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L.A.'s Finest - Detective Buttslut
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Disclaimer: I do not own "L.A.'s Finest" or any of the characters. It is a Spectrum Originals production and I do not make any money from this story!

This story is part of a much larger Nancy-centric choose-your-own-adventure story that I am relatively regularly working on, which you can find on chyoa.com

“Thanks!” Nancy McKenna shouted over the surrounding noise, smiling at the elderly barman as he slid the full pitcher of beer over the counter, along with two fresh glasses. In return, she handed him a folded twenty-dollar bill. “Keep the change!”

“Will do, sweetheart!” came the reply, followed what apparently was supposed to be a flirtatious grin, slightly undercut by the fact that the man’s best days were several decades behind him.

Deciding not to go any further in that particular direction, the LAPD Detective took her beer and turned away from the bar, feeling the man’s eyes immediately draw to her denim-clad booty. She rolled her eyes a little, but at the same time couldn’t help but smirk, her mood too good to be ruined by blunt advances like this. It had been too long since she had had a night like this.

Balancing her pitcher, she skillfully navigated the crowded, noisy bar, dodging waitresses and other patrons without spilling a sip as she made her way back to her table in one of the more secluded corners of the bar where her partner was hunched over her phone, typing away.

“Well, hey there, girlie!” McKenna addressed her in a mock southern drawl, getting Syd’s attention. The black woman lifted her eyes and quickly slipped the phone back into her pocket, greeting her with a smile. “Thought I’d buy a sweet bird like you a drink!”

Syd cocked an eyebrow, giving her an amused smirk in return. “That was horrifying!”

“Whatever!” Nancy shrugged and both women chuckled as she slid back into her seat, pouring each of them a beer and lifting her glass in a toast. “To dumb criminals and stupid defense attorneys!”

Glasses clinked and each of them took a healthy sip of their drink. It was Friday night, L.A. was in a party mood and the two of them had every reason to celebrate as a rookie error on the part of a highly paid attorney had opened a possibility to apprehend one of the city’s leading crime figures, Josh McMahon, with barely a day’s work. It wasn’t often that a win this big just fell into their lap, but neither was about to complain, so after McMahon sat in his cell and all the necessary paperwork was dealt with they had immediately made their way to a bar, aiming to get some much-needed stress relief.

“Fucking hell, it’s been too long!” Nancy grinned, savoring the beer while scouting the crowded bar. It wasn’t a high-class establishment by any means, but what it lacked in style it made up for in charisma with great music and a fun crowd.

“YEAH!” Sydney shouted, causing Nancy to jump and give her partner a surprised look.

“Nice to know you agree!”

“Oh sorry,” the gorgeous black woman chuckled before pointing up to one of the wall-mounted TVs, where the Lakers had just conceded a three-pointer, putting the Heat two points ahead.

“Fucking traitor…” Nancy grinned, more amused than anything. She didn’t get too involved with basketball, but knew Syd was a die-hard fan and was happy to entertain a bit of rivalry.

“What can I say? That kid is just amazing!” Syd shrugged, pointing up at the young player who had just scored. “Balls of steel and always ready to take charge!”

“Sounds hot!” Nancy quipped, taking another sip. There weren’t really any plans for the night and she was open to pretty much anything from drinking while watching a basketball game to going out and dancing: it was her first real night off in a while. If Syd wanted to watch, it was fine with her…

Just as she settled in, getting a good view of the screen, Syd’s phone rang.

“Fuck!” Nancy’s partner grumbled, eyes never leaving the screen as she fumbled her phone out of the pocket of her blazer and answered the call. “Yeah?!”

Nancy watched with a furrowed brow, taking another sip of beer, as Syd listened to what the person on the other end of the line had to say, wondering who it was that was interrupting their evening.

“Yeah… yeah, we’re here!” Syd replied to whoever was on the other end, eyes still trained on the large screen, following the game. The other person said something that made the pretty black woman crack a seedy little grin, her pearly white teeth flashing before her eyes flitted over to Nancy, giving her friend a very blatant once-over. “Yeah, she’s here too. Looks fucking hot, you’ll see. Tight jeans to show off that perky booty…”

Nancy opened her mouth, feeling a slight flush rise in her cheeks and she gave her partner a look that was a mixture of exasperation and amusement. Syd caught her glare, which only made her grin widen.

“Yeah, great… we’re sitting in the back. To your right-hand side when you enter. See you then!” with that she hung up and slid her phone back into the inner pocket of her blazer, her attention nonchalantly drawing back to the basketball game. “Oh, come on!” she groaned, throwing her hand up in frustration as her team easily gave the ball away and ran straight into a counter attack.

“Uhm…” Nancy cleared her throat, cocking an eyebrow at her partner, “You want to tell me what all that was about?”

“Huh?!” Syd looked at her with an expression of mock innocence, “Oh, that was Jack Jacobs!” She shrugged before returning back to the tv as if that short sentence was explanation enough.

“Officer Jack Jacobs?” Nancy prodded, honestly confused. “Like, the young guy from work? Tall, slim, brown hair…”

“That’s the one.”

Alright…” Nancy took a swig of beer. “And why the fuck are you discussing my ass with Officer Jacobs?”

Syd grinned. “Because I want him to bury his face all up in there…”

“Excuse me?!” Nancy gasped, shocked by her partner’s bluntness. “What are you, my pimp now?”

The other woman chortled. “If I was, I would have very rough words with you over my lack of income over the last few weeks.”

Eyes narrowing, the Latina leaned in. Syd only glanced at her and smirked at her demeanor. “Oh, give me a break, McKenna. You moved out of Patrick’s house a month ago and I know for a fact you haven’t gotten lucky since then. And I bet the weeks before that the two of you haven’t exactly worked your way through the kama sutra either…”

Opening her mouth, Nancy remained silent. Instead, she felt her blush return a little. Syd wasn’t wrong, it really had been a while. Nonetheless, the audacity of her partner to just arrange something like this behind her back. “Maybe I want some alone time!”

“Maybe… but you don’t. You need to party a little, McKenna. I’m not saying you should rebound and get into a new relationship. Far from it, in fact. What I am saying is you need to get someone to take care of your needs. Some no strings fun.”

“So you picked out Officer Jacobs to do the job?!”

“Yeah, well, I know he can deliver on what you need.”


Syd’s grin gleamed. “Yeah. Few weeks back I took young Jack home and convinced myself of his qualifications first hand. You know…” she winked, “quality control.”

“Unbelievable…” Smiling incredulously, Nancy shook her head. “So, what if I don’t want your sloppy seconds?”

“Then I’ll take Jacobs home with me tonight and we’ll find you some other guy to do the deed.” The black woman leaned back, took a sip of beer, obviously very pleased with herself before she added. “… or girl.”

“You’re unbelievable!”

“Funny. Jacobs said the same thing about me…” Syd retorted before perking up. “There he is!”

Nancy followed her partner’s gaze to see Jack Jacobs enter the bar, head on a swivel as he quickly scanned his surroundings. Spotting them easily, he nodded and made his way past the crowd towards them, greeting a few colleagues on the way who were drinking a few tables over. As he approached, Nancy took the young man in. Syd wasn’t wrong, Jacobs was definitely not hard to look at. A bit over six feet tall, slim but strong he had swapped his uniform for a tight-fitting black t shirt that was showing off his toned arms, and some jeans. His hair was fashionably short, styled with wax and his clean-shaven face was narrow, but attractive. As he approached their table, Nancy had to admit that his half-smile, exuberating youthful confidence, was quite the attractive feature.

“Hi!” he greeted, sliding onto the empty seat next to Nancy.

Syd’s grin was so wide Nancy guessed it must have hurt her cheeks. “Hi, Jack!”

“Hey!” Nancy replied, feeling more than a little awkward as she had been pushed into this situation unexpectedly. What had seemed like a relaxed night out with a few beers somehow had turned into a blind date within mere minutes.

“Look at the two of you, so cute!” Syd mercilessly beamed, savoring her friend’s awkwardness before unnecessarily introducing them. “Nancy, this is Jack. 25 years old, eight inches long and one hell of a skilled tongue. Seriously, he’s like a magician of oral sex, you gotta give that a try.” The black woman closed her eyes and let out a purr for emphasis. “Best you ever had, I promise!”

Both Nancy and Jack sat in silence, the Latina looking anywhere but the young man as her friend continued torturing her.

“Jack, this is Nancy! Seriously underfucked, can hold her breath for more than three minutes at a time and from our time in the gym showers I can proudly declare: one of the prettiest little pussies you have ever seen. And just between the two of us: she was at the massage parlor yesterday and had her mound waxed smooth like a slut…” Basking in the silence for a moment, Syd let her words sink in before she concluded. “So: oral virtuoso meets gorgeous cunt. Am I a matchmaker or what?” She laughed as she stood up. “If you kids need me, I will be at the bar…”

Nancy and Jack sat in silence as Syd left them alone, both having to process what had just happened.

“Wow…” Jack finally muttered.

“Yeah…” Nancy agreed.

“I… think I need a drink.”


Jack nodded. With a quick wave he signaled a waiter. “Two shots of tequila please.”

“Same for me!” Nancy added, causing her date to grin. Finally, their eyes met and they let out a helpless chuckle.

“Well,” Jack smirked, “Where do we go from here?!”

“I honestly… no clue!” Nancy shrugged. She was able to think on her feet in a firefight and outwit some of the best lawyers the criminal underworld of L.A. had to offer, but put on the spot, shoved into a sex-date like this when five minutes ago she had thought she was here for a girls’ night out with her partner… she was lost. “I thought I’d just be out drinking tonight…”

“Fair enough!” Jacobs nodded. Their drinks arrived, they each took a glass, clinked them together and necked them, grimacing at the burning sensation in their throats. “So, I meant to say... You have a pretty badass reputation at the precinct.”

“Mmhm!” Nancy nodded, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand as she enjoyed the fire in her belly for another second. “Thank you, Jacobs. I took a look at your evaluations a while ago too. Impressive! You did a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, yet decided to swap that for the glorious lifestyle of a cop?!”

