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The Adventures of Scarlett Holmes
« on: December 22, 2019, 11:58:53 AM »

Note- I do not own the rights to the works of Conan Doyle, this is purely a parody of his characters intended to amuse. Likewise anything I have written here is totally made up and any resemblance to real persons is coincidental.


Chapter one, 'The singular case of the stolen dildo.'

London, 1887.

Doctor Emma Watson gazed out of one of the two broad windows of 221B Baker Street on another foggy day in London Town. She surveyed the busy scene of horse drawn two wheeled Hansom cabs and members of the public going about their everyday lives. The window kept out much of the noise and foul air which was a blessing, London being one of the heaviest populated cities in the world. She turned to the other person in the airy drawing room of the upstairs apartment and spoke.

"There appears to be a most anxious fellow on his way to the front door."

The petite, young looking doctor had indeed perceived a man in top hat and morning coat make his way hastily across the cobblestones to 221B. Scarlett Holmes raised her head from the latest edition of the Times newspaper and considered her loyal companion.

"Indeed." Came the one syllabled reply.

Emma, fresh from nursing duties in the war, looked directly into the ocean green eyes of the pouting blonde. From the first day she had set eyes on the exceedingly beautiful creature, Emma knew she was the one. Every day she loved the woman more, although it was all on her side, only lust on the others point of view. Scarlett Holmes did get attracted to men from time to time and had enjoyed some dalliances in the past, but mostly it was the pleasure of the female flesh for her.

The light from a single gaslight lamp illuminated Scarlett's comely features and buttery blonde locks. The medium length hair was styled back and up and left her sexy neck bare. Emma felt her heart flutter as she admired yet again the perfectly kissable lips, plump and parted, the upper the exact same thickness as the lower.

The two wore similar attire, fitted bodice that cinched at the waist and floor length skirt with puffed short sleeves. Under this both wore the usual corset that pulled in the waist and supported the bust. Scarlett's 36 inch bosom, considerably larger than the small, but enchanting Emma, was fit to burst from the confines.

"I should take my leave." Said Emma.

Scarlett shot her a look and shook her head. She adored the graceful girl, only one other had turned her head in similar fashion. Irene Adler, that flame haired buxom beauty with long legs and peach of an ass.

"Pray wait."

There came a light knocking on the closed door and an elderly gentleman entered with head bowed.

"There is a gentleman who desires your attention, Miss Holmes."

"Thank you Mister Hudson, pray let him enter."

A tall man blundered in, quite flustered and took his hat off and laid it on a tiny table. Dressed in a charcoal coat, white shirt, silk vest and black trousers, he looked a cut above the usual clientele.

"Miss Holmes, 'tis good of your self to permit me an audience. I am here on the utmost importance pertaining to a member of the Royal family itself."

"Some tea perhaps? Mister?"

"Lord Crumpet to be sure, on an errand for Princess Louise no less. You are considered to be fiercely attracted to matters of crime that usually leave the Police Force perplexed, and your sound advice is needed."

The distressed gentleman sat and twiddled with his beard nervously, his eyes wide. He waved aside the offer of refreshment and sat on the edge of his chair. His eyes stole a furtive glance at Emma who understood the look.

"Perhaps I should make myself scarce." Said the chic young girl.

Blessed with dreamy light brown eyes and a glowing complexion she seemed to glide across the room to the door as she moved. Her brown wavy hair with the honey highlights was pushed back on top of her gorgeous head in an appealing manner.

"I should be honoured if you would linger awhile. I have a feeling your assistance may be of the utmost importance. My Lord, you may talk freely in present company."

The man nodded and mopped his brow with a silken handkerchief. Princess Louise was the fourth daughter of the Queen and married to one John Campbell, widely known in certain circles to be homosexual. Holmes looked up at the portrait of Victoria on the wall over the mantle shelf and sighed.

"Of course, I was prepared to find the good Doctor, by all means stay. I have come on Her Majesty's bidding without a single moment to lose."

Scarlett narrowed her eyes as she studied the bluff man who freely perspired in his chair.

"So you say you came here directly from the Princess?"

"Quite so, quite so."

"Indeed. You didn't stop off on the way, perhaps to Limehouse by any chance?"

Both Emma and Crumpet looked confused at this last statement.

"How, how the devil did you know that?" Cried the man incredulously.

"Reasoning and deduction. Watson, you know my methods, what do you perceive?"

Emma looked intently at his Lordship but was none the wiser.

"I confess Holmes, I know not."

"You see, but do not observe. It is simplicity itself. The gentleman has a distinct type of clay on the instep of his left boot, the sort common in the area of Limehouse Basin. Why would a reputable and distinguished gentleman such as he be doing in a singularly seedy borough of London as this? The tell tale semen stain on the left leg of his trousers, the worn patch on the other upper thigh and that rouge on the starched collar tells me all.
You Sir, have spent the morning in a Chinese opium den and bordello where you sought sexual relief from a prostitute. It was from this address that you finally made your way to my humble abode."

"'Pon my soul!" Declared the guilty man.

"Outstanding my dear Holmes." Said a proud Emma.

"You made haste to leave, presumably because your wife was in pursuit, and you clumsily dressed without tending to your toilet, hence the stains. There is also a distinct aroma of noodles and soy about your person, apart from this observation I see nothing else of any importance."

Scarlett waved her hand in dismissal and sat quietly.

"But, the worn trouser leg?" Wondered Emma.

"Simply means Lord Crumpet dresses to the right and is rather well endowed."

Emma smiled demurely and blushed like a teenager. Her lover was intellectual, neat, methodical and uncommonly handsome. It was just she got bored so easily.

"So, what do we owe this visit?" The full figured Scarlett stood and smoothed out her lace dress.

She looked longingly at the Persian slipper by the fireplace where she kept her trusty six inch leather dildo stuffed in the toe. Talk of sexual activity had stirred her loins, and she experienced an urgent desire to fan her heat. Barely thirty years of age she was at the prime of her sexual prowess.

"It is a sensitive matter and no mistake." Said Crumpet. "The Princess has in recent memory had a frigid existence with her husband, who hides his true feelings for the same sex with little aplomb. In her anguish, Her Majesty has resorted to the unfortunate, but satisfying use of a sex toy. Not just any sex toy but the most precious dildo in the known world. It is a multi faceted object, eight inches in length with a shaft encrusted with pearls and sapphires. Alas ladies, the thing is stolen!"

"Stolen! From Kensington Palace!" Exclaimed Emma.

"Quite, vanished away in dead of night. No witnesses, no clues."

"Have you contacted Scotland Yard?" Enquired Scarlett without turning from the fire.

"Indeed not! The Princess wishes no police involvement whatsoever, considering the delicate matter of the stated object in question."

"Quite a little problem. Have you any idea who the culprit might be?"

Crumpet stood and paced the study in a state of confusion, head down.

"All the maids and servants have been interviewed by myself and my trusted secretary. None admits guilt and I see no evidence that any of them have the inclination nor brains to carry out such a bold adventure."

Scarlett sat down once more and contemplated her visitor with a whimsical smile.

"I must say your problem interests me, and I shall look into the matter. Return here in the morning for a further update."

When Lord Crumpet had left Scarlett sat in silence, deep in thought. Then she looked up and Emma sat on the edge of her seat.

"Well, any views?" She asked in her plum voice.

"Watson, please do me the honour and hand me my index of biographies."

Emma did so as Scarlett sat down and turned the pages to the letter M.

"Ah, Moran, Sebastian, Colonel. Born London in 1840, served overseas, currently unemployed."

She handed Emma the open book and she saw a hand written note in the margin.

"The second most dangerous man in London."

Emma felt a thrill of excitement down her spine as she looked into Scarlett's fair face.

"This is our man. A blackmailer, thief, womaniser, expert shot, cunning and rumoured to possess a ten inch manhood."

Emma sat down speechless.

"He resides in Hanover Square. Tonight, under cover of darkness you and I shall pay our man a covert visit. Come my dear, the game is afoot!"


It was already dusk when Scarlett and Emma left Baker Street and the lamps along the streets were lit for the night. The pair arrived at a small lane in a quiet neighbourhood and stopped in the front of a red brick house. The fog had finally lifted and the pair of detectives perceived the house to be in darkness. They had chosen to disguise themselves as men in an attempt to blend in and had dressed as such.

"Love your derriere, my love." Gushed Scarlett as she stood crouched behind her compatriot.

"Elementary my dear Holmes." Said she and wiggled her posterior in her men's trousers.

Both wore dark derby hats with their hair tucked under. Emma had a black and white striped shirt buttoned to the neck, and grey pants with a high waist up to the bottom of the ribs. Scarlett had similar attire plus a frock coat over the top with big buckles. They had slim fitting boots in black with white spats on top. Last, but not least their features were hidden under goggles.

"You have your trusty revolver?" Scarlett tapped Emma on the arm with a riding crop.

Emma nodded and fingered the Adams Mark 3 in her hand. They crept slowly and silently to a window three feet from the door and gained entrance without any bother. No light in the house meant Emma had to light a matchstick to illuminate their immediate surroundings. Scarlett pressed her companion in the small of her back and guided her to the library.

"I expect to find our prize somewhere in here, perhaps a wall safe or safety box."

The audible hiss of a gas lamp being lit startled the intrepid women and they spun around to see a lean figure of a male, approximately six feet in height and dressed in an elegant smoking jacket. Emma put her hand to her mouth as she perceived a revolver pointed straight at her.

"Gentlemen, if indeed you are such, sit you down on that couch over there."

Holmes looked at Emma and nodded. They flung up their hands in surrender and sat, side by side. The tall man went around the study and lit several more lamps before paying the silent women any attention.

"Permit me to introduce myself, I am Colonel Sebastian Moran and this is my house. Now please indulge me by removing those ridiculous goggles and hats, MISS Holmes, and Doctor Emma Watson."

Sheepishly the women took off their derby hats and goggles and fluffed out their hair. Moran allowed himself a smug grin as their features were revealed.

"I would remain quite still and obey my every command or it shall be the worst for you."

He waved his gun from one to the other in a threatening motion.

"Surely Colonel, you would not shoot two women in the study of your own home?"

Scarlett spoke with authority and boldness as she sat ramrod straight on the couch.

"On the contrary, two disguised persons, presumably male, break in though a window and skulk around my home? Why the law would be on MY side I were to defend myself."

"He has a point Holmes." Said Emma as she sidled up closer to her lover.

"Pray tell us your intentions you vile creature."

Holmes studied the man's features. He was in fact quite handsome with sandy coloured hair, moustache and clear blue eyes. Broad shouldered and impeccably postured Scarlett let her imagination run wild wondering about the size of his hidden manhood.

"I am positive you came for this." He produced the stolen dildo and held it up for the both of them to see.

"It was a mere trifle to purloin and it was my utmost delight in luring you into my web of iniquity in search of it. You see it was my intention all along to bring you both here. I knew any invitation would otherwise be shunned by your good selves, and I so wish to entertain you. Entertainment of the flesh, as it were."

Emma fidgeted on her cute bum and wondered what was to come.

"Are you telling us that the sole purpose of the theft of the sex toy was a ruse to lure us here for your carnal amusement?"

"I am a lecher, womaniser and a pervert, and you my dear Holmes possess the finest pair of breasts in London Town I am told. It is widely known that you and the fair doctor are an item, and it is my singular wish to ravish you both. Now, please stand and remove those silly outfits for me."

"Sir! I protest most strongly!" Cried Scarlett.

"It's entirely your choice. Strip or face the business end of my revolver."

Resigned to their fate Scarlett led the way and shed her frock coat and began to unbutton her shirt. Beside her Emma undid the side buttons of her tight pants and peeled them slowly over her narrow hips and the delectable curve of her pert rump. She crouched down and slipped her boots off and then finally undid her shirt and opened it up.

"Most comely, my dear doctor."

Moran joined in and let his gown slip from his wide shoulders letting the women consider his fine physique which was highlighted by gas light. Muscled biceps and sculpted torso belied his lean frame and long shanks. His flaccid appendage hung down between his corded thighs like a huge pipe.

"Heavens!" Uttered a wide eyed Emma as she was unable to shift her gaze from his penis.

Miss Holmes was now topless and paused a moment in her undressing. Moran indicated with his gun for her to continue and she unrolled her trousers to her boots and shucked them off.

"And there we are."

Scarlett was simply stunning naked. Even though she stood barely five feet three in bare feet her figure was perfection. Enormous thirty six inch boobs sat heavy but firm on her chest, and her rounded ass cheeks jutted up behind her. With her shapely legs and gorgeous ass she had the classic small gap between her inner thighs as she stood with feet together. Moran was bewitched by her outstanding form and his eyes ended up looking fixedly at the small V patch of dark pubic hair above her mouth watering slit of a bald vagina.

"I was right, nice bosom and no mistake."

Emma was extremely attractive and very petite. She stood five feet five and her pert breasts were firm and had very pointed nipples. Her bottom was tight and small with two divine dimples on either side of her scrumptious buttocks. Moran eyed her flat stomach and the subtle curves of her hips that led to her trimmed, downy hair atop her pubic mound.

"Bravo! Now, sit you down and indulge my wish to see the pair of you kiss."

Scarlett raised her brow and looked at Emma's desirable mouth, sensual and exciting. The detective put her lips to Emma and made contact. She put her arms around the young girl's neck and drew her close. An intense sensation swept over them both in an instant as their mouths melded together. Despite their unwelcome admirer they became lost in heated passion and opened their mouths in a slow, lingering smooch.

"What sport!" Said the Colonel as he became distinctly aroused.

Now the women's tongues darted into each others mouths and their hands sought out each others bodies, fluttering here and there. Moran was quite taken by the bountiful breasts of Scarlett as they made contact with her companions more modest pair, although they were exceedingly fetching with the hard points of her erect nipples.

Emma instinctively opened her legs and welcomed the warm air of the room on her exposed vagina. Likewise Scarlett could feel her inflamed senses surge in her loins as her bottom moved to and fro against the fabric of the couch. Scarlett cupped the perky left tit of Emma as they kissed in a sustained manner as if they were alone in the room.

"Oh yes, very good."

Moran had risen to his full ten inches of solid and swollen hardness. Circumcised and erect his massive protuberance stood proud from a mass of finely curled pubes that filled his V of a groin. Throbbing veins along the length finished abruptly at the smooth and tapered glans that was smeared by fine beads of pre cum. He eyed the riding crop that Scarlett had brought as protection and picked it up. Then he approached the couch and lightly tapped the end of the crop on Emma's soft haired vagina.

"I wish you to kiss your companion here." He pointed.

The tall naked man gave a swish through the air with the crop and then cupped the end in his left palm, his moustache twitching.

Scarlett glared at him before going onto her knees to spread the supple legs of Emma open so she could place her face in the centre. Moran grabbed his stiff member and watched Scarlett Holmes purse her pouting lips to kiss the soft labia of the fair doctor. Emma moaned as her pussy was kissed hard and put her right hand to her overheated forehead.

"Kiss it, my love, kiss it," groaned the horny girl.

She looked down at the erotic sight of the stacked blonde between her open thighs and trembled as she felt the hot lips on her sensitive cunt. Then she gasped as Scarlett leaned back and Emma thrust her pelvis up in search of those enchanting lips. Scarlett gave a wicked grin and dived between the hungry thighs once more, licking and sucking with a reckless abandon on the delirious girl.

"Admiral, admiral, presumably your sterling work in 221B Baker Street has paid in dividends. I haven't seen the like since I attended a similar debauched show in Paris."

The girls ignored the intrusive voice of the man and continued their mutual fun. Scarlett revelled in the satin soft muff of her young lover and dipped her wet tongue into the titillating pink insides. Emma grew weak at the knees as the lascivious tongue licked up and down the entire length of her slit. Then the tiny hood of skin moved back from her little love bud of her clitoris and she was tickled mercilessly.

"YES!" Yelled Emma as she lifted her hips up off the seat and pushed at the busy tongue.

Scarlett flicked and stabbed quickly but lightly with an increased rate on the erect clit as Emma closed her eyes tight shut. It was a mere formality that Emma would reach orgasm and Scarlett placed her flattened tongue on her moist folds as she came, wave after wave rattling the wee girl.

"Ladies, ladies, I am overjoyed, splendid performance. My cock is almost bursting!"

The two detectives panted from their exertions and settled in each others arms. Scarlett Holmes considered their plight and went through several notions on how to escape. She looked on at the rampant erection of the Colonel and felt a rare compulsion to touch it. She had always thought the male sex to be inscrutable and untrustworthy, but on occasion desired the male member for sexual relief.

"My dear Miss Holmes, you have behaved in a most improper and indecorous manner, and I have no choice but to give you a damn good spanking!"

Scarlett exchanged glances with Emma who cupped her tingling quim with her hand. Moran swished the crop and indicated to Holmes to bend over the couch.

"That's right my dear, wiggle that derriere for me, lift it up, higher if you would be so kind."

Scarlett assumed the position and Moran ran the crop over each perfect cheek then patted the left and then the right.

"Pay attention Doctor Watson, you may very well be next."

Emma gulped and became a tad nervous as she watched a tight jawed Scarlett tense. Her ass was prodded twice and then the play began. One smack came after another in quick succession all over the expanse of her offered bottom. Now on the lower cheeks a while and then on the tops of her thighs, every stinging contact brought out angry looking spots of red on the once pale flesh.

"Open your legs wider." He ordered.

Moran then gave some hard cracks on the soft inner thighs and Scarlett experienced a rush of pleasure in her pussy. Emma looked on shocked, but then her expression changed to one of exhilaration as she realised that Scarlett was in fact quite turned on. Then a hand slipped up to her damp cunt and Scarlett felt a fat finger enter her from behind.

"Sodden, like a bitch in heat. I have a craving to lance this desirable cunt with my prick. Doctor, as I fuck the voluptuous Miss Holmes I would regard it a huge favour if you would chastise my sorry bum with this most sturdy crop,"

Scarlett looked at Emma with big green eyes and nodded, not moving from her position bent over the couch. Moran moved in behind her and steadied her frame with both hands on her burning butt. His very hard and very erect cock poised to enter her vulva.

"Whenever you are ready." He said to a stunned Emma who lifted up the instrument in her fair hand.

The Colonel pushed his hips forward until the bloated tip of his hard cock separated the plump lips of Scarlett's pussy which opened up to accommodate the immense tool. Her head whipped back and up as she gasped and held on tight to the back of the couch. The unrelenting villain pushed in ever further until he met the flesh of her posterior and his balls laid against the crack of her peachy cheeks.

"Spank my sorry ass." He ordered as he raised his backside and widened his legs.

Emma raised her hand, tits jigging lightly as she struck him as hard as she could. He cried out and drilled his stiff pole into Scarlett who yelped with the powerful penetration. Again Emma spanked him across both buttocks and thrust him into her companion with extreme force that propelled her into the back of the seat. Moran felt stinging explosions that turned his flesh a bright crimson, and Emma enjoyed a gratuitous pleasure in seeing his pain.

"Harder, Doctor Watson, I am a wretched soul that needs chastising."

Moran began to move slowly as Scarlett adjusted to his thick girth, wiggling her rump for easier access. The walls of her pussy expanded and his rampant love pole throbbed most gratifying inside her velvet like cunt.

Emma rained blows with firm strokes and the crop swished through the air time and time again. His hands kept a grip on Scarlett's waist as he fucked her, making her wince and sob, as his body slapped hard against the alluring curvature of her remarkable bottom. The rhythm of his determined lunges matched Emma's smacks and all three were highly excited. The sound of crop on flesh merged with the wet squelching of cock in cunt as he and the blonde detective humped together.

"Have you ever had the like before, my dear Holmes?"

Scarlett could not form the words and just grunted in reply, too involved in the exquisite sensation of being totally stuffed with cock meat. Emma paused in her admonishment and looked at the incredible sight of her one true love being taken like a dog. By now Scarlett was literally dripping wet and a tell tale trickle of fluids ran down the inside of her right leg.

