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Author Topic: Harem Visions: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (multiple celebrities)  (Read 23813 times)


Title: Harem Visions: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Author: KMB

Codes: FF+, cons, oral, anal, orgy, toys, ATM, lact, mast, food

Celebs: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Rose McGowan, Jennifer Aniston, Jewel Kilcher, Jessica Alba, Alyssa Milano, Stacy Keibler, Lacey Chabert, Danica McKellar, Vanessa Hudgens, Amy Adams, Ashley Tisdale, Merritt Patterson, Maria Menounos, Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Gwen Stefani, Victoria Justice, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Hudson, Kat Dennings, Selena Gomez, Anna Kendrick, Alyson Hannigan, Taylor Swift, Elizabeth Gillies, Katy Perry, Brittany Snow, Rihanna, Naomi Scott, Torrie Wilson, Shay Mitchell, Cara Delevingne, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Hailee Steinfeld, Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, Ariel Winter, Chloe Moretz, Ava Sambora, Reese Witherspoon, Kelly Clarkson, Bella Thorne, Elisha Cuthbert, Demi Lovato, Olivia Holt, Olivia Wilde

Summary: It’s Christmas time at the mansion and punch is NOT being served this year. But there’s still plenty of fun to be had by everyone.

Disclaimer: This is a completely fictional story. None of this happened. It is a total fantasy. It is not meant to be read by anyone under the age of 18.

Hey everyone! As The Beatles once emphatically declared, Christmas time is here again. And at the mansion you know the girls are going to celebrate even after last year’s party turned into a hedonistic orgy. This year there’s no punch being served but the girls are going wild all the same.

This is a short, by Harem standards, Christmas story where everyone gets to celebrate in the sexiest way and it’s a fun, quick story that shows how much is changed since we last checked in on Christmas in Malibu. So everyone please enjoy!

Obviously this is an entirely fictional story and none of it is real. Also this is not for anyone under the age of 18.

This is something I whipped up for my Patreon last year and I wanted to spread some holiday joy here and also plug my site if people are interested in my latesty work including the most recent Harem chapter. All my content, including classic chapters of Harem, are being posted at my Patreon at www.patreon.com/KMB. I could sure use the support of anyone willing to give it and at that site you can see lots of other stories like this and even order a custom story of your own.

Enough chat, time for the story!

Harem Visions: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


Calling this the most wonderful time of the year was not just a reference to a golden oldie holiday classic. Around the Malibu mansion where so many of Hollywood’s hottest made their home, it was more than a lyric. It was a state of mind.
At the mansion there definitely was much mistletoeing and hearts were absolutely glowing because loved ones were near. That was what made it all so special and everyone there knew it.

Sure there were tons of presents under the tree and enough lavish decorations for the season that Santa Claus himself might have thought it a tad much if he ever got a chance to see all of the holly and jolly that seemed to cover every inch of their home. Red and green and festive cheer was everywhere, with everything looking particularly warm and fuzzy this year. The tree looked like toppling over was a distinct possibility due to the weight of all the ornaments on it and there were so many sparkling Christmas lights on the tree that one almost needed sunglasses to look at it.

And that was nothing because that was just on the inside. The outside of the mansion was so lit up with Christmas lights that if any astronauts happened to be passing over Malibu they probably would have been able to see it sparkle from space.

What made it the most special was not the decorations or the tree or the presents or the lights or the stockings. Sure those were all great but what really made it special was that everyone was together and there was love and friendship and the deep bonds of the most intimate kinds of relationships. That was what mattered during the holiday season and it was on display at the mansion even more than all of the decorations that had been so lovingly and precisely placed to turn their vast home into the SoCal version of the North Pole.

So it truly was the most wonderful time of the year at the mansion and what mattered most is that they had each other and they were celebrating the holidays together. That was all they needed to make this a very magical and special time.

Of course, it always helped when you had a little more. Because the women of the Malibu mansion didn’t just have all they needed, they had all they wanted too. And while they would all have been perfectly content to spend Christmas just with each other, which was something they were certainly going to do, they were also very happy to have more than a few dozen of their closest and hottest friends on hand to share the festive season with.

Because it was time for everyone to party and this was an appreciation of the season that they were all so eager to engage in. Yes it truly was the most wonderful time of the year and at the mansion on this night there was nothing but holiday greetings and gay happy meetings. For this was the party where everyone was very excited to get themselves on the naughty list in as many ways and with as many women as possible.

There would be no screw-ups at this mansion Christmas party. Not this time. There would be no unexpected guests. There would be no men. There would be no drama or morning after regrets and confusion. And there would absolutely be no punch. Because they didn’t need it to get wild this time and every single one of the party guests wanted to remember every single wild and amazing detail of this celebration.

This time everyone knew exactly what they were getting into when they arrived and they all wanted the same thing, which was to have as little clothing on as they could and to have as much fun as possible. No one had to hold back. No one had to pretend they were at the mansion for any other reason than to have the wildest, sexiest holiday party possible.

And for Jennifer Love Hewitt things couldn’t have been going any better. This was what she wanted, for all her most special friends to be together and for everyone to be happy and jolly and, most of all, naked. She loved this. She couldn’t get enough of it and neither could any of the women here.

This was the best of everything for Love. Last night they’d had a very cozy, sweet and normal party for their closest friends, both female and male. There had been food, drink, conversation and good cheer. And Love couldn’t have been happier with how it had gone. It had been just like the parties she’d had growing up with her family and it had reminded her of the good times she’d had and of all the good times ahead thanks to the wonderful friends that she knew were truly her family too.

It had been warm and holly and jolly and nothing had happened to disturb it or wreck it or turn it into anything that it wasn’t supposed to. Her friends had promised to be on their best behavior and Love had trusted them completely. Love had even invited her brother to the party and he’d come and had a great time without ever getting even the slightest hint about what she did with her friends when he wasn’t around and what really went on at the mansion.

It had been a wonderful evening and Love had been walking on air by the end of it because of how happy she was that they’d been able to throw the perfect Christmas party. Nothing had gone wrong and nothing crazy had happened like it had last year.
But that was last night and tonight all of that was forgotten because tonight everyone was focused on being bad and having fun. Last night, the girls all got to be on the nice list. Tonight was going to be all about the naughty list and Love was one of the most enthusiastic participants on it too. Last night her friends had given her what she wanted and tonight she was giving them everything they wanted, which of course she wanted too. Because they had all asked Santa to bring them hot girls and lots of them and he had most definitely delivered.

Love knew that all too well as she leaned back on the living room floor with her back pressed to the couch and her legs slung wide open. The room was full of all of the decorations she had slaved over and all of the festive touches of Christmas. But that was secondary for Love because what she was focused on entirely right then was that the room was also full of gorgeous naked women including the one who was between her outstretched legs making Love moan and gasp with holiday glee with every hot lick against her dripping wet pussy.

Just like last night’s party had gone perfectly, so was tonight’s. Love was so happy to see everyone having such a great time and everyone was caught up in the Christmas spirit in the sexiest way, especially herself. Because Love wasn’t quite completely naked as she leaned back against the couch and relished every bit of pleasure she got from being licked.

The Christmas crazy girl had placed a piece of mistletoe, complete with berries and a little red bow, right above her waist. She held it below her belly button and it was pretty much perched right over her pussy and Love giggled from how it tickled a little against her skin while she moaned from the intense licking she was getting.

“Ooooooh yessssssssss kiss me! Mmmmm kiss my pussy with that hot mouth Jen!” Love cooed. “Mmmmm yessssssss it’s Christmas law that you have to kiss someone under the mistletoe and I love how you kiss my pussy! Mmmm you’re so good at this! I’m so glad you came back for our party this year!”

And as much as the woman between her legs was enjoying every delicious lick and every sweet kiss she was giving Love’s pussy, she had to stop for a moment so she could respond to that.

“What? You think I’d miss a mansion Christmas party? Fuck no!” Jennifer Lawrence declared with her usual blunt enthusiasm. “Mmmmm I will be here for every fucking party you girls will ever have, especially the Christmas ones! Last year’s party changed my fucking life and I can never thank you enough for it! I’ll kiss this hot fucking pussy of yours any chance I get! You don’t even need the mistletoe for that!”

Jennifer got right back to making out passionately with Love’s pussy. The mistletoe was extra incentive for sure, and Jennifer did have to admit that the festive plant did look really good against Love’s soft skin, especially since it was hovering right above the woman’s completely bald and totally soaked fuckbox. But Jennifer meant it when she said it wasn’t necessary. She’d have crawled over broken glass sprinkled onto hot coals to get at the pussies of any of these mansion girls.

Like the vast majority of the guests at last year’s Christmas party, Jennifer had tasted the spiked punch. And as a result pretty much the entire night had turned into a blur. She still didn’t remember half of the stuff she had done that night but Jennifer knew it had been awesome. Before she’d drank the tainted drink, Jennifer had let herself be tongue fucked by Sarah Michelle Gellar and Buffy had blown her mind. Her tongue and fingers had ravished her cunt and asshole and Sarah had not only given her the first lesbian orgasm of her life, but one of the best feelings she had ever experienced.

Jennifer had been heavily bi-curious before that encounter, but Sarah had fucked her so good that she had officially dropped the “curious” part as soon as Sarah’s tongue had touched her clit. Jennifer knew there were still a few uses for a real cock every now and then but these days she was all about fucking as many hot girls as possible and she got her ass back to the place it had all started as often as she could. She didn’t need to remember everything she did the night of last year’s Christmas party to know she wanted to do it again and again as often as possible.

That night had changed her life just like it had for so many other girls and like Jennifer they had all been so eager to come back to the scene of the crime to do it again, this time without any intoxicating punch. So while Love continued to moan out in happiness from Jennifer’s mouth pleasuring her pussy, her noises were muffled at first by a pair of lips kissing her and then when the other girl pulled away and pressed her chest right against Love’s mouth.

And when Love immediately showed how much she liked this by caressing both of the girl’s bare tits with her soft hands while she began circling her tongue over her rosy areola and then over her already swollen nipple, the girl let out a happy giggle.
“Oooooh yesssss mmmmm I love that!” Ariana Grande moaned “Suck on my little titties! Mmmmm Love! Ooooooh yesssssssss mmmmm suck on my nipples! Gawd you can even bite on them! Ughhh yeahhhhh mmmmmm!”

Ariana’s sighs and little, sexy giggles filled Love’s ears and she hungrily did just what the pop superstar wanted. She tongued and sucked on Ariana’s nipples, tending to both of them and even biting them a little to make her gasp and moan out even more. And when she wasn’t sucking on them, Love was working her fingers over them, spreading around her own saliva and stimulating them to make Ariana’s cute little nipples stiffen even more.

“Fuckkkkk you make me so wet!” Ariana groaned as she rubbed herself and kneeled in front of Love, pressing her slim, tight body against the curvaceous older woman. “You naughty girls always make my little fucking pussy all juicy! Oooooh making baby’s kitty purr! Mmmm suck on my tiny fucking boobies Love! Yessssssss yesssssssss ughhhh I want all of you to fuck me so good!”

Like Jennifer, Ariana’s first time to the mansion had been a blur. She had come in with a girl crush Elizabeth Gillies, her former co-star and one of her oldest, best friends, and Ariana knew she had hooked up with Liz that night. She didn’t regret it even though she couldn’t really remember their first time. She did know deep down in her heart that she had loved it. She had wanted to hook up with Liz for so long but Ariana had gotten so much more from it than she ever could have expected at the mansion.

She had done it with lots of other girls that night, girls she never could have dreamed she would have sex with. And Ariana had wanted to keep on doing it too. That night had changed her and she had loved it. She loved guys but she also loved girls now and she wasn’t afraid to show it. There were so many hot girls out there and Ariana loved to come to the mansion or go to Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera’s record label so she could play with them and taste them and have them fuck her in the hottest naughtiest ways.

The first night she had been with girls might not have been clear to her but all the other nights after definitely were. Ariana loved coming here. She loved playing with all of these amazing girls and she was so turned on kneeling naked while Love sucked her bare breasts. This was the best way to celebrate Christmas and she was not the only girl who felt that way.

“Oh yeah! Mmmm I can’t wait to fuck you again!” Miley Cyrus declared as she kneeled down on the other side of Love and kissed Ariana right on the lips. “I want to fuck all of you! Mmmmm I wanna eat every single wet pussy here and cram my tongue up all of y’all’s hot booties! Fuckkkk these are the best Christmas parties! Mmmm if Santa were here he’d be jacking off so hard watching us hot bitches get it on!”

That earned Miley a firm swat on her ass by Love, who was not about to have the good name of Santa Claus be besmirched by allegations that he would ever cheat on Mrs. Claus by masturbating to a hot all-girl sex show. But of course deep down, Love got so turned on by the idea of Santa watching her be a naughty girl and whipping out his huge, jolly cock so she could show him what a good girl she really was by blowing him and letting him fuck her big, soft titties as she rubbed them around his prick and let him blast a huge blizzard of cum all over her.

Love wanted Santa to watch. She wanted him to know how naughty all her friends were. She wanted all of them to be on his list and have him come down their chimney to fuck her and all of her friends. Love wanted to feel that Christmas magic and have Santa take her like a naughty girl, stuffing her pussy and her full of his huge candy cane cock and then having him do Sarah, Rose, Jess, Jewel, Alyssa, Jen, Stacy and all of their friends so they’d all love Christmas as much as she did. She wanted her housemates to all be Christmas sluts like her and it made her so wet to think of all the jolly things Santa could do to their naughty naked bodies.

Love got so excited over fucked up stuff like that and she’d actually been relieved when she’d done some research and found other women had Santa fetishes too. She’d even talked online to some of those other women and it had been so hot and such a load off her mind to share their naughty fantasies together and discuss how much they all wanted to fuck Santa. Love never told any of them who she was either, which only made it naughtier.

She did hope Santa was watching now and enjoying the show. Love was now sandwiched by Miley and Ariana as the two nude singers kneeled on each side of her while Jennifer tongue fucked her.

Love was so happy to be surrounded by such hot, horny girls. She kissed Miley and then Ariana again and then focused on their tits, running her hands over both of their bare chests and teasing their nipples with her fingers. She moved her mouth to Miley’s bosom and started sucking on her tits like she’d just done to Ariana, kissing and tonguing Miley’s hard little nipples and circling all around her areolas with her wet licks.

“Mmmmmm oh Love! Ohhhh yes! Show me how much you love those little bitty titties of mine!” Miley moaned in delight as Love latched her lips to one of her nipples and sensually sucked on it. “Yesssssss oooooh me and Ari have such hot little tits and you’ve got these big, yummy jugs! Mmmm I want your boobs for Christmas, Love! I wanna suck on them and rub my pussy into them and mmmm fuckkk just motorboat your huge titties like the slut I am! Oooooh I love how you’re as hungry for our little tits as I am for your big fucking hooters!”

Miley was giggling as she moaned out her pleasure and her hands both went after Love’s large breasts. She kneaded the soft, full mounds like dough, eagerly squeezing and playing with them as Love expertly stimulated one nipple and then the other. And while the two women pleasured each other’s bare chests, Miley and Ariana began making out again. The two friends had kissed each other a lot ever since they had found out how horny the other was for women and they didn’t hold back now as they smacked their lips together and slid their tongues into each other’s mouth for a series of energetic kisses.

They both could taste each other in their kisses, giving them both a very sexy reminder of how they had just 69’d, their slim, naked bodies fused together as they had hungrily shoved their faces into each other’s crotches. And Ariana and Miley had tasted other girls too, making their lips and tongues full of a mix of juices that they hungrily sucked and licked off each other.

While the two singers made out, Love went back and forth between Miley’s perky tits and Ariana’s, lavishing attention on both of their hot little chests. She would turn her head and feast on one pair of great pop star tits and then turn in the other direction to get at the other pair and both girls made sure their bare boobs were right in her face as they kissed. It was so hot for Love to have both pairs of their yummy bite-sized tits rubbing into her face and she happily would have muzzled her cries into them. But Jennifer’s tongue made it so hard for her to hold back.

“Ohhhhhhhhh Jen! OOOOOOH FUCKKKKK YESSSS MMMMM YESSSSSS EAT MY PUSSY! FUCKKKKKK!” Love squealed out so excitedly. “Ooooooh baby! You’re getting so fucking good at that!”

“I’ve been practicing a lot!” Jennifer proudly declared. “Mmmm I want to be just as good at eating pussy as all you hot mansion sluts are! I want to fuck all the hot girls you fuck! I love eating you out Love! I love tasting this smooth, drippy pink cunt of yours! Your juices taste so fucking good and I want to fuck you all just like Sarah fucked me my first time here and blew my mind when she shoved her pretty face right into my fucking ass and ate my fucking holes like a starving fucking dyke! I loved it so much and you all got me so fucking addicted to your sweet cunts that I can never get enough pussy now!”

Jennifer meant it. She’d always loved sex. How could you not love something that felt so good? But you had to be able to do it right and Jennifer wanted to be so good at it. She wanted to do to these women what had been done to her so they’d invite her back to every party they ever had. Jennifer loved being known for being an Oscar-winning actress and the kind of talent that could carry multiple franchises. She wanted to be respected and admired and she wanted to be known for saying what she wanted to say when she wanted to say it.

But she also wanted more. In this circle of Hollywood hotties, she wanted to be known for her skills as a lover. She wanted these gorgeous girls to see her and think, “There goes Jennifer Lawrence. She fucks!” So she had been practicing a lot on many of her friends and on hot girls she met and basically on any girl that was sexy and willing. God, she’d even gone on legit dates with a few girls. Was this place really turning her lesbo? Maybe it was and Jennifer would have been happy if it did because she loved fucking women.

Burying her face back into Love’s honeypot, that festive mistletoe hanging over her head as it lay between Love’s yummy thighs, Jennifer kissed that sweet, bald pussy. She kissed Love’s slit and her juicy folds. She licked her splayed cunt lips and worked her lips and tongue onto Love’s clit and showed off just how much she had been practicing and all she had been learning since last Christmas.

“Ahhhhh! Mmmmm yeahhhhh none of us can ever get enough!” Love smiled and gasped happily over the feel of Jennifer Lawrence’s hot mouth on her pussy. “Ooooooh we all love fucking each other so much mmmmm gawwd and fucking hot girls like you Jen! You’re one of us now! You’re so good at this sweetie! Oooooh I love when you eat my pussy like that! Fuckkkk ohhhhhh fuckkkk yesssssssssss do it Jen! Eat me! Fuck me! Show me how much you want it! You can come here any time you want baby! Yessssssssss yesssss fuckkkk OHHHH JEN FUCK YESSSSS RIGHT ON MY CLIT! OOOOH YESSSSS MAKE ME COME PLEASE OHHHHH FUCKK YESSSSSS! KEEP DOING THAT AND I’M GOING TO COME FOR YOU! OHHHHHHHH YESSSS!!!”

That was exactly what Jennifer wanted to hear and she kept herself focused on pleasuring Love’s swollen bud of a clitoris. She used her tongue and her lips and eagerly wet her fingers on her own drenched fuckhole before she wickedly began rubbing them against Love’s puckered ring, threatening to push her two digits into Love’s asshole like Sarah had done to her that first time. That made Love moan out even more and it made Jennifer feel so good to know she was doing such a good job.

She didn’t stop, not for anything. Jennifer kept pleasuring Love, slowly sliding her pussy coated fingers up her ass and penetrating her erotically while she ate her out. That made Love scream in delight and Jennifer badly wanted Love’s fuck cream to soak her face and fill her mouth. Nothing was going to distract her from that, not even someone coming up from behind and going at her.

By bending over on her knees in front of Love on the living room floor, Jennifer had left herself very vulnerable. After all she was completely naked and her bare ass was up in the air as she bent over to go down on Love. And Jennifer Lawrence’s round, meaty ass naked and exposed was too enticing a sight. It was going to attract attention and it sure did as someone came right up behind Jennifer and literally began kissing her ass.

Jennifer moaned as she felt those soft female lips kissing all over her ass, especially because at the same time the woman’s fingers began caressing her wet slit from behind, rubbing over her slick vaginal lips and making her even wetter from her sexy touch. It felt really good to be touched like that and Jennifer stifled her impulse to look over her shoulder to see who it was that had grabbed her like this. She didn’t want to stop licking Love to find out who was behind her and, besides, Jennifer kind of liked not knowing and imagining that she was being groped by a stranger.

This was a place where the normal rules of society got to be put on hold. Anywhere but here if Jennifer had felt her ass and her pussy get touched by someone without permission she would have reacted with a well-deserved beatdown of whomever was doing it. But not here. Here, Jennifer welcomed being groped and intimately touched and she didn’t care who did it. They all wanted the same thing here. They were all looking to fuck and be fucked by hot women and there were no rules and no boundaries except that it had to feel good and it had to be consensual.

Well, having soft, feminine fingers rub against her slit and having warm, wet lips kissing her bare ass definitely felt good to Jennifer. And even though this woman hadn’t said anything before going after her like this, it was definitely consensual. Jennifer showed how consensual it was by thrusting her bare bottom out even more, pressing it against her mystery lover’s lips and inspiring her to rub her pussy even harder.

“Ohhhhhhhhh fuck yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Mmmmm rub that fucking hole!” Jennifer lustfully urged in between licks. “Kiss my big ass you naughty little slut whoever you are! Mmmm my hot ass is a present for all of you and I didn’t even need to gift wrap it! It looks so much better out of the wrapping anyway, doesn’t it?”

Jennifer was really enjoying thinking that some total stranger was behind her and having her way with her. She liked imagining some total rando had come up behind her and was fingering her. That made her so hot. She liked imagining she was some naked piece of meat for these horny lesbos to take and play with and use and fuck. Jennifer wanted them to fuck her like a ragdoll and do anything they wanted to her because whatever it was she knew it was going to feel good.

But that little fantasy ended almost as quickly as it started because Jennifer’s horny moan caused the mystery woman to identify herself.

“Mmmmmhmmmm this looks WAY better without anything covering it up!” Anne Hathaway moaned while thinking to herself that she definitely would have been like a kid on Christmas morning tearing off every piece of wrapping paper in sight if it meant she could get at Jennifer Lawrence’s backside. “I always thought you had a great ass! I figured it was time that I found out for myself just how great it is!”

“Oh baby are you in for a treat!” Jennifer moaned as she thrust back even more and began rubbing her bare ass playfully into Anne’s face. “I’ve got the hottest fucking ass here and it’s all yours now! Mmmmm take that ass! Kiss it! Lick it! Fuck it! Do anything you fucking want to it! This is your Christmas present Anne and you can even play rough with it because my ass won’t fucking break!”

That was definitely true. Jennifer loved her ass and she worked hard to keep it looking as good as it did. Those Hunger Games and X-Men movies hadn’t been easy to film or train for but having a round, thick ass with tight, muscularly meaty cheeks had been a hell of a reward for her hard work. And she made sure and maintain it too because she knew the women here loved her booty as much as she did. The women here had already done some wonderfully depraved things to her butt during her past visits and Jennifer wanted more, a lot more, in fact.

Anne moaned when she felt those thick cheeks rubbing into her face and she kissed them even more, lavishing love all over those fit buns while her fingers slid inside Jennifer’s pussy. That made Jennifer moan out even more while she ate out Love and fingered her asshole and Anne was moaning out too from that hot ass against her face and the exquisite tightness and wetness of Jennifer’s vagina around her fingers. She couldn’t believe she was doing this but that was what made it so much fun for her.

Anne loved coming to the mansion but with children and a husband now she had so much less time to sneak around and be naughty like this. That just made her savor the moments she could go out and forget about her responsibilities at home and all her stresses and all the bullshit and just let it drift off of her as she removed her clothes and all of her inhibitions so she could let herself go wild and the hottest, sexiest women she knew. And Anne was particularly thrilled that she finally had the chance to be with Jennifer.

She hadn’t even known it was Jennifer at first. All she had seen was that hot, thick ass up in the air. Anne hadn’t known who it was that was going down on Love and making her moan so much but she had known that was one hell of a sexy ass and she had instantly wanted it. Anne had felt so naughty going up behind the woman without any warning and touching her so intimately but she was too turned on to think about politeness or niceties. She only had a few hours she could indulge in this world of sex and fantasy before she had to go home and be “normal.”

So the sexiness of that yummy ass up in the air had pulled Anne into its gravitational orbit until she had been fondling and pleasuring it without a second thought. And as soon as she had seen that the booty that had drawn her attention belonged to Jennifer Lawrence, Anne had wanted it even more. She and Jennifer had spent a lot of time together since they’d both won their Oscars in the same year but Anne had never been able to be with her in this fashion and she was going to make the most of it.

“You’re so fucking sexy!” Anne moaned, feeling so naughty as she cheated on her husband with one of the hottest women in the world, her fingers sliding deep into Jennifer’s tight pussy while she kissed all over those naked cheeks and even ran her tongue between them to wickedly lick Jennifer’s crack. “I always wanted you! You’ve got such a great ass Jen and your pussy is so tight! Mmm I want to fuck you! Can I? Can I take you and fuck you all hot and nasty?”
Anne’s feelings of desire were definitely mutual and Jennifer didn’t hide them.

“Mmmm you’d better fucking take me!” Jennifer moaned, not pulling too far away from Love’s hot pussy but making sure her intent was clear to Anne. “Get in there and fucking eat my ass while you’re finger banging me! Get nasty Anne! Shove that pretty married face into my fucking ass and show me what a nasty wife you are! We’re all bad girls here! Do it!”

Anne had been one of the women Jennifer had eagerly fantasized about when she’d only been curious about what it would have been like to fuck a girl. They’d become friends during the Oscar chase and all those awards ceremonies and luncheons and campaigning events they’d gone to in the pursuit of gold. A lot of those had been so boring and Jennifer had passed the time idly coming up with dirty sex daydreams about the people around her. Anne had been the star of many of those dreams and Jennifer was eager for this to happen.

They’d both been together at a couple of parties at the mansion before but had never hooked up and neither of them wanted to wait any longer. So Anne took Jennifer’s demands to heart. She was a bad girl. She was nasty. She had a husband and children at home waiting for mommy at Christmas and yet here she was in Malibu completely nude and surrounded by other hot naked women. Anne wasn’t about to miss out in this opportunity so she shoved her face into Jennifer’s crack and began tonguing her asshole while working her fingers harder into her pussy.

Anne was so hungry for Jennifer’s ass and she showed it by lapping at that tight, naughty hole and then pushing her tongue inside her fellow Oscar winner. Anne felt so wild and kinky as she did it. This was not how she acted at home but being around these women brought out the animal in her and she loved it. Anne tossed Jennifer’s salad with horny gusto, working over her asshole with wet, starving licks and she fingerbanged Jennifer harder, working her fingers into that tight, juicy hole and making sure Jennifer’s clit got lots of attention.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkk yesssssssss! You nasty girl! Fucking around on your husband at Christmas and eating my big ass fuckkkk ohhhhhh yessssssssssss jam those fingers into me!” Jennifer happily urged as the stimulation rushed through her. “Yesssssssss Anne! Ooooooh fuckkkk you’re sooooo hot! Eat my booty! Get your pretty face right in my ass while you play with my fucking pussy! Fuck me! Shove them in and make me fucking come!”

Jennifer wasn’t only focused on her own pleasure though. She was not about to ignore Love. She did think about how she was doing the inverse of what Anne was doing to her. Anne was eating her ass and fingering her pussy and she had her face in Love’s pussy and her fingers up her ass. That made her feel even hotter and she channeled that energy into fucking Love. She knew Love was close to orgasm and Jennifer wasn’t about to let her down, not at Christmas or any other time of year.

She worked over Love’s clit with hungry slurps of her lips, fusing her mouth to the busty woman’s pussy and working to drain her cream right out of her. Jennifer loved this. She was being fucked while fucking another woman. This was the best feeling ever. How could any woman not want to be a part of this? How could anyone not want this bliss?

“Come for me!” Jennifer moaned with an aroused mumble as she stared up at Love’s sexy body as the woman fucked her face, Ariana and Miley rubbing their bare boobs into Love and sensually playing with her large, jiggling chest as Love humped against her tongue. “Do it Love! Cream my face! Make it all messy so all the others can taste it on me all night long! Do it! Come for me!”

Love could only frantically moan and pant in response as she slurped again on Ariana’s swollen nipple, fondling the sexy bodies of her pop star friends as she roamed her hands all over them from their tits down their flat tummies all the way to their cute little backsides. She was squeezing both of their bare asses now as they kept making out in front of her and it was so hot to be doing that while Jennifer licked her. Love was enjoying all of this so much and Jennifer’s continued pleasuring of her clit while those hot fingers were shoved into her ass sent her right over the edge.


And while Love was coming, Jennifer kept at her, swallowing as much of Love’s cum as she could get and letting the rest just drip down her chin. Anne kept going at Jennifer too, tonguing her tight, pretty little pucker and fingering her pussy while Anne got some attention of her own. Love’s screams had people looking over, including someone who was very eager to get with Anne.

“Well, well, well, what do we have going on over here?” Kate Hudson said with a sexy smile as she pressed herself to Anne rubbed their naked bodies together. “Mmmm this is so fucking hot! You’re so sexy Anne! Oooooh do it baby! Eat her ass! Fuck her and make her come while do it to you too!”

Kate was someone who loved the holiday season as a reason to reconnect with old friends and there was no better kind of connection to make than this one. Anne was so sexy and she looked so good doing such a filthy act that Kate hadn’t been able to resist crawling over to her friend. And while Anne continued to tongue fuck Jennifer’s asshole, Kate kissed all over her neck and felt up Anne’s round tits.

Anne moaned while licking as she felt those sexy kisses and those warm hands on her full chest. And it was also so arousing for her to feel Kate’s bare body rub against hers. She hadn’t felt this in so long and she had missed it. Kate had such perky, firm tits, even after three kids, and Anne loved feeling them rub against her arm and her bare back as Kate shifted her position and pressed her stiff nipples into her bare skin.

Kate’s body felt incredible against hers. She hadn’t even known Kate was going to be at this party but Anne sure knew now and she was so glad she was. It had been too long since they had fooled around and Anne was remembering vividly now just how much she liked it. She remembered how much she loved to kiss Kate and how good she tasted and how much she enjoyed feeling Kate lick her everywhere.

She wanted to encourage Kate to kiss and touch her and pleasure her completely but Anne’s tongue was very busy in Jennifer’s asshole and she didn’t want to take it out, especially as Jennifer groaned out wantonly and urged her to lick her more.

“Yessssssss shove that tongue in deep you nasty booty licking slut! I love it!” Jennifer moaned, her famous face all messy with Love’s cream now, while she thrust her butt cheeks right into Anne’s elegant features. “Do it! Fucking eat my ass Anne! Ooooh nasty, sweet Anne Hathaway is eating my fucking butt and it’s soooooo good! Oooooh yeah eat it up like it’s Christmas dinner! Hubby is waiting home with the kids for you but you’re too busy shoving your tongue up my ass to care!”

Anne responded to that teasing with a smack against Jennifer’s bare bottom that turned her skin a flush of red that quickly faded. And of course Jennifer loved it. She hissed with pleasure when Anne smacked her ass and moaned some more when she got another slap from that hot hand against her rear while Anne’s tongue fucked her hole and her fingers squished inside her pussy while she slid them in and out of Jennifer’s sopping folds.

She did not like being reminded her family was waiting for her and that she was being a really, REALLY super bad wife right then. But Anne had to admit that Jennifer was right about everything. She was shoving her tongue up Jennifer’s ass and it was so arousing. She did love that. She loved being this bad and doing dirty things that would have shocked anyone who thought they knew who Anne Hathaway was supposed to be and not who she really was.

Anne kept her face buried between Jennifer’s hot butt cheeks and while she couldn’t communicate to Kate with words, Anne encouraged her with moans and how she rubbed her body against her friend’s. And that was a message that Kate received loud and clear as she kissed all over her friend and felt her up and went for more.

“I want you so bad Anne! Mmmmm I’m so glad you’re here so I can do this to you,” Kate sighed with lust and need as she kissed all the way down Anne’s body, down her bare back and onto her firm mommy ass. “I’ve missed fucking you and now I can get that yummy taste all over my tongue again!”

Kate and Anne had done a movie together once and while it hadn’t been a critical highlight for either one of them, it had struck big at the box office and it had also given them ample opportunity to fool around with each other. They had gotten on so well and connected so nicely in the bedroom that they had even considered proposing a rewrite to the script where their characters both dumped the guys they were with and ran off and married each other instead. Of course that had never been something that was going to fly back then and they’d been having too much fun off camera to rock the boat on camera.