“What can I say?” Jacobs smiled. “I love how the human psyche works. I love how every one of us is at the same time strong and independent, but on the other hand if you know how to do it you can easily nudge and prod a person to do what you want.”

“So you like manipulating people?”

That made the young man laugh. “That’s certainly one way to put it. I’d say I like to understand people better… Anyway, ultimately, I felt the curriculum didn’t work for me and I wanted to get a more hands-on job. Hence, the career switch. And I still hope that the knowledge acquired in my studies will help me get ahead.”

“I can see that.” McKenna agreed. “It obviously already helps you in your personal life…”

Jacobs cocked an eyebrow.

“Oh, don’t give me that innocent crap. I am a ‘badass detective’, remember?” Nancy chuckled, playfully hitting his shoulder. “As if that reputation of yours is a coincidence? I mean, my girl over there just basically ran a commercial on your qualities as a lover. Your tongue put a reward system in place to incentivize girls to drop their panties so you and your dick could reap the rewards…”

Jacobs smirked, lifting his hands palm-side up. “Busted!”

“It is a great scheme,” Nancy admitted, a grin on her face. She grabbed her second shot and downed it before standing up. “Come on then. I want to see how that tongue stacks up to its reputation!”

The young officer looked at her in surprise. With her being known as a bit of an ice queen had prepared him for a lengthy evening and middling chances of success at best, all his male colleagues warning him how the gorgeous Latina was unattainable. Now she was basically giving herself away with hardly any effort required. Maybe the infamous Nancy McKenna was just another dirty, little slut, she just hid it a little better. He fought back a wide grin as he emptied his tequila, then quickly stood to follow as Nancy already pushed her way to the exit. Knowing that he could get away with it he let his eyes drift down to the stunning detective’s thick, denim-clad bubble butt, admiring the sensuous side-to-side sway and its firm, feminine roundedness. This was going to be fucking fun!

“Hey!” Jacobs had to raise his voice to get heard over the overall noise of the bar. Reaching out, he grabbed Nancy’s hand to stop her. “Where are you going?”

The detective turned to face him, a look of confusion in her eyes. “What do you mean? I thought we were heading to your place and… you know…”

The uncharacteristic awkwardness in her demeanor made Jacobs smile. For a stone-cold professional she really had a charming shyness to her and the slight blush in her cheeks when she hinted at what she wanted was straight up adorable. While she had really given in quickly it was rather obvious that she wasn’t on familiar territory, that she truly wasn’t “that kind of girl”.

“I don’t think I want to wait that long!” he grinned, trying to give her an assuring look, “I doubt I can control myself long enough for us to get there! I have a better idea, come with me!”

Nancy frowned and opened her mouth, but before she could bring out a word the young man had turned around. His hand holding firmly on to hers, he quickly dragged her with him. She allowed him to lead her back through the bar, away from the front door all the way to the back to a small, dimly lit hallway where the restrooms and kitchen were. Past those, Jacobs quickly found what he was looking for: an old, sturdy looking steel door with a green emergency exit sign shimmering on the wall above.

“There we go!” he said, pushing the heavy door open to reveal the back alley behind the bar, “Perfect!”

Nancy hesitantly followed him outside. Her assessment of their surroundings turned out less favorable, which clearly showed on her face. It certainly wasn’t the cleanest of places, as one would expect from a back alley. Old crates sat on one side, as well as several large dumpsters that filled the air with an unpleasant odor, though it wasn’t as bad as she would have expected. The floor was asphalt, old and cracked, with bits and pieces of trash that had missed the dumpsters strewn about. On the far side, old furniture that wasn’t in use in the bar anymore was stacked up. Ragged chairs, rickety tables as well as a worn-out leather couch were there, crammed up and left to their fate and the elements. It seemed like the couch still functioned as a break spot for the staff, as two empty ash trays suggested. The entire place was illuminated by a single street lamp, flickering above while two of its brethren had died off a long time ago.

Her lips curling in distaste, Nancy turned towards Jacobs, less than impressed with where he had taken her. With one hand she held the steel door open, really wanting to leave this place. “You know, I really think…”

“Shut up!” his voice was deep and urgent and he quickly closed the distance between them. Nancy gasped in surprise as two strong hands grabbed her hips and firmly steered her backwards, followed by a moan that was almost a purr when he dominantly pressed his lips against hers. The door slipped from her fingers and slammed shut as she was pushed up against the rough concrete wall. Her lips parted and Jacobs immediately took advantage, his tongue invading her mouth. She heard herself moan again as she felt overwhelmed, the heady rush of pleasure driving all protests from her mind. Instead, she felt herself melting into the kiss. Her arms drew around his shoulders and she allowed him to proceed, plundering her mouth. She could hardly believe the sensations.

“Mmmwait!” she finally managed, her brow furrowing as she did her best to focus against the rush of endorphins that his assault had triggered. She managed to push him off just a bit with her palm against his chest and turned her head when he tried to lock lips again. Instead, he found the side of her neck and goosebumps formed on a moment’s notice all over her body as he nibbled on her sensitive skin. Her eyes fluttered before, with a huge effort, she managed to push her insistent lover off again.

“Waitwaitwait!” she giggled, high on the rush of their lewd activity, “What if someone comes?!”

“It’s exciting, isn’t it?!” Jacobs grinned, his eyes dark pools of desire, his voice a low growl. He pecked at the nape of her throat again, sending a shiver through her frame. “Enjoy the thrill, babe!”

Nancy wanted to protest, but her words slipped from her mind when Jacobs reached up and gently but firmly pushed her chin, making her turn her face back towards him. Before she could regain her composure, his wickedly talented mouth covered hers again and all that came out was another helpless moan. He was right! It was damned exciting!

His toned body pressing against hers, he just took her. He was aggressive, his tongue way more demanding and forceful than she was used to, but while he had caught her off guard she was definitely not complaining. It had been way too long…

Nancy felt almost drunk when he finally broke the kiss. Her eyes half-lidded, she let out a small whimper as he tugged at her full bottom lip with his teeth. She could feel how wet she was already, revved up by his skillful mouth and all the reservations she had about the location a mere minute ago felt like they were far away.

Jacobs gave her a cheeky grin, seeing the effects he had on her. “Fuck, you are gorgeous!” he whispered at her, pouring a little more honey into her ear before he stepped back. He pulled her away from the wall before he gave her a slight shove to make her stagger backwards towards the old couch.

“Over there!” he said, his voice commanding, “I want to taste that pussy of yours now!”

Her heart was beating hard as Nancy was pushed backwards. She followed his guidance unquestioningly until the backs of her knees hit resistance and she dropped back on the couch. Biting her lower lip, she watched as Jacobs dropped to his knees and he stared deeply into her eyes as his skilled fingers went to work on her pants. Her belt was deftly unbuckled, the button popped and before she fully grasped what was happening Jacobs fingers grabbed a hold of the waistband of her jeans. She let out a girly squeak when he roughly yanked, pulling her butt up off the couch and making her fall backwards. He let out a deep, primal growl as her pants were dragged down over her ass and to her mid-thighs, exposing a plain, black thong. She felt her blush deepen as the cool night air touched her skin, making her once more self-conscious about how public and out in the open they were.

Jacobs, however, did not give her time to think. With wild determination he yanked again, eliciting another gasp from Nancy as he pulled her tight jeans down her legs until they tangled around her sneakers. For a split-second she thought he had maneuvered himself into a dead end, her pants stuck awkwardly around her footwear, but a third harsh pull upwards that lifted her clean off the couch for a half-second not only dragged her jeans clean off, but her shoes and socks came off as well.

“Oh wow,” Nancy muttered. Her pulse raced, nipples drawing tight in excitement as the handsome man stripped her. Jacobs wasted no time, carelessly tossing her pooled-up pants behind himself and grabbing her ankles. He spread her legs wide open, forcing her legs to the sides and basically pinning her into a splits position that fully, completely exposed her thong-covered crotch. A smirk curled the corners of his mouth as he was clearly able to make out the outlines of McKenna’s pussy through the thin fabric.

“You’re fucking stunning, you know that?!” he growled, looking into her eyes and watching her breath hitch as he leaned in and placed a kiss right on her mound. The heat of her sex emanated through the cotton. She was definitely ripe for the taking. He saw her bite down on her inner cheek when he reached for her thong, again grabbing it with two hands. However, instead of sliding it down her legs like she expected, he surprised her when he ripped it apart instead.

“Aaah!” Nancy gasped in shock, wide-eyed, as the fabric briefly bit into her skin before it tore into shreds and then Jacobs flung the tattered remains of her underwear aside and once more pushed her thighs wide with both hands, spreading her bare pussy for him to view. Ashamed by his brazen inspection, she closed her eyes but did nothing to stop him, feeling his hungry gaze on her twat.

He took a moment and took in the sight of Nancy McKenna’s pussy. He had heard so much about her at this point, not only about her badass professional reputation, but also about her cool demeanor. Detective Campbell had warned him about how even attempting to flirt with her could end in disaster and how more than one man had been cut down in front of his friends for an inappropriate joke. He had taken the challenge and the office ice queen had been melted, on her back with her legs spread like the back-alley bitch that she was, offering that bald cunt to him. And Syd really hadn’t promised too much: her partner really had a pretty, little pussy. Perfectly waxed lips gaped slightly, puffy with arousal and revealing the creamy pink of her fuckhole, proof of how urgently she needed it.

Licking his lips he pushed Nancy’s thighs up a bit further, rolling her hips to expose her cute, puckered asshole between her firm cheeks. He fought back a wolfish grin as he took his time to enjoy the view, feeling Nancy shudder with embarrassment and arousal. Savoring the luxurious feel of her silky-smooth skin, he slid his palms down the backs of her thighs until he held a caramel-colored buttock in each hand. Squeezing them firmly for a second, he then pulled them wider apart, prying open her crack completely and distending her small, tight pucker to a lewd oval. Her sphincter clenched briefly under his gaze, almost winking at him a little.

