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Sinful Ambitions Ch. 1 (Hannah Ferguson)
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Sinful Ambitions Ch. 1
Starring: Hannah Ferguson
Codes: MF, Cheating/Affairs, Oral, Ball Surfing, Tit Fuck, Facial

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

This story was written for Breadloaf. The celeb choice and ideas are all his. I thank him for allowing me to share it with you all, enjoy!

Miami, Florida

Clear blue skies greeted anyone walking outside to feel the blazing hot sun now fully radiating yet another afternoon in southern Florida. Springtime weather washed away what had proven to be a quiet winter outside one tall office building along the Brickell Avenue road. Blinding sunlight cast reflections across the windows on the higher floors, but nothing could block out the metallic shiny gold letters spelling out 'Gold Modelling Co'. What the building once was, did not matter anymore. A new business had rolled into Miami with a few million dollars on the early budget to begin growing with fashion modeling. Word had already spread about 'the Gold company' as a nickname, all from word of mouth within the fashion and modeling industry across the country.

The company itself had laid foundations down towards the end of 2021 with early investments linked locally in the Miami area. The Gold name belonged to just one of many businesses connected within the fashion industry. Whoever was leading the charge from management appeared to have some connections with key agencies back in Los Angeles. The inner workings of the company did not matter to one woman who was strolling her way down the sidewalk, ready to enter the sliding glass doors. The wind rustled through her long golden hair, blowing past a pair of black sunglasses that shielded her eyes from the glaring sunlight. A white T-shirt was the pick of the day, slightly revealing her flat stomach to go with a pair of stonewashed denim blue jeans and red stiletto heels.

Miami was a place Hannah Ferguson knew all too well. Before signing with Gold Modelling Company, she had spent quite a lot of time over the years. Her purse bounced against her left shoulder as she continued her path down the sidewalk and approached the office. This was far from her first visit in the past month since signing a new contract with an agent for the company. At twenty-nine years of age and feeling the pressure from her glory days beginning to fade, Hannah felt that she had to make a drastic move regarding her career. She could have stayed in Los Angeles and continued modeling lingerie and clothing lines, but she knew modeling into her thirties with no real connections could be a hard road. The days of her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition photoshoots were long gone and she did not have the staying power of other models from her generation.

A hard road through life was something she felt all too familiar with at times. Hannah felt she had forged an iron will after a tough upbringing, but she kept these feelings contained to herself. With no commitment in life with a boyfriend or any family on the horizon, only her career was the main focus. When she walked through the sliding glass doors of the corporate office, a cool breeze was felt through an air-conditioned building. White marble floor cast reflections for anyone walking past. A large black desk was in the center of the room, but at this point Hannah knew where to go without having to request aid from a receptionist. Upon signing her name on the contract to join Gold Modelling, Hannah was advised by her long time agent who was now joining the company under a supervisor role. Richard Sheffield had long been a known name within the fashion industry, working for nearly three decades now.

Hannah had first met the older man when she signed a contract with a smaller agency back in Los Angeles over eight years ago. Since then, Mr. Sheffield as she had come to know was reliable in finding her work that generated easy paychecks for quick gigs. Her ex-boyfriend had known the man, as they had shared dinner many times back in Los Angeles. Sometimes those memories felt like a lifetime ago, all while his hair continued to grey and the wrinkles grew deeper on his face. There had been a time when her ex once accused her of sleeping with Sheffield for favors. How he came up with such a rumor had only baffled Hannah, yet now she had to wonder what if she did make such a decision? Taking an elevator up to the eighth floor, Hannah crossed her arms over her busty chest while standing there by herself. The walls of the elevator were painted black, fitting with only a metal safety bar shining in metallic silver.

Richard's office was away from the typical cubicle offices, as he had now since retired as a working agent and taken his position further up the corporate ladder. Hannah had made the assumption that he had to be mentoring some younger agent as his successor. That was just the kind of man he was, from all her observations over the years. While he had a family, Hannah was given the impression that Richard cared about his legacy to some extent within his line of work. Her boyfriend was once in the position where the man could have properly mentored him, but that became a lost opportunity. Hannah could easily guess that with this new job, he would be looking for a new agent he could mentor. Last night Richard had called her and asked her to visit his office for a Tuesday afternoon visit. Her eyes scanned the white walls down a series of hallways. Stomping her heels across the marble floor, Hannah passed by several people.

Each office door was black with a tinted mosaic white tile across the front that offered a dim view of what could be happening in the room. Each name was engraved on a gold plate directly below that blurry window. When Hannah reached Richard's office, she could see a shadow move from within the room. This was enough for her to see he already had company upon her arrival. Who could the person be? It was easy to take guesses but before she decided to knock on the door, Hannah's curiosity sparked. The hallway was empty apart from any other person, so she took it upon herself to quietly shove her right ear up to the door. Richard's old voice was only brief. It became impossible to make out any words from him, all through the door itself. This was a waste of time, Hannah thought to herself. Rather than trying to eavesdrop, she stood back up and raised her hand to knock on the door.

"That must be her. Come on in, Hannah!"

An all too familiar voice called out her name, causing Hannah to softly giggle before clutching the metal doorknob. She twisted it, opening the door and stepping inside. Her eyes were immediately greeted by Richard's other guest in the room stood across from the desk. A tall man in a black pinstriped suit with a shiny red tie. His face was clean shaved with slicked back dark brown hair. He offered a friendly smile while the door quietly shut behind her. Richard was standing in his white shirt, evidently taking his jacket off earlier before her arrival.

