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Cara Delevingne's Sex Diary
« on: March 14, 2020, 06:59:21 AM »
Note- This is a fictitious erotic story and is not intended to be taken as a factual depiction of those persons mentioned.


The Wedding.

I suppose it was just after the royal wedding of Princess Eugenie, coupled with my acquiring my new Apple iPad Pro that I decided to keep a personal journal of my most intimate adventures.

Liv Tyler is the one to blame for getting my writing juices all worked up, yes, my little love tryst with her on that big day simply had to be recorded. Not being one to shy away from publicity I had arrived at George's Chapel, Windsor Castle dressed in top hat and tails which turned everyone's heads to me.

The hat was by Chanel and the tuxedo an Emporio Armani, heels by Christian Louboutin. Well, the invitation did say to dress in morning coat with hat, hah!

About eight hundred guests had been invited by the bride to be, including Liv Tyler, Demi Moore, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, not to mention several dozen members of the royal family. The thousand year old castle had only three months before seen the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

"You are seated here." Said an usher as we all flooded in for the service.

Over the years I have made no secret of my being bisexual and am proud of the many sexual I have experienced with both male and female company. Fact is I am horny all the time and simply must have a physical relationship at the best of times else I go mad. I'll fuck anyone anytime if I find myself in the mood, which is often.


As we all sat in the chapel I could not fail to notice Liv giving me several furtive glances whenever I looked in her direction. I believe her to be around forty but with the perfect make up job she looked the picture of elegance. She wore an all navy ensemble, a sleek pencil skirt and matching blazer with hat and veil. Stella McCartney?

"All rise." Said an authoritative voice as the bride arrived.

Music played as I now kept a direct gaze at Liv who smiled and made rapid eye movements to her left as if signalling me to leave the chapel and move to the rear. She rose and made a discreet exit and I decided to follow at a safe distance as I felt a thrill of excitement. We came to the apse, a semi circular recess at the rear which was eerily silent and deserted, everybody being in attendance as the couple began the wedding ceremony.

"Hi, enjoying the wedding?" She asked and lifted up her veil.

I looked into the most beautiful and penetrating blue eyes and immediately felt my arousal between my legs.

"I've been following your career with close interest. I think you are one of the most gorgeous young women I have ever seen."

Before I could respond Liv kissed me full on the mouth and I shifted my weight from one stiletto to the other. Wild thoughts raced through my mind as I inhaled the heady smell of her perfume. Her ruby lips pressed hard on mine as our arms entwined naturally and we hugged tightly.

"You...you kissed me." I stammered, not with any guilt but intrigue.

"Did you like it?" She asked in that soft, gentle voice of hers. "The fact is, is I have a huge crush on you."

With my heart pounding I refrained from answering and instead kissed her back, my tongue probing her open mouth for hers. We were almost the same height, me at around five feet eleven in my heels, as our bodies mashed against one another. Liv was very animated and caressed the back of my neck, just under my top hat, as I was pushed back at the wall of the apse.

"You taste divine." She said with a dissolute moan as she gave me tiny kisses on my exposed throat.

"You too." I mumbled as I caught my breath.

I felt my body heat begin to rise and my pussy throb as her nimble fingers caressed my rock hard nipples under my white shirt. Yet more kisses were peppered on my face and neck as Liv trapped me between the wall and her heaving body. Her hands cupped my buttocks and the thin fabric of my trousers had little resistance as I was squeezed hard. She traced out the contours of my firm ass before descending lower to my inner thighs.

"I understand you like women, me too."

Liv snaked her right hand to the front of my pants and tugged on the zipper as our mouths interlocked. She reached in and traversed my delicate panties and I moaned in delight as I pushed against her hand.

"Oh my, you seem to be quite wet down here."

I was slightly embarrassed as my warm, slick love juices dampened my underwear as my neck was nuzzled by the lascivious American. Then I gulped as she sank to her knees and pulled my trousers down to my shoes, closely followed by my panties.

"Please..." I said with a dry throat as Liv puckered her lips and kissed my bared vulva.

"You shave your pussy."

"Uh, huh." I mumbled again.

My mind reeled as I stood there, naked from the waist down as Liv lapped at my bald slit which sent urgent convulsions right through me. I so love a female mouth on my cunt. Only another woman can eat pussy well in my opinion. My thighs parted as Liv's thin lips attached to my dripping muff.

I held her head nearly knocking off her hat as my hips moved to and fro repeatedly as she probed inside my smooth inner folds. Then I put my hand over my mouth to stifle a scream when her agile tongue jabbed at my hard clit as it protruded from the upper hood.

"Ummm, so good."

I longed for her to insert a finger or two inside me as my breath came out in ragged little pants.

"Anyone back there? This is security."

We both panicked and I hurriedly raised my panties and trousers and desperately tried to zip myself up as I stumbled, walked beside Liv. She was the epitome of coolness as she smoothed out her skirt and smiled to the uniformed man.

"We should get back." She said calmly and we both headed back to the chapel.

As I took my seat again I crossed and re crossed my legs as the thoughts of the last ten minutes ran through my head, not to mention my loins. When I made eye contact with Liv again she made a big show of licking her lips very slowly and winking at me. Once the ceremony was over we all exited the chapel to cheer the newly married Princess outside in the open. I looked around for Liv Tyler and spotted her with a well dressed man.

Her partner? She approached me and held my arm firmly as she looked me in the eye.

"Dave has to attend to some business this evening. I wondered if you were free to come back to our townhouse for a drink?"

"I'd love to, as long as he doesn't mind."

"Great, I'll have the car pick you up."

I had no idea what to expect but had a feeling it was going to be something memorable. Later Eugenie cajoled myself, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss to hold a mock catwalk show on the dance floor which went down a storm, but my only thoughts were of Liv.