Nancy let out a girly, embarrassed whimper. Her stunning face turned an attractive shade of pink as her most private of places was inspected by this young man from work, who doubtlessly saw her as little more than a prestigious prize and was making no pretense which of her petite holes he was currently interested in. Her lips quivered at the thought. She had never really entertained the idea of anal sex, it seemed very much like a macho, misogynist concept. However, now, knowing he was looking at her there, a deep, dark part of her seemed to actually like it!

Before she could go down that particular road any further, however, Jacobs put a stop to that. He leaned in and she felt his hot breath tickle across her bare, exposed pussy. A naughty tingle went up her spine and she watched with wide eyes as he inched his thumbs up. Placing one on each smooth pussy lip, he used them to open her hole wider, spreading her obscenely for his viewing pleasure. He inhaled, smiling as he took in her intoxicating scent. She had showered after work, smelling like some kind of feminine soap. He could make out an aroma of vanilla and strawberry that now mixed with her own arousal, making for a heady combination that made his mouth salivate.

Her eyes briefly flitted over to the heavy, closed door and she felt a flutter of panic in the pit of her stomach at the idea that at any moment someone could open it and see her like this. She was a regular customer; people knew her here and all it would take for any man in that bar right now to get a perfect view of her pink pussy and even her puckered asshole was to inch that door open. How humiliating that would be…

“H… aaaah!” she whined as Jacobs pulled her attention right back to him when he stuck his tongue out. Slowly, deliberately, he ran it along the contour of her right pussy lip, tracing it from the bottom all the way to the top. She found him staring up in her face, reading every twitch of her features as he repeated the motion on the other side, teasing her silky-smooth labia. He took his time going back and forth, using the very tip of his tongue to tease and explore. Keeping to the outer regions of Nancy’s pussy and he elicited small, delicious, delicate sensations in her pink flesh.

Collecting his data, he nonetheless made sure to avoid her most sensitive regions, where she really wanted him to touch her and it drove her insane. Time after time he drew closer to her clit, her pulse quickening in excitement only for him to switch directions at the last moment to leave her moaning in disappointment. Frustrating as it was, every second he denied her riled her up further and soon the tough, headstrong woman was twisting with need on the old, shabby couch.

Jacobs was amazed by the effects of his actions. Nancy’s pussy had been gleaming wet from the start, ready to be fucked and less experienced lovers probably would have mounted her then and there, but he had always found that especially in the beginning patience was an investment that paid off. Now, two minutes of playful teasing later (that seemed like an eternity to Nancy), her slutty hole wasn’t simply wet anymore, it was drooling. Her feminine mound was flushed with excitement, her petite clit stood hard and her vaginal canal, lewdly pulled open by his thumbs, was creamy with her girly essence. So much so in fact that her juices had begun to dribble down, over her spread asshole, along her crack and onto the deteriorated leather of the couch. He was really playing her like a fiddle…

“Oooooh!” Nancy moaned, her head dropping back on the aged cushions when Jacobs finally gave her what she craved. Her toes curled as he applied the wide flat of his tongue to her. Starting all the way down at her asshole, he then broadly swiped across the center of her sex all the way up to her clit. The contact with her nerve-rich nub made her entire body shudder and he drew it out before he reversed directions and turned downwards again. Subconsciously she reached down to grab his head, but midway through the motion she caught herself and instead took a hold of her own calves to help him spread her open and allow him to work his magic.

“Ohmygoooood…” she whined, her brow furrowing in pleasure as that wicked tongue returned to her clit. Eyes closed, she gasped into the night as he stimulated her. Syd really hadn’t promised too much, this guy was a damn wizard. It seemed like he knew her exactly, made all the right decisions to both deny her pleasure to rile her up and make the later pay-off that much sweeter. It had been too long since someone had done this for her and nobody had ever been as good.

Biting her lip, she writhed like a kitten as he flickered his tongue across her sensitive clit, then bucked in shock when he latched his mouth around the nub and applied suction, which quickly turned into her purring in relish. While the idea of being caught like this was still in the back of her mind, she now found a lewd allure in the thought. The thrill of the danger of being caught like this, getting her pussy eaten behind the bar, added a whole other note to the experience.

Her breath was already going ragged when Jacobs moved downwards. His tongue swirling in wild patterns, he bathed her sex in his saliva until he zeroed in on her vaginal opening and she cried out when he pushed forward. Her pink fuckhole stretched around his appendage and he got a direct taste of her sticky essence. Her moans turned a lot shriller as he wriggled around and stimulated her in all the best ways.

Jacobs watched her face turn redder and redder as he tonguefucked her, knowing that he was driving her towards orgasm. He could see her eyes roll in their sockets behind closed lids as he worked her with honed skill. Her naked toes curled in the night’s air and the exquisite, sleek musculature of her calves flexed rhythmically.

“Fuuuuuuck…” Nancy whimpered, the urgency evident in her voice when he pulled his tongue back, but he immediately blew her disappointment away when he noisily sucked her clit into his mouth. Her breath hitched when he doubled up on the stimulation and two fingers of his right hand thrust deep into her pussy, stretching her wider and deeper than before.

“AAAAH!” she full-on cried out. The danger of being heard was completely forgotten for the moment as his lips and tongue attacked her clit while his fingers found her g spot and he rubbed it hard. Lewd, wet noises were emitted from her cunt, filling the quiet back alley as Jacobs fingerfucked her roughly, now determined to push her over the edge.

“Fuck! FUCK!” she squealed, starting to lose control over her motoric functions as she twisted on the couch, uncontrollably kicking her bare feet in the air. Jacobs easily held her in place with one hand, dominating her. He switched his thrusting to curling motions inside her pussy, intensifying her pleasure to the point her eyes rolled back as her whole body felt ablaze and her orgasm rolled over her in force.

As he felt her reach her climax Jacobs released he seal of his lips around Nancy’s clit and quickly replaced it with his thumb, rubbing her just as hard. He grinned as he watched the show, the patterns of pleasure washing in waves over her gorgeous, exotic face. He used his left forearm to push both her calves, pressing them up against the back of the couch so Nancy was essentially folded in half with her knees beside her ears. It made for a very submissive position, a look that suited her as she came.

As she reached her peak he switched pace for pressure in his fingering, skillfully massaging the best sensations out of her pussy as the Latina whined, helplessly at his mercy.

“You little slut!” he hissed at her, knowing that the insult was likely all but drowned out in her head with all the things going on in there. He used the contractions of her cunt to time his movements perfectly. Just as she came down a little, he pulled his fingers from her pussy and rubbed her clit, making her whine as the pleasure turned into torture, her entire body oversensitive. She twisted, her sensory system overloaded, but his arm kept her pinned, exposed to him. Reaching out, she tried to push his hand off her pussy, unable to take more, but she was too weak to stop him and he simply swatted her away.

“I’m not done!” he told her, his voice deep and dominating. Slowly, still wrecked by tremors of her release, Nancy opened her eyes, looking up at him. She looked like pure sex. Eyes misty and unfocused, cheeks flushed, hair tussled. The white tank top, the only piece of clothing she was still wearing, had ridden up to bunch below her breasts to expose her feminine abs and the strap had slipped off her right shoulder. Two twin bumps betrayed the erect state of her nipples, poking through the cotton. Her wet pussy, swollen with arousal was completely exposed with her juices leaking down onto the couch and her petite feet were pinned back.

“Spread your ass-cheeks!” he ordered. Nancy swallowed hard at the lewd demand, but instead of objecting she found herself meekly complying. Her fingers dug into the firm flesh of her buttocks and she did as she was told, prying her crack wide open. Wordlessly, her breath still ragged, she watched as the young man took her in as she showed him her plump pussy and wrinkled asshole.

Jacobs smiled at her, then took her breath away when he lifted his hand and lightly smacked her square on her bare, sensitive mound, making her cry out.

“Who’s in charge?”

Nancy swallowed hard, but the answer came to her automatically, the load of endorphins marinating her brain making the decision easy. “You are!” Her voice sounded raspy.

“Good girl!” he hissed.

Her reward was a kiss on her over-sensitive clit that elicited a whimper. She wasn’t ready yet for more stimulation. Jacobs didn’t seem to care though and when he applied his tongue again Nancy had to bite both her lips to keep from crying out. Her head dropped back against the couch as he sucked on her flesh and within a minute Detective Nancy McKenna was once more moaning like a slut as this man she barely knew licked and fingered her in the seedy alley behind some L.A. bar.

“Ohgod… ohgod… ohgoohoohoood…” she whined, tears of pleasure forming in the corners of her eyes as Jacobs used her pussy to make her feel incredible. She tossed from side to side, basking in the sensations he created as he blasted her with two fingers. With every minute that passed he became a bit more dominant. His knowledge of all her most delicate nerve clusters gave him more and more power, soaking her mind in pleasure to slowly make her mind more pliable. Step by step he got her drink on pleasure.


She cried out and bucked when he briefly pulled his fingers out to give her aroused cunt two quick slaps. Her eyes bulged, but before she could get her mind in order enough to protest his fingers were already back inside her and the sudden stinging pain mixed in with all the delectableness, boosting it even.

“You love it, don’t you?” he growled, lightly biting the velvety soft skin of her inner thigh.

“Uuuuh! Yeah!” Nancy admitted, her heart beating a mile a minute. She could already feel another orgasm approach, building deep inside her. It almost was scary with her body already as sensitive as it was. Jacobs did not show mercy though, bit by bit dragging that orgasm out of her.

“Say it! Say you love it!” He demanded.

“I dooo! Oooh! I love it!” Nancy obeyed, crying it out into the night. Muscles tightening in her back, her butt lifted off the couch, pushing up towards his fingers in primal need. Her fingers dug deep into the honed musculature of her glutes spreading her ass wide.

Seeing her increased urgency, Jacobs picked this moment for his next step. Leaning in close, he inspected Nancy’s wrinkled asshole for a second, stretched into a small oval by her own, prying hands.

“Pfft!” With practiced precision the young cop spat a thick gob of saliva right onto her exposed anus. Nancy let out a surprised squeak and her sphincter twitched, but his skilled fingers massaging her g spot kept her in line, edging towards her second orgasm.

