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A Fruitful Partnership (Multiple Celebrities)
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Starring: Demi Lovato, Emily Osment, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Shakira

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Disclaimer: The story you are about to read is not true and never happened this is total fiction I’m sure the celebs don’t act like this in reality if you are under 18 or whatever age applies in your area stop reading now please any questions or comments on the story send them to [email protected] now on with the story.

My first time in Miami was fantastic I had so much on my to do list for my vacation I didn’t know where to start I checked it over a few times trying to get a game plan together when I heard yelling in Spanish I had no idea what was being said but from the sound the blonde girl was pissed I jumped into the nearest shop doorway to avoid being in the way when she ran square into my abs with all the hair flying around her face I didn’t notice it was Shakira until she moved it she had on a leather skirt and belly shirt showing off her great abs and stomach.

“Slow down is there a problem?” I asked

“Ego driven jerk pain in the ass doesn’t want kids I’m so gone.” she said

I’m pretty sure she wasn’t directing that at me but the look on her face showed she wasn’t happy I hated seeing any girl like this so I broke out my trusty olive branch.

“Maybe you can help me I’m here on vacation and I need to find these places the hotel I’m staying at and a good restaurant.” I said

“Oh I know where these are what did you have in mind for food.” she said

“Hmmm maybe a plate of Columbian favorites to start with.” I said

“I know just the place.” she smiled

After I had Shakira translate the menu making sure I knew what I was ordering I felt I needed Spanish classes again I wasn’t going to ask about what happened earlier but a certain section of my brain kept going over her random thought when she bumped into me.

“Still can’t believe he doesn’t want kids.” she said

“If I was your guy we would already have a few.” I said

“With everything that happened recently I just might take you up on that.” she said

I really wasn’t sure if she was joking with me or serious I’m sure the petite bombshell was a wildcat in bed and her outfit did nothing but feed the need to get her out of it fast besides being one of the smartest people on the planet a hot girl  that can scream an orgasm in Spanish just works for me.

“I have a feeling your making fun of me.” I said

“I won’t make fun of someone that can give us really pretty babies.” she purred

Either I had saltwater in my ears or she just made a pass at me I always thought I would make a good dad finding the right girl proved tougher to come by though I decided to have a little fun with her.

“So how many kids would you want?” I asked

“As many as you could give us.” she said

Of all the wacky situations I’ve found myself in over the years this was by far the strangest we finished lunch and made a beeline for the hotel we barely got in the room before I nearly ripped Shakira’s clothes off while she unzipped my pants fishing my 12 inch cock out.

“Wow your big.” she purred

“Let’s see how you handle it.” I said

She had gone down on me rather quick sucking about 8 inches down before coming back up and stroking my dick to full hardness sliding her pussy onto it making her groan getting used to my size before wrapping her legs around mine and arching her back.

“This feels great.” she moaned

“Just don’t hurt yourself on it.” I said

Getting hurt wasn’t on Shakira’s mind she was already bouncing away on my dick at a rather quick pace stuffing her pussy with nearly every inch I had she seemed to be enjoying herself very much when I started hearing rather loud thuds and noticed the bedframe moving with every stroke of her hips.

“AAHHHHH sometimes I hate being this small.” she said

“Your doing great so far.” I said

Between her grunts and squeals of pleasure the thuds of picture frames on the walls got louder as the bedframe kept bumping into it I held onto Shakira’s perky boobs which seemed to make her go faster and very wet between her legs as I sucked them.

“I’m losing my mind baby.” she purred

“Keep going I’m almost there.” I said

She opened her legs as wide as possible letting my girth slide in and out at will making her groan more before spouting off Spanish I always found that hot and it seemed to make her speed up again before she slowed down.

“I…I…want to watch you.” she purred


Shakira pulled me into the bathroom sitting me on the bench in front of the mirror where she stood with a horny look on her face.

“I need you inside me again.” she moaned

“Gladly.” I said

I got up and shoved my dick back into her pussy as she gripped the marble sink rather tight looking at the reflection watching my thick shaft penetrate her over and over while I picked her up making her grunts go up in volume at a steady rate till she was nearly screaming in Spanish again.


