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Client 1: Natalie Decker (featuring Chloe Grace Moretz)

“Justin, instead of being a burden while waiting for your “rock band” to take off, why don’t you get a job or something so you have some money to help promote your music?” Chloe said, putting rock band in air quotes.

“Hey! My “rock band” as you put it will take off one day. It’s just hard to get it going, especially without the funding to promote ourselves or a label to work with. But, you’re right; I do need to do something.” Justin replied.

“What about doing massages? You’re really good at them and it gives you the time to do your music. You can service clients here or at their homes. I may know a few people that could use one and who owe me a favor or two.” Chloe said.

“I don’t know, I’d have to go to school for it and I was never good at school. Although it would give me the freedom to continue my music and maybe some old lady would want a happy ending. Is that even a thing for girls?” Justin asked jokingly.

Chloe shook her head. “I think you’re good at it. Why don’t you see if I want a happy ending? I can be your test subject.” Chloe had that horny look in her eyes Justin had seen before.

“Now? We just, you know, not too long ago.” Justin added.

“Fine, if you don’t want the practice or my help getting clients, that’s fine. I can certainly ask someone else for a happy ending.” She threatened light heartedly.

Justin sighed and rolled his eyes and his head as if doing Chloe was a chore. “Ugh! Fine Chloe, if I have to have sex with you, I guess.”

Chloe pinched him in the arm. “If it’s that much of a pain, then you don’t have to. Am I not that good for you anymore?” She added with her puppy dog eyes.

“Of course you’re more than good enough; you know I’m only playing. Besides, you wear me out. This was supposed to be a once in a while thing, but it seems that we do it quite often.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing, is it? Do you want me anymore?” Chloe looked almost hurt.

“Of course I want you, it still feels wrong at times is all. But, I can’t say no to you either.” Justin was sitting on the couch with her and was starting to snuggle with her, close enough to kiss.

“It’s not wrong; that’s what society wants you to think.” She kissed him softly with her arms around his neck. “Does that feel wrong?” She kissed him longer, this time with a little tongue as Justin started to feel her up. “How about that?”

“If it is wrong, then I don’t want to be right anymore.” Justin was starting to burn with that desire for her naked flesh. He wanted to ravage every inch of her body, only she has ever made him feel that way. He knew it was wrong and he didn’t care anymore, all he wanted was to fuck her rotten every chance he had. He started to try to lift up her shirt when she stopped him.

“Hey, not yet silly, the massage first remember?” Chloe was fighting to keep his hands off of her. She felt the need for him as much as he did for her.

“Where are we going to do it then? It’s not like I have a massage table or anything.” Justin asked.

“My bed will work. Just use the suntan oil for now, it will work for what we are doing. I want to see what you got, imagine how better you’ll be when you’re actually trained. You’ll be getting paid in no time then.”

They walked to her bedroom and Justin grabbed the oil.

“Just….uhhh…get comfortable I guess, if we are doing this like a real massage session.” Justin said shyly.

“Oh whatever Justin, I’ll just strip for you and you can work my muscles then fuck me like we always do.”

“Sounds good to me.”

Justin watched as Chloe stripped naked. She looked at him and nodded her head as to tell him to do the same.

“What? You want me to get naked too?” Justin asked.

“Yes silly, now.”

She watched him as he watched her. What took place next was more sex than any actual massage. Justin started to work her back and down her thighs before he was rock hard and then he started to massage her flower; her petals spread and dew drops formed; Chloe was more than ready for him. Justin slowly eased himself inside Chloe. She moaned softly as he entered her temple; her legs spread for him. Gently Justin stroked in and out, his hands massaged her back, her muscles melted from his touch. He came quickly for her this time. He must have been more excited than he thought.

“Oh baby. If this is how you finish all of your massages, there will be some children of yours running around in less than a year. Will you cum inside all of your clients? Or just me?” Chloe turned over to face him.

Justin laid on top of her and kissed her gently, “I’m not doing this for sex Chloe, I only want to cum inside you.”

He kissed her again as he pushed his softening cock inside her to feel his seed mix with her orgasmic fluids. She wrapped her legs around him to lock him into place for another go.

“Sure, whatever you say.” They kissed and he began to grope her breasts and tease her nipples.

“I’m being serious Chloe, I’m not a whore. I need the money and this will be an easy way.”

“I know, but I also know that this,” she reached down and grabbed his balls, “Will be what they really want from you; the question is, will you give it to them?” she began to squeeze them and push him in more. She grinned at his wincing.

“Do you really want me to share this with another?” He replied.