“Oooonnngh!” was all that came out of Nancy’s mouth when Jacob’s left pointer made contact with her butthole, rubbing the slimy saliva into the ring muscle. It felt wrong, lewd… yet so good! Her eyes fluttered open, but only the whites were visible as her pupils were rolled back and she was utterly helpless. The naughty sensation added a whole different spice. She was ready to explode, ready to…

Reading the signs, Jacob once more executed perfect timing. He could feel Nancy’s strong ring muscle twitch rhythmically as her lower body clenched up for her orgasm. Increasing the force of his massaging motions against her g spot, lips adding suction to her clit, he made her cum once more. Just as he felt her reach the brink, he timed the contraction of her sphincter and pressed forward just as she unclenched.

“FUUUUUUUCK!” Nancy cried out, tears rolling down her cheeks as a mixture of clitoral and g spot stimulation wrecked her body, punctuated by Jacobs’ finger suddenly penetrating her asshole. Her sphincter clenched down hard, but his finger wormed in deep, sinking into the hot tightness of her virgin ass and making her orgasm a whole lot spicier. She kicked and, unrestrained by his hands, her legs flailed about while her hands frantically kept her crack spread wide. She cried out again, devoid of any articulation as that finger forced itself knuckle-deep into her back door, making her squirm.

When she finally calmed, she felt like a boneless mess, sagging back onto the couch. Jacobs fingers pulled from her holes and he set back, taking a short breath as he took in the sight of the wrecked detective. He really had done a number on her and he was far from done…

“Come here!” he said, grabbing the groggy woman by the shoulder and pulling her into an upright, sitting position. She offered no resistance, letting him manipulate her body as he pleased when he grabbed the hem of her bunched-up tank top, unceremoniously pulled it up over her head. Tossing it aside, he left her dressed only in her simple, black bra in this very public back alley.

“… wait…” she finally managed to croak out, but he completely ignored her as he reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. Pulling it away, Nancy’s tits bounced free and Jacobs smiled as he got his first, quick look at her bare boobs. While the Latina’s fantastic ass stole the show and was the subject of daily conversations of the male staff at the precinct, her breasts had garnered considerable amounts of attention themselves. Full and firm, the they sat high the Detective’s chest. Her soft caramel skin was almost glowing in the pale light of the streetlight above with two untanned triangles clearly showing the outlines of a bikini. Her cute, little hazel-colored nipples stood stiff in the middle of two lightly-goosebumped, dime-sized areolas that were puckering up against the cool breeze of the L.A. night.

Nancy blushed, struggling for words as the realization that she was now butt naked out in public settled in her orgasm-hazy mind. She brought her arms up to cover herself, too sheepish to do much more as he threw her last piece of clothing to the dirty asphalt floor.

“Turn around!” Jacobs coolly ordered and when she didn’t immediately comply, he grabbed her arm and made her turn over on the couch, “I want that ass up in the air!”

Still rattled and with her entire body shivering in the after-shocks of her second consecutive powerful orgasm Nancy was easily manipulated as he roughly flipped her over. A soft gasp escaped her lips as she rolled onto all fours, then Jacobs firm hand grabbed the back of her head and shoved her down, forcing her face into the worn-out leather of the couch. His demeanor had become a lot more commanding as he dominated her in ways that only fifteen minutes ago would have earned him a well-placed punch to the nose. Now all she did was groan and comply, breathing in the smell of stale cushions as he easily held her down with one hand while pulling her body in the desired position with the other. Harshly pushing down on her spine he made her arch her back, presenting her perky bubble butt like a wanton bitch.

“There we go!” Jacobs nodded. Stepping back momentarily he was content when the still shivering Detective stayed in the pose he had manhandled her into. Her plump pussy mound bulged appealingly between her thighs, reddened and puffy from arousal, begging to be mounted and her thick glutes splayed to show off her tender pucker, winking at him shyly.


The girly gasp when he placed a firm slap on each upraised buttock was incredibly cute and he registered fondly that that was the extent of her reaction. He almost hoped that someone would come out and catch them, witness how he had turned tough Nancy McKenna into his whimpering, submissive slut. He would be a fucking legend…

Smiling, he reached out and ran the tips of two fingers along the soaked groove of her flushed pussy. She jumped slightly at the gentle touch of her sensitive flesh, but after the initial shock she actually pushed back against his fingers with a small moan. Perfect! Tracing his digits up and down her sex, periodically teasing her swollen clit in light circles, he reached out with his other hand. Grabbing her by the back of her neck, he held her down, but didn’t push her. The grip was meant more as a psychological influence to show he was in control rather than to physically restrain her. “You’re a little slut, Detective McKenna, aren’t you?!”

He felt her muscles tense against his palm, exactly the reaction he had expected. Despite all his work, being called a slut was still something the proud woman was resisting. It was almost funny how women like her would allow themselves to be physically manhandled and even slapped around, yet a simple four-letter-word was stepping over the line. Predictably, she opened her mouth to protest the affront, but once again, Jacobs was a step ahead. Three fingers forced their way into Nancy’s creamy, swollen pussy, easily sinking knuckle-deep and stretching her sensitive canal wider than ever before.

The protest died in her throat, instead her mouth and eyes went comically wide and her body lurched, though she remained stuck in position between his firm hand and the couch. “FUCK!” she cried out in shock, her dainty feet kicking cutely as Jacobs fingered her fast and hard, intentionally causing her cunt to make very unseemly squelching noises. Now he actually had to restrain her for a few seconds before she relented her resistance and gave in. Her moans mixed with the sounds of her pussy, eyes closing in bliss. She inched her knees a little further apart and her left hand even reach back to pry open her ass-crack, giving him more space to work her at this point well-used sex.

“You’re a fucking skank, McKenna!” he hissed at her over the rising volume of her moans. Letting go of her neck, he used that hand to reach below her and press his thumb against her clit, manipulating it rather roughly. The Latina responded by moaning louder, her shame and angst about being caught completely forgotten as she felt herself pushed towards a third orgasm by his increasingly dominating handling, “You love it rough, huh?!”

“Yes! I love it rough!” Nancy cried breathlessly, all riled up.

She didn’t even resist when he called her names this time, her mental capacity completely overflooded with raw pleasure. Subconsciously she bit down on the couch’s old cushion to muffle her cries. She tasted the stale, cracked leather, but hardly registered it, instead giving an appreciative squeak when Jacobs once more spat on her asshole.

The young cop watched her wrinkled sphincter clench as the slimy saliva hit it, but quickly relax due to the work his hands were doing on her pussy. Using the reward system of vaginal stimulation she was beginning to receive his attention to her ass in a more positive light and he was determined to continue to push that. Leaning in, he felt her buck only briefly in surprise when he buried his face between her firm caramel cheeks, puckering up as his tongue lapped over her inexperienced muscle. However, with the help of his fingers on her cunt, she didn’t stop him as he began to drag his tongue in circles around her rim.

“Fuck! Fuuhuhuhuck!” Nancy moaned gutturally, the triple assault of her clit, g spot and anus was a completely new level of pleasure and while somewhere in the depths of her mind an alarm bell shrilled about him toying with her booty, she couldn’t help but purr in bliss. His tongue whirled, flickered and lapped at her sphincter. It felt warm, wet and soft and… just nice! For the moment, she couldn’t think of a reason why she wouldn’t want this, why this should be wrong. It was a little strange, but so very pleasurable. This man really was fucking talented!

Jacobs gave a muffled growl against her ass. He could feel her relax, slowly but surely his assault broke her down, her sphincter unclenching beneath his tongue. He immediately took advantage, wiggling the tip right up against her puckered hole. She didn’t let him inside just yet, but her loud, throaty moan was encouraging him to continue.

He briefly pulled back, taking a moment to observe his progress. Nancy’s small, brown sphincter was gleaming with his spit, looking less clenched and more loosened than before, though still impossibly tight. While still fingering her with three fingers of his right hand, he removed his left from her clit and used it to grab her left buttock, pulling it wide to the side. Her asshole was stretched into an oval, forced wide. Jacobs added another fat gob of slimy spit, splattering it dead-center on her opening before he dived back in.

“Ohgoood!” Nancy whined and gasped as she received the first proper rimjob of her life. As incredible as it was, the strange pleasure even upstaged what his hands were doing with her pussy, feeling more intense and somehow exotic. She was getting her ass eaten and she loved it!

Slowly, but steadily, Jacobs could feel the tension in her ring muscle fade away as he worked on her, giving her backdoor a spit-fueled tongue-massage. As she relaxed, her sphincter loosened far enough that eventually he could work the very tip of his tongue inside. From there on, he insistently pushed on, forcing his way forward to bury it completely inside her. Methodically, he stretched her open, eliciting purrs, whines and moans from Nancy, who now had dropped all pretense that she wasn’t a complete whore. Pulling his drenched fingers from her pussy, he then used both hands to pull her buttocks apart, spreading her ass wide so he could focus on rimming her.

Nancy whined when, after tongue-fucking her butthole for several minutes, he pulled his tongue out to catch a breath and admire his work. The Detective’s formerly impenetrably tight sphincter looked significantly less clenched now. Her cute, wrinkled anus was gleaming with his shiny spit, thoroughly lathered up and relaxed enough to even gape a little. Feeling his gaze, she briefly clenched her asshole, but it immediately relaxed again, giving him a very lewd wink.

Again, he audibly spat on her opening before diving back in, shoving his tongue deep into her ass and swirling it around, eliciting a throaty moan. He reached down and grabbed her wrist, decisively yanking it up and pulling it to her pussy. She understood the silent hint and immediately rubbed her sensitive sex, adding to the stimulation as he focused solely on her posterior, spreading it wide and thrusting into her tiny hole.

“Ohgod… ohfuck…” Nancy moaned, deliriously. Getting her asshole licked was her new favorite thing, it was just mind-blowingly good! Her fingers worked themselves into a frenzy, rubbing her wet pussy in tune with the thrusting of Jacobs’s tongue. Realizing her other hand was free, she grabbed her right tit and roughly squeezed the soft flesh, playing with her body to help herself get off, “I… I’m gonna cum!!!”

