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Halloween Havoc: A Site Collaboration
« on: September 26, 2020, 10:36:25 AM »

So welcome to Halloween Havoc, our spooky seasonal site collaboration series.

The rules to this are simple: A 2000 word story with Halloween as the main theme.

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Re: Halloween Havok: A Site Collaboration
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2020, 12:46:24 PM »
                                A HALLOWEEN GHOST STORY WITH CARA DELEVINGNE


England, October 31st, 2019.


CODES- masturbation, intercourse, supermodel.

Do you believe in ghosts? I never did until this time last year when I spent Halloween night in an old haunted mansion.

It was a spur of the moment decision that month when I decided to visit Kenwoody House in the county of Kent. Apparently this once grand stately home had been left empty and neglected since the landed owners had gone bankrupt.

Since then there had been reported incidents of eerie chanting and slamming of doors at night that had scared off any potential buyers.

My sister Poppy had suggested to me that the home and estate may well be a sound investment for the future, and so at the end of that month, I took off with the intention of visiting the place for the day and following night.

It felt a little daunting to think of spending the time in the house by myself but I fully accepted the situation.

The chill Autumnal air sent a chill down my spine as I climbed the big stone steps to the large oak door. Or maybe it was the ominous silence that prevailed over the gloomy interior that made me feel unnerved when I went in.

The house had many rooms and floors and I took an exploratory look around the dusty ones downstairs and studied the ancient oil paintings of the previous owners.
One fellow in particular, the Fifth Earl, caught my eye as I stopped at his portrait that hung on the wall halfway up the main stairs.

"Well, he's cute."

I had been quoted in recent times as saying my sexual orientation was pansexual, but what I meant by that was that I was up for anything and anyone, anytime.

I lingered by the painting, noting the Earl's good looks with his shoulder length brown hair and wavy moustache and pointed beard. It was his clear blue eyes though that caught my attention though, and if I hadn't imagined it I could have sworn that his gaze followed my every move.


It was dark now, and I cursed my choice of leaving the drive over so late. Damn that snarl up on the motorway. I checked my mobile phone and saw that it was nearly midnight. I found the warmest of the bedrooms, and feeling pretty beat I got undressed, brushed my hair out, and flopped naked onto the big four poster bed.

The softness of the mattress and the old charm of the room set me unexpectedly at ease, and I laid on my back and closed my eyes.

My mind wandered as dozens of thoughts filled my tired head.

It had been several months now since I had moved on from Ashley Benson, and despite my best efforts in finding someone else I had remained single for the most part.

I didn't mind being alone. There are definitely times when one needed some relief from the sheer pace of a busy schedule.

Of course, having a very healthy need for sexual gratification, and as much as possible mind, meant that I had to satisfy myself. And often.

So, in order to send myself to sleep, I began to caress my body on top of the sheets. I widened my legs and squirmed on my bottom as I rubbed my breasts and welcomed my nipples harden almost immediately.

My legs melted as my arousal grew and my nostrils flared as I tweaked my nipples and kneaded my perky tits.
Then, I moved my hands lazily down my flanks until they met the insides of my slim thighs.

My toes curled downwards as I shifted inwards to my pussy mound which was currently smooth and hairless, just how Ashley used to like it.

I parted my outer labia and felt some wetness already inside my bald muff. I touched my clitoris gently, barely brushing it with a soft flick of the fingers, and I arched my back as I imagined it was Ashley and not myself touching my most sensitive spot.

She had a unique way of thumbing my clit at the same time as she sank her middle finger inside me, and I attempted to replicate that as best I could.

I drifted off into a sleepy erotic fantasy and I stroked myself in earnest, with alternating fast and slower motions. With each second I pushed myself closer and closer to the brink of an orgasm.

I licked my lips and felt warm inside, despite a sudden waft of cold that seemed to creep into the closed bedroom under the closed door.

I saw what seemed like a dark shadow dart past the crack under the door, and I strained my ears as I thought that I heard footsteps on the creaking wooden floor outside.


I sat up sharply when I heard an old Grandfather Clock on the landing strike loudly a dozen times. Midnight!
I had left the light on and the dim electric lamp flickered and then went out. I blinked in the light of the thick candle I had lit as a precaution and peered into the darkness, sensing some other to be present.

"Is...is anybody there?"

I tried to tell myself how silly it was to suppose there might be someone in the room with me, but at the back of my mind I wasn't entirely convinced.


My bared tits jiggled on my chest as I saw a faint shape at the bottom of the bed. The more I focused my eyes, the more the figure became apparent.

My first reaction was fear of the unknown, and then that changed to an odd curiosity as I saw the greyish vision of an old character dressed in 17th Century clothing.

I gasped as I actually recognised the almost transparent person before me.
It was the spitting image of the dashing Fifth Earl!

"Hello." I said meekly. "How are you?" Well, just how DO you address a ghost? If that is what he indeed was.

Was I dreaming? Was this a result of my over tired brain? Or something supernatural?

His handsome face broke out into an agreeable smile and I Instantly felt a friendly presence emanate from the pale spirit.

I fell back onto the bed as the manifestation moved closer beside me.

I looked directly into his eyes and felt a reassuring sense of benevolence from him.

"Oh my goodness!"

The wraith like Earl began to remove his bulky costume and in a trice he was as naked as I. And sporting the type of erection that you would normally find between the hind legs of a prize stallion!

His splendid prick appeared to bob and sway in the dimmed light of the candle, and I covered my mouth in order not to shriek.

My pores opened and I perspired freely as I inhaled a most definite masculine scent that made me dip my fingers inside my damp pussy again. As we stared at each other in an eerie silence I frigged myself fast as the naked spectral figure leaned over the bed.

Surely this was a figment of my imagination when I felt the Earl's ghostly fingers cup and encircle the firm contours of my medium sized tits. My nipples stuck out like two bullets as I whimpered from the pleasant touch.

After a few moments I felt certain that a 'hand' pressed on my mons, and as I experienced what I perceived as a flurry of caresses and stroking I oozed juices that ran out and down my butt crack.

My own pungent aroma assailed my nose as my slit responded by my inner pussy walls rippling delightfully.

"So...gentle," I groaned as I felt a superb tingling rise up from my toes to my loins.

With my eyes still closed I felt as if I was then pinned to the bed by an unknown force. I was unable to move my body or limbs and there seemed to be a considerable pressure on top of me.

Then I sighed deeply. It was as if I had just been penetrated by an enormous cock, and I experienced that exquisite tightness that only occurred when a man was fucking me.

"Fuck me, fuck me!" I implored and my own voice sounded fragile and insubstantial as my body bucked and jerked on the bed and tiny shudders began to course through me.

My cunt throbbed and ached, just the same way it did when I was being fucked silly.

The flickering candle played out odd shadows on the walls, and in fleeting moments as I watched the bizarre images, I fancied that the shimmering shape of the Earl was on top of me, stroking my body and kissing my boobs.


My bottom raised up off of the bed and the muscles in my thighs tensed as I neared my orgasm.

My pussy felt as if it was being stretched out by a huge dick and I had a sense of being literally screwed to the mattress by an imperceptible force.

I threw my head back and whipped my long hair from side to side as I gulped in much needed air into my lungs.

Frantic thrust after frantic thrust from the wonderful fucking sensation made me scream out loud.
My backside humped to and fro on the bed and the sheets rucked up in the crevice between my buttocks.

My feet almost tore great holes in the sheet as I drummed the bed in a tattoo of intense rapture, demanding more of this strange sensation.

I was too eager and excited to hold anything back now, and with a juddering spasm my orgasm flooded my entire body.

Exhausted and sleepy I laid still on my back. Only my long legs trembled, but that was from sexual fatigue rather than fear.

Whether it was my vivid imagination or not, I fancied the ghostly apparition planted a kiss on my left cheek. And as I dropped off my spectral lover faded as well.


I was awoken by the morning sunlight streaming through the grubby curtains, and I rubbed my eyes as I tried to make sense of the night before. A dream? A visitation? A good fuck!

