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Shinjuku Babylon (Hitomi Tanaka)
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Starring: Hitomi Tanaka
Content: FM, Oral, Blowbang, Hentai Fantasy

Shinjuku Babylon

Hitomi was running late, so by the time she got to Kabukichō the sun was beginning to set; already the streets were starting to fill with eager people, drawn from across Tokyo seeking the pleasures of the flesh.  Overhead, above the vibrant neon and the shameless promotional hoardings, the last light of day turned fluffy clouds to purple-pink candyfloss; and in the distance, Shinjuku skyscrapers caught the sun’s dying rays, glass walls becoming blood-red mirrors.

Befitting her status as a Magical Girl, Hitomi had a bounce in her step (and in other places), a smile on her face, and a glow of innocent pleasure in her heart.  Of course, you could argue that in her early thirties she was past being called a girl.  But that would be missing the point.  You don’t have to be young to be a Magical Girl; you just have that exuberant positivity within you that all too many of us lose as we get older.  (You don’t necessarily have to be female, either, but that’s by-the-by.)  Well, that and you need to have magical powers, of course.

Naturally, she tried to keep a low profile when she was out doing her duty; which was a little complicated due to her being something of a celebrity.  Still, it wasn’t too bad; it would have been trickier if she’d been an actress, or an idol, or a weathergirl.  Fortunately for her (and for the rest of us), Hitomi was a pornstar.  And people don’t often recognise pornstars in public, or at least they don’t admit to recognising them.  Though an attractive woman with Double-J cup jugs does tend to get noticed, especially in a place where people go to be drunk and horny.  It would be a sin to hide away such bounteous blessings (if it were even possible); Hitomi usually compromised by wearing relatively modest outfits which didn’t actively show off her magnificent chest.  And since there was a good chance her clothes would end up lost or shredded by the end of the night, it didn’t make much sense to wear anything particularly fancy.  For tonight, she’d picked out a midnight-blue maxi skirt, a cream-white blouse (with a well-engineered bra beneath it), and a long jacket over the top; on most women it would have looked modest, but on Hitomi it still showed plenty.

She drifted through the slowly-building crowd, letting their energy carry her along through the streets, past bars, nightclubs, love hotels, and hostess clubs.  All kinds of people, and all of them looking for a good time, hoping to escape their ordinary lives even if only for the night.  Alone, in pairs, or in groups, searching for fun, sex, love; their palpable anticipation and excitement flowed through the crisp spring air like perfume.  With her keenly-attuned Magical Girl senses, Hitomi could feel their desire, see it swirling around them as an aura; pleasures remembered and anticipated, experienced and imagined.  When everything went well, when happy people were having fun with each other, then the world would seem to be filled with a soft-pink glow; but when people weren’t happy, their auras would be marred by patches of muted colour.  Or worst of all, when people got hurt, discordant jags of darkness would appear.  When that happened, Hitomi would have to step in; it was her sacred duty as a Magical Girl to make sure everyone around her was safe and happy.

The tide of pleasure-seekers led her into one of the smaller nightclubs; already there was a good-sized crowd arranged along the bar, nestled in dim corners, pulling their friends laughing onto the dance floor.  Hitomi headed for the bar, observing the venue’s aura as she slipped through the throng; a nice, soft-pink glow to the place, spotted here and there with low blues.  One of those blues was just up ahead; a woman who was feeling self-conscious about her fuller-than-average figure.  Hitomi ‘accidentally’ stumbled into a drunk salaryman, who stepped back into a couple of students, who bumped against a happily-lost tourist; the chain-reaction spread through them like dominoes falling.  By the time she reached the bar, the lady with the blue aura had gotten shuffled directly in front of a newly-single guy; a guy who thought her smile was pretty, and just so happened to love ladies with plump tummies and big butts.  As Hitomi took the first sip of her drink – some bright-pink super-sweet concoction – that blue was already starting to change colour.

Ten minutes later, her glass was empty (except for all the little umbrellas and twists of orange peel) and she’d already managed to finesse several unwitting couples (and one threesome) together.  Hitomi licked her lips and smiled; they were going to have a night to remember, all right.  She was just getting ready to head on out when a young woman approached her, tall and blade-slim.

“Hi!  Are you Hitomi?”  A couple of paces behind her, a man with a nervous expression was frantically making ‘no, don’t do it’ gestures; Hitomi didn’t need to examine their auras to recognise him as the boyfriend.  “The, uh-”

“Pornstar?  That’s me!”

“My boyfriend’s such a big fan of you!” she turned and beckoned him over impatiently.

Flustered was putting it mildly.  He looked at his girlfriend, “I’m not-”  He looked at Hitomi,  “I mean, I-”

“Idiot!”  She thumped him playfully on the shoulder and turned to Hitomi with a smile.  “I keep telling him I don’t mind!”

“Looks like he feels guilty about something!”  It was sweet really, they made a cute couple.  Hitomi caught her eye, winked, tilted her head questioningly; she nodded with a grin.  “Well, you know what happens to naughty perverts?”  He shook his head, clearly not sure what was happening.  “They go to-”  Hitomi put her hand behind his head, “Marshmallow Hell!” and pulled him face-first into her cleavage.

