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This is a collaborative series from Calibur009 and myself.

Fabletics vs Fenty

Chapter 1

Starring: Sydney Sweeney

Singer and businesswoman Rihanna was sat at the sparkling glass top desk in her luxurious executive suite at Fenty HQ.  Manicured fingers cracking away at her expensive iMac keyboard, the Barbados-born songstress was busy writing the press release for the company’s latest line when the buzz of her intercom put a halt to her productivity. 

“Yes, what is it, Katy?” she asked, addressing her assistant as she accepted the call.

“Miss Sweeney to see you, ma’am.”

“Oh, yes.  Send her in, please.”

Moments later, the office door opened and in stepped Sydney Sweeney.  Dressed appropriately for a meeting with the head of the brand, the actress’ curvy blonde form had been squeezed into a neatly tailored navy blue suit, a mindblowing cleavage bulging from her low-buttoned blouse. 

“You wanted to see me, Miss Fenty?”

The singer chuckled.  “You can call me Rihanna, hon’.  Take a seat.”

Sydney pulled up a chair and parked her cute little bottom. 

Rihanna poured herself a glass of water.  “Drink?”

“Yes, please, Mi...Rihanna.”

Rihanna filled Sydney’s glass and took a swig from her own.  “So, Sydney, you’re probably wondering why I’ve called you into my office this afternoon.”

“Yes, Rihanna.  Not that it isn’t a pleasure to see you, of course.”

She grinned.  “Well, Sydney, you’ve been an official representative of my brand for a while now and while the promotional videos you and our fellow ambassadors have been putting on social media have really helped raise the company’s profile, I feel there is more that we can be doing as a brand to increase popularity and continue to boost sales.”

“I see,” said Sydney, taking a sip of her water.  “So, what did you have in mind?”

“Well...tell me, Sydney, what would you consider to be the primary function of a good piece of lingerie?  Why do you think women shell out their hard-earned bucks on our line of products?”

“To make them feel sexy,” she responded.  No hesitation.

“Spot on.  And what makes women feel even sexier than that?”

Sydney thought for a moment.  “Men?”

“Ding!  Correct again.”  Rihanna rose from her chair and strolled across to the window, gazing out at the LA skyline.  “Do you know why I started this company, Sydney?”

“The money?”

“Well, yes, the money is great.  But the real reason I started this company was to empower women.  To make their men worship them like the goddesses they are.  And if I can make a few bucks along the line, then that’s great too.”  She turned back to face her guest.  “So, Sydney, this is where you come in.  What I’d like you to do is squeeze that sexy body of yours into the scantiest thing in our line and shoot a video of a real fine ass-lookin’ dude doting on you hand and foot, like you’re queen of the freakin’ world.  How does that sound?”

Sydney was taken aback.  She’d been shooting videos in her Fenty gear for a few months now, and while she’d anticipated the head of the company demanding a little more from her promotional output, she’d certainly hadn’t expected that! 

“Y-you want me to shoot a...porno?”

Rihanna leant against the windowsill, a devilish grin tickling her lips.  “For all intents and purposes, Sydney...yes, I do.  But don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be like those videos you see online where the guy’s tossing the girl around like a ragdoll and pounding her into submission.  I mean, if that’s what you want to shoot then go ahead.  I ain’t gonna stop ya.  But it’s more about flaunting your body in our skimpy little garments and driving your guy wild.  I want it to be elegant.  Classy.  Like our products.”

“I see.”  Sydney was conflicted.  She enjoyed showing off her body online and agreed that seeing all those guys drooling over in the comments sections did bring with it a certain degree of empowerment.  And all the free Fenty gear wasn’t unwelcome either.  But actually having sex and putting it on the Internet?  That felt like a step too far.

“So, what do you think, Sydney?” Rihanna asked.  “Are you in?”

“Hmm, I don’t know, Rihanna.  I appreciate you putting so much faith in me and I’ve really enjoyed endorsing your brand, but I’ve gotta say, this feels like a little much.  I’m gonna have to decline.”

“Well, that is a shame.  Your videos would have been incredibly popular and I think Jayden would really have liked seeing you in our products.  And I know you would have liked working with him.  But I respect your decision, of course.  No hard feelings and you’re welcome to continue working with us if you so wish.”

“Thank you, Rihanna.  I’d love to.”

“OK.  Well, that’s all I wanted to say, Sydney.  I’d like to thank you for coming in today, and even though you’ve declined my offer, why don’t I go ahead and introduce you to Jayden anyway?  After all, it’s important that you get to know the members of our family here if you’re going to carry on working with us.”     


“Great.  Jayden!”

Sydney’s chin nearly hit the desk as Rihanna’s office door swung open and a hulking great figure came sauntering through.  Kitted out in little more than a pair of tight white boxer briefs, nigh on every stretch of Jayden’s ultra-shredded frame was on full display.  Biceps bulged on his meaty, trunk-like arms.  Massive, slab-thick pecs gave way to countless tiers of rippling, rock-hard abs.  His milky chocolate skin was lined with numerous tattoos and his dark afro hair had been freshly cropped, sitting neatly atop an almost impossibly handsome face.

Though as impressive as these features were, they paled in comparison to the contents of his undies.  Coiled up inside was a simply gigantic, thick brown penis; it’s phenomenal size nearly stretching his smalls to the point of bursting.

A mischievous grin stretched across Rihanna’s face as one of her brand’s most popular ambassadors was rendered speechless by her god-like employee and the enormous lump in his boxers. 

“Jayden, this is Sydney.  Sydney, Jayden.”

Jayden stood at the edge of the desk, his monstrous bulge mere inches from Sydney’s face.

“It’s a pleasure,” he said, taking the starlet’s hand and kissing the back of it.

Sydney’s face glowed red like a prize tomato.  She did her best to remain eye contact, but those pretty blue peepers seemed to have a mind of their own.  In a matter of seconds, they were straying back down to that poorly-concealed schlong, almost popping right out of her skull as they feasted on his girth. 

“So, Sydney,” said Rihanna, that big, broad grin more wicked than ever, “any second thoughts?”


“Hey, guys,” said Sydney Sweeney, beaming a sweet smile into the lens of her iPhone 12.  Sydney’s promotional work for the Fenty lingerie brand had garnered her quite the online following, and as her latest video went live on her feed, the actress’ loyal fanbase were tuning in in their millions.  “Fenty’s February line is hitting stores in just FIVE DAYS!  I’m really excited and I thought I’d give you guys a little sneak peak of one of my favourite pieces in the collection.”

Sydney’s humungous DD tits had been squeezed into an elegant, little lacy pink bra, and as she pointed the camera down at her magnificent bust, a slew of increasingly lewd comments came flooding in from the excited viewers. 

stiff4sweeney Holy fuck! Look at those TITS! [two melon emojis]

tit_lover92 If one were to buy his girlfriend some Fenty lingerie, would she end up looking like that?  Asking for a friend…

“Now, I’m absolutely loving this cute little bra.  As you can see, I’m wearing pink right now.  It’s my favourite ‘cause I love the way that it compliments my complexion, but this item comes in a variety of really pretty colours.”

She ran a hand across her bra-clad chest, teasing her followers with that delicious-looking cleavage. 

“This lace is really soft.  It feels great against my skin, and what’s more, this pretty bra has a matching pair of panties to go with it.”

Moving the camera down to her lower half, Sydney showed off the indecently skimpy pair of pink lace undies that hugged her shapely hips.

boobguy69 Goddamn! Looks like Sydney got a camel’s toe tucked in her drawers!

“These panties are really cute and they look great from the back too.”

Sydney pointed the camera at her backside and gave it a little wiggle, the sheer fabric wedging snugly between her peachy, round spheres.

sydneys_stud DAT ASS! [peach emoji]

assman3000 Booty got me like [stunned emoji]

“So, as you can see, guys, this is a really nice set and if you swipe up now you can get these two gorgeous items for the introductory price of just $25,” Sydney explained, returning the camera to her face.  “And, ladies, let me tell you, squeezing your body into this cute little number will drive your guy WILD.  Jayden here sure seems to like it.  Don’t you, Jayden?”

Just then, the handsome young black man that Miss Sweeney had met at Fenty HQ squeezed his muscular body into frame.  Placing a hand on her hip and moving in close, the monstrous bulge in his tight white boxers nearly brushed against Sydney’s crotch. 

“Wow!” Sydney exclaimed, eyes bulging as she gazed down at his groin.  “He really likes it, huh?”

Eager to show his appreciation of Sydney’s sexy little outfit, Jayden nuzzled into her fantastic  bust, worshiping every inch of smooth white skin, just as Rihanna had intended. 

titguy21 Lucky. Mother. FUCKER!

stiff4sweeney I want that guy’s job [weary emoji]

He started off slowly, planting soft kisses along the swell of each enormous breast.  But he couldn’t contain himself for long, and in practically no time at all, the dark-skinned stud was almost smothering himself to death as he buried his face in her rack. 

“Mmm,” Sydney purred, hand at the back of his head, well kept nails exploring his nappy black hair.  “That’s it, baby.  Get in there good.  Now, the best thing about this bra is that it’s easy to remove.  As Jayden here will demonstrate.”

Emerging from between her tits, Jayden reached behind and with the slightest twiddle of his long black fingers, the clasped popped open.

“There,” said Sydney.  “Told you it was easy.  It’s a big selling point for me.  The last thing you want in the heat of passion is an awkward fumble.” 

Clasp undone, Jayden quickly slid the bra down Sydney’s arms, tossing it impatiently aside- a contempt for the product that his celebrity boss would no doubt chew him out for on his return to Fenty HQ. 

Restrictive garment removed, that huge set of jugs were free to explore.  Gathering them in his excited hands, Jayden smooshed her breasts together, moulding the jiggling flesh.  Greedy mouth enveloping an areola, the mixed-race hunk parted his big, thick lips and sucked up a mouthful of tit. 

Switching smoothly from one fat boob to the other, Jayden wrapped his lips around an equally hard pink nipple and guzzled like a famished babe.  But he wasn’t done yet.  In fact, he’d only just begun and as he kept those jugs squished firmly together, Jayden’s lips switched back and forth from one stiff nub to the next, razzing obscenely as he played her tits like a harmonica.   
tit_lover92 Damn! Dude’s powering up the motorboat! [speedboat emoji]

“So, as you can see, this bra really gets guys excited,” said Sydney, pointing the camera down at her co-star’s groin.  “Look what it’s done to Jayden here!”

Jayden’s enjoyment seemed to stem less from the bra itself and more from the contents therein, but the point still stood, and by now the young man’s rod was swelling uncontrollably beneath the fabric of his smalls. 

snowbunny98 Oh my god! That DICK!!! [eggplant emoji]

becki4BBC Wow! Guy’s got a baseball bat for a cock! [heart eyes emoji]

“I think it needs to come out, guys.  Wouldn’t you agree?” Sydney declared.  “Not sure his undies can take the strain.”

