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"Secrets" (Cara Delevigne & Karlie Kloss)
« on: November 19, 2018, 10:26:41 AM »
By: LazyNinjas
Celebs: Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne
Codes: (FF, Cons, toys, Oral)
Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. This has never happened and it never will happen.


Karlie Kloss was expecting another quiet night at home like usual. She was a Victoria’s Secret model, but that did not mean that most of her nights were filled with adventures and parties and drugs. Karlie actually enjoyed the nights she could just sit around and enjoy some quiet time.

Karlie had decided that she was going to have a fun time inside for once in her very busy life. She turned on her smart television and opened the Netflix app. She had some movies on her watch list that she had been dying to finally see. Before she started her Netflix marathon, Karlie headed into her room to get out of the clothes she worn to work. Stripping off the dress she had on and stepping out of the black high heels, she threw her dress into the dirty bin and her shoes into her closet.

She decided to take off her push up bra and her thong so she put on something more suited for a night in. She grabbed a normal black lace bra and put it on. She reached into her panty cabinet to reach for the matching pair of black panties that matched the bra. She put her legs through the black lace panties and stepped through them until they were fully on.

Not wanting to just sit on the couch in her bra and panties, Karlie grabbed a grey t-shirt and threw that one as well. After Karlie felt like she was properly dressed for a night in, she walked back out to her living room and got comfortable on her couch.

Karlie was not expecting any kind of company, so it was quite a surprise to her when she heard a knock at her door. Karlie got up from her comfy position on the couch and walked over towards the door. She put her eye up to the eyehole to see who was knocking on her door this late at night. Karlie was confused when she saw that no one was there.

Out of curiosity, Karlie slowly opened the door. She jumped in fright when a mysterious woman dressed in a trench coat hopped out from behind the door and passionately locked lips with her. Karlie closed her eyes when the woman jumped out so she had no idea who was currently locking lips with her. The mysterious woman broke off the kiss to speak.

"Hey Kay. Thought I'd surprise you," the mysterious woman said as Karlie recognized the voice and recognized that the mysterious woman was none other than fellow super model Cara Delevingne.

"Holy Shit Cee, you just scared me half to death!" Karlie yelled in a light hearted manner.

"Sorry Karlie," Cara said with a puppy eyed sad look on her face. "Is it okay to come inside?"

"Yeah come on in," Karlie said as she opened the door all the way and motioned for Cara to come inside.

Karlie was surely shocked to see Cara here. It was not that she thought it was odd for Cara to be there, it was just that Cara was supposed to be in Rome doing a photo shoot. Karlie was also thrown off by what Cara was wearing. Cara was a very fashionable girl who liked to wear provocative dresses or other types of revealing clothes when she went out.

So it was weird to see Cara wearing a trench coat of all things. Cara liked showing off her gorgeous super model body but she was wearing something that Cara would never dress in. Karlie decided to ask about Cara’s choice of outfit for the night.

“So Cara, what is up with you and that trench coat?” she asked the fellow supermodel, wondering why she would go out in such an outfit.

“Well, I see it in the movies and television shows all the time, so I thought it would be pretty romantic,” Cara replied as her response left Karlie in a state of confusion.

“What do you mean you’ve seen it in the movies?” Karlie asked.

“You know, the rendezvous where the lover comes to other’s apartment and surprises them.” Cara replied, hoping that would help Karlie connect the dots.

“I still don’t understand why you showed up here in a trench coat,” the normally dressed blond replied.

“You know what? Let me just show you babe,” Cara said to the confused supermodel as she grabbed for the ties that were holding the trench coat to her amazing body. Cara worked the ties of the knot and pulled them apart until they were no longer together.

She grabbed both sides of her trench coat and pulled it off her body, letting it fall to the ground. Karlie’s eyes widened and her jaw almost dropped to the floor when she saw that Cara had nothing else on underneath that trench coat except the black high heels that she was wearing.

Karlie could see her fellow super model’s body in all of its beauty. Cara didn’t have the biggest or perkiest set of boobs, but the boobs she did have had cute little nipples and complemented her body shape rather nicely. Karlie's eyes roamed down Cara's fantastic body until she saw her pretty little pussy.

