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Evangeline Lilly - Outside the Arena
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Evangeline Lilly – Outside the Arena

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

* * * * *

“Right now show us some passion, arch your back a little more,” the photographer said, staring into his camera at the slender form of Evangeline Lilly. She cocked her hips and arched her back tighter whilst mock licking her lips.

”That’s it, that’s the kinda stuff we want,” he said, snapping aware at her brightly lit body under the lights and umbrellas. She looked out and flashed a smile to her young runner, who shifted nervously and smiled back, idly raising his hand in a half wave. His heart jumped slightly as she smiled at him, amazed she was paying any kind of attention to him. He was 22 and just getting into the business. Being a runner was his way in, so long days and low pay was what he had to in order to make his way up. He’d landed this job with Arena Magazine by pure chance really, since a TV show he’d got some running work on had just finished its series of filming.

“Ok Miss Lilly, leave it there for that, we’ll take a break and you can get the next outfit,” the photographer said, snapping his camera off. Evangeline clicked across the floor on her heels towards her dressing room. He quickly nipped over to her so she knew he was there.

”Need anything Miss Lilly?” he said, trying not to appear nervous around her or be caught ogling her dressed in just a black skirt and bra.

”I already said, call me Evie. It’s not like I’m Madonna or something here,” she said with a giggle, smiling at him warmly.

“Sorry, Evie. You need anything?” he said, smiling at her joke.

”Well we’ve got a bit of a break, so if you wanna grab us some coffee that’d be good,” she said as she leaned on her door handle.

“Sure I’ll go get you one,” he said, turning to go.

”Wait, I said us. You can have a coffee with me can’t you?” she said, biting her lip playfully as she smiled.

”Well…umm…sure I can, if you want me to?” he said, not quite wanting to believe she’d just invited him to have a coffee with her.

”That’s what I said isn’t it?” she said, looking into his eyes with a flick of her well shaped eyebrows.

”Ok then, how do you take it?” he said, before realising how that sounded.

“Hot, strong and sweet,” she replied clearly, looking deeply into his eyes for a moment whilst giving a slight smirk to him.

”Want any milk or anything in that?” he asked, wanting to make sure he didn’t disappoint her.

”Mmm…well…do you think you could get me whipped cream?” she said with a tiny subtle flick of her tongue.

”You like whipped cream?” he asked, afterwards realising it was pretty obvious she did.

“Yeah. I’m not always eating it though,” she said, smiling at him with a sexy glint in her eye. He stared into her gorgeous eyes for a moment before realising he better get on with his job.

”Um ok sure, I’ll see what I can do,” he nearly stuttered.

“If you grab that I’ll just go get changed and be out in two secs,” she purred, emphasizing the sound of final word. She opened the door to her dressing room with a click that broke the atmosphere and flashed him a smile as she slipped inside. He took a deep breath and headed off to find them coffee.
For whatever reason that he wasn’t about to question, there was a can of whipped cream on hand. He poured them both coffee and added her a generous swirl of whipped cream, before spotting some honey. He pondered for a moment. She hadn’t mentioned liking honey, but she had said she wanted her coffee sweet. Deciding to take the gamble, he drizzled a little honey onto the top of the whipped cream and headed back towards the chairs by her dressing room.

She was already waiting for him, and his heart skipped a beat when he saw her long tanned legs stretched out in front of her in high heels. Her hair was styled, some hanging down over her face and some behind, and a little more eye makeup had been added to the already heavy effect. His gaze followed her legs up to the short gown she wore, hiding her evidently delectable outfit from his gaze. Not wanting to be caught staring he walked straight over to her and offered her the coffee.

”Oh wow you found some whipped cream!” she said excitedly, looking up with a smile and reaching to take the cup from him.

”Yeah, I added you some honey as well, hope you like that. Just you said you wanted it sweet  and all…” he trailed off, hoping desperately for approval.

“Ooh fancy touch. You know how to make a girl feel special,” she said with a giggle.

”Well I try,” he said with a slight laugh and a smile.

”It’s good, I like honey. Thank you,” she said, giving him another significant look and a smile.

”You’re welcome,” he mumbled, taking a sip of his coffee.

“So you gonna sit down?” she said with a giggle, nodding to the seat next to her. He quickly sat down with her and took another sip of his coffee. Lilly giggled a little at his haste, somewhat amused at the effect she seemed to be having on the young runner.

”I love whipped cream,” Evie sighed, running her finger round the rim of the coffee cup, running a swirl of the light cream onto it. He watched wide-eyed as she slid the finger into her mouth closing her eyes, a smile crossing her lips as she tasted it, slowly, teasingly dragging the finger from her mouth past her full lips. She murmured in satisfaction as she swallowed, opening her eyes slightly and looking across at him sexily with just the tip of her finger in her mouth.

”Mmm honey, just perfect,” she muttered.

”You don’t have to call me honey,” he blurted in a moment of confidence with a smirk. She looked at him and giggled as she slid the tip of her finger from her mouth.

“Cute,” she said simply and looked back to her coffee mug. He grinned at her comment and his pulse started to race as she raised her coffee cup to her lips. She leaned on the rim and extended her tongue, sliding it round inside to gather up the remaining cream. Her tongue gracefully slipped round the cup, catching every scrap of cream before sliding back into her sweet mouth, eliciting another soft murmur from her. She flicked her eyes to him with a slight twitch of her forehead to him before starting to actually drink her coffee. They both drank their coffee in silence, catching each other taking glances more than once but neither was eager to break the moment.

“Are you ready Miss Lilly?” one of the shoots directors asked. She looked up, having just finished her coffee.

”Sure,” she said, turning and handing the cup to him.

”Thanks for the coffee,” she whispered, and shrugged off her robe, casting it onto the chair and walking into the light of the shoot area. He practically dropped both their mugs as he started at her, wearing just a little black bra and knickers with a thin see-through top over it. She clacked across the floor on her heels, her tight little arse wiggling hotly. His cock swelled to semi hardness in his jeans, causing him to shift slightly in his seat. He watched intently as she struck up the required pose and the volley of camera flashes begun.

He pulled himself together and carefully stood up with the coffee mugs to take them back. He glanced to her and saw her smile knowingly at him and then cocked her head in a different position for another shot as he headed back towards the food and drink area. After cleaning up their mugs he walked back and retook his seat by her dressing room, watching in awe as she made the final shots, casting off the flimsy top to do a few shots in just the underwear. The photographer called that he had all the shots he needed and again she walked back to him on her black heels. He stood quickly and offered her the robe.

”Nah it’s alright,” she said with a wave of her hand, “It’s not like I have far to go, and everyone’s seen me now!” she said with a giggle. He dropped the robe back down on the chair as she gave him a smile and a quick wink before walking to her dressing room and disappearing inside. He stared after her for a second before returning to his seat to await her return. Over 15 minutes went by as she got changed and make upped for what he’d been told was her final outfit by one of the other crew that gave him the time of day. The sound of a door handle broke his thoughts and his head fairly snapped round to see the hot Canadian emerge from her dressing room. His jaw practically dropped as he saw her sashay towards him from her room on her black heels. She wore a different set of sexy black underwear, a loose light tan coloured top and black socks that ran all the way up to mid-thigh like stockings.

“That good huh?” Evangeline said with a giggle and a light-hearted expression as she reached him.

”Wha…umm…I err…it’s just that…” he stumbled, blushing slightly at having been caught staring.

”It’s alright, after all that’s why I’m doing this right? I’m sposed to be looked at,” she said with a giggle, standing in front of him with one tanned, toned leg slightly forwards to tease him as he struggled to choose where he should look.

“Yeah I guess so,” he mumbled, still a little embarrassed.

”Last outfit this, then we can go home for the day eh?” she said, flicking her eyebrows and turning to walk away from him. He was sure she gave her arse a deliberate wiggle as she walked away from him into the bright lights by the cameras. The photographer was just finishing changing setup as she stepped into position, and with a snap of his camera he called for action. He watched from his chair as Lilly moved through all the poses she was asked for, eyeing her beauty and finesse as she moved around, flaunting herself for the camera. He couldn’t help but get another semi as she cavorted, and his heart lurched as she stared directly at him whilst striking a half crouch pose with one of her long sock-encased legs stretched out, hair shaken out hotly.

He stared back mesmerised by the Canadian beauty, unable to see her beautiful eyes but the image of them burned in his mind from their coffee earlier. She did a few more poses, then the director called for the end.

”That’ll do, thanks very much Miss Lilly. You can go change now, if you want to…” he said with a cocky wink and a laugh, walking to the photographer to ask something.

”Haha you wish,” Evangeline said with a smirk as she headed off the lit area. She wandered towards her dressing room, and he got up and scooted towards her, offering her the gown.

”You looked great,” he mumbled.

”Thanks, I noticed you watching,” she said with a giggle. He smiled nervously, his eyes flitting to her sock covered legs.

“Yeah well how could I not? Anyway is there anything you need?” he said quickly, trying not to be embarrassed.

“Sure, could you just grab me some fruit, like an apple or something? I’m a tad peckish,” she said with a sexy smile. He nodded and headed off to find her fruit. She rolled her eyes with a smile and went into her dressing room to change. After a few minutes chasing around amongst other crew for where food was. He found the fruit, and there was one apple left lying on top. He grasped it and headed eagerly back to her dressing room to give it to her and chat to her some more. Arriving at her dressing room, he turned the handle and walked straight in, not even thinking to knock. Evangeline snapped round, her arm held across her topless form to cover her perky breasts, wearing just her knickers and a pissed off look on her face.