He did struggle.  A little.  At first.  But Hitomi kept a firm hold on him, pushing her chest out as she did, smothering him with her huge, soft breasts while his girlfriend watched laughing.  She kept him there just a little longer than would be comfortable, then let him go free.  He was short of breath, red-faced, and very excited; Hitomi wiped his forehead, kissed his girlfriend on the cheek, and skipped away happily, secure in the knowledge that the two of them were going to be fucking each other silly very soon.

But she couldn’t just spend all night hanging around having fun; there were people out there who needed her help!  Leaving the bustling nightclub behind, Hitomi headed back out along the bustling streets; the night was really underway now, all around were revellers hurrying to the next party or basking in the neon glow.  For the next hour or so she moved from bar to club to bar, spreading a little sunshine with her special gifts (magical and otherwise), tracking down those unfortunates with darkened auras and giving them a little help.  A t-girl was scared her crush wouldn’t accept her; at the end of the night they’d be blissfully snuggled up together.  An otaku wanted to try pet-play with his girlfriend, but didn’t know how to bring it up; in a few hours time she’d be on all fours, naked except for a pair of cat ears.  A woman worried that at fifty-two she was getting too old; soon she’d have a twenty-year-old stud balls-deep in her matured-to-perfection pussy.  A fujioshi was having a thoroughly miserable time surrounded by all these noisy people; an hour later she was back in her apartment, happily drinking hot chocolate and reading manga.

It wasn’t all fun though; she also had to chase off a couple of creepers and gropers, who found themselves constantly running afoul of bouncers, having drinks spilled on them, losing their wallets, until they slunk away in defeat.  The worst offender was some low-rent yakuza who couldn’t hold his drink and kept hassling hostesses and working girls; in the end, Hitomi had to give him a spanking, and not the fun kind.  She left him in a garbage-strewn backstreet, pants around his ankles and both sets of cheeks very red.

Hitomi was just rounding the corner, dusting off her hands in satisfaction, when she was brought up short; something was wrong.  A thin, smokey haze, imperceptible to most but clearly visible to a Magical Girl; something dark had passed through, leaving a trail behind it.  It wasn’t anything super bad; it wasn’t a demon, or a murderer, or anything like that, but still.  Whatever it was, it needed to be found and dealt with before anyone got hurt.

Hitomi headed quickly through Kabukichō, following wispy strands of negative emotion, which despite a cool breeze hung like cigarette smoke in a still room.  In some districts, they’d have been difficult to spot against the ambient unhappiness, but here they were distinct against a general pinkish glow, and Hitomi could follow them easily.  The trail came to an end at a ratty-looking love hotel in a quieter side-street; better days were definitely behind it, and probably hadn’t been that good to begin with.  Hitomi gave it the once-over with her magical senses and confirmed her initial suspicions; people hadn’t had much fun there over the years.  Nothing bad had happened, there just hadn’t been many good things either; mostly a lot of adequate, going-through-the-motions sex.

Whatever it was she was following, it was in there.  Hitomi ducked into a nearby alleyway, double-checked that no-one was around, and triggered her transformation sequence.  The alley filled with a golden radiance, and as she stood up straight and struck a pose a wave of pink light washed over her from top to bottom.  As it did, it transformed her clothes into softly-glowing rose petals which floated away in a drifting spiral.  For a moment, she was totally naked in the warm light; then her Magical Girl uniform flowed up and over her.

She wore a perfectly-fitted blouse of pure white silk, decorated with pretty frills and ruffles, a line of shining silver buttons holding it fast.  Perhaps surprisingly, it had a neckline far more modest than what she’d worn previously; this one went all the way up to her neck, displaying not an inch of cleavage.  It was however, a much closer fit, clinging tightly to her incredible curves; despite not showing any skin at all, it put her awe-inspiring breasts on full display.  The lacy hemline floated just above a pleated sky-blue skirt, which in turn ended high enough to ensure a visible zettai ryouiki above her knee-high black stockings.  A pair of white low-heeled court-shoes completed her outfit.  (You don’t want to have to run in kitten heels, even if you’ve got the superhuman reflexes to do so.)

That done, she stepped quickly back out of the now petal-strewn alley, headed over to the love hotel, and walked straight in.  It didn’t look much better on the inside; clean enough, but obviously hadn’t been redecorated in a long time.  Sitting behind a cluttered desk was a tired-looking receptionist, half-asleep and half-watching the baseball game playing on his laptop.  Hitomi just walked right past him without breaking stride, casually calling “Client called me up to Room 203” over her shoulder as she did so.  His only response was a mumbled grunt so vague it could have meant anything; but otherwise he had no reaction, so Hitomi decided it had worked.  It was surprising how easy it was to get into places around here, provided you could plausibly be a hooker.  (The same principle allows you to walk unmolested into most warehouses by wearing a hi-vis jacket and holding a clipboard.)