That was putting it lightly.  In fact, Jayden’s tighty whities were but a loose stitch away from bursting at the seams.  Handing the phone to her co-star, Sydney gripped two fistfuls of flimsy material and tugged down his boxers, freeing his schlong before it ripped them to shreds.  Jayden pointed the camera at his groin as his giant dong vaulted out from beneath the waistband, his monstrous girth engulfing the entire screen.

“Yowza!” Sydney exclaimed, bright blue eyes nearly springing from their sockets.  “Looks even bigger out in the open, doesn’t it?  What do you think, guys?  Think that big, fat dick will fit between my titties?”

boobguy69 Only one way to find out! [grin emoji]

“Let’s see shall we?”

Sydney laid down on her back, cradling her enormous bust as he mounted her.  Long brown pole jutting from his groin, Jayden gripped it with an enormous fist, camera trained on her heaving melons as he slapped it down between them.

“Oh, my!” Sydney purred, her eyes a-flutter.  “Fits like a glove, huh, guys?”

titfuck_tim Made to measure!

sydneys_stud Sydney’s tits + BBC. Match made in heaven!

Pushing her breats together, volumes of silken flesh smothered Jayden’s pipe, practically burying it in the depths of her gorge.  Dick throbbing between her dirty pillows, Jayden worked his muscled hips, steering his shaft through the tunnel of her tits.  Fat boobs hugging his meat, Sydney could feel the arousal coursing through his veins, girthy trunk throbbing against her flesh.

“Mmm, fuck!” she growled, her big baby blues gazing into the camera lens.  “Goddamn, that dick feels good between my tits!”

Bucking harder, Jayden’s big, swinging balls started to smack against her torso, camera shaking in his hand as he pumped her heaving rack.  Sydney gazed forward, staring straight down the barrel of his crown as it soared from her cavernous gluch.  The tip winked at her, leaving behind sticky strings of gooey, hot precum as it prodded against her chin.

“Hmm, looks like Jayden here is starting to leak,” she grinned, the curl of her lips was downright demonic.  “I better clean him up.”

Sydney gaped her lips as wide as they’d go, gulping down that thick brown head as it hurtled towards them.  Sucking hard at his twitching crown, she didn’t let go until every drop of goo had been carefully extracted.  Releasing it with a loud, wet pucker, that big brown bellend promptly retreated into the depths of her bosom and didn’t resurface until the tip was dribbling anew. 

Clinging to her tits for dear life, Sydney clamped them around Jayden’s pipe with as much force as she could muster, the pillowy embrace of her jiggling flesh causing his bellend to spasm.  Fat black balls churning as they cannoned against her chest, the tip of his dick was dripping profusely, leaving long wet trails along her cleavage and right up to her neck.

titguy21 Shit! Homeboy leaking like a sieve!

plank_spanker95 Take cover, Sydney!  He’s gonna blow! [dynamite emoji]

The imminence of Jayden’s eruption was clear for all to see, and as the comments rained in, the mixed-raced hunk pried his rod the grip of Sydney’s bosom.  Holding her phone as best he could, he fisted his meat and jerked it wildly, fingers shuffling from bellend to base.  Sydney jiggled her tits invitingly (as if the sheer size and volume of those things wasn’t enticing enough), gazing up at her dark-skinned lover as he pulled his pork.

Further drops of goo dripped down onto her bust and the tips of her fingers as she kneaded them softly, her already stiff pink nipples growing harder still at the promise of his seed.  Camera shaking so violently that the explicit images were barely discernible, an ungodly noise roared from Jayden’s throat, perferotaring eardrums up and down the country, as a jet of semen spurted from his tip, dousing Sydney’s bosom.

“UUURRRGGGHHH!!!” he bellowed as he continued to spew, recalibrating his aim and firing further sluices of sperm all over her gorgeous face.

titfuck_tim Goddamn! Guy erupted like Mount Vesuvius! [volcano emoji]

By the time he was done, Sydney was positively coated from the breast up; her face and tits so thoroughly drenched that it was hard to believe such a volume of splooge had been generated from a single ballsack. 

snowbunny98 That’s gotta be CGI, right?!

assman3000 Holy fuck!  Dude gave her a whole bukkake!

Weak-limbed and thoroughly spent, Jayden handed the phone back to Sydney and climbed down from atop her torso. 

“Wow!” the actress exclaimed, perfectly framing her splattered features and enormous, spunk-strewn breasts.  “That was quite an eruption, huh, guys?  If that doesn’t convince you ladies to buy this lingerie then nothing will.  I mean, if it gets your guy going off like that then it’s gotta be worth it, right?”

plank_spanker95 This advertising certainly worked on me. I just bought this set in every color!  If only I had a girlfriend to wear it for me [pleading emoji]

Scooping up a dollop of cum, Sydney slipped a finger between her lips, greedily sucking it clean. 

“Mmm, yummy!”  She blew a kiss to the camera and bid her followers adieu.  “Bye, guys.  Happy fucking!”

End of Chapter 1
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This is an incredible start to our new collab story, Dark.
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Chapter 2

Starring: Victoria Justice

A week later in El Segundo, California which is the home of Fabletics, LLC. The company is known for its athletic apparel for women and was founded by actress Kate Hudson in 2013.

Kate is inside of her office. The Fabletics CEO is wearing a white Casey cropped seamless jacket, matching sports bra and leggings with pockets. One of the many outfits from her Fabletics collection.

The Almost Famous actress sipped some coffee as she sat at her desk. Kate is glancing at the Fabletics website well mores specifically the sales number for the company’s apparel.

The word around town is that their chief rival Fenty has begun outselling them by a large margin. Especially after Sydney Sweeney, one of Fenty’s top brand ambassadors posted a very hot sexually explicit video on her social media.

“Well it looks like we may have to fight fire with fire!” Kate declared before she took another sip of her morning coffee.

Kate then picked up her office phone and began to dial a few numbers.


While still inside of her office reviewing some sales data Kate received a call from her secretary Phoebe. She then answered the phone.

“Yes!” Kate said.

“Your brand ambassadors have just arrived, Miss Hudson.” Phoebe replied.

“Thank you Phoebe. Please send them in now.” Kate responded.

One minute later, Victoria Justice, Madelaine Petsch & Madison Pettis enter Kate’s office. All three are dressed in casual clothing.

“Good morning Miss Hudson!” Victoria, Madelaine & Madison said in unison.

“Good morning to you as well!” Kate replied in a joyful tone.

“Please have a seat, ladies. We have a lot to discuss this morning.” Kate went on to say to her brand ambassadors.

The trio do as she requested and take a seat in the three chairs that are in front of her desk.


“As you all may know Sydney Sweeney uploaded a rather interesting video to her social media last week. This has resulted in Fenty’s sales numbers increasing by the day. Well ladies we have to do something about that.” Kate said before taking another sip of her morning coffee.

“I watched that video. I must say the guy in the video Jayden was hot as fuck! Excuse my language Miss Hudson.” Madison said before she giggled.

“It’s fine, Madison. I actually agree with you.” Kate replied.

“Yeah! That was a really hot post from Sydney. Do you want us to post similar videos, Miss Hudson?” Victoria inquired.

“Yes! Now I’m not saying that you ladies should make porn though that would be acceptable. But I would like to see some sexy videos promoting our brand that will make the consumer feel empowered and confident as well.” Kate replied.

“I would definitely have no problem making some sexy videos wearing my Fabletics!” Madelaine stated in a confident tone.

“That’s the spirit Madelaine! Since you all have huge social media followings I will need you to begin posting some sexy videos to promote Fabletics over the next few days.” Kate said who has now removed her jacket.

“I believe this is going to be a fun way to promote the Fabletics brand.” Victoria said.

“I think so too Victoria! I can’t wait to get started.” Madison replied.

“I already have an idea of what I may do for my video.” Madelaine responded.

“I love the enthusiasm the three of you are showing. Once again make the videos sexy but more importantly have fun.” Kate said. “I think that is all for today girls and thank you all again for meeting with me so early. Please enjoy the rest of your day and I’ll see you all later.” Kate went on to say.

“Okay bye Miss Hudson. We’ll see you later this week!” Victoria replied.

“Bye Miss Hudson!” said Madison & Madelaine in unison.

“Bye! I will be checking your social media daily to make sure the videos will be up to standards.” Kate said to Victoria, Madison & Madelaine before they left her office.

The three Fabletics brand ambassadors all nod in agreement then make their exit.


Now outside of the Fabletics headquarters. Victoria, Madelaine & Madison discuss what type of videos they plan to make.

“I’m thinking since I recently converted my garage into a home gym I could film my video there. It would give my video a more authentic feel to it.” Victoria said with a big smile on face.

“That’s a great idea Victoria. I’m going to take a page out of Sydney’s book and make my video a photoshoot. Though mine will be much hotter than hers!” Madelaine replied.

“Since I enjoy running my video is going to be me jogging through the park.” Madison responded.

“Sounds great! Well Madelaine & Madison let’s go film some sexy Fabletics videos.” Victoria said in an enthusiastic tone.

All three Fabletics ambassadors say goodbye to each other and go their separate ways.


As her iPhone sits upon a tripod, Victoria Justice is now ready to stream her video promoting Fabletics for all of fans on her social media to see. Victoria is streaming from her garage which as she stated has been turned into a home gym.

“What is up guys! It is me Victoria and I am here with a very special video. Since I have a partnership with Fabletics as well as being an ambassador I really wanted to show you guys this particular look today.”

Victoria steps back so that her audience can get a full view of her wearing the Fabletics ensemble. She is wearing shades, a jacket and leggings.

victoriaismygoddess Oh my god! She is so fucking hot! [fire emoji]

hardforjustice247 She makes me want to stroke it right now! [eggplant emoji]

“As you can see I really love this look. It’s so comfortable too.”

Victoria then spins around so that her fans can get a better look at the outfit she’s wearing.

“The jacket that I’m wearing is called a Jasmine Slide Slit Pullover. It comes in a variety of styles and it just looks so cute!”

titty_reviewer13 I hope she shows her tits.

ass_lover35 I just wanna see her ass bro! [peach emoji]

“I think it’s time to show you guys what is underneath this jacket.”

Victoria pulls off her jacket to show she’s wearing a sports bra underneath. Because how form fitting Victoria’s leggings are her camel toe is very noticeable as well.

“Now this set is called the Dip 2 Piece outfit. As you can see I’m wearing the black version of this set but it does come in different colors as well. It’s very sleek and just like my pullover it is very comfortable.”

jacking_to_justice Look at that camel toe! [camel emoji]

eyecandy15 Her face is perfect! Her tummy drives me insane too!