“Of course, you know we can’t be together out there. You’ll have to find someone to satisfy you until we can fuck and so will I. Until then, go and fuck whoever you want. I know it’ll be me you’re thinking about.”

“And how about you? Will you think of me?”

Chloe just smiled so devious. She was his pleasure and his pain. The one thing he shouldn’t have and nobody could know about. She was right; it would be her that he would think during sex with anyone else.

After many months and 500 hours of training, Justin finally earned his license. He purchased his massage table and lotions and oils, now all he need were some clients. Chloe did as promised and sent him his first client, Natalie Decker, a new up and comer in auto racing. Natalie is blonde, 22 years old and in amazing shape, a real beauty to behold. It took place at his house and Chloe watched it all unbeknownst to Justin. Also, it was all caught on video, that’s how I’m able to tell the tale.

I cannot tell you how I know all of this, just know that I have my sources, favors were owed and paid out. There are many more tales I will tell in the future. For now, let’s focus on this story. Chloe sent Justin many different clients; all the ones she knew in Hollywood that owed her a favor, all in order to help her step brother with his new business so that he could pursue his music career.

Of course she told them all of his endowment. They were all curious, if Chloe was impressed, then they became curious too. Natalie was just the first of many and she told her friends of the male masseuse with the happy endings. It’s not what Justin set out to do, it just happened this way. It does eventually end as all stories do: with a happy ending whether he wanted to or not.

After all, what man can resist a sexy, famous female begging for him?

Justin was to meet his first client at his home that was set up by his step sister Chloe. He was to meet Natalie Decker. He was nervous as he wanted it to go well. If it didn’t, then he thought word would get out and he would be done before he even really started. However, the exact opposite happened.

“Nice to meet you Miss Decker, please come in and you can undress in the bathroom to where you’re comfortable, there is a towel to cover up with as well. Can I get you anything to drink or anything else?” Justin was very businesslike.

Natalie shook his hand and smiled. “No thanks, I’ll just undress and get to it. I just need a good massage as I’ve been training a lot for racing, not that I’m rushing you or anything. I understand I’m your first client as Chloe told me. It’ll be nice to see what you can do Justin. I’ll definitely let others know about you if you do as good a job as Chloe says that you can.”

“Well I certainly hope so, Chloe has helped me a lot with this. I will do my best to meet your expectations Miss Decker.”

“Please, call me Natalie.”

“Yes Natalie, I’ll be here waiting for you when you’re ready.”

With that, Natalie went to undress as she felt comfortable with, which was completely naked. She walked out with the towel wrapped around her muscled body. Justin was very impressed; he knew she was training to become a NASCAR driver, but he didn’t expect her to be so strong looking. When dressed, Natalie looked like any attractive woman; very good shape and very beautiful, but underneath he could tell that she was hiding asomething truly arousing.

Natalie was hiding her perfect, tanned, muscled frame. She was fit, slim and as sexy as any model could be. Justin started to work those tight muscles; First her shoulders and down her arms. He followed down her spine and across her lower back then worked her thighs and her calves.

The massage went as well as he could have wanted; Natalie seemed relaxed and her muscles seemed to release their tension. Before he knew it, the timer he had set on his phone was vibrating and the session was complete.

Natalie was lost in the calming music and the scented candles; she felt more relaxed than she had in a very long time. Justin really knew what he was doing and was well worth the money. However, she still had a question she wanted to ask, but wasn’t sure how to ask it. Chloe told her that he would give her a happy ending, Justin didn’t know about this though.

Natalie was waiting for him to do it, but he didn’t seem that he was going to finish as she thought and she wasn’t sure how to ask or what to say. Chloe had said that she saw his cock and that it was big and she also told Natalie that she heard that he was very good in the sack. Chloe wouldn’t say how and Natalie had her suspicions. All of that just made her curious about it being true. She felt she had to at least try to approach the subject without sounding crazy.

Natalie wasn’t getting up after Justin said he was finished and Justin was wondering what was going on.


“Yes, Miss…. I mean, Natalie.”

“Chloe told me about you.”

“Good I hope.” Justin felt nervous for some reason, things felt different somehow.

“Oh yes, very. Well…” She hesitated and wasn’t sure how to say it. “She told me there would be more.”

“More?” Justin looked quizzically at her.

Natalie seemed more nervous than he did. She sighed and said, “Yes, more. You know what I mean. Do I have to say it?”

It took Justin a moment to realize what she meant, but when he did his face immediately turned red.