"How are you doing today, Hannah?"

The older man offered a smile and stepped around to place his hand on her shoulder. Smiling back at Richard, she flashed her full pearly white teeth and nodded before replying.

"I'm doing fine today, thank you."

"Hannah, this is Jeffrey Odomes."

His hand extended, welcoming her to shake it. His dark brown eyes glared back at her. Hannah offered a smile to the man, noticing that he had to be close to her age.

"Please call me, Jeff. I've heard a lot about you from Mr. Sheffield, it's good to finally be meeting you."

"I hope what you've heard has been all positive."

Richard began to laugh.

"If there were any bad stories to tell this man about you dear, believe me, I'd have to think hard to remember them. Hannah knows how to avoid trouble, that's for sure."

The old man's words made Hannah blush for a moment. Jeff's eyes studied her face, all before Richard began to speak again and took their attention.

"Mr. Odomes here is an agent in the company. He's looking for someone to represent and that's why I called you here today."

Smiling back at him, Hannah's easy guess was correct. There was no need to brag, but she felt satisfied that she could read this situation easily.

"He's looking for a model to represent. Someone that he can get to work in the fashion lines. That's why I called you up, I've recommended you to him."

Before Hannah had a chance to reply, Jeff spoke.

"Mr. Sheffield here tells me that you're one of his best models he had back in L.A. You're not one who likes to get into trouble and waste money playing P.R. games."

Giggling again, Hannah knew from that choice of words, Jeff had to be referring to the last model he worked for. She was eager to learn what this drama was, but business had to come first. Placing her hands on her hips, she smiled back at him, almost smugly.

"You don't have to worry about me. I've never been one to attract paparazzi cameras anyway. You're more into the fashion business huh?"

Jeff nodded at her, prompting Hannah to speak again.

"That's good, cause if Mr. Sheffield here didn't tell you, I'm more of a girl who likes to hit the runway. If you can work me out some contracts and deals for runway shows, I'm sure you and I will get along just fine."

He smirked and then looked back at Richard who was now giggling.

"What did I tell you? She's a smart girl who knows what she wants."

Accepting that compliment with pride, Hannah crossed her arms over her chest and curved her soft lips into a matching smirk. Richard carried on speaking.

"Hannah, I want you to give Jeffrey here a shot. If you like him, I'll prepare the contracts and he can become your new agent. If not, then I'll look to find someone else."

The older man turned, giving another look towards Jeff and spoke again.

"So far you haven't disappointed me. I'm expecting you to manage her well."

"Yes, Mr. Sheffield."

That look on Richard's face was enough to tell Hannah that this new man was another pupil in line. His choice of words was in his way, asking Jeff to not become a disappointment. She never asked Richard if he cared about his legacy, but the older man made it apparent that he was desperately seeking someone to mentor. Jeff was only the latest in line of what had to be several agents Richard had offered a hand to. He did not need to know about the previous failures, Hannah thought to herself. At least for now, she wanted to get to know this man better. Uncrossing her arms, Hannah smiled back at Jeff, giving him a nod before speaking.

"How about we go out and talk in a place a little more... private?"

Hannah grinned after her last word. Richard smiled to both of them, nodding at her spoken suggestion.

"Yes, I think that's what you both should do."

His eyes turned to Jeff who remained quiet.

"Go on. Spend some time getting to know each other. You're both young. You're not old enough to spend all day sitting in an office like me."

Jeff laughed at Richard who was now swaying his hand like he was brushing them off. Hannah giggled and then grabbed Jeff's hand, latching onto it as she pulled him closer and went to the door. He opened the door for them to both leave, walking hand in hand now.

"First time in Miami, Jeff?"

He shook his head as they began to walk.

"No, I've been living out here my entire life."

"Oh, so you're a local boy huh?"

Blushing at her comment, Jeff could not contain his smile as they approached the elevator. Hannah stepped away from him, moving with her back against the elevator doors as she pressed the button off to the side. No words were spoken as she made sure his entire attention was focused on her while the metal doors of the elevator came sliding open. There was something about Jeff's looks that told Hannah he was going to be up for a fun evening with her. She slowly stepped backwards into the elevator, heels clicking and clacking as her purse dangled from her shoulder. Jeff stepped into the elevator and Hannah smirked, pointing at the buttons.

"After you, Mr. Odomes."

His left hand moved across the buttons, hitting the last one to go down to the main lobby. From there, Hannah could see he was not wearing a wedding ring. It did not matter to Hannah if Jeff had a girlfriend. She knew right then and there, that if they were to hit it off on this date, he was going to remain on her radar. As the elevator rode down, she offered a smile, noticing his eyes looking over her body.

"Come on, let's grab a bite to eat. I'll take you to one of my favorite places across town."



The sunlight had become a welcoming friend as the day progressed. Jeff showed Hannah to his car, a sleek black Mercedes Benz. Offering her the choice to pick their destination. She asked him to drive through Downtown and into Wynwood, a place Hannah had spent much time since returning to Miami. Jeff had commented that he lived there but Hannah did not push him on the details during that first drive. She chose a small sushi bar, local to the Wynwood area. Hannah informed Jeff that the place may have been expensive but served the best drinks off to the side. He did not object to her, instead allowing her to lead him on. It was fun calling the shots so far, giving her the impression this man was going to be easy for what she wanted. While they sat there and ate their servings, Hannah learned more about Jeff.

