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Author Topic: The Italian Sausage Connection (Alison Brie & Aubrey Plaza)  (Read 745 times)


The Italian Sausage Connection (Alison Brie & Aubrey Plaza)
« on: September 22, 2021, 07:38:45 PM »
The Italian Sausage Connection
Written by Calibur009
Starring: Alison Brie & Aubrey Plaza

Tuscany, Italy

The production of Spin Me Round has come to a close. It is the name of a new comedy that Alison Brie & Aubrey Plaza had been filming in Italy for over a month now.

With the film’s production finally wrapping up, Alison & Aubrey were free to do some more sightseeing around Tuscany. Which includes a tour of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Later that afternoon the duo decided to pay a visit to the luxurious home of Luigino Calvetti, a local film producer. Luigino or Gino for short is 51 years old with black hair. He is usually dressed in expensive designer shirts, dress pants and loafers.

Alison & Aubrey had first met Gino on the set of Spin Me Round. His company had been contracted to help out on the production of their movie. Now they couldn’t explain it but for some reason they felt very drawn to the producer. Over the course of their stay in Tuscany the two stars would get to know Gino very well. In fact Alison & Aubrey would accompany him to restaurants and even partied with him at several of the city’s local clubs as well.

Dressed in casual clothing Alison & Aubrey take a seat on the sofa inside of Gino’s living room. The trio then enjoy some wine and begin to converse.

“We just had to see you again, Gino.” Alison said before taking a sip of the wine in her glass.

“Yes! Especially since tomorrow is our final day in Italy.” Aubrey replied with a half smile.

“Thank you, ladies!” Gino responded in his Italian accent. “I have enjoyed working with you on your movie.” He then drinks more of his wine.

“Alison and I have enjoyed our time with you this past month, Gino.” Aubrey replied before taking another sip of wine. “We should do something special right now!”

“You’ve read my mind, Aubrey!” Alison responded. “I know exactly what we should do too!” *chuckles*

Before anything could happen a young tanned muscular man walks into the living room. He has brown hair, blue eyes, dressed in a tank top, shorts and athletic shoes. He also has a sweat towel wrapped around his neck and is holding a water bottle.

“Ladies, this is my nephew Marcello!” Gino said proudly. “He is staying with me this week.”

“Well hello there, Marcello!” Alison said with a huge grin. “Aren’t you a handsome young man?”

“Hey Marcello!” Aubrey said in an aroused tone as her brown eyes focused on his muscular frame. “I agree he is a handsome one.”

“Please show some manners, Marcello. Say hello to the beautiful ladies!” Gino said in an almost scolding tone to his nephew.

“I’m sorry Uncle Gino! Hello Miss Brie & Miss Plaza!” Marcello replied in his Italian accent. “I’m a bit starstruck since I love watching your old shows since they air here in syndication.”

“It’s fine Marcello and there is no need to be formal with us.” Alison responded with a chuckle. “I’m always happy to meet a new fan whenever I travel to another country.” She then leaves the sofa followed by Aubrey.

The two former sitcom stars then plant a couple of wet kisses onto Marcello’s right and left cheeks.

“I think Marcello is blushing. He really enjoyed that, Alison!” Aubrey said while laughing.

“He definitely did, Aubrey!” Alison replied as her wide blue eyes focused on the bulge coming from Marcello’s shorts. “How old are you, Marcello?”

“I turned 24 a few days ago, Alison.” Marcello replied.

“Ohhhh! He’s a young one!” Aubrey said in an excited tone. “I think that we can have a lot of fun with him, Alison.”

“Mm-hmm! Several things spring to my mind, Aubrey.” Alison replied while more or less eye fucking Marcello’s muscular physique.

“I had forgotten to mention that my nephew is a big fan of your television shows.” Gino responded. “So Alison & Aubrey shall we get started?”

“Yes! We are ready, Gino!” Aubrey replied.

“I’ve been waiting to go another round with your thick Italian sausage, Gino.” Alison responded while still looking seductively at Marcello. “Have a seat Marcello. I think you’re going to enjoy what Aubrey and I are about to do to your uncle.” *smiles*

“Okay Alison I will.” Marcello replied before sitting down on the recliner.

Alison & Aubrey then begin taking off their clothes. Once they’re finished undressing they are topless and only wearing their panties. The two hot brunettes then kneel beside each other on the decorative rug in front of the sofa.

Gino is now shirtless and is still in great physical condition for a man of his age. He soon unzips his pants to reveal his thick 9 inch cock for the two leading ladies.