The place was quiet, and Hitomi doubted that was because the rooms were well sound-proofed.  Even halfway down the corridor, she could still here the tinny crowd noises from the receptionist’s baseball game.  She tried to spot the trail she’d been following, but in here it was too hard to make out amongst the general gloominess.  Still, it wasn’t a very big building, so it shouldn’t take long to run whatever it was to ground.  Reaching the end of the ground floor corridor, she stepped into a stairwell and went up.

Just as she was about to check out the first floor, Hitomi heard the muffled but unmistakeable sound of raised voices coming from above.  Quickly she turned and headed up the next flight of stairs, her ample assets bouncing as she took the steps three at a time.  Leaving the stairwell, she didn’t need to use her magical senses to know she’d found the trouble; just a few yards away from her, a crowd of salaryman-looking guys were grabbing at a similarly-dressed woman, who was trying to fend them off with one hand whilst holding her jacket closed with the other.  The door to the room behind them was open, and they seemed to be trying to pull her in.

“Hey!”  Hitomi marched up to them.  “Stop that!”  The sudden, unexpected appearance of an indignant, ultra-buxom Magical Girl was sufficiently surprising that they let go of the woman, who stumbled away from them to shelter behind Hitomi.  One of them recovered from his shock enough to step forward with a leer and reach for her chest; her left hand grabbed his wrist, and her right dealt him a sharp slap that was clearly audible on the next floor.  Before he could recover from that surprise, Hitomi shoved him back against his companions, grabbed another by his collar, and bundled the lot of them through the open door.  As the last one tumbled in, she pulled the door closed, bent down, and tapped the doorknob with a pink-painted fingernail.  There was a little zing of rainbow glitter, and it turned into a flower.  From inside the room, there was a muffled yelp as someone discovered that roses have thorns.

“Right! That should keep them out of trouble” said Hitomi brightly, turning back to the woman.  She didn’t look too good, and kept turning to look towards the stairs as if contemplating making a run for it; in her condition, that probably wasn’t a good idea.  “Why don’t you come in here,” Hitomi forced the lock of the door opposite “where it’s quiet?”  She led her new friend into the small room, closed the door firmly, and stepped back to give her space.

“Don’t worry,” she said in her most reassuring tone (which was very reassuring), “I’m here to help!”  Though still worried-looking, the woman did indeed seem a little better now.  Her clothes were dishevelled, she’d lost a couple of buttons and torn some stitching, but she didn’t seem to be physically hurt.  Mostly she was upset and confused.  “Would you tell me what happened, please?”

“It’s my boyfriend and his friends from work, I don’t understand what’s wrong with them!  We arranged to go out for drinks after they left the office this evening, but when I met up with them they were acting weird!”  She was pacing round the cramped room, her hands jittery.


“They were all mean, they were acting like assholes!  And they’re not usually like that, not at all.” 

“Well, don’t you worry.”  Hitomi put a hand on her shoulder, gently.  “I’m here now!  You try and relax, I’ll take care of everything.”  She was less upset now, but still pretty confused, and her heart was racing.  Poor thing.  “Would you like me to kiss it better?”

“Uhh, what?”  In a small voice, “Yes, please?”

Hitomi leant in and gave her a soft, gentle kiss on the lips, let a little magic spill into her; a warm feeling spread through the unhappy woman, washing away the worst of the bad feelings.  As Hitomi stepped back, already she looked better; now she mostly just looked tired.  “Maybe you should have a lie down?  I’m sure you’ll feel better after a nap!” suggested Hitomi as she opened the door and stepped out into the corridor.

Right then.  Hitomi stretched, turned the rose back into a doorknob, and burst into the room.  The occupants stumbled back awkwardly, obviously confused and even a little intimidated.  She grinned and struck a suitably impressive pose, standing up straight and thrusting her chest out.  They should be.

Taking advantage of their confusion to get a good look at them, Hitomi saw pretty much what she’d expected; five men, all in rumpled suits, each with an expression both unpleasantly leering and somewhat dopey.  A glance at their glowering red auras quickly revealed the problem; they were intoxicated, but not with drink or dope.  Strands of black floated in the red like ink dropped in water, the sure sign of magical corruption; something nasty and supernatural had poisoned their spirits.

“OK, I see what the problem is!” Hitomi walked to the middle of the room.  “Don’t worry guys, I know how to fix this-” she sank to her knees and licked her lips “-I just need to suck the poison out!”

With the sound of frantic unbuckling and unzipping, five hard cocks were unleashed.  They crowded eagerly round Hitomi, rubbing their pre-cum drooling pricks against her upturned face, cock-slapping her a bit too hard.  “If you can’t play nicely,” warned Hitomi with a smile (or at least with bared teeth), “I’ll have to take away your toys!”  They stopped doing it.