He was thirty-one years of age, never married but had a longtime girlfriend. Hannah wasted no time pressing the details of their relationship, all while she reminded Jeff repeatedly that she was single. His girlfriend went by the name Kate, prompting Hannah to make a joke about Kate Upton. It was amusing to watch him blush and try to fight off the laughter. Apparently, his girlfriend worked at a law firm across town, acting as a paralegal alongside a personal injury lawyer. Jeff had let it slip that Kate was currently out of town with her lawyer, working on a case that she had not spilled many details to him about. The tone in his voice told Hannah that he was disappointed, possibly hoping to hear more from his girlfriend's work. That only prompted her to ask if he also shared his work related drama with her. The answer was a reassuring yes. He told Kate everything she wanted to hear.

Would he tell his girlfriend about me? That was the question lingering in Hannah's head. Jeff would make an easy prey for seduction, she thought to herself. Upon leaving the restaurant, Jeff made the choice to take Hannah out to Albert Pallot Park. From there, the sunlight poured on as they walked through a paved path shrouded by palm trees on both sides. The pathway led down a view of the water and South Beach in the distance. Hannah welcomed the wind, now walking without her purse that she had left in the car. Jeff took off his jacket earlier, as the weather was too much to walk around sweating in a full suit. His hands were shoved down into his pockets as they walked the paved path. The wind rustled through the trees, blowing Hannah's long golden locks of hair into her face. She pushed the hair from her face as they began to talk once again.

"You know, all this time I've got to know you, but we haven't talked business at all. In fact, I think we've talked about everything but work."

Hannah giggled at his words. Her heels clicked and clacked across the concrete pavement as she replied.

"Yeah, I guess you've got a point. The way I see it, we aren't in an office so I wasn't in the mood to waste all your time talking about work."

"That's fair enough."

Laughing again, she glanced at his face. The wind continued to blow, not phasing Jeff whatsoever as he let out a sigh. Hannah spoke again.

"I know there's gonna be a big runway show soon for spring. If you can get me in that with the other girls, I can consider signing you as my agent."

Jeff laughed.

"It's funny that you get to decide on that. The last talent agency I worked for, you would've had to sign a contract by now to get me to go that far."

All Hannah could do was smirk, flashing her full perfect teeth in a grin.

"I've known Mr. Sheffield for a long time. You can blame him for giving you the short end of the stick like that. But why are you complaining, Jeff? Do you feel cheated on it?"

"No, I didn't mean it like that! It's just-"

She cut him off, raising her index finger up to her lips.

"Shhhhhhh! I can fix this for you."

Lowering her finger from her mouth, Hannah felt now was the time to reveal her inner seductress. All this time, Jeff had given her all the details she needed for his home life and current relationship. If his girlfriend was not home, who was going to stop them tonight? It all came down to if he truly wanted to indulge himself with a known model like her. Hannah shoved her hands into her pockets, right as Jeff pulled his out. They stood there, gazing at each other for a moment. Since he did not speak back, that offered her the chance to talk again.

"Look, you're a good looking guy and all alone at home. I'm single and we can do this with no strings attached. Your girlfriend isn't gonna be coming back tonight, is she?"

Jeff quietly shook his head, prompting Hannah to flash her full teeth in a grin.

"See? And what better way for us to get to know each other?"

He looked away from her, letting out a sigh as he shoved his hands back into his pockets.

"Can't say I've ever cheated on Kate before."

"But I can promise I'd never tell her. Besides, I'm probably never going to meet your girlfriend anyway."

Laughing at her remark, Jeff blushed. Hannah figured he would be easy. She expected a slight argument at first, but this man had already laid his cards out to tell her what kind of person he was.

"I've never fucked on the first date."

Hannah grinned back at him.

"And I can be your first then. You can fuck me now that we've had our date."

Stepping a bit closer to him, Hannah raised her right hand and pushed it along his white shirt. Still teasing him, she stepped back and planted her hands onto her hips modeling before him. The wind blew through her golden hair, swaying it to the left side as she watched his eyes scan across down from her slender legs and up to her flat stomach. Jeff took a moment to look at her tits before smiling back up at her lustful face. There was a reason why this man did not say no. Maybe he wanted to get off on the thrill of cheating as she did. The expression across his face told Hannah that he was trying to resist her temptation but that was a difficult task currently at hand. Swallowing his breath, Jeff exhaled deeply and then looked back at her, nodding.

"Alright, come on. I've got a room at a condo not far from here. We could walk there if you wanted."

Turning her back to him, Hannah clicked and clacked her heels knowing that Jeff would be following directly behind her. She strutted her hips, giggling as she responded to him.

"And leave my purse behind? No thank you, honey!"

Jeff nearly ran ahead of her, prompting Hannah to giggle again. She wanted to play the act of a tease some more, so she dashed ahead of him as they both went running to the car now. It was parked facing the right side of the road with the driver's side door in Hannah's sight. By the time she reached the car, she turned around and felt Jeff's hands wrap around her. He pulled her in and their lips met for a passionate kiss. The man simply could not wait until they were behind closed doors before he finally kissed her. Hannah moaned into his mouth, pulling back and glaring at him with her deep blue eyes. She exhaled, breathing in his face before biting down on her lower lip.

"Come on, take me back to your place and you can fuck me all night long. That's what you wanna do, right? Wanna fuck me, Jeff?"