I later found out that the house WAS known to be a haunted one, and that the Fifth Earl had been a ladies man and had been murdered by a jealous female in the very act of intercourse with another woman.

His ghost had been seen by a number of people who claimed that he walked the corridors at night in frustration at not being able to fulfil his final act of love making.

I've since heard, after the renovation began that there has been no more sightings of him, nor any other ghostly walks. The Earl had vanished forever.

Maybe he finally got laid in the end by a super model, who knows!

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Re: Halloween Havok: A Site Collaboration
« Reply #2 on: September 29, 2020, 05:45:55 AM »
                                  A HALLOWEEN GHOST STORY WITH KAGNEY LINN KARTER

Codes- Intercourse, oral, porn star, cons

Houston, Texas. October 31st, 2020.


Kagney Linn Karter had not regretted for a single moment stepping back from the grind of filming sex scenes for a living. Having also ditched her clinging boyfriend, Kagney has taken the free time to pick up on her literary studies she had discontinued when she had quit college.

In order to resume her research for her graduate course the blonde bombshell had been hired for the Fall season at the local library as an evening attendant. During her third week she sat in one of the study rooms on the second floor alone.

It was close to 8 p.m. on Saturday evening and she was about to call it a day. The quiet visitors had mainly all left when she saw a figure in the dimmed lighting between the rows of literature.

Kagney lowered her reading glasses down her pert nose a tad for a better look at the tall man. He appeared oddly out of place in a brown herringbone jacket and Oxford Bags. As if from another time.
She stood and smoothed her light mini skirt and laid the eyeglasses beside her open book. Then she walked through the first two rows of books and felt the cool fabric against her sexy body.

Braless in the heat of the city, the curve of her 34DD breasts and stiff nipples were clearly visible through her thin top. Her mind wandered to the book she was reading, Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, closed it and got up.

As she moved further into the murky ends of the study room the ravishing blonde could hear the distinct clack of leather heels on the hard floor. She found herself in a narrow aisle and noticed a leather bound book on the floor which she picked up and looked for its place on the shelf. Just a little over five feet in her black heels she had to stretch up and that was when she felt his hand on hers.

The dark stranger replaced the book and Kagney felt strong hands pin her delectable frame to the shelves. Her heart pounded in her chest and her generous bosom heaved under the thin material of her top. With her senses heightened she waited for any word from the tall man. His warm breath on the nape of her neck sent a thrill of excitement through her and tried to speak.


He put a finger to her red full lips to shush her as one hand cupped her right breast.

"Silence in the library must be strictly observed."

His voice had a velvet quality and his educated accent was most definitely English. His hot mouth came to the flesh of her neck and his lips nipped at the pale skin. He pressed his body harder to her with his hand still clamped to her big boob as he moved her long golden curls up so he could give little butterfly kisses to the back of her shoulders.

His other hand searched for the bottom of her mini skirt and she writhed against the firmness of his body as her thighs spread. Kagney moaned between tightly closed lips as fingers settled on her lithe upper thighs and she could feel her heat rise. The hem of her skirt rose up and her skimpy panties were invaded by two fat digits that wormed their way inside the top and downward. Her head drooped as her passion built, unable to be controlled as hands traced out lines over her tits and pussy.

The former porn star held onto the shelves with outstretched arms as her panties were dragged down and off. Now with her sex exposed he stroked her shaven bald labia and she leaked fluids over his expert fingering. He teased her by staying away from her sensitive clit and her breathless moans came louder, desperate for him to caress her.

With fast circular motions on her wet slit the hot blonde was worked into a frenzy and her knees began to buckle, then light purrs escaped her lips as her wet opening was speared by his fingers which worked in and out. She rocked her hips to and fro as he kissed her earlobe and pawed her breast. His hardness pressed at her back and his bulge in his suit trousers betrayed what seemed an above average sized cock. She became aroused and his hand on her pussy sent a thousand tingles through her.


The two stood stock still as a voice came from the other end of the room by the door.

"Miss Karter! The library is closing, you here?"

The study light was shut off and the door closed. Only the outside street lighting lit the room through the large windows and shadows danced on the couple. Kagney was spun around and her curvy figure held in a solid wall of the man's chest as they kissed, his lips brushed hers softly and her back arched in total surrender to the anonymous man.

No words, no sounds, just the urgent actions of two highly charged figures caught up in a state of animal lust. The man's face was still shrouded in shadow but Kagney could make out a square jaw and a dimpled chin as he raised her arms up so he could remove her top over her head.

He caressed her bare body, his flat palms ran across her hard nipples and up to her neck where he lifted her face to his and kissed her. Their tongues played inside each others hot mouths and both were lost in complete abandon. She was desperate to feel him inside, her pussy throbbed, longing to be consumed by her mystery man.

She heard but did not see her new lover open his zipper and make no sound as he put her left leg onto his forearm and the swollen tip of his hard cock swept up inside her easily as she was so wet. Kagney put her weight on her right heel as she attempted to balance herself but she needn't have bothered as the six footer supported her as moved her up and down.

With assured thrusts up the dark haired man ground into her with urgent shifts of his hips and she held him with her arms draped around his neck. Breathless gasps were the only noise to be heard as her cunt clenched around his aching cock.

He paused a moment with his complete length fully inserted inside as he kicked off his trousers with his shoes. Kagney leaked fluid over his boner as she relished the feeling of absolute bliss then she was rocked along him once more as he pushed in and out. The exquisite feel of him and the added danger of being caught sent her heart racing as she was bounced on him like a ragdoll. Her left hand went behind her head and held into the wooden bookshelf as he pumped up forcefully with relentless lunges.

Every muscle in her body strained as he pushed home deeper and further and she tried to match his rhythm, but he was not having any of it and held her hips tight and hammered her cunt till it foamed around his rigid shaft. Kagney felt her orgasmic rise through her heaving body and his heavy thrusts sent her delirious as her body quivered and squirted down his embedded cock.

She managed to wriggle off his pole left shiny in the darkness by her liberal cum juices and bent down to her knees to grasp it in her slim fingers and put the spongy head to her lips. With a long hard look it seemed to quiver and twitch with a life of its own as she felt the wetness and heat from it.

Her jaw slackened as she let her mouth clamp down to suck him hard with hollowed cheeks. His right hand held the back of her hair as he cradled her head and peered down at the blonde at his feet. The top heavy blonde gently raked her nails along his upper thighs as she fondled his freed up balls and held his knob in her mouth.

Her tongue rubbed on the tip as she was enveloped around him then she took the big cock fully inside all the way down as far as she could. He throbbed inside her warm wet mouth yet still he made no sound. Kagney raised her head so that she could see his features but the light was all wrong.

With a confident grip her stranger lifted her up by the elbows and moved her to one of the long tables and she quickly rested her cute rump on the edge. He towered over her and she looked at his long cock that jutted out of a brown bush of pubes, the head shiny and fat. He still wore his shirt and jacket and Kagney thought it looked quite erotic to be fucked by an eager half dressed man.

"No." He uttered simply and she understood and turned around to face the other way.

Just the sound of his English accent sent butterflies through her. In all her years in the adult movie industry she had never had an Englishman.

She stood with legs parted wide and rested on her hands at the edge of the table. His hands gripped her hips as he pressed his bare lower body to her and made her catch her breath as he nestled close to her. The blonde shut her eyes and he brushed the cock head to her slit then entered her in a single push. The big balls smacked against her butt as he started to move in and out. His hands slid up her narrow back then came around the sides in order to cup her massive breasts.

The experienced former porn actress braced herself on her elbows and angled her hips up to give her lover a better angle to thrust in deeper. Each time he shoved his entire cock inside they both breathed hard, maximum entrance achieved and the front of her thighs banged at the table. Her legs and arms trembled as the tall man increased his pace with strong hands on her heavenly ass, pulling and pushing her bared body as he desired. She was his to use and she loved it!