"The lady has a singularly tight crevice to be sure, exceedingly hot and snug."

Scarlett felt her strength wane and gradually lowered until she was flat on the seat, her massive boobs mashed against the fabric. Each and every violent intrusion into her cunt made her swollen clit press into the seat. Emma's hand found its way to her own quivering pussy and proceeded to delve into the greasy quim.

"Heavens! I do declare I'm going to climax!" Moaned a dishevelled Miss Holmes.

The busty blonde felt the heat in her clit spread through her nether regions, followed by an invigorating rush that sparked her orgasm. Her slick cunt gushed over his hard shaft as her entire body flushed with her blessed relief. Moran slid out and his cock twitched and dripped down the underside of his huge log.

"Perhaps the good Doctor would like to suck it?"

Emma bit her lower lip. She had never had the inclination to partake of the male member, but as she perceived his glistening cock awash with the sweet juices of her lover she relented, much to the horror of Scarlett.

"Sir! You horrify me most severely!"

"Doctor Watson is her own lady, she should be allowed to make up her own mind."

"It's so big!" Emma gasped, wondering how it had been possible for Scarlett to take it.

Her tiny right hand grasped the upright dick and stroked it, weighing it up and feeling the heat and wetness. With her heart racing the petite beauty purchased the bell end with pursed lips and fastened onto the tapered head. Holmes sat up and looked on as Emma went to her knees at his feet and slid her mouth in a downward direction, sucking his length in by degrees.

"My word Holmes! She is a natural!"

Emma coughed around his profound erection as she ran her lurid tongue along the underside as she gobbled him up. Moran shuddered as his cock was bathed in her saliva when Emma moved back and forth along the top half of his large member. She reared up and exhaled deeply, with a single tear drop in her left eye.

"'Tis most salty." Confessed Emma who swiped her wet lips with the back of her hand.

"Emma, I implore you, cease this now!"

Emma paid her bisexual lover no heed and took the bulbous head into her mouth yet again, sputtering on the thing as he followed through with his aching prick. Her tender lips held firm as she sucked on the big appendage as if possessed. Now totally abandoned to the given task she swirled her pink tongue around the rock hard shaft and smooth head as she attended to her damp muff with her fingers.

"No, no!" Cried a sobbing Scarlett.

"Ignore her, touch yourself, make yourself feel good."

Emma bucked up and down on her bunched toes, her long hair falling about her shoulders. Her luscious lips, once exclusively reserved for the singular pleasure of the world's greatest detective, surrounded the throbbing cock and her face flushed with lustfulness as she played with her clitoris.

Moran could no longer hold back and yelled as he directed his spewing cock at the sweet face of Emma. His thick white cum began to shoot out and she put her mouth over the head and swallowed the hot spurts until he finally stopped pulsing.


Emma winced and spat out the foul tasting semen in disgust with numerous ejections.

"I do declare," she coughed violently. "That stuff to be the most repulsive of fluids I have ever had the misfortune to experience in all my life!"

"I agree, now you horrid man put up your hands, you are undone."

Moran turned to see the provocative vision of a heaving and naked Scarlett Holmes, legs akimbo, boobs bouncing, as she pointed his own revolver at his vulnerable groin.

"For pity's sake woman, be very careful with that gun, it has a hair trigger."

"My dear Doctor Watson, be so kind as to fetch our clothing and we shall make haste to Scotland Yard this very hour. and be sure to bring the toy that belongs to Her Majesty, Princess Louise."

"Consider it done, Miss Holmes, and please forgive my lapse in reasoning earlier. Never again shall I taste a male appendage."

"We shall discuss that at length later, you may be certain of that."


A telegram as dispatched first thing after the two ladies had enjoyed a sumptuous breakfast and Lord Crumpet arrived promptly at nine sharp in a near state of collapse. Relieved at the recovery of the bejewelled dildo he could not praise Scarlett Holmes enough.

"You really have it! We are immensely indebted to you, the both of you. Pray tell how you are to be rewarded."

Emma knew the slightly eccentric, but beguiling woman normally shunned rewards and monies, and yet this time she saw a twinkle in her sea green eyes.

"There is something I would wish for, if I may be so bold." Said Miss Holmes.

"Anything, just name it."

Scarlett stood by the fire and undid her hair and let her locks flow freely about her shoulders. Emma joined her and they peered deeply into each others eyes.

"I would consider it a huge favour to be allowed to borrow the dildo for the duration of the next twenty four hours, to be returned then, to you."

"Good lord! I see, for the pursuit of study no doubt?"

Scarlett gave her petite companion a sly wink and faced Crumpet.

"Yes, I wish to examine its properties most thoroughly."

Her smile was broad as the day was long as she quickly ushered his Lordship out and began to step out of her dress.


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Re: The Adventures of Scarlett Holmes
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Wow that was a very creative and funny way of writing a story. Enjoyed the hell out of this  &|
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Re: The Adventures of Scarlett Holmes
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I love this series, great use of Scarlett in a unique way.
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Re: The Adventures of Scarlett Holmes
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I like to be different and inventive. I plan to upload all my Scarlett Holmes stories from Lit to here but with pictures. I'm so excited! I'm searching for relative pictures right now.     
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Re: The Adventures of Scarlett Holmes
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Note- I do not own the rights to the work of Conan Doyle nor do I the character of Sherlock Holmes. This is purely fan fiction inspired by said stories. Likewise, any person herein described by myself refers to no one in real life.
As usual, Scarlett Johansson as Holmes, Emma as Doctor Watson, and Rachel McAdams as Irene Adler.
Special kudos also to the bondage illustrator Bill Ward.

Chapter two, 'The Erotic Scandal In Bohemia.'

London, 1892.

"I wonder what the woman is doing right now?"

Doctor Emma Watson peered over the top of that days edition of the Evening News and pondered the offcut remark. Opposite the petite English rose sat her partner in work and life, Scarlett Holmes, the worlds first and by far the best female private detective.

The pair of elegantly dressed ladies were seated in the study of 221B Baker Street, Scarlett's lodgings in the heart of London. Bored as ever the blonde beauty was aiming her Webley chambered revolver at the wall, seemingly about to add to the already peppered wall where she had forged the initials of her Majesty Queen Victoria, V and R in bullet holes.

"Which woman?"

"THE woman."

BANG! Scarlett fired and scrutinised her work. Whenever Scarlett referred to THE woman she meant the notorious American opera singer and adventuress Rachel Irene Adler. Emma always referred to the same as that bloody Yank, fiercely jealous as she always was when another woman was mentioned by her lesbian lover.

"I care not a jot about the vile creature." Huffed Emma who resumed reading.

"I don't believe you, surely you fondly recall that day four years ago in 1888. Oh, how I miss those rosy cheeks of hers."

Again Emma looked up, her heavy lidded eyes ablaze with fury.

"Oh really? Upper or lower?"

"You know the answer to that my precious, and don't glare at me so."

Emma made a noise with her teeth and scowled even more. She did indeed remember March, 1888, when the retired wartime nurse had been present when they had been visited by a mysterious client who had turned up masked. Emma looked off into the distance as the memories flooded back.


"Please be seated," said Scarlett. "Allow me to introduce Doctor Watson, a very close colleague if ever there was one. To whom do I speak?"

The tall and distinguished gentleman sat down and placed his plumed hat on the table. In the brilliantly lit room he looked at each lady in turn. Scarlett had her medium length fair hair back and up and wore a sleeveless floor length dress in peacock blue. High necked and with a ruffled lace hem she looked chic and graceful.

"Charmed, my dear Doctor." He bowed.

The younger of the two, Emma has her light brown hair pushed back with loose waves about her shoulders. Her dress in olive had a high waist with button accents and a lace up back. Also floor length, the Count perceived her black boots under her slightly raised hem.

"I cannot divulge my true identity due to the rather delicate matter on which I have been conveyed." He continued. "Suffice to say the client I am acting for is highly ranked and is immersed in such a scandal that European history may be influenced."

"So you cannot help us in the identities of yourself and your illustrious client. Then I must refuse my help."

Scarlett moved to the fireplace and poked at it several times.

"But you must! Only the famous Holmes can help solve this singular problem."

"As my dear Doctor Watson would relate, I need data to solve any and all crimes that I investigate. If I have no facts I cannot aid you."

"This is too bad, too bad."

The masked visitor squirmed and wrung his hands as he contemplated the words of Scarlett Holmes. At six feet tall he wore a black vizard mask to disguise his ruddy features. A heavy cloak of blue silk with gold brooch was worn over his double breasted coat and britches. His fur lined boots were of a rich brown, commonly worn in Europe.

"But of course Sir, I already know who you are." Announced a casual Scarlett.

"What!" How?"

"By simple deduction, Count Kramm of Bohemia."

The man was lost and stammered and stood in disbelief.

"Holmes, this is exceedingly remarkable!" Cried Emma.

"It is my business to know what other people don't." Said Scarlett with a smug grin.

"For instance the Count dresses in the ways of Germanic aristocracy. Moreover his calling card is the type made in Bohemia and I perceive that the Count has a penchant for buggering his pet dog!"

The blustering man stood to his full height and screamed a profanity.

"My good woman, what on earth is the meaning of this outrageous statement!"

"It is known in some hushed circles throughout Europe that the Count loves his Pomeranian dogs to such an such an extent that he partakes of the physical side of his affections. If you care to see, he has unmistakable red dog hair in abundance around the groin area of his britches, and a tell tale distinct aroma of canine faeces about his person.
The Pomeranian breed has a sad history of bad smells due to poor anal glands and it's quite evident in this case. The dogs have an abundant textured coat as you can see for yourself."

"But, but, I."

"Outstanding Holmes, but quite obvious now you explain."

Emma looked decidedly unimpressed now she had the explanation and wrinkled her cute nose as she realised the Count did have a certain odour about him.

"It is simplicity itself, my dear Watson. You hear my deductions with admiration, but when I explain how I came to my conclusions you mock me. You see but do not observe. For example, you see the steps from the hall to this room every day but do you know how many there are?"

"I must confess I know not."

"Quite so! Now I know that there are seventeen steps because I observed. Tut, tut Watson, fear not. It will be clear to you one day."

"I fear not Holmes. I can never be your equal."

"Quite, but you improve with time. Tell me my vital statistics."

"36-25-36. Your bust is an adorable 32DD with the prettiest nipples and the most sinful of areolas!"

Emma almost gushed with information and sat bolt upright in her chair beaming with pride.

"Bravo! Good work, and thanks for the flattery. Now you Sir are no doubt here on the bidding of the King of Bohemia himself. And worry not, I am most discreet in these matters of State."

The Count had visibly shrunk as he sat back down dejected.

"I cannot help myself, the Pomeranian is such an affectionate creature, and most handsome."

Watson stole a look at Scarlett who managed to supress a grin. Count Kramm related the sorry situation whereupon the King was about to become engaged to marry to a Swedish Princess. But the reckless King had enjoyed a dalliance with a well known opera singer from New Jersey who had in her possession letters of his impropriety, along with compromising photographs.

"Rachel Irene Adler, of some thirty years of age now resides in West London. It is the profound wish of His Majesty that said items be procured and destroyed. Ladies, we have but three days before the announcement of the engagement, and must make haste."

Scarlett had listened in silence until now.

"And why does the King think it likely he would be blackmailed by this remarkable woman?"

"Pure logic, he is worth a fortune. We firmly believe Adler would remit the items in question without turning one hair of her golden locks."

"How much do you propose for my expenses?"

The Count held open a chamois leather bag which contained three hundred pounds in gold.

Emma looked on at the sight of so much gold and watched Scarlett stand.

"Very well. I bid you good day and we will be in touch within the three day deadline."

"You accept the offer? Splendid, splendid."

The Count rushed off and left the pair alone.

"Any ideas Holmes?"

"I have one main plan. I shall flush out the hiding place with a simple ruse of a house fire. We shall observe from a close distance and watch the lady panic and retrieve her treasure. We have three hours until the evening when we will pounce. Until then my precious let us while away the time in my bedroom. Scarlett held out her hand and they both retired to bed.


Midnight came and saw Holmes and Watson back at the lodgings in Baker Street somewhat perturbed.

"Blazes! I was certain that my plan would work, Rachel Irene Adler is certainly shrewd. Therefore it remains for us to take drastic measures Doctor. We will kidnap the lady Adler and bring her to the black room."

Emma sat with her mouth hung open. The black room! Her eyes went to a heavily locked wooden door in the corner of the room and knew in an instant what Holmes had in mind. Even Mister Hudson was not allowed to enter the room under solemn oath.
Scarlett Holmes was blessed with an extraordinary brain and stunning beauty. Her only vice was an insatiable need for pleasures of the flesh, and female flesh to boot.

"Come Watson, let us not dally a minute longer."

She gave her young lover a broad smile.

"I do believe that I'm going to enjoy this night."


Rachel's point of view.

I awoke from a false stupor and knew immediately that I had been administered chloroform to subdue me. My mouth was smothered with a silk scarf and my eyes were temporarily blinded by bright lamps.
Despite the fact that my hands were secured behind my back I was perfectly relaxed under the warmth of the lights. A hand rested on my knee and as it brushed my dress I quivered as the hem was gingerly raised up to the tops of my stockings.

"She is awake." Said a soft voice in a cultured English accent.

I shook my head and lifted my head from my prone position and through half lidded eyes I perceived two of the most unlikely figures it had been my fortune, or misfortune to behold. The walls were lined with cork, presumably as a sound proofing.

"As I see."

Scarlett Holmes had made up her face in the most dramatic fashion. Her long lashes heavy with mascara, and her full lips richly painted red. She was wearing a flowing black negligee that was quite transparent, and a pair of highly polished armpit length black kid gloves.
A red leather corset with black lace trim squeezed her waist to an agonising cinched appearance that flared her already wide hips. Her thighs were bare and she sported a fine pair of black leather boots with incredible towering stiletto heels.
Her bountiful breasts were uncovered and had thumb sized nipples that stood out proud. Between her thighs was the unmistakable golden covered muff that pouted sensuously and uncovered.

"I find her legs to be most handsome." Observed Scarlett as she raised the dress more.

Doctor Emma Watson was beside her and shot her lover a withering look. The demure young woman had morphed and was dressed provocatively in a highly polished black leather corset which squeezed her already slim waist in further.
Her pert breasts were dramatically pointed and her hair hung loose over pale shoulders.
Sleek black stockings held up by thin garter straps hugged her slender pins and framed her delicious denuded Mound of Venus delightfully.
On her legs were a pair of knee high boots, tightly laced in front and with four inch stiletto heels. It was obvious that the petite beauty could only move awkwardly in her drastic outfit.

"More than mine, lover?" Demanded Emma.

"Never my sweet." Answered Scarlett with a flutter of thick lashes.

As I listened my thighs were opened and I experienced a definite tingling sensation that convinced me that I must have become bewitched. The dress rose even higher uncovering my gleaming skin just below my undergarments, and the panting of the two dominatrix filled my ears.

I felt gloved palms caress my soft skin and I am afraid to admit that the pressure of the hands, the fingers that touched my pubis, and the thrill of being subdued fuelled my arousal.

I humped my hips in moves that seemed I was unable to control, and my loins became consumed by an unquenchable fire that made me clench my buttocks.

"Observe the vulva my dear Doctor. Enlarged and filled with vaginal fluids. Also see how her silky blonde pubes become distinctly darker as they become moist."

My underwear was removed down my stockings and the muscles in my thighs stiffened as my exposed sex was rubbed lightly.
My quim, belly and legs were now bared and I wriggled with my hands under my body.
As I was titillated by Scarlett Holmes I confess that my thighs spread out voluntarily and my mound raised up between my thighs which I saw made the good Doctor Watson wide eyed. My loins overheated and I wondered what to expect next.

"Splendid, splendid, she is nicely aroused. Watson, undress her completely. I call this the black room, which is obviously a misnomer as it is quite bright. No, it is the black room because I come here to fulfil my darkest fetishes."

My dress was drawn down from my body and my wrists were undone so that my body could be bared for all to see. I was unceremoniously pushed to my knees on the floor from behind by Holmes.
Then suddenly, in my unprotected and vulnerable state, my arms were pulled up behind me and I was tied by rope at the wrists and elbows in such a manner that my bosom thrust out.

I mumbled through my gag to no avail as a further length of rope was tied at the tops of my hips and around my cunt, cutting into the sensitive flesh.

"Have a care, Miss Adler, the tiniest movement by your good self will cause the ropes to dig deeper into your exquisite cunny. I suggest you remain ever so still. If you can that is."

I slowly looked up at the leather clad duo and my eyes grew large at the menacing looking riding crop wielded in the right glove of Mistress Holmes.

"My name is Scarlett Holmes, private investigator. I have a vast knowledge in many skills. Chemistry, British law, tobacco ash and stains. And my favourite, Anatomy. Let us see if we can loosen your tongue and discover where you keep that little hoard of your memento's of the King of Bohemia."

The scarf that had been wedged in my mouth was withdrawn and I gulped in welcome oxygen as the green eyed blonde siren leaned over me.

"I know not what you may refer to, I am simply a singer on the stage."

I flashed my hazel eyes in an innocent way and tilted my head to the left slightly.

"Very well, I am glad of it. I strongly desire some sex play with you and intend to enjoy myself to the utmost."

My gaze focused on the crop which was brought sharply down on my left mammary with a savage crack. This was followed by two further strokes in quick succession on each of my swollen nipples.

"By all that's holy!"

I screamed as Scarlett Holmes slashed at my tender tits from varying angles with the hard tool that whistled as it cut through the air. And each time I was struck the ropes cut into the flesh of my crotch as I was unable to cease my jerking due to the punishment.

Holmes was blessed with a diabolical skill as she imposed several cracks of the crop upon my breasts, and I was at once aware of my vagina palpitating about the tight ropes. My inflamed labia was stimulated beyond anything I had ever endured, and I confess that I deliberately rubbed against my binds in order to elevate my guilty pleasure. The taut rope pressed on my flattened clitoris and I gasped for air.

"See how the minx enjoys her torment Doctor, her vaginal juices are quite copious."

I sucked in air as my initial punishment had stopped and I observed my tits were of a smouldering reddish hue. Holmes took up the crop once again and patted my cunny with the hard tip. I arched my back as I was stroked with slow circular motions that made me positively whimper with sheer unadulterated delight.

"Excellent sport to be sure. Only the beginning mind, unless you care to bare your soul."

I shook my head stubbornly and awaited with bated breath the next step as the distinct clatter of stiletto's on the hard floor echoed in the so called black room.


Emma's point of view.

I looked on in wonderment and my little muff prickled with a salacious exaltation as I watched the pornographic scene unfold before my eyes.
I felt an odd sense of tallness as I tottered in the outrageous high heeled boots that Scarlett had suggested I wear. The warm air felt singularly peculiar on my unadorned pubis which had by now become very hot and moist.

"Hold this my sweet." Said Scarlett and passed me a length of chain.

"On your pretty toes if you please." Rachel squirmed and furrowed her brow.

The private investigator ran the chain through a ring that hung from the ceiling and attached it to the rope that still pulled the naked Americans arms up and behind her. As the chain was hoisted up by the leather clad Holmes she was forced onto tiptoe to ease the strain on her shoulders.

"What a stunning derriere, do you not agree my dear Watson?"

Indeed such a perfect posterior I had never encountered, apart from my beloved Holmes. From my angle her two firm cheeks were lifted up behind her and separated slightly to reveal her cunt hair that was visible just below her anus.
The fair hairs followed a path between her thighs and on up and the moisture there was evident that she was aroused.

"I simply refuse to talk Mistress Holmes, do what you will." Said Rachel stubbornly.

I watched Scarlett grin quite maliciously as she took a hold of a black leather flogger which had a thick handle and about thirty thongs at the end.

"Let's see if your backside holds up as well as your tits."

Her arm came up and the obscene tool connected with Rachel's right buttock and the blonde yelled out. I felt a thrill of excitement down my spine and my nipples poked out as hard as bullets. My hand instinctively moved between my thighs where my fingers found my dampness, and I stroked my outer lips with sinful bliss.