They’d connected a few times since their on-set hookups and it had always felt so good when they’d done it. Both of them had known that the other was fully aware of the mansion and had been an enthusiastic participant and it had been a thrill for both of them to know they shared this sexy secret. But this was actually the first time they had ever been at the mansion at the same time. That was a wonderful coincidence, perhaps even a bit of holiday magic, and one that they were both very eager to take advantage of.

Kate had been craving this kind of a party. Like Anne, the bigger her family got, the less chances she had to get to the mansion and burn through all of her stresses in a multi-orgasmic release. But tonight was her night to be selfish. She wasn’t going to think about anything else but what felt good. This was her Christmas gift to herself and she knew she deserved this. So she kissed all the way down Anne’s body before settling herself down on her back on the carpeted floor of the living room.

“Sit on my face Anne!” Kate urged her friend and former co-star. “Plant that pussy down right here and fuck my face! I want it! I need to taste you! It’s been too fucking long! Sit down on top of me so you can keep fucking Jennifer! Mmmm I want both of you and when you both come you have to promise to do me!”

That was more than a fair bargain for Anne and she was sure Jennifer would feel the same way. After all, who wouldn’t want to fuck Kate Hudson? Anne was so eager to feel Kate’s wonderful tongue licking her pussy and she badly wanted the taste of her friend all over her own face. So when Kate lay back, Anne didn’t hesitate.

Without missing a beat, Anne moved herself so she could set herself down on top of Kate’s gorgeous face. She pressed her pussy against her friend’s mouth, her thighs clenching around her head and Anne was immediately rewarded with Kate’s tongue darting out to start lapping at her pussy. Anne had gotten so turned on from all the girls here and she had already come from playing with them but she especially wanted this and she loved feeling that tongue lash at her slit and push inside her honeypot.

Anne squealed in pleasure over her married pussy being licked by her female friend and she began fucking Kate’s angelic blonde face with a filthy enthusiasm, humping against her tongue while Kate reached up to squeeze her ass cheeks and hold her steady so she could really pleasure her. And through it all, Anne kept thrusting her tongue into Jennifer’s asshole and stuffing her fingers into her pussy, all of them grunting and moaning on the floor like all they wanted for Christmas was to come over and over and over again.


That kind of action was exactly what was going on throughout the mansion as the party raged in a most unholy of celebrations for Christmas. And in Rose McGowan’s view things were going pretty damn perfectly. Because if there was one thing she and her friends knew for sure, it was how to throw an orgy and if that was how they were going to celebrate Christmas, then Rose was all about declaring Feliz Navidad.

Holiday spirit was not really her thing. In Rose’s view, you were either kind and decent or you weren’t. It wasn’t something you could turn on from Thanksgiving to New Year’s and then flip off the rest of the year. She wasn’t about to fake it just because it was the time of year that Starbucks put some snowflakes on its coffee cups and Rose was not about to put up with any bullshit.

But writhing, naked bodies of hot girls was very much her thing and therefore this absolutely was her kind of a party. Last night had been fun and Rose knew how important it had been for Love so she had shown her support and had behaved herself. Tonight, though, was a Rose kind of night and she had high expectations for herself. She was going to fuck every single one of their guests and Rose didn’t care if it took her all night to do it. In fact she was hoping it would.

Because this was not the kind of party that broke up early. This was going to be another epic mansion bash and Rose was eager to make sure she was the most memorable part of it. The mansion was full of girls on the naughty list and Rose was committed to being the naughtiest of all.

Even Rose had to admit that doing this at the height of the holiday season made everything more festive and fun. All the frenzied fucking against the backdrop of their lavishly decorated home full of holiday cheer made for a very appealing contrast. And many of the guests had gotten into the spirit of it too. Most everyone’s clothes were completely gone by now but Rose could still see some ugly Christmas sweaters and some festive reindeer antler headwear and she could even see a few sexy elf and Santa’s little helper outfits still on.

Love had helped set the mood by showing up for the party dressed as a very sexy Mrs. Claus with a red velvet dress lined with white faux-firm trim and cut low to show off maximum cleavage. Rose had loved seeing her housemate’s big tits ready to spill out of that dress but even more she had loved how the dress was ultra-short and that when Love had bent over, she had shown how she had neglected to slip any panties on underneath. Now that had been a Christmas present worth drooling over and Rose made sure to help Love out of all of her naughty Christmas outfit as the party had really gotten started.

Now Love’s dress was a distant memory along with the boots she had been wearing and so many of the other clothes their guests had arrived in. The invitations had made clear that this was going to be the kind of Christmas party you dressed sexy for and so many had obliged. And that had definitely gotten Rose’s sleigh bells ringing especially when all those clothes had come off, especially her own.

Rose hadn’t had much “Christmas wear” to put on and she wasn’t much one for ironically ugly sweaters. But there had been a bright red kimono robe in her closet that she loved to wear and Rose had figured it was good enough to fit the bill, especially since the way she had loosely tied it closed had made it clear that she hadn’t had anything on underneath. Rose had loved parading around the party in a short robe that showed off so much of her legs and had opened enough to show the soft curves of her large breasts. And it had even better when she had playfully cast it off to let everyone know she was a present that wasn’t going to need any unwrapping.

There was so much to enjoy at this party. Rose had been one of the few who hadn’t had any of the punch last year so she had been aware of everything that had happened. She’d seen what everyone had done and to whom and it had been so wild to see all of her housemates and their friends and even a few surprise guests go absolutely wild on each other like pussy craving animals starving for sweet girl cum. That had been such an incredible experience for Rose and she’d even taken advantage of everyone losing their minds by living out a secret fantasy of her own by having her way with Britney and Christina’s bodyguard Fluffy.

That had been so fucking hot. Everyone had been too out of their minds to ever remember it, even Fluffy, but Rose remembered everything and every time she saw him she got to think about how she had sucked that huge cock down her throat and how he had gone balls deep up her big white ass with that monster of his. It was so much fun having that slutty secret all to herself while also knowing just how filthy all her friends had gotten.

The only downside to last year’s party had been how upset Love had gotten when she had found out what had happened. Rose hadn’t wanted that. None of them had. So it was wonderful to see how perfectly everything was going this year. Rose had been happy to see Love’s party go so wonderfully last night and it sure looked like Love was having an even better time now. Rose knew she sure was and she loved being able to look across the room and see Love coming all over Jennifer’s tongue and then go for more.

While Jennifer got off on Anne’s tongue and Kate feasted on Anne, Love had turned her focus to Ariana and Miley. Rose loved seeing her friend take control of those two pop tarts and stack them up on the couch. She had Ariana lie on top of Miley, Ariana’s little tits pressing against Miley’s bare back, and with both of their naked bodies pressed together Love had so much to lick. Rose could see Love dragging her tongue over Miley’s slit and onto her asshole and then keep going up to get at Ariana’s fuckholes too.

Rose got really hot seeing Love expertly licking Ariana and Miley together, giving them long lashes of her tongue over their pussies and assholes and making the singers moan in harmony. Everything around her was turning Rose on. There was a sea of hot naked girls going at each other. Rose had lost count of how many girls were there and that was just how she liked it. And she was definitely going to make sure she got her hands and tongue on each and every one of them. And of course she had other plans for all these sluts at the party too. She hadn’t yet slid Mr. Snappy into place on her body but that would come soon enough.

Right then Rose was perfectly content to enjoy the view of everyone fucking all around her as she stood completely naked and drank it all in. Having all of this happening right by the Christmas tree that they had helped Love decorate and near the fireplace that Love had lovingly hung stockings for all of them up by made it so naughtily festive. Rose had in fact already slipped something in all of those stockings for Christmas, small bottles of lube for Love and Sarah and Jen and Stacy and Alyssa and Jessica. They’d all be using that lube soon too as Rose was intending to give each of her housemates a hard, intense fucking for Christmas.

That would be happening later though when it was just them and they could all be together. Right then there was far too much else going on and Rose loved it. Because she wasn’t just standing there and watching. She was experiencing it thanks to two women pleasuring her at the same time. There was one girl kneeling in front of her and one in back and Rose felt very much like her naked body was being worshipped as she treated her eyes to the sight of all the fucking going on in front of her in her home.

“Yesssssssssssss ohhhhhh yesssssssss mmmm fuckkkkk yesssssssss!” Rose groaned as she fondled her own tits while two tongues pleasured her at once. “You horny little cunts are so fucking good at this! Mmmm get in there Emma! Lick that pussy! I helped fucking train you after all and you owe me for the rest of your fucking life for making you into such a good pussy licker!”

Emma Watson wasn’t about to argue that point. She truly believed it after all. All these women at the mansion had trained her and showed her the best and hottest ways to fuck women. And Rose was a huge part of that. Emma loved everything she had learned from Rose and she always showed her appreciation as much as she could, especially when she could get on her knees and suck and lick Rose’s pussy.

“Ohhhhhh fuckkk yesssssssss tell me what a fucking little cunt I am!” Emma moaned in her sexy, cultured accent. “Tell me what a little pussy licking bitch I am while you fuck my face! I want it so much! I need it! I need to get cum drunk off of all of you!”

The British beauty was insatiable on any night but particularly so tonight. She was in the middle of an exhausting press tour for her new movie and if this thing was going to be a hit and bring home the Oscar nominations that they all were hoping for that meant interviews on top of interviews and as many personal appearances as possible. Emma badly needed a break. She needed to destress and get her mind off of everything and there was no better place to do it than here.

She needed her brains fucked out and she knew it. Emma wanted these women to do to her what they were always so good at. She wanted Rose and all of their friends to take her and use her and make her feel like a whore. This was her escape. This was where she could let her guard down. This was where she didn’t have to be Hermione or Belle or classy Emma Watson with her Ivy League diploma who never acted up and never misbehaved. She could let go of all of that here and be what she most wanted to be, a piece of slut meat to be defiled by as many women as possible.

Her first experience with women had been at the hands of the mansion girls and their friends. They had all ganged up on her and ripped her clothes off and used her cunt and her ass and her mouth and Emma had adored every second of it. She pretended to be a good girl but this was who she was and what she wanted, to be on her knees like a good little whore serving a beautiful woman by eating her cunt.

“You’ve gotta earn that cum!” Rose teased. “So you’d better stop yapping and start licking before I find another little bitch who can do it better than you! Oooooh Selena Gomez is here, I’ll bet she’d eat my pussy and get that cream faster than you could! And cute little Chloe Moretz is here too! Mmmm if Alyssa won’t turn that girl into her cunt licking plaything I sure will! Ooooh and pretty little Taylor Swift! I’ll bet she could munch on this box better than you could ever dream Emma! I’ll fuck them and not you and make you see how much better they are than you!”

Rose’s words made Emma’s cheeks burn bright with embarrassment but they were just what she wanted to hear. Emma loved the humiliation. She loved the shame. She loved being told she was no fucking good. That made her so hot and horny. Emma knew she was good at licking. She had been trained by the best after all and it made her so soaking wet to be their bitch on her knees and be reminded she wasn’t good for anything but serving them as a whore. Emma was rubbing herself frantically as she serviced Rose and her tongue showed her excitement.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkk mmmmm that’s it! That’s a good little carpet munching dyke! Did they teach you this at Hogwarts you little cunt muncher?” Rose grinned, laughing at Emma while moaning over and over again from what an amazing mouth the well-trained girl had. “All those classy fucking movies you do now with the fancy costumes and all you want is to be on your fucking knees eating my fucking twat! I’ll bet deep down you know that’s all your good for! You won’t be able to get a fucking job in Hollywood soon because the only movies you really want to do is lesbian porno, the nastier the better! We could shoot them right here and you’d do it for real Emma, wouldn’t you? You’d ruin your own fucking career because you’d get all the pussy you could ever eat as a dirty dyke porn star!”

Emma knew she wasn’t supposed to talk but she couldn’t help it. She had to respond to that.

“Yesssssssssss! I’m your dyke! Your dirty fucking dyke whore!” Emma moaned in total lustful submission. “Make me into your filthy little porn star right here! Make me spread my legs on camera and show off my bald lesbian cunt and make me bend over and show off my round little bum and let everyone see that dirty hole of mine! Make me fuck women on camera and show everyone I’m a little dyke bitch who’s only good for being fucked! Let everyone in Hollywood see it! Let my friends see! Let my family see! I even want mum and dad to see it! I’m not their fucking angel! I’m not their little Harry Potter fantasy! I’m not a fucking Disney Princess! I’m a fucking whore who needs girls to fuck the shit out of her!”

That was such a hot fantasy of Emma’s. She wanted to make a sex tape and not something clumsy and raw with a cell phone but something hot and nasty and professional with real lighting and makeup and sexy lingerie and hot women fucking every hole on her body. Emma loved watching porn with Love and she tried to encourage Love to make a video with her, a real one where people could see the real her was a total slut and she could let everyone know that she could never be who they wanted her to be because it was so much more fun for her to be herself.

Of course Emma knew she could never really do that. She had too much to lose and she would never have been able to live with the embarrassment of people, especially her family, finding out what she really liked and how she loved to behave. But that made it such a hot fantasy to have and the need was burning inside her tonight. She had been so good lately and Emma was aching to be bad.

Between the movie and the press tour and Christmas, Emma was at her limit and she needed release more than she ever had before.

“Ooooooooh fuckkkkk you are in a goooood mood tonight Emma!” Rose smirked, loving that filthy talk coming in such a pretty voice. “You’re even more worked up than usual! Mmmmm you must need this bad tonight!”

“Yessssssssss I need it! I fucking need it so bad!” Emma pleaded, staring up at Rose with big, sexy brown eyes and a face shiny with feminine essence. “Fuck me Rose! Fuck my face with your hot cunt! Shove my dirty fucking face into that pussy! Make me feel those dark curls on my skin! I love feeling your wet bush against my face Rose! Make me taste you! Make me smell you! Make me breathe in how fucking wet you are!”

“You’re so fucking horny you pathetic little bitch!” Rose said with her sexiest smile as she pressed down on the girl’s head and shoved her face back between her legs, grinding herself against Emma and making sure she could feel the soft curls of her neatly manicured black bush against her face. “Mmmmm you’d make such a good porn star! Too bad Greta didn’t want to make that movie! Ooooh four fucking slutty women fucking each other and you’d have been the biggest slutty star of them all. I’ll bet you did this for her, didn’t you? You got on your knees like a good casting couch bitch and ate her pussy to get the part!”

Emma couldn’t answer with words thanks to Rose’s pussy being shoved against her mouth. But she did moan out her assent while lapping at that creamy pink pussy while feeling those little dark curls against her face and loving how sexy and powerful Rose looked with more hair between her legs than on her head these days. Emma knew what Rose was getting at and it was all true.

When she’d done Little Women, Emma hadn’t had to put out to get the part. She was so glad she’d never had to do that. But she damn sure had done it after she had been cast. Emma had been only too willing to let Greta Gerwig use her as a fuck doll on the set, especially when she’d been dressed up all nice and fancy as sweet, pure Meg. God, Emma had loved it when Greta would fuck her in costume and how she’d have to pull up those big dresses and yank off her fancy underwear to let her director at her pussy with her tongue and her toys.

But while Emma couldn’t respond to Rose, another woman who knew full well sure could.

“Yessssssssssss we all fucked Greta! She used us all like whores and we fucking loved it!” a seductively soft voice with a full Irish lilt declared. “She made us her fuck dolls! Ooooh all of us! She fucked me and Florence and Emma and Eliza! Mmmm she directed us around like we were her sex dolls and she made us gang up on Eliza and use her teen holes for our pleasure and for hers! She’d watch us and tell us what to do and she’d fuck us all so well! We were her little whores and it made us all so fucking wet!”

Rose moaned in immense desire as she heard that gorgeous voice say such filthy things in that amazing accent. She couldn’t help it. She was a McGowan after all. Irish accents drove her mad with desire, especially when it came from a face as flawless as the one that had just been buried between her pale ass cheeks. Hearing that lilting voice talk dirty made Rose’s knees weak and she got even hornier for both of the co-stars pleasuring her holes.

“Get up here and kiss me you nasty girl” Rose urged and when the eager girl complied, Rose yanked Saoirse Ronan right to her and passionately kissed her.

She got both of her hands on the Oscar nominee’s face and kissed her budding superstar lips. And Saoirse kissed back with just as much passion as she received from Rose. Saoirse shoved her tongue into Rose’s mouth right after she’d been pushing it into her asshole and she let Rose taste herself all over it. The two hungrily kissed and Rose caressed Saoirse’s young face with both hands, tenderly touching her as they pressed their nude bodies together.

The two women made out with unrestrained lust as Emma continued to go down on Rose, burning with jealousy that her co-star got to kiss Rose when she didn’t and using that jealousy to get even more turned on as she felt used, just like she wanted to be. Emma stared up with longing as the two women tongue kissed. She stared at Rose and Saoirse as they closed their eyes in their deeply passionate kisses and Saoirse moved her hands to Rose’s large breasts, massaging the big pale mounds just like she’d just been doing to Rose’s pristinely creamy ass cheeks.

Emma loved seeing them both kiss and she fingered herself harder while her tongue licked faster and thrust deeper into Rose. She was so turned on from seeing them make out. She had brought Saoirse here tonight so she could experience the mansion for herself and Emma wanted to show off for her friend and co-star and let her see how nasty she could truly be.
“Rose, will you please get Mr. Snappy and fuck me!” Emma pleaded in between licks. “Fuck my filthy wet cunt with that huge fucking cock! Plow my little pussy with your big dyke dick and get it all creamy so you can shove it up my bum next! I love when you butt fuck me and I want Saoirse to see it! I want her to see how much I love being fucked! I want her to see me take it up all my nasty holes and let her see my cunt and my ass swallow every big, hard inch of Mr. Snappy!”

“Oooooooh Mr. Snappy? I want to feel it too!” Saoirse cooed. “Emma told me all about it! She told me how ya fuck her arse and how you shove it deep inside her pretty little pussy and how you make her all loose and nasty! Give it to me like that too! I’ve been dying to come here ever since Emma told me all about you and your friends and how you fuck her like a dirty little lesbian! Do it to me Rose! Bang me hard and nasty and send me home gay for Christmas!”

Rose practically melted when she heard that. It sounded sooooooo fucking good in Saoirse’s brogue, all fast and soft and so fucking sexy. Her words were catnip for Rose and she would have done anything for the completely nude young woman. But at the same time, Rose was not about to ignore Emma or her own needs. This was Saoirse’s first time at the mansion and she looked so good with her clothes off. She had done such an amazing job rimming Rose’s asshole that it was clearly going to be the first of many, MANY visit and Rose wanted to make sure Saoirse learned the rules though and remembered her place.
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“Ooooh you both are so nasty! Such filthy girls!” Rose said, placing her hand on the back of Emma’s head so she didn’t even get any ideas about stopping her licking. “But you’re both so greedy! What makes you think either of you deserve Mr. Snappy? Is my pussy not good enough for you? You think I need a fucking dick to make you both come? I can make little sluts like you quiver with my tongue with just a few little licks! I’ll have you panting and moaning like whores with my mouth! You never need any kind of a cock around when I’m here!”

Rose loved using Mr. Snappy. Her favorite toy was pretty much a part of her body. But she didn’t have to use it and she never wanted anyone to get the idea that she needed her strap-on to make a woman come. She could turn any pussy into a creamy waterfall of desire with her tongue and she was going to make sure both of these girls knew it.

“You two are going to make me come right now and then I’m going to tongue fuck your pussies and those tight little bums of yours and you’re going to find out what a real dyke can do to sluts like you!” Rose pledged. “And after I make you both come, maybe, JUST maybe I’ll get out Mr. Snappy and fuck the shit out of both of you!”

Emma loved the sound of that. She knew how good Rose could be with her mouth. She loved being licked by her. She knew how Rose could make her cunt quiver and her body shake with ecstasy when she used her tongue on her. And she badly wanted to feel it again. She wanted Rose to lick her. She wanted that tongue on her pussy and ass and then she wanted her to absolutely bury Mr. Snappy inside her and destroy her before every other girl here got a go at her.

But she couldn’t say that with words, not with Rose mashing her face into her pussy. So she communicated it with action, kneeling in worship in front of Rose and tongue fucking her wetness, while Saoirse was able to express her longing.

“Ohhhhh yessssssss that’s just what I want!” Saoirse moaned, practically squirming with lust she pressed herself into Rose,
rubbing her nude body into a woman even paler than she was as she fondled Rose’s big tits and felt Rose’s hands caress and playfully smack the tight cheeks of her petite little ass. “Emma would tell us such stories about you and your filthy friends! She’d tell us what bad girls you were and how much she loved everything you all did to her! I wanted it so fucking much! I didn’t think I could believe her but it’s all true and it’s making me so wet! Fuck me Rose! You and all your friends can do any filthy thing you want to me! Use your tongue on my pussy and my arse! Make me feel Mr. Snappy for the first time! Emma says you initiate girls by fucking them up the arse! I want that so fucking much Rose! Take me and use me like you use Emma! We’ll both be your little whores!”

Rose was on the verge of flat out drooling over that lilting voice speaking such filth. She fiercely kissed Saoirse again, shoving her tongue into the younger woman’s mouth where the horny lass accepted it with excitement, sucking on it and rubbing her tongue right back into Rose’s. Saoirse kissed back just as eagerly and only stopped when Rose pushed her back down onto her knees.

“Eat my ass Saoirse!” Rose commanded. “Shove that pretty face right in between my cheeks and show me what you can do! You were doing pretty good before but I need more! Get back in my big fucking butt and show me you really are the slut you claim to be! You and Emma better make me come or else you won’t get fucked any time soon!”

That was the kind of incentive that got Saoirse going. She wanted to experience the pleasure that all of these women could offer she gladly would have tongued Rose’s asshole for the chance. She sank right down to her knees and spread Rose’s ass open again. Saoirse’s delicate hands grabbed onto both of those thick cheeks and splayed them so she could eagerly shove her face back into Rose’s crack and get back to licking her.

Her own saliva was already all over Rose’s puckered hole and Saoirse enthusiastically licked it up, sliding her tongue all over Rose’s starfish and then pushing inside so she could tongue fuck Rose while Emma did it to her pussy. Saoirse could hear the wanton groan of pure desire from Rose thanks to their tongues and she licked harder, squeezing Rose’s soft, juicily alabaster cheeks and keeping them open for her face to press in.

Saoirse had been into girls for a long time. She’d been pretty young since she’d realized she enjoyed the touch and taste of her own gender. In fact it had been the focal point of her development sexually. She considered herself free of labels like bi or lesbian or straight but she knew what she liked and she liked women. It was one of the reasons she had been so vocal as a feminist and as a voice against the homophobic aspects of the Catholic Church while speaking up for LGBTQ people. And it was one of the reasons why this was so much fun for her.

She had dreamed about a place like this, a place where you could let go of everything and focus on pleasure without fear or judgement. Emma had told her and their co-stars all about this place while they had filmed Little Women and engaged in all their extra-curricular activities with Greta, whom Saoirse had been hooking up with since they’d done Lady Bird. But Saoirse hadn’t known whether to believe her. She was so glad she had though because this was the place of dreams and Saoirse had so many dirty ones. She wanted to live out so many fantasies here and this was a great way to start as she squeezed Rose’s great ass and tongued her hole.

“OOOOOOOHHHH MMMM YEAH GO TO TOWN ON THAT FUCKING ASS SAOIRSE! EAT IT UP WHILE YOUR FRIEND TONGUES MY PUSSY!” Rose cried gleefully, her hands each on the heads of the co-stars sharing her body.

The pleasure of those two tongues working in concert shot through Rose’s body. Emma definitely had more training than Saoirse but that wasn’t surprising since this was the Irish girl’s first time at the mansion. Rose couldn’t wait to really sink her teeth into Saoirse and make sure she got the same kind of attention that Emma had gotten lots of. She couldn’t wait to train this girl and really turn her into the kind of pussy and ass licker that Emma had expertly become.

But even without all of Emma’s experience, Rose was enjoying everything Saoirse was doing to her. Her tongue was working her over with hot, wet thrusts that were stimulating her sensitive hole and Rose loved feeling Saoirse’s hands squeezing her buns. The girl knew just how to give pleasure and it went along perfectly with everything Emma was doing to her pussy as she licked and sucked and made Rose want to just roll her eyes back into her head.

“Yesssssssssss do it! Oooooh you little sluts are going to make me come!” Rose moaned, her hands holding them steady as they fed off her and she showed them who was queen of this mansion. “You two had me so close before and now you need to finish the job! C’mon you dirty girls! Show me what you’ve got! Make me come and I’ll give you a lot of presents including that big, thick, hard one that you both want so much up your asses!”

Both girls desperately wanted to feel Mr. Snappy stretching and stuffing their holes. They were both so horny for it because Emma knew what Rose could do and Saoirse wanted to experience it for the first time. They both needed to feel it and they channeled that into working Rose over with their tongues making her gasp and pant happily as they fucked her pussy and ass while another woman walked right up to Rose and gave her a big kiss on the lips.

“Mmmmm you sure look like you’re enjoying the party,” Jewel said with a big smile before she kissed Rose again and made sure their big tits rubbed together as the two nude housemates shared a sexy moment.

“What gave me away? Was it my moans or my screams?” Rose teased.

“All of the above,” Jewel said before giving Rose another kiss. “I couldn’t help but come over and play with you too! Mmmmm you look so sexy Rose. Standing here like a goddess while these two little sluts worship you!”

“That was just the look I was going for!” Rose said before kissing Jewel right back

The two women made out and pressed their naked bodies together, loving the feel of their hard nipples against each other’s skin as their tongues sensually touched too. And while they kissed, Jewel got bold with her housemate. She ran her hand down Rose’s body and naughtily slid two of her fingers right into Rose’s pussy while Emma licked it. Jewel didn’t ask permission. She knew she didn’t have to. She was sure Rose would like it and the reaction from her housemate showed Jewel just how right she was.

“Ohhhhh! Yeahhhhh mmmm stuff those fingers in that tight hole! Ooooh fuck yes Jewel rub my fucking clit while Emma licks it!” Rose groaned, her knees getting weak as she took her hand off of Emma’s head so she could grab onto the nearby edge of the fireplace mantel for support. “Mmmmm I love your fingers inside me Jewel! Ughhh fuck yeah! Make me come! Do it baby! Show these little sluts how it’s done!”

“I always love fucking you,” Jewel declared happily, feeling that snug pussy clamping around her fingers while she rubbed Rose’s clit and had Emma’s tongue swiping against her digits “You get so fucking tight and wet for us Rose! Come for us baby! Come all over this pretty face! Soak this fucking whore’s tongue in cum! You know that’s what she’s good for! Fuck her face and cream all over it so I can fuck her next and use that hot tongue to get myself off! Make her friend see what a whore she is and how much she loves eating our pussies and making us come!”

Emma loved how they were talking about her like she was an object. God, she never would have let any man get away with that but when it came to these women, not only did she want it, she encouraged it. It made her so hot and wet and made her want to eat Rose even more. She loved sharing Rose with Saoirse and she wanted to show off for her co-star and let Saoirse see how nasty she could be. And Emma loved Jewel getting involved. She wanted to fuck all of these women again and again and she loved the thought of shoving her tongue into Jewel’s hot pussy while Rose was behind her nailing her with Mr. Snappy and making her feel like such a total slut.

Rose and Jewel kissed passionately again while Emma and Saoirse kept tongue fucking their pale goddess. Jewel’s fingers skillfully gave Rose even more stimulation and she groaned and grunted from all she was feeling at once. Rose was gripping onto the mantel now to keep from falling over as each lick brought her closer to orgasm and each rub of Jewel’s fingers made her cry out into their kiss. This was overwhelming Rose’s senses and she loved it.

“Fuckkkkkkkkk make me come! Do it! All three of you! Fuckkkk ohhhhhhh fuckkkk OHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKK!” Rose cried, breaking the kiss and crying out in joy. “Give it to me you little sluts! OHHHH FUCKKK EAT MY PUSSY AND MY ASS! FUCKING SUCK THE CUM RIGHT OUT OF ME EMMA OHHHH FUCKK YEAH SAOIRSE KEEP THAT FUCKING FACE IN MY ASS FUCKKK OHHHH YESSSSS YESSSSSSSS YESSSSSSSSS!!!”

Jewel kissed Rose again, fondling her housemate’s big tits with her free hand while Rose reacted to the surges of pleasure rushing through her by fucking her pussy into Emma’s mouth and thrusting back to grind her ass into Saoirse. She humped herself back and forth, fucking both women’s tongues and as Rose felt the pleasure of both of them along with Jewel’s fingers she couldn’t keep herself from losing it.


Rose came hard against Emma’s face, feeding the girl hot helping of her girl cream while she also made sure to give Saoirse plenty of her ass to eat. While Rose was humping Emma’s famous face, Saoirse kept herself buried in Rose’s pale crack, squeezing her thick buns and following each thrust of Rose’s body against Emma’s tongue as she came. They both kept licking away at Rose and when they finally pulled away it was only so Emma and Saoirse could feverishly kiss as they leaned into each other from their knees and shared Rose’s pussy and ass in a lusty tongue kiss while Rose and Jewel kissed some more.


The party was turning into such a hot one and Stacy Keibler loved what she saw. She loved watching all her sexy friends fucking each other so wildly and happily. There were so many sexy bodies there to enjoy. There were so many beautiful faces and hot tongues. There were tits and asses of all shapes and sizes and so many delicious pussies to savor.

Stacy loved seeing everything and she loved how everyone was having fun. She was right by the couch and she could see how Love had worked over Miley and Ariana before, stacking them up and tonguing their naughty holes. And now she could see how they were on the floor together so Love could lay on her back and have Ariana ride her face and fuck her tongue while Miley was scissoring herself into Love and making out with Ariana so they could all feel good.

Now it was Jennifer Lawrence who was sprawled out on the couch with her legs spread open. The Oscar winner was feverishly fingering herself too, making her pussy feel so good while Anne and Kate shared it. The three actresses were going at each other with such naughty energy and Stacy loved seeing Anne and Kate kneeling between Jennifer’s legs and tasting her pussy together, both of their tongues working her over as Jennifer groaned and moaned and said the filthiest words while letting them know she was so close to coming.

All around them were naughty, naked bodies doing the sexiest things to each other while all around them there were twinkling Christmas lights and stockings and presents and so many holiday decorations. Stacy could smell the pine coming from the tree while seeing the twinkling of the lights against the shiny ornaments and she couldn’t help but think of the classic Brenda Lee tune. And as she did that, Stacy gave the lyrics a naughty update.

“Fucking around the Christmas tree…” Stacy softly sang while giggling, something that couldn’t help but get the attention of someone else.

“Mmmmm what’d you say baby?” Torrie Wilson cooed in the dreamy state she was in thanks to Stacy’s tongue.

“Nothing, never mind,” Stacy replied with another little giggle as she kept her new song lyrics to herself while they all were fucking around the Christmas tree. She didn’t sing anymore. She had a far better use for her tongue and it was to make her best friend feel so good.

Stacy was naked and on her knees in front of the couch. And Torrie was completely bare too as she sat back and moaned for more. Stacy gave her more. She pressed her face back in between Torrie’s legs and began licking her again, working her tongue over her best friend’s vagina like she had done so many times before. She licked Torrie’s juicy, glistening slit and sucked on her clit and watched with happy eyes from her knees as her friend massaged her large breasts and moaned for her.

“Ohhhhh Stacyyyyyy! Oooooh fuckkkk you naughty girl! Mmmmm I can’t believe you really fucking live here! Ohhhhh yessssssssssss more baby more! Fuck me! Fuck me in front of all your friends!” Torrie urged, still not believing that this was happening but so happy to be lost in the moment of pleasure as Stacy got her closer and closer to coming again with every lick. “Ooooooh fuckkkk yessssssssss do me Stacy! Eat my pussy! Ughhh you’re so fucking hot! I love how you do me! Fuck my pussy and make me come baby! Ooooh I never knew you were this nasty! Mmmmm c’mon Stacy! Fuck me!”

Torrie was so impatient and horny and happy and Stacy loved it. She loved that she could still fluster and pleasure her best friend after all these years. Stacy loved blowing Torrie’s mind and she loved making her feel good. Torrie was completely overwhelmed by all that she was experiencing on her first trip to the mansion and Stacy wanted to make her come again and again and again so she could really get to know her housemates and all their friends.

It had been Torrie’s idea that they spend Christmas together. It had turned out that she was going to be in California this year working on some projects and she had obviously wanted to spend as much time with her best friend as possible. Torrie had never thought it would lead to something like this but at least now she could see just how true all of those sexy stories that Stacy had told her were.

