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Getting Wet with Evangeline Lilly
« on: March 01, 2020, 07:31:34 AM »
Getting Wet with Evangeline Lilly

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

* * * * *

Splashing through the warm, shallow waves, Evangeline Lilly paddled smoothly and quickly as she lay on her board ahead of the building wave behind. Feeling its power sweeping up beneath her, she paddled powerfully and then in a single, smooth motion pulled herself up onto her feet on her surfboard, relishing the feel of it beneath her feet as she skilfully stood on it, feeling it glide through the water, turning it easily as she crested the wave and rode its power towards the shore. As it overtook her, the board sank down and slowed in the shallow, clear water on the Hawaiian beach, Evie letting herself just drop into the wonderfully warm, lapping waves on the sand, feeling it wash over her bare skin. She was wearing a sexy black bikini, nothing ridiculous but sexy all the same, showing off more than enough of the gorgeous Canadian brunette.

Not that there was anyone around however. Evie had taken her time to go to a small, secluded beach that few people knew about or visited, wanting some time to herself away from prying eyes to enjoy the beach since she had some down time between shoots for Lost. It was a lovely day in Hawaii, as usual really, and it happened there were some good waves coming in so she was enjoying her quiet surfing under the sun, even if she wasn’t having a great day on the board today, having wiped out more times than she’d successfully surfed a wave today, but it was all good fun and she was enjoying herself on the lovely sand. Looking up however she could see some heavy looking cloud rolling in from over the sea, and in the tropical climate she knew that meant it was likely to rain, ruining her stolen time on this little beach. She gave a sigh and stood up, the water running from her firmly toned body as she pulled her board up again to get back into the sea, wanting to make the most of the time she had left if it was indeed going to pour.

Evie enjoyed herself a good while longer, the better part of an hour as the clouds approached, surfing some good waves and getting a bit more luck now, having some good rides to the shore and really having fun. She was however feeling a bit tired by now though, and decided to take a break for a while, lazily pulling herself out of the water and pulling her board up the beach, dropping it down a few feet from where she’d spread her towel. Evie dropped her pert bum down onto the towel with a satisfied sigh, pulling herself back up it and leaving her sandy feet to hang off the end on the hot, fine sand as she lay back to dry and tan a little in the sun as she rested. She reached for her bag, getting herself a drink and sunglasses, rehydrating after the salt of the sea and pulling her shades on with a welcome opening of her eyes. Giving a stretch, she settled down in the warmth of the sun, feeling it drying out her smooth skin and snug black bikini as she took a few minutes rest. Rolling over, she allowed the hot sun to dry out her lovely rear and sexy back, her pale skin soaking up the rays as she basked, always enjoying the sensation as she dried out on the beach.

After a few more minutes, it made her hanker for the cold, crisp kiss of the water, glancing up to the sky to see the clouds getting closer, and unless she wanted to surf in the rain it meant she’d need to enjoy the waves now. It was fun enough to surf in the rain but she didn’t fancy that today, wanted to enjoy the sun, and with the weather coming in the wind had picked up a little, offering some better waves to surf on. With a stretch, she pushed herself up on her hands, then back onto her knees in an arched all-fours position, giving a very inviting view had anyone been there to see her. Standing up, she tugged her sexy black bikini back into place, hoping she didn’t have tan lines as she stretched again and then put her sunglasses aside, stepping over to pick up her board and heading back down to the water.

Evie gave a gasp as she splashed back into the water, which though warm in the shallows was still a lot colder than being on the beach in the sun. She felt her nipples stiffen as the water washed over her chest, pulling herself up on the board as she floated and then paddled out away from the beach, glancing down to see them poking through her bikini top. She was happy there was nobody around, not that they would likely see anyway, and got back into the surfing, enjoying slicing through and across the stronger waves, only falling a few times as she spent another good half an hour surfing. Riding one particularly good wave all the way, she decided to call it a day and simply surfed it until her board ran aground on the sand, jumping daintily from it to the beach and then bending over to undo her ankle strap. Pulling the board back up the beach once more, she dropped it down and flopped onto her towel again, finished now, intending to just rest in the sun while she could then head home for a shower and dinner.