We arrived a short time after the entertainment at a four story home in the west of London and Liv ushered me into a lavish room with antique furniture, chandeliers and art deco floors. Apart from the pair of us there was nobody else at home. We chatted and laughed about the big day and Liv made me feel relaxed and at home. I felt her warm thigh glide up and down on my trouser leg as she glanced upwards.

"Let's go to the bedroom, I want to show you something."

Feeling just a little like a lamb being led to the slaughter I obediently went up the stairs, tossing my top hat off of my head as we went. The master bedroom was as stylish as the rest of the house with a large plush bed in the middle.

"Now I can see your face better, you have very expressive features. And I love your accent."

Liv took off her jacket and handed me a glass of white wine from a bottle on the table. Yeah right I thought. I am a supermodel of course but my brows are too thick, my mouth too large, and I have a slight lisp.

"Here, to me."

She sat on the edge of the bed and patted it and I joined her. In an instant my coat was off and my shirt virtually ripped from my shoulders as we kissed frantically and groped each other. We were both breathing heavily as I was made to lie back and Liv straddled me, caressing my freed up tits and roaming across my flat belly. I lifted my hips and she slid my trousers and panties down onto the floor, my heels too.

"Are you ready for this, Cara? I want you badly. Don't get me wrong, I love my family and Dave but I have an untamed wild side that needs to be unleashed now and then."

I was up for it, horny and wet between the legs as Liv kissed all around my breasts, pinching the nipples lightly as I squirmed on my ass. Each nipple was then bitten by her hard, white teeth until they resembled large berries, red and erect.

"Oh, oh, oh!" I moaned as Liv slowly moved down the centre of my torso, past my belly button all the way to my shaven pussy.

"It's so smooth." She told me in admiration. I like a hairless muff.

I mumbled something stupid as my breathing became shallow and a slender finger found its way inside my snatch. With my eyes closed I failed to see the brunette pour some wine onto my cunt and then lick it up with audible yummy sounds. My thighs quivered and I moved my bare feet to and fro on the soft mattress as my clitoris was circled and my pussy tickled.

"You're driving me crazy," I sighed as a second finger pushed inside me.

Liv let her tongue brush my clit as she finger fucked me and my pussy made wet and juicy slopping sounds the wetter I became. I was getting quite giddy as Liv ate me out and I brought my feet up and planted them on her shoulders. Waves of carnal pleasure washed over me as I wallowed in the woman's skilled oral assault. She licked, she probed, and I could not prevent my legs from shaking.

"Oh my goodness, I am so turned on right now."

Liv got up and stripped off and I drank in her voluptuous curves and pale complexion. She laid on her back as I shook my head and stood up.

"You are just adorable." She said as she looked me over, her legs open to reveal her trimmed thatch.

I have the classic supermodel banana type body type, which is long legs, small hips, flat stomach and medium sized tits. I flopped on top of her and my hand found her pussy which was decidedly wet.

My finger went inside her and she dripped with excitement as I curled up in an attempt to find her G-spot. We kissed passionately as our boobs rubbed on each others and she humped my hand with energetic jerks of her pelvis. My right leg moved in between hers and I pressed my thigh against her mound and jiggled it as we writhed in each others arms.

"Lick my pussy, darling."

I went lower and let my nose trail down her belly until I reached her little brown covered pussy. I could see little droplets of moisture on the fine hair as I blew air on her inner thighs like I always do to my female lovers. And, as per usual, Liv gasped and gripped the sheets with bunched fists just as my female lovers do. As I am aware my mouth is large but it has its uses as I opened it fully and smothered her pussy.

"Fuck!" She moaned as I put my tongue to good use and flicked at her soft labia.

I hummed into her cunt and the acute vibrations gave the woman an overwhelming excitement that soon had her body trembling under me. My hands went under her and I managed to put her clit between my teeth and I nibbled and flicked and nibbled and flicked until I was drooling all over her loins.

"Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!"

She repeated over and over until her fists beat a tattoo on the bed as she had her orgasm. I looked up with a sense of achievement and crawled up into her open arms and laid my head on her bosom.

"I knew you would be good in bed, Cara. Great stuff. Now I shall return the favour."

She got up from the bed as I cradled my head in my hand and watched her rolling ass cheeks and wide hips as she padded over to a wardrobe. My eyes went as big as saucers when I saw what it was she was after.

A big strap on!

"Have you ever seen one of these, Cara?"

"Yes," I answered.

"Oh. Have you ever used one?"


Liv pulled the leather straps between her legs and tightened the two on each side of her trim bush. She pulled a buckle from behind her and fastened them firmly. The black silicon dildo was about seven inches in length and stuck up from her loins like a black mamba. I saw her hefty tits rise and fall as she inhaled deeply and moved to the bed.

"Oh. No matter. Let's have some fun. Now, face the front with legs apart and support yourself on your elbows."

I obeyed as my heart beat loudly in my ears and my butt pointed up in the air behind me. I shivered with a thrill as Liv parted my cheeks and smeared a cool gel into my already damp slit. I could not remember when my pussy had pulsed so much as I braced myself for the quite big dildo. Then I felt the head of the sex toy to my opening and I nearly fell forwards onto the bed as it entered me slowly.

"Oh, fuck!" I whimpered.

It felt good as Liv smothered my cheeks with both hands and start to stroke in and out. Her feet were firmly planted on the carpet as she started to stuff my very wet cunt. I could hardly believe how much of the dildo went inside me as Liv pumped in and out and my pussy stretched open big time.

She leaned over my back and whispered lewd words in my ear which made my pussy drip like a tap. We began to perspire freely as Liv reached under me to rub my swollen clit with her flattened fingers. I began to buck back as she began to fuck me in earnest, making strenuous grunts each and every time she thrust home.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck." She intoned in time with her inward thrusts.

