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Author Topic: Susy Gala, My Dream Girl  (Read 814 times)


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Susy Gala, My Dream Girl
« on: February 20, 2020, 07:23:45 AM »
Note from author- This is not a true story but a fictionalised tale by myself, inspired only by the adorable Spanish adult star, singer, stripper and erotic dancer. At this moment in time Susy has never had anal sex on camera, but hey, this is my fantasy.


I was extremely excited on this Friday night as I laid on my bed. I had waited nearly a whole month to sign into my favourite porn star's personal show.

For years I had worshipped the stunning Latina bombshell, and my gaze went to my bookshelf that sagged under the weight of my collection of dvd's featuring her. By my bed was a well thumbed stack of x rated magazines with her exclusive photo shoots.

Just one look at her long and lustrous black hair, those wide smoky brown eyes and intoxicating smile made me weak at the knees. Her magnificent and enhanced tits made my mouth water, and her smoothly shaven vagina made my cock stand to attention every time.

Born in Barcelona she had been voted the best butt in Spain in 2014.
She had inked up of late with a fake garter on her left upper leg and a flower pattern which snaked up the right side of her hips to her back. 

I looked at the wall clock of my tiny bedroom and primed my laptop. Naked on my bed with two tubes of KY jelly by my side, I waited for seven PM.

I had paid 200 Euros for my own personal show, and waited patiently to see what she would come up with. Anything would be cool, masturbation, sex with a guy or girl, even a threesome.

The time had come and I logged in with my exclusive password and there was Susy, in close up on my screen.

"Ola, Ray, welcome to my website, and welcome to your personal show. We have thirty minutes of alone time before my other fans log in. I chose my black stockings and suspenders, Si? Do you approve?"

I licked his lips and pressed affirmative on my browser.

Susy looked down at her PC and gave a big smile.

"Goody, hee, hee. Now, as you know I have lovely 32Dbreasts, and here they are."

The stunning babe unhooked her top and flung it to one side. She stood up and shook her big boobs at the screen and I got a boner instantly.

"I know you like my tits, they bounce around easily, look."

Susy hopped up and down and her boobs jiggled up and down. Her nipples were hard and pointed straight at the screen.

"They move really nicely when I ride on a man's cock, like this."

Susy bobbed up and down, bending her legs at the knee and her tits bounced around wildly. She turned side on and bent at the waist, then began to draw her panties down her toned legs.

"I love my body, I feel sexy all the time, and I know all the guys wanna fuck me, hee, hee, but right now this is for you."

She kicked her underwear away and presented her peach of an ass to the screen. With a little wiggle her buns shook from side to side and her plump pussy protruded between her parted upper thighs as she bent forward.

"You like my ass? I love it, and I love being ass fucked as much as I can, in my personal video's."

Susy settled back on the sofa in the middle of her room and spread her legs open. Her shaven gash already looked moist and I moved closer to my laptop screen for a better look.

"Oh baby, I am so horny right now, I'm such a little slut, but I just need cock so bad. Would you like to put your nose right here baby? I wish I could share my little pussy with you, it smells so good."

I gulped and smeared a generous blob of the lube on my knob as my favourite girl continued to talk dirty to me.

"I'm so dirty, aren't I? And I know that's just how you like me, no?"

Her right hand moved over her mound in a teasing circular motion.

"I wish this was your big hand here feeling my wet cunt. It's getting mighty hot down there, ooooh, mmmm, I'm so turned on right now."

On my bed I had begun to rub my hard cock, trying to match the naked woman's frigging of her succulent pussy.

"Huh, huh, huh, yeah, just like that."

Susy pushed two fingers inside her honey pot and moved them in and out very fast.

"Oh, oh, oh, yes, I'm getting so fucking wet, my fat pussy is positively dripping, look."

She held her fingers close up to the screen and I could clearly make out her shiny digits.

"I love my pussy so much. I love the puffy lips, see all inside my fuck hole babe?"

Her crotch came right up to the screen and I had to hold myself back from actually licking my laptop!

"Have you ever seen pussy lips as fat as these? I bet not. I'd love for your big cock to slide right up me. I'm all juicy and wet, bad pussy, bad, bad pussy."

Susy slapped her cunt as if to chastise herself for being so aroused.

"Si, si, si, I can get three fingers in right now, can you see? Thinking of your cock in me makes me feel so horny."