Because while this was Torrie’s first time at the mansion, it was very far from her first time with Stacy and she had heard so many stories about what happened here at the mansion. Torrie had assumed though that Stacy had been exaggerating and messing with her. There had been no way that all those filthy things that she said were happening there with all of those famous women could really be happening, right? But now Torrie could see that she should have believed every word because it was all so true and she was seeing it for herself.

This was blowing Torrie’s mind just like Stacy had once before when she had seduced her. Torrie had never been with a girl before Stacy had touched her that way and her best friend had been impossible to resist. They had spent so much time together in WCW and WWE. They had driven together and roomed together and when Stacy had offered one night to massage her after a particularly long stretch of shows, Torrie hadn’t resisted a bit.

She had let Stacy get her hands all over her sore, exhausted body, thinking nothing of being naked while Stacy did it too. After all they were constant roommates and shared a locker room so it had hardly been the first time Stacy had seen her naked. But this had been no friendly massage as Stacy had rubbed warm oil all over her and had begun touching her so intimately and sensually that Torrie had started feeling desires she had never experienced before. Maybe it had been because of how good the massage had felt. Maybe it had been because of how much she trusted Stacy. Or maybe it was because of how she had deep down wanted something like this to happen without even realizing it.

But whatever the reason, Torrie had let it happen. Stacy had seduced her completely that night. They had kissed and touched and boy had they fucked, in every position they could think of. Stacy had made her feel so good and Torrie had been hooked instantly. She had gone from straight to lesbian after one hot massage because of how good Stacy had been and Torrie hadn’t been able to get enough. They had made love that night and so many nights after as Stacy had teased her about how she’d been seduced too in a sauna by Trish Stratus and Jessica Alba.

Ever since then they had connected whenever possible, something that had become much less frequent now that they lived on opposite coasts. But their friendship had certainly maintained and Stacy had been so eager to bring Torrie to the mansion for Christmas and for her to see that the stories had all been true. Now Torrie knew just how serious she’d been and Torrie was reveling in this completely overwhelming pleasure.

“So good! Ohhhhhhh so fucking good! Ohhhhh Stacy yes! Yes baby!  OHHHH FUCK ME YESSSSS YESSSSSS YESSSSSSSSSS!!!” Torrie begged, writhing naked on the couch right next to Jennifer Lawrence as Stacy went down on her. “Oooooh this is so fucking amazing! I can’t believe you live like this for real! I thought you were making it all up mmmmm gawwd it’s so sexy! Fuck me Stacy! Fuck me like you fuck all your famous friends!”

And then suddenly Torrie’s eyes got wide when Jennifer leaned over and kissed her. They hadn’t even met formally and while Torrie sure knew who Jennifer was, she wasn’t sure if the superstar actress had any idea who she was. But that sure didn’t seem to matter to Jennifer who aggressively kissed her and didn’t show any hesitation about getting her tongue in her mouth. And if that was how things were done here, Torrie certainly wasn’t going to fight it.

Torrie kissed Jennifer back, moaning into her mouth as their tongues touched and they began caressing and massaging each other’s big bare tits. Torrie hadn’t been with many girls, mostly just her fellow wrestlers back in the day and a couple of the local hotties she knew back in Florida, but here she was tongue kissing a famous movie star while her best friend went down on her and it was such an incredible feeling. Torrie couldn’t get enough of it and she was already thinking if Stacy would mind if she extended her visit here by a few days…or maybe a few weeks…perhaps even a month or two or six.

“You’re so hot! Mmmmm so fucking sexy!” Jennifer moaned as she lustfully kissed and touched a woman she didn’t even know except from TV watching WWE with her brothers growing up. “Mmmm you’ve got such a great body! You have amazing tits!”

“So do you!” Torrie moaned back, barely believing this was happening but enjoying it so much. “You’re so beautiful and sexy! I love your boobs Jennifer! You’re so hot!”

“Mmmm then suck on them sweetie,” the Hunger Games star said as she imposed herself. “Suck on these hot jugs of mine while your pretty friend eats you out! Yeah, I know how good Stacy fucks! You’re so lucky she’s your friend!”

“Mmmmm I sooooo am!” Torrie couldn’t help but agree as she let her inhibitions go and kissed all over Jennifer Lawrence’s amazing bare breasts, licking and sucking her nipples while they were both being eaten out. “She’s the best friend ever!”

Stacy loved hearing that and she showed she deserved that praise by licking Torrie harder. She wanted to be a good friend. That was why she had seduced her fellow blonde wrestler so eagerly after Trish had helped her get confident enough to do it. She had wanted to make Torrie feel as good as Jessica and Trish had made her feel and Stacy had never stopped since that first moment. She loved fucking her friend and she was so glad she had finally gotten her to the mansion.

She wanted Torrie to hook up with all of her friends and have so much fun she’d stay for an extended visit. Stacy had missed being able to taste her best friend’s pussy whenever she wanted it and it was so good to have that hot flavor against her tongue again as she lapped and sucked on her friend’s bald cunt. Being away from it had only made Stacy crave it more and she wanted to have all her friends enjoy it too.

Jennifer obviously was getting into Torrie based on the way they were kissing and playing with each other’s tits and her presence was getting more attention too as someone else threw herself onto the couch in between Torrie and Jennifer. And Stacy could only smile as she licked and watched Lindsay Lohan introduce herself to Torrie.
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Re: Harem Visions: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (multiple celebrities)
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“Hey there!” the naked redhead said as she boldly pressed her freckled body to Torrie’s and made sure their large breasts touched. “I’m Lindsay!”

“I…I…I know who you are…I…” Torrie stammered out, not sure how to react to all of this wonderful craziness before Lindsay made it all moot by kissing her on the lips and tasting not only Jennifer’s saliva but Stacy and Jessica Alba’s cum on Torrie’s lips.
Lindsay was a very good kisser and had plenty of practice with it. So when she pressed her notorious lips to Torrie’s she got an instant effect. This was all so unexpected and Torrie had never dreamed she would ever make out with anyone like Lindsay. But her lips were so sexy and she had such a great body with those big freckled tits and Torrie just gave into the craziness, kissing the tabloid queen and feeling up Lindsay’s chest.

This was all so wild for her. She didn’t know any of these women. She only knew of them. But they all wanted to kiss her and touch her and Torrie loved knowing they all wanted to fuck her too. She started getting more into kissing Lindsay as she and the redhead swirled their tongues around in each other’s mouths and felt each other up.

“I’m glad you’re still into girls,” Torrie said with a little laugh as she remarked on Lindsay’s famous public same-sex relationship and how much everyone had paid attention to it.

“Oooooh I LOVE girls! Sam and I were never really dating though,” Lindsay explained. “We were just messing around for the press and faking everyone out. Mmmm THAT’s my real girlfriend!”

And with a gasp and a moan, Torrie realized that Lindsay was pointing right at Hilary Duff. Torrie couldn’t believe that Lindsay was having sex with Lizzie McGuire! That was insane! But Torrie believed everything right now especially because she could see Hilary squealing in ecstasy as Elizabeth Gillies got behind her and fucked her with her strap-on, thrusting it into Hilary from behind and taking her doggie style so Hilary could lick Reese Witherepoon’s pussy.

They all looked so sexy with so many sexy boobs bouncing and Hilary’s thick ass jiggling as she was fucked hard by Liz. Torrie wanted to be there too. She wanted to wear that toy and fuck Hilary like she had fucked Stacy many times before. She wanted to lick Reese and she wanted to be fucked by Liz and to lie on her back while Liz did it too so she could see those huge boobs quaking as she did it. Torrie wanted it all and this had to be one of the best Christmases she ever had as she did three way kisses with Lindsay and Jennifer while she was being driven wild by Stacy.

This definitely was a merry Christmas for Stacy too. She loved doing this to Torrie and she hoped now that her friend could see how all her sexy stories were true that she would visit a lot more often now. Stacy looked up with desire as she saw Torrie and Jennifer make out and she licked her clit faster while grabbing something she’d been holding for a while.

Love had made sure this party had plenty of Christmas-themed sex toys. It had taken quite a lot of work to find enough of them and her friends were all enjoying the results of that labor. One that had particularly caught Stacy’s eye had been a candy-striped vibrator and she’d had lubed it up so nicely with the festive mint lube that Love had gotten for the party. It was very ready and Stacy knew just how to put it to best use it.

While she continued to lick Torrie, Stacy eased the hard, lubed up toy into her best friend’s ass, penetrating her and making Torrie suck in her breath with a big gasp followed by a long, happy moan.

“Oooooooh yessssssssss Stacy! Mmmmm fuckkk that’s soooo good! You know I love that!” Torrie moaned as she felt her ass get taken by someone who knew just how to do it. “Fuck me Stacy! Ohhhhh yessssssssss fuck my ass while you eat my pussy! Ohhhhh baby yessssss! It feels so big up my ass! Yessss I love it!”

“Mmmm you’re going to love it even more when I do this!” Stacy promised as she turned on the vibrator and made it buzz and pulse inside Torrie’s ass, making her friend scream in ecstasy.


And Torrie wasn’t the only one screaming as Jennifer was experiencing that dual tongue attack from Kate and Anne. She loved both of those famous tongues licking and fucking her pussy. Kate and Anne were so good alone and having them together made Jennifer go wild as she held their heads down to her pussy and felt Lindsay burying her red head into her jiggling tits while she fucked the two actresses.


Kate and Anne had shared women before but it was especially fun to do it to Jennifer Lawrence. They loved having her fuck their faces and stare up at her as she humped them, her big tits bouncing into Lindsay’s face as she motorboated them. They both licked her harder, kissing each other and flicking tongues as they did it and also reaching over to each other and fondling their firm bare asses. They were enjoying feeling each other’s tight butts and they knew they were going to get at each other’s bodies again soon as they shared Jennifer’s taste.

They both worked her over until she came for them and that gave Kate and Anne such a hot holiday treat.


Torrie got so hot seeing Jennifer come. This was all so crazy and this was Stacy’s life now. Torrie truly envied her best friend while also savoring how good she was at fucking her. That vibrator felt so good and Stacy was amazing at licking her. They had played like this many times on the road for WWE and Torrie had missed it. So it was such a sweet release for her as she came from her best friend fucking her.


Stacy was there to get Torrie’s creamy release as she licked and sucked it all up, swallowing it down and enjoying that taste again. And then Stacy got up on the crowded couch too so she could kiss Torrie and share her cummy flavor with the blonde. Stacy turned off the vibrator and was about to share that with Torrie as well but she never got that chance because Lindsay inserted herself right into the fun and started sucking the toy clean and enjoying that taste all for herself while still keeping an eye on Hilary getting fucked. Lindsay loved that show and Hilary looked so good.


Hilary felt even better than she looked as she got pounded by Liz. She loved how Liz fucked her. She loved how that big strap-on felt in her pussy and she couldn’t wait to feel it up her ass too. This wasn’t the first time they had ever messed around and Hilary always came so hard whenever Liz would lick her or use a toy on her. And her friends always made Hilary feel so good too.

Hilary always enjoyed doing a naughty Nickelodeon/Disney crossover with Liz or Ariana or Victoria Justice. Hilary loved licking them and having them fuck her. She loved kissing all over them and playing with their tits and asses. Gawd, she badly wanted to suggest to the producers of her new Lizzie McGuire reboot to have them all guest star as Lizzie’s lesbian friends and get a foursome going in the show so everyone could see how much Lizzie had grown up and what a slut she had turned into. But she supposed Disney probably wasn’t going to go for it.

That just meant more fun in private where no one knew her nasty secrets except for all the girls Hilary wanted to know. And Hilary wanted so many hot girls to know what a slut she was for pussy. She was having so much fun with Liz fucking her while she ate out Reese’s yummy mommy pussy and watched Reese make out with Lacey Chabert, the two sexy married women tongue kissing before Reese started kissing and sucking on Lacey’s yummy boobs.

The only thing that would have made this better was if Liz was pushing that strap-on up her butt and if Lindsay was here to be with her as she got fucked. Hilary knew both of those things would be happening soon though and she couldn’t wait. She was panting like a dog as she got fucked like one and that big toy felt so good as Liz thrust it into her and smacked her ass while she did it. Liz had been learning a lot from Rose lately and Hilary was getting the benefit of all of it.

And she wasn’t the only one getting fucked hard from behind either. Hilary was on the floor of the mansion’s living room near the tree and while she had most of her attention focused on how delicious Reese’s pussy was and how much she loved tasting her, she couldn’t help but look a little bit to the right where Kelly Clarkson was in the same position she was in and having herself a very, VERY happy holiday as a result of it.

Kelly had been getting raves and ratings on her talk show lately for all the Christmas music she had been performing and she had been happy to do a few numbers at the party last night too. But tonight the only music she was making was through her happy sounds of sexual satisfaction as she was on all fours and being fucked deep and hard right up her ass.


Kelly tried to be a good girl, at least as much of a good girl as she could be when she was as pussy hungry and starved for girl loving as she was. She tried to behave and she tried not to give up her ass too often. Even though her first lesbian experience had involved Christina Aguilera fucking her ass and that had definitely not been the first time she had taken it up her backside, Kelly had always tried to restrain herself.

Frankly she had always been a bit uncomfortable with the attention her ass got. She tried to be all about body positivity and feeling confident but sometimes she couldn’t help but get insecure about herself and her weight and how she looked. All her friends told her how beautiful she looked and how sexy she was and certainly they all said the very nicest and hottest things they could about her ass. And for the most part that worked and Kelly felt good about herself.

Still there were times that she definitely didn’t and as a result she could be a little shy about making her booty a focal point of her body. At the same time, Kelly felt herself getting more and more into all the attention it got, especially from the girls she loved to play with.

It seemed like the girls were always after her ass and she had been giving it up to them more and more, especially to Elisha Cuthbert. Gawd, Elisha couldn’t get enough of her ass and Kelly had to admit she really liked that.

She liked how her sexy Canadian friend was so insatiable for her booty. She loved how Elisha would lick it and fuck it hard with her fingers and even harder with a toy. In fact she loved it more each time Elisha did it and Kelly was actually kind of worried that she was turning into some kind of an anal whore or something. Because she was definitely enjoying what was happening to her now and it was definitely not Elisha who was fucking her. It was someone else and she was someone who was so good at doing this.


Feeling that way seemed wrong but it was so fun for her. It was super naughty and super-hot and Kelly was dripping wet as Gwen Stefani fucked her from behind with her strap-on. Gwen was so sexy and she was so good at fucking. Kelly loved messing around with Gwen at the mansion or at Britney and Christina’s record label and whenever they had a chance to sneak away and be naughty while doing The Voice.

That show had so many rotating judges so there were always fresh faces around. Kelly loved doing the show but she especially had fun when she was on at the same time Gwen was. And while everyone at the tabloids and the gossip sites were totally wagging their tongues over what was supposed to be going on between Gwen and Blake Shelton, Kelly knew the truth. That relationship was totally fabricated to get people to watch the show and Kelly knew Gwen was way more interested in fucking her than she ever could have been with Blake.

And Kelly totally got that. She hadn’t been with a man in so long. Women had everything she could ever need. They gave her emotional support when she needed it and encouragement and love when she needed it and the hottest sex when she needed it. And Kelly felt like she always needed that. The more she fucked women, the more Kelly felt like she was turning into some kind of nympho and that was especially true when it came to her ass.

Kelly always got off so hard when Elisha took her ass but as this XXXmas party raged, Kelly was giving it all up for Gwen and enjoying every second of it. She thrust her ass back against Gwen while Gwen pushed into her and that forced the toy deeper up such an intimate place. It made Kelly feel such an intense rush of pleasure that also aroused Gwen immensely.

“Oh Kelly! Mmmm baby you are so fucking sexy! I love this ass so much!” Gwen said with an excited laugh as she playfully grabbed Kelly’s cheeks and squeezed them, jiggling them with her hands as they bounced against the thrusts from her body into Kelly’s. “I love fucking you and seeing what a naughty girl you are! Take it Kelly! Take my big cock up your great ass!”

Gwen had to admit this was a big rush for her because she wasn’t usually in this position. Usually she was on the receiving end of an ass fuck and this time she was dishing one out. That was a change of pace for sure and Gwen was having so much fun. After all Christmas was a time for giving and Gwen wanted to really give it to Kelly’s ass. She wanted that big booty to shake and bounce for her and she wanted to bury her cock all the way up inside her.

Gwen hadn’t worn a strap-on in a while and it was really turning her on to be dominant and to push it in deep and hard into Kelly while her fellow Voice judge begged for more. She loved hearing how much Kelly loved it. Gwen wanted to make her feel so good. She always had fun with Kelly, whether it was being friends and hanging around the set or working together on music or being naughty, naked sluts like they were now. She wanted to make Kelly come from this cock up her ass.

She had been on the receiving end of so many hard fucks from Christina and Britney and all of the mansion girls that Gwen knew just what to do to make it feel good. She knew what she liked and she did it all to Kelly, keeping a steady pace with the toy and not giving her ass more than it could handle as she pushed in inch after inch. Gwen reminded herself that Kelly might not be able to handle all she could take on herself. She had been fucked by bigger cocks than this both from her hot friends and their toys and of course from Fluffy.

Gwen loved fucking women. She loved being able to let go and get dirty with beautiful women like these. But she missed Fluffy. He was so much more to her than just a secret lover now and she hated that she had to keep it a secret. He made her feel so good and she wanted to scream from the top of the hill the mansion was on overlooking the ocean that he was the best thing that had ever happened to her. But she couldn’t do that. She was afraid of what Britney and, especially, Christina would do if they found out she had been fucking her bodyguard.

A lot of her friends here knew but she didn’t ever want Christina to know. That girl could make rash, angry decisions and Gwen never wanted to do anything to hurt Fluffy or put at risk a job he was dedicated to. So she was almost kind of glad he wasn’t here because it was so hard for her to control herself around him.

Last year at the mansion Christmas party they had been so reckless. They’d both had that punch and Gwen didn’t remember what had happened but she knew she and Fluffy had woken up naked next to each other and they had been so close to being caught by Christina. It was Britney who had found them and warned them and Gwen could feel that Britney now knew more than she was letting on. But the girl hadn’t said a word and Gwen didn’t want to press that, not when there were such consequences.

Gwen was very worried about what might happen the next time she was so out of control and she was very careful to control herself and watch what she drank to avoid any possible problems. But even as she tried to control herself, Gwen ached to have Fluffy there with her and for everyone to see how naughty they could both be. She wanted him at the party so she could suck his cock and let him take her ass like she was taking Kelly’s. Gawd she loved feeling that monster dick up her little white butt. She loved being a sex starved older woman who couldn’t get enough of her stud lover’s huge black cock. Gwen wanted to let him take her in front of all her friends and not have it because of any punch, but because she wanted it and needed it.

She wanted him to fuck her and Kelly. Gwen knew Kelly hadn’t been with a man in a long time but how fucking hot would it be for her to take Fluffy up her ass? Kelly’s big, sexy butt would look incredible being filled by Fluffy’s meat. And Gwen wanted to suck her lover’s cock clean and then bury her strap-on right back up Kelly’s juicy ass to feel how loose he’d made her hole. Then they could spit roast Kelly and take her ass and her mouth at the same time.

Gwen’s head was filled with such filthy thoughts and she channeled them into fucking Kelly. The superstar singer’s body was so hot bent over on all fours with her round ass up in the air for her to fuck from behind. Gwen was having so much fun fucking Kelly and grabbing that great butt. It was so hot to hear her moan and Gwen got her to moan even more by reaching under her for her pussy and sensually rubbing it with her fingers while she fucked her.

“Ohhhhh yesssssss you’re so fucking wet for me Kelly!” Gwen cooed. “Mmmm naughty girl getting soooo wet from her ass being fucked! You’ve got such hot pussy Kelly and I want to eat it after I fuck your big yummy butt! I want to make you come so much!”

“Yesssssssssssssss make me fucking come! Oooooh gawwwd yessss rub my wet pussy! You’re making me drip when you fuck my ass like that Gwen!” Kelly squealed in delight. “Give it to me! Gimmie that big cock up my butt! Rub my horny pussy as you fuck my ass! Make me come! Please Gwen! Oooooh you’re soooooo good at fucking my ass! Ohhhhhhhh!”

Gwen was really good at this but Kelly had to admit she still loved it best when Elisha did it to her. Her friend was always so tender and caring even when she was doing filthy things to her. Elisha always made her feel amazing when she didn’t just tell her how much her body turned her on, she showed her. It was usually Elisha who was doing this to her ass and making her sweat and gasp and feel fireworks of pleasure and Kelly had to admit it was kind of weird to not have it be her.

And even though this was so good and it was making her so hot, Kelly found herself wondering if Elisha was jealous that Gwen was fucking her. That was such a weird thought. It wasn’t like she and Elisha were dating or anything and they definitely weren’t exclusive as lovers. But still it was a thought that Kelly couldn’t shake and Kelly knew it would genuinely upset her if Elisha was jealous or angry at her.

So she was glad when she could see Elisha nearby so naked and beautiful and definitely not looking like she was jealous. They weren’t joined at the hip at these mansion parties but they usually were close by each other most times and that was definitely what was happening here. Because while Kelly was being fucked by Gwen, she could see that Elisha had her beautiful blonde head pressed between two gorgeous brown thighs and that she was very much enjoying being able to eat the hot honeypot she was licking at that very moment.

“Ohhhhh Elisha! Fuck me ohhhhhhh yessssssssssss fuck me ohhhhhhhhhhh!” Naomi Scott cried out in bliss as she was tongued by a woman she had never met but had always been attracted to, ever since she had seen how sexy Elisha looked while running away from cougars and jiggling so nicely as she did it. “Ooooooh Miley and Ariana said I was going to get all my fantasies to come true at this place and they were so right ohhhh yesssss! Mmmm right there Elisha! Oh yes right there! Lick me there!”

“Really? Mmmm you fantasized about me?” Elisha marveled, very impressed that someone as gorgeous and exotic as Naomi would be into her. “That’s so hot! I fantasized about you ever since I saw you in Aladdin. Mmmm you were so sexy!”

“Mmmm come visit me someday and I’ll wear my Princess Jasmine costume for you,” Naomi promised with a sexy twinkle in her eye as the lust was obvious in her accented voice. “Keep licking me! Please! Make this my hottest Christmas ever!”

Naomi was being completely serious about that. Even though they lived in London and all their family was there, Naomi had been making her husband spend more time in Los Angeles as she tried to really kickstart her career here. She’d had some big box office disappointments but all of that Aladdin money had been good for her too and she wanted to build on that. So she had convinced him to be here more often and now she had run off and was cheating on him at a mansion full of hot, horny celebrities. This was by far her hottest Christmas ever and she wanted to turn the temperature up even more.

She’d gotten to know Ariana and Miley from all of them being connected to the Charlie’s Angels movie and they’d all hooked up. Elizabeth Banks had used her positon as director to get them all naked and bring them all together and it had been an incredible experience for Naomi. She had been into girls since she was a teenager and there were just so many fuckable girls in LA. Sure London had a lot of them too and Naomi had to admit a lot of those really busty, sexy British models made her wet. But there was something about the ways girls dressed and acted and how eager and willing they were in California that made the sex extra fun.

There had been so many famous women here, real superstars and all of them so eager to rip off their clothes, that Naomi had immediately seen why her pop star friends had been so sure she was going to love it at the mansion. This was her first time here and Naomi was going to make sure it was not her last. Even if her husband wanted to go back to London, she would have been perfectly content to stay here and keep fucking all of these women.

When the party had started, Naomi couldn’t have gotten her clothes off fast enough. The invitation had told her to come dressed sexy for the holiday season and Naomi, at Miley’s urging, had complied. She had been showing herself off in custom-made lingerie that had been very much in tune with the Christmas season and had been a big hit as Naomi had made an instant impression on her first mansion visit.

It had been a bright red teddy complete with garters and red and white striped stockings that had hugged her body in the sexiest of ways, showing off a low cut up front to expose teasing glimpses of her firm breasts and an even better view from the back where pretty much the entirety of her toned, round ass had been revealed, the red teddy sliding right up between the light brown of her ass cheeks.

There had been so many women eager to get that lingerie off her, just like Naomi had wanted. She’d already had Jessica Alba between her legs and Jennifer Aniston sitting on her face. She’d felt Emma Watson kissing her while they’d scissored their pussies together and Hayden Panettiere had done such incredible things with her tongue up her ass. Plus Sarah Michelle Gellar had been as delicious as Naomi had always dreamed she’d be and now the beautiful British model, singer and actress had Elisha at her quim licking away at her with skilled tongue lashes that were making Naomi moan with such wanton ecstasy that they made her want to forget she had ever liked men much less was married to one.

Naomi was having so much fun here. She’d already been with so many women and she honestly felt like she was only getting started. She wanted to fuck them all and create the hottest night of her life at the best party she’d ever been to. Who needed to spend Christmas at home when you could spend it at a place like this?

“Ohhhhh Elisha please don’t stop! Please!” Naomi begged in her gorgeously accented voice as she writhed on the floor, wrapping her legs around the naked Canadian who was so skillfully eating her pussy. “I love this so much! All of you are so fucking hot! I want all of you to fuck me and make me your dirty little slut! Mmmm make me never think about my husband again! Ohhhh yessssssss make it so every time he fucks me the only way I’ll be able to get off from it is if I pretend I’m back here with all of you filthy little sluts and think about how all of you fucked me so good!”

The very idea of potentially skipping out completely on Christmas with her family back home and instead spending it in lesbian lust with all of these famously sexy superstars was positively blasphemous to Naomi and she loved it. The Indian British girl had been raised in the church by religious parents and while she’d indulged in bisexual desire for women ever since she was a teen the more famous she’d gotten and the more she’d enjoyed Hollywood’s sinful ways, the more Naomi had wanted to worship pussy and forget about everything else. She’d spent so much of her life being good and now all she wanted was to be bad.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Ohhhhh Elisha keep fucking me! Keep eating that wet pussy!” Naomi moaned while tugging at her dark, stiff nipples. “You’re so good you filthy girl! Ohhhh you’re all going to make me a dirty little dyke and I love it! Make me act bad! Make me come from women fucking me! Make me never want to even look at my husband again!”

Elisha liked that idea a lot. Naomi Scott was too sexy with her exotic skin all bare and sweaty from sex, showing the beauty of her mixed heritage. Her face was model-caliber flawless and her pussy was too delicious for her to be wasted on men. Elisha had been so happy to see Naomi at the party and she had made sure to grab her the first chance she had. Now she had her taste all over her tongue and she was so eager for more.

There were so many hot women fucking all around them and Elisha loved hearing Kelly’s cries the most. She loved knowing Kelly was giving Gwen her ass and getting off from it. Elisha loved everyone seeing Kelly the same way she did, as a beautiful, vivacious woman who was so sexy and full of life. Elisha loved hearing Kelly grunt and gasp and moan as she was fucked up the ass and she hoped Kelly was looking at her as she ate out Naomi.

Naomi tasted so good and she was so beautiful as she lay back, that enticing lingerie she’d been wearing before long gone now. Elisha was quickly getting addicted to this taste and she hoped she’d be able to taste Naomi again many times in the future. And she wanted to share with Kelly too. Hearing the sounds of Gwen smacking into Kelly’s body and fucking her perfect ass fired up Elisha even more and she had a wonderful idea that was very much in the spirit of Christmas because it meant she could give and receive at the same time.

Elisha pulled away from Naomi’s pussy and got up so she was on top of her, kissing her passionately and feeding her the taste of her own heavenly tasting juices. Their bare breasts rubbed together as Elisha’s pale skin contrasted so nicely with Naomi’s darker hue and the two women hungrily tongue kissed as Naomi was very eager to taste herself. But Elisha also had another purpose and she whispered into Naomi’s ear what she was thinking, finding the girl to be very receptive.

“Oh I can definitely do that,” Naomi promised with a smile before she and Elisha put it into action.

Kelly was such a little distance away, mere feet from them, and it was so easy for Naomi to get underneath her. She got on her back and scooted right underneath Kelly as the singer was on all fours being fucked up the ass from behind. Kelly was far too focused on what she was experiencing from Gwen’s hot, hard thrusts to even realize what was happening until she felt it and when she did it was a huge surge of pleasure.

“OH MY GOD! OHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSS YESSSSSSS FUCKKKKKK EAT IT! OOOOOH EAT MY PUSSY WHILE I GET BUTTFUCKED OHHHHH SO NASTY! UGHHHH SO FUCKING HOT AND NASTY!!!” Kelly shrieked happily when Naomi did what Elisha had suggested and started licking away at Kelly while the American Idol felt Gwen stuffing her from behind.

Kelly didn’t even register at first who was licking her but she knew she loved it. It made being fucked from behind even hotter for her. Gwen had been getting her so close and now this woman was getting her even closer. And when Kelly realized it was Naomi who was licking her, that made it even better because she had never been with her before and she had been such a fan of her beauty and talent.

Knowing it was a genuine Disney Princess who was eating her pussy now and eating it well made Kelly pretty much lose her mind with pleasure. The rush surged through her and she knew it wasn’t going to be long before she came.


Elisha grinned when she saw how happy that Kelly was. She loved being able to make Kelly feel good even when she wasn’t directly involved. That was the giving side of this and now Elisha was going to make sure she got some for herself too. Because she still wanted lots of Naomi’s pussy and with the beautiful woman on her back with her legs spread as she ate out Kelly, Elisha was able to get it.

While Kelly cried out in ecstasy from Gwen’s toy up her ass and Naomi’s tongue lapping at her pussy and stimulating her clit, Elisha lay back on her stomach again and got in between Naomi’s open legs. She pressed her face to that smooth, brown flesh again and got her mouth back on Naomi’s dripping pink pussy. She’d really been enjoying that taste before and was even hungrier for it now so she went after Naomi like she was famished for her cum, eating her out voraciously while pushing fingers into her too and sending pleasure shooting through Naomi’s body.


Kelly wanted that too and so did Gwen. She had never been with Naomi before and seeing her beautiful body naked in such a naughty way was turning the singer on as she fucked Kelly hard. There was so much for her to enjoy as she drooled over the sexy bodies of her friends. Gwen loved seeing Naomi’s dark skin beautifully exposed and those firm tits and tight body of hers there for the taking. She loved the sight of her smooth soaked pussy and how Elisha hungrily got her mouth on it. Gwen knew how good Elisha was at eating pussy and she knew Naomi was really experiencing something special.

And Gwen loved seeing Elisha naked too, the blonde girl lying on her tummy with her beautiful ass on display and her perfect face nestled between Naomi’s thighs. But most of all Gwen loved seeing Kelly’s ass shake as she thrust into it. Kelly’s hungry ass was swallowing every inch of her strap-on and those big cheeks looked so good shaking while Gwen fucked her. Seeing Kelly’s buns bounce was almost hypnotic to Gwen and she fucked her friend with passion.

“Come for me Kelly! Come for all of us!” Gwen urged while gripping Kelly’s hips tightly and driving the inches into her. “Do it baby! Come from this cock up your ass! Ooooh I love fucking you like this! Mmmm I want to do it to you too Elisha! Ooooh and you Naomi! I want that hot ass of yours!”

Even though no one could see it with her head underneath Kelly’s body, Naomi’s eyes lit up at the sound of that idea. To be fucked up the ass by Gwen Stefani was a Christmas wish that Naomi had never had before but suddenly was all she wanted Santa to bring her.

“Yessssssss ohhhhhhhhhhh my God fuck yesssssssssss!!!” Naomi cried while slurping at Kelly and enjoying every bit of Elisha’s tongue. “That would be fucking amazing! Fuck my ass Gwen! Fuck my tight little ass! I’ll give up my ass to all of you filthy girls and let you take my tight hole and make it gape like a nasty little lesbian whore’s should! Ohhhh fuckkkk I want your big, fat cock up my bum so fucking much Gwen! Oooooh I want all of you bitches to fuck me like you all fuck each other!”

Naomi started licking Kelly harder than ever from underneath her. She loved the singer’s taste and how wet and creamy she was. She loved feeling Kelly’s drenched, neat pubic hair up against her chin as she hovered above her face. Naomi couldn’t get enough of straining herself up and lapping at Kelly like a thirsty slut while Gwen was behind Kelly thrusting up her ass. This was all so hot and wonderful and it got even better for Naomi when Kelly did what they all wanted and came for them.


Kelly tasted absolutely divine. Naomi had always loved how women tasted and Kelly was so deliciously juicy as she came and filled her mouth with her release. Naomi licked away and drained the girl of her cum, lashing her with her tongue and swallowing that creamy essence. And Naomi wasn’t far behind Kelly in the orgasm department either, not with Elisha doing such an incredible job between her legs.