Taking care of five cocks with only her hands and mouth kept even a pro like Hitomi busy; she took it in turns to give each of them a good suck, swirling her talented tongue over their meat whilst jerking off another two without missing a stroke.  She made sure to keep switching it up; these idiots would get jealous quickly if she left them to their own devices too long.  Each of them got throated at least once, but mostly Hitomi stuck to sloppy suckjobs, bobbing her head eagerly and stroking firmly with her hands.  Her pussy tingled pleasantly beneath her skirt, and she wished she had a hand free; but a Magical Girl’s life isn’t always easy.  Still, there were worse ways to fight the forces of darkness, she thought, a cock pulling out of her mouth with an audible pop, the next already sliding in between her lips.

This was probably the most exciting thing that had ever happened in this building, reflected Hitomi as she worked her way round and round the circle of cocks surrounding her.  She’d have to come by this part of town more often, put a shine on those auras.  But in the mean time, she had cocks to work and balls to drain.

The first guy to cum did so just as she was pulling her mouth off his prick; Hitomi took the first spurt in her mouth, then pulled it out and pressed her lips against the head as it pulsed out a thick, gooey load.  Once she was sure he was done, she licked it up and gave him a big smile.  “Yes, that’s it!  Bet you’re feeling better now, right?”

The second was good enough to let her know he was about to blow, giving a particularly expressive groan as Hitomi’s mouth was half-way down his shaft.  (The most communication she’d gotten from any of them so far!)  She pulled back a little to suck on the head, until he popped like a champagne cork in her mouth, flooding it with creamy spunk.  After she’d got it all out, she swallowed her medicine and stuck her tongue out at him playfully.

Third and forth were throbbing hard in her hands, Hitomi aimed them at her upturned face and pumped away.  “Don’t hold back!  We need to get it all out!”  Both of them blew at the same time, hot cum spurting out in two thick jets and splattering all over her cute face.  “Good!” smiled Hitomi through her thorough glazing, “Get it all out of your system!” carefully milking out the last few drops.

That left the fifth; Hitomi had something special in mind to finish.  “Guess I’m gonna have to bring out the big guns!” she teased, undoing the lower buttons on her oh-so-tight blouse.  Opening the bottom half of the shirt she exposed a glorious expanse of underboob; with the top part still fastened, her gigantic jugs were well supported by the perfectly-fitting shirt.  She leaned forward and arched her back, pushing them out towards him; he took the hint, pushing his spit-slick prick into her cleavage and beginning to tit-fuck her eagerly.  “Oh, you like that?” teased Hitomi.  Guys always liked that.  (Some girls did, too.)  His only reply was a groan that was almost a grunt, bucking his hips as he drove his hard cock deep into her warm, enveloping cleavage.  He was a decent size, thought Hitomi, but no way was he going to be poking out the top!

With her tight top supporting and squeezing her tits together, Hitomi didn’t need to use her hands; at last she could give herself a little attention.  As her partner frantically fucked her tits, she reached under her skirt and started touching herself, fingering her wet folds and frigging her sensitive clit.  Pleasure welling up within her, she gazed up at the slavering, desperate guy and smiled encouragingly.  “Don’t hold back now, just go for it!  Fuck it all out!”  He didn’t need to be told twice.  With his hands on her shoulders, he fucked his raging cock between her tits as hard as he could, and after a few more thrusts Hitomi felt a warm wetness spill into the centre of her cleavage.  He moaned in what was presumably pleasure, hands slipping off her shoulders as cum poured out of him.  His cock slid back to freedom at last, the last few dribbles oozing out as he stumbled back weak-kneed.  Fortunately the bed was just behind him, so he ended up sitting down heavily instead of collapsing to the floor.  Hitomi gave a happy, drawn-out sigh as her own orgasm arrived; just a small one, but nice anyway.

She stood up and stretched, wiped the worst (or best) of the cum from her face, and took a good look at the men she’d just drained.  “So, feeling better?  Things should be getting clearer now you’ve got all that out.”  They definitely looked better, the inky stains on their auras having dissipated; still kinda dopey, but now it was in a goofy post-orgasmic way, not like the mean zombies they’d been earlier.  The five of them looked around the cramped hotel room and at the oddly-dressed but outstandingly-attractive woman they’d just spermed.  Their happy, smug expressions turned to confusion.


“What- I don’t-”

Then confusion turned to shock and fear.  “Mayumi!  No, oh fuck-”

“It’s OK!”  Hitomi held up her hands placatingly.  (One of them dripping their cum, the other hers.)  “She’s fine, just confused really.”  From the looks on their faces, Mayumi wasn’t the only one.  “She’s in the room across the hall, having a little lie down.”  The five of them hurried out the door, and Hitomi went into the cramped bathroom to clean herself up.

A few minutes later she was buttoning her still-spotless blouse back up, contemplating her next move.  Whatever had corrupted those guys, it must have happened recently; no way could they have been in that state for long without people noticing.  And Mayumi said they’d come from the office, so . . .  One of them had left his jacket behind, laying in a heap on the bed with one sleeve pulled inside out.  Hitomi shook it out, found what she was looking for the left pocket; an ID card on a lanyard, some advertising agency over in Shinjuku proper.  Right then.