"For goodness sake! Cease this madness you witch!"

"Wrong answer Miss Adler."

As Rachel struggled against her bondage Scarlett let fly with the flogger and administered repeated lashes that rendered Rachel's unprotected bottom with red stripes. She writhed and clamped her thighs together as her sex became sopping wet as a result of the stinging blows on her soft naked flesh.
Her tortured rump had the curious effect of firing her ardour!
The flogger rode up between her thighs and connected with her vulnerable cunt, and her mouth opened in a silent O shape. The poor woman snapped her head up as she was given no time to recover.

"Have a care Holmes! Surely you go too far."

I implored my lover who looked upon me with that permanent pout of hers that I adored, and she stopped immediately.

"As you wish my dear. How about I do this."

Scarlett dropped the flogger and smoothed the tender buttocks of Rachel with the palm of her leather glove. Then she slid around and cupped the woman's wet quim.

"Oh my goodness, how is that so good!" Moaned Rachel as she dipped her head forward.

I frigged my own cunt frantically as I looked on engrossed as Scarlett moved her middle digit into Rachel's slit and the bound figure bucked back as her pleasure mounted.

"Come Watson, join us."

With no hesitation I gingerly tottered to the women and ran my palms up the soft naked thighs of Miss Adler and considered closely the enticing and gleaming gash. She spread her legs to allow my fingers to better caress the intoxicating lips of her pouting vagina.
Tentative at first I bent forward and extended my tongue to make contact with the wet labia. Unable to move Rachel made a drawn out moan and I was rewarded with a tiny gush of her heavenly sweetness from within. I inhaled most deeply and closed my eyes as I lapped the welcoming slot as a kitten lapped a bowl of milk.

"Good start Doctor, pray continue." Scarlett urged.

I wobbled slightly on my ridiculous high heeled boots and grasped the somewhat hot bod of Miss Adler for balance as I licked her slowly but firmly with the width of my tongue.
The outer lips parted and I slipped inside and felt her lower body quiver beneath my hands as I held her shapely bum at the top curves. Unsurprisingly my own muff leaked from the shameless foreplay I administered and I increased the rate of my licks, humming quietly with glee.

"Doctor Watson, you are exceedingly gifted in the skills of oral stimulation." Whispered Rachel.

Rachel wriggled awkwardly in her tied state and her groans grew louder as I licked all the way from the bottom of her cunt to the top with broad swipes. More juices emerged and I buried my face into her hard and sucked every last drop that I could.

"Outstanding! I applaud you Watson. Now you have prepared the good lady for penetration I shall fetch my trusty dildo."

I watched the heavenly bare bottom of my dear, dear Holmes sway beautifully as she walked to the far wall and retrieved her strap on device with the black leather sex toy that poked up at a jaunty angle from the middle.


Scarlett's point of view.

I was proud to be the worlds best consulting private detective and I relished the most difficult and impossible cases that came my way.
I am not a sociable person and I am tortured by the acute lack of interest in mundane things. Boredom is my nemesis. When the dear Doctor Watson entered my life I was most thrilled and happy.
Men had come and gone but I considered the male species to be unreliable and conniving. I am blessed with good looks and a full figure and I am definitely a creature of the flesh, craving sexual gratification whenever possible.
Here was a rare opportunity for games and frolics with the American Rachel, and I intended to make the most of it.

"Help me buckle up, my darling."

Emma fastened the wide belt of the black leather harness as I stepped into the leg straps. The front housed the dildo that had bumps and ridges along the length of the seven inch shaft.
My sweet passed me a jar of petroleum jelly which I liberally applied on the entire false cock. I approached the helpless Rachel who spread her legs willingly as her sex was probed with the lubricated dildo.

Then she gasped audibly as her lips parted to allow the tip inside and with agonising slowness the toy was pushed up.
Her cunt stretched unbelievably as I moved my pelvis in a corkscrew twist that increased the friction of the ridges leather shaft inside Rachel's tunnel.

"My word! Never have I taken anything so big before! Fuck me Holmes, push it in!"

This was music to my ears and I pushed ever on until the dildo was all the way in. Her peachy buttocks, still red raw from my flogger settled against my groin and I was overjoyed to receive a mini orgasm that made my heart beat in my chest.

"You look most corrupt Holmes in that setup." Said Emma who frigged her cunt.

I smiled at my adorable young lover and gazed at her elegant natural beauty in her louche leather outfit. My hips moved back until only the very tip remained inserted in Rachel and I slapped her buttocks with the palm of my right glove.
She squealed and I paused my thrusting in a wicked tease and I looked upon her posterior with a lustful glare, so erotic with my dildo half lodged inside her damp cunt.

"For pity's sake fuck me, I crave appeasement badly."

"I appear to have awoken a slumbering beast, Watson. Should I continue?"

"Yes, if only for my sake. I find the scene most spicy."

"I was hoping you would say that. Unchain the lady and we shall make ourselves more comfortable in my bedroom. Miss Adler may I assume that you are willing to cooperate?"

"Correct, I shall divulge all."

Watson and I aided the naked woman into the bedroom with guiding hands as she padded into the somewhat darker bed chamber.

"I fear I cannot lay on my backside, 'tis tender to be sure."

"Indeed, to me then and ride on my stallion cock."

I laid horizontally on my bed and raised the fuck pole to the ceiling. The slim naked blonde looked on and she fluffed her fair locks up with her left hand.
Her square face had an angular jawline and prominent cheekbones, and her soft hazel eyes had a captivating look about them that made me positively pant.
Rachel straddled my thighs and the big black cock nestled between hers. She held the slick toy in both hands and jerked it as if masturbating a man, then she guided it to the entrance of her succulent quim and I pushed up with a forceful thrust.

"Oh my!"

The tip pressed her cunt lips aside and slid up as I applied more pressure with a pelvic thrust. At the same moment the blonde American moved forward and placed her hands on my not so shabby tits and lowered her bottom down with a grimace on her pretty face.
My eyes went to the juncture of her legs and I smiled as the big dildo disappeared into her puffy golden muff. Our eyes met as she squeezed my bosom and my own cunt trickled fluids down the crack of my ass with a sublime sensation.

"Wonderful." I purred.

Rachel reset her knees either side of my thighs and she got into a slow rhythm as her cunt swallowed up the dildo, our hips met with soft sounds.
Her fingernails dug into my billowing breasts as she became more confident with the leather cock deep inside her.
I stole a glance at Emma who was seated on the edge of the bed engrossed in our love making. As Rachel groaned with the mammoth dildo embedded inside her my hips rose up more aggressively, driving her onto an impending orgasm.

"I feel a stirring in my loins." Said Rachel as her back arched and her hair whipped about.

The friction of our coupling grew more fluid as the blonde American grew increasingly wet. Then she shrieked and her climax ripped through her.
A sheen of perspiration gave the woman an angelic glow and I gently tipped her over and Emma and I watched her curl up in blessed rapture. My one true love wrapped her arms around me and pressed her lips to mine in a passionate kiss.

"Is it my turn yet?"

"Of course." We stripped out of our leather garments and I laid out on the bed as naked as the day I was born.


Rachel's point of view.

I laid alongside the experienced lesbian lovers as they kissed with twirling tongues in each others mouths. My breathing was harsh due to the hour of sordid activity on my person and I became fascinated in Scarlett running her hands through the silky hair of Emma.
The lightweight beauty cupped the generous tits of her paramour who moaned and released her mouth from the other to bite her lower lip. Her hand snaked down the slim stomach of the Doctor and did not stop until she reached the damp pubes between the opened legs of her lover.

"So very wet."

Emma gasped as a finger pushed directly into her moist cunt, grazing the tiny clitoris on the way. Scarlett pressed firmly on the sensitive nub and kept it still as she frigged in and out with that single digit.
Emma bucked her hips to meet every inward push and screwed her face in a singular picture of exquisite pleasure. For a fleeting second our eyes met as she turned to me and I envied her tremendously.

"Such soft skin." Moaned Scarlett as she bounced up and laid on top of Emma.

Their breasts pressed against each other as they writhed against each others bodies, grinding on each other with such fun. Emma spread her slender pins under Scarlett who settled between her parted thighs and thrust up at her, bumping their slippery vaginas together. I could see the mutual love in their eyes as Emma looked up and squirmed with sheer delight as their clits rubbed furiously on the other.

"I love it so." Murmured Emma.

As they became entwined in their lewd gyrations they became oblivious to my presence and rocked with urgent motions that I knew were bringing them to the brink of a mutual climax.
I had never perceived such an erotic sight as this, not even in Paris, and I felt my own arousal renew itself. Emma tightened her legs about Scarlett and I was able to see their soaking cunts under their rolling hips.
Their flesh glistened with sweat as they stiffened and Emma achieved orgasm first, coating Scarlett's thighs and groin with her love juice. They rolled over as Emma moved on top and she slid all the way down, until her face grew level with Scarlett's wet quim.

"Let me return the favour."

Again I was to bear witness to the expert oral technique of Doctor Watson as she first poked the navel of the busty blonde with the tip of her tongue. Then she licked out her legs behind her as she placed her face in the delicious cunt that enticed her so. They held hands as Emma licked and licked with loud slobbering noises that made me feel quite tawdry as she ate the other out.
As Scarlett's cunt dripped Emma delved deep into the pulsating vagina and added her own saliva to the mix.
I thrust my fist to my mouth at one point when the petite stunner leaned up and left a long string of spit from cunt to mouth that eventually broke and smothered Emma's chin.

"My love!"

Scarlett tilted her head up at that moment as she flooded the open mouth of Emma with her squirting juices.
Emma quickly rose up and kissed her lover hard, sharing their fluids without shame. They hugged each other and laughed heartily as they became aware once more of my sorry existence.

"Miss Adler, did you enjoy our little show?"

"Most decidedly, you are very lucky to have each other."

"Quite so, quite so. Now as to the particular items we discussed."

"They are gone! Everything I destroyed, save for one photograph. I care not of the obese King of Bohemia, dullard that he is. I have moved on in life and am myself engaged to be married to a far better man than he."

"This one picture? May we have it?" Asked Holmes.

"Gladly, on the promise that you do with it as you see fit and do not release it to the King."

"Agreed. We shall attend to our toilet and make haste to your abode. Doctor Watson, prepare a bath."


Once Rachel Irene Adler had been returned and the said picture procured Scarlett Holmes sent a telegram to Count Kramm relating the successful destruction of any and all compromising items that would cause scandal. Back at 221B Baker Street Holmes and Watson studied the cabinet card style photo for a long period. It portrayed Adler and the King in a remarkable sexual position that fascinated them both.

"Who do you think took it?"

"Perhaps a hired aid in a moment of madness in their illicit tryst."

Scarlett turned the picture this way and that, scrutinising every angle.

"The lady is certainly limber. How did she get her leg behind her left ear?"

Emma agreed, licking her lips as she shifted closer to her lesbian lover on the couch.

"I have a strong notion to recreate this position. Come my dear, to bed, the game is afoot! And bring the picture."

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Re: The Adventures of Scarlett Holmes
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Thank you for these stories, they are great.


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Re: The Adventures of Scarlett Holmes
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Glad you like. More Holmes to come, I'm having a ball uploading pictures to go with the text. Hope it doesn't look too silly.
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Re: The Adventures of Scarlett Holmes
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Note- Another entry in my imagined take of Scarlett Johansson as Scarlett Holmes, famed English female consulting detective of the Victorian age. Featuring Emma Watson as her partner in solving dastardly crimes. It's a wicked twist on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's 'Case of the Speckled Band' and 'The Adventure of the Mazarin Stone.'


Chapter Three, 'The Case Of The Speckled Penis'


London 1888

My heart was gladdened to have the adorable little fuck bunny Doctor Emma Watson in my untidy bed once more.
It had been a while since my detective work had led me to the Continent in pursuit of my one true nemesis.
Sadly it was another failed attempt on my part. By my invitation upon my return to my humble London lodgings at 221B Baker Street, my dear Doctor had joined me for an evening of fun and frolics.

"My word Holmes, that is precisely the spot!"

Indeed my perceptive and vigorous tonguing had met with Emma's sweet spot where her succulent clitoris peeped out of the protective hood.
I sucked most frantically and drove the naked beauty insane with joy, as evidenced by her throaty moans.
As she was blindfolded and secured to my bed by restraints on her wrists and ankles her perception had been increased tenfold as she was my very own toy to play with.

"It's too good, it's too good!"

"My dear Doctor, less volume or else Mister Hudson will be here in a trice to investigate."

I was kissing her sublime neck as I inserted my middle finger inside her juicy quim and invaded the delicious tunnel therein. Emma squirmed on her pert bottom and the single bed sheet rucked up her ass crack in an incredibly erotic way.
Despite the perception my singular demeanour gives to the general public and the London Police Force I am most knowledgeable in carnal behaviour and activities, with either sex.

"Lick me my sweet, lick my cunt."

I looked down at the delectable female and drank in her diminutive frame as I fondled her.
Only a short while ago the dear Doctor had been buttoned conservatively up to the neck and the hem of her dress had barely shown an ankle.

Now the fragrant minx was stark naked and tied in a starfish position as I loomed over her, all boobs and ass. The nipples of her perky tits pointed up like two ripe berries that simply cried out to be sucked.
I obliged as I ran my fingers across her flat stomach and heard her hiss with delight.

My own pussy wept as I settled between those willowy legs and I humped her with my curvy frame, kissing and nibbling her nipples.

"Yes, yes, yes!"

Emma tugged on her bonds and snapped her head backwards into the pillows under her sweet head as I moved lower and lapped at her dripping slit from top to bottom.

Despite all notions of the stuffy Victorian age and society we are for the most part quite perverted and sexually active. We just do a fine job of hiding it. The heat from her loins made me fairly giddy with excitement as I slathered on my dear Emma's cunt with rapid swipes of my tongue.

"Your pussy tastes divine." I managed to utter as my chin became coated with her love juices.

Her toes curled downwards into the Egyptian cotton sheet as her belly fluttered and her breath became ragged.
I rotated my thumb on her pink rosebud and did not let up as she wriggled under me.
Then she arched her back as if electrified by the new fangled London Underground trains and she climaxed in my face.
I pursed my lips and kept them tightly clamped to her vulva which naturally increased her orgasm to the max.

"I think that you are the devil, Scarlett Holmes." Said she as I took her blind from her eyes and kissed her full on the mouth.

I gently untied the scarves that had bound her to my headboard and she rubbed her ankles and massaged her tiny feet.

Later we laid in each others arms snugly as the window frames rattled from the windy evening. I had stoked a nice fire in the room and the flames licked and spat and illuminated the glowing features of my lover.
As I kissed her forehead I decided to broach the subject of my singular problem of bringing my foe to justice.

"Have you ever heard of Professor Moriarty, Watson?"

"I admit I have not."

'He is the most dangerous man in England and Europe, the Napoleon of crime if you will, yet he is invisible and unknown to the general public. In fact I have never met him, nor do I have the least idea of what he looks like. Just when I feel I have him he slips the net once more. 'Tis most frustrating."

Emma settled her right cheek on my boob with her eyes closed in rapt attention as she hugged me close.

"Just as I, he is the master of disguise and as elusive as a snake. I have had the good fortune to learn two facts from reliable informants that I intend to use to ensnare the evil villain for good."

"Two facts?" Emma whispered as she nibbled my erect nipple which made my pussy trickle fluids down my ass crack.

"Indeed. One, is that there is a high possibility he is here to snatch the fabled Mazarin stone. It is a yellow diamond which is part of the Crown Jewels. It is priced at no less than one hundred thousand pounds. With the aid of brother Mycroft and the British Government I have been given possession of the stone for twenty four hours from midday tomorrow. Ooh, nice!"

Emma had pushed me onto my right side and spooned her body behind me as she ground her flesh on mine.

"With the stone in residence right here I am expecting no less than three attempts to purloin it. There is rumour of three possible suspects for the intended theft, one of which will be Moriarty."

"How will you know which is the true Moriarty?" She asked as she fingered my fine pubes from behind.

"By his remarkable and unique physical trait that is the one defining characteristic of the man. When he ejaculates during sex or masturbation, the glans of his penis displays a quite visible speckled or mottled pattern in a hue of red and purple. This turns magenta until he has spilled his seed and he becomes flaccid."

Emma rose up sharply and sat up as it dawned on her my intentions.

"You mean..."

"Yes, I intend to fuck all three at the scene and determine the real Moriarty by his speckled cock."

"By all that's holy, I never heard anything so preposterous in all my life."

"And yet that is my intention. Once you have eliminated the impossible then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. Are you with me?"

Emma left the bed and padded over to the window in all her naked glory and my eyes never left the sensuous sight of her glorious backside. As she gazed out of the window at the nigh time London street below she crossed her right foot over her left so that her weight was on her left side and her back was arched. What a sight for sore eyes!

"Need you ask? Of course I am with you, wholeheartedly."

She turned her gaze to me and I melted as I looked into her honest light brown eyes, heavily lidded below groomed brows. Such a graceful creature did not exist but for the chic young woman standing before me.
Silhouetted by the gas powered street lights she was the epitome of Botticelli's Venus.

"Then the game is afoot. Now come back to bed you little tiger and lick my cunt."


Doctor Watson and I took a stroll in the morning soon after breakfast and then returned for a light tea served by Mister Hudson, my housekeeper. At noon brother Mycroft delivered the precious diamond with no less than a dozen Yeoman of the Guard in attendance, all of whom withdrew, leaving myself the sole protector of the shiny toy.

"Good evening, my sweet."

Doctor Watson duly arrived looking scrumptious and spent a good half an hour cleaning and loading her trusty Adams Mark 3 army revolver, a souvenir of her time in Afghanistan.
The night drew in and I smoked by the fire as I collected my thoughts.
I find that the smoke sharpens my appetite for carnal knowledge. Having luxuriated in a bath after a little supper my body felt most cleansed and ready for an evening of sex. I had my medium length fair hair back and up and my nightgown was all I wore apart from my carpet slippers.

"That is a rough looking fellow to be sure." Commented Emma at the window as she perceived a dark clad figure with a rustic moustache approaching our front door.

It had been my idea to seat a crude looking and life sized wax dummy of myself at the window of the drawing room as a decoy for those who planned on gaining entrance to the apartment. Now the hour was after midnight and our first uninvited guest had deigned to call. I came out of my reverie and stood up.

"Withdraw to the bedroom, Doctor." I waved my hand at the surprised young woman.

"I insist on staying with you!" She implored.

"You will be in the way. Prey withdraw, but stay alert behind the door."

With the lights extinguished I hid in the shadows as the door opened softly and a tall man crept up behind the dummy, a sturdy cane gripped firmly in his fist and raised above his head.

"I beg your pardon but could you refrain from staving in the head of my effigy."

Startled and confused the man did a double take and realised that he had mistaken my decoy for me and had therefore underestimated me. Was this Moriarty? Dressed down for the task at hand?

"Confound it woman! Where is the stone?"

The fiend approached me, his moustache bristling, and with a malicious intent of physical harm on my person on his face. I drew my Webley chambered revolver from the pocket of my gown and pointed it at his chest.

His formidable dark moustache shaded a cruel lipped mouth as he scowled at me. He looked at me with a furrowed brow when I lowered my weapon and retreated.
I went to my sturdy desk and rested my posterior on the edge while I absentmindedly ran an index finger down my generous cleavage.

"You wish to see the diamond? Or perhaps a glimpse of these would suffice."

I unbuttoned my nightgown and revealed my large thirty six inch boobs with a dramatic flourish. I inhaled deeply and my chest heaved most provocatively as I shook my head and let my hair tumble loosely about my shoulders.

The man looked agape, his eyes staring fixedly on my curvaceous naked firm as I stepped out of the night attire and stood barefoot in front of him. I turned side on and let him leer at my rounded ass which jutted out behind me as I bent at the waist.