“I’m gonna blow.” I said

I exploded a sizeable load into Shakira’s pussy as she rode out earth shattering orgasms one right after another it looked like she couldn’t tell when one finished and another started my dick and balls were flooded with her girl nectar before she stopped moving breathing heavily trying to make her eyes focus on the mirror.

“That was crazy.” she said

“Yeah but really fun.” I said

As I came around the next day after some sleep I really needed Shakira was ready for another round and so was I she had started rubbing herself on me when I had an idea.

“Is there any way I can talk you into a threesome with another girl?” I asked

“Hmmm sounds like fun I might even know just the one for the job.” she cooed

I wasn’t sure who she had in mind but had all my fingers and toes crossed for someone hot while she dialed a number into her phone she had it on speakerphone so I could listen in.

“Hi Shakira what’s the occasion?” a girl asked

“Hi Selena I’m just hanging out with a big fan of mine and he wants to meet you if you have time.” she said

“Yeah sure Demi wants to see how cute he is.” she said

“Ok here it comes.”

I was expecting Shakira to snap a pic of just me when she snuggled into the shot getting really close to me before sending it along to Selena.

“Oh he looks all kinds of yummy….I said that out loud didn’t I?” Demi moaned

“Wow Demi you almost sounded really horny.” Selena said

“How about a package deal why don’t you both come.” I said

“You girls won’t regret it I swear.” Shakira said

“Deal we’ll be there soon.” Demi said

My brain was screaming jackpot instead of a threesome with 2 insanely hot women there was a third curvy friend coming along the fact that they were Shakira, Selena Gomez, and Demi Lovato was just icing on a very sweet cake.

An hour later…

Shakira was in the shower as Selena and Demi arrived Selena was in a short as hell red dress easily showed off the top of her perky boobs and Demi in a leopard print dress nearly putting her boobs on a platter with it being almost skin tight I couldn’t help but stare a little as the brunette minxes entered we sat in the living area just talking when Shakira came in stark naked straddling my waist.

“I missed you while I was in there I wanted your big, hard, cock in me over and over.” Shakira purred.

“Did we walk in on something?” Selena asked

“I don’t know but I hope I can at least join in.” Demi cooed

I could tell Demi liked what she saw as Shakira opened my shirt and unzipped my fly letting my footlong cock out before easing down sucking on it tenderly.

“You can join in if you want.” I moaned

The busty teen was quickly in my lap helping herself to my throbbing cock just watching Demi almost made me blow my load as Shakira gave her pointers on technique with Selena taking notes of her own before joining in as well I was going nowhere being at the bottom of the pile of bodies.

“She’s doing great.” I said

“I knew you would like it.” Shakira purred

“So big.” Demi moaned

With Shakira on top of me now my free hand moved around to Demi’s dress unzipping the back and pulling it down off her shoulders showing her impressive boobs they were a bit bigger than I thought as I started sucking them making her shudder.

“UUUUHHHHNNNNNN…you weren’t kidding I’m not going to regret this.” she moaned

“Join the party Selena he has more than enough for all of us.” Shakira said

The raven haired minx jumped at the chance crawling into my lap like a cat I grabbed the front of her dress getting my hand inside rubbing her chest before easing it off her boobs getting a handfull.

“Holy fuck he’s big no wonder you called us .” Selena said

“Let’s see your skill set.” Shakira purred

Selena was on my dick with enough skill to be considered a pro at it sucking it down a few times before doing a reverse cowgirl riding me rather hard Shakira stepped in giving Selena pointers on her technique for better results the petite brunette following them to the letter which made me almost blow my load again as she was grinding her ass feeling every inch of my member Selena was feeling herself up.