Kagney was pulled up to a standing position, her huge tits still in his hands, his cock still in her cunt and her head came back so that her long hair fell onto his chest. His strokes became fast and furious as she spurred him on by rolling her hips knowing he was near to the end.

His prick left her and she got down and grabbed his tool and popped the head into her mouth and bobbed on it with her two hands on his upper thighs. A letterbox of street light highlighted his two eyes, a deep chestnut brown, the darkest she had ever seen, then he shot inside her mouth and she swallowed the thick cum as he spurted out three loads.

She could feel the crown expand as she gulped and gulped and he pumped and pumped with thighs tense under her slim fingers. Then he relaxed and he slipped out, a solo drip came out and down the veined shaft. Kagney wallowed in the aftermath with a big smile, and when she opened her eyes once more the stranger was gone.

She picked up her discarded dress and panties and looked around but he was nowhere to be seen. The wall clock said 8.25 and she looked around the study room one more time before going to the common room on the first floor where the other attendants had gathered in preparation to leave.


"Hey Kagney, there you are, I thought you had left already."

Harvey, one of the interns spoke to her as he slipped his coat on.

"You shouldn't linger on the second floor alone you know, its haunted!" He said with a grin.

"Yeah right, who are you trying to kid," said she as she gathered her book and purse.

"Don't you know the story? On a Wednesday night in 1921 around closing time in that very room you were in tonight a wealthy  English patron of the library died of a heart attack midway fucking a blonde attendant!"

Kagney felt a shiver run up her spine and bit her thumbnail intrigued.

"Go on, what else?"

"He is said to haunt the room, maybe trying to relieve his last moments of pleasure before he was taken. A few attendants swear they have heard his footsteps and seen a dark figure in the shadows. Especially on Halloween night. Funnily enough he only ever appears to blonde women with big tits."

Kagney thought long and hard, that was a really good fuck she just had, totally real and hot. Every moment was erotic and sensual, she would not forget it in a long time.

Happy Halloween!

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Re: Halloween Havok: A Site Collaboration
« Reply #3 on: October 04, 2020, 02:48:07 PM »
Halloween House Party
Written by Calibur009

Starring: Madison Pettis

Becky G

Jordyn Jones

It is October 30th in Los Angeles, California. Madison Pettis is throwing a Halloween party tonight. There is loud music playing as her costumed guests dance, socialize and have an all around great time at the party.

Many of Madison’s friends are in attendance at her Halloween party. Most are other celebrities and social influencers.

Madison Pettis is conversing with some of her friends. The young actress is dressed as a sexy vampire. The costume consists of a revealing black leotard showing off her cleavage, a short red cape, fingerless lace black gloves and thigh high black boots. Madison is sporting her signature curly locks as well.

Madison is speaking to her friend actress Torri Webster. Her costume is that of a zombie cheerleader covered in fake blood.

Torri says “Great party Madison!”

Madison replies “Thank you Torri!”

As Madison walks off, Torri notices a guy dressed as Pennywise and walks over to him.

Madison is all smiles as she socializes with more of her guests. Two guests in particular that she begins speaking with are Becky G & Jordyn Jones.

Becky G is dressed as a banana, a reference to a song that she performed of the same name. Her costume is basically a short clingy yellow dress that emphasizes her ass, yellow fingernail polish and green heels. She’s also carrying around a banana shaped purse.

Jordyn Jones is dressed as a sexy cowgirl. She’s wearing a white cowboy hat, red flannel shirt, short jean shorts and brown cowboy boots.

Madison says to Becky & Jordyn “Are you two enjoying the party?”

Becky replies “Oh yeah! Madison I’m having a great time!”

Jordyn responds “Me too! You did a great job of putting this party together, Madison.”

Madison then says “Thanks! I’m glad you’re both having a good time.”

Becky drinks some punch from the cup she’s holding and says “Madison I’ve noticed that most of the other girls that were at the party left after they hooked up with some guys.”

Madison replies “I noticed that too Becky. I was talking to Torri earlier and she’s gone now too.”

Jordyn responds “Wasn’t she dressed as a cheerleader?”

Madison laughs and says “Yes! Torri was dressed as a zombie cheerleader”.”

Becky replies “If I had to guess the guy that Torri left with must have had a big dick.”

Jordyn responds “Well Torri does like “big” guys. The only reason she would leave the party early too.”

Madison then says “That’s true! But to be fair the party has been going on for a while. Truth be told I’m ready to have some “fun” too.”

Becky replies “Now you’re talking Madison.”

Jordyn responds “I’m definitely up for the kind of fun you're talking about Madison.”

Madison with a mischievous smile says “Great! The party is about dead now anyway. So let’s have some fun now.”

She then points to the direction of three costumed guests and says “Do you see those three killers over?”

Becky & Jordyn look in the direction and in unison say “Yes!!”

The three killers Madison is referring to are dressed as three horror movie icons. The one on the left is dressed as Michael Myers, the one in the middle as Freddy Krueger and the one on the right is dressed as Jason Voorhees.

Madison then says “That will be our fun for tonight girls.”

Becky replies “I’m fine with that!”

Jordyn responds “I am too! So who are we calling dibs on?”

Madison says “I think I’m ready for Freddy!”

Becky replies “I’ll go with Michael!”

Jordyn then responds “Looks like that leaves me with Jason!”

The three starlets nod agreement about their chosen killers.

Madison, Becky & Jordyn then walk towards, select and lead their chosen killer to different parts of Madison’s house.

Madison’s Bedroom

Madison & Freddy are now inside of her bedroom. He then lays down on the bed and the caramel skinned beauty quickly unzips his pants and pulls out his big white dick.

She says “Wow! This is the kind of cock that I dream about daily!” She smiles then licks his cock before sucking it.

Madison orally pleasures Freddy at a slow and steady pace before she begins to tongue his balls. She then strokes his cock while sucking on his balls. Madison then returns to sucking Freddy’s dick.

Madison’s Kitchen

Michael stands against the kitchen table counter as Becky rapidly grinds her amazing ass against his crotch. She looks back at him with a grin and says “I know you’re loving this from how hard your cock is!” He then pulls out his long dick.

Becky says “Oh! Now that is a big banana!” She smiles and then removes her dress and thong. She then bends over and Michael begins slapping her ass with his cock. He then inserts it into Becky’s pussy and begins fucking her.

Madison’s Backyard

Jordyn wasted no time fucking Jason. She is riding his big black cock while he’s seated in a patio chair. Jordyn bounces up and down wildly and says “Oh fuck yeah”! You’re killing my pussy Jason!”

The pretty blonde even shakes her great ass while he continues to plow her pussy. Jason then grabs onto Jordyn’s jiggly rear as she rapidly bounces on his cock.

Madison’s Bedroom

Madison is now laying on her back as Freddy who's still wearing his mask and fedora is fucking her. Her legs are spread wide as he bangs her rapidly.

She says “Oh my god! Keep fucking me just like that!” The curly haired starlet’s tits bounce as the man of her dreams continues to bang her snatch.

Madison’s Kitchen

Michael is still wearing his white mask while he fucks Becky from behind.

Becky says “That’s it! Keep stabbing me with that long cock!” He fucks her like this until she turns around to suck his cock.

Becky is now sucking and slurping Michael’s cock furiously. This goes on until he lays down on the kitchen floor and she begins riding him reverse cowgirl.

She turns around and says “My ass looks good while it bounces on your cock doesn’t it?” Michael nods yes and continues to fuck the Mexican starlet.

Madison’s Backyard

Jordyn is now on the ground on all fours being fucked from behind by Jason.

She says “Damn! Your cock feels so good!” She continues to cry out in ecstasy as the man in the hockey mask bangs her twat.

After Jason fucks Jordyn for a while he pulls his cock out of her and stands up. Jordyn then kneels in front of him and begins sucking is dick. She is bobbing her head at a quick pace as she blows his big cock.

Jordyn then says “Your cock is so fucking big!” Jason then slaps his cock on her tongue a few times.

Madison’s Bedroom

Madison is now being fucked in the spoon position by Freddy. This goes on for a while and Madison says “You’re fucking me so good right now!” She then says “I have an idea! Let’s get out of this room and go back downstairs.”