Seeing Kelly come like that had Elisha going too. She intensified her effort on Naomi, tongue fucking the girl and sucking on her clit while working her fingers in just the way that Naomi liked it. The beautiful British woman was writhing on the floor, grinding the tight cheeks of her ass into the rug as she fucked Elisha’s face and drained out the last drops of Kelly’s cream. And it didn’t take much more for the Canadian blonde to make Naomi lose it once again.


Naomi tossed her head back in ecstasy as she came again from these wonderful women. She loved everything about this place and as she stared at Elisha hungrily eating her out with those piercing blue eyes looking up at her and saw out of the corner of her eye Kelly eagerly going ass to mouth on Gwen’s strap-on, Naomi felt like she had to come here for every Christmas from now on.
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Re: Harem Visions: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (multiple celebrities)
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That was not an uncommon feeling for women who were new to experiencing the mansion. In fact the girls had never brought a guest over who didn’t want to come back whenever she could. That was definitely true when it came to another girl who was really experiencing all the mansion had to offer and was thinking right then that she absolutely never wanted to ever leave this amazing place.

This was not Merritt Patterson’s first trip to the mansion but this was still a new thrill to her and she felt like she had to be in heaven as she did things she never thought she would ever do to women she never thought she would ever have the chance to be with. This was actually her second trip to the mansion and it was even better than her first.

This place was amazing. She could barely believe that this was true and she was right in the middle of it. Part of her still thought this all had to be some kind of wonderful dream and that places like this couldn’t be real. This was like some perverted winter wonderland, a Santa’s workshop where every naughty wish of lesbian desire could come true. Merritt was so happy that she was here and that they had invited her back.

On her first trip to the mansion, Merritt had been part of an orgy of girls who had done Hallmark movies. Merritt hadn’t known what to expect at this place and it had blown her mind. There had been so many beautiful women who could do so many things to make her feel wonderfully overwhelmed with pleasure. She had never experienced anything like it in her life and this was even better and sexier than that first party had been. There were more women and they were all so hot and so good at licking and there were so many naughty toys. Merritt felt like she was going to get herself fucked silly here, which was exactly what she had wanted.

Merritt was so happy they had invited her back for more. After that first party, Merritt had found herself tingling for days after from the memories of all those hot girls and how they had licked her and fingered her and fucked her and made her come over and over and over again. She would get wet just from thinking about what they had done to her and she had touched herself so many times remembering how good it had felt and how many times they had made her come.

She hadn’t thought it could get any better but it obviously could because this second time was even hotter than the first one. She was surrounded by beautiful women and they all wanted her and Merritt was just so excited to be back. When she’d gotten the invitation she’d practically run all the way to Malibu. She loved being here. She loved everything about this place and she couldn’t help but wonder if she never left whether they’d just let her stay. Merritt would have gladly shared a bed with any of the women who lived here or camped out in a guest room or slept on the couch or even on the floor. She just never wanted the pleasure to stop.

Merritt had already played with so many hot girls there, girls like Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lawrence and Scarlett Johansson. She’d tasted their pussies and sucked on their beautiful tits and felt them go down on. Merritt had even made out with Taylor Swift and she wanted to do so much more of that. All of these women were making her dizzy with pleasure and she never wanted it to end as Merritt found herself doing things she’d never dreamed she would.

“Ooooooh yessssssssss do it! Mmmmmm fuckkkk yessss lick me! Lick my naughty little hole!” Lucy Hale moaned in need as Merritt excitedly squeezed and spread open Lucy’s perfectly round and juicy butt cheeks and pressed her face into her tight ass crack so she could lick away at a very naughty place. “Ohhhh fuck Ashley told us you were hot but she was selling you short! Mmmm do it Merritt! Mmmm fuck yessss please eat my ass oooooh fuckkk yessss!!!”

Lucy was so glad to be back at the mansion too. She’d been there for last year’s party when everyone had gone so crazy and she’d actually been one of the few who hadn’t had any of the punch. So she had seen just how wild everyone could get and remembered it perfectly. Lucy had badly wanted to be back for another party like that and she was so happy to be there as she experienced new pleasures like just how hot and naughty Merritt could be.

Lucy groaned in pleasure from Merritt’s tongue sliding into her asshole. Lucy loved having her butt played with, especially by girls. They knew just how to make her feel good and make the naughty pleasure really last in the most intense and wonderful ways. Merritt was so good at this too. Lucy had absolutely believed Ashley Benson when she had told her about how hot and sexy her gorgeous Canadian friend was but hearing it was one thing and actually feeling it was something way better.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh Merritt yeahhhhhh lick it mmmm fuckkkk eat my butt ohhhhh yessssss!” Lucy panted as she was bent over the couch with Merritt behind her spreading her open and burying her tongue in her forbidden hole. “Yessssss ohhhh fuckkk you’re good at this! Ooooh is this what you did to Ashley? Mmmmm did you eat her ass like this?”

Merritt was too busy licking to answer but there was someone else who could easily answer Lucy’s query and she was happy to do it.

“Mmmmhmmm! She got that pretty face of hers in my ass and she made me feel so fucking good!” Ashley Benson moaned before caressing Lucy’s face and then tenderly kissing her former co-star on the lips. “Merritt is so fucking good! We need to play with her all the time! Mmmm I loved how she ate my ass and my pussy! She made me come so good!”
Ashley’s remarks got an immediate clarification though.

“She made US come so good you mean,” Cara Delevingne said before giving her girlfriend a playful peck on the lips. “You’re not going to forget about me are you and hog all your sexy friends for yourself.”

“You know I wouldn’t, they love fucking you too much for me to keep them away from you,” Ashley smiled back before giving Cara a much deeper kiss in return, sensually smooching her girlfriend. “But no one loves fucking you more than I do!”

The two blonde lovers made out with a tender passion as they deepened their kisses and slid their tongues together. They were both naked and eager to get their hands all over each other. Cara and Ashley touched each other as they kissed, sitting next to each other on the couch while Lucy was bent over for Merritt. And as Lucy moaned from Merritt’s eager tongue tossing her salad, Cara fondled Ashley’s bare breasts, caressing the full mounds while Ashley played with her smaller pair, making her lover’s nipples so stiff.

Going to the mansion for last year’s Christmas party had changed Ashley’s life. The night may have been a total blur but Ashley remembered the important things, like just how much she loved having sex with women. She had been bi-curious for so long and Vanessa Hudgens had rocked her world when she had lured her into a threesome with her and Jamie Chung. But things had really gone to the next level when Vanessa had brought her and Jamie with her to the mansion for the Christmas party.

Ashley didn’t need to remember what she had done there to know she’d had the time of her life. It had convinced her she wasn’t just curious. Hell it had convinced her she wasn’t even bi. She was a lesbian and she loved it. She loved fucking women and licking and touching them. Women could make her feel things no man ever could. And things had gotten even hotter the next day when Lucy had brought her to her place so they could both play with Shay Mitchell and Ashley had been able to become lovers with her best friend.

She and Shay had enjoyed every bit of each other’s bodies and they had only become better friends as a result of that. The two had even thought about maybe taking things to an even bigger level than just being friends with benefits. But then Ashley’s life had changed once again when she had met Cara. Ashley had dumped her boyfriend long before then but even if she hadn’t he would have instantly become history the second she had laid eyes on Cara. It had been love at first sight.

Just seeing the stunning model in the flesh for the first time had taken Ashley’s breath away. She had felt an instant connection with Cara and the excitement she had felt, including the sweat and the clammy hands and heart racing, had made it clear this was more than simple desire for a sexy woman. And the more she had been around Cara, the deeper those feelings had grown. Cara had felt the same spark and soon they were spending all their time together and love had truly blossomed.

Cara had been openly bisexual for much of her life but Ashley had never been in a relationship with a woman before. At first it had even scared Ashley a little to have such intense feelings for someone. She had never felt for a man the way she felt for Cara but Cara had been so gentle and caring with her, letting her take it slow and letting things build and build as their love had grown stronger. Soon Ashley hadn’t been afraid of anything anymore and became eager to show off her love for Cara and that they were in a relationship with each other.

Cara had been a bit worried how Shay was going to take it. She had such strong feelings for her best friend too and she hadn’t wanted Shay to think she was rejecting her or that she didn’t want her. But, to Ashley’s immense relief, Shay had been nothing but supportive and encouraging. She had told Ashley she understood and that she wasn’t much for relationships anyway. Shay had told Ashley all she wanted was for her to be happy and to be with Cara if it was what she had wanted.

And it was what she wanted. Ashley wanted to be with Cara more than she wanted to be with anyone. There had been so many wild rumors about them since they had gone public and Ashley and Cara had laughed most of them off. But there was a base of truth to some of them because Ashley gladly would have married Cara someday and she never had felt that way before about any man. She was so glad Cara was in her life and was so eager to spend Christmas with the woman she loved.

Of course just because they were together it didn’t mean they didn’t play with other girls and Ashley loved sharing women with Cara just as much as Cara did with her. Having been in modeling since she was young, Cara hadn’t grown up with many inhibitions and many boundaries. In fact she could be quite the hedonist. Her heart belonged to Ashley of course but Cara still loved to share her body with others and it hadn’t been difficult for her to convince Ashley to adopt the same liberal attitude in their relationship.

After all, that had meant Ashley still got to play with Shay and Cara had been just as into fucking the beautiful half-Filipino as Ashley had. Ashley loved sharing the two women she cared the most for in hot, sweaty, sexy threesomes and there had been so many other girls to play with too. Ashley had eagerly introduced Cara to Lucy and to Troian Bellisario and to Holly Marie Combs and all the other hot girls she knew. She and Cara had done some very fun things in couples foursomes with Vanessa and Ashley Tisdale and of course they had both visited the mansion together.

Ashley loved bringing Cara to the mansion and for Cara, this was a dream place to be. She loved to be the lioness out on the prowl and at the mansion there were so many hot girls to feast on. All these women had the same enlightened attitudes she had about sex and pleasure and it was so much fun to fuck all of them. Cara had fucked Taylor Swift for the first time at the mansion and there were so many other fantasies she’d had they’d been able to make good on.

They both had been eager to accept the invitation to the Christmas party and they’d already had so much fun together. Cara and Ashley had shown up playfully and sexily dressed in matching little slutty Santa outfits, wearing short red felt skirts and midriff baring red felt tops lined with white fur. They’d even had boots and red mesh stockings on too. It was nothing either one of them would be caught dead wearing in public, especially Cara, but it had been perfect for the party and there had been so many girls eager to get those outfits off of them.

The happy couple had played with Vanessa and Ashley already, something they always loved to do, and then with Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. Now they were with Ashley’s old-costars and their new friend Merritt and having even more fun.
Merritt knew Ashley because she’d done a short-lived Pretty Little Liars spin-off and had met Ashley while doing it. But they’d been nothing but friends until recently. When Merritt had gotten the invitation out of nowhere to come to the Hallmark party she’d thought she was just going to ignore it. She hadn’t known who it was from or what it was for. But then she’d gotten another text telling her to ask Ashley about them and Merritt had found out this was no invitation she could ever refuse.

In fact Ashley had been clear that she absolutely positively had to go to the mansion and as soon as Merritt had come out of that party with wobbly legs, a still-soaked vagina and a mind that was completely blown, Ashley had demanded she tell her every detail. Merritt had been all too glad to do that and had let Ashley knew just how well it had gone when she had come to her house to tell her in person and thank her for letting her know not to refuse an invitation to paradise.

Merritt had ended up being shared by Ashley and Cara that night and it had been amazing. Merritt had licked the sexy couple from head to toe, eating their pussies and their asses and letting them take her together with toys and tongues. All three had wanted more and they were going to make sure they got it at this party.

The living room by the tree and the fireplace was too crowded for all the guests to have their way with each other. But fortunately there was plenty of other rooms at the mansion for all the girls to play in. There was plenty of room on this couch for everyone to stretch out and enjoy themselves in the other, more spacious living room. There were other girls everywhere but they had claimed this spot on the couch for their own and were making the most of it.

While Merritt was naked and bent over with her face shoved into Lucy’s perfect round bubble butt, her own amazing rear was up in the air too. And that was just what Shay was going to take advantage of as she practically skipped over with her hands full. The beautiful woman was extra excited to be here and she was showing it as she eagerly made her way back to her friends completely bottomless and showing off her bare ass and her soaking wet pussy with her recently naturally enhanced tits held back only by the tiniest of red fuzzy bra tops that were lined with white fur to show her off as one of Santa’s sluttiest little helpers.

Shay had been so eager to get her fuck on she hadn’t even bothered stripping off her top yet and her breasts jiggled in it as she scampered over to the couch. All she wanted was as much attention as possible on her very needy pussy and if her hot friends wanted to focus on her ass too then Shay was not about to stop them. She had been so pent up for so fucking long. It had been months she had done anything like this but it had felt like years and she needed this so bad.

Shay loved the mansion. She’d enjoyed every time Ashley and Lucy and brought her here and she had no shyness about walking around this place nude from the waist down. She wanted everyone to see how she had worked to get her ass fit and firm for her return here and how she had gotten herself waxed too.

Shay wanted them all to see how fucking horny she was and have them know she was down for anything as long as it felt good. And she was proving that by walking over with her hands full of candy canes. And these were not the little mini ones either. These were jumbo candy canes with thick ends of solid peppermint craftsmanship. Love had set them out to be decorative but Shay had a much better idea for them and when she saw Merritt going to town on Lucy’s asshole with hungry licks as she held those round cheeks open with her hands, Shay knew she had made the right decision by grabbing them.

“That’s so fucking hot,” Shay moaned as she admired Merritt’s gorgeous face in Lucy’s ass crack, the Canadian girl’s eyes closed as she ate Lucy out and burrowed her tongue right into the sexy brunette’s pucker. “Eat her ass Merritt! Mmmm she loves it when we do that to her! Lucy’s such a sexy little butt slut and you look so sexy fucking that tight, tasty hole! Ooooh get her all wet so you can shove this up her ass!”

Normally nothing would have gotten Merritt away from Lucy’s hot ass. But the sight of the thick, jumbo candy cane in Shay’s hand as she held it out for her was enough to do it. It was so thick for a piece of candy and Shay was not subtle in what she wanted to see Merritt do with it. Merritt even gasped when she got a look at it.

“You want me to put that in her? Up her ass?” Merritt marveled while getting an eager nod of the head from Shay.

“Mmmmhmmm shove it right up that hot bubble butt,” Shay giggled. “She loves it. Don’t you Lucy?”

Lucy hadn’t seen what Shay had brought but when she turned her head and saw the candy cane she instantly reacted with excitement. She wanted to be a very bad girl for Christmas and she loved Shay’s idea.

“Yessssssssss ohhhhh yesssssss mmmmm fuckkkk give it to me!” Lucy sighed when she saw that huge piece of candy and imagined it up her ass. “Fuck me Merritt! Shove it inside me! Fuck my ass! Ooooh gimmie a good Christmas fucking with that thing!”

Merritt was still stunned she was being asked to do that. It seemed so taboo to use a wholesome piece of Christmas candy to do it but she wasn’t about to deny any of her new friends anything. If Lucy wanted it, then Merritt was going to give it to her and she took that candy in her hand so she could push it right where she’d been licking.

She’d bathed Lucy’s tight little ring with her tongue so well, making it nice and wet and getting Lucy to relax as she had pushed inside her with her naughty tongue. Merritt had loved eating Lucy’s juicy little ass and now she got to be even kinkier with it as she took the candy from Shay and slowly slid it inside Lucy.

Lucy gasped and groaned when she felt that hard peppermint penetrate her little anus and Merritt reflexively stopped when she heard that, afraid that Lucy didn’t like it.

“Do you want me to stop? Am I doing it wrong?” Merritt asked before she was immediately informed that wasn’t the case at all.

“Ooooooh noooooo don’t fucking stop,” Lucy groaned in pleasure from the naughty feeling of that hard candy going inside somewhere it was definitely not designed to go. “Ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkk yesssssss yessssssssssssssss ooooooooh do it Merritt! Fuck my butt with that candy cane! Do it baby! Mmmm fucking giving it to me! Get that candy fuck stick up my ass! Please oooooh pleaaaase!”

Knowing that Lucy wanted it, Merritt gave it to her. She slowly pushed it inside her inch by inch and the more Lucy moaned, the more Merritt got confident. She began to fuck Lucy harder with the candy cane noting with a groan of her own that her saliva and Lucy’s sweat was starting to smear the candy stripes on the peppermint stick. They were making a mess already and the more she fucked Lucy and the more Lucy moaned from it, the more Merritt got turned on by it.

“Ooooooh take it Lucy! Take it like a naughty girl!” Merritt cooed in arousal as she fucked Lucy Hale’s perfect round rear with a candy cane, shoving it in further and loving how lewd and sexy it looked to have the curved end of the cane sticking right out of Lucy’s butthole, like she had been impaled with it. “You’re so bad Lucy! You look so sexy like this mmmm gawd you’ve got such a great butt!”

“So do you!” Shay declared and before Merritt knew what was happening, Shay was behind her spreading open the thick cheeks of her own fit ass and burying her face into her crack so she could tongue her hole.

“Fuckkkkkkkkkk ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkk ohhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssss!” Merritt cried as she suddenly felt Shay’s skilled, wicked tongue attacking her asshole with hungry, wet licks. “Mmmmm ohhhh Shay! Oooooh fuck me! Ohhhh yesss lick my ass! Fuckkk ohhhhhh my Godddd! Yessssssssss I love this so fucking much!”

Merritt felt so many naughty tingles as she had her salad tossed by the beautiful half-Filipino girl. Merritt just wished she could see how good that pretty face looked between her round, firm butt cheeks. But she didn’t dare do anything to let herself be too distracted from fucking Lucy. Merritt wanted to fuck all of these women and make it so they’d never want to have one of these parties without her again.

While she moaned and gasped and felt herself start to drool a little from Shay’s amazing rim job, Merritt kept fucking Lucy and suddenly found her mouth filled with Cara’s tongue as the blonde model kissed her passionately and ran her hand all over her chest. Merritt moaned in bliss as Cara’s warm, soft hands felt up her big tits, her C-cup mounds filling up those delicate hands so well. Merritt felt wonderfully overwhelmed with pleasure again and she knew this was the best feeling in the world as she gave into it and kissed Cara back while all the while continuing to slide the candy cane in and out of Lucy’s ass.

Lucy moaned in great pleasure from the candy going up her ass and Merritt was so glad she could make her feel good. Shay’s tongue was driving Merritt wild too. She loved having her asshole licked and played with and she felt like she could get these girls to do anything to her as long as it felt good. No one held anything back and everyone was so free and uninhibited. It was such a heavenly place to spend Christmas, Merritt was so happy to be here and she got even happier when Shay suddenly pulled her tongue out of her asshole and instead began pushing something else inside her.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh gawwwwwd!” Merritt gasped intensely when she realized what was happening to her. “Shay??? Ohhhhhh fuckkkkkk!!!”

“Do you not want me to do it? I can stop…” Shay said sincerely, not wanting to do anything to Merritt that she wasn’t into and making sure the girl knew she could back out if she didn’t like it.

But Merritt didn’t back away. She felt the intense naughtiness of it rush through her and she wanted more. She wanted to stretch her own limits and do things she had never done before. She wanted Shay to fuck her asshole with that candy cane just like she was fucking Lucy.

“Mmmmmm do it!” Merritt moaned, feeling her hole stretch around the thick, hard candy being pushed inside her. “Fuck me Shay! Oooooh do it nasty! Fuck my ass with that candy cane! Fill me up with it! Do me like I’m doing Lucy! Ohhhhhhhhhhh gawwd yesssss fuck me Shay! Fuck my butt with a candy cane! Ohhhhh God I can’t believe I’m doing this!”

Merritt quickly became lost in another intense tongue kiss with Cara while she felt the taboo pleasure of having candy pushed into her ass overcome her. This was so wrong but it felt so right and Merritt and Cara hungrily made out. Merritt’s body was shivering with a lot more than Christmas cheer as she pushed the candy into Lucy and Shay pushed it into her, making her moan and groan happily into Shay’s mouth.

Lucy and Merritt weren’t the only ones feeling those candy canes though. Shay had a third one and she was not shy about using it on herself. She needed this. She fucking wanted to be a very, VERY bad girl today because her life had changed so much recently and she was going to have to take advantage of these opportunities when she had them.

While she used one hand to fuck Merritt up the ass with the candy cane, all the while admiring how good that candy looked going into that tight hole between Merritt’s round, thick cheeks, Shay used her other hand to fuck herself. She gripped the candy tightly and slid it into her drenched, needy cunt, fucking herself with it hard as she gasped and groaned and felt naughty, nasty pleasure rush through her.

Shay looked down and moaned and saw how the candy was getting sticky with her fuck juice already and she brought it up to her mouth and tasted it. She eagerly licked off her own pussy cream off the candy, tasting her own flavor with the peppermint and then shoved it back down into her pussy again. She was making a mess of the candy cane and her own pussy and Shay loved it. She needed to come as many times as she could tonight and she didn’t care how she got it as long as she got off.

Her life had changed in the best possible way when she’d given birth to her daughter in October. Atlas was her whole world now and nothing was ever going to be the same for Shay. Nights like these were going to be far and few between so Shay was going to make the most of it. This was actually her first night out since having her daughter and she was so glad Lucy and Ashley and Cara had talked her into coming. She needed this so much and her friends knew it.

“Mmmmmm how’s my sexy mommy feeling?” Ashley teased as she got next to her best friend on the couch and kissed Shay lovingly while watching her pump the candy cane in and out of her cunt, making the end all smeared and messy with her dripping juices.

“Feeling soooooo gooood ohhhhhhhhhhhh soooooo fucking good!” Shay moaned during the kiss. “Mmmmm fuckkk I needed this! Ohhhhh yessssss I need to get fucked for Christmas more than ever! This was such a good idea Ashley!”

“I knew you needed this,” Ashley said. “Mommies need to be fucked too! And you are the sexiest mommy I have ever seen! So you need it more! Mmmmm do it Shay! Fuck that juicy mommy pussy of yours and fuck Merritt’s ass! Mmmm I’m gonna take good care of you tonight!”

Ashley might have had a girlfriend now that she was head over heels in love with but she was as devoted as ever to her best friend as she kissed Shay tenderly and helped her friend out by stripping off Shay’s bra top. Shay’s tits were still big and juicy from her pregnancy and Ashley giggled over the sight of them flopping out so sexily when she exposed them. She buried her face right into them, kissing all over her naturally enhanced breast flesh and working over her nipples with her tongue and lips.
Ashley got her lips on Shay’s swollen nipples and sucked on them with a purpose. She knew exactly what she was doing and what she wanted to get out of this.

“Ooooooh Ashleyyyyyyyyyy oooooh you dirty girllll mmmmm gawwd that’s for my babyyyy oooooooooooh fuckkkkk yesssssss yessssssssssss nasty girl mmmmm stealing Atlas’ milk mmmmm fuckkkkkkkk!” Shay cooed in illicit pleasure when the inevitable happened and she began to lactate into Ashley’s hungry mouth.

This was not the first time this had happened. Ashley knew what she was going to get when she played with her best friend’s yummy tits and she wanted it. She loved tasting Shay’s precious mother’s milk. She and Shay and Cara had messed around a lot of times when Shay was pregnant and it had gotten so hot when she had started squirting out milk for them. There had been so many times when Ashley and Cara had latched themselves to Shay’s bosom to nurse off her tits while reaching between Shay’s legs to finger and rub her pussy at the same time, making her gasp and groan and come while they had drank from her.

And ever since she’d had her daughter in the fall, Shay had been like a milk machine, not just for her child but also for her horny friends. Ashley had developed quite a fetish for it and Shay had to admit it felt really fucking good to have her sexy best friend drinking from her tits while they messed around. This was so fucking naughty and Shay loved it. Ashley greedily drank from her milky breasts and Shay let her, smooshing her boobs into her friend’s face and letting her latch to her nipple like only her baby was supposed to.

But Ashley wanted more than that from Shay and after a few hot moments at her chest, Ashley pulled up and kissed Shay on the lips to give her a hot taste of her own milk right from her breast. The two women lustfully tongue kissed while Ashley saw her girlfriend doing the same to Merritt and then Ashley sank down to her knees on the floor right in front of Shay. Ashley got a great look at Shay’s messy pussy all waxed bare and glistening with juice and sugar as she fucked herself with the candy cane and she couldn’t help but want a taste.

Leaning in, Ashley began licking the candy cane while Shay fucked herself with it. She dragged her tongue up the stiff sugar stick and tasted Shay’s pussy juice all over it. God, the candy cane was coated in it and Ashley loved it.

It tasted so good to have that peppermint covered in pussy and Ashley instantly was addicted to it. She licked away at it with lash after lash of her tongue as the candy got smeared from Shay’s hot, juicy fuckhole. And Ashley took things even further by tonguing Shay’s cunt too. She couldn’t keep her tongue at bay and just taste the candy. She wanted her best friend’s pussy too and she licked away hard, making Shay shriek in delight.


Ashley knew how much her best friend needed this and she was going to make sure Shay and all her friends got a lot of gifts from her this Christmas especially at a party like this.
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Re: Harem Visions: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (multiple celebrities)
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Ashley was not the only one in a giving mood too and there were lots of girls who were doing a lot of getting, including right nearby. As the pile of naughty girls made good use of those candy canes, there were girls on the floor who were using far more traditional toys to get each other off.

Christmas was a time for toys after all and while maybe these toys weren’t made in Santa’s workshop they were certainly being used for holiday fun, especially by two couples that were very comfortable around the mansion and not shy about some naughty swinging. While the couch was full of the tangle of hot naked bodies these four were on the floor with two giving and two receiving.

“Ohhhhhhh yesssssss harder! Mmmmm fuckkkk yessssssssssss fuck me harder baby! Make me take your cock! Make me take it up my slutty fat ass!” Demi Lovato panted and moaned like the happy whore she was as her girlfriend thrust into her from behind. “Yessssss fuck me Sel! Fuck me so hard! Mmmmm gawd give it to me in front of everyone! Let them see how much I love it! Ooooh let them see how much I love you!”

Selena smiled big at the sound of that and didn’t hesitate to give her girlfriend what she wanted. It hadn’t been easy for Selena to adjust to the feel of wearing a strap-on but she had been spending a lot of time this past year getting used to it. And she really liked it now, especially because she knew it got Demi off. It still felt a little bit weird for her to have a dick, even if it was a fake and removable one, but Selena was utterly committed to bringing her girlfriend pleasure, especially because it was so hot to bend Demi over and fuck her doggie style, making that big ass of hers bounce with every hard thrust.

Of course what made Selena smile most wasn’t even the sight of Demi’s gorgeously big butt shaking in pleasure for her. It was hearing Demi say how much she loved her that delighted Selena. She and Demi had lost count of how many times they had said it to each other over the past year and neither of them had tired of saying it yet. They were absolutely in love and it was this place that had brought them together.

Just a year ago Selena had come to this place for a Christmas party at a low point, so heartbroken after her final breakup with Justin and sure she was going to be alone and miserable forever. And when she had seen Demi at the party, Selena had felt even worse. She had felt such guilt over how she had treated Demi, abandoning her as a friend after she’d become too scared over a night of passion they had spent together and how intense her feelings were for Demi. God, Selena hated how she had acted at the party too, being so defensive and saying horrible, mean things to Demi to try and mask her own pain and shame.

But fortunately their story had ended up with a very happy ending. Selena had drank the punch and it had caused her to lose her fear and inhibition and admit what she was. She was a lesbian. She loved women. And she loved one woman in particular. The night had been a total hazy mess for her after she’d had the punch, but it had also brought clarity to her. Selena was done hiding who she was and she was done pretending she wasn’t completely in love with Demi Lovato.

The morning after the party, she and Demi had connected in a most intense and wonderful way. They had admitted their feelings and declared their love and had then proceeded to fuck each other’s brains out in Sarah Michelle Gellar’s bedroom. That had been the first time Selena had used a strap-on on Demi and it had been far from the last. They both loved fucking each other’s asses almost as much as they loved eating each other’s pussies and making out for hours. But Demi particularly loved it up her sexy butt and Selena loved giving it to her just like she was now, bending her over and fucking her hard so she could see that big booty bounce and hear her girlfriend’s naughty cries of ecstasy.

“Yessss let them see! Let everyone see what naughty lesbos we are!” Selena moaned back, her round tits bouncing too with every hard thrust she made into Demi. “I want them all to know how much I love you and how much I love fucking you like a slut! Take it Dems! Mmmm take it all the way up your big, juicy dyke butt! Yesssssss you’re my ass fucked whore and I love it so much! I love you Demi! Mmmm I love fucking you like this!”

“Yessssssssssssss!” Demi hissed in delight over that plastic invading her hole and stuffing her guts and how connected she felt to the beautiful woman wearing that strap-on. “Fuck me! Fuck your dirty ass fucked whore! I love how you do me Sel! Fuck that big gay butt of mine! Shove every fucking inch inside me and I’ll suck it clean like a dirty ass to mouth bitch for you!”

Demi was overcome with more moans as Selena shoved into her harder. The whole year had been one of intense highs and terrifying lows for her as she had continued to try and control her addiction and her illness but with Selena by her side Demi was sure she could conquer anything. Even with all the challenges she had faced, having Selena as her girlfriend and her love had made this the best year of Demi’s life.

She had loved Selena Gomez since they were teenagers on the Disney Channel. And for years she’d had to stifle it and had to pretend she wasn’t hopelessly in love with her best friend. She’d had to suffer so much heartache whenever Selena would push her away or run off with Justin and it had been so painful to endure. But just when things had seemed at their most hopeless, everything had changed.

Selena had told her how she felt and had professed her love. And then Selena had spent the last year proving those words. She’d been by her side when things had been at their lowest and Demi loved her even more now because of it. That made moments like these even hotter when they could display their love and lust and give into every dirty desire they had for each other and for other women.

This had been the place it had all started for them and both of them had been so happy to accept another Christmas party invite to the mansion, especially because this time they could come as a couple. Selena and Demi felt so safe here and they could go absolutely wild. Taking their relationship into the open had not been easy, especially for Selena, but this place was always their refuge and they could be so open and express their love in the dirtiest of ways here.

It was so hot for them to fuck in front of everyone. Selena and Demi loved being naked here and showing off to everyone how wild they could be. They never had to hold back here. It was like home for them here except this home was full of other hot girls who were eager to play with them and join in their happy fucking.

Demi and Selena weren’t the only couple that felt that way, though. And that was obvious as right next to the two of them was another couple that was expressing their love in the same wanton way.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss ohhhh Nessa! Yessssssss fuck meeee ohhhhhhhh fuck me hard! Right up my fucking butt! Ohhhh yesssss do it baby! Do it! Make me feel it deep up my ass!” Ashley Tisdale squealed as she was bent over for her girlfriend to take from behind. “I love this! Ohhhhh yessssssssssss I love when you shove it all the way up inside me! Fuck me baby! Fuck my ass and let everyone see I’m your slut! Ooooh I’m your filthy little butt slut!”

Ashley was in complete ecstasy as she was taken and the pleasure was also so intense for Vanessa Hudgens. She thrust her hips back and forth, keeping her girlfriend bent over with Ashley’s perfect round rear up in the air for her to lovingly defile. Gawd, Vanessa loved Ashley in this position. Her girlfriend had such a great ass. It was all round and juicy and perfectly sized for her slim body. Vanessa loved everything about Ashley but she wasn’t shy about declaring Ashley’s ass her favorite part of her lover’s body.

“Mmmmmm fuckk yes! Yes you are! My little, naughty butt slut!” Vanessa giggled as she thrust and gave Ashley’s tan lined bottom a sexy smack that she knew her girlfriend loved. “Mmmm and I’m your little slut too Ash! Mmmm two fucking sluts who are made for each other! Take it baby! Take my big, thick cock right up that sexy ass! You look so good like this Ash! Bent over like a dirty girl for me to fuck your beautiful butt! Show everyone how bad you are! Show everyone you’re my slut!”

“Yessss yessssssssssssssssss I’m your slut! I’m your whore! I’m your ass fucked bitch ohhhh Nessa yesssssssss YESSSSSSSS OOOOH DRIVE IT IN DEEP AND FUCK ME OHHHH GAWWD FILL UP MY ASS LIKE YOU ALREADY FILLED MY PUSSY!!!” Ashley loudly begged as she felt tingles from the tender squishiness of her own cunt and dripped out juices from her freshly fucked hole. “PLEASE FUCK ME MORE! FUCK ME OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND MAKE ME COME SO MANY TIMES SO EVEERYONE HERE CAN SEE HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU!”