Karlie loved that Cara only kept a little bit of hair down there. It wasn't a landing strip like most models had down there which gave Cara a bit more personality which Karlie liked. She also noticed how wet Cara's pussy was. It looked like she had just taken a shower with how wet it was. Her train of sexual thought was interrupted by Cara when she heard her start talking.

"I also brought our favorite toy," Cara said as she placed her hand into a giant pocket in the trench coat and pulled out a giant pink dildo.

"You brought Mr. Pink?" Karlie asked with excitement as her eyes grew wide with lust and anticipation. Cara and Karlie had found Mr. Pink at a sex shop in New York when they were both there for a Victoria's Secret runway show. It was a long 12 inch dildo and despite it being pink in color was very realistic. The feel and the groves felt like a real cock which is what Karlie loved most about Mr. Pink.

“I did bring him,” Cara said in a low raspy tone as she slowly made her way over towards Karlie. “And he’s told me how much he misses you and how badly he wants you to cum with him inside of you again.”

Cara slowly moved closer and closer to Karlie until she puckered her lips and kissed the fellow Victoria’s Secret model on her soft lips. Cara continued to kiss Karlie as she used her tongue to exploring her lover's mouth.

As their tongues fought for control during their make out session, Cara reached for her lover's shirt and motioned for Karlie to put her arms up so she could take off her shirt. She pulled the shirt up the other model's body, forcing them to stop their making out session for just a moment. Cara got the shirt off of Karlie and threw it onto the floor where it belonged. The two models resumed their kissing while Cara continued to strip the clothes off of her lover.

Her hands reached behind Karlie's back and undid the strap to the push bra she was wearing. With one quick motion, the bra that was holding Karlie's cute tits was on the floor of her small apartment. Her small breasts jiggled as they fell out of the bra. Her beautiful breasts were now revealed to Cara, who squealed in joy and excitement.

“Do you have to do that every single time you see my tits?” Karlie asked in a sarcastic tone.

“I can’t help it baby,” Cara replied. “I just cannot help myself when I see the most beautiful pair of breasts in the world.

“Stop it, you’re making me blush,” Karlie replied.

“Don’t worry about blushing. I’m going to make you do a lot more than just blush babe,” Cara said as Karlie just got twice as wet as she was before Cara said that. Cara moved her hands down from Karlie’s breasts and gently brushed them down her stomach until she reached her silk panties. Karlie looked around like she was looking for something before quickly covering her breasts with her hands.

"We should take this into my room, just in case babe," Karlie said to Cara as she grabbed her wrist and ran into Karlie's room. The taller model pulled on her lover’s arm until she was forced to be moved into the bedroom by her lover. Karlie was always paranoid by the thought that the paparazzi were spying on her at any moment. She worried that if a member of the paparazzi took a photo of the girls in this position, they would be outed to the world and their careers as models could be in jeopardy.

Karlie and Cara were now in the comfort of Karlie's bedroom where they continued their hot make out session. Cara broke off their lip lock and started to kiss her way down the model's neck. Cara stopped at her collarbone and lifted her head up to whisper into Karlie's ear.

“Relax baby. There's no one else here watching us. It is just you and me and I would not want to be anywhere else but here with you,” Cara told her worried lover as she moved her hands down Karlie's body. The touch of Cara's soft hands on her skin was making Karlie dripping wet with excitement. She loved feeling her lover's hand as it made its way to her breast.

Cara decided to tease her horny lover as she made sure not to touch Karlie's throbbing rock hard nipples. As her hand past her nipples, Karlie was upset because Cara knew that she loved it when her nipples were played with.

Cara's hands continued down past Karlie's breasts until her fingers slowly brushed their way down Karlie's extremely fit and toned stomach. Karlie could not help but giggle because her stomach was very ticklish. Cara enjoyed making her lover giggle with uncontrollable laughter but now was the time to get this fuck show on the road. Cara continued to move her hands down Karlie's long fit body until they had reached Karlie’s hips.

"Looks like someone's forgot that that this was a no pants party. Guess I have to fix that," Cara told Karlie in a teasing manner as she grabbed the panties her lover was wearing and slowly pushed them down her legs.