Liv pressed harder on my clit and I had to bite my lower lip as the sensation threatened to bring me off. I could feel every bump and ridge on the stiff dildo as I was fucked with increasing zealous strokes. I was tingling all over as I felt my liquids run down my left thigh, I was in such a state.

Then she did it.

She licked her pinky finger and inserted it into my anus. My legs finally buckled as I came over the dildo and I drenched the silicon toy as we both rolled over and fought for air. The sopping wet dildo slipped out of me and we slumped exhausted into each others arms.

"Let's go and have a soak in the tub."

Hand in hand we went to Liv's en suite bathroom and luxuriated in a perfect bubble bath and soaped each others bodies before retiring to the bedroom once more where Liv licked me into another crashing orgasm.

Later Liv got her driver to drop me off at my London home and I took a long bubble bath and that was when I decided to record my sex life in a diary. Being a self proclaimed sex maniac I'm sure it won't be too long before my next entry.

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Re: Cara Delevingne's Sex Diary
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2020, 01:00:17 PM »
Note- This is not a real diary entry of Cara's, it's all fiction intended for amusement only.


This is the second entry in my new diary and an exciting one to boot. I am not a scatterbrain although sometimes I wonder myself. On an advertising campaign for Burberry I took the high speed Eurostar train to Paris and checked into the Costes Hotel on Rue Saint Honore.

My sister Poppy always insists on the George V near the Champs Elysees but I like the ambiance of the chic Costes, regarded as a den of opulence. After a tiring day of filming on the streets around the Eiffel Tower all I wanted to do was get into a hot tub and relax.

"The lobster pasta and a bottle of Chardonnay, s'il vous plait."

I ordered dinner to be sent to my room as I ran a bath and stripped off. The hour struck midnight and I realised what a long day it had been since I had left London. The suite was polished and pristine with fresh flowers, drapes to the floor and shaded lamps.

As the steam rose from the hot water I glanced at myself in the full length mirror. I had just cropped my hair and I fluffed it up as I checked out my figure. Slender legs, flat stomach and small hips, the classic supermodel type.


I heard the knocking on the door above the sound of the running water and I yelled out for the room service boy to wait.


"I'm coming! Wait!"

I ran out to the door, ignoring the fact that I was completely naked and opened the door to find nobody there except for a trolley with my dinner.

"How rude is that?"

I was absolutely livid but my mood changed to one of alarm when the heavy fireproof door swung shut on me.


I panicked and looked about a bit flustered but the corridor was empty. I tried to push it open but I had no chance. I foolishly bumped my shoulder against it and shrieked in pain.

Then I stubbed my toe and cursed some more. Luckily the hotel has a twisty labyrinth of rooms at the back and that was where my suite was situated. So the chance of being discovered I thought to be slim. No such luck.

"Excusez moi, aves vous des problemes?"

I was surprised when a tall man in a cashmere sweater and tight pants appeared from nowhere. My heart gave a lurch and in an attempt to hide my nakedness I turned side on to him and hid my tits with my arms. For some reason I was most embarrassed at being caught without any make up on. I had been trying to learn French and had an idea of what he had just said.

"Hi, I stupidly got locked out. Can you help?"

I blushed bright crimson as I gazed into his expressive dark eyes. His hair was jet black and he had a shadow of black hair on his square jaw. I was overcome with a sudden delicious wanton delight in my public nakedness and any embarrassment I had dissipated.


He gave me a heart warming smile and I instantly melted as he put his hand against the heavy wooden door. I stood behind him as he tried pointlessly to prise the door open. He retrieved a credit card from his pocket and used that to slide down the lock but it was no use.

I edged nearer to him and inhaled his manly scent and a brief frisson of excitement made me shiver. Being a highly sexed female I sensed my pussy getting wet and could not help myself slipping an exploratory finger inside myself. Of course that was the precise moment he turned to me.


My mouth gaped open like a fish gapes as I was lost for words. I hate my stupid large mouth with a passion.

"Je suis Alain."

"Cara," I stammered as he moved in closer.

I stood with my back to the door as he put his right hand on my left hip and his left on my right cheek as he leaned in to kiss me. My newly found enjoyment of being an exhibitionist caused to relax totally and I kissed him right back. I felt my legs go wobbly under his firm embrace and my toes rubbed on the soft carpet under my bare feet.

Consumed by an uncontrollable fervour I summoned up every ounce of my strength and pinned him to the opposite wall of the narrow corridor. I had no fear of being discovered as I held his head to my breasts and gulped as he licked my stiffening nipples.

"What's this?"

My left hand found its way between the tight space of our entwined bodies and I found his huge bulge in his pants. He nuzzled my neck and pawed at my left tit as he and I back tracked to the other wall again. As I rubbed his hardening cock through the fabric of his trousers he in turn put his middle finger on my bald slit and wiggled the digit at the entrance of my pussy.

"Oh, yes!" I moaned and I put my hands up over my head as I succumbed to his increasing fingering.

I hopped up and down on the spot as my snatch began to leak over his probing finger and I closed my eyes tight shut. I only felt rather than saw him drop to his knees as he buried his face in my mound to lick my cunt with his snaking tongue. My hands went to his head and I ran my fingers through his thick hair as he licked and sucked on my damp labia.

"Fuck yeah! Oh shit!" I mumbled.

My nipples were so hard they ached as I widened my thighs to give him better access to my dripping pussy. My backside pushed at the wall behind me and I gasped as his stubble tickled the skin of my inner thighs. I was highly impressed with the way he wriggled his pointed tongue into the soft folds of my pussy and I purred with sheer bliss.


He stood up and we both fumbled for his fly zipper so as to release his erect cock which had formed an uncomfortable tent in front of his trousers. I prised it out and my eyes went wide as I saw the thick curve of his organ as it poked up.

Once it was out I dropped down and immediately sucked his bone into my hungry mouth. He tasted divine as I stroked his length and slobbered on the shiny purple knob with audible sucking noises.