"Yeah! Get in the fucking car!"

The tone of his voice shifted with heavy breathing, almost as if he were panicking. Hannah smirked, knowing she had pushed all the right buttons to bring his lustful side out. When he pressed his body against her, she could feel that tightening bulge poking against her thighs. Jeff stepped back, allowing her time to move and walk around to the passenger side of the car. She got in, slammed the door and then watched him occupy the driver's seat by sitting down and shoving the key into the ignition of the car. Hannah never took her eyes away from Jeff as he started the car. He fastened his seat belt, but she ignored her own. Shifting gears with his right hand, Jeff began to drive back onto the streets.

"Don't worry, my place isn't far from here, baby."

She laughed hearing him call her by that choice of word. The bulge was sticking up in the front of his pants. As Jeff tried to drive, Hannah couldn't help but tease the man by lowering her left hand down onto his bulge. He gasped, stopping at a red light while glancing down at her.

"You sure you wanna do this, babe?"

Hannah curled her fingers, squeezing his crotch as she bit down on her lower lip. She replied with a question of her own.

"I thought you said that your place wasn't far from here?"

Winking at him, Hannah then lowered her head down into his lap. She could feel his leg move as Jeff pushed on the gas pedal. The car elevated in speed, slightly moving Hannah as she was rubbing her face against his crotch. She could feel the tension and excitement pulsing through Jeff's panicked moves. There was a sense of fear that he could make a wrong turn and put them into an accident, but this was a risky situation Hannah felt she thrived in. She couldn't contain her own excitement, now pushing her hands down onto his crotch and desperately trying to unzip his pants. He made a hard left turn, crossing streets as she was unable to pay attention. It seemed that the closer she came to free his cock, the more erratic Jeff was driving. Hannah did not stop however as she grabbed at the front of his belt and attempted to pull it loose.

"Hold on! Hold on, damn it! We're almost there!"

"Mmmmmmmm, you better hurry Jeff. We may have just ate, but I'm hungry for something else right now."

Not bothering to raise her head up and have a look beyond the dashboard, Hannah tugged at his belt. The car continued to jolt forward until Jeff made another turn that nearly slung her back into the passenger side seat. He slowed down as the car slid into a parking spot outside the condo. Hannah realized they had arrived after a truly short drive. Jeff did not bother glancing her way as he shut the engine off and pulled the key out of the car. He quickly undid his seatbelt and opened the door, slamming it as she got out of the car and was racing behind him. The condo building appeared to be a small white two-story building. Pink colored doors led into the apartments from the first floor but Jeff was eying a black metal staircase leading up to the second floor. Hannah ran behind him. Her heels clicked and clacked the entire way across the pavement.

"Where's your room!? Please tell me it's not far!"

"Come on, just another minute!"

When Jeff turned around to face her on the metal stairs, Hannah grabbed at his wrists. She leaned up, shoving her body against his for another round of deep kissing. His feet stumbled backwards but his stand was saved only by the metal railing to hold him up. Their tongues danced together and Hannah took it upon herself to rub his crotch again. When he felt her hands trying to grip his cock from within his pants, Jeff broke the kiss and shoved her back. All that did was make Hannah laugh loudly.

"Ohhhhh, that's more like it!"

He ignored her, stepping closer to his door from the right side. She stood back, planting her hands on her hips while watching him dangle his keys and shove the appropriate one into the locked metal doorknob. The door itself was painted pink like the other frames down on the lower floor. None of it matter to Hannah once that door came open. Jeff turned around as she stepped behind him, pushing her lips up to his again. He made the effort to shut the door, slamming it as they were locked in a series of back and forth hard kisses. Heavy breathing and moans filled the air in what was a dark room. Hannah had no care at all where they were to begin. All she remained concerned with was stripping down and having his hardened fuck pole all to herself.

Absolute darkness surrounded them with only a veil of sunlight briefly pouring in from a covered window across the living room. When the kisses stopped, Hannah stood face to face with Jeff and moved her hands to the front of his shirt. His hands touched up her body, prompting her to grab the ends of her shirt and pull it over her head. Standing in nothing more than a blue push-up bra, Hannah gazed back at him with lustful hunger in her eyes. She trailed her hands up and then got the idea to grab him by the tie. With a hard yank, she began to step backward and took a view of her surroundings. Through the darkness with no light, Hannah could tell that the interior design was of light colors. A white couch and lounge chair was in the living room along with a glass surface to a rectangular coffee table. A reflection cast from one of the windows, but Hannah was not wasting her time studying the furniture.

"Which way is the bedroom, hot shot?"

She spoke in a low, seductive tone while stepping backward. Hannah pulled him by the tie as Jeff locked his eyes on her.

"Keep going back, baby. Just keep going."

Step by step, her heels were muted due to a carpeted floor below, taking away what could have been thunderous booms. Hannah continued to walk backward, refusing to let go of his tie until Jeff spoke again.

"That door to the right, baby."

Finally letting go of his tie, when she turned to the open doorway, Jeff stepped closer and threw his arms around her. Once again, they locked in for more tender kissing, only this time Hannah could feel his bare hands caressing up her exposed skin. She moaned in his mouth when he groped her right breast. Pulling away to break the kiss, Hannah stepped away from him and took a quick glance across the bedroom. There was a simple large bed in the middle of the room. Two nightstands on each side, the one to the right contained a framed photograph of Jeff with another woman. It was easy for her to guess who that was. The thought of Jeff fucking right in the bed he shared with his girlfriend had only made her wetter between her thighs.