“I was almost worried you wouldn’t fit on it.” Demi said

“He’s a bit thick….but fits….AAAHHH…really snug.” Selena moaned

I kept hammering away at her pussy while Demi and Shakira sucked on her boobs making Selena arch her back before she let out a glass shattering shreak of pleasure in multiple languages and volume settings before her body spasms stopped with my crotch flooded with her girl cream I thought it was over when my dick erupted inside Selena’s pussy coating her insides with my thick spunk.

“Ok girls this is a really important skill to have and if you can pull it off both guys and girls would be beating down your doors.” Shakira said

“Will it fit in there easy it’s huge.” Selena said

As she eased her ass onto my thick shaft she moaned I didn’t push Shakira for anal sex mainly due to my size but now I was given a prime chance to have some fun while she taught the girls something new.

“First rule if it won’t fit don’t force it.” she said

“Looks like it’s going in easy enough.” Demi said

Demi was right I had already gotten 8 inches inside Shakira’s ass I was being careful not to hurt her as the 12th inch entered her if I was much bigger I might have Shakira was resting on top of me while continuing the lesson.

“Something else to remember also is relax it feels so good and you might fit the whole thing inside plus you could go faster.” she said

“Make sure and start slow.” I said

Shakira did just that but quickly sped up to a pace that was faster then I thought she could go which just served to stretch her anal ring further than normal while slipping a few fingers into her soaked pussy.

“Remember…ahhh..to grind your hips….too…IT…feels amazing…AND….helps….you…orgasm…HARDER!!!” she studdered

“I’m almost there.” I moaned

With Shakira on top of me I couldn’t see the girls but i could hear Demi moaning a little so I grabbed onto Shakira’s boobs feeling her up to get a look as I saw the stacked redhead feeling herself up looking right at me with a look like she wanted me to blow my load on her tits and face.

“TOO MUCH MEAT!!!” Shakira screamed

“Gonna blow.” I said

Shakira’s orgasm hit her hard the scream was loud enough I couldn’t hear anything but a ring for about 10 seconds when it returned I heard nothing but Spanish while her orgasm played out I erupted a huge load into her ass driving Shakira totally over the edge in ecstacy it was still coming as Demi pulled it out sucking me off while fucking her tits with it watching my baby batter drain onto her skin.

After a few weeks and many more sex sessions with various pairings we had agreed on Shakira having sex the most often giving Selena and Demi pointers due to minimal experience so to make them feel better they would both be my backup girlfriends when I needed a change of pace or they just wanted to get laid when I had an idea.

“Do any of you know what a fuckbuddy is?” I asked

“I’ve heard the term before but not really sure what it is.” Shakira said

“So what we’ve been doing doesn’t count?” Demi asked

“I know and I think I know who would fit the bill for you.” Selena said

With Shakira having the most experience among the girls I wondered how Selena knew what she did as she made a call to someone using the same story Shakira did to land them here when I heard the voice on the other end.

“Hey Selena what’s going on?” a girls voice said

“Just hanging out with Demi, Shakira and a really hot guy.” she said

The voice on the other end was Miley Cyrus with her recent string of wacky antics it didn’t seem so tough to close the deal adding her into the mix for some fun.

“Hot guy? how really hot are we talking?” Miley asked

“Hot enough that you would lose your mind.” Shakira said

“I want a pic to see for myself.” Emily said

Selena and Demi cozied upon either side of me snapping a really good pic sending it along to Miley’s cell.

“Hello tonights fantasy.” Miley cooed

“Mmmm nice.” Emily moaned

I was feeling good knowing they liked my look but kept going over how to pull off my plan when something just popped in my brain that was crazy enough to work.

“Your fantasy can become a reality if you get to Shakira’s house here in Miami quick.” I said

“I’m clearing our schedule now see you soon.” Miley said

That was almost too easy then again Miley and Emily were pretty open to the idea of meeting a cute guy I just chalked it up to hormones.

A few hours later

Miley and Emily had finally arrived the looks on their faces gave the impression they were looking for someone.

“Ok where is that gorgeous slice of man pie I saw on my phone?” Miley said

“I call dibs if he’s better looking in person than the phone pic.” Emily said

“Here he is.” Selena said

“DIBS!!” they both squealed

Selena kicked me out of the kitchen right into Emily’s arms I was able to stop in time but my reflexes threw my hand up pushing into Miley’s boobs instead.