“I’m going to do some warm up exercises to show how comfortable this outfit is when working out.”

Victoria begins doing laps around her garage before doing some knee bends.

bigdickman89 She’s making me hard as fuck! [eggplant emoji]

iwannabangvictoria21 Damn! Her tits and ass look so good!

“Woo! That was a nice little workout. If you like this outfit it is on sale now over at the Fabletics website for only $36. But if you use my promo code today you can get it for $25. So before checking out just type in VICFAB to get your special discount.”

leglover69 I hope she shows her legs and feet.

victorias_lover17 I want to fuck her so bad!

“Okay you guys may not be entirely convinced about how comfortable Fabletics are. Well I have a special exercise that I am about to perform that will show how great Fabletics feel when engaging in some sexual activity.”

jacking_to_justice Can’t get over how good that camel toe looks! [camel emoji]

hardforjustice247 Still jerking it to VJ!

“To help me out with this special exercise I asked one of my friends to join me today. He is a personal trainer who I have had many private workouts with. Xander why don’t you come out!”

Xander is a muscular white man with dark blonde hair. He is wearing a headband, light green t-shirt and dark blue sweatpants.

Victoria smiles as Xander enters the room and looks at the bulge coming from his sweatpants.

victoriaismygoddess I look better than this guy. She should work out with me instead.

ass_lover35 I need to see her ass again! [peach emoji]

“Well now that my workout partner is here I can begin my special exercise for you all.”

Victoria removes her shades and kneels in front of Xander.

bigdickman89 Dude looks like he has a fucking banana in his pants! [banana emoji]

iwannabangvictoria21 I wish she would sit on my face. [face with tongue emoji]

Xander pulls down his sweatpants. When he does, his big hard cock pops right out much to Victoria’s delight.

Victoria’s brown eyes light out and she smiles at the sight of Xander’s fully erect cock.

hardforjustice247 Victoria about to have some fun with that big ass dick!

eyecandy15 I wish that guy was me.

“Now I enjoy having sex as much as the next girl but sometimes I just want to suck a big cock like the one my friend Xander has here.”

Victoria wastes no time. She takes a hold of her Xander’s cock and begins stroking it with both hands and licks the head of it.

jacking_to_jusice OMG! She’s sucking that motherfucker’s dick!

bigdickman89 My dick is bigger than his! VJ should blow me instead.

Victoria makes slurp noises as she jerks and sucks on Xander’s big dick. She even begins licking his balls as well.

“Oh my god! Xander I sometimes forget how big your dick is. It is so hard too but I’m sure that’s because of me right?”

Victoria laughs and returns to sucking Xander’s cock. This time she even flicks her tongue on the head of his cock.

victorias_lover17 Look at that fucking tongue action! [tongue emoji]

bigdickman89 She’s handling that motherfucker’s cock like a pro!

Victoria is back to licking Xander’s big balls. In fact she uses both of her hands to jerk his cock while she licks and sucks on them.

“I enjoy sucking on balls as much as I love sucking big cocks. I think you guys are going to love what’s coming next.”

Victoria sticks out her tongue and Xander begins slapping his big cock on it.

hardforjustice247 Goddamn! I wish I could do that.

victoriaismygoddess Love that tongue action! [tongue emoji]

Xander is still spanking Victoria’s tongue with his cock and she has a huge smile on her face as he does. She then takes a hold of his cock once more and begins to suck it again. Victoria then licks his balls rapidly too.

bigdickman89 Dude has some big balls as well as a big cock. Damn!

titty_reviewer13 I still want to see her tits.

“I think it’s time to let the girls out if you get my meaning.”

Victoria pulls down her sports bra and exposes her perfect tits. She then returns to sucking Xander’s cock.

iwannabangvictoria21 Those titties look fucking great!

titty_reviewer13 Finally! Victoria titties!

As Victoria continues to blow Xander’s big cock a river a saliva is now coming from her mouth which covers her tits. She then begins rubbing and playing with them as she continues her oral assault on Xander’s cock.

leglover69 This video is boring. I want to see her legs and feet.

hardforjustice247 Those tits got me stroking so hard! [eggplant emoji]

Victoria begins licking the sides of Xander’s dick up and down. She even begins to deliver kisses to his cock as well.

“Oh fuck! Xander I love worshipping your big cock! That’s why you’re my favorite workout partner.”

The former Victorious actress laughs again and continues to suck her hung partner’s cock even faster than before.

bigdickman89 Damn! She’s tearing that motherfucker’s dick up!

victorias_lover17 I think my dick is bigger than his.

Victoria plays with her tits again as she continues to suck Xander’s cock. She now has spit all over her mouth. She then looks up at him with her brown eyes, smiles and winks at him. Victoria proceeds to deepthroat Xander's cock right down to the base.

jacking_to_justice Oh shit! She’s deepthroating homeboy! [open mouth emoji]

hardforjustice247 Fuck! VJ got some skills. [money mouth emoji]

Xander groans as the beautiful brunette actress continues to deepthroat his cock. Victoria removes his cock from her mouth to take a breather and begins to jerk it.

“Damn! Xander your cock is literally a mouthful!”

She goes right back at it. Victoria rapidly slurps on Xander’s cock and even makes loud glug noises as well.

ass_lover35 This hot bitch loves sucking dick! Still want to see her ass though. [peach emoji]

jacking_to_justice Fuck! I wish that was my cock she was sucking!

Xander is now on the verge of blowing his load as Victoria continues to pleasure his cock.

“I’m ready for your cum now Xander. Come on give it to me!”

While still sucking Xander’s cock, Victoria begins to jerk it until he cums down her throat. Some of the cum spills onto her mouth as well. Victoria happily swallows all of Xander’s cum.

iwannabangvictoria21 She swallowed it all! [trophy emoji]

leglover69 She didn’t show her legs or feet. What a boring ass video!

Victoria smiles then licks Xander’s cock one more time. He then pulls his pants back up and walks off.

“Well I hope you guys enjoyed my special exercise with my friend Xander. As you can see wearing this Fabletics gear was very comfortable the entire time I was giving Xander a blowjob. So be sure to visit Fabletics official site and when you purchase your apparel use my promo code VICFAB to receive your discount at the checkout.”

hardforjustice247 Fuck! That was a hot video. [fire emoji]

bigdickman89 She should suck a dick in all of her videos.

iwannabangvictoria21 I’m gonna buy some of those Fabletics and jerk off to them.

“One last thing before I go. Be sure you’re following my friends and fellow Fabletics ambassadors Madison Pettis & Madelaine Petsch on their social media accounts. Because they will also be posting some sexy videos promoting Fabletics this week as well. I need to get cleaned up now. So I’ll see you guys later!”

Victoria smiles, blows a kiss and turns off her phone.

End of Chapter 2
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Re: Fabletics vs Fenty (multi celeb collaboration) [Chapter 2 posted]
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Great first couple of chapters fellas, you two work very well together!  @DarkSwordsman, I always appreciate when you incorporate social media into your stories, and that's used perfectly here.  @Calibur009, you nail this really well in your chapter!  I look forward to reading more!

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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Re: Fabletics vs Fenty (multi celeb collaboration) [Chapter 2 posted]
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As if reading the story didn't get me hard enough, you added one of Sydney's hottest photos of her in a bra  :)

Excellent work, fellas.
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Re: Fabletics vs Fenty (multi celeb collaboration) [Chapter 2 posted]
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Chapter 3

Starring: Cara Delevingne and Sydney Sweeney

The video faded in from black on the doorway to a master bedroom.  Fingers curled around dicks and poised against clits the world over as a legion of excited viewers awaited the entrance of Miss Cara Delevingne.  The distinctive click clack of stiletto heels could be heard, further hardening an army of private parts as the English model’s loyal and wildly diverse fanbase readied themselves for her arrival. 

A few more seconds and in she came, clad in a figure-hugging mint green chemise that stiffened genitals to full rigidity and prompted the flow of arousal.  Thigh high stockings and extra long gloves completed the ensemble, while a matching riding crop with a sparkly, heart-shaped tongue evoked fear and exhilaration in equal measure among her enraptured followers. 

Her hair was tied at the top of her head, long golden strands spilling freely down her back.  The tongue of her crop patting menacingly against her palm, the stunning blonde supermodel stared down the lens of her tripod-mounted camera phone and straight into the souls of the millions watching.

“Listen up, bitches,” she said, her strong and commanding tone eliciting a litany of typed reactions.

caras_cunt_licker Oooh!  Punish me, Cara!  I’ve been a bad girl!

dick_hard_4_delevingne Cara, if you’re ever looking to switch teams then you know where to find me! [eggplant emoji]


The first crack of her riding crop went largely unnoticed.  Her audience continued to tap away at screens and stroke away at cocks without a care in the world.

** WHACK **

But the second brought Instagram to a standstill. 

“Hey!” Cara spat, practically barking into the camera lens.  “I said ‘listen up’!”

Bewildered users gawped at their phones in disbelief.  Lewd comments were left half-typed.  Fingers stalled on clits.  Jerking hands paused mid-shaft.  The high-handed approach had worked like a charm.  If her followers hadn’t been paying attention, they most certainly were now.

“Now, I just got a message from a very powerful woman by the name of Miss Robyn Fenty.  That’s Rihanna to slugs like you.  And she told me that sales figures for her lingerie brand are the worst they’ve been in weeks.  While Fabletics- her biggest rival, I might add- have been selling hand over fist.  Now, why might this be?  I wouldn’t have anything to do with a certain video posted by a certain Miss Justice, now would it? 

“Have you little worms been forgetting your loyalty to your brand?  Is that all it takes to get you worthless little turds jumping ship like the rats you are?  A video of a B-movie actress sucking some bloke’s dick?  Well, I’ve gotta say, that is truly pathetic.  Looks like I’m gonna have to remind you little dipshits of what you’re missing.”

Cara ran a gloved hand across the lace of her mint green chemise.

“Now, this is a very nice little set I’m wearing here.  Far too good for the likes of you, that’s for sure.  This riding crop on the other hand,” she went on, tapping it against her palm once more, “I think there’s a lot of little bitches out there who oughta be on the receiving end of this.  It’s part of the new collection and can be picked up for just $25.  I have a discount code to give you, but I’m not sure you little twerps deserve it.  It may look a little cutesy with this heart-shaped tongue, but let me tell you, this thing packs quite a punch.  Allow me to demonstrate.”

Cara turned on her heels and marched out into the hall.  When she returned, a familiar figure was crawling behind her on the end of a leather leash.