Not uttering any words, Jeff exhaled deeply as he bent over and began to take his shoes off. Hannah did the same, carefully stepping out of her stilettos and stretching her toes out. After he took his shoes and socks off, he began to unbutton his shirt until Hannah's hands prevented him. Smirking up at him, she carefully unbuttoned his shirt, one button at a time. She could feel him breathing into her face as their eyes met. After the final button, Hannah licked her lips, gazing at his pale skin. Only small hairs covered his chest. Jeff had a slim, almost skinny build but that was no problem to Hannah as she was now roaming her hands up his bare skin. Her fingernails lightly grazed over him as she bit down on her lower lip and let out a soft moan. His hands moved down to his belt and then she grabbed at his right hand wrist, shaking her head.

"Oh no. You're gonna let me take those off, honey."

Her eyebrows quirked up as Hannah bit down on her lower lip again. Jeff let go of his belt and then watched as she moved her hands away from him and stepped back. Hannah unbuttoned her jeans and began to shove them down her legs while speaking.

"But first, I like to get naked before I slobber all over some meat."

She bit down on her lower lip again, shoving her jeans down to her ankles and then stepping out of them. For a moment, Hannah modeled before his eyes in her dark blue thong and matching bra. She turned around, shaking her hips to give her ass a nice bounce before facing the bed. Her eyes wandered to look at a piece of art hanging above the bed, a painting of a pink sky and ocean waves. Rolling her hips, Hannah used both hands to playfully spank her firm ass cheeks. She shook her ass, left and then right to demonstrate her skills with dancing for a moment. Turning back around to face Jeff, Hannah pulled the straps of her bra down and then quickly pulled it off. Her breasts shook free as she began to dangle her bra over her left hand's index finger.

"You like these, huh?"

The bra twirled around over her index finger while Hannah used her free arm to shove under her breasts and model them for him. Tossing the bra to the floor, Hannah used both hands to cup her breasts, bouncing them up and down in her hands all while Jeff stood there and watched.

"Wow, they look amazing. How big are they?"

"D cup. Can't you see how big they are, silly man?"

Jeff blushed, trying to contain his laugh as she now moved her hands down to her hips. Playing with her thong, Hannah bit down on her lower lip. She wanted to watch his eyes scan down as she began to drop the thong, noticing the smirk that ran across his lips when she revealed her womanhood before his eyes. A fresh drop of her sweet honey trailed down her thighs. No hair insight as her pink folds were glistening wet, desperate for him. Now that she was naked, Hannah stepped out of her thong and moved back toward Jeff. Her hands trailed back up his body as he reached to grab her breasts. She moved her hands to his wrists, quietly encouraging him to squeeze her tits. Her erect nipples poked into the palms of his hands before Jeff tried to shove his head between her boobs.

In a moment like this, Hannah could not resist thinking about the moments of intimacy he shared with his girlfriend. Maybe she lacked the kind of busty chest that she had for him to play with tonight. He made the effort to move his face up as Hannah squeezed her boobs into his face and then shook them around. Jeff did not utter a single word as he took in the soft, firm feeling of her breasts. When he pulled his face away and stood up that was when Hannah finally fell to her knees. There was no need to tease the bulge poking up in the front of his pants anymore. At long last, she was able to unfasten his belt and then unbutton the front of his pants. Her big blue eyes gazed up as Hannah quietly shoved the zipper down. Jeff offered her some unwarranted aid by shoving his pants down and standing in only a pair of white underwear.

"Got something for me in there?"

A soft spoken question came with Hannah quirking her eyebrows up. He stepped out of his pants, leaving them as a pile on the floor when she grabbed at his underwear and tugged them to fall to his ankles. His hardened shaft flopped free, wagging towards her face. Gasping for a moment, Hannah breathed down onto his length while wrapping her right hand fingers around it. Jeff had a nice long pole, quite thick for her preference and long enough to be played with all night. She began to stroke his cock back and forth, letting out a soft moan.

"Mmmmmm, gotta say. I've been craving meat all day."

Hannah shoved his cock up against her right cheek after speaking. She then began to rub it against her lips, back and forth as if it were a tube of lipstick. Her hand shoved down to the base of his shaft while she used her left hand to give his balls a subtle squeeze. Jeff moaned at her touch, all before she parted her pink lips and slid his cock in. 'Mmmm,' she made a muffled moan as she began to slowly bob her head up and down. Hannah started slow, sucking his cock like a peppermint stick as he called out to her.

"That's it, that's it... Suck it, baby."

Slobbering her way down his shaft, Hannah was only getting started right now. Hannah pulled her lips up to the head and released it with a popping noise.

"Mmmmmmmm, yeah."

Spitting on his shaft, she began to wank it back and forth with her right hand. Once again, Hannah rubbed his cock against her lips. It was time to see how many buttons of his that she could press with some dirty talking.

"When's the last time your girlfriend sucked you off, Jeff?"

"Let's not talk about her tonight, baby. She's not here, you are."

Not the answer she wanted to hear. Hannah began to jerk his cock faster, giggling at him.

"Oh, so you don't wanna tell me? I take it she doesn't suck this beautiful cock off much at all then, huh?"

She kissed the head of his shaft, still jerking it nice and fast. Jeff was beginning to loosen his feelings as he breathed heavily and finally nodded.