Both Madison & Freddy leave her bedroom and return downstairs.

Madison’s Living Room

Now inside of Madison’s living room the two begin to fuck on the couch. Freddy is seated as she rides him, cowgirl. Madison’s amazing tits bounce in the process.

After a few minutes Becky & Michael enter the room.

Becky says “I think that couch may have room for two more.” Michael takes a seat on the couch and she begins to ride him, cowgirl as well.

Not too long after that Jordyn & Jason enter the living room.

Jordyn says “Well look at you two having all the fun! I have a feeling that the couch could hold two more.” Jason then sits down and Jordyn begins riding him, cowgirl too.

Madison, Becky & Jordyn are now all riding the classic horror icons in unison on the couch. All three starlets moan in pleasure as they ride the killers’ big cocks.

A few minutes pass and Madison says “I think it’s time we switch things up!”

Becky replies “I definitely agree!”

Jordyn responds “I second that!”

Madison, Becky & Jordyn then trade partners. They are now kneeled in front of their new chosen killers and are orally pleasuring them.

Madison is blowing Jason, Becky is blowing Freddy and Jordyn is blowing Michael. As they suck the slashers’ big cocks the three starlets make loud suck, slurp and glug noises.

Some time later Madison is now being fucked from behind rapidly by Jason on the left side of the couch. Jordyn is also being fucked from behind by Michael on the other side of the couch. Meanwhile Becky is on the floor riding Freddy’s cock cowgirl style.

Madison says to Jason “Oh yeah! Keep fucking my pussy just like that!”

Jordyn says to Michael “Shit! Your long dick is so fucking good!”

Becky says to Freddy “I love bouncing on your big dick!”

Jason, Michael & Freddy continue to fuck Madison, Jordyn & Becky’s pussies without mercy.

A few minutes later Madison is kneeled on the floor and surrounded by Jason, Freddy & Michael sucking their cocks.

While she’s doing that Becky & Jordyn watch her while pleasuring themselves on the couch.

Madison is gleefully sucking Michael’s long cock as she jerks off Jason with her right hand and uses her left hand to jerk off Freddy. She then begins to suck off Jason while now jerking off both Michael & Freddy. After she does this she begins blowing Freddy’s cock and jerks off both Jason & Michael.

She then smiles and says “Oh fuck! You guys have some killer cocks!” She continues to alternate blowing all three of the slashers’ cocks for a while.

Jason then inserts his cock between Madison’s tits and she begins to titfuck him. She does this for a while before moving on to Freddy and lastly Michael. In fact she even catches the head of Michael’s cock in her mouth a few times as she titfucks him.

Madison in an excited tone says “I know you killers love fucking my tits don’t you?” All three killers nod in agreement with her.

Michael then takes a seat in the recliner and Madison begins to ride his cock reverse cowgirl. While this is happening Becky is sucking Jason’s dick and Jordyn is blowing Freddy’s cock now. Both starlets furiously suck their killers’ cocks and even suck and lick on their balls too.

Michael is rapidly thrusting into Madison’s pussy and she says “Oh fuck yes! Your cock is so good!”

Meanwhile Jason is now fucking Becky from behind and Jordyn is laying on her back as Freddy fucks her on the other side of the couch.

Both Becky & Jordyn say in unison “Keep fucking us with those big dicks!!”

Jason continues to fuck Becky until he pulls out and fires a huge load onto her ass. She then shakes it and says “Fuck yeah! That feels so good!”

Freddy pulls out of Jordyn and shoots a nice sized load of cum on her pretty face.

Jordyn laughs and says “You really gave it to me!” She then tastes some of the cum that’s plastered on her face.

Madison is on her knees and says to Michael “Please cum on my tits!” He proceeds to blast a massive load of cum onto her perfect tits. She then licks some of the cum from her tits.

Madison asks Jordyn & Becky “Did you girls have fun tonight!”

Becky smiles and replies “I definitely had fun tonight Madison!”

Jordyn laughs and responds “I did too!"

Madison replies “That’s great girls. If I have another Halloween party next year it’ll just be the three of us and these three lady killers again.”

All three starlets then laugh and begin fucking the horror icons again.

The End
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Re: Halloween Havok: A Site Collaboration
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A very unique approach to a Halloween story, Calibur. Can’t imagine there will be too many entries like this. Good work!
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Re: Halloween Havok: A Site Collaboration
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A very unique approach to a Halloween story, Calibur. Can’t imagine there will be too many entries like this. Good work!

Thanks Dark! Also your suggestions on the story helped a lot as well.
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RT Minotaur

Re: Halloween Havok: A Site Collaboration
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The Vampire Meeting
Starring Constance Wu
MF, Cons, Rough, Supernatural

He looked at the woman as she walked into the room, he knew it was a risk meeting someone like this but he was intrigued by her proposal and stunned by the beauty of her photograph. None of her beauty was lost in real life though, the Asian actress was as gorgeous as she stood before him dressed in her large coat. She sauntered through the crowd and stopped just short of his table. No word was spoken but she knew what he wanted; she quickly opened the bottom of the coat and flashed the red panties. The actress had done exactly as requested so he stood up from the table and smiled at her. He stood an impressive figure; 6’3 with an athletic body, a close-shaven beard and long brown hair. A small amount of mascara on the eyes highlighted his sapphire eyes, always what he was complimented on the most.

The actress smiled as she looked over his body; he was everything he had boasted about in the emails but she still doubted he was an actual vampire. He headed away from the table to a fire exit door and the actress quickly followed; the two exiting into a dimly lit back alley. He was quicker than her and the man was seated upon a wooden crate by the time she had made it outside. She looked at him unsure who should start the conversation.

“I am surprised you came to meet me considering what I said in my last email,” he said in his strong Dutch accent. “Most Americans come to Amsterdam to misbehave but not like I requested.”

“I don’t believe you are a real vampire.” Constance Wu replied.

“And yet here you are and you’re dressed as I requested. Show me!”

Constance had wanted more power when she arrived but she felt powerless to deny his request. She undid the belt of the coat and allowed it to drop to the floor. Stood in the Amsterdam back alley dress in hooker boots, a red thong and a black bodice that pushed up her breasts to a ridiculous amount of cleavage; Constance made quite a sight for anyone who would pass by. The man sat before her licked his lips and motioned his fingers for her to turn around; she did so to show off her ass cheeks with the thong material disappearing between them.

“If you do not believe me to be a vampire as I said then tell me why you are here,” he asked as he jumped off the crate and started to walk to the Asian-American actress.

“Cock.” She said, staring at his eyes. “I mean research. Research for my role as Mina Harker.”

The man raised his hand and stroked her face; he was impressed by how soft her skin was. His eyes drifted around the curves of her body; her breasts moved intensely as her breath quickened.

“We always say the truth first,” he whispered. “Mina Harker was a whore who wanted vampiric cock and so do you.”

Constance nodded her head in agreement as his hands moved along the front of the bodice. She looked down as he placed his fingers on the zip and started to slide it downwards; the valley of her breasts widening as they became less squished together. He reached the bottom of the bodice and unhooked it; the black clothing dropping to the floor leaving the actress topless.

“What is your name?” she asked. “I don’t like to fuck anonymous men.”

“I’m glad you’ve come to terms that you’re going to be fucked. It’s Malsurr.”

He smiled a comforting smile at Constance as he looked over her pert breasts, her dark nipples already standing erect due to the sexual feeling in her body. He reached over and pinched her nipples in turn, a sensual moan escaping Constance’s lips. He was surprised by her reaction to the little bit of roughness so he pulled harder on her nipple and the actress moaned louder to his touch. Constance reached her hand out to his crotch and gently rubbed his cock through his trousers; the bump had grown a lot since her breasts had been released and she could already see he would be the biggest she had ever taken.

 “Would you like to see my cock?”