Lying in the sun as the clouds rolled in closer, Evie lay peacefully for a while in the remaining sun, glancing up every now and then to look around. On one look up, she had to do a double take as she realised somebody was there, another surfer. Pushing up onto her elbows on her towel, Evangeline Lilly surveyed him, paddling his board in towards the beach to ride the upcoming wave, pulling himself up and then surfing all the way in on the crest, evidently an accomplished surfer, seeing he had caught sight of her. Watching him, he gave her a smile even from his distance as he came close to the shore, then turned and made his way back out into the sea to continue surfing. She lay back to relax, but kept a sneaky eye on him, not just watching him surf but checking him out a bit. He was in good shape, and good on his board, and as he came to the beach she could see him looking up the sand at her, seeing his hesitation as he evidently wanted to come and say hello, but didn’t and carried on surfing.

She looked to the skies as it darkened, sensing the imminent rain, but still reluctant to leave the secluded beach since it was rare she got so much time off to just relax in the middle of shooting Lost. She stayed in the warm, overcast peace until, with a loud rumble of thunder, the rain began to fall, steadily at first but quickly building so it was thwaping down into the sand around her, and over her toned body. Pushing her sunglasses up into her damp, dark hair, she quickly pulled herself to her feet as the cold rain smacked onto her soft skin, immediately breaking her mood as she grabbed up her towel and bag, hurrying past her surfboard to a nearby grove of palm trees. She knew Hawaii well having lived there so long, and knew this wasn’t going to be a few drops. It was going to rain heavily for a while and then ease up, so for now she intended to just shelter rather than get soaked making a run for her car, which was a fair distance.

Dropping her bag and towel down against the tough trunk, she went to retrieve her board, speeding across the beach in the rain, quickly pulling her sandy board up and half-carrying, half-dragging it back to the tree, where she stood it against the trunk and then jiggled the bottom of the board down into the loose sand to make it stay. Dropping down, Evie sat her firm, bikini-clad rear down on the sand and pull herself under the board as much as possible with her stuff to sit out the shower, watching the rain soaking the sand rapidly. Casting her gaze back out over the sea, she saw the hunky young surfer pulling his board from the water and walking purposefully up the beach, evidently not wanting to be out surfing the choppy waves as the rain closed in. He spotted her sheltering under the board by the tree, and sat leaning forward at that, showing off her perky breasts, making her even more inviting than she had been. He’d recognised her by now, and was trying to find the courage to talk to her, at least say hello and meet her, and decided that he may never get another chance and if he didn’t take an opening like this, when would he?

He walked towards her, not too fast but not too slow and nervous, greeting her initially with a smile as she watched him, getting close to her and taking in her beauty, trying not to stare as she looked up at him with a wonderful rough and ready look to her.

“Hey, mind if I shelter with you?” he asked, thinking it the best way to open conversation with her. She looked up at him, her hazel eyes taking in his body as he stood before her, the seawater and rain running down and dripping off his athletic, well-toned form, a warm smile.

“Sure, why not, some weather huh?” she said, inviting the conversation as he stood his board the same as hers beside it, allowing them to both shelter mostly underneath as the rain bounced off the surfboards.

“Yeah, well gotta be some kinda price for this sun hasn’t there?” he said with a smile, settling down in front of her, catching a very obvious glance down her top, though she didn’t call him on it.

“I guess so, some good surf though today, and at least it’s quiet here,” she said, looking up into his eyes. He held her gaze, then glanced away momentarily.

“Yeah, it’s so sec…” he said, cut off immediately as he looked back to her by her kissing him, holding his face as she did it, grabbing at his shoulder as she snogged him, her tongue delving into his mouth. After his initial shock he kissed her back hungrily, feeling her soft lips pressed hard against his, his tongue twisting and gliding with hers, tasting the salt on her skin and feeling her wet hair on the back of his hand as he slid it over her shoulder and down her smooth back. She’d opened the door it seemed as her surged forward to hold her, wrapping his arms around her to pull her close as he kissed her passionately, then she felt her bikini top drop loose on her chest as he pulled the string undone at the back, getting straight on with it. And the thing was, she absolutely loved it, and right then it was all she could do not to beg him to take her as she was sure he was intending to anyway.

They didn’t speak as they kissed harder and more intently than she thought she ever had done, feeling his hand slide up under her now loose bikini top to cup her breast, his fingers circling the nipple to make it stiffen and screw itself up as his other hand stroked her sides and back, reaching up to pull at her hair a little before diving down into the back of her bikini bottoms. Breaking apart, they both gave a gasp as his breast-cupping hand immediately pulled her half undone bikini top off over her head to leave her completely topless under their little surf board shelter. She saw him take in her perky chest for a moment before they started kissing hotly again, this time both his hands going for her chest, groping her completely as her hands ran through his wet hair and down his muscular shoulders and back, letting one drop down between them to land squarely on his already mighty erection.