"Ces't bon." I heard him sigh as he let his trousers and boxers lower to his shoes.

He must have been all of eight inches fully erect and I gripped the base as I swirled my tongue over the head as well as gliding down the blood gorged veins. The head rubbed on the roof of my mouth as I moved my head back and forth Sometimes a large mouth is not so much a burden.

"Gagh!" I gurgled as he drew his sweater off over his head and planted the palms of his hands on the wall above my head.

Driven by pure lust he bucked his hips in a circular motion and drove his cock into my mouth as I drooled saliva down my chin. I bent lower and tilted my head back for a better angle as I deep throated him and bumped my nose at his wiry pubes.

I inhaled his masculine aroma as he face fucked me with assured pelvic jerks until his cock head bumped the back of my throat and he stopped moving. He groaned aloud as he slowly withdrew his shining cock through my pursed lips.

"Alors, magnifique!"

We both stood up and I was spun around to face the wall. He stepped out of his clothing and stood naked in his shoes. I put my hands above my head and stuck out my bum which he gave a right royal slap with his right hand.

Then he forced my legs apart with his right thigh and thrust up into my cunt with a hefty lunge. I felt myself rise up onto my toes as his momentum made us move to the wall together.

"Holy shit!" I remember yelping as his cock filled me up totally.

He placed his hands on my shoulders as he started to bang the shit out of me with loud slapping sounds of his balls on my ass. He pinned my hands to the wall with his and pressed tightly to my frame as he power fucked me.

"Oh my goodness."

He slowed up and pulled nearly all the way out before slamming back in with a hard thrust. I bent at the waist as he pulled back again and slammed back in. The feeling was fantastic as he repeated this twice more, causing me to cry out in pleasure. Then he put his hands on my hips and hammered in and out with rapid strokes that made my head swim.

"Gardez le silence!"

We heard a voice from within one of the rooms and we realised where we were. I must have pushed at my door with my hand at that moment and my door became unstuck and we both tumbled inside.

"Quick, shut the door!"

We kissed passionately and groped and squeezed one another as we tumbled toward the big bed. Under the light of the bedroom lamps I finally got a better look at his naked body and I was impressed by his tanned and fit physique.

As he approached me his big cock swung left and right above smooth balls. Alain eased me onto my back and spread my long legs apart and the next minute my feet were where my head was. My knees were against my ears as he entered me slowly, kissing my throat and neck as he began to fuck me.


His big cock slid into me effortlessly and I felt every big inch of him stretch me out. His right hand held my left thigh and his muscled back tensed as he banged in and out of me. My feet hovered in mid air as I was pinned to the cool sheets by his considerable weight. His stiff cock thrust deep into my sodden cunt and I raked my nails down his back as I moaned in his ear.

"So hard." I grunted as he stepped up the pace and his butt rose and fell at an alarming rate.

Hot and illicit sex, just what I needed after a long day. Sweat rolled down his arched back and pooled in the crack of his tight buttocks as he thrust into me harder and faster. Our bodies could not have pressed against each other tighter as my arms and legs wrapped around his solid body. He pounded into my slim frame so deeply that his pubic bone was slamming my clit.

"It's too good," I thought as I felt an insane warmth radiate from my sodden pussy.

My legs felt like jelly as he fucked me without respite. He raised up on his elbows and looked directly into my eyes and I melted. I looked down our bodies and gasped at the sight of his length moving in and out of my shaven cunt, and his taut buttocks rising and falling between my legs. It was wonderful.

"Alain. Alain, let me ride you."

He got the message and slowed up and rolled his glistening frame off me and laid on his back. I sat up and fluffed my light hair and straddled him, guiding his thick hose into my hot twat. Now I rode him hard, rising up high and going down all the way and I loved it.

I savoured every inch of him as I bounced up and down, he felt so good inside of me. I lowered my eyes and drank in the bulk of his sharply defined muscle as his enormous cock impaled me.

"Oh, yes!"

The French hunk held me close and started to hump upwards, sending his rigid prick searing into me again and again. It felt like sitting on a fucking flag pole! My ass rippled each time I sank down and smacked against his groin making his balls settle in between my ass cheeks momentarily.

I ground on him for two seconds and enjoyed the feel of his two plums against me before rising all the way up once more. Then I dropped down to grind on his heavenly balls again.


I yelped in surprise and delight when I was tossed onto my back again and Alain banged into me in the missionary position again. My hands gripped his tight bod with all the strength I could muster as his long cock slid in and out of my pussy which simply foamed with my juices.

"Yes, oh yes, oh yes!" I roared as my orgasm drew close and my head pushed back into the soft pillows.

This was quite simply ferocious fucking and I loved it. He grabbed my ankles and used them for leverage as he rotated his hips even faster. My mouth found his shoulder and I bit hard into his flesh as his rock hard cock sent me over the edge.

"Fuck!" I screamed.

"Merde!" He yelled and withdrew and rubbed his shoulder.

As he slid out I quickly took hold of his slick prick and sucked him into my hungry mouth. Moments later he erupted with a grunt and balled his fists as I swallowed as much of his salty seed as I was able. We both laid side by side in silence as we recovered. Then I remembered my hot bath that was waiting for me.

"What say we have a nice soak in the tub?" I asked him.

He seemed to understand and made his way to the bathroom. I watched his tight ass dimple as he walked barefoot to the door.

"And then I want you to fuck me again."

He turned back to me and my eyes went to his flaccid cock that hung down between his thighs like a stallion.

"Mai oui," he said simply and I clapped my hands in glee.

The next day I returned to London and before the week was out I had the most amazing adventure to date.


People used to joke that being bisexual was for those who were desperate. Not so, as more and more young women such as myself embrace their sexuality whether it be with male or female company.