“That is exactly what I’ve been craving!” Aubrey said with a grin.

“Ohhhh! Feed us that big cock, Gino!” Alison replied as her sea blue eyes focused on the producer’s large member.

The two entertainers begin licking and sucking Gino’s dick as if it contained the secret of life itself. Alison & Aubrey make loud wet and slurp noises as they take turns wrapping their pink lips around the producer’s huge olive cock.

As the two celebs blow his uncle, Marcello watches on in arousal while clutching the arms of the recliner. He never thought he would see the day that his two television crushes would be giving his Uncle Gino a blowjob right in front of him.

“I love sucking your big cock, Gino!” Aubrey said while in the process of deepthroating him. As she does that Alison begins licking his balls.

“Oh my god! Your balls are so big!” Alison said with a smile before licking Gino’s gonads even faster.

Alison & Aubrey begin making out for a bit before giving Gino a double handjob. The sexy pair swiftly jerk his large cock using their manicured hands. They soon return to blowing him using the corn on the cob technique.  Alison is on the left and Aubrey is on the right side of his cock.

Marcello continues to watch the hot action from his recliner. Not only that but he is pitching a very huge tent from inside of his shorts.

Aubrey is now happily licking Gino’s balls in a circular motion while Alison gives him a blowjob.


Aubrey is sporting a huge smile as Gino is kneeled behind her licking her pussy up and down. The Legion actress smiles before letting out several moans of pleasure.

“Ummmm! That feels so fucking good, Gino!” Aubrey said before moaning in pleasure again as the producer licks her twat.

The two eventually begin to 69 each other on the sofa as Alison watches on. Gino continues to lick away at Aubrey’s twat while she is on top of him jerking and sucking his thick hard cock.

Marcello has now removed his clothes and is now stroking his long 11 inch pole using his left hand. Alison eventually glances over to his direction and sees him jerking himself. Imitating her famous character Annie Edison, the former Community star’s mouth agapes  at the sight of Marcello’s huge throbbing cock.

“Wow! His cock is bigger than Gino’s!” Alison said while hurrying towards the chiseled 24 year old. She instantly drops to her knees between Marcello’s legs and takes a hold of his huge bronze rod. After stroking Marcello’s immense dick Alison winks at him and begins sucking it.

“Mmmmm! Your cock tastes just like sweet Italian sausage.” Alison said before licking his cock up and down. The brunette actress then begins jerking his cock while sucking on his balls. Alison then returns to feasting on Marcello’s long hard cock.

Marcello soon stands up and places his right hand onto the back of Alison’s head. A move that the talented actress encourages. She then rests her hands on the young stud’s thighs as she begins taking more of his cock down her throat. Alison then begins working Marcello’s long shaft in and out of her mouth while making loud glug noises.

Aubrey while still jerking Gino’s cock show notices that Alison is blowing Marcello.

“Goddamn! Now that is big fucking cock!” Aubrey said with a grin. Moments later she joins her friend and they begin blowing Marcello together.

“Hey Aubrey! I believe that Marcello’s cock is the real Tower of Pisa!” Alison said in a humorous tone before she began sucking and licking on his balls.

“Absolutely! His cock is the real tourist attraction, Alison.” Aubrey said with a chuckle. She then began sucking away at his massive dong again. “You are just so fucking big!” *suck* *slurp* *glug*

Marcello looked down at Alison & Aubrey with a huge grin. He still couldn’t believe that the two famous women of his dreams were currently sucking on his huge shaft.

“It would appear that you ladies have taken a liking to my nephew.” Gino said.

“Yes we have, Gino!” Aubrey replied before she began blowing him again.

“Mm-hmm! In fact I’m ready to ride him right now.” Alison responded with a sly smile.


Aubrey is now on the sofa as Gino fucks her from behind. As that is happening Alison has her slender legs spread wide as Marcello’s head is buried between her thighs licking away at her hot box.

“Ummmm yes! I want you to get my pussy really wet before I ride that amazing cock of yours.” Alison said in an aroused tone. “You have a talented tongue, Marcello!” *moans*

As Gino plows Aubrey she looks back at him with a smile. The producer then begins thrusting his big cock in and out the actress faster than before.

“Ughhhh! Keep fucking me just like that, Gino!” Aubrey said while shaking her ass. “Spank my ass!” *moans*

Gino does just that gives Aubrey’s rear a few smacks with his right hand while fucking her.

“Fuck yes! I loved that!” Aubrey said in an aroused tone.

Alison is now riding Marcello’s massive cock. The former GLOW star begins bouncing on his cock slowly but soon picks up the pace and begins to moan in pleasure.