"No, it's been a long time!"

Quite the easy guess, Hannah thought to herself. It wasn't difficult for her to see that he had not indulged himself in any lustful fun for some time. Giggling at him, she quickly responded.

"That's what I thought. Relax honey, I'm gonna give this cock all the sucking it deserves."

Shoving his dick back into her mouth, Hannah began to suck him hard and fast. She devoured his shaft inch by inch, sucking in sync as she stroked it with her right hand.

"Oh my fucking god! Yes!!"

Jeff hollered in excitement as Hannah continued to suck him now in a sloppy method. The sounds of her slobbering grew louder with each passing second. She used her left hand to push against his leg, eventually pulling her right hand away and giving his balls another squeeze with those fingers. Over and over, she bobbed her head up and down before slowing down. He was panting, breathing heavily as his chest moved with each deep breath. Jeff did not take his eyes off Hannah as she pushed his cock all the way down her throat. She wanted to give a decent impression, revealing her gag reflexes as she shoved her lips into his ball hairs and sucked his entire length down.

"Ohhhhhhhh, fuck! That feels so fucking good!"

Holding her position there, Hannah was not quite done yet. While she could deep-throat his shaft with ease to give the impression of how experienced she was, there was another trick up her sleeve. Her tongue slowly inched out of her mouth and Hannah began to lick on his balls. Jeff grunted, gritting his teeth as he began to let out growling moans. This was enough to tell her that her actions were pushing him to another edge.

"Oh man! How are you fucking doing that!?"

His voice called out to her in shock. Hannah continued to lick at his balls, what little she could all while his cock was shoved down to the back of her throat. Not once did she gag but she could not prevent herself from gargling and making inaudible noises. After a few moments, she pulled her lips back to the head of his shaft and released it with long strings of saliva dangling. She spit on his cock, watching as her drool was dripping from both sides as she grinned up at him.

"You like that? I doubt your girlfriend can lick your balls as I can."

"No, no one has ever done that with me before."

Hannah began to giggle loudly before parting her lips and licking the head of his shaft. He was still catching her breath when she went back down on it. Slowly and surely, she throttled that cock to the back of her throat again.

"Oh, Jesus!"

Catching him by a second surprise, Hannah repeated the notion. When the head of his cock reached the back of her throat, the tip of her tongue came out to lick at his balls once again. She could hear Jeff grunt again, leaving her to expect the feeling of his hands in her hair at any given moment.

"God, you're a fucking animal, Hannah!"

The tip of her tongue was still lapping at his hanging nut sack when Jeff groaned those words out. Hannah stopped and pulled his shaft out of her mouth again, this time with just a single dangling string of drool connected back to it. She broke it off by spitting again.

"Oh yeah, you like that?"

"Fuck yes I do!"

"I call that ball surfing, honey."

Not wanting to explain the meaning of those words anymore, Hannah lowered her head and then fed his balls into her mouth. She used both hands, squeezing at them to get each nut between her lips and she began to loudly gargle on his balls.

"Ohhhhhh man! Don't stop, babe!"

While sucking on his balls, she thought to herself about the lack of fun he must have been getting from his girlfriend. That made it all the more worthwhile, already pushing Jeff to become a cheater. Slobbering all over his hairy nuts loudly, Hannah pulled them out of her mouth and then placed a loving goodbye kiss across his sack. She moved her hands down to her breasts, holding them up in preparation for the next round of pleasure. All Jeff did was stand there, watching as she toyed with him, now leaning up and grabbing his cock with her right hand.

"I bet your girlfriend doesn't do this with you."

Letting go of his cock, she planted her right hand back over her other breast and pulled them apart. Jeff's enlarged when he realized what she was doing. It took Hannah no time to squeeze her tits around his hardened shaft, cradling it right in the middle.

"Oh man, that is so fucking hot."

"Isn't it!?"

She grinned, flashing her full teeth after answering him back. Hannah then began to work her breasts up and down, tittyfucking his cock slowly to begin this kinky activity.

"Mmmmmm, your cock feels so good between my tits."

Jeff swallowed his breath after she spoke. He could not maintain eye contact as he became busy watching the action. His cock slipped up and down between her tits, the head nearly poking into her chin. Hannah was not done teasing him about his girlfriend.

"Does your girlfriend have big tits, Jeff? I doubt she knows how to work them like me."

"No, she never did this with me before."

That answer made Hannah grin smugly. She continued to work her tits up and down, moving at a faster pace now.

"This is fun, huh? Your big cock pumping between my tits..."

Biting down on her lower lip, she moaned while still working her breasts over his cock.

"You get to do things with me that you can't do with your girlfriend. I think that makes you a lucky guy, Jeff."

Glancing down, Hannah watched the head of his cock poke upward. She parted her lips and began to flick her tongue across the head with each pump. Over and over, she worked her tits in a slow rhythm over his cock, making sure that he had enough time to enjoy it without blowing his load yet. Coming to a complete stop, Hannah twirled her tongue around the head and then squeezed her lips around it. Her big blue eyes glanced up as he exhaled deeply. Then she sucked the head before pulling her lips off with a popping noise. Feeling as if she were in complete control now, Hannah knew where to guide him next. She let go of her breasts, freeing his cock and then began to climb up from the floor.

"Mmmmmmm, I think you're ready to fuck me by now. You're ready, aren't you honey?"