I ran my finger across my stomach as I faced him again and let my thighs part slightly to allow him a glimpse of the small V of fine pubic atop my mouth watering bald slit.
Betwixt a rock and a hard place moustache man fumbled for the buttons of his fly and whipped out his erect pecker.

"Now, isn't that better? Mister?" I purred.

So hypnotized was he that he refrained from giving me his identity He threw his top coat wide open and he feverishly wanked his cock as he scrutinised my desirable body.
I did ponder a moment on whether the real Moriarty would be so bold as to reveal his manhood in such a hurry, but then who could resist my irresistible curves. Modesty is not one of my virtues.
His cock was not overly large but had a nice thickness in the shaft.

"Watch me." I said.

I slid a finger inside my pussy and licked my lips as I gave him a come hither look. Frigging myself I made sounds of pleasure as my hand became a blur. He turned his foreskin back and I perceived the glans of his organ, smooth and tapered. No speckled appearance as far as I could ascertain.

"My word, I'm so wet, almost juicy you might say." I pouted as I spoke.

The man drooled some and I didn't need to be a mind reader to know that he wanted me. Well, who wouldn't? With his eyes fixed on me I widened my legs further and as I perched on the desk edge with my thighs apart he approached and stepped between my legs and aligned his prick to my pussy entrance.


He rubbed the head up and down the moist slit as he stared into my eyes. I confess I let out a mournful groan as I gripped the edge of the desk and willed him to enter my aching cunt. With a sigh he did so and we both let out tiny whimpers from the sublime penetration.

"Fuck me, damn you, fuck me!" I spat the words and held my chin up high.

Moustache man started slowly but each thrust drove inside me deeply and my hand went behind him so I could draw him in closer. All that mattered was getting him off so that I could study his cock as he came.
He shoved in and out at a steady rate and my cunt responded to his thick girth.
My ample bosom wobbled on my chest as I was rocked against the desk.
Thanks to my wetness he was slick enough to glide in and out with ease.

"Gagh!" He exclaimed as his trousers puddled around his shoes.

The pressure of his thrusting made the desk bite into my ass as he buried his cock inside my welcome cunt. Then he surprised me by grabbing me by the shoulders and lifting me up into the air.
Totally lost in the moment my feet dangled in mid air as I was royally impaled on his pole and slid up and down as his hands held my buttocks.


I held onto him at the neck and mussed the collar of his shirt as my pussy slid down deeper and deeper until he was buried in me up to the hilt.
My juices flowed down my thighs and down his front as I creamed on his cock with my moans escaping my mouth with sheer bliss.

"Yes, yes, oh my word yes!"

I decided to change tack and turn around so that I faced the desk.

"Fuck me from behind, lance this cunt I say."

I stuck out my rump and felt his hands run all over my buttocks. Again he thrust up inside me and he held me by the hips as he pulled me to and fro on his length. I confess I liked it, no, I loved it as his body banged into me hard.

I moaned continuously as I was gloriously fucked and I squeezed my pussy around his embedded prick.
My feet dug into the carpet beneath me as his heavy ball sack slapped on my posterior with his unrelenting steam hammer thrusts.

"Whenever you are ready to cum, I wish to taste your cream."

I winced when instead of a reply he struck my lower right cheek with his leather glove and I cooed from the gratuitous pleasure it gave me. His rock hard cock drilled my velvet like quim most gratifyingly so and I put my fist in my mouth to stifle a scream.

"I'm going to cum soon," I lied and turned to look at his sweating visage.

"I want you to cum. Cum for me, cum on me. Cum now, I need you to cum now."

"Great Scott! I do believe I am spent!" He cried.

The man slid out of me and I turned quickly and dropped to my knees and tugged his twitching cock in my right hand. His seed flowed from his erupting cock and he gasped for breath as I stroked his throbbing length.
Once the white cum had spilled I looked at his glans and sighed.


I perceived a distinct lack of discoloration on his crown and realised he was not the Professor. I stood as he panted from his exertions and called out.

"Doctor Watson!"

The graceful girl appeared from the bedroom somewhat flushed with the rope of her robe untied giving me a tantalising glimpse of her nakedness beneath. I grinned as I knew that she had been listening at the door while she frigged herself.

Armed with revolver and handcuffs we secured moustache man and took him downstairs and locked him away in the kitchen pantry for the time being. He protested most loudly and I decided a gag would be needed.
Then Emma and I returned to my rooms.

"I do hope my desk hasn't been ruined," I said as I examined the sweaty puddle I had made in my ministrations.

Emma laughed as she began to prepare a hot tub in the other room.


Emma's point of view.


Two hours passed and my darling Scarlett Holmes had tended to her ablutions and toilet after her illicit fuck over her desk. I did not think that any of my adventures with the illustrious detective had been so highly charged sexually.
Back in her night gown with the plunging neckline she sat by the window as I paced the floor in my robe.

She and I looked at each other as a distinct creak on the stairs alerted us to an intruder.
Scarlett placed her finger to her lips and pointed to the door for myself to await the entry of suspect number two.

"Right," I whispered and held my firearm in a tight grip.

The stranger hustled into the drawing room and stiffened as he felt the cold steel of my revolver against the back of his ear.

"What's the game? What's up?"

He looked like a prize fighter, heavily built with a thick neck and expressionless face. Stood at the open door he looked around somewhat puzzled as his sullen eyes focused on Scarlett and then myself.

"If I may put it in a nutshell I should say it was ALL up." She said authoritatively.

I turned up the gas and the mans features were highlighted, at which I noticed Scarlett curl a disgusted lip at his plain visage.

"Step forward Sir and be recognised."

The man grunted and moved to the centre of the room in his heavy hobnail boots. Surely this ruffian could not be the so named Napoleon of crime unless as my blonde lover had noted he was the master of disguise.
Alas, only one way to find out for certain.

"I know all about you, Scarlett bloody Holmes, and your bit on the side."

He threw me an hideous sneer and I felt my knuckles go white as I tightened my grip on my trusty revolver. Scarlett was icy cold as she stood before the giant of a man, she only five feet three. Her gorgeous green eyes and sexy pout made my heart flutter as she boldly stood before the intruder defiantly.

"Were you born so? Or did it come by degrees?"

She winked at me and as instructed I took off my floor length robe and stood as naked as the day I was born. The pair of them looked at my petite figure, narrow of hip and pert of buttocks, and I tilted my chin up proudly.

Scarlett did likewise as the stranger became less flamboyant and a little befuddled. I joined my blonde darling and we began to stroke each other and nibble each others lips, grinding our naked bodies in a most salacious manner.

"Don't mind us, go ahead and look for the diamond if that is why you came."

He took off his flat cap and shuffled on his boots as Scarlett and I locked mouths and kissed with our tongues seeking out the others. I stole a glance at the man and saw that the bulge in his trousers had grown significantly larger.

Transfixed by our making out he slowly tugged down his pants and released his erect member from the tight constraints.
Scarlett grabbed my bottom and squeezed me most passionately and my pussy tingled as I became moist with anticipation.

"Would you like me to kiss that better?" Asked Holmes in a matter of fact way.

"I'll bet he would love to have us suck him." I said joining in the foreplay.

We kissed some more and our tongues darted into each others mouths as we bumped hips brazenly and with audible smacks of our flesh.

"Ladies! What mischief is this! My cock is near to bursting!"

"Let us relieve you of your tension." Said Scarlett in a soothing manner.

We both drew nearer the brute and pulled his trousers all the way down to his ankles. I bit my lip as I held his rigid member upright and realised just how big he was.

My slender fingers barely went around the shaft which pulsed as his heart beat in his broad chest.
I turned to Scarlett and stared into her ocean green eyes as she pursed her perfect lips and fastened them to his bulbous crown.
He was circumcised and his glans free of any discoloration as my blonde lover slid her mouth down and sucked his cock in by degrees.

"My stars!" He spluttered as his cock was sucked and drooled on by Scarlett.

Fascinated my hand found my leaking pussy and I played with my clit as Scarlett bucked up and down on her toes as she hummed happily on the large hose. Then she handed his tool to me as if passing a baton and I blanched at the task ahead.

"Holmes, I don't think..."

She glared at me and I nodded and began to use my tongue to give the hot and saliva coated prick spiral licks up and down the veiny stalk.
He gave the most frightful noises as he hopped up and down and held my head in his left mitt and Scarlett's in his right.

We alternated our sucking as our hands pumped his shaft as hard as we were able.
I sucked, handed him over, she sucked and handed him back to me. His face went from left to right as if he were watching a game of tennis. We were finally rewarded as our man could no longer hold back and his thick cum spewed out into the air and smothered our fists.

"Ah!" Cried Scarlett as she scrutinised the pulsing cock head.

Gush after gush of cum burst forth from his twitching cock. Oozing white cream I also looked as closely as possible as he came and I could not detect any speckling reaction.
Somewhat spent he appeared dishevelled and he blinked rapidly as he fished about for his discarded trousers.
Scarlett gave me the nod and I gave him a nice crack on the noggin and he crumpled to the floor.

"Poor wretched soul, but obviously not our man."

Scarlett spat some of his cum into the palm of her hand and rose up to wash once more.


Scarlett's point of view.


It took the dear Doctor the most part of a half hour to drag the hefty brute to one corner of the room and handcuff him to a chair.

The window made a crack and a swift whistle was heard by my dear Emma and I. The dummy shook and toppled over onto its side, a penny sized bullet hole in the temple.

"Exceptionally fine shot I must say. From five hundred yards no less."

The shot had obviously been fired from a room across the street and the gunman was presumably on his way to thieve the diamond from a deceased Holmes.
I again dispatched Emma to the bedroom and took the place of the dummy and awaited my visitor.
Sure enough I heard a light footfall behind me and I inhaled deeply as the person found the Mazarin stone and brought it to the window for a better look in the darkened room.
I spun in the chair and pointed my gun at his heart.

"Be so kind as to drop the weapon, my dear Sir."

I perceived the tall and handsome six footer in the all black attire as he let his gun clatter to my Persian carpet and raise his gloved hands.

"So, I do declare, Miss Scarlett Holmes. In the flesh."

Not quite in the flesh, but that was to come. I looked at the man who stood straight backed and alert with a curious mind.

"And to whom do I have the pleasure of addressing?"

"Never you mind." He raised a finger at me as if it were a loaded weapon, his clear blue eyes piercing mine.

"It would be wise of you not to cross me Holmes."

The manner in which he presented himself and his overall confident demeanour leant me to believe that this was indeed Moriarty.
But being the horny slut that I am I needed proof positive before coming to the wrong conclusion, and why did he have to be so damnably good looking.
The gas light flickered and dimmed and his eyes were suddenly highlighted against the shadow of his face and a thrill of the chase went right through me.

"I strongly advise you to dispense with the tedious threats, my good man."

"And if I do not?" He bellowed.

"Then Doctor Watson will put a bullet through your brain."

He turned to the open door of my bedroom where Emma, the saucy girl, stood naked with her revolver fixedly pointed at our latest suspect.

"You have me at a disadvantage I see." He spoke in a hushed voice.

She motioned with a shake of the barrel for us to enter my bedroom which we all then did.

"I would very much like you to remove all clothing and stand with your hands up."

As he reluctantly complied under threat of the gun I too stripped off and let the man drink in my naked body, as well as dear Emma's.
He stripped completely and my eyes widened at his quite fine physique, lean of frame and long shanks.

His semi hard and uncircumcised prick rose to half mast and reached what I guessed to be at least five inches in length.
Emma drew beside me and we all three looked from one to the next as the tension increased. I went to my bed and reclined on my side and crooked a finger for the fair man to join me.

"Go." Advised Emma him as she dramatically cocked her gun.

I saw that his massive protuberance had achieved full erection and his tool poked out from finely curled pubes that made his erection appear even bigger.
The foreskin hid his glans and I could not help but wonder what lay hidden under. He padded over to my side of the bed and I stretched out on my front and reached out.
His cock bobbed up and down and I steadied it with both hands.

"Now, let us see." I peeled back the foreskin and reacted to the mushroom sized crown that pretty much put the upper portion of his shaft in the shade.

I licked upwards from the base slowly until I reached the tip of his huge organ. My mouth opened and his head entered until I clamped my lips tightly around it and hollowed my cheeks. He hissed at the vacuum I made and he actually let a dribble of saliva leave his mouth. Good start!

"This is witchcraft!"

Strange language coming from a learned Professor. Was this really Moriarty?

I angled my head and let his hot length slide into my mouth using my tongue to lick along him as I went.
With meticulous motions I began to suck and lick at a faster rate as he grabbed the back of my head and held me close to him.
I took his swollen cock deep into my throat and my eyes never left his as I rocked back and forth. There were no signs of him coming soon so intercourse it was going to have to be.

I released his dripping member and went onto my back as Emma reposed on a seat by the foot of the bed and crossed her slim legs.

"Go ahead and lick her out."

"If I must, I must."

He stole a furtive glance to Emma and gave his hard on a quick spiral twist and dropped his face to my snatch. I immediately let out a little sob as his hot breath puffed on my inner thighs and in an instant I was leaking love juice.
His right hand swept up my smooth as marble thighs and slipped across my belly which sent a shiver down my spine.

"Nice touch."

He murmured something as he found the moist opening of my pussy and proceeded to kiss my cunt before fanning out to my left inner thigh.
Then he moved inward and brushed my quivering snatch on his way to my right inner thigh. I writhed in pleasure and fingered his fine head of hair as he raised my bum and lapped greedily on my puffy labia.

"My word Holmes, he is rather good at that."

"Mm, hmm!" I mewed as his nose burrowed into my pubes and his tongue parted my outer lips on its way to my pink inners.

The speed of his licking was highly impressive and my arousal built and built as he brought me closer to my orgasm.
Tiny beads of perspiration dappled my cleavage as my boobs heaved from the heated attention my pussy was receiving.

He was doing things to me that only my lover Emma had been capable, now this man, this evil man, was doing the most delicious things to my clit. I sobbed for relief as he nibbled my nub and fingered my hole and soft quakes filled me to the core.

"I'm coming!"

I was still stroked as a surge of heat went through me and my cum coated his lips. Before I could collect my thoughts he was between my thighs lifting my hips up so he could penetrate me.
The impossibly wide cock head split my folds and embedded inside my cunt. I gripped his forearms and my nails dug into his flesh as he slowly moved in and out, inch by inch.


His hands were behind my back as he drew my curves to his chest and surged in and out with long thrusts.
My hips rocked and met his every stroke home as we moved in sync on the bed. He pulled me even further forward and sucked on my left boob as his cock ground into me.
I screamed as he bit and licked my hard nipple and my fluids bathed his balls as I came for a second time.

"My gosh!"

I heard Emma but could not see her as unbelievably this man quickened his pace and rammed into my soft pussy without mercy. I wriggled, I squirmed, I twisted on his wonderful prick as he pumped and pumped away, oblivious as to his predicament.


Emma's point of view.

"I wish to fuck the Doctor."

In a bold move he pulled out of Scarlett and got onto his back, his long, long legs pointing to the door and his prick high and straight up. I looked at Scarlett who looked at me and I breathed easier when she nodded yes.
I rose from my seat and handed her my revolver and positioned myself on his lap.
I shrieked as the suspect lifted me into a desirable position so that my divine pussy was right over his erection.


I rocked my hips as I eased my cunt down onto his thick knob and sank half way down his shaft.
It was a snug fit as I attempted to ride up and down with my thighs clamped tightly against his.
Tiny whimpers emanated from me as I placed my hands on his groin and stroked to and fro along his length.
The more I fucked him the wetter I became, a most wicked and welcome trembling ripped through me as my moans grew louder.

"You are as tight as a fly's cunt." Remarked the man somewhat ridiculously.

I moaned louder and my head rolled back as I accepted more and more of him in my sodden pussy.
My heart pounded in my chest wildly as his hands cupped my buttocks and caressed the soft skin.
My tits bounced in front of me as I rose and fell on him with a thrill.

I was a mass of trembling nerves as I fucked him, all the time sinking down as low as possible on his stiffness.
My pert bottom made smack, smack, smack noises on his groin as I bobbed on him at a furious rate, determined as I was to bring him off.

"What a little bunny you are!"

I heard Scarlett giggle beside us as the tremors in my belly multiplied as I moved faster as my orgasm neared.
My pubic bone rasped on his and I screamed as I exploded on his boner. I had my wits about me and I milked his cock with my contracting cunt muscles in an effort to bring about his climax.

"You witch!" He declared as I hopped off just in time for him to shoot.

Scarlett joined me as he pumped stream after stream of milky cum into our faces.
I swallowed some as my nose was smothered and Scarlett squeezed his shaft to ensure every drop was accounted for. He quickly realised the game was up and covered his bell end with his foreskin again.

"If you would be so kind as to pull back your foreskin, Professor."

I spoke with a steady tone as I gathered my wits and held the nozzle of my revolver directly on the mans testicles.

"Who? Me? I refuse most strongly." He roared in our ears.

"I strongly advise you to acquiesce Professor. Doctor Watson may not be as good a marksman as you but from this range she cannot miss."

Reluctantly he drew back his foreskin and we both gasped at the sight of a red and purple blotchiness of the of the glans. Moriarty!

"Is it a sexually transmitted disease, Holmes? I have never encountered this abnormality in all my nursing years." I asked.

"Have no fear my dear, dear Emma. It is simply a matter of the mucosal tissues being super sensitive to sperm and smegma, most common in ejaculation naturally. We are in no danger of contracting bacteria. So, Moriarty. At last I have you in my grasp. Doctor Watson, be so good as to call Mister Hudson and have him fetch Inspector Lestrade forthwith."

I gathered up my robe and covered my nakedness and went at once to see where the housekeeper was. What a night this had been!

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You are the Master!

Thank you!!!
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Glad you like. More Holmes to come, I'm having a ball uploading pictures to go with the text. Hope it doesn't look too silly.

Love them, they really add to the stories.
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Note- One more entry with Scarlett Johansson and Emma Watson in a parody of Holmes and Doctor Watson. Loosely based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's 'Adventure of the Three Students' and 'The Copper Beeches.' Kudos to legendary adult movie star Peter North for inspiration.


Chapter Four, Scarlett and the Three Students.

It was in the year of 1895 that Scarlett Holmes and I spent a few days in the University town of Cambridge.
What appeared to be a small adventure turned out to be yet another debauched affair that found myself and my adorable lover fucking our way to its conclusion.


It was a cold morning of the early Spring and we were residing in furnished lodgings close to a library where Scarlett was pursuing some boring researches.
That was when we had an unexpected visit from a young lady in some distress.

"I trust, Miss Holmes, that you might have the time and notion to listen to a most sorry tale of a woeful girl such as I."

"I am very busy just now, and I am taking on no cases whatsoever for the foreseeable future. Doctor Watson will see you out." Scarlett gave a wave of her hand at my good self without looking up.

I looked at the young lady, neatly dressed and with a freckled pretty face. She seemed most anxious and wiped a single tear from her left eye.

"Miss Holmes, I have had a remarkable experience and I have no one else to turn to. I think you might be intrigued when I relate the details to you."

Scarlett looked up from her papers and looked at us with her clear green eyes and parted those perfect lips, the upper being of the same dimension as her lower.

"It's hardly a crime to listen to the woman, Holmes." I ventured.

"Very well my dear Doctor, pray tell then young miss, but I have a mind to turn you down already."

The woman sighed in relief and relaxed as she sat herself down in a chair and composed herself.

"My name is Violet Hunter and I have reached the age of twenty five. I have been a governess for five years now and recently successfully applied for a position at St. Luke's College here in Cambridge.

I settled down quickly and in modesty I attracted several glances of affection from the students. As you may observe I am not without good looks and my hair is somewhat luxuriant, and of a rather peculiar tint of chestnut. In particular I was enamoured with three youthful men in particular, and most flattered by their attention.

Giles Gilchrist, an athletic scholar of nineteen years of age. The second is Raj, an Indian exchange student who is a little older at twenty. Lastly we have Miles McLaren, a gifted man in mind and manner with the darkest of eyes, and all of nineteen."