“Ahhhh! Fuuuuccck! Your big cock feels incredible! Alison screamed out as Marcello continued to move his immense cock in and out of her twat. “Don’t stop! You’re fucking me so good!” *moans*

As Alison rides his huge cock, Marcello holds onto her waist. He then begins sucking on legendary tits as she grinds on him too.

“Ohhhh! Keep fucking my pussy, Gino!” Aubrey said while riding the producer reverse cowgirl. She begins rubbing her pussy as she continues to bounce on his cock. “It feels so fucking good!” *moans*

Marcello is now banging Alison from behind. The beautiful brunette cries out in pleasure from how well the young hunk is fucking her.

“Holy shit! Your cock feels so good, Marcello.” Alison said before letting out more sexual moans. He then begins fucking the How To Be Single actress’ pussy even deeper with his massive rod.

“Alison & Aubrey continue to moan in pleasure as the Italian film producer and his nephew fuck them that evening.


Both Alison & Aubrey are now on all fours while being fucked from behind by Gino & Marcello on the rug. The two celebrity friends continue to moan loudly as the uncle and nephew pound their pussies with their huge cocks.

“Oh fuck yes! Give it to me, Gino!” Alison said as the older man began fucking her harder. “That big dick feels good!” *moans*

“Ummmmm! Fuck me good with that big cock, Marcello!” Aubrey said as he fucked her faster with his long cock. “It’s just so fucking big!” *moans*

As Marcello fucks the Child’s Play actress she soon has an idea.

“I want you both to fuck me at the same time.” Aubrey said as Marcello was still fucking her.

Several minutes later Aubrey is being double teamed on the sofa by both Gino & Marcello. As this is happening Alison watches on with a lustful look while pleasuring herself.

“Ughhhh! Fuuuccckkk! Keep fucking my ass!” Aubrey screamed out as Marcello continued to her asshole while she rode Gino. “Please don’t stop!” *moans*

Aubrey begins to have multiple orgasms as the two Italian men tag team her ass and pussy. In fact Marcello begins fucking her ass even faster than before as she bounces on Gino’s cock.

“I cannot wait until they fuck me like that!” Alison said in an aroused tone while pleasuring herself using her right hand.

Eventually Marcello & Gino trade places. Now Gino is fucking the Scott Pilgrim actress’ ass while she rides Marcello’s long cock.

“Ummmm! Yes! Yes! You’re fucking my ass so good!” Aubrey said as the uncle and nephew continued to DP her.

Later that evening Alison finally receives the DP treatment from the two well endowed Italian men.

“Ughhhhh! Fuck my ass Gino!” Alison said as he plowed away at her asshole. She then began riding Marcello faster. “Ohhhh! I love big cocks in my ass!” *moans*

Aubrey is now watching on while fingering herself to the action. She even starts to play with her small tits as well.

Gino & Marcello continue to double team Alison until they switch places. Marcello is now fucking the Get Hard star’s ass while she rides Gino’s hard cock.

“Oh my god yes! Fuck my ass Marcello! Fuck it good!” Alison screamed out as the young stud pounds her ass. Gino then begins thrusting his hard cock into her twat even faster. “Oh fuck! I’m cuming!” *moans*

A few minutes later Alison & Aubrey are kneeled in front of Marcello & Gino jerking their huge Italian sausages.

“I’m going to empty your balls of all of that hot cum!” Alison said in a seductive tone. “Cum for me now, Marcello!”

Due to a combination of Alison’s dirty talking and skilled hands Marcello groans and proceeds to fire a huge cumshot onto her face. Most of his cum covers the left side of Alison’s face as well.

“Oh my god, Marcello! That was more cum than I was hoping for.” Alison said with a laugh while still stroking his big cock.

“Gino, I want your cum so bad!” Aubrey said while giving him a handjob. Seconds later the old film producer gives her a sizable facial.

“That was so much cum. I love it!” Aubrey said while now licking some of it from her mouth.

“So Alison & Aubrey, what did you think about my nephew’s sexual prowess?” Gino asked.

“He was great, Gino!” Aubrey replied with a smile.

“Marcello was better than great, Aubrey!” Alison responded while still giving the young hunk’s still erect cock a handjob.

“Thank you Alison & Aubrey! Marcello replied with a grin. “I really enjoyed fucking you both today.” *chuckles*

The two beautiful brunette stars then smile and give each other knowing looks.

Moments later both Alison & Aubrey begin moaning in pleasure as Marcello & Gino are once again fucking them with their huge Italian sausages.

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