“Well aren’t you Mr. cut to the chase” Miley said

“Don’t insult him he’s beyond cute and I claim him first.” Emily said

“No fair he just falls into your arms and you don’t give me a chance.” Miley said

“Could have been worse at least I didn’t fall out of the sky.” I said

Emily squeezed my arm cuddling up to my shoulder pushing her surprisingly firm boobs into my spine looking at Miley.

“Mine.” she said

“Fine I need a shower after the trip anyway,” Miley said

“Your right but I wanted it first.” Emily said

“It’s big enough for both of you to share.” I said

“Mmmm you don’t waste time wanting me naked.” Emily purred.

“Can’t blame a guy for trying,” I said

Emily pulled me into the bathroom so fast I nearly got whiplash with Miley right behind us I figured Emily was just playing with me until she started going for my pants.

“What are you doing?” I asked

“I have a friendly bet going with Miley on how big you are and I want to be right.” she said

“Well if you picked double digits you win.” I said

“No way.” she said

She pulled out my erect cock and just stared at it I could tell she hadn’t had anything my size before just by the look on her faceEmily seemed slightly intimidated by it.

“So what do you think?” I asked

“Really impressive.” Emily moaned

“Why don’t you 2 just make a sex tape and get it over with.” Miley said

“No cameras handy but we can make the best of it.” I said

The girls were quickly naked pulling me into the shower with them Miley was more interested in getting clean while Emily wanted to get dirty with me but the scales were soon tipped the other way.

Starting at a slow rate and building speed I went to work on Emily thrusting my thick shaft into her ass while groping her perky tits as Miley watched slowly getting turned on.

“Oh shit this is big.” Emily moaned

“I’m sure it is.” Miley said

“Damn your tight baby.” I said

Emily wrapped her legs around me getting every inch inside her as I sucked on her boobs she made out with Miley working a few fingers into the brunettes pussy.

“UHHHHHNNNNNNN!!!” Miley moaned

“Come on Miley it’s public knowledge you really enjoy threesomes.” I said

“Really thick.” Emily moaned again

As I humped away with more speed picking Emily up having her ride my member like a forse I had kissed the side of her neck sucking on her boobs going down which was driving her over the edge quickly.

“Can’t…..much….more….scream….feels….good!!” she squealed

“Gonna blow.” I said

I exploded into Emily’s ass draining a sizeable load before pulling out which made her shudder Miley must have broken down since she was nearly deepthroating me while I was still making out with Emily.

“Never had anything this size before.” Miley said

“You really need to Miley it will change you.” Emily said

“I’m ready if you are.” I said

Miley laid on the tile floor opening her legs to Emily as she started licking making the brunette writh around groping her tits while her pussy was worked over slowly going up Miley’s abs and chest with my thick shaft invading Miley’s honey pot pumping at a steady pace on the other end.

“Your right this things big oh fuck the size.” Miley moaned

Miley arched her back getting as much of my meat in her as possible while I was slamming her clit into submission shoving my full length inside her on every stroke Emily was feasting on Miley’s boobs and neck sucking and licking.

“Just a bit more.” I said

“I think she’s gonna scream I’ve seen that face before.” Emily said

Miley cut loose with an ear shattering scream that bounced off the tile walls right into my ears as I erupted what felt like buckets of spunk into her pussy before pulling out with an audible pop the shower water was still coming down on us as we laid on the floor nearly exhausted.

Even after having so much sex we were still good to go for another round I was still hard thanks to MIley stroking my meat with her hands before Emily stopped her.

“Time for a little more fun.” she said

“What did you have in mind?” Miley asked

The girls setup on either side of me Emily on the left and Miley on the right Emily rubbed her nose on my dick before licking it with her tongue as MIley followed on the other side the pair gave it plenty of attention.

“This is fantastic.” I said

I had gotten up on the shower bench as the girls kept sucking me off before sandwiching my cock between their boobs going at a fast rate while watching me.