Constance nodded and Malsurr undid his trousers; his semi-erect cock flopped out and the actress smiled as it’s size. The fact that it hadn’t reached its full size pleased her even more. Constance reached over and started to move her hand along the length of his cock; the organ hardening with every stroke of her hand. The actress licked her lips as she looked at the bulbous head; completely unaware of Malsurr caressing her breasts.

“Your pussy is ripe for my cock; I can smell your excitement.”

Constance’s head shot up at his words with a combination of shock and excitement, her hand remaining on his cock and massaging it. He smiled at her, revealing his fangs to the actress for the first time. If she had any doubts about his claim of being a vampire, they soon evaporated. He placed his hand around her throat and lifted the Asian actress off the floor; despite his incredible show of strength, Constance couldn’t feel any pain and there was no strangulation. It was though he had lifted her by the arms.

Malsurr spun around and placed her on the crates, the actress on her back with her legs spread in the air. He could see how slick her pussy lips looked and he easily slid his cock into her pussy, the actress moaning out in pleasure as he slid into her. They locked eyes for a moment before Constance closed her eyes to enjoy the pleasure of his cock plunging into her pussy. Looking at her body, he watched her breasts move up and down from her breathing and side to side from the thrusting of his body. Malsurr reached down to her dark nipples and pulled on them causing a surge of pain to go through her body to couple with the pleasure his cock was giving her.

Constance writhed on the crate as she felt his entire length work it’s way into her, the walls of her pussy feeling the friction of his member. She started to moan out loud as she looked up into the sky, the night filling with light above her. Constance was confused about what it could be until she realised it was a manifestation of her pleasure, the light indicating her sexual feelings starting to take over her body.

“Oh my God, your cock is excellent!”

“Then beg for all of it!” Malsurr commanded her.

“Oh please… give me all of it… Give me all of your cock.” Constance moaned as she reached down to rub her clit for the extra pleasure.

Malsurr pulled her legs up to around his shoulders as he pushed harder into the actress so his full length entered her pussy; her moans increased as the extra pleasure filled her body. His hand ran along her thighs knowing they were a sensitive area for the Asian actress. The two were working up a sweat as the thrusting continued despite the sound of a howl in the background, an eerie feeling filling up the alley the two occupied. Constance didn’t care about the distractions though due to the feeling of the man inside her.

Constance could see her starting to reach her peak when Malsurr pulled his cock out of the actress, it soaked in her juices. She looked up at him desperately before he grabbed her body and flipped Constance onto her stomach. He looked at her round ass and rubbed his fingers along it. Malsurr chuckled to himself as he considered entering it before remembering he was on the clock. He parted her legs and pushed his cock back into her pussy before he continued to thrust into her again. The moaning continued as he held onto her hips and thrust into her with incredible speed that made Constance start to scream. She’d been fucked from behind plenty of times in the past but never at this speed, with this length and causing her this much pleasure.

Malsurr reached forward and yanked her hair back; Constance loved the roughness and closed her eyes to enjoy what he was doing to her. She was completely unaware that he stared at her neck the entire time. The man licked his lips as he felt Constance start to buck her body into him as her orgasm approached her.

“Oh my God, I’m gonna cum! Are you close? I want your spunk!” Constance moaned.

Malsurr didn’t answer her; he pulled his cock out and grabbed the actress again. Malsurr picked her up and slammed her against the wall; their eyes met for a moment and smiled at each other. Malsurr stepped forward to allow Constance to wrap her legs around his waist. His cock slid into her with ease and he got back into the rhythm of fucking the actress and filing her body with pleasure. The moans quickly returned to screams as he sped up the thrusting and he could feel her pussy filling up with her juice. She hit her hand onto her shoulder blade as her orgasm started to hit; her whole body started to heat up and lights flashed in her eyes.

“Oh yes yes yes, fuck me, I’m... ugh. Cum in me, cum in me!” Constance moaned out loud.

Listening to the actress Malsurr thrust into her harder and shot his cum inside into her waiting pussy. This caused Constance to moan out loud again and he could see her neck exposed as she looked up into the sky Malsurr smiled as he exposed his fangs and bit down into her neck. Constance screamed a combination of pleasure and pain as he started to drain her blood and the actress collapsed into his body as she passed out.


Constance sat up in the bed with a shock; a bead of sweat on her brow and her body felt cold. She looked down to see her naked body but no sign of any semen around her pussy. Her hand went to her neck but there were no bite marks. She let out a sigh of relief before looking next to her to see her boyfriend asleep. She shook him awake and he sat up while rubbing his eyes.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Show me your teeth!” Constance demanded.


“Show me your teeth. I need to know something isn’t real.”

He rolled his eyes before opening his mouth and showing off his pearly whites.

“Your carnivores… they’re normal.”

“Yes. I have normal teeth. Normal teeth and... “ he nodded down. “A very normal erection if you wanna make up for waking me.”

Constance smiled and leaned over to kiss him on the lift. She pulled him into a hug as he looked behind her directly to the mirror where there was no reflection of the two people in bed. He pressed her body firmly before she pulled away from him; her hand trailing down to his cock She grasped it and started to slide along his big cock.

“I love you, Mal,” Constance said as she smiled and moved down to suck his cock.
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Re: Halloween Havok: A Site Collaboration
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Great work fellas. RT, love that you used Constance! She is so underrated.
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Re: Halloween Havoc: A Site Collaboration
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                                                     A Wacky Races Ghost Story

Note- Based on the Hanna Barbera cartoon from 1968, and does not reference any later variations of the tv show. I do not own any rights to the show, this is purely a fictional parody written for no monetary gain.


October 31st. 1969.

Voiceover- "And now here they are, the most daredevil group of drivers who ever whirled their wheels in the way out wacky races. As the wacky racers streak towards the next stop in the race, the entire town of Lemon Twist, Nevada have turned out to wait for the exciting finish to this leg of the race.

At the moment number one, the Slag Brothers are hanging on to their lead, but number four, Red Max is close on their tail. Right behind are Professor Pat Pending just in front of the glamour gal of the gas pedal, the lovely Penelope Pitstop, in her Compact Pussycat. The racers are almost at the next stop in the rally across North America, the infamous ghost town of Spookane, Nevada, where the drivers will spend the night."


Penelope was the first to enter the Spookane bar and grill, where she planned to relax and find her room. The sponsors of the races had reserved various rooms across town for all the racers, and the judges had marked the current places of all the drivers. In fourth position, just ahead of the Ant Hill Mob and Sergeant Blast, the cute girl was confident of winning the race. She had parked her car in the small lot that was basically a dirt covered drive. The night was drawing in and the heat of the day had brought out various insects who began to chirp away.

As she sashayed into the bar room the bubbly, buxom beauty spied a mirror on the wall. Unable to resist she examined her reflection and powdered her button nose.

The Southern Belle looked a delight in her racing outfit of a pink jacket over a purple mini skirt and maroon stretchy leggings. Her white knee high go go boots matched her white gloves, and a purple helmet with goggles was plonked on her mane of honey blonde hair.

For a split second she thought she saw something in the corner of her eye and panicked. Nobody had greeted her in the tiny one horse town, and the low lit bar seemed empty of people. All the wacky racers had heard of the stories of Spookane being haunted and she turned on her heels and fled the grill, straight into the arms of Peter Perfect, who had just entered the bar.

"What is it, pretty Penny?" The tall fair haired hunk held her in a firm grip.

"I...I just saw a ghost!" She shrieked.

The blonde beauty hugged the all American jock who drove number nine, the Turbo Terrific. He had a huge crush on the girl and worshipped her from afar. A shy but determined man, he had a square jaw and rugged good looks.

"Now then, now then, don't worry your pretty head, I'll take care of you. There's no such things as ghosts. Now let's go find our rooms."

Hand in hand the pair of racers climbed the rickety wooden staircase and found rooms 1A and 1B on the first landing. The blonde took the first and began to unpack her pink overnight vanity case. She opened the lid and four sideways compartments slid out containing all her make up and accessories for a girl about town. She removed her purple scarf and helmet and fluffed up her long ponytail.