I love sex with women just as much as heterosexual relations with men, it just means twice the fun. Think Rita Ora, Kristen Stewart, Jess Glynne and you get a picture of how mainstream swinging both ways has become. My new diary is going to reflect this as I chronicle my life as of now.


It was my new friend, the singer Jess Glynne, who called me the weekend before and asked if l was interested in going to a football game. Ruby Mae, the current girlfriend of Dele Alli of Spurs and England, had some exclusive seats for the game at the Olympic Stadium Saturday between Tottenham and West Ham.

I like football and so once I unpacked from my trip to Paris I jumped at the chance. All morning I picked out what to wear and set off for the stadium in Stratford.

"Nice outfit Cara," said Jess when we met up.

I had chosen a leopard skin jumpsuit with Guess boots and hoop earrings. Jess, a slim five feet five wore a polo neck top with matching jacket and trousers and a pair of River Island boots. She had a mane of Titian red curls that complimented her sparkling blue eyes. Jess was the one who had introduced me to Ashley Benson. More of her later.

"Thanks," I said. "Where do we go?"

"I think it's this way." She answered.

Jess took my hand and we struggled through thousands of spectators in an attempt to find the private membership entrance. There were expected to be an attendance of 60,000 for the all London fixture.

"Over here girls!" Yelled Ruby waving with both hands.

Ruby Mae was a twenty three year old lingerie model with chocolate brown hair, teased into soft waves, and copper brown skin. She had on a pair of stone washed ankle grazing skinny blue jeans and a crop top that showed off her toned abs. She also had ample boobs, tiny waist and a lithe figure. I could see what Dele saw in her.

"Dele will join us later, he can't play but he has to be on the bench with the other players."

Ruby led us to a private box on the halfway line with a fantastic view of the iconic hallowed pitch. Complimentary refreshments were provided but Ruby told us we would dine later in the restaurant. The noise of cheering supporters was deafening but inside the plush box the noise was muted.

"I hate football, so boring. But I like footballers."

Ruby sipped on a cup of herbal tea as she plonked her high heels up on the rail by the panoramic viewing window. I was transfixed by her good looks and especially her sensuous full lips. Would I love to kiss those. Jess told us how she was kicking back after an exhausting schedule of touring.

"It's been great, hanging with family, resting in my apartment and watching television."

The redhead looked at me and I felt glad for her. Like myself she had been in relations with men as well as women, and like myself hated labels.

"I'm not in any relationship right now. I'm open for anything. I just want to have fun."

"Hey, you want to know a secret? This stadium doesn't just have two dressing rooms. One for the home team and one for the away team. There is a third. And on Saturday it's not used. AND, it has a hot tub. Wanna use it?"

Ruby already got up and Jess and I tagged along. Why not? She led the way down a long corridor and the place seemed deserted. The dressing room was cold and quiet and we reached the other end and found a smaller room with a big bathtub and the hot tub.

Ruby immediately began to fill it and get the temperature up. Then she grabbed a big handful of towels. The hot tub bubbled away eventually at 96 degrees and the steam rose up into the air. There were several large pale blue towels for us, the same as the West Ham shirts, as we stood beside the tub.

"Okay girls, get naked!"

Ruby giggled as she stripped and Jess and I followed suit, leaving our clothing in a heap. I watched carefully as Ruby stood a moment before getting in the tub and gave us a great view of her smooth rounded ass.

We all three got in and the water felt so good and the jets great on my body. We all sat right next to each other as we giggled and splashed with our feet. I looked at Jess as the bubbles crept up her slender legs and up to her boobs as she settled. Ruby's beautiful tits bobbed on the surface of the water and she sighed with bliss.


As we acclimatized to the tub our conversation started and inevitably we got around to talking about sex.

"Deli is such a considerable lover, he keeps me satisfied big time but his latest football injury means we haven't made love in two weeks. Most frustrating."

"Well I simply must masturbate once a day," said Jess. "And I have seven vibrators, six dildos and a Hitachi Wand."

"Oh yeah! Isn't that wand just great!" Gushed Ruby.

I must have visibly squirmed as Jess bunched up against me and rubbed her feet on mine.

"Cara, what's your favourite sex toy?"

"My rabbit vibe I guess."

I got the sense that things were heading for a little loving and I looked over my shoulder for any of the stadium staff.

"We should be alright until the end if the game. Cara, let me rub your back, babe."

Ruby turned me away from her and began to knead my neck and shoulders with a firm pressure. Both her hands moved in circles as the sensual massage melted away any stress I had.

"Like that?"

"Feels good."

She moved lower and cupped my tits and moved her fingers in sync on both my breasts, trapping the nipples with each clockwise motion. Her touch excited me greatly as she massaged my tits in every direction possible.

"I'm feeling a bit hot." Said Jess who then stood up and sat on the edge of the tub, her feet still in the water.

Ruby and I could not keep our eyes off of her gorgeous body as she shifted and spread her legs. We both got a nice look right up between her legs as she cupped her trimmed pussy and tilted her head back.

It was Ruby who acted first and moved over to Jess to where her face came level with the exposed pussy. Prising her legs apart Ruby gazed at the tantalising slit on show and then dragged her tongue from the bottom all the way to the hooded clitoris.

"Wow!" Gasped Jess aloud and lifted her hips up on the tub edge.

The dusky babe used both hands to part the puffy lips and reveal the pink inner folds. Ruby was quite lewd and loud as she made slurping and slobbering noises while she swiped up and down on Jess. She jammed her face to Jess as she obviously lapped at the freely running juices that that leaked from the redheads cunt.

Ruby paused for air and I could clearly see the swollen clit of Jess as it emerged at the top of her downy muff. I gulped as I felt the juices in my own pussy start to heat up.

"Want to join in?"