Before she left, Hitomi popped her head round the door to check on Mayumi and the others.  She seemed to be in good hands now, the now back-to-normal guys fussing over their friend.  Things had worked out alright here, thanks to Hitomi, but it could have been a lot worse.  The real threat was still out there, and next time the victims might not be so lucky.  Putting on her most determined expression, she strode out of the love hotel and headed straight for Shinjuku.

Her objective wasn’t too far away, which explained how those five guys had made it to Kabukichō without causing a public scene.  It also meant that Hitomi could get there on foot, which was handy; a Magical Girl taking a taxi to her quest seemed somehow inappropriate.  She hurried across town, making her way through streets which were beginning to quieten down as midnight loomed.  Naturally, dressed the way she was it was kind of difficult to keep a low profile; outside of Akihabara you couldn’t run around in full Magical Girl mode and not stand out.  Still, you can’t expect things to always go your way, reflected Hitomi, all you can do is try your best.  With a little luck all that would come of it was a couple of wobbly smartphone videos on 2chan.  Again.  Though it was kind of funny to think of guys perving over bad photos of her, not realising they’d probably already seen her fuck!

With the Witching Hour just beginning, Hitomi found herself gazing up at the steel-and-glass tower,  a full moon looming above it through the light pollution.  On the other side of the revolving door lay a spacious lobby; with the lights on night-cycle it looked gloomy and cavernous rather than fashionably austere.  Apart from the faint, muffled sounds of cleaners vacuuming somewhere down the corridors, the lobby was silent, and Hitomi’s footsteps seemed to echo deafeningly as she crossed the empty floor.  The reception desk seemed abandoned, save for a coffee mug steaming besides a monitor; Hitomi figured she’d be better off moving on before whoever it belonged to returned.  Taking a look at the building directory, she quickly found the agency she was after; on the top floor.  Of course it was.  She looked enviously at the bank of elevators, sighed, and headed for the stairs.

This place hadn’t been the happiest building to begin with, its aura showing as a ruddy purple that spoke of testosterone-fuelled posturing, the periodic executive tantrums appearing as crimson smears.   With every passing floor, it became darker and darker, swirls of blackness spreading across it like an oil slick.  Several dozen flights later, she was approaching the peak.  Naturally, she had plenty of stamina so she wasn’t particularly tired, but climbing all those identical stairs was so boring; almost enough to make her regret not having given in to temptation and taken an elevator.  As she surmounted the last few stairs, the air felt heavy with bad static, making the hairs on her neck stand on end, like the moments before a lightning strike that never came.

Moments later, a man clutching a briefcase flailed round the corner, his head turned back to look at some unseen pursuer.  He took a few more strides, tripped, and with perfect harem-anime timing, face-planted into Hitomi’s funbags.  It was lucky he’d had her pillows to break his fall; but he didn’t look too happy, in fact he was visibly scared, wide-eyed and perspiring.  As he disentangled himself, babbling apologetically, Hitomi saw what had him so worried.

A pair of shadowy creatures rounded the corner, humanoid in appearance but very obviously not human; slim, plastic things that seemed to have been moulded out of dirty smoke.  They looked like something scrawled on the wall of a public toilet, cartoonishly simple figures with long cocks jutting bluntly from between their legs.  They half-flowed and half-ran towards Hitomi and the frightened man, who was scrambling frantically behind her, their dicks bouncing wildly.  She smiled and blew one of them a kiss.

A little fuchsia love-heart shot down the hallway and struck it in the chest like a bullet.  An instant later it exploded into a cloud of brightly-glittering dust, hanging in the air for a moment like gold flakes in expensive vodka.  The second was on her before she had a chance to do anything fancy, so she simply punched it in the face.  (Or at least in the blank space where its face would have been.)  Despite the thing’s vaporous appearance it felt solid enough under her knuckles, though it was only staggered a little by a blow that could have broken a man’s jaw.

It grappled Hitomi with long slender arms that ended in long pointy fingers, the force of its impact knocking her back against the wall.  Despite her magical strength, it was so close that Hitomi struggled to get the space she needed to strike solid blows, and the way it seemed to almost flow over and around her body defeated her attempts to push it away.  The two of them pushed and shoved each other along the wall until they fell through an open doorway into a break room; someone’s mislaid mug crunched under Hitomi’s shoe and she lost her footing.  The next moment she was on the floor, pinned beneath the faceless creature, which was lying on her like a heavy cloud.  With its weight on her arms, she couldn’t get enough leverage to use her superior strength properly, and she was reduced to trying to roll out from under it.  Which was annoying.

Fortunately, she was spared further irritation when the man from the corridor struck the creature a resounding blow to the back of the head with his briefcase, which burst open on impact in a shower of bureaucratic confetti.  The unexpected attack surprised it enough that its grip loosened, allowing Hitomi to free her left arm.  For lack of any better ideas, she grabbed its cock and pulled.  Hard.  That seemed to work.

It was like pulling candy floss apart; after a little resistance she tore the member free, trailing strands of smoky shadow as she tossed it aside.  Immediately she felt the weight on her relent as its entire body started to disintegrate into fragments of ash, which continued to crumble into smaller and smaller pieces until it was just a sheet of smooth dust.

