I put on my scarlet hip length two button jacket, as if I were a matador attracting a bull. This time I took a taxi but still didn't make it until 7.45. By that time the coffee server had gone and the lights were low.

"Hi, guys!" I called out to Cornelius and Eddie who were hitting leather punch bags at the end of the room.

By their feet was a three metre long black roll mat in PVC, and two skipping ropes lay discarded. The men joined me as they removed their boxing gloves from their big mitts. Eddie was gleaming with a light perspiration as he stood, broad shouldered and puffed up.

I looked over his neck and chest tattoos and admired his bulging biceps and forearms. His thighs resembled tree trunks as he stood a little to my left and behind me. Cornelius, to my right was all sculptured and inked torso with small waist, and totally hairless.

"I'm SO sorry I'm late again."

My hands went to the hem of my skirt which I tried to smooth out a tad lower.

"What's up, Miss Emma. We forgive you being late. Up to no good in bed with your boyfriend I expect. Say, that's quite a short skirt you nearly have on."

Totally embarrassed, my high waist skirt kept hitching up to the tops of my thighs, I stammered back with my reply.

"No, no, not that I don't. That is to say I haven't been..."

Shut up, Emma. You sound like an idiot.

"My boyfriend isn't, no, doesn't..."

I pulled myself up straight but I still looked like a dwarf sandwiched between the guys. My mouth opened and closed again.

Damn, why were they so fucking hot! I was conflicted but a part of me wanted to be bad. So bad! A sexual tension hung heavy in the air as I was suddenly kissed by Cornelius whose warm mouth practically smothered mine.

"You looked like you needed that, am I wrong?"

No, you're dead on the money you devil, I thought. I wanted to kiss him, kiss him so bad it hurt. His index finger traced along my left cheek and my heart thumped in my chest. He lowered his face to mine again and gave me a deep kiss, pulling me to his hard body. My tongue slipped between his parted lips and found his and my eyes closed in bliss. A bead of pussy juice collected at my opening and tickled my loins.

"Er, how old are you again, Cornelius?" I asked with a low voice as we broke.

"Nineteen, babe."

His right hand reached down and slid between my legs, which I gladly parted for him to allow him access. Already my stretchy skirt hiked up to my crotch level and I moaned into his hot mouth. He pulled back as he realised I was not wearing underwear.

"Fuck bro', she ain't got no panties on."

"Oh, shit!" I exclaimed.

Behind me Eddie was rubbing his hands up my legs as he raised my skirt above my bottom and I ground back on him, creating a friction together.

My hot body was eager and wanting, and his, horny and virile. I loved the exhilarating cool air on my loins as I pushed my ass back into the bulge in his trunks and he reached under to rub my pussy. Then Cornelius pushed his fat middle digit inside and I whimpered uncontrollably. Eddie came up to my ear and whispered to me softly, nibbling the nape of my neck at the same time.

"We gonna fuck the shit out of you, Miss Emma. That fine with you?"

I closed my eyes and my head swayed as if I were drunk and I murmured nonsense under my breath. To be dominated by these two perfect specimens of manhood made my legs turn to jelly as two hands strummed my muff, the pressure and rhythm different from each of them.

Then Cornelius held his finger deep inside my moist pussy as Eddie moved his index finger up and down my slit and my juices flowed out hot and sticky. I was like the vanilla filling in a dark chocolate ice cream sandwich. We sidled as a threesome to the edge of the PVC mat slowly, totally engrossed in our foreplay.

"Don't stop doing that, please, it...does things to me." I purred.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I panted furiously as they teased my cunt and clit at the same time until my knees went weak and Cornelius had to support me in his arms. I squirted fluids from my sopping quim which bubbled around my pussy mound.

"Fuck, yeah!" I mumbled as I climaxed.

Eddie removed my red jacket from my shoulders and my left hand went up to his head and mashed it to my left collarbone as I recovered my wits. Cornelius still kissed me hard as I felt him frig my cunt with rapid motions. Eddie had my tits in his hands through the thin fabric of my blouse as he seemed to be forming a two fisted grip on the front.

"Careful Eddie. This is an Isabel Marant top."

With that he growled and rent the expensive fabric into two ragged pieces and wrenched it from my body, leaving my lacy white bra exposed.

"Seems a wittle fragile, Miss Emma." He lisped.

He tossed the remnants on top of my discarded jacket and I panted with sheer emotion as his hand went to the top of my head and I was on my knees on the mat.

Cornelius dropped his trunks and I felt my mouth dry up from the nervousness of seeing his big black cock exposed. I glanced into his mischievous eyes and then I shifted my gaze to his crotch as his mighty hose sprang out.

I was literally in shock as I gauged his prick to be about eight inches long and two inches in diameter. And he wasn't fully hard yet! My eyes were drawn to the ribbon tattoo that circled around his girth. That's something else I thought.

"Your first look at a brother's cock, Miss Emma?"

I managed to nod my head as I took the heavy piece and stroked the foreskin back to reveal a magnificent purple and quite swollen glans. I turned my head to see Eddie fish out his big organ and wave it up and down.

His dark cock was super hard and stood out straight at me. Fuck! It was big! It was a smooth, ebony log with a big pulsating vein inching up the thick shaft. And his balls were probably the biggest I had ever seen in my life. I grabbed hold of it and now had two black mamba snakes in my slender fingers.


Cornelius unhooked my bra with surprising efficiency as if he had done it a hundred times. Probably had too. My medium sized perky tits jiggled free as I shifted on my haunches, the nipples out like two bullets. What a sight I must have looked! Naked save for my hunched up skirt around my midriff.

"Why, she just an itty bitty skinny bitch, bro'." Said Eddie.

"Kiss 'em, babe." Said Cornelius, his focus on me and me alone.

So, here was the cock I had so eagerly awaited to view. How fucking big was this!? I now noticed the curvature, about halfway up the long shaft it bent to the left as it pulsed and throbbed.

"Wow!" I gulped as I turned my face and put my wet lips to the bulbous tip of his knob.

It was a struggle to get the monster into my mouth but the huge head entered and I hummed audibly as I pouted around it. I coughed a couple of times as my tiny fist gripped his length as tight as possible before I managed to slide, hesitantly, down two inches. My nostrils flared as I took in much needed oxygen as I kept him in my mouth for as long as I could.

"Good start, Miss Emma."

I took the words as encouragement and stroked his shaft with a clockwise twist as I used my tongue to lap on his divine cock head. He groaned in approval as I concentrated on licking the black sides from just under the huge helmet to his balls. I looked up at Eddie on my left side and turned my attention to him as I carried on wanking his friend.

"Come on, suck it."

I could scarcely believe how hard a mans prick could become as I gripped him halfway up his two inch thick stalk. There was no question of my taking all of his thick thing into my mouth but I opened my jaw wide and slowly sucked his stiff organ into my mouth, inch by inch until I was stuffed.

My hand pumped his shaft, as well as Cornelius, as I thrust my head back and forth on his knob, scraping my teeth on it as I went. His face screwed up as he rested his hands on his narrow hips and hopped lightly in his gym boots.

"Holy shit. Bitch can suck cock good!"

I relaxed my throat and boldly pushed down further until I gagged and pulled back almost to the tip. I spun back to Cornelius, my left hand never leaving Eddie's cock and rolled my wet tongue on his shiny crown. I rolled around and around with loud slobbering as he stroked my soft hair.

"You like what you see? My pretty face dripping with spit?" I asked them.

True enough, as I spoke my chin had an enormous drip hanging two inches in a thick viscous bead that finally broke and fell off and hit my tits. I became a little confused as I stood between them and Cornelius held me by my waist behind me.

"Hey, what?"

Instinctively my arms went up and behind me and held on tightly to his neck as Eddie bent in front on me and held me at the back of my thighs. I shrieked as he hoisted me up and lifted my loins up to the level of his face.

I was held in a horizontal position, my arms at the back of Cornelius's head and my legs up over Eddie's shoulders, his hands under my butt. Only daylight was under me as the black hunk ate my pussy and his buddy rubbed my nipples. My right leg kicked up and down as I was licked and sucked and I screamed the house down.

"I need the both of you to fuck my hot pussy. Now!" I begged as I was gently let down to the floor once more.

As I got to my feet Cornelius puffed out his chest and jerked his stiff cock as I admired his dark torso. I ran my hands on the irresistible flesh, so hard and solid under my finger tips as Eddie unfastened my skirt and tugged it down to my ankles. I lifted my right shoe and stepped out, followed by my left, and then I bent at the waist and began to suck on the hard throbbing hose of Cornelius.


I moaned on the ebony cock in my mouth as Eddie's face came to rest between my upper thighs from behind me. I spread my legs to about three feet apart, the toes of my heels dug in the mat hard as he kissed up my legs, first the right and then the left. He took care not to let his mouth touch my pussy lips and my hips swayed in an attempt to draw him in.

"MMMMM!" I hummed as at last his tongue slid into my desperately dripping muff and lapped at my oozing moisture.

"How she taste, brother?"

"Sweet as home made apple pie."

My ass gyrated faster as my lust for attention to my cunt increased. Big hands parted my cheeks and he finally pressed his face against my horny cunt. His tongue rolled into my slit and I purred like a kitten on the cock of Cornelius. I hollowed my cheeks and he let out a low grunt as I sucked on his delicious man meat. My sucking and licking took me into a wild, unbridled lust that knew no bounds.

"Holy shit!" I gasped just when Eddie coaxed my erect clitoris from its hiding place and gave me the most throbbing delight in my loins he pulled back and left me hanging.

"NO," I protested and squirmed back in order to seek out his mouth once more.

But the loss of his mouth was delightfully replaced by his monster cock as I felt his helmet shaped head against my soft folds. I held onto Cornelius at his hips, his swaying cock slapping on my upper cheek as Eddie pushed his thigh in to widen my legs even more.

I swear I heard him spit on his knob behind me and then in one fluid move he rocked my world and pushed on in. He grabbed both my arms by the elbows and held me in an iron grip as Cornelius pawed at my tits in front of me. I straightened up a tad as Eddie fucked me vigorously, slapping my bod occasionally with a wicked chuckle.

"Yow!" I screamed from the hard smacks.

Eddie pounded me with the strength and stamina of a bull and my body jiggled from the assault. My tits hung below me, nipples pointy and stiff. His cock then stayed embedded in my pussy as he held me under my body and he humped back and forth, taking me with him. The sublime friction made my cunt rub on his length and I could feel my orgasm build and build. His balls smacked on my rump and then I screamed the house down.

"Fuck! Oh, fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

In the midst of my heavenly climax the pair of them decided to switch and Cornelius came behind me and kissed me from hip to neck in a line up my spine as he gripped my slender waist tightly.