She felt his hips push up a little as she wrapped her dainty hand around his manhood, taking a good grip on it and starting to work it a little to stroke him through his shorts as he thoroughly squeezed and groped her breasts, though one hand very shortly slid down her tummy towards her bikini bottoms. Evangeline leaned back a little to offer him slightly better access, and the move wasn’t lost on him at all as his hand pushed slowly but steadily down her toned body to her damp bikini bottoms, still wet from the sea but now getting a little wetter from something else. His fingers slid over the smooth, firm bulge of her pussy, feeling her quiver a little as they kissed whilst he started to massage it, then she let out a gasp round there snogs as he suddenly pulled up and then boldly pushed his hand down into her bikini and onto her pussy. She didn’t have a problem with it, she was just taken by surprise as he did it, feeling her wonderfully smooth skin and pubic hair under his fingers and hand as he did it, immediately seeking out her clit with his fingers, making her give a shiver and a gasp as he started working at it.

Getting into a rhythm on her needy clit, they continued to kiss deeply, their tongues entwining and working together, working between fast and slow kisses, getting more aggressive at moments which raised the stakes, such as when Evie’s stroking hand reached up and undid his surf shorts, deftly releasing them and then slipping down inside to wrap her slim digits around his throbbing manhood. She immediately started to stroke him again, feeling simply sublime as she worked to get his shorts down a bit, making their kisses really climb in intensity as his hand worked both her pussy and her breasts, pulling and pinching at her now very hard nipples as he circled her clit, before his hand dove deeper into her bikini bottoms as his fingertips slipped over her juicy, leaking entrance, making her shiver. He wasted no time whatsoever in curling his finger to press his middle finger into her haven, bending his hand to let him push his whole finger up into her wonderfully hot, slippery pussy, Evie sighing satisfiedly with an open smile as she helped by pressing down onto him completely while he nibbled at her lip.

She gave a murmur of pleasure as she locked into more kissing with him, her hand giving a good squeeze of his cock, making it surge in her hand, urging her to stroke him a little faster for a moment, not wanting to rush him as she started to ride just a little on his penetrating finger. Pulling his hand back, she gave a grunt as he quickly added a second, stretching her open a little bit more, but still not as much as his decent sized cock would do, feeling his thick member pulsing in her hand as she stroked him carefully, ready to get it inside her now. He worked his fingers in her pussy, hooking back to seek her G-spot, making her feel the deep, rumbling sensations of pleasure inside her that such stimulation caused, her pussy getting even wetter round his fingers.

Kissing passionately, Evie almost didn’t realise what he was doing as his fingers slipped out of her and his arms locked around her smooth back under her arms, suddenly pulling her forwards into his lap. They just worked perfectly in sync, Evie spreading her thighs and pulling her legs up to wrap them round his hips, dropping her spare hand to her crotch as she continued to squeeze him as he pulled her into place. Pulling her bikini aside, she held his cock up for herself, absolutely granite hard and waiting for her as she pushed up with her thighs, rocking her hips a moment to work him between her puffy lips before she sank down, his bulbous head popping into her incredibly wet, soft pussy with the slightest pressure, both of them gasping at the fantastic feeling. His hand slid up her arched back and grabbed a handful of her long, dark hair, pulling her down harder so her pussy swallowed his entire cock, Evie grabbing his shoulders as she shuddered at him pressing deep into her.

Grinding together a moment, they just breathed heavily at their connection and then resumed their heavy kissing, tongues fighting even more aggressively now Evie lifted herself on his cock, right to the head, before pushing down once more, feeling him shake beneath her, his hands sliding down to her hips now to control the pace. Helping to lift her, he also thrust up into her as he pulled her down, quickly governing and building a quick, deep rhythm that had his cock stretching and probing areas deep inside the Canadian brunette she’d forgotten were there. Their kisses became hungry, gasping efforts as they fucked, their bodies fitted together so perfectly as they fornicated, kissing and biting at each others necks and shoulders, Evie’s toes digging into the sand to gain leverage as they had sex beneath their surfboards, away from the beating rain.

That didn’t last long however, as their rampant lust took over, and so did he. He shoved the surfboards away from the palm, exposing them to the rain and anybody that might have arrived in the vicinity, the water splashing down over their hot bodies. The worry of anybody watching was completely lost in the mood as he pushed up from the sand with a turn and then slammed her down firmly on the beach, landing on top of her to pin her down and keep on fucking her, pushing her hair back from her face to kiss her further as he pumped his hips deeply between her toned legs. She pulled him tightly over her, leaning over his shoulder as she gasped heavily for air, pushing and rolling her hips for him as they screwed on the beach, feeling the damp sand pressed into her back as he drilled her, just loving every moment and every inch of the passionate fuck she was getting.