I shivered despite the temperature of the hot water as Ruby turned to me and brought her soft lips to mine and kissed me gently. Her lips were divine as she sucked on my thin lips hard and her warm breath mingled with mine.

We hugged close as she started to nibble my ear and neck and I grinned with the welcome attention. My right hand went to her pussy and my fingers ran along the plump labia between her thighs. Her tongue flicked across both my nipples that had become erect and sensitive and I closed my eyes as I slipped two fingers inside her snatch.


From behind me I felt Jess slide her fingers between my ass cheeks and start to tease my anus and I hissed between clenched teeth as I was caressed softly. We were all half submerged as we fingered each other and the water thrashed as we became more animated.

I was seriously turned on as Jess slipped her middle finger into my steamy slit and I bunched my toes on the bottom of the tub. She worked inside me like a corkscrew as a second finger joined the mix and I wiggled my hips in order to savour the wonderful insertion.

"More, I want more." Demanded Ruby.

Ruby's breath became ragged as I used the pads of my fingers and rubbed her hard nub which I swear grew bigger. Her hands were all over my tits as she bucked in the water and ground her cunt on my hand. Her hips started to move in time with my searching fingers as we all three moaned and splashed in the tub.

"We need more room." Said Ruby.

Still no one had discovered is as we got out and stood, dripping water on the floor. Ruby busied herself in making a large pile of the fluffy towels and laid back with her legs spread. Jess joined me in the same way as we looked on at the smouldering hot woman.

"She looks so sexy like that." Said Jess.

The redhead leaned over Ruby and ran her eager hands all over her body, then over her belly and down to the soft inner thighs. Jess had her backside sticking up and I peered at her pussy that protruded between her legs behind he.

"Eat, me, eat me, eat me, please, please, please."

Ruby drummed her left foot impatiently on the towel beneath her feet as Jess covered her mound with her mouth and drank in her moisture. Her red curls spread out over Ruby's body as her head bobbed back and forth, her bottom rising and falling with her movements.

I could see the muscles flutter in Ruby's taut stomach as she writhed in orgasmic delight. I came up behind Jess and pushed my tongue into her slit and held her bum in my hands as I gobbled her up.

"Cheeky!" She joked.

Lost in my concentration I didn't notice Ruby had shifted and the next thing I knew was I was on my back on the pile of towels with my legs up and parted. Jess stuck her face to my sopping hole and lapped me up for all she was worth. Then Ruby joined in and I nearly swooned when I felt two slavering tongues attach to my cunt.

I shook from head to toe and the sweat poured off of me as obscene noises from the two busy women sucking me filled my ears. Their combined assault was the hottest thing I had experienced and I made a mental note to relate every detail in my sex diary later. Many times I have masturbated while thinking of having two women at once and this was my dream come true.

"I think she likes it."

My pussy mound and inner thighs were saturated with saliva as I achieved my first shattering climax and I screamed out despite the quite public surroundings. Then one of them, not sure which, squatted on my face and I opened my mouth as the sweet tasting pussy met my lips. She started sliding her quim to and fro my protruding tongue and smeared her wetness all over my face.


She must have bent to my pussy as her mouth merged with the other to give me another double whammy. I bucked my hips as I inhaled the heavenly scent of the woman on my face. It was so nice to taste a woman again. My back arched as I came again and I was freed up to see it was Ruby who I had licked out.

"My turn now, I think."

Jess threw herself on the towels and Ruby fingered her hard and fast feverishly as I frigged my cunt and looked on. Ruby had her nose buried in the pubes of Jess as she frantically sucked and licked and I just looked on, admiring the firm ass of Ruby. Jess writhed and shrieked as she came and I doubled my effort as I strummed my own pussy.

"Nice one Ruby, but let's not forget Cara."

I looked on in silence as the redheaded singer came over. Jess pulled our hips together and started to rub her pussy against mine as I held her waist tightly. The incredible sensation of our pubic mounds grating on each others made me spasm uncontrollably as she speeded up her gyrations. We rocked faster and faster sighing heavily until we both yelled out in total ecstasy as we climaxed at the same time.

"It's nearly full time." Announced Ruby and we cleaned up and returned to the private box just as Dele Alli turned up.

We ate dinner and then Jess and I went to my home in West London. I let her read my diary and then we made out in my bed. In the morning I updated the journal, leaving out no details.

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Re: Cara Delevingne's Sex Diary
« Reply #2 on: March 17, 2020, 08:11:05 AM »
Note- This is not the real diary of Cara Delevingne, I made it all up.


I am having great fun chronicling the spicier side of my life and today I had spent the day in a state of excitement and counted the hours down as I posed for interminable photographs for my new agency IMG models.

The delivery man had dropped off my special package earlier in the morning and I squealed like a little girl at Christmas as I signed for it. On the suggestion of my new friend Ruby Mae I had purchased the latest Hitachi Magic Wand and desperately wanted to try it out.

"It's like Christmas!"

Being highly sexed I need at least one orgasm a day otherwise I can be one grouchy young lady. The day seemed to drag as my mind was one hundred per cent on my getting home and unwrapping my gift. When I finally got back to my renovated Georgian home in West London I ripped the box open and looked in awe at the spanking new sex toy.

"Oh, it's big!"

The white plastic tube was about nine inches long with an electric cable at one end and a large sphere at the other. I ran up to my cosy little bedroom two steps at a time and stripped off my Foo Fighters tee and ripped blue jeans and sat naked and trembling on the edge of my canopy bed.

My pussy was already dripping down the middle of my slim thighs just imagining what to expect. My left hand strayed down my flat belly as I widened my legs and teased my soft smoothly shaven labia. I pinched the lips and looked down to see myself ooze pussy juice all over my fingers. One finger, then two, slipped inside my sweet slit and my clitoris loomed out above my cunt. I probed deep and my thumb rolled over my clit as I inadvertently drooled down my chin. I'm such a little fuck bunny!