He quietly nodded at her, prompting Hannah to kiss his lips and whisper into his ear.

"I want you to fuck me as hard as you want. Fuck me the way that your girlfriend doesn't let you."

Grinning back at her, Jeff replied.

"Can I take you on all fours?"

"Ohhhh you wanna do it doggy style? I'd love that."

Turning around to face the bed, Hannah climbed up. Her knees and hands sank into the white sheets below as she crawled forward. The bed rattled, shaking slightly when Jeff climbed up and began to move behind her. She teased him by backing her ass up against his crotch and grinding her hips. Jeff moaned and then playfully smacked his right hand across her bum. That made Hannah moan, biting down on her lower lip to purr for him.

"Mmmmmmm, I'm a bad girl."

"Yeah, you're definitely that, baby."

Hannah lowered her, rushing her breasts down against the bed sheets so she could raise her ass for him to witness. Since he smacked her ass once, she expected him to give her a hard spanking. She soon felt the head of Jeff's cock rubbing against her vulva lips. Closing her eyes, she let out a whimpering cry.

"Come on, Jeff. Stick it in. I know you wanna fuck me. You've probably been wanting to fuck me all day since you first laid eyes on me."

He did not reply in spoken word as he slowly pushed his cock inside of her. Hannah moaned and continued to tease him with her filthy speech.

"Ohhhhhh, yeah. That's it. Let me feel that big dick inside me. You've been wanting to fuck me all day, haven't you? Haven't you!? Don't lie!"

Once more, he remained silent. All Hannah could hear was his hard breathing as his hands planted down over her hips and he began to thrust his hard cock in her tight cunt.

"Ohhhhhh yeah!"

Curling her toes up, Hannah let out a sharp moan. She had seconds to mentally prepare herself for what she expected to be a hard fucking. Here she was, tempting him to use her as his personal slut. As Jeff began to pump his cock inside her, she cried out again.

"Oh yeah, fuck me! Fuck me, Jeff!!"

Thrusting harder and faster, he let out a sharp moan. Within seconds, he was thrusting into her pussy at a nice and solid pace. Satisfied with his fucking at the moment, Hannah pushed the palms of her hands down into the bed and elevated herself slightly up. Jeff responded by reaching up and snatching a fistful of her golden locks in his grasp.

"Oh yeah! Pull my hair too!!"

Maybe he was not the type to give in with spanking, but Hannah could appreciate some hard hair pulling. His balls were smacking against her thighs as he snatched by the hair, pulling hard. She gritted her teeth, now feeling her tits bouncing and swaying underneath. Jeff pounded his cock in her pussy, giving her inch after inch of his meat. All the while, Hannah was quietly thinking to herself about this event. To get fucked in the bed he shared with his girlfriend, she did not want him to stop. Not until she reached her climax.

"Oh god! Ohhh god! OHHHHHHH GOD YEAH!!"

Crying out to him louder, Hannah closed her eyes. Breasts shaking, hair swaying all around, she raked her fingernails across the bedsheets, desperately clutching at them while her toes curled up a second time. Over and over she could feel his cock pounding into her harder and faster. It was clear to Hannah that Jeff had no question to stop until one of them reached their orgasm.


Her voice screamed, echoing throughout the entire condo room, possibly alerting any neighbors that Jeff had. The bed began to shake, the metal frame bashing up against the bed. Taking her by a complete surprise, Jeff began to slow down. Hannah wanted more and when he slowed his movements, she began to roll her hips and back up to keep his cock pulsing inside of her. He let go of her hair, giving her time to glance from across her right shoulder.

"What's the matter? You trying to hold back from shooting that hot load inside me?"

"Y-yes! I'm trying to hold myself back!"

She knew how to push his buttons at this point, Hannah had already weighed the options in her mind. Biting down on her lower lip, she purred a moan and halted her movements.

"Wanna cum on my face? I bet your girlfriend hasn't let you cum all over her face before!"

Jeff shook his head while replying.

"Oh no, she hasn't! I've always wanted to blow my load on a hot girl's face!"

Too easy, Hannah thought to herself. She grinned at him, then turned her head back forward to speak again.

"Come on! Fuck me until I cum and then you can give me a hot and sticky face full of cum!"

She soon felt his right hand reaching up to grab her hair again. Jeff began to buck his hips, thrusting that cock into her pussy again while snatching her hair up. Hannah closed her eyes, gripping the bedsheets as she prepared herself. All this time she had been pushing his buttons to try and bring out a more wild side. Maybe he was not as kinky as she preferred but so far, Jeff was proving to at least be a good fuck. Feeling his cock pump into her pussy repeatedly, she moaned and screamed for him.

"Ohhhhhhhh, yeah! That's it, that's it! Keep going, Jeff! KEEP FUCKING ME!!"

Voice echoing and ringing out from the bedroom, Hannah groaned and kept her eyes shut. All that mattered to her was Jeff pushing her to that sweet release. If only he knew how bad she wanted it.


His hand slipped, letting go of her hair and allowing Hannah to bury her head down and raise her ass upward once again. She was so close. Each passing second she could feel that hard dick pumping into her, oh she could not wait much longer. Sliding her right hand down below, she found her clit and began to furiously rub at it back and forth. When she pinched it between two fingers, that was when Jeff finally made the last thrust that caused her breaking point. Legs shaking, Hannah curled her toes up for the third and final time as she felt her inner walls collapse and flood his cock with her juices. She could hear Jeff moaning as he attempted to snatch his rod free from her cunt as fast as he possibly could. When his shaft pulled out, a flood of her juices sprayed down onto the bedsheets.