Reaching down, he hooked her legs up under the knees, pulling them up and spreading them open for him as he leaned up and started fucking her a little harder but slower, really working to jam his cock as deep and hard into her as possible, making her give a strained grunt with every one as his head bashed into her cervix. He was completely controlling her now, and she let him, laid flat on her back on the sand, looking up at him against the dark clouds as rain fell down all over and around them, feeling it splash on her humble breasts now that he’d pushed right up on his arms with her legs pinned back. She gave a gasp as a large drop landed right on her nipple, followed by her trademark grunt as he slammed his cock deep and hard again, making her feel at her limit but wonderfully tested. Their eyes met, locked together as he pumped in every last millimetre of his cock to her soft pussy, unable to get any more into her. He gave a particularly hard thrust and Evie winced, her pussy clenching delightfully around him, squeezing at his cock and spurring him to pick it up. Evangeline just squealed in pleasure as he pounded on her very hard, fast and deep for a few moments, absolutely overwhelmed by the smash-and-grab tactics on her womb.

With one deep thrust and a grind, he slipped himself out of her snatch, making her open her beautiful eyes to see why, to be greeted by his hands grabbing her bikini bottoms and pulling them down her legs, revealing her pussy and its neatly kempt pubic hair. She had a good, bushy V of dark hair above her pussy, shaven where she didn’t want it but natural on the bit she did, liking to keep it that way rather than closely trimmed, making her feel more womanly. His eyes stayed locked on it as he pulled her black bikini off, allowing Evie to quickly take the initiative to pull her feet up and get her toes into his shorts, pushing them down his legs a bit to give him the hint to finish the job, discarding them onto the sand with her bottoms.

He suddenly grabbed her hand and pulled her up from the beach, and as she rocked to her knees he suddenly dropped onto his back and pulled her over his crotch, grinding onto his hard cock. Evie just gave a smile at his grin from sneakily pulling her on top and lifted herself up from him, letting his cock spring up behind her dripping, loosened pussy, loving his hard he was for her. Reaching back over her firm bum, she held him in position and then pushed back, making him thrust in response, allowing her wonderfully wet pussy to engulf his manhood as they both sighed deeply once more. There was no problem now in pushing herself all the way down on the first thrust, just sinking down to get all of him inside her, feeling him fit just right as she gave a shiver, his hands sliding to her hips. Looking down, she could see him looking up at her, her pretty face, long hair, perky breasts, slim waist and thick, dark V of hair, right above where her juicy snatch was wrapped tightly round his cock.

He gave a shudder and a groan as she squeezed her pussy as tight as possible on him, absolutely vice like before she started to ride, holding his shoulders as his fingers trailed through her soft pubic hair. She arched her back to push her lovely boobs out towards him as he thrust up to meet her as she pushed down on his erection, building up the pace till she was pumping down hard on him, her tight ass slapping against his thighs. She knew she was doing something right for him as she rode, squeezing her pussy, as his hand grabbed at her breast, giving an enthusiastic grope, and at her firm arse, taking a good hold on it. Evie didn’t mind, loving her body being worshipped in such a way as she rode his cock hard, leaning down to kiss him passionately, jolting her hips on his cock in short, sharp thrusts to work at his head, feeling him arch in pleasure beneath her. She moved down to his at his neck as she worked her hips, rolling and rotating them as much as possible to really stimulate the tip of his thick cock. Kneeling back up over him, she squeezed her pussy tight again, making him shiver, only this time she didn’t release. She worked out, and could hold her muscles well, and with that she pushed down onto him, feeling his rock hard cock drive up through her tight pussy, stretching her out as his hands grabbed her hips and pulled her down to make her take it, stirring up his dominance and lust once more.

He quite forcefully pushed Evangeline Lilly off his cock, onto her knees on the sand beside him. Quickly pulling up to his knees himself, he pushed her down to all fours with an easy shove to her back, Evie evidently quite aware what he wanted to do to her and happy to welcome it, feeling rain dropping onto her sandy back. She gave a gasp as his hand connected hard with her arse, delivering a good spank to her firm rear, followed by another, and another, and then a final one before he grabbed her hips and pressed his cock to her juicy opening. She didn’t wait for him, shoving back hard to get him inside her, feeling him almost fall over her back as he just slipped deeply into her silky haven, his cock surging inside her, hardening a little. Evie knew it wouldn’t be long now, he was close, and so was she.