“Thanks!” Hitomi sat up and got to her feet. “Nasty little thing” she muttered to herself, brushing the dust away.  The man was still clutching at his open briefcase.  “Are you alright?”  She took a look at his aura; there were a few stray strands of darkness, but nothing to worry about.

“I, uh-”  He thought about it.  “I don’t know?”  He looked around as if hoping to discover a rational explanation somewhere in the room, in the fruit bowl maybe or possibly sitting on the mini fridge.  “I’ve got a meeting in the Osaka office tomorrow, and-”  His face screwed up with concentration. “-and, I realised this evening I’d need to pick up these documents, so I thought I’d grab them now rather than stop by in the morning-”  He shrugged helplessly.  “But I got here and everything’s crazy!”

“That’s what I’m here for!” reassured Hitomi.  “How are you feeling?”

“Ahh, tired, confused, weird?”

“Well don’t worry, you just need to go home and jerk off.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Seriously, go home, have a nice wank, go to bed, and in the morning you’ll be all better.”  She smiled regretfully.  “I’d do you myself, but it’s not really a good time?”

“Ah no, that’s fine, that’s fine.”  He was already heading for the exit.

As the elevator doors closed behind her, Hitomi was already heading deeper into a shadowed maze of open-plan workspaces, meeting rooms, and shared offices.  An ordinary person would probably have gotten lost, bewitched into walking round and round in circles;  Hitomi was not ordinary, and she made unerringly for the heart of darkness.  Even so, traversing the offices seemed to take longer than it should; surely the place couldn’t be this big?

As she closed in on her quarry, Hitomi was starting to get a pretty good idea of what was going on here; the vast cosmic ballet had reached one of those periodic points when the Earth was momentarily exposed, and something had slipped through a gap in the crystal spheres.  And this was a great big phallic tower, filled with frustrated underlings and self-important bosses; a lightning rod for bad karma.

She found what she was after in the executive lounge, a big open room scattered with luxurious couches and coffee-tables littered with glossy trade publications.  Floor-to-ceiling windows stretched the length of the far wall, boasting a breathtaking vista; the city sprawled out as far as the eye could see in a carpet of twinkling lights.  Just as she was taking a moment to enjoy the view, Hitomi spotted movement reflected on the glass; turning as three more of the creatures closed in on her.

In a single fluid move, she spun to face them, a blade of lavender light springing from her right hand.  It sheared cleanly through the three of them mid-pounce, their shadowy forms disintegrating into cherry blossoms; as the cloud of sakura washed over her a lilac stiletto flew from her left hand, punching cleanly through a fourth and shattering against a ukio-e woodcut on the wall.  But more were coming, boiling up out of the corners to fall upon her in a wave of grasping limbs and jabbing cocks.

Hitomi cut them down on all sides, her magic blazing a furious pastel storm, but for every monster exploded into showers of petals or pillars of glitter, another slithered up out of the shadows.  Eventually they overwhelmed her with numbers, a dozen of them holding her tightly.  She left off struggling with them, considering her next move, when their master walked into the room and confirmed her suspicions.

It might not have been a man, but it was intensely masculine; far more so than any actual man would have been.  Tall, broad, and powerfully muscular, his physical presence seemed to dominate the room.  Green eyes glinted in a cruelly handsome face that was split by a wicked grin, a triumphant expression blazed proudly upon it.  His skin seemed to have a slight but noticeable reddish tint; white-blonde hair spilled down to his shoulders.  But the thing that was most obvious about him, which contributed most of all to his overpoweringly bestial, masculine presence was his cock.  (Certainly it was the part Hitomi was most interested in.)  Between his legs hung an absurdly large phallus, a thick, throbbing-veined monster that was over a foot long and still stiffening, crowned with a bulbous head and with a pair of equally huge balls hanging beneath it.

It was, as Hitomi had suspected, an Incubus; the diabolical incarnation of dominating male sexuality, they were big, dumb, and full of cum.  Exactly the kind of demon that would be attracted to an expensive office full of men who engaged in way too much metaphorical dick-waving.  It looked down at her with an air of unrestrained vainglory.  “Well, aren’t you a pretty little thing?” it rumbled in a voice so deep Hitomi could almost feel it vibrating through her.

“I’ve never been called little before!”

“Me neither.”  Hitomi was still staring at his monster cock with unabashed interest.  “I’ll enjoy corrupting you-” if he noticed Hitomi rolling her eyes theatrically he gave no sign “-making a Magical Girl into my own personal fuckdoll!”  They really were dumb, alright.

“How are you going to do that, exactly?”

“My seed is the most potent aphrodisiac, full of sin and power!  Once it touches you, you’ll be out of your mind with desire, you’ll beg for more; I’ll glut you with it until you’re nothing but a mindless, cum-guzzling slave!”  Though they did have a certain flair for melodrama.