”Oh my god I’m sorry!” he stumbled, catching her deep eyes. Evie’s face softened and she smiled.

”It’s alright, I did ask you to get it for me afterall,” she said with a shy giggle. She extended her spare arm to take it from him, carefully keeping her slender arm across her chest.

”I guess that was always a possibility,” she said, slowly reaching out to take the gown from the back of a chair where she’d cast it, using a couple of fingers on her apple hand to lift it. She slid it up her slender body and clutched it over her chest with her spare hand. He was embarrassed about having walked in on her and his heart rate was stupidly high at having caught her almost topless. She smiled shyly at him, shifting a little.

”Thanks for the apple, I’ll see you in a minute.” She said.

”Umm yeah sure, I’m really sorry…” he trailed off as he left her room.

“It’s ok, really,” she said after him as he closed her door. She smiled to herself and took a bit of the apple before continuing getting changed. He walked out and cursed to himself as to how he could be so rude as to not knock on the door of her dressing room. Hell the name suggested the obvious. He paced around a little and then sat back down, nervously perching on the front of the cushion.

He sat with his mind racing for around 10 minutes before he heard the click of her door and looked up to see her walking out towards him. She was just dressed casually now, a pair of loose combats and a vest top. He immediately walked over to apologise to her, but she stopped him in his tracks.

”Look, I told you it was OK didn’t I?” she said, looking him in the eyes with a raise of her eyebrows.

“Yeah you did,” he said, smiling slightly.

”So it’s OK. It was just an accident. So what you doing after this? Got another job or anything?” Evangeline said, striking up a proper conversation between them.

”Nothing yet, I’m just a runner, not exactly a highly valued person around here,” he said, giving her a half smile.

”I’m sure that’s not true. You’re a valued member of the team to me,” she said, giving him a smile.

”Really?” he said, not quite believing that she’d just complimented him.

”Yep. And after all, who else matters?” she said in a mock arrogant tone before giving a laugh.

“How long you staying here then? You flying back to filming or what?” he asked, already feeling much better. End the day it may be, but it was a good one.

“Am staying at a hotel tonight, flight is late tomorrow morning. Why?” she asked curiously, sensing he was going somewhere.

”Well, it’s just…there’s a bar down on the beach, nice little place, am gonna go down there and have a few drinks later. I was just wondering, you know, if you felt like it, maybe you’d like to…you know…drop by?” he said, trying to make sure it didn’t sound too hopeful.

“You asking me for a date?” She said in a slightly humoured tone with a smile and a cocked eyebrow.

“Uhh…well, it’s not exactly a date as such, just, you know…” he mumbled, unsure quite how to say it wasn’t when he wished it was.

”Maybe I’ll drop by,” she said with a giggle, “But right now I need to head off. Things to do and all, you know how it is.” She said, shrugging slightly.

”Yeah sure of course,” he said, stepping aside slightly.

”Maybe I’ll see you later,” she said, before leaning in and giving him a peck on the cheek. In that moment it felt to him like time has stopped as her soft lips just grazed his left cheek.

”Bye bye,” she said cutely, giving him a stunning smile and a little wave before heading for the exit. He watched her go then sat down on the edge of a table and took in what’d just happened. A grin spread across his face and he felt high as a kite as he took a deep breath and headed off to find out what needed to be done to help clear up the studio and so forth. After around an hour all was cleared and packed and he was allowed to leave. He’d have to look for more jobs, but he’d worry about that tomorrow. His concern now was going home, getting a shower and something to eat before heading out for a few drinks, where by some tiny hope, the delectable Miss Lilly might join him.

He’d been at the joint for a while, made his way through his first pint of beer and was just hoping someone would show up he could play a game of pool with. He walked over to the jukebox at the side of the room past the pool table and dropped a coin in. With a quick tap of the buttons, he selected one of his favourite songs and walked back to his stool. He’d just sat down when the opening vocals and notes of Queen’s ‘Don’t stop me now’ kicked in. He smiled and listened to the first minute or so of the song, nodding and somewhat singing along. Deciding he wanted another drink, he raised his hand to catch the eye of the barman.

“Having a good time are you?” a familiar voice said behind him. His heart stopped and he felt his blood surge cold with adrenaline as he slowly turned round to see Evangeline Lilly standing behind him. She looked absolutely gorgeous, hair pulled back into a ponytail with some strands down the front framing her beautiful features, pink tank top, tight blue jeans and high-heeled strappy sandals.

“Having a ball? Maybe I don’t need to join you then,” she said with a sly smile as she quipped from the song he’d put on. He realised he’d better respond in case she actually did walk away.

”Wow….I mean…I can’t believe you’re here,” he said, standing up to greet her.

”Well you did ask me out remember?” she said with a grin, bringing back memories of his nervy attempt.

“Yeah,” he mumbled, trying to forget it. “Can I get you a drink?” he said, indicating the bar.

”Sure. Tequila slammer please,” she said with a smile as she walked towards the bar, slipping her handbag off her shoulder. Lilly sat down on a stool next to his and he sat back down again with her and got the barman’s attention.

”Two tequila slammers please,” he said. The barman gave a glance to Miss Lilly and then gave him a slight smile as he fixed their drinks.

“Gonna join me huh?” she said with a smirk.

”Yeah I might as well,” he said giving her a smile.

“Tequila man are you?” she said interestedly, leaning forwards slightly.

”Yeah I like my tequila sometimes…why?” he said, raising an eyebrow to her.

“You’ll see,” she said enigmatically, sticking her tongue out slightly with a slight flutter of her eyelashes.

The barman placed their drinks down and he paid before sliding one along to Evangeline.

”Thanks,” she said with a smile, slipping her soft feminine fingers around the glass. He picked his up and turned to chat to her some more. She raised her glass for something of a toast, so he slightly confusedly raised his and clinked hers.

”To your success,” she said with a giggle before taking a sip.

”Success?” he said, wondering what she meant.

”On getting a date with me of course, surely something for you to celebrate,” she said, smiling at him. He almost choked on the slurp of slammer he was taking. He composed himself and swallowed.

”You serious?” he asked, finding it quite unreal she was being flirty with him.

“Of course, took guts for you to ask me out. But don’t get too confident, you haven’t pulled yet,” she said with a look out of the corner of her eyes and a sly smile before taking another drink. His eyes must’ve almost bulged out of his head at that, the suggestion of pulling her almost making him hyperventilate. He quickly took another drink as she slid from her stool with a click onto her heels and sashayed over to the pool table, drink in hand. She picked up a cue and leaned on it, looking at him with a slight pout of her sexy lips.

”Fancy a game?” she said, twirling the cue. He looked over and eyed up her gorgeous form for a second.

”Sure, course” he said, walking over and setting his drink down. She popped a coin in and the balls released. Lilly bent to get them out and started dropping them on the table. He stared as her tight jeans pulled low down her back, just above her tight arse with her smooth back displayed.

”How about some more music?” she said, looking over her shoulder at him sexily through the corner of her eyes, saucily blowing a strand of hair out of her face.

”Um sure Miss Lilly,” he said, snapping back to reality then realising what he’d called her. He sighed as he dropped another coin into the jukebox, hitting a couple of random buttons. After a pause, the unmistakeable notes of Bon Jovi’s ‘Livin on a prayer’ started up. She stood up and turned to him.

”Nice choice, and I told you to call me Evie,” she said with a smirk as she turned to set the balls. He took a long slurp of his drink, wanting the alcohol to kick in a little to help calm him down. He stood his glass down and picked up his cue, watching her expertly set the balls and put the triangle aside.

”You break, I’ll grab us a couple of drinks,” Evangeline said with pointed finger. He quickly downed the rest of his drink and handed his empty glass to the sexy Canadian.

”What am I, your waitress?” she said with a laugh.

”If you’re offering,” he said with a smile.

”I’m far more than that,” she said with a flick of her brow and a smile before she walked to the bar. He watched her walk, her tight denim clad rear sway sexily as she walked. He leaned down and cracked the white, breaking the triangle of balls reasonably well but not managing to sink anything. He stood back and listened to the song, singing along to the main parts.

“Slippery when wet. Great title that, lots of things get slippery when they’re wet,” Lilly said, giving him a knowing look and standing a pair of shot glasses down in front of him. He looked at her and saw the bottle of tequila from the bar she had in her hand. She just smiled at him, her tongue just brushing her upper lip as she poured both of them a shot and stood the bottle down on the side of the table.

”Pre-match shot,” she said with a smile. He smiled back, his pulse already racing as he raised his glass to hers. Another clink and they both downed. He looked down and found her staring at him, and found it impossible not to become lost in her fantastic eyes. She turned away and broke the moment, leaving his head reeling as to what she was really playing at.

”My shot right?” she said, indicating herself with her cue. He nodded to her and she leaned over the table, lining up for her shot. His eyes were drawn to her top, or rather down her. With her position he had a clear view of her firm, perky breasts hanging down inside her pink tank top. He could barely pay attention as she took her shot, sinking a red. She managed to get another one before missing and giving him a chance to catch up. He managed only one before messing up by missing an easy shot. With another couple of well-placed shots, Evangeline put herself three balls ahead of him and was making him look bad. A brush of the black by her colour saved him because it just meant her red touched the cushion rather than dropping in neatly. She stamped her foot, having a fake tantrum and pouting before breaking into a smile.