“Ohhhhh….Ummm…. I….uhhhhh…. I know what you mean and I wasn’t going to try anything like that. I didn’t know she told you anything about me.” He was moving around and running his hands through his hair nervously, “What else did she say?”

Now Natalie blushed, “I’m not sure I want to say.” She was looking down and all around, “I didn’t mean to offend you, I’m sorry. I’ll just get myself together, except, she said….she said you were big and good in bed. I’m not sure how she knows, but I was curious and she said the happy ending and now I made a fool of myself.” Natalie got up quickly and Justin put his hand on her shoulder. She froze as he stared into her eyes.

Justin didn’t know why he touched her, he didn’t know what was going to happen next.

“I can pay extra. I mean, I’ve never done anything like this before and I don’t know what the right thing to do is. I’m so embarrassed and I shouldn’t have said anything. I’m sorry, I’ll just go.”

He still held her. “It’s okay, I get it. It’s not your fault, Chloe didn’t say anything to me. And you don’t have to pay me, I’m not a whore or anything. I didn’t do this for this, but…. I don’t mind it. I mean…. I won’t turn down extra money….but….hell…I don’t know what I’m saying. I guess what I’m trying to say is to lay back down and I’ll give you that ending you wanted.”

“You don’t have to and I’m really sorry now that I treated you like a prostitute. Oh my God, seriously, can my face be any redder?” Natalie was very red in the face, almost in tears. Justin gently laid her back down on her back and her towel slipped off, he quickly averted his gaze.

Natalie tried to grab it at first, but just let it go, she let all of it go. “It’s okay to look Justin. It’s okay, I’m okay, just….ummm….I don’t know what to do or say. And uh….I see you like it.”

Justin turned around and took her stunning beauty in. She was perfect; he was instantly aroused and looked down when she mentioned it and his face reddened.

“Sorry about that.”

His hard-on was impossible to hide through his white shorts, the outline didn’t leave much to the imagination.

“It’s more than okay, you’ve already seen me naked. So….maybe you’ll join me so I’m not the only one here in the nude and well….you know, the happy ending.” She smiled and laughed a little at the last bit.

“Oh yes, yes sure, of course. Ummm….yes. Sorry, I really don’t know how to do this, not this. You know what I mean.”

He quickly took off his top then pulled off his shorts and boxers as fast as humanly possible. He was completely naked with this cock at full attention. Justin was beginning to oil her up and she started to touch him.

“God, you’re so hard. How is she in bed?” Natalie was stroking Justin’s long shaft slowly, she really was curious about Chloe and him.

“Who?” Justin was trying to massage her shoulder and work down her arms, but he was very distracted by her hands.

“Chloe, I figure that was how she knew about your delicious cock and how good you are in bed. She told me she caught you with someone, but I don’t think it’s true.” Natalie was stroking Justin more aggressively.

“Oh, well, ummm….” He was still working on her arms as he was too distracted by her stroking him to actually give her the happy ending.

“You don’t have to tell me, I can guess she’s good, maybe I’ll have to see one day. In the mean time, do you need some release so that I can get my happy ending?”

“I am not against it, but I’m supposed to be finishing you off Natalie.” He was beginning to moan as he spoke.

She pulled his cock towards her so that she could suck on it. Her mouth took him in half way down and her hands played with his balls. Justin just moaned and then started to massage her breasts and play with her nipples which made her moan.

She pulled out and said, ”That’s more like it, don’t stop.”

Justin didn’t stop; he worked her nipples until they were hard and worked his strong hands down her toned abdomen and over her mound. He teased her with his fingers gently brushing against her lips. Natalie sucked his cock and stroked it. She really wanted to make him cum and get him to relax so that he could finish her off, plus she wanted to get him hard again so they could fuck. So far Chloe was right, he was really good. His teasing had her moaning into his cock. She could hear him moaning as well and could sense him getting ready to cum for her, this was more exciting than she even dreamed.

Justin knew that he was about to explode for her. So he began to use his fingers over her clit and slip inside to get her really wet, his fingers worked their magic. He could feel her lips spreading and her pussy so seductively wet. He gasped as he began to climax, his muscles locked up, his fingers stopped and he held her head until he finished cumming down her throat.

Natalie’s tongue, mouth and hands worked his huge cock and his balls. His fingers were like magic inside her. She felt herself nearing climax already as the first load of hot and sticky semen shot into her mouth. She kept sucking and squeezed his balls and more semen shot into her mouth and down her throat, every stroke brought more out of him. Natalie thought she would choke if he didn’t stop. Chloe was so right about him. Natalie moaned and drank his semen as she came with him.