I saw Holmes begin to lose interest and twiddle her thumbs in boredom, when Miss Hunter then related the meatier part of her tale.

"In the space of one evening, on the occasion of the end of term celebrations, I got quite drunk, and...well, I slept with all three students and am now in the family way. I had invited all three to my lodgings where I engaged in foreplay and oral sex but I was only penetrated by one of them.
Thanks to my drunken stupor I do not know the identity of the father except it is the one who penetrated me completely and impregnated me."

"And how exactly are WE to determine which of these is the one responsible?"

Demanded Scarlett who began to pace the floor in her long dress with the high collar.

"By the incredible gift the man has of ejaculating excessive amounts of sperm when he comes to a climax. As I said, I engaged in oral sex and one of the students came in my mouth when I performed fellatio.

One other came in his fist as he caressed my bosom. The final man had sexual intercourse with me and came inside my vagina, producing so much semen that it overflowed from me and onto the sheet beneath me.
He withdrew and continued to spurt in copious amounts of sperm that literally exploded in rapid fire from his member and splattered my body and face like a cannon.
Two foot arcs bathed my flesh to such an extent that I was awash in the stuff."

I stole a glance at Scarlett, who was now all ears, and saw her cross her legs under her long dress and I surmised that something was stirring down below.

"The other two were quite normal in their orgasmic bliss but were overshadowed by this human pistol, who, to my shame, I cannot identify since I awoke and came to my senses.
The students are tight lipped and would never divulge information in this matter, albeit that I wish the subject to remain in the dark. If there is any way you can assist me I would be most humbly grateful."

"How bizarre. And once you are aware of the mans identity?"

"I hope to reason with him for the sake of the child, if not I shall sail to America and stay with my sister who has settled there since her marriage."

"Watson, you are the medical expert here. What causes a man to ejaculate anyway?"

I cleared my throat loudly and blushed as two pairs of eyes focused on me and awaited my answer.

"Well, the prostate gland produces a thick, white fluid that mixes with the sperm from the testicles to make semen. Muscles contract as the penis achieves erection and stimulation and the ejaculation follows.
In this case I might venture that the man may be in the possession of not one, but two prostates, which would explain the severe orgasm."

"Thank you, Doctor. Are the three students in residence now, Miss Hunter?"

"Indeed they are Miss Holmes. Will you aid me?"

Scarlett made a steeple with her fingers and then stood.

"It is a noteworthy tale to be sure. The answer is yes. I shall glance into the case for you and will have your man before daybreak. Watson, are you with me?"

"Always, Holmes. What is your plan?"

"Elementary, Watson. We observe all three in orgasm and determine who comes the greatest."

"Are you proposing that we make love with each student?"

"You have it in a nutshell."

"Surely there must be another way!"

"If I set my mind to it, yes. But isn't this way more fun? We shall have a light luncheon and then act."


Scarlett's point of view.

My two insatiable appetites are feeding my large brain with facts, data, clues and puzzles. I constantly have to have stimuli to stave off the interminable boredom of every day life.

The other is my need for sexual relief, something I crave each and every day. Women, men, multiple partners, it matters not as long as I have a thoroughly good time.

"Come along you two, I am determined to see this deed out before the evening is done."

Miss Hunter led us to the student lodgings and informed us in which the three suspects roomed. Giles on the first floor, McLaren on the second and Raj on the third. We stood at the bottom of the stairs as we contemplated the task at hand.

"Logically we should start on the first floor and work our way up. Doctor, you take Miles on the second and I shall take Giles. If we are unsuccessful in finding our culprit we shall team up and tackle Raj together. Agreed?"

Emma looked at me with those heavy lidded, come to bed light brown eyes, and smiled demurely. Her perfect groomed brows furrowed and I squeezed her hand in support.

What a dear friend to have indeed. We made out way up the stairs and I decided to go route one with Mister Giles Gilchrist, the athletic scholar, and await his imminent arrival to his room.
I gained entrance easily and once inside I stripped off and laid naked in his single bed.
It was not a long wait before I heard the key in the door and the tall man entered.

"What the devil!" He exclaimed as he saw my fair haired face poke out from under the sheet.

"Oh, I'm most terribly sorry, I appear to have picked the wrong room. I'll leave."

"I should say so, madam, leave my room this instant."

His eyes blazed with fury until I lifted up the sheet and he observed my nakedness.
I placed my right foot on the floor, and then the left very slowly which gave him a tantalising glimpse of my downy covered muff between my parted thighs.
I deliberately jiggled my thirty six inch tits and smiled to myself as he ran his hand through his thick mop of hair in amazement.

"Would you be so kind as pass my petticoat. It's just there."

I moved nearer to him and pointed, letting him inhale my perfumed body. He picked up my petticoat and handed it to me with a trembling hand.

"Is there something amiss, young fellow?"

As I spoke I used my right hand to absentmindedly scratch my stomach from just under my cleavage and down to the top of my Mound of Venus. His eyes followed my move every inch of the way until his eyes remained glued to my puffy labia which protruded from under my almost transparent pubes.

"You...you're most handsome, Miss?"

"Call me Scarlett. I'm such a scarlet woman."

I licked my permanent pout from left to right, upper then lower, and received all the signals I was looking for.

"Who are you?"

"Giles," he answered with a dry rattle.

"Are you a student? You look like an athlete. May I feel your bicep?"

Without waiting for his reply I massaged his right arm through his shirt and felt the strong muscle through the material.

"Yes, I am. I run the one hundred yard dash and participate in the long jump. It's my favourite thing."

My hand moved on his body in a slow line down his shirt and didn't stop until I cupped his bulge in his slacks.
His Adams Apple moved up and down which I found most amusing as my fingers gripped his testicles firmly.

"Do you know what MY favourite thing is?" I said in my best husky voice.

"Your favourite thing? What's that?"

"Sucking cock."

I tightened my fingers on his stiffening cock and began to stroke him to full hardness through the fabric.

"Do you like having your cock sucked?"

I did not avert my gaze from his as I slowly pumped his prick and cocked my head in feigned interest.

"Y...yes!" He stammered.

"You know what else I like?" My hand lightly stroked him from balls to tip.

"Oh! N...no."

"I like a man to cum on my tits after a rough seeing to. Would you oblige me?"

I bent on my knees and undid the buttons on his fly and his cock immediately jutted out and up.
I had the answer to my question. His mouth fell open as my pouty lips slipped down on his thick length and I rotated my head from side to side as I pulled back.
He moaned as my fingers dug into the base and my mouth worked up and down, covering the entire length. I slipped back and admired my work, a thoroughly saliva soaked, glistening prick.

"There, still want me to leave?"

He shook his head, the poor lamb, as I closed my eyes and sucked him into my mouth. My tongue ran wicked circles around the crown as I plunged down and let him hit the back of my throat.
I cupped his balls as I ceased sucking and let his cock rest inside my mouth as my drool spilled out down my chin and into my deep cleavage. Then I inched back up, slowly, slowly, slowly until his cock emerged as slick as a river.

"Amazing!" He uttered.

I returned to the bed and laid back and ran my left hand over my breasts, widening my legs to expose my swollen cunt. I moaned without censure as my passion grew and watched Giles strip off his clothing.
My focus took in his lean frame, muscular chest, long legs and firm thighs.

"Come to me and lick my quim."

He let out a tiny moan and bent his head and kissed the inside of my left knee, rising slowly as he peppered my soft skin until he reached my inner thigh.
At the same time he caressed my right leg with tender care as my pussy moistened most delightfully.
Then his tongue extended and he ran the flattened flesh over my tingling muff for just a teasing second before hopping to my right inner thigh to flick at it lightly.

"Very good, young man. I am heartily impressed."

He surprised me further by moving upwards to close his mouth on my right nipple, sucking noisily until it hardened in his mouth. My head snapped back into his solitary pillow and my arms went up to grip the headboard above me.
He licked and sucked and bit my tit until I cried out in bliss at his oral skill.
His taut leg pushed between my legs to widen them further before he dived into my snatch and greedily tongued my clit.

"Yesssss!" I hissed and arched my back as he made swift circles around my hard bud until I leaked juices onto his chin.

His strong grip anchored my body to his bed as he lapped at my pussy with wet licks and hot breath. My head turned this way and that and I gripped the sheets in both fists, bracing myself for my orgasm.

"Fuck! Fffffuckkkk!" I yelled and my hips came up from the bed as he swiped my sopping slit from anus to clitoris.

I came hard when he finished me off with a hard press of his thumb on my clit and my breath escaped my lungs with furious veracity.
He must have gazed upon me as I attempted to gather my wits, and when I opened my eyes he climbed on top of me and let his weight settle with his hard cock between my parted thighs.
He tested me with a couple of gentle pushes at my slit before daring to let his tip enter me. I grabbed his butt and pulled him down, urging him to penetrate my wet cunt.


He groaned as his cock buried itself inside me and he appeared surprised at how wet I was. His left hand grasped my right boob and fingered the nipple as he subjected me to a series of hard, grinding motions that saw him slide in and out of me.
Once settled I lifted my legs right up and placed them on his broad shoulders so that the backs of my meaty thighs pressed on his chest.

"Fuck me!" I urged and sighed as his hips butted my ass as he sent his cock back and forth.

We stared into each others eyes as he fucked me with short, fast strokes and I felt his balls slap audibly against my bottom with a wanton lewdness.
He lowered his face and coaxed my mouth open with his tongue which tasted of my pussy. His tongue snaked over my lower lip and the heated kiss fired the man even more so that he fucked me into the mattress with frenzied drives of his pelvis.
Sweat trickled down his brow and I wiped it for him.

"Cum for me Giles," I urged. "Cum on my tits."

He pounded into me and the heat invaded both our bodies as he ground his groin against mine.
My heels tap, tap, tapped on his buttocks as I attempted to draw him in even deeper.
He hammered me with long and hard thrusts and I knew he was close to the edge as he pulled out and furiously wanked his dripping cock in his fist and straddled my body, his butt on the tops of my thighs.

His face contorted with effort as he finally exhaled and came on my tits and neck with quite creamy spurts. His fist was a blur as he coaxed every last drop from his pulsating knob until he was spent. He was a good fuck but was not our man.
I made excuses and gathered up my dress and left him alone post haste. Maybe my dear Doctor Watson was having better luck with Miles.


Miles McLaren's point of view.

I heard an insistent knocking on my door and opened it to see a wide eyed woman in some discomfort. She had her left boot up so that her weight was all on her right.

"Ah, Sir, please help me. I have had the most unfortunate mishap on the stair and have developed a leg cramp. I implore you, please assist me."

I looked deeply into her eyes and offered her my shoulder to lean on. The woman appeared to be aged in her mid twenties as she half limped, half hopped into my room. I steered her to my single bed where she sat on the edge, her left boot elevated in the air.

"Please, would you massage my calf?" She asked demurely.

I hesitated before lifting the hem of her dress to the top of her knee and proceeded to rub the soft flesh. Her supple calf was most shapely and I could not detect any tightness in the muscle.

"The stiffness has risen to my thigh, Sir. May I ask you to administer relief?"

The lady drew her dress up to her upper thigh and presented me with a fine view of her well toned leg.

"This is most irregular, Miss..."

"It's Doctor, Doctor Emma Watson." She corrected me as she cocked her head.

I sighed and kneaded her thigh, just above the knee and found the experience quite enjoyable. The lady stayed focused on me and she smiled at me as she wickedly pressed her boot into my groin.

"Oh, it's no use. The ache has risen and my dress is too tight. We must remove it."

She stood and turned her back to me and lifted her hair up from the nape of her neck.

"Here are the buttons. Hurry, there is no time to lose."

Again I paused. The last few minutes had been insane. A strange woman had entered my room and was now asking me to remove her dress!

"I see that the buttons are fastened in the wrong order, it may require several moments to undo."

"Them rip it off of me. Go ahead, tear it."

"Are you sure?"

"Quite sure, now do it."

I used my fingers to gain purchase on the back of her dress and then rent it asunder. It came away easily and she lowered it past her shoulders down to her waist and then stepped out of it. Dressed only in her undergarments and boots she handed me the torn garment.

"Well, this is no good. Do you know of a seamstress nearby?"

"Yes, Jenny is, and she has a room just next door."

"See if she can fix it, would you?"

I nodded and knocked on Jenny's door, my head still in a daze at the events of the previous five minutes. One minute I was on a study break and the next ripping off dresses!

When I returned Doctor Watson had kicked off her ankle boots and was reclining on my bed. I espied her dainty feet and thought them to be the prettiest I had ever seen.
Her chemise was of white muslin with a square neck front and short sleeves, ending just above her knee length bloomers.

"Jenny advises the task shall need an hour to repair. Are you well, Doctor?"

"Do you happen to have any brandy about? The excitement has made me somewhat faint. For medicinal purposes you understand."

I turned to my cabinet and poured her a glass of Napoleon Brandy.

"Make it a large one, Mister?"

"Miles, Doctor. At your service."

Doctor Watson took a huge gulp of the drink and swallowed with a hearty sigh. Then she drained the glass and handed it back to me.

"Heavens! The drink has gone straight to my head. I feel most intoxicated. Not to mention heated. Can you feel my brow, Miles?"

I bent to the bed and placed the back of my hand to her forehead which felt fine to me.
Then, all of a sudden she grabbed the back of my head and drew my face to hers where she gave me a hard and lingering kiss on the mouth.
When she relinquished my lips she looked at me and put her arm on the top of her head.

"An hour, you say? Well I cannot leave this room for that period. Whatever can we do to pass the time? How about a parlour game? Deerstalker! Do you know it? One is the deer and the other the stalker. The game is for the stalker to catch the deer. I shall be the deer. Good heavens! You have won!"

Dazed and confused the Doctor grabbed me and bundled me on top of her where she peppered my face and neck with a series of butterfly kisses. She fumbled for my shirt buttons and undid them to my waistband.

"Oh my! I seem to have discovered a bear in mans clothing!"

She referred to my lush hairy chest which she began to finger in her girlish delight.
She looked into my eyes and parted her lips to reveal that pink tongue of hers again and I let my shirt leave my shoulders. What a woman!
What man could say no to such a creature in their bed.
I cupped her bosom, which was just the right size to fill a mans hand as she spanned my chest. My cock swelled in my ardour and tented my trousers.

"Well, looks like someone has risen to the occasion."

I looked again at her figure, such a small woman as to be almost delicate.
She raised herself up on one elbow and I grasped her by the shoulder and lowered the thin material of her chemise and exposed her left breast.
The skin was unbelievably soft as I drew long and languid circles around the bared tit with my fingers. Our mouths meshed on one another again and then she whispered in my ear with a hiss of breath.

"Take off my bloomers, Miles, and kiss my quim."

I gulped and leaned back so that I could draw her lower underwear down to her feet.
My eyes took in her tuft of light brown pubic hair that had the faintest hint of moisture. She spread her legs open and I did not hesitate in kissing the splendour of the inside of her upper thighs.
Emma thread her fingers through my black head of hair as I pressed my mouth to her pussy mound.

"Goodness!" She sighed in a husky tone.

Goodness had nought to do with it I thought as I used my fingers to pry open her outer lips so that I could tongue her slit. She whimpered in sheer delight as I made circles around the apex of her thighs.
Her pelvis thrust up at my ministrations as I lapped at her clitoris and inserted a finger into her channel. Her hands gripped my biceps as my finger plunged inside her wetness ever deeper.
She was so tight I nearly came just THINKING of fucking her, let alone doing the actual deed.

"Let me see it." She mewed.

I slowed up my oral assault and pulled away from her sodden cunt as Emma moved her hand to my strides and tackled the buttons with a certain urgency.
Her hand found its way inside my fly and curled around my hardened cock. She leaned to me and kissed my circumcised cock head.
Then her mouth opened and she placed her lips about the tip and clamped them tight shut.

"Glory be!" I uttered at the incredible sensation.

Slowly, oh how slowly did she push down on my shaft before pulling back to leave with a shiny knob. She slid down halfway and paused, making a most lewd half moan, half groan that made me clench my jaw in delirium.
Her eyes never left mine as she picked up her pace and moved her head back and forth, sliding the flat of her tongue along my rigid length.

Over and over she sucked on me with an audible sound that made my head swim. A long line of drool seeped from the corner of her mouth and trickled down my big blue vein to my balls. Then she stopped.

"Lie back." She ordered and removed her chemise.

She loomed over me with that gorgeous porcelain hued figure. The swell of her breasts, the flare of her hips and her lithe limbs made my prick throb in my fist as I jerked it to full hardness.
I edged to the corner of my bed as Emma straddled my thighs and impaled herself on my pulsing cock. I leaned in and nibbled on her right nipple as she brushed her fingers through my coarse body hair.
Her hips moved at a slow rocking rhythm as she accustomed to my stiff prick and her face was a pure vision as she savoured the sublime penetration.

"Oh, it's big."

I squeezed her left nipple between two fingers as her pert bottom sank down on me and let my cock fill her cunt. I felt her pussy pulsate around my length as we stayed still for a choice moment.
Then she raised up and down and rode on me with a steady pace. Her legs grew wider as she maintained her balance and I held the perfect globes of her buttocks in my palms.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh," she moaned as she fucked me with increased fervour, the muscles of her butt and back flexing with her exertion.

She rode the pair of us into a shared bliss that I wanted to last forever.
I held her to me as my tongue licked a straight trail from her tits down the front of her body to her navel.
Her pussy was delicious as my cock glided in and out her wet centre and I very much feared that my end was close.

Emma quickened to a feverish rate as she milked my knob and she was quite aware of my impending orgasm. She rolled off of me and moved to the foot of the bed and awaited my end.

"Here, Miles. On my tits."

Emma could see the hunger in my eyes as I hurtled to my orgasm and she put my cock onto her bosom as we both pumped my shaft with our fists.
Faster and faster we moved until I yelled out and my prick spurted onto her heaving tits.
My stream made a white line of cum on her chest that ran down her sternum in tiny droplets.
I think I came in four spurts before my hose shrank. I stopped coming and Emma seemed deep in thought as she contemplated her spattered body.

"Oh well. There's the rub. Thanks Miles. Would you be a dear and fetch my dress for me?"

I gathered my smoking jacket to cover my trembling nudity and went to Jenny once more and retrieved Emma's repaired dress. She thanked me and then left my life forever.


Emma's point of view.

Scarlett and I met up on the third floor and we compared notes.

"So, if neither Giles or Miles are the culprits then Raj is our man."

"Not so fast Doctor."

"But he is the third of the three students," I protested.

"And yet I am not convinced of it. Miss Hunter was in a state of drunkenness on the sorry night of the affair and therefore cannot be trusted as a reliable witness. No, we shall have to see out our plan to the bitter end."

"If we must, we must."

"I have a ruse that will draw our man to us. Miss Hunter lodges on the fourth floor. We shall use her room."

Scarlett and I found the room which was directly over the student Raj. Once we knew he had returned to his room Holmes had us strip off completely and then stamp firmly on the darkly stained floor with our feet.

Within a minute of non stop tapping there came a thump, thump, thump from below.

"Sounds like a broom on his ceiling, Watson. Again."

We gave more noisy stamps and again heard urgent thumps from the room below. Silence followed until we repeated our torment on the man and then we heard loud footfalls on the stairs and knew our culprit's arrival was imminent.

"Quick! Join me in the bed."

"Hello! Hello in there!" Tap, tap, tap on the door. "What are you playing at?"

"The door is open, pray enter," yelled Scarlett and giggled next to me like a girl.

Raj burst in and looked around the small room and then his eyes settled on us, engaged in a languid kiss while we laid on our sides on top of the sheet. Naked, naturally. He blustered and stammered as he looked at us, never did he expect to see two women in flagrante. We dived under the sheet and huddled together in feigned embarrassment.

"I do apologise, Sir. My partner and I were quite carried away with our lovemaking to realise the noise we were making."

"I...I, that is..." He rubbed his chin in bewilderment.