As I gathered myself from my orgasm he reached my nape and he bit down on the succulent flesh of my neck and I jumped slightly. He pulled me roughly to him and inserted his cock in my pussy and thrust in at an upward angle which lifted me up on tiptoes. His body rocked against my backside as he drove his slimy cock up me with long and assured strokes.

"Give me your cock, Eddie."

As I moved to and fro at the waist I reached out and took a firm grip on the base of his dick, steadying it as I licked up the left side of his shaft followed by the right. As Cornelius fucked me doggy style I raised my eyes upward to Eddie's doe like brown gaze as I sucked on the fat head of his tool. My tongue probed, teased and licked him as my pussy became stuffed with black cock.

The heat from the thighs of Cornelius felt delicious on the backs of mine as he drove up me with brisk strokes. I held Eddie's buttocks as I removed my mouth from his knob and pressed my face to his abdomen as his friend overwhelmed with a short burst of hammer thrusts that made me feel as weak as a kitten.

"Guys, My feet ache."

"Alright, Miss Emma." Said Eddie and with that my salacious body was lifted up in mid air as Eddie lined up his upright pole with my near gaping cunt and pulled me right down in it.

I was literally bounced on his ebony flagpole with little effort as his biceps flexed and bulged.

"Fuck me! Fuck me with that big black cock, you devil!"

I was flailing and shaking as I was impaled again and again and my arms hugged his thick neck as tight as I was able to. Our entwined bodies shone with perspiration and my pussy leaked down onto his big plums. My rock hard nipples rubbed on his smooth chest as I squirmed in his grip.

Bang, bang, bang, he slammed me up and down on his steel hard cock and I thought I might faint. Then he squeezed my bottom and in one effortless move lifted me off his dripping hose.

"My turn again, baby," announced Cornelius and he manhandled my weak body across to one of the tall punch bags.

I wrapped my arms half around the leather bag and my left leg went up and coiled around the base. Cornelius launched into a rampage of power thrusts that caused the room to spin as I hugged the punch bag for dear life. My slim frame banged into the leather as his body bounced off of me as his big chocolate cock ravaged my slick pussy.


My cunt gushed juices as endless waves of rapture flooded my body. He banged in and out as I panted heavily and his knees bent slightly so he could then rise up inside me, taking my body up the bag in an indelicate motion that made my pussy mound scrape on the leather.

I came again for the third time as my sensitive clit rubbed on raw leather. As Cornelius withdrew his cock from me he guided me on wobbly heels to where Eddie was on his back on the mat, his prick pointing high up like a black pole.

"Ride that cock, lady."

I rubbed my sodden cunt and straddled the young stud and as I drew in a large lungful of air I let his fat tip just inside my pulsating quim. I let my thighs settle on the PVC alongside his muscular legs and eased more of his midnight black cock inside me. The thick tube of shaft inched its way up inside my slick tunnel and the thrill of the penetration sent shockwaves through me.

"Oohhh!" I moaned loudly as his hands came up and fondled my tits.

Before I began to move my lower body Cornelius stood over me and presented his tattooed cock, the veins by now very pronounced. I let my hot breath flow over his flesh and then let his head inside my warm mouth. He held my face steady as I moved to and fro on the top half of his thick length, sliding my tongue on the juicy flesh.

"MMMM!" I moaned as Eddie became impatient and thrust up his hips to move his cock inside my cunt.

I got the message and as i sucked on one I fucked the other, sliding up and down on the luxurious cock. My body tingled continuously as I serviced the two black guys. My emotions were a riot of lust and desire as I let the man under me fill my pussy with his rigid organ. I increased my pace and my butt smacked loudly on Eddie's groin as my pussy engulfed the hot cock.

"So fucking...big!" I gasped, and the more I moved up and down, the more my pleasure multiplied.

Cornelius ripped his cock from my eager lips and tapped Eddie on his head and the next thing I knew was being lifted up onto the swaying cock of Cornelius as he laid on the mat. In a reverse cowgirl position I let my bottom settle on the mans lap as he held my slender waist in his hands. His huge member poked up between my pale upper thighs like a dark hose and my ass crack touched on his ball sack.

"Fucking size of this thing!" I said awestruck.

I raised up an inch and then I pressed my pussy onto his swollen glans and sank down with a deep groan. His cock surged up inside me as I leaned back and let my hair tickle his belly. I slid up high, bracing myself with my balance on my hands behind me on the chest of Cornelius, and then pushed down.

"Shit! This cunt is tight!"

With my eyes shut I started to move up and down, deep and slow, as I was filled like never before. His meat pushed in and out of my tight, warm depths and I fought for air as my breath caught in my throat.


That was when Eddie put his cock head to my parted mouth and I sucked him in greedily. I continued to ride the man beneath me as my juices seeped out over his divine length. Fucking amazing, I thought. I had one huge black cock in my pussy and another in my mouth and I sighed with the happy thought.



"Oh, fuck yes!"

My hips bucked as I bounced on the black hunk and I shrieked with joy as Cornelius began to thrust up into my downward strokes. My squishy cunt now made embarrassing farting noises and I could have died with the shame had I not loved the incredible fuck. I choked on Eddie and Cornelius stopped fucking upwards as I gasped for air.

"Lie face down on the mat, Miss Emma."

I got into position as I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand, head down and ass up, legs spread. I waited for his black python to shove up my hungry cunt and I closed my eyes in ecstasy when he thumbed my clit while he found my wet slit with his bell end. I yelped as he thrust into my wetness and at the same time pushed her flat to the mat on my face and belly.


My hands went palms down in some semblance of balance as he settled his whole weight on top of me. He jerked my face up and kissed the back of my neck as I felt his cock head exit my gaping hole and then surge back in with some force.

"Fuck me, puppy!" I yelled for some reason, because of the doggy position maybe?

Eddie complied and fucked in and out as his heavy frame drove my lightweight frame into the PVC. He sent me crazy as he swivelled those hips of his and slammed into my butt with his groin. I sobbed in sheer bliss as he would pull back almost completely before pausing a moment as I braced myself for the inevitable hammer thrust.

"Oh! Puppy! Puppy! Puppy!"

I could not judge but at least half of his nine inch log drove in me and at least twice I was sure he embedded his entire length in me deep. My cunt felt like it had been split open and yet I tried in vain to fuck him back as I twisted and writhed under him.

My moans of unbridled pleasure spurred him on and he made fast piston thrusts into my creaming quim as his hard black cock stretched me out. I raised my head to see Cornelius jerking his meat double fast as he loomed over us.

"So...deep, give...give...it to me. You...you like him fucking this pussy, C...Cornelius?"

"Uh, huh!" He grunted as he wanked off even faster.

Eddie plunged in me and each and every time he hit home his skin smacked on mine. Each and every time he hit home my orgasm drew closer. His muscled thighs widened my legs further apart so he had even better access to my battered cunt and every ripple of his cock in rocked me to the core.

"Faster, Ed...Eddie, I'm almost...there." I mumbled and his butt went into overdrive.

As I was pinned to the mat my pubic bone ground into the PVC and not surprisingly I started to cum. Orgasm number four! My all time record in one session.

"Oh shit! Oh fuck! Oh, fuuuuuck!" I screamed and buried my face in the mat.

Eddie pumped in and out four or five more times and then slid off of me. I laid in a happy pile on the mat and I inhaled the heady smell of the gym and sweaty sex. I heard two thumps as the heavyweights dropped onto the mat beside me and pointed two raging hard cocks to my face.

"Ready to go, guys?"

I heaved myself up onto my haunches and felt my heels dig into my bottom as I grabbed onto both men and rubbed their hard tools in my inadequate fists.

"Such nice cocks."

I moved my hands fast on both men and smiled at the looks of pleasure on their faces. I began to squeeze the heads and I made circles on the spongy flesh. Faster and faster I rubbed their cocks and looked from one to the other as they hopped on their feet.

"Oh, shit!"

Eddie spurted first and his cum hit my heaving breasts and the warm fluid ran down to my navel. Just as he seemed to come to an end Cornelius yelped and emptied his balls in a series of arcs that splattered my face and chin. I moaned as I was covered from nose to belly with streams of cum and I felt pure elation, total satisfaction at the wonderful threesome.

"Come on, Miss Emma. This way to the shower room."

I smiled inanely as the pair of them took my weary body by the elbows and walked through the dingy gloom of the gym. Their flaccid cocks still hung down between their ripped thighs like sleeping ebony snakes. I was slightly alarmed when I realised that my fucked up pussy was not closing as it should, the result of a right royal fucking by two black studs.

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Re: Emma Watson's Erotic Adventures
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Note- This is so not a true story, it's just fiction.


Chapter Sixteen, Emma's X-Rated Charity Work, part two, Featuring Emily Blunt.

I had been most pleased with my recent foray into voluntary charity work in crime hit South London and had found the experience most rewarding. The youth community project was a brainwave by the unpaid organisers who wanted to protect teenagers from entering gang life, so prevalent south of the Thames.

They had hit on the idea of asking celebrities to help out as it might encourage those who might shun the idea as worthless. So now I had sent out several emails to other celebrities and acquaintances who I thought might be of the same mind and was delighted to receive a reply from Mary Poppins star Emily Blunt.

"Result." I thought.

I had met her a couple of times and Emily told me that she would love a break from her busy celebrity life and get down to some honest and rewarding charity work. I was pleased on two counts, one, that we would get to know each other better, and two, I liked the idea of having a foursome in the sack.

"A girl can but dream." I smiled to myself.

Fresh in my memory was a glorious three way fuck with two well hung nineteen year old black guys at their local boxing gym in South London.

Eddie and Cornelius were strapping up and coming boxers who were fearful of being sucked into the cult of local gangs, the so called postcode gangs that were defensive of their various London boroughs.

I had been tasked at that time with providing information and helpful programmes designed to keep them occupied until they could get gainful employment. They had successfully seduced me and being taken by two black men had fulfilled one of my most erotic fantasies.

From what I could gather I heard that Emily had been a big flirt on the set of the Mary Poppins movie and liked nothing more than telling a few blue jokes to the crew.

"Sounds like a fun girl."

I invited her to my London apartment soon after and we had supper together. We talked endlessly about what we were going to do and our imaginations flew about.

Emily came over as a dignified character but with a slight mischievous bent. She related a story of the time she was filming the movie 'Sicario' in Southern California and a young electrician from Jamaica has fucked her brains out.

Emily explained how she recalled the event every so often and dreamed of repeating the event. She had a preference for a bit rough of rough after having settled down in recent years.

"Well, I certainly have a healthy sexual appetite myself. I absolutely love sex." I told her.

"I so agree. I love my husband but I really love to fantasise about having hard pounding sex with sweaty young studs."

Emily was a very attractive blue eyed brunette was taller than me with a slender figure, shapely back, luscious perky boobs and willowy pins. I knew the guys would take to her immediately.