Justin felt instantly relaxed when he finished inside Natalie’s mouth. He was able to pleasure her without any distraction. She just swallowed all of it and used her fingers to wipe the rest off of her face and chin. Natalie enjoyed the way he was using his fingers to please her.

“Will you get hard again? I want you to cum inside me. It’s okay, I’m on the pill and I’m clean and I know you are clean cause Chloe told me. I just want to feel you in me, like now.” She was still playing with his cock to make him hard again. He knew it wouldn’t take much longer, not with everything that just happened. It all felt like something straight out of a porn movie.

Her breathing quickened and he knew she was about to climax again, so Justin pulled out his fingers and used his mouth. Her hands held his head as his tongue was as magical as his fingers. In moments she was moaning louder as her juices squirted down his throat. Justin got on the table with her and lifted her legs onto his shoulders and used one hand to guide his still rock hard cock inside her welcoming pussy. Her lips spread before him to invite every delectable inch of his large shaft inside her body, the two joined together as one lustful being, no words were spoken, just moans.

Justin worked his hips in and out in a slow hypnotic rhythm that left Natalie cumming again and again. This time he wouldn’t cum so quick. He pushed her knees into her body and leaned in to kiss her soft lips, their tongues mingled and twisted, and her hands held his face. His hands played with her perfect small breasts, twisting and pulling those hard and pink nipples. She moaned into his kiss, he began to thrust as hard as he could now, he wanted to give her everything he had.

Over and over with as much force as he could manage, he slammed into her body. The sounds of sex resonated in the room, the slapping of his balls against her ass was loud and happening quicker as he quickened his pace. Natalie was moaning and gasping with each thrust, his long, thick cock was pounding her into bliss, his strength had her pinned like a pretzel and she loved it all.

Justin pulled almost out and forced himself in as hard as he could. It forced a gasped breath out of Natalie each time. He was relentlessly fucking her, it was as if he wanted to punish her pussy so that she wouldn’t forget him. Justin grunted to give himself more power, he was animalistic in his lustful love making. He held her legs into her chest so that all of his cock would hit her g-spot.

Natalie’s eyes went wide and her mouth did the same, yet no sound escaped her. Justin felt her become extremely wet and as he lifted up, he looked to her squirting. This made him hit it harder and faster, she was shaking and there was a glow about her face, her eyes rolled in her head and her body was tense, more and more fluids squirted out with each upward thrust. Natalie was shaking uncontrollably now, she was starting to moan and scream loud and long. Justin slammed into her over and over, harder and faster until he was cumming with her.

Natalie could feel his sperm pouring deep inside her, so she grabbed his ass to hold him in. Justin’s face was in ecstasy, it made her smile bright as the sun. She was still feeling the effects of her incredible climax that made him orgasm for her and in her. Natalie’s walls were pulsating and Justin’s cock was contracting as his semen poured out with each clench, the two lovers locked in raw passions that burned deep, their eyes locked, souls lost into the other’s abyss.

It was done, finished, completed, neither wanted to let the other go. Justin let her legs go and she wrapped them around his back, her soft fingers caressed his cheeks and ran through his hair, his arms pressed to table for support.

“Thank you Justin.” Natalie broke the silence.

“For what?”

“I needed the great massage and well….this, it’s been too long, thank you. You are a great massage therapist, what a great happy ending.” She smiled and giggled.

“I think I need to thank you, I believe you gave me a happier ending, twice in fact.” Justin replied.

“Yes, yes you did. By the way, your ending was delicious.”

“Not as good as yours babe, you taste sweet.” Justin smiled at her.

“I know I do.” She added with a grin.

With that, Justin pulled out and get off the table and grabbed a towel to help clean her up. Natalie took her towel and wiped herself clean.

When she was dressed and out of the bathroom, she said to Justin, “Here’s an extra hundred.”

“I’m not taking money for sex, I told you I’m not a whore.”

“I know, it’s an extra tip, for the sex and for your discretion. I can’t have something like this getting out.”

“I can’t either, I can lose my license and end up in jail. Still, I don’t want to take it, it makes me feel dirty.”

“You’re dirty alright, but in all the good ways. You’ve got a real talent Justin, for the massage I mean. The sex wasn’t all that bad either.” She said with a smirk as she left the money on the table.

“Only not that bad, I thought I was better than that.” Justin replied.

“Yes, not that bad. Maybe I’ll need another massage soon to really have an opinion.” She kissed him on the lips and left.

And that was his first client, he needed to thank Chloe later. For now, he was too spent to be around her.

What a beginning.

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