“So, it seems like you guys aren’t the only ones who need to be taught a thing or two about brand loyalty.  A little birdie tells me that Miss Sweeney here has been pictured out and about in her brand new Fabletics gear.  Isn’t that right, Sydney?”

Sydney Sweeney gave a solemn nod, mumbling incoherently from beneath a jet black ball gag.     

“Yeah, I think it’s time I taught you a lesson.”  Cara patted the edge of the bed.  “Bend over.  Arse in the air.”

Clad in some of the finest products in Fenty’s entire line, Sydney knelt at the edge of the bed, cuffed wrists rested on the mattress as she thrust her ass out behind her.  Cara’s online fanbase could barely control their excitement, and a flood of comments came pouring in as the catwalk star tapped Sydney’s bottom with the tongue of her riding crop.

bondageboy95 Oh shit! Sydney gonna get it!  [grimace emoji]

sub_slut92 Goddamn! I’d wear Fabletics every day of the week if it got me a taste of that! [devil emoji]

Though not all of the model’s followers were as enamoured by her latest output, and there was one user in particular for whom the display of all-star BDSM was a source of great displeasure. 

ashleybenson Hey! That’s MY ball gag, bitch! [rage emoji]

    beat_me_benson @ashleybenson I’ve got one, Ashley, if you want to use it on me [heart eyes emoji] 

    cara_wants_my_cock @ashleybenson Uh oh!  Jealous ex on the warpath!

    ashleybenson @cara_wants_my_cock Fuck off, virgin [middle finger emoji]

Raising the riding crop high above her head, the thin shaft sliced through the air like a knife as she brought it down, landing a powerful strike upon Sydney’s behind.


dani_the_domme Yowza! Cara don’t hold back! [shocked emoji]

sub_slut92 Jeez! I felt that from here! [grimace emoji]


A second hit struck Sydney’s ass, delivered with even greater gusto and leaving a thin red mark across her peached-shaped orbs.  From here on out, they came thick and fast-  * WHACK! * SMACK! * THWACK! *- each hit harder than the last, until her ass was glowing red, those silken cheeks burning like a furnace.   

bondageboy95 Damn! Sydney getting put through her paces!

stiff4sweeney Aww, poor Sydney! I’ll kiss it better for you! [kiss emoji]

ashleybenson You better not use my strapon, bitch!

    beat_me_benson @ashleybenson You can use mine if you like, Ashley. But you have to put it in my ass, OK?

    ashleybenson @beat_me_benson Check your DMs [wink emoji]

“There,” said Cara, looking down at Sydney’s bottom and admiring her handiwork.  “Think that’s enough, guys?”

boobguy69 NO!

sydneys_stud More! More! More!

tie_me_up Can I be next?! [raised hand emoji]

“Let’s ask her, shall we?”  Cara removed Sydney’s ball gag and stroked her flushed cheek.  “Have you learnt your lesson now, Sydney?”

“Yes, ma’am,” she replied, her voice a pathetic whimper.

“Are you going to apologise?”

Sydney nodded.  Cara detached her phone from the tripod and trained it on Sydney’s face.

“Come on then, bitch.  Apologise to Rihanna.  Apologise for being such a disloyal little slut.”

“I-I’m sorry, Rihanna,” Sydney grovelled, looking deep into the lens with her pleading blue eyes.

“Now apologise to me.”

“I’m sorry, ma’am.”

“No, not like that,” said Cara, laying down across the bed and pointing the camera at her crotch.  “Apologise to this.”

titguy21 Wahey! NOW we’re talking! [grin emoji]

dick_hard_4_delevingne Cocks at the ready, boys. Shit’s ‘bout to go DOWN! [eggplant emoji]

“Take my panties off,” Cara ordered, lifting the hem of her chemise to reveal a scanty set of mint green smalls.

“Yes, ma’am.”

Crawling between Cara’s thighs, Sydney slid her fingers beneath the waistband of her panties, peeling those skimpy undies down her long supermodel legs and past her expensive stilettos.

“Now,” said Cara, her devilish grin almost discernible from behind the lens of her camera phone, “let’s see how sorry you really are.”

Sydney shot out her tongue and lapped at Cara’s clit.  She was a little tentative at first, and while she didn’t look entirely at home between a woman’s thighs, Sydney’s cunnilingal prowess was nothing to be sneezed at.  Gazing up at Cara’s expensive phone, she swirled her tongue carefully around the Brit’s stiff, throbbing clit, tickling it and making her purr.

pussylicker99 Damn! My girl Sydney goin’ to town on that twat! [shocked emoji]

daisy_the_dyke I’ve got another pussy right here, Sydney, if you want some seconds! [knife and fork emoji]

“Mmm, blimey!” Cara exclaimed, cooing in delight from behind her iPhone 12.  “You really are sorry, aren’t ya, love?  No-one’s ever eaten my pussy like this before!”

ashleybenson Fuck you, bitch! I eat pussy WAY better than her! [cuss emoji]

    st_vincent @ashleybenson Me too!

    mrodofficial [Michelle Rodriguez] @ashleybenson And me!

Emerging briefly from between her lover’s thighs, Sydney slipped two fingers into her mouth, sucking at them greedily and wetting them for entry.  Rubbing them teasingly along Cara’s drippy wet slit, she split apart her dribbling labia and pushed them inside.  Returning her tongue to the model’s clit, Sydney’s digits slid into Cara’s welcoming pink snatch with consummate ease.  Guiding her fingers steadily back and forth, she curled them upwards as they sunk in deep, jabbing at her darkest innards

“OH!” Cara yelped, letting Sydney and her viewers know, in no uncertain terms, that her g-spot had been located.  “Yeah, that’s it, darling.  Right there.”

Wrapping her lips around her pounding clit, Sydney sucked and sucked, fingerfucking the catwalk star in long, swift, fluid motions.  Moisture oozed from Cara’s velvety folds, smearing across Sydney’s fingers and making a mess of her chin.  A hand raised from the silken bed sheets and gripped at Sydney’s head.  Tugging hard at her golden locks, Cara pinned the actress tight to her sticky slick groin, holding her there until she got what she wanted. 

Affixing her phone to the tripod on her nightsand, Cara ground her hot pussy against Sydney’s face, using the actress’ tongue as her own personal sex toy.  Throwing her hips up at a furious pace, Cara’s gooey wet snatch slathered across Sydney’s face, smearing volumes of fluid from her nose to her chin. 

caras_cunt_licker Holy shit! Lucky bitch is DROWNING in cooze! [yum emoji]

“Yes, keep your tongue right there, love,” Cara purred.  “I’m going to cum on your pretty face, OK?”

dick_hard_4_delevingne Goddamn! Sydney gonna get a mouthful! [droplets emoji]

“Oh, fuck yes, I’m gonna cum!” Cara shrieked, nearly knocking out Sydney’s teeth as she bucked those supermodel hips.  “I’m gonna...AHHH!!!”

Hips raised high in a crab-like stance, Cara head tilted back and she stared into the camera lens, face turning red as a powerful orgasm quickly overcame her.  Shiny blonde locks gathered tight in her inked-up knuckles, Sydney’s face was practically buried between her legs.  Climaxing hard, Cara’s snatch leaked copiously, rewarding the starlet’s efforts with a heavy gush of her tasty arousal.

Collapsing down onto the now very soggy white bed sheets, Cara reached for her phone and pointed it at Sydney’s face, the fruits of her labour smeared around that pretty pink mouth.   

“So have you learnt your lesson now, Sydney?” she asked, panting heavily as she slowly recovered.

“Yes, ma’am,” Sydney nodded.  Gazing up into the lens, that puppy dog look in her eyes was heartfelt and undoubtedly genuine. 

“You’re not going to forget your loyalty to your brand?”

“No, ma’am.”

“Good.”  Cara turned the camera back on herself.  “And that goes for the rest of you too.  Start straying away from your favourite brand and you’ll have me to answer to.  Got that?”

It was a stern warning, no doubt about that.  But as the replies kept funneling in, it didn’t appear that the message had been properly conveyed.

sub_slut92 I just went and bought the entire Fabletics collection, Cara.  Come here and do your worst! [paddle emoji]

“OK, me and Sydney have a few more things left to play with, so we’ll see you guys soon.” 

Cara opened the drawer of her nightstand and fished out a long pink strapon.

ashleybenson Goddammit! [rage emoji]

    big_dick_rick @ashleybenson Why waste your time with that piece of plastic when I’ve got the real thing right here? [eggplant emoji]

    ashleybenson @big_dick_rick Hmm, you make a good point, Rick.  So just how ‘big’ are you? [smirk emoji]

Cara strapped on the apparatus and pointed the camera down at her groin, that fat prosthetic cock towering up from its leather base. 

“Come on then, love,” she said, a wicked edge to her voice as she stroked her plastic wang.  “On you get.”

End of Chapter 3
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Re: Fabletics vs Fenty (multi celeb collaboration) [Chapter 3 posted]
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This is a great addition to our collab story Dark. I love the outfit choice of Cara too.
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Re: Fabletics vs Fenty (multi celeb collaboration) [Chapter 3 posted]
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Chapter 4

Starring: Madelaine Petsch

Two days later Madelaine Petsch is streaming her video promoting the Fabletics brand on Instagram Live. The beautiful redhead is filming from the Fabletics photo studio. Madelaine then looks directly at her phone as it is recording as she stands in front of the studio’s backdrop.

“Okay guys today I have a very exciting video to share with you. I am going to be doing a short but hot photoshoot modeling my newest collection from Fabletics. I am so excited to show you guys the four new pieces from this collection.”

iworshipmadelaine She is the most beautiful woman ever! [face with heart eyes emoji]

ass_lover35 Can’t wait to see that ass of hers! [peach emoji]

“I will begin the photoshoot in just a few moments but first I would like to talk about the outfit I currently have on. The sports bra I’m wearing is called the Madison High Impact and my leggings are the High Waisted Motion365. The color is urban / mega greige but of course you can get them in a variety of colors. Overall they’re very comfortable to wear while working out.”

celebfucker92 I had a dream about fucking her last night. [sweat_drops emoji]

petsch_lover69 I wanna do 69 with her so bad. [69 emoji]

“Just to show how comfortable this outfit is I’m going to do what I like to call my booty blaster workout.” *laughs* “But first I will need my trusty booty band.”

Madelaine places the booty band around her legs then lays back first on a dark blue exercise mat.

“Now I’m going to do some booty band glute bridges to demonstrate just how comfortable this outfit is to workout in.”

Madelaine begins doing her booty blaster workout.

iworshipmadelaine She knows how to move her ass! [eyes emoji]

bigdickman89 I would tear that ass up with my big dick. [eggplant emoji]

“Woo! That nice little warm up exercise. I almost forgot this look can be yours for only $24 at the Fabletics website by using my promo code MADPET.”

madelainesasseater I would love to eat her ass tonight. [cake and fork & knife emojis]

titty_reviewer13 Hopefully she shows her tits.