”Another chance to catch up, you’re lagging,” she said teasingly, pouring them both another shot of tequila. Taking a long-range shot at a yellow, he put a touch of spin on the white meaning that his yellow went pretty wide and ended up potting one of her reds. He hung his head in mock-shame as Evie inhaled loudly, shaking her head with a smirk.

”Guess this wasn’t your moment,” she said with a wink as she handed him a shot. They both downed again and she stuck her glass down before leaning down for the shot. Being quite far down the table, Evangeline had to lean over quite a way to get it. He watched intently as she bent over the pool table, her snug jeans pulling tightly over her firm arse. She wiggled it slightly as she got into position, making his breath catch slightly in his throat. He could feel the alcohol kicking in, calming his nerves plus a little more. There was a crack as she took her first shot, and there was the sound of another ball sinking along with his hopes. Now trailing by four balls and with her still having two shots he really was looking into the face of a complete defeat.

”Nice shot,” he said, seeing her give a slightly smug glance. Lilly took an easy shot in the corner, sinking a ball that even he could’ve managed with his eyes shut. It left her just one colour on the table and still two shots to get it. Though it was tucked behind a collection of his own painfully numerous yellows, her first piece of bad luck. With a neat cushion bounce she touched the red she needed, then moved round to take her second shot.

”You sure can play Evie,” he said, catching her gaze.

”Yeah, well it’s a good way to relax, and after filming and things like that you need to. This is just one way I do it though,” she said with a sexy look before she leaned down for the shot.

”I’ll bet,” he said quietly to himself as he studied her beautiful slim figure, all the way down to the strappy black sandals she wore. She took her shot, and the red clipped the back of one of his yellows and went neatly into the pocket, ending her colours. Evangeline turned to him and leaned on her cue, wiggling sexily in a semi victory dance and sticking her tongue out cheekily at him. She had another shot but it was gonna be hard for her to get it with the angle on the black she had. Eyeing it up from several angles, she went for a bounce. Ambitious it was, too ambitious and bounced off one of his yellows, finally giving him a chance to take a shot.

”Better make it count,” Lilly said giving him a sexy brush as she passed him, reaching for the bottle and pouring them another couple of shots. He lined up, and with no reds in the way, managed a couple of the easy shots he had, meaning he was trailing by just four balls instead of six. He missed another easy shot into the middle pocket, and sighed as it left her an almost perfect line up for the black. She handed him the shot and clinked her own against it before both of them downed. Holding their glasses at their lips still, they shared a deep soulful moment before she reached out and took his from him and then put them both down with the bottle. She swayed slightly on her heels as she lined up for her shot, and with a simple tap, sunk the black in the corner pocket and gave a squeal of triumph, holding her cue aloft.

“Owned!” she said in a playful manner, pointing the cue at him before she laid it down on the table. He laid his cue on the table with hers and extended his arm to shake her hand. Evangeline reached out and took his hand, then drew herself in to him and kissed him fully on the lips. He was shocked but returned the kiss happily, her tongue just brushing his between her soft lips before she pulled away. He stared at her and she smiled as she pushed him so he was sitting down in one of the comfy chairs near the jukebox. She picked up the tequila and uncapped it before sliding herself sexily onto his lap, rubbing her tightly denim clad bum over his thighs towards his groin. He felt his cock stir as she gave him a flick of her eyebrow with a smile and took a slurp from the bottle. Evie lowered it then turned to him, before taking hold of his shoulders and pressing her lips firmly against his. He got the idea and heard her give a soft moan as she let the smooth tequila slide into his mouth. She ground herself against him a little as he swallowed, his hand sliding up her leg as she kissed him passionately, their tongues massaging each other’s vigorously.

”Are you having a good time now?” she mumbled sexily, breaking the kiss. He nodded dumbly, making her giggle.

”Well I think you can celebrate now, you’ve pulled,” she whispered sexily, pecking him softly on the lips before kissing down onto his next. His heart raced as his hands slid up her sides and round her back a little, gently gripping her. Evangeline wiggled in his grip a little, pulling back from him as she pushed him back into the chair.

”Down boy,” she murmured, giving him a sexy smile and look as she reached for the tequila again. They were both pretty buzzed already and she wobbled a little as she took hold of the bottle and glasses. She pushed one into his hand and then poured them both a shot each. She stared into his eyes deeply as she stood the bottle down and raised her shot glass to his mouth. He was totally captivated by the gaze of her beautiful green eyes, watching as she bit her bottom lip as she tipped the glass up.

He relished the taste of the delicious tequila as it slid over his tongue and down his throat, smiling to her as she lowered the glass. Evie licked her lips slightly as he raised the glass, pushing it towards her soft pout. He tipped it up for her, the tequila passing her lips and into her sweet mouth. Her eyelids fluttered as she smiled from the drink, sliding her tongue round the rim of the glass to get any remaining drops. As he lowered the glass a drip slid down her chin. He reached up and brushed it away with his finger, sliding it up and gently grazing her bottom lip as he stood the glass aside. Lilly eyed him for a moment, then leaned forwards and sucked his finger into her mouth.

“Like sucking fingers do you?” he said with a laugh, feeling the effects of the tequila a bit as she suckled his finger hard. Lilly made a real go of it, sucking hard whilst sliding and wrapping her tongue around it, just grazing with her teeth as she looked into his eyes from under her eyebrows, a determined smile on her lips.

”I like sucking other things more,” she said softly, dragging her tongue up his finger as she withdrew. He gave a sideways smile as he leaned forwards to kiss her again, their mouths pressing together again as his hands slid round to scueeze her arse slightly. Her tongue immediately found his, the tip flicking over his teeth and onto it as her soft lips met his. She mumbled in pleasure through the kiss as her fingernails dragged teasingly up his arms where he held her before her hands slid onto his shoulder and behind his head. He broke from the kiss, sucking tenderly at her lower lip for a moment before kissing down onto her neck, his hands sliding up her back.

She moaned softly, sliding more fully onto his lap to grind herself against his now rock hard cock through his jeans as she pulled herself close to him. Her body was almost pressed against his as he softly kissed and tongued her neck. Evangeline’s rock hard nipples were poking visibly against her tank top and she gasped slightly as they brushed against his chest, pleasure tingling through her body as the sensation combined with his lips moving down towards her collar bone. She reached back and took his hands, pulling them reluctantly from her body and holding them in her own.

”I think you’d better take me somewhere more private,” she whispered to him, giving him another quick peck on the lips before sliding from his lap to her feet. He stood up after her, steadying her as she rocked a little on her high-heeled sandals when grabbing her handbag. She smiled at him mischievously as she held his hand, sashaying backwards with a wiggle of her tongue before turning and leading him towards the door of the bar. Evangeline led him out into the crisp night air and then slowed and slid close to him in a single fluid motion. Her slender arm slid round his back as she pressed herself against him, looking up at him with another of her soul melting smiles. His arm slid behind her back in return, slipping down over the curve of her lower spine and just resting on the top of her bum. They walked for a few minutes, winding back into the city from the beach. The feeling of her firm rear moving as she walked was a pleasant one to his buzzed brain.

“Here we are,” she said breaking away from him and taking his hand again, towing him through the front entrance of a large expensive looking hotel. She led him across the lobby to the lifts, thumbing the button so hard he thought she might jam it through the panel. The wait for the door to open seemed painfully long. Finally, with a smooth sliding sound and a click they opened to present a wonderfully empty lift. She almost dragged him into it, pressing the button for the ninth floor firmly as she squeezed his hand tighter. The doors slid closed without anyone rudely interrupting them, and the second they did Lilly pinned him against the wall of the lift, kissing him hard as they felt the familiar sensation of the lifting moving. Their tongues danced as the lift rose towards the ninth floor.

”I can still taste tequila on you,” she said with a giggle.

”Sure that’s not just your own lips rebounding off me?” he said sarcastically with a smile, making her giggle again just as the doors opened. A man in a suit watched slightly amused as she towed him out of the lift again, rapidly pulling him down the corridor to her hotel room. She reached around in her handbag for a moment to retrieve her swipe card and then let them in. Evie pushed the door shut firmly behind them, flicking the lock across in case before approaching him again. She slid her arms round his neck and kissed him deeply, their tongue mingling again, massaging and pushing at each other. Just as he slid his hands onto her she slid away from him, dancing playfully down the little hall into the main room of her suite away from him.

“Want a drink, coffee perhaps?” she asked sexily, licking her full lips.

“Sure ok then,” he replied with a smile, knowing exactly what she meant as he kicked his shoes off.

”Good, I have a maker in the bedroom,” she purred, sashaying saucily backwards into the room swaying her hips. He followed her in, getting just inside the door to the bedroom when she stopped, standing at the foot of the luxurious double bed. Evangeline eyed him wantonly with a naughty smile, enticing him closer with the sexy curl of a finger. He moved towards her, but when he was a few feet away she held her hand up to stop him. Doing as she wanted, he waited. She smiled, wiggling her tongue at him sexily as she slid her hands up her body. Evie teasingly rubbed her body for a moment before hooking her fingers under the bottom edge of her pink tank top, lifting it slowly and pulling it tighter on her chest, her nipples on full display.

”This what you want?” she whispered huskily, even though they both wanted it and knew it full well.