Spurred on by the Latina’s feverish admission, Jacobs redoubled his efforts, tonguefucking her limbered sphincter as she played with herself. Gleefully he felt her athletic body tense up and twitch, overloading with energy of an impending orgasm. He would make this conceited bitch cum with his tongue up her ass, by treating her how she deserved to be treated!

“Fuck! Fuck! Lick my fucking ass! FUUUUCK!” Nancy cried, bucking and pushing her ass back against his face, which was rewarded by Jacobs getting his tongue deeper than ever, thrashing around inside her hot, tight rectum. The wild swirling motion sent her over the edge, crashing right into an intense flood of pleasure. Her mind exploded into white light, feeling like she was numb and ultra-sensitive at the same time. Her body started twitching and jerking and Jacobs had to work hard to keep her in place, tongue staying buried deep inside her clenching ass. She screamed out loud, then fell silent as her body got thrashed by endorphins, more powerful than she had ever experienced. She bucked back against his face repeatedly, riding his face with her asshole until very suddenly all her strength left her and she sagged forward, mind blown by what was happening, body still wrecked by tremors.

Once she was little more but a shivering mess, Jacobs finally pulled his tongue from her ass. Sitting back on his heels he admired his handiwork: Nancy McKenna’s cute little asshole was gaping open for him, twitching as it apparently tried but failed to pull tight. Instead, her spit-slathered rim revealed a small, dark opening, almost daring him to fuck it!

She remained in her submissive position as he stood up behind her. Never taking his eyes of the appealing view, Jacobs unzipped his pants. The sound of the zipper was loud in the alley and he could see the muscles in her back twitch, but she didn’t act as he pulled his cock from his pants. Syd had fairly accurately guessed him to be eight inches long and after everything that had happened and the prospect of what was about to happen he was rock hard and ready to go.

Nancy had heard the zipper. Despite being all but half-conscious at this point she realized what Jacobs was doing but she didn’t object. After giving her three orgasms he had definitely earned the privilege of fucking her, albeit that this way was certainly more humiliating than she had anticipated. Nonetheless, she was looking forward to letting him ride her. While earlier today she never would have seriously considered having sex out in a very public place like this, she was now already completely naked and had been made to cum hard several times, so the idea of him fucking her now was far less outlandish. It just felt naughty, but so fucking hot. She arched her back a little more to show him her pussy, letting him see how wet and ready she was for him.

“Fuck, that looks good…” Jacobs grinned, taking a moment to enjoy the appealing sight. Grabbing his shaft, he gave it a few lazy jerks, in no rush at all.

Nancy turned her face to peer back at him over her own shoulder, a naughty smile on her lips. She blushed cutely as she once again was reminded what kind of wanton show she was putting on, so off character for her, but the seediness was so fun in the moment. Her eyes darting down, she caught her first glimpse of his cock and she liked what she saw. Biting her full bottom lip, she purred, looking forward to what he was about to do to her with that thing. To further entice him as well as rile herself up she reached below herself, between her own thighs, and she used two fingers to spread her nether lips to show off the velvety, rich inner pink of her pussy. All dignity was forgotten for the moment, this was just primal fun!

Like he was drawn in by a magnet, the sight beckoned Jacobs closer. She purred as his hand once again roamed over the perfectly smooth caramel skin of her ass, his eyes fixed on her wet hole. A firm squeeze of her hot flesh had her shuddering before she felt the smooth tip of his bell-shaped head swiped across her feminine folds. He teased her a little more, eliciting a pleasurable shudder until he finally nestled his tip up against her sleek opening, causing her breath to hitch in anticipation.

However, Jacobs didn’t follow through. “You know, you are a stunning woman, McKenna!” she heard his voice, bringing her down to earth.

“H..huh?! Um, yeah thanks!” she replied, a bit confused. Here she was, face-down-ass-up for him, offering herself like a bitch in heat, what else could he want from her to try to butter her up even more.

“That pussy of yours looks fantastic! Tastes great, too!” he added with a mischievous grin, “But I kinda want to do something else.

Craning her neck, she gave him a puzzled look. The endorphins had her usually sharp mind at a loss and she failed to understand what he was aiming at until she felt his cock move an inch higher and gently push up against her tiny asshole.

Her eyes grew comically large as it finally sank in and out of sheer reflex she clenched up and pulled away, instinctively objecting to his lewd suggestion.

“I’ll be gentle, I promise!” Jacobs convincingly lied.

“Y…yeah, no!” she stammered, heart racing with a sudden rush of adrenaline that added to the wild mix of hormones coursing through her bloodstream. “I don’t do that…”

While her words were meant to be firm, Jacobs sensed a small shake in her voice, encouraging him to continue. “Look, I am not going to push you!” he pushed her, “But from your reaction to me licking you there I can tell that you would love it! It is fucking intense; you should give it a try…”

Nancy stared back at him through tussled hair, wide-eyed, mind racing. Instinctively she reached back, her hand covering her tight backdoor, shielding it from his view, but he had already caused the wheels to turn. Sure, she was aware that she wasn’t in the frame of mind to make the most rational decisions and while he argued about her pleasure, she knew he was only concerned about his own interest. He wanted to fuck her ass, wanted to dominate her!

It didn’t change that he had a point though. His tongue had felt incredible: She had never let anyone too close to her butt and now she began to wonder if she had been missing out. Maybe it was worth it. All the humiliation was maybe dwarfed by the erotic pleasure she’d receive in turn and all these years she had simply denied herself. He definitely knew what he was doing, she would probably be in good hands.

“O... okay!”

“What was that?!”

“Okay!” she repeated, still incredulous what she heard her own voice say. She was agreeing to let a colleague fuck her in the ass! “But if I say stop, we stop!”

“Naturally!” Jacobs nodded, fighting back a huge grin with moderate success as he watched her hesitantly pull away her hand, once more giving him a good view of her asshole. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a small bottle of lube.

“Hmm?!” Nancy watched with a bit of amusement mixing into her anxiety. “Well, look who is prepared. Confident, aren’t we?!”

He shrugged. “Better have it and don’t need it than need it and don’t have it…” Popping the cap, he squeezed a healthy amount of the translucent gel into his palm, already warmed by his body temperature after he had carried it in his pocket. “And you are going to love it, trust me! Spread your ass cheeks!”

Nancy blushed at how matter-of-factly he ordered her something so lewd. Embarrassed, she closed her eyes and turned her head away, unable to look at him as she meekly obeyed. Her fingers dug into the honed musculature of her buttocks and she pried them apart. An audible whimper of humiliation escaped her lips as her mind couldn’t help but focus on how sluttily she acted.

On the other hand, Jacobs savored the moment, enjoying the submissive view of how Nancy presented herself, her embarrassment causing his cock to harden a little more. Loving that she couldn’t even bear to look at him, he took his time before he reached down and gently applied a deliberate amount of the gel to her sphincter, rubbing it around the wrinkled rim. The sounds she made as he took his time to massage it into every small nook and cranny were amazing. Pathetic, humiliated whimpering mixed with slutty, pleasurable moans as she predictably loved it. He was careful not to push her too hard too soon and he had her purring once again with carnal joy when he finally proceeded. Nancy gave a guttural, decidedly unladylike grunt as his finger pushed in, taking a significant amount of lube with it. At this point he had worked her enough so he was easily able to penetrate, but her sphincter was still incredibly snug, grabbing his finger in a tight, vice-like embrace. Nonetheless, she responded perfectly, bucking back against his hand as he began to fingerfuck her asshole, spreading the viscous gel inside her rectum while simultaneously working to loosen her tense muscles.

Soon he was able to add a second finger, eliciting a cute little squeal and her dainty toes wriggled adorably before her groans became even deeper, the primal pleasure reducing Nancy to her most feral responses. He smirked, seeing her twat dripping wet. From his first day at the office where she had strutted around like a superstar he had known she’d love it in the ass and now he was proven right! Two fingers up the backdoor and she was literally creaming herself.

He took his time, gradually increasing the pace and only twice briefly stopping to add more lube, but eventually his hand was working her hard and fast, easily sliding in and out of her well-lubed asshole. Nancy had completely forgotten herself, face deep red and shamelessly crying her pleasure out into the alley. He wasn’t sure if there were any apartments in the vicinity, but if there were, the inhabitants were getting an earful.

He made sure to have her on the brink of loosing her mind when he suddenly stopped, forcing his fingers as deep as he could and stopping there. Nancy gasped, her small feet kicking the air, her mind completely blown.

Jacobs grinned. Leaning in, he planted a soft kiss on her warm, quivering buttock. “What is going to happen next, Nancy?” he asked.

She gave off a throaty, helpless moan. He could tell she wasn’t entirely there, her mind dissolving in a rampant party of endorphins, but a curling, massaging motion deep inside her butthole made her obey. “Y-you’re going to fuck my ass!” she groaned. Her voice was slurred, half-muffled by the couch’s leather cushion, delirious.

“Exactly!” Jacobs nodded with a satisfied smirk. “Stay like this! Don’t move a muscle!”

Nancy whined when he slowly retracted his fingers from her asshole, but she did as she was told, keeping her cheeks spread wide. As his digits slid out her sphincter twitched, pulling tight for a second before it relaxed again, stretched into a small, oval gape by her own hands.

His eyes fixed on the submissive bitch in front of him, Jacobs stood up. He squeezed another portion of lube straight onto his shaft before tossing the bottle onto the couch next to Nancy as he rubbed it all over his cock. He continued to take his time and let her wait, knowing every second would feel like torture to her.

It was just too perfect. Her eyes were closed, her face was turned away, her attention was completely focused on herself. She didn’t notice a thing when Jacobs silently pulled his phone from his pocket. Presciently, he had switched off the sound before he had entered the bar earlier, so the Latina was none the wiser when he quickly pulled up the camera function. If she were to turn around now, he would have spoiled his chances, he’d even likely get his ass kicked, yet Jacobs took his time. He wanted to get the angle just right, moving back just a little so he could get her entire body into the shot. The result was perfect! Nancy’s cute, puckered asshole was perfectly centered in the frame, presented like she was modeling for some seedy porn mag with everything exposed for the viewer to see. Her pussy was just below, showcased in similarly seedy fashion with her lips spread by her own hands, clearly showing off her inner pinkness, her creamy hole and pert clit. And while her face was turned away, there was clearly no doubt about her identity. Nancy herself had made sure of that, the tattooed crescent and arrow on her left elbow were helpfully visible to take away any deniability.