A few of the shadowy minions fell away from Hitomi and slid over to their master; as they did so, they shifted to a female aspect, their cocks melting away as big round breasts swelled out.  Though not nearly so big as the perfect, epic naturals that came bursting into view when the others tore open Hitomi’s blouse in a flurry of silver buttons.  The female servitors began to work their master’s giant cock with long, slender fingers; prehensile tongues wrapped around and around its great girth as they milked it hard and fast, aiming it at Hitomi’s exposed breasts.  All the while she struggled for freedom; or at least, she jiggled and bounced her tits about a lot.

When the cumshot hit her chest, it was like someone had thrown a bucketful of the stuff over her.  Hot, slippery goo in great quantities, splashing up onto her face, coating her enormous jugs, soaking the tattered remains of her shirt.  Rope after rope spurted out onto her rack, a bukkake’s-worth of spunk in a single load, dripping off Hitomi to rain down on the drifts of flowers and glitter at her feet.  She felt herself begin to heat up as the diabolic energies within his demon-seed flowed into her, moaning out loud despite herself.

He’d been half right; his cum was a potent aphrodisiac, and it was full of sin and power.  But he’d been totally wrong about everything else.  As its twisted magic seeped into her soul, it filled her with primal lust, stoked the white-heat of raw desire; but the moment it touched the innocent purity of her spirit, the taint of sin was obliterated utterly.  Leaving behind only raw sexual energy, the source of her power.  Trying to defeat a Magical Girl like Hitomi by feeding her demon cum was like trying to put out a fire by pouring gasoline on it.  She smiled.  “More, please!”

Shaking free from the minions holding her, she performed a graceful pirouette, and triggered her transformation sequence.  What was left of her clothes dissolved into gleaming motes of white, blue, and black light before fading away, leaving her totally naked in all her glory.  As she stood there in the centre of attention, her voluptuously curved body was limned in a faint rose-coloured halo.

She strode over to the Incubus, took its only-slightly-less-stiff cock in both hands and began to squeeze and massage it.  Sinking to her knees, her huge tits pressed against his legs as she started to lick and slurp at the full, gigantic length of it, sucking on the head as she milked the shaft with both hands.  Not even Hitomi could throat that monster; but she got more of it in her mouth than anyone could have reasonably expected, her cheeks bulging as she swirled her tongue over it, drool spilling out of her stuffed-to-the-brim mouth.  Meanwhile her hands continued to stroke and milk the length of it, feeling it pulse and throb under her firm hands.  He rested a strong hand on her head, as if he was in control; the minions crowded round behind Hitomi, as if they were keeping her there.

Between her fuckmeat-filled mouth and her pumping hands, she quickly brought the insatiable demon to the brink of a second, equally large explosion.  Realising from the guttural moans that it was about to blow, she reached out to squeeze those heavy, cum-filled balls with one hand whilst giving the head an extra-wet slurp.  Just at the last moment, she pulled her mouth off with a pop, shook off his hand with ease, ducked her head to one side, and pumped away hard.

The demon’s monster fuckstick erupted in her hand like a firehose, great gouts of hot cream spurting out over Hitomi’s shoulder as he moaned with lust.  As she jerked away at the pulsing prick, she swept it from side-to-side, sending the powerful jets of spunk arcing over the minions behind her, splattering them head-to-toe in their masters jism.  Immediately, they began to fall victim to the powerful energies within it, their semi-solid bodies beginning to warp and shift wildly as what little intelligence they had was overcome with a monstrous lust.  Switching back-and-forth between aspects, they began frantically rutting and frotting against each other and anything around them, unable to satisfy the sudden hunger within them.  In a matter of moments they were utterly exhausted, collapsing into frustrated swirls of dust.  By the time Hitomi was catching the last few spurts in her mouth, she was alone with the Incubus.  She gulped them down eagerly.  The halo around her brightened noticeably, flecks of gold and silver appearing within the rose-pink light.

“Bitch!”  he raged, “think you can make me waste my seed?”

Hitomi just laughed.  “Oh, we both know that well won’t ever run dry!”  She eyed his still-stiff prick.  “I guess a little foreplay is out of the question?”

Apparently so; he put a paw on her shoulder and shoved her towards the couch.  Hitomi easily lifted it away, grabbed his forearm, and with a neat twirl he was sitting on the luxuriously upholstered seat.  She straddled him, held his cock in position with one hand, spread her pretty pink lips with the other, and slowly lowered herself down onto him.  Hitomi had barely gotten her pussy played with all night, and now it was getting filled up with that meaty monster; in her magically overstimulated state, her first orgasm hit her almost immediately.  It wasn’t an especially good one, but it was pretty nice as an appetiser; and it made up a little for this big idiot’s refusal to lick her first.  As if making a woman feel good wasn’t manly!  Yeah, dumb was the word.

With her own juice dripping down it, Hitomi kept moving down onto that huge dong, down and down and down.  It should have been impossible for her to take that monster all the way; not difficult, not uncomfortable, impossible.  It should have been like trying to fit a banana into a shot-glass.  Instead somehow she took it all into her hot, wet cunny like it was a regular big dick.  Then they started to fuck.