“Come on baby make this thing erupt.”Miley cooed

“Almost there.” I groaned

“But I want it now.” Emily said

The soaked blonde looked really hot stroking my shaft she must have wanted it using both hands before it exploded on both of them hitting Miley in the face knocking her over with goo plastered on her tits while Emily caught a good portion on her neck and hair running down her back after my eyes focused again I saw Shakira, Demi, and Selena with their cameras catching the whole thing.

A few weeks later

I didn’t mind the girls using me for sex with the nearly clockwork pairings but I really wanted to try something fresh to keep the fun factor high after my last fling with Demi and Miley I wanted to have them all at once in an orgy it was the one thing we hadn’t done as a group when Shakira said something.

“I think we should have some real fun while I have it on my mind.” she purred

“You’ve been reading my mind haven’t you you curvy little sex kitten.” I said

“Let’s round up the girls.” she said

We had pretty much abandoned wearing clothes for various reasons the main one being it was fun to walk around seeing hot women sometimes I was dragged into a random room with them I think they enjoyed watching my big dick swing free I could almost feel the girls gaze through the walls sometimes.

“So who wants first crack at him before me.” Shakira said

“You can have him first if you want.” Selena said

“I’ll go second.” Emily said

“Seriously none of you are interested come on you should be having a catfight or something to make make me believe you want it.” I said

“Oh we do we just wanted to see you sweat first.” Demi said

“Dibs.” Miley said

We paired off since the odds were 5 to 1 with Selena, Demi, and Miley watching from the end of the bed while Shakira and Emily sandwiched me between them on the other end before we turned the tables ambushing Emily being naked was great as Shakira sucked on Emily’s ample chest I worked my way down to her pussy eating her out making the blonde hottie twist and groan.


“You asked for it.” I said

I stopped licking just long enough to shove my thick shaft in all the way in her pussy as it bumped into Emily’s cervix with a slight thud before I pulled out slowly then back again picking up speed.

“UUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHNNNNNNN…..this is driving me crazy.” she moaned

“It’s going to get better in a minute.” Shakira said

That was my signal to go faster which I did pounding Emily’s pussy making the girl studder from the intense feelings rushing from her groin through her boobs straight to her brain and back again at lightning quick speed intesifying her pleasure as she gripped the bedframe arching her back.


“I’m gonna blow.” I said

On the last stroke I blasted a sizeable load of spunk inside Emily stuffing as much of my meat inside as I could get in there before pulling out with a rather loud pop Shakira jumped right in stroking me to full hardness fast wanting to taste Emily’s girl cream on my shaft.

“Better than I thought it would be.” Shakira cooed

“Then your gonna love this.” I said

I pulled Shakira on top of me opening her legs wide as she slid down my shaft taking every inch before bottoming out just outside her womb making the petite girl groan.

“I love this big thing making me feel stuffed.” she said

“Hang on.” I said

I gripped her perky boobs giving them a light squeeze before thrusting my hips up shoving my thick dick into her pussy making Shakira jump slightly from the impact which seems to have gotten her going.

“Fuck it feels like I’m riding a horse.” she said

“That sounds hilarious.” I said

Shakira kept bouncing on my dick at a pretty reckless pace grinding her pussy on it rather hard with her hips as the bed continued to thud against the wall from her movements I could feel my shaft entering her womb rather easily throbbing as it went ready to explode.

“Almost there….gonna cum so hard.” she squealed

“Get ready.” I grunted

I sprayed Shakira’s insides like a firehose with really thick sperm as she milked my dick for every drop she could extract while having a screaming orgasm in Spanish again.

Emily and Shakira sandwiched me between them again licking their collective girl cream off my throbbing shaft Emily seemed to have wanted it more while Shakira got me hard again.

“Ready for another go I see.” Shakira said

“Excellent.” Emily purred

“I can’t last much longer with you doing that.” I moaned

The girls redoubled their efforts rubbing every body part they had on every inch of exposed skin I showed from my face down to my abs as I pawed at them too my dick continued to throb begging for release.