Smirking, Jacobs moved in for a close-up, getting a screen-filling shot of Nancy’s lewdly spread sphincter in high definition, capturing every nook and cranny of her most sacred of places before sliding the phone back into his pocket while the Latina bombshell remained utterly clueless.

Nancy was about to protest him making her wait, her mouth already opening when Jacobs surprised her by smacking his smooth, rounded cockhead against her spread asshole. Instead of words, all that came out was a little squeak and she flinched, but his hand firmly grabbed her by the hip and pulled her back into position. Her breath hitched as he controlled her, the tip of his dick drawing a small circle around her ass, teasing her just a little bit more before he lined it up with her opening.

“Be gentle, please…” she whispered, shocked by how small and shaky her own voice sounded.

Jacobs smiled, loving every second. Tightening his hold on her hip, he pushed forward, pressing his spongy bellend right up against Nancy’s tiny pucker.

For a second, nothing happened, her strong ring muscle stopping him from invading despite all the work he had put in. Then, after pressing just a little harder, he felt her sphincter give way, widening to his intrusive push. Nancy grunted as her asshole was stretched open and he could see the fine muscles in her back strain and work, but she stayed in position like a good girl as he reamed her.

“Oooooooohhh!” she groaned as her tiny backdoor was distended, a man forcing his way into her backdoor. It really stung like a bitch, despite all the preparation and the lube and she felt a pang of regret at what she had allowed herself to be talked into. “FUCK!” she cried out loud before biting her lip and burying her face in the rancid leather cushions to muffle a painful moan as she did her darndest not to clench down.

Jacobs watched in fascination as his sodomy of Nancy McKenna began. Her petite, little asshole strained to accommodate him, widening to accommodate his girth until suddenly, aided by the thick layer of lube, the head of his cock slipped inside, swallowed by the Detective’s tight, hot ass. They let out a simultaneous gasp, though his was a lot more pleasure-filled than hers.

“E… easy!” Nancy hissed through grit teeth, her eyes clenched shut. Her fingers dug into the flesh of her buttocks so hard her knuckles blanched as she desperately tried to ease the pressure.

“Of course…” Jacobs moaned. This bitch’s asshole was something else, tighter and hotter than anything he had ever experienced. He had wanted to take a short breather after the tip was inside, but now that she had told him to go easy he decided against it out of pure pettiness.

“NNOOO! AAAAAAH!” Nancy shrieked out, her voice high-pitched as he grabbed her hips with both hands and forced his way deeper, drilling into her ass. Instinctively she tried to scramble, her feet kicking and her hands searching for support, but she couldn’t find any leverage and his hold on her was strong, keeping her helplessly pinned as a thick eight-inch cock burrowed his way down her forbidden hole. “SLOW! SLOOWWW!”

“Relax, Nancy!” Jacobs’ voice was calm, but he was glad she couldn’t see the huge grin on his face as he enjoyed every bit of this, “All you need to do is relax…”

Nancy’s breath was going hard, her entire body covered in a thin layer of perspiration. Her fingers clawed into the couch, clenching down on the ragged cushions so hard her veins protruded as her butthole stretched further and further, accommodating his well-lubed cock. “Fuuhuuuuhuuck!” she grunted.

“Come on! I thought you were tough!” the mocking challenge in his words was obvious, as was his intent, but with six inches of male meat shoved up her rectum, Nancy wasn’t in a frame of mind to call him out on it. Instead, her obnoxious pride got the better of her. She had always resented being seen as weak. Clenching her jaw, a look of determination spread on her face and she took a deep breath to get a handle on things.

Jacobs gave her a moment to settle. He was still amazed how easily women like Nancy could be manipulated by questioning her toughness. She had been proving herself for so long in a male-dominated world, the juvenile insult of calling her a pussy was enough to goad her even into getting sodomized like a little slut…

“Your asshole feels fucking amazing!”

Nancy winced between grit teeth at the strangest compliment she had ever received as Jacobs continued to push. Tears of exertion formed in her eyes as she did her best not to struggle while he forced himself into her.

Then, he was finally all the way in. She gave a choked sob of relief when she felt his groin press against her buttocks. Shuffling her knees apart a little further, she pushed herself up on her elbows, bracing herself for what was about to come.

Looking down, Jacobs took a moment to bask in the moment. The other men had told him that she was unattainable, that there was no chance someone from the precinct would ever get into Nancy’s pants, that she valued professionalism and considered the men hitting on her at the precinct as, frankly, below her. Yet, here he was. He hadn’t courted her, had not slowly seduced her, but simply being in the right place at the right time, with a word of recommendation by her best friend had basically made the LAPD’s ice queen’s clothes fall right off. The best thing was that not only had he managed to fuck her, he had talked her into taking it up the ass in the alley behind the bar where friends and colleagues of hers sat only meters away. He had always found that orally satisfying women in the beginning was paying off later, the endorphins making them more agreeable, yet even he hadn’t anticipated that he could talk the usually exceptionally headstrong Detective into an act as seedy as this…

Cock firmly embedded in her butt, he let his right hand slide over the curve of her thick booty, marveling at the warm, baby-smooth skin. “Such a good, little slut…” he whispered, almost gently.

“C-careful…” Nancy warned, her voice shaking.

It was almost amusing. Even now, with her asshole stretched wide and wrapped around the base of his cock, her instinctive reaction to her being called a slut was to be offended. But he wasn’t having it. The time of him working her gently to get somewhere with her was over, he was exactly where he wanted to be. He was in charge and she was here to take it!

“Hey!” he growled, “Look at me!”

He put authority into his voice and Nancy’s submissive state of mind caused her to obey without thinking. Turning her head to peer back at him over her shoulder, she looked at him with huge eyes. Her face gleamed in the dim light of the streetlamp, flushed and sweaty.

“You are completely naked, getting assfucked out in public!” he spelled the situation out for her, “That makes you a slut, Nancy McKenna!”

The emotions playing on her face were fantastic as she was stumped for words for a second, realizing that those words rang true to her. Finally, she opened her mouth to retort, but he was quicker, pulling his cock halfway out of her ass before firmly driving back in. Thanks to the thick layer of lube, the movement was smooth and easy. Her eyes bugged almost comically and a small squeak escaped her lips.

“A slut!” he repeated, “My fucking buttslut!”

He could see her trying to respond, still reluctant to be called something like that, but another thrust of his hips killed off any protests. Aided by the lubrication, his thick shaft easily slid in and out of her ass in a fluid motion. She let out a pathetic squeak, eyes wide as saucers as he started fucking her in the asshole. The feeling was more intense than anything she had anticipated and every thrust drove another shrill gasp out of her mouth. Stunned, she stared back at him, utterly overwhelmed.

“Lit-tle butt-slut!” Jacobs teased her, each syllable timed to another impact of his crotch against her butt, making the firm flesh jiggle. He gave her a sudden, hard spank that rang loudly through the alley and Nancy’s sphincter clenched down on his rod in reflex, sending a surge of pain through her frame that made her cry out.

Once more driving in, he took a moment to bask in the situation. Nancy McKenna’s firm, smooth ass pressed against his loins, his eight inch long, rock hard cock buried to the hilt inside her perfect little asshole as she was squeezing and milking him in the most sublime way. It was surreal!

“Oh-oh-oh-oh!” she squealed, turning away to look straight ahead, unable to look at him a moment longer as he started fucking her again with hard, long thrusts. Her stunning face scrunched up in exertion as she tried to keep her wailing to a minimum, humiliated by the sounds she made. She hardly recognized herself…


Another slap that caused her buttocks to ripple, another embarrassing cry. She just couldn’t help herself. It hurt! It really hurt! But the burning pain wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be. In fact, she could already feel the presence of something else beneath the receding pain. It felt dark and twisted, but it definitely was a debauched form of pleasure that welled up deep inside her stomach, slowly washing away the pain. She bit down on her lower lip, hard, to briefly muffle her screams to a loud, wanton moan and even she was surprised how much it sounded like she was enjoying herself. She couldn’t believe how quickly she got used to getting sodomized!

Jacobs noticed it too, a wild grin on his sweaty face. The preparation he had put in was paying off, she was loosened up and lubed properly and ready to really enjoy getting buttfucked after the inevitable initial pain. Shifting his grip from her hips to her buttocks, he pried them apart, giving himself a clear view of how her strong sphincter clung to his thrusting shaft, blanching with the strain of being stretched wide. Every time he pulled back it bulged, trying to keep him inside, milking him. Looking up, he found her staring back at him again, the usual confidence completely gone from her as she just looked stunned and sweaty. Her cries had gotten notably less pained, however, and it sounded more like guttural moans at this point.

“You like it?!” he asked.

“Yeah!” She couldn’t lie, even though she wanted to wipe that damn smirk off his face. Instead, she pushed her hips back, giving him a better angle to fuck her. Another spank made her ring muscle once again clench down, causing a twinge of pain, but as she moaned in response, she realized that even the pain wasn’t a bad feeling. Instead, the sting mixed into the lewd pleasure of the anal sex in quite a delectable way, somehow heightening and intensifying it. This experience was incredible, turning out to be even crazier than she had hoped.

“Ohgod,” she thought to herself, “I might like this even better than I like regular sex…”

The thought of preferring anal sex to getting it in her pussy was humiliating. What kind of self-respecting woman would enjoy being demeaned and mistreated in such a way?

A slut!

The answer came from deep within, a cruel, mean voice and Nancy let out a sob. She had always resented that word, never would allow anyone to put her down like this. It was wrong and shameful and yet here she was. Actions spoke louder than words and her actions really were unmistakable…

“Fucking slut!”

As if he had read her mind, Jacobs hissed the insult at her. Yet, this time she didn’t flinch, instead she whimpered shamefully as if to agree. A slut! Her pussy was dripping wet from all the debauchery, only reaffirming the statement.

“Say it!” the sharp order was affirmed by another spank, that fat cock burrowing deep inside her ass.