"It's a date then."

We agreed that we would team up in some charity work soon and I knew the very job. A week passed and I tossed and turned in my sleep the night before as my dirty thoughts kept me awake.

The organisation 'Urban Youth' had contacted me earlier and asked if I could find some young unemployed guys willing to decorate the vicarage of Saint John's Church in Tulse Hill. The vicar and his family were to be abroad on some church business during the time we had to get the interior done.

I knew Cornelius and Eddie both had the capacity for hard work given the right motivation and so I called Eddie and he said he was interested only if it meant that I was involved.

As he spoke I could hear him talking to someone with him about that fine piece of white ass on the line and that made me feel good. I agreed and told him where to go and cover everything in white sheets to prevent any damage from paint.

"And we're on."

It was a Wednesday and unseasonably warm for the time of the year when I arrived with Emily at the vicarage. In the path up to the front door we saw paint supplies strewn about and four gallon tins of white gloss, two on top of the others.

I am definitely not the handy type but as I expected things to get grubby and paint splattered I wore an old pale blue tube top, no bra, and my tight daisy duke denim shorts, no panties. On my feet I had my new knitted lace up track shoes and little white ankle socks.

Emily was also dressed down yet still managed to look gorgeous. I was horny after a month without sex and was feeling like getting laid. Nothing new for me really, I ALWAYS feel like getting laid.

"Hey guys, how is everything?"

It had been a while since the last time and I have to admit my mind was already wandering. Emily and I waltzed into a chaotic looking living room and saw three bare chested black teenagers already sweaty and hot. The scent of virile testosterone charged young bodies and the smell of fresh paint was an unexpected turn for me.

Cornelius, the older of the group nodded hello, his eyes totally fixed on the sight of Emily in a pair of lightweight linen trousers and one of her husband's white shirts that looked three sizes to big for her. I felt a slight pang of jealousy as he wiped his shaven head with a cloth and mentally undressed her. His broad chest was covered in tattoos as he stood in just blue jeans and track shoes.

"This is Emily Blunt. She is part of the programme and has volunteered to help out today."

Eddie approached, his huge biceps rippling and his impressive six pack prominent above the waistband of impossibly tight denims. I noted Emily was unable to tear her eyes from the imprint of his eight inch hose that ran down his left thigh.

"What's up Emily?" He said politely.

He thrust out a big paw of a fist and took her tiny hand and shook it gently.

"Who's this?" I pointed to the new guy I had not met before.

Also black, he had a gallon of paint in each hand as he smiled hello. Clad in baggy trousers and without a shirt he appeared to be on the skinny side compared to the more bulky boxers, but still clearly had a muscular frame.

His dark hair was spiky and both Emily and I could not fail to notice he had an astonishing ass. Even through the baggy trousers the shape of his perfect round bubble butt could be made out.

"This is Wilko. He's my cousin. Say hi, Wilko." Said Cornelius.

"Hi, Wilko." He said laughing and I felt a giggly fit come over me as his big brown puppy eyes bored into mine.

"Funny guy ain't he?"

"So, how have you guys been? Staying out of trouble?"

We chatted for a bit as we caught up since we last met. Emily had eyes only for Cornelius and paid rapt attention to his every word. She caught my eye once or twice and I could read her mind. As she had similar thoughts to myself of jumping his bones it wasn't all that difficult.

"So, I thought we would split up into two groups. I'll stay downstairs with Wilko and Emily and you guys can do the bedrooms."

"Cool." Said Cornelius as he and Eddie took her by the hand and led her off like a sacrificial lamb.

She looked back at me and shrugged her shoulders as if in surrender. As they strolled off I watched her firm butt roll in her flattering slim fit trousers with the cropped leg. I turned to Wilko and he gave me his beaming smile.

"Well, shall we get down to it?" I asked in all innocence.


After a good half an hour of painting the walls happily I could feel the eyes of Wilko burning into the back of my head. He was close to where I was, on his knees and painting around an electrical socket at the bottom of the wall. I faced him as he looked up and rubbed his chin.

"Something on your mind?" "You're slapping paint all over, it looks sloppy."

He stood beside me and took my hand with the paintbrush and held my arm up against the wall and together we painted up and down in a smooth motion. Already it looked more professional and I felt I had wasted time doing it my way. His hot body pressed into mine with some applied pressure and his bare chest made contact with the small of my back.

"See, just long but firm strokes, all the way up. And then down again."

The way he spoke got me in the mood and I closed my eyes as his groin pushed into me with some urgency. I welcomed the gesture with an equal thrust back. His hand tightened around mine as his left arm curled around my waist and he pulled my lightweight frame into him.

"All the way up, and all the way down." I intoned under my breath. "Nice...oh my! Long and firm strokes, up and down. Up and...gosh! And...down."

"Emma." He whispered into my left ear as his full lips nibbled the nape of my neck.

He pulled the collar of my tube top over my left shoulder and began to kiss my bared flesh with tiny butterfly smacks of the lips. I felt my legs turn to jelly as my right hand dropped and his free hand wormed its way down the front of my denim shorts. With my left hand I decided to help out and tugged the front zip of my shorts down so he could slide his hand to my trim pussy.

"Wilko." I whispered.

The young man guided the fingers of his right hand along my left inner thigh, crossing my abdomen to get there. As soon as he touched me there I gasped and closed my eyes. I backed into him hard and he took the hint and went lower and he put his middle digit in my dewy cunt!

"Oh, that's nice." I sighed as he nipped at my left earlobe with hard teeth and his thumb brushed my clitoris.

His hot breath and light flicks drove me crazy and my resolve vanished completely when he worked my shorts down my thighs and pulled them all the way down to my shoes. I kicked them off and tugged down my tube top and turned to face my new admirer.

Naked save for socks and shoes I felt exhilarated and nervous with my pussy fully displayed for him to view. I positioned my feet apart and let Wilko put his hand to my cunt again. I kissed him as I went on tiptoe and moaned into his mouth.


The young stud had me grinding my cunt on his hand and I gasped at the welcome invasion of his firm touch. I moaned like I was a bitch in heat as I was kissed, fingered, and teased like there was no tomorrow. I held onto his wrist and moved with him as he slid one fat finger in and out of my wet pussy.

"I want to fuck this tight, white cunt. Real bad," he moaned his words into my mouth as he nibbled on my lower lip.

"Oh yeah? How bad?" I whimpered in reply.

"About as bad as you want my big black cock I reckon."

He had me there and he didn't speak any more as he unzipped his trousers and let them fall to the dusty floor. His painfully looking tight briefs, in total contrast to his airy trousers, were quite plainly overstuffed with his package. I reached in, my eyes never leaving his doe like gaze, and pulled out the biggest cock I had ever seen. It had to be close on nine inches, circumcised, and as black as night.

"Now THAT is a cock!" I said in sheer admiration.

I didn't waste anytime and began to give him a hand job. First I felt a bit hesitant but as I felt his huge hose stiffen in my tiny fist I began to stroke his shaft slowly. My fingers wrapped around the thick length and the tips of my fingers and thumb just about met. As he pulsed and throbbed in my hand I looked at his face to see his reaction. He appeared to be almost transfixed as he watched wide eyed.

"Am I doing it the right way?" I asked.

"Is there a wrong way?"

Silly question really I thought as I jerked him off faster, my wrist screwing and twisting. A little pre-cum emerged and Wilko put his hand on mine to stop me. All the furniture had been moved to the middle of the room and Wilko went and sat on an armchair that was covered by a white sheet and held his impossibly huge organ up to the ceiling.

I walked over to him and bent at the knees and put my right hand around his steel hard shaft at the halfway mark. Then I swallowed hard and put my lips around the purple hued glans. I sucked in my cheeks for two seconds and then let him out with an audible pop.

"Fuck, girl! It ain't gonna suck itself."

I grinned at him as I gently rolled his two black plums in my hands and dropped my head to his giant hose again. I gripped his thighs as I pressed my tongue hard against the underside of his smooth, chocolate coloured shaft and could clearly feel the big throbbing vein that ran the whole length if it.

My fingers came around the base as I worked my mouth over the swollen glans and sucked on two inches of hot meat. I dribbled saliva uncontrollably as I marvelled at the thick girth that prevented me taking any more in my small mouth.

"Shit! Let's fuck some."

Wilko picked me up as if I weighed nothing and pushed my back against the wall. I gladly wrapped my slim legs around his waist as he shoved his cock straight up my damp cunt.


Horny as hell the young black teenager just went at it and slammed me against the wall as I held my arms about his neck and hung on for dear life. Suspended in mid air as I was, the sensation of being stuffed by a big pulsating cock was too erotic for words.

I dug my nails into his dark flesh as he shoved his tongue into my mouth. He shifted his feet for a better purchase and gripped me by my ass as he rammed his big tool in and out. My feet flapped up and down in the air and my body was raised up and down as I was impaled on his flagpole of a cock.

"Fuck me, fuck me!" I implored him.

There was no way he was going to ease all of his prick inside my tight pussy and I felt so sorry for the boy as he struggled to pound my cunt. I had not been so stretched despite having had a few big cocks in my time and the sublime feel of his throbbing knob inside me had me gushing juices. The wall behind my back shook and created dust in the air as he turned me into a screaming wreck.

"So big. So big!' I shrieked.

My hands found his tight, round bubble butt and I squeezed it hard as he continued to pump his huge cock inside my steaming hole. His entire body dripped in sweat and his ebony skin glistened in the sunshine that streamed through the open window of the vicarage. Then he gave me a few more hard thrusts for luck and then let me down gently to the floor.

"Over here babe."

He sat back in the same chair as before as I tried to stand up straight on wobbly legs. My inner thighs were wet with our combined perspiration and my pubic region was matted and damp. I tottered over to him and sat on his upper thighs and felt his muscles under my slender pins. I looked him in the eye as I slowly eased the head of his knob inside my entrance. I involuntarily shivered with joy as I eased my lower body down on his massive tool.

"You just a little thing, ain't you."

It was true about my slight frame and my apparent perception of being the typical English rose, but deep down I shared Emily Blunt's view that you can't beat a sweaty hunk of man and his big cock. I glanced to my left and I realised there was a skinny full length mirror where our reflection could be seen.

As I began to move my pussy up and down on his rigid prick I looked at myself and was turned on even more by the erotic sight of my bared frame bouncing on a tall black guy. My light brown hair framed my elfin face with the groomed brows and lips. I was also pleasantly pleased that my nicely shaped bottom looked very cute as I rose and fell.

"Faster babe."

I inhaled deeply when Wilko grabbed me by my hips and bumped me up and down as if I weighed a feather. My hands wandered all over his stomach and hard biceps as he literally fucked himself with me as his sex toy. I looked down as my bottom slapped loudly against his lap and was captivated by my pale complexion on his much darker flesh.