Cara bent down as she continued to move the panties down inch by inch until they were on the floor. She tilted her head and was met by Karlie's wet and eager vagina.

Cara absolutely loved whenever she got to see her lover's beautiful pink pussy. She admired the fact that all though Karlie kept it groomed down there, she really still had a small bush. Cara loved the way the hair felt against her face when she would go down on her lover and eat her lick a pink ripe peach. She loved the subtle pink color of Karlie's cunt and how amazing the taste was whenever she got Karlie to shoot her juices out like an open fire hydrant.

Seeing how wet Karlie was right now made Cara lose her cool as she pulled Karlie closer towards her and started attacking her wet pussy with her tongue. Cara's sudden movements caused Karlie to fall onto the bed in pleasure. Karlie took her long supermodel legs and wrapped them around Cara's head to keep her amazing mouth on her aching cunt.

"Oh fuck Cara! That's the spot baby! Right fucking there!" Karlie moaned to her lover. Karlie couldn’t stop whimpering as Cara continued her assault on her pussy with her skilled tongue. She swore that Cara only got better and better the more she ate pussy. Cara loved seeing how her great eating out skills caused Karlie so much pleasure. She especially loved the look on Karlie's face when her tongue seemed to make contact with one of Karlie's sensitive spots.

Cara kept up tongue fucking her lover like it was the only thing that mattered in her life. Making Karlie roll around and squirm from the pleasure that her mouth was supplying to her lover's lower region was the greatest feeling that she could give to any other person. Karlie closed her legs and wrapped them around Cara's head to make sure that Cara would not stop giving her oral pleasure.

After securing her legs around her lover's head, she pushed her lower body upwards, encouraging her lover to get her tongue deeper inside her. While Cara wanted to continue eating out her lover, she decided to add something else into the equation. Getting her right hand under Karlie's legs, she pointed out her index and middle finger. She didn't warn Karlie as she started to plunge her fingers into Karlie's love tunnel.

"Holy fucking shit Cara!" Karlie yelled as she jumped from feeling something other than Cara's tongue inside her. She could feel Cara's long lengthy fingers as the girl below her curled her fingers and rubbed them against the front wall of her vagina. Karlie took a hold of her boobs in her hands. She grabbed onto her cute breasts and rubbed the pointy nipples against the palm of her hand, rubbing them in a very slow circular motion that made Karlie purr in pleasure.

Cara continued to eat out and finger fuck Karlie as she pushed her long fingers into Karlie's stimulated pussy. She could feel the juices start to flow from the pussy she was licking. Knowing that Karlie's juices were the best thing that Cara had ever tasted, she quickened her pace to get more of the sweet nectar from her lover. She dove face first into Karlie’s pussy while continuing to push her fingers in and out of the model's love hole.

Karlie rubbed her aching cunt into Cara's fingers. Watching the way Karlie was reacting to her finger fucking, the fellow model decided that she was going to add another finger inside of her fellow model. She brought another finger into her next pump into her cunt, causing her lover to moan in approval. Cara was moving her fingers around in Karlie's vagina when her fingers pressed against Karlie's G-spot. Karlie jumped as she felt the most pleasure she had felt during this entire fucking session.

Karlie raised the lower half of her body and bucked her hips in sync with the movements of Cara's mouth and fingers, pleasuring her as she tried to go deeper and deeper inside her lover. A smile formed on Cara's face as the look on Karlie's face was more than enough to keep her going fast and hard into her lover's wet cunt.

“Cara, don’t stop baby. Please don't stop fucking my pussy baby! It feels so amazing please don't stop,” she moaned as she threw her head back with pure lust and desire.

Karlie was being overwhelmed by the sensations that were flowing throughout her entire body. She felt like she was going to explode at any minute. She felt disappointed when she felt Cara's mouth and fingers stop penetrating her. Karlie absolutely hated it when Cara would make her body feel amazing only to leave her on the edge of release. Karlie began to sit up from her position on the bed to speak to the other woman.

