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Victoria And Tracey Team Up
« on: January 02, 2020, 07:14:58 AM »
*****Tribute to of the finest adult movie actresses of the late 80's. This is a re-jiggled story of mine from Literotica to include Tracey Adams.

Victoria Paris had retired from the adult movie business in the late 1990's and had settled down to get married.

She had been voted as AVN's 'Best New Starlet' of 1990, and later inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame in 1997.

She hailed from Great Falls, Montana and had first been employed as a secretary, mud wrestling on weekends, before she became a nude model then porn star.

A stunning big breasted blonde with a glorious figure of 38DD-22-36 on a five foot, five inch frame.

Her sparkling hazel eyes and slight pout over pearly white teeth had endeared her to thousands of admirers, male and female over the years.

A regular on the dance circuit across the USA she kept in good shape and her middle years had seen her develop a slim, athletic body.

She was and remained best friends with fellow porn legend Tracey Adams and had married at her home in California with Christy Canyon and Tracey as maid's of honour.

Newly single after the marriage failed Vicky was eager to keep busy and had several projects that made for a full schedule.

Today Tracey had turned up at the home of Vicky on a sunny morning with intentions of a shopping spree together to relax.

Vicky was busy in her kitchen and Tracey drank coffee as they made small talk.

She brushed away some breakfast debris from the counter where she sat on a high wooden stool.

Dressed in a simple white long sleeved blouse and tiny denim skirt that showed off her magnificent toned legs she swept her long wavy brown hair which hung over her back and shoulders.

"I'm guessing your nephew is visiting this weekend." She flicked at a lone cornflake.

"Oh Tracey, I'm so sorry, let me clean that up. Yeah, you're right Todd is off from College for the Spring Break, he's so messy."

"That's alright. How old is he now, I haven't seen him since he left two years ago?"

"He's 21 now, a real sports freak. He plays football, baseball and swims too."

Tracey sipped her coffee and crossed her bare legs.

"You know Vicky? I don't know what it is, but all guys turn my head these days. Are you the same? Its like every year I get hornier and need more and more sex. I need strong hard cock all the time."

Vicky mopped up the messy counter with a wet rag as she listened.

"What about a dildo?"

"I got plenty of those," said the blonde with a wave of her hand.

"I need the physical side, I wanna look 'em in the eyes and smell their skin you know?"

She turned her head to see Todd by the open kitchen door with his hand around his stiff cock.
It had made a big tent in his ripped blue jeans and he had obviously been aware of the conversation the two women had just made.

Tracey checked out his well developed physique, broad shoulders and strong biceps under a tight t-shirt.

He had light brown hair and a hint of five o'clock shadow around his square jaw.

She beckoned him to approach with a crook of her finger and he sat next to her on the other stool.

Victoria was bent over the sink as she continued to speak of middle aged yearnings.

Todd sat open mouthed as Tracey unzipped his fly and took out his generous eight inch erection.

As she licked her palm and smeared his shaft with her hand he bit his lip to stifle a moan.

With a tight grip she rubbed his thick cock up and down and held a finger at her red lips to indicate he keep silent.

She looked into his brown eyes and nodded to him as her fist made a clockwise rotation around the flared crown.

"So anyway I gotta think of something to keep Todd entertained the next couple of days, maybe a ball game or track meet or something."

"Uh huh, mmm." Tracey made a gesture with her hand to the young man like a yawn as Vicky went on and on with inane chatter.

Todd could not believe his eyes as Tracey bent down and had his prick in her mouth and began to blow him.

She hungrily wrapped her lips around the generous member and sucked.

Her right hand stroked his hot stem and she flattened her tongue to slurp at the underside.

He blushed bright red and threw his head back as his cock was devoured by the amazing woman.

Tracey grinned up at him and held his fat tip inside her mouth and sucked in air over his rigid tool.

He had to cover his mouth with his hand to stop him cry out from the incredible feeling.

His hands went to the back of her head and he pulled her onto his cock. She could feel the tip start to slide down her throat.

Vicky turned to them just as Tracey ducked under cover of the counter.

"Todd, when did you show up? And where did Tracey go?"

"I don't know, I just got here. Maybe the bathroom?"

Tracey still had the mans cock in her mouth and continued her expert oral offensive on him.

"But I've been talking the whole time, that's weird. By the way you didn't clear up after yourself."

"Yeah, sorry about that, ohhhhh!"

Tracey had stood up and spun around then bent at the waist with her mini skirt up over her lower back.

Todd was amazed as she backed into him and placed his cock at her pussy entrance.

He grit his teeth as she sank down and he speared her cunt all the way.

With her six inch black heels planted firmly on the kitchen floor she began to move back and forth along his big rod.

"Oooo, yeah, that feels great." She whispered to him.

"Uuggggghh!" Her moan escaped her lips slightly louder than she intended.

"Oh you're back." Said Vicky as she cleaned a couple of dishes in the sink.

The dazzling brunette remained still, Todd deeply embedded inside her.

"Yeah, I just went out to the car."

Todd held her wide hips and raised her skirt higher to take a look at her rounded ass and lifted his hips up to fuck her.

She felt tight and hot as he pushed in fast.