She gave a murmur of pleasure at the rough, scratching sensation of him brushing sand from her back as they built up a rhythm again quickly, pumping down into her, rubbing over her G-spot now and quickly making her orgasm gather inside her, making her realise she’d come a lot sooner than she thought. She started to fuck back harder onto him, reaching down to give her clit a good, firm rub to take her close as fast as possible. Evie could tell by the way he was fucking her that he was getting close, as he had a tight hold on her waist and was pumping vigorously into her and going deep into her pussy, not quite with the primal lust of an imminent climax but clearly close. It was a treat for her then that her orgasm was breaking on her now, and she withdrew her hand to dig it back into the sand with her other one, shoving back hard on him now to get him as deep as possible and spur him to pick up the pace.

She wasn’t disappointed, as after few speechless moments of him pounding her like she’d never felt she burst into a huge orgasm, her whole body tightening up, back arching and pussy clenching on his invading cock. It didn’t stop him though, he continued to slam against her arse, lighting her body up even more as her orgasm rushed through her, making her arms shake beneath her as she wailed her ecstasy to the secluded beach, crashing waves and soaking rain. Both of them were absolutely dripping wet now from that and the sweat of their exertion, Evie feeling his fingers dig into her side as he suddenly pounded on her with the kind of primal lust she expected when he was about to come. He was worried that she’d ask him to pull out, but was delighted and even more turned on when at the slightest hesitation she suddenly thrust back hard to take him, signalling that she was his to own and fill up.

Grabbing her waist hard he just went for it, letting instinct take over as he pounded on her, holding back as long as possible, hearing Evie screaming with pleasure as his hard fucking of her made her climax again immediately on the bounce in a multiple orgasm, her pussy pulsing and squeezing at him, desperate for his sperm. As he reached his peak he fucked her harder and faster than he knew he could, almost knocking her face down in the sand he was so energetic, pushing up on his toes a bit before jamming himself hard into her, the hardest he had in their session. He felt something give a little inside her as he did, Evie knowing it as her cervix yielding, and then exploded deep inside her with a loud cry of release and pleasure, Evie loving it as his cock swelled even bigger and harder inside her velvet tunnel. She relished the feel of his cock repeating this several times as he ejaculated heavily within her, shuddering and withdrawing a little then pulling her back by her hips to pull depth with each one, until with one last push, he relaxed, rocking back down on his heels and pulling her with him so she knelt, still embedded on his twitching, softening cock.

Pulling forward slowly, Evie slipped off his cock, hearing him gasp as his now sensitive head slid past her tight entrance, though it wasn’t so tight after the fucking he’d just given her. She dropped down onto the sand on her side, exhausted after how hard he’d just taken her, looking to him as he lowered himself down beside her, neither of them caring they lay naked on the beach in the rain, just pulling in close to one another and sharing a deep, soulful kiss to wrap up their fantastic shag in the wake of their fantastic orgasms. Cuddling close together, they just lay blissfully for a few minutes with each other, till they finally felt that the unpleasant coldness of the rain and the gritty sand was too much. Sitting up, he grabbed his shorts and Evie’s bikini bottoms, handing them to her as she sat up. Pulling his shorts on, he looked over to watch the gorgeous, sexy Canadian lift up and slip her little black bikini on.

Evie felt some of his come leak from her pussy as she did, feeling a surge of excitement at the random sex she’d just had in full view on a beach, quiet or not. Pulling them into place round her dripping snatch and firm arse, she stood up and retrieved her bikini top from  near her bag and towel, which had luckily stayed quite sheltered against the base of the palm tree. Pulling it over her head, she happily let him watch as she settled it and then tied it again behind her back.

“So…fancy getting a cup of coffee?” she asked nonchalantly, as if they hadn’t just had a rampant lovemaking session right there.

“Um, yeah that sounds great,” he said, a bit taken aback.

“Cool, then let’s go,” she said with a beaming smile, picking up her stuff.

“Well, I’ll need to go by mine to get some clothes you know, and take a shower,” he said, picking up both their boards.

“Don’t worry, there’s a shower at my place,” she said with a sexy sideway smile, giving a wink before she turned round to head back towards her car, leaving him to watch her pert ass as he followed…

The End.

Big thanks to Ghost for helping check and edit this story.

As usual, please send me Feedback if you have any thoughts or ideas. I like reading your feedback and suggestions, so please drop me a line.
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Re: Getting Wet with Evangeline Lilly
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2020, 04:27:28 AM »
That was a great story. The way you describe the beach setting almost made me feel like I was there watching.


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