“Nggh! Oh! A slut… I’m a slut!” she cried out, barely even thinking before she was obeying, shocked at how shrill and urgent her ragged voice was. He was in charge of her, dominating her and she was little more than his little fucktoy… Bracing her weight on her left forearm, her right hand was free so she reached below herself, finding her creamy pussy. She was dripping wet! Her flushed twat leaked juices and felt sensitive as her fingers went to work, rubbing her clit in small circles in time with Jacobs’ thrusts.

“That’s right!” Jacobs growled, rewarding her with another spank, “Detective Buttslut!” A wild grin spread on his sweaty face as he had found her new nickname. “Say it!”

Nancy whined. As fun as it was, this was probably the most humiliating experience of her life. Unable to bear looking at him, she closed her eyes, but he wasn’t having it. Reaching out, he firmly grabbed her chin. The pressure on her jaw felt dominating and she couldn’t help but open her eyes again, staring up in his face.

“Say it!” he demanded, his voice not accepting resistance.

“D-dectective Buttslut!” she meekly repeated the demeaning name. She hated him for it but at the same time her fingers were working her pussy faster.

“That’s it, you obnoxious, little cunt!” he hissed, exuding smugness. Once again, he grabbed her hips with both hands, fingers digging painfully into her soft skin. Completely in control, he pulled back, almost all the way out until the rim of his bell-shaped tip tugged on her strained sphincter, then drove his cock back into her ass, his crotch impacting loudly with her upturned buttocks.

“AAARGH!” Nancy’s eyes went wide in shock at the hard thrust, but before she could process what was happening, he rocked her petite frame with a second thrust, eliciting another cry.

“Fucking bitch!!!” Jacobs growled as he now started fucking her poor butthole at full force. Holding nothing back, he punished the Latina’s defenseless asshole with hard thrusts. Finally, Nancy McKenna was getting the treatment every male cop at the precinct wanted to give her.

“ARGH! AH-AH-AH-AH-AH!” Nancy cried at the top of her lungs; all composure lost. Jacobs’ harsh thrusts drove her forward across the couch, inch by inch, until there was no more room to go and she was stuck, bent over the backrest of the couch. With nowhere left to go, her poor sphincter had to take the full brunt of the pounding as she desperately clung on to the couch, trying not to get knocked over the backrest and fall face-first onto the alleyway floor.

Jacobs was showing no consideration for her, intent on using the Latina’s tight asshole for all the pleasure he wanted, loving her full-throated screams. He slapped her ass, hard and in irregular intervals, coloring her cheeks while plundering her backdoor. Nancy squirmed helplessly, forced to take what he gave her. “DUMB WHORE!”


Her pathetic yelps earned her another spank and a serious of rough thrusts. “WHO ARE YOU?” he bellowed, loud enough so she could hear him over her own shrieks.

“AH-AH-DET-AH-DETECTIVE BUTTSLUT-AAAAH!” Nancy cried, desperate to please him, screaming out her new humiliating nickname for the world to hear.

Jacobs roared, hammering the Latina’s rectum, giving her everything she could handle. This was fucking incredible! His thighs burned and his heart was racing, but he was having the time of his life. Nancy McKenna’s well-lubed asshole was the tightest, hottest orifice he had ever fucked and he was getting all its worth, snapping the snooty bitch in half in the process.

“MH-MH-MH-MH-MH-ARGH!“ Nancy cried, biting down on her lips to muffle her own screams with very little success. Bent over the back of the couch, she was getting used like some disposable fucktoy with no regard for her dignity. Held down and dominated. She was shocked that it felt so good.

The ugly, creaking sound of the door handle behind her cut through her bliss like a knife. Horrified, her head whipped around and she saw the heavy, rusty door push open an inch. An ice-cold spike of terror pierced into her stomach.

“N-nnooo!” she protested, her voice sounding pathetic in her own ears. The panic set off a surge of adrenaline and, acting on pure instinct, the detective-turned-back-alley-slut threw her hips back, causing Jacobs’ cock to drive deeper into her rectum than ever before. This added another confusing pang of debauched pleasure as she bucked the young man off, making him stagger a step backwards.

“What the-?!” Jacobs was caught completely out of the blue as his thick cock suddenly slid out of the hot, snug embrace of Nancy’s asshole and he had to catch himself. Irritated, then amused, he watched as the wrecked, naked woman scrambled in panic. He couldn’t help but admire the flashes of her freshly-fucked asshole as she quickly crawled away from him to leap behind a stack of old crates.

Turning around, he suddenly understood the cause for her reaction as the steel door was slowly pushed open. A young kitchen worker appeared, unaware of what he had just interrupted. With two big bags of garbage occupying his hands, he had pushed the handle down with his elbow and was now using his shoulder to force the door wide, meaning that he was facing away from them. To further his unawareness, he was also wearing a set of headphones with rock music playing at a volume that even from 12 feet away, Jacobs could hear the wild guitar sounds.

Amused, Jacobs quickly decided that getting caught standing out here with his erect cock sticking out of his pants wasn’t going to be to his advantage. Without further hesitation, he turned around and hurried to follow Nancy, who was cowering behind an empty stack of old, wooden crates. It was a rather bad hiding place with plenty of cracks between the slats and he could clearly see Nancy’s wide, panicked eyes peering through. Certainly, it wouldn’t hold out to more than a glancing look, but in her state of adrenaline-fueled fear the slutty detective hadn’t made a considered decision and it was now too late to duck somewhere else.

“Hey there,” Jacobs whispered, grinning as he knelt down behind Nancy, just before the young bar worker turned around. The pretty Latina stared at him and shook her head, eyes pleading with Jacobs not to move. The wink she got in return was far from reassuring.

“Don’t do it!” she mouthed warningly before she turned back to peer through the crates, watching the bar worker walk across the alley towards the trash bins. He wasn’t paying much attention, looking exhausted and his mind seemed somewhere else as he didn’t even notice Nancy’s discarded clothes that lay scattered across the alleyway floor.

She winced as, predictably, she felt Jacobs move in close behind her and reach around her with both hands. Grabbing his fingers, she tried to push him away while keeping her eyes fixed on the young man across the alley. However, her fear of getting spotted put her at a disadvantage. Afraid to put up too much of a struggle, she had to let Jacobs proceed and he took full advantage, cupping and squeezing her bare left tit. Her face twisted as her breast was used as a stress ball, but she didn’t dare to object. Eyes trained on the bar worker, she willed him to go back inside, hoping, begging, praying…

“Arrgh, you little…” she couldn’t help but hiss as Jacobs caught her stiff, little nipple between his fingertips and pinched hard. She caught herself before she did anything that would get her caught, but this meant that Jacobs felt free to proceed, torturing her by rolling, pulling and tweaking her sensitive tit-tip. When she tried to push him off, he easily caught her hand and twisted her arm behind her back, leaving her helpless.

“Jacobs, please…” she tried to reason with him, but he just chuckled in response and continued undeterred. To make matters worse, the bar worker didn’t head inside. With his task done, he pulled out his phone and, eyes firmly fixed onto the screen, he shuffled across the alley towards the couch. Nancy nearly screamed as he arrived at the couch, the final steps putting him clearly into her field of view. She wasn’t hidden at all anymore and all it would take for the young man to see her completely naked was to look up.

Her breath hitched in her throat as the young man turned and dropped heavily onto the couch where mere moments ago, she had gotten railed in the ass. He let out a sigh and continually tapped away at his screen, oblivious to the two people who were cowering almost within arm’s reach of him.

“Fuuuck…” Jacobs chuckled into her ear. While they were out of the man’s field of vision, all it took was for him to turn his head to the side a little and he would see Nancy naked. Knowing she would let him, he grabbed both her arms and used one hand to pin them behind her back while his other hand grabbed his cock around the base. A wide grin on his face, he guided it towards Nancy’s ass, which, due to her kneeling position, was naturally thrust out towards him.

The blood froze in Nancy’s veins as she felt the tip of Jacobs’ cock brush against the soft cheek of her butt. “W…wait!” she whispered, her pulse racing. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from the bar worker, who just now pulled out a lighter and a cigarette, but her mind zeroed in on the bell-shaped head that nestled up against her sphincter. He couldn’t seriously consider doing this to her!

“Shut up and enjoy it!” Jacobs growled, his breath hot against her ear. He briefly flicked his tongue against her earlobe before he pushed forward.

“Nnnghiii!” Nancy squealed, her entire body bucking as her limber ring muscle easily yielded and inch after inch of hot, hard man-meat was forcing its way into her asshole. Her eyes bugged, certain that the worker would turn his head and see her at any moment, see her naked and getting fucked in the ass.

After the previous reaming he had given her, penetration was smooth and he easily plunged balls-deep into her snug hole. She barely had a chance to process it as Jacobs already pulled back and drove back in, the impact making her bounce.

“S-low!” she whispered. Panic gripped her heart while debauched pleasure filled her taut belly. She lightly tested his grip on her arms, but he was too strong for her to regain even the slightest modicum of control and used his hold to keep her in place as he fucked her in the ass with short, hard thrusts.

“You’re my bitch, Nancy McKenna!” Jacobs hissed into her ear. His free hand came up and Nancy gasped in shock and surprise when he slapped her face with an open palm. It hardly hurt, in fact stung just a little, but it was incredibly humiliating. The second slap made it even worse and she whimpered in shame, never able to take her eyes of the man, who was smoking on the couch. He had dropped his head back against the cushion now, lost in his music and the light rush of the cigarette, while she was experiencing the most degrading sex of her life.

His hand dropped down to her chest and Nancy grimaced in pain when his fingers dug deep into the soft, feminine tissue, making her flesh bulge between his fingers. She had to catch herself not to cry out in protest as her sensitive breast was brutally squeezed. Jacobs was shamelessly toying with her at this point and she finally managed to look away from the worker to shoot her tormentor a pleading glare.

All that earned her was a slap to her face and two more quick ones to her ass before he grabbed a hold of her waist. Pulling it up slightly, he adjusted the angle of her hip to get better asshole-access, allowing to pound the helpless Latina even harder.