Both her hands held onto the edge of the counter as his thrusted into her hard.

"Todd, have you told Tracey about your studies?"

"Yes, Todd, do tell." Tracey looked over her shoulder with a mischievous look as she ground her ass against his groin.

"Well, I need to concentrate on biology this semester." He said between gritted teeth.

"Oh you mean physiology and anatomy?" She gave a big smile and then wiggled her butt around his big prick.

She widened her legs a bit more and he pulled her body to his with strong hands and pounded her pussy.

"Oh no." Victoria turned to the two rutting lovers and they disengaged quickly and sat on their stools with innocent looks.

"I'm sorry, I just got a text, I really need to take this call."

"That's fine babe, Todd and I will leave you to it."

Tracey took him by the hand and led him hurriedly to his room.

They embraced in a passionate kiss, their hands all over each other as they stood by the bed.

"My word Todd, I just love your big cock, you've really grown since the last time I saw you."

They stripped and both were impressed with each others naked bodies.

Tracey bent forward over the edge of the bed and thrust her fleshy butt up.

Todd put his face between the cheeks of her ass and gave her wet slit a big lick from her anus to her hooded clitoris.

Now she could groan aloud and she wallowed in his long tongue as he swiped her pussy.

"You are so fucking wet down here." He said surprised.

That's because I'm so horny all the time, now fuck me hard."

He poked a finger inside her dampness and with a soft push it slipped inside her and she let out a cry.

Then he steadied her with his hand on her left buttock and rammed his boner into her.

She gave a big gasp as he pushed in deep then proceeded to move in and out fast.

"Oh my, I love young men's cock, so hard and big. My friend has the hottest nephew."

"Well my aunt has the hottest friend." He said as his hips rocked against her butt.

Todd leaned forward and cupped her fabulous tits, and she widened her legs and rested her hands on the bed.

"Do you think she noticed us in the kitchen?" He wondered.

"Not a chance, oh my, oh that's good!"

Todd had removed his big cock and slapped it repeatedly at her clit.

The contact sent a thrill through her and she clamped her thighs together to savour the wonderful feeling.

He smacked her buttocks a couple of times then reinserted his cock and fucked her relentlessly.

Tracey relished the extreme sensations he gave her as he slammed into her again and again with the force of a sledgehammer.

"Fuck that pussy babe, give it to me, yeah!"

Then he spun her around to face him and lifted her left leg up and held it under the knee and started to fuck her in a standing position.

Still in her high heels she dug her right shoe into the carpet as he dipped at the knees.

Even in heels the youngster was still a good few inches taller than the curvy babe and every upward thrust lifted her nearly off her feet.

The brunette cougar pushed down and took as much of him as she could.

She was stretched out and Todd stared at his cock as it vanished up her downy haired cunt with an open jaw.

Her big eyes gazed into his and they kissed hard, her arm around his neck.

Tracey gave a yelp as she was turned away from him and once again he lifted her right leg onto his forearm and she felt him push up inside her with a single thrust.

Her head fell forwards and she clung onto his neck with her right hand as her left foot was on tiptoe.

Todd took her breath away as he impaled her on his rigid member, her butt was slapped hard as he started to fuck her really fast.

"You think my aunt is still on the phone?"

"Don't know, don't care," whimpered Tracey.

With her thighs wide apart her cunt was plundered with ease and her left leg trailed one line of her juices.

"Now lick my pussy sweetie."

She lifted from his shiny erection and laid back on the bed, legs wide and looked at him with her wide eyes and slight pout.

The young man came and licked the bare skin of her inner thighs inward to the soft damp folds of her slit.

When he reached her clit his tongue danced all around the hard nub.

Tracey looked dreamily into his eyes then rolled her head to one side as her orgasm washed over her.

The fit stunner smiled as she sat up and ran a hand through her tresses.

"Cowgirl." She simply said.

Todd got on the bed and Tracey crawled up over him.

She was proud of her firmed up legs thanks to her dancing days and tensed her muscles and pulled his cock to her waiting cunt and slid it around to coat it.

With a slight moan his head eased in and her pussy expanded as the rest of his prick followed.

She began to bounce up and down on the whole rod and every thrust ground her clitoris onto his pubic root.

Todd rose up to meet her as she drove her butt down and their pace increased, as did their passion.

Tracey felt herself warm down in her pussy once more and she felt another orgasm build.

"That's it, fuck my cunt, fuck me hard, so big, so deep. Yes, yes, yes, gonna cum, oh fuck me, here it comes!"

Tracey stuffed a fist in her mouth to stop herself from screaming as she came, waves of bliss rolled through her body.

At the same time Todd bathed the inside of her cunt with his load.

Neither of them had heard Victoria enter the room, and she had in fact watched the final few minutes of the amazing fuck.

Once the two had finished she made her presence felt.

"What the hell Tracey! I know you said you liked young guys but my nephew? In my house? Oh really come on."

Tracey Adams gathered her wits and her breath came in heavy sighs.

"Sorry Vicky, it won't happen again I promise." She looked over at Todd who started to leave the room.

"Just to be clear, was I wrong?" Tracey grinned at her best friend who threw her hands up in despair.


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