Everyone at the mansion knew it though. Vanessa and Ashley didn’t hesitate to show it. The two were pretty much inseparable and that was how they both liked it. They’d almost split apart once as Vanessa’s heartbreak over Ashley sleeping with her sister Stella had sent them both spiraling. But last year’s party had produced a genuine Christmas miracle as far as Ashley was concerned. Vanessa had forgiven her and Ashley had done everything she could over the past year to show her girlfriend that she would never hurt her again.

Ashley had been given the only thing she had wanted last Christmas, a second chance from the woman she loved and since then Ashley had been proving to Vanessa why she had deserved it. The Stella situation remained nothing if not complicated but they had worked through it and both Ashley and Vanessa were utterly committed to each other.

That didn’t mean they didn’t love playing with other girls though. They just always did it together and it was so much fun to share their love and their hot, lesbian lust with other women. That was why coming to the mansion was always so much fun for them. There were so many other girls for them to play with as a couple and even other couples to have fun with, which is why they had eagerly drifted toward Selena and Demi.

The two couples were side by side on the floor with Demi and Ashley bent over and Selena and Vanessa fucking them from behind. This was not the first time they had played with each other. Selena and Vanessa had done Spring Breakers together and so Vanessa already had a crush on her former co-star. Finding out Selena was into girls now had made it easy for them to all connect and had led to some very hot double dates that had inevitably ended up with the four of them out of their clothes and working each other over in the hottest of ways.

As they were both fucked up the ass, Demi and Ashley couldn’t help but kiss. They moaned into each other’s mouths and rubbed their wet tongues together as their girlfriends made them pant and groan with submissive lust. They were side by side and cheek to cheek so it was almost natural that Ashley and Demi make out, which of course inspired Selena and Vanessa to do the same. It was a nasty Disney girl foursome and they all loved being with each other.

There had been a lot of kissing and touching and licking other women before they had gotten to this point where the toys were out and on Selena and Vanessa’s bodies. So everyone was already rolling after multiple orgasms with plenty more left in the tank for the four women. They all knew how to make each other good and Ashley and Demi both had gotten their pussies fucked into creamy, dripping messes before their lovers had taken their asses, using their cum as lube to slide up into their very willing holes.

Things were getting even hotter by the second as they all kissed as the fucking continued and Vanessa’s mind couldn’t help but whirl a little. They had all played together like this many times before and were all totally comfortable with each other so this came naturally and she didn’t hold back. She blurted out her idea hoping everyone would be into it.

“Mmmmm let’s trade,” Vanessa said with a sexy giggle and a big smile. “Let’s do it Selena! You fuck Ashley’s ass and I fuck Demi’s! Let’s get super naughty!”

They’d all been intimate with each other on every level before but this was the first time that they had done it in the middle of fucking each other. But the impulse had struck Vanessa mid-thrust and she hadn’t been able to keep herself from wanting to indulge it.

“Ummmmmm really? Ooooh that’s hot!” Selena giggled back, thinking about how sexy it was to see a hot woman like Vanessa fuck Demi up the ass and how much she loved playing with Ashley. “I like that idea! Mmmm I love fucking your ass Ashley! Is it okay Dems? Mmmm can Vanessa fuck you? I want to see her do it! I want to watch her fuck your yummy gay butt like I do!”

The truth was Demi hadn’t been expecting Vanessa to suggest that and she didn’t really want Selena to stop, especially so she could fuck someone else up the ass, even someone she trusted like Ashley. But she didn’t fight it. Demi had to try and fight her impulse to be possessive of Selena because she was afraid she’d lose the best thing in her life. She didn’t want to be clingy and she wanted to be fun and let Selena explore her sexuality and do kinky things. Plus they had all been together many times in the past.

So Demi didn’t object. She just nodded her head and let Selena indulge in Vanessa’s idea. Ashley was totally into it too and Demi didn’t want to be the only dissenter. Besides she did know how good Vanessa was at fucking. Her fellow Disney girl alumnus was so hot when she wore a strap-on and Demi decided if she couldn’t get off from being fucked up the ass by her girlfriend then being fucked up the ass by someone else’s girlfriend was the next best thing.

“Do it Vanessa! Mmmm fuck me!” Demi urged as Selena and Vanessa both pulled out and prepared to switch places. “Selena loosened my ass so nice and now you can just shove it in! Fuck me hard! Make me come all over your big cock!”

“Yessssssssss! Me too! Oooooh I feel sooo loose and I love it!” Ashley moaned. “Mmmm fuck me Selena! Fuck my naughty ass and make me take it like a dirty little slut from you and your big cock!”

Vanessa was feeling so many naughty impulses. She couldn’t help it. Everyone around her was naked and having so much fun it was making her so hot that she couldn’t keep from indulging another naughty thought.

“Show us how loose you are!” Vanessa playfully demanded, giving Demi’s bare bottom a sexy smack like she had just given Ashley. “Mmmmm spread your butts open and let us see those loose holes so we can fuck you up even more!”

“Oh gawd Nessa! You’re so nasty tonight!” Ashley giggled in surprise and a little embarrassment over having to do something so lewd. But she didn’t hesitate and repositioned herself on the floor so she could move her arms around to her backside.

Ashley grabbed onto her own butt cheeks and spread open her buns, displaying her tender, reddened asshole and showing off what Vanessa’s passionate fucking had done to her. And Demi followed suit too. This was something that definitely turned her on so she didn’t have any hesitation about this. Demi grabbed onto her own rear and spread her thick cheeks, exposing her loosened asshole thanks to Selena’s handiwork.

“You’re such a fucking dirty girl Vanessa!” Demi lustfully said. “Making me and your pretty girlfriend spread open our gay asses for you to see how wrecked our buttholes are! You like this Vanessa? Does a filthy little lesbo like you like seeing girls with spread butts showing off their naughty fuckholes?”

“Yessssssssss I fucking LOVE it!” Vanessa giggled excitedly. “Mmmm gawwd you both look so sexy! Ooooh bent over and spreading open your butts for me and Selena! It makes me so fucking wet! I love your hot fucking asses so much! Mmmm show me how naughty you are! Spread those asses! Oooooh so fucking sexy!”

“Well you’d better do something to us then and make us gape even more!” Demi moaned, encouraging Vanessa’s perverted ways. “Fuck us hard! Make us come! You both had us so close before and now that you’re switching you’d better finish the job and make us come from being assfucked hard and deep like whores!”

That sounded more than fair to Vanessa. She felt so wicked making them do that and she wanted to see more, especially after both of them had come. So she did just what Demi said after she and Selena paused briefly to smear some fresh lube onto their strap-ons. They greased up each other’s cocks, kissing each other as they stroked their hands up and down each other’s fake shafts, almost like they were jerking each other off, and then got to work on fucking the other’s girlfriend.

Selena got right behind Ashley and Vanessa did the same to Demi. They then made their partner swap official by pushing inside with their toys. Vanessa aggressively penetrated Demi, sure that she could handle it, and Selena followed suit with Ashley. They pushed their cocks up their asses and made them gasp and grunt and moan out their pleasure.

“Ooooooh yessssssssss Vanessa yessssssssss mmmmm gawwdd fuckkkk yeahhhh do it hard! Ram it up my fat ass!” Demi moaned while Vanessa stuffed her with plastic cock and began thrusting into her loosened ass. “Fuck me while your girlfriend fucks my girlfriend! Yesssssssssss do it hard! Do it nasty! Mmmm make me commmme!”

Ashley felt instant pleasure too as she was taken by Selena. The Latina girl wasn’t as instantly aggressive with her fucking as Vanessa was with Demi but she quickly caught up and started fucking her with gusto. Selena moaned at how snug Ashley’s asshole was even after it had already been fucked and how it wrapped around her lubed-up strap-on. Ashley had such a great ass and Selena fucked it harder, pushing inside her and loosening her up while Ashley begged for more.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh my Goddddd ohhhhhhhh Selena yeahhhh yeahhhh mmmmm fuck me baby! Fuck my ass!” Ashley mewled. “Take me in front of Vanessa! Ooooh fuck me in front of Demi! Make it so naughty! Make me come hard from you fucking me! Mmmmm gawd I love it up the ass! I love being fucked like this all dirty and slutty mmmm yesssssssss!”

“Keep those sexy cheeks spread!” Selena giggled sexily, trying to be as naughty as Vanessa was. “Mmmmm spread ‘em for me Ashley! Be a dirty girl with a sexy spread open ass for me to fuck! Gawwwd you have such a great butt! Spread your ass wide so I can get in deeper!”

Ashley had let go of her cheeks while she had been fucked but she quickly opened them up again just like Selena wanted. She had felt so hot and dirty displaying herself in such a deviant way and it made her wet and hot to do it again, this time with Selena’s cock up her ass. She reached around back while remaining bent over on her knees on the carpeted floor of the living room and spread her ass open with a strong grip on both of her round cheeks.

Demi moaned at the sight of Ashley spreading herself open for her girlfriend so she wasn’t about to be left out of this. She didn’t even have to be told to do it. Demi just reached back, gripped her fingers into her buns and spread them open so she could loosen up her hole for Vanessa’s cock as it drove inside her.

“Ohhhhh you dirty girl mmmmm yessssss I love that!” Vanessa moaned at the sight of a bent over Demi Lovato squeezing her own buns and spreading her thick, gorgeous ass open. “Ohhhhhh yeah mmmmm spread that big fucking ass open baby! Your juicy ass makes me drool Demi and I love seeing you bent over for me like this! I love fucking you and I’m going to make you come just like Selena does!”

Both Demi and Ashley badly wanted that. The hard cocks up their asses felt so fucking good and it was extra kinky to be fucked by someone other than their girlfriends. They both wanted to come so much especially as they heard girls screaming in orgasm all around them, especially from the nearby couch where Lucy was getting off on Merritt shoving the candy cane up her ass.


“Yessss ughhhh fuckkkk I’m so close too!” Merritt panted, the horny Canadian getting so hot from doing such a naughty thing to Lucy while Shay did the same thing to her ass. “Come Lucy! Come for me! Come from me fucking your great ass with a fucking big candy cane!”

Merritt couldn’t believe she was doing this and that it was being done to her at the same time. But it felt so naughty and good. She was being such a bad girl and having so much fun and Merritt never wanted it to end. Her hand sweat was smearing the peppermint of the candy and making it all sticky on her palm and that made it even more fun. She kept fucking Lucy with it while Shay shoved the thick peppermint stick up her ass too. It was making her so hot and Merritt went harder and faster until Lucy got off.


Merritt loved knowing she was making Lucy feel good. She loved knowing she was making her come. She wanted all these girls to like her and want to fuck her. Making Lucy Hale have an orgasm from a jumbo candy cane in such a forbidden place made Merritt feel proud of herself.

And that combined wonderfully with what Shay was doing to her. While Shay fucked herself with her own candy cane and had Ashley licking her, she fucked Merritt harder, taking the girl’s hot, full ass with the hard piece of candy and stuffing it in deep and hard until Merritt came too.


Merritt cried happily as she came, her big tits bouncing as she thrust herself back against Shay on the couch to meet the thrusts she was making into her with the candy. It was so hot for Ashley and Demi to see all of this, especially as Lucy pulled the candy cane out of her own ass and greedily began licking it. Candy canes were made to be licked but not like this and Lucy was all over it like an eager slut, going ass to mouth with the ruined piece of hard peppermint as she licked her own naughty taste off it with eager licks and slurps of the striped candy.

All of them moaned when they saw Lucy be such an eager indulger of ass to mouth activity and Shay pulled the candy cane out of Merritt’s freshly fucked ass to hold it to her lips too. Merritt reacted a bit more shyly to the idea of sucking the striped candy that had just been up her ass but she was too far gone to stop now. So she did it, moving her flushed, sweaty face right to the end of the candy cane that had been up her ass and starting to lick it sensually, dragging her tongue all over the hard candy and tasting the ass and the peppermint mixed together as she got more and more into it with every lick.

Seeing all of that made everything hotter for Ashley and Demi. They both loved being fucked like this and seeing so many wicked indulgences and taboo fun made them want it too. They wanted to come. They wanted to be assfucked into orgasm and they wanted to taste it too. They had swapped girlfriends and that gave them a naughty thrill too as they both took it up the ass from the other’s lover.

Demi and Ashley were totally into it as they remained bent over with their hands on their cheeks, keeping themselves spread open as they were fucked aggressively. Selena was getting more into it with every thrust and soon she was plowing Ashley hard as the girl cried out in happy pleasure from another woman’s girlfriend sodomizing her. And Demi was even hotter for it, her earlier reluctance gone as Vanessa fucked her so skillfully.


“Yeah! Come for me Demi! I love fucking you!” Vanessa moaned while thrusting, her dark curls of hair sticking to her sweaty face and her firm tits jiggling on her chest as her hips moved forcefully, pushing all of those inches up Demi’s insatiable booty. “Oooooh gawd I see why Selena can’t get enough of you! You’re so sexy and you have such a hot body! Come for me sweetie! Come from this cock shoved deep up your sexy queer ass!”


Seeing Demi come made Selena give it to Ashley harder. She didn’t want to leave her friend wanting and seeing Demi have an orgasm charged Selena up. She loved knowing Demi was getting off even though it wasn’t from her. Demi’s pleasure was her pleasure and she used it to work over Ashley harder, thrusting hard into her and fucking her deeper until Ashley went right over the edge too.


Ashley’s cries were cut short when she suddenly had Demi’s pussy in her face. Demi had just come but she hadn’t had nearly enough and she mashed her sopping wet cunt right into Ashley while grabbing her hair and pushing her down into her crotch. And even as she screamed in her orgasm from Selena’s hot thrusts, Ashley started licking tasting all that cream dripping out of Demi while the singer started eagerly sucking on Vanessa’s strap-on, tasting her own and Ashley’s asses on it.

“Mmmmmm yesssssss that’s a good fucking slut!” Vanessa moaned before Selena kissed her again. “Suck that ass right off it Demi! Suck it clean! Mmmm and keep fucking my Ashley, Selena! Fuck her ass and shove that messy cock down her throat so she can suck it clean after she eats your hot girlfriend’s yummy pussy!”


Selena and Vanessa weren’t the only ones making use of toys though. There were all kinds of toys in the mansion especially at Christmastime when new items were frequently added to the collection as gifts. And one of those toys was getting its first workout as a brand-new flexible blue double ended dildo was now buried in two stunning asses as the two women fucked each other, smacking their sexy cheeks together as they shared the toy.

“Ohhhhh God! Ohhhhh fuckkkk yessssssss yesssssssssssss mmmmmm fuck me! Fuck me while I fuck you!” Maria Menounos groaned while naked on all fours, one half of the flexible double-ender buried up her ass. “Yesssssssssss ohhhh fuckkk bang my ass with it! I love how that fucking feels! Ohhhhh yesssssssss feels so good up my big fucking ass!”

This was actually Maria’s favorite kind of toy. The reporter turned podcast empire owner had experienced so many pleasures at the mansion through the years. She couldn’t get enough of the way her gorgeous, insatiable female friends touched her and kissed her and worked over her pussy and her asshole. They made her want to be fucked all the time and Maria was at her happiest when she was surrounded by naked women all aching to fuck her.

She loved everything about what woman could make her feel. She loved to kiss them and feel them sucking on her tits and licking her hard nipples. She had never found any man who could get her off with his tongue like her female friends could. Maria came so hard and so completely by having her pussy eaten by women. And the things that women could do to her ass made Maria roll her eyes back in her head with pleasure.

Maria knew she had a great ass. It wasn’t boasting or ego. It was a fact. She worked hard to keep it as round and plump and tight as it was because she wanted to turn women on with her ass. She wanted these girls to crave her ass because they could make her feel so much incredible pleasure when they took her tight, sensitive hole with their tongues and fingers and toys. And while Maria loved a good strap-on, these toys were her favorite.

Maria always got off so well from sharing her ass with another woman. She loved a big double dong shoved up her rear while another woman took the other end and they could both fuck each other on it. Maria loved to be fucked and she loved to fuck. Toys like these made it so easy to do both and whenever she had one to play with and a willing partner to share it with, Maria used the toy with such enthusiasm.

That was what was happening here as the flexible blue plastic was shoved up her ass and was buried deep in another woman’s at the same time. They were both on all fours as they smacked their butt cheeks together and heard the sexy sounds of bare skin on bare skin from their sweaty ass flesh banging against one another. Maria could feel her big tits swaying on her chest as she thrust back again and again to not only force more of the cock up her ass but to pleasure her partner as well.

And that woman was in utter ecstasy too. This was her first time using a toy like this and she could see why Maria loved it so much.

“Oooooooh yessssss ooooooh fuckkk it feels so big ooooooh sooooo fucking big up my ass!” Victoria Justice cried happily, her naked body on all fours just like Maria’s as her firm, tight rear was positioned up in the air to accept the flexible blue plastic being shoved up her rectum. “Fuck me Maria! Ohhhh fuckkkk I can’t believe how good this feels ohhhh my God yessssssssssss! Ohhhh fuck do me Maria! Do me right up the ass! Make me take it! Ughhh it feels so good to share it with you mmmmm fuckkkk I love feeling our asses smack together!”
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Re: Harem Visions: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (multiple celebrities)
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Victoria had so much going on in her head right then but she tried to shut it all out so she could focus only on the raw intensity of being fucked in such a naughty way. She felt so dirty and bad as she was butt naked with her bare ass in the air to be fucked at Christmas time by another woman. She’d never felt a toy like this before and it felt so fucking good shoved up her ass while Maria shared it with her. It made Victoria feel so nasty, like she was in a porno or something and she badly wanted it stuffed in even deeper.

She wasn’t supposed to want this but she did. God, she had once thought she was totally straight and that she’d never ever want to do anything lesbo. But those days were long gone and Victoria felt like a total lez these days.

She was checking out other women at the gym, at the Starbucks, on the street. Everywhere she went Victoria saw hot women and she’d get so turned on imagining what it would be like to kiss them and touch them and how much she wanted to find someplace private so they could get out of their clothes and eat each other out and fuck for hours without ever getting tired.

Victoria had a boyfriend but she barely touched him anymore. How could she want him anymore? How could she settle for a cock that went soft as soon as he came when women could go all night and never need to recharge their batteries? How could she want a man when a woman could eat her pussy and lick her asshole and fuck her hard and nasty with plastic that never got flaccid and useless? God, she was turning into a total lesbian and she didn’t want to stop it.

The first time she had been to the mansion had also been Victoria’s first lesbian experience. She had fucked so many women that night including Liz and Ariana and she had loved it. She didn’t remember anything about it other than she had loved it. Victoria could have chalked all of that up to being drunk or whatever that punch had done to her and pretended that it had never happened and she hadn’t wanted to be a lesbian and fuck girls.

But that effort to just ignore it had lasted all of a few hours. She might have been drunk and out of her mind for that first time but what about all the other times? What about how she had gotten naked at Britney and Christina’s record label? What about how she had let her pop star idols lick her together, one tongue lapping at her pussy and the other worming its way up her asshole? What about when she had messed around with Ariana in front of everyone and spread open her cute little butt cheeks and eaten her ass and made her rival come by licking her naughty hole until she had squealed in release?

What about all those times she had fucked Liz and urged her friend to fuck her like a lesbian slut and turn her gay like she was? Victoria was so embarrassed and so horny for how many times she had begged Liz to fuck her like a dyke. And what about all her other visits to the mansion and to Desire Records and how many times all the women there made her come?

She hadn’t been drunk for any of those times. Victoria had known what she wanted and she had gone to get it. She didn’t want her boyfriend anymore. She wanted to be a dirty girl-fucking slut and she wanted this big toy shoved up her butt like she never, ever let her boyfriend do to her with his cock even though he wanted it so much.

“Yesssssssssss! Yesssssssssss ohhhhhhh fuckkkkk yesssssssssss ohhhhhhh God Maria! Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Make me fucking love it!” Victoria cried. “You’re so fucking sexy! Mmmmm bang my ass with that toy and I’ll bang yours! Oooooh I love being this dirty with you! Ohhhhhh fuck I’m going to come again! Yesssssssss!!!”

Victoria had been a bit shy to get the double-ender up her ass but Maria had been so insistent that it would feel amazing and that she would get off from it. It hadn’t taken much to get Victoria to relent and now they were sharing the toy as they smacked their bare bottoms together, so much of the blue plastic swallowed up by their great butts as the two women fucked themselves and each other with the flexible double dong, both of them moaning from how good it felt to be impaling themselves on it.

“Mmmmmm yeah come! Come again! This time from this big dick up your sexy ass Tori!” Maria panted with need and lust. “I love your ass! I used to watch your show all the time like a total perv and fuck my pussy thinking of you and all the hot girls on it! Mmmm fuckkk I was sooooo nasty thinking of you naughty teens and how much I wanted you all to gang up on me and fuck me! I wanted you and Ariana and Liz and Daniella! I wanted you to sit on my face and make me eat you out and tongue your cute butts and hot cunts and have you suck on my tits and eat my pussy and shove your faces into my ass! Fuckkkkk I’d love that ooooooh thinking about you dirty girls spreading me open and spitting into my hole and eating my big ass before you all fucked me hard with toys like this!”

“Ohhhhh wowwwww fuckkkk that’s hot!” Victoria groaned back, picturing Maria naked and fingering herself or even using a vibrator on her hot, wet pussy dreaming of her and her co-stars. “Ughhhh fuckkkk I wish I’d known how hot women were back then! I’d have made them do a guest spot for you and we could have done your fantasy and fucked you! Oooooh Maria! Mmmmm gawd you’re so fucking hot! I want to sit on your face and then I want to eat your pussy and bend you over so I can lick your big, juicy butt!”

“Oooooooh yessssssss yessssssssss mmmmm gawwd I want that Tori! I want you to lick my slutty Greek ass right after we fuck and taste how you make my hole all naughty and loose with this toy!” Maria panted. “Oooooh and I’ll do that to you too! I’ll spread your amazing ass and eat that hole while I squeeze your round little cheeks and shove my face right in between them like a total slut! I want you Tori! I want your hot ass!”

Victoria was really getting off on the idea of Maria watching Victorious and fantasizing about her and her co-stars. She wasn’t naïve. She knew they’d made the show for tweens but a lot of older, creepier people were watching too. Dan had been a total perv, always working in sex jokes and weird foot fetish stuff and Victoria had always been kind of grossed out thinking weird men were watching the show and probably jerking off to it.

But the idea of Maria masturbating to her was anything but creepy. Victoria was so turned on thinking of Maria watching Nickelodeon naked like a pervert and playing with herself and making herself come watching her and her co-stars. It made her so wet and it made her want to live out all of Maria’s hot fantasies. But it also made her want to find out one thing.

“Mmmmm fuckk is my ass hotter than Ariana’s? Is my butt nicer than that little weirdo’s?” Victoria moaned in desire and envy as she and Maria kept smacking their bare asses together while sharing the plastic. “I see her all the time showing off her little superstar ass in her tiny dresses and little skirts! Gawd she’s such a slut up on stage shaking that little booty all the time! My butt’s better, right? My ass is rounder and hotter and sexier, right?”

Maria didn’t know how to respond. Ariana had such a tight, tasty rear. She loved kissing it and licking it and making Ariana moan and coo and come from all the dirty things she could do to that tight little ass. But Victoria’s was rounder and fuller and so sexy with those tight, firm cheeks and the delight that lay between them. Maria couldn’t choose and fortunately she didn’t have to because someone took her off the hook.

“Oh no! None of that Tori! It’s Christmas and you have to be nice!” Jennifer Aniston firmly declared before emphasizing her lesson by smacking Victoria’s bare cheeks, making her yelp with pleasure from being spanked.

“Mmmmmm oooooooh I’ll be good!” Victoria sexily whimpered as she tingled from how good Jennifer’s swat against her ass felt. “Ooooooh gawd Jennifer oooooh fuckkkkk I wanna come again! I want to come from this toy up my ass this time!”

“Such a sexy girl,” Jennifer replied with desire as she admired her own handiwork as the pink mark she had left on Victoria’s otherwise pristine ass faded. “You look so good sharing this toy sweetie! Taking it up your great ass just like you had it in your pussy! Mmmm I want you both to come! Come from your hot asses getting fucked! Come from being horny little sluts!”

Victoria and Maria both badly wanted that and so did Jennifer. She hadn’t just been watching them fuck. She’d been rubbing herself at the show, masturbating to sight of those two perfect asses smacking together as they shared the double dong and fucked themselves on it. Jennifer had made herself so wet watching Maria and Victoria’s asses bounce and she wanted to see them both get off from it.

The pair had already come from using the toy in their pussies. Jennifer had loved that show too as the two women had laid on their backs that time, shoving the flexible blue plastic into their cunts and fucking themselves on it until they had both coated their ends with their fuck cream. Maria and Victoria had made the toy so messy with their juices dripping all over it from how hard they had come, thrusting into each other and making their hot tits jiggle while Jennifer had watched and fingered herself. And then they had changed positions.

Victoria and Maria had gotten on their hands and knees and Jennifer had eagerly helped them, not only slipping both ends into their tight assholes but lubing them up too. Jennifer had been very generous with the lube, pouring it all over the toy to go along with their cum before she had slipped it up Maria’s asshole and then Victoria’s, wedging it inside them and making it so easy for them to shove themselves down the length of it so it could slide up their butts and inside their guts. And Jennifer had lubed their asses too, not only spitting into Maria and Victoria’s asshole as the blue plastic filled them, but also pouring the lube onto their bare asses.

Jennifer had poured it all over their cheeks, making sure it dripped right into their holes and down their cracks as they fucked themselves on the toy. The lube made Maria and Victoria’s buns glisten with such a sexy shine and it was so hot for her to see those sexy cheeks bouncing like that as if they had been oiled up. All of the lube had made their asses so accommodating and it was such a hot positon for them both as they smacked their naked, shiny cheeks together and let their hungry asses swallow up the inches of the toy they shared until there was only a little bit of the blue plastic that wasn’t inside them.

They were on their hands and knees on the floor in the living room with other naked women fucking all around them, filling up the couches and the chairs and even sharing the crowded floor with them. They were all going sex crazy at Christmas and this time they didn’t need any punch to do it.

While Maria was being fucked by the toy impaling her and Victoria at the same time she found herself staring right at Hayden Panettiere’s juicy, round ass as the girl was nakedly kneeling on the floor in front of the chair that Emma Stone was sitting in. Emma had her legs draped over the arms of the chair to spread herself open while Hayden licked her. And Emma had her hand on the back of Hayden’s head forcing her down into her cunt so she could lick her out while Emma’s dyed red bush tickled Hayden’s cute little nose.

The hand on her head wasn’t necessary though. Hayden didn’t have to be forced to do anything as she went to town on Emma’s pussy and showed the Oscar winner what a little freak she was by sliding two fingers up Emma’s asshole while she went down on her. That had Emma gasping in rapture as she fucked Hayden’s face and seeing all of that charged up Maria more.

And Victoria had herself an incredible view too as she watched Olivia Munn going down on Beth Behrs. The sitcom star was being licked into a frenzy by Olivia and she was cooing and moaning from it as she tugged on her own hard nipples and fucked herself against Olivia’s famous face. Olivia’s dark hair looked so sexy nestled between Beth’s creamy thighs and Victoria licked her lips at the thought of eating both of them out and tasting their wet, creamy pussies and getting their cum in her mouth so she could be a good little lesbian and never think about her boyfriend again.

But it wasn’t what they were seeing that had Maria and Victoria careening toward orgasm at top speed. It was what they were feeling and it wasn’t just the dildo up both of their asses that was doing it. It was thanks to Jennifer too.

The happy hostess was eagerly pleasuring both of her guests thanks to some toys in her hand. She had played with herself enough, at least for now, and was focused on playing with the two sexy women she had invited into her home for the holidays.
Jennifer had two little bullet vibrators, one in each hand, and she was skillfully using them on her friends. These were the perfect toys to use and she knew it. Jennifer wanted to get them both off hard and fast while Victoria and Maria had the double ender stuffed up their asses and she worked the little bullets over their pussies, making them buzz and twitch as Jennifer pressed them to their clits and made them feel nothing but intense pleasure.


Victoria certainly shared that sentiment. Every time she came to the mansion she found a new way to come and this was an incredible sensation for her. She had never gotten fucked like this before and she couldn’t wait to do it again. Gawd, she could share this toy with Jennifer too. Jen had such a great ass. It was just as hot as it was when she’d been on Friends and Victoria wanted to kiss it and caress it and lick it and tongue fuck Jennifer’s superstar asshole, burying her face in Jennifer’s thick Greek ass like she’d already done to Maria.

Victoria wanted to share this toy with Jennifer so they could fuck their asses with it while Maria used the vibrators on them and then she wanted to find Liz and get her friend’s thick, luscious ass up in the air so they could use the double ender and make Ariana watch. Ooooh and Victoria would have totally fucked Ari like this too. How fucking hot would it be for them to share the toy and feel it deep up both of their butts as they had vibrators pulsing against their clitties, making them both into horny lesbos who didn’t need men for anything anymore.

Jennifer didn’t have the vibrators turned up too much. After all this was going to be an all-night party for sure and she certainly didn’t want to accidently numb her friends’ clits and ruin the night for them.

Jennifer was an expert in using these little toys. She and her housemates had been using them on each other and giving them as sexy little stocking stuffers for years. They broke easily and were easily replaceable and disposable but they sure packed a punch when they did work and she kept the pulsing silver bullets at a low hum as she rubbed them against Maria’s and Victoria’s clits and made them both explode.

She knew exactly what she was doing and Jennifer did it so well. She rubbed them just right with the toys and made their slick, slippery asses smack together even harder as both women furiously humped themselves against the double-ender. They fucked themselves on it and gasped and cried in pleasure from the way they both were filled up by it and the way Jennifer was driving them wild with skillful clitoral stimulation.

And Maria was right behind her as she got off a second later.


Jennifer rubbed the vibes against both of their clits as they came and used it to draw out and lengthen both of their orgasms. Both Victoria and Maria had to close their eyes as they teared up a little from the intensity and they were left breathlessly gasping when Jennifer finally pulled away from them and slowly and carefully slid the double ender out of their asses.

“Ohhhhh fuckkkkkk yesssssssssssss!!!” Maria moaned in orgasmic afterglow, her brains scrambled and her chest heaving but her desire for more unquenched.

She didn’t have to be egged on or even told what to do. She knew what she wanted and Maria eagerly grabbed the toy from Jennifer so she could wrap her hand around the flexible double dong and feed the end that had just been up her ass right into her mouth. Maria acted so hungry for her own taboo taste and she slurped it off, tasting her own pussy and ass on there while Victoria watched in fascination.

“Oooooooh soooo nasty!” Victoria moaned before giving into her own lust and mimicking Maria.

She took the end of the toy that had just been inside her and brought it right to her mouth, Victoria had gone ass to mouth with women before. Rose had always teased her saying that she did it to Mr. Snappy after she had popped her cherry and Victoria had been so turned on and shocked by her own actions. She hadn’t remembered doing it but Rose had been able to seduce her into doing it again and she had tasted her own ass that time knowing exactly what she was doing as she sucked Rose’s cock after it fucked her butt.

Victoria had tasted herself like that a bunch of times after being fucked up the ass by hot women and even though she knew it was filthy and never, ever something good girls would do, she found herself really enjoying it. She loved being bad and she wanted to be bad right then as she went for her own ass taste and sucked it off the double dildo. She and Maria both sucked that toy so wantonly, wetly slurping their asses off it until they heard a woman clearing her throat loudly to get their attention.

When they turned around they saw Jennifer lying back on the floor waiting for them, her famous legs open and her shaved smooth pussy glistening in a display of bald lesbian lust. Her juices were dripping from her splayed folds and it was obvious what she wanted.

“How about you two get over here and give me a Christmas present?” Jennifer said with a naughty smile. “My pussy needs some attention!”

Maria and Victoria didn’t hesitate. They dropped the toy and immediately fell onto Jennifer, diving between her legs as a team and licking away at her with both of their tongues as Jennifer held both of their heads down to her crotch and moaned out from how hungry both of their pussy-starved mouths were.


Jennifer wasn’t the only one enjoying being feasted on right then, Just a few feet away another girl had her legs slung open with a very horny mouth on her pussy making her feel absolutely incredible. She was so happy to be back here again on Christmas, back at where it all started and once again Oliva Holt was using her time at the mansion to make a new friend in the hottest and naughtiest of ways.