"Now for the wand."

I plugged it into the wall socket and flicked it on at the low speed setting. It began to hum and a thrill went down my back as I ran the head on my slim thighs. I took a deep breath and touched myself with it. It had a rubbery feel to it as I ran it up the inside of my left leg and then the right.


I pressed the head to my bald pussy and gasped as it tickled my super sensitive mound. I gripped the toy halfway down as it buzzed in my fist and moved it gently all around my cunt. My clit throbbed madly as I ground the fat white head against my pussy over and over and I let an animal like growl as my juices flowed.

"Fuck, that's good!"

My knees involuntarily moved in and out as I trapped the wand between my thighs and rolled to and fro on the bed. My perspiration started as I shook like crazy and I humped the wand as my climax hit me.

"Shit! I came in one minute!"

I panted as I looked at the wand beside me where I had placed it and turned it to high speed. I rubbed the head around my tits and made circles around my stiff nipples and a wonderful tingling went straight to pussy. Again I held it to my cunt and my reaction was instantaneous.

My face flushed and my nipples were rock hard as I threw my head back into the pillow and moaned loudly, gripped by an almost insane lust. The powerful vibrations ran through my legs as I kept it clamped to my cunt although the urge was to give my dripping quim some respite from the overwhelming buzzing.

"Don't stop, don't dare stop." I told myself.

My thighs trembled and my sweat ran down my body in rivulets between my heaving breasts. Only when I couldn't take another second I pulled the toy away and laid back, drenched in sweat and pussy juice.

"Let me try something else."

I went onto my belly and let the toy rest beneath me as I trapped it on my cunt. I turned onto high speed and humped the buzzing beast as it hummed against my poor pussy. My buttocks rippled from the intense electrical impulses and I buried my face in the pillow and thumped my fists on the mattress.


My head swam as I had one of the biggest orgasms in my life and I actually squirted over the wand as I came like a tidal wave. I turned it off and fell back on the crumpled sheets. Just wait until I use it on Ashley!


The American actress, Ashley Benson was my latest lover and we were in that early stage of discovering each others needs and likes. I was in New York City for the WSJ Magazine's Innovator Award Ceremony and I flew there on the seventh and hooked up with Ashley.

The very first time I ever saw her I was instantly smitten. She approached me as if she was walking in slow motion and her infectious smile had me. Later she told me it was the same for her, especially loving my smouldering dark eye shadow combined with my thick natural brows and clear eyes.

"And I just LOVE your accent."

The transition from the catwalk to shooting commercials had been an easy move for me but Ashley had been most helpful in giving me valuable tips on how to act in front of a camera. The blonde looker had recently moved to New York and had bought a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment.

I loved the blush pink wall colour and pop art that adorned every wall. As we got acquainted we discovered we shared similar likes and dislikes and a wicked sense of humour. I had to leave soon after I landed for the ceremony and eagerly awaited getting back later that evening.


The day after I arrived Ashley suggested we go to the local gym for a workout. Ashley had a toned and trim figure and worked out on a regular basis, which is more than I can say about me. With my slim supermodel figure I certainly don't need to lose weight.

We both dressed in tee shirt and black leggings as we set off at noon after a lengthy bedroom session. It was a beautiful day when we set off with a light breeze that was muffled by the sound of city traffic.

"Wanna have some fun babe? Where I work out is a cute trainer who I tease something bad. And he has a big cock. I thought we could go wind him up some."

"Sure you know i have a wicked streak."

We giggled like school girls as we drove to the exclusive gym and we could barely keep our hands off each other. When we got there the place was half full, mostly men pumping iron and grunting aloud. Ashley and I wandered over to the cross trainers and she showed me how to work the controls.

We had removed out shirts and I displayed my Lycra leotard, Ashley her crop top and shorts. Mine was the tightest I could find and I was aware of the fact that my butt cheeks were nowhere near covered. Ashley was beside me and winked slyly as she spoke.

"Oh, hi Steve. I didn't see you there."

Directly behind me was a young man who was transfixed by my firm ass. I stopped and took a long look at the fair haired man. He was fit, without being ripped, with a short cropped top that showed off his washboard abs.

"Cara, this is Steve, Steve, my best friend Cara."

"Pleased to meet you," he said as he warmed up and flexed his muscular legs.

As he looked at my boobs that strained at my leotard It was fairly obvious that he had a semi boner in his tight shorts.

"If you need me I'll be over there." He pointed and left.

Ashley and I watched his taut butt as he walked to the bench press and got going. His triceps rippled with his exertion as he clanked away.

"Well? What do you think?"

I looked at him and then back to Ashley.

"He's cute. Why?"

"I thought we might flirt with him."

Ashley moved to where Steve was and I watched them in conversation but couldn't hear the words. Then he left and Ashley joined me and grinned.

"I said we need to go to his office and sign you up as a permanent member of the gym. It's this way."

The door was open to a small windowless office with a desk, two chairs and a two seat red sofa. I sat at the desk as Ashley hovered over Steve's left shoulder.

"If you could sign here, and here. I will use Ashley as your sponsor and that should be fine."

He handed me some pamphlets about the programme as Ashley puffed loudly.

"Boy, it's so hot in here."

Ashley looked away from Steve as she eased her shorts down a couple of inches. Even though Steve was sitting I could see his shorts forming a sizeable tent. His eyes shot to Ashley who tugged her shorts down a little further and showed off the top of her pert buttocks.

"You feeling hot Steve?"

The young trainer blushed as he puffed out air and Ashley bent over to stroke his face.

"You look a little bothered. Oh, look. Now Cara is feeling the heat."

I joined in the flirting and lowered the upper half of my leotard and bared my tits. He turned back to Ashley who had removed her shorts and stood naked from the waist down. Her trim pubic mound looked adorable as I went to her and we began to kiss.