"Cara come on this isn't funny, hurry and get me off," Karlie said before she saw that Cara was putting Mr. Pink onto the strap-on she had brought with her to Karlie's apartment.

"I was just here to warm you up baby! Mr. Pink here's going to finish the job," Cara said as she put her legs through the black straps of the strap-on and pulled it up to her waist. She grabbed Mr. Pink near the base and attached it to the hole where the dildo went. Cara put Mr. Pink into place and made sure he wouldn't fall out from any forceful movements. As soon as it was cleared, she was ready to start fucking her friend and lover.

Cara grabbed onto Karlie's hips and slowly pushed the foot long sex toy into her fellow model's cunt. Karlie moaned out as she felt inch by inch slowly insert itself into her. She took the sexy toy out of her lover and pushed it into her again. Cara got a tighter grip onto the fellow model's hips as she started to ram the fake pink cock into Karlie's awaiting love hole. Cara was getting extremely horny watching as the sexy toy went in and out of Karlie's wet folds.

"You like being fucked by Mr. Pink and I baby? Do you love how I make Mr. Pink fuck your slutty little cunt?" Cara asked as she knew her teasing words would have an effect on her lover.

"I love you and Mr. Pink fucking my cunt! I love it so much Cara! Please keep going baby!" Karlie cried out as she grabbed hold of her breasts to pinch and pull at her aching nipples. Karlie kept pinching and pulling on her nipples while Cara continued to pound the sex toy into her lover’s cunt. Thrust after thrust of the large pink toy was starting to take its toll on Karlie. She was going to cum at any moment now and she knew it.

“Come on baby! Cum for me! Squirt out all of your cum for me baby!” Cara screamed as she rammed the fake cock into her lover’s cunt. Cara stopped fucking Karlie with the cock as soon as she saw Karlie make her orgasm face. She got on her knees and placed her mouth onto Karlie’s pussy, making sure she would catch her lover’s fluids in her mouth.

Karlie closed her eyes and let her body get taken over by the orgasm. She screamed as loud as she could as the orgasm took over her entire body. She cried out in pleasure as she squirted all of her lady fluids onto Cara's face without the slightest but of shame. Karlie tilted her head up and smiled when she saw Cara taking her lady fluids in her mouth like she was getting a drink from a water fountain.

After the lady juices stopped flowing from Karlie’s vagina, she took a minute to catch her breath while Cara removed the harness of the strap-on from her body. She got on the bed with her lover and slithered up Karlie’s body until she had her mouth next to her ear.

“That’s it, baby, I made this pussy cum, don’t forget that.” Cara said as she whispered in her lover's ear.

“I will never forget. In fact, I’m going to return the favor,” Karlie said as she surprised Cara by flipping her so Cara was on the bed and Karlie was on top of her.

"Show me that pretty little pussy of yours,” Karlie ordered as she moved down Cara's body. With no hint of hesitation, Cara opened her legs wide for Karlie to see. Karlie couldn't help but notice how wet she was.

Karlie could see the sweat dripping down her young firm body and her cunt was glistening due to the moisture. She looked up at Cara and saw that she was already busy pleasuring herself by playing with her nipples.

Karlie got off the bed and slowly crawled over to Cara's open legs. Her pussy throbbed at the sight of Karlie lowering her head to her awaiting pussy. Karlie moved her head closer and closer to her target until she was directly in front of it. Without warning, Karlie poked her tongue out and started to lick away at her clitoris like it was a grape flavored lollipop.

"Oh fuck Karlie!" Cara moaned out. Cara was amazed. Karlie had barely even started and it was already driving her crazy with desire for the woman she loved so much. Cara was dripping in anticipation by the thought of what Karlie might do to her next. Karlie continued to lick away at her lover's cunt. She pushed her tongue further and further into her lover and had soaked Cara's pussy in her saliva.

"Oh shit Karlie!" Cara screamed out as felt Karlie quickly add multiple fingers along with her tongue lashing its way inside of her.

"I fucking love you so much Cara," Karlie said as she began to pump her fingers into her lover at a nice and steady pace.

"I love you too Karlie," Cara replied as she started to grind her hips into Karlie’s fingers. Karlie took it as a sign for her to add another digit in. Adding a third finger into the mix, she used her fingers to open and stretch out Cara’s tight little cunt.