She brought her fingers to her mouth and gave a big lick of her own juices.

"Mmm, tasty! Now, here is tonight's special treat. This is Marshall, and this hunk over here is Ronnie. And they are both going to fuck me, yay!"

She gave a wave of her hands as two well endowed young men joined her on the sofa. They both sported erections that had to be at least eight or nine inches in length.

"Hi, Ronnie." She gushed like a teenager as she kissed the fit young man on the mouth.

Marshall moved closer on her left and Susy gave the muscular man a big smacker on the lips.

"Evening Marshall honey."

As the three of them pressed against each other, Susy stroked the men's erections, gliding her fingers over their hard, hot flesh. Marshall probed her sodden cunt with his left hand as he and she continued to French kiss. The fingering of her pouty cunt made her squeeze his rock hard pecker even more and he moaned into her mouth.

I was glad of the bright light at her end as every pore and hair could be made out on the digital screen. Her skin was so dusky, and her wavy raven locks tumbled down her front so sensuously. She turned her gaze to me, their cocks held upright in her lily white hands, and spoke.

"Look at these gorgeous cocks Ray, all big and hard, just for me. Wonder what they taste like? Shall I suck them?"

I nodded at my laptop and strummed a tattoo on my aching prick.

Ronnie groaned as her ruby red lips parted and slid down his shaft. She took him deep, her boobs bobbing on her chest as she nodded her head. The brown haired man bucked his hips up toward her and was rewarded by her sexy muffled squeaks.

"Mmm, this one tastes all manly and yummy. Let's try this big boy."

Susy turned to the other stunt cock and lapped at the huge bell end with loud slurping sounds, her spit bathing his cock so that it dribbled down to his balls. Her hot breath and rapid licks made the man throw his head back with sheer delight.

"You like that big cock babe?" Said the fair haired stud.

"Now come on Marshall, she can't talk with her mouth full, can she?"

All the time Susy looked at the screen, giving me her full attention. Her dark brown eyes made my toes curl up at the end of my bed.

She resumed sucking Ronnie, stroking his hot shaft and swirling her pink tongue over the flared head.

"I love a man's cock in my mouth, love that big spongy top on my tongue. Now I'm gonna lie back and have my pussy eaten, oooh can't wait, can you babe?"

Susy stretched out on the sofa, making sure her parted legs and cunt was aimed directly at the camera so that I could get a clear view. Marshall went down on his knees at an angle and placed his left hand on her soft, warm folds.

Her left leg went up onto his shoulder so I could see him put his index finger to her pussy. He slipped on in and moved in and out as he placed his tongue to her clit.

"My gosh, that feels divine."

Marshall licked her and the horny slut squirmed to his touch, her breasts thrusting up as she threw her head to the back of the sofa. She loved his tongue as it snaked out, whipping across her hard nub from side to side.

"Good boy Marshall, I love my clit being licked side to side and not up and down."

He carried on wiggling his tongue on her as Ronnie massaged and squeezed her big tits. He moved the palms of his hands over both the large globes of flesh, thumbing the nipples as he did so. His head bent and he bit her succulent right nipple in his white teeth, them repeated the same thing to the left.

"I'm such a lucky bitch, two fit guys sucking on my tits and cunt. So Ray, I'm gonna fuck one of these well hung guys, which one should I choose first? Ronnie?"

I hit yes and Susy settled back onto the brown haired man who sat on the sofa. She sat on his lap in the reverse cowgirl position then pulled her knees together, her wet cunt against his rigid pole. Making sure to look at the camera she rocked her hips back and forth a few times, and then rose up slightly.

"Watch closely Ray, and imagine its your cock I'm about to sink onto. Are you ready?"

I held his throbbing organ to an upright stance and inhaled deeply. Susy wriggled her pussy on Ronnie's large crown and coated it in her fluids, then eased on down so that he was sucked up into her red hot cave.

"Oh my lord, fuck!"

They all groaned as her cunt engulfed his hugeness, inch by agonising inch until he was all in. Susy opened her mouth in a silent scream as she stayed still on him, totally impaled on the thick stick. Then she pushed back on his belly with both hands and lifted her hips to show me back home her work.

"Look at that babe, look how wet he made me!"

I looked agog at the man's cock which was coated in a glistening sheen of her wetness. Fucking A!

"Ray, he is so mucho! I...mmmmmmmm." Her speech was abruptly halted as a huge prick was stuffed into her mouth.