I continued to grind my pelvis to and fro but I found myself slowing up as my quim became seriously sloppy on his cock. I had to stop for brief seconds when the tightness inside me became too intense.

"There is just so much of you!" I declared in amazement.

The muscles in my thighs and calves began to scream with the effort and I paused to kick my shoes off. As I sat still with Wilko half embedded inside me he reached between us and started to thumb my clit rapidly from side to side.

The sensation of his prick inside my cunt intensified as he pressed his thumb deeper into my clit hood. I snapped my head back and gyrated my hips as he brought me to a tremendous orgasm that rushed through my loins like an express train.

My emotions overwhelmed me as my climax coursed through my sexually charged body and I froze in sheer bliss. As my orgasm slowly subsided we disengaged and I fell onto my side. It was only then that we heard raised voices from upstairs and saw the ceiling shaking.

"Let's see how the others are doing." I suggested with a curious mind.

Wilko and I walked hand in hand as we climbed the stairs together. Me in just my tiny white socks, and he with semi hard dick swinging in front of him, and his gorgeous round and muscular butt behind him. When we got closer to the bedroom we heard loud female moans coming from inside. As I peeked in, the sight of Emily getting fucked greeted my eyes.

"It's good to see you guys getting along." I quipped.

I chuckled as I saw Cornelius between Emily's splayed legs banging the shit out of her with his tight butt clenched and delightfully dimpled. His black mamba was all but vanished up her cunt and all I could make out was his big ball bag under his ass crack nestled in her nether regions. The sound of his groin slapping on her and the creak of the bed thrilled me as I watched him pound away.

"Hey, Wilko, fancy some Mary Poppins pussy?"

"Wouldn't say no to that."

Cornelius withdrew from a panting Emily and she finally looked at me with heaving breasts. She was on her back, naked as the day she was born, legs out and pussy sodden as she gave me a thumbs up. Wilko settled between her open thighs and she shifted her hips as another huge black cock pushed up inside her.

"Oh, fuck! You feel so good!"

Emily cried out and started to buck against Eddie's hips as he immediately quickened his strokes. Her moans gave way to screams as her soft pussy was drilled with big black cock. I saw her tits bounce as she was rhythmically fucked. As he pawed her boobs I was enthralled at seeing her snow white skin fondled by the young mans darker hands.

"You busy over there? Or do you wanna join in?"

Both Cornelius and Wilko sat on the opposite sofa and I padded over in my ankle socks and squeezed in beside the two hulking young men. They each took one of my boobs and both sucked on my erect nipples at the same time. Their combined licking, sucking and just plain biting sent waves of desire through me as I stroked each of them on their broad shoulders.

"Mmm, nice guys. You treat me so well." I hummed as I rubbed their solid upper bodies.

"Yeah, well you know we got an ulterior motive, right?"

With that Cornelius began to cup my fluffy haired pussy and I sucked in air desperately as the warm contact with my already dropping cunt made me so wet. With gradual degrees I was flattened back on the sofa and as Wilko and I locked mouths.

Cornelius flipped my legs back to where my ears were and plopped his belly on top of mine. Before I knew where I was his big black log sank into my soft pussy and his powerful legs widened my own.

"Mmm, I'mmm commmm nbbmmm!"

I mumbled gibberish as the guys made love to me, Wilko kissing my lips off and Cornelius fucking the shit out of me. I had the perfect side view of Emily, who was now on all fours as Eddie got behind her. Her lean legs and cute ass were an incredible sight as she glanced up at me before dropping her head when Eddie took her by the hips and slowly pushed his erect cock inside her.

I could pretty much guess at how she felt as Eddie fucked her with deliberate and long plunges that saw the black hunk pull his knob out most of the way before slamming it back in.

"How you liking this big cock in your white pussy, hmm?"

"I like it." She managed to croak as her curvy body was banged into hard doggy style.

"Say what now? Let me hear you say it."

"I...love...it. Fuck me, please?" She answered meekly.


Emily's head was pressed down to the white sheet as Eddie slammed in and out at a fair pace. As he raised his tight black ass he pushed the brunette downwards so that she was totally flat on her front, tits mashed into the mattress.

As he fucked her brains out she tried now and again to lift her butt up but his forceful thrusts kept her pinned down. I looked from them back to Cornelius who had my feet up on his shoulders and his cock half inserted in my muff.

"She so tight in this position."

I could feel his cock stretch me to the limit as the shallow angle meant there was no way he could stuff me completely. Wilko massaged my tits, tweaking the bullet hard nipples as they impressed me with their combined seduction. I was completely lost in the moment as I got fucked by a young black stud at the same time I wanked the other in my hand.

"Shift over bro' and let me have some of that fine pussy."

Cornelius snorted, gave me three more thrusts for luck and then made way for his spiky haired friend. I was tugged by my legs to the edge of the sofa and then I let out a gasp as his incredibly thick cock eased inside me.

He grabbed both of my hands and lifted them above my head and thrust in and out without missing a beat. Sweat dripped from his face and torso onto me making my fair complexion appear dirty and sordid.

And I fucking loved it!

My nails dug into his black ass as Wilko worked himself in a frantic pace. I no longer had any strength in my limbs as he pounded the shit out of me, I was just a dripping hot pussy that needed a raw fucking. I had my second earth shattering climax at the same time Wilko gritted his teeth, gave me a few more hard thrusts and blew his load into my overstuffed cunt. His cum spewed out when he eased his pulsating hose from my sodden pussy and I laid back like a wilting flower.

"Take this."

I looked up just as Cornelius jerked his cock in my direction and let out a loud moan. His load blasted me in the face and I gladly rubbed his cum all over my face and lips. He milked his knob dry and then gave Wilko a high five as they fell back onto the dusty floor.

I wearily turned to look over to the bed and saw Emily was still flat on her front as Eddie fucked in and out, rocking back and forth as he held her firmly in place. Then he collapsed on top of her back and I watched his gorgeous rounded ass grind to and fro with a look of bliss on his face. When he got back up I realised that he had cum inside her and his shiny black prick was coated with sexual juices.

"That was a fine fuck." He announced.

"Okay, back to work." Announced Cornelius and all three began to search for their clothes in order to resume the decorating.

Inevitably with youth comes an abundance of energy and Emily and I watched in disbelief as we barely raised our used up bodies.

"Okay guys, good work today. Emily and I are just going to have a little siesta."

We both curled up together and in an instant we were both sound asleep.

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Re: Emma Watson's Erotic Adventures
« Reply #22 on: May 13, 2020, 12:57:15 PM »
Note- Seriously, this never really happened. I made it all up in homage to those in celebrity.


Chapter Seventeen, Emma's X-Rated Charity Work, part three. Featuring Jessica Brown Findlay.

I pouted and huffed as I adjusted the apron around my waist. What a complete waste of a sunny afternoon spent in a hot kitchen baking bread I thought to myself as I banged the chef hat on top of my head.

When I had woken up earlier the sun was already shining through my net curtains as I rubbed my eyes and sat up. I got out of my king sized bed and padded naked to the large window of my penthouse apartment and looked down at the River Thames.

The view was stunning and along the quay I saw many happy people out and already enjoying the morning. Then I headed to my bathroom and stepped into the shower and went over my plans for the day. I had known about the weekend project for weeks but hadn't figured on it being such a glorious spring day.


I had committed to a new South London voluntary charity project called 'Urban Help.' The organisers had been alarmed at the rising numbers of violent crime in the city, especially amongst those most vulnerable young men and women just entering adulthood.

On two occasions now I had organised some programmes of charity work for two nineteen year old up and coming boxers. My biggest success were two strapping, not to mention well hung, black guys by the names of Eddie and Cornelius.

'Ah, those two! Bliss!"

The needles of hot water from the shower felt sublime as I soaped myself and reminisced about the fantastic threesome I had enjoyed just a short time ago. Since then I had managed to rope in some other celebrities to commit to the unpaid charity project and Emily Blunt had been most accommodating.

We had renovated a vicarage in Tulse Hill and had enjoyed some extracurricular activities on the side. Getting our brains fucked out by Wilko, a tall black guy with an ass to die for being the main distraction!

"Heaven!" I sighed as my hands moved between my upper thighs.

This time around I had been delighted to invite and land Jessica Brown Findlay, she of the period drama 'Downton Abbey' to name but one of her several successes. Like myself she was twenty nine with a slim build and light brown hair.

When I first met her I was particularly taken by her natural beauty. She had gorgeous chestnut coloured hair and a cute oval face with flawless cheeks. Her smile was infectious and I knew straight away that we would get along.

The guys had moved on since my last visit into gainful employment and I was proud that I had helped them stay out of gang life. This next assignment for myself would therefore be the first where I didn't end up on my back with my legs up in the air.

"So, 'Fare Share' have generously offered some fresh food from surplus and we are going to cook lunch for around fifty homeless people in a community hall in Mitcham on Saturday morning. It's mostly men who are out of work and are in need of some nutritious food. I believe they are from the EU for the most part, Romanians and Polish. Are you up for it?"

Jessica nodded and smiled broadly.

"Sure, why not? I like to cook in my spare time."

"Great. We shall have some help from local women who need something to occupy themselves with. A lot of nineteen year old girls are under pressure these days to err on the wrong side of the fence. Anyway I thought maybe we could bake fresh bread and make some nice sandwiches."

"Right, and I know how to make spiced carrot and lentil soup."

"Sounds good. How about a sweet?"

"Got it. I call it my meringue mess. It's just eggs whites, sugar and vanilla extract. Real gooey."

"Right. We're all set. Meet me at the Mitcham underground station at seven and I'll pick you up. The food should already be delivered by then and we'll team up with the girls."


The morning air was fresh when I drove up to the station. Jessica was already there and getting some harassment from an old drunk who kept bugging her. I pulled up alongside the kerb and called out.

"Hop in." I told her as I unlocked the passenger seat.

"Thanks. What a creep! Kept asking for small change."

Jessica looked great in a loose white tee shirt and faded denim shorts and I took a long look at her toned legs as she sat beside me. Her chestnut tinted hair was stylishly parted in the centre and fell down below her shoulders. She was without make up, as was I, and as we chatted the sun felt warm and I wished that we could just keep driving down to the coast.

"Tell you what. When we're done we'll go get drunk." She suggested.

"Well I'll drink to that!" I grinned as I cheered up a tad.

By the time we arrived at the community hall I had lost all interest in the project. The brick building was pretty nondescript with a flat roof and a display board at the front. The biggest poster read 'Free Charity Lunch Saturday at Twelve.

The remains of graffiti were visible despite the efforts of the Council to remove it. By the door were several discarded silver bullets, hippy crack, or really nitrous oxide canisters that the frustrated young men took for a high.