Another strange sound made her shiver. It sounded like a groan followed by a length of chain being dragged across the wooden floor.

"Heavens to Betsy, what in tarnation was that!"

Her hand flew to her mouth and she shivered as a pang of fear came over her. The window rattled at the same moment and the ceiling light flickered several times, and the tantalising Georgia Peach lost it. She ran to the next room and banged on the door.

"Peter, Peter! Can I come in?"

"Just a moment, Penny. Right-to, come now."

She crashed into the bedroom of her racing colleague and shut the door behind her panting. Peter was in his bed, the covers up to his neck.

"Peter, I don't want to be here alone, may I spend the night with you?"

The handsome man gulped and ran a hand through his thick mop of golden hair.

"Why of course you may, er, well there's only the one bed, and I er, that is, I sleep in the buff."

Penelope giggled and stared at his big feet that stuck out from under his blanket.

"Oh you big silly, me too!"

Peter looked on with eyes as big as saucers as his dream girl began to strip. First her jacket came off, closely followed by her mini skirt. He noted how her blouse and leggings hugged her sleek figure and his cock twitched with excitement.

The blonde blew him a kiss as she espied the significant tent that formed in the middle of the blanket. She reached to her hair and undid her ponytail and shook out her long honeyed tresses. Then she unbuttoned her blouse and her perky C cup tits emerged with the peaks rosy and pointy. His nostrils flared as he looked at her breasts rising and falling steadily as she breathed.

"Oh my," Peter blurted as the gorgeous girl peeled off her form fitting leggings and kicked off her boots.

Now naked before him he scrutinised her slim frame, curvy in all the right places, and squeaky clean. Her legs seemed to go on forever, and he gawked at her trim blonde strip of pubic hair that failed to hide her pouty pussy lips. She casually stroked her left hip then let it settle on her small waist.

"My stars and garters, this floor is really cold! Scoot over sugar and let me in that little ol' bed."

Her hips swayed and her delectable butt rolled from side to side as she slipped under the blanket and curled against him. She felt all softness and fresh on his muscled torso, her silky hair billowed out over him.

"Oooh, Peter, you're all toasty warm!"

She hugged him and wrapped her arms and legs around his well developed body. Unashamedly he had reached his full erection and returned her warm cuddle and thanked the lord for this particular situation. His swollen member grew impossibly hard and he had to stifle a groan when her bare thigh brushed it.

"Is that the Turbo Terrific parked under here sugar? Or are you just pleased to see me? Tee hee!"

She laughed as she spoke to him in her charming southern drawl. Her hands gripped his strong biceps and she arched her back, pushing her boobs to his chest. Her legs parted and Peter was aware of her female scent as he placed his mouth to hers and kissed her fulsome lips. She kissed him back gladly, her palm on his left cheek. Their lips slid over each other, then her tongue flicked out across his mouth, and he gave her his willingly. His rock hard prick now throbbed with an insistent need to bury it deep inside the enchanting girl.

"Hot damn Peter, let a girl see what you have packing down there."

Penny whipped the blanket from their bodies and she took a look at the hot stud.

"Why Peter Perfect, your cock is a perfect wonder!"

He blushed as his big boner slapped on his belly, a full eight inches long with a reddened, tapered head. Indeed he was quite stunning, a lean and strong torso, narrow waist and powerfully built legs. She wanted his cock inside her throbbing pussy, wanted the young, handsome man to fuck her and make her cum. It had been a long and tiring time on the road the last month.

"Peter, you make me forget how scared I was, let me repay your kindness."

Penny licked her lips and his pecker jerked at the erotic sight of the nude Penelope Pitstop and he planted big wet kisses on her boobs.

His mouth closed around the nipples and pulled them into his mouth in turn. She sighed softly as she pressed his head to her bosom, her legs shifting restlessly with the sheer thrill of the man touching her.

"I do declare, that feels simply divine."

As he sucked on one hard nipple he rubbed the other, running his thumb around and around in circles.

"Do you like my tits?"

"I LOVE your tits, pretty Penny. They are so soft and succulent."

She reached for his hard on and stroked the rigid muscle with her slender right hand.

"Tarnation, but that thing is sure big!" She exclaimed.

The glamour gal of the gas pedal shifted her curvy frame and held his pecker still and gave the entire underside a big, wet lick. Peter gasped with delight as her tongue slurped his sensitive organ from the base on up until she reached the head.

"Oh, that's so good," he muttered.

"Well bless your heart, I aim to please."

Penelope bathed his large crown with warm saliva and slid her tongue around and around the swollen tip, then licked up and down, up and down the thick shaft. The tall hunk curled his toes and grabbed a handful of her lustrous hair.

Now his cock was smeared with her spit, she sucked half of his length past her lips and into her hungry mouth. Her plump boobs pressed against his muscled thighs as she moved her head back and forth rapidly, obscene slobbers and glugging noises emanated from the southern belle.

"Yes, yes, yes, suck, suck, suck!" Peter cried as he thrust up into her mouth.

"Alright sweetie, come down here and kiss my hot pussy a bit."

The horny man dropped to his hands and knees and put his face between her widespread thighs. He placed little butterfly kisses on the pale white inner thighs while moving her superb pins further apart. He nibbled her gently, tracing a clear line towards her waiting pussy. Penny squealed as she felt his tongue brush her downy covered labia lightly, his warm breath sent a shudder through her belly.

"Good start, lover." Groaned the blonde, her hair fanned out over the pillow.

Peter grabbed her tiny waist with strong hands and ground his face on her wet quim and sucked with growing vigour on her lush lips. Penny writhed under him, her hips shuffling to and fro on the mattress, her twat quivering with a thousand tingles.

"You sure got my feathers ruffled boy, now why don't y'all stick that there rhubarb up inside my little ol' honey pot."

Peter Perfect reared up, his face shiny, and gladly rubbed his bloated cock head against the erect clit of his beau. Penelope spread her arms and legs and watched him tease her tiny bud.

"Put it in me lover." She hissed, her big blue eyes ablaze.

Impatiently she reached down between her legs and took hold of his knob and nudged her dripping pussy with it. Peter balanced on his elbows and dug his powerful lower body in and forced his rampant erection straight into the lust filled belle.

"Now that's what I'm talking about, ooooh!"

His huge prick tunneled inside her soft cunt slowly until he was all in. They both stayed motionless to allow the pair of them to become accustomed to his long shaft, then he began to buck his pelvis on the hot blonde.

Penny gasped, his rigid cock went in deeper than any other man she had ever gone with. She moaned in an animalistic ecstasy as her wet pussy was filled by the hot pulsing manhood of the shy gent.

"Oh sweetie, you're so big and hard, it feels wonderful!"

Her lovely legs came up and around his broad back as he rammed every last inch of his meat up her. The rutting couple cut a fine figure as their naked bodies wrestled with each other on the small bed. Penny cried out in rapture as the well endowed man pounded her ceaselessly, her head spun and her heart thumped in her chest.

Peter was in heaven as he fucked the curvaceous beauty, her legs felt amazing wrapped around him, and her boobs crushed on his chest sent him into overdrive. He bounced wildly on her body as he thrust up faster and faster.

"Yes, yes, harder baby, harder!"

By now the bubbly beauty was a tingling mess of feminine flesh, totally impaled on the great cock that hammered her into the bed. Her arms held his neck as tightly as she was able to as her foaming pussy devoured his prick. His strong hold on her rocked her body with his, his driving hips pounding his rock hard cock into her wetness.

"Fuck, what a tight pussy you have, pretty Penny!"

"Oh now, bless your heart, that ol' cock of yours is mighty bug is all."

The honey haired girl buried her head in his big chest as he moved even faster. He placed her supple legs over his shoulders, one hand behind each knee and dug his toes in the mattress. His cock grew as large as it had ever been which meant only one thing.

"Cum in me sugar, give me all your cream."

"Here goes pretty Penny!"