Olivia was breathing hard as she humped herself against the beautiful woman’s famous face between her legs. She loved this so much. She had never truly known sexual pleasure until a woman had made love to her for the first time and she had been unable to get enough ever since. It just felt so good and women never got tired of eating pussy or had to be cajoled into doing it. Olivia felt like she was addicted to oral sex now, but only if it was a woman between her legs going down on her insatiable young pussy.

The blonde former Disney star had come dressed sexy for Christmas just like the invitation had said. She’d had a tiny red and white skirt on and a tight little sweater hugging her tits and showing off her tummy with Rudolph on it complete with a light up red nose. She’d even worn felt covered boots all red and white for the season. But all of those clothes were gone now and there was nothing but the Santa hat she’d come here wearing on her head. Olivia wanted it there too. She felt so naughty and bad to be naked except for her cute Santa hat, like she was a dirty girl at a wholesome time of year.

Olivia loved to feel that way. She knew she had a sweet face and she had used it to her advantage many times to get what she wanted and use it to manipulate her parents in ways her brother never could. But she’d never been a bad girl until now. She’d been a sweet, normal teenager, albeit one in an industry that fed off innocence, until she’d come to the mansion and now all Olivia wanted was to be naked and have sex with girls and use her sweet face to get other girls naked with her so she could show them how naughty she really could be.

Olivia hadn’t known what she had walked into last year when she’d crashed the mansion party but she’d found a whole new side of herself when Rose had fucked her and Britney had licked her and she had played with Hilary Duff and Christina Aguilera and so many other girls who knew how to make her feel better than any man ever had. Unlike pretty much everyone else, Olivia had been fully aware of all she’d done and had done it completely willingly. She hadn’t had any of the punch and all of the naughty things she’d done had been because she had wanted to do them and had been seduced into being a bad girl.

It had been such a rush. She’d never really thought about doing anything sexually with a girl, at least not seriously, before that party. But now all Olivia wanted was pussy. She’d barely looked at a boy for the last year, not when she had so many hot girls around her. Out of all her friends who had crashed the party last year, Olivia had ended up being one of the most enthusiastic about seducing other women and getting them to play with her and her friends. This place had turned her into a naughty little lesbian and Olivia was so happy every time she got to come back here.

This place had made her so many new, sexy friends last year and this time she had walked into this party fully aware and prepared for what awaited her. And she had already been with so many women. Her face was messy and shiny from all the girls she’d licked and Olivia could even feel it in her hair. Her pussy was all tingly and tender from being licked and fingered and she was still so wet. Olivia was having the time of her young life here, wandering around naked except for her fuzzy Santa hat and letting everyone see her tight young body totally bare and totally horny.

Now she was on her back and she had a very special new friend going down on her. Her lover was dressed just like she was, wearing absolutely nothing except for a fuzzy red and white Santa hat with the puffball on it and that made it even sexier for Olivia to look down and see that beautiful, famous face between her legs while she so skillfully licked her. They shared more than a name. They also shared a total lust for girls and a deep desire to fuck as many women as possible.

“Mmmmm you taste soooooo good sweetie! You have such a tasty little pussy!” Olivia Wilde smiled with a sexy curl of her juice-covered lips. “I’ve been wanting to fuck you for so long! You always looked so sweet and innocent in everything you do but I knew you had to be a nasty girl deep down just like I am! I’m so glad I was right! I love tasting you Liv! Mmmm feed me this little Christmas cookie of yours baby! Come for me and let me taste all that yummy sex sugar all over my tongue!”

The older woman went back to licking, diving down between Olivia’s young thighs and lashing her tongue against her bald cunt lips while pressing her face against that smooth sexy girl flesh. Olivia was such a thirsty woman and the married mother held nothing back as she devoured the younger girl, making the blonde Cloak & Dagger star writhe on the floor and moan out wantonly.
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Re: Harem Visions: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (multiple celebrities)
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“Yesssssssssssss yessssssssssssss fuckkkk ohhhhh I wanted you too!” the blonde girl moaned out. “Mmmmm you’re one of the hottest women alive Olivia! You have such a great body oooooh fuckkkk I loved seeing you naked here just like I’d watch on TV and in the movies! Mmmm gawd when I first got into girls I’d watch all the lesbian scenes I could and mmmmmm I loved seeing you kiss girls! I wanted you to kiss me and lick me and fuck me oooooh gawwd it’s even better than I thought it would be! Fuck me Olivia! Eat my Christmas cookie! Mmmm gawwd lick all the sugar out of me! I have a creamy filling I wanna give you!”

Olivia always came so hard when hot women went down on her and fucked her. The more she fucked women the hotter and creamier her young cunt would get. She would come with so much of her essence and Olivia wanted to feed it all to the sexy MILF eating her out. Olivia loved coming like that and she wanted to keep exploring her own sexuality and pushing all her limits so one day she could actually make herself squirt like the girls she watched in all those naughty porno scenes she saw on Girls Way. She’d even seen girls here do it and she wanted to learn so bad and be able to squirt too because of how much sex with women got her off.

Maybe Olivia could teach her, the blonde wondered as she writhed and squirmed in pleasure over the things the older woman was making her feel with her lips and tongue and the way her fingers were probing her. Olivia loved feeling Olivia’s slim fingers sliding up into her pussy and making her gasp and moan as they rubbed her clit and made it throb. This all felt so good and Olivia knew she would be coming very, very soon from what the married woman was doing to her.


Olivia smiled again as she eagerly licked and fingered the younger blonde. She loved doing this. She loved girls. She considered herself mostly straight…at least sort of straight…okay whatever, she was totally trisexual and open to anyone and anything. But she did have a husband whom she loved she did have a family she would do anything for. So this was just fun playtime for Olivia. She had an agreement with Jason. She could mess around on the side as long as it was only with girls and as long as she told him all about it in great detail and occasionally sent him a picture or a video of it or something.

After all her husband was a typical man and men sure loved hearing about hot women getting it on with each other. Olivia always held up her end of their arrangement and she knew it would be a hot Christmas present for him to hear about her time at the party and how she had fucked so many women and licked their pussies and had them go after her with tongues and toys.  She knew he’d love hearing her tell him about her licking Olivia Holt’s young pussy and maybe how they were able to get Olivia Munn into an all-Olivia threesome with them that would have been super confusing to talk about but so hot to experience.

It was so sexy to be able to do this to Olivia Holt. She tasted so good and being able to look up at her young body naked except for her Santa hat was quite a thrill for Olivia’s eyes. She was writhing so sexily, making those firm, round tits of hers shake on her body as the blonde girl played with them and Olivia loved seeing her young mouth open in an O as she moaned out again and again from how good it felt.

Plus Olivia got a thrill from knowing this pretty young thing had seen her lesbian scenes. She’d done more than her fair share of making out on screen with hot girls. Her kiss with Mischa Barton was comparatively tame to what real life was like when you kissed a girl but it had sure steamed up screens on The OC and she had also made out with Ashley Greene too in a movie and that had been a very sultry kiss that they’d both been eager to continue off screen in a much more private location with a lot less clothing on.

Olivia had once joked that she had inspired a new generation of lesbians with her on-screen kisses and in Oliva Holt’s case that was true. And that genuinely made her happy. Olivia was a huge supporter of the LGBTQ community and had been her whole life. She wanted women to feel comfortable and open with their sexuality. She would have felt that way even if she didn’t have this desire in her for hot, tight, wet pussy and delicious girl ass. Olivia wanted people to be unafraid to be open and be who they were without shame or fear.

That desire for tolerance was enhanced though by her lust for women. Olivia loved fucking girls and this was an invitation she had jumped at immediately. She had been to the mansion before. As a woman who loved women it had been impossible for her to not find her way to the Malibu mansion and she loved coming here to let go and be super naughty. She just wasn’t able to come here as much as she would have liked.

Oliva’s first priority was her family. She had two young kids and she loved being a mother. So between family and her career, Olivia didn’t have all the time she’d once had for fun. That meant a lot less trips to Malibu and a lot less playtime with girls. She missed it but there had to be sacrifices made sometimes and you couldn’t always get what you wanted. But this was Christmas and this kind of party was just what she wanted this year as a gift for herself.

There were so many hot girls at the mansion and it had been so long since Olivia had been here. She was going to get everything she wanted out of this visit and fuck as many women as she could. She’d come here looking to get right to the point, having only had a red lace bra and thong under the sexy little dress she’d worn. There had been mistletoe attached to her bra cups and the crotch of her panties too.

Olivia had not come here looking to be subtle and she hadn’t had to be, sliding her dress off erotically and letting her friends here do the rest by kissing everywhere the mistletoe was. Now she had on nothing but the Santa hat on her head and as she fed off of Olivia she was thinking she might keep it on longer because of how cute the younger girl looked in hers and because if she acted like Santa she might have hot girls sitting on her lap all night, which was something she liked a lot.

Maybe she’d even find a girl here to bring home for a Christmas threesome with Jason. Not Olivia though. Oh no. This girl was all hers and she was going to lick her pussy and taste her asshole and finger fuck the cum right out of her without having to share with any man, not even the one she loved. She could be a little greedy this time of year. It was Christmas and it was a time of guilt-free indulgence, especially with cookies as tasty as Olivia’s.

“Mmmmm yesssss come for me baby! Come for mommy!” Olivia purred, her sexy MILF eyes staring right up at the writhing girl. “Give mommy this tight Disney pussy so I can eat it up! Fuck my face! Ooooh yessssss rub that pretty little bald pussy all over my mouth and get your juices everywhere Liv! Come all over for me! I want it on my tongue! I want it soaking my face! Gimmie that tasty young cum!”

Olivia frantically nodded her head and began to moan out how she wanted that too and she was so close to giving it to the older woman. But none of those words could get out of her mouth before she was kissed aggressively. Olivia was a bit surprised at first but she welcomed it and she succumbed right into the kiss as she felt that tongue slip inside. She didn’t mind being kissed so suddenly. After all it was a beautiful woman doing it and Olivia would have let the women here do anything they wanted to her.

“You’re so fucking sexy!” Kaley Cuoco said enthusiastically as she kissed Olivia’s young lips and seductively fondled the girl’s perky tits, toying with her nipples while her own large breasts rubbed up against Olivia’s bare skin. “Mmmmmm I saw you fucking Oliva’s face and I had to get in on this! Mmmm isn’t she hot? I’ve had her eat me out before and she’s sooooo good Liv! Fuck her face and feed her that tasty cream of yours!! C’mon baby! She wants it so bad! Look into those eyes of hers and see how much she fucking wants your cream!”

Olivia did look and she tossed her head back and moaned in delight when she saw those piercing green eyes staring up at her with such lust and desire. She could see how much Olivia wanted her and she could certainly feel it thanks to how well she was licking and fingering her. And now Kaley was there to help too. Olivia had messed around with the Big Bang Theory actress before at the mansion and she loved her big boobs and her tight, juicy pussy. She loved to kiss Kaley and lick her and make her be a naughty wife by cheating on her husband as she came all over her tongue.

As Olivia kept eating her young pussy, Olivia felt Kaley slide that tongue back into her mouth and she eagerly accepted it. While Olivia moaned and writhed from what the older woman was doing to her pussy, Kaley’s tongue rubbed into hers in a lusty kiss and Olivia kissed back to show her how much she loved it. Kaley was playing with her boobs too, fondling them in a warm, sexy way and making her feel so good as she fucked Olivia’s face. These two older woman were giving her such pleasure and Oliva couldn’t hold back anymore

“Gonna come! Gonna come! Ohhhhh fuckkkkk I’m gonna commmmme!” Olivia cried out in warning, breaking her wet kiss with Kaley and moaning out again as Kaley instead began sucking and licking her swollen nipples. “Mmmmm fuckkkk please make me come! OHHHHH YESSS FUCKKKK OHHHHH YESSSS RIGHT THERE OHHHH YESSSS OLIVIAAAAA!!!”

The older woman was far too busy sucking on the younger one’s clitoris while fingering her to respond. So Kaley, just as she had inserted herself into their fun, took it upon herself to urge Olivia on as she played with the Disney girl’s stiff nipples and ran her hands all over those perfect young tits.

“Do it! Mmmm fucking come Liv! Come all over her! Feed her that fuck cream so I can kiss her and taste it! Mmmmm do it baby! You know you want to! Come from Olivia sucking on that hard clit of yours!” Kaley coaxed. “Do it Liv! Come all over her and make that pretty face as messy as yours is!”

Kaley gave Olivia’s juice covered face a playful lick, tasting all the girls who had fucked her face before like Love and Scarlett and Sarah, and Olivia quivered from it. This was so hot and naughty and it all felt so good.


Olivia was smiling from ear to ear as she came. Her tits shook on her chest while she fucked Olivia’s face, smearing her namesake’s lips and chin with her creamy young cum. Olivia moaned out so happily as the last of the tremors of pleasure went through her and then she got another kiss, one far more tender from Kaley.

“So sexy!” Kaley moaned in desire for the younger blonde as she kissed her and felt Olivia reach up to paw at her tits, the enhanced mounds filling up Olivia’s young hands. “Mmmmmmm fuckkkk I love seeing you go wild here like the horny little thing you are!”

One of Kaley’s biggest regrets was her missing out on last year’s Christmas party and she was not about to make that same mistake again. She was going to get everything out of this that she wanted and she wanted both Olivias so much.

She had just been messing around with Ariana and Hilary in the other room and she had walked in naked looking for much more. She had sure found it when she had seen Olivia going down on the younger woman. Kaley had fucked them both before and seeing them together and watching that sexy mom eating out that tasty tight young twat had made her dripping wet.

Kaley hadn’t meant to be rude in just inserting herself into their fun but she honestly hadn’t been able to help it. She wanted them both and she was going to get them both. She had been holding herself back her whole life and she was going to get what she wanted no matter what it was. Maybe she was just frustrated with men. Maybe she knew she never needed to work another day thanks to all that Big Bang money always coming in or maybe playing Harley Quinn in a new cartoon was rubbing off on her.

Because Kaley was not holding back anymore, not for anyone or anything. And she was going to fuck whoever she wanted to fuck, especially if they were female. She had come here to this party so eager to get at anyone and everyone she could and there was no way she was going to miss out on these two, especially with Olivia Wilde bent over with her tight MILF ass up in the air.

The sight of that amazing ass sticking out as the older woman licked up the last drops of cum from Olivia’s bald pussy was so enticing to Kaley. She wanted it and she needed it, enough that she wiggled away from the embrace of the younger girl to get at it. Kaley crawled naked to it, feeling her big tits sway as she got right behind Olivia and showed no hesitation in spreading her cheeks and getting right at that tight, drooling pussy. Olivia was so juicy and desperately in need of a good licking and Kaley was all about giving right then.

“Mmmmm mine!” Kaley declared as she claimed Olivia Wilde’s pussy as her own by attacking it with hard licks, lapping at it with zeal and making Olivia gasp in delight.

“Oooooooh Kaley! Fuckkkkkkk mmmmm baby you haven’t done that in so long!” Olivia moaned as her younger blonde lover got up off her back so she could give her a kiss and they could share her cum in an Olivia on Olivia lip-lock. “Oooooh yesssssssss fuckkkkk eat my pussy Kaley! Lick it up and taste every hot drop of that juice! Ooooh fuckkkk yeah Kaley! Mmmm you’ve been practicing you naughty girl! Ohhhhh!”

Kaley had been practicing. She’d been so hungry for women ever since she’d gotten married and she hadn’t been shy about cheating on him with every hot girl she could find. Kaley had gotten her seven¬-year itch seven minutes after the ceremony. Maybe marriage wasn’t for her. But that was a question for another day. All Kaley wanted to do was lick up the cream from Olivia Wilde and have Olivia Holt join her in doing that so she could easily coax the young blonde down to her pussy too.

Kaley wanted it all and she was going to make sure she got it for Christmas and any damn day she wanted it. She gripped Olivia Wilde’s tight ass cheeks hard with her fingers and kept her spread open so she could lick away at her honey pot while peering over those hot buns to see the two Olivias making out as Olivia Holt delighted in this new friendship she’d made and hoped she’d be able to play with Olivia and Kaley together a lot in the future.
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Re: Harem Visions: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (multiple celebrities)
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And while Olivia was focused on making new friends at the mansion, the friends she had walked in with were very focused on something else indeed…or rather someone. It was no surprise who, either, as it had been Chloe Grace Moretz’s crush on Alyssa Milano that had led them to this place in the first place and had completely changed her lives.

Chloe was a lesbian. She’d known that for a long time. Men had never really interested her and women excited and aroused her in a way that had been clear to her even as a pre-teen. And she’d had such a crush on Alyssa. It had been Alyssa on all of those Charmed reruns she’d watched religiously that had made her really understand how she desired women and all of Chloe’s earliest fantasies had been about her.

Last Christmas the chance to make good on those fantasies and act on them had compelled Chloe to take a huge risk in showing up unannounced to the mansion, not knowing anything about the spiked punch and what it had done to everyone. If she had known she might have thought twice and she wouldn’t have brought her straight friends right into the lionesses’ den. But she hadn’t been thinking. She had only been acting on her impulses and everything had changed that night.

Sometimes Chloe felt guilty over what had happened and how she had dragged her friends along into it. She wondered what would have happened if she hadn’t done what she had done that night. She wouldn’t have gotten Alyssa of course and that was a big deal to Chloe. But she also wouldn’t have put Ava in a position where all of that had happened with her mom and she wouldn’t have had Ariel where what happened with her sister had happened. Not to mention AnnaSophia and Jansen and Hayden.

Sometimes Chloe felt that was all her fault. But things had worked out, hadn’t they? Chloe was never quite sure. Sometimes it felt like they had but other times she wasn’t so positive about it.

She did know, though, that at least that night had opened new doors for all of them and that they had been having a lot more fun since that first night at the mansion. Now Chloe wasn’t the only lesbian and she liked that. She’d never truly appreciated what sexy friends she’d had but the mansion had changed all of that. Now Chloe knew just how sexy Ariel and Ava and Bella and Olivia and AnnaSophia truly were and they’d had so much naughty fun together over the last year, even seducing other girls to join in with them and do the kinds of wicked things Alyssa did with all her friends.

And now they were all back and this time they were on the guest list. No punch was being served and everyone was letting their desires flow naturally, especially Chloe as she was right where she most wanted to be. She was sitting on top of Alyssa’s face reverse cowgirl style and she reached down to cup her crush’s big tits as she fucked Alyssa’s tongue and fed the older woman the taste of her young pussy.

Alyssa was needing less and less coaxing to give into her seductions and while Chloe regarded what was going on between the two of them as a work in progress, she at least could feel she was making progress. Because Alyssa was not being hesitant in her licking at all and she sure wasn’t stopping Chloe from fucking her face and groping her breasts. Chloe was riding Alyssa like a girl who had gotten a pony for Christmas and she was so happy as she got the gift of the woman she wanted licking her creamy young hole.


Chloe’s little tits were jiggling on her chest and Bella Thorne was right there to feel them up with her soft hands as she kissed her friend on the lips. Bella had been changed so deeply by her trip to the mansion. When she had come there she had been shy and a little reserved. Then she’d had the punch and had her brains fucked out so many times that even after she’d sobered up she’d known she could never go back to being how she was. Whatever she’d experienced had been too damn good and she’d wanted more of it.

There had been no more shy girl left of Bella after that. After her trip to the mansion she had come out as bisexual and pretty much had started fucking anyone she wanted to. How could she not when it felt so good? Sex was supposed to be about pleasure, not finding some guy to marry. She had felt so stupid for ever thinking that and Bella had wanted to never be that kind of a girl again. Now she just wanted to have as much fun as possible and feel good and make others feel good too.

Bella had been so eager to play with her friends after. She and Olivia had been so persuasive in convincing them all to go for it and Bella had pretty much become the ringleader of their naughty little gang. Now whenever they all got together, she and Chloe and Ariel and Olivia and Ava and AnnaSophia and, sometimes even Jansen, were almost always naked and doing so many hot, sexy things to each other while bringing others to the fun too.

Bella had been forever changed by her experience here and she was sure it had made her life better by showing her how freeing and how much fun sex could be. She didn’t have to hold back or be shy or be afraid of what others thought of her. She could say what she wanted and do what she wanted. What mattered was feeling good and having fun with others who felt the same way. Bella loved being naked with her friends. She loved playing with them and fucking them and getting really naughty with them.

And what she wanted most of all now was a place like the mansion for her very own. She couldn’t afford a place as huge as this of course, but why not something more appropriate for her? She had lots of money. She could get herself a place just for her and her friends to come to and live and fuck and bring others to for hot, naked parties, couldn’t she? Chloe wanted to be with Alyssa but Bella wanted to be just like Alyssa and all her hot friends.

“Mmmmmm come for her! Do it Chloe!” Bella hotly urged as she kissed Chloe and played with her friend’s stiff nipples, working them over with her fingers while they tongue kissed and Chloe reached over to do the same to Bella’s hard pink nips. “I love seeing you come! You’re so sexy when you come like the horny little lezzie you are! Come all over her tongue and make a mess for me to lick off her! C’mon Chloe! I want to see you come!”

Chloe and Bella then both moaned into each other’s mouths as they kissed passionately, swirling their tongues together and sharing their saliva while they played with each other’s nipples. Their hands were all over each other in the hottest of ways and Chloe loved feeling her sexy friend’s touch as she rode Alyssa’s face. It was such incredible pleasure for her and she never wanted it to end.

Alyssa felt the same way even though she knew deep down she shouldn’t. God, why were these girls so fucking hard to resist? Chloe herself was bad enough when the insatiable girl was alone with her but whenever Chloe brought her friends it was like they ganged up on her and made it utterly impossible for her to do anything but give into their horny attention.

Alyssa was so weak and she knew it. She never should have been letting these young girls get at her. God, they were making her feel so fucking good though. There was no way she could stop them from doing that when they were so fucking good at it and getting better every time they came back to the mansion having gotten more experienced and sexier.

Alyssa knew she was old enough to be their mother, all of them. And in the case of Ava Sambora considering how close she was with Heather, that was a sore subject for Alyssa. But each time she resolved to let Chloe know that this had to stop, all Alyssa ended up doing was sliding her panties down, letting Chloe and her friends get at her pussy and then letting them fuck her face so she could taste their cream and swallow down their delicious young essence.

This was so fucking wrong. Alyssa felt like such a perv when she let these young women at her. But she couldn’t stop and deep down she knew she didn’t want to stop. She could have really put her foot down if she had wanted to. After all, she was the one who kept letting them into her home. She could have let Chloe and her friends go off and do whatever they wanted to whomever they wanted without involving herself at all. But Alyssa kept letting this happen and the fact was she knew it was because she loved this and didn’t want the pleasure to end.

Chloe was sitting on her face while Alyssa reached up and squeezed that pert, tight ass while Chloe played with her tits and fed her the delicious juices dripping from her cunt. It was so hot for Alyssa. She loved not being able to see at all because Chloe’s ass cheeks were in her line of sight and her pussy was fused to her mouth. Alyssa felt such filthy joy being able to taste that sweet young hole. She lashed her tongue over Chloe’s tight lips and pushed inside to get at her gooey folds while working over her clit and making Chloe gasp and scream.

Being with this girl made Alyssa lose control and she liked it. She got off so much from it even while she claimed she didn’t. God, why did it have to feel so fucking good? She didn’t want to resist these young women even though she knew she was supposed to. Chloe just tasted too good and her friends were all so sexy. Alyssa could hear Chloe and Bella lustfully making out with wet tongue kisses and soft young moans and Alyssa could certainly feel what Ariel and Ava were up to.

“You need to come too you nasty fucking bitch!” Ava playfully teased, her mean words coming out sexually not insultingly. “Mmmmm you’re so bad Alyssa! Not giving our friend what she wants! You know all she wants to do is crawl into bed with you and snuggle with you every night in your big, slutty mansion where you turned my mommy into a fucking dyke whore! And now look what she did to me! It’s all because of you Alyssa! You have to pay for it like the dirty lesbo bitch you are!”

And Ava was very interested in making Alyssa pay in the hottest of ways by rubbing the Hitachi wand she had in her hand against Alyssa’s smooth and sopping wet cunt. She fucked the older woman with the powerful toy and made Alyssa scream in pleasure right into the muzzle of Chloe’s pussy as the girl rode her face. Ava had become such a freak since she had come to the mansion. She was no longer boy crazy. She only wanted girls now and there was no girl she loved fucking more than her own mommy.

Heather Locklear was still so many men’s fantasy girl and she was Ava’s slut. Ava was the boss now. She loved humiliating and controlling her sexy mom and making Heather beg for their depraved incestuous fun to continue. It was so much fun to do such filthy things to her mommy and making her crawl to her like a pet when she was horny and treating her own mother like a depraved whore who would do anything for her daughter’s cunt, which of course was exactly what Heather was now.

But while Ava got off on humiliating her mother in the sexiest ways, the truth was at the same time they’d actually never been closer.

It hadn’t been easy for either of them to adjust to what had happened when they’d both been drunk on punch. They had woken up naked and not remembering what had happened while also knowing they had crossed a line and done something very wrong. It had taken them a long time to get past it and they weren’t even all the way there yet. But the more she had thought about it, the more Ava had realized she had loved committing incest with her sexy mother and she wanted to do it all the time.

She knew Heather had wanted it too. After all, it had been her mom who’d had the illicit desire in the first place. Ava was a lesbian now. She was sure of that. She was just like Chloe. She had no more time for boys, not when she could instead fuck all the hot girls she knew. Ava loved playing with Chloe and Ariel. Sleepovers with her best friends always turned into threesomes and it got extra hot when Olivia and, especially, Bella joined in. Gawd, Ava loved having sex with Bella so much. She was soooo hot and sexy and she wanted to mess around with her all the time.

Now that she knew she was a lesbian, Ava had wanted to keep up her play with her mom. She wanted to cross that line. She wanted there to not be any boundaries. She wanted to crawl into bed with her mommy and have Heather get in the shower with her. Ava wanted to take off her bikini by their pool and have her mom strip naked too so they could rub lotion all over each other and give into their desire when anyone could see what kinky, freaky incest sluts they were. And Heather succumbed each time Ava wanted her, giving into her daughter’s lust and letting the younger woman control her and humiliate her and use her like a fuck toy.

And yet she really was closer to Heather as a daughter now that they were lovers too.

Ava loved her mom. She always had, even when they would fight and Ava would storm around and shout out to anyone who would hear that she wanted to go live with her dad. But those dramatic arguments were a thing of the past. Things had changed. They had barely fough  at all since they had started having sex. When they weren’t playing nasty games together, Ava was simply her mother’s daughter, giving Heather respect and love and sweetness.

But when they got going? Oh fuck, Ava loved being nasty with her mommy and putting that deviant dyke whore in her place, just like she was doing to Alyssa.

In fact the Hitachi wand she had in her hand was something Ava was going to give to her mom as a Christmas gift. She was going to give it to her in bed on Christmas night and make sure Heather knew that she had used it on Alyssa first and that it was dirty with her friend’s fuck juice and that she was going to have to clean it off if ever wanted her daughter to use it on her. God that made her so fucking hot and Ava wanted Alyssa to cream all over it.

She wasn’t the only one who wanted Alyssa to come either. Ariel Winter was fucking Alyssa too, sliding a dildo up the older woman’s ass and making her buck and groan in the bed while Chloe’s drooling vagina remained fused to her lips. Ariel felt so wicked as she fucked Alyssa’s asshole and she loved it.

“You’re all Chloe fucking talks about! You’d better make her come and give her a big, sexy Christmas present by fucking her a lot more!” Ariel demanded. “And you’d better not come before Chloe does! Mmmm you want to come don’t you Alyssa? You want to come all over our toys? Well you’d better fucking make Chloe come or else I’m going to get mad and I’m going to fuck your ass with a strap-on! Just like my own sister did to me because your mansion made us into such fucking perverts!”

Ariel felt such a rush as she admitted out loud about the taboo things she and her sister Shanelle had done at last year’s Christmas party. God they’d all lost control thanks to that fucking punch. Ariel had lost her mind and she’s fucked her own sister as well as the girl she’d always considered a sister. She and Shanelle and Sarah Hyland had done such filthy things to each other and fucked each other in the nastiest, most taboo ways. None of what they had done was clear to them because of the punch but deep down they knew they had done it and they couldn’t pretend otherwise.

She and Shanelle had already gone through so much together and they didn’t want to complicate things. They’d tried to do what Ava and her mom had done after but they couldn’t keep their filthy fun without putting everything at risk. Ariel’s life had already gone through enough bumps and she never wanted to do anything to put her sister’s happy family at risk. So they’d agreed to stop their incestuous play and never speak of it again.

Yet sometimes Ariel still caught her sister looking at her with more than a sisterly gaze and the truth was she did it sometimes too. But Ariel was trying to lock that inside her even as she kept on fucking her friends and playing with all these hot sluts at the mansion. Because that first night at the mansion hadn’t just gotten Ariel out of her shell, it had knocked it off her and shattered it. She wanted this. She wanted to be open and uninhibited. Ariel wanted to have sex with women and fuck her hot friends. She didn’t want to be afraid of her own sexiness anymore.

Ariel had learned to embrace her curves. She had come to truly love her big tits and her thick, round ass. She wasn’t shy anymore and she wasn’t going to let social media bullies keep her from wearing what she wanted to wear and acting how she wanted to act. Ariel wanted to do what felt good and she wanted to have sex with her beautiful friends like Chloe and Ava and Bella and Olivia. She loved getting in a big naked pile with them and just going wild until you didn’t even know who was touching who anymore.

Most of all, Ariel wanted to have sex with Chloe. She and her friend had connected at that party in a deep and meaningful way and even though Ariel couldn’t fully remember it, she could still feel it. And she wanted that to grow. So she wanted what Chloe wanted and if Chloe wanted Alyssa Milano then Ariel was going to make sure she got her even if she had to tie Alyssa up in bed with rope on her arms and legs keeping her completely naked and spread eagle so Chloe could have her way with her.

“Do it Alyssa! Fucking make her come! Don’t make me get mad at you!” Ariel sexily threatened. “Mmmmm or maybe you’d like that? You like the idea of letting Chloe watch as her friends gang up on you and fuck you all mean and nasty! We’ll do it unless you get Chloe off! We’ll treat you like a dirty, slutty ragdoll and shove our toys into all your dirty holes!”

“Yeahhhh! You’d love it you filthy fucking bitch!” Ava enthusiastically added. “That’s how we fuck my slut mommy! I bring all my friends over and we make her crawl out naked with a ball gag in her mouth and a butt plug with a tail in it sticking out of her ass so she can be a pet for all of us! Mmmm gawd then we fuck the shit out of her! We fuck my slut mommy everywhere and she loves it! You’ll love it too Alyssa! Maybe we’ll dress you both up pretty for Christmas with tinsel hanging from your titties and pretty bows on your lesbo pussies and we can use you both like toys!”

Ava and Ariel were acting evil and they loved it as they began kissing each other as they giggled and said filthy things to Alyssa, filling her overheating brain with images of herself being defiled by all these young women. And they had every intention of actually doing it. Ava was not afraid to show her friends just how much she could control her mom and the idea of doing it to Alyssa, who she and Ariel were worried was only going to break Chloe’s heart, turned them on a lot. They knew it turned Bella on too and they were sure they could get Olivia to help as well.

That got a protest, but not from Alyssa whose mouth was very well occupied eating out Chloe. Instead it was Chloe who urged her friends to have mercy on the woman she was crushing on.

“Noooo be nice to her! It’s Christmas!” Chloe pleaded with a rising passion in her voice as Alyssa kept licking away at her while she bounced on her face. “Don’t fuck her mean! Fuck her nice and make Alyssa come! Mmmm make her come like she’s going to make me come!”

Chloe didn’t want to see Alyssa be humiliated like that. She sometimes worried this place had made too much of an impact on her friends and had twisted them a little too much. But at the same time Chloe did get hot seeing her friends be bad and filthy and they did have fun all ganging up on Heather and making her their naked slutty plaything. Still, Chloe didn’t want that for Alyssa and, besides, she really was licking her wonderfully.

“Awwww boo!” Ava pouted. “My way is more fun! Mmm but whatever you want Chloe! I just wanna see you come! Come all over Alyssa’s face!”

“Yeah do it Chloe!” Bella chimed in as she kissed Chloe’s pale neck and rubbed their bare chests together, making their nipples kiss just like their lips were. “Come! Come in her mouth like you do to us! Mmm the more she tastes your yummy cum the more she’ll be crazy about you!”

That was what Chloe wanted so much. She wanted Alyssa to want her like she did. If she had a Christmas wish and this was like one of those Hallmark movies, that was exactly what Chloe would have wished for. She wanted it so much and Alyssa’s tongue felt so good as she licked away even while her friends were being so mean to her that Chloe began to fuck her face harder and really pant an moan, her firm little tits bouncing as she couldn’t keep herself from coming.