”Yes,” he said, rasping slightly as he waited for her to move. The gorgeous Canadian eyed him for a moment with a sly smile before slowly peeling the top up. She pulled it up the final few inches and it pulled from her body, just covering her head and arms and letting her pert breasts bounce free. She heard him move across the floor towards her then felt his hands gently grasp her arms. He gently but firmly held her there and then she felt his lips brush her own. Lilly sighed in pleasure as his lips just brushed over hers, feeling his hot breath on her face and neck as he was tantalisingly close to her. She leaned forwards a little to kiss him, and got what she wanted. He kissed her lustfully, sliding his tongue into her mouth. He just grazed against her, his shirt seeming so rough as it brushed her rock hard nipples, making them tingle. His lips slid from hers and over her soft cheek. Soft wet kisses moved across her cheek and over her jaw, his tongue kneading slightly at her skin between his lips as he did.

”That feels good…” she breathed. He kissed down over the curve of her jaw onto her smooth neck and onto the top of her slightly flushed chest. She felt his grasp loosen from her arms as he lowered himself to his knees in front of her, but she held her position to enjoy his ministrations. His hands slipped down her naked sides to hold her hips, holding onto her just firmly enough to make her feel wanted. His lips reached her firm perky breasts, and she wiggled slightly as he kissed down between them. She was about to complain when she felt his warm, wet kisses move onto her soft mounds, kissing all over her left breast. He deliberately avoided the hard point of her nipple, his lips planting kisses all around it, before she felt his hot, wet tongue slide onto her tit.

”Mmm don’t stop…” she mumbled, pushing her chest out slightly more. His tongue slipped round her breast, circling in shrinking circles till she felt it rub right round her aureole and then flick at her rock hard nipple with the tip. She moaned in pleasure as he teased her nipple and then latched onto it, tonguing it fiercely and sucking it quite hard. She felt a shiver go up her spine as he circled it with his tongue again before just nipping it with his teeth. He did it again, but then held and pulled it slightly away from her breast before letting it go, even harder than it had been before.

He performed much the same on the other breast, giving both nipples a good hard suck before he continued, leaving them almost painfully hard to match her arousal, defined by how juicy her pussy was getting in her jeans as his mouth did the business on her smooth body. He continued as he had been, planting soft wet kisses down her body, all the way over her stomach. His tongue circled round her belly button before he continued down her stomach towards the low hanging waistband of her tight jeans. He arrived at the start of the blue denim and she couldn’t take any more teasing. Lilly pulled the pink top off her head and threw it onto the floor over the side of the bed. She reached down and took his hands from her hips and enticed him back to his feet.

”This can’t be all about me,” she breathed, kissing him firmly. She turned him so he was back against the bed and then pushed forwards against him. He happily fell backwards onto the bed, and she fell with him, landing on top of his warm body. She leaned up on her hands on either side of him, her soft breasts hanging down from her slim figure. She smiled down sexily at him before dipping down to him give him another kiss, her naked breasts pressing against his thinly covered chest. They both gave soft moans of pleasure as they felt her nipples pressing against him, his hands sliding onto her hips again. Evangeline pecked him on the lips again, then kissed over his cheek. She dragged her tongue sexily to his earlobe before taking it gently in her teeth, nibbling and sucking at it carefully as his hands slipped up to rub her smooth back. He turned his head slightly as she kissed and sucked on his left side, and then spied a pair of knickers lying on the bed near the pillows.

”Are they what you were wearing earlier?” he asked as a whisper into her nearby ear. Evangeline pulled away from him and looked across to them.

”Yuh-huh,” she said with a sly smile as she narrowed her eyes before she kissed him again, her tongue snaking into his mouth. She slipped off his mouth with a slight suck on his lip before she started kissing down onto his neck.

”So what are you wearing now?” he mumbled, his hands gently caressing her hips.

“Mm, well so you’re so sure I’m wearing knickers are you?” she whispered sexily to him from down by his collarbone, barely breaking the motions of her soft lips. His hands slid from her hips to the front of her jeans and he started undoing the button to her jeans. Her hands appeared on his, holding them firmly.

”Not yet,” she mumbled, dragging her tongue along his jaw line and diving in for another passionate kiss. Her hands released his and slid them up his body, taking hold of his shirt. He slid his hands round to her tight arse, gently squeezing and stroking it as she attacked his tongue with her own. He felt her take a tight grip then there was a jerk, the sound of tearing material and the clicks as buttons bounced off the nearby furniture. She immediately moved from his mouth to his chest, kissing and sucking down his body. He leaned up slightly and wrestled the shirt from his arms and shoulders, pulling it out and throwing it off onto the floor near her discarded top.

“Hope that wasn’t expensive,” Lilly mumbled with a smirk through her kisses, teasing round one of his nipples with her tongue. He laughed slightly as she pulled at one of his nipples with her teeth, her tongue slipping across it again before she kissed down onto his stomach. She planted her soft loving kisses down his stomach, following his treasure trail of hair down to his own jeans. Her fingers deftly moved to the button, popping it open in one quick motion. Evangeline nuzzled against the large bulge he was sporting just behind the zip, kissing along the denim back up to where the actual zip was. Her tongue pushed the denim aside and she took hold of the zip sexily in her teeth. She looked up at him from under her eyebrows lustily as she dragged the zipper all the way down, her hands holding his hips.

“Hope this is as good as it felt earlier,” she purred, looking up at him with a lick of her lips. Evie slid back on her heels between his legs and took hold of his jeans. With a firm tugging motion she pulled them free from his hips and dragged them down his legs. She yanked them off his feet along with his socks and threw them of to the other side of the bed from their tops. Giving an approving smile, she admired the view for a second before slinking back up the bed to him. She ran her hands up his bare legs, her fingernails scraping him threateningly but sexily. Evangeline leaned forwards onto him and pulled her bare top half over his, sliding over him and enveloping him in another steamy kiss. Her knees dropped either side of his hips and she ground the crotch of her jeans against his rock hard member, now covered only by his shorts.

“Do you kiss like that elsewhere?” he said, his hands running through her hair as she trailed the soft underside of her tongue down the centre of his body.

“You have no idea,” she said saucily, smiling at him impishly as she reached his groin again. He could feel the heat of her breath on his hardon as she breathed on his shorts, her tongue just brushing and flicking at his member through the material. He felt her fingers hook into the waistband of them as she started to gently nip and nibble at his shaft. The sporadic nips and bites at his cock through the shorts were driving him nuts and he pushed himself up slightly to her.

“All in good time,” she cooed, blowing him a kiss as her hands edged his shorts down. Her head lowered again and she extended her tongue, nudging and pushing at his balls as she teased the shorts still further down. She moved to planting soft wet kisses on the insides of his thighs as she raised the waistband and slowly slid his shorts down. She looked up intently to watch as his hard, throbbing cock came into view, eyeing it lustily. Evangeline kept her eyes on it and she drew his shorts down his legs, pulling them off his feet and casting them aside with a flick of her wrist. She looked in straight in the eyes with a wanton smile and crawled sexily on all fours back up the bed, sliding down to lay on one of his legs as her head came level with his stiff prick.

“Do you want a kiss now?” she said with a giggle, playing on the little joke they had a few moments earlier.

”I think you want to give one as much as I want one,” he said with a smirk to her. Lilly stuck her tongue out slightly and gave a wink as she looked back to his cock, wrapping her slim feminine hand around his hard 7”. She slowly moved her hand up and down his full length a couple of times, squeezing just below the bulbous purple head. Evangeline jerked him slowly at the base of his cock as she leaned forwards and ran her tongue up the underside of his shaft, teasing just below the tip with the end of her skilful tongue. He groaned in pleasure as she swirled her tongue round, circling his head before she lowered her hot, wet mouth around him.

”Oh god…” he gasped as she teased and lapped at the head of his cock, her lips squeezing and pouting around the shaft just below the head. She slid her hand off his shaft and pushed down with her mouth, her tongue sliding firmly along the underside of his cock as she slid down to take more of him in her mouth. The Canadian beauty sucked him firmly, bobbing her head steadily up and down his cock. She worked her lips, pouting and rolling them as she slid up and down, taking around 5” of him in her mouth. Her fingers gently squeezed and stroked his balls, brushing up onto the base of his shaft as she sucked lovingly. Suddenly she pulled off him and replaced with her hand, jerking him quite vigorously.
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Re: Evangeline Lilly - Outside the Arena
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“Mmm I think you’re enjoying this kiss,” she said with a smirk, pulling at his cock. He could only gasp in pleasure as she massaged the head before slipping him back into her mouth. She pouted and pushed her lips against the tip of his cock, sliding them over the bulbous head firmly to get him back into her waiting mouth. He groaned, feeling her tongue lapping round the edges of his shaft as she bobbed her head more rapidly, sucking hard, causing her cheeks to hollow as she did. He groaned, gripping the bed as she worked on him, taking nearly all of his cock now. Evangeline pulled back and swirled her tongue round his head hard, the tip probing his slit before she dove back down on him. She ground herself against his leg, desperately horny and in need of pleasure of her own.

He could only gasp and grunt in pleasure as she sucked swiftly up and down his cock, just grazing him with her teeth, enough to increase his pleasure rather than hurt him. Her fingers tickled and teased his balls as she started to focus on the head of his cock to get him off. Evie slipped her hand round the base of his shaft and started jerking quickly as she centred on his swollen head. She locked her lips round just below his head and moved up and down just a fraction quickly, her tight lips rubbing back and forth against the ridge of his head. She combined the motion with her tongue, using the underside and kneading him with it all over as she continued to suck hard. A drop of saliva slid from her mouth down his shaft from her efforts.