He gasped, looking at the flood of her juices staining the bedsheets. Hannah did not care right now as she was slowly catching her breath. Jeff had proven himself useful in bringing her to that much-needed climax. He did so without wasting his load inside of her, so now it was up to her to fulfill her promise minutes earlier. Over the years she had learned how to maintain herself, to quickly recover from an orgasm and continue going as the night progressed. Pushing her hands down into the bed, she slowly began to rise up, still desperately catching her throat. She felt the bed shake slightly as a result of Jeff stepping around. Not wanting to keep him waiting as Hannah was desiring that face full of cum she had mentioned. Swallowing her breath, she pushed her hands down into the bed and then began to slowly climb up and turn around until she was resting on her knees.

"You ready to give me that face full of cum, honey?"

"Oh yeah!!"

His hand was wrapped around his cock but not for long. Hannah grabbed at his wrist with her right hand, pulling it away so she could wrap her fingers around his wet shaft. Hannah fed it between her lips, slurping off her juices as she began to polish his cock clean.

"Oh, baby! Yes!!"

Jeff cried out in excitement as she began to bob her head up and down, slobbering all over his hand. Hannah pressed her hands against his legs, slowly taking her time to give his cock one last round of sucking before they were done. 'Mmm, mmmm mmmmm', Hannah moaned as she bobbed her head up and down. She felt it was necessary to suck him more, knowing that would result in a larger quantity of cum to unload onto her skin. Jeff stood there, breathing heavily, feeling her push him closer with each passing second as she slobbered up and down his shaft.

"Oh shit! Can't hold back, baby! I can't hold back!"

When he yelled for her, Hannah stopped sucking. Releasing his cock with a pop noise, she licked her lips and closed her eyes while tilting her head up.

"Give me that face full of cum, Jeff!"

Hearing him breathe in and out, Hannah knew that he had to be jerking that cock back and forth with his dominant hand. She opened her eyes for a few seconds, just to be sure then shut them back. The head of his shaft aimed directly at her forehead when Jeff finally felt the eruption initiate.


A thick wad of cum splattered onto her forehead, streaking into her hair. Hannah gasped at that warm feeling of his spunk coating her face. Another wad slathered across the left cheek of her face, hitting directly beneath her eye. It was followed by two strings that went over her left eyebrow, also landing in her hair. The next droplets of cum landed on her chin as Hannah opened her eyes and looked up at him. She parted her lips, sticking her tongue out for Jeff to lay his cock where she wrapped her lips around it. 'Mmmmmmm', she let out a soft moan while milking his shaft of the final drops into her mouth, depleting him of the remainder of his hot load. Hannah released his cock, opening her mouth to show him the last bit of cum before she swallowed it.

"Gotta say, you are a fucking animal. I have never fucked a woman like you in my life. And before you ask, NO! I have never done anything like this with my girlfriend. She would never let me blow my load on her face."

Sitting there on her knees, Hannah smiled and flashed her full teeth while he spoke. She looked so proud and deep down, she was. To be able to push Jeff's buttons like this, she knew that the man was wrapped around her finger. The cum dripped from her face to the point she needed to wash up before leaving. Hannah remembered leaving her purse behind in Jeff's car as only a simple excuse to spend the night sleeping in the bed he shared with his girlfriend. He was worn out, exhausted as he collapsed on the bed next to her and began to pull the blankets back. Rising from where she was seated on the bed, Hannah turned to give Jeff one last look at her cum soaked face.

"I need to wash my face but if you don't mind, I can join you in bed for the night."

"I'm not gonna say no to that, baby. The bathroom is just that way."

He pointed with his right hand across the room to his private bathroom. Hannah began to softly giggle to herself as she walked her way towards that open doorway.

"I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, Jeff. One with no strings attached."

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Re: Sinful Ambitions Ch. 1 (Hannah Ferguson)
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I validate this kind of sin... Hot that it was hot!

I love it when you write models. Glamour in Miami still definitely.. Hannah Ferguson is very beautiful and sexy in addition as in this well detailed story and written properly. This chapter n 1 is classy and dirty at the same time, the idea is good the words pigs of Hannah are good I enjoyed thank you. 😋
Jeff's character fucked him well and the ending clearly appetizing. The rest looks good!
Thank you very much for sharing this sexy jewel with us..
Thank you 😉
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Re: Sinful Ambitions Ch. 1 (Hannah Ferguson)
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"unbuttoned her leans" I think you meant jeans, you should fix that up when you can.
Regardlous, this was a good first chapter, also it had a celeb I had never heard of. I feel like writing cheating stuff could be a tricky balance, cause you don't wanna glorify it too much unless everyone is meant to be super unlikeable lol, but I think you did a good job with everything.
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Re: Sinful Ambitions Ch. 1 (Hannah Ferguson)
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"unbuttoned her leans" I think you meant jeans, you should fix that up when you can.
Regardlous, this was a good first chapter, also it had a celeb I had never heard of. I feel like writing cheating stuff could be a tricky balance, cause you don't wanna glorify it too much unless everyone is meant to be super unlikeable lol, but I think you did a good job with everything.

Thank you for letting me know about that typo. Sometimes my spellchecker does not catch them. I know I have several older stories littered with typos.
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