Raj had thick black hair and black brows that fanned inward. Clean shaven he looked his twenty years as he stared straight ahead.
Scarlett sat up in the bed and let the man take a good look at her huge tits that appeared just above the sheet.

"Would you mind terribly closing the door. On your way out or in. You choose."

Raj leaned with his back on the door as he closed it. He was on the inside. So far, so good.

"Well now, that's better. I'm Scarlett, and this is Emma, Mister?"

"Raj. Just Raj."

"Well, Raj. Nice to meet you. You have arrived at an opportune time as my friend and I are just getting heated. Care to join us? We can make it a threesome if you want."

"Oh, really? I...don't. That is to say..."

"Ah, how charming Doctor Watson, our Raj is shy."

She sat on the edge of the twin bed and we saw Raj remove his shirt, still a little unsure of proceedings. His chest was smooth and of a light brown complexion, shiny, ribbed and lean.

He looked at me, still in the bed, when he looked down with a gasp as Scarlett undid his trousers and began to suck on his burgeoning erection.
The famed detective did not waste any time as she licked up his full length, now an impressive nine inches all told.
Raj moaned softly as he looked down dumbfounded on the busty blonde who gave him a long, slow lick from base to top.

"I say, Watson, what a splendid cock, you simply must try it." Said she as she pulled him from her wet mouth.

I parted my wetted lips and let my tongue tease the swollen tip with my hand cupping his heavy balls, which I surmised were quite full. I ran my pointed tongue just under the crown and then drew a line vertically on the underside of his rigid pole before returning the same way back up, leaving a trail of saliva. Raj panted as I sucked in the cock head sharply and my head moved as I drew him into my mouth.

"Isn't she a darling?" Said Scarlett proudly as I moved back and forth on his shiny brown prick.

I could feel every ripple of his skin on his shaft as it slipped in and out of my drooling mouth, and my thoughts became obsessed on imaging it in my cunt. As my petite body trembled he slid out from my mouth and I took the chance to inhale.

Scarlett then guided him back to the bed and between us we positioned his head so that it was directly at the end. Scarlett straddled his face as she stood over him, her feet dug into the rug, and he did not hesitate to lick the pussy presented to him.

"Oh, that's it, nice tongue."

Raj poked his tongue deep into Scarlett's slit and flicked at her with loud slurps. I now joined in and crouched over his groin and held up his big cock.
As he ate out my lover I moaned with his prick firmly pressed between my lips. I looked up Scarlett who was right in front of me on the mans face and stared at her quivering ass. Her cheeks were held apart by Raj as he licked her from beneath.

"What a dirty man you are. Keep licking me, young Sir, I implore you."

I could observe Scarlett tremble on the mans face as the rate of his cock entering my mouth increased.
My hot breath flowed over his shaft and his hips began to buck upwards in an attempt to ram in to the back of my throat.
Then Scarlett lifted off him and joined me at my end and he now had two pairs of hot lips on his throbbing cock.

"Time for some fucking," my lover announced and held his cock high in the air and straddled her cunt over it.

In the reverse cowgirl position she faced me and we kissed each other with darting tongues. The blonde honey moaned into my mouth as she felt hands on her ass cheeks.
As she slowly humped the thick tube I put my hand between her thighs and teased her clit. Between me fingering her muff and Raj kneading her buttocks Scarlett tilted her head back and closed her eyes as her pussy leaked warm fuck juice.

"Oh, you two!"

I put my face in her deep cleavage as her pussy engulfed the big cock. My fingers became a blur as I frigged her clit and she barely managed to stay balanced as she rode the man under her.

"Now! Now! I'm coming!" She yelled loudly.

Her curvy body was unable to stay upright and the woman fell onto the bed with a final sigh of pleasure.
Remembering the reason we were both here, to establish the identity of the student who had impregnated Miss Hunter I immediately leapt up and sank down on the mighty cock of Raj.

We began to fuck, he lifting up into me as I came down hard. I leaned in and he gripped my shoulders and pulled me to him harder and kissed my tits. I milked his knob as I ground my pussy to and fro on his hot lap and I panted most irregularly as I consumed his hard on.
Behind me Scarlett caressed my buns, occasionally brushing her thumb to my puckered anus.

"I can't believe it!" I said as my voice wavered.

I was so wet that he slid in and out easily as I gyrated my hips to savour not only his length in my cunt but Scarlett smoothing her palms on my ass.
Now bolder Raj took control and tossed me aside like a rag doll and lined us women up alongside each other on our hands and knees.
Sidling close my upper left cheek met Scarlett's right, and her meatier lower right cheek bumped my left.

"Now you can fuck is both, Raj. Choose the first."

I looked over my shoulder at the swarthy man who tapped his large appendage on my ass and then Scarlett's.
Presented with both our pussies lined up together my pussy gave a tiny spasm in anticipation and then gasped when I discovered it was me he was going to give it to.
The bulbous cock head parted my folds and he eased half of his length inside of me. He began to stroke in and out before he paused in mid thrust and slipped completely out.

"What fun and games, eh Watson? Ugh! Yes!"

She groaned as Raj dipped his prick up her pussy and drove his pelvis back and forth.
We snogged hard, shoulder to shoulder as we were, she groaning into my mouth as his thick cock banged her good and hard I fingered my clit unashamedly as Raj stroked my ass as he fucked my partner.
I raised it up so he could really caress my sporty butt and then he left Scarlett and switched back to me.

"Oh, yes!" I moaned as the ridge of his cock popped inside me again.

I looked at Scarlett whose dreamy eyes were on my bottom, totally engrossed in seeing me fucked from behind.
Raj was completely buried in my juicy cunt and his balls pressed against my rump as he pushed all the way in, and then all the way out. Just when I was getting ready for my climax he pulled out and rearranged us once more.
This time we were placed on our backs side by side, my right leg entwined with Scarlett's left as we raised them up in the air.

"Ah, the fair Doctor." Said Raj to me as he loomed right over my face staring at me with those puppy like brown eyes.

He moved astride me and lifted my left leg over his shoulder and then sank into my squishy pussy with a hefty thrust.
He immediately picked up the pace, I fear that he was coming to his end, and
he rammed into me with great stamina.
My left knee tapped on his temple as my leg wilted and he slammed into my now gaping quim.

"How is it, Watson?"

"Fucking amazing!" I blurted.

I gasped loudly when Scarlett reached over and strummed my clit and it all proved too much as I screamed out from the spasm of bliss that swept through my body.
Raj stopped as I jerked up and he withdrew to lay attention to my lover who eagerly took his glistening knob again.
I raised up on my elbow and looked closely as Raj fucked Scarlett with rhythmic lunges that made odd sucking sounds as he plundered her sweaty cunt. She looked at me with eyes wide as her legs flailed in the air and her body was hammered into the mattress.

"I am done!" He announced as he screwed his eyes shut.

"Cum on our tits!' Said Scarlett, eager to see him ejaculate his load.

She and I both laid on our backs, side by side as Raj climbed up and placed his eight inch lance between her big breasts.
She squeezed them together as he started to move up in the groove of flesh she had made. I looked closely and saw the swollen tip of his dark brown tool protrude out of the top of her tits as she bent her head to lick it.

"What an erotic sight!" I announced as he moved up and down faster and she stabbed at him faster.

Her legs were poking out from under him and she tapped her heels on the bed with excitement.

"Agh!" He cried out as a huge spurt of cum shot out the end of his pulsating knob right onto Scarlett's chin."

A literal torrent of sperm emptied from his gushing cock in rope after rope and we received splash after splash on our mouths and faces and we both yelped from the sudden gusher we had unleashed.

Raj leaned back and his hose came out of her cleavage and streams of white cream exploded in massive arcs at least two feet in the air. Just when we thought he was done he found a new strength and released more eruptions that drenched his tight fist and made several strands of cum hanging from his balls.

"Ah! I think we have our man, Watson."

"I cannot agree more, Holmes." I concurred.

I attempted to dry my cum splashed tits and stomach and Scarlett used the sheet to dab at her drenched face and throat.

"What? What do you mean?"

"This lady here is Doctor Watson, my trusted companion and chronicler. Allow me to introduce myself. Scarlett Holmes, private detective and counsellor. And you Sir, are responsible for impregnating the blushing governess Miss Violet Hunter. Miss Hunter!!"

Raj was speechless as the rather plump looking Miss Hunter joined us in her room.

"Violet! Is this true? You are expecting my child?"

"It is true, I had nowhere to turn but the good Miss Holmes and the dear Watson."

"But if only you had see me sooner. By all means I shall support you and the baby."

Holmes and I retreated as the pair embraced and we returned to our lodgings.

"Case solved, Watson. Now, admit it, you rather enjoyed yourself did you not?"

I blushed as I was discovered and smiled at the blonde as she lit her clay pipe.

"You know me all too well, Holmes."

"Elementary, Doctor Watson. Elementary."




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Oh yes!! thank you!!!


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Note- More imaginative fun with Scarlett Johansson as famous detective Sherlock Holmes accompanied by Emma Watson. This tale is loosely based on Conan Doyle's 'The Red Headed League' and 'A Case of Identity.'


Chaptet Five, 'The Adventure of the Red Headed Sex League'

London, 1890


"Have you ever had the good fortune to participate in a sex orgy Doctor Watson?"

My mouth gaped open like a fish out of water and I dropped that days issue of the Times newspaper to the carpet as I contemplated the sudden question.
I looked at Scarlett Holmes as she bent to the fireplace and lit a taper which she intended to use to relight her clay pipe.

"What a question! NO, I have never been to, seen one, nor have I taken part in something so debauched!"

The beautiful woman turned and stared at me with those ocean green eyes of hers that I have come to love, and pouted with those oh so kissable lips. Blessed with comely features and buttery blonde locks I felt my heart flutter at the sight of the exceedingly adorable creature.

"'Tis the singular most curious aspect of our society, under the reign of good Queen Victoria, that we appear to be repressed and chaste in the public eye and yet are the most inventive and voracious race behind closed doors.

I myself have partaken in numerous sex orgies and do recall the most depraved time in Paris when...no matter, a tale for another time."

This statement bore the semblance of truth to me and it was only last night that the seductive woman brought me off to no less than three orgasms inside of one hour.

"'Pon my soul, Holmes. You just cannot mention things such as these and leave me dangling! Tell all, tell all!"

The pair of us were in cosy surroundings of the central London lodgings of 221B Baker Street, myself being a most frequent visitor.
Scarlett sat in her favourite chair and gazed into the flickering flames of the fire.

It was Winter of 1890 and we were once more without a case to solve. Something that I knew nagged at the most successful practising private detective in all of England and Europe. I was seated opposite and gave my love my fullest attention.

"I shall explain all later, I am expecting a visitor within the hour, though the hour is late indeed, but the lady in question demands discreetness of a personal nature. Ah! Here she comes methinks."

There came a tap on the door and Mister Hudson announced the arrival of Miss Mary Sutherland.
The large woman wore a waist length coat and a floor length skirt and a very large hat with curling yellow feather.
Once seated by the fire she removed the broad brimmed hat to reveal her natural ginger curls.
She removed her button up gloves and placed her hands in her lap.

"Miss Holmes, good evening."

Scarlett had vacated her chair for the visitor and relit her black clay pipe as she nodded hello.

"Miss Sutherland. I know nothing of you of course apart from the obvious facts that you are a typist by profession, you left your home in a hurry, and that you have a preference for masturbating a male to ejaculation rather than use fellatio."

Both myself and Miss Sutherland gave violent starts upon hearing Scarlett's observations.

"How on earth do you know these facts? Has someone told you about me?"

Holmes laughed heartily.

"My dear woman, it is my business to know things. But pray tell me why you need to consult me."

The private detective sat on the arm of my chair and discreetly fondled my hair which I had lay loose about my shoulders.

"I did rush out of the house, it's true. You see I have a substantial income from a fund set up by my late father.
I have been engaged to a handsome young fellow for the last twelve months. He is of a measurable social standing and it is he who has now vanished, taking all of my monies.

I fell in love with him from day one and later learned that Mister Homer Angel has a voracious appetite for all things carnal.
We slept together in sin I am ashamed to admit, but found out he could only ejaculate by either oral stimulation or hand relief.
He has become quite obsessed recently with a group of women named 'The Red Headed Sex League. Do you know of it?"

"I confess I do not. Watson?"

I shook my head, still in awe of the marvellous woman sitting next to me.

"It is a group of high class prostitutes, courtesans, call girls, call them what you will.
They cater to the rich and powerful and will do anything of an illicit nature. Their sexual prowess is remarkable and there is a long waiting list for invitations to their meetings.
And they all possess red tresses AND red pubic hair. All clients they cater for must also be red headed too."

"How fascinating!" Said Scarlett who began to lean forward, licking her fulsome lips.

"My Homer was intrigued by the group, he has a high sex drive, and loves red haired ladies with a passion.
Using his beguiling charms on me he persuaded me to model for the businesswoman who formed the group, Miss Stephanie.

Well, with my very full and rich tint of red hair, and my buxom figure, I was accepted at once. My fiancÚ was ecstatic and with me as an honorary member we attended a few orgies inside of two months."

Miss Sutherland drew out a handkerchief and dabbed at her watering eyes.

"I was at once horrified and disgusted at what was expected of me. The ruling class are fearfully self indulgent to say the least.
Oral sex with men AND women.
 Anal sex, threesomes and multiple partners, oh! The list goes on. And Homer! Homer was in heaven as he gorged himself in all manner of licentious pleasure.

I quit after I could take no more, which is when Homer relieved me of my funds and took off. I suspect he plans to return to the League in order to indulge in his fetish of red haired females and promiscuous sex.
Without me however he must pay for the privilege, and I am positive he will."

"Hence his theft of the money." I said.

"Precisely. Now. He is not red headed, nor does he have red pubic hair.
His skin is of a most sensitive type and would never stand a dye to alter his sandy coloured pubic thatch.

Miss Holmes, may I be so bold as to license you to attend the next orgy in an attempt to uncover Homer and thereby retrieve my money. I will be happy to give you half of my fortune."

"But surely it would be a trite matter for your good self to expose him. Snatch off his red wig I would presume."

Scarlett went to the window and gazed at the dull street below through the parted blinds as I spoke to the woman in an abrupt manner. How dare she invite my beloved to indulge in such a lecherous affair.

"The next meeting is a Venetian Masquerade Ball in a weeks time and masks are compulsory, so his features will be obscured. Unless he is exposed in the act of sexual intercourse I fear he will never be discovered.

"I'll do it."

Scarlett turned to us and I saw her gorgeous eyes afire as she beamed at us.

"My word Holmes! You plan to participate in corrupt and unchaste behaviour just to find a missing person?"

"Gladly!" Came her reply. "And I will need your help."

"WHAT! I?"

"I would very much like your support in this Doctor. I just might be in over my depth. And we shall have to dye our hair too.
Above AND below! Lucky you've a nice downy fluff down there my love. Oh, the thrill of the chase!"

"Good gracious!" I stammered as Miss Sutherland clapped her hands and left.

I stood up and paced the room as I perceived Scarlett laughing non stop and her ample bosom jiggle in her high buttoned dress.

"Most amusing! Most peculiar! This may be one of my more decadent cases in a long time. We must prepare diligently."

"But Holmes, how did you deduce those things about the woman, not least her masturbatory preference? Whatever you read in her was invisible to me."

"Ah, my dear Emma. You see all but see nothing. I saw plainly that the lady had dressed in a hurry as her boots were odd. One had a plain toe, the other decorated. Her gloves were buttoned only in the two lower buttons and I perceived a double line on her long sleeves at the wrist where a typist presses against the table when using the machine."

"Remarkable!" I cried.

"Elementary, my dear Watson."

"And the method of hand job as opposed to a blow job? How the deuce can you possibly know that?"

"By the fact that her right hand was considerably larger than the left, a result of vigorous and repeated use to bring about her lovers, and her red haired clients, to sexual climax."

Scarlett leaned back in her chair and studied the ceiling.

"Now, tell me this. Have you ever had anal sex?"

"I confess that I have never taken it in the ass, Holmes."

"We shall have to break your cherry in that area then if we are to take part in the years biggest orgy the city has seen. I am certain that oral, heterosexual and multiple partner sex will occur. If we are to blend in then we have to be prepared for the inevitable. Mister Hudson! Hudson!!"

The door opened and the genial old fellow appeared again and bowed.

"Ah, Hudson. Would you be so kind as to fetch me that large jar of petroleum jelly and bring it up here."

"At once, Miss Holmes."

Once he had withdrawn from the room Scarlett rummaged around for her strap on dildo device.

"Pray join me in the bedroom Doctor, and I will endeavour to introduce you to the act of sodomy."


The following Sunday at the hour of nine our lascivious night began as Scarlett and I emerged from the shadows of 221B Baker Street and hurried into a waiting Hansom Cab inside of which sat a nervous looking Mary.

The early evening sky was grey and the cold air snappish, a light snow powdered the streets and rooftops.
It was a tight squeeze, the cab being the usual two seat variety, but the ride would be but a short one. We were resplendent in our cloaks and Venetian masks, purchased two days before.

I, in a black velvet eye mask with a lush six inch plume that covered the top portion of my face, and the detective in a Harlequin Duo in gold.
My hair, now as red as wine, was away from my face and up.

Scarlett had cut hers away from the brow, back over her ears and trimmed to the nape of her elegant neck.

All the week Holmes and I had readied ourselves, dyed our hair and pubic areas, and engaged in anal sex every evening after supper.
It had taken me several days before I felt comfortable in my nether regions.

"Are you ready, ladies?"

"As ready as we ever will be," I replied as Holmes squeezed my hand.

"Then, the game is afoot. Carry on driver!"

She rapped the roof of the cab and we set off for the Tower Bridge Hotel in Bermondsey, a well known hotbed of depravity and decadence.

We rode along the cobbled streets without speaking, all three of us wrapped in our own thoughts and apprehensions.
When we arrived Mary was able to secret us inside via a side entrance she had knowledge of and we joined the other red haired call girls as they prettied themselves.

At no time did we remove our masks, even when two older women arrived with toiletries and lubricating oils that Mary advised us to apply to our vaginas and anal regions.

"Be liberal my dear, it may be a while until we discover the scoundrel Mister Angel."

Huddled together we three prepared ourselves and awaited the commencement of the proceedings.
Thick plumes of perfume made the atmosphere heady and I fancied I could smell the essence of chocolate as well.

"Ready my dears, the gentlemen await within."

Miss Stephanie clapped her hands and all of us ambled through the dark painted twin doors to the large orgy room where we were manoeuvred into a semi circle around a crowd of about twenty males.
I noticed the female Stephanie eye us with a certain amount of suspicion and I panicked as I wondered if the game was up.


Another resounding clap from her and the women of the Red Headed Sex League all shed their cloaks and stood naked bar their masks and high heels.
Scarlett, Mary and I did likewise, underneath which we were stark naked too and I immediately felt awkward and inadequate among the tall long legged women.

"Here we go Watson."

I gulped as I stood in bare feet, my medium sized B cup tits sporting erect nipples and my legs trembling.
Turning to my left I eyed Scarlett with her body to eye for, bountiful, wide of hip and rounded soft buttocks.
Slightly taller than me she wore a pair of sturdy ankle high boots that laced up the front and had a sharply pointed toe.

Blessed with great genes her breasts were spectacular and huge, not to mention seemingly unaffected by gravity.
A Size D, her boobs had a much greater size and dimension than mine but even she was put in the shade by Mary Sutherland's humungous tits.

"Look at these women, Holmes, they must be the elite of London."

Everywhere I looked were slim and slinky limbed girls, all with little body fat and flat stomachs.
And every manner of red hair and pubes imaginable. Ginger, titian, flaming red, burgundy and coral.
My own and Scarlett's were a matching hue of salmon which I still could not grow accustomed to.
All about the room, which was lit by candles only, were tables and chairs upon which were towels, gloves, jars of petroleum jelly, and mouth wash made from mint.
Pieces of chocolate were on every table as well as china basins of clear and fresh water. Mattresses, sheets and two large and round beds dominated the room.