Lilly bit ever so gently on the back of his head, just a light nip mixed with all her other ministrations, but it was enough to finish him off. His balls tightened in her caressing hand and he stiffened up. With a grunt, he reached his climax, his cock spurting into her hot velvet mouth. Evangeline moaned as he shot his load, feeling the hot, thick spurts shoot into the back of her throat and onto her tongue. She continued to suck him hard, swallowing his cum down eagerly. Lilly jerked the base of his shaft rapidly as she sucked, draining the last of his load from him. She gave one last lap over his head and then pulled off his softening cock, swallowing for the final time before sitting up. She looked at him with a smile as she wiped her mouth sexily with the back of her hand.

“Am I good kisser?” she asked in an innocent tone, licking her upper lip with a smirk and flutter of her eyelids.

”Great kisser,” he replied simply with a smile, sitting up. He leaned forwards and gave her a soft kiss on the lips, putting his arms round her. Kissing down onto her neck, he turned her and pushed her down onto the bed. Lilly let herself be laid down on the bed, reclining comfortably on her back as he kissed down her body, her head resting on the pillows. His hands flitted over her perky breasts, tweaking her nipples, making her inhale sharply whilst he continued south. She wiggled her hips in anticipation of what was to come as he dragged his tongue to the waistband of her jeans, his hands sliding down her sides to hold her hips. His fingers traced across her waistband to the brass button holding them to her slim figure. With a pop he freed them, moving straight to the zip and teasing it down slowly.

”Going to return the kiss?” she said with a giggle, making him laugh slightly as his hands slid under her arse. He pulled the folds of her jeans apart with his mouth and stopped, inhaling her sweet scent as it hit him. Looking down her saw the start of her soft brown pubic hair in her jeans and gasped slightly. She felt his hands move under her tight arse, hooking into the back pockets and starting to wiggle the trousers off her. Evie raised her bum slightly to help him, and watched him positively grin as her neatly trimmed pussy came into view, already swollen and wet, begging to be touched. He looked up at her, still smiling.

”Didn’t I say they were the ones I was wearing earlier?” she said with a cocked eyebrow and a cute, sly smile. He just flicked his tongue at her slightly and looked back down to her waiting pussy. She shuddered as he teasingly blew on her crotch, her body only getting more desperate for release. He started pulling her jeans down again, the denim slipping down her silky thighs. Suddenly he stopped again, then gave them a quick yank down a few more inches. Evangeline knew exactly what he was looking at. The tops of the long black socks from the photoshoot were wrapped around her legs, all the way up to mid thigh under her jeans. He stared for a moment then looked up to her with an awestruck look on his face. She grinned at him devilishly, running her tongue over her teeth with a sexy little giggle.

He slid off the bed and stood up, undoing her strappy sandals and dropping them on the bed by her legs. Taking hold of the bottom of her jeans, he slid them down and off her beautiful encased legs in a single motion, Lilly wriggling playfully to help him get the tight denim off her pins. He cast the jeans aside and stared at her in her full glory, dressed in nothing but the hot black socks, as long as stockings and wrapped tightly around her smooth limbs as she laid on the bed with her knees up.

”Goddamn…” he mumbled, making her giggle in pleasure.

“Put my heels back on for me,” she said, offering up a foot to him. He gave her a confused look, gently rubbing the presented foot as he waited for her to explain.

”Trust me, you’ll find out why later,” she purred, giving a saucy flick of her eyebrows. He grinned back at her and put her strappy high-heeled sandals back on her feet, doing them up firmly but not too tight.

”Thank you,” she said with a smile, swaying her knees slightly in front of him.

”You’re welcome,” he said, his hands sliding up the smooth material of the socks on her lower legs.

”I should think so too,” she retorted with a smirk. He just gave her another smile as he slid onto the bed between her legs, his hands stroking her sock covered legs gently, making her shiver a little. He lay down on his chest, hooking his arms under her thighs and pushing down on her hips slightly before drawing himself forwards to her sweet mound. She tried to push her hips up to his mouth but her held her down against the expensive silk covers.

”Patience,” he teased, his breath on her swollen lips torturous. She gave a whine of desperation, much to his enjoyment as his left arm slid fully across her hips, his right disappearing back down below her thighs. She soon knew why, feeling the tips of his fingers brush over her soaked snatch, brushing through her soft pubic hair. Evie moaned as his finger slipped into her, easing between her lips and pushing quite easily up into her. She breathed rapidly as he slowly pushed it back and forth before pulling it entirely out of her. Lilly mumbled in disappointment as he did, wiggling her hips in need as he just gently stroked over her lips again, her inner lips protruding slightly, clit peeking from its hood.

“Please, I need it,” she whispered, her hands grasping at the bed sheets. He smiled to himself and slipped two fingers into her. She bit her lip with a smile of pleasure as he pushed his fingers into her hot, tight pussy, pushing them all the way up into her. She felt his hot breath as he lowered his mouth to her, moaning as his tongue slide out and teased over her swollen lips. He firmly rubbed his tongue over her pussy as he started to steadily thrust his fingers in and out of her as he lapped at her. His tongue dipped between them against her pink inner lips, sliding up and down before swirling round her hard clit. Evangeline groaned loudly, grinding her hips upwards as he kissed and sucked gently at her clit, his fingers wiggling inside her.

”Oh god!” she yelped, her fingers digging into the mattress. He sucked her clit before rubbing his tongue swiftly round it, teasing it with the tip before sucking hard at the hard nub again. Being so horny, the good work on her clit was enough to get her to her much needed orgasm. She squealed loudly in pleasure, crossing her legs over his back as her thighs squeezed down on his head. He continued to lap at her clit, tasting her sweet juices as he felt the sensual feeling of her sock covered legs gliding over his naked back. His left arm held her bucking hips as she orgasmed hard, the bed shaking. Her spasms slowed to a soft twitching as her climax subsided, her heavy breathing filling the room. She sexily blew a strand of hair from her sweaty face, smiling down at him gratefully.

”I needed that,” she sighed contentedly, smiling softly at him. He smiled back at her and lowered his head again. His tongue slid out and over her clit again as he resumed his ministrations at her neat pussy which, post orgasm, was just too much for her.

“Sensitive baby, sensitive,” she mumbled, gently pushing on his head. He barely slowed as he slipped his two fingers out of her and moved down. Dragging the soft underside of his tongue over the front of her pussy, he started kissing over the swollen lips. She shivered in pleasure as he kissed wetly all over her, his tongue dipping in between her slick lips. He planted a kiss low down then pushed his tongue into her tight cunt, sliding in as deep as he could. Lilly moaned, having been a while since she’d had her pussy thoroughly licked. His tongue wiggled inside her, thrusting in and out slightly as her muscles clenched and grabbed at him. She felt his fingers stroking above where he was eating her, stroking round and over the lips near her hard clit.

”Mmm yes,” Evie whispered, as much to herself as to him. Her clit was throbbing with her heartbeat now, and almost as if he knew she was ready for more action on her love button his tongue pulled from her grasping pussy and curled up around it. She moaned deeply as her clit was assaulted again, her legs still crossed over his back. Lilly gently rubbed him with her softly covered legs as her worked at her soft pussy, his tongue sliding round her clit then diving back into her needy depths. She rolled her hips up against him, making small circles with her hips as he sucked her clit, just touching it with his teeth as he pushed two fingers into her again, thrusting them rapidly. Evangeline was breathing heavily now, her mouth open in gasps as she drew air in, her body alive with pleasure. She reached down and tilted his head up towards her, and stared into his eyes deeply.

”Come on, fuck me,” she said urgently, looking him passionately in the eyes. He held her gaze, a hungry look in his eyes as he released her hips and slipped his fingers out, quickly pulling himself up onto her and sliding forwards. Their mouths met as they kissed passionately, their tongues dancing as he ground his renewed erection against her dripping, waiting pussy.

“Do it,” she mumbled round their frantic kisses. He shifted his hips slightly so that his cock slipped down against her soft waiting entrance then pushed firmly. The head of his cock popped into her pussy, the wet, velvet heat enveloping him like a warm glove. Evangeline gasped as his bulbous head finally pushed into her, spreading her pussy open round his shaft. He pushed his full 7” length into her in one steady stroke, pushing a long, low groan from her slender body as one of his own escaped his mouth.

”Just as I hoped for,” she breathed as she squeezed his hips tightly with her thighs, the long black socks feeling smooth and erotic against his skin. They kissed deeply again, Lilly sucking at his tongue before releasing him as he slid back from her juicy depths. She felt every inch of his rock hard shaft as it withdrew, feeling her tight, pink inner lips bulge slightly as the ridge of the back of his engorged head threatened to pull out of her. Evie almost feared he would when she felt him push back into her again, more powerfully as they stared into each other’s eyes.

He started to build a steady rhythm, thrusting his full length in and out of her. Evangeline thrust her hips up to meet him, pressing their bodies together as she slid her hands round his body under his arms. She kissed softly down his neck, sucking and nipping at him as he sped up a little, still giving her his full length as he smelt the fragrant aroma of her hair. She pulled her legs up, sliding them round his back and crossing her feet, her heels clacking together sexily. He moaned as she held him tightly with her legs and assaulted his neck with her lips, her hot, wet tongue sliding sensually over his skin.

Pulling back up, he kissed her fully again, their tongues melding once more as she moved her arms behind his neck. She pulled herself close to him as he returned the favour and started kissing and sucking at her neck, resting his weight on her a little as his hands squeezed her perky breasts, rubbing her achingly erect nipples with his thumbs. Her head was by his ear as he sucked on her neck, the damp curls of her dark hair dangling against the side of his head.