“Mmmm somethings about to give.” Shakira purred

“Your not kidding.” I said

The girls kept at it rubbing themselves on me until my dick couldn’t take it anymore as I unloaded on both girls boobs and Shakira seemed to be getting off on watching the thick white goo splash on her chest and down her abs Emily enjoyed seeing my man cream spread on her boobs very much to the point of licking it off herself before moving on to help Shakira.

Selena couldn’t take the highly erotic show playing out for her so she was quickly fingering herself at a blistering pace while Demi and Miley just watched her not noticing me coming up behind Demi.

“With curves like yours I would wreck you given the chance.” I whispered

“Include Miley and you will have it.” she purred

I got Miley’s attention pulling her into the fun as Demi opened her legs letting my big dick inside it was a rather snug fit given my size but Demi enjoyed the feeling as I felt up her boobs.

“Feels nice.” she cooed

“There’s more.” I said

I was pumping into Demi rather hard on every stroke even though we had a lot of sex before now she was still pretty tight which led me to think she enjoyed lesbian sex more but I put that out of my mind and focused on her gripping her impressive rack as I drove my meat a good 8 inches into her womb sliding along her cervix making her groan as I went.

“Don’t know if I’m gonna orgasm or scream first.” she said

“Try both.” I said

The noise we made was loud enough to make it obvious someone was having sex I sucked on Demi’s boobs to add to her pending orgasm I drained my spunk into her pussy nearly filling it to the limit which triggered her near ear shattering orgasmic scream which turned Miley on all the way.

Miley jumped on me faster than I could blink and had my whole dick down her throat before I could see her face clearly from all her hair flying around going down on me I did feel her still very tight pussy enclose around my shaft slowly speeding up as she went.

“Now that your all warmed up it’s my turn.” she purred

“Telling you to pace yourself probably won’t work so just go for it.” I said

She was bouncing on my shaft so hard that Miley almost launched us off the side of the bed from the momentum she had built up I had gripped her perky boobs in my hands but that didn’t stop her from acting like a total animal grunting as she went.

“UUUUHHHHNNNN….really thick….gonna cum.” she said

“Get ready.” I said

Miley’s screaming orgasm was only matched by the volume of sperm I was pumping into her love canal at an alarmingly fast rate while she bucked her hips flooding my crotch in her girl juice riding out the crashing waves of ecstasy as I filled her belly with her senses returning to normal I pulled out of Miley I could still feel her pulse racing yet slowing down she had a content look on her face.

“Fantastic.” she whispered

“I’m ready for another go.” Demi said

I had no sooner laid back that Demi had grabbed my cock stroking it back to hardness with Miley right next to her sandwiching me between them as they kissed me ready for another go.

“Not ready just yet but you girls are doing an amazing job.” I said

“We can do better than this baby.” Demi purred

“I’m not done with you just yet.” Miley said

I reached out gropping both girls boobs making them groan Demi was tilting back giving me full access to her body while Miley sucked my fingers and rubbed my elbow on her abs she picked up stroking my member making it throb.

“I can’t take much more of this.” I said

“You ready to erupt baby?” Demi asked

“Perfect.” Miley cooed

My body finally caved blasting both Demi and Miley with thick spunk all over their boobs the volume alone was pretty impressive as my balls stopped churning it out but I barely got a break with Shakira pulling Demi and Miley away licking my sperm off them while Selena and Emily came into the picture.

“That was so cool.” Selena said

“Glad you enjoyed the show.” I said

The petite brunette just oozed a sexy vibe as she crawled closer to me her naked body swaying with defined curves you would normally find on an older girl in her late 20’s which just made her hotter she quickly got a taste of my meat with all the other girls juices mixed in sucking me off with some much improved skills.

“Interesting flavor.” she said

“This is even better than before.” I said

Selena quickly got on top of me before I rolled her over on her back and opened her legs by rubbing her pussy before aiming my thick cock right at her entrance.