She felt his body tense his thighs strain as he gave her a final lunge in and a hot wave of semen flooded her bubbling cunt. Penelope experienced her own orgasm simultaneously as they hugged close in their rapture. The two lovers dissolved into each others arms and drifted off into a blissful sleep.


Dick Dastardly sniggered as he entered the vacant bedroom of Penny. He took a small vial of green liquid and added a few drops of the potion to the Georgia girl's thermos. At his feet was his faithful pooch, Muttley.

"Well my friend, my plan is coming to fruition. Now we have scared the hapless pair of lovers together with a simple drag of a length of chain, I will eliminate them with this sex potion I purchased from Winnie the Witch. A Halloween sale bargain at 23% off. Once the blonde dumbbell drinks it she will have a burning desire in her loins that will slow her up and we will win the race."

The hairy mutt looked at the tall villain and panted, then followed loyally as they left the room. Early next morning Penelope left a snoring Peter and went back to her room. She showered and made her face up, and filled her thermos with fresh water. Downstairs she filled her gas tank and prepared for the restart of the wacky race. Her Compact Pussycat had been fully tuned of late and she was confident of winning today.

Once the racers got going she easily passed Pat Pending, then soon after, the Red Max. With a big grin on her face she drove on loving the thrill of the race. She took a swig of water, and put her white boot down on the gas. All at once a huge rush of desire washed over her and her face changed to a bright crimson.

"Lord, I feel quite strange. I gotta slow down."

A fuzzy head made her drive carefully onto the side of the motorway, and she turned off the engine. She looked with a foggy gaze as car after car passed by. The only thought in her head was her aching pussy. Unbeknownst to her, the sex potion of the wicked witch was working.

"Oh my, I must lower my leggings, my pussy is on fire!"

The comely belle were quickly peeled down to her ankles, followed by the thin pink panties that delicately covered her fair pubes. She sighed as the hot Nevada air fanned her pussy and bared thighs, and she opened and closed her legs playfully.

"Heavens, I'm positively dripping wet!" She ran the middle finger of her right hand along her vertical slit and examined her love juices.

Her quim quivered to her touch and as she kicked her legs open, one up on the car door, she fingered herself. Rocking back and forth in the drivers seat, lustful moans came from her cherry red lips. Her swollen labia ached for physical attention and she rubbed furiously with her eyes shut.

"What in tarnation has come over me!" She wondered.

Eager to sate her carnal need Penny dug inside herself deeper, her lush folds parting easily. She leaned back in her seat, her blonde ponytail over her left shoulder as she frigged her soaking twat. Her throat became dry, her heart pounded and her moans of pleasure became prolonged.

Her nostrils flared as the scent of her own sex reached her nose. She had never known such a craving to rub herself, her cunt was red hot and sensitive. A third finger joined her other two as she stuffed them in as far as they would go.

"Hot damn, I need a man right now."

Just then the Turbo Terrific pulled up alongside and Peter Perfect stepped out.

"Pretty Penny, you got engine trouble?"

He looked on stunned to see the blonde with her legs out and her fist rammed up her cunt.

"You could say that, Peter, I need my pussy stoked. Would you be a dear and oblige me?"

The glamour gal hopped out of the car and placed her hands on the yellow fender, her boots parted and her ass up. She looked over her shoulder and gave the stud a wink and wiggled her cute posterior.

"Come ahead lover, ream me good, I need it so bad!"

She shivered with the anticipation and watched as Peter took his jacket off and lowered his pants to the top of his riding boots. Stepping behind the sexy girl he rubbed his twitching cock until it was good and stiff. Her hips swayed rhythmically this way and that, her damp pussy protruded from between her upper thighs like a pink slot.

He pushed his left hand on her bared lower back, and with his right aimed the tip of his knob at her welcoming gash. She gave a great moan as his cock forced inside her, splitting the juicy lips in two. A rush of ecstasy rushed through the southern belle from her pierced quim to her big tits.

"Go boy, go!"

He gave a loud grunt as he shoved in, burying himself deep within her and causing her to jump forward in surprise at his strong lunge.

Peter started to hump to and fro, humping her soft channel with long and deep strokes, as she tried desperately to cling to the hot car. Her pussy squeezed his prick, and her body rolled as she tried to match his inward thrusts. His eyes went down to look at his piece as it vanished between the two half moons of her peachy butt.

"That's it Peter baby, stuff that thing up me."

His hands on her slender waist he literally bounced the lightweight girl up and down on his rock hard boner. Every time he hammered home his balls smacked against her cute butt loudly, her ripe cheeks jiggling as he did so.

"Give it to me, give it to me!" She shrieked as she strummed her hard clit with fast motions. "Fuck my brains out, don't hold back y'all."

The handsome hunk leaned forward and drove his throbbing cock in with all the force he had, his ass was a blur and every muscle in his body tensed.

"Is this the way you want it?" He grabbed her hips for support.

"Yes, that's exactly how I want it, fuck me boy. Oh my, I'm going to cum!"

Penny shook as her climax hit her like a runaway train and her pussy seeped out fluids and soaked the mans balls. He felt the hot sun on them and really couldn't continue any longer. His cock twitched and his cum coursed through his shaft and a series of hot spurts painted the insides of her pussy.

With his cock buried inside her golden cave they both gasped with the relief. He withdrew and a river of semen seeped from her cunt and dribbled onto the road.

As they saw the familiar number OO of Dastardly's car rush past them they both came to their senses.

"Oh sugar, now we are in last place. Thanks for the fuck Peter, I simply must be off. Toodles."

The honey blonde hiked up her panties and leggings, checked her reflection in the rear view mirror, and hit the gas. Left in a dust cloud, Peter shrugged his shoulders and turned the starter motor of his car and joined the rest of the way out wacky racers.




Re: Halloween Havoc: A Site Collaboration
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Tits or Treats

Starring Kat Dennings

Disclaimer: This story is pure fictional. Everyone is over the age of 18.

Codes (MF,con,titfuck,oral)

Ian Weaver was a little depressed that he had to be at work on Halloween night instead of being out with his friends, dressed in scary costumes and tagging the neighborhood with toilet paper and bags full of shit.

The 21-year-old college student was tagging small pints of orange and black paint and mixed bags of Halloween candy as they came down the conveyor belt. As he scanned the last of the items, a large pair of breasts concealed behind a black tank top, and an open-flannel shirt entered his vision.

“How much?” the voice belonging to those ginormous juicy breasts asked.

Ian quickly snapped out of his trance and looked up to see the humongous knockers belonged to actress Kat Dennings. “How much?” she recited.

“Oh, y-yeah, s-sorry,” Ian stammered, trying to get out of his disbelief that the gothic actress from the Thor movies was standing in front of him with her huge tits staring him in the face. Kat was quick to notice as she usually does when she is around men. The busty 34-year-old smiled at the young man.

“Slow night, huh?” Kat asked the nervous young man. “I love Halloween. It’s my favorite time of the year. It brings out a different side of me for whatever reason.” She leaned forward with her arms crossed under her giant milk wagons giving Ian an eyeful of her milky-white cleavage.

His eyes became saucers looking down the gorge of cleavage Kat purposely displayed. “M-m-my night has been, okay,” Ian nervously stuttered while ringing up Kat’s groceries. “We close at nine so I might be able to salvage my plans.”

Kat noticed sweat dripping down the side of Ian’s face.

“Am I making you nervous,” she paused to read his name tag. “Ian.”

He took a huge swallow. “No maaa’am. Not at all.”

“I’m assuming you know who I am but any case, I’m Kat Dennings. Does a handsome choir boy like you have a girlfriend to spend Halloween with?”

Ian couldn’t believe the famous Kat Dennings was asking him about his love life and then he replied. “I-I don’t have a girlfriend.”

“Really? You’re too cute not to have a girlfriend. I’m shocked,” a flirty Kat replied, making him the young cute dark-haired cashier blush. After an awkward moment of silence, “How much for my stuff?”

“Oh yeah. Your total comes to $15 and 78 cents.”