"This is it"

We parked my bright red mini hatch in some shade and I unlocked the door to the hall. Once inside Jess hit the light and we saw three long tables, each lined with about two dozen chairs in the spacy makeshift dining room. To the left was the big kitchen, and to the right what looked like an admin office. I took my top coat off and smoothed out my print dress.

"Lets go check the kitchen."

We both headed through the two swing doors and found that the food had arrived safely. Jess put the ovens on to save time and checked out the two fridges as I busied myself with locating the cutlery and dinner plates. Then in the distance I heard the door bell chime and I looked at my mobile for the time.

"Must be Latrice and Janet."

I hurried off to let them in and as the door swung open I saw the two volunteer black women, both in zip up hoodies. They were slouched and looked thoroughly bored.

"Hi. I'm Emma, pleased to meet you."

The two women looked at me from the corners of their eyes and with their chins up. As if they regarded me as something that had just fallen out of the back end of a dog. The larger of the two had short cropped dark hair and a stud pierced nose and looked older, about twenty or twenty one years of age, than her friend. Her heavy build made her seem sort of aggressive as she approached me. 36DD-24-35 I reckoned on her vital statistics and I noted her huge ass behind her.

"Latrice, innit."

The other girl was eighteen, about five feet three I guessed with nice little tits that jiggled lightly as she moved. Her face seemed softer, with high cheekbones and a button nose.


"Great. You girls ready to have some fun?"

Latrice sneered at me and I felt a little deflated. I tried to snap out of it and reminded myself that this was all for charity. The conversation died a sudden death before it had even started.

That was when we all traipsed off to the kitchen and when I put on my apron and hat and began mixing the flour, salt and yeast in a large bowl. The big woman took off her hoodie and immediately took out her mobile phone and began to text someone.

"Latrice, we need to crack on please. Can you start to lay the tables?"

"Whatever!" She mumbled and showed me the palm of her hand. "Ain't no boss of me, skinny bitch."

This last aside was just about audible for my ears and I was regretting the entire thing. Just like me they probably wished they could be anywhere but here today. At the other end of the kitchen I saw Jessica and Janet giggling and getting a little flirty as they cracked eggs into a big metal bowl. They seemed to be getting along fine I thought, slightly jealous.


Not once but twice Latrice passed by me behind my back and accidentally, on purpose, bumped into me as I rolled out the dough.

"Excuse me!" She said, not in the least bit apologetic and uttered another insult under her breath.

I was now thoroughly uncomfortable with the evil looks and catty remarks and I checked my mobile again, wishing the time away.

"Hey, sista! Wanna do that thing?"

Latrice yelled across the kitchen as I fumed with her lack of help. Fat cow! My thought processes were in a bit of a state as I put my head down, unaware that the two black girls were plotting right behind me.

Suddenly I heard a shriek of laughter and my apron was untied and my dress was lifted up to the back of my neck. My expensive Naja invisible hipster panties were dragged down to my shoes and I was exposed from the waist down.

"Hey! What the fuck!"

Janet and Latrice both laughed like drains and pointed at my bared backside, clearly amused by my embarrassment.

I got a hard smack on my cheek, (left lower) and howled.

It was Latrice who bent down and read the label of my panties.

"Damn, bitch! Your knickers cost more than my weekly job seekers allowance!"

Fuck all this, I thought. I was as mad as hell as I tugged my underwear back up and went to where Jessica was making her meringue. I picked up an egg and then broke it over the shorn head of Latrice. I felt great and cracked another over her big bosom.

"Now apologise!"

"White cunt!"

She wobbled over to the table and picked up a mixture of eggs and vanilla extract and smashed it into the front of my dress. Janet joined in and tossed a lump of soft dough in my direction which missed and whizzed by my head and hit the kitchen wall. Jessica came to my rescue and spun Janet around and tipped a bottle of milk all over her head.


The slim black girl chased Jessica and when she caught up with her tackled her to the floor and with her right hand smeared the messy meringue mix between her legs.

"Ooh!" Exclaimed Jessica as she reached down and rubbed the stuff into her loins.

Despite her bull dyke appearance I gave Latrice a slap on the left breast and took her breath away with my bravado. Then she saw red and wrapped a meaty forearm around my neck and squeezed me into a headlock.

"Get...your...big...tits...out of my...face!" I said with a struggle, her boobs smothering me.

I managed to get a grip on the edge of the counter and pushed forcefully into her belly. Her feet got tangled and she slipped on the now messy floor. I looked across at Jessica and Janet who were in a tangle of legs in some sort of wrestle. I caught my breath and tossed my chef hat away and wiped my brow.


I got a punch in the right arm as Latrice hit me and stomped out of the kitchen.

"I am OUT of here! Coming sista?"

"Be right behind you babe." Answered Janet who came over to me with a odd look in her eye.

She cleaned the milk from her face with a tea towel and after a very long pause she moved in close and whispered in my ear.

"I am so turned on right now, I'm dripping!" Then she kissed me full on the lips!

My head was spinning and butterflies fluttered in my stomach with this new information as the young girl with the smooth chocolate complexion gently pushed me back to the wall and kissed me hard.

I was quite taken aback by the turn of events and I was aware of my body overheating. Her body brushed mine as I kissed her back, deeper and with a surprising passion, and I allowed my lips to part and her hot little tongue darted into my mouth.


I moaned as I did the same and explored the roof of her mouth. Our breasts pressed together and my pointy nipples virtually poked out the front of my wet skimpy dress. As I melted into her eager hands slid up and down my sides and over my belly and I felt my rather over indulgent panties dampen.

"I've always admired you. I was really excited when I heard that you were coming today. Forget that bitch Latrice. She's always in a bad mood."

I breathed a sigh of relief at the first bit of good news since I set foot inside the hall. Her deep, dark brown eyes were almost almond shaped and she had long lashes. I felt rather than saw Jessica move behind me as I moved away from the wall and her left leg jammed between mine.

While Janet rubbed my pussy through my panties I smiled to myself as I became the filling in an all girl sandwich. I parted my legs and welcomed the slender fingers that cupped my mound as I moaned with the sublime touch.

Jess caressed my tits thought my damp dress from behind and I humped both women with grinding circular motions of my hips. Janet kissed me again and I loved how her mouth was hot and wet.

"Let's take this somewhere private,' suggested Jessica. "How about that office?"

My whole body ached for attention as we wound our way to the frosted glass door and went inside. The small room had a desk and chairs and a three seat sofa. Janet stripped off first and I saw that her breasts were on the small side, but with nipples that could cut glass.

She was the epitome of a young and healthy woman, barely out of her teens. Her gorgeous skin was flawless and her pussy mound had been shaven to show off her puffy lipped and bald labia. I followed suit and got out of my ruined dress and stood naked apart from my panties and shoes.

"Over here, hon." Said Jessica who sat on the sofa in the buff.

I dragged my underwear off and gleefully sat on her lap. She parted her legs and my bottom settled in her loins as she reached around and began to stroke my pussy. I panted and cooed as she slid her middle finger over my V and teased my clit. Only the day before had i trimmed my pubes down to a thin covering and I was highly sensitive there.

"Oh, boy!"

Her touch was so light it felt as if a ghost was playing with me and I wiggled my backside into her body. I never suspected how good she was with women and guessed that this was not her first lesbian tryst as she moved on my hard clit in tiny circles. All over, then at the top, then around the edges until I felt quite giddy. I gave a happy gasp as my juices flowed over her finger and my toes curled in my flat heels.

"Here I come!"

Janet was on her hands and knees and crawled like a black cat and buried her face in my cunt. She kissed me just on the pelvic bone and then shifted in a straight line to my pubic area.


Her tongue was indeed similar to a cat as she lapped and flicked at my dripping muff with audible yummy sounds.

"Oh, yes! Right there!"

Jessica pushed harder on my clit, working her finger back and forth as Janet sped up and groaned into my cunt.

"That's it! Tongue me, fuck me, lick me!"

Her sweet nose rubbed on my clit as her tongue stretched out to taste my cunt juices. I lifted up off of Jessica and pushed my pelvis up into Janet's open mouth as I shook violently from my orgasmic release. As I rolled off Jessica and moved to one of the chairs Janet was suddenly all over her like a rash.

I settled back and rubbed my sticky cunt as they kissed and hugged. The adorable black girl had nipples like two stiff peaks from her pink areolas and Janet wasted no time in nibbling the proffered treats. From my point of view I got a superb look at Janet's sticky out ass with the bald puss dead centre of her separated cheeks.

"What a beautiful pussy," I said as she looked back at me.

Jessica was on her butt with her back pushed into the seat as Janet explored her wet cunt with her right hand. The contrast of black on white was a stunning sight and I looked on in fascination as the pair of them stroked the other. I pushed my middle finger into my own pussy and kicked my legs out and eased my shoes off. I frigged myself furiously, hypnotised by the happy pair of lovers and my nipples ached they were so hard.

"I got to taste her."

Unable to resist I got out of the chair and came behind Janet who had her bum up in the air and without ceremony I let a long and slow dribble of saliva drip down the crack of her perfect ass. As the spit travelled south down the exact line of her slit I placed the tip of my tongue on that small piece of skin between her anus and her waiting cunt.

"Ooh, yeah!" She exclaimed as my nostrils filled with the scent of her beautiful black pussy.

I pushed her cheeks apart and inhaled her deeply and got a Freudian rush down my spine and in my pussy. As I tongue fucked the young ebony skinned doll she furiously pumped Jessica with two fingers.

From my bent position I reached over and rubbed the long legs of Jess from her knees up to the tops of her thighs. She was herself busy pinching Janet's big nipples with finger and thumb. She looked at me with big blue eyes as all three of us became more animated as our ardour grew.

"Switch." Said I and Janet and I came face to face on our knees on the office rug.

I took a moment to compare our tits. I cupped her C cup boobs and she held my modest medium sized breasts as we leaned in to French kiss.

"What about me?" Asked Jessica with her legs flung out and her visible groove of her slit wet and inviting.

With barely contained excitement I wet my lips and dove into her moist pussy and flattened my tongue against the moist petals of her labia. I slipped my hands under her buttocks and squeezed as I slowly wormed into her vaginal slit, sucking loudly as I breathed through my nose. My tongue explored her delicious pussy and my face became covered in her sweet juice.

Resting my jaw I tried to fuck her with my nose and banged her Mons with a bobbing head. Jess began to jerk and her arms went above her head to grip the back of the sofa. Her body arched and her mouth hung open as my mouth clamped down onto her pussy and my tongue plunged inside her ever deeper.

"Yeah, yeah!"

Janet rose to the occasion and straddled Jessica in a classic 69 position, where her puffy cunt pressed to the brunette's mouth and her face met mine, nose to nose, in Jessica's mound.