“That might not fit this time.” she said

“It barely did last time.” I said

I stuffed my big cock inside Selena at a pretty fast rate making her hips buck on nearly every stroke in and out making her breath rather hard and nearly squeal since her pussy walls refused to give.

“Not…quite…there.” she said

“Try this.” I said

I picked up Selena slamming my cock into her pussy all the way making both of us erupt Selena’s orgasm soaked my dick while mine coated everything inside her pussy with an impressive volume of spunk.

My orgasm had barely worn off before Emily crawled into my lap again ready for more action the blonde had a look in her eyes where she wasn’t going to be denied.

“Oh no you don’t stay right there.” she said

“I wasn’t going anyooooohhhhhh!!” I moaned

Emily started giving me the hottest blowjob I’d ever had her skills had leaped forward by a large margin from what I remembered previously Shakira was a fantastic teacher for this.

“I’m gonna suck you off till your knees buckle.” she purred

“Almost there.” I groaned

Emily wasn’t kidding she was going all out trying to make me cum with every trick she knew just watching the blondes hair fly around made the situation hotter as my cock throbbed.

“Oh yeah this big things about to blow.” she said

“Can’t stand it.” I moaned

She jerked another earth shattering orgasm out of me pumping a load all over her chin and boobs this trip with a loud splat Selena pushed me aside licking it off Emily before Demi joined in.

While watching them Miley had gotten cozy with Shakira getting into a 69 where they could still have fun licking up a storm and getting ideas.

The girls let me recover for a good hour or so giving me a fantastic show during it each girl got a 10 minute time frame to be featured doing their favorite sex act with the others from where I sat on the bed the view was amazing they just went for broke so fast my eyes could barely keep track after the hour was over Selena and Miley crawled up to me wanting attention while Shakira, Emily. and Demi continued their fun with Demi getting double teamed by the blondes.

“Go ahead and enjoy the show I just need this in my ass.” Miley purred

“Oh no we share.” Selena said.

Selena sandwiched my cock between her boobs going up and down at a slow pace looking up at me with those adoreable eyes as Miley kept groping her tits with my hands and her back grinding into my chest.

“You girls are really enjoying this I can tell.” I said

The other girls quickly joined in with Demi leading the charge Shakira and Emily followed along trying to get their slice of me I was cool with the idea as Demi just bowled me over wrapping her arms around my chest pushing her big boobs into a very small space between us.

“What’s shakin’ baby?” she purred

“This bed, my dick,…and Shakira’s head it looks like.” I said

Shakira had been going crazy the whole time humping away on anyone that moved be it me or one of the girls her hips just kept going at a near blistering pace I could almost see the heat rising off her body in waves as she was eating Miley out while fingering Demi with 4 of her digits.

“Can’t hold out.” I said

My orgasm was the last thing I remember before blacking out for what seemed like ages but was only around an hour at the most the girls were already helping themselves to each other leaving me out of the mix when I rejoined the group the only body parts that weren’t being used were their asses after a rather rough anal session with them Demi, Emily, and Selena had trouble walking only due to them being nearly virgin tight in relation to my girth Shakira and Miley had almost no problems which made me wonder how often they had anal before I came along when the bed finally collapsed and broke apart from all the sex we had we agreed to call it a night enjoying the memories.

Even after all that sex I had to admit that Shakira had taught the girls well it would seem too well but then again each girl brought something different to the table Demi had insane oral skills Miley was an anal dynamo Selena loved riding me Emily preferred getting her boobs sucked on and Shakira just enjoyed watching my dick explode after a titfuck or whatever ran through her mind for fun they all ended up pregnant having 3 kids each with Emily and Demi having 4 I had no idea my seed was so potent since I was having sex so often it was bound to happen.

the end
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Re: A Fruitful Partnership (Multiple Celebrities)
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2019, 07:19:36 PM »
I read this story a long time ago back on CSSA. Always enjoyed reading your stuff, it's short and sweet. Great to see Shakira getting love from some authors. She is somewhat underrated and criminally underused in stories.


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