“I’m not going to waste anymore time. So let me go change and when I return my photoshoot will begin. I’ll be back in a few.”

Madelaine then smiles at the camera and leaves the photo studio.

ass_lover35 God! Her ass is perfect. [peach emoji]

madelainesasseater I want to eat that booty so bad! [cake & fork & knife emojis]

Madelaine returns to the photo studio wearing the first of the four pieces from her new Fabletics collection. The gorgeous Riverdale star models them while the photographer begins snapping pictures of her.  When Madelaine finishes the shoot she begins talking to her fans.

“Now this piece is called the Peyton SculpKnit Long-Sleeved Top and High-Waisted SculpKnit Leggings. It is green as you can see, very form fitting and just feels so good. In fact I feel like a superhero while wearing it.” *laughs*

iworshipmadelaine She looks like fucking Poison Ivy wearing that. [plant emoji]

bigdickman89 My big dick just got bigger by looking at her. [banana emoji]

“You can purchase this set for $30 using my promo code at the checkout. I think you’ll love it as much as I do. Well I still have three more pieces to show off.”

Madelaine once again leaves the studio to change outfits.

ilovebooty19 She got such a nice ass! [face with heart eyes & peach emojis]

celebfucker92 I would love to cum all over her. [sweat_drops emoji]

Madelaine returns to the studio and begins modeling her second outfit while the photographer once takes photos of her. Once Madelaine finishes her shoot she begins to speak to her audience again.

“Woo! Modeling is hard work!” *laughs* “Anyway this current piece from my collection is the Nova Low Impact Sports Bra and the Oasis High-Waisted Pocket leggings. They come in my colors but I personally love the yellow version of this set. In fact as a set it’s called Resilient 2-Piece Outfit which you can get for $30 using my promo MADPET at the checkout.”

analsavage I want to fuck her ass while she wears that. [eggplant & peach emojis]

petsch_lover69 I would love for her to bounce on my dick. [sweat_drops emoji]

“Okay guys I’m going to go change again. Be back in a few minutes.”

Madelaine once again leaves to change into her next outfit.

madelainesasseater I really want to eat her ass! [cake & yum emojis]

bigdickman89 My dick is so hard I can barely stand! [eggplant emoji]

Madelaine returns to the studio wearing the third piece from her Fabletics collection. The photographer once again snaps some pics of Madelaine modeling her new outfit.

“What I’m wearing now is the Cassidy Seamless Jacket along with the High-Waisted Seamless leggings.” Madelaine then removes the jacket to show off the sports bra underneath. “Now this is called the Lena Seamless Bra. All three pieces are extremely comfortable when moving about and of course their slate blue. But of course this outfit can be purchased in a variety of colors.”

celebfucker92 She got my dick throbbing! [eggplant emoji]

iworshipmadelaine Madelaine is a goddess amongst women. [crown emoji]

“This outfit can be purchased as a set for $40 but using my promo MADPET it will be $26 at checkout. Well guys I have one final outfit to show you from my new collection. So I’ll be back.”

Madelaine winks at the camera and leaves the change into her last outfit.

ilovebooty19 Her booty looks so good. [peach emoji]

madelainesasseater Madelaine please let me eat your ass! [cake & fork & knife emojis]

A few minutes later Madelaine returns sporting the final piece from her Fabletics collection. After the photographer snaps some shots of her modeling he leaves and Madelaine addresses her fans again.

“That’s a wrap on my photoshoot guys! This last piece I’m wearing is the Khloe Medium Impact Sports Bra and the color is iron. I’m also wearing reflective crackle High-Waisted PowerHold leggings and they are very comfortable.

ass_lover35 Her ass looks so delicious in those leggings. [cake & yum emojis]

titty_reviewer13 Hope she shows her tits. I need to review them. [thinking face emoji]

“For all of my wonderful fans who are still watching me on IG Live I will be doing something extra special. It is going to be a demonstration of just how versatile wearing Fabletics can be when participating in physical activity.”

A muscular white man then walks onto the studio and joins Madelaine. He is wearing a gray sweatshirt and black shorts.

“This is Damon, one of the models for Fabletics men’s collection. He will be helping me out with this special part of my video. Okay Damon why don’t you remove those clothes and get comfortable.”

Damon nods and removes his shirt revealing his many tattoos. Then lastly he takes off his shorts and his big cock springs right out.

petsch_lover69 She’s about to fuck this guy. [open_mouth emoji]

bigdickman89 Dude packing a big dick! Still not bigger than mine lol! [banana emoji]

“Wow! Now that is an impressive cock. Damon, how about you lay down on the mat for me.”

Damon does as Madelaine requests and lays down on her exercise mat.

“Okay great! Now I’ll join you.”

Madelaine kneels between Damon’s legs, grabs a hold of his big erect dick and begins stroking it.

“Well since I forgot that I would need lube for this special part of my video I’m just going to do this the old fashioned way. This is going to be fun!” *giggles*

Madelaine wraps her pink plump lips around Damon’s cock and begins sucking it.

iworshipmadelaine I wish she would suck my dick like that. [eyes emoji]

ilovebooty19 I want to see her booty! [peach & cake emojis]

Madelaine slurps on Damon’s cock until it is completely covered with her spit and even licks his balls for good measure. She then returns to sucking Damon’s dick some more and makes loud glug noises as well. Madelaine makes a loud pop noise when she finally releases Damon’s dick from her mouth.

“As much as I enjoyed sucking Damon’s big dick here I’m ready for him to fuck my ass now.”

Madelaine gets on all fours and when she does Damon walks behind her to pull down her Fabletics but ends up tearing them instead which exposes her bare ass.

ilovebooty19 Holy shit! Finally some Madelaine booty! [cake & peach emojis]

madelainesasseater He should eat her ass now. [fork & knife emoji]

“Oh shit! Well normally Fabletics don’t tear that easily. I assure everyone that this rarely ever happens and was a freak accident.” *nervous chuckle*

Damon then inserts his dick into Madelaine’s ass and begins to fuck her. He doesn’t take it slowly either. As Damon fucks her, Madelaine’s ass jiggles and shakes.

analsavage He’s tearing that perfect peach of an ass up! [eggplant & peach emojis]

celebfucker92 I could fuck her ass better than this guy!

Madelaine moans in pleasure as Damon continues to plow her perfect ass.

“Oh my god! Damon your big cock feels so good in my ass! Fuck me faster!”

Damon does just that and Madelaine cries out in pleasure again.

vanessamorgan Holy shit! That dick is big! We should fuck him together later. Call me when you’re finished. [phone emoji]

   bigdickman89 @vanessamorgan I have a big dick too. [banana emoji]
   vanessamorgan @bigdickman89 Sent you a DM. [wink_emoji]

   titty_reviewer13 @vanessamorgan Your tits are incredible. [10 emoji]

   vanessamorgan @titty_reviewer13 Thank you honey! [kissing_heart emoji]

Madelaine is now riding Damon anal cowgirl. She bounces up and down rapidly as his dick is inside of her ass. Madelaine lets out several moans of pleasure from how well Damon is plowing her ass.

“Oh fuck! I love how your big dick feels in my ass!”

Madelaine then shakes her ass while still riding Damon’s cock anal cowgirl.

madisonpettis Ride that big dick Madelaine lol. [horse_racing emoji]

   analsavage @madisonpettis Can I fuck your ass sometime?

   madisonpettis @analsavage How big is your dick? I might consider it.

   analsavage @madisonpettis 8.5 inches.

   madisonpettis @analsavage Wow! I’ll send you a DM. [grin emoji]

victoriajustice Madelaine is taking that dick so well in her ass. [astonished emoji]

   titty_reviewer13 @victoriajustice You have very nice tits. [9 emoji]

   victoriajustice @titty_reviewer13 Thank you so much! [kissing emoji]

   madisonpettis @victoriajustice Wanna hook up with some guys later?

   victoriajustice @madisonpettis Sure! Let’s do it. [sunglasses emoji]
Damon is now back to fucking Madelaine anal doggy on the mat. He is pounding her asshole like a man possessed. The hot redhead continues to moan in pleasure from the fucking she is receiving.

“Holy shit! Keep fucking my ass just like that Damon. It feels so good.”

iworshipmadelaine Madelaine is so fucking hot! [fire emoji]

titty_reviewer13 Guess she’s not showing her tits. [disappointed emoji]

“Oh fuck! That big dick is amazing but I want you to cum on my ass now Damon. Please cover my ass with your cum.”

Damon pulls out of Madelaine’s ass and proceeds to fire a huge load of cum onto the Riverdale star’s amazing ass cheeks

Afterwards Damon walks off then Madelaine proceeds to shake her cum covered ass for her fans watching on IG Live.

ilovebooty19 He jizzed all over that booty! [sweat_drops emoji]

madelainesasseater Dude should have eaten her ass! [fork & knife emoji]

“Woo! That was incredible. Not to brag but I would say this video is much hotter than the one Sydney made.” *laughs* “Once again you will receive a discount for all of my looks from this video using the promo code MADPET over at Fabletics.com.”

sydneysweeney Bitch please! More men look at my big tits on a daily basis than that pancake you call an ass! [rage emoji]

     titty_reviewer13 @sydneysweeney You have the best tits. [10 emoji]   

     sydneysweeney @titty_reviewer13 They’re better than a ten! [rolling_eyes emoji]

     celebfucker92 @sydneysweeney Would you let me fuck your tits?

     sydneysweeney @celebfucker92 You couldn’t handle them. [smirk emoji]

“Well that’s the end of my IG Live guys. Hope you all enjoyed it. If you haven’t already check out my friend Victoria Justice’s IG because she posted a very hot video giving a lucky guy some oral attention. Also follow Madison Pettis, another good friend of mine. Madison will be posting a hot video on her IG promoting Fabletics this week as well. That’s it guys. Bye!”

Madelaine winks at the camera and turns off her phone.

End of Chapter 4
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The online bickering mixed with these hot stories is fantastic!
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Re: Fabletics vs Fenty (multi celeb collaboration) [Chapter 4 posted]
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Chapter 5

Starring: JoJo Levesque

The video opened on a master bedroom, hugely spacious and lavishly furnished.  In the centre of the frame was a king size bed, the mattress adorned with heaps of white silken sheets.  A woman was sprawled across it, gazing into the camera lens with big blue, come-to-bed eyes.  Clad in a frilly set of skimpy pink lingerie, her enormous breasts were scarcely contained.  Glossy strands of dip-dyed nut brown hair hung over her left shoulder, and her shiny pink lips puckered delightfully as she eyefucked the camera. 