Marshall knelt on the sofa by her side and fed her his raging hard on. She managed to catch her breath and hold his shaft in her left hand as she gave him slow and broad swipes of her tongue.

He popped out of her mouth to give her a couple of slaps on her cheek with his cock, just as if it were a club. Then she engulfed him once more, still riding up and down on the dark haired man's love rod.

Susy squealed as the strong armed man lifted her body right up and off his rigid cock and held her aloft for his buddy to slip her his massive organ.

"Boys, boys, you are so naughty!"

The man with the mop of fair hair held her meaty thighs on his forearms and penetrated her damp twat.

"Fuck me boy, give it to me good."

It took a few strokes to get a good rhythm going but he soon got the hang of it and fucked her good. Susy bounced around, trapped between the two studs, her cunt a soft, mushy mess as it was pounded hard and fast.

From where I was sitting, I saw Ronnie nod to his friend and Marshall pulled out so that the other could resume his cowgirl fuck. Susy impaled herself again and took his full length of hard cock. She rocked to and fro with an intensity that took him by surprise.

"Love cock, love cock, love cock." Moaned the adorable Latina as she groaned and panted.

I so wished it were him under the gyrating beauty, she looked a perfect dream as her womanly figure was reamed by the well hung stud.

"These two cocks make me so wet. I'm going to come so hard."

Susy turned her gaze to Marshall who sat on his ass beside the rutting couple and in a trice she scooted over and plonked her cunt on the muscular mans knob.

He buried his cock deep up inside her as she fucked him at a break neck pace, her hands on the back of the sofa. She looked over her shoulder at the camera.

"Do...do you like...oh my...do you like what you see Ray, ay papi!"

Susy shuddered as she came, her long curtain of raven locks flew about her head as she screamed out.

Without skipping a beat, Ronnie spun the girl around so that she was on all fours and jammed his hot rod into her wet pussy. The sudden switch caught her out and she planted her hands on the seat as she raised her rump.

Ronnie began to fuck her brains out, giving her brutal and forceful lunges that rocked her voluptuous frame back and forth. Flames of desire seared up her cunt and she widened her legs for easier entrance. Her belly undulated under her and her boobs flailed to and fro.

"Ray! Ray! He's fucking my brains out! My cunt is like jelly!"

Despite her best efforts Susy lost interest in the camera on her, all thoughts of anything but the fat cock pulsing deep inside her was all that mattered. She was helpless as her poor pussy was filled by the big stud, her ass cheeks rippling as he drove up inside her.

"Oh Ray, I love it, I love these big fucking cocks up my cunt. But my ass needs cock, I really want it up my poop chute."

Marshall took up the call, and as his buddy reluctantly withdrew from the hot tunnel of Bree's quim, the fair haired man knelt behind the glowing woman and lined up his cock head to the tiny opening of her asshole.

I watched fascinated on my laptop and stole a look at my wall clock. Fuck! Only five minutes of show time left!

Marshall slipped inside the girls anus and she shivered with glee.

"Fuck that little ass, boy."

His cock split her shitter in two, her cute buttocks divided sublimely as he moved on in. Susy rested her face on the seat, her visage a crimson colour as she sucked him in.

He grabbed her tits and shoved his pelvis back and forth as he ass fucked the grateful girl. His groin humped at her so very soft cheeks as he moved in and out with long and assured strokes.

"Do you want me to paint your asshole with my spunk, babe? Shall I fill your ass with my cum?"

The man made sure to face the camera as he spoke. As did Susy Gala.

"I want you to see me eat cum, I wanna taste these guys so bad, please give me that cum, I want you to cum in my mouth and I'm gonna swallow it all up. Yummy!"

The three of them jumped up and crouched close to the camera. Susy tilted her head back, the fingers of her right hand were jammed up her gaping anus, eager to extend the exquisite feel of the ass fuck she had just relinquished.

The pair of stunt cocks both came simultaneously, their sperm gushing from swollen balls as they filled her open mouth. I jerked my chicken and exploded into my blur of fist as I watched my best girl swallow up the geysers of cum that sprayed her mouth and face.

The roof of her mouth was splattered as she displayed the damage to the camera and she puffed out her cheeks as dribble spilled onto her chin.

"And now Ray, watch this!"

Susy came close up, as did I, just as the screen went dark. The half hour was up. Bummer!"

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