With her hands on his broad shoulders and her huge soft jugs squashed against his muscular chest, Hitomi rode the demon, slowly at first but gradually building up a rhythm.  She squealed happily, working her perfect pussy up and down his giant prick, bouncing up and down on him as she was brought to a series of orgasms, each bigger and hotter than the last.  She gazed into his face, saw the frustration lurking under the surface – he should be in charge! - and giggled.  He didn’t seem to like that much; but he did like her tight wet snatch milking him wonderfully, taking it all and loving it.  She gave one last joyous yell as she came hard on him, pulling him over the edge into his own blazing orgasm.

Yet more of his seed poured out of him, this time spurting into Hitomi’s seemingly limitless depths, erupting inside her as he groaned gutturally.  She looked at him with undisguised satisfaction, the aura glowing brightly around her now adorned with intricate gold filigree.  She got up and off him, his lengthy prick slipping out and out and out of her, looking like some bizarre optical illusion until it was finally all the way clear.  A river of cum ran down her pale thighs as she stretched like a cat.

“Ohhh, that was nice!”  she sighed.  His only response was a growl.  “Awww, what’s the matter?”  She knew what it was; he hadn’t been in control, hadn’t been dominating her.  “Not rough enough?”  Hitomi walked over to the table, almost seeming to glide across the room as her feet barely touched the floor.  She spread her legs, bent over it, looked back at him and winked.  With a roar he crossed the room, mounted her like a bitch, pressed his giant cock against her just-fucked cunt and thrust in hard.

She took everything he had, and asked for more.  He drove his monster into her good and deep, and she ground back against him just as hard.  He pistoned into her impossible pussy with inhuman power, and she gave him candy-sweet squeals.  He brought her to climax after climax, every one of them hard and hot, and she just smiled back at him ecstatically.  He bore her down beneath his powerful body and mauled her incredible tits, and she casually adjusted her stance just to let him know she could leave any time she liked.

But she didn’t.  Hitomi stayed bent over the desk, taking an epic railing and loving every second of it, even as her devilish partner’s pleasure was matched by his rising frustration.  The simple creature longed to dominate her; indeed as an avatar of blunt masculine sexuality he associated sexual pleasure directly with male domination.  Now he was feeling a lot of sexual pleasure, but no dominion.

With a brutal, animal roar, he came hard, even harder than the last time.  Once again he unleashed a gargantuan creampie into the gorgeous woman beneath him, flooding Hitomi with an ocean of cum as she writhed and came just as hard.  When he was done he pulled out, staggered back a little, completely thrown by this totally unfamiliar experience.  Hitomi looked at him with a happy smile; even now, after being fucked in the most overpowering way, after being drenched in absurd quantities of spunk, she still looked totally, sweetly, innocently happy.  She looked like she was just having a really good time.  Because she was.  She didn’t think there was anything wrong with enjoying sex, and she was far too strong to be bullied by some idiot demon; even if she was the one getting penetrated, he was getting fucked by her as much as the other way round.

Her aura blazed like the noon-day sun as she glided towards the Incubus, her toes an inch or so above the floor.  The previously benighted room was lit up clearly, the demon’s shadow cast in sharp relief against the far wall.  “Well, it’s been fun!  But I think it’s time for you to go home now.”  Hitomi leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the forehead.  For a moment, her kiss was visible on his skin as a shining pink mark; then wheels of whirling, soft-pastel light surrounded him, interlocking arcs of magical sigils twirling through the air.  Then, just as suddenly, they were gone, and he with them; his body disintegrating into embers and dust as his spirit was banished back to the realms infernal.

Hitomi came back down to earth, the room falling into shadow as her aura gently faded away; the cloud of darkness that had hung over the building was dispersed entirely, leaving it clean and safe.  Or, spiritually clean, at least.  Hitomi looked round the room.  Physically, it was an insane mess, strewn liberally with wildflowers, glitter, and black dust, and sprayed with gallons of cum.  She felt really bad for the cleaners.

Still, as she walked over to the windows to look out over Tokyo, it had been an excellent night’s work.  She’d helped people find happiness, defended the innocent, defeated the forces of darkness, and been very thoroughly fucked.  It wasn’t always easy, being a Magical Girl; but it was always worth it.
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Re: Shinjuku Babylon (Hitomi Tanaka)
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2019, 12:57:54 PM »
The authors of this site manage to turn me on to this beautiful, big boobed lady. I love a good blow bang and this story certainly delivered with that aspect. Great job  ;)
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Re: Shinjuku Babylon (Hitomi Tanaka)
« Reply #2 on: March 28, 2019, 01:51:11 PM »
Just like your Magical Girl, this story was beyond magical. I'll be back to read this one again and again.
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Re: Shinjuku Babylon (Hitomi Tanaka)
« Reply #3 on: March 29, 2019, 01:23:26 PM »
Damn, that was really hot. You are cooking up a storm with all of these great stories. Very glad to have you here and your fine works.
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Re: Shinjuku Babylon (Hitomi Tanaka)
« Reply #4 on: March 30, 2019, 02:22:02 PM »
Wow, that was absolutely hot. Enjoyed the hell out of this, but I am commenting late when I should've commented a few days ago. Hitomi is becoming a star on here.
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