Her name was Joanna Levesque.  JoJo to her fans.  The video had been posted to her Instagram feed, much to the delight of her two million followers.  It was a promotional clip for the lingerie brand, Savage X Fenty; a company that was enjoying its most prosperous spell in its entire existence.  Sales figures had dipped somewhat in recent times, thanks to stiff competition from Fabletics sportswear, the company’s biggest rival.  But after a raunchy Instagram post from British supermodel Cara Delevingne, the popular lingerie brand was flying higher than ever.

“What’s up, y’all?” said JoJo, smiling warmly as she addressed her viewers.  “As I’m sure you guys are aware, Savage X Fenty is dropping its March collection in just four short days.  Y’all excited?” 

tit_lover92 Fuck yeah, I’m excited! [eggplant emoji]

loco4jojo If it comes with more videos like this, then I say bring it the fuck on!

“Well, guys, I can exclusively reveal that this coming line is their best and biggest yet.  In fact, I’m so excited that I thought I’d give y’all a little preview of one of my favourite items while you guys are waiting.”

The camera guy moved in close, showing off that frilly number in all its scanty pink glory.  The material was sheer.  So sheer, in fact, that it was practically see through, and the singer’s wonderfully stiff pink nipples were clearly visible from beneath the paper-thin basque.

“Like all items in the upcoming line, this lovely little basque comes in a variety of colours and sizes.  This one is on the larger side as I’ve got a nice big set of titties, as I’m sure you guys noticed,” she grinned, giving her breasts an enticing jiggle. 

boobguy69 How could you NOT freakin’ notice! [two melon emojis]

titfuck_tim Dem titties is off da chain!!

“But don’t worry, y’all in the Itty Bitty Titty Committee are catered to as well.”
The cameraman pointed the phone down at her groin, capturing a breathtaking close up of her skimpy pink panties. 

“These panties are really pretty too.”  Pink manicured fingertips slid across the fine lace, teasing the viewers with her yummy little cameltoe.  “Nice and thin, as you can see.”

lustin_4_levesque DAMN! That pussy chewin’ them panties UP! [yum emoji]

“I like this little bow too,” JoJo continued, pulling at it with her fingers.  “I bet you guys would like to untie it, huh?”

jerkin2jojo HELL yeah!

tit_lover92 I’d untie that shit with my fuckin TEETH! [grin emoji]

“And, as you can see, the basque has these little clips so y’all can attach some sexy stockings.  I don’t bother with those, personally.  It’s just more to take off at the end of the day.”

The cameraman pointed the phone back at her face and she winked into the lens.

“So, I hope y’all like what you see.  Swipe up now and you can pre-order this set for the low, low price of $30.  Trust me, ladies, it’s well worth it.  This cute little number gonna be driving dudes crazy.  And if all those thirsty MFs in the comments aren’t proof enough, then let me give y’all a little demonstration.  Gustavo!”

The door opened and a slicked back, stubbly-faced Hispanic man came strolling into the room.  Rippling with muscle from his head to his toes, Gustavo was the tall, bronzed archetype of the classic Latin lothario.  Clad only in a pair of skin-tight boxer briefs, the outline of his monstrous hardon simply couldn’t be missed. 

“Now, you like this little outfit I’m wearing, don’t you, Gustavo?”

“Si,” he replied, brown eyes scanning her from bottom to top.  “Think it would look better on your bedroom floor though.”

“Oh, you,” JoJo replied, giggling coquettishly.  “And you like it too, don’t you, honey?” she asked, looking across to the camera guy.

He nodded, his enthusiasm evident even from behind the lens. 

“Then maybe you’d like to join us?” she asked, an offer that could not be refused.  “Come here and gimme that camera.”

The cameraman, or Ben as he was otherwise known, handed the phone over to Jojo as he and Gustavo joined her on the bed.  Removing his clothes in the blink of an eye, Ben unveiled a lily-white body that was shredded beyond belief, the fabric of his undies stretched around ten or so inches of throbbing endowment.   

sizequeen95 OMG! You lucky bitch! [weary emoji]
dick_lover23 Goddamn! They some big ass dicks! [two eggplant emojis]

JoJo pointed the camera down at her chest as the guys lowered her basque, her huge breasts spilling straight out and into their waiting hands.  The popstar cooed delightedly as two sets of lips wrapped around her nipples, hands sliding between her thighs and clawing at her backside as they suckled her hardened teets. 

tit_lover92 Fuck! Look at ‘em go!

boobguy69 Must be feeding time! [baby bottle emoji]

JoJo laid back across the mattress, aiming the camera at her groin as Gustavo tugged down her basque, hurriedly tossing it aside.  Her legs came open as he knelt at the edge of the bed, settling neatly between them.  Groans continued from behind the lens as the Latin stud enveloped her mound with lips, tongue darting out and lapping at her hard pink clit.  A set of piercing brown eyes gazed up from between her legs and were quickly joined by another as Ben laid at her side, sucking on one of her nipples as he fondled those perfect breasts.

Word of the explicit video spread across the web like a virus and soon Instagram users, whether they followed the singer or not, were watching along from all four corners of the globe.  Women’s needs were rarely tended to in the world of pornography, and as such, JoJo’s use of the rarely-seen female POV shot was greatly appreciated by her newfound fans. 

hornyhayley98 Finally! Some decent porn for us bitches! My vibrator’s gonna get worn out today! [grimace emoji]

studhuntress75 Honey, send those two to my place and I’ll buy every item in the collection! [heart eyes emoji]

Passing her phone back to Ben, a hand reached down and rested at the back of Gustavo’s head, nails combing through his hair as he munched on her dripping wet snatch.  Rising to his knees, Ben trained the camera on the brown-haired beauty as she purred like a kitten, her gloriously thick little body squirming gently beneath.  Free hand fiddling with the waistband of his boxers, the moment was captured in crystal clear high definition as his dick sprung free, flopping up and down before the singer’s bright blue eyes. 

“See, girls,” said JoJo, gripping Ben’s cock and gazing into the lens as she started stroking.  “These guys can’t get enough.”

loco4jojo Neither can I! [drool emoji]

And with that, her lips fell open; glossy plump pillows gaping wide as Ben’s bulging round dickhead was slotted so neatly between.  Lips pulling along the length of his pole, JoJo doused it with spittle as she took it deeper, shaft pulsing against her tongue.  Strongs arms wrapped around her smooth, pale thighs, Gustavo licked diligently at her steaming pink pussy, skilled tongue working wonders on the sensitive nub of her clit. 

Switching back and forth from her head to her groin, Ben captured both displays of oral artistry in equal measure; a masterclass for the folks at home.  Thick lips smothered her clit, wholly and thoroughly, moist tongue lapping in long wet, fluid strokes.  Pleasure coursed through her as she sucked on Ben’s fat dick, moans and groans muffled by his girth.  Bobbing her head with vicious intent, inch after inch vanished between JoJo’s lips, dickhead throbbing and prodding at her tonsils.  One final plunge, and the whole thing had gone, hidden away between her rosy red cheeks.  Drooling profusely as she took him down, JoJo doused every vein-encrusted inch, drenching his member completely.

jerkin2jojo Shit! Girl can suck a dick!

titfuck_tim She made that motherfucker disappear! [open mouth emoji]

The groans grew louder as she held him there, body trembling as Gustavo’s tongue flicked at her clit like a viper.  Prying Ben’s cock from between her lips, a sudden cry burst forth from the bowels of her throat as her body was ravaged by the violent quake of orgasm.

“Oh, yes!  I’m cumming!  FUUUCCCKKK!!!” she screamed, up and into the phone’s receiver, eyes clamping shut as she was sent into overdrive.

A hot rush of sugary-sweet fluid flooded Gustavo’s lips at the point of climax, a sticky mess coating his mouth as he came up for air. 

“Holy fuck!” JoJo sighed as she looked at the camera.  Breathing deeply, her big, full chest heaved gently as she began to recover.  “Does this boy know how to eat pussy!”

sizequeen95 Fuck yeah he does! [heart eyes emoji]

lustin_4_levesque Homeboy ate the SHIT outta that snatch! [knife and fork emoji]

A single seamless motion and JoJo was up on all fours, thick, round bubble butt thrust out behind her.  Ben aimed his camera at those perfectly round cheeks as he knelt at her rear, dick primed and ready for entry.  Gustavo was up front, already enjoying the embrace of her drooling wet mouth.  JoJo’s pussy spread around Ben’s crown as he pushed it inside, skewering her like a shish kebab. 

JoJo moaned as he entered her, splitting her open and stretching her wide.  Guttural rumbles reverberated from deep within her gullet, muffled heavily by the length of pipe that was lodged so firmly inside it.  Ben pointed the camera forward as her head gently bobbed, a hand at the back of it assisting her movements.  Aiming it as his groin, he treated the audience to a fantastic birdseye view as he started thrust.  Each pass sent his dick in deep, the singer’s pussy leaving behind a sticky white mess with each ever quickening stroke.

tit_lover92 Oh FUCK! Jojo creamin’ all over that dick!

The volume increased as he went at her harder, considerable musculature propelling each thrust.  Ben’s chiseled torso smacked against her ass, producing loud, rhythmic claps that echoed from wall to wall.  Her plump cheeks rippled like jelly with each hard bodily collision, the top down angle capturing every jiggle and shake.   

buttman_bill Holy shit! Look at that booty bounce! [peach emoji]

Strong, muscled hips hammering harder than ever, Ben pointed the camera forward as Gustavo started thrusting along with him, matching his movements to a T.  Long brown locks gathered tight in his knuckles, the Latin stud held the singer in place as he bucked his buttocks, furiously fucking her throat. 

“Mierda!” he exclaimed, gesturing for the phone.  “Gimme that shit, hermano.  I gotta get a shot of this!”

Ben handed the camera over and Gustavo pointed it downwards as he thrust into her face, capturing it for the folks at home.  JoJo stared up into the lens as she accepted every inch, sucking greedily and bathing it in spit.  A hefty set of large, bloated balls smacked against her throat as his dick tunneled deep, dribbling brown bellend prodding at the back of her throat.  Coughing and gagging around that fat slab of meat, JoJo pushed against Gustavo’s thighs, freeing herself of his length. 

“Phew!” she exclaimed, looking deep into the camera as she sucked in lungfuls of air.  “See, guys.  What did I tell you?  This lingerie really gets guys going.  Just look how excited these two are!  They’re fucking me freakin’ senseless!  OK, who wants my ass?”

buttman_bill ME! ME! ME!

assman3000 I’ll pound that ass into submission, baby! [grin emoji]

“Me!” Ben yelled.  “I’ll take that ass.”

“No, mi amigo,” Gustavo replied.  “I’m getting the ass.  My dick’s lubed up and ready to go,” he declared, brandishing his long Latin pole, shaft slick with saliva.