“Fuuuhuuuuuhuuuuck!” Nancy wailed desperately, just hoping her cries would be blended out by the young bar worker’s music. Her asshole stretched wide, used, pounded… it was too much. She felt tears of desperation, humiliation and pleasure well from her eyes and roll over her cheeks, utterly lost.

“God damn, your asshole feels good!” she heard Jacobs hiss into her ear, “So tight and hot!”

He let go of her arms and used his freed hand to give her a hard shove between the shoulder blades, making her fall forward. She gasped, barely able to catch herself before she fell flat on her face, ending up on her elbows, halfway into the alley. The bar worker was close enough to touch her head. She was just slightly behind him, out of his view as Jacobs continued to use her mercilessly. She mewled as she felt him move to a crouching stance, enabling him to fuck her even harder.

“I am going to cum on your face, slut!” Jacobs growled at her while drilling into her. “All over that pretty fucking face!”

“M-mercy! PLEASE!” she squeaked as he anally annihilated her. At this point she was doing nothing to remain undetected, only hoping that the bar worker’s headphones were sufficiently soundproofed as she was getting fucked right next to him.


A hard slap to her ass, a hand grabbing her tussled hair, yanking her head back and forcing her spine into an arch.

“AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH!” Wide-eyed, pupils dilated and nostrils flaring, she watched as the young worker finally tossed the still-smouldering butt of his cigarette into the overflowing ashtray at the foot of the couch, before, with a heavy sigh, he got back to his feet. Her heart raced as he very slowly, very reluctantly shuffled across the alley and in the direction of the steel door.

“All over your fucking face, you… fucking… little… slut!” Jacobs growled, watching the worker just as intently as she did as he abused her petite sphincter. As the oblivious man finally reached the door, Jacobs reached around Nancy’s face with both hands. Before she understood what he was doing, two fingers of each hand were inserted into the corners of her mouth and her lips were pulled into a teeth-baring snarl. Another shudder of humiliation shook her body as Jacobs once more took away her dignity.

“PPhhhuuuu…” the fishhooked Latina groaned as this final degradation sent her suddenly and violently over the edge. Stripped naked in some back alley, the dirty asphalt digging into her knees and elbows as her asshole was stretched wide and mercilessly pounded, all the while her drenched, pink pussy was completely ignored by a man who more and more made it obvious that she was just a hot piece of fuckmeat to him… and to make matters worse, a third person was right there… it all was too much for her exhausted body to handle. As her eyes rolled into the back of her head, the last thing she saw was the heavy door closing. The feeling of relief was drowned out by powerful, wrecking shudders of the most humiliating orgasm Nancy had ever experienced.

“Fuuuuucking fuck!” Jacobs gasped as the wild release Nancy was experiencing caused her ass to clench rhythmically around his cock, giving him a mind-blowingly pleasurable massage. Pulling on the corners of her mouth, he made the detective arch her back before he violently shoved the shaking woman’s head down. Nancy grunted as her skull hit the asphalt hard. It would likely leave a bump, but as it was, she was too far gone to even fully register the pain as Jacobs pinned her cheek down to the floor with one hand. Grabbing her hip with the other, he relentlessly shunted his thick cock into her poor asshole.

Nancy wanted to scream, but her lungs were empty. Mouth flapping, she twisted below Jacobs, taking his abuse, the best climax of her life currently rocking her world. She was sure she would pass out from the sheer intensity of it all.

“Fucking BITCH!” Jacobs roared, working himself into a frenzy. His fingers twisted themselves into Nancy’s disheveled, messy hair as he finally passed the point of no return. With a grunt, he yanked his cock out of Nancy’s ass, leaving a spasming, gaping hole. Driven by pure animal instinct he violently pulled the drowsy, shivering Detective-turned-harlot up, stepping around her.

It was obvious from the look on her face that the gorgeous Latina wasn’t entirely there. Held up only by his hand in her hair, her face was flushed, traces of dirt smeared to her cheek. Her jaw was slack, mouth wide in her silent, choked cry of bliss and her half-lidded eyes had rolled back, revealing only the whites.

The view of the utterly wrecked L.A.P.D. ice queen was the final straw. With a strained, breathless gasp, Jacobs grabbed his cock around the base and aimed it just in time before the first lance of thick, creamy-white cum burst from his tip, splattering in a messy arc over Nancy’s sweat-dappled forehead. Amusingly, the worn-out woman’s mind was on auto-pilot and some deeply engrained, slutty instinct caused her to stick out her tongue as his hot jizz hit her face. He immediately rewarded her by aiming his second shot right across the outstretched, pink target before his third and fourth plastered over her right cheek, across her half-open eye and forehead all the way into her hairline. One more painted the bridge of her dainty nose before he directed the last couple of weaker spurts to her left eye, completely gluing it shut with his sticky load.

“Fuuuuuuck!” the young cop muttered, his knees weakening as the power of his release subsided. He gave his cock a shake, splattering the last few drops of his jizz onto her bare, heaving tits. For a moment he considered shoving his cock straight into Nancy’s gaping mouth, but then decided against it, letting himself sink onto the couch instead for a breather while the cum-splattered woman slumped backwards against the stack of crates.

Silence filled the alleyway for almost a minute, broken only by their heavy breathing. Finally, Jacobs managed to collect himself. He tucked his softened cock back into his pants and zipped them up. Looking around, he spotted Nancy’s discarded white tank top crumpled up on the dirty alleyway floor. He picked it up and used it to wipe the sweat off his face, then stood up.

Nancy remained motionless. Leaning against the wooden crates, her tits rose and fell with her calming breaths, speckled by droplets of quickly-congealing sperm. Her bald cunt was on full display between her slightly spread thighs and her face was scrunched up in disgust against the load that was now drying on her face. “Little help?” she asked, careful not to open her mouth wide enough for any more cum to seep in. The rush of sex was quickly disappearing and the reality of what had just happened, along with shame and disgust, began to settle in, mingling with the feeling of satisfaction in her stomach. She had let someone fuck her in the ass!

“Sure, hang on, I think I have some tissues…” Jacobs answered, smirking. In no rush whatsoever he pulled out his phone and took a number of pictures of the oblivious Latina. She sat motionless as he took a variety of snaps, closeups of her bare tits, her flushed pussy and her cum-smeared face before moving back and getting full body shots from different angles. Finally, he put his phone back and pulled out a pack of tissues, handing it to Nancy. “There you go!”

“A real gentleman!” Nancy dryly remarked as she wiped the mess off her face. She looked at the soiled tissue with a mixture of disgust and amusement before tossing it aside and taking another one.

“Yeah, well, you were a real lady!” Jacobs retorted. “Listen, this was fun and all, but I gotta go… you didn’t want to cuddle, did you, Detective Buttslut?!”

With that, the young man quickly made his way back into the bar, the steel door shutting heavily.

“Fucking prick!” Nancy muttered, finally alone. She stood up, gasping at how weak she felt and the twinge of pain radiating from her butt. “Ouch!” she groaned, grimacing, then she gingerly walked over to her jeans.

It took her a minute to get dressed, her clothes scruffy and dirty from being tossed around the alley floor. Her thong was a tattered ruin and she left it in one of the trash cans before she took a deep breath, collecting herself and headed back into the bar.

Her jaw clenched, she commenced her walk of shame, hoping to sneak through the still-crowded bar without anyone noticing her. She really needed to get home and work through what had just happened. Not only did she just have the first one-night stand of her life, she had been absolutely manhandled, giving a stranger permission to use her previously virgin asshole like his personal fucktoy. Her battered sphincter throbbed, promising to remind her of this encounter for at least a couple of days. Nonetheless, while the idea of letting someone dominate her in such a demeaning way was still humiliating, she couldn’t deny that it had been amazing as well. Her brain was still marinating in the aftermath of several powerful orgasms as she entered the main room of the bar. Keeping her head down, she aimed straight for the exit.

“Well, look at you, skank!”

Nancy closed her eyes, cursing her luck. She had barely made it three steps into the room when Syd’s voice rang from behind her. Slowly, she turned around to see her partner lean against the wall, two bottles of beer in her hand and a smug grin on her face.

“Would you believe me if I told you we just talked?!” she asked with an embarrassed smile, feeling herself blush once again.

“Sure, McKenna,” Syd scoffed, handing her one of the beers, “Must have been a damn good conversation given the big smile Jacobs had on his face when he just left…”

Nancy took the offered bottle and took a swig. “Yeah, he certainly has a way with words…” Both women looked at each other and giggled, clinking bottles. “What are you doing standing there anyway? Perving on me getting lucky?”

“I would NEVER…” Syd exclaimed in faux-shock, “I saw you two lovebirds head out back and I thought I’d stand guard here and make sure you had the privacy you needed.”

“Great guard you are”, Nancy shook her head before pointing down the hallway to the kitchen door. “A fucking bar worker came out right when we were in the middle of it. We came so close to being caught!”

“You’re kidding!”

“Not kidding. Thank fuck the dude had headphones on and his eyes glued to his phone. That was insanely lucky!”

“Goddamn, McKenna, look at you being a fun night out!” Syd grinned as the two women headed for the exit to finish their beers outside. “You gotta give a girl some details!”

“No way! I don’t kiss and tell!” Nancy shot back, chuckling at her partner’s dismissive scoff. No way she’d share details of this encounter with anyone!

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Re: L.A.'s Finest - Detective Buttslut
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I am a little ashamed that I have actually read this story of yours Sammy at least twice before now finding the time to leave a reply.

So let me just start by stating what I likely already have on your previous stories, but your writing is just superb and I would even say that you are one of the best writers of rough sex whose work I have been fortunate to read.

I don't know how to describe it, but you have a real talent when it comes to writing the sex scenes in a way that it doesn't feel like the women are getting coerced against their will, instead they are simply nudged towards letting go of their inhibitions and give in to their suppressed desires.

It is especially the emotional aspect of the sex scenes that you are a master at writing and what makes your writing so enjoyable to read.

I am probably just rambling now, but I wanted to once again show my appreciation for your skills.

Another great story by you Sammy! I hope you will continue to write for a long time as this community is all the better for it!  :Y:
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