Kat reached inside her wallet for her Mastercard and put her wallet down to pay for her groceries. After the transaction, Kat picked up her bags and gave Ian a flirtatious smile. “Thank you.” She walked out of the grocery store and Ian’s eyes followed her luscious curves as the next customer stood in line. “Excuse me,” she said.

Ian was startled by an old short gray-haired cunt with baggy tits under a wool sweater.

“You know. I looked exactly like her 40 years ago,” the old woman proclaimed which caused Ian to chuckle lightly.

As he bagged the old woman’s groceries, he peeked down and saw Kat had forgotten her wallet. He grabbed the wallet and stuck it in an open spot under the cash register for safekeeping.

Nine ‘O’clock came around and Ian said goodbye to his lousy job. Rather than go home to call his friends, he had Kat’s wallet in his possession and used the address on her driver’s license to track down where she lives. She lived 30 minutes away from his job. Ian called for an Uber to Kat’s house. To cure his nerviness, he pulled a small dime bag of cocaine from his pocket and snored a line. 30 minutes later, the Uber arrived at Kat’s ranch-style home which was decked out in a variety of spooky Halloween decorations.

Ian walked through a few fake tombstones and a pumpkin patch before finally reaching the front door to Kat’s house. He rang the doorbell which played an eerie spooky tune.

“Tits or treats?” Kat asked when opening, topless and holding a bowl of Halloween candy below her blessed chest.

Ian nearly blew a huge wad of cum in his jeans at the sight of Kat. She stood in the door wearing a leather waist garter belt with black panties and stockings and red devil horns on her head. Her giant DD titties were bare but painted like pumpkins.

“I believe you my wallet?” Kat spoke out to the wide-eyed Ian. “And as a reward, I can either give you these tasty Halloween treats or these tasty big tits.” She scooped her stupendous mounds of hard dick pleasures in her hands, jiggled and bounced them in front of his fixed stare.

After what seemed like an eternity, the actress let go of her large pillowy funbags, grabbed Ian by the collar of his shirt, and pulled him into her house. Once the front door was closed, Kat pressed her voluptuous body against the young man’s and locked him into a wild hot kiss. Her hands were busy undoing Ian’s pants and fished out his semi-hard cock.

Ian moaned in the busty gothic actress’s mouth as she jerked on his raw dick. His hands grew bolder and attached to her mammoth painted jugs. They were the biggest pair of tits he’d seen and the fact they were attached to Kat Dennings was a wet dream come true.

Ian broke up their kiss and moved his head down to her enormous chest. He kissed and licked her soft funbags with reckless abandonment, coating her massive melons with his saliva. Ian didn’t care if he tasted the dry paint on her famous knockers, he stuffed as much flesh from one breast between his lips and sucked for an extended time before switching to the other supple milk bag and giving it the same oral treatment. Her round areolas darken and her cherry-colored nipples were rock hard as Ian concentrated his lips and tongue on them. Kat felt her pussy drenching with wetness.

“Oh fuck, Ian. You must be a big titty fan,” Kat moaned, cradling the young man’s head in her hands as he crazily sucked on her large knockers. “Let me show you what else these big boobs are good for.”

Kat released Ian’s head and dropped to her knees. His 7 ½ size beefy cock was fully erected as she smothered the rock-hard boner with her saliva-covered breasts. She began pumping her giant melons up and down his stiff junk making him moan.

“Oh my god. Oh my god,” Ian repeated as never in his life has he felt such pleasure. His dick felt like it was being stifled and pummeled between two large heavy moving mounds of Jell-O. The rapture was too much and Ian prematurely ejaculated between Kat’s prize-winning jugs. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh god!!”

The first shot of Ian’s sticky wad of spunk nailed Kat across the bridge of her nose and lips. The rest of his cum turret flooded between her orange and black painted breasts. Shortly after releasing himself, Ian’s cock slipped out from between her cleavage coated in cum and paint.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to cum so fast,” he apologized through his heavy panting. “You have such remarkable tits.”

“It’s alright, Ian. You’re not the first guy my big ol titties made cum fast and won’t be the last,” she responded in a jokingly, but serious manner. “Besides. This Halloween night is still young and I want some more of your spunk.”

Without wasting time, the big-breasted actress took Ian’s limp member between her velvety plumped lips and started sucking. Her hands caressed his buttocks while her mouth stroked his thick tool up and down, slurping wetly and loudly to bring his cock back to a full flagpole. She took his rampant rod out of her slobbery mouth and slurped along the sides and sensitive underside of his dick. Ian cried out from the enjoyment.

After servicing his hard dick with her mouth for a few minutes, Kat stood and dropped her panties exposing the moist hairy bush that covered her twat.

“Let’s move into the living room where it’s more comfortable,” she told Ian and took him by the penis leading him into the living room.

She pushed Ian down onto the couch and straddled him. With one hand, Kat maneuvered his rock hard meaty member to slip inside her dippy unkempt pussy and started stroking his tool with the wet lips of her snatch.

With each stroke of Kat’s hairy cunt, more of Ian’s painfully hard cock was swallowed between the pink fleshy lips until it was fully immersed inside. Her pumpkin-colored tits were in his face as the gothy actress started sliding her soggy pussy up and down his ridged flagpole.

“Ohhhh, Ian! Your fat cock feels so good in my pussy,” she moaned, holding onto the back of the couch as she fucked her pussy on his cock. Her curvy ass plopped down on his thighs with each bounce. She felt his hands groping her rippling ass cheek. Her massive breasts were bouncing and lurching in his face and with his mouth, Ian played catch the flying nipples.

Kat would sporadically stop pouncing on Ian’s cock briefly and let him feast on her fat titties while feeling his hot raw turgid cock stew in her wetness and grow harder inside her piss-soaked snatch making her moan in ecstasy.

“Fuck me, Ian!” she begged.

Lifting Kat in his arms, Ian planted her on the floor. Propped up on his hands, he began smashing her hairy pink cunt with hard pistol-quick strokes. His plump ball sack was wetly smacking against her pale reddish ass with each thrust as he bottomed-out her drenched twat. Her mammoth breasts wildly rolled on her chest and Ian was spell-bounded. He lowered his head and sucked hard on one fleshy orb and then the other.

“Ahhhhhhh, fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” Kat cried out the f word repeatedly, succumbing to an intense orgasm. “I’m cumming! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh GODDDDDDD!!”

Ian didn’t let up and continued to feverishly thrust his rampant cock deep inside Kat’s pussy as it tightened and spammed due to the intensity of her orgasm. Shortly after her orgasm faded, Ian pulled his dick out of Kat’s gooey-wet pussy and flipped her over onto all fours. He groped her ass cheeks before sliding the full length of his cock back inside her dippy cunt. He held onto her hips and pounded her tunnel love with joyous savagery.

Kat panted and moaned as this stranger she met at the grocery store a few hours ago was giving her pussy the best dicking she had in a long time. Her huge tits hung heavily down her chest, sweaty and swinging wildly from Ian’s rapid thrusting. She soon felt his hands on them, massaging the soft flesh, pulling and tugging on her hard nipples while ramming his man meat deep inside her creamy cunt.

Ian felt his swinging balls contracting and ready to explode again. He pulled out Kat’s creamy twat and turned her over onto her stomach. He sat on top of her torso placing his slick slimy cock between her massive knockers. He gathered her soft luscious mounds over his hard throbbing member and started thrusting upwards.

“Fuck my big tits! Oh god, fuck my titties,” Kat moaned, looking up at Ian’s lust-filled face while he pummeled her bulbous honkers.

Being trapped between Kat Dennings’s famous double D’s again felt just as marvelous as the first time. He tried to hold back from cumming, but the feeling of her big soft tits was too overwhelming.

“Fuck. I’m cumming…” Ian cried out as huge wads of jism exploded from his pulsing shaft, sliming her chin, neck, collarbone, and chest. The rest of his spunk oozed between her famous globes.

“Trick or treat, smell my feet. Looks like you gave me something good to eat,” Kat recited, using one of her fingers to scoop up Ian’s cum and tasted his filthy soils.
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