”That feels so nice,” she whispered into his ear, rolling her hips slightly on his cock as he continued to pump her steadily.

“I’m glad I let you take me to bed,” she whispered with a smile. He leaned up, looking her in the face as he kept stroking his cock into her juicy snatch.

”Let me take you to bed huh?” he said humouredly, nuzzling her nose with his own.

”That’s right,” she said teasingly, poking her tongue out.

“Bullshit. You were gagging for it and all I had to do offer to buy you a drink to get between your thighs,” he said with a smirk, wiggling his tongue at her.

”How rude!” Evie said with a mock-shocked expression, which broke into a smile before she leaned up and sucked his taunting tongue into her mouth and subdued it with her own along with a little muffled giggle. They broke apart again and he kissed down under her jaw as she pushed her chest up to rub her throbbing nipples against his chest.

“I’m a smart sophisticated lady you know, I don’t do things like that,” she said with a sexy flick of her eyebrow and a lick of her top lip.

”Oh is that a fact?” he asked with a smirk she could feel through his soft lips on her neck.

“Ok, so maybe I do sometimes have moments of weakness,” she murmured as she shut her eyes, enjoying the rhythm they had going yet wanting more.
“I’m not complaining,” he whispered, leaning up and sucking on her lower lip for a moment before kissing her intensely again.

“I bet you’re not, however I don’t believe you’re pulling your weight with me,” she said with a cheeky poking of her tongue, leaving the statement a tantalising challenge, almost an accusation.

“How am I not?” he said softly, kissing down the side of her soft face and running his tongue round her earlobe and starting to nibble gently at it.

“I believe I asked you to come and fuck me, not make sweet love to me,” she said. He leaned up and saw the devilish grin and sexy gaze from under her long eyelashes. He didn’t even need to ask what she wanted and gave her a hard thrust, eliciting a sharp gasp from her, followed by a moan. She tightened her grip round him with her arms and legs as he slid backwards, pulling her down the bed. Evie released him somewhat so he could get his feet on the floor, standing up whilst still connected to her. He gave her a couple of good solid thrusts and then pulled her up, lifting her up against his body. She pulled her arms round his neck again, smiling sexily before giving him another French kiss.

He pinned her against the wall with a thud, Evangeline grunting with the force as her naked back was thrust against the wall. His hands held her slim waist as he started to thrust into her quite vigorously, using short, fast strokes as the position allowed. She tightened her grip with her thighs and held onto his shoulders tightly as he pumped her, her back sliding up and down against the wallpaper. His hands were free to roam across her pert body as she held onto him, supporting herself whilst they fucked. Lilly squeezed him with her tight pussy, her nails digging into his back slightly.

”That’s much more like it,” she breathed between rapid pants, squeezing even tighter with her legs so her heels dug slightly into his arse. He pumped into her tight snatch, driving as deep as he could with his limited movement, the head of his cock just bumping against her cervix a little, making Evie moan and wriggle in pleasure.

”Mmm come on, fuck me,” she moaned as he pumped into her. His hands slid from her waist to cup her breasts, pinching her nipples. She gasped, feeling the jolt of sensation through her whole body as her rock hard nipples were squeezed. Biting her lip in pleasure, she ground her hips against him as much as she was able to without being dropped, their pubic hair pressing together on every thrust into her.

”Harder…” she mumbled. They were both breathing heavily as they fucked, their bodies damp with sweat. He pumped harder into her, unable to go much faster because of the position. She grunted loudly as he bumped firmly against her cervix with his increased power, taking her close. She was so wet she could feel a little of her juices run down onto the insides of her thighs as he fucked her. Lilly leaned forwards and started frantically kissing his neck, her lips pressing hard against him as he took her towards orgasm. She felt the familiar buzz and knew she was almost at her peak.

”My…clit…” she gasped, barely able to break herself away from his shoulder. He got the hint, barely feeling it as she bit his shoulder in pleasure. His hands slid from methodically squeezing her firm rack to holding her hips, before his right hand slide over her tummy and into her neatly trimmed bush. He pumped her hard as he squeezed her clit, giving it a good grip before rubbing brisk circles round it. That was all she needed, her body tensing up. He instantly grabbed hold of her again to support her, pumping her as hard as he could as she climaxed. Evangeline squealed loudly, her body bucking and shaking in his arms, her back arching so her head pressed against the wall. She groaned long and low, her thighs squeezing him powerfully, causing her heels to dig into him a bit more. He grunted in slight pain as he gave her a few final pumps to end her orgasm. Her body slowed, going limp in his arms, her face resting against his shoulder.

”That more what you had in mind?” he mumbled into her hair, her dark, warm hair all over the place.

”I’ve not been done like that for a long time, too long…” she murmured, pulling her head heavily from his shoulder. They stared into each other’s eyes and enjoyed a few soft kisses before he eased himself from her, still rock hard having not climaxed. She unlocked her legs from round him, the heels leaving a mark on his arse from where she’d held him so tightly. He slipped fully out, his cock bouncing up and standing proud. Evie dropped down to the floor, wobbling slightly on her heels because of the fucking she’d just received. His cock rubbed against her smooth stomach as she did, and she looked down at it with a smile.

”Want more do you?” she said with a coy smirk.

”Not just me,” he said with a wiggle of his tongue.

”Ooh, think I need more sex do you?” she said with a flick of her eyebrows.

”I don’t think you do, I know you do,” he said, his cock pressed against her stomach.

”I told you, I’m not like that,” she said with a smirk before leaning up and sucking his tongue into his mouth. They kissed passionately, Evangeline sucking and tugging lightly at his bottom lip before she slipped away from him and turned around. His hands slid over her smooth back, following her figure to the slight flare of her hips as she bent over, shuffling back on her sexy heels till she was bent over at around forty-five degrees, her arms outstretched with her hands flat against the wall. He slid his hands from her, his fingers just dragging over her soft behind as he withdrew. Watching from a few feet back, he almost drooled as she arched her back, pushing her tight, toned arse out. In a very deliberate movement, she spread her legs apart, settling her high-heeled feet solidly on the floor before looking back over her shoulder, her hair dangling sexily in her face.

“You know I have a flight to catch tomorrow morning,” she said with a sly smile, loving the power she had on him. He snapped out of the trance that he’d fallen into and caught her gaze, seeing the enticing manner they displayed. He stepped forwards with a smile, then leaned out and swatted her tempting arse firmly, the spank giving a resounding slap sound. Evie inhaled sharply at the spank, sexily narrowing her eyes and faking pain.

”Have I been bad?” she cooed sexily, putting on an innocent face.

“No, just dirty,” he said, rolling the R.

“I’m not dirty, I’m sweet and innocent,” she said in a teasing voice.

”No, you’re a dirty little minx, and you know it,” he said, stepping up and squeezing her bum, running his hands over the soft mounds.

”Mmm maybe just a little…” she purred as his strong hands took hold of her hips. He laughed slightly as he pushed up behind his, the length of his sliding up the back of her swollen pussy and between her bum.

“I think more than a little,” he whispered, sliding his hands under her to cup her hanging breasts as he drew back to get into place. She wiggled her hips as he poked her slightly with his bulbous head, pushing at her slick lips, making her moan slightly. He pushed into her, sliding around half his length into her. They both groaned, and he pushed forwards and buried his 7” cock to the hilt in her tight, dripping pussy. Lilly dropped her head, feeling a tremor run through her legs as he filled her completely. She gave a squeeze, hearing him grunt as her tight muscles squeezed his thick shaft.

“Mmm not going to be taking long with me now are you,” she purred teasingly, suggesting his imminent climax.

”Long enough for you though,” he said back with a snigger as his hands took tight of her hips and he started to pump on her. She signed contentedly as he started thrusting into her again, feeling every inch of him inside her hot pussy. Lilly rocked against him, pushing her hips back to meet him as he stroked his cock into her. His hips slapped against her pert rear with every thrust of his rock solid cock into her hungry pussy.

“Oh think you push my buttons that good do you?” she teased, looking back at him sexily with a wiggle of his hips.

”Damn straight,” he breathed, slapping her with a smile to make his point.

“Ooh,” she moaned almost pornographically, pouting her lips as she made a sexy face. He smiled and continued to thrust into her, sliding his hands up her sides again. She mumbled something in pleasure as his hands slid up her sweaty body, reaching under to cup her firm breasts again. She gave a loud groan as he gave them a good hard squeeze before sliding his fingers to her proud nipples, pinching the peaks tightly. He slid his hands back to hold her waist again, stroking his full length into her dripping wet pussy.

“Mmm harder,” Lilly murmured, pushing back against him on every thrust. He gave her a deep thrust, bumping her cervix with the tip of his cock. She grunted in response, her back arching even tighter. Evangeline slipped on the wall, he sweaty hands not aiding grip. She quickly recovered, pulling herself up and closing her legs a little, her pussy squeezing him tighter. He shifted slightly, stepping his left leg forwards next to her and pulling against her using her hips. It was a sensuous feeling, her high heel against the side of his foot and her soft long sock against his inner leg, rubbing against him as he fucked the Canadian beauty.

”So, is the Lady enjoying this,” he said through heavy breaths, smiling at her gorgeous form.