“That’s it, you dirty slut, you love that I'm finger fucking you right now? You like it when I fuck you on their bed?” Karlie teased as a sexy little smile formed on her lips. Karlie bent back down and continued to eat out her lover while jabbing her fingers in and out of her fellow model.

Cara moaned loudly as Karlie’s fingers hit one of her sweet spots. A rush of pleasure shot up through her to giggle. Her eyes grew wide as she felt her friend's finger stretch out her cunt some more. Cara could not wait anymore. She needed the fake dick inside her now.

"Please give it to me baby I can't wait anymore!" Cara screamed out.

"You want me to get Mr. Pink for you?" Karlie asked in a teasing manner.

"YES! Please yes! Get Mr. Pink and fuck my pussy please Karlie!" Cara screamed out again.

"Well okay, but only because you said please," Karlie replied as she removed her fingers and her mouth from her friend's pussy. Karlie got up from her position on the floor and walked over to the discarded strap-on from before. She grabbed the strap-on and put her legs through the black straps. After getting her legs in, she pulled it up to her waist and reset the straps to stay on her body.

"You look amazing Karlie," Cara commented.

"You do not look so bad yourself sexy," Karlie replied as she walked over to her lover in a slow seductive manner. She wanted to tease Cara and make her like putty in her hands. She rubbed her hands down the length of her body as she slowly got closer to her lover. Cara eyes got wide as Karlie finally got their sex toy next to her cunt.

"Bet you can't wait for me to fuck you with this," Karlie said as she grabbed the pink dick with her hand. She guided the tip of the fake cock near Cara's pussy. She grabbed the head of the fake dick and rubbed the tip against her friend's entrance. Cara tried to line herself up with the cock so it could finally enter her, but Karlie was pulling it back every time she tried to get it inside her.

"Please just fuck me already!" Cara screamed out in frustration.

“Okay then. You asked for it," Karlie replied as she shoved the whole cock into Cara's tight pussy. Cara let out a scream of pain and pleasure as the cock slowly opened up her love hole for fucking. She began to push the toy in and out of her friend's cunt, her friend thrusting her cunt forward so as much of the sex toy was inside her as possible. Karlie started slow and steady but quickened the pace.

The sound of the fake cock inside Cara's pussy and the sound of their bottom halves smashing together filled the room. Sweat flowed down each other's bodies as they pushed their bodies to make love to each other. Their bodies crashed into each other like a wave crashing on the shore. Cara couldn't take much more so she let Karlie know.

“Karlie, I am so close baby!” Cara screamed out in pleasure as Karlie rammed Mr. Pinky into her lover's tight wet hole as fast and hard as she could.

“Cum for your lover you dirty slut!” Karlie commanded Cara as she kept fucking her lover with their favorite toy. Cara screamed out as her climax happened. She released her lady fluids all over Mr. Pink as it gushed out of her body. Cara was shaking from her orgasm while Karlie took Mr. Pink off the strap-on and sucked all off the juices off.

Karlie took off the straps for the strap-on and got into her bed right next to Cara, who was recovering from her climax. She kissed her on the lips as she regained her breath.

“You know we got to stop doing this you know?” A naked and covered in sweat Karlie Kloss said to an equally naked and covered in sweat Cara Delevingne as the huge pink dildo fell out of her hand.

“I know honey but you are just too good for me to quit,” Cara said as she got on top of Karlie and bent down to give her secret lover a kiss. Cara then got up off her secret lover and proceeded to put on the clothes she arrived in.

“I am not kidding around Cara, we seriously need to talk about this,” Karlie said to Cara as she stopped her from leaving her room. “Please sit down so we can talk this out.” Cara sat down on the bed that she and Karlie had just stained with their mixed sweat and fluids.

"Should we tell people about us?" Karlie asked.

"I don't know." Cara replied. "One thing I do know is that keeping secrets can be a lot more fun."

"You got a point," Karlie said. "Fine. We're keeping us a secret for now."

"So, round two?" Cara asked.

"Hell yeah!"

The End.
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