“Nah, man.  You already ate that pussy out.  I’m tapping that fine fuckin’ ass!”

“Alright, get up in there then, white boy.  I ain’t hit that pussy yet anyhow.”

With their roles (and holes) finally decided upon, Gustavo mounted the phone on the tripod on the nightstand and laid back across the mattress, big, thick cock jutting high from his groin.  JoJo gripped his rod as she straddled him, teasing her pussy with his crown before guiding it in.  Greased up thoroughly with an ocean of spit, the Hispanic’s manhood slid inside with consummate ease, filling her right from the off. 

Resting her asscheeks flush against his thighs, Jojo heard the mattress squeak behind her as Ben got into position, big, round bellened pointed right at her booty.  Nudging his crown against her puckered pink rim, he steered it forward without further delay, splitting the popstar open.

“Ugh, fuck!” JoJo shrieked, looking back at him as his dick slipped inside, stuffing her like a Thanksgiving turkey.

loco4jojo Hoo boy! JoJo gettin filled up!

boobguy69 Still a hole goin spare if anyone fancies it? [lips emoji]

Holding her steady between their big, muscled bodies, the pair began to thrust, synching each stroke to perfection.  From beneath, Gustavo threw his dick up into her with strong, sharp snaps of his hips, his thick brown bellend mining in deep and jabbing at her g-spot.  Ben’s white ramrod tore through her rectum, vanishing further up her colon with each hard, pitiless thrust. 

Soon, those big, supple round globes were jiggling anew as he bucked incessantly, bottoming out with each thrust.  Squished in tight between them like the meat in a sandwich, JoJo was entirely at their mercy.  Her body quaked as they rowed in deep, sheathing themselves to the hilt.  Twin sets of gonads swung up and down, back and forth as they dicked her senseless, cannoning off her taint like four fat, spunk-filled wrecking balls. 

sizequeen95 OMG! Look at those two studs go! They’re ripping her to shreds! [dizzy emoji]

“Yes!  YES!  FUCK ME!” JoJo squealed, taking the brunt of each two-pronged slam.

Reaching around and gripping her ass cheeks, Gustavo parted his lips and sucked up a mouthful of tit, guzzling away as he continued to rail.  From behind, Ben snatched up a handful of hair and held it like a leash, pulling her almost upright as he drilled her big, round booty.  Head tilted back as far as it would go, JoJo stared up at the ceiling as the pounding intensified, both men going at her with all they had and more. 

Fingers curling gently around her chin, Ben leaned over and kissed her on the mouth, tongues entwining as he reamed her asshole.  The mattress squeaked and the bedframe rattled, shaking the nightstand along with it and nearly knocking her phone onto the floor.  Lips prying slowly apart, JoJo’s eyes nearly popped out of her head as the men sank deep, balls squishing together as they bottomed out inside her.

“Oh, fuck yes!” she screamed, straining her vocal chords more thoroughly than she ever had on stage.  “Keep going!  I’m gonna fucking CUUUMMM!!!”

Shuddering violently from her head down to her toes, the curvy songstress promptly did as she promised.  The men thrusted in tandem, dicking her mercilessly as she climaxed between them.  Her ass squeezed tight around Ben’s impressive girth, wringing his rod like a ligature.  Fluid gushed from deep inside her vagina, soaking Gustavo from bellend to base.  She was cumming, alright, and then men weren’t far behind.

In fact, JoJo’s orgasm had barely ceased when she was swiftly and abruptly evacuated.  Prying themselves loose from both her well fucked holes, the men were up on their knees, cocks flopping about as they got into position.  Ben grabbed the phone and pointed it down at JoJo as he palmed his fat, throbbing prick, pumping his shaft with vigor.  Now both those tools that had been the source of so much pleasure were right up in her face, precum leaking from the wide and winking tips. 

jerkin2jojo Damn! Look at those dick-heads drip! [droplet emoji]

hornyhalyley98 Bitch is gonna get drenched! [yum emoji]

“Mmm!  Cum for me, boys!” JoJo purred, staring up into the camera lens as she kneaded both sets of nuts.  “Empty these big fucking balls for me!  All over my face!”

Pulling their rods at a mile a minute, both men quickly gave her exactly what she wanted.  Dicks detonating a mere fraction of a second apart, gooey torrents spurted from their slits with equal ferocity, coating her gorgeous face.  Ben’s thick blast hit her square in the cheek, splattering across her lips and dripping from her chin.  Gustavo aimed a little higher, spraying his seed across her eye and instantly glueing it shut.  Further ropes of spunk streaked across her brow and clung to her sweaty brown hair. 

Ben grabbed the phone and pointed it down at JoJo, proudly showing off the full extent of his eruption.

titfuck_tim Holy fuck! Look at all that nut! [mind blown emoji]

lustin_4_levesque Dudes went off like friggin rockets!! [rocket emoji]

“Oh my God!” JoJo exclaimed, looking into the lens with her one still functioning eye.  “Well, if that doesn’t convince you ladies to buy this lingerie then nothing will!  Trust me, kit yourselves out in these cute little things and you’ll be getting hosed down like this too!”  She scooped up a dollop of cum with her finger, greedily licking it clean.  “OK, well I hope you guys liked this video and I hope y’all are gonna go out and buy lots and lots of Fenty products later on today!”

sizequeen95 I’m gonna buy it ALL!!!

studhuntress75 Take my money, @fenty. Take it now! [dollar emoji]

“Thank you for watching and I’ll be back with more sexy items next month.  Bye, guys.”  Winking at the camera, she looked up at the two men, huffing and puffing before her.  “OK, who’s still hard?”

End of Chapter 5
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Another great chapter of our collab, Dark.
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Re: Fabletics vs Fenty (multi celeb collaboration) [Chapter 5 posted]
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Chapter 6

Starring: Madison Pettis

Three days after brand ambassadors Victoria Justice & Madelaine Petsch posted some steamy videos to their Instagram accounts, Fabletics experienced the biggest sales increase in the company’s history. Now Madison Pettis plans on filming her video to help promote the Fabletics brand as well. The curly haired starlet is currently at a Los Angeles park getting ready to stream on Instagram Live.

“What is up everyone! This is your girl Madison Pettis and I am on IG Live today to share this new look from Fabletics with you. I think you guys are going to love it as much as I do.” *smiles*

Madison then places her iPhone down so that her IG audience can get a full view of the Fabletics outfit that she is modeling.

“I am wearing the Noelle Sculpt Knit Bralette and matching High Waisted PureLuxe Minimal Leggings. The color is warm olive but it does come in a variety of different colors. You can get this look for only $24 on Fabletics.com. Just enter my promo code BOFA which stands for breath of fresh air at the checkout to receive your discount.”

madisonstitfucker Holy shit! Her tits make me so hard. [eggplant emoji]

hardforpettis21 She’s the hottest woman in the world. [fire emoji]

“Okay I’m about to go on a jog now to demonstrate just how comfortable this outfit is when running. This is going to be fun.” *giggles*

cumingforpettis I want to cover her with my cum so bad! [sweat_drops emoji]

bigdickenergy69 She is fine as hell! [heart_eyes emoji]

As Madison is jogging she has her iPhone held out in front to stream herself for all the fans to see. While running through the park her amazing breasts begin bouncing which attracts three men to run after her. The three men are white, black and Hispanic all of them are dressed in sweatshirts and shorts as well.

madisonstitfucker I want to fuck her tits so bad! [eggplant emoji]

ilovebooty19 I just want to see that ass of hers. [peach emoji]

Madison eventually looks back to see the three men running behind her then smiles.

“Guys it looks like I have some admirers. I have an idea the first one to catch up with me will receive a special treat. So you better hurry!” *laughs*

Madison’s three admirers begin to run even faster to catch up to her.

pettislover90 Her tits look so delicious. [yum emoji]

hardforpettis21 Watching her tits bounce makes me so hard. [eggplant emoji]

After some time jogging Madison stops to rest near a park bench. Not far behind are the starlet’s three admirers. It is a close race but the white jogger is the first to catch up to Madison and earn a special reward from the Five Points actress. Madison then begins to converse with the winner.

“Wow! You really wanted that reward huh? What is your name?”

“My name is Bret Newman.” *heavy breathing*

“Well Bret, I need you to be my cameraman since I’m going to be preoccupied.”

Madison hands Bret her phone, kneels in front of him and then removes her bralette exposing her incredible tits.

“Guys you’re about to be in for a treat.” *smiles*

madisonstitfucker Oh my god! Those tits are incredible! [eyes & eggplant emojis]

titty_reviewer13 Her tits are divine. I rate them 11 out of 10.

After Madison pulls down Bret’s shorts, his long dick springs out.

“Damn! I’m glad you were the one who caught up to me Bret. What a nice big dick you have.” She begins to stroke Bret’s cock. “Do you have a bottle of lube?”

Bret reaches into his pants pocket, pulls a small bottle of lube and hands it to Madison.

“I love a man who is prepared to receive a titjob.” *laughs*

Madison pours the lube on her tits, places Bret’s big dick between her rack and proceeds to titfuck him. Much to the delight of not only Bret but her fans watching on IG Live.

madisonstitfucker I would love to fuck those big melons. [banana & melon emojis]

ilovebooty19 Guess she’s not going to show her ass. [disappointed emoji]

“Oh my god! I love how this big dick feels between my tits.” *moans*

Bret groans from the pleasure his dick is receiving from how well Madison is titfucking him. She even catches the head of his cock in her mouth a few times as well.

sydneysweeney Would you look at that. Madison is streaming a IG video giving some guy a titjob. I wonder who she could have gotten that idea from. [rolling_eyes emoji]

       madelame @sydneysweeney Get over yourself! Those shaggy lumps you call tits are nothing special. [devil emoji]

       victoriajustice @madelainepetsch Damn! That was cold. [snowflake emoji]

       caradelevingne @victoriajustice No one cares what an irrelevant B movie actress has to say. [unamused emoji]

       victoriajustice@caradelevingne Well you should know about bad acting after stinking up Suicide Squad. [poop emoji]
       caradelevingne @victoriajustice Oh just fuck off! [middle_finger emoji]

       victoriajustice @caradelevingne Did I touch a nerve? [laughing emoji]

       madelame @victoriajustice I love you. [kissing_heart emoji]

       victoriajustice @madelainepetsch I love you more. [blushing emoji]

“I love having my tits fucked by big dicks like yours. It turns me on so much.” *moans*

Madison continues her titty attack on Bret’s dick. In fact he is very close to blowing his load for her as well.

pettislover90 He is fucking the shit out of those big tits. [grinning & melon emojis]

hardforpettis21 Madison looks so hot titfucking that big dick. [fire emoji]

“Fuck! I’m about to cum Madison.” *groans*

“Oh yes! Please cover my tits with your hot cum Bret!” *smiles*

Bret does just that as Madison continues to titfuck him. He fires several streams of the sticky white stuff all over her perfect tits. In fact some of Bret’s cum even lands on Madison’s neck as well.

madisonstitfucker Damn! He soaked those tits. [eyes & sweat_drops emojis]

cumingforpettis I would have given her way more cum than that. [smirk emoji]

“Damn! Bret, you really drenched my tits.” *laughs* Well guys that is the end of my IG Live. Once again if you want this look just head on over to the Fabletics website and use my promo code BOFA when you checkout. I hope you guys enjoyed watching Bret fuck my tits and I’ll talk to you later. Bye!”