”Mmm definitely, even though being a Lady I don’t do stuff like this,” she said, looking back over her shoulder with a smile, looking sexy with damp strands of hair hanging down over her face. He laughed at her still playing the joke and laid a slap on the top of her tight arse. She groaned and licked her lips, blowing him a kiss. He smirked and leaned back, laying a good firm slap on the right side of her arse. Lilly groaned again, wiggling on his cock. He pumped on her with good, hard full-length thrusts of his cock, grinding his groin into her arse as he did. He pulled back fully and laid a good hard slap on her smooth bum, the soft mounds jiggling slightly from the force. She gave a long groan that turned into a purr, making his heart flutter within its rapid beats.

”See, you’re not lady,” he said with a slight mocking tone. She could answer, just gave him a slight smile and dropped her head, gasping for pleasure. He changed his angle of penetration, pushing down into her, across the front wall of her pussy. Evie moaned and wiggled her hips needily as he brushed over her G-spot, stimulating the sensitive area. He changed to short, fast strokes, pumping around 4” of himself into her, going full depth every time he pushed in across her G-spot. The pleasure was agonising for her as she was taken close to another orgasm. He was feeling himself getting close, her hot tight pussy taking him to breaking point rapidly. The buzz of the tequila had helped him last well with her, but she was taking him over the edge with the way she was clenching and grasping with her pussy.

“Bit more, bit more,” she gasped, more to herself than to him. He continued pumping her hard, holding out against the urge to climax. Reaching up, he dragged his finger all the way down her arched spine, making her shiver and tingle. She gave a lustful groan, almost digging her fingernails into the wall and grinding herself back into him. The spasm of her pussy was all it needed to finish him off, and he felt the sensation passing through his body. He quickly thrust his hand under her hot, slim body, his hand finding her swollen pussy. His fingers slid through the soft hair and sought out her erect clit, briskly rubbing the stiff nub as he gave his final few thrusts.

He grunted loudly as he buried himself in her completely, bumping her cervix before he came hard. The combination of his thrusting, his hand on her clit and the hot splash of his cum inside her was enough to finish Evangeline off too, her orgasm hitting her like a wave. She squealed loudly, her body bucking and writhing under his. Her pussy squeezed and grabbed at him, milking his cock for all it could get as his hot cum spurted into her. They both moaned loudly as they orgasmed together, him giving a few short thrusts into her as her pussy clenched on him, her body bucking in his arms where he held her. From her climax and the fucking Lilly’s legs gave out and she sagged in his arms. He wasn’t prepared for the drop, and almost lost her, but managed to pull her up. He scooped her up and staggered to the bed with her, falling backwards onto the screwed up sheets with her on top of him.

“I guess you really do push my buttons,” Evie murmured, looking up at him with a smile. He smiled back and they kissed, their tongues meeting before she slid off him and next to him on the bed. She still felt a little light-headed as they got their breath back, relaxing next to each other on the sheets. He slid his arms round her and shuffled up, spooning her from behind. Evangeline sighed contentedly, closing her eyes and enjoying just lying with him, her positively glowing post-orgasm.

They lay for a few minutes, then her firm arse pressed into him started having an effect. It swelled up, becoming fully erect and straining against her arse and lower back. Without even really thinking about it he moved down a little, pushing it into the cleft of her arse and starting to hump gently against her. She just gave a little sigh as he did, nestling herself back against him. She let him go on for a moment before she spoke.

“Are you trying to stick that thing in me?” she said in a playful fashion, looking back over her shoulder a little.

”Where do you mean?” he asked with a smile, pushing against her harder.

”In my ass!” she squealed, turning into a giggle.

”And what if I did?” he asked teasingly, sliding his hands to her hips. After a pause, she pulled away from him and then rolled over, facing him. She looked into his eyes, reading his emotions.

”Well I’ve only…you know…done that a couple of times,” she said quietly, biting her lip shyly.

“More than once, you must’ve enjoyed it then,” he said, reaching out and brushing her face with his finger. She giggled and blushed a little, looking down to his cock.

”Well yeah,” she mumbled.

”I’ll be gentle with you,” he said, softly running his hand down her side. Goosepimples pricked her skin and a slight shiver ran through her as she contemplated what was to come. She looked up at him with come-fuck-me eyes, licking her lips sexily.

”In my bag,” she whispered saucily, giving his cock a few strokes of her hand.

“Mm what’s in your bag babe?” he murmured, brushing noses with her.

”Lube,” she said simply, pressing her lips to his and drawing him into another passionate kiss. He pulled away and smiled at her, sliding from her grasp and looking for her bag. He found her handbag and delved in, reaching around searching for the lube.

“Down near the bottom,” she said with a smile, looking at him from her lounging position on the bed. He laughed at her pun, feeling about through her personal knick-knacks before he felt a small plastic tube. Pulling it from the bag, he read the label and then triumphantly turned to her with the small tube of KY jelly. He stopped dead, his eyes almost bulging at the site. Evie was knelt on the bed on all fours, her back arched and legs spread, completely willing and ready. Her heels stuck up almost threateningly, flowing into her beautiful long black socks that led to her tight arse.

“Come on then, gimme some lovin’” she said with a twang before giggling, waiting for him to get to it. He knelt on the bed behind her, uncapping the tube and squeezing some onto his fingers. Tentatively reaching out, he rubbed the cold lubricant over her tight anus. She inhaled sharply, instinctively clenching a little before she relaxed again, hanging her head down. He carefully lubed her up, sliding his fingers round her tight ring and then pressing against her entrance. She relaxed herself, feeling the strangely pleasant sensation as his finger slid into her back hole, the KY jelly slipping round inside her ring.

“Mm use plenty,” she said softly, feeling him teasing her anal muscles open with his fingers. He squeezed a little more on her and spread it around and inside her, until she was well lubed and waiting. He slid his fingers from her arse and squeezed some KY into his hands. With a slight squelching sound he spread it all over his rock hard cock, up and down his full 7” so he could penetrate the saucy Canadian. He shuffled up to her, pushing his cock between her firm cheeks and taking hold of her hips.

”About time,” she said jokingly, looking over her shoulders. He smiled at her and pushed, pressing the tip against her tight entrance. Evangeline relaxed, feeling herself ease open as the tip of his bulbous head pushed into her forbidden paradise. She gave a grunt as the head popped into her, her muscles closing down onto the shaft below it. Lilly gave him a squeeze, making him grunt in return. There was a slap as he laid a spank down on her firm arse, making her moan softly in pleasure. He tightly gripped her slim hips, his fingers pressing into the firm skin under the pressure as he pushed into her quite hard, thrusting a few inches into her. She pulled away from him, squeezing tightly and looking back at him over her shoulder.

”Don’t get cocky. I told you I’ve only done this a couple of times. So go gently else I won’t let you do me this way,” she said forcefully, sticking her tongue out cheekily afterwards. He nodded, realising he couldn’t push his luck with her and gradually pushed into her, sliding up to about 4” deep in her. She gave a deep sigh, feeling a slight twinge of pain mixed with the strange full feeling sensation of the anal penetration. He pulled back, her ring hugging at his shaft as he slid back to just the head, then pushed back in again, her arse releasing and letting him push in. Lilly relaxed and he powerfully pushed to the hilt, his balls resting against her wet, swollen pussy lips.

”See, gently works,” she said with a giggle. He laughed pulling back a few inches and pushing slowly back into her, grunting at the tightness of her arse clamping down on his cock. She grunted as he went full depth again, feeling the bulbous head of his cock deep inside her. He started making a slow rhythm, using around half his 7” length to slip in and out of her slim body. She pushed back against him slightly, meeting him when he pressed against her firm cheeks.

”Bit more,” she mumbled, and he knew she meant more of his length. He kept the same steady rhythm, but slid all the way back to his head before pushing back into her tight arsehole. She moaned softly, squeezing just under the head of his cock with her sphincter every time he pulled back, just a quick pulse before pushing into her again. He loved how it felt, groaning after it as he pushed into her, which made her moan in unison. They moved together, the tight heat of her arse wrapped round his cock feeling like manna from heaven as he rocked on his knees. Evangeline felt her rock hard clit tingle with pleasure, spreading comfortingly through her lower regions as he steadily fucked her in the arse.

”Mmm you like that don’t you? Fucking me in the ass, dirty dirrrty sex,” she purred teasingly, looking back at him with a hot lick of her lips.

”I don’t see you complaining,” he retorted with a sideways smile, his breathing getting a bit heavier.

”Not yet, you’re not quite doing it for me at the moment though,” she taunted playfully, wiggling her hips which stimulated his cock a little further. He started going faster, pumping his cock into her tight arse harder, rocking her body.

”Hmm, what did I tell you?” she said sternly, glaring back at him. He saw her look and slowed down again, then cocked an eyebrow as she broke into a grin, still moving back against him.

”Remember who’s in charge here,” she purred teasingly, running her tongue over her front teeth. He just gave a smirk back, sliding his hands up to her waist as he pumped into her, still giving her the full length but keeping his steady rhythm. After a couple of minutes, she was getting a little frustrated with him.

”Well come on then, gimme some. I thought you were sposed to rebel against authority!” she exclaimed with a giggle, looking back at him enticingly. She grunted loudly has he quickly thrust his full length into her, pushing deeper than he had so far. He started pumping more quickly into her, still using all 7” of his stiff cock much to her enjoyment, stifling groans as her tight ring hugged him tightly, pulsing and twitching round his shaft as he fucked her in the arse. Her fingers dug into the sheets as she thrust back against him, loving the forbidden feeling of him doing her in the arse, feeling so full as he penetrated her deeply.