We grinned as Janet and I slobbered wet kisses and laps of our tongues that left Jessica's pussy a spit covered mess. We licked and licked, sometimes overlapping, sometimes with her darting from top to bottom as I flicked from side to side. Jessica climaxed with a loud combination of squeals, moans and gurgles.

"Let's try a daisy chain!" Gushed Janet, clearly wallowing in our bliss.

That made it certain in my eyes. Jessica Brown Findlay was bisexual! I got onto my right side and placed my head to her exposed cunt as she stretched out ahead of me. Her left leg went up and I gladly inhaled her musky sex. Janet laid by Jess so that the brunette could get at her bald snatch with the bright pink labia opened up like petals of a flower.

"To me, sweetie." I told Janet who completed the chain and licked my slit between my splayed legs.

So there we were in a perfect circle, our faces buried in our cunts and working all of us into a frenzy. Totally lost in wonderful warm pleasures that resulted from the mashing of hungry mouths on hungry slits the office resounded with ragged panting and girly shrieks.

Our circle of pussy licking was a crazy tangle of arms and legs as I focused on Jessica, who focused on Janet, who focused on me. As we chased our orgasms I heard the door bell chime repeatedly.

"Oh, shit! The charity lunch!"

The chain broke and I got up quickly and rushed bare ass to the front door and looked out through the frosted window. There must have been about twenty ne'er do wells shuffling around outside. Damn! I opened the door a crack and grinned sheepishly at the first man.

"Is this the place for the free grub?"

I looked down and then over my shoulder at the beckoning sound of Janet and Jessica in muted sexual rapport. I turned back to the expectant fellow and shook my head.

"Soup is off! Sorry."

I shut the door in his face and hurried back to the admin office, skipping through the food littered floor all the way.

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Re: Emma Watson's Erotic Adventures
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Note- Totally fiction. I have never met Emma Watson and this never happened.


Chapter Eighteen, Emma's X Rated Charity Work part four.

I had decided after my most recent disaster trying to help out young men and women in need of guidance and support that I would turn to something that I knew best.

No, not fucking. Acting.

The organised free dinner for the needy and unemployed in South London had backfired badly for myself and I had returned to the voluntary charity group 'Urban Help' with my tail between my legs.

It was as I felt sorry for myself that the idea of giving free lessons in acting to the uninitiated came to me. With the help of the East London School Board I hired a classroom in the Hackney Wick Secondary School for Boys as they ran evening classes every night of the week.

On Tuesday and Thursday for an hour apiece I would teach class providing lessons for beginners in acting, voice training and even costume design. The more I thought about it the more excited I became. I got my Samsung Galaxy Tablet out immediately and enthusiastically made tons of notes.


In my role of teacher I decided to be prim and proper and dress down. I chose a sombre blouse in peach with buttoned cuffs and a simple business suit in navy blue. The single breasted slim fit blazer had a nice lustrous finish and nipped in at the waist. My tailored skirt cut to a pencil silhouette and fell just above the knee. I had just purchased a new pair of suede court shoes and thought this might be the perfect occasion to wear them.

"Maybe some spectacles? No."

I took the train on the first evening from Mile End to Hackney Central and arrived outside the school at six. I walked a short distance in the evening sunshine and strolled in and went up the first set of stairs looking for room 2C. It felt a little odd being in a school without dozens of children running this way and that.

The hallway seemed to be quite long and both walls were adorned with bulletins and advertisements. I realised that I had not set foot inside a school for many a year. A few people looked to be heading for a particular room and I remembered that the other class this night was street dance.

I used the key to unlock the door and as I went inside I flipped on the light switch. White fluorescent lights illuminated the classroom and I saw one long desk in front of a blackboard and five rows of smaller desks and chairs. I deposited my tablet, notebook and my handbag on the desk and made myself comfortable.

As I sat patiently in the classroom I was hugely disappointed when the first ten minutes passed and nobody showed. I drummed the desk with my newly manicured nails impatiently as I repeatedly checked the wall clock.

I heard a chair scrape across the floor and stood up but realised that it came from the room next door. As I almost gave up hope the door opened slowly and a shy black man peered around it.

"Is...is this the right room for the acting?"

He spoke in almost a whisper and I had to perk my ears up to make him out.

"I'm sorry? Do come in, please."

As he came through the door he seemed to grow as he stood up to his full height of about six feet and a bit. I looked on with an open mouth as I took in the cute guy with perfect dark skin and big brown eyes. I came back down to earth quickly and closed my mouth with a snap and have him my best smile.

"Is this the acting class?"

"Why yes, it is. I'm Miss Watson, Emma. Sit anywhere. As you can see there is plenty of choice of seats."

I spread out my hand and he chose a seat at a small in the third row. As he settled down I wrote my name in chalk on the big board behind my chair under the legend 'First steps in acting.' I came back around to the front of my big desk and perched on the edge. I crossed my legs in all innocence and looked at him again.

"So, I guess we'll make a start and if anyone else joins us we can fill them in. Sound okay?"

"Uh huh. Name's Keith."

Again I leaned in closer to hear his words and inadvertently kicked my shoe off. It was the new pair and I was having some trouble breaking them in.

"Oops! Pardon me."

I had come bare legged and I reached down and picked it up and I guess arched my calf and wiggled my toes. Out of the corner of my eye I clearly saw the guy narrow his eyes and peer at my slender leg. I slid my shoe back on and stood up and crossed my arms. The hem of my skirt rose up my leg and displayed more flesh than I intended to.

"So, let me hear a bit about yourself."

"Not much to tell. I'm nineteen and just trying to survive on the streets I guess. I see all these shows on television with the black guys all acting tough and stuff and, well, looks cool."

"Right, good. This short course may well help you. I plan to offer a friendly and supportive atmosphere so we both can explore acting. We'll understand costume, speech, improvisation and at the end we'll rehearse a scene. Yes?"

"Can you get me on TV?"

"You never know Keith. I'll keep my ears open."

As I walked by the desk my stupid shoe got stuck in the wooden floor and I carried on with one shoe on and one off.

"Oh fiddle."

I bent at the waist and picked it up not consciously aware that I was sticking my bottom out for Keith to ogle. I picked up a copy of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and handed it to Keith.

"Oh, shit! We got to read this?"

"Now then, Keith You might actually like it. Let me hear how you read."

He took off his grey hoodie and I saw that he shaved his head. His plain white tee that was so tight that every move he made showed off his developed muscles. They weren't overly large but nice and firm. He pouted and as I looked at his full lips I had to fight an irresistible urge to kiss them.

"Right. Act two, scene two. I'll start."

I sat on the small desk by his chair and leaned over. He turned his head from me and I chuckled.

"It won't be that bad. Hmm, should have brought two copies but we can share. Here we are. 'But to be frank and give it to thee again. And yet I wish but for the thing I have. My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep. The more I give to thee, the more I have for both are infinite.'"

As I read I felt my face getting warm as he pricked up his ears.

"Wow! That was beautiful!"

"Thank you."

I smiled as we both became confident and I found myself acting a little sexy. I felt suddenly quite hot and considered removing my blazer. We were now so close that I imagined I could hear his heart beating.

"Now you read Romeo."

"Right. O, blessed, blessed night."

"No, it's more 'bless-edd' night."

"Uh, huh. 'Blessed night I am afeard. Being in night all this is but a dream. Too flattering sweet to be sub...substantial.'"

"Not bad. Try to project your voice. Here. 'Bondage is hoarse and may not speak aloud. Else would I tear the cave where Echo lies. And make her airy tongue more hoarse than mine.'"

"Hairy tongue?"

I laughed at his naivety.

"Not hairy, airy. Look, my tongue is not hairy."

I licked my lips and poked my little tongue out a tad. His almond shaped brown eyes held mine for a considerable amounts of time until I managed to break the spell.

"Any way. Read some more of the play to yourself as I go see if anyone else is outside."

I opened the door to an empty hall and pouted. Returning to my chair I sat in silence as I watched Keith read and I smiled at the cute way he moved his lips as he did so. I was sure that he knew I was checking him out and the very thought sent a warm tingle through my body.

I found myself drifting into a fantasy and I imagined Keith naked with a full erection as he unbuttoned my blouse and released my breasts. I stroked my thigh under the safety of the big desk as I saw in my minds eye he pushing my skirt up to my waist as I sat on the edge.

His hand pumped his rock hard pole as I pulled my panties to one side and showed off my shaven pussy. I closed my eyes as he touched my wet entrance with the tip of his knob and took a step forward.

"Miss Emma?"

I came back to earth with a crash and sat up straight.

"Oh, is it an hour already? Well, thanks for coming. Will I see you next time?"

I took his big hand in mine and it vanished in his mitt. It was firm and dry and we did not break away for nearly ten seconds.

"If I may. Ain't got much else on to be honest."

"Fine. I'll have you again then."

Oh, yes. I shall have him alright. That was a promise. He left and I watched him out of the window as he strolled off down the darkening street. That same night I took a luxurious bath and spread out on my big bed. I played out the evening over and over in my head as I played with myself. Images of Keith on top of me with his huge ebony cock deep inside me as he fucked my brains out made me cum in minutes.


This time I decided to go in daring style in a black mini skirt in the softest leather. Together with a metallic silver knitted top with scoop neck I had an off white jacket with one button and notch lapels. On my feet I wore my burnt orange high heeled sandals with a strappy front for the extra height.

Of course there was the chance that others might well turn up this time but all my thoughts and energy were focused on Keith. Stupidly I spent far too much time getting ready and together with infuriating signal trouble on the railways I got to the school a half hour late.

"Shit, shit, shit!"

I ran down the corridor, almost tripping up in my high heels and made it to the door. There was an old man hunched over standing outside and he looked up at me.

"Evening dear. Is this the right room for the drama class?"

No, I thought. Sorry old man but you would only cramp my style.

"Not tonight Sir. Sorry. But hey, did you see a young man waiting here? Tall, shaven head, black?"

"Oh yes. He said he couldn't wait any longer and left."

Damn! I opened the classroom door and sat at my desk and put my head in my hands.

"Miss Emma? I been done waiting forever."

"Keith! I'm so sorry for being late. Can you forgive me?"

I stood up as Keith came in the room and I gave him a big hug in my relief. He stared at me and held my hand in his. There was no doubting his feelings as we pressed together as his manhood made a sizeable outline down the left thigh of his blue jeans.

"I don't know. Maybe you should learn some discipline." He said finally.

He rubbed his cheek and looked over my shoulder at my behind. Hmm, his initial shyness was now just a memory as he raised his left brow and folded his big arms.

"What are you gonna do? Spank me?"

My words caught in my throat as I replied and I slipped my jacket off and draped it over a chair.

"Now that ain't such a bad idea."

"Alright. Then do it."