Bret hands Madison back her phone, pulls up his pants and jogs off.

“That was really fun. I should titfuck random guys in the park more often.” *smiles*

Madison uses a towel to clean herself up. She then puts her bralette back on and leaves the park.


Later that day Madison is watching the video that JoJo Levesque posted to her IG account a few days ago. While reading the thirsty comments and seeing how great JoJo looked in her Fenty lingerie, Madison began to feel differently towards the rival company.

“JoJo looks incredible in that Fenty lingerie. Judging from the comments, people really love seeing her wear it too. It makes me want to buy some Fenty of my own. But I don’t want to be disloyal to Fabletics.” Madison said as she watched JoJo’s video.

A few minutes later, Madison receives a phone call. She then answers it.

“This is Madison. Who is this?” Madison asked.

“Hello Miss Pettis, this is Rihanna. Would you be interested in having a meeting with me?” Rihanna replied.

Madison thinks it over for a minute before replying to the Fenty CEO.

“Yes! I would love to meet with you, Rihanna.” Madison responded.

“Great! Madison we can have our meeting at Fenty HQ in the morning. I think you made the right decision. See you then.” Rihanna replied before ending the call.

“There shouldn’t be any harm in meeting with Rihanna tomorrow. It’s not like I’m going to leave Fabletics for Fenty.” Madison said with a smile. She then leaves her home to do some errands.


The next morning Madison arrives at Fenty HQ. She is sporting her trademark curly hair, wearing a black tank top that shows off her cleavage, jean shorts and white sneakers. Madison is greeted by Rihanna’s assistant, Katy.

“Miss Fenty is waiting for you, Madison.” Katy said.

“Thank you, Katy.” Madison replied. She then enters Rihanna’s office and takes a seat in front of her desk.

“I’m glad to finally meet you Madison.” Rihanna said while sitting at her desk. “Are you happy being an ambassador for Fabletics?”

“It’s nice to meet you too. Yes I’m happy as a Fabletics ambassador. But I have to admit I really love your Fenty line.” Madison replied.

“What if I were to give you a few pieces to try on? Not only that but I can offer you something that Kate cannot.” Rihanna responded with a sly smile.

“What is that, Rihanna?” Madison replied with an inquisitive look.

“More dick of course! I watched the IG video you posted yesterday and have read the comments you made of your friend’s Madelaine’s video. So I know how cock hungry you are Madison.” Rihanna said while taking a sip of wine.

“That is true, Rihanna I do like big cocks. If I decide to become one of your ambassadors would I still be able to work with Fabletics?” Madison asked the Fenty CEO.

“No Madison. I require 100% loyalty from my ambassadors. I believe this should help you make a decision, Madison. Please send them in now, Katy.” Rihanna responded.

Jayden along with two other male models named Brandon & Antonio enter Rihanna’s office. Brandon is white with dark blonde hair and Antonio is Hispanic with brown hair. All of the physical specimens are only wearing briefs that expose their huge bulges.

“Oh my god! They are incredible.” Madison said with a huge grin.

“I knew that you would love them. So what is your decision, Madison?” Rihanna asked.

“If working for Fenty comes with these kinds of perks then yes I would love to be one of your ambassadors, Rihanna. I’ll miss hanging out with Victoria & Madelaine but I’m sure they will understand.” Madison replied.

“Madison, you made the right decision. To prove your loyalty I would like for you to film a video today modeling our newest Fenty.” Rihanna responded.

“I can do that, Rihanna. Once again thank you.” Madison replied. She shakes Rihanna’s manicured hand before leaving the office with Jayden, Brandon & Antonio.

“I wish that I could see the look on Kate’s face when she finds out that Madison defected from Fabletics and will be working for me now.” Rihanna said with a smirk while drinking more of her wine.


It is now evening time in Los Angeles as Madison, who is wearing a black silk robe, is setting up for another IG live stream.

“Hello guys! I’m back on IG with another stream. But today I’m going to be modeling the newest Fenty lingerie for you all. So I know you’re going to love that.” *smiles*

Madison then disrobes, revealing the Fenty lingerie that she was wearing underneath.

pettislover90 She looks so fucking hot in that Fenty! [fire & heart eyes emojis]

hardforpettis21 Fuck! I’m rock hard now just looking at her. [eggplant emoji]

“The two Fenty pieces that I am wearing are called the Savage Not Sorry Lightly Laced Balconette bra along with the Savage Not Sorry Strappy Lace Brazilian thong. The color is lime green but it does come in a variety of colors. Also this is what the thong looks like from the back.”

Madison turns around to give her audience a behind look at the thong that is barely covering her ass.

ilovebooty19 Finally some Madison booty! [eyes and peach emojis]

cumingforpettis Holy shit! That ass looks great! [sweat drops emoji]

“Normally this set goes for $27 but with my promo code NOTSORRY you can receive a $10 discount at the checkout. So go over to Fenty’s website now and buy it for your girlfriend or wife. I guarantee that they will love it.” *laughs*

oldfucker69 The problem is my wife won’t look like you when she wears it. [laughing emoji]

madisonstitfucker Her tits look amazing in that Fenty. [mellon emojis]

Since I cannot wait any longer. I am going to show you all just how sexy wearing Fenty can make you feel. Come on in guys. I’m ready for you.” *smiles*

Antonio, Brandon & Jayden all enter the room where Madison is filming her IG video. Madison then begins to do a seductive dance while looking at the three male models.

pettislover90 Goddamn! She can really move. [sweat emoji]

cumingforpettis Her body is insane! I’m about to cum now. [sweat drops emoji]

“Okay guys those cocks should be nice and hard for me now. Take those briefs off now please.”

Antonio, Brandon & Jayden remove their briefs for Madison. When they do, their large cocks pop out much to her delight.

“Wow! Those are some big dicks. Let’s get started.” *grins*

Madison removes her bra as the three models surround her. Brandon begins sucking on her right breast and Antonio on her left breast. Meanwhile Jayden is kneeling licking Madison's pussy. She moans sexually as the three models pleasure her body.

katehudson This is disappointing but those guys are hot. So I can understand why Madison defected. [relieved emoji]

   victoriajustice @katehudson I agree it’s sad to see Madison work with Fenty. But at least she’s about to receive a good fuck. [sunglasses emoji]

   madelame @victoriajustice That’s true and I have to admit she did look great wearing Fenty. Not that I plan on buying any for myself. [innocent emoji]

   badgirlriri @katehudson LMFAO! Just admit that you’re mad Kate. Since one of your girls defected I won. It just proves that Fenty is the best! [joy emoji]

Madison is now riding Jayden, reverse cowgirl while he sits on a white futon. She is also alternating between sucking off Brandon with her right hand and Antonio using her left hand. The curly haired starlet is also loudly moaning in pleasure from the fucking Jayden is giving her.

“Oh my god! That big dick feels so good, Jayden. Keep it up. Don’t worry Brandon & Antonio you’ll have your turns at my pussy soon enough. But I think you’re both enjoying me sucking your dicks right now though.” *giggles*

Madison then wraps her luscious lips back around Brandon’s cock and begins blowing him even faster and even licks his balls as well. Meanwhile she continues to jerk off Antonio as she rides Jayden. Madison’s incredible tits also bounce while she’s riding Jayden too.

hardforpettis21 This is the best video ever. I love watching Madison get fucked by all those big dicks. [eyes & banana emoji]

pettislover90 Damn! She looks so hot riding that big dick. [fire & eggplant emojis]

Brandon is now fucking Madison doggy while she sucks Jayden’s dick. As Brandon fucks her, Madison looks back at him and smiles. She then begins moving her ass even faster.

“That’s it Brandon. You are fucking me so good!” *moans*

After Brandon fucks her for a while, Antonio takes over and begins fucking Madison from behind too. Madison then begins to suck Brandon’s big white dick. Meanwhile Jayden is watching on while jerking his cock.

cumingforpettis Holy shit! They’re really giving it to her. [eyes and sweat drops emojis]

ilovebooty19 I love looking at her ass. I would love to spank it with dick. [eggplant & peach emojis]

Madison is now riding Antonio’s olive colored cock as he is now seated on the futon. Jayden then inserts his large dick into Madison’s asshole and begins to fuck her ass. She now has a huge smile on her face as Antonio & Jayden double penetrate her.

“Goddamn! Those big cocks feel so fucking good. Keep fucking my ass with that big dick too.” *moans*

Madison continues to moan in pleasure as the two men fuck her. After some time Brandon takes over from Jayden and begins fucking Madison’s ass.

analsavage I knew that she could take a big dick in the ass after I fucked her a few days ago. [smirking emoji]

iamjojo Looks like Madison is trying to one up me. Well good luck with that sweetheart! [rolling eyes emoji]

Brandon, Jayden & Antonio have all now surrounded Madison, who is now knelt on the floor. She is taking turns titfucking all three of the studs’ big cocks. She titfucks Jayden first, then Brandon followed by Antonio.

“Next to fucking, giving guys titjobs really turn me on. But I’m ready for some cum now guys. Are you going to give it to me?” *smiles*

Madison continues to titfuck Antonio until he blasts a hot load of white stuff on her tits. Brandon then jerks himself till he fires a few loads of cum onto Madison’s big tits as well. Last but not least Jayden blasts a sizable cum load onto Madison’s chest as well with some of it landing on her face. Jayden then takes Madison by her right hand and helps off the floor.

“Thank you, Jayden.” *winks at him*

madisonstitfucker That was so fucking hot! [fire & sweat drops emojis]

sydneysweeney Madison finally smartened up and joined the winning side. But she still doesn’t look better than me in Fenty. [unamused emoji]

“Well that is the end of my IG live for today. I sure you all enjoyed watching me have some sexy fun and modeling the newest Fenty today. I’ll see you all again soon. Bye!” *smiles*

Madison then ends her IG live stream. She looks at Brandon, Jayden & Antonio’s still rock hard cocks and grins.

“I think I’m going to love working for Fenty.”

The End
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