“That’s more like it, but still not quite rebellious enough,” she gasped, her eyes squeezing shut as a shudder went through her body. She leaned down closed to the bed, dropping onto her elbows as he picked up the pace a bit more, now using around half his shaft again but thrusting into her hard. Her fingers slid over her toned stomach to her slick pussy, running through the trimmed hair and seeking out her rock hard clit. Sweat glistening on his brow as he held her waist tightly and pumped at her, thrusting vigorously into her back hole, pushing as deep as he could.

”Thank god for KY,” she mumbled quietly between ragged breaths as she started playing with her clit, her fingers dancing and rubbing over it, building her towards her imminent orgasm. He was pumping her as hard as he could now, his hips slapping against her firm butt cheeks with everything thrust into her. Feeling the familiar sensation, he gave a few final hard thrusts into her arse. At the same moment, the combination of her fingers and him hammering her arse took her over the edge and she squealed loudly as she orgasmed. Her arse clamped tightly down on his impaling cock, finishing him off completely.

With a loud grunt he came, shooting his load deep inside her body as her sphincter grabbed and squeezed at his shaft, milking every bit of cum from him as her body writhed and squirmed in front of him on the bed in orgasm. With loud, ragged breaths, her orgasm waned and she flopped limply on the bed, lying on her chest with her arse up in the air. He slumped forwards against her, resting most of her weight on her small frame. After a moment catching their breath, he slid his arms round her and slumped down on the bed, pulling her over on her side in front of him, his softened cock slipping from her loose arsehole.

”That about what you had in mind?” she whispered to him, raising her head and looking at him from the corner of her eye.

“Couldn’t want anything more,” he mumbled, gathering her up in his arms and cuddling up close behind her.

”Well I do,” she said simply, sitting up out of his grasp and looking down at him. He looked up at her with wide eyes, quite surprised she’d want another round.

”You do?” he said incredulously, resting himself up on his elbows.

”Yeah. Sleep,” she said with a giggle, which turned to a contented smile. She reached down and took hold of the covers, and with a little wiggling she freed them from their bodies and pulled them up. Evangeline lay back down, letting him pull her close to him as she pulled the soft covers up over their tired, sweaty bodies. He snuggled up to her, feeling blissfully comfortable as he smelt her soft hair, the feel of her body against him the perfect way to sleep. After their exertions they fell asleep in a few minutes, both completely sated.

He awoke slowly, automatically stretching. He realised Evie wasn’t in bed with him, the space empty next to him. His brain work up a bit quicker when he realised she was gone, and looked up from under the screwed up covers. Blinking and squinting in the brightness of the sun streaming in the windows of the suite, he looked around. He heard feet and looked over to see Evangeline emerge from the bathroom. She looked over and saw he was awake, giving him a warming smile.

”Morning, I was hoping I wouldn’t disturb you,” she said, zipping up her suitcase fully. She looked beautiful in the morning light, a simple red tank top and jeans, with a pair of comfy slip on shoes on her feet.

”No heels today then?” he said with a grin, glancing to her feet. She gave a sexy giggle, leaning back against the table.

”Well when you sleep a whole night in a pair of high heels, you tell me if you feel like wearing them the next day,” she joked, sticking her tongue out a little.

”So you gotta go huh?” he asked somewhat downhearted, naturally not wanting her to have to go.

”Got a flight to catch,” she said, shrugging her shoulders.

”Well when you’re world famous and all, I guess there are commitments,” he said with a smile, sitting up in bed.

”Believe me I wish I could stay here and just relax with you, but that’s the way things are,” she said, walking over to the bed. She leaned down and kissed him softly, their tongue just brushing each others in their intimate moment.

”Are you sure you have to go?” he whispered between kisses on her sweet mouth.

“Well I have a flight,” she murmured through his mouth.

“Yeah, but are you running late?” he said, his hands sliding up her back.

”Not yet,” she said with a smile, “I think maybe I can swing a few minutes,” she said as he kissed down her neck.

”I think so,” he mumbled, gently pulling her down onto the bed.

“They call it a quickie for a reason don’t they?” she said playfully as she let him ease her down onto the sheets.

”Yes they do,” he said with a smile, leaning down to kiss her again. Their tongue attacked each other this time, massaging and pushing at one another as his hands slid under her red top. She felt a pleasant shiver run down her spine as he slid his soft hands up to cup her under her perky tits, squeezing gently as he kissed down her neck. She let out a soft moan as his hands retreated down over her smooth tummy and onto her dark blue jeans, her top staying rolled up under her chest. His lips moved to attacking her stomach, kissing and licking over the soft skin as his fingers deftly undid the button and dragged the zip down. He knelt up between her legs, flicking her jeans open with his fingers to reveal her sexy orange panties. With a gentle pull, he slid her snug jeans down to reveal a little of her thigh as she raised her bum to allow him easy access. He looked down with a smile and shook his head, seeming to have some kind of joke.

”What?” she said with a smile, looking up at him.

”Well, I never saw you in knickers last night so I’m just taking it in,” he said with a laugh. She grinned devilishly up at him, wiggling her hips to accentuate it.

”You didn’t seem to mind,” she quipped, licking her lips.

”Damn right I didn’t!” he said with a laugh. She gave him a moment more then rolled onto her front, kneeling up onto all fours.

”This is easiest for me,” she said sexily, looking back at him as she arched her back.

“Fine with me,” he said with a smile as he moved behind her, his cock rock hard already. He took hold of her knickers and slipped them down to join the jeans, revealing her tight arse. He then pushed both her jeans and panties down to around mid thigh, Lilly spreading her legs as far as the tight denim would allow. She felt his warm hands grasp her hips and sighed softly, enjoying the feeling which reminded her of last night’s wonderful carnal pleasures. She felt his bulbous head push at her already wet pussy, teasing her for a moment before he slipped inside.

”Yes…” she gasped, closing her eyes as he pushed all the way to the hilt on his first thrust. He reached up under her hanging top and squeezed her breasts firmly as he started thrusting into her quite energetically, pumping his full 7” in and out of her juicy snatch. It was exactly what she needed to help put her in the right frame of mind before her flight, and she groaned loudly, thrusting back against him in time with his thrusts. She gasped in pleasure, feeling his cock rub over her G-spot as he used the same angle of penetration he had the night before. He was pumping her rapidly now, driving in deep, bumping against her cervix as he delivered short, hard thrusts into her dripping cunt. He felt the bunched up jeans round her thighs rubbing against his own, adding to the mixture of sensations.

“Oh god yes,” she moaned, reaching down to rub her clit vigorously to get herself off, feeling his slippery shaft as it dove in and out of her pussy. He humped her hard as he got close to his climax, his hands gripping her waist. She gave a yelp of pleasure as she came, her tight pussy contracting strongly on his impaling cock. Lilly gasped and tensed in her climax, pressing herself back hard against him. He grunted and thrust into her hard, bumping her cervix again as he came, spurting his load straight into her womb. They both slowed to a stop, breathing heavily. After a few moments, he eased out of her and lay down on the bed next to her. She took deep breaths, then knelt up.

”That was just what I needed before a long flight, thank you,” she said with a smile. She reached down and pulled her cute orange panties up, then tugged her jeans up. Evie pulled the zipper up and buttoned them, then climbed off the bed and looked in a mirror. She used a tissue to dab at some sweat on her face then gave her hair a quick spruce with her fingers.

”How do I look?” she said, turning to him and holding her arms out.

”Fantastic, just glowing,” he smirked.

”We both know why that is,” she giggled, stepping back to the bed and leaning down to kiss him passionately again.

”I really have to go now. Thanks for that. I wrote a note for you, because I didn’t think you’d be awake, it still applies though. You won’t have to be outta here for a while, so don’t panic.”

”Ok then, well without you there’s not a lot of point staying here,” he said with a smile to her.

”I bet. Well it’s been wonderful, maybe we’ll see each other some other time. I can try get you a job or something,” she said with a laugh.

“Well you can try, I doubt you’ll get me anything, but you can try,” he said with a chuckle.

”We’ll have to see huh? Well, goodbye,” she said, leaning down and giving him another long French kiss.

“Bye,” he said softly, unable to fight the smile from his face.

She pulled away and ran her fingers through his hair with a heart-warming smile, then grabbed the handle on her suitcase, shouldered her handbag and walked to the door. Evangeline Lilly opened the door, towed her suitcase through on its wheels then shut the door with a click, and was gone. He looked after her for a moment, then got up, heading to take a shower since he needed one. Then he remembered she said she’d left him a note, and he looked around for it. He spotted something on the table, and his heart skipped a beat when he realised what it was. Moving the note, he picked up some folded black material. Letting it hang, it unrolled into her beautiful thigh-high black socks, still slightly warm. He grinned, eyeing them up and down and enjoying the memories they conjured up. Laying them down, he picked up the note.

“Thanks so much for the amazing evening, you can do much more than run! Keep hold of these for me. If we ever run into each other again, they may come in handy ~ Evie xxx”

He grinned broadly, as wide as he ever had in his life as he laid the note back down on the long black socks. It felt almost dream like, since it’d been such an incredible experience. Giving a contented sigh, he headed to the bathroom to take a shower…

The End.

Big thanks to Ghost for helping check and edit this story.

As usual, please send me Feedback if you have any thoughts or ideas. I like reading your feedback and suggestions, so please drop me a line.
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Re: Evangeline Lilly - Outside the Arena
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Wow that was awesome. Really enjoying these stories with Evie. First time I ever seen her was on Lost and I watched that show up to the end. It was a great show, best stuff on TV at the time. Great, underrated babe. Nice to see her getting some love.


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