I said the words but didn't actually hear myself as I felt my legs wobble. Had I just asked a complete stranger to smack my bum? He walked slowly to the chair at the front of the classroom and sat down on it. His hand reached out and I joined him as he took me by the wrist and I was yanked onto his lap.

I tried to get into a comfortable position and at the same time get the correct angle for him to smack my ass. My hair spilled over my face as I dipped my head over his left thigh and he raised my leather skirt which creaked slightly and lifted it to my waist.

"Shit! You got a great ass."

"Thanks. Now take my panties down."

I was certain that he shivered as his shaky fingers slid my underwear over my rump and down to my knees. I gasped as the cool air of the room met my bare cheeks and I clenched and pressed my thighs together.

"Oh, Keith!"

The young black hunk touched my slit. which poked out from the gap made at my upper thighs.

"Hey, you're soaking wet!"

My exposed bum was in an arc over his right knee and he stroked my buns gently in a delightful circular motion. My juices ran profusely with the anticipation of the palm of his hand striking me. When it came it still took me by surprise and I pushed forwards on his lap as he hit me directly on my left cheek.


He followed up with a smack on my right cheek, then my left and then the right in quick succession. I welcomed the wicked sting that made my pussy tingle like crazy and I raised my bottom higher as I waited for him to continue. He shifted his body under my weight and I felt his erection trapped in the leg of his jeans.

"Ever done this before?" I asked as he spanked me twice across my ass crack.

"No. But my mama beat me tons of times."

I yelped as the black guy dotted more blows all over my backside, never concentrating on one spot. I was sure that my behind must be bright red and I squirmed on his lap. My pussy was a gooey mess and I felt my wetness run down my inner thighs.

"I...I got to stand. My cock needs freeing up."

I stood up and my panties puddled around my heels. My bum stung in a nice way, not painful or bloody. Keith had taken care not to be too nasty. As he stood up and desperately dragged his jeans down I twisted my skirt around and unzipped it and it fell to the floor and I stepped out of it.

When he lowered his boxers I was pleased at the size of his ebony hose. Quite large and very thick. With the foreskin drawn back he must have been packing in excess of eight inches.

"Wow, nice cock."

Keith eyed my wet quim which I had shaved that day and he stroked his shaft until it stood up like a flagpole. My hand went between my thighs and I was astonished at how wet I had become. His eyes lingered on my smooth legs as I stood bottomless in front of him.

"Now suck me off, sweet stuff."

I wondered if my behaviour had drawn him out of his shell but he was definitely a lot bolder than the day before. He took a step back and rested his tight ass on the edge of the desk. I left him to stew a moment and sashayed half naked to the door and turned the lock.

I made sure to give him a seductive wiggle of my rosy hued butt and then I came back and knelt at his feet. His majestic cock pointed straight at me, hard and dark and a mere two inches from my face.

"Here goes nothing."

I placed both my hands around his chocolate coloured shaft and twisted it with alternate turns. His throat gurgled as I bent my head and inserted the shiny purple head into my mouth. I held the big knob between pursed lips as I continued to stroke his rock solid length.

He looked down at me with his cock at my mouth and drew his tee over his head. I popped off of his bell end and scrutinised his bare torso. His ripped chest and biceps were filled with tattoos and I reached up to caress his abdomen. I loved the cute, almost boyish grin on his face as I took him again.


I love the sensation of a man in my mouth and relished the throbbing cock of this young black man. Concentrating hard I slobbered all over his thick prick and drenched it with spit. Unable to get him all inside my mouth I settled for sucking half of his length with some ferocity.

Keith sighed and tilted his head back as I dug my nails in the gorgeous flesh of his thighs. His magnificent cock slipped away from me with a slurp and a pop and snapped back to his belly.

"That felt real good."

His big doe eyes met mine as I rubbed him up and down and he very nicely brushed my hair back over my ear. My soft white hands were a complete contrast to the dark brown length of cock that pulsated between my fingers. He pushed up with his pelvis and I opened my jaw and glided back down on his glistening pole. I was totally lost in a haze of unhindered lust as I sucked him happily.

"Ah, ah. Oh, fuck!"

Keith moaned aloud as his swollen cock exploded and his stream of cum splashed the insides of my hot mouth. I blew my cheeks out as he pulsed and I inhaled noisily through my nostrils. I used my tongue to circle the angry looking head and wiped it clean before swallowing up the last of his jizz.

"Boy, you taste so good."

"Let me taste you now."

"That will be fun." I said with a giggle.

I stood against the desk, leaned forward and spread my legs. From behind Keith explored the curves of my hot bod and I closed my eyes as his palms moved around and around. Then he spanked me again and I caught my breath at the delicious attention.

"Oh, yes!"

His middle finger ran down my dripping slit until he decided to plunge up inside. I stood unsteadily on my high heels and went up on tiptoe as he went up my pussy deeper and deeper. His head rested on the back of my shoulders as he nibbled my right ear and I gripped the edge of the desk hard.

"Don't stop that, I love it."

He swirled and teased my over stimulated muff and I whimpered like a puppy as he drove me closer to my climax. There was a pause where he did nothing and my cunt craved physical contact..


His head vanished from behind my ear and then reappeared at my aching mound. His long tongue circled my smooth outer folds and flicked rapidly at them over and over. His fulsome lips blew air on my slit and I thought I might cum right there and then.

He opened my ass up and pressed his face directly to my cunt so that his nose met my crack. He nipped and nibbled my clit with his hard teeth and my sensitive little hood.

"Holy shit!"

I was like putty in his hands as I was practically pushed hard at the desk until the wooden edge made indentations in my upper thighs. Finally I came and I think I held my breath for about four seconds as my pussy convulsed and I squirted in the poor guys face. I was totally flushed as we both gathered our wits and came back down to earth.

"Could you get me a glass of water?"

"Sure, think I'll join you."

We both laughed as we looked around the empty classroom, and I wondered if anything remotely similar had ever occurred here before.


The recent activity with Keith had elevated my sexual tension and I was rigidly set on getting laid. I seriously needed a good fucking and I sounded Keith out about some of his friends. The idea of a threesome fascinated me and I would not take no for an answer.

"Not sure you want to mix with those guys, Miss Emma. They'll eat you up alive."

I was obviously intrigued and I had more erotic dreams about being ravished by a bunch of testosterone packed well hung black guys. The following week I pressed Keith to ask some of the guys to come and join in an improv scene.

I had an idea of a book read and spent time on my tablet trying to pick something sexy. I dismissed the blindingly obvious like '50 Shades of Grey' and the better written 'Last Exit To Brooklyn' and chose 'Ulysees' by James Joyce.

When I saw Keith next he told me he had managed to persuade some guys to tag along. I treated him to another blowjob and deliberately refrained from fucking him as I was firmly fixed on some group sex. When I left him he promised me some action the next time and I spent considerable time in picking my outfit.

I found a flimsy lace and silk wrap dress with a big V neck. It had wrap ties at front and thin spaghetti straps that would not handle much force to snap. The back was sheer and low and I decided to refrain from wearing any underwear.

"This should knock 'em dead."

I had on my barely there black strappy sandals in midnight black. Guaranteed to turn heads the wrap around straps wound their way up over my ankles to half way up my calves.

When I turned up the following Tuesday, ten minutes late as usual I was astonished to see the first row of seats filled by four good looking black guys.

"Hey, Miss Emma. What's up? This here is Freddie, and next to him is Tommy. The big guy down the end is my man Levi."

"Yo." Said Levi as he eyed me up from head to toe.

"Oh, this is great. I'm so pleased you could all make it. Thank you Keith. Like I told him, well he brought it up actually, there are always places for extra's and actors needed for certain supportive roles. So a basic lesson in acting may prove beneficial."

I saw four long faces that told me they would all prefer to be elsewhere. But my needs were high and the anticipation of a right good fucking kept me horny as hell.

"Before we get started I want to emphasise the importance of breathing. It is imperative that we control our breath so we can speak and project our lines. Also calms the nerves. So, let's all stand up."

Reluctantly the group got to their feet as I stood with my feet apart and shoulders back. Tommy was quick to check out my bosom as I thrust it out.

"Now, all of you place your hands on your stomachs and then fill your lungs. Feel your belly expand and contract as you breathe in and out. Count to four every time."

All eyes were on me as I demonstrated. I noticed that Freddie had stopped.

"Come on Freddie. Look, I'll help"

I stepped over and came behind him and put both my hands on his firm stomach. My eyes closed as I held him tight. God, he was so packed!

My mouth went dry as I urged him to inhale through his teeth with a 'ssss' sound. The others snickered and Freddie pouted as I kept a hold on him. I let my right hand stray in a downward direction and briefly touched his groin ever so lightly. I whispered in his ear my apologies and blew in his ear with a cursory puff.

"Way to go guys. Please do sit."

I sat on the edge of my desk and made sure to cross my bare legs and let the hem of my dress ride up to mid thigh. I let out an imperceptible sigh and brushed back my hair with a flourish.

"In order to prepare for our group improv I like to have to read aloud to the class. I'm going to read a passage from a book written by an Irishman named Joyce. I am Molly Bloom who is the wife of an advertising canvasser and has an adulterous affair with her lover."

That got the guys attention and as I began to read aloud my heart pounded in my chest and my nipples stiffened.

"I was a flower of the mountain yes and when I put the rose in my hair like the Andalusian girls used or shall I wear a red yes and then he kissed me under the Moorish Wall."

"Say what?"

"Is she making it up?"

"Nice legs."

I continued without pause, occasionally licking my lips.

"I put my arms around him yes and drew him down to me so he could feel my breasts all perfume yes and his heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will."

"Hell, I will if you will."

"I'd like to feel those breasts some."

I stopped reading and looked around at my captive audience. I knew then that they were all mine. I stood up and felt my wetness as I rubbed my upper thighs together.

"Back in 1922 this passage was considered to be filthy and quite obscene and the whole book caused a scandal. What do you think Tommy?"

"Who me? Dunno." He shrugged and slumped back in his chair.

"Right. I thought it very hot myself." I told him.

As all eyes were on me as I deliberately dropped the book and bent over to pick it up. I turned away from the seated guys and as my dress rode up I was pretty certain that I had given them a glimpse of my pantie less bottom. I froze in my bent position for a good three seconds and imagined I heard one or two gasps.

Was I a slut? I just wanted some unattached sex from some well hung black guys is all.

"Oh!" Keith appeared at my left elbow and his hands were instantly all over me. Before I could react a wave of hands pawed and roamed all over my body and I was almost taken off my feet.

"Fucking tease! Getting us all hot and bothered."

Two hungry mouths kissed my face as another undid his pants and pulled his cock out. I reached for it with my left hand and gave it a steady stroke as I was given a French kiss. My right hand was then filled with another hard prick and I stroked it as fast as I could.