"And gentlemen, the floor is yours."

A raucous cheer erupted as the men quickly removed their attire, keeping their features hidden and in some cases their privates.
I distinctly saw a dozen men wearing a codpiece, and one or two others in hose fitted pouches.
Scarlett motioned for the three of us to make a discreet retreat to the shadows.

As we inhaled the fragrant air of perfume Holmes, Mary and I sat naked at one of the more dimly lit tables.
Out of the corner of my eye, I could see two of the women getting down to it. Both were at least six feet tall with smooth pale skin and fiery red hair.
They were writhing on the floor in a hot 69 position close to where we sat and the sound of slurping could be clearly heard.

"Lovely." Said a man with bright red hair emerging from under his Mardi Gras mask as he jerked his erection over them.

I looked around as the sound of others making love rose in volume.
Four of the other women teased the onlookers as they became a tangle of tongues and cunts on one of the mattresses.
It was nigh on impossible to tell whose hands were whose as four sets of tits and pussies were fondled and licked.

"Look there," said Scarlett as she pointed to another group.

Shrieks and moans wafted on the air as one red haired hussy was getting fucked from behind by a man with a blotchy ass.
I could distinctly make out his cock drilling in and out of her red snapper as she rocked on all fours.
He slid in and out with no problem as she was so well lubricated and he was able to sink in to the hilt.

Another stout fellow with a bristling ginger moustache and black Baroque mask was standing over a kneeling slut who sucked on his knob whilst making yummy sounds.

"My dear?"

Miss Sutherland was picked out by someone in a long nose mask and taken by the hand.
With her thick and lustrous flaming hair she was no doubt a welcome catch for the gentleman who eyed her Rubenesque features with glaring eyes.
Her hips and thighs were relatively thick and her boobs were curvy and displayed a deep cleavage and she jiggled as she was steered to one of the beds.

"Won't be long now, Doctor. Remember why we are here mind, but nonetheless enjoy the occasion."

Indeed! Barely a moment later a tall man stood over me in a full face mask and I stared into the narrow slits into his eyes as he presented me with his semi hard cock from under a leather pouch.
Although he had orange hair I wondered if this might be Homer Angel in a wig. Only one way to find out as I looked at Scarlett who nodded in agreement behind her mask.

"If you would be so kind." He asked in an educated voice.

I cleared my throat and lowered myself to my knees and parted my lips to take in his already stiffening cock in my mouth.
I used my tiny fist to stroke him as I licked along the length before sucking him in fully.
I repeated this procedure as I wanked his shaft and the man muttered obscenities.
He pulled out only moments later and caused me to make a slippery, popping noise, and then he pumped his tool and groaned as he began to spurt cum onto my mask.

"Shit!" He exclaimed as I desperately tried to catch most of his semen on my outstretched tongue rather than ruin my expensive mask.

While he was in the throes of his orgasm I surreptitiously reached out and lifted his pouch to view his wiry red pubes.
Not our man this time alas.
He withdrew chuckling and I turned to Scarlett as I wiped my face with a towel but she had vanished, no doubt claimed by an ardent admirer.

Now I saw Miss Sutherland's reasoning on giving hand jobs rather than blow jobs as I spat out the disgusting semen from my mouth.


I swallowed a mouthful of water followed by a rinse with the mint wash. Acutely aware my companions had gone their separate ways my eyes lingered on a sleek, muscular man in an etched silver with a tear drop motif under the left eye.
He wasn't bulky, rather attractive actually, and I felt a frisson of a thrill in my bared loins.
I recalled Mary Sutherland describe her man Homer and decided to venture forward.
He wore a codpiece that concealed his genitals and was attached to his groin by tie strings.

"Come here, you young trollop!"

Said a voice to my right and two naked men with swaying erections in front of them whisked me away to the nearest convenient mattress.

The man who spoke had a skinny frame with sharp, angular features beneath his mask but his appendage was quite large when compared to his lean body. His friend was a heavy set man with a fair amount of bright red body hair.

"Oh, you want me to..."

Before I could gather my wits I was bent onto my knees as ginger mat crept up behind me.
I shrieked at his cold hands that smoothed out my exposed ass cheeks and then I held my breath as he pushed his big cock head onto my lubricated pussy.
He grabbed my petite body in his mitts and started to fuck me with rather hostile thrusts.

"Heavens!" I yelped as I lurched forward from his rough treatment.

He pushed me face down on the mattress and I moaned into the bedsprings as he quickened his strokes.
It was then that I was pulled up by the hair and my mask dislodged, and as my mouth opened in surprise skinny shoved his prick right in.


My lips closed on his rod instinctively as I was hit by the realisation that I was impaled from both ends.
I steadied myself on my hands as my pussy was filled from behind and I was rocked back and forth.

"What a saucy mare!"

Indeed I was taken by a wanton lust and purred with pleasure as I slid my tongue over the dick in my mouth. My quim seeped juices on the man fucking me and my eyes closed when he spread my buttocks and spat onto my tiny star.

"Mmmmm!" I whimpered as his thumb circled my tight anus firmly, and I was heartily glad that I had applied lotion there.

"I say, what a succulent asshole we have."

My heart pounded and my mouth clamped down on the cock in my mouth as my cunt was left and my virgin anus was plundered.
One thrust from ginger mat and his bloated knob invaded my bottom.
A warm flush washed over me as his cock was sheathed in my ass and he began to fuck me with slow but hard strokes.


"'Tis a dream ass." He cried as his balls gently slapped on my cunt.

My toes curled as I relinquished the cock of skinny and I bathed his balls with my saliva as I licked them in turn.
I wriggled my backside as I grew accustomed to the stiff organ in my bowels, my tightly closed opening now ravaged and stretched.

"I'm going to spit."

He said and his thrusting cock spilled out and the slippery juices ran out of my anus in a trickle down my thighs.

Then skinny grunted and he shot his seed and with my velvet mask askew he splattered my face, the white cream dripping onto my chin.
They withdrew and I managed to dry my face and apply a damp towel to my vagina and bottom as I paused for air.


Scarlett's point of view.

As I saw my darling Emma Watson manhandled by two ruffians purporting to be gentlemen my heart went out to her.
I espied poor Miss Sutherland who was seated next to an elderly man and was jerking his member with her right hand, a look of utter disdain on her lips.

I restrained myself as I saw a silent observer step into the candlelight just to my right. In a silver mask with tear drop which I wagered was worth a pretty penny, I wondered who it might be.

Mister Angel perhaps? In a red wig? Alas his groin was hidden by view by his leather and velvet codpiece.
His loins appeared quite large and either he was well hung or the garment was padded. Miss Sutherland's loss I suppose.

I scrunched my eyes up to study him but was rudely interrupted by two naked brutes in half masks who manhandled me to the nearest bed.

"Have a care, gentlemen." I said.

The first chuckled and his big bush of a ginger beard moved up and down on his chin. His hands were all over my lush breasts as his erection brushed my left thigh.

"Have a care yourself my red haired slut as I am about to spit into your cunt."

The other bellowed in laughter and my eyes were drawn to his eight inch quim splitter.
In a trice I was grabbed by every limb as they pawed me with their clumsy mitts.
I was then pushed onto my back and my legs were spread out as ginger beard positioned himself between my thighs and guided his not insubstantial cock inside me.
He held my legs up at the ankle, just where my boots ended and fucked me with short, cautious strokes as he found his ideal pace.

"The wench is soaking wet."

A man and one of the women stood to the side as they watched me descend into lascivious depravity, he fingering her red, furry muff, and she jerking his cock.
Another knelt by my head and awkwardly shoved his tool into my mouth.
I became lost in the moment as I seeped fluids from my filled pussy.
My face was held in place as my mouth was used to pleasure the man who face fucked me with thrusting hips, my saliva dripping obscenely down my chin under my Harlequin mask.

"Change is needed." Said ginger beard and he laid onto his back as he left my cunt.

I crawled up onto him as he remained motionless beneath me and I poised myself over his prick.
My hand helped guide him to my downy fluff of pubic hair and his rigid pole entered me.
I sank my body down hard and engulfed his cock with a contented sigh, then proceeded to slide up and down.
I placed my hands on his white belly as I rocked to and fro, causing my huge tits to bounce in his eye line which greatly amused him.


The one who had been face fucking me came around behind me and slipped into my anus with relative ease.
My heart quickened at the wicked idea of double penetration and I closed my eyes as my entire body tingled.

This was a most enjoyable sexual thrill as four eager and hit hands moved all over my perspiring ripe curves.
My tits were pawed, my ass slapped, my hair pulled and my shoulders held as my whole body resembled a toy for men.

"Faster." I was amazed at the sound of my own voice urging them on.

The two fat cocks hammered both my holes in perfect timing and I wallowed in each wild thrust in.
The walls of my cunt stretched as it was stabbed relentlessly, and my asshole was pounded likewise.
Then they both stopped and I became enraptured by the feel of two lengths in my two holes, a sensation I had not known in who knows how long ago.

"Me first," said he in my ass as he pulled out the tip and then pushed back in again.

He repeated this for several strokes before ceasing and allowing he who was beneath me to pump up into my sweet cunt with plunges that raised me up on his frame.
The one in my anus came first and let out a guttural cry as he sprayed my bowels.
Then the other yelled out as ginger beard withdrew and my pussy was pumped full of cum, and my holes seeped fluids in a decadent stream down my thighs.
Needless to say I saw that these two were born with red pubic regions and so the hunt was still on for Mister Angel.


Emma's point of view.

I had not yet received personal satisfaction, despite my double whammy, when I was suddenly surrounded by several of the tall, willowy maidens in their masks and heels.

"Do we know this bright young filly, Jenny?"

"I know her not, Alexandria."

"I'm new," I announced as I was steered to one of the beds and laid on my back.

Two of the titian haired beauties ran their slender hands from my hips and inwards to my newly dyed salmon hued snatch.


This was more my cup of tea as two pairs of lips peppered my Venus.
I cooed with glee as not one but two tongues slathered on my soft labia and I sucked in air at the exquisite sensation.
Another held my face up so that she could give me a deep and lingering kiss.

"What a delicate flower she is," said one as my mind reeled at the two overlapping tongues on my pussy that left me quite giddy.

My legs were hoisted up by two others and my dainty feet were licked and massaged most divinely.
Lips and tongues paid attention to my toes, soles and arches and my muff leaked most profusely.
I screamed and thrashed as my body was worked over with great care and my climax came ever closer.
Then, after a few sublime minutes I was turned around and set into a doggy position while no less than THREE tongues licked my cunt and anus simultaneously.

"I can't believe it!"

I felt my cheeks parted and my anus probed with the tip pointed and inserted in my once tight ring.
Another girl focused on my clitoris and drew it into her mouth as one more tongued my inner depths most vigorously.
Teeth nibbled my flesh and as my pussy and ass were licked and kissed my inner thighs were stroked with ticklish tongues.

"Fuck!" I yelled as the intensity of my orgasm made my pussy cream and drip down my legs.

I smelled of sex as I collapsed, spent and weary, and I was left to bask in my bliss.


Scarlett's point of view.

As I attended my toilet and took a bite of chocolate I again saw silver mask linger close by. He appeared not to have partaken of the many women on offer but gave me the eye with a most curious attention.

"Do you wish to have me, Sir?" I enquired with my chin up and boobs thrust out.

Without speaking he lifted me effortlessly in his arms and whisked me to a big chair where he set me down on the seat.
There was the hint of sexual tension in the air as the mysterious stranger spread my legs and held up his massive hard pecker out from under his codpiece as if to show me his manliness.
He held my legs up in the air and gripped them by the ankles at his neck height, my knees at my shoulders.
My bottom did not actually sit on the chair but hovered over the edge so that my lower back took my weight.

I took in his brick red hair under his mask as he levelled his mushroom tipped member with my quim and proceeded to push on in. His piece still obscured his pubic region so that identification was impossible.

"Ah! And there we are!"

I arched my back as he let my legs down to rest on his forearms, still with my ass up and off the seat, as he moved in and out with assured lunges.
My shoes flailed up and down and the chair shook under me from his hard thrusting.
Our lower bodies slammed together and he transferred his sweat from his thighs to my bottom.
My pussy tightened and squeezed him with a vice like strength. I heard rather than emitted my screams, as if it were someone else.

"Fuck me, damn your eyes! Fuck me!"

He bent over me and I kicked my legs back and forth as our faces came to within an inch from each others.
Through the eye slits of his mask his eyes burned into mine as our bodies collided.
My right arm came around his left shoulder and I bit hard into his neck at the collarbone.
He snarled and reared back and silver mask turned to face away and placed my knees on the seat as he bent to my pussy from behind and buried his face in my red fluff.
I heard myself emit a throaty purr as the expert lover gave my pussy one long stroke with the flat of his tongue, only stopping when he reached my clit.
He swirled around my tiny nub as I moaned softly.
His finger probed my wetness, stoking my already hot cunt.
More pressure was applied to my clit and a huge orgasm ran through my loins and a stream of fluid flooded his hand.

"Please, please, fuck me."

He gripped the underside of my upper thighs and shoved his length in my cunt.
I put my weight on my left shoe on the floor and pressed my right knee in the seat of the chair as I was fucked from behind.
My breath came hard and fast as I managed to buck back at him as he thrust up inside me.
He grabbed my head back, almost dislodging my mask as he ran his fingers down my spine in a chilling and erotic scraping.
His hands cupped my big breasts as he pushed in faster, driving me insane with the exquisite friction of his cock in my cunt.
Then he collapsed on my soaking back and withdrew his prick from my aching pussy and then retreated.

I turned to look but he had withdrawn into the shadows. Now, more and more I suspected that this was Homer, not least because he failed to climax from our hot fuck.


Emma's point of view.

I nibbled on a piece of chocolate and I saw Miss Sutherland coughing and spitting by one of the tables.
The result I imagine from her performing fellatio on one of our illustrious guests.

Then a shadow came across me and the stranger in the etched silver mask with tear drop was beside me.
His member was full cock and poked up from under his codpiece which still obscured his pubic region.
Silent as usual he lifted me up like a porcelain doll in mid air and l bit into his neck just under his mask as I felt his swollen cock head thrust up into my dripping wet pussy.

"Oh my goodness!"

I was so wet he slid in easily and he let me free slightly so that my weight, albeit lightweight, caused me to become impaled on his raging tool.
It felt wonderful as thick inch by thick inch pushed up inside my tight hole.

Passion and excitement filled me as my cunt took in his entire length and I confess in shame that my mouth drooled as my pussy reached the base of his prick.

"Oh, sweet lord, I'm so full of you."

I wrapped my arms and legs around him and felt his thighs press up and his hands hold my butt as he used me to fuck his cock.
I was slammed up and down effortlessly and my tits jiggled between our bodies as he freely bounced me.
Sweat dripped down my back as I panted and rode his huge organ until my juices ran down his big balls.


I yelped as he began to walk forwards with his cock still buried inside me to the hilt.
I moaned in his ear and trembled in his arms as we made an erotic dance in the middle of the room.
I jerked uncontrollably, I bucked and my legs bounced in the air as he fucked himself with my petite frame.

"This looks like lots of fun."

"H...H...Holmes, is that you?"

Before she was able to answer silver mask rocked my body on his cock with his hands grabbing my buttocks firmly, pulling me into his increasing thrusts.
I was bounced even faster as he sped up and I screamed out as my pussy gushed and sprayed all over him. He lifted me off and I rolled over onto a sheet as if I were made of rubber.

"I say, that looks mighty painful." Said Scarlett as she grabbed into silver mask's hard pecker.

Aware of Mister Angel's unfortunate problem of being unable to ejaculate during inter course the famous detective opened her eyes as wide as possible and sucked his length into her mouth.
He groaned with gratitude as the blonde woman in the harlequin mask slid on him fast and furious, her body jerking with the exertion.
With sheer passion her tongue rolled all around his slick tool, even when it was totally embedded down her throat.

"My word, Holmes." I uttered as I watched his rock hard cock glide in and out and in and out of her mouth and throat.

Insane with the need to cum silver mask pumped his hips upward into Scarlett's lovely mouth until, suddenly, gushes of white cum burst out and coated her lips and tongue.
He momentarily recoiled once the deed was done, his cock still dribbling when I took the chance to wrench his codpiece from his groin.

"Behold!" Cried Holmes. "This man is an imposter! He is not red headed!"

Others gathered and obscured the panting man's black pubic hair, lush and thick and wiry.

"The scoundrel!" Cried one ginger haired man.

"The scandal!" Complained another.

"Return my money!" Yelled Miss Sutherland, and we watched as she and a mob took him by the arms and led him to another room for retribution.

"And how was your evening, Watson?" Said Scarlett as she attended to her mouth wash.

"Remarkable to say the least. And you?"

"It saved me from boredom.
My life is spent in one long effort to escape from the commonplaces of existence. These meetings of the sexes help me to do so.
Plus an orgasm or two simply can't be sneezed at. Come, back to Baker Street just in time for breakfast, and I shall tell you about my sensational orgy in Paris."

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Re: The Adventures of Scarlett Holmes
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Note- Inspired by the genius of one of England's greatest writers, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and by the gorgeous actresses Scarlett and Emma.


Chapter six, Scarlett and the Sex Machines.

London, 1889.


Forty eight hours previously London had been stunned to hear the horrid news that Professor Moriarty had escaped from the clutches of the English penal system and was at liberty.
Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard had relayed the news in person to Scarlett Holmes and myself, Doctor Emma Watson at his earliest convenience.
Apparently during his incarceration the so called 'Napoleon of Crime' had spoken of nothing else but revenge for his capture.

As it was Holmes and I that had taken the credit for the downfall of the evil Professor one year before it seemed obvious he was hell bent on revenge on our good selves.


Thanks to the enormous help from those young rascals, the Baker Street Irregulars who acted on behalf of Holmes, word had gotten to us of suspicious and noteworthy comings and goings not a stones throw from 221B Baker Street.

And so it was that Scarlett and I laid in wait in the empty house opposite the lodgings we shared in hope of recapturing our evil adversary.
It can be imagined that my close intimacy with Scarlett had interested me deeply in crime and that my life had never been the same.

"Just like old times." She grinned at me across the dusty room.

Armed with my trusty Adams Mark 3 Army revolver the thrill of adventure was indeed in my heart.
To blend in with the nigh time caper we both wore Derby hats and long coats over men's trousers with a high waist that reached the bottoms of our ribs. Our sturdy boots were uncomfortable with buttons on the side and a thick heel but were ideal for any physical activity we might encounter.

"After you my good Sir." Said Holmes with a grin.

"How very amusing." I retorted as I doffed my hat in feigned gratitude.

When we stepped into the empty place it was pitch dark and our shoes creaked on the bare planking.
We held each others hand as we found a large square room, heavily shadowed in the corners.
I gripped the hand of my beloved as we crouched against the wall.

"And now we wait for that most cunning and dangerous criminal in London. HIM!"

Midnight approached in due course and Scarlett fidgeted uneasily as we grew more and more frustrated.
Then, on the long hall outside a light shone and a shadow of a man was thrown in hard and black outline on the wall. I clutched Scarlett who put a finger to her luscious lips to indicate silence.

"I understand." I nodded as my hand closed on the handle of my revolver.

Peering through the gloom I saw the vague outline of a tall man who crept into the room menacing and silent.
It was at that instant that Scarlett sprang like a tiger onto the man and hauled him to the floor.
In a moment he was up again and had my poor dear lover by the throat. She gasped and her left hand went impulsively to the side of her neck with her eyes in a panic.
Then the man was upon me before I could strike with my gun.

I felt a sharp prick behind my left ear and saw the glint of a hypodermic needle in the light from the street and realised Holmes and myself had been administered poison.
My eyelids felt extraordinary heavy and a warm feeling rushed through me as I succumbed to the sedative and everything went dark.