“OHHHHHH GOD! OHHHH YESSSSS LYSSA FUCKKKK OHHH FUCK MEEEE YESSSSSSS YESSSSS GAWWWD TASTE MY NAUGHTY CUM!!!” Chloe cried blissfully as she kissed Bella on the lips again and then turned her head to do the same to Ariel while the brunette kept pumping the dildo in and out of Alyssa’s asshole. “FUCKKKK OHHHH YESSSS OHHHH ALYSSA YOU ALWAYS MAKE ME COME SO WELL OHHHHH FUCKKKK!!!”

Alyssa’s head was spinning so much she began wondering if someone had slipped her some punch again. But she knew it was just that she was fuck drunk from all of these young women coming onto her at once. The truth was she did actually like the idea of submitting so completely to them and letting them totally have their way with her as a fuckdoll the way they did with Heather, something Heather had admitted to Alyssa always made her come so much. Alyssa had never been so submissive before and she liked the idea of exploring that a bit, as long as Rose didn’t find out about it.

Plus whatever thoughts of resistance she could have were disappearing as they used the Hitachi and the dildo on her. It was driving her completely wild and Alyssa was actually shocked that she hadn’t come yet from what they were doing to her. Ava and Ariel were like wicked little nymphos fucking her and Alyssa loved it. But what she loved most of all was the taste of Chloe’s cum in her mouth. God, the girl tasted so fucking good. She was so tangy and creamy and Alyssa loved soaking her tongue in it.

It tasted so good down her throat and she made a Christmas feast out of Chloe’s pussy as the girl came.

The two girls would actually have wanted Alyssa to suffer a bit more. Ava totally blamed Alyssa for seducing her mom in the first place and Ariel had definitely been embracing her own nasty side lately. But they didn’t deny Chloe as neither wanted to be a Grinch this time of year. So they let Alyssa off the hook and did it in style, Ariel pumped the dildo harder into Alyssa and Ava evilly turned up the juice on the Hitachi, making Alyssa loose it in seconds thanks to the powerful toy stimulating her pussy.

Alyssa had felt a Hitachi many times before but not like this and not when she was also being fucked up the ass. And it made her come like she rarely had before. At first her screams disappeared into Chloe’s pussy but when the blonde girl pulled away, Alyssa could go full blast as the orgasmic pleasure overcame her and she began squirting out her orgasm.

“FUCKKKKKK! OHHHH MY GODDDDD OHHHH FUCKKKK FUCKKKK FUCKKKKKK!!!” Alyssa cried out in disbelief as the younger girls made her squirt with several impressive blasts of girly spunk wetly splashing Ava and Ariel in the face. “OHHH FUCK YOU NASTY LITTLE SLUTS FUCKKKK LOOK WHAT YOU’RE MAKING ME DOOO! OHHHHH FUCK YESSSSSSSSS!!!”

Alyssa had squirted before but it was not a frequent thing. It only happened to her by fluke and this was one of those cases where it happened big time. Her pussy prodigiously squirted onto the girls with Ava getting the most of it as they laughed in amazement at what they’d done to Alyssa with their toys.

“Holy shit!” Ava laughed as Alyssa fell back moaning softly from the intensity of her orgasm.

“Ooooooh that was SO fucking hot!” Chloe marveled, wanting to know what they had just done so she could learn how to do it and make Alyssa squirt for her too.

“Mmmmm fuck that looks so tasty! I just gotta!” Bella said before getting down on her knees with her friends and licking Alyssa’s squirt off of Ariel and, especially, Ava.

Bella licked the lady jizz off her friends and then kissed them both together so all three of them could share the taste. That only made them hungrier for more and Bella quickly pushed Ava down onto her back so she could get between her friend’s legs and start licking her smooth pussy. Chloe joined in on that and began kissing off what was left on Ava’s face and then sucking on her friend’s perky tits.

As for Ariel, she had something different in mind as she moved to the helpless Alyssa and set herself right down on her face, smothering her with her thick butt cheeks and playfully grinding into the face that Chloe had just gotten so messy.

“Mmmm you know Alyssa, I know you fucked my sister before but we’ve never fucked and now we’re gonna change that!” Ariel promised, no longer anything close to the shy and hesitant girl who had walked into the mansion the year before as she pressed her big cheeks right into Alyssa’s gorgeous face. “I want to find out why Chloe is so crazy about you! Time for you to give me my present this year and fuck me so I can see what all the hype is about!”


While Ariel was finding out just how much worth the hype Alyssa actually was, Love couldn’t help but survey everything and feel like the luckiest woman in the world. She felt so blessed to have friends like she did and be able to live in a place like this. Her friends had given her a dream party yesterday and tonight they had all outdone themselves when it came to being very naughty.

Even though she was completely naked and in the midst of a huge all-girl orgy, Love was filled with the Christmas spirit and she was so happy to be able to share it with everyone as she turned and placed a big, happy kiss right on Lacey Chabert’s lips. And Lacey returned it immediately, kissing her friend back with a naughty passion that made her feel very tingly as she giggled to herself over what a bad girl she was being. Instead of being at home with her family during Christmastime like a good wife and mom and model wholesome Hallmark Christian, she instead was totally naked around lots of sexy girls who were fucking each other silly.

Lacey was definitely one of the faces of Christmas these days thanks to Hallmark and everyone thought of her as so sweet and chaste, But her friends knew how naughty she could get.

She’d proven that for sure recently when she’d been such a big part of Love’s Hallmark Christmas movie orgy. And she’d proven it again tonight, sneaking away from her family for a few hours and being a filthy little cheating spouse by fucking all of these hot girls. Lacey got such a rush from being so bad and she knew she’d definitely be praying for forgiveness later. But for now she was going to enjoy the sin of being nude and naughty and kissing Love while Love grabbed playfully at her butt.

“Mmmmm we’re under the mistletoe right now,” Love giggled to her friend, glancing up at the Christmas plant above their heads.

“Does mistletoe mean you get to cop a feel too, cause I like that,” Lacey smiled back before she got her hands on Love’s ass too and squeezed her friend’s sexy cheeks while they pulled closer together and made out, mashing their bare boobs together sensually.

Love had made sure to hang mistletoe wherever she could around the mansion. All the better to encourage lots of kissing. And she was pretty sure that there was definitely touching allowed with the kissing when it came to the traditional Christmas smooch inducer. Even if it wasn’t, Lacey had a body that was always worth touching and the two of them ran their hands all over one another while they kissed.

“Oh Love! Mmmm gawd you throw the best Christmas parties,” Lacey moaned after another kiss, once again thinking that if Hallmark could see her now they would probably bring in an exorcist to try and remove the lesbian demon that had possessed her. “I’m really sorry I missed last year.”

“Don’t be,” Love said as she remembered the punch. “That one was too crazy! But this one is perfect and I’m so glad you’re here!”

Love and Lacey kissed again and tasted all the different flavors on each other’s lips. Lacey had licked Reese and her cum was all her lips but she hadn’t stopped there. Gawd Rihanna had been at the party too and Lacey had always had such a crush on her. She’d been so naughty and had licked Rihanna’s pussy before the sexy superstar singer had asked the good Christian wife to eat her ass too. And Lacey hadn’t been able to help herself. She’d licked her sexy, yummy butthole and now she was kissing Love.

And of course Love had been very busy too. She’d licked Miley and Ariana and had also been very eager to return the favor to Jennifer Lawrence for the orgasm she’d given her. There had been so many other party guests she had tasted too. Now she and Lacey were sharing those flavors as they made out. But Love wanted to do more than kiss her friend. She had something she wanted to show her.

The two girls walked naked and hand in hand away from the Christmas tree and to another part of the living room. They had to step over Anna Kendrick as she laid back on the floor without a care in the world, her pants and panties gone and her ugly Christmas sweater of Frosty the Snowman riding Santa’s sleigh pulled up over her bare breasts as Katy Perry licked her vigorously.

The busty singer was making Anna groan again and again as she lay back fondling her perky tits while she wore felt reindeer antlers on her head. But the view of Anna’s pretty face and seasonably adorable headgear was soon obscured by Brittany Snow sitting on Anna’s face. Brittany groaned in pleasure when Anna immediately started licking, showing her friend what it was like to party at the mansion.

It was so hot for Love and Lacey to watch Brittany fuck Anna’s face while Katy licked her, especially when Katy and Brittany began kissing and sharing Anna’s taste. But it wasn’t the only hot view as they also had to make sure not to trip over Taylor Swift as she was on all fours on the floor with Danica McKellar behind her acting in a decidedly not Hallmark approved manner by spreading Taylor’s ass open and lapping at her pussy. The pleasure was so wonderful for Taylor that she had to shut her eyes to take it all on and it only became more intense when Danica naughtily moved her tongue up from Taylor’s pussy to get at her asshole.

Taylor gasped in pleasure when Danica began rimming her and Lacey and Love both knew how good she was feeling. They’d both been licked like that by Danica before and it always made them come so hard. But while both of those couplings, as well as everyone else getting it on in the room were so temptingly distracting, Love continued to lead Lacey to something else.

This wasn’t entirely a Christmas party and Love wanted to celebrate that. This was one of those years where Christmas coincided perfectly with Chanukah and Love wasn’t about to ignore that, not when someone very close to her could easily have been part of the next version of The Chanukah Song. So she brought Lacey over to a part of the living room where the girls were far more interested in celebrating the festival of lights and were doing it in a way that was decidedly provocative.
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Re: Harem Visions: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (multiple celebrities)
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Love smiled and Lacey let out a little moan when they saw Sarah Michelle Gellar on the floor completely naked and with her legs spread as she used a vibrator on herself. The toy was having an obvious effect on her too as she moaned and grunted while she fucked herself, the toy getting visibly slick from how wet she was.

And Sarah was hardly alone. Right next to her Alyson Hannigan was also naked and was fucking herself too, her ginger bush soaked with her juice as she made herself moan with a big smile on her face. The vibrator was working its magic on her and Alyson was feeling so good as she leaned over to her best friend and made out passionately with Sarah.

The blonde vampire slayer kissed back and the two women moaned into each other’s mouths as they smacked their lips and tongues together. They kept one hand each on the vibrators they were using to stimulate themselves and their other hands roamed all over each other’s bare bodies, particularly to each other’s chests. Sarah and Alyson both played with each other’s tits while they kissed with such lust for one another.

Love and Lacey both liked what they were seeing a lot as the two beautifully nude girls furthered things between them. Love couldn’t help but notice the vibrator Sarah was using was bright blue and the one Alyson had at her tight pussy was white, the far more traditional colors of Chanukah when contrasted to the red and green for Christmas that was all over the mansion. But that detail became far less important when Sarah and Alyson switched things up.

They were moaning and speaking softly and full of desire to each other, which was hard for Love to hear because of all the noise of women moaning and orgasmically gasping and crying around them. But what they were saying became clear when Sarah took the vibrator she had been fucking herself with and moved it to Alyson’s mouth so the redhead could suck her juices off of it. Alyson visibly relished being able to suck off Sarah’s flavor and she closed her eyes and wrapped her lips around the toy as Sarah turned it off for Alyson to swallow it and slurp her best friend’s pussy taste right off.

Alyson did the same for Sarah, offering up the vibrator she had been using on her pussy up to the blonde. Sarah didn’t hesitate to accept and with a moan started sucking it clean, giving head to the plastic toy and eagerly licking and sucking Alyson’s fuck juices off of it.

The two women didn’t stop there though. After they got the toys nice and wet they started using them again, but this time they changed things up. This time they didn’t fuck themselves. Rather they did it to each other as Sarah turned the blue vibrator back on and made it buzz sexually while fucking Alyson’s pussy with it and Alyson turned on the white one and pressed it between Sarah’s spread legs to work her over.

“Ohhhhhhhhh Alyyyyyyyyyy! Yesssssss yessssssssssss fuckkkk! Ooooh fuck me baby! Mmmmm that’s so fucking good!” Sarah cried out happily as she felt her friend stimulate her.

“Mmmmm yeah come all over it Sarah! Fucking cream my toy with your hot pussy!” Alyson urged as she cried out too from what Sarah was doing to her. “Oooooh yesssss mmmm fuck me too Sarah! Gawwd I love when you fuck me! Fuckkkkk I love how it buzzes on my fucking clit! Mmmm I wanna come for you so bad Sarah! I wanna be all fucking messy and creamy down here so you can bury your face in my pussy and lick it all up!”

“Oooooh you known I will!” Sarah promised as she moaned from Alyson’s vibrator stimulating her cunt. “I’ll lick up every drop of cream and then I’ll get my tight little pussy in your pretty face and give you something good to eat too!”

Alyson obviously liked that a lot and the two women started making out again while fucking each other. But they were not just playing with each other. There was a show going on too right in front of them.

Jessica Alba was sprawled out on the floor and was quite happy to be there. Jessica had dressed up for the party as a sexy
Christmas elf with a tight, short red and green dress and a red and green hat and even little pointy ears on her head. The dress had been so short, ending far above the knee to show off Jessica’s mouthwatering legs and the low-cut top had shown off a lot of cleavage, exposing the roundness of Jessica’s tan Latina breasts.

A lot more was exposed now. Jessica still had her dress on but only technically. The shoulder straps had been pulled down off of her to fully show off her bare chest with no bra on to cover up Jessica’s perfect tits. And the dress was now pulled up around her waist to show off she didn’t have panties on either. Basically Jessica only had her hat and ears still on and she was one happy little elf as her body was being worked over by several women all at once.

Love and Lacey gawked and giggled hornily at the sight before them. Jessica was moaning in complete bliss as Hailee Steinfeld and Kat Dennings were sucking on her bare breasts, licking on her stiff, dark nipples and kissing all over her areolas and the round firmness of her round mounds of sexy girl flesh. And between her legs Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson were sharing Jessica’s pussy. Their tongues were both working her over, licking her smooth, waxed lips and stimulating her visibly swollen clit as Jessica cried out in delight.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss YESSSSSSSSS! UGHHH FUCK YESSSSSS!!!” Jessica squealed over the four women making her feel so good all at once. “Ooooooh fuckkkk ohhhhh! So wet! Mmmmm so fucking wet! Ohhhh yessss lick me Scarlett! Oooooh taste me Nat! Gawwd suck on my clit and taste how hot and juicy you’re making me! Fuckkkk I’m going to come again! Ohhhh yessssssssss FUCKKK YESSSSSSSS!!!”

But before Jessica could actually get off again from all this attention being paid to her barely dressed body, the girls wanted to change things up, especially one girl.

“I want to taste her now!” Hailee whined, pulling up from Jessica’s swollen, stiff nipple with a sexy little pop as her lips removed themselves from the stiff bud. “I want her cum this time! I want to taste that hot pussy and lick her cream! You guys got to eat her out last time!”

“Mmmmm we can’t help but be greedy,” Scarlett teased as she kept her hand between her own legs, rubbing her bald pussy and sliding her fingers into her drenched hole. “Jess tastes so good!”

“Yeah I can’t ever get enough!” Natalie laughed back before giving her girlfriend a big kiss and tasting Jessica all over Scarlett’s famous lips. “I don’t know if I want to share. I think I’ll take this hot pussy all for myself!”

“Noooooo! Share!” Hailee pouted, the budding young superstar very used to getting what she wanted and not being denied it.
“I want to fuck her too! I want to eat Jessica’s pussy! She’s the one who brought me here the first time and I want to thank her by eating her out! Mmmmmm I want her to see how much I’ve been practicing!”

Hailee then gave Natalie and Scarlett both sexy kisses, pressing her young lips to theirs and savoring the taste of Jessica’s juices all over them. The two superstar actresses had Jessica’s cum all over their lips and tongues from how she had come before and Hailee could taste it all over them as she sensually kissed them both.

Jessica wanted to chime in of course. She wanted all of these women to fuck her again and again and again. But her mouth was pretty occupied as she had Kat’s heavy bosom shoved into her face. Kat was not shy about offering up her double D tits to the horny elf and Jessica had her face buried in them. In fact Jessica was eagerly motorboating those huge breasts as Kat laughed and rubbed them right into her famous face.

“Ooooooh yeahhhhh fuckkkkk mmmmm dirty little slutty elf!” Kat laughed with horny enthusiasm. “Mmmmm fuckkkkk motorboat my big Jewish jugs! No Christmas for you! It’s Chanukah time baby! Ooooooh yesssss fuckkkkk mmmmm suck on my big fucking titties Jess! Oooooh taste your own cum off them! And not just yours! Oooooh Hailee and Natalie rubbed their hot pussies into my big boobies and Scarlett’s going to get it next! I love hot cum on my tits and I want you licking it off you horny little elf!”

And since Jessica couldn’t express her own wishes, Sarah spoke up for her. After all, this was her idea and she wanted to make sure Jessica learned some important lessons.

“You can taste her now Hailee!” Sarah ordered, moaning and gasping with pleasure over Alyson fucking her with the vibrator. “This girl needs to lean all about the true meaning of Chanukah and how it means you have eight nights to fuck as many hot Jewish girls as you can! Eat that naughty Christmas elf pussy of hers with your sexy Jewish tongue, Hailee! Mmmm lick up Scarlett and Nat’s spit from her hot, horny cunt and swallow her juices! Oooh fuck her ass too while you’re down there! Jess loves it when her ass gets fucked for Christmas and she’s gotta learn how Jewish girls are the hottest sluts there are!”

Jessica obviously had no problem with that arrangement and she moaned out happily into the fleshy muzzle of Kat’s big tits in her face. And even though they didn’t want to stop, Scarlett and Natalie did pull away from Jessica to make room for Hailee. The completely naked young singer and actress got between Jessica’s legs and immediately started licking, bending over on her knees and shoving out her perfect round, youthful ass as she pressed her mouth to Jessica’s bald slit and started lapping away at her, licking up Jessica’s juices mixed with Scarlett and Natalie’s saliva.

Jessica cried out with pleasure over the feel of Hailee’s eager tongue as she saw how much the girl had been practicing with friends like Taylor and Selena and Demi since her last trip to the mansion. Hailee was getting so good at eating pussy and Jessica’s was the first she had ever licked so she was extra excited to show off how good she was getting. Plus she wanted to show off to Sarah too and the blonde was definitely taking note.

“Mmmmm that’s it Hailee!” Sarah moaned, her voice ragged and full of lust thanks to Alyson rubbing that vibe in just the right spot to make her quiver. “Taste that hot little pussy! Show her how fucking hot your cute little Jewish tongue is! Mmmmm I loved fucking your pretty face and feeding you my cum and now I want to see Jessica come all over you too! Lick that girly cream right out of her Hailee! Show Jessica that Jewish girls rock and how good we fuck! Everyone here is so focused on Christmas and they need to remember it’s Chanukah so let’s get all these hot Christian pussies fucked by a bunch of Hebrew hotties!”

Love giggled over Sarah’s ribald enthusiasm for celebrating Chanukah. Sarah was Jewish but she had been raised in a home with a Christmas tree too so she was open to any and all religious tradition. And this was really just her own way of celebrating the holiday in very naughty way. Alyson was also Jewish and so were Hailee and Kat and Scarlett and Natalie. They were all definitely Hebrew hotties and Love was so turned on watching this as she and Lacey gawked and unconsciously caressed their own naked bodies.

The sound of Love’s sexy laugh alerted Sarah to their audience and she beamed when she saw Love there. Sarah loved indulging in her friend’s holiday fever because they got to have fun like this and she beckoned her housemate closer.

“Ooooooh my my if it isn’t the biggest Christmas slut of them all!” Sarah playfully teased. “Mmmmm have you come to join the Chanukah party? You missed it when we all played strip dreidel and when we all lapped at each other in a slutty Jewish girl daisy chain but now you can watch us teach Jessica a lesson about the importance of Chanukah! It’s not just now after all and I think you need to learn that too Love!”

“Yesssssssssssss! Mmmmm teach me all about Chanukah!” Love giggled as she and Lacey walked over and sank down to their knees in front of Sarah and Alyson in open lust for their sexy Semitic friends. “Mmmmm show me how Jewish girls fuck! Show me how much fun Chanukah is!”

“Oh it’s SO much fun!” Alyson moaned as she felt Lacey dive in start kissing all over her thighs as the Hallmark star and good girl Christian icon suddenly found herself very interested in hearing all about Jewish holiday traditions. “Mmmmm you only get one day of hot Christmas fucking and we get those eight horny nights! Oooooh eight nights of nasty, slutty fucking! Ohhhhh Lacey mmmmm yeahhhhhh oooooh don’t be shy baby. I won’t tell Hallmark that you’re fucking a Jewish girl! Ooooh they’re gonna be soooo mad if they find out you were eating my Jewish pussy for Chanukah!”

That got Lacey to blush and pull up a bit from Alyson. She didn’t want Alyson to think that she was thought of her as just a “Jewish girl” or that she felt this was a sin. Lacey was a good girl. She was a woman of faith. She prayed and went to church and tried to live a moral life by the teachings of Jesus. But she also loved to have fun and while she knew it was wrong to cheat on her husband, Lacey didn’t consider lesbianism or anything on the LGBTQ rainbow a sin. She had actually prayed on this a lot ever since she and Love had first made love and she was sure that it wasn’t wrong. God made people this way for a reason and Lacey celebrated it.

But since she was an open Christian and was doing all these sweet, wholesome Hallmark movies, Lacey worried sometimes that the girls here thought she thought they were all sinners or that she was judging them in a religious way. Lacey actually hated how religion could be used as a way to try and justify being a bigot or a homophobe and she wanted them to make sure they knew that she wasn’t like that at all.

“No! Alyson! I don’t think it’s wrong! I…I…” Lacey began to stammer out before Alyson pulled her face up to her and sensually kissed her.

“Relax Lacey, I was just teasing, I know you don’t feel that way,” Alyson declared after the kiss, making the younger woman visibly relax. “Mmmmm now get down there and show me how much you love Chanukah you sexy thing! Lick my pussy Lacey! Gimmie that hot Christmas tongue of yours!”

“Ooooooh yes! Mmmmm I want that! Show me how to celebrate Chanukah the right way!” Lacey said as she zipped back down between Alyson’s legs, licking the now turned-off vibrator clean and tasting Alyson and Sarah’s juices all over it before she buried her face into Alyson’s alabaster thighs and began licking her.

“Mmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh ohhhhh fuckkk yeah Lacey! Lick me up with that good girl Hallmark tongue! Taste that juice you naughty girl!” Alyson lustfully urged, enjoying the feel of Lacey’s eager tongue far more than any vibrator.

Alyson loved seeing a good girl like Lacey go bad. She knew Lacey was sweet and innocent and yet was also the kind of naughty girl who ditched her husband to go cheat on him by fucking women. That contrast made Alyson very fucking hot and she wondered, not for the first time either, if Lacey would like to go to church in her bedroom where she could tie her up and use some very naughty techniques on her to teach her about the true religion of sex and what serving and devotion meant. Alyson even had a nun costume in her closet she thought Lacey might like.

But that was for another night and Alyson liked what Lacey was doing right then as she went down on her and showed her what an eager pussy licker she could be no matter what someone’s religious faith was. Alyson loved looking down and seeing Lacey’s beautiful, wholesome face between her legs eating her pussy and looking so sexy with her red fur in her face.

And while Alyson was moaning out from Lacey’s tongue, Sarah was doing the same from Love’s. Because Love was all about celebration and even though she loved to go Christmas crazy, marking Chanukah was very important to her too, especially because she could do it by eating out Sarah’s hot, delicious pussy. Love always was into orally pleasuring her housemate, no matter what time of year and what holiday it was, and she brushed away the vibrator Alyson had been using on Sarah so she could instead tend to her friend with hot licks.

“Ooooooh Love! Mmmmm yeah get in there you naughty Christmas slut! Eat that hot kosher pussy for Chanukah!” Sarah giggled, being silly and a touch blasphemous for her own pleasure. “Yesssssss lick it up and show me you love Chanukah too! We can’t just have a Christmas party you know. I want a menorah and lots of candles and mmmmm I want hot little Christmas-loving sluts like you on your knees eating my hot Jewish cunt and making me feel good! Fuckkkk ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkk yes Love yesssssssssss!”

“Mmmmm Jewish pussy tastes sooooooo good!” Love giggled back between thirsty licks as she kneeled naked in front of Sarah and moaned when she felt soft hands from behind caressing her bare ass. “I love celebrating Chanukah, Sarah! I don’t just love Christmas! Mmmm I love you too and I want to make this the best fucking holiday for you! Jewish girls rock mmmm and Chanukah is so much fun!”

“Yessss and just you wait Love! Mmmm if you’re a good girl I’ll let you help me light the menorah and we can all drip some candle wax on that Christmas slut body of yours,” Sarah grinned while happily moaning and fucking her housemate’s face with her pussy. “Mmmmm do it Love! Show me how much you love Chanukah! Show me how wet hot Jewish girls make you! It’s eight naughty nights of this you know and we need eight hot Jewish girls so I told Mila Kunis and Emmy Rossum to come over too so they can join in. Mmmm you like that Love? Eight naked Jewish girls to gangbang you and Lacey and Jess and all you other horny good little Christian girls! All of us naughty Jews fucking you by the Christmas tree!”

Naturally, Love didn’t just like that idea. She LOVED it. She wanted Sarah and Scarlett and Natalie and Kat and Hailee and Alyson to strap on toys and give it to her with their fake cocks as they fucked her by the Christmas tree in a slutty Chanukah girlbang. She loved playing with Mila and Emmy too and she badly wanted them to join in. Love knew Jessica would be totally into that idea too and she wasn’t the only one getting off on it.

“Ohhhh my God that sounds sooooooo hot!” Lacey moaned in between licks as she also felt soft hands groping her thick bare bottom and fondling her in a way she found very stimulating. “Mmmmm gawd gangbang me by the Christmas tree! I want a bunch of hot Jewish girls fucking my pussy oooooh and my ass! Gawd, hot Jewish girls fucking my Christian holes and making me cheat on David! Oooooh sooooo naughty! I want that Sarah! Fuck me Alyson! I want all of you to gang up on the good Christian Hallmark girl and fuck me! Make my big boobs bounce as you stuff your toys into me and make me come like a total whore at Christmas! Ughhhh so sexy! Hot Jewish girls using my pussy and my ass and making me their toy! I want it! Mmmm so yummy!”

Lacey blushed as she said such dirty things but she was also smiling and completely aroused by the thought of it. She wanted it so much and she wanted to be naked and naughty and a little blasphemous even at such a holy, wholesome time of year. She felt guilty about poor David but she also felt super turned on. Just the thought of Sarah and all her hot Jewish friends gangbanging her and licking Sarah and Scarlett and Natalie and Alyson and Mila and Kat and Emmy made Lacey’s pussy drip and she tongues Alyson harder.

“FUCK ME YESSSS! OOOOH YOU NAUGHTY FUCKING SLUT YESSSS EAT MY PUSSY OHHHH FUCKKKK!!!” Alyson exclaimed in glee over how excited Lacey was. “Ooooooh dirty girl eating my pussy so good! Mmmm Hallmark’s biggest star wanting to be in a Jewish lesbian girlbang ohhhh fuck that’s hot! Fuck yes don’t stop Lacey! Don’t stop eating that pussy OHHHH FUCKKK YESSSSSSSSS DON’T STOP!!!”

Lacey was so turned on as she ate Alyson out and pictured even naughtier things happening to her married body at Christmas. And Love was turned on by how turned on her friend was. Love was so glad Lacey was here to share this with her and she was so glad that everyone was having so much fun. This really was the perfect party and Love worked over Sarah’s smooth, pink lips with her tongue. She lapped away at them and pushed inside to tongue fuck her friend while she was groped from behind.

She couldn’t see who was doing it but Love sure enjoyed it as she felt sexy girl hand playfully grab at her ass and squeeze and kiss her luscious, naked cheeks. She could feel fingers sliding over her slit from behind too and pushing inside and Love didn’t even care who was doing it. She wanted happy Chanukah hands everywhere on her body and it all felt so good.

“Oooooh such a great butt! Mmmmm fuck and such a tight, juicy pussy! Fuckkkkk I love coming to parties here!” Kat declared enthusiastically as she groped Love and devilishly fingered her pussy from behind, spoiling the mystery of who it was. “Mmmm you guys throw the best fucking Christmas parties and I’m spending all my Chanukahs here from now on! I’m gonna sleep here for eight nights and fuck all of you gorgeous bitches! Oooooh fuckkk yesssss eat my pussy Jessica mmmm fuckkkk yessssssss chow down on Jewish pussy for Christmas! Ohhh!”

While she sexily played with Love’s bare ass and fingered her pussy, Kat was bent over and sitting on Jessica’s face. She was feeding the gorgeous actress and businesswoman her dripping wet pussy and Jessica was loving every sexy drop she could get out of it. Jessica lapped away with thirsty licks as Hailee fingered her asshole and ate her pussy out, making her feel so fucking good. Jessica channeled that pleasure into eating Kat out as the curvaceous beauty fucked her face and the holiday magic was working on all of them.

Scarlett and Natalie were hardly sitting idly by either, Now Natalie was doing one of her favorite things in the world and was voraciously eating out her girlfriend as she fed off her pussy and made Scarlett moan and fuck her face. Natalie loved it when Scarlett would hold her down to her bald cunt and push her head into it because she couldn’t get enough of her. Natalie loved licking Scarlett in a way that made Scarlett never want her to stop and she adored how Scarlett showed it by forcing her head down to her pussy.

Not that it was necessary of course. Natalie loved eating Scarlett out. She loved bringing her girlfriend pleasure. She loved making the woman she loved come all over her tongue. Scarlett never had to force her to do anything. But the hand on the back of her head was extra incentive and it showed Natalie how much Scarlett wanted her, which inspired Natalie to lick her lover so well while Scarlett fondled Lacey’s yummy bare ass and kissed all over her soft, married cheeks.

“Oooooooh fuckkkkk yesssss Nat! Ughhhh eat me up like you always do so fucking well!” Scarlett moaned, her tits jiggling enticingly on her chest as she fucked Natalie’s face and ground her hips into her so she could really get in her cunt with her tongue. “Mmmmm fuck yes Lacey! You’re so sexy! We need to play more often! You’ve got such a great ass! I need to start watching those Hallmark movies for real! You’re so fucking hot!”

Scarlett then proved to Lacey that her compliments were not just words as she pressed her face between those beautiful married butt cheeks and started licking Lacey’s slit from behind. Scarlett’s tongue attacked her wholesome pussy and made Lacey moan wantonly into Alyson’s pussy as she licked the redhead.

It was turning into quite a celebration of all the holidays as Natalie licked Scarlett and Scarlett licked Lacey and Lacey licked Alyson. They were all worshipping each other with their tongues and it didn’t matter if it was Christmas or Chanukah or any holiday. They all just wanted each other’s hot, tasty cum as a present as they licked and slurped away while Love did the same to Sarah and Kat got to ride Jessica’s tongue.

But the closest to actually getting that gift was Hailee as she licked and fingered Jessica and showed off what a good little student she was. Hailee had been practicing as often as she could with Selena and Taylor and when Demi joined in it was even hotter. And Hailee had also been hanging out with Bella Thorne and her little crew lately, fucking Olivia Holt and Chloe and Ariel and Ava. Gawd there were so many hot girls out there and Hailee wanted to fuck them all. She’d been to parties at the mansion before but this one felt like the wildest one ever and she was having so much fun.

Hailee had always loved sex. It had felt good, so why not embrace it and enjoy it? But she had never felt fully sexual until Taylor and Jessica had seduced her last Christmas. She had been fucking girls non-stop since, loving how insatiable they were and how they could go all night long just like she could. Hailee loved to fuck and she now knew there was no pleasure like fucking hot girls.

She’d had such a naughty crush on Jessica when they’d filmed an action comedy years ago together. She hadn’t really been into girls back then but Hailee had been so curious and had gotten such a crush on her gorgeous, sexy co-star. Hailee had fantasized about going to Jessica and offering herself to her, letting her have her underage pussy and even her ass and letting her just take her completely and fuck her brains out so she could be a hot fuckdoll for a horny woman.

Hailee hadn’t dared do anything back then. She hadn’t even been sure she had really wanted it. But she was sure now. Now she was a woman of legal age and she could do whatever she wanted to whomever she wanted, especially Jessica. Hailee licked away at Jessica’s hot pussy while sliding her fingers up Jessica’s very willing asshole. Hailee had gotten her two fingers very wet with her own and Jessica’s juices and had licked at Jessica’s tight puckered ring too, lashing at it and making it wet with a naughty rim job.