"Get down."

Levi pushed me down onto my knees and I was surrounded by four horny black guys who all had their pants down and their cocks pointing straight at me. I took the nearest one and sucked on the massive head before I went onto the next one. I shifted around and took each big erection in my mouth in turn which made them all nice and wet.


I took huge gulps of oxygen as I alternated between all four men. A few sucks here and then a few strokes there, making sure not to give anybody undue attention. My ass was unceremoniously grabbed and kneaded as I worked my magic on four big pricks. Back and forth I went, sucking and stroking and coating each member with my spit that dripped from my mouth. I had never been so excited in all my life!


A tingle of pleasure went through me as I felt a warm tongue probe my sex and anus. I let out a moan and gagged on Tommy's knob as I struggled to suck him into my mouth. I couldn't decide who had the nicest cock in the bunch.

Levi was a well built man and sported a seven incher which had a sharp upward curve to it. Tommy had about the same size as Levi but it was the thickest of all. Freddie was near on six feet two and had a eight inch hose with a bulbous head and a midnight black shaft with large veins up and down the whole length. I had already had Keith and he probably was my favourite.

"Now me, bitch!"

Freddie put his hands on either side of my head as I enveloped his bell end and hollowed out my cheeks. He had a musky smell about him that made my nostrils flare and made my pussy leak profusely. I held him in for several seconds and then let him out with a slurp and a pop. I shifted on my knees and licked up the underside of his shaft and felt the pronounced veins with my tongue.

"To me."

Tommy took his place and I dove down on his dark pole. I particularly loved his cock, so thick and hot. My head pumped back and forth on his black meat and I drooled down his shaft like a baby. The tongue up my cunt was now quite intense and I turned to see Keith greedily licking my hot box. He had learned over the last two weeks which buttons to press and I glazed his cute face with my love juices.

"Strip her."

I saw now that all four men had removed their tops and pants as they towered over me stark bollock naked. From behind a big pair of hands dragged the front of my wrap dress open and pulled it away from my body and I was fully naked.

As I stood in just my high heeled sandals I felt like I was amidst four giants. Barely five feet six and only about 110 pounds I must have looked like a little doll to them. Then I shrieked when Freddie took me by my hips and flipped me upside down so that the blood rushed to my head and I was dangled in mid air by my ankles.


Freddie stared at my bald cunt that looked him in the face and then mashed his fat lips into my slick pussy. I nearly creamed myself as he lapped away at me, his tongue darting between my inner folds and wiggling it around. I was in dream land when another face met my upturned ass and with a wet slurp proceeded to lick my soft, puckered asshole.

"I can't believe it!"

My face was down by Freddie's scrotum and I reached out to it with my lips to kiss it. The two men smothered my front and back holes and together turned my nether regions into a gooey mess. My pussy had become well oiled and my ass cheeks were spread wide so that I could get butt fucked by a long tongue.

Freddie drew me up further and my legs wrapped around his neck and shoulders. I was then hauled up in what used to be known as a flying angel and I was sat on top of his shoulders. He handed me over like a trophy to Levi and he took me by hips and plonked me down on his upright pole.

"Yeah, ride that black bone girl."

I sank down on him and put my arms around his neck as he held me under my buttocks. I locked my ankles about the small of his back and held on for dear life. It was a delicious sensation to be rammed up and down like a toy on his rigid dick and he stretched my cunt out with surprising ease.

Up and down I bounced as I was speared on his solid seven inches. His safe hands on my ass meant that I rose up high and was then allowed to slide down his whole length. The manner of his curve halfway up his shaft did some serious rubbing on my G-spot.

"To me bro'."

Levi carried me on his cock and walked three steps to his right. I turned my head to see Tommy with his big cock swaying in front of him. I was lifted off Levi and passed like a rugby ball and I was lowered onto my second big black cock. My pussy ached as he penetrated me with a single stroke. He balanced me as he stood tall and held me fast.

My legs were now pointing to the ceiling and my heels rested on top of his shoulders. With his hands at my shoulder blades and my hands around his bull neck he hammered my cunt with a rocking motion.

"She just an itty bitty thing."

My head tilted back and my hair waved about down my back as I was bounced about like a toy doll. I could feel the muscles my thighs and calves scream as I hovered three feet from the floor.

What fun!

As I was fucked in mid air a head dipped under me and started to lick my asshole. I screwed my eyes shut as his tongue poked inside my tiny hole and probed my tunnel. Between the incredible suction and on my anus and the thick cock in my pussy my first orgasm arrived like an express train.

"That...was...wonder...full." I managed to croak as I was set down on wobbly legs.

The room smelled of sex and sweat as I was led by Keith and Levi to the long desk at front. I put up no resistance as I was made to face the desk and bent over the surface.

"By the way guys, I have some KY jelly in my bag."

Freddie scoffed at me as he grabbed me by the hips and shoved the tip of his dick into my steaming hot cunt.

"You slick enough, baby."

I groaned at the thought and swivelled my hips as he fed me his hard organ. He began to move back and forth with long strokes and I held onto the edge of the desk with both hands. His right hand drew circle over my buns as he fucked me and I loved the feel of his flattened palm.

"I like that."

Now Freddie got down to basics and his hips met my firm buttocks with rhythmic slaps as his cock sunk deeper inside me. I went on tiptoe and my face met the top of the desk as my body was rammed against it. Then he pulled out and my pussy gaped open, refusing to close from the three cocks I had taken in a short space of time.

"Are we done?"

"You fucking kidding?"

I heard Levi as he came behind me and his cock parted my swollen pussy lips. Again his curvy shaft made my head spin as his throbbing tool hit the back wall of my cunt and he started to thrust in and out in an upward motion.

Each stroke in made me rise up on my toes as his muscular body collided with mine. As I half stood, impaled on his pole, his fingers found my hard clit and he strummed it in time with his humping.


Levi grunted with each of his powerful pumps and I guessed he must have used some of the KY as he slid in with that sticky kind of sensation. His broad chest rubbed against my back and he brought both hands up to cup my perky breasts. The heat of his hands on my tits brought new pleasurable feelings and my filled pussy made little twitches and I came over the mans cock.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god!" I shrieked as I made several violent spasms.

Levi gave me a few more hard and short plunges and he yanked me back onto his prick as I panted for air. As he withdrew his rigid prick he gave me a decent spank on my pert ass. I spun around and saw Keith beside me with his cock near to bursting. I had a soft spot for him and as I sat on the edge of the desk and opened my legs I gave him my best come on look.

"Lick me out, Keith. You do it so well."

I had yet to fuck the shaven haired young man but I loved his oral technique so. He bent down and studied my hairless muff with the protruding lips and prominent clitoris. He mumbled something and then ran his tongue up and down my extremely sensitive slit.

My head snapped back and my bosom heaved as he rapidly flicked on my inner folds with his youthful enthusiasm. His hands gripped my upper thighs and widened them further so that he could delve deeper inside my hotness.


I whined as his eager mouth sucked and kissed my soaking quim and my hips undulated on the desk. Then he made my heart pound when he gently nibbled all around the hood of my clit and stabbed at my pussy entrance.

"Enough! Fuck me, fuck me please."

At last I was to have him as he slid his arms around my upper calves, just below the knees and pressed about three inches of hot cock into my slick cunt. The straps of my left heel broke and the shoe toppled from my foot as I was forced onto my lower back. My bottom left the desk as Keith dug his feet into the floor and shoved his length all the way in.


He paused for a sublime moment as we both relished the tight fit. I looked up between my splayed legs and smiled at my lover as he began to pump me and bump the backs of my thighs with his. He sped up even more as he held my firm butt and slammed into me over and over again.

I saw him pull back until he was almost all the way out before plunging back in. The sight of his glistening cock fucking my bald white pussy made my toes curl in awe. Sweat beaded his shaven head and his chest and biceps flexed as he held nothing back.

"Suck on this awhile."

Tommy came to my right side and lifted me slightly and supported the back of my head and fed me his thick prick. I hummed merrily on his hot meat and in his ardour he pushed in to my throat. Keith had slowed up his tempo and I was amused as they slid in my pussy and mouth in an alternating rhythm.

Had they done this sort of thing before? More than likely I thought. I pursed my lips and rolled my tongue along Tommy's cock until he had to pull out or spill his seed.

"Pass the ball coach."

Keith removed his gorgeous knob and Tommy slid me across the desk on my bum and pulled me to the very edge. He raised my slim pins and laid them up high on his shoulders and I tightened them around his neck. As he pushed inside me with a gentle penetration our eyes met and my legs turned to jelly. He gave me a few short quick strokes until he felt lubricated enough to speed up.

"So tight."

I was relieved by his comment as so many big black cocks in my pussy had led me to believe I had been expanded to the limit. Tommy took me by my ankles and spread my legs out almost horizontally as he slid in and out of me. My juices ran down my upturned crack as the black cock slammed into me.


Tommy pushed inside me hard as I begged him for more. He let out a snort and a grunt and shook violently between my legs. He pumped me full of his white cream which spilled out from my pussy as he withdrew and ran down my ass crack onto the desk.

"Sit on this."

Before I could contemplate, my dripping cunt was taken by Freddie who sat on the one of the chairs with his proud erection standing tall. I fluffed up my tousled hair and straddled him.

In control for the first time I carefully guided his boner towards my throbbing pussy and lowered onto the bulbous purple head. I blushed bright red as I let out a pussy fart and the guys laughed as they gathered round.


I balanced on my one shoe and bare left foot as I felt his huge cock slide on up. Levi grabbed my tits from behind me as I began to raise and lower myself on the thick ebony pole. My pussy slurped audibly as I rocked to and fro on Freddie and Levi played with my erect nipples at the same time.

I found myself taking in huge gulps of air as I fucked the tall black hunk and I couldn't help feeling smug and satisfied at how my plan had turned out. My body was by now glowing with perspiration in the enclosed classroom and my eyeliner was running.


Freddie erupted inside me and filled me with hot cum which together with Tommy's made my cunt swimming in fluids.


I had never felt so used and pleasured. Then my head was grabbed and my face turned up to the ceiling as Levi ejaculated all over my mouth and cheeks. The big arcs of cum splattered me and my left eye caught a big glob and glued it shut. Temporarily blinded I tottered aimlessly until I was pushed down onto the same chair that Freddie had vacated. Keith stood over me with his feet planted out wide as he wanked his cock in my face.

"Miss Emma. Miss Emma."


His first blast of cum left a long streak across my neck to tits and I gasped at how much he sprayed me with. As I held my cream coated boobs he shot another load on my chin. I grinned as his pulsing cock deposited thick squirts on my mouth and nose until I was well and truly painted in cum. The others roared with approval as they began to gather their things.

I had been used like a whore by four black guys and it felt fucking awesome!

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