I was unaware of how long we had been out as I finally opened my eyes, blinking in the flickering gas lights.
My body felt heavy and I gasped as I learned our predicament.
It appeared that we were incarcerated in what seemed to be a dungeon, the walls made of stone and mortar.
Chains dangled from the walls and the dark ceiling, and in the centre of the room was I, secured to a big wood table by four thick leather straps.

"Holmes! Holmes, are you conscious?" I stammered nervously.

The cool air of the basement on my body made me aware that I had been stripped of all clothing and my small hands were over my head as I lay naked on my back, both wrists tied with leather straps.
Likewise my ankles, which meant my legs were spread into an inverted V so that my private parts were on full show between my thighs.
I squirmed and tugged at the straps as my tits popped up and down.

"Doctor?" Scarlett answered in a groggy sounding voice.

She was entirely naked and hung by the wrists from tight restraints that were secured to the ceiling.
Her shapely legs were wide apart and chained by the ankles to the floor. Scarlett sagged on her binds, naked as the day she was born in this obscene spread eagled stance.
Her ample bosom was bared and freed and the large globes swayed as she hung suspended.
Her curvaceous figure was exposed in all its glory and Moriarty's eyes gleamed in delight at her Mound of Venus with the most fair of pubic hair.
So fine as if to be transparent.

"My dear Scarlett Holmes. I had simply no idea. You have a figure that begs to be fucked."

Professor James Moriarty ogled her wondrous female form, all curvy hips and ass and bountiful boobs.
Contrary to the mans notoriety he was tall and good looking, lean of frame with long arms and legs.
Blue eyed and light of hair his quite engaging smile made a mockery of his obvious nefarious intentions.

"Moriarty! You fiend! Are you insane? What do you expect to gain from this?"

Scarlett jiggled on the chains and her fair hair tumbled loosely around her face.

"Simple, my dear Holmes. Sexual gratification and your humiliation."

The Professor approached and ran his hands over her curves, lingering on her firm tits that heaved from her anger and humiliation.
I saw the proud detective glare in anger at her captor as he pawed and pinched her full boobs as she tugged on her restraints, which only made her arms ache the more.

"Stop that this instant!"

Holmes was defiant but helpless as Moriarty was suddenly between her outstretched thighs and fingering her crotch.
He pressed his face close to hers as he rubbed hard and fast on her hooded clitoris and Scarlett moaned in a guilty pleasure as her struggles became no longer those of molestation but those of sexual excitement.
She always was, and is, a horny creature. Bless her.

"You are a sexual maniac!" Monster! Monster of the worst kind." She groaned as he relinquished his contact.

The mans eyes burned with anger as he busied then himself with some extraordinary apparatus that he produced from a darkened corner.
At two feet tall the steel box was placed at the chained feet of Scarlett by the grinning man.

"I will make you regret those words, Holmes. You both possess remarkable bodies. We shall have some special fun this night."

He flicked a switch on the side of the box and a hydraulic arm emerged from a hidden recess and wobbled upwards.
On the business end I perceived a black, glistening dildo of approximately six inches in length and two inches in diameter.

Scarlett, brave Scarlett, looked utterly magnificent as the mad man contemplated her nakedness.
As I, he noted the soft, smooth stomach that curved down between her legs to her small triangle of pubic hair.
He spat in his palm, cupped her pussy and the private detective flushed pink. She gasped loudly as he slipped into her sex with a finger before pulling it away.

"Believe it or not, Scarlett Holmes, but you and I are quite unique and very similar."

He looked at his wet finger and nodded in approval.

"We both have great brains, of that there is no question. But we also share a great need for sexual satisfaction, which I intend to take care of this minute."

He spread his hands in abject joy at the steel instrument.

"My little beauty! I spent a year in prison devising the plans for its construction. All for you, dear Holmes."

Moriarty shifted the position of the machine and put the sex toy directly in line with Scarlett's unprotected pussy.
She looked down her busty cleavage bemused until it kicked into life and the arm began to rotate in a clockwise direction with a clunky noise.
I watched with tears in my eyes as my love tried to back away from the fiendish device as she struggled in her futile attempts to avoid the now thrusting shaft.
Fully lubricated the pronounced head of the dildo made physical contact with her pussy entrance and did not cease until it had penetrated her soft folds.

"Ggagh!" She cried out and her head slumped forward with all her weight on her outstretched arms.

The liberally coated dildo began to slide in and out of Scarlett with a terrifying and methodical persistence, a faint ticking in the background.
The oily shaft slipped into her quim with ease and I heard a lewd squelch as it painted the insides of her heavenly tunnel.

Scarlett let out a growl as she threw her head back and I felt for her desperately. Her nipples were as stiff as bullets as the machine continued to assail her pussy with unyielding and steady thrusts.

"This is the devils work! Cease this madness!" My cries were ignored as Scarlett rattled the chains in defiance.

Just as the dildo pulled back it stopped, leaving the head just inside the tortured woman.
Then it jumped forward and thrust up all the way and ceased moving. Back out again and stop.
Forward and stop. And so the teasing continued.
Back and then in, back and then in, again and again.

"So, so, so, so, so...good."

More and more the twisting, plunging toy pushed ever deeper into her sodden cunt and I cried out when Scarlett jerked on her suspended arms, all the signs showed she had climaxed.

"Time for stage two,' said the Professor as he flicked another switch.

The dildo withdrew into the box only to be replaced by the most fearsome thing I had ever seen.
TWO mounted black dildos emerged side by side, the first one about eight inches long with bumps dotted here and there.
The second was shorter, barely five inches to my best estimate and not as thick.

"'Pon my soul!" I uttered at the sight of the shiny and slick tools.

Moriarty laughed heartily as he set the things in motion.
The bigger of the two aligned and thrust up into Scarlett's pussy, while the second device pressed against its intended target.

Her anus!

"Nnnnnnnoooo!" She screamed as the dual headed dildo parted each orifice.

Now impaled on both sex toys there commenced the most grotesque dance my eyes have ever witnessed.
Scarlett grit her teeth as her pussy and asshole were filled and plundered with a most relentless inevitability.
As Moriarty twisted a dial the toys picked up speed and alternated their cycle and as one entered so the other withdrew.
Sometimes they drilled her simultaneously and the thin membrane between her cunt and anus must have been massaged and rubbed most wickedly.

"What fun! My machine is pure genius! Surpasses all my expectations. Sweet vengeance!"

Sweat trickled down her ass crack and the muscles in her thighs and calves stood out as she was stimulated beyond belief.
Her once fine pubes were now darkened by the mixture of sweat and her own juices and she screamed as her orgasm washed over her.

I could only imagine how the woman felt as her pussy and clit were highly stimulated.
Her entire body gleamed with a fine sheen under the crude gas lights and a distinct line of fluids was visible down the inside of her inner thighs.

Delirious with delight Scarlett made excited grunts as I observed her huge breasts rise and fall.
Her body tensed and shuddered every few minutes and I surmised that she was being given multiple orgasms.
Then she cried out like a wounded animal from one such intense climax and the ragged blonde fainted with her spread eagled body slumped on the chains.
Moriarty applauded and turned off the sickening machine and it made a final clacking sound before stopping.

"Now." Moriarty now turned his attention to me.

I gave him my best glare which seemed futile as he stared at my red tipped breasts and downy covered Mons pubis.

"So, Doctor Watson."

The Professor wandered over to my table and cupped my medium sized breasts, then gently massaged the tender mounds as he sighed softly.
He took each hard nipple and tweaked them between finger and thumb.
I stole a glance at Scarlett who lifted her weary head and writhed in frustration at the sight of my molestation.
She rattled the thick chains that manacled her wrists and ankles in protest.

"Such pretty apples." He chuckled.

He licked his lips and proceeded to suckle each stiff nub in turn as my butt pushed up and down in vain protest.
As he licked around my left boob his hand moved to my nether regions where he played with my light brown curls that covered my snatch.

"Take...your...hand...away, Sir!" I ordered which sounded pathetic in my position.

He continued to suck and lick my tits while my twat ached with an unashamed desire to be touched.
My fists clenched in my wrist constraints and my toes curled and uncurled when his fingers explored my soft folds, now hot and wet.
My head went back into the table top as I bucked up into his warm digits that caressed my most vulnerable parts.
I bit my lower lip as he sent urgent signals to my brain that made my entire being glow with unadulterated lust.

He then stood up and removed all of his clothing and stood butt naked with his long, hard cock pointing straight up.

"Now look at what you did, you wicked woman."

He stroked his erection, the foreskin peeling back to show his full eight plus inches of manhood.
As he looked over my mouth watering body and I angrily pulled at my straps in the most strong protest.

"Not I Sir, not I."

But to my shame I had a certain satisfaction in making the villain sexually aroused.
I watched him turn away and come back with a crude device that made my eyes grow wide.
It appeared to be a black leather dildo attached to a shaft and coloured wiring to a square box of about twelve inches in diameter.
The tip of the grotesque sex toy had been smeared in petroleum jelly and flared out like a real penis did.
Moriarty pointed the dildo between my parted legs and pushed it forward until the tip just brushed my damp pubes.

"Have a care man."

"I shall, Doctor. I shall. This little invention of my own works in two ways.
One, it moves forwards and backwards at various speeds.
Second it rotates at the same time. I'm rather proud of it.
I plan to bring you to a state of ecstasy, just short of orgasm, but stimulating enough to heighten the senses. Once I am satisfied as to your arousal I intend to have you myself."

He switched the machine on and the dildo buzzed into life.
The toy slipped straight up inside me and embedded in my pussy with incredible vibrations.
I arched my back at the sudden violation and experienced a thousand tingles in my unprotected loins.

"Nnno! No, no, no!" I blurted.

The dildo thrust in and out of me with supreme ease as the leather toy thrummed in my pussy.
The sensation of the thing's rippling friction inside me made me moan in a guilty ecstasy as I was persistently fucked by it.
There was simply no way of avoiding the inevitable.
I was being fucked by an eight inch false cock and I loved it! The length and width completely filled the length of my vaginal walls as I panted and writhed under its wicked spell.

"Oh, ah, oh, ah, oh, ah."

My tits rose and fell in little bursts each time the dildo pushed in and sweat poured out of every pore in my poor body.
I wanted to turn my head to Scarlett but every little motion I made subjected myself to a buzzing pulse of the hydraulic arm.
My clit was thickly swollen and I am ashamed to admit that my tongue lolled out of my mouth.

"You evil bastard Moriarty!"

"Evil genius if you don't mind, Doctor."

He grinned as he made the dildo speed up even more and the device slammed in and out and administered intense sensations all along the full length of my pussy.
Drenched in sweat I was deluged with absolute pleasure as I drifted into a semi conscious state.


In a haze of delirium I was moved by Moriarty and my arms were grabbed and with a firm tug they were pinned behind my back.
I twisted and writhed in vain as a pair of police handcuffs were clamped over my wrists.
Ropes were wound around me and my head was then pushed down to a hard table top and my bared breasts flattened on the surface.

"Hey!" I yelled as a hand slid up the curve of my bottom and I was forced against the table edge.

A metal spreader bar was placed at my feet and my left leg was shackled to the bar, followed by my right.
In seconds I was secured head down, ass up, with my shapely legs spread three feet apart.
I was acutely aware that in this undignified pose my pussy bulge was exposed and vulnerable between my thighs, just beneath the curve of my ass cheeks.

Two palms slid slowly over the backs of my supple upper legs and then to the dimpled hollows of my lower cheeks.
From behind me a finger applied some sort of cool lubricant to the tight space of my cleft and pussy lips and I hissed at the touch.

"No, oh no please! Not there!"

As my left cheek was squeezed the petroleum jelly was smeared on my outer labia and then my moist vaginal slit. But then I squirmed fruitlessly as the lubricant was added to the tight hole above the perineum.

My anus!

"Stop that you fiend!" Cried Scarlett who tugged on her bonds.

I felt soft warm breath on my tender womanhood followed by a thumb and finger that separated my outer lips.
I grimaced, in frustration more than discomfort, as I was grabbed by the cuffs and my arms were pulled up.
Moriarty chuckled as he presented his lubricated prick to my defenceless anal entrance and pushed in with a sudden pelvic thrust.

"For heavens sake man!"

I sucked in air as my feet wriggled on the cold metal bar beneath them as my anus was ruthlessly violated.
My buttocks clenched all by themselves as my body stiffened as the mans thighs parted my legs.
My heart beat outrageously as my sphincter was plundered and his hot organ entered me fully.
The more he raised up my cuffed hands the more my ass thrust out and his rampant cock entered and withdrew with a shocking inevitability.

"So tight, yet so slick." He said as he fucked my asshole.

Indeed my body slowly accustomed to the anal assault and an audible slithering sound came from my behind as he slid in and out.
I turned my head from the left to the right and saw the anxious face of Scarlett who hung helplessly from her binds.

"Brave heart, dear Doctor. We shall prevail."

I smiled weakly as my juiced up muff dripped from between my thighs as my puckered asshole was impaled on Moriarty's sizeable member.
He gripped my hips firmly and slammed in and out in a shameful rhythm, alternatively withdrawing almost completely before invading my anus with his full length.
I was aware of a light sheen of perspiration on my young naked body as I bent over the table, anchored to the spreader bar on the floor.

"Fuck, this is good." He stated in a husky voice.

As he moved in and out at a faster rate his right hand reached around and he began to caress my pussy and clitoris.
Now with both of my most personal holes defiled I came to the sickening realisation that I was enjoying myself!
My body betrayed my acute arousal as I choked back a sob.
The pleasure I received was hard to explain as his cock jammed up into my anal passage.
My lips trembled as I gathered the words.

"Yes! Oh my, oh my! Fuck me you devil! Fuck my poor asshole hard! I deserve it! I need it! Yes, yes, yes, oh my yes!"

Despite being tied down I had turned the tables as I felt an apprehension on his part.

Was I enjoying myself? This was punishment wasn't it? Revenge too?
Now he fucked me good, oh he stuck it to me hard.
His raging cock continued to plough me anally as my petite frame was pinned to the surface of the table.

"You want it? You got it, dirty slut!"

I looked into the ocean green eyes of Scarlett and winked at her and I noted her own arousal as her upper thighs were damp with her vaginal juices.
Yes, the sight of me being buggered was a most erotic sight in her eyes I wagered.

"You witch!"

Moriarty shrieked as his balls pressed into my ass and he burst Inside my back passage, his cum painting my anal tunnel and dribbling out in a white river down my thighs.
He pulled out and at last my arms were lowered, much to my relief.
My hair was a sodden mass of sweaty locks that stuck to my face.

"Splendid sport. Now for the finale."

Naked and sweating I was released and led on wobbly legs to a four legged stool about the height of my upper thighs and bent back into the flat seat.
My feet were immovably fixed as I was bent in half with my legs shackled behind my head with a length of chain interlocking my ankles on my hair.
A metal bar was pinned behind my knees which resulted in my legs bent double up to my shoulders.

My hands were inserted into wrist manacles on the flat top of the stool on either side of my body.
Like an upturned turtle I was held thus, unable to move, and my pussy and rectum pointed up to the ceiling.
Moriarty bent over me and administered another injection of the sleep serum into my neck and in a trice I was out.

The blackness lifted and I awoke to feel the dead weight of Scarlett on top of me, her hefty tits mashed to mine.
I managed to reach out and hiss at her to wake her and the naked beauty snapped to attention.
As she stood tall it on bare feet it was acutely obvious that she was secured tightly to the same stool as I.
About her knee level was a heavy length of thick chain that wound about her legs, thus ensuring she could not escape.

"Watson! Are you well?" She asked wide eyed.

"I...I don't know. I feel most strange." I answered.

As I looked up from my odd posture I saw an anxious look about her face as she looked beyond me to the wall behind me.

"Watson, this is deadly serious. I perceive what appears to be a bomb, not ten feet from us and fizzing. It must be disarmed before we perish!"

From my position I saw it not but Scarlett told me it was a heavy black sphere with a long fuse that burned down to the neck.

"Basically a mortar bomb loaded with gunpowder. Nasty thing to be sure."

"Can you move, Holmes?" She tugged on the tough chain links and the effort gave me a most curious sensation in my nether regions.

"My legs are chained fast, and my...dear lord!"

We both looked down at our merged loins with an stunned realisation.
We were stuck together by a thick black dildo that had been attached to Scarlett by a length of strapping around her waist and was undoubtedly, and most assuredly inserted in my vagina!

"Emma! Are you alright!"

"I don't rightly know."

"I'll attempt to remove it." Said Holmes.

Holmes tugged and twisted the deeply inserted sex toy from my quim but the exertion only made for some discomfort on my part.

"Simply won't budge. Time is of the essence my dear. The bomb must be disarmed. The approximate distance from us to the bomb is ten feet. To the door from here, thirty feet. Therefore we will move toward the bomb. It's elementary."

"Agreed, but how?"

"By administering a forward force so that I push the stool across the floor with all my strength. This will mean that if I do...well."

She pointed to my stuffed pussy and her lower lip, oh that kissable lip, trembled.

"If it must be done then so be it. I am ready."

"On the count of three then. One, two, three."

Scarlett moved her pelvis with a shove into me but alas the stool barely moved an inch.

"I shall have to push harder. Ready Watson?"

I nodded bravely and peered into her clear green eyes.
She gripped me by my lower thighs and inhaled deeply before slamming her hips into me hard.
The stool scraped upon the floor slowly and as it did so then the dildo thrust up inside my cunt to the hilt.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Aaah!" I screamed as the object scraped the insides of my pussy.

"You're doing a sterling job, Doctor. Are you alright?"

"Stop! Give...me a...moment."

My pussy leaked my juices around the embedded dildo as it burrowed in and out of me.
Scarlett again held me by my thighs and thrust us slowly, inevitably toward the fizzing bomb.
Her huge tits bounced wildly up and down as her body pushed to and fro and the false cock drove in and out of me in a sick travesty of love making.

"So brave, oh so brave." My lover hissed as she pushed ever harder.

"AGH! OH! GAH! Wait! I'm coming!"

My loins exploded in a heated climax and I squirted fluid from within my dripping cunt as Scarlett paused once more.

"Almost there, can't stop now! The fuse is burning fast."

Scarlett humped faster as she lifted her hips as high as possible and we moved closer and closer to the spherical object, the dildo stretching me open with its wide girth.

"It's so...oh my! Coming again!" I shrieked as my leg muscles tensed and ached and my spine screamed with the load.

"Hold on, hold on!"

Scarlett hammered into me as we scampered across the floor and the dildo whipped my pussy into a foaming lather.
I must have looked a frightful mess as sweat burned my eyes and all the muscles in my legs screamed with the strain.

"Almost." Thrust! "Almost." Thrust! "There! Yes, I have the bomb Watson!"

Near to fainting I smiled weakly as Scarlett snuffed out the fuse between finger and thumb.

"We are just in time lads, quick!"

Behind us we heard the familiar voice of Inspector Lestrade and he appeared beside us with a dozen police constables.

"Great heavens, what HAVE you been up to?" Said the Inspector as he and the others released us from our irregular constraint.

"You both look a strange sight indeed. Naked as nature intended."

Scarlett rubbed her aching wrists and ankles, oblivious to the fact she stood stark naked in the company of so many red blooded males.

"There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact, Lestrade. Please fetch our clothes."

I sat up and tried to present myself with some decorum after our ordeal.

"I am somewhat exhausted, Holmes. I wonder how a battery feels when it pours electricity into a non conductor?"

Scarlett nodded as we both looked about the now busy dungeon. Moriarty had fled the coop leaving behind no trace.

"Do you suppose we shall ever see him again?"

"I should not, could not rest if I thought such a man as Professor Moriarty were walking the streets of London unchallenged. Yes is the answer, we shall certainly see him again."

"Bugger!" I thought.

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Re: The Adventures of Scarlett Holmes
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I like the use of the sex machines, that was unique.

Would you mind if we moved this to the fan fiction section? Can add a literature section just for it.  ;) We're organizing the board a bit in anticipation for the new year.
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