Now she was working her over with fingers and tongue and Jessica loved it as she cried out again and again into Kat’s pussy while the busty brunette rode Jessica’s face.

“Gonna come? Gonna come for me Jess?” Hailee teased as she pumped her fingers into Jessica’s snug, sexy asshole and licked at her creamy, drooling pussy lips. “Gonna come for the horny Jewish girl at Christmas? Mmmmm gawd I’ve never celebrated Chanukah like this but it’s all I want to do now! Mmmm any excuse to fuck girls, right? Come for me Jess! Come all over my face! I want that cum! It’s my turn to get it! Fuck me! Come for me!”

Jessica was definitely all into Chanukah now. If Hailee and Scarlett and Natalie and Kat and Alyson and Sarah were going to keep fucking her like this and if Mila and Emmy were really going to join in, then Jessica was thinking about converting because Judaism definitely had a lot of appeal. She laughed to herself when she thought that, wondering what the others at the Christian Bible camp she’d gone to during her super religious phase would think of her now, naked and fucking women by the Christmas tree while she let hot Jewish girls defile her pure Christian body.

Fuck that was hot. All of this was so fucking hot. Jessica had already come from Scarlett and Natalie and now Hailee had her right on the edge. She had Kat sitting on her face and Jessica loved it too. She loved tasting Kat’s hot pussy as she fucked her tongue and she reached up to squeeze Kat’s yummy ass cheeks, grabbing onto those hot buns and even digging her fingers into them so she could really grip her thickness. Jessica lapped away at her juicy pink hole while Hailee did hers and the taste of Kat got Jessica even hotter as each lick from Hailee’s horny young tongue and each touch of her fingers up her ass made Jessica feel better and better and better until she was right at her crescendo.


Hailee loved hearing that praise. She wanted to be so good at this. She loved fucking women and she wanted to do it so well that any woman would want to fuck her too. Hailee knew she was hot. She worked hard to be hot. But she didn’t just want her hotness to be the reason people wanted to be with her. She didn’t want it to be because of her fame or her money either. Hailee wanted it to be because she was a great lover and others genuinely wanted to feel her pleasure them. She wanted it to be because she could fuck any man or any woman’s brains out, especially women.

So she wanted to work hard at this and get really fucking good at it just like she did with her music and her acting and everything. Hailee wanted to be the best and she loved getting lots of practice at eating pussy and fucking tight, sexy girl ass. She gave it to Jessica with everything she had, finger fucking her asshole and sucking on her swollen clit until Jessica gave her that Christmas gift all over her gorgeous Jewish face.


Jessica muffled her own screams by burying her face back into Kat and she licked away at her while she creamed all over Hailee’s face and tongue. Hailee was such a thirsty girl for it too, licking up all her juice and swallowing it hungrily before she pulled up and kissed Scarlett right on the lips so she could share the taste of it with her and taste Jessica’s earlier orgasm on Scarlett too along with all of the fresh juice Scarlett had been licking out of Lacey.

The two women began making out for a few minutes, erotically fusing their lips together and rubbing their cum covered tongues, before they both teamed up on Lacey. Scarlett went back to licking Lacey’s honeypot while Hailee got naughty with the Hallmark star and spread open her ass cheeks so she could get at her tightest hole. Hailee attacked Lacey’s precious ring and began licking it as soon as she could, rimming her like she had just rimmed Jessica and giving the good Christian girl two hot Jewish tongues at once.

“FUCKKK OHHH MY GOD OHHHH FUCKKKK! SOOOO NAUGHTY! OOOOOH!” Lacey cried in surprise and pleasure before Alyson silenced her by pushing her back down into her pussy so she could keep on licking her like Love was doing to Sarah.

Meanwhile, Kat knew Jessica probably needed to catch her breath so she pulled herself off her face and kissed her before starting to lick her own juices off Jessica’s flawless superstar face.

“Mmmmm gawwd I mean it,” Kat moaned out while tasting herself from licking Jessica’s breathless face. “I’m so gonna be here for all of Chanukah and Christmas too and like New Year’s and Valentine’s Day and all that shit! Mmmm I fucking love it here so much!”

That got Kat a kiss from Jessica and she was about to give her something more when Jessica heard an interruption. The doorbell rang and even though it was impossible to miss it everyone was too busy fucking to do anything about it.

“I guess I’ll get it,” Jessica said with a sigh before turning back to Kat. “Don’t go anywhere Kat. Mmmm I owe you a pussy licking!”

“Goddamn right you do,” Kat excitedly moaned while using one hand to rub her big tits and the other to paw at her own pussy
as she splayed open her legs to show off how soaking wet she was. “I’ll be right here waiting for you Jess!”
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Re: Harem Visions: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (multiple celebrities)
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Jessica did not want to delay so she got up off the floor and took the time to slide her dress all the way off. She pushed it down her legs leaving herself completely naked except for her little elf hat and ears and she left those on, feeling that it added to the naughtiness. And she walked to the door wearing nothing but that hat while showing no shyness about answering the door buck naked.

After all, anyone who could get to the door past the gate obviously had the access code and therefore was a friend and someone that Jessica wanted to see her naked. She walked quickly to the door, making sure she was sauntering a bit as she did it, wiggling her bare ass and giving her bare tits a bounce so she looked as sexy as possible when she did it. And she wondered who it could be.

She hoped it was Emmy and Mila to add to the Chanukah party. But she knew Britney and Christina were coming once they had everything all sorted out with their babysitter, which meant stopping licking her long enough to actually get over here, and she hoped Kirsten Dunst and Eliza Dushku were going to come too. They’d seen so little of them lately and they’d hoped they’d accept the invite.

But when Jessica opened the door, she found none of those women there and instead found someone she didn’t expect.

“Merry Christmas!” Jessica declared before stopping herself in a bit of surprise when she saw Amy Adams standing there, the married woman looking a bit uncertain about her own actions even as her eyes widened in obvious appreciation of the stark naked body she saw standing before her.

“Oh wow! Ummmm you…you guys started the party already, huh?” Amy said, looking like she was going to swallow her tongue in shock and excitement over seeing Jessica’s nude form, her tits capped off with stiff nipples and her bald pussy visibly soaked from the orgasm she’d just had. “Ummmm can I come in?”

“Amy! Of course…of course…come in…” Jessica said, snapping out her own stupor as she let the redhead come inside.
In all the craziness of last year’s punch-fueled party, Amy succumbing to her own pent-up lesbian desires and finding out the truth about what this place was really like had been one of the ramifications they’d been trying to deal with over the past year. Sarah and Love were particularly close to Amy but everyone there was Amy’s friend and no one had wanted to disrupt her marriage or complicate her home life or do anything to put Amy in a bad position. So there had been regrets over what had happened.

But there had also been more. Amy had been struggling for the past year to try and forget what she only sort of remembered and put it all behind her and focus on her husband and her family. Yet even as she had done that, Amy had known she had enjoyed herself and that the punch had only brought to life what had already been inside her. She had wanted it. She had enjoyed it. She had come from it. She had thought about it a lot since it had happened and she had made sure it had happened again.

Amy didn’t know what she was doing or what she truly wanted a lot of the time these days. But she knew she couldn’t bring herself to fully stop visiting the mansion, not just to see her friends in a friendly way, but to join in on their forbidden fun. She tried to stop herself. She truly did. She didn’t want to risk her marriage or do anything to make her daughter disappointed in her. But this place turned Amy on like crazy and she didn’t need any punch to feel it.

That was why she was here tonight and seeing Jessica Alba nude like this wearing nothing but a cute little elf hat, made Amy sure she was doing the right thing by doing the very wrong thing.

“Mmmmm you look good! I mean really, REALLY good!” Amy couldn’t help but say as she felt the desire bubbling up inside herself as she stared at Jessica’s beautiful nudity. “Mmmm is the party going well?”

“Oh yeah!” Jessica said with a smile. “I’m glad you’re here! Come on inside we’re just…”

But Amy had a different idea in mind. She was here to be bad. She wanted to be bad. She wanted to be naughty. She wanted to be dirty. She wasn’t here for Christmas, She was here for what Jessica had for her and she wanted it now.

“Actually I think we’re good right here,” Amy said boldly, unbuttoning and dropping her coat off of her body to show off that she had come to the mansion completely naked underneath it.

Amy felt such a surge of naughty energy as she bared her body to Jessica like this. She had tried to talk herself out of this so many times. She knew this had been crazy and sneaking out of the house in just her coat and heels without Darren noticing or, God forbid, Aviana seeing what she was up to was not even borderline insane.

But she had wanted to do it. Amy had this desire in her now, it was a need and a lust that she couldn’t satisfy and she wanted to be bold and bad and live out a fantasy she’d always had of going to see a lover while nude under her coat so she could surprise them with her body.

In her earlier fantasies it had always been a man who she had surprised but in the last year she had dreamed of doing it to women and that had been so much hotter for her. Now she was actually doing it. She’d driven all the way here with her famous body bare under her long coat and now it was around her feet and she was standing there naked as Jessica found herself having to pick her jaw up off the floor. Amy was so nervous but so excited and this was making her so horny, especially when she saw Jessica’s flustered reaction.

“See something you like?” Amy asked sexily as she displayed the creamy skin of her nude body, her breasts pale and perfect and her pink nipples getting stiff as her pussy lips started to moisten while she saw Jessica staring at the neatly trimmed patch of red fur above her waiting cunt. “Something you want for Christmas Jess?”

“Oh fuck yes!” Jessica moaned in delight at seeing the very naughty and very naked side of Amy Adams.

“Mmmmm goody because I see something I like too and I want it very, very much,” Amy said, her sweet voice getting a lusty edge as she pushed Jessica’s bare body against the wall and dropped to her knees in the mansion’s foyer wearing nothing but her heels. “Mmmmm fuck I want this soooooo bad!”

Amy brought her face right to Jessica’s pussy and without thinking twice or worrying about the risks of anything, she dove in and started licking. She tasted all the cream that Hailee had created with her licking and Amy quickly got Jessica even wetter as she worked her inexperienced but very, very eager tongue onto her pussy.

Jessica couldn’t believe this was happening and started moaning out with utter pleasure over the married redhead kneeling before her eating her out right in the goddamn foyer. They weren’t even going to make it to the party or even to a bedroom. Amy wanted it here and now and Jessica was going to give it to her. Amy’s tongue felt amazing and Jessica’s freshly orgasmed pussy was already hot for more.

The taste of her hot honey quickly began to coat Amy’s tongue and the more she licked Jessica, the more she wanted her. She latched her mouth to the beautiful nude woman, sucking on her labia and fucking her with excited tongue thrusts. Amy went after Jessica’s pussy with a hunger she hadn’t felt for Darren in so long and she hated realizing that even though she also found it so wickedly arousing.

Amy could feel her heart beating in her chest as she did this. She had never been more nervous or more excited to indulge in anything. She felt like she wasn’t acting like herself at all and she liked that a lot. This wasn’t like last Christmas at all. There wasn’t any intoxicating punch this time. This was all her.

She hadn’t blamed the punch for what had happened and she hadn’t blamed Sarah and Love or any of the others either. Amy knew she could only blame herself and she didn’t even want to do that.

She had wanted to go wild at that party. All the punch had done was reveal she had hidden away. She was sure of it. That was why she had come back to the mansion and done it again. There had been so many times where Amy had tried to control herself and make herself not want it but it always failed and she knew she wanted it to fail too. She wanted to keep coming back here. She wanted to fuck these women. She wanted to be bad.

And she was being so bad right now. She’d been so scared that somehow someone would find out she was naked under her coat as she had driven here, like she’d be pulled over by police or her car would break down and she’d have to call AAA or somehow a gust of wind would blow her coat off right when a bus full of tourists was passing by. But Amy had kind of wanted to be exposed because it was so fucking naughty to have gone out like this and come here completely bare where every moment outsider she had been able to feel the cool night air on her nude body.

She’d felt such a nervous, excited chill as she’d driven like this to Malibu and that thrill was still there even though her coat was gone. Amy could feel the tingles from being so naughty rushing through her as she kneeled in front of Jessica and used her fingers to slide open those tight, puffy lips so she could really lick at her. Jessica was so wet for her and Amy loved it. She wanted her juice all over her tongue and on her face and even in her hair.

Amy needed this. She needed to be bad and fuck women. She needed to not be who everyone expected her to be. The taste of punch last year had given her a taste of so much more and she wanted that sweet freedom again.

She couldn’t wait. Not one more second. She wanted the taste of Jessica right here and right now. Amy loved how squishy and creamy Jessica’s pussy was. Jessica had clearly been fucking a lot already tonight and Amy got to taste it all as she kneeled naked before her and worked her tongue and fingers over those messy pink folds.

“Ohhhhh Amy! Fuckkkkk yessssss! Oooooh don’t stop!” Jessica moaned, leaning back against the wall and squeezing her own tits as felt pleasure rush through her thanks to Amy’s hungry tongue. “I never thought you’d be doing this to me!”

Amy never thought she’d be doing it either but she liked letting this side of herself loose and she loved the way Jessica tasted.

“You’re such a dirty girl, Jess!” Amy carnally declared as she worked her fingers deeper into Jessica while licking her flavor off her lips. “Such a dirty, nasty girl! But I’m dirty too! Everyone thinks I’m so good and nice and would never do anything bad! But I’m doing it! I’m going to do you all and I’m going to love it!”

Jessica had no idea what had gotten into Amy but she was so glad it had. She had always admired her beauty and immense talent as an actress and she couldn’t help but be attracted to her. She knew that despite Amy having been “off-limits” by order of Sarah and Love, wild things had happened at the party last year and she knew that Amy had come back to the mansion since. So maybe she shouldn’t have been surprised to have this happen. But Jessica still was and happily so, because Amy had such a talented tongue.

She needed more practice and Jessica hoped she would practice on her a lot. It was so hot to have someone like Amy, with her pristine reputation and her happy family life, doing something so naughty to her. It was making her so wet and Jessica could feel herself dripping into Amy’s mouth as the married redhead licked away at her.

“Yessssssss you’re dirty just like us!” Jessica groaned encouragingly as she happily let Amy feed off of her cunt. “Sarah and Love would act like you weren’t but deep down I knew you had to be! It’s so fucking good, isn’t it Amy? Letting go and fucking all these hot girls! I love it so much and now you love it too! You’re a nasty slut like me Amy! You’re one of us now and we’re going to fuck you all the damn time!”

Amy loved the sound of that. She wanted that so much. She wanted to let go and indulge in every erotic fantasy and live her life not worried about what anyone would think of her. She wanted to go absolutely wild and hold nothing back as she turned her fantasies into reality and forgot all about everything else that was supposed to matter so she could fuck every hot woman in sight.

God, how could she be thinking that? She had everything she had thought she had ever wanted at home waiting for her and yet here she was at Christmas time on her knees like a filthy adulteress having sex with another woman. What was she doing? She was turning her back on her family and all the love they gave her so she could go out and get fucked. She really was a nasty slut. Jessica was right and it felt so fucking good.

“I want you so much! I want all of you!” Amy moaned as she licked and slurped, her own pussy getting so hot and juicy as she tasted Jessica’s delicious feminine flavor. “Ohhhh God I want this! I want what you all have! Mmmm I want all of you to fuck me and I never want to leave!”

Amy shoved her tongue back into Jessica after she said that, not even wanting to think about the things coming out of her mouth as she tried to only think about how much she wanted Jessica’s cream and how badly she needed to come. She licked harder and faster and dug her fingers into Jessica, squishing them in and out of her cunt while Jessica moaned out loud for her, sighing out her name with such rapture that Amy got even wetter hearing it and imagining all the women here moaning for her like that.

And it wasn’t long before Jessica’s absence grew notable and someone came out looking for her.

“Hey Jess, where are you? Kat said she’s waiting for you and she...oh my God! Amy?” Anne Hathaway gasped in shock when she saw the unmistakable body of the gorgeous redhead naked and on her knees working over Jessica’s pussy. “Wha…what…what are you doing here?”

Anne felt so stupid as soon as she said it and she blushed while the words were leaving her mouth. It was obvious what Amy was doing there and Anne couldn’t believe it. Amy was part of this too? Since when? What else had she missed by not being around this place? Anne couldn’t believe what she was seeing but the mere sight of it made her hot and she stared at Amy and Jessica while rubbing her bare breasts and sliding her other hand down between her legs so she could touch herself.

Neither Amy nor Jessica had reacted to her stupid question. They were too focused on each other and Anne was so relieved.
The last thing she wanted was to embarrass herself especially with Amy so naked and so beautiful. Anne loved looking at Jessica’s bare body usually but right then her eyes could only gaze upon Amy’s pristine nudity. Her bare ass was so sexily pale
and full, two gorgeously creamy skinned cheeks up in the air all firm and sexy and curved just right.
The view of Amy’s perfect body made her fellow MILF wet with fresh desire and Anne knew she couldn’t just watch.

“Can I join in?” Anne asked, not wanting to interrupt a private moment but finding herself unable to not picture a future that didn’t involve her eating Amy Adams’ pussy.

And while they had ignored Anne’s earlier reaction, Amy did not let this opportunity pass by.

“Yes! Join in! Get in here and fuck me!” Amy demanded. “Get your tongue in my pussy and eat my nasty little slut cunt out! Fuck me! Fuck me now!”

Anne couldn’t believe words like that could come out of Amy Adams’ mouth. But she didn’t question them. This was a surprise Christmas present and she wanted it now. Anne couldn’t even think of denying herself this treasure and before any of them knew it she was on her knees behind Amy caressing those soft, sexy cheeks of her ass and breathing in the intoxicating scent of the redhead’s arousal while she darted her tongue out to start licking.

Anne had wanted to do this to Amy for so long but had never thought she would. The redhead was so beautiful and Anne had been feeling a girl crush on her ever since Amy had started stealing hearts in Catch Me If You Can. She had never actually expected to find out Amy was into all this though and Anne was elated to find out she had totally misjudged the actress. Amy had Jessica in a frenzy of moans and her pussy was soaking wet.

Juice was starting to trickle out of her slit and Anne’s tongue darted out to lap it up, causing Amy to moan right into Jessica’s pussy. That first delicious lick of Amy’s pussy naturally only made Anne want more and her tongue got to work. Anne licked her with a craving for Amy’s juices and they tasted so fucking good.

“Yessssss Anne yesssssss! Ohhhh fuckkkk all of you are so fucking good at this!” Amy moaned as she was tongued from behind. “Lick me! Eat my pussy Anne! Fuck me! All of you can fuck me! Don’t even take turns on me! Grab me and gang up on me and all of you fuck me at once! I need this! I need to make my dirty fantasies real!”

Ever since her first trip to the mansion and her quick return the day after, Amy had been wrestling with her guilt and her desire. Every time she thought she had talked herself out of going back, Amy would feel that illicit need and her lust would overcome her conscience.

Since that first trip to the mansion, Amy had been masturbating…a lot. She would fantasize about Sarah and Love and Jennifer and Rose and all of the gorgeous women here. She would dream about being in the big piles of girls and having them all rip at her clothes and make her naked and then fucking everything wholesome and sweet right out of her until she was a drooling, pussy-crazed hedonist.

Amy had touched herself so many times in the past year thinking about the girls in Malibu and all the hot girls she knew, like the cute barista at her favorite Starbucks, fellow actresses she worked with, the hot women who worked at her agent’s office and so many more. God she’d even gone to a parent-teacher conference at Avi’s school and had been so turned on from meeting her daughter’s gorgeous young teacher that she’d gone home and fucked herself in the bathtub thinking of what she could teach that pretty girl.

Amy would fantasize about her friends, her co-workers and random strangers she would see. She would sneak around and watch porno, checking out gorgeous women with big tits and fuckable asses and hot, slutty pussies get it on with men and with huge cocks and she’d be looking right at those hot porno girls and imagining what they could do to her.

Amy’s browser history would have made a pervert blush and of course Love had shown her where the best all-girl porno was so she didn’t have to bother with scenes with men and Amy could see what she really wanted, hot girls getting it on with hot girls. She couldn’t stop thinking about it and wanting it and she’d touch herself all the time with her shower massager and naughty toys she’d order and hide from Darren and, of course, her own fingers.

Why did women have to be so hot? Why did she have to want them so much?  Why did this have to feel so good? Because it felt amazing. Even though she knew what she was doing was a betrayal of the people she loved, Amy didn’t want to stop. She had Jessica Alba’s pussy in her face and Anne Hathaway’s hot tongue in her own pussy. How could Amy ever want anything like that to stop?

“Ohhhhh Anne! Yessssssssss! More! Oh my God give me more of that tongue!” Amy groaned out with raw lust dripping from her voice. “Lick me! Fuck me! Eat my naughty fucking pussy! Taste what a bad girl I really am! Ohhhh yessss please fuck me Anne! Shove that pretty face into my pussy and fuck me you fucking slut!”

Anne had never thought she’d ever be called a slut by Amy Adams, especially when she was eating her out. But the shock of it made it even more arousing. Anne loved being called that by someone like Amy.

It made everything naughtier and hotter and Anne licked her harder and faster. Amy tasted so good and juicy and Anne was so
hungry for that taste even after she’d licked Rose and Saoirse and Emma and Kate and Miley and Ariana and Love and Jennifer and…God, she just wanted to lick everyone. Anne was a slut and she loved it and Amy was one too and so was Jessica. All of them were and it was so much fucking fun.

“You taste so good! Ohhhh fuck come in my mouth Amy! Cream my fucking tongue with that juice!” Anne urged as she massaged Amy’s soft, round ass cheeks and tongued her ginger pussy. “I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long! Come all over my face and then let’s go inside the party and fuck everyone there! We’re both bad girls Amy! We’re both dirty sluts! Our families are home waiting for us and we’re here fucking like nasty girls! Mmmm I love it!”

“Yessssssssssssss I love it too!” Amy gasped out, her gorgeous face shiny with Jessica’s juices as she craved more girls to taste and more girls to lick her. “I’m so fucking bad! Just like you Anne! Just like you Jess! Ohhhhh God you all used to treat me like I wasn’t bad, that I was good and special and that I’d never want to be a part of this! But I do want it! I want it all the fucking time! Ohhhh Anne yesssssss yessssssssss fuckkkkk don’t stop! Eat me out! Tongue that horny fucking pussy of mine and taste how wet I get sneaking out on Darren like the fucking dirty slutty wife I really am! Ohhhhhh yesssssss I’m so bad and I need this so fucking much!”

The severity of how much Amy needed this was not lost on Jessica. She had never seen Amy like this before, even when she’d visited the mansion previously. And Jessica wanted to give Amy what she needed. She wanted to make Amy come and she didn’t want to even wait until she came first. Jessica decided the most giving thing she could do at Christmas was help Anne out.

So she pulled her pussy away from Amy and got down on her knees on the floor with her. Jessica passionately kissed Amy first, savoring the taste of her own juices all over Amy’s pink lips and then tasting them all over her tongue when Amy pushed it into her mouth. She and Amy made out with hot, wet tongue kisses for several hot moments, groping each other’s naked tits and playing with each other’s nipples as they did it. But then Jessica pulled away and crawled nakedly to where Anne was as all three of them fucked right in the middle of the foyer while the party raged in the other rooms.

“Turn her over,” Jessica told Anne. “Get her on her back. I want to see her face as we make her come.”

Amy’s eyes lit up like she’d just been given the best present ever when she heard that. She hadn’t wanted to stop licking Jessica but the idea of two tongues licking her at once was something she had fucked herself to so many times. She needed to have right then and there without any delay. Amy didn’t even wait for Anne to do anything. She turned herself over and sat back naked on the floor, her bare ass pressing into the tile as she spread open her legs and lewdly exposed herself.

Slinging open her legs in a salacious display she never would have done at home with Darren, Amy gave everyone a wonderfully obscene view of her splayed folds. The juice was dripping from her lips and her neat red fur had gotten visibly wet and darker in color as her curls matted together. She was so turned on and not afraid to hide it.

“Do it! Fuck me! I fucking need it! Get in here and eat my fucking cunt!” Amy practically growled, her filthy words from her sweet mouth making Jessica and Anne melt with desire.

They attacked her as one, two hungry mouths going for her pussy as the two naked women shared their unexpected present. Jessica and Anne licked her together, lapping at Amy’s sensitive, pink folds. They tongued her clit and sucked on her splayed labia. And Jessica wasn’t shy about shoving in her fingers either, thrusting them into Amy while she and Anne licked and sucked and made the redhead cry with pleasure.


Anne and Jessica wanted the same thing Amy did and they worked to get it. Amy’s face was even prettier than it normally was as she tossed her head back and moaned out again and again how much she loved it. Her soft skin was covered in Jessica’s juices and all of them knew Amy was going to get a lot messier on her pretty face before the end of the night. This was all so filthy and fun as they fucked like untamed debauchees in the foyer, not even being able to control themselves enough to make it the short distance to where everyone else was fucking.

And it felt just as good to Jessica and Anne as it did to Amy. They loved licking her like this. They loved being wild and dirty. They loved knowing they were making her feel good. They both wanted to bring out the filthy side of Amy Adams and Amy wanted to let them.

They licked and sucked and fingered her pussy and Amy leaned back against the wall with her legs obscenely spread open, crying out again and again in pleasure as they fucked her and she humped their faces, getting her juices all over their tongues and lips and making them into a sexy mess with her essence.


Amy had been wet for this all day, counting down the hours until she could abandon the sweet, homey and loving side of herself and leave it all behind so she could get over to the mansion with no clothes, no inhibitions and no fucking morals. She hadn’t even told Sarah or anyone she was coming. Amy figured they had sent her the invite thinking she would refuse it but she wasn’t going to refuse this ever again. She never wanted to stop being fucked and acting like this feral fucking whore who only cared about getting off as much as possible.

Amy got such a thrill from looking down and seeing those two beautiful face between her legs sharing her pussy. Anyone in the world, man or woman, would have considered it a dream come true to have either Jessica Alba or Anne Hathaway pleasuring them. But Amy had them both and she was so greedy for it. She wanted more. She needed so much more. Her friends were all so fucking gorgeous and she wanted to fuck them all. She wanted more pretty faces at her pussy and as she licked her lips and tasted Jessica’s essence all over them, Amy wanted lots and lots more girl juice on her own face.

She was going to think of her own needs this Christmas and do all the fucking she’d ever wanted but been too shy and too repressed to think she actually deserved to get. She always worked to make it a perfect Christmas for her family and for others and now Amy was going to finally get what she wanted for herself, which was to fuck every hot girl she could ever want.

“Come for us! We want you Amy! We all want you!” Jessica moaned out as she thrust her fingers into the redhead and let Anne lap at her throbbing clit. “All of us are going to line up to fuck you! I never wanted you to be off limits! Mmmm I’ve wanted to fuck you from the moment I met you! I wanted to get so dirty with your hot body and make you into a nasty girl like me! Come for us Amy! We wall want you to feel so fucking good!”

With Anne’s tongue working over Amy’s pussy and tending to her clit, Jessica had something else in mind and she wasn’t going to hesitate in going for it. She kept her fingers working in and out of Amy’s gooey honeypot while Anne licked her and Jessica dragged her own tongue lower right to Amy’s pretty little pristine asshole. She was so tight and pink down there and Jessica went right after her with her tongue, bathing her starfish with wet licks and making Amy feel a surge of pleasure as she humped against their faces harder.


While Anne wetly slurped away at Amy’s clitoris, Jessica took the redhead’s instructions to heart as she thrust her tongue up Amy’s asshole. Amy was so tight and tasty and the pleasure she was feeling from Anne’s tongue and Jessica’s fingers in her pussy made her body nice and relaxed as Jessica’s tongue penetrated her asshole and made her toss her head back against the wall. Amy closed her eyes and kept her mouth frozen in an O as she exclaimed her pleasure.


With Anne’s mouth on her clit, her lips and tongue working her over so well along with Jessica’s fingers, and Jessica’s tongue pushing into her sensitive little pucker, Amy was in ecstasy as she sat up against the wall in nothing but her heels and let these two hot girls fuck her. She was rolling her head around against the wall, her eyes shut and her mouth open as pleasure shot through her whole body just like she had been aching for it too. This was even better than her fantasies and it was just the start as their hallway threesome was then discovered by someone else.

“Anne? Jess? Where are you? What’s going on?” Love asked out loud as she wandered out of the party wondering where her friends had gone off to.

Love wanted everyone together to bask in the holiday spirit and all the naked naughtiness that was happening in there. She knew Jessica had gone to answer the door and then Anne had gone after her but neither of them had returned and Love had wanted to know what was happening, even pulling herself away from a foursome with Hayden, Katy and Naomi to go see.

It wasn’t like she had been imagining scenarios in her head like the Bleaken grabbing them or, more importantly, Santa having arrived and that Jess and Anne were fucking him without her, but Love had wanted to know what was happening. And she certainly got quite an eyeful when she walked into the foyer and found Jessica and Anne’s bare asses and wet slits on display as they were bent over and tending to a very naked and very happy Amy.

“Amy? Oh my God!” Love gasped, covering her mouth with her hand as she saw what her friend was up to. She hadn’t expected Amy but there she was bare naked and living it up as two women fucked her.

Love was so surprised and so delighted Amy was there but also a little jealous that Anne and Jessica were doing to Amy what she so badly wanted to do again to her friend. She didn’t interrupt them though. She just watched and rubbed her bare pussy, sliding her fingers into her drenched and well-licked hole, while she watched them get Amy off. And Amy liked being seen too.

“OHHHH FUCK YES! WATCH ME LOVE! WATCH WHAT A SLUT YOU TURNED ME INTO!” Amy happily declared, so close to the edge from the double stimulation she was getting. “OOOOOH FUCKKK I’M GOING TO COME! WATCH ME LOVE! WATCH ME COME!”

Love did watch. She couldn’t take her eyes off of Jessica as she rimmed Amy’s asshole and finger fucked her pussy and off of Anne as the naked Oscar winner was on her knees with her face in between Amy’s legs eating out her pussy and sucking and licking her clit. But mostly Love couldn’t stop staring at Amy as her friend succumbed to the pleasure of girl sex once again, panting and moaning and crying out how good it felt as the two women worked her hot spots over until she came like a holiday thunderclap.

“OOOOOOH YESSSS OHHH YESSS OHHHHH FUCK YESSSSSSSS!!!” Amy screamed as she came, her hands now on the backs of Anne and Jessica’s heads, keeping them pressed to her naughty holes as she soaked Anne’s tongue and Jessica’s fingers with her creamy release. “OH GOD IT’S SO FUCKING GOOD OHHHHH OHHHHHHHH OHHH OHHHHH!!!”

Love stared intently and fingered herself while Amy came. God, she had never planned for any of this to happen to Amy. Last year’s party and that stupid punch had changed everything though and deep down Love was glad it had. She had wanted to fuck her friend the whole time and she didn’t want anything to hold them back. She loved watching Amy writher and moan and scream with her gorgeous face contorting in orgasm.

And as much as Love wanted to get back to the party and bring Jessica, Anne and, especially Amy, back in with her, she wanted to get in on this first. She watched Amy come hard all over her friends and Love began walking naked toward them eager to taste Amy all over Anne’s face and Jessica’s fingers and then get her own pussy right on Amy’s beautiful face.

It truly was the most wonderful time of the year and Love never wanted it to end.
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Re: Harem Visions: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (multiple celebrities)
« Reply #10 on: December 22, 2020, 10:53:55 AM »
Huge thanks for posting a big Harem story on here. This is a great Christmas gift and I truly appreciate it!
Check me out on Patreon if you like my work!
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Re: Harem Visions: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (multiple celebrities)
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My pleasure! It's much shorter than the usual Harem story so I figured it would work out quite nicely here.
This way everyone gets what they want, I promote my Patreon and everyone gets hot celebrity smut  =P~

Love the way the site is continuing to grow and all the festive holiday touches you put up!

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Re: Harem Visions: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (multiple celebrities)
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You know Chloe likes women in real life and dated a model named Kate Harrison?


Re: Harem Visions: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (multiple celebrities)
« Reply #13 on: December 23, 2020, 06:41:11 AM »
You know Chloe likes women in real life and dated a model named Kate Harrison?

I had heard about that. Chloe has always given me strong lesbian vibes so it's been easy to write her as such  ;D


Re: Harem Visions: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (multiple celebrities)
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This thread should have at least a dozen likes on the posts. The Harem stories was one of the main reasons so many of us kept returning to CSSA over the years to read stories.

Not only is this a Harem story, but it includes women on here that everyone likes, including some ladies that rarely ever get stories. It's a shame this don't have dozens of likes, cause it deserves it more than anything else on here.

You're a legend dude. Nothing but respect.
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