"Okay ladies. What's the deal?"

We ignored him and stood in a tight clinch as we French kissed, our bodies pressing into each other hard. Ashley cupped my tits with both hands as my right thigh pushed between her legs. I rubbed her pussy mound and was rewarded with a sexy purr as she reacted to the contact.

"Is he hard yet?" Asked Ashley. "Is he interested?"

I looked around to see that Steve had dropped his shorts and released his erect cock which throbbed in his right fist. He watched intently as we bumped at each other with exaggerated moans.

"Oh yeah, he's up for it, literally."

Steve kicked his shorts into the corner and tugged his top off and showed off his naked physique proudly. His large cock swayed this way and that as he watched Ashley and myself move to the sofa. We continued to kiss and I ran my tongue along Ashley's bottom lip and she responded by thrusting her tongue inside my wet mouth in order to make contact with mine. I stripped off my leotard as Ashley laid on her back and I knelt between her spread legs and began to eat her out.

"Do me proud baby."

My fingers were at the top of her delectable thighs as I buried my tongue in her heavenly snatch. Ashley raised her hips as she gave a sharp gasp and I rammed inside her sweet and musky cunt. I felt an exquisite joy having my face wedged tightly between my lovers inner thighs. I rewarded her by sucking on her clit and shoving two fingers inside her.

"Holy shit!"

Ashley trembled as I engulfed her luscious nub and formed a seal on her pussy. She screamed as her cunt gushed her juices and I continued with no respite as I lapped up the sweet taste.

"I just love the way she eats my pussy."

Steve's cock was dripping from hid pre cum as he stared at my upturned ass. He went onto his knees behind me and I shrieked when I felt his face push on my cheeks. The feeling of his mouth on my flesh was amazing and I pushed back and let his tongue enter my pussy. He gripped my hips as he licked my bald slit up and down with a surprising experience. I moaned into Ashley's cunt as the three of us got a great rhythm going.

"Nice work coach." Said Ashley as she looked down at us.

My pussy was a sopping mess with a combination of my fluids and his saliva. Then I felt the spongy head of his cock slide up and down my ass crack as he lubricated his length.

"That's it Steve, stick it to her good."

I hummed on Ashley who groaned in return as Steve moved my legs apart and split my pussy lips with a vigorous push. The throbbing heat of his organ filled me as he bent over me and ran his tongue up my spine. I propped myself up as his thrusting became more powerful as he found his balance.

"Oh, fuck!" I shrieked as his big cock became a blur of meat as he slapped on my bottom with speedy thrusts.

Ashley told me later that all of his muscles had stood out as he fucked me and that she felt just a pang of jealousy. I was forced into Ashley more and more and I looked up into Ashley's eyes.

"Do you like watching him fuck me?" I asked.

She nodded as my butt rippled from the hefty force of the man inside my cunt. Steve moved his hips in small circles as he arched his back and gave me one hard thrust and then pulled out. I moved over and Ashley laid out horizontally on the seat with her head hanging upside down over the edge.

Steve caught on quickly and I looked up and watched him shove his huge cock into Ashley's open mouth and I have to say that I a little shocked at how much she was able to take down her throat. I knew she had slept with men but I had never seen her with my own eyes. Then my eyes widened when he took his cock back out and left a string spit connected to his cock head and her glistening lips.

"Again." Ordered Ashley and Steve obliged and stuffed his cock back down her throat.

He did so and I panted as Ashley moaned in lust and circled her tongue around his huge glans. She leaned her head back even more and hummed happily as his huge organ banged the back of her throat. Steve pawed at her tits and squeezed them as he moved his pelvis to and fro as he face fucked my best friend.

"Ohhh!" He groaned from the exquisite blowjob and reluctantly withdrew for fear of coming. I knew he wanted to have Ashley before he was done.

He sat on the red sofa and Ashley quickly sat on his lap with a giggle and moved her loins along his shining length. Then I saw her rise up slightly and then drop back down and let his cock drive up deep inside her slick pussy. She groaned with immense satisfaction as she began to lift up and slam back down again over and over.

"Fuck me!"

Ashley had her mouth half open in bliss as her cunt enveloped his prick. I moved in behind her to stare at the incredible sight of her ass cheeks split into two perfect spheres and Steve's knob pushing up deep inside her. I ventured to caress her butt and was glad to hear her moans of approval. Steve lifted her with ease by her hips and his glistening tool slipped out and I grabbed it and sucked on him, savouring the taste of Ashley on the red hot cock.

"In me, in me, put it back in me."

Steve grabbed Ashley by the waist and jabbed up into her welcoming pussy. I could see that he was focused and intense as he moved his hips frantically from his sitting position and thrust up deep into the wailing blonde. She was literally bounced up and down on his hose and she twisted and squirmed as her cunt dribbled juices down onto his bouncing nuts. The sofa rocked on its four legs as Ashley's hips slapped on his groin as was pounded.

"Ladies, I'm gonna cum."

Ashley looked into his eyes and writhed on him with his cock fully embedded inside her and jerked her hips a few more times before relinquishing him. She slipped of swiftly and we both dropped to our knees next to each other and used our best skills to swipe and lick his rigid pole together.

Ashley gobbled up his bell end as I sucked his balls one at a time, then we switched and bathed his groin area with copious amounts of our spit. I love the way a man swells when he is about to cum and Steve grunted as he felt the tell tale signs of his orgasm. Ashley and I jacked his cock with four fevered hands until he erupted all over our sticky fingers. His seed flew in the air as his face scrunched up and he held his breath.

"Nice job, coach."

"You two, you're too much."

I touched his toned abs and ran a nail across his sweaty stomach leaving a red line. Ashley was already getting dressed again and I joined her.

"Next time I'm in New York we'll drop by again."

Later with the help of Ashley I filled this entry in my diary and gave it a special gold star for effort.

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